Dark Dollars Propping Up Failing System – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says few people have any idea how many “dark dollars” are out there. Kirby explains, “When you start talking about how many dollars there are in the world, nobody really knows.  I would suggest to you the real quantity of dollars in the world is much greater than anyone imagines.  A lot of these dollars are ‘dark,’ and they are held in the bowels of institutions like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).  So, the world may be cruising along thinking the total number of dollars in the world is ‘X,’ but the true amount in the world, if you count the dark ones, might be three or four times ‘X’.  This really means the money supply is much bigger than anyone understands or believes.”  Kirby contends that the so-called “dark dollars” are being used to prop up the Treasury bond market.  The ESF simply buys the debt and essentially hides it.

Then there is the price rigging in the gold and silver markets. Kirby says, “To sell a Bitcoin, you must possess a Bitcoin.  If you have one Bitcoin, you cannot sell 500 of them.  That’s plain and simple.  This goes for JP Morgan or Citi Bank or Goldman Sachs, they can only sell Bitcoin that they own.  In the gold market, they can sell all the gold they want.  They can sell gold that doesn’t exist and will never be mined.”  Kirby points out this is how the big banks suppress the price of gold and silver.

Kirby contends the U.S. dollar is a “rigged” game. Is it about to be knocked out by blockchain technology?  Kirby says, “Absolutely.  What the cryptos offer that the dollar doesn’t is decentralization.  It’s the centralized U.S. fiat dollar and the dollar standard that requires everybody in the world, who wants to buy commodities in international markets, must first purchase U.S. dollars.  Crypto currencies bypass the dollar and allow for transmission of ownership in a very rapid, cost effective manner.  They bypass the dollar completely.  What this really means is with the uptake and accelerated use of cryptos, countries will require less and less dollars in their reserve accounts to purchase the goods they want and need in the international marketplace.  What happens when people don’t need dollars anymore?  The dollars return home.  They come back to America . . . which ultimately means inflation will come to America.”

Kirby says people should be looking to buy gold and silver for protection because it’s still relatively cheap compared to the exploding value of some crypto currencies. Kirby explains, “When you look at the price differential between silver and gold, you see an ounce of silver selling for around $18, and you see an ounce of gold going for $1,340, and that means you would need to sell 75 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.  The ratio in nature suggests you should be able to sell eight ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.  This tells me one of those two prices is very wrong.  Either silver is too cheap or gold is too expensive.  I don’t think gold is too expensive because I think it’s undervalued too.  That leads me to believe that silver is insanely priced and probably the most underpriced asset on the planet. . . . I think silver will be going up in price much more than gold, even though gold is going to go up in price dramatically.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby, founder of KirbyAnalytics.com.

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After the Interview:  

In summation, Kirby points out, “A move to blockchain enabled crypto assets, amounts to an asymmetric attack on the current U.S. fiat dollar standard because it eliminates cost, fraud and the likelihood of corrupt practices, all of which are the lifeblood of the globalists and the Deep State.”

There is some free information and analysis on KirbyAnalytics.com. Kirby has a brand new article out called “The Cryptos Are Coming.”  He will give the first one-third of the article away for free on the home page.  Subscribers will get the full article.  Kirby is a prolific writer and provides lots of content along with insider information from his global contacts.  If you wish to become a subscriber, the cost is $145 per year.  You may click here to subscribe.



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  1. Charles H


    I realize that Rob needs to get away from the narrative of the corrupt system and fiat money scam – but I remain sceptical of Blockchain Tech. The Inside/Out problem still applies – Inside it can be shut down or delayed in order to game it, or take it over. Out-side it can be hacked. Nothing so valuable as a monitary system could long be safe. Also – ONLY if physical, verifiable gold were available would it begin to be legit. It just seems like Blockchain is the new fiat, but in a new, electronic form. At some point commerce becomes just ledger entries. Government = money; and I doubt government will allow anything it doesn’t control. The ‘reset’ may involve the conglomerate of nations taking this technology over.

    • Paul ...

      The US dollar was “a bit coin” backed by gold at Fort Knox! … what is is worth now??

      • Paul ...

