Debt Deal with Dems, What Does Trump See Coming, Dollar Dump Gold Pop

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 300. 9.8.17) 

President Donald Trump broke with the Republicans who have been overtly and covertly blocking him to get a short-term debt deal done. Some of the money is going to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but there is also a push to get the so-called debt ceiling repealed.  Some in the GOP are furious, but this is the game of politics we find in Washington.

Why is President Trump in such a hurry to get a debt deal done even for a short three months? What does he seeing coming that the rest of do not see.  Will it be the devastation coming for Hurricane Irma that looks like it will crush Florida?  Is it the bills stacking up from Hurricane Harvey that one Texas Congressman says the total loss will be $1 trillion?  Will Irma also cost $1 trillion in total damages?   Are we going to strike North Korea?  Is there a plan for wider war?  The fact is there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I find it odd that Trump jumped on a debt deal and got very little for it according to some.

So, if we do repeal the debt ceiling, that many call a farce because we keep raising it, what will be the downside? Look no further than the dollar which is selling off on the global stage.  What’s the upside?  Look at gold since January and it’s up and up big.  That means inflation is coming right along with the deflation that is also coming, according to Charles Nenner.  So, prepare for inflation in prices for things you need and deflation or debt destruction.  Gregory Mannarino,  founder of, says the Fed is stuck and it will explode it’s balance sheet as it is forced to buy everything.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino of will be the guest on the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Dan

    Well, since Trump is God’s anointed according to Mr. Taylor, we don’t have to worry about the debt. I’ll have to go back and listen to the interview but I believe he said that Trump’s administration would pay off the debt and not default on it.
    However, if a default does occur just look at a map of the U.S. and see how much federal land could be sold off ot pay said debt. But that would do no good because then you would still have to have a balanced budget or you would soon be back in the same position. I don’t see this country willing to tighten it’s belt. On the contrary I think that would be political suicide in the near term. But it will come in one way or the other because no matter who is president, math is still math.

    • gregd

      If you lend someone more money than they can pay back. Then that is your bad decision and you should suffer for that. What if theU.S. says we can’t pay it back and we won’t give them anything and those who we own should just write it off as a learning experience. It’s a 100% loss for them. They f’d up for lending us money. It happens.

    • Matt In Pa

      No way the debt is paid off. 20 trillion debt nationally, over 200 trillion social Security and Medicare . No way indeed.

  2. Ron

    Thank you Greg for your great reporting!

    Ron Isaac in Calgary Alberta Canada.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: You’ve had several tumultuous weeks in succession, all of which caused firestorms of synapses among your viewers. Despite the deluge of news (no pun intended), I think even you must soon allow yourself (not to mention your viewers) some respite — a day or two of rest and recuperation. Have a happy Sabbath!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William. Good idea. Greg

  4. guy mckay

    Hey greg, great thoughts, im also a farmer in the east.Certain crops we no longer can produce consistantly, its global freezeing.I must say Cliff Hyde, full of manure i have in piles behind barn,mr digital currency, this is how they come at us.First that cia tro; jim richers, imf wisdom, yikes more of the same paper thats not worth the the paper its not printed on.Bit coin, ha ha from nothing to nothing.Gold and silver, money from beginning of time, still manipulated, but bitcoin from nothing , is nothing is money.They have a in it seems in our group so to speak, people wake up, do not buy in, greed is not good, you will all lose on a click, the powers to be own all digital space, cliff hyde just look at him, listen to your heart, he is not a beleaver, do not go greedy, stack , hold , prepare, be right with god, get in physical shape, im sick of hearing cliff hyde,its BS, keep stacking, buy what you will need. thanks Greg, good job, keeep the faithgaetano

  5. guy mckay

    ps cliff hyde talks about code from jordon, authentic about jesus but he is a non beleaver, really, no really, total bs

  6. Jodyp

    I see one reason for this Trump-Dem deal is to shame the Repubs.Those guys and gals are sitting on their hands doing absolutely nothing! Hopefully this might give em some motivation.

  7. Eric Wiley

    Great Week n review, thanks Greg

  8. glen charles

    looks like one of your most important speeches yet watchdog,
    ?patterns are emerging clearly

  9. D. Plane

    Let the kid’s that were actually kid’s when they came, not on their own accord stay. But the one’s Soros brought over as young adults on their own accord go back.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      If the kids stay, that gives their relatives a way to claim residence as well. Plus the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has a convention that families shouldn’t be separated. That convention has been used for years to bring relatives of illegal immigrants into the States. The globalists want more immigration from poorer countries into richer countries. I haven’t made up my mind about DACA, but people need to realize that if the kids stay, their parents will probably get to stay too.

