Debt Reset Begins, Global Banks Issue Dire Warnings, Trump Wall Showdown

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 366 1.11.19 

According to renowned gold investor Jim Sinclair, the global debt reset that has been long predicted has begun. Lots of debt that will never be repaid will be written down around the world. Sinclair says gold and silver will be the last men standing when the dust settles.

The BIS, World Bank and the IMF have all issued dire warnings in the past few weeks of financial “storm clouds.” In other words, the biggest bankers in the world are warning of another financial meltdown coming in the not-so-distant future.

Nance Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are being beaten up so badly over the government shutdown and security funding for a wall on the southern border that even singer Cher is telling the Speaker of the House and the minority leader in the Senate to “Be the Hero” and cave in and put 800,000 government workers back to work. The U.S. has a $4 trillion budget (that’s $4,000 billion) and Nancy and Chuck are holding up the government for little more than $5 billion in funding for security that includes a wall. Even Democrat James Carville is making fun of Chuck and Nancy’s response to Trump’s network appeal for a border wall and security on the southern border.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on the top stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Catherine Austin Fitts founder of will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. She will give us an update on the serious matter of $21 trillion in “missing money” at DOD and HUD and why it will soon affect every American.

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  1. paul ...

    Yes … Storm Clouds are gathering … just look at the widening US credit spreads in the following chart ( the rising green line) … … what this shows is economic confidence is declining … which is good for gold … as can be seen by looking at the Gold/GNX Ratio (gold relative to all commodities is strengthening) in the same chart … so things are beginning to work in gold’s favor … in spite of Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) efforts to keep a lid on gold … which is becoming harder and harder … as countries like China, Russia, India, etc., etc. continue to purchase gold and sell Treasuries … with almost no one now buying Treasuries the ESF must step in and buy (to prevent a failed bond auction) … the US can’t allow a failed Treasury auction as it needs are many (i.e. like paying for our many continuous wars) … what I want to know is what happens when the missing $21 Trillion (likely placed in the ESF) runs out?? … perhaps as their funds run low the ESF will concentrate on buying Treasuries (which has a high priority) rather then squander their precious funds to keep a lid on gold!!

    • paul ...

      In addition the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) has likely provided the money to the Fed to buy (through JP Morgan Chase) tons and tons of silver … so that when they do take the lid off of precious metals … the ESF will make trillions in profit … that can then be used to further support the US dollar (by stepping in to buy the Treasuries that no one in the world wants) … and thus prevent a failed bond auction from occurring (which has never occurred in the past) and which would be very very detrimental to confidence in the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency!!

    • Tad

      Any number of ways to lose track of $21 trillion.

      • Greg Hunter

        No Tad. According to Dr. Mark Skidmore this it total fraud. It will take a real audit and not one the DOD “fails” to get to the bottom of this. This should scare the hell out of every American and any person using dollars or dollar instruments indirectly or directly. This is NOT some sort of stupid accounting mistake.

        • Tad

          I understand. The excuses are fabricated.

  2. Sayonara

    Great blunt WNW!
    Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are the greatest traitors in American history. How dare they attempt to hold this country hostage to allow criminals invade this country!
    The Democrat Party is the gravest extreme threat to this country since the German and Japanese in World War II.
    If this country has inkling to survive, the people must rise up and brutally crush and destroy the Democrat Party with absolute and extreme ideological prejudice period!
    If not, this country will devolve into a Venezuela on exponential steroids and that will be a pity.

    • paul ...

      You are right Sayonara … as Dr. Janda says: “all the traitors holding this country hostage must be brought to justice” …

      • paul ...

        Demon-rat Polosi is calling the Wall “immoral” … so what do you have to say about Demon-rat abortion, pedophilia and child-eating pizza parties Nancy??? …

        • paul ...

          Hey Chuck and Nancy … you probably think in your evil minds that by your “calculated intransigence” you can maneuver Trump into creating an opportunity for you to claim Trump did an “illegal impeachable offense” … by claiming Trump used “a fake emergency” to illegally use funds from a government agency to build the Wall … then you figure you can take your claim directly to the Ninth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (which will automatically rule in your favor against Mr. Trump) … and you will be off to the impeachment races!! … but Trump is not so easily fooled … he will just keep the government shut down for a year if he has too … until all the demon-rats working for the government force you both to capitulate and finally do what is morally right for America!!

          • Sayonara

            Slight miscalculation on your part, Democrats do not have the ability to”do what is morally right for America.” The Democrats are the vile enemy of the Constitution and the American people and must be destroyed with absolute and extreme ideological prejudice period!

          • paul ...

            Hey Schumer and Pelosi … you are a match made in Hell (where matches are not needed) … do you think by your recalcitrant behavior you can make Trump’s actions to protect America look like “an impeachable act” and a threat to national security”?? … do you think you can make the American people believe that by Trump building a Wall … he was knowingly working for Russia? … or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence? … get real you two dumb asses … we are not “all brainless idiots” like Gina!!!

    • Chip

      Agree 100%. Don’t forget the MSM. They are also an existential threat to the future of this country… Chip

  3. Derek Sinclair

    Nancy and Chuck were bound to screw up. The undead never look good on TV.

    • Claude

      Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Durbin, Clinton, these are the Democrat leaders? The Democrats have become the Party of Constipation. A group of corpses who would be better served by doing Metamucil and Depends commercials.

  4. Mark James

    Excellent WNW! Excited for Catherine Austin Fitts on Sunday!!! I was just thinking I would love to see her on!

    You did a great analysis of the situation… and really amazing take on Jeff Bezos divorce. Wow — lose half in order to try to keep half of his fortune. Very interesting.

    Thank you Greg! Fear Not! 🙂

  5. paul ...

    Let’s hope Turkey shows restraint and does not invade Syria to wipe out the Kurd’s that control about 1/3 of Syria … … as that will place Trump in the awkward position of having to defend America’s Kurdish allies against a NATO member … and what side does Germany, France, England, etc. take in such a situation???

