CV19 Vaxed are Sick Superspreaders – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter’s

 Dr. Betsy Eads warned about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  She was one of a handful of doctors who told the truth and said everything about CV19 from infection to injection was a lie.  She has been proven 100% correct.  Now, the evil murderous Deep State globalist monsters have a fresh CV19 psyop.  They are pushing a new round of deadly and debilitating injections.  The real story is the CV19 vaxed are the real problem, and we have a “pandemic of the vaccinated.”  There is new evidence that the CV19 vaxed are the “superspreaders” of sickness and disease.  Dr. Eads explains, “There is no new pandemic.  Covid 19 was never proven to exist.  In fact, it’s a bioweapon.  It’s always been a bioweapon.  The variants are bioweapons.  The variants are in the shots.  They are in the patents, and Karen Kingston has proven that.  According to the Oxford Paper that Dr. Peter McCullough quoted recently . . . It’s a study out of Viet Nam . . . It’s proven that the CV19 vaccinated are 251% more likely to carry viral loads than the unvaccinated.  In other words, they have 251% more viral loads in their respiratory tract, mouth and nose.  Therefore, we do indeed have a situation where the “superspreaders” are the CV19 vaccinated.   They are spreading the viruses, the variants and the spike proteins to the unvaccinated.”

Dr. Eads says this means both the unvaxed and the vaxed need ongoing treatment.  Dr. Eads says, “Look, if we have superspreaders who are vaccinated people walking around with 251% more viral transmission . . . that means they are infecting those of us who are not jabbed.  So, even if you are not jabbed, you are going to get transmission of spike protein nano-bioweapon.  You need to get treatment to protect yourself.  So, those that are unvaccinated need to be on Ivermectin and have a detox protocol as well as those who took the jab. . . .Ivermectin is the gold standard.”

Dr. Eads also talks about how her home state of Florida is moving to remove all CV19 vaccines from the shelves because they are deemed bioweapons.  Dr. Eads says the only way to stop this medical murder and tyranny is not to comply with the shots or mask mandates that do not work to stop anything.

Dr. Eads says, “We the People” have to stand up and stop this.  Do not comply.”

Dr. Eads still stands by her prediction that before it is all over, 2 billion will die in the next 5 years because of the CV19 bioweapon vax.

There is much more in the 47-minute interview

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the unstoppable deaths and permanent injuries.  She offers hope and more new treatments for those who got vaxed and for the unvaxed exposed to the shedding from the vaxed “superspreaders” for 9.9.23.

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After the Interview:

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Renowned heart doctor Peter McCullough calls people who got the CV19 bioweapon/vax “presymptomatic superspreaders.”  Dr. McCullough also says, “This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally,” McCullough wrote in a piece for The Defender, a newsletter of Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

Dr. McCullough talks about his more here.

To see what Dr. Mc Cullough says about the CV19 injections causing extreme cancers, click here.

To see the Karen Kingston letter to stop the CV19 bioweapon/vax injections, click here.

Dr. Betsy Eads’ recommended CV19 Bioweapon therapies and Detox:

HCQ/IVM- (You have to pay by check.  No credit card payment available.)

To order Chlorine Dioxide “A” and “B” in a kit, click here.

To find out about Chlorine Dioxide Solution and its inventor, click here.


Clean Slate-

Ener DMG

IV chelation therapy


Aspirin/natto kinase

Turn off 5G/block –

Dr. Eads says to make sure you get clean water, no GMO.

Dr. Eads also recommends and the “I-RECOVER: post vaccine treatment.”

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brave Woman and equally Brave Host!
    We are in troubled times people: stay strong, honest and love each other.


    • Doris

      These lock-downs include more then just an attack on the un-vaccinated – the attack by the Deep State is much wider and includes going after “terrorist white supremacists” – Biden went on TV the other day telling us that it is the “white people” who are the terrorists – knowing full well that “white people” usually don’t vote for Corrupt Demoncratic Commies who want to impose a One World Dictatorial Government upon them – so how did we get to this point in time where Biden can openly go on TV and label “white people” Terrorists on all our national news stations? – well – it goes back to the Bush Presidency (Bush senior “former Deep State head of the CIA” was a big proponent of a One World Dictatorial Government) – and the way Bush “promoted his terrorist story to the American people” was very simple – he simply hired some terrorists to blow up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – which gave him an excuse to send America’s Military “to get rid of the one man in the entire world who hated terrorists with a vengeance” (Saddam Hussein) – and once the Bush’s got Saddam out of the way – the US Government was free to support terrorists all around the Middle East and the world to get the American public on board (and go along with killing and locking up all those who were declared to be a terrorist by the Demon-rats) – which today just happens to be Biden’s “white supremacists” (like all those on Jan 6 who are now locked up simply because they believed in a Constitutional Government and were threateningly waving American flags as they exercised their guaranteed free speech right to shouted out against Election Fraud, Corruption and an illegally imposed Dictatorial Government)!! – so the attack on the American people by the Demons is much more broad based then a simple attack on peoples vaccination status!!!

      • Doris

        Remember also that another reason for the COVID scare is to “get rid of paper cash” (because it is supposedly dirty and spreads disease) – this way the banksters can bring in their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by March of 2024 – this means people only have about six months left to get rid of their “supposedly strong dollars” and buy some physical gold and silver (as more then likely the banksters won’t allow people to buy physical gold or silver with their CBDC’s) – Martin Armstrong’s Socrates computer program is now predicting we will soon see the US “Split Up” (and we will be living in “a Barter Economy”)!! – thus – we should all have some physical gold and silver coins in our possession (which will become very useful for bartering purposes when the US slits up) along with a very robust stockpile (about a year or two) of food supplies – So – Prepare Well and Prepare Now – Time is of the Essence!!! –

    • sam

      Hi Greg. THIs UK MP is the only one speaking out in our parliament. Maybe good for an interview?

      • martin

        My only comment would be this, Never trust any Politician!! No matter what they are saying!! If this gentleman is the real deal… then why isn’t he dead already?? I truly hope he is…. but I would seriously doubt it! for me, they are 2 sides of the same coin…but we’ll wait and see…Truth will always shine out in the end… let’s hope he is the real deal..

    • Joann

      Here is a question to you. We went to and it only accepts mailed cash or crypto currency. We don’t have bitcoin. My question is that people mailed cash bills in envelopes to the website?
      Thank you for what you do and really appreciate you host this site.

  2. Ned Jeffers

    this bioweapon contagion has got to be affecting the hundreds of thousands of porn actresses and actors, both studio contract workers and all the people who stream from home. These people travel on planes a lot going from one orgy to another and probably took the vax in order to travel.

    And just maybe, once they realize what has happened to them, they will repent en mass and praise Jesus as Lord. Jesus said He entered the world for such as these. He did not arrive to save the likes of Michael Snyder from eating too many potato chips. He is here for the hard core sinners.

    Are there any nurses and doctors from Encino, CA, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin or London who can attest to this?

    • Kevin

      I am sure many of those people that did porn took the vax, just like the general population. However it was never required to be vaxxed in order to fly on a plane with the airlines within the U.S.

  3. Mohammad


    I am still putting the spot light on the ominous events happening in middle ease.
    Looks like there is an American intention to close the corridor used by Iran that passes in between the two regions of US bases eastern Syria, one in the eastern Euphrates in the north and one in the southern easter Syria “Tanf base”.
    If the moves by US military materialize in this direction it will be huge game changer.
    However it is odd that SA and UAE have joined the BRICS which is in essence declaring war on the dollar and US , yet US may weakens Iran…does not add up, if US weakness Iran that will embolden SA and UAE position which defeats the purpose, unless SA and UAE are fed up with US policy being lenient with Iran and now US is making a move to convince them to back off BRICS.
    This is huge gamble and chess game going on in M.E. and how the next moves are played it will decide the fate of Dollar ( or postpone it until the alternative is ready).


    • Joe Wong

      Its called Empires RISE & Empires FALL and the USA is really no exception at this point.

      Also, all wars started by the USA after the fall of Communism in 1989 was against Arab or Muslim nations such as Iraq (1990), Syria (2011), Lebanon (1992), Libya (2011), Yemen (2011), Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires in 2001), Somalia (1993), and etc.

    • "Enrico"


      “In the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana in South Africa, British forces, armed with the most modern military equipment, had invaded Zululand and were decisively defeated by Zulu forces armed with spears and cowhide shields. From the Roman Empire to the British Empire, empires collapse from rules and laws that do not work.”

      • Kevin

        The British were defeated at Isandlwana because of their own mistakes. However after that the Zulu did not do too good. They were defeated in just six months starting with the Battle of Rorke’s Drift.

        • "Enrico"

          G.A. Stewart: I suspect that we may see one big event to close out 2023, and then it will be a quick ride into next spring, with the worse to come next Summer and Fall.

          That is the reason I am not too motivated. The real job is getting tougher, and I am qualified to tell you that the movie clip above from the movie Zulu Dawn is not too far from the truth.

          • Tin foil hat

            Tin Foil Hat’s prediction: A committee of bipartisan politicians (W. Bush, Obama, Nikki Haley and Hilary Clinton?) will temporarily take control of the country after the impeachment of Joe Biden and the nervous breakdown of Kamala Harris.

        • Shiloh1

          That is a great movie, too!

    • Tin foil hat

      Trump failed the good people in Syria just as he failed the good people here in America – Syrian Muslins are the ones who saved the Christians from the hands of the terror army of “Criminals In Action”.

      It’s embarrassing that we continue to occupy the oil rich region in northeast Syria since Trump didn’t insist of a complete military withdrawal from Syria as he promised; just as he didn’t insist on “lock her up”, drain the swamp and the viability of HCQ in the midst of COVID.