  10. Bingo

  11. Ray

    Thanks for this Friday’s wrap up Greg…..
    Good to see those farms producing in the US Summer and let’s hope yields are large right across the board.
    Thinking of all those over there within range of those huge storms. Stay safe, don’t panic and use common sense. Stay close with those in your neighbourhood and pull together.
    Regarding Greg’s interesting comments on Trump renegotiating down the USA’s massive runaway debt. I am compelled to say no……the world’s largest debtor nation that has lived incredibly high on the borrowings from other nations cannot just walk away from those obligations, or “halve them” because the mathematics of servicing that debt has become all too apparent and impossible.
    The word “Bond” means “Promise”.
    If US Treasury Promises….promises to pay back, with interest, the borrowings delivered via the wealth of other nations cannot be met, then those promises STILL STAND….and must be met upon obligation of national honour. NATIONAL HONOUR.
    Here is my solution: The US is allowed, via international decree, to reduce it’s dollar debt obligations to the world via service to the nations of the world.
    Those 800+ US Military Bases spread across over 100 sovereign countries……they can be converted into US Debt Relief Service Obligation Centres.
    If a nation has say, $350 Billion US Dollars worth of its own national debt, then the US Military Base in that country would be used to improve infrastructure in that nation….roads, bridges, communication networks, soldiers fixing railways …..anything that adds value to that nation’s infrastructure, and the value amount of work carried out by US soldiers there is then wiped off the US National Debt. The nation involved could then turn to it’s creditors (if they were not the US) and promote their newly improved nation as a renewed, better place to promote commerce in….perhaps even offer some equity therein moving forward as payback.
    Imagine it….improved global services, US Debt wound back IN AN HONOURABLE FASHION, and the nations of the world again come to admire what America stands for and what it can do. The REAL AMERICA once spoken of around the softened glow of campfires.
    ……Or……the US can simply inflate the debt, or walk away from it, or just set up some more false flags and bomb, bomb, bomb (you know…..give proof through the night, that the flag was still there…..that kind of thing…..the world is used to it, but doesn’t like it too much, that’s for sure.)
    Wishing all here at USAWATCHDOG a peaceful weekend, and again……thoughts and prayers with all who are in Nature’s firing line…..stay strong….stay together.
    Thanks again to Greg for this site which he built from scratch….appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind here sir.

    Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Old Ranger

      Enjoy your comments here on I was recently thinking of your country, the lucky country. It seems our’s isn’t so lucky. In fact it down right seems we here should be called the unlucky country next to Australia. Yet we can still identify with each other because of the similarities we share in history and blood. Australia has the best weather in the world and we clearly the worst, in fact deadly. In my state of Michigan in one day we had every climate in the world in 24 hours. Might sound weird to you but not so much here.
      Unlike Australia the United States was created because of religious persecution. We couldn’t take the state Church back in the old country. Yet the mainline church here is still Anglican or Episcopalian because like states rights is the real reason for our CivilWar, [freedom] of religion or no religion, freedom, is the real reason for our country and the real reason even today, people all over the world still want to move here, even though we do seem to be so unlucky in climate, even erupting volcanoes! [Mt. St. Helen’s].
      A lot of Americans feel your country isn’t as free as our’s now that you cant have guns anymore and we feel threatened because as colonel Colt said about his Colt six shooter, it was the great equalizer. Burglars think twice before breaking into a home here and thugs have no advantage. Same goes for terrorists. Yes, crazies can cause massacres, but a well armed populace can counter such terrible occurrences. I know there’s much more to this argument and just as the mutiny on the bounty brought the Royal Navy to bring about better conditions for it’s sailors on the high seas, so did a free and independent North America, bring about the eventual freedom and independence of all English speaking countries, even the mother country. It now no longer allows the royalty to rule now with an iron fist.
      Funny here in the US. most here would be considered royal because of the love and affection Americans have for the Windsor’s, much more than most Aussies, having Aussie friends.
      One thing I can say Ray, America never has had a better friend than Australia or Australians. I can only think you guy’s like us so much, must be because were so far away. At least that’s what the Canadians to my south here in Detroit, seem to think, is the only explanation, Lol! Have a G’day, Ray!

      • Old Ranger

        Ray, this video is very scary to most Americans because Australia not only looks so much like America but Australia tends to lead the way, like the 8 hour workday!