    • paul ...

      The US getting into a war with Turkey (or anyone else like Iran, etc.) will balloon our budget deficit … requiring the selling of even more Treasuries (that no one in the world wants to buy) putting even more pressure on the ESF … war will also spike up the price of oil (creating inflation that will require the Fed to raise rates) … but war will put upward pressure on gold (requiring the ESF to expend more money to keep a lid on gold) … right now Trump has gotten the Saudi’s to lower oil prices … so … so far there is little acceleration in wage or manufacturing costs … nor has there been large product price increases from Trump’s tariffs yet … so inflation is “sort of under control” … giving the Fed “some leeway” to take a pause in raising rates … but any liquidity crisis (which seems to be brewing) will put extreme political pressure on the Fed to ramp up QE (which the Fed does not want to do) … so the ESF will have to step in with the money to sooth any shortfall … further depleting the $21 Trillion (they probably siphoned out of the Defense and Housing budgets) … so the ESF may have to allow all the silver they bought through JP Morgan Chase “to rise” (like Bitcoin did) in order to “restock their cash account” (if they can’t get away with steal extra money from other agencies in the government) so they can continue to support the Treasury market and preserve the US dollars reserve status!!

      • paul ...

        Breaking News … Trump is the “real” President of the US (not Bolton or Pompeo) … and our troops are right now being removed from Syria … so a war with Turkey “is greatly diminished” … … hey Schumer and Pelosi are you getting this? … neither of you are President of this Nation either … both you “money grubbing” Demon-rat psychopaths have tried “but failed” to hijack our Nation … Trump is taking it back … and all you other psychopathic Demon-rat pedophile blood drinking child killing human traffickers better get ready … are going to be shipped to GITMO and put before a Military Tribunal for your treasonous acts against our Nation!!

  6. jim umble

    Greg your the Best man luv ya bro.

  7. MLK

    You included Gregory Mannarino in your supporting personalities. I follow his trading. His trading does not match his political words. He blames the president when the market goes down. He accuses the president of market manipulation when it goes up. He sell short term calls and puts to make his money. If his market analysis was the same as his political words, he would be losing money. I suspect he uses fear ( similar to Gerald Celente and 99.99% of all televised experts) to influence other traders.

  8. jim umble

    Hi Greg Just think if we could clean up all this crap how well off every American could be .To bad we can’t convince more people to see the light it’s just a heart brake.

  9. Jerry

    As I have posted the last several years, showing link, after link, and showing the internal workings of The Working Group ( which employs two former treasury secretaries) …..the transition to the Yuan reserve system has been occurring internally inside the banks right under our noses. But guess what? No one was paying attention, and no one cared. And now we are approaching stage 3.

    President Trump knows what I know. You can’t fix a broken financial system until you get rid of the criminals that are in it. Greg we are on the cusp of a Russian style purge. Vladimir Putin said
    ” The Ball is in your court”after he gave President Trump intel behind closed doors that exposed the players of the cabal and the deep state in return for a Syrian pullout. When this goes down, the Fed is going down with it, along with our entire banking system. Then the new quantum financial system “ backed by gold” and the Yuan, will be rolled out. In the middle of this mess, the deep state will launch a full blown counter attack in the form of a coup to take President Trump out. Count on it.

    My sources are hearing about military call ups, and troop movements on the ground. The Northern Command has been training with local law enforcement and state officials for civil unrest. The timetable which I have heard (which I can’t verify) is sometime in February. We”ll see?

  10. Nick de la Gaume

    Your honesty and sincerity always touches my heart.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  11. Roger D

    The breadth of the coming chaos is not for us to know. Greg and his guests gave us consistent warnings. Trump gave us 2 years to prepare for it. What more could we ask for?

  12. Alex

    It was not long after Russia announced they were diversifying 100 billion of their reserves out of federal reserve notes that Fed chair Jay Powell announced his concern about the record amounts of debt in the system. I think Russia’s announcement revealed the present vulnerability of the fed and it’s currency. How Powell decides to defend his currency and the geopolitical power it wields will be interesting.

  13. kevin

    hmmm not mentioning dark overlord news and dumps. could b a psyop but it still is news . dark overlord has been wiped from the internet even steemit. As far as i know this is only place u can find it
    Maybe another Q but still news and for it to b removed from the news hard makes me wonder. Layer 2 has now been dumped . Jason bermas (we are change) does a partial break down of dump layer 1.. It has to do with 911. CBC news covered dark overlord last year when they attacked netflix but nothing now hmmmm wonder why.

  14. vincent_g

    The 70% tax rate is a throw back to a tax rate of the past.
    A rate that only hurt those that won money.
    So if you win the lottery that 5 million dollar prize will only yield you 1.5 million

    Now if they use the escalating tax rate as they did in the past then that 1.5 million is much smaller and can be as low as $250,000

    So under those rates the lottery system in most states would collapse.
    Who would play it if they will just take back the winnings.

    Would all the states support a tax rate that would wreck their lottery games?

    There are consequences to new laws and taxes and it seems politicians don’t seem to be able to think them out very well.

  15. john duffy

    America is done. Disgusting!
    start at about 7:40

    • Chip

      Watched the whole thing. Very troubling. Not just the pedo story, but also the censorship. We don’t know how long even Greg’s site will be “allowed” to exist… Chip

    • Roger D

      Wow, this segment is definitely NOT fake. Definitely evil. Very powerful message. Thank you john duffy. I am passing it along.

      The United States is done. I accepted that reality about 5 years ago. But there are HUGE areas where Christ still rules the valleys. Look for areas where homeschooling is the norm. Yes they still exist but not near any major city.

  16. Tad

    Somehow I think you’ve heard of Newsguard.