        Instead of it being worth 100 cents it is worth 3 cents … can the “block” of gold “chained up” and guarded by US troops at Fort Knox to give the US dollar (bit coin) immutable value now be distributed to US dollar (bit coin) holders? … or will “electronic” entries be the only thing you will ever see! … if a bit coin is not physical … it is not real … hold “physical real nickels” if you want US dollar “bit coins”!!

      • Frederick

        You can still get metals on sale for your fiat dollars I recommend you all do that

        • Angie N

          I am with you Frederick!

    • William Stanley

      Charles H:
      You make some really good points.
      I assume that Rob actually did intend to imply that the blockchain he had in mind would refer to some verifiable physical amount of gold, but I can’t see how that could be feasible, especially in retail commerce. So it would, in reality be fiat money, albeit one with 100% gold backing. Fractional reserve banking would cease to exist. What would be the upsides and downsides of that? Higher interest rates, less moral hazard, less availability of credit? I think at this point I’d be willing to find out.

    • allen ols

      I told j c the same thing

    • Tin foil hat

      Charles H,
      If the dollar/euro were no longer a global reserve/trade currency, gold would be flying back and forth between trading nations around the world. The Chinese don’t want to suffer the consequences of “Triffin Paradox” but logistically need a currency for INTERIM settlement, I suspect they will go along with the SDR to gain American/European support.

      The SDR will be under the control of the international bankers with blockchain technology. It would be a basket of fiat currencies (dollar, yuan, yen, pound and euro to start with) which the smaller nations would have to earn via exports, borrow or buy with gold, a temporary store of wealth to facilitate trades, a marker which they would use until the FINAL settlement back in gold if they so desire.

      The SDR would probably be the only crypto currency allowed to exist for trade settlements among central banks. Domestic currencies could still be paper or 100% digital but it wouldn’t be blockchain.

      • Silence is Golden

        Still pushing the “SDR” solution. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that you had an agenda here….no disrespect I fully appreciate your POV.
        “Triffin Paradox” ….”International Bankers”…..the last thing that China wants is to “go along with” the Criminals in Charge..ie the Anglo-American Bankers and the other Class of Unelected Rulers based in Europe.
        Curious…..Are you related to Jim Rickards (no offence) ?

        Every American needs to listen this :

        Every day I’m seeing more and more attention being paid to the RMB/Oil/Gold development and its impact on the USD.
        Look at Venezuela….Avoiding settlement in USD on sales of its OIL.
        Look at the recent LBMA decision- Silver to be priced in Rubles and Yuan on 09/25/17. The Cartel is in trouble. The FIX is about to implode.
        Where is all this leading to?
        Its not rocket science….its the DEATH OF THE KING DOLLAR REGIME.
        The implications are so broad…..it will be felt deeply and widely.

        Go back to the previous interview and read what I posted there.

        This is no time to be argumentative or to be putting forward strange and illogical narratives to confuse people.
        There is real pain washing across the globe. It will come to rest on the shores of the Continental USA. That pain is derived from the fiat USD.
        Its time to wake from your slumber people and make preparations for the coming tsunami.
        Blockchain technology / Cryptocurrency…….YES. BUT only where the Governments can control it and BANKERS can profit from it.

        • Tin foil hat

          Silence is Golden,
          SDR may not be the solution but a gold back yuan is definitely not the solution.
          I’m not related to Rickards but I like his ideas and theories. I think all governments are criminals, some are petit thieves, some are running Ponzi schemes and some are homicidal redistributers. The Chinese government is no angel and they will sleep with the squids if the price is right.
          I agree it’s no rocket science, the death of the dollar as the reserve currency is near, hence 20% of my net worth is in gold, but I don’t think the dollar will die. I believe the dollar will be one of the five regional currencies in the SDR pie if the U.S. conceded to the transition peacefully.
          We may not agree on whether SDR or gold back yuan would be the solution but I think we would both agree that physical gold is definitely essential to whatever that solution may be.

        • freebrezer

          SIG – You label the Western bankers “criminal” – I agree 100 % (times a million) … a fallacy I see is what prevents the Chines from being even bigger criminals – Power begets evil and I will assume that the “big Chinese banking” (I.e. the communist regime) aint no saints! … and could prove to be worse!