      • Ray

        Thanks for your comment Old Ranger.
        Australians and Americans are indeed cousins and we remain good friends.
        That does not excuse BOTH of our governments invading sovereign nations though, stealing their resources and using “the media” to turn things around….as though they are “terrorist nations” that need to be brought to heel. That is utter BS.
        Regarding the weather……over here in Australia, we have just as savage weather as the US….very severe cyclones (you would call these hurricanes) on both our East and West Coasts in the tropical latitudes.
        Yes…..we are indeed a lucky country. A very lucky country, blessed by God
        Shame we’re not Jewish though……a real, real shame.
        The good Mr Hunter believes that God loves Jewish people more than us Australian people here in Australia.
        Seems Mr Hunter’s God has no problem creating second class races of people, put here to do the bidding of whatever “The Chosen People” think fit. You know……The Goyim….the slaves, the Not So Loved Ones.
        The Dispensables. The Fodder.
        I for one will never stand for that, and will resist ANY belief system that says God plays favourites. If “it is written in The Bible” then that chapter was written by a racist, and definitely not by God, or someone who claims to perceive the mind of God. GOD LOVES ALL HIS CREATIONS EQUALLY & WITHOUT RESERVATION.
        Wish you all the best Old Ranger as cyclone Irma passes across your coast this night, and everyone here, Greg, his family and his wise and loyal audience at USAWATCHDOG much love and peace moving forward.
        Always a frosty beer waiting for you all here in Canberra.

    • Paul ...

      We should not be borrowing money from people with excess funds … if those funds we borrowed were used to in the countries we borrowed from not only would they have stronger economies but we wouldn’t have to give it back to them as foreign aid thus squandering the money we just borrowed … the US should simply print up its own money out of thin air the way the Fed does and we wouldn’t have to pay any interest on the National Debt to the banksters for doing the “thin air” work we could do ourselves for nothing … the money saved in foreign aid and interest payments would mean less inflation of the money supply over the long run … so why aren’t we doing it??

  12. Solomon


    Perhaps it is time to have another interview with Dane Wigington.


    Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas ( Dane Wigington )

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      This is the best on Irma and hurricanes in general. He explains growing up in southern Florida and the preparations that were a part of everyone’s life. I began to smell a rat early when I searched and searched for advice on cable about preparing your house, car, filling your bathtub (to flush the toilet), cutting branches, etc. and there was NOTHING! NADA! NIENTE !!!! He addresses this very calmly and well.
      Whether weather is arranged by man or nature, we are obliged to never be passive and dependent but to take care of ourselves and our own…and to help others.
      The cars on 95 are full of mostly white people with their air conditioning running….don’t they know how much gas that uses? Have Americans forgotten how to tie their own shoes???
      Our Gov. Deal in Georgia declared mandatory evacuation. People are 50% gone…the well to do. They say there’s a mandatory evacuation. THERE IS NOT. IN GEORGIA ONLY THE COUNTY CAN DO THAT. See how strange and dirty things appear? Deal knows perfectly well he can’t order that, so why did he announce that? I’m no crank, but I do notice little things.
      Anyway…this link is excellent.
      In looking under every bed for bad guys with the geo-engineering, I salute Dane. But he need to be careful and not make people even more despairing, helpless, and cynical than they are. If he does, he’s part of the problem, not the answer.

      • Paul ...

        Dane is just telling the truth … America is under “weather attack” by the global satanists … California, Texas and now Florida … trying to make it all look like an “act of God” … when in reality is an “act of demonic Satanists”!!

  13. Jerry

    The first phase of global separation from the dollar was accomplished with the recent creation of a new petroleum benchmark by China using gold backed Yuan. Here is the second phase. A global gold backed crypto currency to sidestep the dollar completely for trade completely.
    October 1st is going to be absolutely crazy. Aside from the fact that we will be dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irma, and hurricane Harvey, according to my sources there is a major event coming that will totally catch the American public by surprise and change our future forever. For security reasons I cannot go into details, but all I can say is that the debt ceiling debate is nothing than a “pump fake” for what is coming.

    • Jerry

      Union Pay is the first to bypass the dollar.
      No surprise here. More to likely follow.

      • Jerry

        What for it………………..I hate to say ” I told you so” but here it comes.