      I frowned whenever I hear Trump bragged that he defeated ISIS in Syria or his Operation Warp Speed. NO, it was Putin who defeated ISIS in Syria and Operation Warp Speed was a disaster! The thought that I may have to vote for Trump again really makes my stomach turn.

      • Mohammad

        Trump succeeded in defusing all the wars during his term, he cut off the money supply to the rebels and stopped the killing in Syria , he was opposed from day one he took office and we saw downtowns in America burning down fueled by the criminal Soro’s that should be on trial instead of Trump.
        If we are to avert an all out nuclear war Obama is trying to trigger ( he is at the helm) we desperately need to get Trump in WH 2024.
        My 2 cents


        • Tin foil hat

          Trump never cut off the money supply to the Kurdish rebels. The Criminals In Action’s terror army was decimated by the Russian Airforce which the US Airforce (or ISIS Airforce as the late John McCain once jokingly stated) didn’t want to confront. Trump couldn’t cut off the money supply to ISIS since the CIA funded ISIS.

          As the matter of fact, Trump worked with Merkel, who admitted that the Minsk agreements were meant to give Ukraine time, to help build and train the Ukrainian Army for the current conflict in Ukraine. Trump even bragged that he gave the Ukrainian Army advanced weaponry and Obama gave them pillows.

          Trump is not Deep State but he hasn’t done much to fight them other than lip service. DeSantis may be “The One” but ….

      • Earth Angel

        Please stop to realize it is NOT the responsibility of ANY u.s. president to look after the interests of the syrian (or any other for that matter) people?! The job of the u.s. president was chartered to look after the well being and best interests of AMERICA as a NATION and IT’S people! The u.s. military was chartered with defending the BORDERS of the united States ONLY from imminent attack. This nation has no business sticking it’s nose into affairs of foreign nations around the world. This nation and its military were NEVER chartered to be the ‘defender’ of every nation worldwide. This overreach has been going on well before President/General Eisenhower WARNED US all to BEWARE the military industrial complex over 70 YEARS AGO! It is well beyond TIME to HEED HIS ADVICE! I was born not long after he gave that speech- and in my lifetime things have done nothing but spiral farther and farther out of control. Don’t lay blame on President Trump when every single president since Eisenhower gave us that warning has continued to let the MIC continue on its path of destruction & meddling around the world unabated. Which is the nation with more military bases in foreign countries than ANY other? (approximately 800) Which is the nation who always enters another country under the guise of spreading ‘freedom & democracy’ – and then NEVER leaves that nation’s borders? Which is the nation sending trillions of dollars of money that it DOESN’T HAVE to interfere with other nations conflicts or business? America has plenty of its OWN problems needing to be fixed for it’s own populace right here, right now. So don’t hang this MESS on Donald Trump; who so far as I can remember, was NOT engaged in any direct conflicts with any nations during his presidency. I may be wrong on this point and would welcome a correction if Trump was actively engaged in war with another country while in office. (which imo he should rightfully still be in office today).. if so I believe the world, or at least America, would be in a far better situation than we have now. Thanks for hearing my rant.

    • Tin foil hat

      Correction: northwest Syria

  4. Galaxy 500

    Thank you for what you do. I think the only reason I am alive is because of your site. Taking IVer and Nattokinase daily .
    These people pushing these shots are evil. Think about it. They pushed this on pregnant woman. Never in the history of medicine has this been done. They also pushed it on infants and that wasn’t normal either.
    My take on it is they want us exterminated. These shots sterilize children, so the evil bastsrds don’t have to worry about more Christians being born and raised to fight them.
    I pray for these medical monsters and our corrupt leaders to be punished. For God to smite them and lay them and theirs low.
    Keep up the GOOD work Brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!!!

      • Jaun Valdez

        Greg, don’t thank us, most here are here on your free dime! Plus helping you by buying your advertised products and services are for our benefit and life saving in most cases! So thank you, sir!
        Greg, thank you and all you only need in reply is a simple, your welcome. Which all here so feel and always so welcome. In other words Greg Hunter the thanks, is all ours and if you insist on thanking us too, you sir are the most welcome and thank you for such a warm welcome always here at!🗽

    • Harry

      Never in History has this been done – Biden effectively moved our US southern border back – by stating all the illegals who come across our southern border must now stay in Texas (and of-course vote Democratic in 2024) making Texas go to the Demoncrats in the next election? – so what is next?? – cut off Florida from the United States next and build up the number of Demon-rat illegals in that State – to swing Florida to the Demoncratic camp in 2024??

      • Endarry

        “Inquisitive person like bear after honey – sometime find hornets’ nest.”

        (Charlie Chan at the Circus)

        • Harry

          “Something so sweet (recognizing evil) can be music – even to ears being continually buzzed (by Globalist Demons).”!!
          (Charlie Chan’s wife at Bee Farm)

          • Doris

            Where is this Bee Farm located? Seems everywhere!! – Bee Bee Bee – BBB (Build Back Better) –
            You know – instead of “destroying everything” to Build Back Better – why not simply “Improve – What We Already Have (I-WWAH)???

  5. John Duffy

    Building 7

    • Baja

      Caint fix da stupid

  6. Joe Wong


    You can also defeat or reduce this fake virus by STOP eating all of those bio-engineered chickens and GMC (aka Genetically Modified Chickens) and PROBLEM SOLVED.

  7. Mr Mike S

    God bless the truth tellers!
    If they can’t repeat the campaign to jab people….what’s “Plan B”?

    Could be a nuke situation (blamed by MSM on the wrong party).
    Remember what Gerald Celente says:

    “When all else fails. they take you to war!”

    • Harry

      And Part of “Plan B” – is for the Nazi loving officials within our government (now giving billions of our dollars to the Nazi’s in Ukraine) to require the American people to wear “slave masks” (just like the Nazi officials in Germany between 1939 and 1945 forced the Jewish people to wear “an identifying badge” (“to Mark Them for Extinction”) – we Americans “must push back and reject their useless masks” that these Nazi lovers are imposing upon the American people “as a prelude to eventually deporting us to 15 Minute Cities” (just like the Jews were deported “to Killing Centers” from which they could not escape within Germany and occupied eastern Europe)!!

  8. Tim K

    Dr Eads,

    You are my favorite. You answer straight up (one of the very few who do). It is hard to say how many people have died from these death jabs ( although Ed Dowds excess death rate for 21 and 22 is 600,000). Dr Martin states by 2028 free m 70 to 100 million Americans will die. That would mean that about 18 to 20 million per year ( on average will die). Hopefully this can be mitigated, but how will society be able treat that many people?

    Take care , God bless and thanks to Greg for having you on


    • Kevin

      Well I am still waiting to see the first death or illness. Everyone I know that took the jab are still doing fine. No offense to anyone here. Just stating a fact. Obviously the people in my area of the country did not get the same vax as some of the people in other parts of the country.

      • Hickory

        Same here.

        Most people I know are vaxxed, not sure about their booster uptake though.

        As bad as these things are supposed to be I would’ve expected to see some carnage by now.

        I live in a very Blue State, maybe Trump sent the more lethal doses to his Red State fans?

      • Kristin Labbe

        Same here, most of my family and large extended family are vaxed and I see no adverse reactions or deaths. My sister’s husband has colon cancer, not sure if he took the jab. Chemo had him very sick and near death.

  9. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    Thank you Dr. Betsy – I would venture to guess that you have had a very interesting voyage through life – as the song say “every day is a winding road” – but I only want to say you should make sure you are taking good care of yourself – stay rested the best that you can and talk some time each day to rest your mind – I hope that you have people around you that offer a good emotional and safe support system. I do realize that all of you who have stood up and gone against the agenda have been marginalized in so many ways – and perhaps that was never a path you would have chosen to follow but god called – and what could you all do? You answered that call, but it does not mean you get any extra considerations as you walk the walk and talk the talk. thank you

    Greg – do you know what the time factor is – about how long super spreaders remain super spreaders –

    • Greg Hunter

      With 676 million injections in USA alone (13.3 billion globally) it is going on for the rest of most of our lives or until Jesus gets back. Not a joke.

      • Curt

        Greg, where does one purchase Ivermectin? I’m with the VA and they don’t have it?

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Curt,
          I have good customer experience with this supplier.

          • Kevin

            You should be more concerned with who manufacturers it.

            • PersonaNonGrata

              India is the World’s largest manufacturer of Generic pharmaceuticals. India is also one of the largest manufacturers, under license, of branded pharmaceuticals. Ivermectin is a low cost drug – sold for just a few cents per 12mg tablet in many ‘third world’ countries BEFORE the scamdemic. It would cost as much to produce a fake Ivermectin tablet – including copy printed insert, foil wrap, and box, so why bother when you can sell the real thing to ‘first world’ economy buyers at huge profit margins? Dr Ryan Cole said much the same thing when questioned on USAW some months ago.

              Still concerned? The supplier I link to offers MULTIPLE different brands of Ivermectin. If you were running a scam, would you go to the huge and unnecessary expense of faking multiple different types of the same thing? I think not? India used Ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh with outstanding results. I don’t think they used fake Ivermectin.

              Given the population a of the ‘Five Eyes’ countries (US, Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand) are the MOST under attack, I would be more suspicious of the integrity of ‘first world’ produced pharmaceuticals than of those made in India.

              • Kevin

                Not fake. Now being intentionally tainted.

