Deep State Absolutely Wants to Kill You – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” predicted at the beginning is this year that the Deep State demons will have one crisis after another to keep people confused and afraid.  The latest crisis is the economic and ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.  Newman says expect many more disasters and explains, “All across the country we are seeing very bizarre things happen.  Factories and chemical plants going up in flames, food processing facilities blowing up, airplanes crashing in mysterious ways, and I think we are heading into an era of really serious crisis.  Last summer, I was putting together the wave of crises that the Deep State was preparing for us, and one of the terms I used was ‘polycrisis.’  Then, right before the World Economic Forum meeting this year, they actually put on their website is 2023 the year of the polycrisis?  Of course, it will be the year of the polycrisis.  I think we are prepared and being groomed for cyber-attacks, currency crisis, economic crisis and, of course, Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.  I think all of this is going to be used for a series of never-ending crises until we are ready to give up our freedoms, give up our national sovereignty and self-government, and move towards this crazy totalitarian, technocratic system they want.”

Newman says it’s not going to be a kind transition for most people.  Newman says, “The thing that is so hard for people to understand is that there are very powerful people that are working together, and they absolutely want to kill you.  That is not speculation.  These people have been openly saying for a century that they believe there are too many people on this planet. . . .  The eugenics movement never died.  Margaret Sanger, the Rockefellers, Dr. Joseph Mengele was funded by the Rockefeller dynasty.  These people are very much still around.  Bill Gates is the perfect example.  His dad was on the board of Planned Parenthood, the largest butcher of unborn babies in America. . . . Bill Gates says openly and frequently that there are too many people on this planet.  He wants to use vaccines and healthcare to reduce the number of people on the planet.”

Newman has a dark warning for America and explains, “Now that they are done with America and we are no longer useful and an obstacle to this global agenda, they need to knock us out.  They may not want to resort to nuclear bombs, but if they did, it would not surprise me. . . .  America is founded on very important ideals, and these are, once again, making a resurgence.  Our self-evident truths that are enshrined in our Constitution, that God created us equally, that God gave us the right to property.  God gave us our right to life.  Government exists to protect these rights.  These are Biblical ideas distilled into a political document. . . . These are ideals that are fundamental to liberty, and as long as the United States exists in its present form . . . . America is a major threat to this agenda.  I don’t think we should put it past them that they would use nuclear bombs against us.  I also think there is a fifth column in Washington that would be more than happy to collaborate.

There is much more in the 35-min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State” for 3.1.23.

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  1. John Forgione

    Chiang Kai Shek’s demise was contrived. Search for The Long March of Mao Tse Tung on you tube.

      • Barbara Leverett

        Thank you

    • Rant

      MMM!> what ever happened to the true Gospel! I see the SNARE will not just get the earth dwellers but the so called Christ ans! Newman says he a christian but he says he dose not know when?? When WHAT??> All you people feel something evil commith , Well GodJesus has a plan and it s called THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST! > A Greg why dont you get Billy Crone on your pod cast?>> Enjoy

      • regaleagle

        Sorry…..the Bride of Christ will not be made ready until the end of the Millennium. The Rapture will occur for the Sons of God… stated in the Bible. It does NOT call believers the Bride…….that’s a false teaching. There are many false teachings in this day that was not present in the day of the apostles. Best just to read the scriptures yourself so you can depend on God’s Word instead of false interpretations by men.

  2. Felix

    Alex is a very well schooled deep thinker ND HE IS Absolutely correct on everything.Putin is controlled opposition and a student of satanists kissinger that fat old gay troll.Kissinger from the synagogue of satan,one of the most vile beings on earth.When you control oil you control nations,when you control food you control the people.If their is a central bank in any country it is owned by the khazarian satanic mafia.It makes me laugh because when you tell people of what is coming they are like deer in the headlights.Keep prepping patriots the war is on and like alex said they want us dead.GOD bless my fellow patriots

    • Anthony Australia

      “Deep State Absolutely Wants to Kill You“

      Yeah tell me something I don’t know 😆

      • Jimmy

        Even though Trump and Putin had close relationships with men of evil – they did not join them!!

        • Jimmy

          As for the Deep State – they’ve effectively shot themselves in the foot by telling Biden “to attack our allies in Europe by blowing up their natural gas energy supply Nord Stream II” and then they top it off by having the Fed raise interest rates “to destroy all the European financial institutions that have made huge investments in our bond market” – Europe is now “a migrant infested wasteland” – European Financial Institutions have lost so much money in the bond market it’s incredible – they don’t have heat to warm their homes – they don’t have fertilizer to grow their crops – their economies are spiraling downward as their farmers are told to kill their cows and give up their farms – and no to top it off – the Deep State has now gotten Europe into a major war with Russia!!!

