CV19 Vax is Anti-Christ Technology– Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s  (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has been reporting on the nightmare of the CV19 vax that she tagged as a bioweapon from the very beginning.  She was the first to say the CV19 vax was created to hurt and kill people.  She was one of the first to warn people not to take the CV19 vax.  Kingston predicted that “vaccine” makers wanted to get people sick and then come up with new treatments to make money off the people they caused to get sick.  She has been reporting on the nightmare of these “vaccines.”  Kingston has new analysis on three important current stories that show people around the world are finally waking up to this crime against humanity.  First stop Japan, where top doctors there are calling for all mRNA CV19 vaccines to be stopped now.  Kingston says, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.  It was two and a half years ago that I was on your show saying these were not biologics.  They are advanced gene editing technology that are meant to cause disease, disability, infertility and death, and they need to be stopped to protect humanity and all lifeforms.  Now, top professors and doctors out of Japan . . . just did a national press conference where they said over six months, they have done a review of thousands and thousands of peer reviewed publications, and when you do that, you will find they are not biologics.  The doctors and researchers found that those who say these are very good vaccines . . . basically, said you are fools . . . and you caused humanity to be thrown into this abyss of hell. . . . They not only say do not give mRNA lipid nanoparticle to people, but they say this is the number one threat to the planet.  I pointed out that this is truly demonic technology, and I was condemned.  Recently, the Surgeon General of Florida called it the anti-Christ technology.”

Kingston also has been following the so-called “Pandemic Agreement” being pushed by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO).   Kingston says, “They are working on the Pandemic Agreement, and they say they are not going to have any regard for human rights.  140 nations have come back and say we have amendments we want to make to it. . . .  They also want to manufacture the vaccines . . . and they want a piece of the profits. . . .  Bill Gates, Pfizer and the US government do not want to give up royalties, and I think they don’t want people to know what they were injected with.  In this situation, I think greed may be good to quote Gordon Gekko.”

In short, the “Pandemic Agreement” does not look like it is going to be approved and implemented.  Martin Armstrong predicts the same outcome for the UN/WHO Pandemic Agreement.

Finally, an update on Ken Paxton’s (Texas Attorney General) case against Pfizer.  Paxton is suing the company for fraud over their CV19 vax.  Kingston says, “The most effective way to wake people up is to do a class action lawsuit.  I think this is why the Texas lawsuit is so very important. . . . As time goes by, people are going to be sitting at home, and they will see an ad that asks . . . .  ‘Are you having heart complications, blood clotting. . . were you injected by a Pfizer vaccine?  You may be entitled to a million dollars.  Call 1-800-SUE PFIZER.’  That snaps the brain on.  That gets people to say ‘wait a second.’  I think that is going to wake people up.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 6-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives another update on the more than 14 billion global bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why the Texas AG’s lawsuit against Pfizer will cause a CV19 vax great awakening for disabilities and murder for 1.27.24.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information on Kingston’s Substack.

Kingston says everybody should forward this interview to their congressional representative, Senator, Governor and any state government representative you can think of to get the word out on stopping the shots, the tyrannical UN/WHO “Pandemic Agreement” and the Texas AG/Pfizer lawsuit to further wake people up.

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  1. Daniel 9:27

    Lots of talk from WEF about Cyber Polygon and EMP attacks by foreign actors. Is it possible the heavy metals in the gene therapy injections could be activated by 5G technology associated with these predicted ‘blackouts’? Any chance the sickness isn’t from the ingredients in the vaxx but are coming from the graphite that binds the ingredients? Lots of clots and heart issues, are they being caused by activating the metals through frequency?

    • Anthony Australia

      American issues are coming soon to a country near you. We in Australia are not amune to the woke, trans & immigrant invasion war.
      Ray @Camberra, I’m in disbelief. A quick check of the history books and they should be reading up on Arthur Phillip, British admiral whose convict settlement at Sydney in 1788.

      Melbourne statues of Queen Victoria and Captain Cook vandalised on Australia Day eve

      A controversial ‘woke’ decision by one of the biggest supermarkets in the country has drawn the ire of angry customers and politicians.

    • AL HALL



      • Greg Hunter

        This is why the “Bi-Polar’ patented Ion Tech from Weston Scientific is so very important. It kills just about every air borne contaminant safely. They pay me a flat ad fee, so I make the same whether he sells one unit or 100, by the way. Here is the link: I BOUGHT UNITS MYSELF AND RUN THEM IN MY HOUSE 24/7.


    • Anthony Australia

      Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule

      • Candy Nast

        Wow, Tony! Thanks for your service! The child you save might be my own!

    • 60GigaHertz

      Get on over to and Dr. Ana Mihalcae (mee-hal-cha). You’re thinking is spot on and she has the answers. Be sure to watch “Died Suddenly” on and get on Methylene Blue Squares Lumetol by Metzoen to degrade the hydrogels and restore your brain (It’s a laboratory dye, a blood oxygen therapy, and a brain detoxifier). I’m not affiliated, but this stuff has restored me so much and I can think again!

      I’ve combined MB with 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and I’m healing so much faster, my digestion is near perfect, my stamina is back, and on and on.

      • Daniel 9:27

        Thank you 60GigaHertz, Dr. Ana’s site is FULL of incredible research and analysis, simply amazing! Including a link for convenience. One stunning revelation was many of the vials tested did not have any mRNA in the vaxx, we are being poisoned by nanoparticles of metal…Chromium, barium, cobalt, iron, titanium to name a few.

    • Katy Bar

      We don’t have much time – we need to Get Real “very fast” or we will be taken out by the Globalists operating out of their UN and WEF Command and Control Centers!!

  2. H K 42

    next time Clif High tries to tell you to abandon Jesus Christ, think of this woman:

    • A Friend

      I quit listening to Clif sometime ago. And I’m glad that Greg no longer interviews him. I got tired of his atheistic arrogance and his refusal to acknowledge the weather warfare operations that Dane Wigington has talked about with Greg on his show several times. Dane’s website is

      We have to focus our attention where it is most useful.

      And remember how important nattokinase is according to cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. Eat organic food, stop eating. Processed foods, network with local organic farmers, and consider whether or not you want to put any vaccines, ANY of them, and your body or your pets’ bodies. I will not let my veterinarian give my dogs any vaccine except for the required 3-year rabies vaccines, and I insist that they not be mRNA-based.

      Remember those lines from the fellowship of the ring by Tolkien?

      Frodo said to Gandalf, ” I WISH IT NEEDN’T HAVE HAPPENED IN MY TIME.”


      • Todd MichaeL Wiseman

        We never took the microchipped mark of the beast 666, could see right the LIES from day one back in 2020
        PROUD to be in the 7% who had enough common sense to know right from wrong, that fake vax disconnects the human SOUL from God our Holy Father, from many sources worldwide past four years

        Todd Wiseman
        Ohio university

        • Katy Bar

          I wonder how many people will take “the brain chip” Elon Musk has developed whereby we can operate a computer or smartphone by simply thinking? Once our brain is connected to the internet we will likely be censored or banned by Google for having “unapproved” thoughts and there will no longer be a need for religion to keep us on the straight and narrow. Problem is we know who will be behind making Google “our new God” (the UN/WEF)!!!

          • Katy Bar

            Warning – People thinking having a brain chip is a good idea better realize that once you do it you no longer exist “as an individual”!!!

    • Wayne Smith (Detroit News Ret.)

      Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon their the private sector, the too big to fail banks and the Federal Reserve are the private sector, the government taxes you and gives the money to the private sector, man wake up. Do you really want to give the private sector more power, The World Economic Forum is the private sector that want to force your government into CBDC, you want them in charge. All wars are private central banker wars

    • Christian

      Clif’s algorithm is good for advertising, that is all. It tells businesses what the hot topic is for the moment and what topic might trend in the future. Just because a lot of people research silver going to $600 an ounce does not mean it will. It just means that is the hot topic at the moment. I use that as an example because that actually happened a couple years ago. Everyone was a buzz with silver and he said it would go towards $600 because that is what his model predicted. His model didn’t predict that, his model predicted a trend in internet interest, not actual real life metrics, his bias believed in a huge silver jump. There’s the rub with Clif’s algorithm.

      Advertising pushes people to buy something that is already in them to purchase. People want candy bars, they see Reese’s in a hit movie like ET, they now buy Reese’s. They were already going to buy a candy bar. That is Clif’s model, it can make millions for businesses to push products according to current trends, but it by no means predicts the future, which he tries to promote it as doing.

      • Cheryl

        Mr High’s work illustrates an example of confusing correlation with causation. He is not trained in quasi experimental research design or economic theory. Only big data. Big data is dangerous in the hands of coders without supervision.

    • J Wesley

      Bible believing Texans preparing to defend America:

      brief clip (turn on sound)

      • Christian

        It’s all agitprop. Abbott is a traitor. This is an election year, a time for peacocking and the best hot air money can buy for the winter.

        Remember when truckers drove in circles and the politicians took notice and changed their ways? Or remember when truckers drove across the country and the people took notice and changed their ways? Remember when someone threw a feather at a brick wall and the crowd rejoiced because someone finally did something about the brick wall?

        Lord I pray thee…….please wake up the so called Right.

    • Guillermo R

      It’s not only Clif High, but his LGBTQP allies who are called out by Romans 1:18-32.

      Here they are stopping the singing of Gospel songs in public:

    • c

      Sorry to burst your bubble but if Greg abandons Clif High then he must also Jim Sinclair as Jim was I believe a Hinduist, not a Christian, if I’m not mistaken.

    • Nancy Sinatry

      here’s what you get without the Bible

      demons on the streets of Los Angeles

      • Ed Bunch

        Like the streets of San Fransico! Nancy, except munch more poop in in the gay bay marina’s!! When the poop hits the fan, skip Frisco. When they get the munchies and there’s nutin honey, to munch. The bunch will be coming to eat you and yur lunch!

  3. Diana Smith Hill

    BREAKING: 100 candidates, 95 elected officials, and FL Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo have publicly stated that they agree with 17,000+ doctors supporting the removal of mRNA vaccines from the market.

