Pfizer Lawsuit Awakens US to Mass CV19 Vax Murders – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s 

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who says Texas AG Ken Paxton’s recent lawsuit is charging Pfizer for many “lies” about their CV19 vax being safe and effective.  Kingston contends this is going to begin a great awakening to the murders and disease caused by these injections.  Many doctors now say the CV19 vax did not help a single person.  Let that sink in.  Kingston explains, “What Paxton and his team are going to do is expose thousands and thousands of lies that you were told by Pfizer and, specifically, CEO Albert Bourla.  Albert Bourla went on a campaign of deception and a lying spree that resulted in a killing spree, and Bourla knew it. Ken Paxton and his legal team are charging Pfizer under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act of Texas.  There are five counts they are being charged with across 18 violations.  The 95% efficacy was not what you thought it was. . . . There was no evidence that it would stop transmission and infecting others.  There was no evidence it worked against the variants.  Then . . . there was the charge of scheming to suppress the truth about the failing vaccine. . . . This is huge.”

How big is this?  Kingston says, “It could be $350 billion in fines for Pfizer, and they cannot get out of this by going bankrupt.”

Kingston goes on to say, “I think the actual truth is you were not injected with a vaccine.  The immune response you got, and they called it a robust response, is really your body’s response to being poisoned to foreign material that is in your body.  It’s genetic material as well as inorganic material.  This is not a vaccine, and people were involved in criminal human experimentation as were their children.  They were experimented on with a biotechnology pathogen.  This is per our National Institutes of Health and our U.S. military.”

Kingston started warning about the death and dangers of this CV19 vax more than two years ago on  She called the CV19 vax “poison,” and the millions of deaths and injuries worldwide prove her right.  Sadly, Kingston will continue to be right.  She says the peak in disabilities won’t happen until 2025, and peak deaths from the CV19 injections come after that.  Kingston says, “I also predicted that people would be dying from aggressive cancers and large cancer tumors out of nowhere.  I also said this is criminal, you can sue Pfizer and you can have criminal charges against Pfizer.  I think we are going to get a great awakening to do that, and people do not have to remain a victim.  This is murder, and it is no different than me having a cupcake company and I put cyanide in the cupcakes. . . .and I did not expose to you my natural ingredients.  That’s murder.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 2-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives another update on the bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why the recent Texas AG Pfizer lawsuit will cause a CV19 vax great awakening to mass murder for 12.5.23.

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After the interview:

Click here for the Trump/Pfizer CV19 vax contract, and click here for the Texas AG Pfizer lawsuit.

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  1. Ed fantin

    Glad to see this suit going forward I am praying thathat th these criminals will get their just desserts. Its about time

  2. Scott

    All vaccines is a deep poisoning. The mRNA injections are the just latest and greatest poisonings yet so far.
    Nothing good can come from any of these injections. Especially once you see that no viruses has ever been found – isolated .
    It was all a made up big pharma , medical mafia, pseudo science virology, fraud story. So hundreds of millions (or billions?) of damaged sheep fools become customers for life. So the reason for getting a vaccine – a boogyman virus, evaporates into the evil con job narrative it always was…

    • Cassie

      Thank you, Scott, for your understanding of truth. Let’s go even farther…. anyone remaining in the medical industrial complex and consulting medical so-called doctors for anything has no excuse to be sick from the lying and ignorant advice given by these people. People have no excuse when true health is available from independently doing one’s own due diligence research into health, perhaps assisted by alternative doctors. A good beginning would be the Weston A. Price Foundation:

      • Russ

        Weston Price Foundation is a great resource. I just bought a gallon of real milk today. Can’t beat it.

    • Jones

      Well said Scott. Best from the Wales. UK.

    • Ken Royer

      A real feather in Greg’s hat would to interview Dr. Samantha Bailey what an eye opener to the the fake science of virology!

    • Katy Bar

      As our economy is about to crash Bribe-in’s “Vice” President (Kamala Harris) pledges another $3 billion in taxpayer money to the Green Climate Fund of the “Anti-Human Death-Cult Globalists” (who want us to eat bugs and die)!!

    • Ted N

      Scott, if you could explain genital herpies and cold sores on the lip and shingles, we would all be more intelligent. Thanks.

      • Freebreezer

        Thanks! maybe a dulble thanks … Scott please include polio, tetanus (yes it is bacterial), mumps, small pox, etc. Like to know how the fraud vaccines essentially eliminated these? Curious???

        • Adam

          Polio was caused by poisoning from insecticide. (Read Moth in the irong lung by F.M)
          Watch the German Scientist Stefan Lanka prove and win in the highest court there that measles has never been proven to be a virus.
          Look at the dying words by L.Pasture
          admitting his work was a fraud.
          Examine the chart of all charts showing the decrease in disease over time and then came introduction of vaccines.
          The elimination of disease actually came from improved water treatment, not vaccines. This has to be discovered by you, with an opened mind and a curiosity to know rather than believe.

    • Bret Skurdal

      Watch Dr. David E. Martin Sept 13 video and his testimony at EU summit in Brussels


  3. Michael Sissons

    Love your show , Greg! In the Alex Newman interview you mentioned Henry Kissinger as one of the most evil Deep Staters there was. That’s what we all think . Paul Craig Roberts, one of the great men of the last century, was quite effusive in his posthumous praise of Kissinger, it appears. We can’t understand why he would praise the man, unless his close quarters with his when Mr. Roberts was in office afforded him with information more flattering to his character?

    • Jоhn Dое

      And what tribe is Kissinger ?? Navaho, palestinans or maybe welsch ? No , he is kike. As Burla , Bolsheviks, Himmler, Hitler , Walensky and so on.

    • Coal Burner

      I have thought about that very conflict with Kissinger. And both descriptions of him are perfect. He was that influential and that controversial. Here is my opinion, I been around but don’t claim to be in the same category of intelligence of Kissinger, Roberts , or Newman but Kissinger made a fifty year deal with the Oil Cartel that saved what gold the USA had left in 1971, 1972 (no one knows if there was anyone smart enough to keep it and add more), and bought the USA fifty years of cheap oil that gave us the best standard of living the world had ever seen and to the lowest classes ever seen. It also bought the same for all the western civilizations and every third world crap hole in the world including China, India and others much worse off in the 1970’s than now. It is immeasurable the prosperity and wealth created for the whole global economic system. That is the up side that Mr Roberts was talking about. The down side is when Kissinger was getting old he obviously saw what is happening now that we are in the future and wondered if anyone would have any idea how to fix it. So he listened to evil scum like Klause Schwab, Soros and the Deep State scum of the earth for a while not objecting to the havoc and death they were creating. I thought I heard in the end Kissinger decided he was wrong about those Deep State evils. As when every Empire starts to die a lot of people die because of all the mistakes made by the tyrants that seem to multiply near the end. Can we make the turn into another century, who knows, maybe, for our Grandkids I hope so. Some one who actually understands the situation and the time period in human cycles if sorely needed. The brightest we have now are the likes of Victor David Hanson and a couple of Supreme Court Justices no one wants to listen too.