          • Jimmy

            The Deep State are a bunch of jackasses – they use the US dollar to fund their gargantuan military (with 800 military bases around the world) and they do things like destroy Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and now Ukraine – yet – the greedy bastards are also devaluing the purchasing power of that US dollar – – that they vitally need to project and protect their power?? – seems these dumb imbeciles think they can run roughshod over the world with a US dollar that effectively has “no value left” – while China’s economic performance has far surpassed that of the US (they have lifted their people out of poverty more quickly than any country in the history of the world and are backing their currency with gold) – so the Deep State (for their own protection) must destroy such a Nation (and they are preparing the minds of the American people for the attack they will soon launch)!!

        • Tin foil hat

          I concur with your view regarding Trump and Putin.

    • Nick

      What utter nonsense! Alex has no clue what he’s talking about. If Putin was controlled opposition Russia would not be putting up the fight they are and aligning with China. Russia is one of the most powerful and nationalistic countries on Earth..The globalists have captured the US. But Russia has. ot caved. Otherwise things like transgenderism would be a lot farther along than it is. The Russian people are as informed as many Americans as to the globalist agenda.

      • Greg Hunter

        Putin was involved with Schawb and Henry Kissinger and Putin are buddies. Those are facts. Are facts “utter nonsense” in your world?

        • Anthony Australia

          You are correct Greg, they are all tarred with the same brush.

        • Nick de la Gaume

          YOU were involved in the MSM until YOU woke up

          • Greg Hunter

            YOU do not know what you are talking about. I got let go because I was already awake, and they (CNN) did not want real reporting with real facts. My record speaks for itself.

            • Tin foil hat

              Putin got rich because he was bought and paid for by the Deep State; and then he woke up.

              Everything Putin is doing now challenges the dollar reserve status. They (DS) do not want any real leader with nationalistic tendency like Trump and Putin.

        • Tom C

          Greg, we should be aware of and very concerned about the millions who are invading us from the south. Many will organize into cells and raise hell starting this summer.

        • Stanley Bolibruch

          Keep your friends close Greg and keep your enemies even closer.

        • Jon Turner

          Putin kicked Schwab to the curb. Don’t drink the Kool-Aide Greg. Alex has gone off the deep-end.

          • Greg Hunter

            The facts are there. Maybe but maybe not.

            • KAREN BRACKEN

              Greg….after reading many of the comments is it any wonder we are in the mess we are in???

            • Linda J Crean

              Dear Greg and Alex, Thank you for everything you two are gems in an ugly world. Father God is writing everything down and they won’t get away with it forever. The rats might think they can just stand there and do what they want to the World but Father God holds the upper hand, Purim/Esther, Passover, Noah, the Whole World is in God’s Everyone say Restore in Jesus
              Bleed the blood of Jesus over our country USA and the Earth.

        • Michael

          Alex Newman is excellent . Thank you Greg for having him.
          Terrific show. I believe they will demote what we even have in the small banks and credit unions. Couple that with hunger and inflation and we are looking at bad times. God bless you, my brother in Christ.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks brother Michael. I agree.
            Brother Greg

        • Rob McCleary

          Hi Greg,
          A quick question for you, what happened to the powdered greens sponsor? I don’t see the anywhere on your list of sponsors on the website?

          • Greg Hunter

            Coming back at the end of the week.

        • william price

          100% Greg.

      • Patty

        I totally agree with you Nick. Putin infiltrated the WEF to basically spy on them. When they found out they tried to kill him. He is a patriot and a good Christian. Let us not forget the prophecy of ” Our Lady of Fatima ” Russia will be instrumental in saving the world because the west has become so decadent. Listen to Putin’s Speech at the Duma last week!!! I am a US patriot and I agree with everything he said. A true leader speaking the TRUTH>

        • Helen Ann Rudinsky

          Putin is not a Christian. You can’t be high up in the KGB and be a Christian. He is for traditional values, family, and against sexualizing children, all good things. But he is not a Christian.

          • Patty

            Did you see all the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church, a Christian Church, at the speech in the Duma, sitting in front rows??? There is no way these church leaders would be there if Putin was not a Christian himself. And what about all the churches he has built in Russia. We all have a chance to redeem ourselves….