  4. Scarlett Fire

    I just watched the LAST 2 postings by Robert Sepehr on youtube — They are a TELL ALL of the Evil Illuminati from BC through today – all the world must see this !

    Robert Sepehr – Communism is a left-wing to far-left sociopolitical, philosophical, cultural and economic ideology within the socialist movement, whose end goal is the creation of a radical Marxist global society, a totalitarian order centered around a non-elected centralized ruling elite that enforces common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, as well as a culturally egalitarian social order hostile to nationalism, free speech, private property, traditional family values and biologically-based gender identification or ancestral heritage.

    • Katy Bar

      The Commies must be dealt with (like 25 States of the Union are now finally doing with regard to the border) we simply can’t continue to allow huge numbers of families (who watched their loved ones die or be seriously injured from heart failure, blood clots, stroke and cancer) now be subjected to an Ebola bio-weapon that these Commies are now releasing right in the heart of America!!

  5. EH Foundation

    Glad Karen Kingston is finally recognized for the Truth she has brought to Light Not So for the young mother whistleblower who exposed Merck Vaccine’s years before They did kill her I’m injured 2009 with Merck Zostavax and Pneumonia mRNA vaxxes WHY was no one paying attention to all the Bioterrorism going on years Before the popular COVID We also suffered Bioterrorism Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus 2009 No One listened Paid attention then that led to COVID

  6. sam

    Along with her Beauty and Brains…..the Cross on Karen Kingston’s wall and around her neck is the Most Impressive…..watching her and Greg is very consoling

  7. sam

    Kyo to…….not…. Ky oto….. Lived in Japan for 2 years…

    • jon

      Sam, I know I know. Many westerners make those mistakes. Abe is Ah Beh… not Abe etc. But her message is sincere.

      • sam

        “But her message is sincere”……I Know…….Not trying to be “picky”…but since I LOVE Japan, it’s People and Culture…..and Karen Kingston for her Bravery and Patriotism..I just had to say something and was hoping that someone would understand….and Not take it Offensively .Thank You

  8. Jeffrobbins

    She looks good, not tired as she did a year or so ago. You look good too Greg. Spot on about people listening when money and lawsuits are involved. Maybe PR works on people, but, God, Jehovah, isn’t going to look kindly on genetically injuring and altering all these people. The food issue is a head scratcher. Like in the days of Noah?

  9. Robert Will

    Karen looks great. I’m glad she has recovered.

    • Sharon

      She does look wonderful and radiant. Thanks for all you do Karen. You’re a hero to us all and keeping us updated. Bless you and may your Guardian Angels keep you safe.

    • Karen Kingston

      Thank you Robert.

  10. Shiloh1

    Great interview Greg and Karen. Next up for tonight – High Plains Drifter.

  11. Dee Latta

    Thank-you both, once again!! A few weeks ago, I was out shopping with my sister. We ran into a friend of hers, who immediately blurted out that she’d seen our posts, & that she wishes she had never taken the shots. Even worse, she said she has great remorse for vaccinating her 3 teen children. She told us she’s never felt right since taking it. She also offered that she had asked her GP before he gave her the injection, “What’s in those vaccines?” And he replied, “I have no idea. You can’t probably go on the internet to find out.”

    Ummmm.. HE’S the Doctor! Shouldn’t he have already done that?

    Since I last commented, we have had another death. My granddaughters 39 year old father died suddenly while walking up a flight of stairs, from a blood clot to his heart. How poorly he must have felt! The last time I saw him, I thought he looked like a dead man walking. He was green, with his eyes sunken in. I knew it would be the last time we saw him alive. It was one of the saddest funerals I have ever attended. Heartbreaking & as before, I’m bracing myself for the next loss. Our family circle has had 10 now gone. The youngest (a cousin) only 21, died suddenly of heart failure in her sleep.

    Will we ever see justice? Not in this lifetime, perhaps. But one positive bit of news in Canada is, ‘In a landmark ruling, a Federal Court judge ruled Tuesday that the Liberal government unconstitutionally and unjustifiably invoked the Emergencies Act in response to ongoing Freedom Convoy blockades in early 2022.’

    Our country is in grave trouble, but good things are happening!

    Again, many thanks for sharing your insightful perspectives!

    • Greg Hunter

      Your friend needs treatment with Ivermectin ASAP. This is Dr. Kory’s top vax injury treatment drug. She should book a vax injury appointment with Dr. Kory:


      • A Friend

        And remember the Dr. Peter McCullough is telling everybody to take nattokinase everyday. This is something that everyone should probably consider stocking up on in case it is not available in the future. My wife and i take this everyday and some of my friends do too.

        • Earth Angel

          Where can one get nattokinase from? Do you need a prescription for it?

            • Earth Angel

              Thanks Greg! And thanks for the very valuable platform you provide here for us. We are all blessed by your hard work in bringing us the truth and that of your excellent guests. Prayers and blessings to you & your family and to that of your esteemed guests. I think we are finally making some forward progress in this critical battle for GOOD. Lets all keep sounding the alarm and putting one foot in front of the other as we right this ship on a better course. ; )

          • barb

            The Wellness Company sells Nattokinase

      • Ron

        I have just emailed Dr. Pierre asking that next time he is interviewed on USA Watchdog, I would appreciate it if he could cover the safety, efficacy and dosage of Fenbendazole as an alternative to Ivermectin, as well as whether the “100% pure” version sold with a label of being cat/dog dewormer is the same as (and safe) for human consumption?

    • Katy Bar

      As we all now know the Globalist Neocons advanced gene editing technology was “intentionally designed” to cause disease, disability, infertility and death. The Globalists goal is to Exterminate the Human Race by 2030 with their Deadly Demonic Technology (DDT). They are a sneaky bunch of murderers and we need to be very careful as we now go down to the Texas border to help stop the invasion (put your cell phones in “protective bags” Greg has shown you many times) “so you can’t be tracked like the J6 Patriots and eventually locked up”!! Don’t make it easy for the Demon Rats to take entrap our best Patriots (stay anonymous for as long as possible to confound the enemy)!!

    • Sharon

      Dee, when the doctor told her I have no idea, she should’ve taken his statement as a big red flag and not get the shots until she did some research. The doctors don’t have all the answers. I have read that these mRNA vaccines even had blank inserts. That’s all I need to know. So sorry of the deaths in your family.

    • Al Madline

      Dee, last week, a couple visiting from the St. George tower, Clinton Township Michigan said their manager got the shot a few days before and didn’t wake up the next morning! She was dead!

  12. Cosmo

    Awesome interview! Thank you, Ms. Kingston – Thank you, Greg!

  13. Brooklyn

    God Bless Karen Kingston. Some of you might see her as a hero for not only speaking the truth against the Pfizer and the psychopathic-pharmaceutical-industry “bioweapon”, but how she stood on her own, even when she was in fear of her life and forced to flee her country. No, Karen Kingston, in reality, is as close as you and I, will ever come to an actual Angel of God.

    Be Safe, Karen. The Good Lord is with you…

    Onward & Upward,


    • Greg Hunter

      I totally agree!!

  14. Anthony Australia

    Couldn’t agree more. Turning your back on God for a man made biological weapon is blasphemous. When asked about why I didn’t take and was I scared of contracting the virus, my answer was simply that if God had made this virus and it was to kill me then so be it, I could escape this demonic realm we are in.
    P.S, I hope you are well Greg.

    • Katy Bar

      Perhaps we can escape the Demonic Realm and the creepy apparition now in the White House if we could one day call 1-800-SUE BRIBEN!! But it seems the Demonic plan is to give Barack Obama “a fourth term in office” (by putting Mike “Obama’s transgender partner” into the White House). Does anyone think Barack will simply be spending the next four years upstairs in the White House residence with an apron on baking sweet potato pies and ordering in hot dogs and pizza while “Michelle” has all the fun presiding over drone strikes on wedding parties???

      • Katy Bar

        The US has a lot of bravado when attacking nations who don’t have the capability to fight back and that idiot Obama who boasted about “how good he was at killing people” now wants a 4th term in office. These idiot Demon-rat Warmongers in DC now want to go to war with Iran (a nuclear armed nation “who can fight back”) and they will probably go into glassy eyed dumbfounded mental shock as they see their elite wedding parties in the US begin to be taken out by foreign missiles!!!

        • Mary Renaud

          I have been weary of the position of many Christian churches including my own Baptist Church saying it is ok for people to get the ‘vaccines’, closing their doors for months (even here in Florida where it was not required) mandating masks and requiring social distancing. The Pastor did write requests for religious exemptions when requested by members. We have subsequently moved to another church.

          When you have faith in God, none of the restrictive ‘pandemic’ measures made any sense. I believe the Churches need to give up their tax free 501.3C non profit status as this is an impediment to free speech and defiance of illegal mandates or laws, or teaching truth from the pulpit. It handcuffs churches from taking a stand for God and God’s word, even against the evil demonic actions of Government, Media, or any other entity or person. The US Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and we need to act in faith while this is still the case. The righteous need to rise up to tell the truth to the world about the evil loose in this world in the deadly mRNA injections and in fact all vaccines.

          Also, we need to take a stand against the attacks on Christians and Christian faith, Muslims can pray in school but somehow Christians cannot? Also, People have been arrested for SILENT prayer outside abortion clinics. Churches need to fund the legal defense of Christians under attack and take such cases all the way to the Supreme Court.

      • George K

        You know Obama and “Mike” would have never made it onto Noah’s Ark for God effectively said to Noah: I am going to put an end to all the barbarism, lack of restraint and lack of moral control on Earth – so only bring aboard your Ark two of all living creatures – “Just Male and Female”!! God obviously did not look kindly upon Queers or Transgenders – Genesis 6-19:7-23

    • A Friend


      I have tell people for several years that I believe that my Creator made my immune system, thus I will put my faith in the immune system that he gave me, not in vaccines of any kind. Ever.

      I also add that I believe that God was not motivated by a profit margin. And I’m quite sure that the pharmaceutical companies are. Some of the same companies that were making these shots are now investing heavily in drugs for turbo cancer.