  4. Christian

    Greg. As an aside…and no disrespect to Karen, her research is phenomenal and Nobel worthy, but Dec 17, 2023 is approaching when Bo Polny, in Nov 2020 or Mar 2021, said Trump would die. He had better be wrong. LOL!

    Keep up the great work.

    • riese42

      jsnip4, a pagan but not a blasphemer like Clif High, gets dreams. He had one about Trump. There will be an airplane crash. People will believe Trump was on board. However, . . .

  5. Sheryl

    Another very pleasant surprise 😮

  6. Roger Stamper

    tks karen greg

  7. Brianroy

    We are at a point in our Judiciary, and in a time of worsening evil that will descend ever more and more down into hell until the Second coming of Jesus, where Justice is to ever be over-ridden. For the non-cognitive that need a picture: It is almost as if we are watching the movie “Judgement of Nuremberg” and the Court recalls how Judy Garland’s character sat on a Jewish man’s lap, and how that court case went over, regardless.
    The heads of the drug companies from a Judicial point of view, like those involved in the assassination of JFK, are to go free and be free. If there is the wrong kind of identifiers or harassment, died suddenly by any means as in the past, happens.
    In the meantime, the CIA and others are aiding invasion forces of Chinese men for both infrastructure takeover and other purposes. Coordinated subservience assistance was openly indicated in Governor Newsom’s visit to China and the immediate “Hail to the Conqueror” reception of XI in San Francisco. XI did NOT recognize DC, but dealt with California as if a new annexed territory for China, a new Colony. THAT happening furthered will derail any Covid-19 lawsuit backlash by distraction alone, and no award of Pfizer or Moderna or J&J cash will ever transfer to its victims. NEVER. THAT is the dystopian world — but it is no longer imagined … it is real — we live in now.

    • Coal Burner

      It is a dangerous time for a Republic when the only people you have left that you can count on is about five Supreme Court Justices. The whole DOJ is a criminal outfit bought and owned by evil people. Already the Justices lives have been threatened by a top Washington operative, Schumer. He should be in prison for what he did but that won’t happen as long as big money and Democrat Billionaires own Schumer and DOJ plus over half the Senate..

      • Katy Bar

        Ever wonder about what the Evil Globalists talk about as they lounge around drinking champagne and smoking Cuban cigars in front of a blazing wood burning fireplace in their seaside mansions (that they bought dirt cheap by scaring people about global warming)? – I do – they probably discuss things like – how can order American soldiers in our military to “Shoot and Kill All the White Christian Terrorists” (they desperately want to get rid of ) – they know American boys in the military will likely “rebel against such orders” so they probably discussed the needed to kill off our US Military soldiers “with the jab” and replace them with foreign soldiers “that will take such orders” – they are now bringing in illegal immigrants to replace American boys in the military – the problem is – many of these illegal emigrants “are Christian” (and may not want to shoot and kill other Christians ) – so – the Evil Globalists had to modify their plans somewhat – likely deciding on doing a false flag attack in Israel that would require such a massive response that it would drive all the Gaza terrorists “to relocate in the United States of America” – then once Hamas relocated in the US – the Globalists could offer all of them US citizenship if they joined the US Military – and presto the Evil Globalists will have finally achieved having a US Military that “Will Take Orders to Shoot and Kill all the White Christian Terrorists” they hate so much!! – therefore – we White Christians with good hearts better stop and think carefully about welcoming the relocation of the entire Gaza population into the United States!!!

        • S. Revere

          Katy, I just read yesterday bribem wants the u.s.
          to take in some millions of Afgans too.
          Bottom line here is – – they want to saturate the u.s.
          with as many non-whites so as to do away with the
          white race. The white race is key because it is Gods
          Original human being and they hate God and anything that He created. satan is the god of this world.
          So all these people who are participating and accomodating
          this agenda, are working for the devil himself.
          Notice who they use in tv commercials? See the brainwashing going on there? And I add to all that, that
          even the barber shops and hair salons are contributing
          to satans attempt to ”uglify” Mankind whom God made,
          by giving y’all these downright ugly haircuts — and ”You”
          contribute, by going along with it.

  8. PersonaNonGrata

    The truth is coming out and TPTB, who planned and executed the CV-19 mass murder, are scapegoating Pfizer in order to exonerate themselves and their political lackeys. Look no further than US and New Zealand politicians who exempted themselves from all CV-19 ‘vaccine’ legislation / mandates. THEY KNEW THE TRUTH!!!

    Pfizer, ModeRNA, J&J, AstraZeneca, et al, created the weapon, BUT the political class worldwide aimed and fired the weapon at innocent men, women and children! The political class is owned and controlled by the dynastic central banking families who rule from behind the curtain.

    Great to see Pfizer getting caned but let’s not allow the banking mafia to escape justice.

    • Tom C.

      Your post is right on. Thank you!

  9. LoriQ

    All those people who were coerced into taking the jabs to keep their jobs, stay in school, travel, eat in a restaurant, and just try and live some type of normal life. The blanket of fear and terror these jacholes sewed and stoked amongst the population, fanning the flames of paranoia to get the fearful to take the jabs. Sinister, wicked and evil in every way.

    When this information goes mainstream, I truly wonder how people will react? Those of us who didn’t take it will feel vindicated for all the mocking and harassing we took. The segment who were forced to take it to keep their livelihood should be filled with anger and SUE! But those who bought into it without question, I truly wonder about their reaction? How strong is their cognitive dissonance? Is it so strong that they won’t accept the truth? I wonder because this segment of society is akin to the brown shirts of the Former Nazi Reich. These types of tyrannical dictatorships and all they entail don’t manifest without regular citizens standing up, supporting them and turning on the rest of us and sending us to camps and/or our deaths. How does the cabal keep these minions on point when truth comes out?

    • Brandon

      The same people who committed the crime, that own the central banking money printers, control our politicians through blackmail or bribes, and control all global organisations through mutual funds such as Blackrock and Vanguard, also control mainstream media, social media, and the entertainment industry so the Truth will never ever come out in the realms that they control. Look at the NZ whistleblower, he’s only being heard on alternative media which is followed by the already awaken, and if you show somebody who still watches mainstream media, their reaction is that it’s a hoax.

