Declassify FISA & Indictments Follow – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Attorney General Jeff Sessions was removed because he did not release declassified FISA documents before the midterm elections that were used to spy on Donald J. Trump. It was a treasonous failed coup attempt to remove a duly elected President, and now justice is about to be served. Dr. Janda explains, “I think the first thing you have to start with is declassifying documents, and I believe he is going to do that. I also believe there is a very short time window here. The time window is between now and when the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. When these documents are declassified, the criminals’ response, whether Republican or Democrat globalist criminals, they are going to say you are misconstruing these texts between McCabe and Comey that implicated me. You are misconstruing what we had to do with these FISA warrants. . . . You don’t have the documentation to support me being involved in this. . . . It’s up to the players in the House right now to unleash this stuff. . . . The window is short. . . . If they wait until the House falls into the hands of the globalist Democrats, it’s going to be declassified and they will be screaming where is the proof, and the Democrats will be twiddling their fingers. . . .They will be working on impeaching the President and won’t bother with that stuff. So, they have a timeline, and the indictments don’t happen until the declassification occurs.”

So, who is going to be indicted first? Janda says, “If you start at the top part of the chain, you are going after the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the Paysour family, Warburgs and Pincus family . . . that’s the top of the chain. I think they will get there, but I think they will take the middle level guys out first. That is the Obamas, the Clintons, the Holders, the Lynches, the Brennans, the Clappers and maybe there is going to be a Ryan in there, too. Maybe McCain’s name is going to surface again. It could might well be a number of the members of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. They will be brought forward and linked to these documents when they are declassified.”

On the recent midterm elections, Janda says, “There was voter fraud before, during and after the midterm elections. My sources say there was a staggering amount of voting machines that were impounded Monday night before the election on Tuesday because they had pre-set votes in them. This involved voting machines in all 50 states. . . . Trump had teams out there making sure of the integrity of the vote. That is just some of the voter fraud before the elections. . . . There are a lot of federal officials on the ground. . . . I think this is going to go by the way of the Jill Stein recount event.” Meaning, massive voter fraud will be uncovered in multiple locations across America.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    ‘Free Julian Assange’

    5 Terror attacks in Melbourne’s CBD in the last few years and 15 foiled attempts makes me realise how the truth is really contained when it comes to the global agenda.

    • Tin foil hat

      Anthony Australia,
      You should know the Muslims have been chopping heads all over S.E. Asia long belfore Iraq and Afghanistan. As the matter of fact, the leatherneck was adopted prior to the Barbary War in which U.S. Marines fought against the Muslim pirates armed with scimitars.

      • Anthony Australia

        Yes indeed TFH, it certainly resonates when it’s in your own yard.
        Growing up in Australia I always felt so far away from everyone else, although slightly sheltered, I used to feel safe.

        • U.P.

          I hear ya Anthony. Was like that here in the up yonder states . You guys down under are catching up with us. When you do, you might as well consider your six states and ten territories part of the whole enchilada of the US.!

          • Bet

            Bet here NSW Australia….this definitely right and whilst ever the 5 i s alliance is in existence shall it always remain so…. we all meed it to change “yesterday” !!!!

        • Bob

          Just make sure you vote in the next election so the politicians know they have your permission to bring in more immigrants.

          But if you don’t vote they will bring in more anyway- that’s the beauty of democracy.

      • Tin foil hat

        A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. I was robbed in my early 20’s, lol.

        • paul ...

          Tin … One would think that when $21 trillion was robbed from the American people they all would have turned conservative and given the Senate and the House to Trump? … what went wrong??? … these snowflakes are probably so brainwashed they think the money “they are on the hook to pay back” was never theirs to begin with! … sad!!

    • Gene

      They do not care who they hurt to get their agenda done. It is my observation that we are witness to a repeat of history. What is so upsetting is the press is involved with the Globalist.

      One remark about these 60,000 indictments that most of us want to see some action on. First, what makes anybody thing they wouldn’t take out Whittaker to protect those Fisa documents. Since everything is theater, to keep the game going Hillary and Obama will offered as sacrificial lambs.

      My two cents

      • paul ...

        With Whittaker as AG … both Brennan and Clapper should soon be prosecuted … then we get Hillary!! …

        • paul ...

          Can Trump get her before she runs for President in 2020?? … he better as she will have some very formidable campaign election issues … that will make her emerge as an invincibly strong unstoppable force that can easily defeat Trump in 2020 … she will be running on the MeToo (I’m a women) movement, universal health care, gun control, limitations on our First Amendment protected right of free speech, abortion, universal income, etc., etc., etc. … while giving homage to her mentor Satan for succeeding in keeping her out of jail so she can run again!!

          • paul ...

            And the Demon-rats rallying cry will be “We Can” … “We Can” … “We Can with Satan by our side”!!

            • paul ...

              When “we get” Hillary … let’s make sure it is not that “we get” Hillary for POTUS in 2020 … it is up to God’s People now how “we get” Hillary … Jesus is probably looking down in consternation, amazement and suspense as to how “we get” Hillary (the leader of the Demon-rats and worshiper of Satanist Sol Alinsky)!!

            • Shirley Sherlock

              Can the can?

      • Dan

        “What is so upsetting is the press is involved with the Globalist.”

        Come on Gene, wake up ! Who do you think OWNS the “press” ?

  2. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, you’re still looking a bit tired from your efforts during the election. Tremendous work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was up 22 hours on election day. I am coming back though. Not as spry as I used to be.

  3. SusanQuatro

    Jerry 11/08/2018 •
    November 3oth is the date you want to mark on your calendar.
    This meeting will outline the structure of the new global currency exchange system.

    Just another g-20 to continue to kick the can down the road? Or plans for a re-set to, can the can?

    In times like this we must turn to an expert on the perils of continuing can kicking.
    From Grosse Point Michigan

    Forty two year’s later still telling us to stop kicking the can, but “to Can the Can!
    Enmore Theatre, Sydney 13th February 2015

    If We Could Only Go Back/ Think What We Could Change!
    Can the Can Remastered HD Original Music Video 1973

  4. Bet

    Hi Greg, think yr show and special guests just so refreshing and enlightening. I wonder if you may have a space in yr heavy agenda to cover the current issues and demise of Julian Assange whose Mother is seeking help to free him …his health is suffering terribly. He has brought si much insight into our lives for our protection and Oz Govt not prepared to go in and protect one of their own…obviously we all know why…the globalist agenda and nwo. Even if you could flesh this out re what could be done and to raise awareness may shore up some help. It is a dior situation. Thank you for reading.

  5. Mark James

    That was very nice, AND TRUE, what Dr. Dave said at the end about your election night coverage. I thought you did a fantastic job… and to think it was your first, ever Live Stream. I was really impressed.

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Dave for all you do! The information and ANALYSIS you provide is like none other. Keep up the great work!

  6. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thank you as always Greg. You do indeed work tirelessly as does your guest Dr Janda. You are just SO APPECIATED, given that the ignorance perhaps more so here in the UK remains widespread. Mucho Blessings my friend, Andrew

  7. Fred Cisneros

    No one is going to jail. The Republicans are part of the cabal. They have been in control for 2 years and nothing has happened. Stop deluding yourselves.

    • Addison Libby

      F.C……I have to agree with you. Any one of note going to jail brings down the whole house of cards. Everything gets broken. They can not allow that to happen.

    • paul ...

      What is really disconcerting is that when a Demon-rat comes out of the closet and declares in public that they are a socialist … the idiotic American people actually vote the commie into office???

      • paul ...