      • Alex Newman

        Hey Nick, Thanks for your comments. I urge you to consider the evidence I have accumulated over the last 15 years before falling into the Hegelian dialectic trap they have set for us (line up behind Biden/NATO or Putin/CCP). Here are the two major articles I mentioned I wrote in 2014 about Putin:

        And here is one on China:

        • tim mcgraw

          Alex Newman: I don’t care if Putin is “controlled opposition” “controlled ally” or “uncontrolled”.
          Screw all of them!
          When the Kremlin, Pentagon, Capitol Building, UK Parliament, Reichstag, Red Squares, etc. are all crumbling ruins, that will make me smile.
          They are ALL oppressors of the people.

        • Jimmy

          Alex – Back in 1776 regional States wanted to form a New Order (the United States of America) that wasn’t a bad thing as long as their was a Constitution supporting peoples rights to life and liberty – today’s New World Order is being set up with “NO CONSTITUTION” that Guarantee’s the rights of the people of the world – seems to me Putin and China are for people at least “having the right to have children” while the Demons in the West “are trying to kill and sterilize the people of the world and turn everyone into queers” – between the East’s World Order and the West’s World Order I’m supporting the World Order that gives humanity “the basic right to have children” which brings a more profound sense of happiness to people then “owning nothing” but a worthless digital currency!!!

        • Catherine Cronin

          Alex..your pieces were written in 2014 2015…a lot has changed in that Trump was elected and I think the Substack platform BURNING BRIGHT AND BADLANDS…version is what I would like to believe is right.
          They believe that Trump Putin and Xi are working secretly in concert to overcome the current state of affairs in the world..If Trump returns to the presidency, they all might have enough power to thwart the WEF group of globalists and maybe even do what you are saying is THE PLAN without the psychopaths of the WEF globalists.
          I think Putin is NOT the villain and Xi is possibly part of the Trump and Putin as Burning Bright/ Badlands theory of the plan because there are factors in his country China, that are trying to take him out of power because they want to run the world along with the current group of psychopaths, so he really is thinking about himself and preserving his power. Putin is very tricky and like Trump NO ONE knows on what side they are on…Xi is from the country China that wrote the book about the ART OF WAR centuries ago. So in this upside down world the only thing we can really be sure of is NOTHING. (on purpose)
          So if the BURNING BRIGHT/BADLANDS group of writers on Substack are correct it might be an addendum to your thoughts with a twist that good leaders would be running things that favor their people and not the destruction of everything that the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas and neocons are hoping for.
          I don’t believe Russia or China trust our country or Europe for one moment.

        • Dawn

          Why aren’t WE the people of the world making those ( Deep State / Fed Reserve / politicians etc) who are responsible accountable?
          Surely there must be someone out there that can lead the way to do this?
          There just seems to be NO accountability that I can see.

          For me accountability is in the form of what the Romanian people did to Nicolae Ceaușescu bc jail it too good for these satanic monsters.

      • JayRay

        I agree with Nick, and Putin has my backing thus far. From where I stand what choice do I have except hope in Russia. Trump is older every minute and aside from rallies, he doesn’t have much to show for progress against the deep state. biden is running amuck and no one even tosses out a banana peel in his direction. Only Air Force One stair case slows his destruction.

      • Shiloh1

        Well, Putin did call out the perverts and degenerates in the U.S. last week, which I took to be referring to the corporate media, the blue zoos and Hunter Biden.

        Has anyone else seen the photo of John Podesta at a ‘costume party’ that’s been tweeted around recently?

    • Moby

      You are a correct Felix! The scriptures are very clear on who the harlot is and the UN~beast she rides:

      • Cousin vinny

        try reading the naked Bible as see if just maybe your opinion might change!
        I am a Christian but this book is a real eye opener!
        Naked Bible by
        Mauro Biglino

    • Coal Burner

      Felix and all Watchdoggers: I think Putin is a lot more complicated than that. I think it would take chapters to try to peg him, actually the same way I feel about Trump. These guys are smarter than average poeple and have complex minds and giant egos. Putin is fighting for his life and the life of Russia. He does not want Mother Russia to go down again. Too just say these quip lines a clown like Zelensky uses is asking us to shoot our own foot off. A lot of smart people need to look at Putin too even come close to his motives but for sure he will not go down without using nukes. I suspect there are suitcase Nukes in every big city in Europe, China, Russia and the USA. Probably Taiwan too. Picture this: Who would allow China to take the industrial manufacturing of Taiwan in operating shape? I mean Biden blew up a pipeline that heated his own powerful ally. What kind of treachery does that take?
      We are building our own chip factory’s now. A half dozen country’s won’t let China take Taiwan unscathed after watching Hong Kong go down. I have merely chipped ice for a drink off this iceberg! Greetings to all you thinkers!