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg and Ms. Kingston, finally some movement toward justice ? Terrible fraud so many are/will be suffering…but at least some ‘good’ news and a lawsuit to maybe get to the truth of it… you both deserve much credit for the initial sounding of the alarm, along with Clif High early on… and sticking with what will be the most important story of the century….along iwth the collapse of and possible loss of the world reserve currency and PLANNED banking collapse, the second greatest story of a century…
    IS this true – as Marin Armstrong speculated…war will come but not for a few more years? so are they prepping for it by importing more personnel for the military as Sen. Durbin suggests? If SO, why did they vax so many of OUR U.S. military ? Count me skeptically as to Durbin’s remarks/justification for allowing the border crosses…=
    This is why they’re INVADING America, it all makes sense now? =

    Bill Holter, Bix, and Andy put out a vid on HOW TO TRANSACT WHEN THE BANKS COLLAPSE? some interesting info…=

    • Old Veteran

      I didn’t take this aborted fetal cell LNP gene editing SV40 mandated scum. No amount of threats or PSYOPS even at gun point could get me to take this demonic poison.

  11. Neville

    Very pleasing to see you hail and hearty and giving yet another spellbinding interview.

    Greg as usual I distribute your excellent programs to friends and colleagues and from time to time as can be expected from the bunch not everyone thinks alike take this dreadful reply for example

    Hi Nev – I think it’s an excellent idea to take Pfizer to court re their Covid-19 vaccine/s ; that way , all the intellectual arguments can be brought before the court by anti vaxxers . No , Pfizer isn’t a friend of mine , but they provided the Covid-19 vaccine of my choice And they produce other meds which are long term “best in class” . Cheers , I—
    The above is a guaranty that this half wit will in due course go the same way as my late mother in law who had all the injections

    The toxic manmade rubbish which can be found in all the injections manufactured by all of the drug companies participating in the murderous scamdemic.
    As nothing which our LORD GOD CREATOR is included ,it is an outright insult to
    GOD to inject any foreign matter into your body as HE gave us all a perfect body which we are all beholden to maintain throughout our lives which means that in the normal course of events your GOD GIVEN IMMUNESYSTEM SHOULD COPE WITH EVERY NATURE BORN PLAGUE/EPIDEMIC

  12. S.C.Madness
    Lawyer/Investigative Journalist Who Exposed COVID Shots Causing Mass Death in New Zealand Gives Major Update / Infowars: Alex Jones December 5th, 2023.

  13. Fran Giesler

    Larry Johnson: NATO admits Ukraine is on the Brink.
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 100,538 views Streamed live on Dec 4, 2023
    WOW! Reality News! Are we losing the propaganda narrative war? Ya! So sorry.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Fren,
      Great interview – many thanks for the link.

  14. stanley skrzypek

    The BRILLIANCE, and BRAVERY of this Woman, Karen Kingston is OFF the Charts…the Political women in Federal Government are like Ameba compared to Karen Kingston…The Intelligence rift between the two is bigger than the space between Earth and the Sun.

  15. Justn Observer

    Greg, did you put out a notice for this interview? Nothing here yet….

    • Cosmo

      Hi Justn: Yes, there was a notice emailed for this interview. We recd it at 1137am this morning. You could have to resubscribe to get back on the notification list. Personally, we had to resubscribe 2x in the last couple months. ‘Gremlins’ at work …

  16. Shirl

    Karen Kingston is AWESOME and thank you Greg for having her on as a guest in the pursuit of the TRUTH with cold hard facts to back it all up!!!

    She reported this Emergency Release Video the other day as did a fellow Watch Dog here…in case you missed it, here it is:

  17. R_Head

    I wonder how Israel is going to ford the weather when their nation is at about 99% vaxxxed and the vast majority is quadruple vaxxxed.

    Some is telling me they are just pawns to clean up, mop up the area, and to be disposed after they are done.

    • Jоhn Dое

      Dont be fool. They all received saline. Killshot for goyum !

  18. Alan

    So great to see Karen looking so well and holding forth so solidly and eloquently, one of her best and most powerful sessions on USAW (imho) Greg.

  19. Todd

    This was not an experiment, although they may try to classify it as such, it was actually genocide. This is like saying the ovens in Auschwitz was an experiment. The results might take longer than an oven, but it is maiming and meant to kill.

  20. Freedom-4-All

    Glad to see Karen. She looks healthy and I thank you two for this info. Nice to see the unvaxxed were right!

    Thanks again Greg

  21. Da Yooper

    Wow good one Greg & Karen.

    Big Pharma needs to swing.

    Do it for the CHILDREN

  22. Wesley Greenaway

    Hi from Sunny, corrupt and crime ridden South Africa Greg,

    Its horrible watching this all unfold in the world, with cancers, shingles and other side effects now in most families or friend circles around the World. We in SA where somewhat behind the curve for the CLOT Shot so i anticipate our turn is still ahead of us. But thanks to you and the work that you do, without much praise, and the informative guests you have on My Family and I skipped the shots and fought the COVID grift and assault on “conspiracy theorists” and i will be forever grateful to you for your early guidance and constant search for the truth.

    FEAR NOT, GOD THE FATHER IS IN CONTROL! GOD BLESS you and your family Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Praying for you in SA!!

  23. Paul Anders

    Why would there be an iron clad contract between the Govermemt and Pfizer if Pfizer did not accept a dime from the Government?
    To me that does not compute.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did not accept a dime for development.

      • Paul D Anders

        Gotcha 👍
        Good work Greg and I agree with you 100%, this is the biggest story out there.

      • Paul from Indiana

        They didn’t need to take a dime for development, since they knew the government would assure adoption among the public, thereby guaranteeing a windfall type of return. This is a classic case of hand-in-glove cooperation between corporate enterprise (business) and government, aka FASCISM. It was a money grab by Pfizer with cover from the government, i.e. a sure thing, and it was an extraconstitutional power/control grab by government. These features were obvious from the start. What was not obvious was the fraud of the actual product, nor the damage it would wreak; unfortunately, that was a learn-by-doing revelation. Lesson: don’t let others do your thinking for you.

        Greg, you deserve a Pulitzer for this. You’ve been on it from the start. Best always. PM

  24. Jones

    Quite possibly your finest guest along with CAF. Best from the UK.

  25. Prospector

    Doctors we all know calling for accountability.

    MP Andrew Bridgen is joined by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish & Steve Kirsch who will be giving expert testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences. With video addresses from Dr Peter McCullough AND Dr Mike Yeadon!

    • Michael Kenney

      So….they throw the corporation, Pfizer, out as the sacrificial lamb. Of course, they will keep most of the money….the knuckleheads who “gave up” and did not believe in themselves and took the shot will slowly fade from memory. All of the females in the school districts, the professors and administrators in the Universities, the local governments, the doctors, the nurses, the talk show hosts (Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.) will all move on, as though they were no complicit in the whole scam. They will happily join in on the next one and once again try to curb your free speech, take away your rights, isolate you and eliminate your pursuit of happiness. THOSE PEOPLE should be the ones getting sued, not some corporation that will go bankrupt and dissolve into nothingness. The officers of the company will keep the money and move on to the next scam. The corporation isn’t the issue, it’s the people who run it and all of the people who were quick to strip you of your rights and your pursuit of happiness. THOSE PEOPLE should not be forgotten….EVER!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Michael,
        Totally agree!

