Stop Secretly Putting Deadly CV19 mRNA in Everything – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has warned from the very beginning the dangers of the so-called CV19 “vaccines.”  Kingston repeatedly showed the dangers of the nanotechnology called mRNA.  Big Pharma patents say it is, in fact, an electromagnetic device that now is secretly slated to be in all vaccines.  mRNA “synthetic biology” is also already showing up in our food, water and many medicines.  Big Tech will not be happy until it is in literally everything.  Meanwhile, the public is waking up to the mRNA disaster with the CV19 bioweapon vax.  Kingston explains, “People are waking up to the fact the Covid 19 injections contain mRNA, and mRNA has been an epic failure.  It’s my understanding less than 2% of American got this last round of the boosters. . . . Although people are waking up to the fact that the Covid injections or the mRNA injections are causing disease, disabilities and death, they are not preventing anything.  I think people are also waking up to the fact that mRNA is being used in all vaccines.  This includes routine childhood vaccines and the annual flu vaccine.  This is not being disclosed to them.  Dr. Peter McCullough has said, and I said last year, no more shots—at all. . . . They made this an Emergency Use Authorization, and that means the government will not be disclosing that to them.  I think any of the shots is another big danger right now – and I mean any of these shots.”

Big Pharma has big plans to put mRNA in everything:  medicine, food, water.  This is something people are going to have to work at to avoid.  Kingston says, “I no longer want my body or my child’s body to be exposed to non-human DNA or bio-digital technology.  I am going to do everything in my power to stop being inoculated with this stuff.  It’s going to require people to find local farmers.  It’s going to require people to put their foot down and not get traditional medicines.  They are putting this in pills.  Dr. Ana Mihalcea (aka Dr. Ana) has found this in dental supplies like Novocain.  Dr. Ana has found it in insulin, as well.  Before the devil can destroy, he must deceive.  They have this Luciferian agenda.  They don’t want to suffer the wrath of God.  So, they need us to agree to this inhumane criminal experimentation.  If you say you don’t agree to it, then the wrath of God falls back on them.  This is also a spiritual war.  I think this is why I was targeted.  The train has left the station, and you can’t put it back.  I think this is why Xi Jinping came to California recently.  He met with bankers and Big tech and said this is how we silence people in China . . . . This is basically the Executive Order (EO) Biden wrote, which I think was written by the CCP, on how to control the narrative in America.  This EO will turn up the heat and make your life a living hell if you go outside that narrative. . . . That is going to go into place starting January 17, 2024.”

Kingston contends that the synthetic biology and new mRNA creations by Big Pharma were predicted in the Bible.  Kingston points out, “The same kind of chaos and tribulation the planet is going to go through is the same when God originally created all life forms.  The Bible says ‘There has not been such tribulation since the days of creation that God created until now.’  It is saying another entity started creating life.  Verse 20 (Mark) says . . . ‘Unless the Lord had shortened the days, no life would have been saved.  So, for the sake of the elect, whom he chose, he shortened those days.’  Other than God coming down with his wrath, I don’t see how this is going to be stopped.”

There is much more in the 54-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives another update on the bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why this deadly “synthetic biology” is going to be in everything for 11.21.23.

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  1. Paul Samuel

    It is a great relief to see you safe and healthy Ms. Kingston. The good people of the world are
    Very pleased to hear you and Greg. I suppose
    Jesus knew better than Anyone… if you spread the truth and love and warn the innocent of those evil people trying to deceive them In this world.. you WILL be targeted…
    Thank you both for what you do. You both act as though fear is not an option and truth is in the forefront . You will not know until the end JUST HOW IMPORTANT You both are.

    Just want to thank you both for who you are and what you do.

    Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] would love any exchange of thoughts or ideas.

    Paul Samuel –

    • Karen Kingston

      I appreciate your thoughtful comment and support Paul. God bless! – Karen Kingston

      • B

        Are the putting mRNA in animal vaccines also? Thanks for all your great information

      • Mike Peters

        Hi Karen,

        My wife and I just listened to your podcast on mRNA and you had mentioned some sort of emergency packs that we could purchase.

        Could you please forward me that information?

        Thank you, Michael and Susan Peters

  2. Art Simpson

    It’s the time of the great tribulation is the context. The days were shortened to 105 days. 1335 day people blessed – day 1230 when the image goes into temple and great tribulation starts. 2520-1290=1230. 1335-1230=105. Mt 24:15,21,22 then Daniel 12:11,12.

    • robert messina

      Art . . you got the numbers correct . . . 105 days = 3X30 (seals duration went from 360 days [yr] to 30 days [month] for remaining seals 5, 6, & 7 ; 4th also seal went from 360 days [yr] to 30 days [month] so 1st half of 4th seal was 1,290 days [mid point of 7 years = abomination of desolation] and 2nd half of pale horse went t0 15 days ) . . . so the days were shortened . . . and went from 360 days per seal to 30 days per seal . . . 1335 days is 1290 + 15 (2nd hlf 4th seal) + 30 (5th seal) . .. . and we come to beginning of the 6th seal . . . they are blessed because it is the turning point of the war . . . I believe temptations to take mark and/or worship image happen in 5th seal

    • emma portman

      I don’t understnd “shortening of days”. Can someone explain it?

      • Greg Hunter

        Basically, Jehovah or Jesus stepping in to stop the carnage.

      • Shelia Barnes

        Matthew 24:22 KJV

        And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

  3. Mark

    Greg I now this seams shallow but it’s not. Keran is the most beautiful pearson I have seen in my life. stomping on her enamy is a pryority.

    • sam

      Agreed….BEAUTY and BRAINS….along with being an American Patriot Hero… light years ahead of ANY Shallow Celebrity……

      • Shirl

        Certainly true there sam and I love her very sound and reasoned advice to hold off from getting ANY SHOTS across the board for infants children and adults until we figure out what’s going on with our National Medical System….that’s really an understatement as Nuremberg Trails 2.0 might be the only way to expose the PLOT and ALL of the murderous sick sadistic criminals involved, IMHO.

  4. carranicki

    Karen is 100% correct about Newsome.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Jesse Ventura once said that after he won the 1999 election for Governor of Minnesota, some guys from one of the three-letter agencies visited him and asked—“How did you do it? How did you win?” Every major political figure out there as well as people in media, people who run the drug companies, people who run the big banks, etc., likely all get the same visit. Of course now they’re informed—“You either do what we tell you or else.”

      • carl

        Probably Stan is also told what to do – we simply need to look at where the real market experts say Gold, Silver and the US dollar are headed!!

      • Shiloh1

        Start at ‘2004 U.S. Senate Election in Illinois 2004’, which ultimately resulted in Obama, to review, start at Wiki (I know, I know) will do. Between the entries on Jack Ryan and Alan Keyes on team R there is unrecorded history. It seems a very successful, popular and opinionated local pro sports ball coach had made no secret about his conservative mindset and that he now was considering entering the team R primary race. How could he lose? A tough-guy who never gave a damn about what anyone else thought. Not even the Daley graveyard precinct votes could ever beat this guy. Well, as the legend goes, he received an unannounced visit at his home by a couple of well-dressed gentlemen to gently but effectively dissuade him of that idea. No convertible rides or restaurant kitchen scenes needed. And now you know…the rest of the story…Good Day!