    • Colin Maxwell

      @Felix… if Putin was controlled opposition virtually the entire planet would already be locked up in the equivalent of a global gulag

      Putin is the polar opposite of what you suggest… as the key figure in all of the massive BRICS+ initiatives he will be the nemesis of the entire WEF agenda. China is now his main ally because as the RF, they know that they are directly in the western hegemon’s sights too.

      The globe’s 3 superpowers are already locked into a major hybrid war. The ship has sailed and there’s no turning back because one of the parties has proven itself completely agreement and treaty incapable – all three are under no illusions – this war is now existential for each party.

      The customary over-the-top kid-gloves diplomatic tone from China has gone. They are now blunt and explicit.

      In the words of Pepe Escobar, the most experienced and seasoned geopolitical commentator on the planet……/

      “The West won’t know what hit them until it’s too late.
      It was predictable that sooner or later the heirs of Chinese civilization would have had enough – and formally identify, mirroring Putin’s analysis, the upstart Hegemon as the premier source of chaos, inequality and war across the planet. Empire of Chaos, Lies and Plunder, in a nutshell.
      To put it bluntly, in streetwise language, the hell with this Americana crap of hegemony being justified by “manifest destiny”.

      So here we are. You want Hybrid War? We will return the favor.”

      The stage is set, 2023 is going to be one hellish wild ride.

  3. Marie Joy

    Rise or die.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If that is the proposition, then prepare to die. There have been four major enslavements in the 20th century, none of which were opposed by open rebellion. These four are:

      The Bolshevik Revolution and establishment of the USSR
      The Third Reich in Germany
      Mao’s Revolution in China
      The Ascendancy of Communist Leftism in the USA.

      All of these were world-changing developments. None of these were characterized by insurrection and armed rebellion on the part of the victimized populace, and I don’t think it’s going to be any different this time in the so-called USA. The inescapable fact is that all governments fail eventually; the last step is police-statism, because governments try to hold power so long as possible and by any means available. It’s our turn in the drum. Each of us has to find his way, and some will be more successful than others. Best always. PM

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur with three out of the four with the exception of “The Ascendancy of Communist Leftism in the USA.”

        I think it’s more like the resurgence of the Fabian Society in the Progressive Era during the early twentieth century rather than the ascendancy of communism in the USA.

        I see three possible outcomes for folks here in the US:

        If the Deep State won – 1984 via CBDC.
        If Russia won, which can happen only if the rest of the world follow Putin and rebel against the dollar – US would be punished and turn into something like Cuba or North Korea.
        If election integrity were restored in the US, sanity should return and the new government likely would give up the dollar reserve status in exchange for world peace – we would have to learn how to walk again.

        There is no easy way out of this mess.

        • Paul from Indiana

          2 of your 3 scenarios result in communism here. A third represents “survival” with no resolution of our current social problems. With all due respect, I am sorry to be contrary; I acknowledge that you have been a Watchdogger for a long time. Best always. PM

          • Tin foil hat

            I imagine in the first scenario, the global NWO government would be a hybrid of progressive (with eugenic elitists like Bill Gate), fascist (without the nationalists) and communist (with corporate rich and the power elites) government.

            In the second scenario, the defeated and isolated America (still in the grip of the Deep State) would be in such sorry state that it would resemble a communist country that even Cuban wouldn’t want to come over.

            The third represent not only survival but also hope. Btw, the Deep State has a solution for our current social problems – vaccines!