      • Prospector

        MK , I get it , Arnold ( Screw your Freedom ) terminator and KISS Gene Simmons ( if you dont get the jab you are the enemy ) will not be forgotten.

        But the biggest thing Karen Kingston said is : PFIZER now cannot declare bankruptcy until AFTER lawsuit judgement — BOOM

        • Michael Kenney

          That’s great….and after the judgement, they will file. It will be held up in the courts for years(appeals annd delays) and any money will slowly dissolve(some of it consumed by lawyers) away. Of course, during this time period the officers of the corporation will continue to receive their salaries and bonuses.
          This script is not a new one, it plays out everyday in America.

      • Katy Bar

        So far Pfizer’s stock price has been cut in half from its high – any Pfizer stockholder who still believes in the safety of their “vaccines” (Kill Shots) needs to take into account that the relatives of the Twenty (20) million people killed by Pfizer with their Clot Shot will be suing!! So prudence dictates that you Pfizer shareholders think seriously about selling your shares – but – where do you then put the money? – you could purchase a $10,000 T-bill with a discount rate of 4.2% that matures after 52 weeks giving you $420 dollars in interest (less about 18% that the IRS will take leaving you with $344 dollars) – but remember the “real inflation rate” is more like 15% – so that $10,000 dollars in purchasing power you initially invested will only have $8,500 in purchasing power when you get your principle back – resulting in a net investment loss of $1156 dollars – now if you purchase 5 one ounce gold coins at $2000 dollars each – these gold coins can drop to $1768 dollars each and you will still be doing just as good as a T-bill investment!! – But if gold stays where it is or goes higher “you will be doing better” then an investment in US T- Bills!!!

  26. Edgar

    We can only hope people wake up

  27. Sara

    Thank you Greg and Karen! Dr. Mike Yeadon’s address to Parliament claim that there was no pandemic, there was a vaccine with the intent to harm. Thank you for your work!

  28. Randy L Avera

    Is there a link to the Scotland age-adjusted excess deaths mentioned in the above video?
    Randy Avera
    Covered Bridge, AL

  29. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    In your right up, you said that Karen said maximum disability from the covid jabs will be in 2025 clots ce to Cliff High of mid to late 2024. Just curious how they come up with that time point.

    You have to love and respect Karen Kingston

    Thank you for having her on!!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      It’s their analysis and they are close and looks like it is a consensus.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg

        Thanks for responding.


      • Buzzy Hydrant

        Listen! I need help! I am experiencing some very alarming things umm side effects. Im afraid to go to a mainstream doctor. I went a year ago to many emergency dept, clinics, urgent cares and doctors!! I was laughed at, told I was crazy, and ignored. Not one doctor has ever looked at my physical symptoms! Im in bad bad shape!! Not to divulge much. But I’m terrified and its hurting me now. Please tell me how to get safe help! I live in USA, Central Ohio. Listen!! I need help today!! Please, anyone??!?!

        • Greg Hunter

          B H,
          Book an appointment with Dr. Kory: He is fast becoming a top expert in vaccine injury.


  30. Sopater

    Kingston says, “It could be $350 billion in fines for Pfizer, and they cannot get out of this by going bankrupt.”

    That would be nice and all if Pfizer is indeed fined that much, but what will the restitution be to those who have actually been harmed or killed by these injections? The punishments need to be commensurate to the crimes (murder, and great bodily harm) and restitution should be made as much as possible to those affected.

    Justice must be served.

  31. Yvonne

    Karen looks really good/healthy etc. Glad she’s okay and back.

  32. Barb Davis

    I love Karyn but that Wellness company she promotes is very expensive. Most people will not be able to take advantage of it.

    • Paula

      your health is your wealth, act accordingly.

  33. Prospector

    If they can’t get us with the vaxx , move to plan B.

    Gun ban bill on US Senate floor for vote today. H.R. 698

  34. Einstein

    I am a physician from Germany. My main focus is immunobiology.

    The deadly side effects of the toxic SARS-CoV-2 injections have long since been scientifically proven and published. What we urgently need now are scientists who are working intensively on deactivating the toxic SARS-CoV-2 vaccine content in order to save as many lives as possible.
    Information for scientists. The spike protein from the vaccines differs significantly from the viral SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Amino acid composition :Spike protein Pfizer Vgl original Virus Spike protein.
    Comparison: Spike protein from Pfizer vs. original viral spike protein. Proline stabilized spike protein from Pfizer .

    Pfizer: S-2P. SRLDPPEAEVQ…

    Andrographis is more effective and safer than Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine. paniculata. Andrographis is more effective and safer than Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine.
    Original text:
    The rapidly changing mechanism and mutation of SARS-CoV-2 prompted us to conduct molecular docking studies of andrographolide derivatives with various essential viral proteins/enzymes to reduce or cure the viral infection. Interestingly, AGP-12, 14 and 15 showed better binding affinity to all enzymes tested than AGP REM and ACQ. AGP derivative 16 showed a binding/docking value of – 8.7 kcal/mol for Mpro, AGP-15 showed – 8.6 kcal/mol for NSP15, and AGP-10, 13 and 15 showed – 8.7, – 8.9 and – 8.7 kcal/mol for S, respectively. The overall results suggest that AGP derivatives 14 and 15 may be the best “lead” candidates for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

    Andrographis Paniculata against SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine poisoning .
    I have successfully treated patients with vaccine poisoning such as heart problems, lung problems and immune system disorders with Andrographis Paniculata. Andrographis is a traditional Indian medicinal plant with no side effects. Andrographis is consumed as a tea, among other things.
    I have been researching for over two years to find remedies that can eliminate the toxic mRNA and spike proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 venomous shots.
    In the meantime, I have had the best experience with the Indian medicinal plant Andrographis Paniculata. The ingredients of this plant are not only able to decompose or block the SARS-CoV-2 viruses, their mRNA and their spikes. Taking it in case of vaccine poisoning makes sense because Andrographis basically occupies the ACE2 receptors of human cells and thus prevents the penetration of viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies into human cells. Moreover, Andrographis can prevent red blood cells from sticking together and thus prevent thrombosis.
    Currently, due to my positive experience with Andrographis in vaccine poisoning, I have achieved that the German medical association Hippocratic Oath is interested in the effect of Andrographis in vaccine poisoning. Meanwhile, I am taking the next step and working out a urine test that can detect vaccine poisoning based on amino acid composition. Here are some interesting serious scientific research results on my work.
    At the moment, it looks like Andrographis can deactivate both the true viral structures and the laboratory-engineered mRNA and spike structures. The mode of action next needs to be urgently studied in the laboratory. Andrographis has no side effects and is also not a blood thinner.
    Andrographis paniculata is a traditional Indian medicinal plant. Andrographis is extremely effective against SARS-CoV-2.