      • JayBH

        Nuisance Newsom has been MIA since October 2021! He didn’t show up with his partner & little children for their yearly neighborhood (mansion home) trick & treat That was recorded in our local Sacramento Bee Newspaper! Recently he was O/T again with no whereabouts info! Oh!
        then he shows up flat on his back in China with A Chinese youth basketball 1 on 1! He looked like a “A tallest drip of water Governor ever seen at the wrong place, in the wrong suited up uniform”! Guess who it really was? ???

  5. carl

    It is good that the public is finally waking up to the mRNA bio-weapon clot shot danger through the persistent efforts of people like Karen Kingston – what the public next has to wake up to is the vulnerability of our electrical grid (Russia has already hardened “all its electrical transformers” and placed many of them underground) – for a few billion dollars the US can do the same (as we have so much money we can waste many billions of dollars on Ukraine “that is not as critical to our National Security as our US electrical grid) – so the question becomes – Why has the U.S. failed to adequately safeguard its own critical grid infrastructure as Russia has??? – the only logical answer is because our criminal government has been taken over by Globalists who want to not only destroy the United States of America but want to reduce the “white population” by 99% and simply have “a nation of immigrant slaves” do their work in the interim until their robotics are brought fully on stream to run their post-industrial society!! –

    • Katy Bar

      If the people are now awake about the 20 million human beings already killed by the clot shots – where are the mass protests?? When a few thousand Hamas Palestinians in Gaza are killed by Israel the entire world goes into mass protests – Yet – Not One Protest “against the ones who have already killed 20 million people”?? – And not one protest against them now collecting the blood of all new born babies and putting it into a giant data base – Why? – Probably so the Globalists can develop ways “to allow only the less well-endowed genetically” to live in their coming Surveillance State (SS) (until the robots are brought in to run the Globalists post-industrial society – then “the less well-endowed” can be easily eliminated to meet the Globalists depopulation goals!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        very good point.

        • lewis mohr

          I see that you are going to moderate my comment before you publish. Great. Please DO NOT publish my comment. thanks. lewis -o-

          • Greg Hunter

            I would like to publish it. Let me know what can be done to do so.

        • Katy Bar

          Happy Thanksgiving Greg –

          • Greg Hunter

            Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Katy. I talked about your comment about the 20-million (at least) murdered by the CV19 vax and zero protest but huge global protests about the few thousands killed in the Israel/Hamas war.

        • Freebreezer

          Hi Greg – Happy Thanksgiving! Katy’s point per people waking up … It is not/never going to happen! In the beginning with all the young people suddenly dying, I thought, wow this is going to cause shock waves through society and it MUST certainly wake people up! Nope, Nothing! – I like reading Mark Twain and come across this quote – “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot” …Yep, the answer. Another quote reinforcing this idea is – “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduces them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim” – Gustave Le Bon …. It makes me think – Those of us who see the light/ truth should tread cautiously amidst the masses, as much of society is ensnared in the illusions propagated by evil, and manipulative influences. If I can give a link to a very enlighten talk from Tucker Carlson on how to fight this:

      • RH

        The inspired writing don’t predict, they prophecy. Prophecy is by definition history written in advance. True, if those days were not cut short no flesh would be saved. Matthew 24:22

      • Tim Kapsala

        Hi Katy,

        To my understanding, the 20 million is world wide. Maybe people would protest if 20 million people were killed by the death jab in this country alone.

        Take care

        The m

      • Barb

        We’ve had some smaller protests in Australia, but they are minimised by MSM. “Forest of the Fallen” is a passive protest. These are set up all over the country to bring the faces of the fallen into the public spaces, so the public can see the enormity of it. There is a website called, Forest of the Fallen.

        Me personally, have lost 31 friends and family since this all began. Number 31 yesterday to turbo cancer. She was in her late 40’s.
        Number 30 three weeks ago, turbo cancer. Both women leave behind daughters with no other parents alive.

        Awakening has been super slow here… they just can’t take the truth in.

        God Help Us all.

      • Robert says no

        Katy, It’s the power of propaganda and intimidation. The right is afraid to launch any kind of public opposition as they saw how lawfare destroyed the lives of the Jan 6th participants and the Canadian truckers.

        The left know something is wrong in the medical/pharmaceutical industries but are afraid of the response of their peers if they say anything.

        There’s plenty of good people in the alphabet agencies but they’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed and a retirement to protect, so they’re cowed into submission.

        As we recently saw in Ireland, it’s going to take some organic event to inspire people to say enough, but that could create the condition to push martial law.

        You all might as well give up on the Republicans leading any kind of opposition. The best strategy is to appeal to the local and state Democratic party elected leadership. They too see things they don’t agree with but need to be reminded there’s others out there that also do. I think most Democrats are centrist at the local and state levels. Obviously that’s not true in places like California, Oregon and New York, but in other blue states the rural divide applies.

  6. The Seer

    Zeolite I believe has aluminum and other items in it as it uses clay. Instead, use EDTA creme for 3 days periodically. The live cell darkfield blood analysis shows before and after photos of the graphene removed in 3 days.
    Again, use c60 from olive oil to over 5-6 months dissolve the rubbery stringy clots.

  7. Diana Smith Hill

    Karen, a friend of mine is a home health nurse for heart patients. She did not get the covid vaccine but she got the monoclonal antibodies.
    They just told her she has leukemia.
    please spread the word!
    Nothing is safe from a hospital or doctor right now- NOTHING

    • Katy Bar

      Nothing has changed – years ago when people got the common corona-virus cold doctors would tell us to go home and take an aspirin that causes internal bleeding in the brain, stomach ulcers, kidney problems, etc., etc. and to also drink plenty of chlorinated water!!

      • Robert says no

        PS – If you think the Republicans are going to change anything, look at how many are defending and standing up for Trump and look at the new Speaker who was in the past on record saying there’s plenty of evidence to impeach the current President but then recently said there’s isn’t enough evidence to begin impeachment hearings. Who got a hold of him? Just saying, when in Rome……

      • Robert says no

        My comment beginning with ” If you think….” was placed under the wrong comment from Katy. My error.

    • Felix

      I thought the same thing when DeSantis and the media were pushing the monoclonal antibodies ,sounds like transhumanism to me.I never trusted big pharma they have always sold snake oil.It has always been a business that kills and maimes,they get sued for millions and then it’s back to business as usual, Noone ever goes to jail

  8. Wayne C. Scott

    One Sumerian Cylinder seal shows a hand holding a pine cone, the finger form making a C and an E on the pinecone, one of the Watcher’s favorite tells. Being that the bioweapon IS a Vaccine according to the Watchers and their higher ups, they tell you what they are doing to you.
    The CinE in Vaccine is a horseshoe magnet into the E, electricity, therefore, electromagnetism.
    So the Sumerian picture “as in the days of Noah”, is showing electromagnetism into the pineal gland. 5G and GO (graphene oxide) are also all over some of the other Sumerian Cylinder seal pictures.
    Hoping to get up the Vaccine decode video sometime, Vaccine according to them.

  9. Tx

    Welcome Back , Karen!

    And stay healthy. You’re a family member in the USA Watchdog Hunter pack.

  10. Neville

    Thanks for that I absolutely agree with everything that our beloved Karen had to say.
    The aerosol distribution of toxic corvid sprays which Karen spoke about towards the
    end was all done courteousy of the D O D who has all the logistical support to carry out
    such an atrocious exercise.