      Hmmm…. 🤔

  15. Donald Patterson

    God bless you greg i’ve been following you Eight years. I think she’s wrong. These people will not be able to go out in public. I think there will be held accountable one day.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am in your camp. I think the liberal left that took these CV19 injections are going to be most violent. We are talking Black Lives Matter and Antifa who burned down large parts of America in 2020. 95% compliance rate for CV19 shots.

      • A Friend

        And let us also remember what the Lord Jesus taught us about those who cause his little ones to stumble…
        Something about a millstone and the depths of the sea. I would suggest that that applies to those who deliberately poison and murder God’s creations equally.

      • stanley skrzypek

        “We are talking Black Lives Matter and Antifa who burned down large parts of America in 2020″……NO! NO! NO! Mr Hunter!…I saw the news man report that it was “Mostly Peaceful”……in the background…I could see a (small) fire, and it Could be that they were just roasting Marshmallows…I am aware that we can Not talk Truth about these 13%ters… i will just go with the bonfire/marshmallow scenario….

  16. Gordon

    The poison push continues!
    I heard an advertisement on my local tv station yesterday aimed at military personnel for them to get “the latest new and improved Covid shot”.
    Good grief, I immediately threw a Greg Hunter USA watchdog fit!

  17. Lili

    Thank you Greg! Thank you Miss Kingston! Brilliant.
    A dear friend of mine just had a heart attack, no earthly reason except…. He’s 5 vaccines deep.
    I asked him to just take a pause, no vax’s they don’t work.
    He trusts the science. He was just recently boosted, btw.
    Unfortunately though many have woken up, many are still firm believers and won’t budge.
    I think the only uprising will be from those that were never vaxxed. The vaxxed are just blind.

    I know too many who have had heart related issues shortly after being boosted, a 25 towards old who died 2 days after first shot. I pray and explore our father & lord to wake these people up.

    Truly indebted to you for always standing firmly on the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lili. Be sure to take Ivermectin on a regular basis even if you are not vaxed. Dr. Kory says not to look at this as a vaxed or unvaxed issue. Look at as “treated or untreated.” Everybody needs treatment according to Dr. Kory.

      • Lili

        Thank you

      • A Friend

        A couple of years ago I had an eye infection and had to go see and ophthalmologist here in town. He walked into the room and instead of introducing himself, he stood right in front of me and asked if I had taken my vaccines. I replied no. He became irate and in front of his scribe began to belittle me and say degrading things to me. He demanded to know why I wouldn’t take the covid shots. I replied that it was against my religious beliefs. He was incredulous. I finally had to hold my hands up to him and say, I’m here to talk about my eye and not my religious beliefs.

      • Richard Gould

        Thank you for telling people about Ivermectin. And telling people as they will not hear about it from anything in the ‘mainstream.’ I have NEVER been vaccinated; NEVER. But I still take Ivermectin because it helps with many different problems from this Satan ruled earth we live on.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks RG!!

      • Bob

        Tried to get some in NZ and they blocked it at the border. Then they phoned me and said “we are going to destroy the shipment. if you have an issue with that you can call this number bla bla bla”

        This country is a joke. We just do everything the USA says, and then go the extra mile.

  18. Joseph

    Poisoned. Hurt. Killed. A big ‘P.H.K. you!’ from pharma.

  19. Coal Burner

    Nothing the UN or WHO proposes is good. IT is all about destroying our Constitution and our Natural Rights. The UN has been outed as the source for all the money being spent around the world to have our country invaded by illegals, many the dregs of humanity. The money came from our Government. Our government is committing our suicide. They have been paid off and accepted and that is why they won’t stop the invasion.

    • Katy Bar

      If we can all get behind One God we can have One Nation once again. As it is now it seems half our Nation believes in Satan and the other half believes in Jesus, half our Nation believes Bribe’n is President and half the Nation believes Trump is President. With have a Schizophrenic Nation that needs some Prozac (like the truth) administered but all we get is “the Globalist controlled fake news media blaring untruths”. We have the Globalist controlled medical community injecting us with deadly poisons, our politicians dividing our Nation in two, Soros lawyers taking away our liberty and Soros Judges fostering injustice . We now have 25 States for Bribe’n and 25 States for Trump (this is the first time in history that the United States of America has TWO(2) Presidents running our country. We need to get back to what “The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag” stands for: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

      • George K

        The Globalists listened to our Pledge of Allegiance and worked out an Exceedingly Evil Plan: Which was to methodically take God off our currency and lable Christians terrorists, put up the Rainbow Flag to replace the Red, White and Blue, and deviously send Transgender Queers (dressed as Demons and Clowns) into our schools to tell tall stories to our children about how men can have a baby, etc., etc., divided the races (black against white), took our Liberty by denying us the right to speak freely and have denied Justice to Patriots in our captured Court System!!!

      • Katy Bar

        Here is an interesting question: As our Nation now effectively has two(2) Presidents (each controlling 25 States) who does our US Military take their orders from?? Bribe’n or Trump???

        • George K

          The Military should support Trump – as he now has 26 States supporting his goal of closing the border!!

          • Earth Angel

            Agreed! If the American military have ANY sense of self preservation- for themselves- or for the people of the Nation whose Liberty they have sworn an oath to serve and protect- they should support the GENUINE president and not the fraud. (aka- the emperor with no clothes)

            • George K

              Our Military should instinctively know that “Any Nation under God” Should Not Have a Pervert or Queer running things!!

        • Go Joe!


  20. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    Greg your guest list is top notch. We should be seeing your guests on national networks.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg! The networks are going out of business for lying to the public about, well, everything. They are done and they did it to themselves.

      • Rodney

        Greg, their ruination will not happen soon enough. TV went to the scrap yard years ago (as in near 20), even before then things just didn’t feel on the up and up with the news.
        There is very few sites the wife and I go to
        for actual news, yours being one of the few.
        I would imagine being you worked in that field before, those now left in the networks both fear and loathe your work at present…so be it.
        Stay strong and fearless and don’t cut ’em any slack.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Rodney.
          I have it on good sourcing some at the networks watch USAW.

  21. cookiesncreamicecreamintravenously

    No amount of factual, well documented, and tactfully presented information can penetrate spiritual blindness. People would rather laugh in your face than acknowledge their ongoing calamity.
    May Jesus protect the both of you and yours..

    • Christian

      You are so correct. It was foretold in Joel 2:1-8, specifically 7 and 8. They will not change ranks and even falling on the sword they don’t stop. They are a walking contradiction and nothing will change them. So sad.

  22. Frank Cooper

    Mainstream Media FINALLY Covers Excess Deaths!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 112,438 views Jan 27, 2024
    The untold story of excess deaths the past few years that CAN’T be attributed to COVID has flown under the radar despite being critically important. But now Fox News has covered the story, and that may lead to a wider discussion of the topic in the mainstream media. Or maybe not.
    Jimmy, along with Due Dissidence host Russell Dobular and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss why so many mainstream corporate outlets would shun conversation about this subject.

    • Felix

      Love Karen Kingston like someone else said,beauty and brains what a great combination. But more important a true lover of CHRIST and humanity,I tried to tell everyone I came across to not take pharmaceutical poison. Never believed in their snake oil,GOD bless Greg and Karen and all truth seekers

  23. donnie

    Greg, et al

    The last hour points everyone that’s interested to the US military data the are hiding about the toxic Covid 19 shots.

    • donnie

      Veterans Call In Special: Veterans Weigh In On The Border Stand Off And Biden Starting Wars All Over The Planet

      Jan 27, 2024

      • A Friend

        Do not go to the border. Remember the governor Abbott is WEF. If you don’t believe it, look him up on their website. He’s one of them. And that means that anything that happens at the Texas border that draws in law-abiding civilians from around the country is a trap. Stay away. Stay out of room 237.

        • George K

          Interesting that this “on the street reporting” below seems to support your warning Friend !!

        • sam

          Dear Friend….
          .Thank You for that insightful Info…..I am Inclined to believe you…… thoughts were…”Why Now”??…….he had YEARS to protect his State Citizens from this INVASION….but did NOTHING…..(He DID ship them up North, not back down South from whence they came)….. I think you gave us the Answer to my question….”WHY NOW”?
          Thanks Again,

        • Agnes

          Not exactly hard to find. It came up first on Google Search.

  24. Mark

    Greg I really like almost all of your guests alot. Karen is fantastic.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      I couldn’t help but mentally attach this story I seen on TV and read here to the so-called Covid Vaccines. Do nurses need to start carrying?

      • Greg Hunter

        Lots of science that is out and more coming out that shows the CV19 shots have a negative effect on the brain.

        • Katy Bar

          Greg: Wow!! Do you think the Demonrats forcefully pushed the jab upon us so they can now claim we cannot own guns (because according to “the latest science” we have “damaged brains” – and therefore owning a gun would pose a danger)?? We better make damn sure the Doctors doing this research “are not being paid off” by the Globalists!!!

  25. Marie Borgeson

    Until we go to war against their leaders, none of this will stop.

  26. Chip2

    It has been my observation that most people who took the vaxx and have not repented for doing so are now unable to discern truth.

    The prophet of the Mormon church, who would prefer I call it The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, strongly urged all members to get the shots, in order to be “good global citizens”. There is a strong current among top leaders nowadays to venerate the UN and promote Agenda 2030 and its “Sustainable Development Goals”, which system is anti-Christ.

    Many Mormons I know who had the innate sense to NOT get the shots, went and got them just to “follow the prophet”. I know several such personally who were injured. They all still think being in agreement with and sustaining the prophet are key to their eternal well-being. Meanwhile, the church is watering down its teachings as the prophet drives it into the NWO.

    These are all anti Christ developments and one notable thing is that the uptake of the vaxx among leaders was almost 100%, from the prophet, all the way down to the local bishoprics. This has created a spiritual void and an environment amenable to top-down control. The prophet-praising among leaders and members has really gotten feverish. When you don’t hear the Holy Spirit, anymore, leaders are all you’ve got.