    Andrographis is available as capsules. For example, from the US company NOW. Affected persons should take at least 3 to 5 capsules daily at the beginning of vaccine poisoning within the first 3 weeks. It is also useful to take Andrographis additionally as an alcohol extract and as a tea in cases of severe vaccine poisoning.


    -Andrographis prevents platelets from sticking together, protecting against thrombocytopenia and thrombosis.

    Please share this to help millions of people poisoned by the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

    • S. Revere

      Einstein, thanks for this info. It just may be ”the answer”.
      I am going to look into this even though I am not ”personally
      affected”. Please let us know the results of urine tests you
      are working on.

    • Felicia Music

      And here’s a link from Indian doctors re: AP which corroborated your research, I believe…

  35. cytek

    Wow, great interview. I just saw this guy from New Zealand who managed the database for who gets paid for each vax. He has now come forward with VAX DEATH data that only he see’s and has come forward with the data.
    Full interview with screen shots

  36. Martin Coombs

    Burla put out he had his jabs & will be safe from the c19, backed up by, gates,fauci, Lemmon, ingrem, cooper, t Ross& numerous others, many months later he said he caught c19& but suffered a little because of the protection? Then went on to say he getting another for more protection??, I’m afraid I agree with briony’s comment hope she & me wrong but this is evils final attack, get right with Gid, don’t be decieved the rescuer will be more convincing than the deception you’ve just witnessed , God bless y’all in Jesus’s name ,maranatha.

  37. Lu

    My sister never had the virus but got the two vaccine shots. She developed blood clots and died. Aug 2021.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss!

    • Tin foil hat

      My sister never had the virus too, she got the two vaccine shots and developed cancer around September 2021. She died October 2023.

  38. Claire McIlvain

    The lawsuit must demand payment in GOLD because the money is going to be worthless.

  39. Arizona

    99% of america are going to DIE,and theres NOTHING can be done about IT.. YOUR HERO’S THE POLICE AND MILITARY ARE THE MUSSLE who protect these murdering scum,UNTIL their support is destroyed ..the people have no teeth to fight with,THE MEN ARE TOTAL COWARDS AND THE WOMEN ARE NOT FIGHTERS,IN the mean time you all will be destroyed with the NEW PLAGUE THATS HERE AND CROSSING THE USA RIGHT NOW,.THE LORD JESUS HAS WARNED YOU ALL,take “FENBENDAZOLE AND IVERMECTIN” or when the BIO-WEAPON hits your house your whole family will die..AND I KNOW ONLY A FEW CARE..this will be the end of america…

  40. Steven

    Greg and all that are reading this,
    On the CDC website they admit that the live Polio vaccine did in fact spread Polio to the unvaccinated.

    On November 29 2023 they gave a group of medical workers in Denver
    a live virus Ebola vaccine.
    Why would they do this in a country that has no Ebola?
    I have heard no one report on this. Please research this and tell the people!


  41. James

    Playing Russian Roulette is not dangerous to everyone!

  42. S. Revere

    Oh, its always good when people ”wake up” but the fact remains, millions upon millions already took one or more of the fantom vaccines and many booster shots as well. Not only
    that but those ‘obedient ones” who ran to get them, are also the type who got flu shots
    every year. What I dont see mentioned, is those types will never admit they were wrong
    in their decision to get all that stuff. Even in here we see many folks mention knowing
    someone who has had a resulting death in their family, refuse to even consider the vax may be the cause. Nope, we have a hugh segment of society who will always live in denial, just because they cant stand to admit they made a mistake in their judgement.
    Yeah, awake is good, but its kind of like calling the fire dept. after your house has already burned down. Now we have all those millions of folks shedding all over the place and life has become like a roulette wheel. Lawsuits and fines and more information is not going to
    change the deaths that will still come. I think Dr. Eads said billions have already either died or are injured or are dying.
    (For those having had no shots, I suggest tending to the immune system, building up through attention to nutrition. Good vitamin supplements, focus on varities in meal rotations, stop the fast food and microwave worthless foods merry go round. Read labels.
    And cook from scratch. Yeah its a lot of work, but everybody needs to pitch in and make it a fun time, rather than a chore. Get off margerine and go to real butter. Watch for sales; you can freeze butter. Invest in a Food Saver, so you can shrink wrap and freeze extra portions and left overs. For wet foods such as chili, just freeze them first in a container, then use the Food Saver and freeze in serving sizes. A great way to get fruits and veggies in the winter time, Bolthouse Farms smoothie type drinks. Found next to the lettuce and bags of salad greens etc. My personal favorites are Amazing Mango and Green Goddess. The green one looks absolutely yukky, but tastes absolutely great, like pineapple and spinach etc. BTW I receive no financial gain from BF; I just like to share a truly enjoyable nutritious product with others. Great way for kids to start the day, too. )

  43. Paul from Indiana

    This whole thing never made sense; it flew in the face of established science. New technology (mRNA) or not, it takes YEARS to bring an EFFECTIVE and SAFE vaccine to the mass market. Operation Warp Speed was a sell job; it wasn’t and isn’t possible. The scumbag government front-people, Fauci, Birx, and Co., took advantage of the president’s naivete in rushing this program out. All this over a variant of the flu! It is likely the worst scam ever perpetrated by government in this country. Best always. PM

  44. Randy L Avera

    Unvaccinated…I did miss the opportunity to get a bad case of covid and say, “If I had not taken the vaccine (on schedule), I would not have survived my last bout.”

  45. Mark (UK)

    After the NZ whistleblower Barry Young’s disclosure with journalist Liz Gunn on excess deaths in NZ…

    On Alex Jones:
    (Also search “Barry Young” and “Liz Gunn” on

    …now a very timely interview with Karen Kingston.

    Great news about AG Ken Paxton’s lawsuit.

    In the UK, MP Andrew Bridgen has been fighting a lone battle in Parliament regarding Covid Vax injuries and excess deaths. This week in a Covid Vax presentation to the UK Parliament *17* MPs turned up. That’s 17 more than any previous presentation to Parliament. The tide is turning.

    It doesn’t matter in what country the disclosures and lawsuits happen, because the same thing was done to the whole world, before long the rest of the world will get to hear and follow suit.

  46. Spooner from Minnesota

    Given the elevated late stage cancer numbers, can we all list some alternatives & sources?:

    -B17 (Laetrile, Apricot Seeds): rncstore
    -Chlorine Dioxide: Dr. Lee Merritt;
    -IV Vitamin C
    -Dental work: any infections identified in 3D x-ray: Dr. Thomas E. Levy
    -Coffee Enemas: Dr. Carrie Madej has lots of info including detox baths
    -Gerson therapy:

    Please add more to this list and specify if you know of anyone personally who has had success.