    Just as a point to all ,I was informed by my Homeopathic BRILLIANT doctor that on
    The reason which he gave was that the drug companies at the time had a hidden agenda to do as much damage to the recipients as possible as this would boost
    profits for them and the doctors which would distribute their evil toxic concoctions.

  11. vincent johnson

    Hey—it cut out at 26.21 anyone else have this problem

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

    • Suzanne Muschek

      Not getting any sound at all. Last week also.

      • Greg Hunter

        Try this Suzanne:
        (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like
        The problem is on your end. I checked the audio, and it is playing on the USAW end.

  12. Trinacria

    Good to see her back, what a brave person. I pray for her wellbeing. Also, I keep praying and waiting for the proverbial dam to break and lawsuits against pharma to flood them all. When will this start???

    • helot

      RE: “When will this start???”

      It already has:

      “Lawyers present evidence to Grand Jury that pandemic is being used for world dictatorship”

  13. Maria das Santos

    Just a great investigative video, Mr Hunter unwilling to forgo his real investigation of the attempted murder of billions of us plebs and Ms Kingston’s analysis of the how never mind the why. As we plebs fall back asleep neither are willing to allow us to do so,thank you.

  14. John Geis

    We see the progression of events that will result in nuclear war. To see the fulfillment of Putin saying he would have to nuke the COMMUNIST east and west coasts and leave the midst of the country alone. The communists took the poison and must be incinerated to stop this evil.

  15. Roger Stamper

    tks karen greg

  16. Linda

    I was concerned about Karen and so glad she’s ok and back. Turns out she was pretty much correct about things. At first I wondered if she was “off the rails”, however, not so much……..still she speaks very rapidly…lol.

  17. Lili

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
    Glad to see all is well with Karen.
    God bless you and keep you.
    Thank you for all you do.

  18. Arizona


  19. MLK

    Watch the health of the factory workers for those companies. They should be getting massive doses of the mNRA materials.

  20. Randy

    Jesus Is Not Silent
    Jesus is anything but quiet today concerning the horrors of our day, but so few are paying attention. There are more precursors to future Tribulation events than I can track. [All] these things resound with this message: My judgments will soon sweep over the world.

    Jesus is most certainly not silent today. What then accounts for the silence in so many churches? Why are most shepherds deaf to the alarms that Jesus is sounding to alert the world of the approaching Tribulation?

    Based on my experience, it’s because many of those that tend the Lord’s sheep make these assumptions: (1) Jesus will not dramatically interfere in the affairs of humankind until the very last day of human history, (2) the restoration of a nation to Israel is just a fluke of history, and (3) Jesus will not appear anytime soon.

    God’s Word is clear: there will be an extended time of wrath upon the earth, described as the Day of the Lord in passages such as Isaiah 24:1-23, and Jeremiah 30:5-7. The Apostle John wrote about this time in Revelation chapters 6-18. During this time, the Lord will not only judge the world’s wickedness, but also bring a remnant of the Jewish faith to saving faith in their Messiah. Many will turn to the Savior during this time, but the false church and antichrist will kill most that do.

    As the time of the Lord’s wrath approaches, He is anything but silent, but very few people are listening. Are You Rapture Ready.

  21. Randy

    The good news for us as New Testament saints is that the Lord, through the Apostle Paul, promises that we will not experience the wrath of the Day of the Lord or what we refer to as the seven-year Tribulation (1 Thessalonians 5:9-10).

    1 Thessalonians 5:9-10 KJV – “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.”

    Jesus’ dramatic intervention in the affairs of humankind will begin when He comes for His church. This will wreak havoc throughout the earth. As the His judgments follow, even the most powerful leaders of the time will recognize them as “the wrath of the Lamb” (Revelation 6:12-17).

    Jesus’ imminent appearing was the excited expectation of the early church (Philippians 3:20-21). In my book, The Triumph of the Redeemed, I provide a thorough defense of the pre-Tribulation Rapture. This is the belief that the fulfillment of passages such as 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15:47-55, and 1 John 3:2-3 happens before God’s wrath falls upon humankind during what we refer to as the seven-year Tribulation. The Rapture will happen before the Tribulation.

    This glorious expectation of meeting Jesus in the air is the “blessed hope” of the Gospel (Titus 2:11-14). I know of no better encouragement for the day in which we live.

    • S. Revere

      Randy !!! How refreshing it is to see a real fellow bible studier. I know this because I know you are right on target. And yes, that blessed hope is right at the door now. Its the best news for true born again believers, but sadly, it will be the shock of a lifetime for the half-hearted, the unbelievers, the lukewarm, and the mockers and unsaved.
      As is being highlighted right here, there is no safe place on this earth anymore. The nefarious ones who are the so called leaders in this world are making sure they put an end to humanity, one way or another. Nothing is safe anymore. Even the food, drink, and the very air we have to breath, is now deadly. And STILL people just cannot see there is no place to hide. There is only One answer; its a ‘no-brainer’.
      (at my house, we are way past ”ready for flight” )
      Randy, thanks for your two posting here; people should read, digest them, and take heed.

    • Christian

      Please stop with pre-trib nonsense. Rev 11:15 to 14:all, clearly shows the last woe, or 7th trumpet, is when the harvest is reaped. You even posted that yourself with 1 Cor 15:52 where it says “last trump”.

      The Bible tells us we all go through tribulation and that it makes our robes white.
      Rev 7:14
      The wicked don’t have their name in the book of life and therefore will never have white robes. Please understand this. Please have eyes to see.

      Even Jesus Himself tells us He comes after great tribulation.
      Matt 24:29-30
      Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
      And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

      Deut 4:30
      John 16:33
      Acts 14:22
      1 Thess 3;4
      And on and on. Here is a simple word search.

      • S. Revere

        Christian oh you are just one funny dude. Your entire diatribe here is so far off the mark, but hey, you are more than welcome to stay for the Trib. But as for me and the other real christians, we are outta here. We are gonna be celebratin’ while you will be tribulatin’ .

        • wayne hardin

          Hello i am Wayne i would address you by your name
          but i don’t know it .
          OK so he says there wont be a rapture to get prepared
          You say there will be so no need to prepare .
          A smart person will be prepared either way .
          But if there is not a rapture the ones not prepared will
          not be laughing .

          And there is nothing funny about it .

          Wayne Hardin

          • S. Revere

            Hi wayne, I will say that all those billions who are not saved, should do whatever preparing they want to do. But it is no solution to the problems that are going to come their way.
            But for those who are saved, they have no need of preparing because they will be raptured before ”the big show begins”.
            For me, there is no question about a rapure or no rapture. I know that there is, and I know it from all my long study of that and all the other end time events. Still, I understand why the majority of people are puzzled since our ”churches’ have so blatantly failed to teach these things.
            But nothing can stop you from learning on your own. The holy spirit will teach you ALL that you need to know. So he just waits for you to ask him to teach you these things, and …..HE WILL.
            I never learned a single thing in any ”church” as they are ”feel good social clubs”. It was God himself who took me OUT of those worthless places, took me aside and taught me Himself.
            I take no credit for being smart; I was nothing more than a thirsty attentive Student who had the best of all Teachers. And he is available to anyone who sincerely asks.
            But as to your puzzle: Who is right about the Rapture: The One who Taught ME.
            (Rapture is depicted in 1 Thess 4:16 and 17. And as far as preparation goes, there is no way to prepare for the horrific Time that will come upon the earth. Satan will be in full charge.)