        • Elizabeth Eads

      • Harry

        The Psychopathic WEF Globalist Loony Tunes and their Insane Buddies in the Deep State back here in America think they can “Build Back Better” what God the Father in his infinite wisdom created – and therefore they must first destroy “All The Humans that God the Father Created” (Using Many Evil Devious Means) and Replace Us with their new Sex-less Transgender Creation (an AI Borg Robot) that does not have to eat – therefore they are going about destroying all the food processing centers and killing off all the cows in the world (the same way Buffalo Bill killed off all the meat the American Indians needed to survive) and eventually they will lock up the few survivors “in 15 Minute Cities” the same way they locked up the American Indians on 326 reservations across America!! –

    • Susan D

      Interesting. When I was living in CO same thing. That said, I know 3 people that died of turbo liver cancer, two dropped dead of heart issues, one died in his sleep and another from leukemia. None of them were in CO. Hard to know if the people without effects will be challenged at a later date.

  10. Jake

    Has anyone heard of the self assembly nano technology that is showing up in dark field microscoping? Hearing that supplements and detoxing can feed these technologies. These are in shots, geoengineering and most consumables / commodities. Greg, love your work would like to see a self assemble nanotech expert on the show, not sure who would speak out. First heard about this on Substack. Thanks again Greg

  11. Ann

    We want to start using the Chlorine Dioxide kit. I think I remember Dr. Eads previously saying to use 1 drop each from A and B and use distilled water. Is this correct? I understand this is valuable for treatment of autism as well.

    Also, would Volusia County be one of the 10 FL counties considering pulling vaccines off the shelf?

    Greg, we have such respect for you. You are a real journalist who has stuck your neck out getting real news to the public. You consistently have top notch guests. We love Dr. Eads, and thank you for bringing her on again. Thank God for doctors like her.

    • Bob

      Dr Makis says 72 hour water-only fasts cause autophagy, and clean up spikes and calamari very effectively. Returns diminish after 72 hours, but you can go longer if you want.

      Try that.

      • Elizabeth Eads

        True-intermittent fasting helps

      • Freedom-4-All

        I do 1one 3-4 day fast every month and 24-36 hours once a week. It is the only thing that I can credit for healing the severe broch tube infection I fought for almost a year. The first 24 hours are the hardest.

    • Robert Maloney

      The protocol is online…but yes start with one drop work up to four (follow protocol). Use glass drop A and B in corner of tilted glass shake glass for second and then leave for minute will turn dark yellow brownish then add your distilled water and drink on empty stomach. Just took mine twenty minutes ago.
      Get water distiller..check out 2015 Harvard study on Nicotine too.


      I bought it, heard its very effective but just have no proof if it does.

    • martin

      Please please… Do not take CDS/MMS without first checking out Dirt Road Discussions on telegram…. IVERMECTIN is what you need… and to learn Danny’s full protocols…. There is an autism group on there too… Chlorine Dioxide is ok, but I have used it extensively in the past, an I warn anyone.. It KILLS ALL your good flora etc aswell as the bad! Ivermectin 1.87% horse paste doesn’t!! Trust me, I have done everything in the past with Alternative Medicines!! and “DIRT ROAD DISCUSSIONS” Telegram channel’s Ivermectin protocols are the real deal!! ALL INFO IS FREE!!! and able to listen to REAL PEOPLE (THOUSANDS!) who have cured themselves on these Protocols!! It truly is a miracle!!
      If nothing else, just go and listen to all the testimonies on there!! Good Luck!

  12. Rob

    maaaan, that vax unleashed nothing but DESTRUCTION
    Greg….you should really interview Jessie Czebotar what she is talking about right now is mind blowing, you can find her on Aquarius Rising youtube channel….

    • Bob

      I’m surrounded buy smug vaxers that STINK of spikes and organ necrosis.

      Damn them for becoming factories for this crap.

      I use to turn up to events and hear chatter about “90% of the people in ICU are unvaxed” all the time. Smug chatter. Smiles. Smirks. Satisfaction. Schadenfreude.

      It was annoying. Now it’s my turn, but I don’t feel motivated. These week-minded fools have wrecked our future. What’s the point in rubbing their faces in it?

      • Cassie

        Yes, Bob. All this reminds me so much of God calling His people to separate….. separate…. and “hide thyself for a little while till the indignation be over past.” We just had no idea how much to separate and for how long. Sigh. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

        • Harry

          Just when I was thinking of moving my family to live deep in the forests (as DEW’s weapons can’t seem to attack trees) – Bill Gates comes up with this devious plan to thwart my “protective safety strategy” for my family!! –

          • Endarry

            The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”

            — George Carlin

    • Anne

      Rob, I heard that the activated charcoal kills off a lot of good gut flora too. It could be best to use the MMS and the activated charcoal in an emergency situation, or in extreme cases of toxicity. Or to just use them occasionally. However, mostly any natural medicine is safer and more effective than the pharma stuff. It’s certainly good to have medical supplies on hand to avoid the death camps.

  13. Jim Clavito

    Jabbed people are homo borg genesis. They are owned by the Pfizer, the Johnson and Johnson, the Moderna, Bill Gates, and the Government. They do not have human rightsany longer, are considered as “AI citizens” slaves of the WHO and WEF and they are patented Cyborg. The governments except Chile made them effectively the property of the big pharmaceutical companies, Bill Gates. and governments. Unless the U.S. constitution change to include cyborg to have rights, they do not have any.

    Dr. Eads is correct. They are transmitting spike protein to unjabbed people. They will becoming cyborg as well?

      • Scott

        But the spike proteins need the MRNA receptor to attach and inflict damage. I would be cautious to taking ANY medicine right now – I can test if a piece of silver is real silver, but I can’t test if the Ivermectin I received is real or not – I would not trust anything.

        When I know I am spending a significant portion of time around people I know who have been vaccinated, I will make sure I get more than 8 hours of sleep plus I go on a 2-3 day fast. I let God’s natural remedy to fight any disease in my body go to work…

    • Harry

      Lets call the mask and lock-downs what they actually are: “Marshall Law” (designed to coerce a dumbed down public into voluntarily rolling up their sleeves and taking their “Death Shot”)!!!

      • Harry

        Poor William Shakespeare – seen here: – no he is not the writer, poet and playwright we all know who wrote Hamlet and Macbeth but simply an 81-year-old man with the same name. But Mr Shakespeare when given his jab – could have added some profound words for future generations: “Is this a needle which I see before me or an arrow of outrageous fortune? – Should I take back my arm and protect myself against a sea of troubles? – Or simply not oppose them and just die (and sleep no more)? – Well Mr Shakespeare chose to end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to by taking the jab and two days later he passed away!!
        Am I making “to much ado about nothing”? – the doctors and nurses likely think so (as it doesn’t matter to them as long as they get their $40,000 per month) – as for the Globalist eugenicists – they say “all’s well that ends well” (as another body gets added to the death count)!!!

  14. WD

    Removal of prescribing restrictions on ivermectin

    Australia reduces ivermectin requirements

    • Cassie

      I recall hearing that phyzer bought up all the ivermectin producers. So what’s really added into the ivermectin purchased going forward?

      • Donna

        Is this true?? Dr. Eades, if you’re still here, do you know if this is true? First I’ve heard if so!

        • Greg Hunter

          Is what true?

  15. "Enrico"

    “Dr. Eads still stands by her prediction that before it is all over, 2 billion will die in the next 5 years because of the CV19 bioweapon vax.”

    G.A. STEWART: After the COVID-19 lies, I thought that most people would start to figure it out. The Plan became public in the 1967 book, The Report From Iron Mountain.

    Fifty-six years later, the Internet is now abuzz with plans that The Global Elite are now in the process of culling Earth’s human population.

    I think the evidence is clear that The Global Elite are out to kill most of us and control who is left with disease.

    • Bob

      Jacques Attali said it decades ago.

      Of course the “fact checkers” say he didn’t.

      The above image is from this article.

      I’ve heard it said that we were put on this Earth for one simple reason: to avoid the vax.

      It’s a test so many have failed.

    • PersonnaNonGrata

      Hi Enrico,
      So pleased you brought to light, ‘The Report From Iron Mountain’. I first read about this in ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin. The report came out of a secret study to determine how to control populations in peacetime. One conclusion of the study was to invent the threat of an alien (space alien) invasion of Earth. Overall, it was concluded that ‘we the people’ could be controlled by FEAR. How interesting that the US military has been recently ‘releasing’ (very obscure) footage of ‘UFO’ encounters . . .

      Fear not!

      • Harry

        And the Globalists are currently burning down communities (i.e. in California and Hawaii) with sophisticated “other-worldly weapons” – that can be blamed on “Aliens” at a future date of their choosing “to put fear into the population they so want to totally control”!!

        • Endarry

          The Monsters Are Due On Main Street

          “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices… to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill… and suspicion can destroy… and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own—for the children and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined to the Twilight Zone.” – Rod Serling

        • Endarry


          Is This Why Blue Cars, Umbrellas, Etc Didn’t Burn
          In The Maui Fires? The Frequency Of Blue Is 6.66…

          • Harry

            Blue light has a frequency of about 6.66 × 1014 Hz – Blue light’s frequency is closer to the resonant frequency of the atoms and molecules that make up our atmosphere – and because of its shorter wavelength it scatters 10 times more then Red light in the atmosphere (and therefore the sky look Blue) – as for the fire Red light that gets through (which incidentally Satan happens to have a yen for) its wavelength is around 666 nano meters!!

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Endarry,
            I didn’t take your comment seriously – so I looked it up. Scroll down landing page to see colour frequency chart . .
            You simply can’t make this stuff up!

            • "Enrico"


  16. Jeffrobbins

    In Washington state, i can still get Ivermectin at the farm supply store. (To respond to a comment from a few weeks ago) I looked earlier today. I’d like to present a little different thought here. It’s beginning to look like Covid is the initiating event in a chain of events- like a row of dominoes going down. If enough dominoes fall, lots of people are going to die. The real scary part for me is the notion that the control freaks will create and release a worse disease/ a real disease like a reengineered small pox- rinse and repeat is the real scary version. Covid could have been the trial run, remember the small flap over cash being dirty? It didn’t get much traction. How about the new pandemic treaty that the senate didn’t/isn’t going to ratify? How about ‘meta data’? Just heard about a new law in Britain that makes misinformation a criminal offense. What happened to the trucker convoy money Canada confiscated- template or opportunity for improvement? Musk owning Twitter has to cause a lot of heartburn.- that will be a good bell weather for us to keep our eye on. There’s already some news about that in Europe. Control is the game.