    • Buzzy Hydrant

      Listen! I need help! I am experiencing some very alarming things umm side effects. Im afraid to go to a mainstream doctor. I went a year ago to many emergency dept, clinics, urgent cares and doctors!! I was laughed at, told I was crazy, and ignored. Not one doctor has ever looked at my physical symptoms! Im in bad bad shape!! Not to divulge much. But I’m terrified and its hurting me now. Please tell me how to get safe help! I live in USA, Central Ohio. Listen!! I need help today!! Please, anyone??!?!

  47. The Good Guy

    Covid 19 Vaxxx 1.0; the OG

    The rabbit hole is deep, way deeper…. tied to OK City bombing.

  48. Greg

    This is huge AG Paxston was almost impeached because they knew what he was up to. Now it’s official. Good for Ken. Staying strong when the hyenas are ripping at your flesh has to be awarded the highest medal Texas has to award.

  49. Rich R

    Watching this makes my blood boil. There needs to be retribution for all the people hurt by prizer and who ever mandated these kills shots needs to be held liable criminally for their part as well.

    My two cents.

  50. Doug Eikermann

    I always like to hear Karen’s comments. With respect to ivermectin, it would be helpful to know more about exactly how to take it. The Internet is full of opinions, but it’s difficult to tie down exactly how to do it both as a cure and as a prevention.

    • Lorie Wright

      for one thing, follow up Ivermentic with pro-biotics like you would with prescribed antibiotics. Your micro-biome (gut bacteria) are critically important to health, incl mental health. Most serotonin is produced/processed in the gut. And their are GABA receptors and an enteric nervous system in the gut which interacts with the biotics.

      Other than that, there are videos on Youtube or elsewhere where people share how they dose it.

  51. Prospector

    Greg, as a REAL journalist you will want to study and deconstruct tonights PBS News Hour report on Covid vaxx backlash and ” hesitancy “. It starts out with the usual far right tropes, if you ask questions about the vaxx ‘ you are a Trumper and a ‘ bad ‘ person. ( Horse Paste ) . But then they pivot and make many admissions , THERE ARE PROBLEMS … GASP !
    People are asking questions , could they be right ????
    They are trying to walk back their lies now. Only now are they presenting health care workers that said NO…. and asked questions. This is the big 2 step- don’t blame us move ! I ‘d love to see you take this apart , line by line. It would be educational for many

    It is essential to look at enemy propaganda, PSYOPS , and know where they are going or want to go. I encourage all readers to look at this for themselves. What does your instinct tell you ?


    • John Doe

      He must deconstruct 911 first, moon landing , heliocentrism . But he will not. As fake jorno, he simply can not. He is on banksters payroll, pretending being alternative media.

  52. neil

    Just found out the Reiner Fullimich was kidnapped and is now in a German prison being held as a political prisoner. This is his wife talking about their ordeal.

    PS. Karen is a legend

    • Justn Observer

      Neil, thanks for the post…did not hear about that very sad move by TPTB.
      Prayers for him and his family. Lets hope he situation and release is quick and does not trun into another Julian Assauge story. Clearly, people need to set up and fund an INTERNATIONAL legal fund for all those ‘truth tellers’ like Karen Kingston and the many Doctors and experts that suffer such ‘lawfare’ and destruction of their lives and occupations. WHAT is the PRICE of their suffering that has saved many of us and millions of others who unknowingly fell for the fraud, took the shots based on fear or coercion …or just plain false advice and given ‘no INFORMED consent’ ?. YES, surely God will bless them but as we, the millions they alerted and saved should aswell. This suit by Paxton, the losses of the many interviewed here, and others that have suffered occupationally and with having their ‘licenses’ to practice medicine….NEED to be protected and helped to move forward their situations and law suits to seek damages not just to their reputations, but their financial livelyhoods.
      IF one knows of such a place, please post it…and YES, one can donate to each AND should, but clearly an international effort to acumulate the $ at the state, federal, and international level for the suits to set forth the truth and seek justice, stop the shots, help the injured and the families that suffered the loss of their loved ones ..can ONLY come IF those law suits are moved forward….and are successful. This – is the moment all must lean into the fight…to do it legally…and win that victory for all humanity, the treated and the untreated alike…we must now MAKE THEM listen with our dollars while they are still worth something ! we, need an international list of the wisest doctors and attorneys…and we can’t expect them to keep doing it for free at their own expense…and those that have been damaged, lost jobs, or family , many of their primary breadwinners can’t hope to seek their justice against such giant and deep pockets…the time to PONY UP as they say, is now ! Where? $5 $10 or $20 $50 from a few million people let alone a few hundred million of the billions of people that will ultimately benefit from it CAN be a means to stop this, safe the unborn, extend the lifespans of those ‘they’ hope to diminish, if not kill but only if we can secure the release of those like and win in the courts.

    • Mike R

      This is tragic. He was exposing the vaccine fraud. Too much of this world is so corrupt. May God bless him and free him soon from prison.

  53. Tammy Pearsons

    ever notice Clif High only appears on sites that are friendly to him, if not fawning over him (e.g., Jean Claude, Beyond Mystic)? He never debates a qualified philosopher/theologian/philologist/hermeneuticist. Clif High is like Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro or any other paranoid. They have fragile egos. They cannot weather objective criticism.

  54. Roy Madiaon

    It seems to me ,by the time justice ( court/ jail) comes to these murderers they themselves will be dead from the covid shots and boosters. Its like a murder suicide on a massive scale.

    • Helen Ann Rudinsky

      The murderers did not take the jab, they knew better. They will not die from the Covid shots and boosters.

    • S. Revere

      Roy, first of all why do you all yearn for these bastards to go to jail? How is that any real punishment ”that fits the crime”? No. But the lake of fire is a much better end-game for such folks. And why be concerned that ”they are gonna get away with their dirty deeds because they might die” before they get jailed. Let me tell you, dying is no escape from ones nefarious lifestyle. How do I know? Well, because the bible (which you show you do not know anything about) tells us that the wicked who die, will be brought back from the grave to be Judged at the white throne judgment of God, have their sins read to them, (all that unrepented stuff they thought they could keep hidden) and then thrown into the lake of fire. This is called The Second Death. So you see, there’s just nothing to be gained from being a dirty rotten scoundrel, lol.

  55. JC

    Deception from the Synagogue of Satan? You don’t say!

  56. Jon Rudin

    Why are people still talking about the fact that the vax did not help one single person?

    It was designed years ago to kill everyone, it was never designed to heal anyone.

    Gates, Schwab, Fauci etc., are all committed to depopulate the earth down to 500 million people.
    This is one of the ways they will decrease the world population, along with the Climate Change hoax, abortion,, restricting fertilizer, buying up and controlling farmland, burning down food production plants, etc.

    The LGBT and trans movement with young people is another way they are reducing the population, but sterilizing young people.

    They are putting Mrna into livestock, diary etc intentionally, to it will be in our diet. as their plan to continue to kill us escalates.

  57. Robin

    Have you seen this?