  27. Jeff Beaverbrook

    Nikki Haley: Sure, I’ll Cut Social Security Because It’s What My Billionaire Friends Want/The Young Turks 614K views 2 months ago
    Found this gem, the young turkeys? WTF!

  28. Marie Joy

    My former doctor receives $12,000/ month to push the vax.
    Someone, online, said a relative, who is a doctor, received $15,000/month to push the vax.
    At some point doctors will be in danger from the relatives of the people they murdered by vax.
    I mentioned to my former doctor that she would, eventually, be in danger from the relatives of the “died suddenly”s.
    Notice how poor all security is on 99% of all American buildings is. Bad guys can get in very easily. We need to FORTIFY.

  29. J. Dickson

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/27/24
    KIM OANH Handmade 167,869 views
    Jordan Peterson joins Tucker on stage at the Oilers arena in Edmonton, Canada. Moderated by Conrad Black.

  30. Geo

    Most of them will be dead before they wake up. I recently read the Horrors of Vaccination written in 1870 and it sounds like vaccines were never safe or effective. They have done all this before in the 1800s with mandatory vaccines with deadly and horrific side effects. They got away with it last time.

  31. Robert Dziok just reported 1/27/24 that the US Supreme Court just ruled Covid-19 vaccines are Bio Weapons. They ruled Covid-19 vaccines are NOT vaccines. The Supreme Court confirmed the harm caused by Covid mRNA gene therapies is IRREPARABLE. This has national and international repercussions.

    • Robert Dziok

      Sorry, I don’t know how to post links to actual ruling (I go back to the days of 45 rpm records). There might be info in the article to get one to it though.

  32. NH Watcher

    I strongly urge you to interview the British programmer, Craig Paardekooper, behind the site, . His email is: [email protected] . Craig clearly shows that not all the vaccine doses were the same, and at least 32% were saline water and did no harm (given to various medical personnel, government officials, etc., to dupe them and keep them spreading the false narrative that the vaccines were “safe.”) I believe President Trump, for instance, received several of these “saline water” doses himself, which did no harm to his body, yet kept him duped and able to say that the vaccines were one of the “greatest triumphs of his Presidency.”

    64% of us (me included) received medium strength doses, and only 4% received high strength (or immediately lethal) doses. Since then, I have followed Dr. Kory’s FLCCC vaccine recovery protocol ( ) and stabilized. Seeking medical care has been difficult, but I have found at least one doctor in New Hampshire who diagnosed me with brachial plexopathy (a form of neuropathy) due to the vaccine. I continue to seek treatments and advice largely online, and the information online is growing and will continue as more people are waking up.

    The vaccines are Antichrist technology as much as most everything “smart” in our society (smartphones, smartcars, smartdevices in your home, etc.) is as well. It is all about control and deception. All this technology, however, is only the “precursor” to the Mark. That time has not yet come full circle, but is rapidly approaching. The CBDCs (digital currency) will be the essential key to the Mark: “no one will be able to buy or sell without the Mark.”

    Thank you, Greg, for staying on top of all these news stories.

  33. A Friend

    I just sent this link from this interview to many of the email addresses publicly available on my local TV news station with the message that this should be considered newsworthy. I would suggest everyone else do likewise in their communities.

  34. CJ

    This was on Dr. Eads Telegram yesterday. Talks about vaccine shedding. It has links to different articles about issues people have had after being exposed to people who were injected with a CV19 technology.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I guess i am sensitive to the shedding- its the only answer. Most of the time i work by myself; when around the guys that got 2 shots and or a booster, more often than not i will have a bad headache for a day, maybe two, starting about a day later. I keep some horse paste on hand for just such as this. Also, another horse product we keep on hand is “Super Green” – it’s an alcohol based liniment. It’s topical for first aid, but also absorbs and does wonders on sore muscles and joints. Funny part is we don’t have any horses.

      • CJ

        I keep that same paste here. It is use with the “goats.” We also keep cattle pour on around the place. It is used to treat skin issues like psoriasis on the “goats”. We don’t own any horses or cows. I’ll have to look for “Super Green” and give it a try, too. Appreciate the tip.

  35. Paul Harris

    I didn’t take the jab but was told the Moderna shot showed up in my system from shedding

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Paul, for your street reporting. Dr. Kory uses Ivermectin to prevent and remove problems from shedding. Shedding is a real scientific fact.

  36. jon

    Hello, In 1999 Bill Gates got hit in the face with a pie on camera. I think that is the moment, he decided to get even by killing off 5 billion people.

    • George K

      We need to bury Bill Gates under 5 billion pies to save the earth from the carbon dioxide he breathes out!!

  37. Phred

    Greg, she said something about EDTA chelation maybe will remove some of this stuff. You were busy talking about something else and didn’t get any detail or ask about it. What effect does EDTA chelation have on this problem?

  38. Bennet Cecil

    The pharmacists and the physicians are the weakest link in the lethal injection operation. As a large number malpractice cases go to jury trials it will become common knowledge that these are bioweapons. Medical malpractice insurance does not cover bioweapons. The insurance companies will refuse to pay. Physicians and pharmacists will be bankrupted.

    Essentially no Americans gave informed consent for the Pfizer or Moderna injections. Before a surgeon operates on you or a physician prescribes a toxic medication, you must be informed of risks and benefits of the intervention. Failure to first obtain informed consent exposes the medical professional to a medical malpractice lawsuit if death or injury occur.

    A medical malpractice attorney will destroy the physician on the stand. The attorney will ask the physician, “did you receive extra funds for injecting your patients”? “Were you suspicious that you were being financially incentivized to recommend a treatment?” “How many patients did you inject”? How much was your performance bonus? “Were you ever paid a performance bonus for any other vaccines?” “Do you get paid extra to prescribe a particular blood pressure medication?” “Have you ever been paid extra to recommend one brand of a medication instead of the competing brand?”

    “Did you rely solely on the FDA, CDC, FOX and CNN for information?” “Did you read the FDA Briefing documents for the COVID vaccines?’

    “Do you know what VAERS is? “Do you know that the COVID vaccines represent 90% of all reported deaths after any vaccine reported to VAERS in 24 years”

    “Did you stop injecting your patients when you first heard about myocarditis from the injections?” When did you last recommend or administer a COVID vaccine?” Did you stop after you were notified of this lawsuit?”

  39. robert messina

    Our BEST DEFENSE against the POISON is to ASK . . . . UNTIL YOU ARE GIVEN . . . and KNOW FOR SURE YOU HAVE RECEIVED the PROMISE we have that PROTECTS US AGAINST POISON : Mar 16:17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
    They shall take up serpents; and IF THEY DRINK ANY DEADLY THING, . . . IT SHALL NOT HURT THEM; they shall LAY HANDS ON THE SICK, and THEY SHALL RECOVER.
    Act 28:3-6 And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came A VIPER out of the heat, and FASTENED ON HIS HAND.
    And when the barbarians saw the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, NO DOUBT THIS MAN IS A MURDERER, whom, though he hath escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffereth not to live.
    And HE SHOOK OFF THE BEAST into the fire, and FELT NO HARM.
    Howbeit they looked when he should have swollen, or fallen down dead suddenly: but after they had looked a great while, and SAW NO HARM COME TO HIM, they changed their minds, and said that he was a god.

  40. Russell Holmes

    Pfizer CEO’s are guilty of felony murder by legal definition—a FACT proven way, way beyond reasonable doubt and spelled out perfectly in a book The Real CdC: Public Health Crimes by John Paul Beaudoin @

    Beaudoin investigated 4 bioweapon “vax” deaths in Massachusetts of which, by legal definition, is murder. Pfizer also failed to investigate these deaths as required by law. They did, however, respond to a letter from John saying (sit down for this one) “a vaccine isn’t the same as a vaccination!!!!”

    I just have to add that my number one issue is to BURN OUR in-JUSTICE SYSTEM TO THE GROUND (which includes their “legalizing” baby murder). There’s zero excuse for Americans putting up with fact that these murders have not and will never be investigate, that we have to wait at least another year for the Texas case against Pfizer to even get in the courts of which, you watch, it’ll be exactly like the Bankers found guilty for the ’08 crash in which NOT ONE of them paid so much as one dime but all retired with HUGE golden parachutes—like that Moderna CEO PIG who got a $960 MILLION parachute, no excuse allowing murders to walk free and a million other pathetic things our courts do! NOT ONE politician ever, never even addresses so much as simple legal reform, including Trump—even after being screwed, glued and tattooed by our SICK justice system. It would take volumes to list how sick, pathetic and corrupt our so-called justice system is but the number one thing besides baby murder is that they allow over 100 Federal agencies to be a government on to themselves—they have their own courts like the IRSS, EPA, HUD, OSHA, etc, etc, they make their own laws and between all of them they employ 200,000 armed agents armed with military weapons and equipment. I mean for God’s sake, not only are these fascists ever punished but we can’t even fire them because of our SICK courts!!! The fact that ZERO politicians and very few people have the courage to defy this sick, sick, sick system is why it matters not who becomes President, we’ll never even get to first base against these woke communists as they can always find some judge to crush any reforms using their SICK English common law system our Founders shoved down our throats, a system that’s 1000% antithetical to a republican form of government and to God’s Law.

    • Born_In_A_Barn,Fran


  41. John zondervan

    Greg could you please interview Rafie Farber .l would love to see you both chat together.

  42. Lex Talionis

    if you feel finances and health are under attack, consider this:

    It is ffw’d to the section where he discusses ‘demonic oppression’, which is attack upon one’s property:

    (turn on CC suibtitles as the sound is low)

    The demons have increasing power now. Statistically, even the number of good families is drastically under attack.

  43. Dusty Dude

    Another great interview Greg, I love Karen. She has sacrificed and given so much. Like you my friend. Thank you!