  17. God's Kingdom Rules!

    Events Leading Up To The War of Armageddon
    IT’S been faith-strengthening to review on, what God’s Kingdom has accomplished in the midst of its enemies. (Ps. 110:2) Our King has raised up an army of willing preachers, along with Greg Hunter and many other’s, here on and the world wide web. He has cleansed and refined his followers spiritually and morally. And despite all efforts, of enemies of the Kingdom, to revile us and divide us, we enjoy worldwide unity, today. These and the many other Kingdom accomplishments, that have been considered here, provide overwhelming evidence, that since the present passing generation, “Good News Translation”_
    Remember that all these things will happen before the people now living have all died. ◄ Matthew 24:34 ►, our King has been ruling in the midst of his enemies, of the Kingdom.
    The Kingdom will do even more amazing things in the near future. It will “come” to “crush and put an end” to all, its enemies. (Matt. 6:10; Dan. 2:44) But before that time arrives, other significant events will take place. What are they? Several Bible prophecies address that question. Let’s continue here on, to examine, some of those prophecies to see what events still lie ahead of us.

  18. Tad

    What do you tell uninformed Democrat voters to make them believe their leaders are intent on destroying their party as well as their country?

    • Chip

      Nothing. They are completely brain washed. We have several democrat friends and they believe that they are MORALLY right. That’s what is scary… Chip

  19. Patriot

    The massive debt bubble, one of the biggest we have ever seen in the history of the world is coming crashing down. As Peter Schiff stated recently, this is going to be good news for gold, but sadly, bad for everyone else.

  20. Ward Maynard

    Meet The Perverts!!! De Niro & Harvey
    This Aint Saturday Night Live Bobster!

  21. Get Smart

    Humongous Tsunami Devours east coast Japan
    And today we have 3 nuclear cores burning thru earth’s water table, polluting the Pacific across to California down to South America Then Australia, with radioactive nuclear waste! Wake up, la la land is facing reality, are you?

  22. Diane

    I love your description of “Social Warriors ”
    Social Warriors = Marxists, Socialists, Democrats.
    Very accurate.

  23. Kim

    The border security issue should have been addressed years ago. Wonder why it hasn’t ?
    How many crimes or deaths have to result before we have a secure border.

  24. Robert E. Salt

    Many of the criminals have been cloned. Obama was cloned. Like McCain, Bush 41 was tried in secret and his clone was executed last June. The real Bush 41 was executed a few months later. When Hillary ran for president, a clone that was a younger version of Hillary, did some of the campaigning. There was always a large black man in a suit nearby who was her handler. The handler died recently. Could it be that he got caught having sex with the Hillary clone? You can’t make this stuff up. Some of this stuff is so outrageous that you have to maintain a sense of humor. “Twenty and back” technology (look it up) is being used to age and train these clones. Can you picture a classroom full of Hillary clones being taught to smile at the camera, lie, and say “What difference does it make?”? They even have their own theme song, “Send in the Clones”. There’s got to be clones. The Bush funeral was a good opportunity to roundup the real criminals and not the clones. Laura Bush looked real cheerful until George passed her a note. She showed the note to Jeb, and the two of them looked like it was the end of the world. This event was followed by unusual turbulence in the stock market.

  25. iwitness02

    I have been a political news junkie, for a long time. I have never seen anything like this current environment that we are living in. It fascinates me, angers me, and best of all fills me with hope. Hope for a better future once this dark night of evil gives way to the dawn of a new dispensation. But we got to get there. The transition. From darkness to the Light.
    President Trump was taking his whole cabinet (almost) with him to Davos. Now that trip is canceled. Bevos is splitting his fortune in half. Chancy, chuck and nancy, look like utter buffoons. Wicked buffoons. There is a ton of chatter concerning the U.S. and global economy. The never ending drum beat for commonsense gun laws that infringe on our rights. It is all very curious. It is all very obvious. Only one side can win. Either evil will win, or Righteousness will win.
    The father of lies, or the Light and the Way. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
    The show is about to begin. (I hope)

    • iwitness02

      We all wager the same amount. Our life and our soul.
      I don’t mean to belittle the human suffering that is coming upon the earth.
      The situation is a grave danger to us all. Has been/will be.

      • paul ...

        Well said iwitnesso2!!!!

  26. Tad

    I can only imagine Russia’s influence on US’ Syria and probably Iraq and Afghanistan withdrawal and it goes something like this:

    We’ve sold off all our dollar-based assets in Treasury securities, etc. as of yesterday. You probably read about it. Implicitly for now (explicitly later) we have the de-facto world reserve currency and the gold and oil resources to backstop it if need be. The gold backing would probably be temporary.

    We have little to no exposure to foreign sovereign debt. We could mention the hypersonic weapons and S-400 systems, but we’ll let those facts suspend themselves if gravitas is apparent.

    I imagine, though I think unlikely, that the Russian ruble becomes a preferred form of currency transaction with US business interests, whether transactions with Russian businesses or government entities or those outside Russia.

    From either Russian President Putin or Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: How do you want to play this John and Mike?

  27. paul ...

    This is hopeful … … as they say the “enemy of our enemy is our friend”!!

  28. Dads Root Beer

    Leftist Student MOCKS Jacob Rees-Mogg, Instantly regrets it
    Freedom Win’s And Freedom Isn’t Free!

  29. Wes Beever

    Aussie Militia_China Rising?

    Chinese update

    No Worry’s\We’ve Been Here Before!

  30. andyb

    Greg: excellent post on the coming reset, especially on the heels of Rubino’s comments. More disturbing in my view is the dashing of all hope in the supposed coming of retribution for “those who should be indicted, perp-walked, and hung for treason”. First we saw Epstein get just another free pass in ultra liberal West Palm Beach for his pedophilia and sex trafficking. Then there’s the article by Bryce Buchanan in American Thinker which seemingly exposes Huber and Whittaker as deep state distractions whose supposed investigations have been tossed down the rabbit hole never to produce evidence of any material consequence. The letter to Huber from the House Freedom Caucus says it all. Finally, you have to wonder about the newly designated applicant for AG, William Barr, who has excellent credentials (so it seems), but who arose in stature from the cesspool of the criminal and traitorous Bush crime syndicate.