            • wayne hardin

              Look man .
              Like i said rapture or no rapture
              born again people will be just fine .
              Before/mid/after rapture is just something to divide the body of Christ.

              I see nothing in the word that says
              somebody has to believe in the pre-trib
              rapture to be born again .

              The End

              Wayne Hardin

        • Christian

          The problem you have is you confound the Tribulation with The 7 Vials of Wrath. The Tribulation and The Wrath are two different things. If you correct this you will see it.

          And please dont give me credit for being on or off the mark. I merely showed you what Jesus and God’s Word actually says. I have one question for you…

          When does the Harvest take place where the wheat and tares are separated and the dead rise first and the living after to meet Jesus in the clouds? Answer that and you will see. There is only one time/place that happens. Hint: see Rev 14

          • S. Revere

            Christian, the Tribulation IS the Wrath of God. All 7 years of it, with each year getting worse than the previous one.
            The Seals Judgements, then the Trumpet Judgements, then the Bowl (vial) Judgements are All part of the Tribulation period which is all the Wrath of God.
            Seals are in Rev. 6:1&2
            2nd Seal in v. 3
            3rd Seal in v. 5
            4th Seal in v. 7
            5th Seal in v. 9
            6th Seal in v. 12
            7th Seal in Chapter 8 v.1

            1st Trumpet Ch. 8:7
            2nd Trumpet in Ch. 8:8
            3rd Trumpet in 8:10
            4th Trumpet in 8:12
            5th Trumpet in 9:1
            6th Trumpet in 9:13
            7th Trumpet in 10:7 and 11:15

            1st Vial Rev. 16:1
            2d Vial v. 3
            3rd Vial v. 4
            4th Vial v. 8
            5th Vial v. 10
            6th Vial v. 12
            7th Vial v. 17

            For your question, when do the dead in Christ rise…… The answer is found in 1 Thess 4:15, 16, 17 …….What you refer to as a harvest, is actually the Rapture of the true believers, first all those who already died In Christ, and followed by those who are alive on this earth at the Time will be caught up immediately following, who are also In Christ.

            Conversely, your Rev. 14 is referencing those 144,000 Jews who are from the 12 tribes of Israel who will be called upon to finish the job they failed to finish in the early days before the Lord opened up salvation to the gentiles. They will go to and fro on the earth preaching the gospel for a time. (do you see the gentile church is not here to do that, as they have been raptured. )
            The Jehova’s Witnesses ‘church’ has been in grave error, to teach that ”only 144,000 are going to be saved, and they use that Rev. 14 as a backup. Ask yourself then why would they go and knock on doors trying to garner up more and more people, IF only 144,000 are going to ”make it”? And even at that, as Ch 14 tells you they are jews and not even gentiles.
            To all JW’s: There IS a rapture of true believers ofthe true Gospel and it IS most definitely pre-Trib. Ive met many well-meaning JW’s and it is time their leaders stop deceiving them. Just come before Christ, repent of any sinfulness He may find in you, and ASK Him to save you. Then just turn yourself over to Him and let Him make the changes in you that he deems necessary. And He WILL. (we say, Let Go……and Let God.) It really is just that simple, and btw, the Clock is ticking.
            Christian, I hope this helps.

            • Christian

              No. The Tribulation and Wrath are 2 separate things. They even have different names to denote different events.

              The Wrath is not until the 7th Trumpet which opens the 7 Vials. You said yourself that the rapture is the Harvest at the 7th Trumpet.

              Therefore they are not the same thing. God separated the Trumpets and the Vials for a reason. We go up at tye 7th Trumpet just as His Word says. Judgment is not Wrath, Tribulation is not Wrath, they literally have different names. Pre-trib is bunk. It says the living rise first when the Bible clearly teaches the dead rise first. They are called the Vials of Wrath, not the Trumpets of Wrath.

              I feel we are splitting hairs over nomenclature, but only if you understand believers are here for the 7 Seals and the 7 Trumpets. We are here for all of that. If you agree with me on that then there is no reason to continue. If not, then I will use His Word to show you error. That is all.

              Iron sharpens iron.

  22. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    THANK YOU Ms. Kingston!
    God bless both you and Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      We thank you TJZ!!

    • John

      Some of the greatest Bible teachers I have learned from and respect teach pre-trib; however, on their pre-trib interpretation I respectfully disagree.

  23. Mark

    They told you what they were gonna do, listen to the verbage. “The great reset” = depopulation. With 20/20 vision. They told you. Now that we are in the second half of the 4th turning that is when the greatest amount of death will occur. This is why censorship is going to play a big part, people are starting to figure out it was a bio weapon. By my calculations everything will be beta complete by 2027. With the massive amount of death a cbdc will be simple to put in place. Imagine 20 million Chinese and Russian troops here to make sure it happens.

  24. Richard Jordan

    We are glad to see Karen back and looking healthy. Endure until the end.

  25. Mary

    Gregg………Do you know if they are putting this poison in our animal vaccines for dogs and cats???? I am afraid to even give my animals vaccines…..

    Thank you,
    Mary Sue

    • Pam

      My husband and I have decided no more vaccines as we believe they will have their toxins in pet shots. Also, about 5 years ago we took our pet to Texas A&M for treatment. The Dr specialist there told us not to give our pet anymore vaccines, as they were not needed after about age 3.

    • Katy Bar

      The Globalists are currently putting microphones in our dishwashers, refrigerators, cars, etc., etc., etc. to listen in on what we “white terrorist Trump supporters” are saying about them – so – it seems likely that our vaccinated pets “have been bugged” by the Globalists also. Putting listening devices into our pets “under the guise of vaccinating them” makes a lot of sense as our pets follow us around a lot more closely then our cars or dishwashers ever could and thus the Globalists can better home-in on any Constitutionally Protected Speech against them. The Globalists now say they are going to Increase Their Surveillance Efforts even more (under the guise of stamping out “Hate Speech”). Listen to Demon-rat Hochul trash our Constitutionally Protected Right to Free Speech TO PROTECT US FROM OURSELVES just like they want to take away our Second Amendment Right To Supposedly Protect Our Children (That They Are Currently Killing and Sterilizing By The Millions With Their Covid Jabs)!!

  26. Agnes

    Excellent idea to let a piece of bought produce rot in a spot before eating it. That’s not nuts. That’s life in the real world with real life. I’m often doing that anyway because I don’t always get to it in time, and, anyway, produce is often under ripe when we buy it.

  27. DD

    Karen, “I think…….”
    You have put a big dent in your humanitarian good work.

  28. Polar Gold

    Information for Karen as she is taking over the counter antihistamines – she should look for Respiractin Breathe Free – it is an all natural alternative using many of the same ingredients as found in antihistamines without the side effects.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Gold” for the information!

    • S. Revere

      Polar, Do Terra Breathe Respiratory Blend certified pure therapeutic Grade from the DoTerra company is absolutely wonderful, too.
      I use it and highly recommend it. Great company. A must-have for folks with breathing problems. A couple drops in the palm of your hand, cup the hand, and inhale . Works instantly.

