Ukraine War Causes Inflation & Higher Rates – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong was forecasting “chaos” in 2023. The Ukraine war is ramping up. China looks like it’s getting ready to invade Taiwan. President Trump was indicted by radical Deep State Democrats. The FDIC had to rescue some big banks and stop an economic implosion, and it’s just the first few weeks of spring. Don’t look for things to get better. Armstrong explains, “Bidens approval rating is collapsing. “Socrates” (Armstrong’s predictive computer program) has it now at 9.5%. . . .What they are going to do is try to start war before the election, and that’s what this is all about. Their theory is no president that has ever been engaged in a war has ever lost an election. You don’t change horses in midstream. So, they intend to actually start war.”

What does Armstrong see for interest rates? Armstrong says, “Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room, and that is the Ukraine war. . . . You have to understand how central banks really work. Powell (Fed Head) started raising rates as soon as the Ukrainian war started. He knows the number one factor in creating inflation is war. The amount of money that is being completely dumped down the drain with Ukraine is insane. Besides the guns and weapons and everything else, Biden is funding the entire Ukrainian government. He’s funding all their salaries and their pensions. . . . Rates are going higher into 2024. . . . The Fed is not going to tell the truth. It’s just not. . . . They are not talking about the elephant in the room, and that is all the money going to Ukraine, and now you are talking about waging war to defend Taiwan.”

So, more war means more inflation and much higher interest rates.

Armstrong also talks about Trump and his chance of getting back into the White House, the implosion of the legal system, rigged elections coming in 2024 and the real inflation rate that could top 30% soon.

There is much more in the nearly 59-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III” for 4.15.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Thomas Fiust

    Nice neckties. Very classy shirt, Mr. Armstrong.

    • Shirl

      Wait…What…Election Chicanery, TeeVee Presstitute Brainwashing, Lawfare Manipulation and Vote Stealing?
      Who Knew!

    • Guy

      I subscribe to Socrates but I am familiar with all the alt. news he is quoting. He is not superman but I do respect him.

      • June

        Who needs Socrates when a 21 year old can release documents showing that by early May Ukraine will be out of anti-aircraft missiles – in a few short weeks Russian bombers will be able to blast all Ukrainian rear areas to smithereens (including Ukraine’s Capital) – and what can NATO or the US do about it? – Nothing!! (as the West has depleted almost all its critical reserve ammo stocks and there’s no prospect of near-term replenishment) – this leaves one option open – “the exact option the evil eugenicists want” – All Out Nuclear War – so – it seems – one way or another – the evil Globalist eugenicists are exactly on the path they always wanted “to achieve their long term goal of human extermination and annihilation” – this is probably why some people in the Military found a way “to release the truth” – Hopefully – it is in time – to prevent all those now living in the world from paying the ultimate price for the reckless policies of the evil Demon Rats who took over our government (starting with the JFK assassination) and now following the Globalist eugenicists exact plans for humanities extermination – or – will we falter and do nothing? – and simply willingly give up and go headlong into to the Globalists planned Nuclear Slaughterhouse??

    • Rubicon

      We suggest Mr. Armstrong educate himself on what makes these Neo-Cons tick. Many of them who hold vast powers in the US had grandparents, great grandparents, great uncles, aunts who lived in Russia, and Eastern Europe.
      With the onset of WWI and even before, it included Tsarist Russia,l Poland, etc. In the political, economic arena, many of these people eventually left or were forced to leave, and settled, largely in Canada and the US.
      Some of their offspring became wealthy, but they kept these deep-seated grudges and virulent hatred against such as leaders as Putin, & other Eastern Europe politicians. Manifesting their hatred with their wealth and power in the US, these neo-con embedded themselves in the Defense Industry, the CIA, the FBI, the Treasury, DOJ, Wall Street, Big Banks, The Fed, and the State Department.
      When Biden became president, these hate-filled Neo-Cons saw their chance. Thusly the immense blockade against any/all trade with Russia. These powerful folks are the primary reason for WHY The FED has raised Interest Rates: to pay for “the war” against Russia, via, The Ukraine and with the help of their lapdogs in the EU and the UK.
      Think: Victoria Nuland, Robert Khagan, Bill Kristol, Anthony Blinken along with their pals in US Think Tanks.

  2. Kevin Ire

    we welc9me Armstrong. Instead of that other guy in the PacNW with a computer in his basement predicting things.

    Usually for years that guy is a big re-tweeter of Joe Rogan. But crickets—when this week Rogan praised the abominable Bud-Light and mocked Christians and rednecks like Kid Rock.

    Despite this being a huge Rogan event—one that is causing most men to recalibrate their esteem of Rogan—that guy appears to have been on this silent. His been tweeting like mad all week, but we haven’t seen one on this Rogan thing. If someone has, please make known.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Clif High posted 2 hours ago. “If you affirm trans, you are the disease.”

    • Rodster

      “Instead of that other guy in the PacNW with a computer in his basement predicting things.”

      Who are you referring to?

      • June

        Is there any need to interview Clif High? – for according to High – “The End is Nigh”!!

    • Denise

      After I saw a video where Clif High was touting that the entire Old Testament was not about God but about the Israelites dealing with aliens (as in outer space), I kinda realized Clif was not a Christian and I shouldn’t be listening to any of his predictions except for entertainment. Which he is. Totally entertaining. A fun guy. Clif has gone against the tranny agenda, so that’s good, but the truth is that all the pro gay marriage and tranny stuff is strictly against the Bible (even cross dressing) so that means that the Republicans (including Trump and Trump Jr.) are participating in some pretty basic Sodom and Gomorrah stuff. Trump has parties celebrating homosexuality at Margo Largo, and Trump Jr. wants us to not boycott Bud Light because they gave Republicans a few bucks once. No surprise about Joe Rogan, so no worries.

      So if you are a Christian, there is really no place to turn and no one to vote for. Our country is done. Pray.

      • Laura

        My thoughts exactly Denise. Bad taste in my mouth. Not donating to anyone.

        Greg, Armstrong, awesome interview, thank you so much. You both hit it out of the park. Hope my busy son takes the time to listen. Granny does not push, she just suggests.

    • Guy

      You should interview Ed Dowd on geopolitics.

  3. jim watt

    Martin Armstrong is 100% correct about the warmonger neocons both democrat and republicans.

    • Connie

      The Biden/Obama 10-Step Plan For Global Chaos

      • June

        O-bomber had a special liking for shooting missiles at wedding parties – most probably because he was gay – and only wanted to see men marrying men (I don’t recall even one gay marriage being bombed and these terrorists sing about how they are out to get our children)!!

  4. Mark

    Martin Armstrong & Charles Nenner are my favorite guests at USAWD, thanks for having them on regularly.

  5. Mike S

    Maybe it’s because he’s a guy who took so much and still stands and thrives and really can’t be bought.

    But Martin is to geopolitical/economic predictions what Michael Jordan was (still is) to the NBA!

    He broke the mold. And didn’t compromise.
    Thank God!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families. (And throwing the Trump family in for good measure!)

  6. The Seer

    As said before, so far seeing into the future do not see DJT around. Comes up blank. Will let you know if this changes.
    Personal introspection to raise one’s consciousness to evolve will evolve the world if enough do so.
    Make a true effort to integrate your mind with your soul.

    • Jane Jean

      nobody eats McDonalds everyday and lives like a rockstar. Yet we are supposed to believe Trump is almost 80yrs and satisfying the needs of a super-model. …… The seer Penny Kelly has not seen Trump in the future for a while.

      as far as raising one’s consciousness, that translates in Christian terms as the Roman centerion who marveled Jesus by his indomitable faith surpassing that of others. Too many believers think they can just sit on the couch and eat potato chips and Jesus will do it all. These lazy slobs will be cast into hell with the sodomites.

      • David leeis

        Penny Kelly has been wrong , and I didn’t watch her long, these “psychics” do not know,

      • William Goode

        Well done Greg and Martin. The lies continue from the corruption inside the USA. Prepare for heavy seas its gonna get very bumpy. Fear not gentlemen.

    • Fred Daake

      @”The Seer”
      I,too, am a seer. Although there might be a lot of fighting, a lot of screaming and a lot of fist fights along the way, in the end, a GOP President, a GOP Senate, and a GOP Congress will be sworn in. However, like yourself, I am not certain who the GOP President will be.

      I can also say that the VP will be General Flynn. The AG will be a rough riding Bull fighter. And most of the other cabinet members will be tasked with shutting down harmful agencies that can transfer their work to the states, like the FBI and Education.

      • John Vilven

        RFK Jr. is running, have you considered him. It would be a first dem vote I ever made.

  7. Really Awake

    I personally spoke with Robert McNamara. He was a genius. Strategic planning was his specialty. Building America into a superpower empire and maintaining hegemony – McNamara was a big part of that in the 1960s. It was he who perfected MAD.

    Later on in his life McNamara had deep regrets. He often spoke about how America committed war crimes, e.g., the firebombing of Tokyo during WW2 which was a civilian target not military. McNamara detailed the many, many times the USA deliberately targeted civilians in all of its wars. He pointed out how MAD required that at least 25% of Russian civilians must die in order to destroy Russia’s ability to function. In other words if you want to win you must target civilians. Starve them. Bomb them. Bomb their supply lines. Ruin their farms. Destroy their cities. Kill the children. Make their lives a living hell. And win.