      • J D

        I generally agree with your comment except for the fact that you cannot have a police state without police. Law enforcement has been rendered dysfunctional in the U.S. except for a handful of Feds tormenting political opponents.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman.
    As we all suspected a “Zil lane” for the marxist elites oozing hypocrisy.
    Does anyone else believe the “vaccination”of the elite for all to see were real? Of course not! Just more lies for us plebs to go and die to. We even have the Greens pushing the narrative of the “great bounce back in wild life” Chernobyl had after its accident.Of course the cancers in children and adults and birth abnormalities and increased spointaneous abortions were not mentioned.
    The level of cruelty aimed at us plebs must be recognised and understood.The elite are just as stupid as the rest of humanity but they have the father of sly on their side and in their sly-ness they are more than willing to see us plebs dead. Reality, the elite have destroyed the financial system as they have spent without restraint. As an example,France has the most superb roads and infrastructure all built under the criminal Christine LaGarde and its use of the Euro was a curtain to hide this astronomical debt in France all at the directions of the political elite ,knowing full well the money was going to be worthless and the plebeans would be dead.
    Here in the UK our former prime minister ,Boris Johnson, was willing to throw his allies the Northern Irish DUP protestants under the bus of the EU,to have his oily re-entry of the UK back into Europe against the wishes of the electorate.Today Mr Johnson is fated in Washington and lectures to bankers at great cost to those bankers to line his juicy pockets,nice betrayal. Descendents of Ulster Protestants in the USA should be out in protest at his very presence in the USA.
    Meanwhile the ghastly Mortimer Buckley at Vanguard has awaken and removed his fund from the gargoyle ESG,this has upset the equally ghastly Al Gore,whose houses are delightfully heated by carbon sources and his multiple children, whilst we plebs must starve and not have children. I suspect someone in Vanguard pointed his finger at the mathematics of the ESG investment and how dreadful it is,or the sly old goat knows they are going to fail. Black Rock is all gung ho for the ESG and our pension funds are their playthings.
    Still our economy is dreadful here in the UK and the corruption is public life is beyond belief and our WEF King is applauding his own demise like a seal. He is a Cambrdge graduate. Depressing is hardly the word.

    • Sam

      Maria….A SAD Story you tell….As an American living in virtual luxury for the past 70+ years compared to the rest of the world….the Fall of this Once Mighty Republic is something I am very afraid of…but then again I saw this coming 15 years ago.

  5. Jimmy

    Next on the Globalist agenda is to destroy the electrical grid on the East Coast of the United States – which will take down the internet and keep everyone in the dark and in fear “like little children” (who will then likely run and beg the Globalists for protection “as our new surrogate parents”)!! – fear not – the American people simply need to buy a solar panel to charge a car battery that will keep their LED lights lit at night and power a radio – and because Biden may also blow up the US gas pipelines – we should begin to collect some firewood so we can cook – it is that simple!!!

    • Jimmy

      The Evil Demonic Globalist’s goal is to destroy “both” the US and Russia – as Ukraine goes down they will use a “False Flag” event to force the US and NATO into a direct confrontation with Russia – Putin is manufacturing ammunition 24/7 so he will have enough to fight both the US, NATO and Ukraine at the same time – so the push to Kiev has been delayed –

      • Jimmy

        Putin has reiterated over and over his commitment to “total victory over Ukraine and the United States (now ruled by Satanists and Pedophiles) – and Putin told the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that they better remove their offensive long-range weapons systems from Ukraine – otherwise – he will direct Russian forces to begin “directly targeting those systems” – the Deep State better wise up – they are playing with fire!!!

  6. William Mitchell

    Michelle Obama and his husband love Alex Newman

  7. Grant Hill

    I have a real hard time with Putin being in on this one world gov’t. He’s a nationalist for Russia through and through. Russians are probably the most nationalist country in the world except for maybe China.

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Putin is also defending ‘Christian Values’ like no other politician on this planet.

      Good Night Newman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Many journalists and critics died of gunshot wounds and other weird stuff under Putin.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Greg,
          You have stated many times that you support Trump, in part, because so many deep-staters hate him. The same logic could be used in support of Putin – the ‘new Hitler’ etc., etc. Just think about the shady characters who denounce Putin and you may come to the conclusion that he is deserving of the benefit of the doubt, even support.

          • Jimmy

            Most people in Europe “are against a war with Russia” (except for Poland where almost every Polish mother and father is “gung-ho” to send their precious children into a Russian “meat grinder”) – George Washington warned us “not to get involved in entangling alliances” for the very real possibility that Poland (or Zelensky) may now create a false flag attack (on Polish soil) to drag all of NATO into Nuclear World War III !!

            • VrilForce

              Germany has erupted in anger against the West for arming Ukraine to fight Russia. Thousands of German protesters gathered at Moscow’s embassy in Berlin’s capital and laid bouquets of red roses and flowers to a blown-up Russian tank. The T-72 tank appeared in central Berlin on Friday—the first anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine. Activists from ‘The Berlin Story Bunker Museum’ had won a lengthy legal battle against the government to be able to carry out their stand in front of the Russian Embassy. German citizens from all all over took to the streets in large numbers on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, to protest and decry the supply of tanks and weapons to Kyiv, sending a strong and clear message to NATO and western Allies.
              Germans know what is going. The US will forever regret for having signed the land-lease-agreement with the Sovjets.