        As for those indictments we have all been waiting for … guess who will be issuing them … Mueller … he is going to indict Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi and Donald Trump Jr. … perhaps Trump has been holding up his indictments thinking the Demon-rats wouldn’t go after Trump Jr. … big mistake … they took that as a sign of weakness … if Mueller puts Trump Jr. in jail just watch the explosive reaction from Trump … every Demon-rat … every last one of them … will see their world collapse around them!! … see how Trump reacted to Macron’s digs … he gives as good as he gets!! … Mueller will be the spark that culminates in Hillary’s downfall!!! …

  8. paul ...

    Mexico bombarding our country with drugs … destroying our social fabric by killing hundreds of thousands of our children “is an Act of War” that demands a response greater then just building a wall … Trump’s problem is that the world for decades has observed with disgust a warmongering Nation invading countries all around the world without true justification … so now when “it is justified” to go to war with a Nation out to destroy us … our ability to do so is hampered … hopefully Trump being a Nationalist won’t be put in a lock box … he has now placed more US troops on the border with Mexico then were sent to both Afghanistan and Syria combined … the globalist bankster backed drug cartels in Mexico must be destroyed … if America wants to continue to exist as a free and independent Nation … otherwise we are going to be used and abused by the globalists for their private gain … and their evil goal since 1776 of dismembering our Constitutional Republic … will finally come to fruition!!

    • paul ...

      With regard to illegals voting to change the direction of our Nation away from a Constitutional Republic and toward Communism … it must be stopped … Trump must require “citizen identification” at the polling booths as expounded by Tom Fitton in his Nov 9th Judicial Watch weekly report …

      • paul ...

        Andrew Gillum stated on Nov 10, 2018:”I am replacing my earlier concession with an unapologetic and uncompromised call to count every non-citizen vote” … so if we now must accept “absentee ballots” from all non-citizens of the world to avoid being called racist … these Demon-rats who want the US to have no borders should have no problem with us taxing all these non-citzens who vote in our elections (as we can’t be racist against legal citizens) … Trump should immediately call on the IRS to send a tax bill to every non-citizen that voted in our election … and have them pay taxes on every penny they earn or receive in benefits without any of the deductions allowed by US tax laws to legal citizens “otherwise we would be acting racist to our legal citizens” … and as for those dead people who are still voting … Trump should have the IRS send their tax bill (with no deductions allowed as they too are no longer citizens) “to their living relatives for payment”… where failure to comply and pay dead voters taxes will result in the immediate seizure of any property or money they inherited from their dead relative!!

        • paul ...

          Look at what France just did … … we should seize the property of illegal citizens that “illegally assume citizenship by voting” and have them pay up … and if they don’t … forever bar them from ever becoming legal citizens in the future and any claim to tax deductions under the US tax code forever denied … if these illegals are made to pay “every last cent in taxes” to the country they have “illegally assumed citizenship in by voting (without the benefit of deductions) … I bet these “racist illegals” will begin to have second thoughts about claiming the right to vote in our elections!!

          • paul ...

            You know … you would think the Deep State/Demon-rat/ Neocon/Military/Industrial/Bankster/ Warmonger/ Complex were really “a bunch of brainless idiots” demanding that illegals from other countries be allowed to vote in our elections … perhaps they simply don’t realize that by promoting such a voting scheme it will mean an “End to all the Wars” on Planet Earth … Wars that they depend upon to make Trillions and Trillions of dollars in profits!! … for example … imagine if all people in America could vote in the Russian elections and have their votes counted to oust Putin and put a “US puppet” into office over there … well then … we would be able to get rid of NATO and no one will need to buy our tanks, aircraft, ships and missiles anymore … the globalist Military/Industrial warmongers in Washington would simply be put out of business … so perhaps … perhaps we should embrace letting illegals vote in our elections … think of the possibilities … moral people in America and other foreign countries could vote that evil Prince out of office in Saudi Arabia and put a moral man in charge who would immediately stop the war in Yemen and eliminate the need for the Saudi’s to buy weapons from US globalist warmongering corporations and eliminate the need to finance wars by the Banksters!! … we could vote in a new regime in Iran that will be friendly to Israel … this is so unbelievably powerful as their will be no need for regime change by force of arms anymore … and as crazy as it sounds … the idiot Demon-rats may have actually stumbled upon the solution to Ending all Wars on Planet Earth!! … imagine the Demons on Earth actually being the ones who bring us 1000 years of Peace … eliminating the need to ever build “machines of war” ever again … what a lark … God the Father and his Son Jesus must be laughing their asses off to see the Demons of Satan being the ones to put the greedy warmongers and banksters out of business!! … God the Father and his Son Jesus are some very smart dudes using the Demons themselves to create the Solution to Ending All War on Planet Earth for 1000 years … by making them work against their evil selves … it’s poetic justice at its finest … simply allow “all people from any and all countries in the world” to vote in other Nations elections!!! … no need for war or regime change … so now let’s put this principle to use in Mexico … next election lets all us Americans vote in the Mexican election and throw the commie in there now out of power … let’s vote in a Mexican President who will declare poppy growing illegal and arrest all the drug cartel criminals … simple … and no need for us to occupy Mexico militarily to effect regime change!!

        • Mike Adamson

          Except he said every vote must be counted. You don’t want our brave servicemen voting? For shame.

          • paul ...

            But Mike … servicemen who have more then one bullet will get more then one vote … but who’s counting!!

  9. NH Watcher

    Greg, the date you are seeking is December 15th. That is when all this has to be done. Congress recesses for the holidays after that date, and the current troop deployments at the Southern border end. Buried in the NY Times story covering the troop deployments is the sentence highlighting Dec. 15th with a curious phrase, especially for the NY Times to write, “…unless the President declares martial law.”

    Why would the liberal bastion that is the NY Times even mention the possibility of martial law???

    Yes, the window of opportunity for all of this is very small. Trump obviously knows it. While the liberal media is trying to embarrass him with the current troop deployments in Texas, saying they are all there doing nothing right now, without extra combat pay or time off for Thanksgiving, it dawned on me after listening to your interview that these deployments are NOT just for the migrant caravan. They are also to prevent those indicted from escaping to South America, where the Bushes and others in the Deep State have places already set up for their exile. If there are mass prisoners sent to G Bay in Cuba, these troop deployments are also necessary to provide as indicated “logistical support” from the U.S. mainland.

    If nothing happens by December 15th, then we have all been played for fools.

    • eddiemd

      Something much larger on the horizon.

      When the petrodollar collapses, there will be economic chaos throughout the world to include Mexico and Central America. We can expect large numbers of refugees from latin America.

      On the flip side, the southern border is vulnerable to invasion by the Chinese. Perhaps by way of the Gulf of California.

    • MCasey

      …..NH Watcher….I have often entertained the idea that a wall will keep us “in”, as well as, keep others “out”. But opting for what I consider the lesser of the evils.

    • NH Watcher

      Greg, it dawned on me after my post and now the comments to it, it may be helpful for one of your ex-military/intelligence agency guests to comment at length about what it truly means if/when the President declares martial law. I doubt if many in your audience have a complete understanding of what “martial law” means. It does not just affect non-citizens; it affects everyone. Curfews, price controls, spending limits, etc., etc. No one here should be looking forward to martial law. As we see from history, countries/societies which have experienced it, the question becomes after implementation, when does it end? It will be as much about keeping patriots under control as criminals.

    • Jeff

      It seems we have been played for fools. Trumps recent comment that we are looking at declassifying sent my b-lls–t meter soaring.
      It’s sad because Greg and Dave and numerous others including myself thought that Trump had the goods and was expose the criminals. At this point I expect nothing!

      • Greg Hunter

        You didn’t think it was going to be easy to get rid of the corruption going on since at least JFK did you?

  10. Robert

    Get real! Theres not going to be any indictments or military tribunals against those who’ve tried to take down Trump. If any sense of that direction were to present itself, the leftist media would immediately enflame the far left and there’d be rioting in the streets. Hell, look at what the leftist media did when Trump let go of Sessions, and the left hated Sessions. They incentivized protest across the nation.

