Debt Boom Supporting Global Markets, Buy Gold & Silver Now – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s

Market analyst and professional trader Gregory Mannarino doesn’t feel good about the recent new all-time highs in the S&P 500. Mannarino explains, “The environment we are in now is unlike anything we have seen before in world history. The distortions that exist in this market are hard to get your head around. Again, we have never been here. We do not have any resemblance whatsoever of a free market or a free market economy. We are, unfortunately in the United States, managed across the board. The information being fed through the mainstream media (MSM) outlets is all fake. This GDP number we got recently is fake, and that is easily provable. It comes down to this: in order to sustain where we are . . . the relentless acquisition of debt is all that is supporting the environment we are in. There is no recovery, and there is no economic boom. This is a debt boom. That’s what we have, and it’s not just here in the United States. It’s a global phenomenon. It will correct to fair value at one point.”

So, why is the Trump Administration asking for rate cuts? Mannarino says, “Without a rate cut moving forward, we will not be able to sustain the current valuations in this market. . . . So, they must continue to inflate that bubble, and there is nothing like it and there has never been anything like it.”

If the stock market is in a bubble, what is happening to physical gold and silver prices? Mannarino says, “This is an inverse bubble on an epic scale. Just like the debt market is in the biggest bubble the world has ever seen, and on the back of that, we have pulled stocks higher. We have pulled housing higher.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “This is where we need to be if we understand there is an inverse bubble in gold and silver. We need to be on the right side of the trade. Bet against the debt, and become your own central bank. . . . This is what people need to do: buy hard assets, like gold and like silver. A house is a hard asset, but it is massively overvalued. The real estate market is in a bubble worse than 2008. That’s going to correct too. Interest rate suppression has forced cash into assets it shouldn’t have gone into. I think we started this entire conversation off with the distortions that exist today have eclipsed every single distortion that has ever existed in financial markets in history. This is very unique. . . . Physical gold, and more specifically physical silver, are the greatest trades on earth. They are the most undervalued and suppressed assets on earth. They are real wealth, and they have represented real wealth for thousands of years. No politician and no Federal Reserve Chairperson is going to tell me different. . . . No amount of rigging will be able to stop the explosive move that gold and silver will make at some point.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Suhas Bhide


  2. Anthony Australia

    Love your work Greg.
    Will the banks and the elite just rig the metals market even more during a ‘crash’.

    • Tin foil hat

      Yes, they will but they likely can’t. If they can no longer control or prop up the markets, they likely can’t control or suppress the metals market.

      I disagree with Gregory Mannarino regarding his speculation that we will not see a gold back currency in our life time. His speculation bases on historical fact that nations had always gone into debts, temporary abandonment of sound money, to wage war. It’s true only because nations had always been on gold or asset back currencies which restricted nations from going into debts in the first place.

      The world never experiences a complete debt base currency system until 1971. If nations waged war because of the bursting of the debt bubble, they cannot go further into more debts to finance war. They wil likely inflate the price of gold and then utilize that gold back currency to wage war.

      • paul ...

        From 321 Gold … but perhaps if Trump regains control and enough of the world resists neocon Pompeo’s sanctions and demands … humanity can avoid War!! … but the way battle lines are being draw up right now … a simple “random spark” (i.e like Blackwater initiating something) will set off Nuclear WWIII …

  3. Uncommon sense

    If silver was valued the same way as gold it would be much closer to gold’s valuation. Nobody ever says that the surplus of gold is too great, yet physical gold bullion is perhaps more common than silver bullion. If silver ever regains its store of value role (more likely the higher the price goes) its game over.

    • OutLookingIn

      Silver to Gold Ratio

      Distorted valuation.
      As of March 2019 the ratio stood at 85.45 to 1
      In the last 105 years of records, the ratio was only higher two other times:
      December 1941 at 97.31 to 1
      January 1991 at 99.47 to 1
      Taking into consideration when silver hit $50 per ounce in March 2011,
      the ratio stood at 37.98 to 1
      For thousands of years the ratio was about 16 to 1
      These high ratio’s are vastly over done and awaiting correction to their long term mean averages. Much higher silver prices are in the offing.

      • paul ...

        It takes patience … but as economic confidence declines … credit spreads will widen … thus strengthening gold and silver (relative to other commodities)!!

        • paul ...

          Something as simple as stocking up on some “Forever Stamps” might provide you with a 20% per year return on your investment (without the possibility of it ever falling in value) … a stamp could cost $1 dollar in 2024 (in order to keep the postal service solvent) … 20% per year for five years is a lot better then most stocks or bonds will provide (which over the next few years can have “some very big” downside risk)!! …

  4. paul ...

    You know … Mannarino showed us with one hand … the skyrocketing debt … and then with his other hand showed … how the human population goes toward zero” … actually this picture Mannarino provides is very on target … there is a close link between the two … consider if you will the Deep State neocons somehow finally succeed in slaughtering and killing off billions of the humans in a Nuclear World War … especially if … the humans killed were “those who hold the debt” … now if the people who hold the debt notes are killed … the debt note issuers problems “instantly go away” … for example … if your Uncle Sam borrowed billions of dollars from you … and you and your entire family somehow got killed … Uncle Sam’s debt to you doesn’t have to be paid back to anyone … so realizing that … it is easy to see why “continual non-stop war” leading to population annihilation … “is in the best interest of the people who borrowed all the trillions from us in the first place”!! … in the Deep Left commie and Deep Right neocon minds “the re-set” doesn’t mean a revaluing the US dollar … to them the re-set really means … “getting rid of all the people they owe the money to” in a Worldwide Nuclear War … resulting in “annihilation of all debt holders” … while the 500,000 debt issuers (i.e. according to the Georgia Guidestones) survive in their underground bunkers to re-start their debt Ponzi scheme all over again !!