    Here is the bottom line: wars are won by those who commit genocide. A genius quickly recognizes this historical fact. Just take an honest look at world history. Look at America’s Civil War. War crime after war crime after war crime. All of the empires throughout history won by genocide. Killing massive amounts of civilians breaks the back of a country. McNamara knew all of this. And later in life he regretted it. Regretted being a part of it. He felt guilt.

    This is why I say Satan is in control, and he has been for a long time. And it looks like Satan wants another great big war. The biggest one, yet. And I’m so glad that I’m not any part of it. I personally want absolutely no part of another world war. And more war crimes will be committed during this next world war than all others combined. I say anybody who supports another world war supports Satan. Period.

    • James

      The US is on the wrong side of history. We have communists who have taken over the government. When war with China starts see how fast the US will cave into China. It is all preplanned. The destruction of the US is coming. We are mystery Babylon. Do not believe those who tell you otherwise like Bo Polny.

      • Neville

        Bang on James!!
        The dye is cast as it is written in the Books of the Prophets that the evil
        and satanic AAcrime will be destroyed, thanks in full measure to the

        GOD BLESS

      • truthseeker

        God has punished other nations. Is God is preparing to punish the U.S.? Here is how it could look:
        Leviticus 26:19 “I will break the pride of your power”
        Deuteronomy 28:49 The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies, a nation whose language you do not understand,
        Deuteronomy 28:25 “The LORD will cause you to be defeated before your enemies; you shall go out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them; and you shall be a horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.
        Matthew 10:22 ‘And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.

        • truthseeker

          Why would God punish the U.S.:
          Deuteronomy 28:15 “But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:
          Ask yourself, since becoming the world’s superpower, has the U.S. done more to please God or displease God?

          • Greg Hunter

            We are not all down with evil. Don’t give up. Pray! 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” King James Version

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe it could look like this: 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” King James Version

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg that’s a great quote from Chronicles. But the big word is “If”.

        • Laura

          Truth some of these passages are mixed nations and mixed timeframes. They do not all apply at this moment in history.

      • tim mcgraw

        James: I’m still trying to figure out what is the right side of history.

        • Paul from Indiana

          “New occasions teach new duties; time makes ancient good uncouth.” James Russell Lowell from the poem “Once to Every Man and Nation” 1845

          There’s an old saying: the winner writes history. Best always. PM

          • tim mcgraw

            Paul from Indiana: Write doesn’t make right. LOL.
            I had a girlfriend once. She was something. She was part Shimshoo Indian. She’d always say, “Right’s right and wrong is Nobody.”

    • saeed

      You got satan right there is another actor who think like satan, and they the Khazaarian International Banksters.

    • June

      You know – when Government Officials and the Joint Chief of Staff of the US Military “outright lies to Congress and the American people” IT COMPROMISES AMERICAN SECURITY – because people then trying “to get the truth out before the American people” will inadvertantly disclose some vital intelligence gathering techniques to our enemies – NOW (After They Lie Like Dogs) – The White House and Military PANICS Over Newly Exposed “But Truthful War Information” – – what message does this bring to those in charge?? 1) Continue to lie “and just imprison for life those who release the truth (like Assange)” – or
      2) Begin “Telling the Truth” to the American people!!!

    • felix

      very well said my man and you are spot on.The rulers have always been ruled by satan.Its always been good against evil,since the beginning of time.It amazes me how evil man can be against his fellow human.That is why the elite are all luciferians that love power and money,money is their god.They murder and steal and cheat but they will reap their rewards when they meet their creator,the judge of all people.Quite sad but that is the world we live in,I also want no part of it.GOD bless

    • G Burns

      There will never be Republican controlled House, Senate, and Oval office again. They will never control all 3.

    • Colin

      You are correct about Satan, Really Awake. Satan rules this world until the Prince of Peace returns.

      You may not want any part of war, but war will find you. “The Fourth Turning” predicts a possible outcome is total war.

      ” If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort — in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.”

      Greg, can you interview Neil Howe?

      • Greg Hunter

        Wrong! Jesus is in charge right now and has been in charge since the Resurrection. Check Matt 28:18 from the Mouth of Jesus!!!

  8. Robert Will

    Unfortunately they need to keep raising rates to prevent a collapse of the US dollar. Inflation & Recession are secondary concerns.

    • john lance

      So, is now the time to back the truck and load up on gold and silver instead of holding off a little longer .?

      • Mark

        At the end of 2022 Martin Armstrong mentioned if his computer had legs it would get up and hide for 2023. However it seems Socrates wasn’t predicting war until summer of 2024.
        My question is what’s so bad about 2023? Couple banks got bailed out. What else? What’s coming this year?

        • Greg Hunter

          What world do you live in? A couple of banks bot bailed out? The Treasury and the FDIC esetially had to backstop the $19 trillion in deposits in U.S. banks. You obviously did not watch the interview.

          • Mark

            Hi Greg. I watch all your interviews and appreciate you and your guests.
            Janet Yellen has said they are not going to backstop all the banks, just the ones they deem important (the ones their friends and billionaires use). I guess in the crazy world we’ve lived in these last few years I was expecting something worse or larger. Not to say it isn’t coming, I was just curious if the bank failures were the main issue or if there will be something else.
            Thanks for your program and all you do!

            • Greg Hunter

              What she says and what she does are two different things. The guarantee is implied for sure.

    • Paul

      They say they have to raise rates, they say they have to lower rates , the previous years. Shenanigans. The margin calls is what they want. Balloon notes, adjustable rate mortgages and short term business loans will be crushed. Credit cards rates.
      Seems they want misery.

      Paul from arkansas

  9. Ray

    When surgeons discover a malignant cancer that threatens the rest of the body, they resolve to swiftly remove it.
    Surely Dr Putin and Dr Xi will soon perform an operation to COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE this cancer that infests our Earth.
    Scalpels at the ready gentlemen……do it….do it….DO IT.
    The operation can’t happen soon enough.
    Ray, Canberra, Soon To Be Nuked Into Oblivion Nation.

    • Shiloh1

      They will soon shoot the rabid Cujo in the head.

    • tim mcgraw

      Ray: Seems like you will soon be “On the Beach” (Neville Schute) soon enough.

      • Ray

        Hi Tim,
        Yep…….you’re right with that assessment mate.
        Australians and indeed, our American cousins are going to learn the hard way……”As ye sew, so shall ye reap”.
        My best wishes be with you and yours Tim.
        Ray, Canberra, On The Beach

        • Mat G


          From a base known as Pine Gap, the NSA has been locating and monitoring cellphone users thousands of miles away.

          Can CONVERSO defeat this?

        • tim mcgraw

          Hi Ray,
          Healdsburg is only 50 miles or so north of San Francisco. The blast waves may not take us out, but the radiation will.
          My niece and her family live in Sydney. They’ve had a rough time of it.
          Back when I was 30 and my wife divorced me and took the kids I almost moved to Queensland. I’d rebuilt a couple of deHavilland Beaver seaplanes for a tourist outfit in Brisbane. I figured they’d hire me and give me a work permit.
          But I stayed in Seattle.

    • Laura

      Totally agree with you Greg. She can not do anything else, it would destroy the entire banking system. She lies all the time about the economy, the banks and what Treasury will do. Powell does not lie about what he will do with respect to rates, he lies about why he does what he does. Armstrong is dead on about inflation from the war in Ukraine on top of inflation from the Covid lockdowns. Powell is trying to preserve the dollar system. In the process, he will make it worth less and ultimately worthless. The inflation is baked into the cake, whether he is able to avoid sovereign bankruptcy and/or preserve world reserve status is questionable. He is not falling in line with Europe regardless, they already destroyed their financial system with Negative rates. Powell is not doing that and he must raise rates because zero was/is encouraging unnecessary risks.

    • Laura

      Neither Putin nor Xi are good guys. They are all for the NWO, with themselves at the top of the pyramid. So, having them take out the US is not necessarily good for the world. Better is us taking back our own government than being destroyed at the hands of these foreigners.

    • Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

      That is the only way to rid the world of the psychopaths that run the west. I don’t think we will be lucky enough to have them nuked. If the west is nuked, that will be relief to the rest of the world that is being attacked by the violent western politicians and their business partners in war.

    • T Wavers

      This is an unbelievably stupid comment.


    Martin is always a great interview. It is always nice to hear the wisdom of someone who has been dealing with governments for over 40 years, and also with such a vast wealth of economic information.

    Thanks Greg for having such knowledgeable guests!

  11. Pete+only

    Great interview, but if war is coming soon, where will all the ammunition to fight with be coming from, since NATO will be out of ammunition sometime during this summer, and the U.S has been supplying most of the weapons in this conflict in the first place.
    Recently South Korea had been talked into supplying 500,000 bullets to the Ukraine war, but this is just a one off, as their government doesn’t like allowing it to happen in the first place.
    As well, the U.S is still planning to fight a pacific war against China the same way as it fought Japan in WWII, but things have changed a lot since then, and their aircraft carriers will be easy targets for the Chinese military, among other things.
    If you get a chance to listen to Colonel Douglas MacGregor on this subject, of going to war with China, it will be time well spent.
    MacGregor would rather possess a broken clock over anything Loyd J Austin says because “at least it tells the right time twice a day”..
    The Russians have just captured Bahkmut in the Ukraine, a very strategic location and will likely finish Ukraine off sometime this summer, or into September at the latest, or when the Ukraine army runs out of ammuntion, (which ever comes first)…

    • Tim K

      Hi Pete,

      I agree with you (running out of ammo). So if the US neo-cons insist on war with Russia and or China, it will be an all out nuclear war.