      • Alex Newman

        Putin’s understanding of Christian values is very different from the biblical understanding, as shown by his own public comments: The communist ideology responsible for the slaughter of more than 100 million people and the enslavement of billions over the last century is “very similar” to Christianity, claimed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. The bizarre remarks, first reported by Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT, also suggested that the ideology of communism could be found throughout the Bible — an idea ridiculed by mainstream Christian theologians who view the murderous “ideology” as practically the antithesis of biblical morality. Finally, Putin likened mass-murdering dictator Vladimir Lenin’s dead body lying in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of Christian saints.

    • Brooklyn


      We totally agreed. There is no chance that Putin is controlled-opposition of the Deep State.

      Please take a moment to scan through this “rather long document” but near the end you will find:

      “History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin (and his secret band of patriots) had great foresight in their choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister.  His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were: “Take care of Russia.”  They have likewise been translated as “Protect Russia.”   In Vladimir Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored.  Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral.
      “We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words ‘take care of Russia’ serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”

      And, then we add the genius of Bill Holter who totally gets it by saying, “All Putin is saying is I want what’s best for Russia.  We are going to sell our goods, we want to be paid in our currency and we are making it real by basically backing it with gold.  We want real and fair settlement. . . . In what world would anyone have imagined that it was the ruble that took the dollar down?  That’s what it looks like is going to happen.”

      Putin’s “Protect Russia” rally-cry is very similar to Trump’s “America First” which is why the Deep State, ie NWO what him out/impeached, or dead!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Brooklyn,
        Totally agree with you. I have listened to many of Putin’s addresses to the nation. They last hours and, it appears, no questions from the audience are off limits – including those criticising the government and locally corrupt officialdom. He does not dismiss any criticism, rather takes pains to answer. Also, unlike ANY politician I have ever heard, Putin says he does not know, when he does not know, and promises to look into the matter/s raised. Greg often says, ” You know the truth when you hear it”, and that is how I feel when I take the time to listen in detail to what Putin says – and how he says it. Many try to smear him by his former association with Klaus Schwab and continuing relations with Henry Kissinger. It appears that those wishing to demonise Putin are resorting to ‘guilt by association’. Perhaps they have not heard the expression, ‘Keep you friends close and your enemies closer’?

    • Alex Newman

      Thanks for your comments. I urge you to consider the evidence I have accumulated over the last 15 years. It seems we are facing a Hegelian dialectic trap they have set for us (line up behind Biden/NATO or Putin/CCP). Here are the two major articles I mentioned I wrote in 2014 about Putin:

      And here is one on China:

      • Jimmy

        Alex – Read this article by Robert Freeman – – it explains how the US rose to become a great power and how China is now following the same formula to greatness – China is now the largest economy in the world in “purchasing power” terms -while the average inflation-adjusted incomes of people in the US are little higher than they were 50 to 100 years ago when the Fed was created while the incomes of people in China are up more than “TEN TIMES” over the same period (and it was done without brutalizing and pillaging other nations as the US has done to nations refusing to bend to its hegemonic will – both China and Russia have come out and stated that their citizens have a right to have children – I would like to see them both join together with other BRICS Nations and write “A World Constitution” guaranteeing the rights of the worlds citizens – as the Demons in the US are currently destroying “Our God Given Rights” (like the ability of our children to have children and not be sterilized or suicided!!

    • Derek Sinclair

      Yes, Alex Newman is very wrong on this one. It seems that for many, the facts cannot overcome an ingrained Russophobia.

  8. Retired130

    There was a TV series several years ago that ran for only 2 seasons (about 30 episodes total) It was about the Deep State government of the USA setting off a nuclear bomb in many of the largest cities in the USA & what happened afterwards to the people left & also what the Deep State government, now in control of the country, did to those who survived. If you can stream old shows, this is a good one to watch, as it basically predicted what Greg is talking about in this article.
    So this scenario was already thought out & basically predicted several years ago.

    • Retired130

      The name of this TV series was “Jericho”.