    • paul ...

      Putin is no fool … he got rid of all his US Treasury Notes (so there would be no need for the neocons to nuke Russia to get rid of debt) … but China is a different story … China still holds a bunch of US Treasury Notes … so the neocons are presently focusing on getting a nuclear war started with China (so they don’t have to pay them back) … but because Russia and China are allies Putin getting rid of all his US Treasury Notes doesn’t help prevent Russia from being nuked also!! …

    • Mr. Knoss

      With this analysis the move forward is clear. The #1 holder of US debt is not China, it’s the Federal Reserve. We need a “mass extinction” event at the Central Bank, at ALL the Central Banks. Debt nullified.

      • paul ...

        Mr. Knoss … seems it comes down to killing off the Deep State Fed before the people behind Fed kill off the rest of us with nukes or even more QE!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Are you prepared for the ramifications of what you suggest?

  5. Bill

    I follow Greg on His insights are invaluable!
    TX Greg Hunter for introducing Greg Mannarino to me! Your show has opened me a very different view of reality!

  6. Jack

    It won’t be long before TSHTF . Here in Australia property continues to fall and many are starting to panic. Credible sources reveal that our treasury officials went to Europe to find out how they handled the last GFC. Parts of our building industry are already down 30% and this is just the beginning. Greg Mannarino is right is saying property collapse will be bigger than the share market collapse. We stopped refining oil 2 yrs ago and only have 2 weeks supply of fuel that comes from Singapore. Our pollies are clueless and corrupt. Just hope we don’t have a total economic breakdown, because many will die.

    • paul ...

      Where people will die … depends upon what Nations go to war with each other … and what two Nations are spending the most money “Preparing for War”?? (also include in the “people who will most likely die” … the allies of these two Nations)!! …

      • Jack

        It does not have to be war, just a breakdown of fuel, that feeds transport of food. Also the collapse of the internet can cause total chaos. Our new generation cannot do simple arithmetic and are totally dependent upon their phones.

  7. Peter

    Great interview Greg…….at 15.27 wow, I’d never thought of it like that but makes complete sense.

    All the best….

  8. Jerry

    Great interview. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I dont think I heard GM talk about a global currency reset, as a result of the debt bubble?
    In my opinion, the central banks are laying the groundwork for it, with the one road belt initiative.

    President Trump is using the oldest ploy in business to prop up the economy. It’s called fake it, until you make it. The question is how long, can he sell the story?

  9. Rob

    Amen Gregs!

    Please read Revelation chapter 6 as it is a snap shot of the 7 years of tribulation in which Jesus opens the 6 seals that bring us to the end of the tribulation and the beginning of the year of wrath that commences immediately thereafter:

    1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly 2022
    2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ possibly 2023
    3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly 2024
    4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly 2025
    5th seal ~ the promise to finish the congregation of God in heaven!
    6th seal ~ the great day of our Father and His Son’s wrath commences!

    The purpose for the tribulation is to allow the whole world to prove whether they will stand in the congregation of God or the congregation of satan:

    • kevin

      Mostly speculation.

  10. Anhony

    I think Manario is right on just about everything he said but I wanted to focus on the fact that he (and others) have admittedly said they did not believe the central banks could keep this debt bubble inflated this long. I am NOT saying they were incorrect or misled anyone, but I must ask is it possible that the current falls and manipulated economic trends by central banks just continues for another decade? As Greg M correctly puts it early in the interview, the powerful people will NEVER willing give yo their power.

    • BetterChetter

      One forecaster noted that price hikes will fluctuate until they peak, n most of the gains come toward the end of the peak. So buying & holding any PM is risky until the market shows sustained growth.
      Mannarino has been touting Silver for the last 10 yrs, but it peaked in 11 or 12 n has been dropping the last 7. So while getting in at the bottom gives the greatest net gain … getting in during a sustained spurt is the most economical approach for the average investor

  11. Robert Lykens

    Mannarino: “No amount of rigging will be able to stop the explosive move that gold and silver will make at some point.”

    Perhaps not, but TPTB must continue to rig metals prices as long as they can. Can you imagine he catastrophe if – in today’s dollar environment – gold/silver ever reach their actual, true value?

    • William Stanley

      Interesting point!
      A sharp increase in either price, but especially silver, could shock the markets for electronic devices and that could cascade through the rest of the economy with short-term highly negative consequences. Similarly, a sharp upward revision in the price of gold could shock both the bond and the fiat markets, including the dollar and euro, and that would echo throughout other markets, not excepting the housing/property markets.

      • William Stanley

        After doing a little research, it looks like precious metals account for a small fraction of the cost of many electronic devices. Solar panels seem to be the major item where even a sharp increase in price might significantly affect the price of a device using it.

    • Tin foil hat

      If the Deep State could brainwash Americans into believing GM is as good as BMW and Honda, Americans would likely not notice the difference. The rise of gold will be no different from the rise of BitCoin if that were the case.
      However, if Americans prefer BMW and Honda but they can no longer afford to buy them, then we wil have a big problem.
      Basically, we will be okay as long as we are competitive and productive.