      • freebrezer

        Jerry – I hear you … but this should be absolutely NO surprise to any one. Take Russia with all our sanctions on her, why in the hell would they feel any obligation to beholden to the big wall street banks/Fed? … And to add insult to injury, Russia knows that the the IMF can monitor all of Russia’s transactions! … likewise for most of the world. The world wants the Fed’s foot off their throat! The greed of the Fed and the big wall street banks (oops I repeat my self) have brought us to this cliff. My only hope is that Trump can gracefully take the petrodollar off the world stage and have the dollar retain some value. The English pound sterling, in it’s day, lost all most 70 % in it’s demise. Let’s hope Trump can manage the same with the dollar!

    • jim

      Jerry, I truly believe you are the real deal for the inside info. Is your sep. 18 th date for a short bank closing still going to happen. Can we get an update when we get close to that weekend.

  14. Tommy

    I believe Trump likes to cut to the chase. Why not do the debt deal with the Dems? The Reps do a song and dance and talk of a government shutdown, maybe shut it down for a few days, then their knees buckle and they raise the ceiling. Why go through all the theatrics when the end result will be the same? Maybe Trump also wanted to let the Rep. leadership know that he will go over and around them if they keep screwing him. Anyway, they will never not stop raising the debt ceiling and they will never attack the debt, so maybe he just figures let’s stop wasting time pretending that something will be done when we know that it won’t and advance to go.

  15. Tad

    Warmonger I’m not, but does anyone think Washington’s imminent war plans against North Korea leaves Israel unscathed?

    Far from being neighbors or geopolitical foes, I sense China and Russia, and Iran will counter with, who knows, a nuclear strike on Tel Aviv.

  16. Paul ...

    Our National Debt is now $20 Trillion Dollars … does anyone ever ask why we have to “borrow” this money from the Rothschild banksters (who simply print it out of thin air)? … The US Government could just as easily print money out of thin air and not “owe” anything to the banksters (resulting in a “zero” National Debt) … the Fed banksters will tell us “that that will be inflationary” … bull shit … it would not be any more inflationary then what the Fed banksters are doing now … just End the Fed … and we forever end any National Debt!!

    • Paul ...

      And if the banksters don’t start winding down their “nuclear” derivatives … Trump should begin to impose sanctions on the criminal banks the way he imposed sanctions on N. Korea … just fine the 20 largest banks a trillion dollars each and bingo our entire national debt will be paid off in full!!

  17. e p

    Mr. Mark Taylor’s words are uplifting , and, by the way, I believed the same before anyone said so in public: Mr President in the White House was elected to give this country and a wayward general public, another chance . Another chance towards walking a straight line.

  18. andyb

    DWS is my representative. I use a photo of her for target practice at the range. She will probably skate free, but won’t be re-elected. The swamp protects its own, regardless of party. Certainly the level of corruption that has been exposed proves the thought that there is really just one party, subservient to special interests, that acts in tandem for CONTRIBUTIONS (BRIBES) to remain in power.
    One thought about the immigration mess that explains the agenda of the Marxists:
    I have spent a lot of business time in South and Central America. The populations, regardless of country, has been inured for decades to strong man rule, corruption, and an over reaching non-democratic form of governance. The immigrants from these countries will be more prone to accept the eventual totalitarianism slated for the US. So, yes, more votes for the Dems, the Progressive (Marxist) entity that has incrementally destroyed America since Woodrow Wilson.

    • Flattop

      Andy; The DOJ has this enormous pile of evidence to sort though, before any one will be charged. The evidence is being added to everyday, so who knows when they get to the bottom of the pile.

    • freebrezer

      andyb – I prefer blabber mouth vs. DWS, though her mouth has not blabberred much of late! Hmmmm … something must have her tongue?.

  19. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Have a great weekend.

  20. gregd

    I am grateful you had Mark Taylor on. It was a hopeful message. I often get ridiculed for my strong belief in God, Believe me, I don’t mind it. I really do wish he would speak to me also.
    But I was a bit rattled this week when I finally took a look at the Dutch banker video. I only did this after I had heard he was found dead. I for one believe him, it fits everything that I have learned the last several years from your site and others. If you haven’t seen it yet please take a look. You judge.
    If there is a war or a civil war I believe it needs to be between the 99% and the 1%. And thanks again for the good work you do.

  21. John M.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet in regard to American-style inflation, depression, shortages, disasters, etc.
    Many farm crops in California look okay, but low prices are taking a heavy toll on farmers. Over here we need much higher food prices to survive as our operating costs are astronomical.
    Catholics and Christians may want to consider praying to “Our Lady of Prompt Succor” for her saintly assistance, as she has been known to help Americans with hurricanes most especially, as well as during other times like the British invasion with Andrew Jackson. The devotion started long before in New Orleans 200 years ago. Today is also Mary’s birthday, and Jesus cannot say no to whatever his mother asks of Him (e.g. Miracle of wedding at Canaan).