      • Jimmy

        The post-apocalyptic series debuted in 2006 and showed how the residents of a fictional town in Jericho Kansas behaved in the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the United States that hit 23 major cities – much of the plot “focused on surviving” in an isolated world (and so it was taken off the air)!! –

      • VrilFroce

        May the information in the following link shed some light about nuclear bombs:

      • Earth Angel

        It does appear that these globalist satanists feel they must announce their plans before doing them. Almost always they use the medium of television or movies through Hollywood to accomplish this, thereby fooling the public into thinking what they are seeing is only for fantasy or entertainment and not taking any of it seriously. I love the term Dr. Michael Savage of the Savage Nation correctly coined and use it often.. ‘ the sewer pipe of Hollywood’.. another hotbed of covert communist influence we are now reaping the damages done of programming the desensitation of violence, evil, sexual deviancy, crime, satanism, drug use and every other vice under the sun. Now add to that violent video games placed in the hands of children for decades and you have brainwashed generations against the recognizition of Christian values unless there has been a strong family emphasis on them. I’m calling some of my elected politicians and suggesting if they want to stop the violence of children shooting other children they MUST also address and BAN ALL violent VIDEO GAMES and limit the trash being pumped out daily by ‘the sewer pipe of Hollywood’ and the music industry. We continue to watch reruns of ‘Leave it to Beaver’, Andy Griffeth and other shows from the 50’s & 60’s where there once were good values and good clean comedy projected in television programs. So very refreshing and different from the crap of today, most of which we find not worth watching at all. PS- Always enjoy hearing updates from Alex Newman. What a stand up guy!

  9. Sam

    Alex Newman and USAWATCHDOG gave me a certain amount confidence that we will come out of this OK…only thing is that there will be NO Nuclear War…I think the Crypto XRP will go way up..that is why ya can’t buy it in the US Crypto Exchanges…

  10. Cheri Rodriguez

    So Alex is located on South Dixie Highway in Florida. Hope it stays that way. With the woke crowd around they might try to make it South Obama Highway.

  11. Ed Mustafo

    The train that derailed in East Palestine was headed to the new multibillion dollar 100 acre chemical plant that was just built in November of 2022 along the Ohio River about 15 miles east of East Palestine.The Shell Polymers Monaca plant makes polyethylene ( plastic) by using ethane, a natural gas by product. The plant has failed emissions every month since it opened, spewing toxins into the air and river similar to the train derailment fiasco. That’s an interesting coincidence. Also worth noting that East Palestine sits on the highest levels of oil and gas reservoirs anywhere. Rated as excellent. If the land should be deemed unlivable ( for any reason) the government can take it over. Which could be why new my I.d. health bracelets were rolled out in January just weeks before the train derailment.Finally we have the movie White Noise released on Netflix last year which depicts a train derailment in East Palestine Ohio that releases toxic chemicals into the air.Predictive Programming? What do Norfolk Southern ( the train) , Shell Polymer ( the plant) and Netflix ( the movie) all have in common ? Black Rock… Probably just a coincidence though.

    • Coal Burner

      ED: What Health ID Bracelets?

      • Ed Mustafo

        CB it’s basically a modern day version of the old emergency health bracelets. The my ID bracelet has a QR code that can be scanned by emergency personnel to access your online medical profile in a few seconds.The company calls it a comprehensive medical ID solution that provides an easy way to access, store and manage your health information. They were rolled out in January in East Palestine and a nearby township. East Palestine is a village of 4500 people in the middle of nowhere. So why there and why then? Strange coincidences.

  12. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘This is now common wisdom among everyday Americans – it may not be at that point yet in New York city, Los Angeles, a couple of other islands of insanity, but the average American has woken up.’ Alex Newman on the vaxx hoax, at 22:00.
    “ISLANDS OF INSANITY” Wish I had coined that phrase! How appropriate for the times in which we live.

    • Jimmy

      Let’s include Washington AC/DC as the “Most Insane Enclave” of all the Islands of Insanity!!

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    Sexual orientation wokeism is not confined to North America. Here in the U.K., a colleague reports that at his son’s school, girls who attend school wearing makeup – even nail polish – are sent home. Boys who wear makeup and nail polish are not censured. Teachers are either programmed, or fearful of being labelled ‘sexist’! Schools have become ‘Islands of Insanity’ .

    • Chris

      We live in Western societies today where people are so petrified of losing their work slave status i.e. their job, career or whatever they need to pay mammon, that they will go along with anything, no matter how immoral, psychotic or absurd. They have been turned into moral cowards and weak minded narcissists, terrified of being banished from the group think of their coworkers, friends, etc; even though they all know deep down they are being asked to accept deranged ideas and accept as normal people who are mentally ill. It’s a kind of mass psychosis, as Mattias Desmet defines it in his book The Psychology of Totalitarianism. There is nothing much you can do until the hypnosis begins to wear off. And then watch out. No one’s going to appreciate the people who didn’t succumb.