    • Cassie

      Your comment make so much sense, Jeff. Control is the game. Connect the dots, people!

  17. Tabitha Sloan

    Ryan Cole, and Malone are on my do not trust list! Greg, you need to further research Cole and not recommend him to anyone.

  18. Tom

    Thank you for the update, Greg.

    Godspeed to you and yours.

  19. Marie Joy

    Genocided/Democided populations rarely fight back.
    Next, they’ll be dropping the Bioweapon from the skies.
    People don’t dare go into a hospital because doctors and hospitals are in the Mass Murder business. Fauci, Big Pharma and pharmacies are in the Mass Murder business. Any pharmacy, that won’t let you have Ivermectin, wants you dead.
    I have asked my family not to take any “vaccines”. Some do. Some don’t.
    While in the hospital, 20ish years ago, I woke up with a nurse about to give me a flu shot (while I slept). I said no and she didn’t like that.
    Justice will not come from the corrupt justice system.

    • sam

      “While in the hospital, 20ish years ago, I woke up with a nurse about to give me a flu shot (while I slept). I said no and she didn’t like that.”……………
      Kinda “Hard to Believe”….especially 20 YEARS ago?….oh well. claim what you want.

      • Marie Joy

        Why is it hard to believe? Is it because doctors, nurses and the Medical Industrial Complex are so very honorable? I was part of the Medical Industrila Complex for a very short time and I left because of what I saw.

  20. Bob

    I’m in New Zealand.

    We are always so proud when we get a mention!

    Our prime ministers set such outstanding examples.

    Chris Hipkins says nobody got forced to take the vax:

    Jabcinda smirks about vax apartheid:

    This country makes me sick. But where else can I go? The sickness is everywhere.

  21. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to Dr Eads’ interview.

    Off topic – but of vital import. The Lahaina Incident:
    ‘Johnny Sic’ posted a link in the WNW598 comments, to an interview with a 48 year arborist.
    For anyone looking for ‘evidence’ of the use of Directed Energy Weapon/s in the Lahaina Incident, short of an insider whistleblower, the expert observations presented in the video show beyond reasonable doubt that the destruction in Lahaina was NOT caused by a ‘forest fire’ or by ‘super strong winds’. IMHO, this interview is deserving of your time – EVERY Watchdoggers time.

    N.B. The Lahaina Incident was timed to coincide with the much heralded BRICS+ meeting, where it was rumoured that a “gold backed currency” would be announced. Aside from a vicious ‘land grab’, an ancillary motive could have been to intimidate delegates to that meeting. ‘The message: If we can strike Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific, we can strike YOU . . .’

  22. Andrew de Berry

    SO powerful. Thank you both.

  23. David Anthony

    Pure Evil…

  24. PersonaNonGrata

    Ivermectin – and more . . .

    I do not have any commercial or investment interest in the above company. I am simply a customer who has a good experience of three orders successfully delivered.

  25. Bob

    People made a choice not to get vaccinated.

    No one was made to get the vax. They made a choice.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, But most were coerced to get it under the threat of job/income loss. Last I checked coercion is still illegal- and a CRIME. I know that many were fooled into taking the evil jab and were just plain gullible. That doesn’t excuse malice murder. Those of us who were smart or cautious made the choice NOT to take it; however in spite of our wise choices we are still at risk because the evil murdering monsters who did this- did it to ALL of us- as Dr. Eads, Dr. Tenpenny, Karen Kingston, Dr. Kory, Dr. McCullogh, Ed Dowd and many other credible sources point out. The nazi SOB’s behind this scheme NEED to be rounded up and brought before a Nuremburg 2; SOONER rather than later. I commend Dr. Eads and the State of Florida Sheriff’s & legislators for moving on KK’s work to begin confiscating the murder weapons. I hope their neighboring State of Georgia and others will quickly follow suit. Thanks again Greg to you and all your courageous guests for their groundbreaking work on the frontlines for GOOD and DECENCY. It is well appreciated! : )

  26. Greg Petrus

    Clif High tweeted (X’d?) a promising, recent study:

    Fasting for 48-72 hours creates autophagy – body’s detox process that kills COVID-19 vaccine spike protein damaged cells & reboots immune system. mRNA vaccine injured people have damaged immune systems. Fasting creates new immune cells. Autophagy removes cells damaged by spike protein, pre-cancerous cells, senescent cells, damaged mitochondria, protein aggregates, amyloid, prions, misfolded or abnormal proteins. Try a 72 hour water fast to get autophagy detox, immune system reset and stimulation of stem cell production to repair your body.


    • Cassie

      Twenty thumbs up to fasting! We purchased a portable sauna which also helps detoxing.

    • larry giglio

      Hello. I drink city water. I need toxic foods to flush the poisonous water. peace we pray


    If the FDA has admitted that Ivermectin works as an effective treatment.
    , why is an EUA still in effect granting immunity?

  28. Roger Stamper

    tks betsy greg

  29. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads, as before, a brave Dr and a brave host.

  30. Scott

    CONFIRMED. Two near and dear friends of ours in southern California, both elderly retirees, went ahead and got BOTH vaxxed AND boosted – despite our strenuous objections and pleas not to do so.

    We met up with them on three occasions afterward to spend time and visit. On the last two such occasions, both dinners shared together, we would hug them when we said hello and goodbye. After the first of these in December 2021, I developed severe headaches and pneumonia. Like a fool I sought treatment at the clinic for the headaches, which were atrocious. The nurse practitioner at the clinic’s response to every symptom was “you have covid!” and referred me to the ER at San Antonio Hospital in Upland, to which I went. Did I neglect to mention, “like a fool”..?

    There I spent three hours in dungeon-like, freezing cold conditions in their basement facility. The covid swab the hospital used caused quite a bit of pain and would later go on to bleed for TWO whole weeks. A chest x-ray confirmed pneumonia and the x-ray technician took it upon herself to berate and verbally abuse me for not getting vaccinated. Pure bully tactics used on a sick person – can you imagine how I felt? The doctors wanted to keep me overnight with the others like me – and there were a dozen or more – but I refused. They then offered me an experimental anti-viral medication they said “was having good success,” but this I also refused. I feared I would never get out of there but glory to the Lord I did, and my wife drove me home. I was sick like I’ve never been – and I spent significant time in the Third World in the 1990s, mind you – for three months. It was two months before I showed even the slightest improvement. After awhile I thought sure my Divine appointment had come, and I was about to face Jesus Christ the Lord. Thank God I am still here. During my illness my wife also became sick, but it was more like a flu. I slept in a separate bedroom and maintained distance from her in our home while I was sick. She suffered physically but recovered on her own.

    Not knowing where we were exposed to whatever we had, we met our friends for the second time in April 2022 prior to our moving out of California. Again a dinner meeting, and again hugging hello and goodbye. Again afterward I got sick but this time it was more like a nasty cold; my wife, however, developed a serious lung infection from which she couldn’t recover on her own. We went to the clinic where, unlike when I visited the previous winter, they had dropped the covid hysteria. She was prescribed antibiotics and sent home; though she suffered greatly for several days, she recovered, praise the Lord.

    We moved as planned last year but are planning to visit California next spring. In the wake of our illnesses I have told my wife I don’t really want to visit our dear friends in SoCal when we return, as I suspect they are vectors for covid via their vaccinations and I don’t want to get sick like we were, ever again. It hurts a lot because they are wonderful people and we love them very much, but in my judgment we can simply no longer risk it. It is my belief that as vaccinated and heavily boosted as they are, they are infecting everyone else around them via covid shedding. We have no choice but to avoid contact.

    Apologies to everyone for the long essay but this site is the ONLY ONE where this subject is being seriously discussed anymore, and I doubt anyone not associated or familiar with the guests Mr. Hunter brings on can relate to or even understand what I have to say. There is nowhere else I can post what happened to us but here.

    USAWD and Mr. Hunter are to be APPLAUDED for refusing to let this subject quietly “go away,” as so many other so-called “journalists” have sought to do. Please, please, please keep banging this drum, Mr. Hunter! May the Lord bless your important work, and bless you and your family throughout these very troubling times.

    • Mary

      I have had the strangest 18 months since being sick (still ongoing systemic inflammation)…the aftermath of the sickness is like nothing I experienced before..I am much better after a litany of supplements (ivermectin, sweet wormwood (artemisia annua), high vitamin C, black cumin seed oil, andrographis, zeolite, humic/fulvic acid and calcium EDTA in suppository form). I have found a correlation that if I go and sit inside enclosed public places for several hours (a crowded Indian restaurant on my birthday, a comedian/singer at a large indoor venue), for several days afterward I feel like utter crap, exhausted, and everything crashes…I go extra effort to avoid sitting inside crowded public spaces because I am leary of the toxins these individuals are giving off.

    • Tarey

      Thank you for sharing your story, Scott. You’re correct in saying that Greg’s platform is the only one where we can share our experiences. I have many colleagues, friends and family members all vaxxed living in blue state Michigan and nobody is sick , let alone seriously ill. They’re still vacationing and traveling as if nothing has happened. Yet, I know that they received the mrna vax, as I was sick with symptoms of headache and fatigue when I first visited them in summer 2022 for which I took Ivermectin and recovered once I returned to Mexico. It seems nobody is sharing stories, as there are no stories to tell! Was this all by design too? Is anybody else experiencing this?

    • Bob

      Do they smell bad too?