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, important interview of the son of co-founder of WEF, Pascal Najadi by Dr. Drew = ‘Klaus and the WEF need to be arrested’ =

    Suggest Pascal Najadi documentary at DRDREW.COM/PASCAL

  45. Richard Gould

    The name and title of the Son of God from the time of his anointing while on earth.
    The name Jesus (Gr., I·e·sousʹ) corresponds to the Hebrew name Jeshua (or, in fuller form, Jehoshua), meaning “Jehovah Is Salvation.” The name itself was not unusual, many men being so named in that period. For this reason persons often added further identification, saying, “Jesus the Nazarene.” (Mr 10:47; Ac 2:22) Christ is from the Greek Khri·stosʹ, the equivalent of the Hebrew Ma·shiʹach (Messiah), and means “Anointed One.” Whereas the expression “anointed one” was properly applied to others before Jesus, such as Moses, Aaron, and David (Heb 11:24-26; Le 4:3; 8:12; 2Sa 22:51), the position, office, or service to which these were anointed only prefigured the superior position, office, and service of Jesus Christ. Jesus is therefore preeminently and uniquely “the Christ, the Son of the living God.”—Mt 16:16; see CHRIST; MESSIAH. —

  46. Richard Gould

    Good News from Almighty God — What is it, EXACTLY? Jesus told us this; Luke 4:43 43 But he said to them: “I must also declare the good news of the Kingdom of God to other cities, because for this I was sent.” — But, what exactly IS the Good News of the Kingdom of God? Is it… salvation? Or, is it much more than salvation? It is so very much more. This verse tells us much; Psalms 37:29 The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it. – First, who are the righteous? Luke 4:44 So he (Jesus) went on preaching in the synagogues of Ju·deʹa. — The righteous are those who do not take salvation selfishly, but seek to help others just as Jesus did and ordered us to do (Matt 28:19, 20 Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”). – NOTE; teaching them. This command is a tremendous blessing, because when you obey Jesus and TEACH the Bible to others; THAT is how you learn the Bible! BY TEACHING IT. Not by reading it.
    What else comes with salvation? Never being short of food, living forever in peace, NEVER being sick and etc. Time is short, and no one can save you; to be saved, or not, is strictly your responsibility (Gal 6:5). If you have questions, please ask, or, search out those who walk in God’s Holy Name and ask them for a FREE Bible study. They are conducting more than 10 million Bible studies world wide RIGHT NOW. Or, email me and request the link to a FREE online Bible study course that you can use at your convinenece. This Bible study course requires no commitment. In this course, you’ll get the answers to some of life’s most important questions: Who is God? Why do suffering and evil exist? Will God ever bring an end to suffering? I use the Bible to answer such questions.

  47. Chris Meeker

    Russia Modifies T-80 Tanks Into Rocket Launchers; Fresh Proof Of Moscow’s Military Might /Hindustan Times 83K views 1 day ago
    Russian forces have transformed their Soviet-era T-80 tanks into deadly multiple rocket launchers. According to footage appearing on social media, Russian forces added the Navy’s RBU-6000 rocket launchers to the T-80 tank chassis.

    Russia Puts Ukraine In Tough Spot; Kyiv Warns U.S. Over F-16 Jets | ‘…Makes Little Sense’ Hindustan Times 170,765 views Jan 22, 2024
    Ukraine Air Force spokesperson has made a shocking admission about West-supplied weapons amid Russia’s war. Yuri Ignat claimed that Russia knows where Ukraine hides its weapons. He said that stockpiling arms and ammunition in Ukraine makes “little sense” due to the ability of Russian forces to effectively identify and strike such locations. He also warned that U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets could become “a good target” for Russia if supplied to Ukraine.

    • Katy Bar

      What is going on in the Ukraine? Why is it that Ukraine keeps asking Bribe’n for F16 jets but Bribe’n just keeps holding off?? Is it because Bribe’n needs the F16’s to potentially attack the Red States who are now trying to close the southern border and screw up his WEF master’s plans to bring down the United States of America?? Or is Bribe’n strategically holding off on helping Ukraine so he can instead urge the EU to declare war on Russia “before the 2024 election”?? But, what if the EU/NATO nations refuse to go to war with Russia?? Well, Bribe’n can simply cut off the EU’s liquefied natural gas supplies (that he promised them in exchange for him blowing up the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines)!!

  48. i: a man; travis

    Besides ivermectin, another supplement is thymex(standard process) here is some of the benefits of thymex: Standard Process Thymex Benefits:
    Drains swollen lymph nodes
    Quick boost to immune system
    Powerful during the early days of infection, before antibodies develop
    Delivers strength to the white blood cells
    Helps clean up tissue damage
    Very effective for lung infections like pneumonia
    Promotes edema and lymphatic draining

  49. Keith

    Just heard that an American military base on the Syrian border got attacked. 3 dead and 24 plus badly wounded. According to the Jordanian government the camp was in syria. Moron Joe Biden or the actor playing the part of impersonating moron Joe Biden blamed Iran and pledges to revenge the deaths . Could be a false flag. Carried out by the same team who took out the twin-towers on 9\11 and bombed the USS Liberty. Also where asleep and on leave when HAMAS attacked Israel in October. I am expecting war within a week and the middle-east to be on fire . Get your shit together it’s going down ?

  50. Merry Piper

    Greg: May God bless you and Karen the heroine. You both inspire courage within me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks M P!!!

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, had to post twice, to make sure commentors listen to the PASCAL NAJADI interview…@ 22:00 with Dr. Kelly Victory…he explains it IS a planned divine democide, a collaboration with China and Gates, and it is a world coup d’état by a private bus. club that somehow got diplomatic immunity that is failing now but his estimate is that with the amount of shots already given- 30% of 5.7 billion people will be dead @ 28:35 in the next five years.
    Hope at some point soon you can get an interview with both or either Pascal Najadi, Dr. Kelly Victory.
    In link, Mr. Najadi says DJT is all over this, and why he and Putin opted out and already planned ahead to ‘shut the WHO down’ = his says go to and type in 13858 in search bar and see DJT before he left office signed in a National Security Protocol to be activated concerning planned election interference which apparently DJT Space Force has been triggered and tracking since September, before he left office? =

    Praying for truth and that this is NOT hopium…..and we all can meet what is ahead with as graceful a spirit…pray for all those killed or injured…as we shall all meet in below God’s rainbow of promise in that garden of light he speaks of….

    • Justn Observer

      Notice in link @ 12:25 who he lists as some of Klaus Schwab’s key early ‘young global leaders’ =
      hmm, wonder who her list of campaign donations are coming from to run against Trump, as he has already pulled the U.S. out of WHO ….AND the IPCC and likely will again?

  52. terry reps

    It is refreshing to see a guest like Karen Kingston ; or Wigington ; or Tenpenny on your website. The Financial “Experts” on your program with the exception of few Classical ; Traditional “hard money” advocates You are doing American citizens a real service with your informative website. Unfortunately ; the Tribal Ashkenazi’s Completely dominate the Mainstream media. Please do not Self censor your self. Look how the Purportedly “richest” man in America travelled to Poland ; with a yamulka on his head ;groveled to apologize about his insensitivity to the feelings of a Tribe of Schemers who ; because of their bad behavior were exiled by the Romans for 800 years.

    • Shiloh1

      Alex Jones actually later deleted an hour long interview he did with a certain invited guest on Alex’s own show a few weeks ago. Unz then did an expose, including with a version from that 25 year old kid out of Chicago burb with HIS commentary on the whole thing. Surreal!

  53. Heroes of Leningrad?

    80 years ago Leningrad (St Petersburg), Russia was laid siege, by the German NAZI’S and Joseph Stalin Joe Biden was born. Coincidence?
    Joe is a woke commie, claiming to oppose the fascist NAZI TRUMP!
    You can’t make this crap up folks! Satan’s rule soon to end, our only hope!

    “LENINGRAD. For The Sake of Life” 3D Mapping Shown on Palace Square St Petersburg, Russia NOW /Baklykov. Live 772 views 1hour ago
    Live stream from Leningrad (St Petersburg), Russia and 3D-mapping show called “For the Sake of Life”, dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Day of the End of Siege of Leningrad. It goes on the super wide facade of the General Headquarters building.

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, a few more days but looks like a 2A win of a battle in NY on the way hopefully win of the war against the 2A rights…

  55. Anita

    Thank you both very much. Glad to see Karen doing so well again. “they are not given permission to be angry ” LOL , she is right.

  56. Bill

    Jimmy Dore notices that Main Stream Media, “Fox News” has finally started to Report, on all the Excessive Deaths (not from Covid during the years 2022-2023)? Jimmy Dore quotes, Dr. John Campbell’s Death Figures, saying there were 651,512 Excessive Deaths in the last 2 years in the USA. The causes for these Deaths, have been unaccounted for, so far!

    • Greg Hunter

      There are murders not “excessive deaths” that the entire complex of BIG Pharma knew about. Same goes for FDA, CDC and let’s remember Congress and staff got exemptions. People up and down the spectrum were paid by HHS and Big Pharma for the mandates under Biden and His Murderous crew. HHS doled out $1 billion dollars to pay off the Lying Legacy Media as well. They pushed the CV19 kill shots day and night and if you did not want to take an experimental vax you were fired, attacked and shamed. These are all just a few of the undisputable FACTS, and when people find out what was done to them on purpose look out, especially from the left aka Black Lives Matter and Antifa to name a few.

    • Shiloh1

      My theory on the low Italy numbers is that the old and infirm were taken out early in 2020-2021 like Cuomo did in NY. Nursing home/remdesivir/vent /pnuemonia/neglect routine.

      No surprise on NZ numbers, but horse mouth has fled to Harvard.

    • Shiloh1

      I viewed this once right after your post. Looks like YT subsequently the video. Meaning: RIGHT OVER THE TARGET!

  57. Zahra

    At some point, I predict people overseas are going to get armed. They are going to get armed and deal directly with these vaccine and other issues in the style and manner of Street Justice. Western politicians and mainstream media charlatans better beware. Unlike overseas, west citzenry is already very much armed.