    Just think of the comparisons the leftist propaganda media would make if Trump were to indict the names this man Janda notes. We’d see comparisons to Krystall Nacht and Night of the Long Knives. Antifas would be out in full force and the left would welcome them as their saviors.

    Im not saying that there’s not an ongoing attempt to topple Trump by the leftist dems ( and we all know who they are) , just saying the left controls the narrative and theyre the consumate victims. They have the goons to begin the civil unrest and riots in their pockets, and will pull every string available to agitate their base to take to the streets. The police will not be able to control them as the left has basically neutered any response the police would have taken in different times. Hell, the left elected anti police candidates and the leftist media supports those candidates as the new faces of the Democratic party.

    Until the right can control the narrative, the left will continue to force the right to react to their defining of who they see the right as being. As long as the left (globalist) can continue to claim control of the narrative and continue defining the right (nationalist) as Nazis, racists and fascist ( who theyre not), there will never be any truths exposed about the ongoing attempts to destroy Trumps presidency and his MAGA campaign. Get real.

    • Jeff

      Well said and I agree.

  11. David Lamb

    Thank you for all the work you do to produce USA Watchdog.
    Dr. Janda is always very interesting, but one thing I do not understand is all the discussion about Sessions dropping the ball and waiting for Whitaker to declassify documents. Does not President Trump have the authority to declassify these documents himself? Why did PDT not simply declassify all the FISA-related documents the day after Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed or the day after the election?

  12. al

    I’ve always said, FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS is part of the ENEMY MEDIA !!!
    I tell my fox news friends to shut off the TV and go to USA Watchdog ! I’ve sent many.

    This is encouraging… Of late I have witnessed many Youtubers, some with hundreds of thousands of followers, turn from Demon-rat to Trump Republican. Some are African Americans, some are not but they all have one thing in common, they call the Demon-rats a “nasty cult” or a “gang of thugs” and they want out. It seems the #Walkaway movement is in full swing but just wait until these documents get released.

    Janda is 100% correct! The ONLY ANSWER to this madness is accountability NOW! No matter who you are, the rule of law applies to everyone! Soros, Hitlery, Jamie Dimon, obama, Bush, etc… JAIL or Gitmo
    It’s simple gang warfare tactics, hit the toughest guy in the gang and the gang backs off. The Demon-rat gang will go the way of MS 13. Jail and extradition if need be. Cut the head off the snake and the snake dies. The released documents are the sword. Trump knows this and he will do it as it is commensurate with Trump’s logical next step. He WILL RELEASE the documents, he does not play around. He really has no choice, they pushed him to do so.

    Greg, thank you for having Dr. Janda on during these very important fast moving times. USAWATCHDOG is a Gem!

  13. Jerry

    Have a little faith baby.

    The globalist have stuck their paw into the global economic monkey box and refuse to let go. It’s just a matter of time. These people are so ignorant from centuries of inbreeding that it takes time for them to realize that they are the ones who have been trapped, and not us.

    • Jerry

      Take a good look folks. The executive order does not go into effect until 01/01/2019.

      It’s no secret the cabal is an international organiz5ion. It takes time to gather enough evidence to present a case to a military court. It’s not like ordering hamburgers, so quit whining ! Besides what other choice do we really have? If it’s all B.S. then we are pretty much screwed as a nation anyway.

      • Hockey Puck

        Great point, Jerry! Loved that clip on Kelly’s Heroes too. Very funny!

        It’s like I was saying a few weeks back. I don’t think Trump would have taken on this job 3 years ago if he didn’t see a way of winning. He’s got a plan, he’s executing… ya there’s a few bumps in the road, but he’ll get there.

        P.S. Another great interview Greg & Dave. Very insightful! Also loved your comment on Witacker being a true badass. I almost coughed up a hairball when I heard you say that. That’s exactly what we need… somebody who’s got some real guts!

      • Robert

        Jerry, why did he put the effective 1-1-19 date on that EO? I don’t understand why it was put off for a year? Whats the reason it wouldnt become effective till then?

        • Jerry

          Have you ever been to court? It’s a long tedious process. Now imagine you’re going up against an army of attorneys financed by the deep state.

          • Robert

            Jerry, Ive been to court. I know its a tedious process, but I still don’t understand why the effective date couldn’t have been 1-1-18. There had to be some strategic reason to put it out a full year… Evidence could have neen gathered either way… Still dont understand why the delay in effective date.

          • Jerry

            More in-depth analysis of how tribunals work.

  14. rob

    Washington has paper ballots. how can voting machine tampering occur in all 50 states?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Rob,
      How about all those illegal aliens voting on those paper ballots from sanctuary cities out west? How about that?

      • paul ...

        And let’s make sure the 42 million illegals living in sanctuary cities “assuming the rights and privileges of citizenship” submit their 1040 tax forms every year the same way we legal citizens do … and pay their fair share of the taxes of this Nation they claim to have the right to decide it’s destiny … otherwise … it is “racist” to selectively make just the legal American citizens bear the full tax load of this Nation … when these illegals vote and give their address … this information should immediately be sent to the IRS … and if these illegals are not paying taxes the IRS enforcement agency should attach these illegals property including any money and benefits they are currently receiving from the government … as they claim to have a right to vote like a legal citizen … they also have to pay their fair share of the taxes of this Nation they want to control by voting!!

    • Russ

      Californioa has paper ballots too — which are read by a machine…

  15. Mike

    The Fox News “fair and balanced” approach that gives Democrats equal time to spew their lies is neither fair nor balanced. Debate over the role of government is good. Support for a mud slinging propaganda campaign is bad.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you suppose CNN, NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, ABC, NYT, WAPO and the rest of the MSM is?

      • Mike

        Total Insanity. I saw CNN line up a panel of 10 people to bash Trump one at a time.

  16. Wayne

    Yea well under his administration Americans are still being spied on for non violent but their crimes are just being thought criminals and not wanting to go along with illegal wars and over the top corruption. So until he addresses this get out of here with all this they are spying on me crap he was running for office they spy on all would be presidents.

  17. paul ...

    Evil banksters always blatantly violate norms of decent behavior … look what they did to Jesus Christ for just knocking over a few of their tables … look what they did to Lincoln for printing the greenback … look what they did to JFK for printing silver certificates, etc., etc. …

    • paul ...

      If God’s Son was on Earth right now … he would be the first to overturn the Fed’s tables … he is probably looking down from Heaven right now and hoping for us to follow his teachings … one hundred years have now past … and still we have done nothing to the evil Fed banksters who have taken our US dollar from 100 cents to two cents … he is probably shaking his head saying “What Has Happened to my People”?? … “They no Longer Fight for What is Moral and Right”??? … “Except for my Disciple Trump”!!

  18. paul ...

    Trump better be careful … his tariff policy got the farmers all upset and he lost the House … now the banksters are raising interest rates to upset homeowners in the Republican South and Midwest so Trump will lose the Senate in 2020 …

    • paul ...

      And blaming the Fed for the next market crash might sound good … but it doesn’t stop the banksters from making Trump lose the Senate in 2020 by raising rates go so high housing prices crash and people then take revenge against Trump and vote in a Demon-rat Senate!

  19. paul ...

    The enemy Demon-rats we are dealing with are out to destroy our children (i.e. drugs, pedophilia, Satanic sacrifice, blood drinking, abortion, selling body parts, etc., etc.) … they have already succeeded in creating millions of snowflakes who will riot, kill and maim on their orders … these Demons have weaponized our education centers by planting commies into teaching positions … this is easily fixable … just fire all the commie teachers now indoctrinating our children into Marxism …

  20. paul ...