      • June

        To hold off nuclear war for a little longer Biden could send all the ammo that the IRS and Social Security Administration have stockpiled to kill Americans – to the Ukraine!! – a report released March 31 2023 forecasts that the Social Security Retirement Trust Fund will be depleted by 2033 – and the Government lowering the fertility rates in the US with the Covid clot shot is just not going to help soon enough – under current law Social Security must pay with money solely from the SS Trust Fund (it cannot borrow) which means Congress needs to rapidly enact new legislation that would allow Social Security to borrow (like they do bailing out all the Banks) – or – cut benefits – by some combination of increasing vaccine injury (to lower the American peoples life span to 55) or by delaying payments until people reach 70!! – a poll published last week found that 78% of Americans would oppose raising the full retirement age for Social Security from 67 to 70 – so this leaves the Government with no choice “but to bring out the Marburg Virus” (that has a kill rate of 80%) – or – get a nuclear war started with Russia “as quickly as possible”!!!

  12. Fred Daake

    I have no idea if Trump will ever be President again or not. But I think that the GOP will win in 2024. US Senate, US Congress and US President. My hunch is better than the hunch of any sophisticated calculator.

    In fact I am betting on it. If I thought that the GOP would lose the Federal Legislature in 2024, I would create a totally different life for myself in anticipation of the final months of America.

    • G Burns

      Then Fred you don’t understand Democrats and their motives. They control Wisc, Penn , Nevada , and Arizona elections. They count the votes they like and throw out the ones they don’t. Republicans can’t win those states and without those states a Republican can’t be President . Just a fact. I can’t fathom how you can’t figure that out. Maybe you should revisit past two elections and the results. Nothing has changed but we are allowed to say more on Twitter now.

  13. Nevada Miner

    Hi Greg, as always I look forward to your cutting edge interviews . I’d like to suggest an interview with Mark P. Mills, with the Manhattan Institute. Subject; The Energy Transition Delusion. You can look this article up at the Manhattan Institute website as well as on YouTube with the same title. I had worked in the mining industry and now retired and concur that the green new deal as well as net zero is delusional and can not be done. Facts… there are 23,779,228 employed in government. 13,116,703 in manufacturing, down from 17,240,166 in 2000. 512,000 work in mining, down by over 100,000 since 2019. So more are working in government than in mining and manufacturing combined. With so much land locked up and no longer available to exploration and mining, does Washington expect China and Russia, two leading producers to mine and manufacture wind and solar generators for the U.S.? Washington really has no idea what they are doing and are completely clueless when it comes to understanding the amount of mining it would take to supply the necessary elements to replace oil, natural gas and coal. Let’s not leave out the blasting agent ANFO, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. Ammonium nitrate is fertilizer made from natural gas, mixed with oil and a cap and booster, commercial large scale mining can blast large hard rock ore bodies. There’s nothing that can replace this low cost product for blasting. Again it comes from oil and gas production. There’s an old saying “if it isn’t grown, it has to be mined” so obviously are we to expect to increase our oil and gas production to support our massive increase in mining and open up all that land to mining in an attempt to implement a net zero green new deal? No… it’s madness. An interview with Mak P. Mills would be very interesting and informative on this very subject. Thanks Greg we all really love you and the truth you bring to all of your viewers! Keep up the good work.

    • Laura

      The green new deal is NOT about replacing fossil fuel with anything. It is about the masses going without the energy necessary to run their refrigerators, their heating, their vehicles and everything else required to sustain life. This, covid and the destruction of livestock and agricultural lands are of one piece, a war against our survival. It is madness.

  14. Poochiwoo

    I am afraid Martin is 100% correct.. The logic is excellent. Furthermore, I speak from a more ethereal aspect hereafter in my comment. Starting a few months back, a small voice began telling me this will be the last summer. I am given the option to stay or leave. I am curious if someone else is hearing something similar.

    • Paul

      I have always been an optimist, I know how sad a place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out again everyday.

      Paul from arkansas

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Arkansas. LOL! Great comment.

    • Jeffrobbins

      In short NO. However, Proverbs 25:2 says God conceals and kings search it out. Paul tells us believers are both priests and royalty. I will say i am convienced some words in the Bible supernaturally changed- mostly KJ- and it is a warning. Matthew 12:1?? I am sure some tables are going to be turned over if you know what i mean. With that said, we/ mostly me are going ahead with getting our homestead more and more able to provide some of our needs and joys. Live while you can, my God is alive and may do as He thinks best. If folks repent maybe total disaster is forestalled/ mitigated.

    • tim mcgraw

      Poochiwoo: Options seem optional in my existence. I suppose I could end my life if I so chose to do so. But it seems a cowardly way out.

    • June

      Speaking of a small voice getting into peoples heads – the other day I got an e-mail from my niece asking: “Aunt June – Is the U.S dollar going to collapse super soon? I keep hearing its any day now and I don’t know if the news is trying to spread panic or what.. What do you think?
      I told her: The US dollar has already collapsed and to look at this chart – – to see just how much – that’s why everything seems so expensive – when I was a kid a chocolate candy bar was a nickel – when Grand Dad was a kid he told me he only paid a dime to go to the movie – I told your Dad when we were kids that if he spends his money as soon as he earns it – he would always get most of its purchasing power value out of it – the problem occurs with “trying to save dollar bills” – because the paper dollars will continue to lose purchasing power (as the chart above shows) as time goes on – so – “if you want to save for the future” – “you must turn your paper dollars into something that will hold its purchasing power into the future” – I’ve been saving things like silver coins since I was a kid – but things like gold, farmland, copper, platinum, etc., etc. are also good to save – what I don’t like about owning a home is that the Government “taxes it every year” (school tax, town taxes, etc.) – I like to save things the Government knows nothing about – and that will rise in price as the dollar gets weaker and that they can’t tax away – in coming days as the US Government prints more money (to bail out the failing Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Fund their Wars, etc.,etc.,etc.) the US dollar “will lose even more purchasing value” (instead of a dozen eggs costing $4 dollars it will cost $8 dollars, instead of say copper costing $4 dollars per pound it will cost $8 dollars per pound – etc., etc. you get the picture – the Federal Reserve has already printed up $20 Trillion paper dollars ($20,000,000,000,000 dollars) and it looks like they are on their way to printing up $100 Trillion dollars over the next 5 to 10 years – so things will get at least 5 times more expensive (and a one ounce gold coin that now costs $2000 dollars will likely rise to $10,000 dollars – a one ounce silver coin that now costs about $30 dollars will likely rise to $150 dollars – BUT – it is not like you are making any money when they rise!! – all it does is “keep up with prices” (because things that now cost $1 dollar will eventually cost $5 dollars) – so buying gold or silver “is not to make money” BUT TO KEEP EVEN – forget saving say $500 paper dollars in a cooky jar for the future or putting them into a savings bank (to collect $25 dollars interest each year) – by the time you are ready to spend that saved paper money your $500 dollars in the cooky jar (or $625 dollars accumulated in the bank) will be worth “5 times less in purchasing power” – I can go on – but I think you’ve got the big picture – Bottom Line – if you spend the paper dollars you earn quickly “you will get most of the purchasing value out of it” – but if you are saving to buy something “in the future” you MUST convert those paper dollars into something that will “keep pace with inflation” – for example those Silver War Nickels I used to save as a kid (out of Grand Dads pocket change) are now selling for $1.25 each (did I make 25 times my money?) – NO!! – all I did was “Keep Up With Inflation” (because the nickel candy bar I could have bought with that Silver War Nickel in 1954 – now costs $1.25 in 2023 (so I broke even – but that is better then loosing 25 times my money!!! – again to emphasis the problem we all face – “You Should Never Save Paper Dollars To Pay For Bills Or Items You Want To Buy In The Future” – because – when the time comes – to buy what you want or pay the bill – you won’t have the money you need because it will have lost purchasing power!!
      Aunt June

      • Barbara

        If everyone spent their dollars right now wouldn’t that also cause price increases? It’s not like there’s an unlimited supply of goods just waiting for us to purchase. That said, I get your point, though. Converting fiat dollars to tangible assets is good advice.

      • Paul

        During a recession greed dies, And frugality thrives

        Paul from arkansas

      • Rodney

        June, your right about the taxes on ones home, but they also tax farmland.

    • sdmule

      That is quite interesting, can you elaborate on that , please?

  15. Spittin in the Wind

    Among the sea of disclosures made by the leaked classified Pentagon document is the alarming revelation that China tested a long-range hypersonic missile dubbed the ‘DF-27’ that can penetrate the US mainland defenses.
    Although the disclosures related to the Russia-Ukraine war have hogged the limelight, the classified documents also offer a significant glimpse into security risks posed to the US by China. For instance, the paper revealed how China had agreed to supply lethal weapons to Russia, without giving further details.

    However, the most shocking is China’s secret DF-27 ICBM test in which the country, the United States did not publicize. . .
    The Washington Post, just now has reported that Beijing conducted a test with its latest advanced experimental missile, the DF-27 ICBM on February 25, 2023.