    • Uncommon sense

      Robert, thanks for posting something I can agree with.

      • Frederick

        Shocking right

  12. Steve.0

    Thanks Greg and Greg FINALLY THIS MARKET MAKES SENSE. I have been disgruntled about missing the stock market rally these last few years – but I didn’t feel there was upside value. I have heard the phrase ‘ No counter party risk’ but it only REALLY made sense when Greg described the ‘inverse bubble’.
    Everything is based on debt – we have real estate but that is based on debt, the stock market is halfway to the moon, but that is based on debt. And when the debt bubble bursts there wont be an ocean deep enough to hold all the tears. Watch tho – they will blame it on global warming.

    • paul ...

      The market may make sense … but don’t look for the head of the DNC (Hillary) to make any sense … now we have Hillary “who railed incessantly against Russia” for supposedly interfering in her election and causing the Demon-rats lose in 2016 … is now calling “for the Chinese to interfere” in the coming election … to help the Demon-rats win in 2020??? … this women is either an absolutely raving mad crazy psycho … or simply a cunning criminal pretending to be crazy (like a fox) … probably figuring it’s better to be locked up in some mental institution run by her daughter Chelsea Clinton (because she washes computer chips in her toilet bowl every morning) … rather then face execution at GITMO for Treason … or be locked behind chrome-steel bars at some high security government prison for life!! …

  13. Da Yooper

    Good interview Guys

    A question for Greg Mannarino :

    It is my understanding that financial advisors have been told NOT to invest in the metals or miners?

    You would think at these suppressed prices it would be a no brainer for them to be buying a depressed asset but they dont sooooo why not ? Because they have been told not to??
    I say – ask this in the form of a question

    Care to comment Greg M?

  14. Mike

    There already is a war between the people of sovereign countries and the central banks who enslave the people with debt. The central banks have massive economic power but they can be completely destroyed by military power. What if a massive redistribution of wealth is planned from the criminal globalist cabal back to the people of sovereign countries? The middle class will be saved while the criminal globalist cabal will be destroyed and reviled for generations to come. This seems to be the plan for a financial reset.

  15. George

    I’m not sure anymore that having gold or silver will save anyone from anything. Not being completely negative but when you really look at things the moneyed interest families from centuries ago are in full control.

    They have cornered every aspect of the markets and financial systems. They control all issuing of currency. They control all aspects of manufacturing, shipping, oil, education systems, health systems, all the courts and judges, and they control every politician plus they own and control the entire voting system.

    We truly have to be in awe of these people. 3 Americans can’t be in a room without getting in a fight as to what kind of pizza to order. These families for generations after generations have followed a specific plan and have executed it with great accuracy.

    People just don’t seem to understand or want to accept that the United States of America was an experiment. It is and has been on the ash heap of smoldering chard pieces of what was once called the Constitution. Now, in the hearts and eyes of the people this ignorant nation sends to represent them and the Constitution crap and pee all over it, yet the people of the nation cheer at its demise.

    It can not be denied except by those who refuse to see, that we as a nation have become 100% filthy, corrupted, criminal, and the infection of corruption runs so deep, and the families that own the country own the entire justice system and its prosecutors and judges that there is no legal way to ever correct it.

    R.I.P. America
    R.I.P. America.

    • Greg Hunter

      You give up easily my friend–don’t do it. “Never, never, never give up”

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, there is a difference between giving up and realistically assessing one’s situation. An accurate and realistic assessment is required, before a situation can be fixed. There is no getting around the fact that the USA is in dire straits and that our troubles are largely self-inflicted. And it may be that a fix is not practicable. It may take a rebirth. Best always. PM

    • Tin foil hat

      Yes, I concur the United States of America was an experiment which God created to give us another chance to save ourselves. The Constitution is the shields and armor to help us walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

  16. Country Codger

    I always enjoy Greg squared
    Please everyone, listen to Greg M and invest in gold and silver, but first invest in FOOD and stored WATER. The used to teach in the military (70’S) “You can live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 30 days without food.”

    In a crash, active crash, you cannot buy food with gold or silver. You might be able to buy a ticket out, but not food or water. I have seen, first hand, 4 countries collapse and you do not want to be out in the mobs scrambling for food. When you city water or electrically pumped water well shut down you better have some on hand. At least one gallon a day per person. Get a Berkey or some other brand of water filtration system. When you have done these things THEN buy gold and silver.
    Lo Iyrah,

  17. Neil B

    Greg and Greg together again. Top 5 interviews of the year right there. Real news. Thank you both!

  18. Larry White

    Warren Coats (former IMF) proposes Currency Board Rules for the Federal Reserve and also elimination of capital gains taxes:

  19. George Eddleston

    Greg, “knocked it out of the ball park” Great!

  20. francis m reps

    Mr. Mannarino is ” Spot ” on. A solid thinker. Thank you Mr.Mannarino.

  21. pat the rat

    It took me a long time to get the debt population thing I am starting to understand. There are some things that I just learn slow, two things burst at the same time new to me.

  22. MK

    Greg: I have waited with great excitement for this interview, since “The Robin Hood of Wallstreet” announced it on his site a few days ago. I admit that I do not 100% comprehend everything that Gregory Mannarino so patiently attempts to convey to his listeners. However I do know that he is genuinely doing his very best to help anyone who has the ears. This woman thanks you both with all of my heart.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree MK! Mannarino is a good guy.