      MulleinX throat spray is another great product for clearing the throat and nasal passages. as it helps clear mucus Again, all natural made by Nature’s Answer.
      I think you can find both of these via the Internet.

    • carl

      Speaking of Gold – It’s a good time for the American public to begin thinking about adding to their Strategic Precious Metal Reserves (which are always a safe harbor against inflation and deflation) – and with oil prices now falling (likely due to lack of demand from China as their economy slows) it is also a good time for the US to begin re-filling its Strategic Oil Reserves – people putting some precious metal into storage is a strategic move “especially since a silver dime and silver nickel will always buy you a gallon of gas (for your car or electrical generator) no matter where the retail price of gas goes”!!
      A Century ago gas cost a whopping 14 cents per gallon (about one silver dime and one silver nickel)!! Today one silver dime (has a melt value of $1.71) and a silver war nickel (has a melt value of $1.33) and thus will still buy you a gallon of gas!! Bottom line: People who put away US paper dollars to buy gas in the future will be Royally Screwed!! And it is also a lot safer to save silver coins then to save gas cans inside your home. Why not do it before a major breakout in the price of precious metals occurs (which many believe to be imminent)!!

      • I Dig Au

        In before the “I can’t afford gold & silver” crowd shows up. Sound advice Carl that too few heed, as they are loading their carts with Black Friday electronics and other junk, while ignoring Gods money and its honesty.

      • Jerry

        Carl, I think you will like this site. The coin calculator is great!!!

      • Jerry

        Forgot to put the link…

  29. John Maskell

    Greg , what a fantastic interview with the lovely Karen Kingston . Something you said that resonated with me , was the vaccinated people that are unaware or unable to acknowledge the relationship between their damaged health and these killer shots. On numerous occasions I have tried to awaken the vaxed but these people think that I’m a stupid person and call me a super spreader or a conspiracy nut. You will never be able to help these people unless the media tells them so ! I have given up . My concern is how do we stay alive when this toxic crap is going into our food . They really want us dead . I know about the precautions but this is pure evil . I pray that god can cast his net and scoop up this demons !

    • Greg Hunter

      I am having the same problem, John.
      This is what happens when your political science make you believe science fiction.

      • S. Revere

        Greg, not long ago I suggested you try to find someone who can tell us whats really in our food, etc., and here is the answer to my request. So thanks a bunch for bringing Karen on to give us these revelations.
        Even Novocain? mRNA in that, too? Wow, who woulda thunk it.

      • stanley skrzypek

        “I am having the same problem, John.”…………NOW I am REALLY Scared….If Mr Greg Hunter is perplexed…..what about the rest of us?!

  30. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, another great interview. It’s not too late for people to find some property out of town. I would say 5 acre minimum for size. At some point the famine card will play- society as we know it can’t function with huge numbers of sick and disabled people, and that says nothing of financial issues. Coming into the Christmas season, i wonder about the angels coming to shepherds tending their flocks at night- they didn’t go to any “leaders”. Flocks and herds were also listed/spoken by Eliazer when recounting how God had blessed Abraham. Male and female servants, flocks and herds, camels and donkeys, gold and silver. No mention of fine clothes or tents, swords, private chef, etc. My plan is to have chickens, fish, and sheep and that takes time to put in infrastructure. It’s worth considering Godly values.

  31. Marshagail

    I love this site & learn so much – So Grateful to Karen & Greg & all God’s Warriors & Truthtellers. My new motto seems2be “Eyes R Useless When the Mind is Blind-Hypnotized.” Please b aware that it’s important to read ALL food labels as Campbell’s & SOMany others R now putting Bioengineered Ingredients in our food (just try2find flour or cornmeal without it) & it’s no use calling these companies2get info about these Bioengineered Ingredients bc you’ll get tons of nonsensical responses. Look n2 Methylene Blue, Boron & Charcoal. Eyes Open, No Fear – God Wins.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Marsha”!!

  32. Denise Andersen

    YAY. Karens back!

  33. Tim Walker

    So, what is the solution when going to the dentist? Avoiding all these vaccines is really quite simple but when you have teeth that need fixing what is a person suppose to do?

    • Yock

      I just had root canal done so I made sure I took Ivermectin before I went in for the procedure. Ivermectin is an anti parasitic drug so hopefully it will remove whatever is in the Novocain. Would be nice to know if this is in all of the Novocain vials or just some? Also keep in mind that Novocain should still be made under GMP conditions unlike the mRNA shots which were under emergency use authorization.

    • S. Revere

      Tim thats a good question, I also have now.
      My son was waiting till january or february
      for his insurance to re-kick in so he can have
      another crown done in his otherwise perfect
      dental care/health, which was a long process
      beginning with having all his old silver fillings
      removed and replaced with the safe white type.
      Then did the entire Smile Club straigtening – –
      which really does work, oh yes it does .
      I gotta say Im very proud of his stick -tuitiveness
      that resulted in his now perfect white straight teeth.
      Just this one more crown, but I dont think its all that
      necessary, and I guess I will try to talk him out of it.
      OR at least go talk to his dentist?
      I wish Karen would give us an answer to this question
      we both have…………………. KAREN?

  34. klaatu

    Do not fly on a commercial plane. Pilots and air traffic controllers all had the jab and several boosters. Many you tube channels talk about near misses and runway incursions.

    • TYM2FLY

      First time comment, I saw the inaccuracy of this post and just had to make a comment…
      First off, just want to Thank You Greg, for the many years of great reporting and the fantastic guest line-up; of which, Karen is one of them!

      Klaatu- It’s just Not True that “all had the jab and several boosters”. My son is an FO, at one of the majors. He did NOT and he personally knows (and knows of) MANY others who have NOT taken any of these!

  35. Paul

    There have been rumors and speculation going around in Truther circles that nuclear weapons don’t exist, that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not even in the top-20 most damaged cities in Japan during WWII and that there really is no such thing as radiation poisoning that sterilizes affected areas for 100’s or 1000’s of years (see Chernobyl as well as Hiroshima & Nagasaki).

    We’ve been lied to about so much, is it possible that “They” are lying about nukes too?

    • Yock

      My father was part of the occupation force in Hiroshima in 1946 and he said that the only thing left after the bomb was dropped were the metal safes where people stored their most valued possessions. The irony of and entire population being wiped out with only their valuables remaining didn’t escape him.

  36. Self Exiled

    In the United States it use to be that you where either Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative: now you’re either vaccinated or unvaccinated. The political land scape has been destroyed; there are no foundational bases to communicate from. Now we know why nothing we say or do seems to change the political landscape. In fact only Christs return can be the only element of change because we have all been infected. Evil has reached it’s zenith. Time to end it’s existence. Lord Jesus, Eternal Father, oh Holy Spirit, oh Holy God Of Israel; I Love You. Thank You for having Mercy upon me.

  37. S. Revere

    It does not matter whether people agree to their crap or not, agree to take their shots or not, the wrath of God is upon these perpetrators all the same because evil is still evil doing. So there is no way they can escape the wrath to come. And there are signs everywhere that indicate the Lord is about to snatch Up his true Bride, the group that is his Church.
    This is to remove them to a place of complete safety, and then shortly after that, the 7 yr. Trib will begin, which IS the beginning of the wrath of God. So do not think for a nano second that they are going to get away with any of this stuff. You can take ”that to the bank”. (I know this because I am a Watchman.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “S,” for the positive and uplifting comment. We need not to feel helpless and afraid.