    Watch “Historian Alfred McCoy Predicts the U.S. Empire is Collapsing as China’s Power Grows” on YouTube.

    I guess we got our findamental change Obomber promised us. He flipped our shadow government fascist. National socialist or communistic, take your pick.
    Where’s Antifascist Antifa, when we needs em?
    He did say he got good at breaking up wedding parties in Yemen. I guess he wasn’t kidding. Now world war?
    He can stop this WWIII bullshiite!
    If he weren’t chicken.

  16. Coal Burner

    Interest are going up. There is no other way to try to save the dollar especially in the face of our moron leaders flushing money down the toilet as fast as they can destroy the dollar. The FED will defend the dollar because if they lose it they are out of business too. Saw Christine Le Guard today loosing the cbdc in Europe. She said no one will be allowed to spend more than a thousand dollars. Threatened jail. Hope the first nuke hits Brussels! That means money and high tech brains will be exiting Europe fast as possible. Lets see where they go and prepare to follow.

  17. John Henry Stone

    Great interview. Martin Armstrong tells the truth at a time when the truth is hard to find. I will listen again to the interview when my head stops spinning. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared. Get prepared..!

  18. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    If the neo-cons are successful in expanding this war with Russia and China, I do not see how this doesn’t go to all out nuclear destruction?




    • Greg Hunter

      China wants the land of the USA.

      • Tin foil hat

        China doesn’t need the land of the USA. They can get all the natural resources they need from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, …….

        • Greg Hunter

          Wrong. USA best piece of property on the planet.

          • Shiloh1

            They already have a good foothold on the better parts of Canada, including oil, gas, mining and agriculture.

          • tim mcgraw

            Hi Greg, The USA is blessed with many resources. Our country lacks Tin and Cobalt. We also can’t grow bananas. We can’t grow coffee either… or pepper or vanilla or cocoa.
            The USA will always need trade. Trade is good. Trade leads to peace.

            • Laura

              I am in Florida and I am growing cayenne, chili and bell peppers in my backyard open to sun and rain and wind, lots of all three. My hot peppers are my most bountiful crop aside from lettuce and chives. My tomatoes and bells are playing catch up. My tomato plants and pepper plants except some of the bells are plants from a year ago.

              • tim mcgraw

                Laura: We grow Serrano peppers. They are our favorite pepper.
                The New World gave the Old World potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting. Tobacco, too. LOL.

      • G Burns

        Yep , this why I don’t think nukes will be used in a 3rd World War and why they were not used in Korea or Vietnam. Anyone that even uses a couple of these powerful weapons would destroy the earth . We would have Nuclear rain , soil contamination , and air would be unsafe to breath . What would have been won? US has fertile land that can grow anything. Sure would be nice to feed billions of people .

      • Paul from Indiana

        Hitler wanted the Russian steppes. How did it end up? USA is a “fer piece” from China. Expensive to keep and maintain, even with no Gen-IV style of resistance, of which there will plenty. China will bog down in Africa, just as every other colonial power before them.

        Your interview with Martin Armstrong was a coup, what would have been known in the day as a SCOOP! A reporter’s dream. Congratulations. Armstrong’s revelations dovetail nicely with Charles Nenner’s war-cycle analysis. Stay close to the good Doctor and bring him back on as things progress.

        Many thanks and best always. PM

    • saeed

      Five major Nuclear powers (US, UK, France, China and Russia) signed an agreement in Jan 2022 that in the event of a war they won’t use strategic nuclear weapons such as ICBMs

  19. Jeffrobbins

    Always a good interview with Mr. Armstrong, some of these things seem unbelievable to even talk about. I wonder if there is a think tank that has a whole play book of things to draw from to keep Trump on the defensive? I was a little bit disappointed Greg, i thought for sure there would be a- Boom Shaka Laka- War, somewhere in the interview. I need some material to keep my wife entertained. I do wonder about how the propagandist in other countries are messaging the war talk. What are the Australians or Canadians seeing? If we sanction China— can you imagine all the empty shelves?

    • Nick

      Martin Armstrong gave Trump some good advice, let’s see if he takes it. We all know the neocon playbook by now, if you are not with us you are against us. They pushed for war with Russia and got it, geographically easier to accomplish. It won’t be quite so easy with China. China is selling goods to USA, USA is slowly killing itself and the West. Unless there is a false flag, China has no need to rush or intervene and can play peace maker a while longer. That is at face value. Underneath it all, the people are enemy of states, foreign and domestic and the real target of all aggression.

      • Greg Hunter

        The real “Trump” card is what God the Father and Jesus want to happen. Socrates does not know Jesus.

  20. John Maskell

    Hi Greg , didn’t get notification of this upload . Is everything ok or a glitch on my side ? Don’t know if anyone else has incurred tbis, hopefully just a glitch . Don’t want to miss any shows ! Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks to the RINO’s and the RNC.

      • Kim Beaney

        Hello Greg, best from Newfoundland!
        I also didn’t get notification via email.

  21. Marie Joy

    Long term soft kill has turned into hard kill in the 2020s. Buy and eat organic food.
    Organic seeds and growing supplies, as much as possible.
    Grow inside and outside. Have windowsill gardens. Grow everywhere.
    Have cover crops.
    Have chickens, rabbits, goats, etc.
    Don’t send your children to an overseas meat grinder.
    Traitors have to start war and cancel elections. They have to or Trump will win.
    Stealth or die.
    Get out of fiat. The intent is to destroy America, Americans, the dollar and YOU.
    Time to head out.

  22. Mike


  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong not only for the interview but for the real analysis sadly missing from our media here in the UK.
    Where do the Neo-Cons seriously expect to flee to when they win? The USA , Russia and China in nuclear winter and the Neo-Cons,WEF here in Europe, must have an escape plan? The Zionist mechanism of permanent war(1948) is untenable for us plebs but very tenable for the elite who profit from it. Ukraine is a remarkable blue print for the actions of permanent war and the wealth accumulated by the Ukraine elite and those outside the Ukraine. In the eyes of the Neo-Cons more war more profit.
    Here in the UK our army and secret services are on the ground in Ukraine practising what? After all the SAS admitted to being on “walk about” in the Ukraine and Russia in March 2022.I do wonder how many of the Russian secret services are on “walk about” here in the UK and Europe,after all we have been plagued with so many power outs and system failures since February2022 but no one wants to speak of this? Just a co-incidence I suppose!
    Liz Truss,love or hate our shortest ruling Prime Minister(so far), exposed the lie of our economy which the establishment Neo-Cons here could not have exposed and immediately scuppered her regime.Of course we plebs had no say in this and the death of democracy was exposed here. Long live the Neo-Cons and their puppet WEF King!

  24. tim mcgraw

    23:00 or so Martin talks about how the new bankers don’t know how to hedge their investments. These “equity” hires from Harvard Business School don’t know about hedging.
    Back in the 1980’s my Dad was COO of the company that made Silvadene. This is a burn medication, that is still used, to treat burn patients. It works. As the name implies silver is a main ingredient.
    The company had just hired some newbie from Harvard who didn’t hedge the price of silver in the futures market. Dad’s company lost millions when the price of silver went up.
    My Dad was NOT a happy camper.

  25. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just got to listen to your interview with Martin Armstrong -WOW!
    To focus on just one major theme, the rise of the neocons: MA did not mention the ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ which seems to me to be at the core of the neocon ideology. “… the Wolfowitz doctrine – named by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz – was developed amid the end of the Cold War . . . The doctrine deemed the US as the world’s ONLY (my emphasis) remaining superpower and proclaimed its main objective to be retaining that status. Its first objective was ‘to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere . . .'”
    IMHO, adherence to this hegemonic doctrine / ideology by the neocons, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the DOD, et al, explains a great deal about the parlous state of the world today.

  26. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Thank you, Greg.
    I disagree with you and Martin on one point. Americans love war. Oh, they love it! “Thank you for your service!” Salute the flag. Sing the Star Bangled Banner. Cheer when the US Air Force drones launch missiles on civilians. Love those bombers dropping bombs on Serbs and Iraqis and Syrians and Libyans and Iranians and whoever is next.
    I don’t remember anyone complaining about the Vietnam War until the very end. Or the bombing of Cambodia. Or the war in Korea.
    Americans still think it’s just dandy to use atomic weapons against thousands of civilians in Japan in WWII.
    Americans love war. They love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    • Freebreezer

      Tim – agree with most of your thoughts, but the two bombs on Japan? My Dad was shipping out to the pacific and the fighting would have been horrific. I am glad he didn’t … I might not be here! The Japanese, men and women, were not going to surrender unless the emperor said so. You imply in your post that the Japanese of WWII are in the same category of Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, etc … I would hazard a guess that the civilians of Nanjing (and most of Mongolia) would vehemently disagree!

  27. Jerry

    The World Banks last meeting is today.

    These are not the financial policymakers. They are errand boys to the ones who are. They will pull the trigger on the reset, once the fed is done jockeying for position with China and Russia on global currency.

  28. Norm Fleury

    What about civil unrest? Nothing? People are just going to accept them cheating off the charts again? If so then when will all of the people in this country finally do something about it? Are you just going to sit around and wait for them to kill you? As Martin Armstrong chuckled and said, “Yeah pretty much!”

  29. Mat G

    And now it turns out 911 was a CIA operation!