  22. Roger

    Trump and Schumer see lots of good reasons to abolish the Constitutional process for raising the debt ceiling? Perhaps those who believe Trump is God-sent could explain why God would send a money changer.

    • Paul ...

      Because he is an “honest” one … who will overturn the tables of the crooks!

  23. The Seer

    I wonder with the human-made weather devastation of various forms taking place it weakens our ports and sea borders. Are we being set up for something else besides just
    reducing our prosperity and liberty?

    • Bill

      The Seer:
      If man is capable of generating weather (hurricanes ), then should he not be able to stop hurricanes?

      • Paul ...

        Yes we can stop hurricanes … but we need “moral men” behind the curtains pulling the levers!

  24. John Shipp

    Another broadcast of real news, it is funny how the MSM never mentions the things that the Watchdog does.
    Harry Truman said “One cannot get rich working for the Government unless you are a crook”.
    Trump, who the MSM said was not showing empathy in Houston, gave $1M of his own money, no empathy, give me a break.
    Trump has given his own treasure to pubic causes, the Clintons, him and her, and Obama all got rich working for the Government. Who would you rather have as you elected President, it speaks for itself.

    • Sayonara

      You highlight an observation that the fascist liberal anointed elite establishment will never acknowledge is that they are evil greedy grifters that get rich off the government and the public, whereas Donald Trump earned his wealth by being a very a smart and savvy business man and then donates his wealth to needy causes. I would much rather have a successful and generous business man as President than a greedy grifting fascist liberal any day of the week. It is truly sad that our populous is so void of common sense in this day and age.
      BTW – If really want to see how smart and savvy business man performs versus an incompetent liberal government, look how Donald Trump handled the ice skating rink debacle in New York’s Central Park.

    • sk

      “Trump has given his own treasure to pubic causes”….you have NO idea how hilarious that was…three wives, after all….

  25. David

    The whole debt ceiling debate is silly to me. The president, any president gets way to much credit or blame for budget deficits and the national debt. If you believe in the Constitution it says (in part) in Article 1, Section 7 – “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

    Presidents can make suggestions and submit budget proposals but congress and specifically the house control the purse strings. I was no fan of Obama but he got way too much blame for the debt that was racked up during his eight years. The debt is going to explode under Trump just as it has done the last few presidents. Clinton is credited with reducing the national debt when in fact any person with an internet connection can go look at the numbers during his administration and see that the debt increased each and every year he was in office. The Clinton surplus is a myth.

    The Federal Reserve has painted itself into a corner. Having zero or artificially low interest rates for many years now has done considerable damage to the economy. Sure, the stock market is going through the roof but it’s propped up by low interest rates and cheap debt based money. You cannot defy the laws of mathematics. This thing is going to implode at some point in time. John Williams and other USAWatchdog guests have been calling for a correction for sometime now and it hasn’t happened. Market timing is a fools game. All I know is that when it does happen it will be breathtaking in its scope and speed. You simply cannot have a sound economy based on issuing credit, debt based money and fractional reserve banking practices which create money out of thin air. Trump and congress don’t want to tackle these core issues because to do so would create havoc. He and congress will simply kick the can down the road for as long as possible and hope they are gone when the music stops.

    • Corleone

      Janet Yellen: “We are on the right track.”

      • Paul ...

        We better get on the left track … the right track takes us to Satan’s Paradise (Hell)!!

  26. Matt Jaymes

    Nice wrap-up Greg. Trump has no particular allegiance to any political party, he is a populist/nationalist and the only way for him to “drain the swamp” is to expose all of the swamp creatures RINO’s and DEM’s alike. By making a deal with the DEM’s on the debt ceiling (and let’s face it, the debt ceiling is an illusion) he just showeed the country how utterly ineffectual this class of congress is and whom they truly support (special interests, not, NOT the citizens of this country!)

    The “dismissal” of Bannon is a pure-genius tactical maneuver, Bannon can be far more aggressive, relentless and devastating from outside the ring. In other words, Trump just “let the dogs out!” I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen, wherein Trump ends the rope-a-dope strategy and starts swinging! Let the truth bombs fly!

    Here’s a ping for Nomi Prins.