          • freebrezer

            Currency valuations are based entirely on trust … and I sure do not trust the commies! If the rest of the world trust the Chinese communist, then the RMB will have value. The old saying … “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” rings true!

          • Silence is Golden

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….
            They wont go down without a fight.
            Notwithstanding….I agree corruption is the mainstay of any and all regimes that seek world domination.
            Whether the new system brings a more fairer and equitable mechanism remains to be seen.
            Once thing is for certain though, The US Empire is dying. Read what you will into that and the consequences for your life.
            Its becoming a very sad tale….soon it will turn into a nightmare.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Magnificent Greg,

    I was only just having a conversation about Rob today with a friend and introducing some video material to him, uncanny. So I’ve just sent your interview link to him.

    • allen ols

      I told j c the same thing

  3. FC

    An abundance of common sense has been said in this interview.

  4. KeZa

    Crypto’s are overrated and it’s a gamble. Look at bitcoint. Who the hell of normal people will buy one for more then 4000bucks? In my mind it’s game over with this BS in the near future because crypto’s are also not the way to go and belong in the old system of now but not in the new system of tomorrow. It’s plain and simple because the most of us have nothing to do with crypto’s and never will and there are more negatives with crypto’s… Look at https://coinmarketcap.com/. Everyone wants to have there own crypto where we can gamble with and it’s all over the place. These facts alone tell me al I need to know and I put more confidence in silver and gold then in crypto’s. Also the nasty thing with crypto is that hey can be used to anonymous collected ransom for anti-ransom etc.. and name it. That is not a good thing but with the disappearance of BitMixer it’s harder to anonymous trade BC and I expect that this trend will go on….

    • Frederick

      3300 dollars as of right now Down 14 percent so far today

  5. Robert

    Ok, so I go out and buy as much silver bullion or however its sold at the coin shop and hold it . Then the economy tanks and silver I paid $18 for is now $100 an ingit and I need to pay my bills and buy food. Then what do I do? Is the grocery store going to take my silver ingit and give me change back in silver? Or do I go to the coin shop I bought my silver from, get cash dollars and use the old dollar system to buy food and pay my rent? And if I have to trade my silver in at the coin shop , do I get accosted as I enter or exit the coin shop by the theives that know I have value in my pocket because if eveything falls apart as I’m hearing is going to happen, people going to places where precious metals are sold and cashed in will be where those starving and unprepared for the coming changes go to steal from those who prepared? In essence, I hear all this buy gold and silver talk but how do I make it usuable as I do the US dollar?

    • Paul ...

      Simple Robert … you give me your one ounce silver coin and I’ll give you 360 nickels to go buy food with!

    • Rwmctrofholz

      Do you get accosted by thieves each time you walk into the bank because they know you have value in your pocket?

    • Nick in U.K.

      No , you keep your silver and gold coins until after the reset and then sell SOME of them into the new system thus preserving your wealth.
      Anyone smart enough to have PM insurance will have enough food stored to survive the interim period and not need to visit the grocery store that often. They will also be the ones with enough protection at home in various calibres and have added on skills like reloading, first aid, stalking and game butchery, gardening, some chickens in the garden, a generator and fuel, some gas bottles and a BBQ, a wood pile, some fishing tackle, some solar panels and batteries and a low voltage kettle etc etc etc. You may need a stock of prescription medicines.

      Being prepared is more than just buying a few coins and hoping to be able to exchange them for a few food items or a Chinese takeaway. Survival is not that easy. After three days there will be empty shelves everywhere anyway. Look at recent events with the hurricanes to see how the unprepared sheeples fare and see how quickly law and order collapses with looting etc.

      You need a plan “B” and probably a plan ” C ” as well . Getting prepared involves significantly more than having a few ounces of precious metals. It is a complete rethink of your entire lifestyle and choices whilst maintaining the illusion that you are living the same life as the mobile phone and TV addicted zombies you are surrounded by.