    April 15, 2023
    Bombshell: Some 9/11 Hijackers Were CIA Agents, Declassified Court Filing Suggests…

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks for post martin greg

  31. Hawke

    I think time time and more importantly God (and even the Neo cons and dems) will make sure Biden is out of the picture. I have worked with the aged (medically licensed X-ray tech) my daughter is an emergency room Doctor. Odds are his old body and mind fold before 2024 and people smarter than us know that. Soooo Biden 24???? Ain’t gonna happen.

  32. John Barry

    Trump Assassinated prophecy.

  33. Dan Knight

    Martin is my favorite guest … he knows more than anyone else about economics and politics. And he’s quite right on all points about war and neo-cons.

    That said, there is a reason these neo-cons are all powerful. Neo-cons are to America’s industrial base what ‘woke’ activists are to all other ‘Big’ anything, and NGOs, schools, universities, and parties.

    Many institutions would get no money at all without being ‘woke’ … and the rest have to be ‘neo-con’ – which btw is now ‘woke and neo-con’ because it’s not just war for fun and profit and America … it’s war for fun, profit, and anti-America.

    I bring this up because – as a former engineer I’m well aware of the fact that the neo-cons are so powerful because no one had any choice. Back in the Vietnam era, everything American was the Left’s enemy – and this especially included anything and everything that was safe and effective because the goal was MAX damage to everything normal and good. … As time went by everyone had to join the Left or be destroyed. Businesses that could get a DOD contract or National Security protection were the only exception.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I worked for a small state doing environmental permitting (because they could not find a Quota Quack who could do the work). Internal, unpublished, and confidential data showed that between 1974 and 2004, our state had lost 98% of all industrial manufacturing entities. Oh, total ‘sales’ were still high, but these ‘sales’ were controlled by less than a dozen corporations.

    Thus – to the engineering and scientific community in America, which was the leader in virtually all fields in 1969 – were either ‘neo-con’ or non-existent. Not to impugn small businesses selling niche market products, but today America cannot field a world-class scientific team in thousands of industries. And the people in charge of what remains are the sort Martin complains of.

    As I’ve said before, I’ve only worked when a Quota Quack could not or would not work or when one could not be found. Many of my counterparts have wound up in the same boat. Many who do work – work for the Neo-cons – because the alternative is moving to Portland and living in a tent.

    Without all of this evil and wicked anti-American hatred coming from the Left and decimating America’s economic freedom, there would be an economy that does not depend on war … and to resist the lunatics who want war without regard to the cost.

    Pardon the long rant.

    God bless.

  34. Cheryl

    Hi Greg half of the interview is missing and cuts off at around 29:29 yet the video shows that its 50:19 minutes long. It just ends abrubtly. Please correct this as I really like Martin Armstrong and would like to know what he said.

    Thank you.

  35. Cheryl

    Sorry Greg the video is playing in full. I just realized that my interenet went out for a minute and stopped the interview.

    Thank you so much for the work that you do.

  36. Joe

    Oh, thank God there was no paid advertising of bio greens garbage! For a while there, I thought Hunter was turning into Alex Jones!

  37. Susan R

    Martin spent 7 years in prison! I knew he had been there but, this poor man! He has paid dearly for his wisdom and knowledge. It is a grim picture he presents indeed. His predictions will rupture this country. The powers that want this are Evil. That this is where we are going will be faced with absolute denial and not being prepared and that will be the final kill shot.

  38. Prospector

    The guilty trying to protect themselves.

    NEW — HHS Has Extended the PREP Act COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Protection Through Dec 2024

    “All COVID-19 vaccines and treatments for which distribution is currently directed by the United States Government (USG) are covered by PREP Act protections and flexibilities.

    PREP Act immunity from liability will be extended through December 2024 to pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians to administer COVID-19 and seasonal influenza vaccines” – @TheChiefNerd

    I suggest folks read this entire thread.

    Traces the U.S. Government’s Bioweapons Program Over Several Decades Leading Up to Event 201 & COVID-19

    “[Event 201] was not a one-off. I found about 20 of these that they had been doing since 2001 and they’re all scripted by the CIA…each one of them is drilling the imposition of totalitarian controls.”

    “They did 200 outdoor tests on Americans…and they developed bioweapons that by 1969 had a nuclear equivalent. They could kill people at $0.29 per death according to a CIA study.”

    “When the Patriot Act was being debated and it was being held up by two Senators, there was an Anthrax attack on the U.S. Capitol…Who got the Anthrax? Two Senate offices…the two Senators who were blocking the Patriot Act.”

  39. Ken

    Inflation & Baby Boom Generation:
    The largest generation – ages 59 to 77 – with numbers remaining in the 70 plus million range will have the real possibility of being impoverished. Obviously this will depend upon how long and how high inflation is maintained. We could very easily see the economic bottom tier of Boomer’s thrown homeless with numbers as high as 5 to 10 million! The remainder 20 to 25 million (lowest economic tier) will end up living in 3 generational households.

  40. Mary

    Martin Armstrong is brilliant. Great interview. Trump did not drain the swamp as promised and boasting about the kill shots –are 2 major disasters. He needed to fire Fauci, the criminal, among others. As Michael Rechtenwald has stated, we are in a leftist totalitarian state. The USA has nothing over the Stasi, SS, etc. Plus look at Chicago with voting in a Marxist. I don’t know what it will take for these people to wake up.

  41. Strike Eagle

    Thanks Greg … You and Martin are awesome as usual … remember to send out your email to let your peeps know it is available, they will appreciate it!

  42. James

    O.K. , This could not be more opposite of what Bo Polny said in his last two interviews , so let’s see who is correct , because we don’t have long to wait according to Bo Polny’s forecast !

  43. FReedom-4-All

    Wow! Armstrong always makes me think. Plus, I gained more insight on what he went through back in the day. I didn’t realize he spent 7 years behind bars. I thought it was short term.

    Good job as always Greg.

  44. Jay Wormley

    Scottish MP BLASTS U.S. Senate For Lying Us Into War!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 146,940 views Apr 13, 2023
    It’s been more than 20 years since the US and its allies invaded Iraq in what is now widely acknowledged was a war crime based on lies. And yet many of the same perpetrators who pushed those lies and the Iraq invasion remain prominent and respected members of the foreign policy establishment as they today push the [WWIII] Ukraine War.
    Jimmy and Americas’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to British politician and talk show host George Galloway about his principled opposition to the Iraq War.
    The Worm has Turned!

  45. Anthony Rome

    Want War, Guessing Ukraine Right?
    ______Sunday Afternoon War Movies
    Classic War Drama I Steel Tempest (2000)
    ____Retrospective – Classic Movies
    447,261 views Mar 21, 2023
    December 1944, the Battle Of The Bulge, a bridge in the Ardennes. The war is all but over, but for this German unit the battle is just beginning. “Steel Tempest” is the harrowing story of a German unit’s mission to take a bridge during the Ardennes offensive, Hitler’s last Blitzkrieg. All is clearly lost, but the Commander continues to fight in the face of overwhelming Allied superiority.

    The Star | WAR MOVIE | FULL MOVIE (2002)
    Mosfilm 1,352,794 views Oct 15, 2021
    A war drama directed by Nikolai Lebedev. The film is based on a short story of the same name by Emmanuil Kazakevich. In 1944, a group of Red Army scouts were sent behind the front line to clarify the information about the enemy formation. After crossing the front line, the soldiers gradually become convinced that the enemy is secretly regrouping its forces for a decisive counteroffensive. The scout commander decides to infiltrate inconspicuously into a railway junction, where the command center is located…

    The Invasion – The Outbreak Of World War II | DOCUDRAMA
    hazards and catastrophes 1,747,031 views May 22, 2020
    This Episode reconstructs how Hitler’s invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 triggered a chain of events sparking a global conflagration. Hitler’s Poland Campaign unleashed a “Blitzkrieg” lasting six weeks only. However, it was a war of unprecedented brutality resulting in a tremendous suffering of the Polish people in the long run. Sheds light on some of their lives telling almost forgotten stories.

  46. Prospector

    Can there be any doubt that America is under attack ?
    @Clif_High calls it 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare.
    It used to be called ” 5th column ” sabotage.

    Train wreck in Maine near a major fresh water supply.
    Chemical plant in Brunswick , Georgia burning out of control. – @rawsalerts

    2 weeks ago reporter Ann Vandersteel posted this :

    Chinese Nationals caught with tools capable of cutting railroad tracks
    FBI and NTSB Cover Up in Progress – @annvandersteel , Mar 30

  47. Dave

    The neocons are set to win it all in 2024. Presidency, House and Senate. Wisconsin was a trail run. The Democrats through their schemes are morphing into a turnout machine. Democrats voted in record numbers in the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Republicans did no turn out. Some say in part as they felt the election was rigged. The backlash some were hoping for – to the Trump indictment which occurred days before did not spur Republicans to vote.

    The GOP and in particular Rona McDaniel did not put an effort into Wisconsin. Charlie Kirk is warning the GOP about this but no one in the NRC is listening. Kirk puts the odds at 70% for the Dems to take it all in 2024. Because of the “cheating”. As in ballot harvesting and such. It is legal now in many states and in Wisconsin, but the GOP did squat. It’s a uni-party system and it appears the HOP is going to role over in 2024 and let Dems win it all. The goal is to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with progressives who will restrict guns and declare a national right to abortion. urn

    • Greg Hunter

      No Dave, Total bull crap!!!!
      Dems did not “turn out” in record numbers. They cheated in record numbers.