    Please sign the petition as he is being politically persecuted because he is pro Nuremberg re: Covid vaccines. I will also grab my ling to the petition on my x:Twitter account

  58. The Canuck

    They are still pushing the junk up here on the west coast of Canada, complete with mandates for all health care workers. Between that and the climate change hysteria the place is looking very Orwellian.

  59. Robin

    This is an additional link to the petition for Dr Reiner Feullmich

  60. Robin

    Greg perhaps you can help remember some names of people who would definitely want to sign the petition.
    Like the blonde dr who her private plane wrecked, and she broke her neck her back and was able to get her phone for the locator button… I can almost see her name but I’m drawing a blank and I know I’m missing others. I bet you have a list of a lot of people who would love to sign this petition.

  61. Jamie Kirk

    Please have Karen Kingston on to speak about the hospital protocols on COVID that killed so many and are now forgotten. What legal recourse and who to approach for justice. They killed my son. He was fine at 7:30 pm sitting up on the side of the bed and dead at midnight. Went into hospital for a sore on his foot, and they were angry he was unvaccinated, diagnosed with COVID days later and murdered with the same drugs that killed Grace. See Our Amazing

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, PAXTON lawsuit starting to go mainstream and an arrest in NZ for taking data and posting on the internet !

  63. R*ger Wittycur

    I have a Moderna SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon “vaccine” injury that destroyed 30% of my strength and flexibility in my right arm, but I have been afraid to go to any medical doctor involved in this reckless, experimental, mass murder scheme for any reason. I couldn’t even throw a soft ball in 2022. Therefore, I have no ability to make any claim against Moderna, except for the receipt from CVS and the COVID-19 Vaccine Card. What about Fauci and Gilead’s Remdesivir “kill shot” made with cyanide? I am still being gangstalked for being a Monsanto RoundUp/government depopulation agenda whistleblower in 2010. The corrupt alphabet intelligence services work with and like organized crime and corrupt police to target all “whistleblowers.” Would-be whistleblowers should seriously consider the economic, health, and social consequences of being targeted for spiritual warfare and law-fare they may potentially last for decades. Personally, I am in deep shit over my head with no income from day one. Whistleblowers are really not protected under the law – they are often victims of non-stop Satanic community harassment, including Attorney Generals, journalists, and outspoken citizens with social media accounts (esp. F@ceb**k)! Big Tech collusion in this Nazi-like mass murder program, tracking, lockdowns, and censorship is criminal.

    God, help US!

  64. Ken Royer

    Hate to be a kill joy but if the heat becomes to great for Albert Bourla he will FAKE his death and leave for parts unknown!

  65. Ted N

    He was dead shortly after the broadcast

  66. steve Nussdorf

    off subject but I was wondering what happened to Cliff High….then tracked down his substack and listened to a tape…some good things on it but much on aliens and then he is blaming it all on the Jews. So he fell to that camp. Just as well he is not on. Take care.

  67. WW3 InYour Future?

    The American Journal: Biden Threatens to Deploy US Troops to Fight Russia Unless Congress Passes $100 Billion Ukraine War Funding – LIVE 9-12 am EST.

    Nuclear Blackmail! Red Alert Broadcast!
    Biden Holds Planet Hostage! Threatens DIRECT WAR With Russia!
    If Congress Doesn’t Deliver $106 Billion to Zelensky LIVE Alex Jones December 7th.
    NEVER in US history has any president even approached this type of psychotic and potentially world-ending behavior! This is what happens when you have a completely divorced-from-reality elite who believe they are completely untouchable!
    Just like Napoleon and Hitler, the American Empire prepares to go to Russia to die. But this time, they may take humanity with them!

  68. Lorie Wright

    new archeological evidence — Bible

    if the “space aliens” were so bad, as claimed by Clif High, the ancient Jews would not be burying their kin with love letters to YHWH

    Also, there are videos on youtube from scholars who say that many of the things Clif High is pointing out have been already accounted for and known for centuries. What Clif does is omit, exaggerate and inflame a topic so as to create the illusion of controversy. This is what paranoid people do. They see bird land outside their window and suddenly they begin hallucinating that they are inside an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

  69. Clown Show

    REPORT: FDR’s Pearl Harbor Stand-Down EXPOSED: Red Pilled TV | Banned/Video December 7th, 2023.
    Report based on work in Robert B. Stinnett’s acclaimed book, “Day of Deceit.”
    The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor. Brian Wilson breaks down how Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in order to bring the United States into World War II. Sound Familiar? YUP!

  70. mRD

    I have been puzzled for months trying to figure out how on earth out of 20 people (staff and residents) at my facility only 3 died shortly after the vaccination since those shots came from 2 vials. It finally came to me that it had to be the temperature. The three may have been the first ones who got the shots and the “vaccines” were at the correct temperature. However, it is possible that as they got warmer, some of the material in them weakened or “died”.
    Many of the clients and the staff who lived, have had major health issues with cancers and heart disease.
    I hope they can get to the bottom of this and don’t allow it to become another 911 swept under the rug.
    BTW. My three clients got all the shots and within a month stopped eating and complained of stomach ache. We immediately took the to the Dr. and it was discovered they had stage 4 cancer in most of their organs!. After they passed (about month and half), hospital report indicated that they died of cardiac arrest!
    Please don’t share my info.
    Thank you

  71. Led Skeletor

    Nikki Haley is Hilary Clinton in a badly dyed wig.

  72. Charly Mungersides

    Who’s more Powerful? Blackrock? Or the US. Government? Which the US, government supposedly represents, you? Please leave a comment and Tanks, a lot. Slava Ukri’ehna!

  73. Under TheRadar News

    US Lab Is Linked to COVID Virus — Before Outbreak!
    by Dr. Joseph Mercola | December 6th 2023
    Rocky Mountain Labs in Montana tested the WIV1-coronavirus on bats prior to the pandemic.

  74. Rand Dolphin Oliver

    US Aid to Ukraine Laundered Back to Military-Industrial Complex – Rep. Massie
    RT December 6th, 2023.
    Republican representative Thomas Massie claims that the money being sent to Kiev ultimately ends up in the pockets of stockholders.
    The US Congress is continuing to vote in favor of sending billions of dollars to Ukraine because a lot of those funds end up being laundered back to the US military-industrial complex, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie has said.
    In an interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter) published on Wednesday, the politician was asked to explain why Washington continued to push for more funding for Ukraine despite it becoming obvious that Kiev’s forces “cannot win.”

  75. Neil Reside Jr.

    The Israeli Army has lost two more soldiers during the high-intensity battles against Hamas in Gaza. Staff Sgt Alemnew Emanuel Feleke of Commando Brigade and Staff Sgt Amit Bonzel of Paratroopers Brigade were killed in the fighting. Meanwhile, a third Gaza group has now claimed responsibility for attacks on the IDF in Khan Younis. The group, which calls itself Mujahideen Brigades’ claims to possess naval, anti-air and air artillery capabilities. Meanwhile, China fumed at Italy after Rome decided to formally pull out of the BRI.
    Israel Loses Two More Soldiers; 3rd Gaza Group Attacks IDF; China Fumes After Italy Pulls Out of BRI CS/Hindustan Times LIVE streamed 4 hours ago

  76. Alaskan Patriot

    Karen and Greg Thank you,

    Vax pretty much destroyed my sister’s life, blind and now kidneys are gone.