    Extremely discouraging. It would appear that Dr Dave Janda and his sources may be just wishful thinker. I hope not.

  31. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast Greg

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I loved your slip ups! Yes, what they want to give us is a bunch of shit and like you recent guest said, Americans are not paying attention. They don’t want to know because they are in a sort of panic. They will start to move when it actually collapses. Until then, only those who have learned how to face the truth and reality of this situation, will get ready.
      Keep up the good work, Greg. Having a laugh here and there when you happen to slip up, is a good thing.

  32. Precursor of “Sudden Destruction”

    Proclaiming Peace!
    In writing to the Thessalonians, the apostle Paul described the first development that we are awaiting. ((Read 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3.) ) In this letter Paul mentions “the day of the Lord,” which will begin with the attack on “Babylon the Great.” (Rev. 17:5) However, just before the Lord’s day begins, nations will be saying, “Peace and security!” This expression may refer to one pronouncement or to a series of notable statements. Will religious leaders be involved? Since they are part of the world, they will possibly join the nations in saying, “There is peace!” (Jer. 6:14; 23:16, 17; Rev. 17:1, 2) This proclaiming of peace and security will signal that the day of the Lord, is about to begin. Enemies of God’s Kingdom “will by no means escape.

    How do we benefit from understanding the significance of this prophecy? Paul states: “You are not in darkness, so that the day should overtake you as it would thieves.” (1 Thess. 5:3, 4) Unlike people in general, we discern where current events are heading. In exactly what manner will this prophecy about peace and security be fulfilled? We must wait and see how the world scene develops. Therefore, “let us stay awake and keep our senses.”​—1 Thess. 5:6; Zeph. 3:8.

    • paul ...

      err … Paul states: “You are not in darkness … so … that day should NOT overtake you as it would Demon-rat thieves”!!!

  33. Norm

    Thanks Greg.
    As always, good reminders and I love your reminder at the end that God is in control. I got so “depressed” in early 2010’s cause I knew what was coming cause I let it overwhelm me. I was a “finance” guy during career.
    Not sure you know this but there’s already been some action on the Presidents EO. Ran across this few months ago. I didn’t save a link. I believe its at the Treasury.

    Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List
    October 4, 2018
    Has asset seizures relating to President EO. It has 1,100+ pages. Interested in copy?
    Thanks again for what you do.

  34. Da Yooper

    Greg I so look forward to your Friday wrap-up good job.

    Greg at 24:19 you hold up the picture of Goebbels & at 25:06 talk about the Nazi’s taking away the Jews guns in the 30’s before they put them in the concentration camps & how it would have been messier if they were armed. Isn’t it interesting that so many Jews are involved in the gun control movement & trying to disarm the very people who’s father & grandfather liberated them from the Nazi horror of WWII & appear to be using the same play book the Nazis used against them on ……US ?

    On another note I assume most folks who visit here at USA watchdog have read the Bible & some have probably read the Koran . I wonder how many have taken the time to read the Talmud? I would suggest that folks take the time to read it – the experience will open your eyes.

    • paul ...

      We need more Polish Jews here in America … they kept their guns in WWII … and gave the Nazi’s some real serious problems by not just walking “like brainwashed ignorant sheep” to their slaughter!! … Jews in America today involved in removing our guns “better wake up fast” … and not be fooled and blinded by the commie Demon-rats that are purposely shooting our children in schools, churches and synagogues … to generate popular support for gun control!!

      • Da Yooper


        it’s not the jews who need to wake up. They are doing what they have done through out their history they will not change. It’s the America sheeple… they are being played by a corrupt MSM & the politicians they have elected & they dont & wont know it until it is too late. They are using the Nazis play book against us.

  35. arthur barnes

    Greg, I am feeling that our President may be smelling a democratic backlash on the border wall issue; meaning, the Democrats are about to BLINK! Praise the Lord if this is true! So many people understand just what Mexico and its brothers in crime have been doing to the U.S. for over 50 years now, using its Northern Border as a toilet for their criminals who they can’t afford to house as well as good people that they won’t and or can’t feed. In any event, I too am feeling a possible blink, and if so, look out cause our President will not just “kiss and makeup” with them, he will make them pay even after their capitation.

  36. Grosse Point

    One would think that there is some legal remedy to have politicians removed from office that deliberately violate their oath of office. (One would Think)!

    • paul ...

      GP … There is a legal remedy … “Hanging for Treason” … we just needed someone with balls (like Trump) to now begin to actually “enforce the law”!!!

    • William Stanley

      Grosse Point,
      I think there ARE “lawful” remedies, depending on the nature of the violation, especially when statutes are violated in the process violating the oath. “Legal remedy” sometimes has the connotation of being carried out by the courts. IMO, having the courts decide political questions could become a can of worms to the point that it violates the Constitution (separation of powers) by itself . . . as seems to happen frequently these days.
      Note that the Broward County sheriff was removed (by governor) for failure to carry out duties relating to Parkland shooting:

  37. Mike R

    Did you see this Greg ?

    CNN is as corrupt as they come. They should be taken off air, and no longer allowed to broadcast. Truly, they are enemies of American citizens. This is just wrong… and should be illegal.

    this just shows in BLACK AND WHITE that they have no desire to report the truth. None.

    Trump has been spot on correct about them, and all mainstream media outlets since Day 1. This is just beyond blatant and in our face.

    • Greg Hunter

      CNN = Propaganda, and CNN did not like the truthful message of this local TV station. The reporters actually did their job to be a fair arbiter of the truth. It was not like that when I worked there.