      • T Wavers

        Greg, well said!

        Blessed are you for speaking truth the way you do!

        By speaking out in general terms, you avoid the likes of Pfizer and Dominion from taking you to court for defamation and having to pay millions and millions IN damages like Alex Jones and now Fox News.

        I am afraid we are going the way of China and Russia where journalists are severely punished for reporting the facts.

  48. Greg John Morrissey

    WATCH this teaching and match’s with the show on Gregs show with Martin Armstrong.
    Skip to the last hour and watch the message

  49. Korn Popped pooped

    Retired army colonel accuses Pentagon leadership of lying to Americans

  50. donna sherwood

    I am shocked to hear this garbage about vietnam from Mr. armstrong whose opinions I generally agree with. WE WERE NOT WRONG. The decrypted venona tapes validated every single thing the joint chiefs of staff told the various Presidents about the strategy of the comintern. So because of leftists in congress led by such luminaries as John kerry who forced the gov. to abandon a free south with the result of millions of people placed under tyranny and torture throwing themselves into the Gulf of Tonkin we justify this by manufacturing some legend there was nothing of interest to the west in this War. Shame on him. I have to assume getting the bolshi out of most secular jews is next to impossible. This also applies to the Formosa an article of faith in my youth the US would never abandon these islanders. Now all of a sudden this is a very distinct possibility. People on island are terrified as they should be. They educate their children in Taiwan and all know about the life under communism “The great leap forward, the cultural revolution and various other “initiatives’ resulting in the deaths of 60 MILLION. It is unfortunate that MacArthur was not allowed to invade and join Chiang Kai-shek and Patton into russia. But what does one expect from a WH infiltrated by communist agents who have a president’s confience.

  51. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    Outstanding interview with Martin Armstrong. Extremely content-rich on a multitude of topics and I appreciate your enthusiasm, too.

  52. Deborah

    Love you Greg for showing us what we don’t hear! BUT WE SENSE!

  53. Gisela

    First time ever I didn’t receive this via email. Had to go to your web site.

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply forgot to send it out. Thanks for the backstop.

  54. Marie Joy

    Please, run for elective office in your town or state. Any office, no matter how big or how small. We need patriots. Apathy kills.

  55. Marie Joy

    Is there anything you can make or grow that would contribute to America and Americans’ well being?

  56. lonni

    Faces of Defeat – German Prisoners-of-War
    When will we ever learn, so many young lives ruined.
    Why can’t we all just get along _Rodney King

  57. Prospector

    Boy , that was DUMB !! Not a good look.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr
    At Gold’s with my trainer this morning.

    Remember when Arnold said : ” SCREW your Freedoms ” about those who refused the clot-shots ?

  58. Bryce

    America is at a crossroads. Kinda like Robert Johnson.
    We as Americans have a choice to make, go along with the globalist plan and give up our freedom, sovereignty, or stand and fight.
    We are who we have been waiting on.
    We wait to much longer, it’s game over.

  59. John B.

    Martin Armstrong, Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Sinclair, Paul Craig Roberts and Alex Newman are my favorite guests. Great service you’re providing humanity Greg.

  60. Stephen Ryals

    Tbone is a plant. Armstrong doesn’t want to be political Greg pushed him into it. If Armstrong was 100% honest he would disappear. He knows it. He is a business man and knows the truth. USA will do a false flag just like 911 and try to cover up the human trafficking pedos in DC $ default.. Trump was best friends with the Clintons and Epstien for 40 years. Donated millions to the Clintons. Epstien and Bill Clinton were best friends. Soros and the Jewish mafia bailed out Tbone 1st bankruptcy. Soros also funded Kushner. U not a billionaire without selling your soul to the devil period. It’s not how it works. They will fake kill Tbone. He will just go underground. USA voting constitution all BS. Doesn’t exist. Fools play by the rules. They have no rules. Thinking the rules will save us is so low IQ. The Bible is clear we are wiped out. Done by by. So Greg keep up the hoakz till your delusion is over. Hopium is a addiction of fools. Tbone takes full credit for the vax I have seen him say safe and effective and Greg will vote for him. Lol. Damn fool

  61. Lora

    That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the 21 year old arrested for the latest government security leaks. This very young man is their sacrificial patsy. Kind of reminds me of the patsy Oswald being accused of murdering JFK. Same a-holes working behind the scenes to accomplish their satanic agendas.

  62. J Middleton

    Thank you Greg and Mr Armstrong – not really cheerful news, but at least we know what is coming.

  63. G Burns

    Mr Armstrong says things I have said , so I guess I am not stupid after all. He is right about Trump . They will cheat him again and might kill him like JFK. Think about it no worry he would win election, no more rallies , and no more interviews telling the truth about neo cons , swamp, and the establishment .

    He is right about the wars. He is right the inflation in 1970’s was from Vietnam war. I can only imagine the inflation from World War 3.

    As i see it there are two possible outcomes . 1) FED raises rates until interest on debt is bigger than what is brought in from taxes. Which means game over or 2) FED lowers rates back to 0% and we have hyperinflation , which means game over . There will be no one to bail US out .

    • Better Chetter

      GB –
      3) Fed collapses as part of Khazarian mafia take down by white-hats, asian societies, & Russia. Check out Ben Fulford’s site, not solely for Ben’s reports, but for the links he posts to media outside the US – this gets you/us truer world-view of what’s going on –

      What comes in the place of the dollar, I do not know. Hopefully not a CBDC – maybe an Amero, like the Euro, but a combo of Canada, Mexico, USA (states) – not Wash DC & territories (as Anna von Reitz notes at various places on her site:

  64. Dave Duglistle

    Revelation 13:3

    there are some Evangelicals and Mormons (e.g., Lt Col Roy Potter who is a hybrid of both) who have for a while suggested the realtor is the antichrist, and the sign of Rev 13:3 shall manifest soon.

  65. Dave Duglistle

    video ffw 47:06-10
    Revelation 13:3

    there are some Evangelicals and Mormons (e.g., Lt Col Roy Potter who is a hybrid of both) who have for a while suggested the realtor is the antichrist, and the sign of Rev 13:3 shall manifest soon.

  66. PtovocateurAstrolohy


  67. Alan Grimes

    I don’t see 2024 as releveant at all. I mean it is still the middle of April 2023 and for all practical purposes January is around 50 years from now and November is centuries after that… =\

  68. 59 Impala

    Next the foreigners make their move, 40% of American stocks are owned by foreigners and about one-third of corporate bonds. If foreigners start fleeing, both plunge. This could cut your 401k almost in half, and it could drive up borrowing costs for companies to impossible levels. This will lead to mass bankruptcies on top of the wave of bankruptcies the Fed’s already has engineered to try and stop the inflation it started.

    More gasoline: one-third of US treasuries are owned by foreigners—over $8 trillion in bonds. When foreigners start dumping those, it will either send US government debt service soaring by potentially hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Or, much more likely, it forces the Fed to step in and buy up all that foreign demand using even more fiat, flooding yet more trillions into the economy.

    “Say Good-night Dick” to the September rate cuts the markets have now priced in. Interest rates to 40% this time, this will be the big one!

    “Thank the Biden” when the stocks fall 90% but the prices of everything goes up multiples.

    The coming defaults of nearly everything, since no bank will want to lend any money, the banks go back to making profits the old fashioned way… by charging monthly account fees, late fees and overdraft fees, AND BEGGING THE TAXPAYER FOR BAILOUTS LOL

  69. Theophilus

    It’s interesting that Greg didn’t get Martin’s take on what appears to be this inevitable war going nuclear.

    I suspect China is waiting patiently for that to be the go-signal to move on Taiwan. Of course, Taiwan has a scorched earth policy in place to destroy all technology facilities upon invasion thus any reason China would want them.

    Build a bunker or hope to be at ground zero. Search “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H. Kearny. It’s somewhat dated but better than nothing.

    • Theophilus

      It’s a free pdf.

  70. Carol Bolt

    So now we brace for war. Suspected that was where the evil ones were headed. Martin Armstrong is a knowledgeable guest. TY Greg for another great listen.

  71. Kevin Jones

    I am a big fan of Martin Armstrong and appreciate it every time Greg has him on….Very intelligent and informative of the world we find ourselves with now.

  72. Marie Joy

    CVS allows customers to use any bathroom they choose. Found that at Zero Hedge.
    Go Woke, Go Broke.

    • Brian

      CVS . . . Can’t Verify Sex

  73. Jerry

    I came across this just now, take a look. Its regarding birth certs.

  74. Dwight Branson

    Truth Justice the American Way

    “God saw fit to make His FIRSTBORN Son”?????? Where did you ever find that blasphemous statement? Jesus was Gods ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.

    • Greg Hunter

      I spammed that comment. Thanks for the backstop. Keep doing it.


    Douglas Macgregor interview: “Massive Russian military buildup”
    Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls 77,794 views Apr 15, 2023
    Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.
    Interview with Natalie Brunell on April 13, 2023.

    SCOTT RITTER: NATO Can’t do Anything /Redacted 465,314 views Apr 15, 2023
    What is the military tactic in Ukraine that the media won’t explain to us? Don’t worry, we’ve got former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter on the show to explain how Ukraine is on the ropes, no matter what Ukraine or NATO does.