      I have a theory: that they switched and decided to make us wear masks in 2021 because it prevent s people smelling the vaccinated, and they decided it was too obvious that something was going on with the vax.

      A lot of people had a bad smell for weeks after getting the vax. I noticed the booster made them smell different, like a rotten soap smell. The original two shots had more of a sweet garlic and onion smell, but very acrid and nose-blocking. It was a think smell, and felt bio-active, like it was burning or doing something bad to one’s nose.

      I noticed it because I’d go to the supermarket without a mask and could smell it everywhere. If I put a mask on I couldn’t smell it. That’s when I decided that this might be the real reason for the masks.

      I also wonder how many people lost their sense of smell due to damage to the olfactory nerves from the invasive covid swabs. Some people got cribriform plate damage from incorrectly administered tests so it’s not implausible I guess.

      The smell has worn off most people, but fat people and I think diabetics still smell, and some are surrounded by an unholy miasma the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.

      • Harry

        Perhaps people “still walking around” in stores and elsewhere are doing so because they stink of garlic and onion “used to not only kill off the virus but impose an invisible 6 foot barrier around them) – whereas all the people “who don’t smell” are in hospitals on ventilators (waiting to be put 6 feet under) and giving all the nurses and doctors working for the Globalists “extra time” to do their weird “Satanic Dances” (to their God “Moolah)!!

        • Bob

          I know what onions and garlic smell like that these people are not smelling of that.
          It’s an evil smell, and I was only attempting to describe it. In fact it’s a smell unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled. Onion and garlic was just the closest thing I could think of, as a loose description.

    • Mario

      Terrible situation Scott. Sorry to hear of it.



  31. Johnson T

    Are the Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines better than the mRNA ones?

    • Elizabeth Eads


    • Earth Angel

      Are you joking?! At this point NO jab can be considered safe especially any marked for coV (imho) as truthful MD’s are now admitting. We really have no proof of WHAT they are concocting in the mixture. I’m not even sure that we know WHERE these mixtures are being produced or by whom. I now question whether to subject any of my animals to a vax- but I’ll bet those prepared for animals are likely a safer bet than anything they’re jabbing us humans with.

  32. Slide

    We are not seeing the same illness level from the bioweapon in Canada as you are seeing in USA and Europe. Did the Commonwealth become the placebo group in this bioweapon attack worldwide?
    The only thing I know is some women in my local area are getting NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) and brain fog.
    Also my family doctor admitted there has been a significant uptick in aggressive cancers in London, Ontario.
    Mr. Hunter do Dr. Eads, Karen Kingston or Ed Dowd have data from Canada?
    Our fascist “government” is censoring news here so there may be an issue that is being covered up?
    I have contacted Dr. McCullough and fellow Londoner Dr. Paul Marek in the USA but sadly they won’t respond.

    • Mary

      Look for Dr. William Makes, he is a Canadian oncologist with a substack and has been covering extensively…Canada has had scores of young doctors, etc keeling over

  33. Linda Walling

    Which is it? 251 times more (25,100 percent) or 251 percent (2.51 times more)? She said both in one sentence.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s clearly 251% and she said that.

  34. Roger

    I don’t care how many excuses y’all Trumpers make for your Dear Leader.

    The CV19 KillShot as well as the very NOTION of medically tyrannical lockdowns and masking is TRUMP’S ONLY RELEVANT LEGACY.

    The fact that he still has you eating out of the palm of his hand is pathetic.

    Greg will probably censor my 100% factual post because he is a Trump fanboy.

    • Scott

      And yet he didn’t. Free speech is very much alive and well here on USAWD … and you owe Mr. Hunter an apology for making unfounded assumptions.

      • Patricia

        Fauci. Ding Dong.

        • Scott

          I’m talking about Mr. Hunter, Patricia. Roger stated “Greg will probably censor my post” – and yet he did not do so. Not sure what your comment means.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Read the warp speed contract- they lied to him!!!

      • Ken

        Donald Trump by this time needs to at least stop promoting the shots. If he doesn’t know what wreckage this has caused is beyond me. He must come clean about this horrific spectacle and reverse his stance!

    • Quail

      I used to think Obama-worshippers were the craziest, dumbest bunch of political-cultists…until Trump cultists emerged.

      He was the biggest communist totalitarian (him going along w/the Plandemic & everything that went along w/that in 2020 was treason of the highest order) to sit in the White House since FDR.

      His long-standing views on homosexuality make Obama look like a Bible Belt Conservative.

      He added nearly as much debt in 4 years as Obama did in 8.

      He campaigned on Make America Great Again & Drain The Swamp but left the country in ruins & The Swamp more powerful than ever after his cowardly surrender to the BLATANT-OUT-IN-THE-OPEN theft of the election.

      The mentally-gone Joe Biden has shown more spine in going after his political enemies than the alleged stable genius 3D chess-master & NYC tough guy Donald “Fold Like A Cheap Card Table” Trump did.

      It makes me sick to my stomach to see this idiot still filling stadiums & Trump supporters have sunk to shameful levels . These dupes are now willing accessories to the destruction of America–there is no question about it.

      They KNOW what Trump did & failed to do yet make the most absurd excuses for him that would embarrass a child…

  35. Freedom-4-All

    listening to the interview now. But I have a question because I can’t find the answer. What is the recommended Ivermectin dose per pound?

    Thank you

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Weight in kilograms x .2. – daily 5-7 days

    • Jenise

      The dose is different for treating covid & prevention. For prevention it is 9 MG per 100 pounds. Treatment is 400 – 600 mcg( micrograms) per kg. When we had covid we took IVM for 5 days with midday meal. Took 400 MG HCQ AP & PM for 5 days. You can go to the to get more info.

      • Tim Kapsala


        Is the treatment dose 400 to 600 mcg once a day or three times a day?



  36. Linda Walling

    I can’t help but wonder if the “parents” who enrolled their babies and children these studies weren’t parents at all, perhaps they were foster parents and the children were actually under control of the system.

  37. Jamie Kirk

    Please have on someone to speak on behalf of all the persons murdered in the hospitals with morphine, midazolam, and ventilators. This is still going on. My unvaxxed son went into hospital with an expected stay of two days. He was fine, ready to come home and got Covid? According to her it is logical he got it from all the vaxxed medical professionals hovering over him. Then they isolated him from us in intensive care bullied us into agreeing to any treatment they deemed necessary and murdered him that night with four heavy sedatives and a ventilator. This was quite recently and no one even talks about it.

    • Mario

      Sorry to hear of your loss.
      Terrible stuff has happened for sure.

  38. Bill

    Outstanding interview. Thanks Dr. and Greg.

  39. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Dr. Eads………..Bravo

  40. Freedom-4-All

    Greg, as always, great interview. Will relisten tomorrow.

    Also, as I listen to this interview, I need to say that this is the reason Freedom-4-All exists. To help us unite and awaken those still asleep. Everyone, please, PLEASE check out our anti-mask and lockdown shirts at I pay shipping and give 20% off the first order. This site is not a money-making business, but my way of joining the fight. Show the world where we stand.

  41. Mary

    Retired anesthesiologist here. Thanks Greg for continuing to beat the drum on the scam of the millennia. No virus ever isolated and covid is a grab bag of symptoms. It is nothing new under the sun. The masks are disgusting. Judy Mikovits stated early on that 50M would be killed by the shots here in the US and not to wear a mask. I cannot believe so many fell for this and complied. If all these dopes did not comply we would not be in this mess now. Sasha Latypova states the US bought 10 shots per person and if one is “up to date” they would have taken 7 shots so far.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Mary, for your professional analysis! Brilliant in its simplicity!!!

  42. Cindy

    Is Karen Kingston ok? I know she has left the country in fear of her life related to serious threats. Is she still doing the information site? I’d like a link if anyone knows it please.

    • Greg Hunter

      Karen Kingston is safe and OK.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes- she is fine! I’m in constant communication!

      • KJ

        Praise God! I have been praying for Karen. Please let her know she is much loved and cared about. We who appreciate her bring her before the throne of God in the name of Jesus. Please let us know if there is a way that is safe for her that we can be updated on her situation.

    • Harry

      Looks like Alex Jones (like Karen) has left the country in fear of his life and is now giving interviews on Russian TV – most likely trying to get asylum for himself and his family (before the Demon-rats succeed in killing him)!!! –

  43. Barbara

    I’m confused! Are the vaccinated like a GMO now? Is the spike protein part of our DNA? (Like glyphosate is to crops).

  44. Country Codger

    Dr. Eads,
    You are a patriot, a hero to many and as far as I am concerned a National Treasure.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you

  45. Ronald Edberg

    Let us use logic and common sense. Either we prove something or we need to act now.

    Youtube–> Logic Before Authority, I Pet Goat II, decode [9/11 no 2 via nukes]

    Mr. Daniel Cannon has done an outstanding job of decoding these message from the ptb, who can ID, if you want-they have been running this world for two thousand years in their present form

    23 September 2023: three nuclear detonations on NCY, Philidelphia, and the Distrcit of Columbia via missile from a rogue sub:
    The Chinese and Russian have stated that they each have los or have had serious accidents of one of their subs via the above web site disclosure AND IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO MR. CANNON IS, JUST DEAL WITH THE FACTS, THE DECODE, PROVE HIM WRONG OR ACT NOW. HOWEVER, PART OF THIS INFO HAS ALREADY BEEN TAKEN DOWN.