    Dear God: Please take extra good care of my countrymen in Texas and Florida

  27. Paul from Indiana

    Trump is showing the RINO crowd, led by John McCain, who claimed he (McCain) didn’t understand how President Trump could even consider getting cozy with Schumer, Pelosi, and Co., much less do it, never mind that he (McCain) does it regularly, most recently on saving Obamacare, that two can play that game. Getting rid of the debt ceiling is a formality. It’s already been raised 90 times. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      Raising the debt ceiling simply means we “borrow more money” from foreigners or the banksters who print it out of thin air and pay them interest on it … we must STOP THIS DEBT GAME … and simply print the money we need out of thin air (the way the banksters do) and by doing so we will need to create less of it … our government creating its own money is “less inflationary” then having the banksters create it out of thin air for us or borrowing it from foreigners who then have an “undue influence” on our Congress and our foreign policies (i.e. Saudi Arabia, etc.)!!

  28. Jim G

    It’s time to stop talking about everything other than you have now entered the end game meaning the total collapse of the USA.

    The power elite has decided to use geo-engineered weather as the first phase which will be followed by an EMP strike or strikes. This will set the stage for a mass depopulation of up to 90% so most of you will not be around this time next year.

    The entire US system is already on the verge of collapse and the reality that the job market is not going to make a comeback and in fact is going to be replaced by robotics and automation has sealed your fate. It was never a matter if this day was going to come – it was just when and the when is now here.

    It’s plain nonsense to worry about whether you should invest in the stock market, buy gold or silver or a crypto currency, and if you stock supplies for 3 months or a year. Your only chance for survival is to get out of the country but it may already be too late for that. And if you think I’m wrong – your won’t have long to find out. Fear not or fear a lot. I would personally go with the later.

    • Paul ...

      The Satanist Globalists believe “might makes right” and that “the best killer” is always at the top of the food chain … so they are attacking the American nation that believes in God and mercy and where the meek have a right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness … the Globalist’s evil Satanistic morality is not the morality God placed within our DNA … these reptilian Satanist’s look upon human beings as “extra” terrestrials … and therefore want to exterminate most of us in continual war (nuclear if possible) and by destroying our food crops in manufactured droughts or hurricanes!!

  29. DavidC

    Great stuff as ever Greg! Looking forward to ‘The Two Gregs’ on Sunday!


  30. libertarian jerry

    A recipe for economic disaster: Create paper money and credit conjured out of thin air,backed by paper debt bonds created out of thin air,buying real goods and services created by the productive economy. Then create an Income Tax to force people to pay the interest on the bonds. Quite a racket. The political Class: government employees,retired government employees,welfare recipients of all stripes,arms manufacturers,crony capitalists etc.benefit while the Economic Class,who add value and thus create real wealth,are left shouldering the burden and paying the taxes to support the net tax consumer class. Basically the parasite class.
    The questions to ask is: What happens when the”money” becomes worthless?
    What happens when the economy collapses? What happens when it doesn’t pay to create value and wealth when one knows that it will be taxed away? What happens to America when it becomes the Rome of centuries ago?

  31. John


    The situation is dire! The recent disclosure that a hurried debt deal is in the making along with the potential repealing of the debt ceiling is huge in that it shows that we can’t keep our financial house in order – no matter who is president. We have no reserves to handle natural disasters. We have no reserves to fight a war with North Korea and we do not have the political will on either side of the aisle to live within our means. We have a decreasing dollar index and and an increasing rise in the gold price at a time where investments in stocks, bonds and real estate are in historical bubbles. We have massive consumer debt and stagnant wages in an economy that is consumer based. We have state of the art naval destroyers colliding with freighters on the open seas and the air force having to cannibalize static museum displays for spare parts. We have social upheaval tearing us apart over confederate statues commemorating a war that ended in 1865 juxtaposed to recent history where a black man became president and held office for two terms. We have fake news, fake economic statistics, militarized police departments and rules that only apply to the “little people”. Sorry for the rant – I am off to buy another ounce of gold.

  32. bill jones

    No blame on the prez here. The congressional gop has been insanely incompetent the last year and counting. Anyone ready for a third party alternative to the demuplicans?

  33. Flattop

    GREG: New subject. I have been a watcher of NFL games and love the game of football. ( played it in school), however I am about done with the NFL. They suspended Adrian Peterson for one year over his discipline of his children. Now we have players who sit on their asses during our National Anthem, They beat up on women, they are gang bangers, and they do drugs. But the NFL cant seem to figure out what to do about it. PATHETIC

  34. stonewall

    Terrific wrap up Greg. I believe you are spot on. We are coming to end times
    for USA hegemony and I think that reality has suddenly hit Trump smack dab in the
    kisser. He knows he is mostly surrounded by scumbags who engineered the current
    sad state of affairs and he has been set up to take the fall. Well just maybe Trump
    has a plan but there isn’t any way he can stick handle his way out of the twenty plus
    trillion federal debt. We are all living in interesting times indeed.