    Col. Douglas MacGregor: Ukraine Spells Doom for Western Hegemony
    Redacted 258,909 views Apr 16, 2023
    Colonel Douglas MacGregor sits down with Redacted Host Clayton Morris to talk about the impending collapse of western hegemony. The west continues to push for a direct confrontation with the Russia and China while U.S. can’t even produce ammunition.

    Putin’s air defenses destroy U.S.-made HIMARS; Russia kills 145 Ukrainian troops in Donetsk /Hindustan Times 170,719 views Apr 16, 2023
    The Russian Air Defenses have intercepted 10 HIMARS and Smerch rockets and shot down four Ukrainian drones in the last 24 hours. The Russian Defence Ministry noted that over 145 Ukrainian troops were wiped out in Donetsk direction as they attempted to counterattack Russian positions. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    This is DEVASTATING for the US dollar, and they’re trying to hide it.
    Morris Invest 51,308 views Apr 16, 2023
    This week a shady group of globalist elites who run our monetary system, very quietly rolled out the new way that you will bank and pay for goods going forward. Your U.S. digital dollar or EURO will run through a central hub not run by the United States or the EU, but by an unelected globalist cabal of bankers.

    Douglas Macgregor interview: “Fall back or get destroyed by the Russians”
    Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls 55K views 20 hours ago
    Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.

    Scott Ritter: “Ukraine is ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE, THIS IS FATAL” in Exclusive Interview /Red Pilled TV 28,566 views Premiered 11 hours ago
    Scott Ritter joins us on this exclusive interview to discuss the Russia Ukraine war, the conflict of Bakhmut, the bad feelings between Putin and Zelenskyy and how this war will end. Russia rained down over 80 missile on Ukraine last night after figuring out how to bypass their air defense systems. Scott Ritter and Stephen Gardner also discuss military predictions of Colonel Douglas Macgregor on how this war will end and Putin’s next military moves.
    Scott Ritter is an American author, pundit, former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, former United Nations Special Commission weapons inspector. Ritter served as a junior military analyst during Operation Desert Storm.

  76. Epoch R. Times

    The Finale WAR|0327|FWseg|SHY&utm_term=0327|FWseg|shy_r&utm_content=0327|FWseg|shy&gclid=CjwKCAjw3POhBhBQEiwAqTCuBsRxs3zIH9227FI70RqbWT_l1co9wmf76-dwUGdlK8IOfA-a6FqdCRoCPPYQAvD_BwE

  77. Avery Wright

    “Objects of Hatred by All the Nations”
    Such charges did not change the truth about Jesus, but they did expose those who resorted to such slander—and they expose those who resort to like tactics today—as having as their spiritual father the Devil, which name means “Slanderer.”—John 8:44….In symbolic language the first book of the Bible foretold the enmity, or hatred, of Satan the Devil and those under his control toward God’s own heavenly organization and its earthly representatives, you and me?. (Gen. 3:15; John 8:38, 44; Rev. 12:9, 17)
    “The light” conflicts with darkness . … “I have conquered the world.”​—John8:31, 32, 44; 4:23; 16:33.
    “This is why you do not listen, because you are not from God.’”—John 8:42-47…. In the first century, there were people who thought they had a good relationship with God but whom Jesus showed to be badly mistaken. (John 8:41-44)
    When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.”​—John 8:44…. The children of God and the children of the Devil are evident by this fact: Everyone who does not carry on righteousness does not originate with God, neither does he who does not love his brother.” (1 John 3:8, 10)
    Crushing the Serpent’s Head
    The Serpent’s earthly seed, with its religion, politics, and big business, has heaped cruel persecution on the woman’s seed, Jesus Christ and his 144,000 (John 8:37, 44; Galatians 3:16, 29) … His works die with him.​—1 John 3:8.
    Jesus told Jewish religious leaders of his day: “You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father.” (John 8:44) … Thus, the Serpent was able to “bruise him [the “seed”] in the heel.” (Genesis 3:15; John 8:39-44; Acts 3:12, 15)
    Survivors Must Be “No Part of the World”
    Worldwide we see the lying, hatred, violence, and murder that identify those who ‘originate with the Devil,’ having him as their spiritual “father.” (1 John 3:8-12; John 8:44; Ephesians 2:2, 3)
    ‘The Kingdom Has Drawn Near’
    When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.” (John 8:44) … In view of Jesus’ words at John 8:44, why is it vital that we today examine the teachings of religious leaders in relation to the Bible?
    You may recall that he often spoke of the Devil, and that he called him “the father of the lie” and a “manslayer.” (John 8:44) … What, then, is the foremost means by which the Devil, “the father of the lie,” turns mankind away from God? (John 8:44)
    When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.​—John 8:44…. 9. Who is the spiritual father of a practicer of sin, and why? The first sinner against holy spirit is also identified by Jesus’ disciple named John, who writes: “He who carries on sin originates with the Devil, because the Devil has been sinning from the beginning.” (1 John 3:8)
    World wide we see the lying, deception, hatred, violence and murder that the Bible says identifies persons as ‘originating with the Devil,’ that is, as having him for their spiritual “father.” (Ephesians 2:2, 3; John 8:44; 1 John 3:8-12)

  78. A. Wright

    Pork Chop Hill

  79. Cliff Bondi

    After visit to China, Lula says US should stop ‘encouraging war’ and ‘start talking about peace’ Story by Kyiv Independent • Saturday
    After meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 15, Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva told reporters that the U.S. should stop “encouraging war” in Ukraine and “start talking about peace,” the Guardian reported.

    Douglas Macgregor analysis: “750 000 Russians who effectively joined”
    Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls 8.5K views 1 hour ago
    Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.

    China’s Debt “Black Hole” | Saudis Scrap Hamas Talks Under US Pressure? | Vantage with Palki Sharma /Firstpost 4,365 watching now Started streaming 16 minutes ago
    Washington Post RATS OUT Pentagon Docs Leaker To The FBI!

    The Jimmy Dore Show 126,816 views Apr 15, 2023
    In light of the recent leaks of classified Pentagon documents, the Washington Post snapped into action — and helped track down and rat out the leaker. Is that now the journalistic community’s role, to root out leakers to help the FBI rather than to encourage more leakers to come forward to share secrets about government lies?

    Zelensky Skimmed $400 Million In U.S. War Funds! Reveals Seymour Hersh
    The Jimmy Dore Show 128,498 views Apr 15, 2023
    It’s long been established that corruption is a rampant issue in Ukraine, and that continues to this day as hundreds of billions of dollars flood into the country to fuel the war against Russia. Now journalist Seymour Hersh is revealing that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been purchasing Russian oil with American dollars and then skimming some off the top for himself.

    Ukraine Bioweapons Labs BACK IN BUSINESS!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 84,267 views Apr 15, 2023
    Remember the biolabs in Ukraine that the U.S. Government and a whole bunch of media fact checkers said didn’t exist until Marco Rubio asked Victoria Nuland about them and she basically confirmed that yes, Ukraine does have biological labs? Well, according to Russia, those bioweapons labs are back in operation, even if they never existed.

  80. Cliff Bondi

    Douglas Macgregor: This Is HORRIFYING !!!
    FINANCE MAIL 2.7K views 4 hours ago
    Douglas Macgregor: This Is HORRIFYING !!!

  81. Shiloh1

    Kunstler Monday morning post – nice pictures, too!

  82. Hindi Cindy

    Anti-Putin sanctions to backfire on Dollar? Biden ‘panics’ as U.S. Treasury Secy warns
    Hindustan Times 18,700 views Apr 17, 2023
    After unprecedented sanctions against Russia, the United States now fears they could backfire on the dollar instead. In an interview with CNN, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that the dollar’s role as the world reserve currency may diminish as it pursues its geopolitical goals through sanctions. Watch this video for details.

    Putin ‘punishes’ Ukraine with carpet bombing; Russia furious after Kyiv’s civilian attack charge Hindustan Times 84,600 views Apr 17, 2023
    Ukraine’s new war strategy has riled up Russia, resulting in a fresh onslaught. Moscow claims the Ukrainian army is attacking civilian settlements in Donetsk, only to blame the Russian military for the attacks. The war tactics by Kyiv have led to missile storms by the Russian army in Donetsk.

  83. H in dee Cindy

    On Cam: Ukrainian troops run for lives as Russian forces drop bombs on military posts
    Hindustan Times 64,244 views Apr 17, 2023
    Russia’s ministry of defence released videos of its artillery units of airborne troops inflicting heavy damage at Ukrainian military posts. Moscow says its frontline troops identified Ukrainian targets with UAVs and launched mortars to target military posts and lightly armoured vehicles. Watch Russian airborne forces in action.

    Russian forces target NATO vehicles in Ukraine; Blow up Dutch YPR-765 armoured vehicle | Watch |Hindustan Times 80,360 views Apr 17, 2023
    Russia has issued a thunderous warning to NATO over its provocations in Ukraine. Moscow’s forces have blown up a Dutch YPR-765 armoured vehicle in Ugledar. Russia used the Kornet anti-tank missile system to hit the Dutch YPR-765 with a 25mm automatic cannon on Ukraine’s battlefield. In a precision strike, several Ukrainian troops were eliminated along with the Dutch weapon. After the attack, Russia’s Vladimir Putin government also issued a direct threat to NATO. Watch this report for more.