  23. iwitness02

    I listen to Gregory everyday. I listen to Dave at X22 everyday. I listen to Greg Hunter three times a week, unless he is traveling to the farm. Then just twice for that week. I also listen to Dane Wigington, the wild card in all of this. Plus I am a student of the Holy Scriptures, which is my foundation for all Truth. Stir it all together and you can see that we are in a state of flux. Flux definition: 1. continuous change: 2. a substance added to a metal to make it easier to solder (= join by melting) to another metal. Flux is applied before the silver solder. So next up is the solder that will fix everything. Whatever that repair may entail. I really don’t know what the fix will be. But I feel confident that the fix is coming, and it is coming in our lifetime.
    Nearly everyone agrees that we should have real stuff. No paper representatives. The most important stuff is food and water. So I plan all of my strategy around getting food and water. Secondly, I have a strategy for defending myself and my stuff. Since I don’t know what is going to happen, or when, I am forced to rely on Faith concerning everything else. That is the best that I can do. Within this framework, I have love and happiness in my life. With that, I am able to carry on.
    Thank you Greg and Gregory, you guys are always making me think, and prepare.

  24. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, Mr. Mannarino’s theme for some time has been economic distortion/suppression based on fake numbers trotted out by the MSM, whom he considers to be the lapdog of the Deep State/Insiders. I have no quarrel with his thesis. If he is right, and I believe he is more right than wrong, we who are trying to figure the fraud out are due for some mega-frustration, since there is little or nearly nothing, short of outright revolution it seems, that we can do. Nevertheless, isn’t it time for a stab at the real numbers? Have you talked recently with our old Watchdog friend, John “Dr. Numbers” Williams of Shadowstats? Many thanks and best always to you and Mr. Mannarino. PM

    • Tin foil hat

      The time for a stab at the real numbers is not now. We are not ready in terms of productivity and competitiveness. Trump needs to get reelected and tell Americans the truth in his second term. Hopefully, he can wake up the majority and get the momentum going.

    • Donald

      “there is little or nearly nothing, short of outright revolution it seems, that we can do”

      The interconnected criminal enterprise that controls the world is far too big and entrenched to get rid of by human means. For example, how do you know whether or not one or more psychopaths is conspiring in secret to do you harm??? Usually there is no way of knowing until after the fact. But one thing they seem to love more than anything is to control you. This is why they are adept liars and love lying just to see how dumb you are. If you wise up and stop believing their lies, they will denigrate you, or even arrange for violence against you. This is what you are dealing with, but its actually much worse than what I have described here. This is why ARMAGEDDON is the only solution to the world’s problems. And no need to wonder whether or not it will come… you can be sure its on its way…

  25. paul ...

    Venezuelan soldiers “protected their nation’s Constitution” by not siding with Guaido … just as US soldiers “protected our Constitution” by not siding with the Deep State to get rid of Trump … now “all the Trump plotters” are worth more dead then alive and they know it!! …

  26. paul ...

    As David Stockman says: “We are on the verge of the worst American crisis in nearly a century!! …

    • paul ...

      Think of the $4.95 as payment for the postage Stockman will have to put out to mail out all his “free” info to you (the way Greg Mannarino gives away all his info “for free” as another “concerned American Patriot”)!!

  27. Unwilling to Work

    Whatever this all means, Mannerino. However late the hour…

  28. H. Craig Bradley


    “Keep in mind that ONLY a rising dollar compel monetary reform in the USA. During 1934 Roosevelt devalued the dollar and in 1985 they created the G5 to stage an organized group to manipulate the dollar lower. All those people touting gold will rally and the dollar will crumble are clueless. A lower dollar will increase corporate profits and reduce trade deficits. ONLY a higher dollar will break the (global) monetary system.”- (Martin A. Armstrong, Economist).

  29. FC

    It’s the first time I have ever heard someone say ‘The Middle Class is a new system as we have always lived in a Feudal System and we are going back to it’ very well said Greg M.
    I have always said Hollywood is producing movies and TV series that will indicate our future and with popularity of shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Outlander and alike only demonstrate to the Globalists our acceptance of the Feudal System.

    • William Stanley

      Yes; that was quite a thought-provoking quip about going back to feudalism.

    • Dan

      Yes…I read Armstrong all the time, too. And he has also written that the precious metals WILL rally WITH the stock market when the “SLING SHOT” move sends these markets MUCH higher as FOREIGN CAPITAL (liquidity flows) RUSHES into the USA from the crumbling bond and stock markets of Europe and Asia as the USD hits all time highs.

      He likes to say LOTS of things…and since he NEVER appears in any forum where ANYONE can present him with his past prognostications, he maintains himself as GENIUS status. VERY CLEVER….and a method that many of the morons who come to this site to crow also use.

    • Tin foil hat

      Going back to a Feudal System can only happen if the American experiment failed.

  30. donatella

    One of the VERY best interviews and analysis of what is coming down the pike! Great job, fantastic interview!

  31. Dave Derr

    Question… Is investing in something like Sprott which is investing in actual gold very safe in times of a crisis? Is it in fact a true physical gold or silver asset?

  32. H. Craig Bradley


    Today, the FED is holding interest rates unchanged and will be “patient” while gold bullion, GDL, and Gold Mining Stocks s (GDX) are all down today with heavy selling pressure. Gold investors have “loose hands”, as it turns out. Is this the bottom of the p.c. market or a head-fake (bear trap)? Remember, its near impossible to time any market so beware and don’t outsmart yourself.