    You know … if we can kill 500,000 people (who did nothing to us) … it should be no big deal for us to take action against people “who are doing something to us” (Mexico and the Drug Cartels) … of course the Demon-rats will likely call America “racist” for doing something to people “who are attacking us” and call us Gringos!!! …

    • paul ...

      So now the neocons are going to starve the people of Iran? … why has war morphed into killing women and children “civilians” instead of killing the armies and troops of our enemies?? …

      • paul ...

        Like the first substantial victory in the Indian Wars we have to resort again to killing women and children? …

        • paul ...

          Peaceful civilians should no longer be made into military targets by cowardly warmongering neocons … dropping nuclear bombs on cities filled with civilians is also their game … instead of using them only on battlefields filled with tanks, artillery and enemy soldiers!!!

          • paul ...

            You know … once human life (women and children included) is considered “worthless” by evil politicians (some of who now want to reduce the population of Earth by 95%) … nuking cities full of civilians will be no big deal … and the “threat of mutual annihilation” will no longer serve to save humanity from extinction!

  21. Russ

    Great interview Greg. Pres. Trump has a strategy in play and as you indicate, timing is critical. We really need to see the declassified data dump soon so that it can be aired by the current congress before the Christmas break. But it’s in DoJ’s hands now. From there the legal system, with career prosecuters and rule-of-law Judges should take it where it leads. We shall see…

    • Russ

      Sp: prosecutors

  22. Kerry

    Very admirable your efforts on mid-terms Greg, thank you.

    As for the DECLAS and Indictments it seems we are in that story of the boy who cried wolf. We continually here “soon be patient” but soon never happens does it. I strongly support and pray for POTUS and his family. First for their salvation then for protection and wisdom. The DELCAS and Indictments are becoming more difficult to believe everyday as this has been on going for months and months now.

    Blessings Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kerry!

    • Hugh


      Your exactly right! I SAID THAT ON MARK TAYLOR BOOK PROMOTION INTERVIEW, BUT GREG CENSORED ME AND WOULD NOT POST IT!! I also made the claim of how many people have come on this site and continue to say the same things. We are years into these claims. I even stated Jim Sinclair posted over 4 years ago a GOTS list (get out of the system), he even traveled all over the country. Here we are today with nothing! There are a lot of people that got out and went into precious metals and they all have lost a lot of money, me included! I suppose they will be right one of these days, but will we live to see it.

      • kevin

        Very true.

  23. Mike R

    Voting Fraud – the machine pre-votes I can believe. What I can’t believe is how so many are actually supporting these corrupt people like Gillum saying they SHOULD count non-citizen votes. So they are vocally and publicly saying , hey world, come vote in our country to pick the US President, even if you don’t work here, pay taxes, and make it so you can screw all us tax payers and LEGAL citizens over. This is pure insanity right now, and nothing short of martial law, and imprisoning these traitors running for government positions RIGHT now, is going to stop this anarchy. Its absolutely terrible. There are just too many STUPID and IMMORAL people in this country now. Period. Our country has already gone off the cliff. Globalists and Demonrats have wrecked it.

  24. iwitness02

    Feels like we have been in a holding pattern, circling the issues but can’t arrive at any official conclusions. In my life time I have witnessed many serious issues evaporate and disappear from the media, and therefore from the public, by just dragging on until they are forgotten. “The media taper,” as I call it. If there is no accountability, there is a good chance we will descend into civil war. The media taper strategy is not good enough. We need action, we need results, we need justice. Full public disclosure is the only chance we have of achieving any reset of law and order. We need good people working to bring truth to the people. Two good ones are Greg and Dave. Thank you both.

  25. Prophet

    Interesting interview Greg….lets wait and see if our leaders have the fortitude to prosecute The DNC for election fraud before we start thrusting a stake into the The Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s….People really need to quit focusing and putting their hope in this world as much, and start
    devoting more time to God and His Kingdom…. The Bible promises us things are going to get much worse in the last days, not better….if what taylor and janda say are true, why
    would God not stop world hunger, millions of children suffer hourly because of disease and famine, I would think this would be a much higher priority for God, than fixing America, A country that has everything ,with a people whom many have turned away from him. Just a thought

  26. Russ McMeans

    Omg! Best interview of the decade on all matters in the dark pool of American politics! We’ve all heard of the ‘Deep State’ …… well now Greg and company introduce ‘Deep Journalism’ … ie: everything that the mainstream media- including Fox News, doesn’t give you. Again, thank you Greg and Dr. Janda. Will post publicly on Facebook.( maybe if I use a Puppy kitten header it’ll slip through their bias firewall)…….

  27. Russ McMeans

    Pray for acting AG Whitaker and for Mitch McConnell to allow all this to come out into the light. Before January.

  28. Jeannon Kralj

    I really appreciate Dr. Janda’s brilliant analysis and commentary.

    I gave up on Fox about ten years ago.

    What was interesting to me about Dr. Janda’s main point about Fox related to Fox broadcasting big banner “Dems Win House” before polls had closed in the two western US time zones.

    Sure, that was wrong on every level, including legally I think, but the nature of that action to broadcast that banner was a PROACTIVE or positive action.

    Most of Fox’s mortal sins are subtle sins of omission, that is, not providing news and commentary about important issues on which they should.

    Now, as to all the election fraud, that is an issue I have worked on for many years here in Texas. Dr. Laura Pressley had her electronic vote results records thrown away and this case is now at the Texas Supreme Court level. I hope and pray she wins.

    I am very much against electronic voting machines and used to be quite activist on that issue when those first came out. I now see that Republic Mitt Romney just won a U S Senate seat in Utah. When you look into Romney’s family owning voting machine companies, it looks like Mr. Romney carefully arranged it APPEAR that he has not ownership in voting machine companies. When you look at the facts, and that is hard to do, I regard that as a big lie. The icing on that corrupt cake is that we the USA taxpayers are buying those machines.

    When I look at the Hillary Debbie Brenda dog and pony show going on in Florida, I just get so extremely vexed that I have to back off to avoid the near occasion of sin.
    I have a feeling some big mysterious events will happen very soon to divert and distract my attention away from the Florida debacle.

    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.
    Mathew 5:6

    • susan

      In Montana, we were watching various “news” and when they posted that on fox we asked, “How can they do that when our polls aren’t even closed?” I guess we should have made a bigger stink.

  29. Coffee Bean

    This guy’s great.

  30. dlc

    Paul Ryan didn’t spring from outer space. We certainly knew what a rodent he was when he was re-elected in 2016. He now departs very well off and smirking all the way. Same with Flake, waiting to see what his parting gifts amount to.

    Why is everyone so surprised at the outcome of the last 2 years after re-electing all the evil doers (per W) who helped in destroying this country and were known to despise Trump? Duh.

    Trump just spent 2 years trying to outswim congressional sharks. The public this time gave us Schumer, Waters, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff — crooks all. What could possibly go haywire?

    AZ put up with McCain until he up and died. McSally ran on a mirror image bio. She was also all over the place on issues. But still, no excuse for letting the Marxist social worker into the Senate.

    As to Florida, one need only take a look at the woman who helped to brew that mess. Rick Scott did nothing about her the last sordid go round. Expect to hear her scream “it’s Selma all over again.” Yawn. Same with Gillum and Abrams. At what point does this country stick up for what’s left of it?

    In a sane adult society, we would not be dealing with these dregs. Remember how fast Gary Hart was sent packing? Now ever form of degeneracy is normalcy. You vote what you are.

    I do not expect rule of law to be restored. Oh sure, a country of very drugged, idle and dependent people will rise up and demand freedom and individuality be restored. And too, it’s all about demographics, baby — Dims and invaders. A way out was presented on a platter in 2016. Squandered.