    • Paul

      By the time the people find out it’s already been gamed, event 201 comes to mind, denial, anger and in this circumstance I hope acceptance never transpires. Euthanize these perpetrators.
      Thanks for bringing my mentor back on

      Paul from arkansas

  58. Victor Showman Shokan

    Retired FBI Officials Ring the Alarm on ‘Soft Invasion’ of America
    Vina Paula TheStockDork 1 hr ago

    Seniors Face Social Security Tax Changes in 2024
    By Vina Paula TheStockDork Jan 18, 2024

    • Katy Bar

      And Obama stored the Ammo (for the invading hordes coming across our borders) at unprotected IRS, Social Security and other Government buildings (which can be easily overrun when the illegal invaders are given their orders to attack). Then when these invaders are fully armed they can attack and take over our de-funded Police Stations to get their hands on the Military tanks and other heavy military weapons systems Obama gave to Police Departments across America!!

      • George K

        When Trump gets into office as President in the coming election, his first order of business should be to order the US Military to collect all that ammo Obama stored at the “unprotected” IRS, Social Security, etc. buildings all across America (so as to deny the ammo to the hordes of invaders who will probably be given orders to riot by the Demonrats as soon as Trump is elected) to create a Color Revolution (like they did in the Ukraine) to oust Trump and put in as our President a Queer (like Zelenski who can play the piano with his “thing”!!!

      • Katy Bar

        Also once the Color Revolution is ordered by the Demon Rats (upon Trumps election) “All White People” will become targets as Bribe’n and his Masters have brainwashed most everyone that “Only Black Lives Matter” – Alex Jones provides video evidence of what we White People can expect when the Globalists (operating out of their UN Command and Control Center) give the order to attack and KILL “White People” (with extreme prejudice)!!!

  59. The Fog ofWAR!

    Tit for tat? When the US. tat’s Iran. Will a Hypersonic missile, or undersea drone, take out a US. warship! Then the US. will take out Iran? Then Russia is in. Will the nukes fly? All this just heard on local radio, WAAMRADIO Ann Arbor, Michigan!! From Commander Scott Snow to
    Dr. Dave Janda. Anything now can go wrong!
    This 1962 incident was indeed a close call but the nature of it was not known by the West until years after this movie was made. Another, plausible, source of this movie was an incident in 1957 when a U.S. submarine was in Soviet territorial waters near Leningrad (modern day St. Petersburg) and “cornered” there by Soviet Naval ships. The submarine had been on some sort of intelligence collection mission (probably Signals Intelligence) when it was discovered. It was “prohibited” from leaving Soviet waters (it was underwater when detected) by the Soviet vessels as whenever the submarine tried to move forward the surface vessels above it would drop hand grenades onto its bow. Would NOT cause leaks but definitely a warning sign; it was a signal that further attempts would be met with depth charges. The submarine was conventional powered (such as the Soviet submarine in this movie) and could stay down for only a limited time. After three days the submarine captain gave the order to surface; knowing this would set off a battle that the submarine could only loose-with the survivors being captured. But there was no alternative. The submarine surface and started its diesel engines. The Soviets looked on. The sub captain then gave the order to have the submarine start to proceed to international waters. The Soviets followed them; until they reached international waters. Then the Soviets stopped and let the submarine proceed onward. The Soviets sent a message to the submarine by signal lantern which read, “Thanks for the sonar practice”.
    Like the movie, we might not be so lucky now, especially in today’s trigger-happy world.

    • Katy Bar

      With all the pallets of cash Demonrat Obama gave Iran they probably bought enough nuclear weapons on the open market from Korea and Pakistan to totally wipe out Israel. And yet as absurd as it sounds most Jews in America continue to vote for these Demon Rats (who are right in our face out to totally wipe out the US) and lock up Trump who incidentally has very close family ties to Israel???

  60. Dave

    Perfect description: Anti-christ technology is both the man made virus and the vaccines, better known as the bio-weapons.
    It’s not the mark of the beast and this is so much more accurate.

  61. Russ 2

    Thank you Greg and thank you Karen Kingston. The Pfizer lawsuit in Texas is going to be huge. Other States should follow Texas’ lead.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Russ!!

  62. Tarey

    I first learned that the virus and subsequent cv19 vaccines are bioweapons from Dr. Francis Boyle, Professor of Law and bioethics at the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, author of many white papers on this, featured on the Alex Jones show in March 2020. When I heard that, I told all I knew that I will not take a vaccine for a bioweapon– period!

    President Shinzo Abe was murdered by big pharma, as it was reported that he threw away vaccine vials by the millions (into the ocean?) upon learning of their deadly side effects. He was not about to poison his own people.

    Nattokinase is great for those who are not affected by estrogen-inducing plants or other products. I was diagnosed with triple positive estrogen-based breast cancer 10 years ago, as my body produced an abundance of it. I don’t even eat sweet potatoes as a result. I will stick to ivermectin, n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and quercetin to ward off any results of vax shedding.

  63. Not So Free

    I wish she would use a better mic. The echo effect makes these old ears strain to understand her.
    Still want to hear more from her. Keep up the good work.

    • Sphinx

      View on Chrome with close caption enabled – pops up a separate window and is easy to follow along.

  64. Justn Observer

    Greg, as to the link above….about Pascal_Najadi =
    (seems there might be some of his ‘talking points raise eyebrows but why would he go to the depth of suing so many high placed people and large corporations that could ruffle some power people not unlike poking a bear with a sharp stick?)
    He sued Swiss president Alain Berset for abusing his office and making false statements on Swiss television regarding COVID-19.[4][5]
    Najadi was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, on August 20, 1967, to Bahraini financier Hussain Najadi[6] and Swiss Heidi Anderhub-Minger, a direct descendant of former Swiss Federal Counsel and Swiss President Rudolf Minger.[7] He finished his early education at the Military Service and School in Switzerland, then pursued economics at Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland.[8]
    After his father Hussain Najadi was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, he claimed that the Malaysian government and president covered his father’s murderers.[11][12][13][14] [15]

    In 2023, Najadi filed a civil case against Pfizer in New York, alleging harm from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.[16][17][18]

    His father appears to have been Hussain Najadi =
    seems after he left the WEF crew =
    On 29 July 2013, Najadi was fatally shot. His Malaysian-Chinese wife[2] Cheong Mei Kuen, 49, sustained serious injuries when they were shot at close range in a parking lot, after leaving the Guan Yin Temple, a Chinese temple in Lorong Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur.[3] A gunman who had crept up from behind fired at Najadi, 75, and his 49-year-old wife from a close range, killing the prominent banker on the spot in the car park.[4]

    Najadi sustained two wounds to the chest while his wife was wounded in her left hand and right leg in the incident. Initial police investigations revealed that the gunman was among three people who had waited outside the temple for Najadi, who was in a private discussion with a colleague involving a property transaction. The gunman was believed to have escaped in a taxi together with his accomplices.[5]

  65. J.P.Madoff

    A Soviet double-cross has we the sheeple expendable, with a plan to wipe out the bulk of the U.S. fleet and take control of the Middle East for the USSR, with Syria’s aid.
    “First Strike” deals with a Soviet scheme to start World War III with the U.S. blamed and Soviet missiles getting the jump on their U.S. counterparts. 1987

  66. prayandpraysomemore

    Andrographis herb contra vax/shedding annecdotal ..

    cf. the Weekly Roundup for 05 January 2024
    – check the comments for Keith (post 01/05/2024) who reports on Andrographis (herb) use against ‘shedding’. Keith references “Epstein” but he meant “Einstein” . I.e., Keith’s post confirms Einstein report a month earlier.

    cf. Karen Kingston was on USAW 05 December 2023
    – check the comments for Einstein (post 12/06/2023) … Physician from Germany regarding Andrographis herb

    • Keith

      Still taking one tablet of Andrographis daily. Plus vitamin D and zinc tablets. Many people around me are sick. Common colds. Flu . Bronchitis infection etc. I am best of health no sickness and started walking 5 miles a day to keep fit.
      If Einstein is reading this Thank You. For helping me with getting this product.
      Also is it possible to carry on taking Andrograhis indefinitely.

  67. Sadeepak Depre Dation

    They’re all deeply in Deniel. Blinken, O’Rielly & Hannity too!
    SPECIAL: Colonel Macgregor on US Military Overreach.
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 162,992 views Jan 24, 2024
    SPECIAL: Colonel Macgregor on US Military Overreach.

  68. Ed Salate

    Anyone who is still taking the vax and boosters is beyond help. The correct info is out there, they just don’t want to know it. They don’t deserve our energy or help. We have turned the corner and it is time to focus only on people who are awake. Time is short. As Jesus said: “Let the dead bury the dead”

  69. the old Coote

    Why is the Kh-22 the Real Beast in Russia’s Missile Arsenal?
    Military TV /66,303 views 16 hours ago
    Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the specter of Russian missile attacks has loomed large. While hypersonic missiles like the Kinzhal grab headlines, it is the Kh-22, a seemingly less glamorous behemoth, that has Ukrainian air defenses truly worried.

  70. FReedom-4-All

    Hi. I used to have a source for Ivermectin, but it is gone. Does anyone know where I may purchase tablets. My wife takes one a day since she works in a hospital. I live in nW Indiana.


    • Jerry

      Hi Freedom, this link is from Dr. Betsy Eads interview. Good luck!!!

      HCQ/IVM- (You have to pay by check. No credit card payment available.)

  71. Erick

    I joined a dating website i am almost 50 and near canada but in the states i got a reply after saying hi and looking for a christian woman. I could not look at her profile before but did after she wrote me this. She writes I dont know whats worse, prooudly announcing your unvaccinated or the wall of text without an ounce of proper grammar. I went to school to not be an English teacher but funny thing is a friend who graduated with a degree wrote the profile for me lol. I swear this society i am glade to be single. Society will never be again like it was in my grandparents time.

  72. William Wilhelm

    Greg, just finished reading “The Great Taking.” Hopefully it’s fiction. I do however recommend it. It speaks of things to come that were planned out. It goes along with what is coming out of Davos. “You will own nothing.

  73. Guardian Angel

    Two more must-see interviews on the SARS-CoV-2 BIOWEAPON “VACCINES:”

    “Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them—do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.”
    Luke 13:4-5

  74. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Death and Dying

    Traveling Wilburys – When Roy Orbison died – George Harrison called Tom Petty and they was talking – and at some point, George Harrison says to Tom Petty – “Aren’t you glad it wasn’t you?”