  38. MikeC

    I appreciate and love Karen for her courage and strength for touching a subject that was taboo. I send prayers to her and her loved ones. Thank you from the whole of my heart.

    With that being said, I will be gentle. I live here in ComiFornia, as well, and we don’t refer to Grusome as Handsome and charming. We call him a tyrant. He is part of the Political mafia class here. Let’s not refer to him as “charming”. He’s a career criminal that has helped the 3 families rule and ruin a once beautiful state. It breaks my heart. They’ll buy it up for pennies after they’ve broken everything.

  39. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Karen and Greg. Karen looks like she is back to her healthy self again. She sure talks fast. I try to take notes but have to keep pausing and go back and listen a second time through. Great to have you back Karen.
    Thank for the tips on zeolite and antihistamines. I have not tried those. I have had great results from EDTA pills and creams, Ivermectin, nattokinase, NAC, zinc, quercetin, vitamins C, D, and E. I had fantastic results in treating Long COVID symptoms with two weeks of Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution treatments. I wish more MDs/DOs would consider CD/MMS and be willing to talk about it. The AMA and MSM have done a great job of demonizing CD/MMS equating it to drinking Chlorine Bleach. Nicotine is the other treatment that gets a bad name. Everyone automatically thinks smoking but nicotine is found in nearly every plant and also removes the spike proteins from your A7 receptor cells.
    Karen is so right about growing your own food and getting to know your farmers and ranchers. I don’t even want to eat what is in my freezer. Better dose up before eating that turkey tomorrow, unless you raised your own. What a sick world we live in.

    • S. Revere

      Richard, we too do a lot of the stuff you mentioned.
      Turkey is something I do not like at all. And since
      everyone from the past, including most all my family,
      have all passed on, we are having homemade – wait
      for it, ta da – – mac and cheese LOL. And will make some
      home made lemon cream puffs.
      Now, dont forget one of my most recent ”finds” – – green
      tea and black tea are both anti covid. Great with a little
      real honey to sweeten a little. These are powerful teas
      so I would recommend stick to just ONE cup per day.
      They are both medicinal; not meant for socializing.

  40. wayne hardin


    Since the only answer to what is happening is spiritual how about Praying about
    having David Langford on the show ;
    The Voice of Evangelism is his ministry .
    He is in north carolina also .

    Wayne Hardin .

  41. wayne hardin

    David doesn’t ask for money or anything just like you he looks to God to supply his need also .and he doesn’t tickle peoples ears and give false hope either .
    He tells people what the real hope in Christ is .and that is he will take us though what is coming just as he said he would .

    Wayne Hardin

    • S. Revere

      wayne, ”Langford preaches that the hope in Christ is that he will take us through what is coming??? ” Excuse me but what is coming is the wrath of God, called the great Tribulation and NOwhere does it say in the Word that ”he will take us through the wrath of God”. But what it Does say is that He has made a way of escape FROM it. Not Through it. Scripture says ”pray that ye be found worthy to Escape the wrath to come”.
      See, right there tells us ”what is Coming.’ Wrath.
      What nobody needs is yet another ”pastor” to tell the Bride she is going through – – or to tell the unsaved that Christ is going to bring them through ANYthing.
      If nothing else, everyone ought to at least learn one thing about Christ: He doesnt do stupid stuff……such as leaving his Bride to endure the very Wrath which He himself is (going to) pour down upon the earth .

      • wayne hardin

        We will see .
        But when people are going through what people like you say they
        want have to it will cause them to fall away .
        They will think God lied / i have seen it happen to many times / when God never said it to begin with .
        And for the ones that think they can decree and declare that what God
        said shall and must come to pass will not happen are full of something
        all right / but it has nothing to do with God ,
        But it does stink to high heaven .

        Wayne Hardin

      • wayne hardin

        Where did i say Christ is going to take unsaved through anything ?

        Wayne Hardin

      • wayne hardin

        And where did i say we would go through the wrath of God ?
        Do you believe the wrath of God is 7 years long ?

        • S. Revere

          wayne, suffice it to say that you and David need to get together and do a thorough end times study using the written word as your Guide to truth, just as I have for many decades now. This is how I have spotted your multitude of errors in your postings.
          I might add that the first rule to learning, is to be a good student willing to learn. Otherwise as the Word says ”ever learning, but never coming to the truth of God”. It also takes a real Adult to admit when they are wrong; only then can they learn the correction of their errors.
          All my above statements are biblically correct because Ive been taught by the Holy Spirit, not some human. As scripture tells us ”for the holy spirit will teach us all that we NEED to know”
          All we need to do is ASK him.

          To have some man who calls himself a pastor, come along and tell you that ”you dont need to worry about any Tribulation because Jesus will keep you company thru your misery” is just about the most flimsy ”hope” Ive ever heard of. In fact it is downright laughable in addition to being a total lie.
          1 Thess 4: 16, 17, 18

        • S. Revere

          wayne, oh yes indeedy, the wrath of God is 7 very very looooong years long. I hope you and David are up to it.
          Luke 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken
          Luke 21 deals with the signs of the end, a good informative read. Wayne, I truly hope you will heed the word of God, and stop following a man who is lying to you.
          Truth is love, and love is truth. True love will tell you the truth, for the sake of your soul, and not lie to you for the sake of gaining followers or for admiration and (unwarranted) praise.
          Note: Beginning at Rev. 6 onward will describe what is quickly about to come upon this world.
          If you are interested in a down to earth explanation of the book of Revelation, you can get a totally free 62 page booklet in PDF form by simply emailing [email protected]
          and just asking for the FREE pdf booklet via return email.

          • wayne hardin

            Here is a clue for you .

            As long as somebody is born again everything
            people go back and forth about means ZERO .
            And at the end we will all see how little we know .
            But you keep on telling every body how much
            you think you know .
            Because the point i am making goes over your head i guess

            Wayne Hardin

          • wayne hardin

            And the point is Rapture or not .
            God will be with born again people .
            Do you understand ?

            Wayne Hardin

            • S. Revere

              Wayne, the Rapture is The Blessed Hope. It is the ultimate ‘reward’ for being a born again. It is when we receive eternal Life; when the body gets changed from the corruptible to that incorruptible.
              So, if that isnt the Blessed Hope, then what is?

              • wayne hardin

                The return of the Lord to do away with evil ./ sickness /death and so on .
                and think about it if there is a rapture the born again people that
                prepared things just in case will
                still be feeding the hungry
                although gone .

                Wayne Hardin

  42. Robert Dziok

    I don’t think GOD is so stupid to forgive those who do such EVIL just because they dupe people who don’t know better because of lies, propaganda, deception, etc. into taking it thinking it’s ok.

    • S. Revere

      Robert, you are absolutely correct. It would take heartfelt repentance to get forgiveness from God, and He doesnt necessarily even offer them that opportunity. There also comes a Time when He will no longer agree to even Hear their repentance. Word says ”get God While He is near”.
      So there we can see He does not even have to avail Himself to such evil folks. And Im sure He doesnt. ”Many are called, but Few are chosen.”
      Heartfelt means genuine and then requires one to ”go and sin no more”.
      Cheap lip service wont work with God and He is not going to allow a single one of them to contaminate His Heaven. Just aint a gonna happen.
      Man looks upon the countenance, but God looks upon the Heart. He knows whats Really in there so no one need think they can fool God.