      It’s not easy ….as you then need a (FIFO plan) first in first out rotation on your stored food, regular checks on everything, detailed conversations with your younger family members about “loose lips sinking ships”. You may need to adjust your friends group to associate with those who are more like minded.

      You needed to start doing these things yesterday, today may already be too late and putting things off until tomorrow is beyond stupid.

      I am not the most religious person on this site by a long stretch, however
      I “pray” that I will never need to get to plan B or C for my family, friends and neighbours sake but I am as prepared as I can be for all possibilities.

      There have been lots of seemingly failed predictions on trigger dates for the collapse, Jerry is even suggesting this month. I believe we are currently living in the collapse, the foundations are already beyond repair and the building is crumbling so the sooner you start preparing to save you and yours, the better.

      God willing some of us watchdoggers will come through this unscathed .

      • Jodyp

        Excellent post. Though ‘unscathed’ will be difficult.

      • Kim

        Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the detailed suggestions.

      • susan

        Nick, you are correct that most everyone that has PMs also has all the other things you mentioned. We have a loosely knit group, too, with a plan B and plan C.

      • Kim

        Thank you for a great interview! The dark dollars are an important concept to be aware of.

        Crytocurreny is a little tuff to understand, but they are here to stay. Think about it, why is the government allowing it?

        Mike Maloney has an informative video on his top 10 reasons to own gold. Sorry but I cannot figure out how to post the link.

        Best to own physical gold and silver and cryptos in these nonsensical times!

    • Tin foil hat

      20% in PMs, 10% in cash, 1% in MRE and alcohol for barter, 5% in solar/wind energy and chicken coop.
      Nobody should go 100% in PMs. Dollar may be the reserve currency for another 10 years.

      • freebrezer

        THF – I am always amazed at how many eggs my 7 chickens produce – They have the 1 1/2 FIFO food storage plan. And the eggs are light years better than bought at the store.

    • Frederick

      Robert If there’s a serious collapse of the system I’m sure people will accept gold and silver in trade for food Dollars and Euros Not so much

  6. Uma

    Now Kirby is in the Crypto Camp too.

    He was the most trustworthy for me – until this interview.
    I am sad and distgusted.

    Lets keep this straight – let the babble bubble be and just say it slowly so it trickles down.
    repeat with me
    ” I don t know anything”
    “I dont know anything ”

    Three to four years I kept up with this shit.

    I am done. Aint trust Kirby too.
    Not cuz he isnt well meaning or such … he does pretent, althogh he knows nothing
    like you, like me , like the most of sheeples.

    Now repeat …. I am a sheep too …

    • Robert

      Greg, seriously. What are we supposed to do with this silver or gold? If stores aren’t prepared to take it, what good is it? What’s the process flow in this scenario that I see many people painting? Buy gold, buy silver… then what? What happens when we need the value for it?

      • JC

        Robert I don’t know about others, but when it is in the highest demand I will sell it before the crash, and buy land. If I can double my cash, and buy land cheaper then today. Land will always be useful. I don’t care to be in the black market against a mad government.

    • Tin foil hat

      Kirby didn’t vow for the crypto in BitCoin or whatever, he stated blockchain tech. will be around in the future.

      • William Stanley

        Tin foil hat:
        I agree. Many people don’t recognize the difference between crypto currencies based on a blockchain, such as Bitcoin, and a blockchain itself. A blockchain is just a public ledger verified by peer-to-peer computer technology. It is used to verify who owns something. The “something” could be stock shares, land, or anything else that can be positively identified. The problem comes in not only at the level of the reliability of the public ledger, but also at the level of verifying the existence of the thing which is listed on the public ledger.