    Precious metals are suitable for speculators or very long term investors only ( 10 years or more ). Otherwise, “Gold is a negative cash flow holding” ( according to Kathryn Austin Fitts ), after storage and insurance costs are accounted for. Gold bullion is not a good investment on its own, as you do not receive any income from it. When you do sell, the IRS considers it a collectible and taxes the gain at a 28% flat rate. Gold is not for the average Joe who does not know the difference anyway.

  33. Paul in oz

    You have to love a guy who simply says … pay it forward! Thanks to both of you!

  34. Coalburner

    Welcome back Mannarino! Great Greg and Greg interview. Great incite on the reserve currency, metal depression, and debt bubble burst.

  35. Coalburner

    Greg, This is what’s coming to you all. Today I was informed that the NM State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque will be closed this summer to the usual summer programs for NM kids. They brings their horses to horse schools, every kind of hobby and show, rodeos, horse shows, car shows goes on each summer. They have quarters, or dormatorys for kids who come for the different training and schools. The dorms are now full of illegals at taxpayer cost and the expense of cancellation of every other thing. The place will be unsafe as well.
    Illegals do effect the rest of us and our taxes are paying for it without our permission. And our families lives are being disrupted.
    The problem is out of control. Add that to the bubble burst Greg talks about when the welfare stops. That die off he mentioned won’t be a fun event. People will be dying by bullets too right here in good old USA. It will be like Purge Night for a year.
    I have one solution for Catholics, they want them and invite them and say they will take care of them. Well unless they take them into their own homes and house them in their churches and other buildings they own, they are nothing but human traffickers. IT is a major problem in New Mexico and it coming to everyone else.

    • MCasey

      Las Cruces, NM is experiencing the same problem. Being from Cruces, I don’t understand why so many vote Democrat…we live and breathe the problem. (Like San Franciscans who see poop everyday, but still vote Democrat). New Mexico has essentially established itself as a sanctuary state; so sadly, they are getting what they voted for.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your real world street reporting!

  36. al

    I follow THE MAN… Mannarino.. And he has has been right many times. His Fed predictions are impeccable! He is THE MAN!

    Think about it, since buffoon Biden had his “green shoots” speech 10 years ago back on April 2009 , this market turned and has been going up on air for 10 years! TEN YEARS!!! UP ON LIES AND FALSE DATA!!! NO ONE would think that was possible but here we are.
    I love Trump but how he can think he can pick up from here on a lie and propel this market higher without a good correction is beyond me. The market breathes and it has not exhaled yet. Remember, when everyone bets one way the opposite is imminent. Look at the VIX. Everyone is bullish! I just got an invitation from Wells Fargo entitled “Reasons To Be Bullish On Equities”… are you kidding? 10 YEARS WITH NO SIGNIFICANT CORRECTION!!! If this isn’t total euphoria I don’t know what is.

    The best part of the interview was the last few minutes where Mannarino visually compared population growth with market growth. Wow! Excellent!

    Thanks again Greg H. for another very informative interview.

    • Tin foil hat

      I thought I was a genius when I sold SPY in 2012 with almost 50% profit. I could have made 300% if I held on to it.
      However, if I didn’t sell in 2012, I likely will not sell in 2019 and will hold onto it until the bitter end.

  37. John Shipp

    Mr. Hunter
    Another great article, Greg has it right on.
    It occurs to me that the problem with President Trump is that he has, and displays, a deep moral fibre, and his evil enemies cannot abide this trait. I sincerely hope that he continues for the full 8 years, for without him the western world is toast.

  38. NC Gal

    Greg Mannarino always says “It will correct to fair value at one point.” However, he also says that the power elite will never willingly give up their power, so I think it’s unlikely that we will EVER have free markets again until and unless the power elite are totally destroyed and removed from power.

    As he says, all markets are rigged and controlled. I am still working my way out of debt, but I am skeptical of buying either silver or gold if I had the money to do so because I suspect that the power elites would somehow prevent me from converting it to usable goods or other assets without taking a huge slice of it for themselves, either through exorbitant taxation or through outright confiscation, as has happened before.

    When you look at how the central banks already hold title to so much of the assets of the world as collateral for all of the debt they have created, a systemic collapse only puts the nail in the coffin of free markets forever. A systemic collapse would only finalize the transfer, and the rise in homelessness everywhere is the harbinger of all of that.

    If you believe what the Bible predicts, then a time of tyranny is coming and it will be hard going through those times. I personally think that Mannarino’s wishful thinking about the return to fair market value is just that — wishful thinking. He means well and his heart is in the right place, but I think his optimism and faith in the markets is naive when one really confronts the cold-bloodedness of the power elites . They will do whatever it takes to remain in power, even if all they have left at the end is a pile of ruins and few (expendable) people to do the dirty work. It isn’t until we have gone through the Tribulaton that the new earth can arise.

    All of these things were written to occur before the Earth was formed. If you do a search on on “the foundation of the world,” you will see just how many places refer to knowledge that was known and written “before the foundation of the world.” Before the world was formed, the Lamb was already slain. Before the world was formed, all of the things that we are witnessing now were known and written to occur. Tribulation will not be a walk in the park and many will suffer and die, but that was all written to occur “before the foundation of the world.”