      • Anthony Australia

        So when did they start going astray and why Greg?

        • paul ...

          It’s not so important when they went astray … as to why they went astray … why they went astray was to take “complete control” of the internet and “all news outlets” because they know “the pen is mightier then the sword” … so the Demon-rats must limit and muzzle our First Amendment rights (to totally abolish and finally put an end to our Constitutional Republic) … how long will we allow these Demon-rats to get away with it?? … seems they are still doing pretty good (by killing our children in schools to get us to support their goal of taking down our Nation by destroying our Second Amendment along with the First!!!

  38. Li Chen

    I don’t understand why President Trump urged people to buy stocks while knows the system is going to crash?

    • paul ...

      Li … Trump knows the globalists need to crash the entire monetary system to bring in their New World Order money (SDR’s) … so I think he is just buying some time … so he can put America on a “gold backed” dollar standard … and “screw the globalists” … along with their new SDR paper money (that will effectively take economic power out of our Nationalist hands and put it in their Globalist hands)!!!

      • paul ...

        So Trump … to buy time (must keep the stock market rising) … which means Trump needs to generate inflation … his tariffs have gotten US producer prices rising at a 6% annualized rate … … and rising producer prices has lead to the recent Sept- Oct wholesale inflation report showing a 7.2% annualized gain … the last time inflation ran this hot … was in the 1970’s (when gold prices soared) … just a word to the wise … but not … to those who adamantly refuse to buy real physical gold (and silver) now while it is still cheap!!

        • paul ...

          If Trump can use inflation to get gold up to $10,000 or $20,000 dollars per ounce … he can do a dollar re-set at that point without having to crash the market the way the globalists want to do (so as to bring in their SDR)!! … Trump likely figures inflation and a rising stock market will be better for the American people … because we keep the US dollar under “our control” as the world reserve currency … rather then having a stock market crash and giving the world banksters an opportunity to control the world’s currency using their SDR’s!!

  39. RTW

    When you want advice on how to do something the right way who do you go to? The obvious answer is, you ask the people who do it for a living. Trump has done this numerous times, receiving the same answer each time, which is “Build the Wall”. I think it’s safe to say that 99.9% of the border guards want a wall built and they say that it will absolutely work. These are individuals who know better than anyone else what will and will not work. However, the two geniuses which make up the Chuck & Nancy Show constantly report that, not only won’t the wall work but it is immoral. Both of these hypocrites supported a wall going back to 2006 and as recent as 2014 and they are also on tape making compelling arguments against illegal immigrants, sneaking into our country. Their iconic man-child Obummer also gave an impassioned speech against illegals entering this country. So what is different now? The answer is very clear. It’s the present occupant of the White House. They hate Trump so much that they will do anything and allow any negative thing to go on just so they can try to make him look bad. However, as bad as they are, the real enemy to our democracy is the MSM. These toadies are spreading this hatred, non-stop, each and every day, knowing that they are lying and smiling while they do it. They have to know they’re lying or they’re the biggest morons on the face of the earth. All I can say is Thank God Trump was elected President because no one else would take on these clowns to get this done.

    • paul ...

      RTW … Chucky, Nancy and the fake MSM are being used like pawns by the Deep State … to generate “some excuse” … “any excuse” (like unlawfully using unappropriated funds to build the Wall) … so they can start impeachment proceedings … which they can then drag into the 2020 election … to defeat Trump and get in a Demon-rat … who will pardon Hillary and Obama from their life terms in prison!

    • Chip

      MEGA Ditto’s… Chip

  40. al

    You got it Greg! Trump has absolutely no incentive to order national security for the wall.

    The more Trump waits, the worse the DumDums look.
    The more Trump waits, the more the DumDums lose relevance.
    The more Trump waits, the more people wake up. It’s a WIN WIN WIN!!! Why should Trump bail them out? This is too sweet!

    Just look… People are making fun of the DumDums because they see them as clowns.
    This is EXACTLY what Trump wants! He is using their hubris to kill their credibility and ultimately their voter base.
    Add to that people like Mad Max Waters and Alexandria Occasional Cortex and you got yourself the party of the clowns to be laughed at for the morons that they are.

    Trump will wait for Months! After all, the government workers who are not getting paid are deemed “non essential”. We have the lowest employment numbers, let them find jobs where they actually have to work for a living…. you know… find a real job!

    Love ya Greg
    Thanks so much for all you do

    • paul ...

      Al … the Demon-rats are dealing with a political genius … thank God Trump is on our side … as Ralph Cram-dem-rats would say “How Sweet It Is!!

    • Tad

      The president could’ve declared this an emergency after assuming office.


  41. paul ...

    The chief New York Demon-rat commie says: “The wealth of the people of the State of New York must be taken away from them (using higher taxes) … and redistributed into the right hands (the illegals from Mexico, etc., etc.)!! … … how about us Patriots redistributing the Demon-rats to Snake Island where all the vipers can share the protein available on the island equally!!

  42. john Shipp

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for all you are doing. I note the CBC, BBC and all of the US networks keep blasting President Trump, the last BBC statement I heard said “This Billionaire President, does not care about the workers on furlough,” totally ignoring that the President is working for a Dollar a day!
    In addition he needs $50B for the wall because Canada wants one too, and the precedent is that the Nation allowing the refugees to cross pays for the wall.
    If a Democrat gets in, in 2020, you will need a wall to keep American Taxpayers IN!!
    Trump is there to delay the Satanic NWO. I love your broadcasts.

    • paul ...

      Like the “Great Wall of China” that kept the barbarians out (and made China flourish as a strong economic power) … so will the “Great Wall of America” bring us out of the current “intentional commie’s imposed” decline of America!!

  43. Gary

    I’ve been causally preparing for what’s coming for about a year or so. However, I want to thank you for encouraging me to kick things in high gear. While no one can be prepared for every eventually, I’m feeling much more comfortable about things that I did a couple of months ago. Your messages have helped greatly.