    And now both George and Tom are dead along with Roy.

    We are all dead people waiting to happen,
    all the rest of this diatribe is just filling the time till that moment.
    Another Harrison lyric from Blackbird
    Black bird singing in the dead of night,
    you were only waiting for this moment to arrive.

    Enjoy the sun – enjoy what you love, enjoy each moment,
    take no thought for tomorrow, it will take care of itself.
    Jesus said that – Do you think he really meant it?

    maybe the sky is falling but remember,
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Purple Haze

    Purple Haze all in my brain,
    Lately things don’t seem the same,
    Actin’ funny but I don’t know why,
    Excuse me while I KISS THE SKY.

    Purple Haze all around,
    Don’t know if I’m coming up or down.
    Am I happy or in misery?
    Whatever it is, that devil put a spell on me.

    Help me! Oh, no.

    Purple Haze all in my eyes,
    Don’t know if it’s day or night,
    You’ve got me blowing, blowing my mind
    Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

  75. Led Skeletor

    The stock market has become THE NATIONAL DEBT INDEX

    NOW The only time the market falls is when it thinks there is a chance the government WON’T OUTSPEND 150% MORE than the previous year. It costs $1.50 in NEW BORROWED DEBT to produce $1 in GDP.

    It is all tied to falling interest rates, WARS billions of newly printed money on pallets shipped for free to the middle east, WELFARE for the existing goldbricks and the 40+ million illegals, and doubling down on new debt spending. Wall Street’s goal is to have everyone on Medicaid and monthly free money.

    To hell with company earnings. The market swings on the thought of even more debt spending.

  76. James Hall

    Get these guys soon.

  77. Chad

    Usda came out maybe 2 yes ago that china would have a us and a south American vacation for cattle

  78. Steve Bice

    We are caught in the ideological equivalent of Kipling’s “Great Game”.

    The great powers are now world elites, and their weapons of war are government, media and multi-national corporations.

    The forces amassed against traditional Western values and freedoms are immense. The fundamental freedoms most at risk are individual autonomy over our health/bodies and our rights to privacy.

    Globalization and militarization of Health Policy and CBDCs are the leading edge weapons employed to destroy individual freedom.

    The combined power of government, media and corporate interests have erected a wall that prevents investigation…and ridicules discussion of these issues absent their sanctioned procedures and methodologies (legal protections, peer review, etc).

    Scrutiny of vaccines in general, and Covid vaccines in particular is shielded by these vast forces.

    Correlation is demonized to disparage any discussion of the rampant anecdotal evidence of vaccine harms. But the power of correlation is real, massive…and untapped.

    Aggregation and publication of the sheer volume of anecdotal evidence is the weapon that can bring down the wall of obfuscation.

    Elon Musk can single-handedly change the game. I understand that power that he wields via “X” is immense and must be used judiciously.

    But the only way to combat the systemic obfuscation of information on fundamental issues by the forces arrayed against individual freedom is to harness the enormous power of correlation.

    If “X” would commission a simple study…a search and aggregation…of mentions of vaccine harm and deaths from vaccines across its platform, the numbers would be astounding. Tens of millions of individuals making independent judgments about their observations and experiences cannot be ignored.

    “XVAERS” could be a necessary sentinel system that could serve as a check on vaccine safety reporting that is currently monopolized by government, media and corporate agencies. These very entities are those who benefit from the marketing and sale of drugs and conflicts of interest are rampant.

    Peer review with its small sample of entrenched self-selected observers is in no way superior to the independent judgements of tens of millions of observers (or more). Make correlation great again.

    Do the study. Do the search. Bring down the wall.

    The Great Game is in play and an ideological and class war is unfolding before our eyes.

    But this time, billions of people are at risk.

    Publish the data…and change the world via “XVAERS”, and let millions of people speak as one.

  79. Ulie J

    it seems that Bo Polny has not mentioned that 2033 is the two millennia anniversary of Calvary.

    A Catholic philosopher (Daniel O’Connor who is on youtube) has noted it and hypothesized great chastisements/tribulation should occur by then; then 2033. or shortly thereafter, the return of Christ. That’s nine years of hell on earth.

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, since being on the topic of the experimental injections…and their possible collapsing of immune system…may good for those that already have some auto-immune situations =
    Dr. Peter Osborne, Is There A Cure For Autoimmune Disease?

  81. Marion

    I am reading Psalm 58 this morning, I thought how appropro re the evildoers at the top of the p-harm-a system. Verse 5 “Their poison is like the poison of a snake… v.7 O God, smash the teeth in their mouths, break the jaw-teeth of these… ”
    Deliver us LORD, from every evil and grant us peace in our day, in Your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety, as we wait in joyful hope for Your coming.

  82. Trouble In DaCamp!

    BREAKING::B I G NEWS! 1962 Cuban-Turkey_Missile Crises All Over Again!
    Putin, Biden Recreating Cuba Missile Crisis? ‘USA Putting Nukes In UK’ Report,
    Russian MP’s Call / Hindustan Times Jan 30, 2024 96,839
    A Russian MP has called for the deployment of nuclear weapons in ‘friendly nations’ near the USA. Alexey Zhuravlev’s suggestion came in response to the U.S.’ alleged plans to move its arms to Europe. As per a Telegraph report, the U.S. is mulling nuclear weapons deployment in the UK. The U.S. move is reportedly to counter an increasing threat from Russia in Europe.

  83. Joy Cornell

    BREAKING: MSM Finally Covers COVID Vaccine Injuries
    InfoWars January 30th 2024, Why now?
    Years later, the mainstream media is starting to report pieces of the truth concerning the deadly COVID vaccines…

  84. Vector Vectorovich SlavaUkriana!

    Hot Mic: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says, ‘Starting Another F***ing War,’ During Biden Speech January 30th 2024
    If Reid opposes another globalist war, why not speak out on her massive platform?
    [Maybe cuss she’s just another project Mockingbird brained bought and paid fer stooge too? Just saying. Sure looks like it!]
    During a recent MSNBC news segment, leftist anchor Joy Reid was caught on a hot mic saying, “starting another fucking war,” while playing a video of Joe Biden speaking.
    While there is no context behind the remark, most people online are assuming the host is upset about the potential of a war with Iran breaking out following the latest Middle East attack that killed three U.S. soldiers. [They were bought and paid for too, somebody threw the dice and they lost. Maybe it was Tory old blue eye’s Nuland? She should concentrate on the Ukraine!]

  85. Justn Observer

    Andrew Huberman with Dr, Robert Lustig
    An discussion that ‘might’ be interesting to consider when dealing with damage/disruption of cells or side-effects due to the ‘current experimental injectionsl’ currently underway… what one might think also is the many things ‘they’ don’t know so how would ‘they’ know what effects they might have on neuron pathways, replication of cells and RNA etc…in the first place. And that disruption of ‘GOD’S PERFECTIONS’ in light of that shows dangerous level of thoughtlessness in going down the path ‘they’ have. Playing and breaking the mRNDA and DNA in light of the depth of lack of understanding of the body’s functions seems really wrong headed if not criminal…especially considering what just diet changes can do let alone gene editing…and possibly have cells trigger and turn on themselves is so many ways as this Dr. discusses in his treatment of other things… Very obvious to see how many illnesse/auto-immune disease could be ‘triggered’ or run amok with such disruption as ‘the jabs’ might have done.
    Andrew Huberman with Dr. Chris Palmer

    More on the prior link and what processed food and sugar…all several hundred of them might be doing to your body –
    Andrew Huberman with Dr, Robert Lustig

    IN LIGHT OF THE TEXAS AND OTHER LAWSUITS …it might be wise for all people and family that suffered deaths, injuries or side-effects, or lost jobs, or economic damages to their businesses etc….to start now to accumulate the data and records and notes as to who give them the shots, where, who used coercive means to force them to quit, or which government agencies forced their closure etc… As time rolls on, and people will hope to cover ‘their’ part it will only be harder to get copies of autopsy’s, medical records, death certificates as well as witnesses possibly dying off that can collaborate occurrences and events?

  86. Tonie Corleonie

    Fighting Hunger , games?
    Mess In The West: ‘Army Of God’ Convoy Heads To US Border While EU Farmers Block Cities /by Zero Hedge January 29th 2024, 8:02 am
    Uprisings in the West, among the working class, objecting to unpopular “globalist” policies are happening ahead of major elections.

  87. T.Corleonie

    White House Spox Called Out For Odd Condolence Statement: 3 US Troops Died Fighting For ‘This Administration’ by Zero Hedge January 30th 2024
    US troops killed by the drone strike in Jordan had died “fighting on behalf of this administration”…that is Biden, rather than America.

  88. Ron Rachett

    The Telegraph
    World War Three is approaching fast, and too few are willing to admit why
    Story by Sherelle Jacobs • 23h

  89. Hugh Lew Harcourt

    Kiev Crisis: Zelensky Tries, Fails, Sack Zaluzhny; Biden Mulls Iran Strike, Democrats Worried / Alexander Mercouris 17,512 2 hours ago

    Breaking Points 26,275 views Jan 30, 2024
    Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden caught having US troops on the ground in Yemen.

    US Is Nervous As South Africa Transfers BRICS Chairmanship Over To Russia For 2024
    African Diaspora News Channel 68,858 views Jan 28, 2024 African Diaspora News Channel Podcast / Vicki Dillard reports on the US not liking Russia having chairmanship of BRICS.

  90. Jim Cradocson

    Putin’s Missiles, 35 Iranian Drones Strike Ukraine; Kyiv Claims Russian Su-34 Bomber Downed /Hindustan Times 5,o23 views 53 mins ago Jan 30, 2024
    A massive Russian blitz struck Ukraine overnight, leaving regions in the South and the East ravaged. Two people were reportedly killed and more than five people were wounded in the attacks. Ukraine’s air defence systems managed to shoot down 15 Iran-designed drones fired by Russia while 20 bypassed the systems. Two missiles were also reportedly fired by Russia at Ukraine overnight. Ukraine said that Russia targeted civilian, military and energy infrastructure in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Russian air defence systems shot down 21 Ukrainian drones over Crimea at the same time. Meanwhile, Ukraine claims to have destroyed a Su-34 bomber jet in the Luhansk region.