    In the end, there will be a new dawn after the darkness, but we have to go through the darkness first. I don’t have the means to do anything but get through each day, each week, each month and each year. However, just recognizing what is coming for what it is — a great destruction that will pave the way for a great healing — I am at peace with it all.

    Keep doing the work you are doing. You are a bright flame to many, myself included.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      I have most of my savings in gold and silver because eventually the dollar will be worthless. I also expect gold to reach $50,000 and silver to reach $3,000.

    • Tin foil hat

      Dwarka: Atlantis of the East

    • Tin foil hat

      One of the places of knowledge that was known and written “before the foundation of the world.”.

      • iwitness02

        TIN FOIL HAT,
        I watched the video about the rock cut temples in India. What a marvel. The only thing I can think of to explain them, is they must have been built before the great flood, and survived the flood. Plenty to wonder about. I noticed that the mature women in some of the sculptures were much shorter than the men. Making me think about the giants of old. The men of renown. Sure would be nice to know our own history as a human race. But no! That might steal some of Satan’s power to deceive mankind. Truth bad. Lies good. And good for you. If one enjoys slavery. I don’t.

        • Tin foil hat

          If you were a machinist, you will really appreciate this video – ancient lathe???

          • iwitness02

            TIM FOIL HAT,
            I love a good mystery. These videos were some good examples of good mysteries. My primary work was as trucker/owner operator, and heavy equipment mechanic. Light machine work is an ongoing hobby. Thanks for the posts.

    • Donald

      ” They will do whatever it takes to remain in power”

      Yep, that’s pretty much it. Their motto is “the end justifies the means”. Trump presumably will make some progress, enough to fool everyone that a bright new day is coming. But fixing things the way they need to be fixed is totally out of human ability. That said, time is nearly up for the idiocy of this world.

    • Donald

      “If you believe what the Bible predicts”

      The Bible’s ability to prove itself correct isn’t dependent on whether or not one believes it. Just like the existence of gravity doesn’t depend on one believing in it, so to with the Bible. It is stunning as to how accurate it has been so far, and you can be sure more is to come. It is the single most important book ever written, yet it is all too often sidelined over more or less useless endeavors or speculations.

  39. Scott

    finally FINALLY Mr. Mannerino is BACK – praise the Lord!

    Waiting to hear from him has been like waiting for an ice cold Coca-Cola in the Mojave in August!

    Color me THRILLED!


  40. Galaxy 500

    Here is an interesting article about Islam science
    I hate to tell the Imam it isn’t a worm that up his rectum…

  41. Diane Carol Mark

    Love you guys… Mannarino is the best!
    Sounds like more people could buy precious metals and hold them in a non-bank safe deposit. God is the Director 🙂

  42. paul ...

    Germany probably realizes that the F35 is filled with “bugs” that were patched up the same way Boeing patches up their planes … the Germans expect excellence … and always wanted their military to have “superior equipment” (i.e Tiger tanks, etc.) … so they will likely be buying advanced Russian stealth fighters … putting even more of NATO under Russian control!! …

  43. paul ...

    The Demon-rats and neocons goal was always to decapitate the US by censoring free speech … and plunging the world into chaos, war, and destruction …

  44. paul ...

    Americans scrimped, saved and went into debt so their children could go to college and receive a “higher education” … instead the plan of the globalists was to turn these children into Marxists “without jobs” … the ideal conditions necessary for the globalists to create a revolutionary overthrow of our Constitutional Republic!! …

    • paul ...

      Can’t say the globalists weren’t clever … making American families go into debt to create all the Maxists “without jobs” they needed to further their revolution and bring down America!!

  45. paul ...

    Today May 2, 2019 “will live in infamy” … if the Hillary neocons succeed in putting together a case against Julian Assange based on the Espionage Act … in order to put him to death like they did to Steh Rich!!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … it is simply amazing to me that there are still Democratic voters out there that simply don’t know what the hell is going on … and they continue to vote Demon-rats into office … Demon-rats who “abort children” Born in the USA … the same way they abort and kill “hundreds of thousands of children” born in other Nations (with their continual non-stop wars)!!

      • paul ...

        Born In The U.S.A.
        by: Bruce Springsteen (modified by me)

        Born “unaborted” near the baby killing State (NY)
        But still got kicked around
        End up trained like a Marxist dog and
        Spend my life covering up for neocons
        Born in the U.S.A., I was born in the U.S.A.
        I was born in the U.S.A., born in the U.S.A.
        Got in a little hometown jam
        So they put a rifle in my hand
        Sent me off to a foreign land
        To go and kill the yellow man
        And the brown man
        And the Black man
        And the Red man
        Born in the U.S.A., I was born in the U.S.A.
        Born in the U.S.A., born in the U.S.A.

        • paul ...

          Yeah … you have to be “lucky” to be “Born in the U.S.A.” with Democratic politicians like Cuomo around!!

  46. Bill the Cat Guy

    The rest of the world will demand a gold backed currency. Eventually the dollar will be rejected by exporting nations. According to Jim Willie, Saudi Arabia is already selling oil to China using yuan. Russia and China are working on a replacement for America’s interbank payment system. The dollar’s days are numbered as the world’s reserve currency.