    • Shirley Sherlock

      Never give up the Shiff. Adam Shiff? Not!
      I meant ship. I must have shiffed my brain a bit!
      Trump will triumph over his enemies. Their all on a ship of fools, that’s gonna sink hard. Like Moses at the Red sea when it looks like it’s curtain’s. The Trumpster will conquer the the fraudsters and they’ll all find themselves in the dumpster’s, of the dust bin of his story, not theirs! With a little help from those friends in high places, the guy cannot lose. They never snooze! You see, that’s why he doesn’t ever give up or give out. Those in high places, like that about him. You gotta be tough. Like he said when he won the presidency. “Complicated business!”
      Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on Mr. President and above all keep on trucking, we got yer back, sir.
      From your merry men and some girl’s.

  31. Diane

    Greg and Dave
    I live in a small town on So. California.
    We had a Move On protest in our small town…over 100 protesters , with signs protesting Jeff Sessions firing.
    I couldn’t understand this, until I listened to you guy’s report early this morning.
    Wow…’re not just right …you are 100% right.
    Stunning report.

  32. K.B.

    Snipes was left in place because they understood that replacing her would make it more difficult in future to actually capture and record the act.

    She is THAT stupid. They knew she would feel impervious and would thus, do it again. Thus, they let her, all the while, they “got it on tape”


  33. Diane

    George Soros group Move On dot org.

  34. dlc

    In remembrance of Veterans Day.

    As the wife of a deceased Vietnam veteran, I thought I had been aware of most facets of our many wars. I found this Korean documentary that peaked my interest as it was called the forgotten war. I knew little about the Korean war. The footage is shocking, how the soldiers suffered. I was riveted but repulsed to see what these drafted souls went through.

    You look at this and ask how we could have elected such freaks. Such a dishonor.

    • paul ...

      And what do the Demon-rat commies call our patriotic Korean veterans? … “Terrorists” and don’t provide the right care for them at VA hospitals! … these veterans sacrificed all to supposedly bring our Nation security … and what do we have to show for all their sacrifice and suffering?? … Commies on our Mexican border … shipping drugs into America to destroy our “Gringo” children!!

      • paul ...

        Veterans Day now approaches … it is a holiday to honor the men and women who have dutifully protected their country … these Americans who defended our nation from what they believed was a real threat to our shores are now in their nineties … soon there won’t be any of them left …sadly every single person who has served in the US military since the end of the second World War has protected nothing other than the Demon-rat/RINO agenda of global hegemony, resource control and war profiteering … they have not been fighting and dying for their children, for Freedom and the Principles of Liberty and Justice contained in our Republic’s Constitution … they have been fighting and dying for imperialism, the industrial warmongers profit margins, the oil industry and the Banksters … hopefully we still have some in the Military who can see the danger posed to our Nation and children by the commies who have now implanted themselves on our Southern border!!

  35. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, the cruel comments Janda made about Jamie Dimon are unfounded and false. If it were not for Jamie Dimon during the Bush “W” years, the US would be a Banana Republic. It was Jamie Dimon who provided the actual blueprint to get our nation back on track economically. The TALF and TARP programs that buttressed our banking system literally saved the day and were his original ideas. He is an absolutely brillant man. A good man with a good heart. Do you actually think it was Paulson who saved the day ? Or Bernanke ? NO ! It was Jamie Dimon who had the very best ideas to in effect save the world at a crucial moment in a crucial time !

    • Greg Hunter

      You do not know what you are talking about and really look un educated saying what you say. Records are clear that JPMorgan was a willing participant in the Madoff $60 billion fraud. JPMorgan paid more than $2.5 billion within the Madoff case alone in fines and restitution to avoid prosecution and yes, Dimon was CEO during that time. Helen Chaitman (Interviewed on USAW in 2016) is an attorney and an expert on the crimes of JP Morgan:

      • Twox2

        Greg, for what it’s worth: The tell in “Gina’s” posts is the obvious over-the-top, outrageous nature of statements that are always designed to provoke. He/she is much like the old million dollar bonus (MDB) on Zerohedge who had great fun writing solely to poke at the audience…which he understood well. I doubt he, like Gina, believed little, if any of what he wrote. It was a game to him…and an attention getting device…all theater. Gina is likely a fraud, pure and simple…who runs this dialectic scam for grins and giggles. Don’t waste your precious time or energy on her silly games. Cut her/him loose. Your call of course…

        P.S. Another tell…note how she never responds to any of your audience’s comments. Anyone who believes what they are saying would engage and defend their views. Gina is a pale imitation of MDB…but without the talent. The overt lack of subtlety reveals the con…or she really is dumb as a rock. For her sake, I hope it’s the former. Thank’s for fighting the good fight, brother…

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree and “it” has commented for the last time.

    • john

      ….and here we are several years later in abject fear that the fed is going to abandon the past Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen puts and start raising rates under Powell after kicking the “low interest rate can” to the end of the cul-de-sac over the past ten years thereby flooding liquidity into stocks, bonds and housing only now to be subjected to the low tide of deflation as rates start to rise around the globe. The only solution left is to either have a debt jubilee or bring Gold back into the financial system at a higher price in order to reflate the world.

    • Mike R

      Clueless Gina strikes again. Wrongheaded. Gina I told you yesterday to take the opposite of what your instinct and opinion tells you, and to take your wrong headed statements, and do a 180. Then MAYBE you might get things right.

      “JPMadoff” (were it not for Dimon lying, and being a total crook, Madoff would not have ever been able to do what he did. Thats just for starters Gina)

      JPM has been charged with 48 different violations of banking and securities fraud since 2010.

      Dimon tried to patent a clone of Bitcoin 175 times. Every time it was denied.

      “On August 5, 2013 JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPMorgan) filed an application for an electronic mobile payment system which has eerie similarities to the popular online currency Bitcoin. Unfortunately for JPMorgan, all of the claims, totaling 175 claims, as of October 18, 2013, for published US patent application U.S. 20130317984 (the ‘984 application) have been either cancelled or rejected.”

      Go do some research Gina and take a look the crimes Jamie Dimon and his team at JP Morgan Chase has gotten away with since their 2008 role wrecking the global economy (for which he and his corrupt bank paid a minor $13 billion dollar fine to end a criminal probe into his role.) (thinks he can buy his way out of jail… thus far anyway its worked)

      How is a corrupt criminal like Jamie Dimon, not in prison for fraud?

      Trump painted a picture of him perfectly…. “nervous mess.” (Since you don’t know how to decode what Trump says I’ll do it for you : That’s Trump’s way of saying that Jamie is going to be a lifelong nervous mess, out of the guilt that Jamie experiences daily for screwing so many people, and over-seeing JPM breaking so many bank and securities laws. If Jamie ever REALLY TRULY gets found out, and exposed (for the really bad stuff beyond those banking and securities violations, he’ll go to prison. He’s very likely one of the people in the 40,000 plus federal sealed indictments. So he truly is a mental “mess.” Trump when he lambasted Jamie in public, was giving Jamie a foreboding of what is to come for him. Trump always telegraphs his eventual moves for the people that are corrupt, and going to jail, in one form or fashion. These statements from Trump are an “I’m going to nail your sorry a$$ type of statement. “)

    • Justn Observer

      You are an unread uneducated FOOL!

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … are you listening to Stansberry’s demographics political analysis?? … … the only problem with getting rid of the RINO Party first (to create a one party system) is that we will lose our Constitutional Republic in the process … the commie Demon-rats will bring in socialism … so our strategy must be to get rid of the commies first … then at least we get to keep our Constitutional Republic and the liberties and freedoms guaranteed under such a system!!

    • Dan

      Yes Gina….Jamie Dimon had the best ideas…but NOT to save the USA….but to save the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT, TOO BIG TO FAIL, GLOBALIST USURY BANKING SYSTEM, which he has served (quite profitably) for the last several decades.