    • Lore

      Kirby seems to have fallen for the propaganda. “Cryptocurrency” reminds me very much of “Global Warming” or the “War On Terror” to the extent that much of its definition seems strategically ambiguous, deliberately relying on muddles to gloss over many of those dangerous ambiguities.
      * For example, Kirby says BTC is “anonymous,” and almost in the same sentence he calls it “transparent.” Sorry, but that’s like saying something is black and white.
      * “Security” is another word that gets tossed around entirely too loosely for my comfort, particularly since all encryption available to the general public is an open book to the military — has been so for more than 20 years. If we want real Security, we’d need 1024-bit encryption or better, and yeah, like that’s gonna happen…
      * Pundits argue that cryptos are still in the formative stages, and for them, that’s sufficient to explain the proliferation, the implication being that most will fall by the wayside as the One True Crypto rises to the top. I think the reality is more like fidget spinners, where everybody has a favorite, with many common elements but just as many differences, no standard that everybody will follow, and no lasting value.
      * Another thing that still hasn’t been answered to my satisfaction is the problem of Fractionation. How is a fraction of a crypto-coin any different than the physical coin-clipping and alloy debasement in the last days of the Roman Empire, or in modern money supply inflation today? For anyone to suggest that cryptos are not vulnerable to the same weaknesses, corruption and manipulation as other fiat currencies seems intellectually dishonest.
      * Psychopathy in management is another issue that’s deliberately ignored. The dollar is doomed mainly because the people behind it are evil. The best system is the one that cannot be hijacked by psychopaths. I see the crypto sphere dominated by con men.
      In closing, I think cryptos are a distraction, like an ETF, designed to draw attention away from what really matters. They’re a fiction — garbage.

  7. Da Yooper

    To my eye the reason the corrupt fraudulent banking PTB hate crypto currency’s is because they can not rig & manipulate it & Rob Kirby is spot on

    Just look at Dimon as a perfect example of this.

    they want to do to bit coin what they have done to the metals destroy & rig it’s value so only the corrupt bankers benefit

    Bitcoin Tumbles After Jamie Dimon Calls It A Fraud: “Would Fire Anyone Trading It”


    • Nick in U.K.

      They can manipulate it . They can manipulate everything …..that’s the problem.
      They can print as much FIAT currency as they like and eventually own all bitcoins by buying out all current owners.
      As an example … imagine Jamie Dimon needed to buy a few bitcoins so he badmouths the product and its value slumps by 20% giving him a lower entry point. He buys along with his mates and the price rebounds upwards . .You can now imagine his smug smile.

      IMO …..If you cannot hold it then you do not own it.
      I haven’t got any imaginary coins, I don’t want any and I don’t need any.
      I don’t believe in unicorns but I have seen pictures of a narwhal !

      Tins of beans , .308 or .270 bullets, bullion coins , books and thousands of other tangible things are far more valuable in my opinion.

    • Paul ...

      Woopie … they can’t rig or manipulate it … but they “can” stop it from trading … so because those electronic bits “you can’t trade” can’t be rigged or manipulated … it is better then owning real physical gold and silver?????? … give me a break!!

      • Paul ...

        And Jamie Dimon calling it a fraud is simply his way of gaining some respectability for the the other fraud “fiat debt paper”!!!

      • Paul ...

        Follow your leader … “imaginary money” is approaching a buying opportunity … Satan is looking at the following chart … https://www.coindesk.com/price/… and is preparing to jump in when the price gets “real cheap” (around double the gold price) or $3000 per coin!!

    • Justn Observer

      Yeah…. and likely Jamie Dimon’s daughter is buying up all that is getting dumped as she is reported to be a strong holder of bitcoin… Think Dimon will fire or dis-own her? lol
      Maybe— like Warren Buffet and his daughter – in expose’ by the son of the Johnson and Johnson fortune — THE ONE PERCENT:

  8. Rob

    Hi Greg and Rob!

    The “Elite” will never give up their perceived right to confiscate the masses wealth. Yes the block chain technology is here to stay but there will be 2 crypto currencies running on separate block chains. The “reset” will bring an end to the many fiat currencies with their exchange rates to just the SDR for the elite and bitcoin for the masses ran on two separate block chains with an exchange rate so the majority never get to access their dark pools. If you do not think this is possible ask yourself why such an armed nation as the USA tolerates such crappy health insurance like “Obama care” while the elites in congress get Cadillac health insurance for life once they serve for one term in the ivory towers of Washington. If you don’t think “bitcoin” is owned by the “elite” please show me a picture of Satoshi Nakamoto who supposedly invented this crypto currency that mysteriously popped up out of nowhere in the midst of the last economic crises and has been allowed to run as a beta test for the last 8 years to iron out the underlying block chain before they initiate the “reset”.