    My the Lord continue to bless you and your family. All the signs tell us Christ is coming soon!

    • Greg Hunter

      You can’t go wrong preparing on all levels. Thank you for letting us know what you are doing. It helps kick start others.

  44. Archie Leach

    More 9/11 Documents Released: Attorneys Asked If Bush Knew Of Attacks – Media Silent
    The newly released docs largely concern correspondence between insurance companies that were handling the claims stemming from the tragedy. They were discussing who the damages could be claimed for, with options ranging from airlines to the Federal Aviation Authority and terrorists. The litigators were also speculating on whether then-President George W. Bush or the Saudi royal family had foreknowledge of the attacks, but this correspondence fails to provide evidence of government involvement.
    Tim Brown — January 11, 2019

    • paul ...

      We don’t need any other evidence then building 7 (never hit by a plane) collapsing and the fake MSM reporting the collapse a half hour before it was dynamited by the Deep State!!

  45. eddiemd

    Ginsburg has not surfaced. Open thoracotomy with lobectomy in an 85yo frail woman would be very traumatic. Post-op complications such as air leak, pneumonia, hemorrhage, could be a problem.

    “deepfakes” may be used soon to show that she is “alive and well”. This could be done easily. She would not have to appear in public. They could put it out there as though it were live.

    We will know very soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Eddie MD for your professional analysis.

    • eddiemd

      Swedish study on open thoracotomy vs. video-assisted thorascopic surgery lobectomy. No information was released on which particular procedure was done. It was reported that she had a “lobectomy” for two malignant tumors. Which lobe(s), type of tumor, lymph node pathology…all unknowns. She probably had a PET scan done. Apparently nothing seen.

      History of colon and pancreatic cancers.

      Tumor type…primary vs. metastatic? Two malignancies removed.

      Prognosis in a 85yo…does not sound good.

      • paul ...

        Yeah … the Deep State-rats will keep her working from home “in a coma on life support” until 2020 … when they hope to get a Demon-rat elected to absolve them “of all their crimes”!!

      • Tad

        Bedridden elderly patients are prone to pneumonia if they don’t turn occasionally or walk frequently.

        Would you not agree, doctor?

        • eddiemd

          Pneumonia. Immobilization and unable to inflate her lungs normally. Pleuritic pain. Post-op pain. Atelectasis. 85yo.

          I am sure she is getting the best care possible. There is much information that we don’t know about and will probably never know.

    • arthur barnes

      Even when she was spry she looked like warmed over old sick meat, this woman was not placed at the Court because of her brilliance, rather, she was placed there as the new American religion now known as “political correctness”. Without her being a woman who hates America and what it stood for, they wouldn’t have nominated her for dogcatcher. I do wish her well, but she needs to step down and quit drinking and moving her mouth with spoken words as its becoming embarrassing for her. Hey Justice, so do the country a favor and retire, I hear there is some great wine & spirits out there you haven’t tried yet.

  46. The Great Tribulation Begins

    The Great Tribulation Begin’s!
    The opening phase of the “great tribulation”?
    Attack on religion? Recall that Paul wrote: “Whenever it is that they are saying, ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them.” Just as a flash of lightning is closely followed by the crash of thunder, so the time of saying “Peace and security!” will be instantly followed by “sudden destruction.” What will be destroyed? First, “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion, also known as “the prostitute.” (Rev. 17:5, 6, 15) This destruction of Christendom and all other false religious organizations forms the opening phase of the “great tribulation.” (Matt. 24:21; 2 Thess. 2:8) For many, this event will come as a surprise. Why? Because up to that point, the prostitute will think of herself as a “queen” who will “never see mourning.” But she will suddenly discover that her confidence is misplaced. She will be removed quickly, as if “in one day.”​—Rev. 18:7, 8.

    Who or what will carry out the attack against “Babylon the Great”? A “wild beast” with “ten horns.” The book of Revelation indicates that this wild beast refers to the United Nations (UN). The ten horns represent all present political powers that support this “scarlet-colored wild beast.” (Rev. 17:3, 5, 11, 12) How devastating will the attack be? The nations of the UN will plunder the prostitute’s wealth, devour her, and “completely burn her.”​—Read Revelation 17:16.

    Cutting short the days. Our King revealed what will occur at this point during the great tribulation. Jesus stated: “On account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” (Read Matthew 24:21, 22.) Jesus’ words were fulfilled on a small scale in 66 C.E. when God “cut short” the Roman army’s attack on Jerusalem. (Mark 13:20) That action allowed Christians in Jerusalem and Judea to be saved. What will then happen on a global scale during the coming great tribulation? God, by means of our King, will “cut short” the United Nations’ attack on religion so that true religion will not be destroyed with the false. Thus, while all false religious organizations will be torn down, one true, not fake, religion will survive. (Ps. 96:5)

  47. Todd Adair

    Greg your advise is so good! I love your show. you rock! It never hurts to be prepared. it will be very hard on those who have to beg, or steal when things normalize, We are living on borrowed time. Your show has made some amazing calls. Logic tells us were in big trouble. God and his constitution brought us great prosperity, but we are now on a sandy foundation. I truly believe that our dollar collapsed over a year ago, but this missing 21 trillion has deceived most people unless they listen to your show. It seems to me that Jim Willie is right when he says our dollar will rise and rise and then burst. This will send us back 100 years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd. I think we are going to see what it was like in the “Days of Noah,” and I think it’s really going to suck. The only thing good about it is that is when Christ predicted his return will be.

      • Todd Adair

        Yes, I believe you are right, The great stone is now rolling forth. We are all in a test to see who will be guided by His holy spirit, God bless you and all who stand with Him that you may see His eternal joy!