      What should have happened, as it DID in ICELAND, is that MANY CROOKED politicians and BANKSTERS went to the SLAMMER…that’s PRISON in case you don’t know. (Jamie would have a nice one with small slot for a window.)

      The Icelandic government nationalized the banks, backed up the depositors so they didn’t lose any money. Yes, their currency took a BIG hit in value. They were thrown out of the EU. They imposed capital controls. But they have come thru the storm, and the SCUM who thought they controlled that small country were beaten to a pulp. Some semblance of “FREEDOM” was restored as well. Who knows for how long.

      For such a self proclaimed PROGRESSIVE, you sound exactly like all the other BOUGHT AND PAID FOR TRAITORS who sing the siren song of GLOBALISM, which is just another word for FEUDALISM.

    • Bob

      It seems that liberals actually do think like this.

  36. DerStan

    Sorry but the left and their voters dont care about the rule of law. You could show these liberals committing acts of treason on video tape and half this country would not care nor believe it. Now if the Clintons and the obamas, and their elite masters start going to jail we can all expect them and their main stream media to cry out for an open and violent overthrow of our current government. Millions would die. Our cities would be burned to the ground and it would be an absolute nightmare. Yes we would fight back but there would be rivers of blood in the street from both sides. Thus the reason the FBI covered up the crimes of obama and Clinton to preserve the Union and save millions of lives…

    • paul ...

      So DerStan the FBI and the Justice Dept. were simply looking to do what was best for the Union by not prosecuting evil … you mean the way God the Father left Satan in Heaven?? … God the Father didn’t cover up Satan’s crimes … he took forceful action “to expel the traitor” from Heaven … as “we too must do” to the traitors on Earth!!

  37. Fusion_ Gyp You Yes!

    Get ah hold of this!
    As Gina would say,”read it an weep!”

    • DerStan

      Just saying paul that if you had the choice between the rule of law and putting Hillary in jail or killing 50- 100 million American citizens, burning every major city to the ground, and ending our nation maybe you let clinton walk…

      • paul ...

        Let evil walk? … only in a place called Hell!! … that is “the meaning” of the rule of law … we lock away evil where it can’t inflict any more evil upon us (evil such as running for President in 2020)!!!

        • paul ...

          err: (evil such as Hillary running for President in 2020)!!!

  38. Fusion_ Gyp You Yes!

    WOW! “What a coincidence,” LOL!

    • paul ...

      This Demon-rat PO facility should be bulldozed to the ground to scatter the rats infecting the place!!

      • paul ...

        If Trump gave me the power … you would see a very big change in the way things are run here in our Nation … that is for sure!! (for example … I would be sending caravans of “gringos” to vote in the Mexican elections … to remove the current commie from office)!

  39. Tad

    I’m having an off day Greg and thought a piece on a typical jihadi was a welcome break.

  40. arthur barnes

    Greg, what you and the good Doctor really said was most, if not almost all or the great great vast majority of both parties did conspired to keep Trump out of office before the 2016 election and after he won as well which I believe did happen. Trump is now isolated by the Democrats and the RHINO’s and stands alone except for the people like this writer and perhaps a few fellow supports of merit in the Senate. I believe all you and your guest are saying about the conspiracy of Obama and Company but as to actual indictments forthcoming I pray for it to happen but don’t believe it will because the globalist and their agenda is marching to the end times prophesy of the Anti-Christ and his evil cohort the False-Prophet to control the last days of Revelation. Sure our great and honorable Christian President is standing up but “as it is written so it shall pass” comes to mind. If indictments are forthcoming let them come to fruition but I will believe it when I see it as the history of this country and many others is that the bad & evil ones escape the wrath of Him in this life. Frankly, I hope & pray I am wrong and wish Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Holder, Comey, Muller, & now Sessions and so many more face justice but just can’t believe it. Go ahead Greg and call me Doubting Thomas if you will – I pray I am wrong. God Speed to you and the good Doctor. Trump could have fired Session months ago and produced the information, but it didn’t happen, why? Once again, I pray I am wrong but I sense I am not, why would our President allow Sessions to table the indictments? Who is running the country, Trump or Sessions? Once again, I hope & pray I am wrong and the that the indictment day is a day long known as the “day of indictment” and declared a national holiday.

  41. Rick Geisler

    All this reporting on the people that lost their lives in the California wild fires. There is not one mention of the regulatory bastards that are at fault. The environmental idiots that would not let the tinder underbrush be controlled burned. With all these fires these morons should be hung out to dry. Just saying.

    • WD


      It was very stupid as those trees are supposed to burn more frequently….now look what happened>>>>Karma Kalifornia?

      • paul ...

        The “Luna Moonbeam” Governor of California has his face permanently looking out into outer space from the dark side of the Moon … and can never in a million years ever see the Earth right below his feet even if it is in flames!!

        • paul ...

          All must turn away from the Dark Side and join humanity in the light of freedom and what is good (God) and reject what is evil (Demons)!!

    • Bob

      Apparently Mexicans used to lighting frequent fires (safely) in Mexico do the same thing in the US and it goes out of control and causes a disaster. They get called arsonists, or terrorists, when its really due to artificial conditions as you stated.

      • paul ...

        We “gringos” know how to light fires safely in the US but when in Mexico due to the artificial conditions (poppy’s growing in fields everywhere) they may just happen to catch fire and burn down also!!

  42. DB Cooper

    John John lives and wants revenge !! At least that’s the rumor floating out there and
    ‘Boy Howdy’, what a rumor !! I mean if you are going to dream, might as well dream big … There are lots of pieces that seem to fit in this picture such as JFK jr had to know not only who offed the President (his dad) but also that he himself was a target especially after showing interest in politics. He was friends w/ Donald Trump and I believe at some point said that DJT would be POTUS. Granted this is pretty far-fetched speculation but this fellow Vincent Fusca might just fit the picture but one thing that strikes me is that if this is true then the timing is interesting to say the least … I mean JFK jr is still a target … or has POTUS secured the situation to the point that “Mr. Fusca” can now show his face?? Hiding in plain sight and is he actually Q ?? Whew we are living in interesting times !! Thanks for your program Greg and Thanks for having Dr. Janda on the program for 1 hour 19 minutes and 20 seconds.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • paul ...

      Prayer said every single day in the OO.
      “Rest in peace Mr. President (JFK), through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world. We, the PEOPLE.”
      Where we go one, we go all.

      • paul ...

        To save the United States of America we need to return to our fundamental values … a belief in goodness (God) and taking all actions necessary to protect our families from those who would bring us darkness (drugs, etc., etc.) … we must steel our hearts for the challenge before us … as that “beam of light” is the twilight’s last gleaming!

        • paul ...

          Look through the evil darkness the Demon-rat commies bring … can you see by the dawn’s early light what we once so proudly hailed? … can you see any hint of the broad red white and blue stripes and bright stars streaming through this perilous fight? … where is the rocket’s red glare? … the bombs bursting in air? … that will prove that our flag is still there!! … does that star-spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free? … the home of the brave? … from shore to shore our flag can barely be seen through the mist of deep state propaganda and haughty Demon-rat commie foe’s who now host in Congressional offices in deadly repose intent on destroying our Nation’s Constitution … but what is that that still catches a breeze over the heads of the towering sheepel? … what is it that fitfully blows … half concealed … half disclosed … in the gleam of the morning’s first gleam of light? … now I discern it … it is not a red flag … there are stars … with red, white and blue strips … the flag of a Nation that once believed in freedom, liberty and justice for all … streaming proof unfolds in the breeze that we are not commies yet!! (not until they ban the American flag, destroy the First and Second Amendments and dissolve our borders)!!

  43. Donald

    “it’s up to Nunez and it’s up to players within the house right now”
    “to just unleash this stuff”

    Yep, if they wait much longer they will lose the opportunity. Once the “stuff” is released, the scene of the world will get real crazy.