  43. The Ogs

    I have been disturbed by a vidclip I saw about a guy somewhere down under (by his speech) who just had a hip replacement surgery. He looks to be in his 60s and claims he was never inoculated with any of the experimental injections.
    But guess what? He is now ‘vaccinated’ he says as a result of the many blood transfusions he had! And now his hip is the least of his worries. The poor man now has all kinds of problems including apparently a dandy case of Bell’s Palsy…
    This, along with all the clandestine alteration of food, drink and medicine, is of course and enormous and frightening situation. So big kudos to Greg and to the lovely Ms. Kingston for continuing to speak out so energetically about this insane situation it seems we are all in.

  44. Mike

    Hello Greg, a friend is an electrical engineer, and we are trying to find out what the frequency of mRNA particle is would greatly appreciate you asking Karen. We’ve got some ideas on nuting the particle

  45. Frank S.

    Thanks Greg for bringing back our modern-day Esther. Karen, “thou art come to the Kingdom for such a time as this”. Stay safe and strong.
    Greg, would it help to ‘stay cloaked’ by always being on In Private browsing and using Duck Duck Go?

  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, the coming ‘decades of collaboration’ is an ongoing concern with a deep history many seem to have missed?

  47. V.Locke"Cookie"

    BEWARE: Satan has been hurled down to you, knowing he has a short time left!
    China Injures Australian Navy Divers With Sonar Attack; Incident Days After Albanese-Xi Jinping Meet
    Hindustan Times 100,175 views Nov 18, 2023
    Australia has accused China of sonar attack on its naval divers during an operation in international waters inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles said that Australian divers were injured in the unsafe and unprofessional use of sonar by China, and expressed his concerns about the same to Beijing. What did the Chinese forces allegedly do?

    All of this makes sense WHEN you factor in who controls ALL the earthly governments; Satan. Please read Luke 4:1-8. Satan knows that his time to rule, now is very limited and he wants to make hay while his sun still shines (so to speak). This ALL fits with what we have been told about the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Buckle up folks; this is only just getting started.

    Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness, Luke 4;
    4 Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, 2 where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.
    3 The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.”
    4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone.”
    5 The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. 6 And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. 7 If you worship me, it will all be yours.”
    [Just remember, Jesus didn’t take him up on his offer and neither should we! Satan’s now at the end of his rope! Don’t let him take you down with the majority of mankind. There’s a great crowd forming, [Re 7:2-8]. Take the time tested advice of Jesus the Christ, the meek shall inherit the Earth! You have his word on it! Don’t take Satan the Devil’s.]
    8 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only!

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, seems most politicians have missed the interconnectedness of the U.S. insiders WITH tiktok? IS IT really JUST China China China? OR many ‘collaborators’ of the wider globalist CEO’NGO”PRIVATE-PUBLIC governments use of social media to push their agendas while gaining some unaccountability and plausible deniability?

  49. Felix

    During the whole scamdemic it amazed how people lost faith in their immune system by perfect design by GOD.It goes to show you the power of marketing ,people gave their health to the sick care system and luciferians who own big pharma .Totally blows me away.Love Karen Kingston a true believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ,amen

  50. Guardian Angel

    “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes.” John 9:11

    Bentonite clay has been shown to act as a detoxifying agent, like zeolite clay. This property is referred to its poly-cationic nature, which leads to absorption of negative charge toxins.

    Monsanto’s Glyphosate AKA RoundUp and other food-deployed carcinogens used in “The Great Poisoning” have set the stage for 600,000 American cancer deaths every year since 1980. Do the math. Thanks to Karen Kingston for explaining how the experimental Pfizer Corona Clot Shots accelerate turbocancers, combining deadly carcinogens from various Beast of Revelation Corporations in the human body. Using the human bodies of consumers to combine deadly epoxy was first exposed by cancer researcher Dr. Samuel Seymour Epstein, who demonstrated how nitrates in cold cuts combine with amines (MEA, TEA, and DEA) in Dial soap, lotions, and shampoos to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.

    Detoxification is almost completely ignored by so-called military industrial complex “doctors” of mass FDA-approved poisonings. Myrrh oil in sacred cannabis anointing oil dissoves clots – especially the “mud” from the bottom of the jar! Enzyme therapy – not limited to Nattokinase – also dissolves clots. Cannabis/myrrh oil dissolves tumors and fights cancer five ways, which is why it is called the Tree of Life in Genesis, Proverbs, and Revelation.

    Yes, unbelievers, Jesus used kaneh-bosem (“kannabis” in Greek) oil to heal the sick in, regardless of Symmachus’ intentional mistranslation. If we are true Christians who are healing the sick, we must follow the example of Jesus and the disciples in Mark 6:13 and James 5:14; not Jewish myths about guarding the tree of life with a flaming sword in Genesis 3:24! How many English-speaking pastors who don’t know Aramaic make, apply, and defend the use of sacred kaneh-bosem anointing oil in the church before, during, and after the pandemic, two or three? What would Jesus think of our refusal to do his will for the sake of the sick and dying from clots and turbocancer? Is “medical” ignorance of a deliberate Bible mistranslation in Exodus 30:23 forgivable when we’re talking MILLIONS OF VICTIMS?

  51. David Woods

    Hello Greg and Karen, Our prayers are with you Karen.
    Perhaps you have seen this recent report of dogs dying of respiratory disease. I recently took my dog for rabies and was offered a Flu shot also. Do you know if there has been a change in dog vaccines, especially flu?

    thanks, David

  52. MichiGanda Janda

    NATO Vs Russia War Next? ‘Preparing For High-Intensity Conflict,’ Says Czech President: Hindustan Times 6.21M subscribers 53,191 views Nov 23, 2023
    The Czech Republic, a NATO nation, has made an alarming declaration on war with Russia. Czech President Petr Pavel said that NATO is bracing for a high-intensity conflict with Russia. Pavel claimed that NATO’s combat actions depend on the outcome of the Ukraine war. He expressed the fear that Kyiv’s defeat would push NATO into conflict with Russia. Pavel even stated that NATO troops are also preparing for a major conflict.

    Jeffrey Sachs ON RISING: The Hill 132K views 2 days ago
    Economist and Columbia University professor Dr. Sachs elaborates on the role the U.S. has played on the Ukraine-Russia war.

    So which is it? Do we follow the Hitlery, Nuland neo-con’s or the Bush military industrials with a complex, Ike, warned us about!? Both those parties have no real skin in the game and they expect the flood on the border to shore up our military. If they the illegal’s don’t take us out first with fentanyl or terrorism, for the Gaza invasion! But we the people are expected to sacrifice our lives first, for they’re botched up Idea’s of a new world order.

  53. Ryan

    The rich are trying to figure out how to become
    immortal. That’s why they’re illegally experimenting on billions of people with the COVID-19 vaccine, which contains self-assembling nanobots made of graphene.

    They’re accessing imaging from inside people and using a private blockchain to record the data results.

    The nanobots help map the human brain and immune system by collecting and transmitting imaging.

    The imaging is sent to regional data hubs via 5G tower relays. The regional hubs use edge computing to pre-process the data, which is then sent to a main hub and committed to a blockchain network.