    Jim Rickards sees this developing and should be a return guest soon Greg :o)


    Once the elite pull the trigger on the next crises it will get so chaotic that the masses will gladly accept their alternate plan to give up fiat currencies the world over in favor of one electronic currency where each person’s iphone holds their bank balance sheet of bitcoin and that iphone will be accessed through that person’s biometrics by creed of the elite:


    This passage is very close to manifesting:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive(GIVE) a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    For those who enjoy studying the Father’s Word please ask yourself why the Greek word “didomi” was translated “receive” instead of “give” in that passage when the definition is “to give” and was used as such 365 times in the rest of the New Testament:


    This was because translators 100 years ago had no idea that we already have a distinct identifier in our fingerprint or retina that will soon be required to be offered up by anyone wanting to access the internet of things with a computer or iphone and that is the ONLY platform that will be allowed to be “legally” used for commerce very soon :o)

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Tin foil hat

      You and I are on the same track with one exception. I believe there will only be one crypto currency, gold and digital or paper fiat currencies.
      Bitcoin will be eliminated as the competitor to the regional fiat currencies.

  9. JC

    Greg. If I buy a 30 k dollar truck with Bitcoin will the IRS not want their taxes ? This is the part I have trouble with. Am I to believe the FED is going to go down without a fight ?
    Donald Trump stands a better chance of cleaning the swamp.

  10. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Another great post – thanks Greg

  11. Jerry

    I normally try and keep my yap shut and listen when you have someone on with the credibility of Rob Kirby, and then something like this happens.
    The Federal Reserve Bank is going to start processing immediate ACH bank withdrawals on Friday. To have a safety value (three day delay) to your bank account stripped away should send chills up your spine. That is of course unless you don’t mind giving the FED unfettered access to your money.

    I’m not as polite as Rob is, so let me just spell it out for you in street terms so you can understand what’s about to happen. The Federal Reserve Bank and the ESF have become a blood sucking parasite to the economic nut sack of the world, and they’re about to be cut off by the BRICS alliance and the Fed knows it. The move to have immediate access to personal funds was tried in Cyprus when the central banks felt threatened and that’s what’s about to happen here. Like Rob said, the dark money has to go somewhere when no one wants it, and using our personal funds as a backstop serves that purpose. Hitting 20 trillion dollars in Federal Debt at about the same time that the Chinese released its gold backed petro Yuan benchmark was no accident. Its all coming to a head.

    • Jerry

      Evidently the Fed has had this on the table for quite some time.
      It is by all accounts a double edged sword that can be used to not only release funds but to withdraw them as well ,,,..from your account. I find the effective date 09/15/17 a bit suspicious. Why not a Monday? That’s because the sheep go into their entertainment pen on Friday and would never be the wiser. Obviously those of you who don’t see this is a bog deal have never dealt with a bank. Just try and get your money back after they use it for a bail in. FDIC enforcement? Don’t make me laugh. What attorney in their right mind would ever have the nerve to take on the Federal Reserve Bank and their buddies at the deep state. The legal cost alone would be enough to crush you, not even mentioning you wouldn’t have access to your funds to even launch a law suit. The bankers always win. Don’t you know that?

      • JC

        Jerry thanks for your opinion, and info. Cant hurt to take out some money on Thursday just incase.

    • Tad

      A piece by Steve St Angelo at http://www.srsrocco.com sort of gave an impression that a severe market turn down was in offing. It is also posted over at Silver Doctors. He gave a five day window. he may be wrong in that it could be 10 days. His prediction would be at around day 5 today.

    • JMiller

      There is no two or three day delay for most ACH payments. Most ACH payments are currently settled on the next business day. Now they will be settled on the same day.


  12. Anonymous

    The interesting thing is that if you ask highly educated Americans a question like “Do you own any silver or gold coins?” They look at you with a most perplexed and puzzled expression. Even my neighbors with very expensive homes down the street and expensive cars don’t buy precious metals. It’s all quite bizarre , but your followers all know the petro dollar is going the way of the Do-Do Bird.