    Ukraine is Running Out of Soldiers
    HistoryLegends 16,828 views Apr 17, 2023
    Ukraine faces shortage of manpower and has to call yet another wave of mobilization. The reason behind is battle attrition, but also the looming arrival of Russian reinforcements.

  84. Dwight L. POWERS

    🔴Live Stream | The Fall Of America ? | China’s Exposure | The Duran | Cyrus Janssen & Reporterfy Media & Travel
    29K views Streamed 6 hours ago CHINA

  85. Matthew C Nelson

    Remember kids, the CPI does not include Food, Fuel, and Housing. So the CPI is meaningless.

  86. Janice Joplain

    Armstrongs model seems to show that the economic confidence bottomed already this month on the 10th. Then it is up for about a year.

    How does that fit with massive inflation, higher rates and looming wars that are discussed in this video presentation? And what does that mean for the stockmarket? Are stocks going up with hyperinflation?

    vs. Clif High seems to be saying a massive financial system collapse. The introduction of the first CB crypto recently is the first of a couple that Clif’s method said would be introduced and be publically rejected. So, Clif seems to be on a roll here. And if so, that means there will be no confidence until end of this year when there will be a smidge of light but overall despair.

  87. Lionell Jackson

    Jesus tells us that the Father has occluded the perception of newagers who worship “universe”. ( Mt 11:25 ). That is one reason why Clif & ilk have lack appreciation of the Bible.

    History repeats?

    Genesis 25:29-34

  88. Seymour C. Clearly

    The American Conservative,
    a publication of The American Ideas Institute.

    The Gathering Storm_____🌦🌪
    Douglas Macgregor Mar 14, 2023
    America’s self-inflicted trouble in Ukraine aggravates our dangerous trouble at home.
    American national power is measured as much by American military capability as by economic potential and performance. The growing realization that American and European military-industrial capacity cannot keep up with Ukrainian demands for ammunition and equipment is an ominous signal to send during a proxy war that Washington insists its Ukrainian surrogate is [whining, err] winning.
    [ˈ(h)wīniNG]NOUN, the making of a long, high-pitched cry or sound:
    “dogs may exhibit signs of anxiety, such as whining, chewing, and excessive barking”.]
    Bracketed, mine, S.Clearly.

  89. Stinking Bull

    Do these guys want the sam new world order that most patriots do not?

  90. Explosive Bud Queefing

    The Chinese invasion of Taiwan will go down like any thug invaded American Democrat run city. There won’t be a fight.

  91. lara bell

    Texas College Student Seeks Over $1 Million In Damages Following “Catastrophic” Canine Attack BY DAVE MALYON MARCH 9, 2023

  92. lada holden

    Watch: USS Gerald R. Ford sails alongside NATO Allies | NATO News | English News | WION Live 50 watching now Started streaming 16 hours ago
    The largest warship in the world, and the US Navy’s newest and most technologically advanced aircraft carrier, was in European waters for its first deployment. Watch

  93. Prospector


    WHY IS THIS GETTING ZERO ATTENTION ? …… Greg , help shine light !!

    Veteran Combat Reporter
    covering the Darien Gap
    INVASION size population incoming
    MILLIONS. Literally. Millions.

    Southern Border WAR.
    These links will tell you more : This is a MILITARY 5th Column INVASION , no matter what Geraldo Rivera says.

    Southern Border WAR.

    Are all of these people crazy conspiracy theorists ? No ? Then what is happening ?

    How many carry Fentaynal , How many carry weapons , missiles , MANPADS , or worse ?

    ONLY independent news will report —— so the ” RESTRICT ACT ” — internet shutdown is needed.

    Do You Get It Yet ?

  94. Marie Joy

    Rioting/looting and curfews are happening in Chicago, LA, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.
    EMS is overwhelmed. Get out of the cities.
    Grow everywhere you can. Famine coming.
    Walmart is shutting down all over America.
    Whole Foods is pulling out of SF.
    Found this at Patrick Humphrey on YouTube.
    Expect grid and/or internet collapse.
    Inflation heating up.
    Summer could be severe.

  95. Cliff B.

    So THIS is why they’re so scared of the Ukraine document leaks | Redacted with Clayton Morris [Redacted 35,477 views Apr 17, 2023
    It is a shoot-the-messenger situation due to leaked documents that show officials in the U.S. telling big fat lies about the conflict in Ukraine and downplaying the U.S. role. For instance, the documents show that “American-made smart bombs are falling victim to Russian electronic jamming in Ukraine, causing them to miss their targets,” according to Politico. A Defense Department official has confirmed this. You’d think that Russia would be happy about this validating leak but Russian expert Gilbert Doctorow reports that they are not. “It strengthens the argument on their side by those who say that insanity rules in the USA, that you have to be prepared for every eventuality in escalation of the war.

    Scott Ritter – What’s left of the Ukrainian army after Bakhmut
    Douglas Macgregor Col
    992 watching now Premiere in progress. Started 52 minutes ago
    Scott Ritter – What’s left of the Ukrainian army after Bakhmut
    Scott Ritter Interview
    The Right Way or The Highway

    • Shiloh1

      Yes, thanks – I follow MacGregor and Ritter, too.

      Also about a week ago Gonzalo Lira had a Roundtable (either # 51 or # 52) with Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern where the latter (an old-timer CIA analyst since 1963) compared it to the leak of the Pentagon Papers during Viet Nam War. Can find video, about 1:57 long, but the particular issue at hand / comparison was a few minutes in.
      McNamara, Westmoreland and Johnson all lying big-time for that one.

      Yes, insanity rules the U.S. Neocon Regime.

  96. Lada Aston Holden

    SOROS, HILLARY, OBOMBER WOMAN WANT TO MAKE YOUR LOCAL BANKER AN IRS SPY AND YOUR CREDIT UNION TOO, TO BOOT! Were all part owners of our credit unions, so the IRS wants us to spy on ourselves! They say it’s only for the rich! Our enemies, you, are the Rich!
    _____________WHAT IS THE REAL MOTIVE?
    ‘BIDEN IS WATCHING US’ Tim Scott THREATEN$ Biden with JAILTIME after DISGUSTING ‘bank spy’ plan|Pratik İyi Fikirler 334K views 22 hours ago
    ‘BIDEN IS WATCHING US’ Tim Scott THREATEN$ Biden with JAILTIME after DISGUSTING ‘bank spy’ plan
    First two of 3,542 Comments
    @nicholaskovach5971 22 hours ago
    They have no rights to our bank accounts.
    @MrRSBlack13 21 hours ago
    Let’s go Brandon. We need a bill to hold them accountable on what they are spending our tax dollars on. No one I know thinks it’s a good idea to give Ukraine any money at all.

  97. Marie Joy

    When the time comes, dig holes in your backyard

  98. Jim g

    Thanks Greg .Great interview.

  99. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report, you fellas are right on the money. US politicians are doing every thing they can to engage in war and expand on the current wars the U.S. has cooking.

  100. Lee Ho

    the KM have been puttin mRNA into pigs.

    by the time Jesus returns everyone except the synogogue of satan and muslims will be dead.

    • Anon

      @Lee Ho
      Everyone without the Mark of God.
      The Mark of the Beast Is Already Here… and It’s NOT What Everyone Thinks…

  101. Cliff Bondi

    Frontline Nuclear Disaster imminent At Power Plant If Attacks Continue. Russia Ukraine War Patrick Lancaste 42,768 views Apr 17, 2023
    Warning a Major Nuclear disaster (5 times the size of Chernobyl) is Imminent If the attacks on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant do not stop. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station is in the Zaporizhzhia Region Of what is internationally recognized as part of Ukraine but by Russian law part of Russia and is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and among the 10 largest in the world. It is under the control of Russia since early 2022. It was built by the Soviet Union near the city of Enerhodar, on the southern shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnieper river. It hold 6 of what was the 15 reactors that powered a large part of Ukraine (from 20-60%). Now the reactors are mainly out of service due to the regular attacks by Ukrainian forces on the plant itself and the city.
    In the report I travel to Enerhodar and show you the real situation inside the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station, at the nearby Russian army military positions and see Ukrainian positions.
    We also have an in depth look at the situation in the city itself showing the attacks on the civilian areas as well as on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station.

  102. erick

    Good interview 2 yrs old on china military ect if interested.

  103. Marie Joy

    Unless ALL traitorous legislators are ousted, we are dead meat.

  104. Randy Best

    There is no question that Armstrong and Nenner are two of the very best.

  105. Shiloh1

    Karl Denninger blog today (The Intelligence Test) about Don Jr. saying ‘don’t boycott A-B, as they donate to the RNC!”

    Democracy: a blue whorehouse and a red whorehouse.

    Once again, Ramaswamy makes most sense out of all actual and presumed candidates. He points out that A-B knowns exactly what they are doing, its about their ESG – DIE scores from the king-of-the-hill wall street hoodlums like Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street.

  106. Greg Hunter

    Eventless? You do not know what you are talking about. China arranged a “restoration of diplomatic ties” on 4/6/23 with Iran and Saudia Arabia in China!!!! Hundreds of years of Suni and Shia feuding no longer–at least for a while.

  107. Frogger

    Martin Armstrong, in combination with his unbiased AI , helps us weather this storm of lies and misinformation. I am thankful for the opportunity to hear him speak, and give me a since of truthful discernment of what lies ahead.

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