    At the main hub, AI-powered supercomputers mine the data for patterns pertaining to regeneration, age reversal, and the inner structure of the human brain.

    Most of the people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine die from the experiments being conducted inside their body.

    The point is that the rich are using the vaccine-delivered nanobots to uncover the secrets to immortality. Then they kill the human test

  54. Robert says no

    Last week I had a blood draw for an upcoming Drs visit. My blood flowed slow into the 4 tubes. In the past they filled fairly quickly. The nurse said I’m probably dehydrated. That could be. I haven’t been drinking much water or liquids.

    Fast forward to my Drs visit. My red blood count 6.51, hemoglobin 18.7 and hematocrit 55.4 were high. They’ve always been elevated but this they were much higher. My past doctor blamed it on my sleep apnea. I don’t use a CPAP. I’ve had sleep apnea since my early 20s.

    I’m on Trulicity and was taking synthetic insulin too, but stopped the insulin about 6-7 months ago. My a1c is acceptable with just the Trulicity.

    I’m wondering if the insulin and Trulicity have infected me with LNP’s and that’s why my blood is thicker. My doctor has never been able to verify if the insulin has LNP’s in it. The mfr said the formula is

    a trade secret.

    I’m seeing a hematologist next per my Doctor to see if there’s any serious condition causing the high counts. My oxygen saturation is 96 which is fine.

    I take an 81mg aspirin regularly to thin my blood. The slowness of the blood draw and the results noted above has me wondering if these mRNA technologies are in the Trulicity too as well as insulin.

    I feel fine and high red cell counts can be nothing if explained away by sleep apnea or they can be an indicator of something more serious. My doctor said blood letting is sometimes a remedy but why is it so high to begin with is my question? I’m not vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines.

    Any thoughts

    • Lynda S

      Hi, Robert—

      Hearing about your situation reminded me of a vid by
      Barbara O’Neill – Part 4: Cayenne Pepper and Charcoal (on odysee(dot)com)
      who was raising the anthem on Cayenne Pepper for firing up blood circulation and many other benefits internally. She also mentioned using it topically for wound healing and foot warming/healing, +more.

      She mentioned 2 books for further learning:
      “Curing with Cayenne” and “Back to Eden.”
      The second is an herb book with 1-pg dedicated per herb; where Cayenne has 10-pp to feast upon.

      “Their” marketing tried to “capture” our attention to convince us for the “now” benefits/fixes — but I for one did not look at the long-term “cost” of these man-made items. It is a great cost, not worthy of the price.

      The provision in Nature is pretty amazing as well as interesting to learn of its benefits. We must try our best to preserve ALL of it as it was intended to be, for ourselves and for our posterity.

      Blessings to you!

      • Robert says no

        Thank you Lynda

  55. Sarah

    Thanks always Greg for your continued courage in exposing the truth alongside your incredible guests. God bless Karen! So glad to see her healthy and well. I continue to pray for her and you and all truth warriors. What I continue to question and ask as we learn more and more about the diabolical actions… Did Robert Malone – the self-proclaimed inventor of mRNA – know it was meant to hurt and kill people?!

  56. Jana

    If anyone else is having problems with videos being cut off in Rumble, including this one, I found it on BitChute. This is too important to miss. Thank you for this presentation.

  57. Robert says no

    Has anybody else noticed that videos on bitchute dealing with the corona virus and or mRNA vaccines will not play or if they do play, they stop mid way? I was trying to watch a video with Dr Peter Corey at a recent COVID conference. On one device it would t play. On another it did play but stopped about 5 minutes into the presentation. It wouldn’t restart. I think even bitchute is sabotaging certain COVID related videos.

  58. Barb

    Greg & Karen,
    YES, the mind is and can be controlled with tech.
    I’ve been researching the mindControl aspect of things since the 90’s.
    Here is some interesting info.
    cheers, barb

    “Developments in fiber optics, computers, electronic communications, nano-technology, bio-chips & neuro-electrical research have combined to bring mankind to the point where mankind can be controlled by one centralized monolithic Beast computer. The ultimate mind-controlled slavery is now possible. We are in the first stages of its implementation.”

  59. Earth Angel

    Yes, It is wonderful to have Karen come back to speak and to see her looking so good. A huge Thank You Karen and Greg for the new information and especially the tips for staying healthy and ahead of the evil being launched at us. We must ALL speak out our NON- CONSENT against ALL of it (endless wars, aerosol spray raids contaminating the very air we breathe, the poisoning of our foods and water sources, and the contamination of our bodies and DNA with immoral bioweapon attacks against ALL LIFE on Earth. Its high time to let EVERY government official you can contact and every person you can engage with know ‘WE DO NOT CONSENT’! to this death sentence- LOUD and CLEAR!

  60. Dan Fournier

    Hi Greg, independent investigative journalist and researcher here Dan Fournier. Can you forward the following critical information to Karen?

    It’s about a Jul. 7 , 2020 patent by Moderna – US10703789B2 “Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins.”

    It is complicated, but maybe she can help read/decipher it. From some initial investigation it appears to want to literally modify our genetic makeup (DNA) from ACTG (the four basic acid bases) to ACCCTG (notice the C or 6 is now CCC, or 666 – the mark of the beast).

    In addition there is mention of the use of the compound Luciferase in the patent text (that’s an actual substance that is found in certain fish species to cause bio-luminescence – in other words, it could appear that they want to “inject” Lucifer (whom they worship and call “The Light Bearer”, as you know) in us to reflect themselves as our new “God.” The Luciferase proteins in the patent are indicated as LUC1, LUC2, and LUC3 and each shows the respective acid sequence (see p. 46).

    Who knows what Moderna is planning to use this for

    This could be speculation, and that is why I am looking for some experts who can have a more professional look at this. Maybe she has contacts in labs that can help look into this.

    I have some more information related to this, including another patent.

    God bless you both.


    • Greg Hunter

      I sent it to Kingston, and I cut your email out of this comment for your privacy’s sake.

      • Dan Fournier

        Thank you so much Greg. You are an American hero and true reporter who has been shining the light on truth for well over a decade now. And I, like many others are so grateful for your honest reporting and stellar guest.

        God bless you and your family my Christian brother.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Dan!! You are very kind to say this.

      • S. Revere

        Greg, I wish you would ask Karen how we can check Novacain before having needed dental work done.
        I appreciate finding out it too has been messed with, but it doesnt help if we dont know what we can do about it.

  61. R Lee

    Thank you Greg and Karen for continuing the fight for truth. I wholeheartedly appreciate all the information we receive on this site and many of the comments from the readers. I only have one disagreement with you Greg and that is this. You comment on “wait till the democrats figure out they have been lied to”. It SHOULD matter but I honestly think they are so brainwashed most will never accept they have been the guinea pigs! They will deny the truth just as they deny the truth about Trump, Biden, Newsome, etc. I even have conservative friends who took the jab, have complications and refuse to believe they were poisoned by the jab. Whether its mass psychosis, cognitive dissonance or Stockholm syndrome….the result is the same. Few of them will ever acknowledge they were tricked into taking a harmful injection. Sad but true. I blame the media. People are so indoctrinated to the lies they are constantly told and are too lazy to seek out the truth tellers such as USA Watchdog. Keep up the good work!!

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