  46. Mike Johnson

    I am fortunate in that I have been able to find a local feed store that carries the 1.87% Ivermectin paste. It comes in a syringe like tube with the plunger marked in 250 lb increments so you can figure out how much to give your horse. As most people weigh 250 lbs or less just using the 250 lb increment should be good for most people. The tubes contain enough paste to supply five X 250 lb doses. Slightly altering the advice of Dr. Korre I take one dose every 3 days. Price isn’t too bad. Depending on brand roughly $8 per tube, thus about $16 per month for one person. My only complaint is that their idea of what an apple tastes like doesn’t match up too well with my idea of what an apple tastes like. It doesn’t taste bad, it’s just doesn’t taste that great either.

    • Self Exiled

      I have been doing same only not so regularly as I live in the Philippines and do not have unlimited access. I put this apple (????) flavored delight between an Oreo cookie. Not to bad, of course I back it with another Oreo. I also use occasionally and for illnesses a nano silver in distilled water solution through a respirator at slightly above 10 parts per million. It takes a while, last visit to the doctor was asthma. I was given prescriptions and told I would be put on a maintainense drug. Not. Went did nano silver for 2 weeks. Gone.

    • martin

      U need to Join “Dirt Road Discussions” telegram channel… and learn how to do the Ivermectin 1.87% protocol correctly… as from what you mention here , you are not. AND…it’s free info!! no snake eyed salesmen trying to sell u stuff and info!! thousand of real peoples testimonies on there to listen to and learn…
      It has totally changed our lives… and saved them too!
      Good Luck

  47. Susan R

    Excellent Dr. Eads interview. One point made about the death total in 10 years being 4-8 billion, the current world population is a little over 8 billion. Game play that one fact and what can be visioned is catastrophic.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      That was Mike adams prediction without any treatment! It was 4-6 billion

  48. Graham Morton

    Thanks so much Greg, this explains every time I go to help my fully vaxed mother in law each week I come away coughing with some sort of bronchial virus which takes a week to get rid of (with Ivermectin).

  49. Lawrence Baker

    I am proud of you Greg and the job you are doing. Zero Hedge covered the story of the bioweapon covid lab in California and the plane to weaponize mice re3leased in the homeless population that would kill them off. Also, the matter of the $2,200 a month that the illegal immigrants are receiving. Both subjects are scrubbed from the internet search browsers and mentioned only by a few alternative internet sites. Would you please mention these subjects?

  50. Jered

    In Revelation, God warned the end time world how Pharmakia would murder 1/3 of the world’s population by their toxic crown spike protein white horse attack against humanity. No one can blame God for not warning them against Pharmakia.

  51. William Robert Barnes

    I want to notify my county sheriff using Karen Kingstons letter but I am confused regarding what to put in the blanks of the following from her letter.

    On behalf of ____________, I am demanding that COUNTY LAW ENFORCMENT issue a cease and desist to immediately stop distribution, promotion, access and administration of COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections to All NAME OF COUNTY Vaccination Facilities by _____ and to seize their mRNA nanoparticle injections inventory by __________.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Your county citizens
      Date of action blank 2, 3

  52. tactical tim

    WEF released a time-line of their plandemic 2023-24:

    d-day is Wednesday 13 September 2023 just a couple days after 911 anniversary. So the stockmarket could rally on Sept 11 into 12th and get people think that that ominous day is behind them, bullmarket ahead. And then … the trap door opens on the 13th.

    maybe Bo Polny could add his two-bits

  53. Southern Girl

    My great nephew, who is 4 years old was in and out of ER and then admitted to ICU. Both parents and grandparents are all jabbed. They said he had Mers, croup, and something else. They went into the operating room to clean out his throat. They administered propofol and fentanyl because they put a breathing tube down is throat. It took him days to come out of the stupor from the medication. I’m wondering if he picked up the crap from the family. My siblings were all so proud they got the jab and even posted photos on group chat. Jesus, Mary and Joseph I pray every day they stay healthy.
    My youngest sister the nurse and hubby who were jabbed are now sick for the 6 time. DO THEY LISTEN TO ME? I offered them Ivermectin,,,, no thanks. I have not been sick once. When I’m around a lot of the jabbed I supplement it with Ivermectin.
    If you need some, I have used this company successfully 3 times. It is $80.00 for 100 pills 12mg. and $30.00 for shipping.

  54. S W

    A study showing 50% of fully vaxxed no longer have the spike protein after 187 days.

    Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Possible molecular mechanisms
    A total of 60 people, 20 full vax, 20 unvaxed negative for covid and 20 unvaxed that were positive.
    They found the spike proteins in only 50% of the vaxxed at 187 day. The unvax had no sign of the spike protein, that is good news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Michael Yeadon MD (who worked for Pfizer for 20 years brining new drugs to market) said there was no off switch. Permanent edit to your DNA!

  55. Southern Girl

    The worst part is I cannot go to my church or participate in any Parrish activities. I cannot go back to the Senior Center either. Those people have all been jabbed. I have found other ways to volunteer. In the past tried to go to birthday parties from the church and took Ivermectin. Well, I could not even leave the party without having a bad bout of diarrhea. Thats how I know if they are shedding on me. It is just necessary to find smaller groups were maybe only one or two have been jabbed. The worst part is this WILL NOT change. I don’t know why I am so highly susceptible. Anyone out there have this problem like I do?

  56. Mary Kay Mason

    I had COVID two weeks ago. I went to my local urgent care and insisted on a script for Ivermectin. Finally, the doctor agreed. He ordered ONE 2mg tab daily for 5 days. He totally disregarded my weight in dosing! I should be receiving FIVE 3 mg tabs a day for five days. I complained and the nurse hung up on me. Thankfully I had ordered Ivermectin at FLCC and began to take it. My fever stopped on day one of taking Ivermectin. I was cured with in five days.

  57. AndySmith

    It’s not a virus. Viruses have never been proven to exist and no one has claimed the one million dollars put up to prove viruses.
    It could be a lab-made bioweapon pathogen of some sort, but not a virus.
    When anyone uses to worl virus I turn it off.

    • Ken

      Bingo…Direct Hit…I’m having the same problem as well. Unfortunately so many of these doctors actually believe in virology and germ theory to the point of being in a cult. As we both know big medicine/big pharma will go to extreme lengths to maintain the virus theory. I certainly would enjoy Greg having Dr. Samantha Bailey as a guest it certainly would be a giant step forward! Thanks

  58. tactical tim

    Trump & Son (comedic spoof on Sanford & Son)

    Philippians 4:8

  59. Rodster

    “Video: Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents”

    Excerpt: “So in the Pfizer documents, there’s a chart,” detailed Dr. Wolf.

    “And as a woman, this is one of the most painful things to see. And I’m Jewish. And my grandmother lost nine brothers and sisters to the Holocaust. So I don’t say this lightly, but this chart is a Mengele-type of chart. It’s Mengele science.”

    “Why is it Mengele science?” she asked. “Because they break down 20 different horrible things that can happen to women’s menstruation.”

    More reproductive adverse events are listed here.

    Here’s a fraction of the 20-something different ways Pfizer admits the mRNA jab can dysregulate or affect women’s reproductive health:

    Heavy menstrual bleeding – 27,685 cases
    Menstrual disorder (pain, heavy bleeding, or absence of menstruation) – 22,145 cases
    Menstruation irregular (irregular cycle lengths) – 15,083 cases
    Menstruation delayed – 13,989 cases
    Dysmennorhea (pain during menstruation) – 13,904 cases
    Intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding in between periods) – 12,424 cases
    Amenorrhea (absence of period) – 11,363 cases
    Polymenorrhea (multiple periods) – 9,546 cases
    Vaginal hemorrhage (excessive bleeding of the female reproductive system) – 4,699 cases.
    Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) – 3,437 cases
    “I’m looking at ruined lives,” grieved Dr. Wolf.

    • Harry

      The “bio-engineering queers” are in the laboratories formulating devious ways to attack women where it counts – while the “political queers” are rapidly passing laws to cut off the sexual organs of our children – and still – so many dumb people just don’t get it – it is easy to identify the idiots who don’t get it yet (they have rainbow color hair and are running up and down the halls of our schools yelling Gay! Gay!! Gay!! and carry big Pride signs “trying to recruit more morons to their cause” (which is the “Complete Extermination of the Human Race”)!!

  60. ron martin

    Dr Eads, Karen Kingston, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Ruby and many others fighting the toxic shot are heroes but beware of Dr McCollough. He is a sheep in wolves clothing. He not only took money from Pfizer but has now founded a scam company named “The Wellness Company” that markets all kinds of supplements that are overpriced and available at cheaper prices everywhere. He advertises his products on Zerohedge and other conservative sites because that is where most of us anti-vaxxers can be found. He is not none of us folks so beware!

  61. Anti-Atomist

    The weak you have not strengthened, the sick you have not healed, the injured you have not bound up, the strayed you have not brought back, the lost you have not sought, and with force and harshness you have ruled them.
    Ezekiel 34:4

    • Self Exiled

      God’s verbal pin point accuracy. Thank You.

      There is no man who has power and authority over the spirit to retain the breath of life.
      Nor does he have authority over the day of death;
      There is no discharge In battle (against death),
      And evil will not rescue those who [actively seek to] practice it.

  62. SWRichmond

    Am I reading this right?

    New Onset Multiple Sclerosis Post-COVID-19 Vaccination and Correlation With Possible Predictors in a Case-Control Study

    In this study, it is proposed that the COVID vaccine can trigger the immune system which helps with self-antigens production of CNS in susceptible people. Also, this study showed that there were significant correlations between the following risk factors and developing MS post-COVID-19 vaccinations: Pfizer vaccine, low serum level of vitamin D, positive EBNA1-IgG, and family history of MS. These risk factors can be used as significant independent predictors for developing MS post-COVID-19 vaccinations. “

  63. TJZ

    Good evening Greg,

    Thank you Dr. Eads and thank you Greg! God bless you both for all you do!