  35. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I suspect Donald Trump wants rid of the debt ceiling simply as a practical measure. The ceiling is a farce, and every year there’s a stupid fight over government shutdown. As for inflation and deflation, Jim Rickards has a great explanation in his book The Big Drop. He compares it to a tug of war. Printing money is an inflationary pressure, but currently the deflationary pressures are stronger and winning. Inflation also depends on how the general public reacts to the money expansion. By the way, Greg, deflation does not destroy debt. Deflation makes debt worse and harder to pay back, which is the opposite. As for Mark Taylor, he was an interesting guest. I’m sure he does get ridiculed because there are so many bogus prophecies out there. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said, but more power to him for standing up for what he believes in.

    • Frederick

      Diana The whole thing is a farce from 911 till today Too bad many people aren’t laughing

  36. Neil

    This is the only time I can say Greg is full of beans! I love the WNW you know that.

  37. bill jones

    Thank you Greg!

    Any Fitts on the horizon?

  38. JimH

    The press keeps talking about the children of DACA. The kids of DACA.
    The average age of the DACA recipient is 25.5 years of age. 25 year olds are adults not children as CNN and the MSM report.

    Was Obama during the Jane the virgin Rodriquez interview said illegals should vote and will not get in trouble talking about protections of DACA ? Seems plenty were voting in California and New Hampshire.

    I wonder about the FED reserve. Seems there are rumors of many people leaving. This cannot be good. A question for Gregory Mannarino, The chairman of the federal reserve is very very quiet. All quiet on the Western Front.

    Hey Greg I enjoyed your interviews this week. Diversity of thought is a good thing. this is how we learn new things. People doubted Kim Clement was a joke when he said
    Trump would be president after beating a witch in the election. People said it was absurd that a witch would run for office. Until all the wikileaks and spirit cooking emails of the clinton camp and Larry Nichols started talking.

  39. susan

    Our country is in such a mess. The hurricanes are causing so much pain and suffering. The cost to take care of the people, businesses, etc is unbelievable. One thing people are not paying any attention to are the fires and the drought in Montana. The crops are nonexistent. The cattle and all animals are in dire straits. Many are being burned to death. So much for wheat, beef and many other crops that are being devastated here. We don’t have enough people here to be on the news, but the devastation is unbelievable.

  40. Sayonara

    One issue and person that you need to address is that of the Wicked and Evil George Soros. This Wicked and Evil Monster is directly responsible for the social and violent chaos we are currently experiencing in this country and the western world. He covertly finances violent groups such an ANTIFA and BLM to create chaos and mayhem.
    Candidly, this Monster is a financial and social terrorist on the scale of Osama Bin Laden. This Monster, his surrogates and supporters need to be exposed and punished accordingly like we did with Osama Bin Laden and his ilk. This is a huge issue IMHO.

  41. Christian

    I think Greg is right about Trump and the debt ceiling.

    A second and possibly third hurricane may very well wipe out insurers and create another financial crisis.

    Add to that the economy which has never fully recovered but is likely about to slip back into recession (This is the second longest running bull market in history) and you have the makings of a huge crisis. Central bankers will try to bury the problem with more money printing.

  42. Charles Turner

    Trump is neither Republican or Democratic, he is a Peoples President.!

    Is there is more to the short term agreement in the debt ceiling than we are seeing. Nancy Peslosi has made two very interesting moves in the last week. Firstly she has come out against Antifa. Secondly she with Schumer have come to an agreement with Trump. Plus we do not know what other conversations have taken place. Could there be more to this. Could some senior Democrats be starting to see that The Clinton, Comey, Schultz, Media swamp is just too big and they need to get past it and rebuild and reform.. With hurricanes, potential wars and the debt, you need a united, cross party governing of America more than ever. Trumps a businessman and would go for this. Pelosi may have just made the smartest moves of any Democrat in the last two years.

    • Judy

      Trump is “the people’s President”? Really? What can you point to that he has done as evidence of this? I think he told you what you wanted to hear, and now he’s oing whatever he can to make himself more $$ for his businesses from the offiof President. He sure hasn’t done anything to make my life better!

      • Greg Hunter

        Aren’t you making money as a paid troll by anti Trump forces. If there was no Trump you would be out of a job.