  44. WD

    The obvious truth is that indictments have to be filed….people have to face justice in politics.

    If it does not happen we are done and we will live in camps or on the run…..

  45. Oxfarmer

    Absolutely first class interview with Dr. Janda. Many questions answered. Greg you are in the top tier of reporters and anyone who isn’t listening is missing out.

    The Missus and I are on Soc Sec, but a small donation is coming your way. May God protect you and multiply the gifts you receive.

  46. paul ...

    The UN adds “a new human right” to the Declaration of Human Rights now in the UN Charter which grants Freedom, Liberty and Justice to all peoples of the world … this new right is “the right to be forcibly migrated” (i.e. where people can to be torn from their homes and be forced to join “a death march” into another country to either be shot at or perchance gain asylum to save them and their children’s lives)!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      This is more New World Order outrageous crap. Thank you for posting this.

  47. G. Berky

    Man survives California wildfire by hiding in creek with his dog
    Jamie Yuccas 7 hrs ago

    ‘We are armed now’: In Kentucky, shootings leave a black church and the white community around it shaken
    DeNeen L. Brown 9 hrs ago‘we-are-armed-now’-in-kentucky-shootings-leave-a-black-church-and-the-white-community-around-it-shaken/ar-BBPB8Mx?ocid=spartandhp

  48. G. Berky

    “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!”

  49. Marcel Fiechter

    I don’t think Sessions was slow walking the FISA-Declas. The Midterm-Elections were a bait to register voting fraud. If Sessions would have had declased, it woulnd’t have been possible to show voter fraud legally. There will be legal cases now (Florida,Arizona…) where this airtight proofs will be useful. Just like this you can also prove or at least show people voter fraud existed also in 2016 (and even all votes the last decades). Trump phas the Senate now. He (or Whitaker or Horowitz) needs just to declas and he has also the House (special elections). Greetings from Switzerland.

  50. Bill Bradshaw

    It appears that the swamp is involved in just about every area of our lives, and now we find they are running our elections.
    The Presidents ” Draining the Swamp ” will not be easy, as their tentacles are long and firmly entrenched.
    We need people like Whitaker, Goodlatte, Jordan, and Gowdy to help pull the drain plug.
    America, Pray Pray Pray. Without our Lords intervention the job will not get done.BUT,
    The Bible says, ” With GOD, All things are possible. Go Trump Go.

    • paul ...

      With the word of God in our heart and minds … all things are possible “now” … let’s clean up the place … before God’s return … the same way we would clean up and vacuum our house before inviting the relatives over!!!

  51. Paul

    I believe if these indictments came out, with Republicans and Democrats both involved, would cause such a financial and government upheaval that I really don’t think anybody even Trump wants to be the person responsible for such an historic event, even though its needed . We will have to see if this unfolds. As always with politicians Talk is cheap.

    • paul ...

      Hey Paul … a financial and government upheaval is exactly what we need … in order to get our house in order “before God gets here” … as we all know God is very adverse to EVIL … and we better remove “all the dirty linen” or at least put it in the laundry bucket in the basement where it can’t be easily seen!!

  52. Teepee

    re: weather control (haarp, Chemtrails, Directed Energy etc, etc.
    Obviously requires billions of dollars to develop and implement. even the most committed globalists wouldn’t want to earmark the % of their wealth required to support these programs. One has to ask where the $$$$ are coming from. Strikes me that the $21,000,000,000,000. that somehow ‘disappeared’ from our governments’ accounting
    might very well be suspect. We should demand an honest accounting of this incredible
    sum. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

    • paul ...

      You know … stealing $21 trillion dollars is just about equivalent to the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ earning one billion dollars per year in salary (from passing the tray around at sermons) and saving every penny of it for the last 2000 years … 12 x 1,000,000,000 x 2000 = $24 trillion dollars … that is the “magnitude of the theft” we idiotic Americans allowed the Demons from Hell to steal away from us!!! … let’s use the RICO laws to claw it all back … none of this live and let live crap some are promoting!!!

      • paul ...

        It’s an incredibly huge amount of money stolen … it just boggles the mind … imagine “each Apostle” earning a billion dollars a year … and saving all of it (every penny) for 2000 years … and the “faked up” news media don’t think this is a story worthy of being told to the American people who’s money it was that was stolen??? … come on!!

    • Shirley Sherlock

      You should have followed president O. himself. He just called the fed and said he had a top secret sensitive job and needed some fast cash printed up and Wala! In the middle of the night it was on it’s way. No books no paper trail, just printed up soon to be worthless paper for the crapper. Not even digit’s on Hillary’s or anybody’scomputer’s or e-mail. Yup, just more black op’s printing of more funnymoney to add to the mix of the eventual demise of your hard-earned dollars going down the toilet. So my friends keep smokin that wacky tobaccky and soon it’s gonna hit you, as it smacks you upside the head and hopefully wakes you out your pipe dream, before it smacks you in the backside! Ouch! Yup, it’s gonna hurt, you dope, of a dope head. Now be a good little boy or girl and run to the nearest head shop and stock up. Your gonna all have a ringside seat. Welcome to ARMAGGEDON. Yes, as for me, as Cookie would say, old Vernon Locke, Arma gettin outa here. Exit stage left!

  53. WD

    As much as I hate to say it, I really believe we need to federalize elections- so so much fraud…my mom passed away in 1998 and her name is still on the rolls.

    But as soon as she passed her Medicare check stopped immediately….dont think they cant work this out….

    Whose to say that during elections they will see who is dead and then use that name to vote?

    • paul ...

      You are exactly right WD … as soon as someone passes their Social Security check is stopped immediately … the Demons from Hell could do the same thing and remove dead people from the voter registration rolls … but they don’t … we need “more thinking minds” in America to hold the perper-traitors accountable … and who are the perper-traitors? … in large measure the Demon-rats … thinking people should be voting them “all” out of office … and yet they continue to fraudulently pick up seats in the House … they have to be indicted and locked up for their crimes!!

    • Bob

      Your mom must be a democrat then.
      If she wasn’t before 1998, she is now.

      • paul ...

        Yes Bob … but at least Jesus was only a Democrat for three days!!

  54. WD

    Unless there are indictments- WE ARE DONE

  55. arthur barnes

    Greg, your discussion with the good Doctor about FOX News declaring a Democrat House Win before the polls even closed in the Midwest much less the Pacific Time Zone shows just who is running FOX & I don’t think its Hannity! Seems FOX News maybe part and parcel of the problem as well as the MSM, RHINO’s & the Demon party. That early call effected at least 40 close House races out West and wasn’t for the benefit of the conservatives to be sure. You know the old saying…”if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…”?

    • paul ...

      The early call was a no-brainer once it was seen that the Mid-West didn’t hold for Trump (likely because of Trump’s tariffs hitting them in the pocket book) … higher interest rates being pushed by the banksters at the Fed will now likely take the Senate away from Trump in 2020 (as home prices slide … credit card rates skyrocket … and hit people hard in the pocket book) … Trump should eliminate the income tax to counteract the banksters plans to win both the House and Senate!!

      • paul ...

        All we needed was 12 house seats already in Republican hands to hold strong … to keep the House … but the farmers with soybeans piling up in the fields turned on Trump … do these idiots now think Trump can help them with a House divided?? … these loony tunes can’t really think … do they believe Demon-rats are going to come to their aid? … the way a strong Trump could have?? … the root of evil is greed for money over moral principles … the farmers in the Garden (unlike Jesus) chose to side with the Devil … and elected Demon-rats!!

  56. Mohammad


    The only exit Mr. Trump may find himself directed to is WAR…!
    Gaza seems to heat up rocket exchange and may expansd to a bigger regional conflict in M.E.