  64. Nina

    At the 2:44 mark, Condoleezza Rice lays out the 3 principles of a tyrant. 1) Fear, 2) Government looks invincible and 3) no alternatives. She’s talking Putin but it’s also Biden’s globalist agenda actually, the whole western world.

    I think we must do the reverse to fight tyranny. Fight fear, know the government is not invincible ( they are actually incompetent, Believe me I know. I’m a retired federal law enforcement officer and correctional RN ) and create alternatives.

    Something also needs to be done about Emergency Declarations at a federal level. It should not override Constitutional Rights, EVER!

  65. larry

    Funny how these same md’s are outraged about covid…they know that patients w fibromyalgia are about 5% of the global population…the ailment is blah blahed when these people actually suffer agony….and the cure is over the counter…but these same good docs will not suggest it….the medical cartel method to keep patients confused is enormous and purposeful…the over the counter cure will result in loss of income for the cartel they all serve…..all docs are ultimately whores…..ask them when they drink….

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Larry,
      Please advise – what ‘over the counter’ remedy for fibromyalgia?

      • larry

        Not a remedy a cure addressing the etiology……The good Docs know of it….and never mention it…they sell palliative junk and waste the lifetime of millions of disabled….the road to ruination and suicide and drug abuse feeding homelessness industries…glta

  66. Ned Jeffers

    if on TV appears sleezy Joe Biden sits in front of a class-room while a teacher tells the kids words pertaining to pandemic/medical/masks/vax, then you got to know it’s imminent that Obama gonna release another bioweapon.

    remember on 11 Sept 2001 W Bush sat with a smirk on his mug while the teacher taught: “planes”, “hit”, “steel”

    George W Bush paraded that he was bornagain. This was an indication of him being a false prophet. Beware the false prophets.

  67. sunny

    Stand up, speak out and be God’s witness against the followers of this evil. They will then no longer be able to say they didn’t know.

  68. Steve Jacobson

    What are the thoughts on Dr. Ardis’s use of nicotine as a remedy for Jab symptoms?

  69. Steve Bice

    Excellent…and frightening…article of vaccine-induced autoimmunity.

    The number of ways this can go wrong is astounding. Long, but worth the read…

  70. MS

    My friend who is a 39 year old male and UNvaccinated just had a pulmonary artery clot last week. The clot went through his heart and got stuck in the artery. He had absolutely no health issues.

    He is being treated and is doing fine now. He could have died. If you are unvaccinated, you are still at risk.

    • The Seer

      Arterosil and c60 work. Might have been caused by many things.

  71. Colleen

    Dr. Eads or anyone in the know,
    Is it medically safe to use Novocain as a pain numbing agent when having dental work done? Are there contaminants in Novocain? Thank you.

  72. Jimmy

    Hi, Greg. Thank you for the interview with Dr. Eads. It was informative. I’d like to see Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, Deborah Tavares, and Mark Passio on your show. They may give different perspective on what is happening now.

  73. FreeBirdJD

    Dr Eads mentions FeNbendazole (Panacur) which Joe Tippens used , per a veterinarians recommendation, to cure himself of Stage 4 Lung Cancer. This protocol is now a worldwide phenomenon in curing various cancers that traditional medicine gave up on.

  74. Self Exiled

    The LORD has made everything (to accommodate itself and contribute) to its own end and His own purpose — even the wicked [are fitted for their role] for the day of calamity and evil. Proverbs 16:4. Like Greg says ” God is firmly in control “.

  75. Jeremiah

    “Woe to the shepherds (civil leaders, rulers) who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” says the LORD. 2Therefore thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, in regard to the shepherds who care for and feed My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them; hear this, I am about to visit and attend to you for the evil of your deeds,” says the LORD. Jeremiah 23 : 1-2

  76. Frank Cooper

    American Journalist Reveals Shocking TRUTH About Ukraine War
    Cyrus Janssen 233,756 views Sep 10, 2023
    When will the Russia Ukraine War end? It’s a question everyone in the world is wondering. To help us better understand what’s really happening in Ukraine, I sit down with American journalist Patrick Lancaster who discusses the latest updates on the Russia Ukraine War.

  77. GreenPeas

    Archbishop Vigano says we are at war, a war which is a prelude to the apostasies of the End Times spoken of in sacred scripture.

    ( 2:20 clip )

  78. Ken

    How in the world is it possible that Dr. Eads is able to maintain a Facebook account?? With what she is stating would have been throw off months ago as so, so many before her for stating far, far less explosive information. Thank You I’m very confused!

    • GreenPeas

      God is in control.™ – Greg Hunter

    • Fergie

      Time and Unforeseen Occurrence

      In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote: “I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor.” Why? He explained: “Because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.”​—Ecclesiastes 9:11.

      As the Bible says, “time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.” No matter how well- accepted or not one may be, there are always some unexpected elements, unforeseen, that may affect the outcome of any endeavor, and it has nothing to do with fate. Better look both ways when crossing a street.
      Maybe somebody up there likes Dr. Eads. Alvin York used to say, the LORD works in mysterious ways!
      When Alvin’s sister asked her Ma, what they were fighting in Europe fer, mother York replied.
      I don’t rightly know, I don’t righty know!
      How in the world is it possible that Dr. Eads is able to maintain a Facebook account??
      I don’t righty know!

  79. Farley Gunther

    Renown Doctor Breaks Silence On COVID Boosters
    Story by Mike Fishmore • 1h
    You don’t like seeing the young folks keeling over, eh?
    Ok Doc, Just knock off the old useless eaters! Jesus said it, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved and you Doc, are proof!

  80. sheila wootonn

    Does anyone know if ivermectin causes anemia? Does zeolite spray cause anemia?

  81. Ned Jeffers

    Jeremiah 29:11-14 is read aloud by Donald J Trump every morning:

    For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for prosperity and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will let Myself be found by you,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will bring you back to the place from where I sent you into exile.’

  82. Clot Shot News?

    International goalkeeper Naomi Mendoza passes away aged 17
    Story by Michael Rudling For Mailonline • 7h

    Country Music Legend Dead At 59
    Story by Troy Smith • 4h

    Charlie Robison, legendary country music singer-songwriter from Texas, has tragically died at the age of 59. Robison reportedly died in his home located in San Antonio, Texas after suffering a massive cardiac arrest.
    AP reports on his death….

    • Rodster

      And no one wants to connect the dots. Pure evil !

  83. GreenPeas

    Hydroxychloroquine: Summary Of Evidence – America’s Frontline Doctors Conference 2

    the vax pushers hate HCQ because of its manifold utility

  84. Mohammad

    I have been noticing a barrage of articles on yahoo and YouTube videos directing systematically the anger at the police.

  85. GreenPeas

    couple precautions about HCQ and IVM (Ivermectin)

    HCQ – it is recommended to get an EKG test and an opthamological (eye/retina) test to determine that one is not one of the few people for whom HCQ is contra-indicated due to adverse risks. These tests are quick and easily done as part of routine checkup.

    IVM – good to follow-up with pro-biotics supplementation (and fibers, pre-biotics) to preserve a vital gut microbiome. Regular use of IVM could impact some gut bacteria. This could negatively affect mood and digestion. Cf. gut-brain axis, and the role of the microbiome in serotonin production. Clif High is a big fan of probiotics and has reported on them.

    zinc – with time regular zinc supplementation can off balance copper. Thus, there are supplements which present a ratio of these minerals. Clif High posted online his supplement use indicating he uses a balanced supplement such as this.

  86. I

    Dr. Eads – beauty, brains and compassion.

  87. I

    I went on the FDA website and looked to see if Ivermectin was approved, but could not find anything. I search a couple of different ways, but came up short. Looked on the web too, but could not find anything either.

    Maybe it’s so new that it hasn’t appeared on the web pages yet?

  88. Ezra Dreiser

    accdg to Bill Gates and also Martin Armstrong booze is in highest demand during social panics. crises:

    Problem –they both assume that there will remain normalcy of infrasctructure, finance and commerce.

    But what happens when there is a simultaneous financial, credit breakdown (cf. Rick Ackerman, John Rubino, Bill Holter) and booze cannot readily be distrubuted, esp when critical foodstuffs require shipping? … That makes the cases of liquor you acquire today a barter good that could make you the warlord of the neighborhood.

  89. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Can’t believe I just got this email:
    What You Need to Know — Medicare, COVID Variants and Vaccines
    Join AARP for an essential health and well-being live Q&A event with U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra, Leigh Purvis and Dr. Anand Parekh to discuss: Medicare Drug Price Negotiation and the initial drug selections; Older adults and respiratory vaccines, including RSV, influenza and COVID; New COVID variants and rising hospitalizations. Join us online or sign up to join on Thursday, Sept. 14, at 12 p.m. ET.
    What really bothers me is their membership in WEF:

    • JayJay

      You do know AARP supported Barack.