      • arthur barnes

        Greg, wow, I think you got it, glad you spoke it here, yes, the good news is that we are nearing the “days of Noah” and the “return”. But before all of that or near the same time there will be the “great deception”. I believe we are very near indeed. Frankly, I am ok with it as its about time. One thing is for sure, when He come political correctness goes the way of the buffalo. Even if I don’t make it I am glad the new religion of America (political correctness) will go down in flames.

  48. Edward

    The debt reset is in full swing. As you have said the Chinese and Russians selling US Bonds will help tank the market. Its also very evident in the wild swings in the stock market. The stock market is going down exactly the same way it did during ‘The Great Recession.’ Who else to take the US through bankruptcy than Donald Trump. He has the experience. The question is how will it look to you me? All I can say is to get your financial house in order because those that don’t will be annihilated.

    • iwitness02

      All I can say is to get your financial house in order because those that don’t will be annihilated.
      Or, those who don’t, may fight back. When corruption enforcement shows up with the eviction notice, they may be met with overwhelming contempt and a fierce fight. This may play out in every state in the union. A lot of people are fed up with being screwed from the cradle to the grave. The pent up anger among the working class may be greater than anyone can imagine. Very powerful, very explosive. Of course I could be wrong. Eric Holder may be right, we are a nation of cowards. But I don’t believe that. There are some badass motherlovers out there that are watching. (through high power scopes) They won’t fire the first shot. They will fire the last shot. Seal Team Six has a score to settle. Veterans have an oath to uphold. A lot of civilians train above and beyond current law enforcement. We have not played cowboys and politicians yet. I have a wait and see attitude concerning who gets annihilated. The men of action, have never been fully counted, and they are everywhere. There are also a lot of command level officers that got shitcanned by obayme. I don’t believe that they are all homeless and washed up.
      I guess that was a Nickles worth.

  49. Archie Leach

    NO CRISIS? 21 Burned Bodies Discovered Along U.S./Mexico Border In Area CNN’s Jim Acosta Visited
    Jan 11, 2019

  50. Dads Root Beer

    WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Gets SERIOUS After Trying to Defend Murder of Innocent Americans
    Warner Todd Huston WARNER TODD HUSTON JANUARY 10, 2019 9.8K VIEWS

  51. Dads Root Beer

    The Great Liberal Lie: Illegal Migrants Commit Fewer Crimes
    Jeff Dunetz JEFF DUNETZ JANUARY 10, 2019 600 VIEWS

  52. Dads Root Beer

    Democrats Refuse to Pay for Border Protection as Fed. Gov’t Gives 18K to Gay Movie Festival in India
    Warner Todd Huston WARNER TODD HUSTON JANUARY 10, 2019 500 VIEWS

  53. Dads Root Beer

    Is Misreading the Bible Neutralizing Christians?
    Gary DeMar JANUARY 10, 2019 450 VIEWS
    Christians and other liberty-minded people worked against the political status quo and created a new form of civil government called the Constitution of the United States and were did they get the rights of the constitution? You guessed it, the Bible!

  54. Arch Leach

    2019: 81 Significant Earthquakes In Alaska So Far
    Something is happening to our planet. The mainstream media is not talking much about this, and the experts assure us that everything is going to be just fine, but the truth is that we have been witnessing an unusual amount of seismic activity all over the world. Up until just recently, most of the shaking has been elsewhere on the globe, and so it has been easy for most Americans to ignore. But now North America is rattling, and that isn’t going to be so easy to brush aside. In fact, 2019 has barely even gotten started and the state of Alaska has already been hit by 81 significant earthquakes…

    Read the whole account in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, and as you do take special note of what it says about earthquakes. “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom [global wars have occurred only since WWI], and there will be food shortages [history’s worst shortages have come since then] and EARTHQUAKES in one place after another. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress.” (Matt. 24:7- 8, ) Thus it was prophetically foretold that earthquakes, not alone or independently, but together with the other events mentioned, [world wars] would constitute a visible sign marking the consummation of the old world and the nearness of the new.—2 Pet. 3:6, 7, 13.
    Bill Haley & his Comets – (Live on Austrian TV, 1976
    44 YEARS AGO

  55. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was really well done. Story selection, focus and analysis were — by far — the best I’ve seen anywhere.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William!!

  56. Robert

    Do you all realize the Democratic party and its supporters, are now the war party? Theyre incensed that Trump wants out of Syria.

    Now theyre claiming that they thought Trump was a Russian agent.

    The left is now the right. That’s how screwed up our political system is now. The msm is nothing but an arm of the CIA. The FBI ?

    Glenn Greenwald is one of the few remaining investigative reporters.

    • Chip

      If there is one thing the left and the right agree on it is WAR… Chip

  57. Anthony Australia

    Next guests please for a 2019 prediction.
    Bill Holter
    David Morgan
    Jim Rickards
    Mike Maloney
    Gerald Celente
    I know these guys have their own shows, etc. however your interviewing style and previous shows with these guests are referenced and reviewed by me regularly.

    • Anthony Australia

      Rob Kirby
      Jim Sinclair
      Craig Hemke

  58. marsh

    I wonder if the $20 trillion has anything to do with this? The Secret Logistics Of America’s Global Deep State “That’s a total of 330,000 kilograms. That’s 727,525 pounds, or 364 tons, which are going from the world’s largest Embassy, America’s in Baghdad, to America’s eastern states.

    “In addition, around another 1,091,287 pounds are going from the Baghdad Embassy to other locations throughout the world.”

  59. Charles Turner

    I think the number one reason now to take Trump down is now Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Because of the polarisation of politics only young supreme court judges will be appointed and will serve for 25 to 30 years. Also because of the polarisation of politics, they will be encouraged to resign when they their party is in the White House and Senate. This means if Trump gets another supreme court pick, it could change the judiciary in America for 100 years. Losing Congress for two years is nothing compared to this.
    The next big push will be that Trump is disqualified from appointing another supreme court judge because of one of these investigations. The Democrats will claim it will compromise the courts. Trump on the other hand will select a women to be the next supreme court justice. He will argue he wants to balance the number of women on the court, but in reality it is very difficult for the Dems to do a Kavanaugh on a women. Trump may also go further to the right. He has the votes in the Senate.
    I suspect that the Dems fear this more than any other scenario. These Supreme Court Judges for many years longer than many of us will be walking on this Earth.