  47. Russ

    Thanks Greg, it was good to hear from Greg M. Again. I’ve been wondering where he’d been. Great interview with useful reminders that all is not what it appears. With that in mind, I found this little quote this morning from Bill Blain…
    …”Remember Blain’s Market Mantra no 1: “The Markets only objective is to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the maximum amount of participants.”  Feels to me its setting itself up to catch as many bond market refugees as possible, and fleece them in stocks…”…—may-2nd-2019

    • Russ

      Another indicator that things are not as they may appear on the surface…
      “Copper and Bond Yields Are Warning That Growth is Gone”

      There’s that bond yield thingy again… Greg Mannarino and Michael Pento have been calling out the bond market as the primary tell for the economy for a long time. One of these days it will become obvious thing that no one could see coming… 😉

  48. Goober Peas

    New York Times Falsely Claims No One Believes Muslim Brotherhood Is A Terror Group
    Daniel Greenfield May 2, 2019
    These so called, experts keep repeating the big lie for they’re constituents.
    But let’s stop listening to Kirkpatrick ‘s imaginary experts and listen to the Brotherhood.
    “Suicide attacks represent the highest level of martyrdom, because there are no civilians in Israel.” Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.
    “It is obligatory on all Muslims to resist any possible attack the US might launch against Iran,” Qaradawi said in a 2007 interview. “The U.S. is an enemy of Islam that has already declared war on Islam under the disguise of war on terrorism and provides Israel with unlimited support.”
    In September 2004, Qaradawi proclaimed that it was a religious obligation for Muslims to fight U.S. and British troops in Iraq. The communiqué, signed by Qaradawi and 93 other clerics, said that “the Jihad – waging Iraqi people’s resistance to the foreign occupation … is a Shari’a duty incumbent upon anyone belonging to the Muslim nation, within and outside Iraq, who is capable of carrying it out,” and that it was “forbidden for any Muslim to offer support to the occupiers.”

  49. Bill

    GREG; AG Barr
    After watching the despicable conduct of the democrats congressional members of the house who questioned AG Barr. They are totally out of control in their hatred for all of the Trump Administration. I believe AG Barr is smart to not attend the ambush they have laid out for him were he to attend. I Pray for him.

  50. barbara delaney

    He is right about the hockey stick growth in population and debt. I learned that back in the 1970’s in ecology. After the hockey stick growth phase all populations have die off”s, whether fruit flies or humans.

  51. Anthony Australia

    Is this true about America?

    • Tin foil hat

      There is a lot to truth on what Chris Hedges, apparently a left wingnut, has to say. I concur Trump is a sleazy Con artist but he is using that to get us out the mess which other not so sleazy Con artists had gotten us into since 1971.
      Yes, the signs of decline are everywhere even here in NYC. There are homeless and beggers everywhere; perhaps not as bad as in the 80’s but we are getting there slowly but surely. The difference is that back in the 80’s, most of them were minorities with a few occasion of white dots. Now, most of them are young Caucasians who likely came from the Rust Belt.
      America is indeed a very violent society. I believe if I had to fight somebody, I’m prepared to not just beating him, I’m ready to kill him if need be. Hence, I try not to get into it unless I’m the subject or the subjects were women with children and elderly. I prefer to standby until someone is hurt physically, preferably blood everywhere, before I’d get involved.
      I divert from Hedges’ opinion regarding fake news. If he had not only blame FOX and Breitbart for this phrase, I’d still give him the benefit of doubt that he is neutral but leaning left. However, he proved himself to be a left wing nut by not mentioning CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS …… etc. I stop watching after he lose credibility at around 18:30.
      Trump help me to come to the conclusion that the collapse of the American Empire is done by design – part of the globalists’ dream to create a NWO via the banking system. They transformed America into an Empire to help them spread the Central banking system, they knew they’d have to rid of that empire (dollar as global reserve currency) once that goal is within reach. They made that easy by givng this empire a life span of 40-60 years by dumbing down its youths, weakening its law enforecments and rule of law.

  52. Bill

    BREG; A Correction
    I meant to say, the despicable conduct of the democrat members of the Senate who questioned AG Barr

  53. Frustrated observer

    Excellent interview. But I disagree with Greg Ms statement that THIS market attempts to approach fair value. Indeed it will never get there ! In 2009 the old financial system died and was replaced by a central bank system in a clandestine fashion. („There is no free market anymore, there are only interventions“). All central banks collude and have the abillity to jointly manipulate any asset class at will. In my opinion the only events that can destroy this beast is either to abolish the fed (will never happen) or an uncontrolled rise of inflation, therefore the central banks need to surpress the prices of commodities and keep some deflationary forces in the real economy. To do this they need a strong dollar, low wage growth, full control of the future markets by derivatives as well as full controll of the financial narrative via their MSM. Most importantly, they have to ensure that all the cheap dough is funneled into their financial assets. The motto is: inflate the bubble, keep the money velocity in the real economy low and prevent real-world inflation from rising….. or die (Btw, all this talks about the desire for higher inflation is just b.s., real-world inflation would be the real system killer. They just need a justification for pumping more and more money into the bond and stock market.) If inflation goes up, the multi-trillion low yield bond market will implode and game over. Sadly, under Trump the market manipulation has reached unprecedented levels, but the question is whether Trump really has a choice. I am convinced that Yellen was right when she said „there wont be another financial crisis in our lifetimes“. Bankers and politicians succeeded in getting full controll over the fortune and work power of the 99% and abusing them as colleteral for backing and feeding the bubble. This was the big game changer and will go on for many more years ! The middle class gets fleeced, the bankers, corrupt politicians and the ultra rich are the biggest winners. The MSM tell us 10 times a day how wonderful it is when the stock markets goes up and reach ridiculous valuations. For the young generation it is almost impossible to generate any wealth, but most youngsters dont care, since they are completely brainwashed and dream their socialist multi-cultural dreams. I suspect that Trump is destined to ensure that all this is not going to change. The real puppet masters, those behind the curtain, certainly love him for his doings.