  90. Thomas J Fiust

    Thank you Dr. Betsy Eads for steadfastly pursuing the truth about the scamdemic. Here in Honolulu, the spineless populace are masking up again. Truly pathetic to see Americans complying to tyranny. Yet the State of Hawai’i is probably the most corrupt state of the union. These jabbed and masked locals are retarded zombies. The people of Mau’i got what they voted for. Lies, corruption, and cover-ups.
    Aloha from O’ahu

  91. LondonCenter

    Trump Wanted U.S. Out Of NATO!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 70,681 views Sep 11, 2023
    Among the list of Biden administration accomplishments, the expansion of NATA is usually mentioned prominently by the President’s supporters. And that represents a stark contrast with Donald Trump, who at one point during his presidency declared an intention to pull the U.S. out of NATO entirely. But he soon backtracked, which has led a number of observers to speculate about what might have changed Trump’s mind.
    Jimmy and Craig “Pasta” Jardula, along with special guest comedian Chrissie Mayr, discuss whether the powerful military industrial complex interests that support NATO somehow “got to” Donald Trump. 1.24M subscribers Subscribed 6.1K Share Download Thanks

    Buckle Up: This White House MISTAKE Will Hurt Americans
    It’s Gettin Biblical Folk’s!
    Stephen Gardner 69,413 views Sep 11, 2023
    The European Union’s leader has proposed the idea of a Global Digital ID, which would allow governments worldwide to monitor their citizens. While it’s framed as “keeping track,” it raises concerns about potential surveillance and control. The plan involves countries contributing funds to establish this system, overseen by the United Nations. Critics liken it to dystopian scenarios, like the “Mark of the Beast” from religious texts, as it could enable extensive tracking, restricting access to basic necessities for those with dissenting opinions or unvaccinated individuals.
    Former President Donald Trump is making legal moves in response to criminal charges related to the 2020 Georgia election. He seeks to dismiss some state-level charges and is exploring the possibility of moving the case to federal court, where he may benefit from certain legal protections. Trump’s legal team argues that Judge Tanya Chutkan, who oversees a federal case related to the 2020 election, may not remain impartial due to her stated opinions about him.
    Meanwhile, President Joe Biden faced criticism for commemorating 9/11 in Alaska instead of at the memorial site in New York. His inaccurate recollection of visiting Ground Zero on the following day drew scrutiny. Biden’s administration also canceled seven oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a move criticized by former Trump official Larry Kudlow.
    Other notable news includes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, concerns about individuals on the U.S. terrorist list entering the country, the banning of guns in New Mexico leading to calls for the governor’s impeachment, Venezuela seeking Chinese funding for oil refinery reconstruction, a devastating earthquake in Morocco, and discussions around reparations for black Americans in California.

  92. L.C.

    Trump Wanted U.S. Out Of NATO!

  93. Earl Sanwich

    RIGGED ELECTION! Robert F. Kennedy Jr Enraged With DNC, Biden Rigged Election Josh Anderson 234K views 1 day ago
    Hey folks, the Uniy party, deep state creeps want to run the Washington gravy train, they don’t want we the people,[taxpayer’s] running the show. So it’s gonna be another steal to keep they’re puppet and pulling his strings, making his moves to a fascist corptocracy of big biasness and government of Jack Smith David Wiess Jackbooted thugnocracy!! Remember the Alamo and remember Seth Rich and shame on our sellout Bernard Sanders. Now a Colonel Sanders chicken in a bucket!

  94. lara bell

    RFK JR Campaign Wants DNC To PROMISE Party ELITES Won’t Rig Process, Could LEAVE Party The Hill 69K views 13 hours ago
    Journalist for Semafor David Weigel discusses how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is being sidelined by the Democratic National Committee.

  95. Cliff Bondi

    Elon Musk GOING TO WAR With Anti-Defamation League!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 73K views 2 days ago
    The Anti-Defamation League, an organization founded to combat prejudice against Jews, has set its sights on Elon Musk, accusing the Twitter-now-X CEO of allowing and encouraging rampant antisemitism on the site. In return Musk has threatened to sue the ADL for defamation after he alleges the group scared off 60% of the site’s advertisers.

    • J. Loughran

      Thanks for the Real News.

  96. lara bell

    EXPLOSIVE! New details in the JFK assassination & RFK, JR responds
    Redacted 93,854 views Sep 11, 2023
    EXPLOSIVE! New details in the JFK assassination, and now RFK, JR. is responding. On Saturday, 88-year-old former secret service agent Paul Landis gave an exclusive interview with The New York Times where he shared he shared his revelations regarding what happened November 22, 1963. And it turns out he’s the one that picked up the magic bullet from the back of the President’s limo. This completely upends the story around the magic bullet and undermines The Warren Commission.

  97. Marie Joy

    AMMO UP. At the moment, we are at their mercy. We have made little to no attempt to defend ourslves against an increasing aggressive genocidal world government.

  98. Cliff Bondi

    Back to the WAR:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Russia’s Hellfire Fazes Biden; U.S. May Backtrack On Abrams Tanks Supply To Ukraine | Hindustan Times 129K views 1 day ago
    The U.S. has reportedly cast doubt on tank supplies to embattled Ukraine. The apparent reason behind Washington’s unease is Russia’s roaring attacks. A U.S. magazine reported that the American government is in two minds about supplies. The U.S. and Europe have begun to “question their arms effectiveness” in Ukraine.
    ___________The Whispering Mob Boss
    Now JOE THE peace PRESIDENT?
    – Happy Days Are Here Again

    US. Falling Behind, NATO Caught With Iskander Pants Down?
    Years of Western Decadence and Infighting Schiff Show, Taking it’s Toll?
    Western Spike Proteined brains can’t win wars, can they?

    Russia’s Iskander Flattens Ukraine Command Post; Ruthless Strike Caught On Cam
    Hindustan Times 79,629 views Sep 11, 2023
    The Russian Ministry of Defence has released rare footage of Iskander in action. The video shows the ballistic missile system off-roading from a shelter to a launch position. Russia pulled out its deadly weapon after locating a camouflaged Ukrainian unit. The Ukrainian command post was carrying out ‘secret attacks’ on Russian armed forces. Following the detection of the unit, Russia tasked its Iskander crew to carry out the operation. In a precision strike that Russia called ‘mastered to perfection,’ the Ukrainian command post was completely decimated in the combat operation. SHOCKING:

  99. Frank Miles Speech

    ‘People would clutch their pearls’: Megyn Kelly on Trump’s 2016 news coverage
    Sky News Australia 21,144 views Sep 6, 2023
    Sky News contributor Megyn Kelly says former US president Donald Trump kept winning in 2016 by dominating the news coverage and saying controversial things.
    “People would clutch their pearls, but his poll numbers would go up every time and nobody else could get any air time,” Ms Kelly told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “The controversies no longer resonate – we are used to Trump, he doesn’t shock us so much anymore.”

    NATO: Peacekeeping Organization or the Reason WW3 is Closer Than Ever Before?
    Valuetainment 698,839 views Sep 11, 2023
    Patrick Bet-David explains the history of NATO, highlights the pros and cons of the organization, and answers the question of whether or not NATO is still needed today.

  100. Robert K

    1 day after the FDA approves yet another covid booster due to “rising cases and hospitalizations”, the LLM is pushing this shit on their morning broadcasts using fear porn to urge their audience to get these shots one year after the omicron scam.

    The scamdemic never ends and will continue to ramp up as 2024 approaches and the next election, if they don’t take us to war first or create an actual pandemic…

  101. Ned Jeffers

    “Then they will hand you over to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name.” — Mt 24:9

  102. Marie Joy

    CT is the 13th state considering a Trump ballot ban. Found that on Zero Hedge.

  103. Warren Willcox
    I would say a very large payday is going to come the families way if everything was documented correctly!

  104. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    The ‘Great Awakening’ is accelerating!
    Just found this testimony from Registered Nurse Jennifer Bridges to the Texas Senate:

  105. PersonaNonGrata

    The Great Awakening continues worldwide. Ireland’s national television station RTE – equivalent to the BBC in Britain – had truth bombs dropping on live TV . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Watchdoggers,
      Both the above links (videos) worked when I first posted them. Just checked and not working?! Hopefully, the ‘technical difficulties’ will be overcome soon . . .

  106. The Cronic

    Oil keeps climbing but gasoline remains flat. Wonder how much of the strategic reserves we are running on since The Biden was installed?

  107. GreenPeas

    behold, the Apocalypse has arrived:

    streets of Philadelphia – demons in control

  108. William Robert Barnes

    in adapting the Karen Kingston letter to send to my Texas county sheriff I was stymied by the final two sentences referring to Florida State law. There appears to be no comparable law in Texas. Is there substitute general use sentences that can be used? I realize that this is a question for Karen Kingston, but I have to way to contact her.

  109. Claude Joseph Will

    One thing I would have to disagree with is the comment that no vaccines work. If that were the case, millions of people would still be dying from Polio, Smallpox, and other diseases that have been eliminated in all first-world countries.

    I disagree with vaccines that modify DNA; I also disagree with how many vaccines they give to children. When I was a child born in the late 80s and spent my early childhood in the early 90s, the amount of required vaccines was minimal.

    I had the initial two Moderna shots and developed a heart condition that was serious at first, I have been taking NAC, D3, Zinc, and Ivermectin which I get in pill form from outside the United States since May of 2021, and everything has reduced to a minimum. The ivermectin you can get from India is real. It is an over-the-counter medication in other countries, much like aspirin in the United States. I found the link to where I bought my ivermectin at It is on that website, and I trust it.

    I am highly intelligent and know how to think for myself; I don’t believe everything anyone tells me, and I know how to conduct real research. I don’t waste time watching mainstream media unless there is severe weather; I may go to the weather channel site to look for any warnings, as we have tornados where I live. If anyone tries to say anything negative towards me, you are wrong for even replying to my post. I have a friend who has a Ph.D. and has been a biochemist for over 35 years but decided he wanted to move into IT, so he got a master of IT but happened to get called back when COVID came along. He disagrees with the COVID-19 vaccine as much as anyone here or anywhere else would. As far as graphene oxide goes, there is something in the works that can completely dissolve that and eliminate it from the human body. The VA got me to get my vaccine before anyone knew anything about it.

    • Jerry

      “If anyone tries to say anything negative towards me, you are wrong for even replying to my post.”

      Interesting statement!

  110. Mike

    Ok she stands by her prediction of 2 billion over the next 5 years. But you MUST clarify: 5 years starting WHEN?? 2021? 2023? Greg we need you to nail this down. Are we talking 2 billion dead by the end of 2025 or by the end of 2028? Do current statistics support this? I believe it is basically true I just want very clear explanation. Don’t just throw out sound bites with no clarification. Please. Thank you.

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