    People are waking up but I doubt the courts will do anything, because they’re corrupt.

    People are dying in droves, in our circle over 20 since 2021.


    • Greg Hunter

      So sad Patriot. Now you know why I road “The Don’t get vaxed” horse so hard. ALL People need to be treated with Ivermectin at the very least on a regular basis.

  77. pearlharbor lahaina

    paging Dr Bill Holter . . .

    Hal Turner headline today:
    COVERT INTEL: $34T in U.S. Treasuries Said to be “Worthless” – Claims Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve “Collapse” After Russia signs Currency PEG Agreements with Saudis and UAE / OPEC

  78. jane Jones

    VAXXED Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante COLLAPSES Mid-Speech
    by Adan Salazar December 6th, 2023
    Valérie Plante was answering reporters’ questions at a news conference at city hall when she suddenly stopped mid-sentence, before falling on to the floor.
    Plante had previously received several Covid-19 vaccinations.
    She should have listened to Karen Kingston
    In Kingston Jamaica!

  79. Fay Way

    The REAL Reason House Speaker Is Blurring Faces Of Jan. 6 Protesters!
    The Jimmy Dore Show Dec 6, 2023
    Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has announced that while he plans to make good on his promise to release all the January 6 Capitol footage, he has stipulated that the faces of many of the protesters will be blurred out, ostensibly to protect them from being identified and targeted. But is that the real reason?
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what other motivation Johnson might have for blurring out rioters’ faces.

  80. Harry Mercer

    Zelensky Cancels U.S. Senate Briefing Last Minute; Ugly War Of Words Over Ukraine War Funding. / Hindustan Times 131,164 views Dec 5, 2023
    Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky cancelled his virtual appearance at a U.S. senate briefing last minute. This amid an impasse over future U.S. funding for the country as Russia’s war drags on. Senate leader Chuck Schumer said the Ukrainian president was occupied with a “last-minute” matter. The cancelled briefing comes as the U.S. Congress remains more divided than ever on funding Ukraine. It also comes after warnings from top Ukrainian official that his country may lose the war without U.S. aid.

  81. Justn Observer

    Greg, fun tongue in cheek Christmas time health info to share that may help some suffering the lack of immune response and other tips –
    Breaking News: Santa’s Life Hangs in the Balance, Expert Breaks Down Christmas 2023 Peril=

  82. Valery Zahluzsimovovichski Jr.

    BREAKING NEWS: GOP Senators Issue Emphatic Warning To Biden About Border To Get Ukraine Funding Forbes Breaking News 1 hours ago

  83. Bobby

    I don’t understand how Trump gets off so easily when it comes to the killer vax that HE demands credit for…

  84. Mike DeCoker

    Hey our government was in on this too. They are as guilty as big pharma. I don’t trust any of them. NONE ! Not one!!!

  85. Frank S.

    Karen, ‘you didn’t know if what you’d done was worth it’? You saved my life and millions of others! Bless you, and God who sent you!.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic for you to say this!! Thank you.

  86. MJ Quinn

    Where is the quantitative spike protein assay that would enable us to make a diagnosis of the “post-VAX condition” and titrate effective treatment against these levels. Seems to me everyone is trying hard but it needs some objective standards to work to ?

    • S. Revere

      Off topic, I know, but a news flash from yesterday,
      Dec. 7, 150 or so terrorists surrendered to the IDF
      in southern Gaza, namely Younis, which is where
      Sinwar is trying to evade his execution. The video
      being published saw them all sitting in their under
      wear shirtless, waiting for Security to come get
      them and interrogate them, etc.

  87. midsouth transplant

    I take a blood pressure medication and noticed some time ago that in the past few years the size of each pill has significantly increased. No pharmacist can tell me why the size changed. Does Karen Kingston know if rMda (sp?) can be or is put in pills such as blood pressure pills or other prescription pills?

    On an affiliated topic, I have long wondered why insurance companies do not have a zealous incentive to go after the vaccine manufacturers as well as exposing geoengineering. It makes no sense to me that they wouldn’t have such an incentive almost more than anyone.

    • Lewis Coleman

      I suggest that you quit taking the blood pressure poison. The only safe and reliable treatment for hypertension is diet and exercise. Try taking a brisk walk lasting about 30 minutes every day. That will promote capillary formation in your muscles, which will lower flow resistance and improve perfusion and oxygenation of your tissues. It will also relieve the hypertension.

  88. SKIP

    As in many medical tests and procedures an injection of some kind is required so the internal area of the body can be viewed for diagnosis. How do we know if the pharmaceutical companies may be sneaking these bioweapon ingredients in these type of formulas which have nothing to do with Covid? Some well known people have said that eveyone will receive these ‘vacines’. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  89. Scott

    Senicide is such a harsh term. Let’s call it Social Security/Medicare cost curve control.

  90. Rich R

    Anyone hear about this? The state of Florida will be the first to outlaw the sale, distribution, use of any MRNA vaccine.

    See the video link below.

  91. Mark

    They told you what they were gonna do. You need to listen. We’re gonna drain the swamp. What do you think that means.

  92. Lewis Coleman

    This published paper explains how and why the weaponized coronavirus and its injections are murder weapons. The “vaccine” consists of genetic material that amounts to injecting live virus into the systemic circulation of victims. Once this material enters systemic blood circulation, it attacks and hijacks endothelial cells to cause them to manufacture new versions of itself that propagate throughout the body, causing multiple manifestations of mayhem including direct organ disruption and hypercoagulability of blood that disrupts oxygen transport and delivery, which explains the sudden deaths of young healthy people as well as the “long COVID” syndrome. COVID is less dangerous than its injections because it is confined to the lung.

  93. Fritz Kraut

    I watch YouTube China Observer, China Insights, China Truth and others. If I go by their reporting,
    2025 is now for China!!!
    To me, it looks like the Chinese communist CCP (Communist always lie, betray and steal) had ordered a much more vicious “vaccine” poison to be injected into the Chinese population than any country in the rest of the world on their population! There could be hundred thousands or even million Chinese perish every month. The same happened right after the lifting of President Xi Jinping Corona-COVID19 total look down, that by itself killed uncounted people through hunger. At that time, mostly older people died in huge numbers. Right now many young are flooding the hospitals too. So many people are dying that in the countryside the people turn to burning their dead relatives on the open field. CCP scum have raised the coast of an official burial, plus insane prices for an official grave place, beyond the means of the hundreds of million poor Chinese.

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