  54. H. Craig Bradley


    We do have a number of “good years” left, but probably not unlimited or say 20 more ( as most around here seem to comfortably assume). Take it one day at a time but keep a lookout for signs of change. I am already seeing a number of these signs. The future is uncertain but nobody says you can not venture an educated guess at current and possible future trends.

    I like thinking ahead myself. Keeps the mind active instead of becoming an Archie Bunker type “meathead” ( dead from the neck up ). Most just want to remain comfortable and complacent in their suburban bedroom communities with blinders-on and inside their personal “Bubble”. Isolationist or provincial thinking is reflective of human nature. God Wills It !

    I always preferred my own separate path anyway. I don’t much care about what happens otherwise. Makes little difference in my life. What will change things is the eventual end of low interest rates, low inflation, low commodity prices, ever higher real estate ( been a long ride since 2009). When the economic cycle flips then it will become a different ball game.

    The American Century (1900-2000) is now behind us, as is the possibility of ever seeing a balanced Federal Budget again. This has real world consequences. Once interest rates finally rise, high Federal and State debt levels and high(er) interest payments will cause a crisis in the public sector with little room left for comfort. Government budgets already stretched will feel real pressure. Taxes probably will go way up, as well. All in our collective futures. Income taxes will go up from here in only a few more short years. Time flies.

    President Trump is the first of three post American Century or Era presidents to revamp our various outdated treaties and agreements with other nations abroad. In addition, various institutions and alliances are fast becoming obsolete, such as NATO, IMF, and the World Bank. In addition, the unrivaled dominance of a single global currency, the U.S. Dollar, is nearing the end of its hegemony, as well.

    Many changes and personal adjustments will need to or have to be made eventually by everyone. Few will see the “big picture”, although I am confident President Trump sure does. So, I look at the coming decade with some hesitancy because I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Short version: its going to be VERY challenging, no doubt about it. Then, after the 2020’s Transition Period comes a fully dominant new kid on the global block: China as Rival Superpower. Its coming, although most of my neighbors can’t imagine an America ever sharing its various Post WWII global roles.

    The coming challenge will be establishing a workable new global order consisting of the reality of a multi-polar world ( negotiated power-sharing). This is the best we can expect. So, future presidents will have to be able to establish the new alliances and treaties needed to make it work and avoid the possibility of a costly and potentially disastrous “conflicts”, trade “wars” or even a World War. So, the next three presidents definitely have their work cut-out for them. The stakes are very high for all of us.

    A future Democratic President will want to primarily advance Socialism or collectivism at home and abroad, if possible. Preserving a degree of American influence is “not their bag”, as they say. Instead, they want to bag the wealthy (middle class) at home. So, its not going to be “business as usual” in a short ten years. Again, time flies.

    In the meantime, we each need to set our own personal priorities ( Bucket List ) and go to work checking them off one-by-one with whatever time we do have left. As far as the masses or asses, have to just “Let them eat (their) cake” if they so choose (want). Going forward, we are all on our own, as it should be.

    Warren Buffet says no textbook could have predicted the strange economy we have today. Warren also feels the current financial set-up can not continue on much longer or indefinitely without some economic variables changing.

  55. Jimmy Duke Hamill

    Hello Greg,
    Truly, this Country is blessed with your web-site.
    I have a request. First, many of your commentators when asked how much physical gold and silver should a person have, the reply has always been not a number, but “a percentage of your portfolio”. It has been so long ago, that I don’t remember who said it, that the “Middle Man”, (Me) should have 10 ounces of gold, and 2000 ounces of silver. Could you please start asking the question to your guests, (The Number) of Gold and Silver middle incomers should have ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words of support Jimmy. The question I ask is how much insurance to you need?

      • Jimmy Duke Hamill

        Thanks for replying Greg.
        I’m going to be a retired Firefighter soon. My Wife and I are blessed to have everything except a vehicle paid (House, Farm) for. I’m concerned about a full blown dollar crash, in addition to my retirement gone…I consider my gold and silver that we have is insurance. Do you think the 10 ounces of gold and 2000 ounces of silver is a good insurance policy ?

  56. James Brown

    Greg, thanks for another great interview. The question, “When will the next stock market crash happen?”. Answer, “This time it’s different”. Europe is collapsing. Don’t believe me? Just look at France, people in yellow vests are rioting in the streets demanding their president step down. This will cause interest rates to spike, first in Europe, then it will spread, like a contagion, to the U.S. Rising interest rates will make bond prices collapse, money will move from Europe and the bond market into the stock market. Starting at the end of January 2020 the DJIA will grow to 40/50,000, a wave which Donald Trump will ride to re – election. There is no other economy on the face of this earth where people can keep their wealth safe – so all the rich people in the world will move money to the United States of America. The stock market won’t crash, the bond bubble will pop. Remember the dot com bubble? It was $455 billion. Remember the real estate bubble? It was $900 billion. Worldwide government debt in developed countries is about $65 trillion. The government debt bubble is looking at dotcom/real estate saying, “You two are so little and so cute”. This time it is different. This debt bubble pop will make the Great Depression look like a joke.

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