    • Justn Observer

      So tell me Mohammad…what are they fighting over there for…The Temple Mount?
      Are they afraid someone is going to take down the Mosque there to rebuild Solomon’s Temple? lol

    • paul ...

      Mohammad … if there is going to be a war … let it be a war against Mexico that helps American children to avoid being subjected to and injected with drugs … forget the Middle East … let them solve their own problems … we have very serious problems here at home that need to be addressed immediately (i.e. drugs, pedophilia, killing children for their organs, blood, etc., etc.) and of most concern is the commie takeover of our government now taking place … with their brazen stated call to trash all our rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution … we must get “this Demon-rat commie monkey off our backs” before we can worry about other peoples problems!!

  57. Mike R

    Wow ! If they are about to nail Corsi here, and this isn’ t fake, whats to prevent Mueller from going after Dave Janda too ?

    Corsi was TOO close to the TRUTH. His Q and Qanon ‘deciphering’ Showing the masses that the emperor (deep state) has no clothes, can get you in deep trouble. (apparently)

  58. Mike R

    Bill Still is reporting that RBG is retiring in Jan 2019. She reportedly has melanoma. Libheads have to be exploding all over this, if true. They wont let Trump appoint yet a 3rd conservative SC. hence voting rigging fraud and unresolved elections likely to persist well past Christmas. shame.

  59. Chip

    Well, McSally lost. Up 6,000 votes on election night. Lost by 38,000 votes. Nope, no fraud there. Sessions? Gone. Indictments served? None. House? Lost. Anyone going to prison? Nope. Q? Don’t see any of those predictions coming to pass. Demon versus Repube? Same uniparty. Is Trump all we got or is he part of the program? I honestly don’t know. They (the establishment?) keep moving the goal posts. “well just one more election and then we’ll give you what you want”… Been there, done that. Votes are not going to get us there. Prepare accordingly… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Chip and be patient. You did not think it would be easy to clean out the corruption going on (at least) since the JFK assassination? I do understand and feel your frustration though.

      • Chip

        Thank you Greg… Chip

  60. Gina M Mancarella

    New Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona is going to wish Donald Trump Happy F### Y## New Year ! Its a new Democratic Holiday ! Just thought you should be aware Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just so you are aware. This is your very last comment.

    • Jeff

      “Be patient” is the response from those that are unable to look in the mirror and say…
      “I was wrong”

      • Greg Hunter

        I already admitted I was wrong about the House in the Midterms but I am not wrong about what is coming and how bad it will be–especially for the unprepared.

  61. David

    I believe Dr. Janda (and others) are sincere and honest when they say their sources have told them these things. But the proof is in facts, not heresay from “sources.” I believe the “sources” most likely heard, or saw, what they are sharing. What happened on Nov. 22, 1963 and the cover up is proof this country was already lost to the “dark side.” The fraudulent vote counting in the election last week is just another fact. I wish we could have hope in the “system” but the system is too corrupt to be repaired. Politicians come and go from Washington, but the corruption stays and gets worse. I believe Trump tried, but he knows his hands are tied.

    • Greg Hunter

      I know some of Janda’s “sources,” It is not heresay.

  62. Tommy

    Whether there are indictments or not, it won’t make much difference. These people are not going to jail, they’re not going to be ruined. In fact they will probably come off as being unjustly charged and will be defended by the establishment and believed to be nothing but a political attack by the masses. The elections will continue to be fraudulent and will only get worse. The push toward globalism will move forward, unabated. Take the old saying, ‘you can’t fight city hall’ and take it to the nth degree. The majority of Americans are dependent on the government. The majority of the public is stupid or willingly ignorant. They will continue staring at their iPhones until they are herded into a processing facility. The best thing you can do is get right with God. This life will end, but our main concern is with what will continue forever.

    • Prophet

      Tommy, I have to agree, sadly the country has become so divided that the best we can hope for is a little more time….Trump is a brilliant economist and has done wonders getting us back on our feet…But he is nothing more than a cork in a broken dam holding back the flood….We have allowed Evil to remove God from everything this country stands for and somehow we expect change for the good….Man cannot fix this problem, I do believe Trump will put up a good fight but its a war he cannot win ,only slow events down……iam not as well versed in End time prophesy as id like to be, but from what I read at some point America has to fall, all one has to do is look around its happening…Fear not! God knew this day would come as john warned us

  63. paul ...

    Any Nation that has a sense of humor can’t be all bad … what is so hilarious is that the Finnish were doing war games “to scare the Russians” … and the Russians simply shut down their GPS “and made all their weapons systems became inoperable”!! … truly funny!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … after the Demon-rats get rid of our guns, deny us free speech and chip us … they will probably deny us the right to listen to Russian music … so let’s get our fill now … … much better then what American snowflakes now produce … like their electronic countermeasures and hyper-velocity weapons!!

  64. paul ...

    The question is … did Bolton have the volume on his hearing aids turned down?? … he couldn’t hear the screams of Khashoggi implicating the Crown Prince in his murder?? …

  65. paul ...

    When America comes under attack by Mexico … do we send tanks over the border the way Israel is about to do? … no … we build a wall that the drug cartel can dig under … we really need to send tanks … but the difference between us and Israel is we won’t be indiscriminately killing ordinary civilians … we will be striking “only at the drug cartels” and “the commie government”!!

  66. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: Soros
    The man is volunteering a group of his people to help in the Florida recount
    Is that not like letting the fox in to the henhouse?

  67. paul ...

    Here is the narrative the globalists will use to chip us … “if you are against being chipped you are against child safety”! … eventually they will implant the chips in the back of our necks (right on the spine) so it can’t be easily dug out without crippling you!! …

  68. Wolfie

    Those who believe that Trump and the patriots would restore law and order, capitalism in its best sense, self determination and independence are dreamers. Socialism (and numerous compulsory inhuman measures accociated with it) is unstoppable. It is not just just an ideology , it is evolution! Evolutionary forces are strong.
    Schumpeter, an austrian economist, who highly valued entrepreneurship and capitalism, recognized that at one point of time the transition from capitalism for socialism would occur.

    Read the bief chapter ‚demise of capitalism‘ !
    It is all interconnected: Regime changes, globalism, migration, total control of the people, engineered (rigged) markets, restriction of voicing opinions, political correction, the deep state, the new class of Orwellian pigs. The final goal is socialism and we are getting closer, day by day.
    Neither you nor Dave will stop it, Trump won‘t stop it. Wake up ! We are the Dinosaurs, a dwindling minority, not them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so fast Wolf. Please Give up some place else.

  69. Grosse Point

    I have no idea if Dave’s info is correct or not lets us hope he is. The thing that bothers me is he always far too much I might add “I think” this that or whatever. It is not what you think or know but what you can prove in a court of Law. The Democrats are far more aggressive and organized than the Republicans whom lack this quality!

  70. flattop

    REG: Ballots
    The box of ballots found at the airport were picked up and returned. They made one giant mistake.
    The ballots were supposed to be shipped to Moscow, so the Dems could say the Russians were meddling again with our election

  71. Prophet

    There is a ton of money to be made by retailers this holiday season,,, No market crash this year…Trump made an interesting comment at a press conference a couple weeks ago, something to the nature of : These people still haven’t been held accountable , maybe their investigating them , but i dont know……..Very odd comment ,,,, Does he not know, or does he know…One thing for sure, no charges, we lose the country in 2020 ….then we will see a market crash like no other…The good news is we have 2 years to prepare, whatever canned goods you buy this time around will not expire….

    • paul ...

      Prophet … ” people still haven’t been held accountable” … “maybe their investigating them” … “but I don”t know” … very odd comment from Trump indeed!!???

  72. Ashley

    I want ROB KIRBY! SOON!

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll get right on that request. (Really, no kidding.)

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