  91. Kelly Conwardo

    Joy Ann Reid CAUGHT SLAMMING BIDEN on HOT MIC Over ‘ANOTHER F***ING WAR’ at the Border: Rising
    The Hill3, 412 36 minutes ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss an impending border deal.
    [Dems don’t care about the US. border, only money for the Ukraine or Jordanian border.]
    The amount of doublespeak in Bri is mind boggling. “Republicans are setting a bar that cannot be met”… “Since the Landbridge blah blah blah blah”. Bri… people BREAK THE LAW. That doesn’t mean we should set an acceptable number of murders that can be committed before we should do something about it (or robberies etc…). This is also why we don’t need legislation. THE LAWS ALREADY EXIST!!!
    Scott Ritter: War with Iran is Coming, the U.S. will LOSE
    Danny Haiphong 19,461 1 hour ago
    Former US Marine Corps Officer and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter reacts to the US base attack on the Jordan/Syrian border and how Biden administration threats are increasing the risk of war with Iran, a war that he claims cannot be won. This video breaks it all down.

  92. Arden von Spee

    Would You Survive the End of the World?
    Plan Bri Uncut / Insight into what the young folks are thinking?

    NEVER before in human history has man had the power to ruin the earth and destroy the human race. Small wonder that Albert Einstein once said: “The weapons of World War IV will be stone clubs.” That was one way of expressing the folly of war.

    Even now that we have come into this time when war is so catastrophic a folly, men do not know the way out. They are far from certain that the incredible folly of nuclear war will prevent another world war. How vital, then, for true Christians to put their trust, not in men, but in God! He is the One who has promised that during this unique period in history he will ruin those ruining the earth: “We thank you, Jehovah/Yahweh God, the Almighty, the one who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and begun ruling as king. But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time . . . to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”—Rev. 11:17, 18.

    War is folly. It is folly also to trust in man to bring in permanent peace. God himself will do it. There will be no wars after Jehovah’s righteous war of Armageddon—no wars, not even wars with stone clubs. Yahweh’s, “Hebrew translation,” promise is: “Come, behold the works of Jehovah, what desolations he hath made in the earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth.”—Ps. 46:8, 9, AS.

  93. Ian Hamilton

    Jesse Watters: Joy Reid got caught on a hot mic trashing Biden

    Fox News host Jesse Watters calls out hypocrisy by MSNBC and the media in its coverage of Trump and Biden on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

  94. Rosie Cruze

    “not biologics. They are advanced gene editing technology”

    How does one “edit” a “gene”? if it’s not “biologic”?

  95. Arch Sinclair

    The Biden admin should be running scared: Sean Hannity
    Sean Hannity discusses how VP Kamala Harris said she was ‘scared’ by another win from former President Trump on ‘Hannity.

  96. Gordo Joelson

    Tim McGraw,
    Part of the fuselage blowing off shortly after takeoff, leaving a gaping hole in the plane, and phones and clothing ripped away from terrified passengers. Investigations revealing sloppy work, including loose or missing bolts, instances of tools, trash and even empty tequila bottles left inside planes built for government clients. Worldwide groundings. Halts to deliveries due to quality issues.
    Tim needs to run Boing or bust?

  97. 'Death on a Massive Scale'

    Russian Envoy Scolds UK Army Chief; ‘Stop War Provocations, Else Moscow Will…’
    WILL WHAT? HinduTimes 230,861 views Jan 28, 2024
    Russia has issued a big threat to the United Kingdom over “provocation.” Russia’s ambassador to London warned the UK to avoid confrontation. Ambassador Andrei Klein advised British leaders to study and memorise lessons from history, saying nobody has ever been able to defeat Russia. The warning comes as the UK army chief called for a “national military mobilisation” to fight Russia.
    This is getting serious folk’s@WW3?

    Britain on the brink of war?: Farage calls for negotiations to prevent ‘death on a massive scale’ GBNews

    “Nuclear War With Russia Could End The World Tomorrow” Colonel Reacts To Doomsday Clock WW3 Threat /TalkTV

    What If World War III Started Today

    • Katy Bar

      If Nuclear World War III is started today by Bribe’n attacking Iran (to get back into office) – you know Iran will launch the nuclear weapons it bought from Korea and Pakistan upon Israel – and obviously Israel will retaliate with the Samson Option – and then Russia will nuke Israel again for attacking its ally and the US will then nuke Russia for attacking Israel – then China will nuke the US for attacking its ally Russia – and the WEF queer Globalists will be merrily singing in their underground bunkers “Were Coming For Your Children”!! Now is the world screwed up or what?? Everyone better get right with God before the Demons bring Hell upon the Earth!!!

  98. Writings on-the Wall!


    Verdict not just about defamation but about Trump’s ‘distorted state of mind’ WTF?
    Here’s the distorted state of mind! Where the world is now!
    ______Woke, Broke Busted & Disgusted!

  99. Bart

    Greg, how much is the Trump Campaign paying you to promote him and censor criticism of him?

    • Greg Hunter

      How much are you being paid to be an anonymous troll or are you just an AI computer? What I censor are troll comments to thought shape and mislead people. Your Bosses Obama and Biden mandated the shots and then they instructed his FDC and CDC to ignore the problems. On top of that they told everyone to “get your booster” and everyone is sick and dying you moron. Obama/Biden his HHS paid a billion dollars for a psyop campaign to the Lying Legacy Media. I do what I think is right and my boss is me.

      • Joplin Joe

        I much admire Kingston. She has done terrific work in scrutinizing patents and contracts, but the magnetic meat nonsense undermines her credibility. Karen is a tough woman. She does not need you to protect her from honest criticism.

  100. bob knor

    Clif High and Taylor Swift are part of a plan to take away your Bible..

  101. Jerome Malony

    Attacking Iran Directly Would Be a Mistake: Henzel on Drone Attack
    Bloomberg Television 22,779 views 8 hours ago

    Sen. Tommy Tuberville: This is a war getting ready to happen

    Key foreign policy blunders plaguing President Biden’s record
    Defense secretary’s warning about Biden resurfaces: ‘People are very nervous’

    Angry Peter Doocy HUMILIATES John Kirby till his FACE Shrinks in CONFUSION

  102. Jerome Malony

    CIA Chief’s Dire Warning On Middle East Situation; ‘Iran Ready To Fight To Its Last Proxy…’

    ‘WAR IS COMING’ – UK is TOO WEAK to fight Putin and is ‘running out of time’

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains How The Ukraine Russia War Started

  103. Shiloh1

    Collum just posted this – 2012 London Olympics / 2020 Covid Theater.

    Would be interested in Mark Crispin Miller’s take on it.

  104. Jeffrobbins

    I saw a video today of a street interview of some migrants in NY city. One of them said he asked if he could have some bread and ham at a store and was told no. So he stole the ham because he and the other few guys hadn’t eaten for several days. So these people are lied to to get them to come by the millions, flown and bussed, and put in a bunch of major cities in some kind of holding pattern. They aren’t allowed to work, because of them being illegal. And now they are spreading out to cities that are not sanctuary cities. Most of these cities will realize their budgets are busted about this time next year. And when the funds are cut off, all hell is going to break loose. I’m pretty sure I’m voting for Trump, (maybe Kennedy because I’m in Wa) but it looks like these migrants are a type of poison pill waiting for a Trump presidency. “Brown lives Matter” protests and looting ?? If I’m right, violence in big cities is the plan- curfews and national guardsmen will be in the news. We’re dealing with evil people.

    • Shiloh1

      The migrants should report to the nearest Harold’s Chicken’s Shack in Chicago and charge it to Governor Fatso’s account.

  105. Andrew M.

    Dresden, Weakley County, Tennessee
    Have anything?
    I’m crazy enough to cause a stink in the press and have a few friends working for the local paper.
    I’m going to need it brain dead simple to understand, though.
    Bullet points with proper referencing, not some scientistic/legalese crap that has caused no one to look into the vaxxine genocide thus far.

  106. Kimberly Rice

    this woman says Castor Oil is proof of God because it works for so many conditions:

    (note: pay attention to what she says about ‘internal use’ …. strict conditions apply. …. Usually castor oil is for external use only. Also, she says go easy with dosing as it more powerfully affects some people than others.)

    Curious what happens if rub onto location where the vax needle was inserted?!

  107. James Hall

    Must view this is great.

  108. Robert from Alabama

    I wonder why Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the liberal associate justices to prevent Texas from protecting their own border. I don’t have any proof but it appears that he could be blackmailed to vote a certain way. Would he rather destroy the country than some of his closet skeletons be revealed?

    Also, why did Mike Pence hold the vote to accept the election when there were over 100 allegations of voter fraud and he legally had 10 days to investigate. Was this Plan B and does Mike Pence have skeletons in his closet?

    It appears that the U.S. and Western Europe all want war. President Trump tried to make peace. Most people that watch your videos and Steve Quayle’s website know of the globalist ambitions and the evils of the World Economic Forum. I have read that Putin has stated that Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari are legitimate targets. Why would anyone want to attend a “major” WEF meeting when Putin could set the New World Order back 10 years with one surgical strike?

  109. Jeff M

    Karen said that the pharmaceutical companies do not want to kill everyone outright because they still need to experiment on live human beings (to paraphrase). Soooo, they ARE experimenting. What is their end game? Life extension? Transhumanism? What happens if they run out of live human beings to experiment on? “Oh well, at least we have de-populated the Earth…”
    Thanks to all who are bravely exposing all this. I just hope there are enough of us left alive to sharpen pitchforks and light the torches to storm the castle…

  110. Tim W

    Is there a link for the various alternative therapies touched on (Karen mentioned a couple) for those having to be around the shedding vaxxed, for instance, work and university?

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