  43. Roger Hagen

    Greg, do you have had any contact with Jerry, and can you confirm that he is so well connected as he seems to be. I would like to belive him, but it seems to good to be true that he has inside information about bank system/currency system. By the way, this WNW was one of your best. My view from Norway is that USA is a empire going down, divided people, weather problems, bankrupt and a war mongering deep state. It is sad because the american people have always been a creative, polite, positive people with the worlds best working moral.

  44. Wade

    Greg one of the most important people out there is Kevin Shipp a former senior level manager with the CIA. Dane Wigington recently hosted him. He goes into detail about the Shadow government and Deep state. People need to know what’s really going on. We should keep this man in our prayers.

  45. Hatemail

    Trump is just buying time working the system. He just wants to win, whatever that is or may be.

  46. Hatemail

    Yahoo Finance gives the economy an -A grade. What are we worried about?
    Everything is wonderful.

  47. Tad

    Probably a bit off topic, but Venezuela is following the trend: dollar off; ruble and yuan on.

  48. Miro

    Dear Greg, I thank you for another excellent weekly summary of real news. We are all tired of “fake news”.
    Beside all the news that you have listed, I would like to mention that PR of China and Russian Federation announced that they are not using US dollar for oil trade but chines yuan, convertible intermediately to gold. Russia, as the main oil suppler to the PR of China, was joined by the following oil exporters to China: Angola, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and a score of other smaller oil producers. In short, RIP US petrodollar. Although you and your guests were telling to all of us about those possibilities, some of your readers were making fun of you. Now, I want to hear what they would have to tell you and us, who trusted you all along.

    Another news is also going to shake the balances in world economy. Russia had introduced last year its own credit card called MIR (world) and since four major Russian banks were put on US economic sanctions, now the Visa and Muster cards are out of business in Russia. Another announcement came from EU that the Russian credit card will be accepted by the EU banks immediately as well as all BRICS countries. After these news, Americans are finding themselves on the three branch that was cut off by the American Government.

  49. Justn Observer

    JUST SAY’N …;-57;2&l=gust&t=20170919/00

  50. Julia

    Good wrap up. I went to the grocery store today and there were alot of empty shelves. I heard Dane Wigington of Geoengineering the other day state there is a food shortage due to engineered weather. The food shortage is being hidden from Americans so they cant connect the dots. Catherine Austin Fitts told people to make sure they have a local food source. I think she is right.
    Mr Hunter, do you think President Trump will let the Bankers print and print money, let everything collapse, then come out and say he is doing away with the Federal Reserve and renegotiating the debt and we have a gold backed currency? Is that far fetched?


  51. Tim McGraw

    Great wrap up! It’s always about the money, or as Mike Maloney would say, the currency because it isn’t money anymore.
    Until we get real money backed by gold and silver, which the US Constitution demands; we are f#$$&d.

  52. RTW

    Who is going to be the next knucklehead to make the moronic statement that Irene is punishing Trump voters in Florida? The field is vast.

  53. zteve.0

    we borrow from the federal reserve bank so our president doesn’t end up in a flag draped casket – same reason we send troops to the middle east

  54. Judy

    Greg, you need to watch this, my friend….truth eventually comes to the surface…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a paid troll and Rachael Maddow is fake news and propaganda of the NWO.

      • Judy

        I’m sorry you feel that way, Greg. Perhaps when you are up to your ears in rising water, you will finally recognize that the Trump ship actually is full of holes, and that people like Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are actully not fake news. And why would a paid troll waste their time poking Trump fans? Cognitive dissonance can be so annoying sometimes, right?!

        • Greg Hunter

          “Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are actually not fake news.” Maddow has NOT SPEND ONE SINGLE DAY AS A NEWS REPORTER. Maddow is the worst kind of “Very Fake News” because she passes herself off as a fair and unbiased arbiter of the truth when the opposite is the case. Maddow is and has always been a political hack.

          • Judy

            You’re just jealous, Greg. Typical guy’s response to a more successful woman in his field. Let’s be honest, Greg, you wish YOU could be Rachel Madow right now!

            • Greg Hunter

              That would entail me having to sell out and lie and that’s nothing to envy. I’ll put my body of work at two networks and USAW against hers any day. I got let go for saying what I said and I told the truth. She is being patted on the back for lying,painting a false narrative and passing herself off as some sort of “journalist” when she is in fact she is a biased a political hack. Please watch this story and ask yourself if Rachael or her NBC network would have done this story: I think the answer is pretty clear. I don’t care what you think I care what my maker thinks.

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