    Every president has his legacy. One more Supreme Court judge pick and this maybe the biggest legacy that Trump leaves America.

    • eddiemd

      Agree. Breyer is 80yo. Could be 2 more picks in the next 2 years. We can only hope.

  60. Don Barlow

    Has Judge Napolitano Flipped? YUP!
    The Still Report published on Jan 9, 2019

    Now we know what happened to the Napster, the little scoundrel!

  61. Tony Paducah, Kentucky


  62. Tony Paducah, Kentucky

    The Bell’s Are Ringing!
    Even Tucker Carlson Gets Socialism’s Appeal
    The Jimmy Dore Show Published on Dec 13, 2018

    Yeb, the bell’s are ringing, for me and my girl

  63. Tony Paducah, Kentucky

    President Trump Holds Border Security Roundtable 1/11/19
    252,795 views LIVE ON-AIR NEWS
    Published on Jan 11, 2019
    Acosta..say’s all quiet on the western front?
    The energizer president, say’s no!

  64. Percy Sledgehammer
    Asset Price Collapse Like 1929 | Alasdair Macleod

  65. Liberty


    You are the best.

    Thank you for what you are doing.

    • Liberty


      You help us keep focus . They are very few person in alternative media who tell people to keep preparing or to prepare, to focus and get to inform concisely as you are doing,

      This encourage us to understand, that we are not alone since they are not a lot of people aware unfortunately of what is coming.

  66. Roger D

    As john duffy pointed out, Good Morning America contains much evil. But we USAWatchdogs inherited that which was good from there.

    My point, the United States has much evil. But we can inherit that which is good from there.
    [end point]

    Personally, I have no more interest in saving today’s US than I have in saving Good Morning America. Greg fled GMA and look at his good fruit. This old man fled the US (in loyalty and spirit) and hopes to do the same.

  67. paul ...

    Wake up people … more then destroying the “Nation” where we live … the Demon-rats are waging chemical warfare against “Nature” … to destroy Earth’s entire ecosystem and thus do away with humanity entirely … now along with the bees the monarch butterfly’s are being annihilated … … why can’t humans have the intelligence and good heart as depicted by this elephant … and begin to appreciate “all life” … God created so many more wondrous things then man in his image … God is represented “in all the life” of this planet!! …

  68. Raymond Browning

    Dear Greg, I’m so glad to hear you proclaim hope in Jesus Christ,The Son of God. With all the bad news in the world ,and our country, there is still hope in the Lord Jesus, the Christ of God. RB.

  69. Jerry

    It is being reported that French banks will lock out their depositors on Monday.

    This could have an impact on apAmerican banks.

    • Judy

      Jerry, French banks are ALWAYS CLOSED on Mondays. Don’t get your panties in a budle – fake new, sweetie…

      • Jerry

        Not allowing people to have access to their accounts doesn’t sound normal to me. But then again we’re talking about France.

        • Nick in UK

          Ignore Judy and keep up the good work Jerry.
          A quick internet search proves about half of French banks are shut on a Monday and these were open on the Saturday, they just have a later weekend.

          In Brittany about 75% of cash machines are currently NOT working perhaps that’s just a coincidence !

          A huge amount of British ex pats in Brittany plus a huge amount of holiday home ownership as well so it’s very very easy to get local street level news.

  70. Judy

    Interesting, Greg how you always find your guy Trump innocent of all accusations against him, while the entirety of countries around the world find him to be an immoral, dishonest and constantly lying con-man. Not to mention his sexual exploits – still can’t forget “Jane Doe” who at 13 yrs old allegedly had her virginity forceably taken from her by Donald Trump at a Jeffrey Epstein party. She filed a criminal accusations twice, once in California and once in New York, then mysteriously dropped her charges a WEEK before the Presidential election in November of 2016. Trump is an evil man, Greg. My advice is, don’t buy whatever that guy is selling, cuz it’s a FAKE.

  71. Rick Geisler

    These globalists are evil and against the freedom of mankind. Sure Schumer and Pelosi and their cohorts said they wanted the border wall in the past but that was talk or an empty vote. They say that they agree with Trump on border security just not the wall. Why is that? It is because when all is said and done the Democrats can reduce border agents, drones, ICE, etc in the future when they can. However, a border wall in permanent and they know it.
    This fight against the globalist is world wide. France is in the bulls eye. It will get worse world wide I believe. I would keep in mind a few of Reagan’s quotes from his life as a Conservative:
    * “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”
    ― Ronald Reagan
    * If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.
    _ Ronald Reagan

  72. Mike R

    Only a few more days of government shutdown, and what this cost the government, would have paid the $5.7 billion asked for the wall.

    Chuck and Nancy, couldn’t be anymore dumb and dumber.

    So really, if they cave now, the wall just cost double or $12 billion, due to the shutdown. (which I fully endorse btw, since our porous borders actually facilitate the worst drug epidemic known to man. The real national emergency is that, and I dont understand why we can’t call on the military to just eradicate the Mexican cartels, like we did to ISIS. Seriously, these are very very bad hombres, and they are providing the continuous flow of many lethal drugs that are addicting and killing a serious level of our population under the age of 30. that IS an attack on our country’s citizens. Mexico sponsored terrorism yet we never call it that. )

  73. Paul Gaudet

    Hi Greg, when you have a second, please read this article from one of our great news men from Canada, Rex Murphy. His perspective on MSM.
    Cheers, Paul Gaudet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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