  14. Shirl

    Thanks for covering “The Poly-Crisis” …its in our faces to see, undeniable with those with eyes to see !!!

    It’s a FACT that The entire XIDEN Regime DENIED FEMA help – multiple weeks long – for the East Palestine Ohio catastrophic environmental Literal Train Wreck – until President Trump went there himself who brought World Wide Attention on the Shame & Ineptitude America is devolving in with the Insane Glo-Bullists . President Trump brought more than water and supplies there himself, he brought record number of views and attention on the issues thru social media with the Entire world asking What The Heck is Happening!? I believe this one incident of attack on America with the subsequent bizarre actions delayed actions and the reversals has had a YUGE awakening effect.

    The Glo-Bullists are SaTaNiC They hate our Lord God Almighty and his creation including his image in mankind….you already know them by their actions (works) ….they are in desperation mode evidently as they expose themselves for those with eyes to see and ears to hear…praise Lord God Almighty forever and ever Amen!!!

    Stand Up Speak Up Take Action !!!

  15. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Of everything Alex Newman had to say, the most depressing was that Putin is part of the Cabal. I hope he is wrong about this. Given ‘we the people’ are under attack from the very people and institutions charged with our protection, who can accurately decipher the truth . . . ?

    • Jimmy

      I think Newman is wrong – the US can prosecute all their wars for only so long on the strength of smoke and mirrors, delusions and illusions, false flags, lies and phony press releases – however eventually – the people of the world who are being subjugated by US hegemony devise measures “to prevent the predatory military assaults” like the recent ones the US carried out against Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan and past ones like the US attack on Vietnam)!!

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    In the context of ‘people waking up’ you mentioned Saturday Night Live and the Woody Harrelson monologue. Here’s a link:

    • jon

      Good question. It is probable that Alex has had a long standing traditional view of Russia and Putin being solidly negative regardless of various actions in Russia since the fall of the USSR. Although Alex has many good points. If we research the historical timeline of Russia since 1991, Russia has been victimized by the western carpet baggers to the neocon wish to colonize Russia. Putin is a Russian patriot and his first obligation is to secure Russia. Of course Putin has been associated with the WEF and US State Dept in the past. A lot of people used to like Hillary Clinton. Currently the natural evolution is from Uni-polar to Multi-polar and that is the process going on at this time, along with an effort to damage the world populations by the Cabal. Alex has put in a lot of effort to prove via historical instances with valid Cherry picked past events that his conclusion is forever always true, rather it should be ongoing and changing but is solidly in the past. Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the evil of Putin or Xi or Modi, the evolution of power because of a corruption of power in the West is now changing.
      Because of these events, why this translates into Putin being part of the Cabal is an assumption based on past perceived timeline of Putin meetings etc. is not reasonable. The facts we do know, the west is over the top corrupt and attempting to create chaos to keep their empire. The world is shifting from Uni-polar to Multi-polar, de-dollarization and de-colonialization. Simply watch more intently Putin’s speeches, meetings, suggestions etc. Perhaps something can be gleaned from current and recent events rather than decades ago events.

      • Greg Hunter

        So you missed the part where Putin is good friends with Henry Kissinger and Klause Schwabe?

        • VrilForce

          Putin was a Klaus Schwab ( not his real name ) prodigy, like so many others from around the globe. A Leopard never changes his spots. Those who experienced the Lenin Regime, the Bolsheviks and Stalin’s era ( Russians, Ukrainians, Eastern Europeans, and yes, Germans ) never forgot what took place and what was done to them. Those who survived past on to their beloved ones who had survived what had taken place. The majority of Americans and Canadians never learned in their public class rooms who planed, financed and ignited the last two World Wars, nor the beginnings of the many revolutions, mass murders, assassinations and overthrow of one nation after another nations during the past 260 years. Follow the money trail and you surely will find the names and institutions of those behind the ongoing destruction.
          Our world is run by some very different personalities then the public is aware of. ( John 8:44 ) he was right!

    • Jimmy

      Cheers to Woody!!

  17. Craig

    Great stuff as usuall! Would love to see Clif High on… been a while!

  18. Max Dezara

    Just received my latest State Farm auto Insurance Renewal.
    Inside the policy a new clause I have never noticed before.
    “Your policy does not cover vehicle loss in the event of
    Nuclear War.” As we say at the poker table, that’s a tell.

  19. Brian Vaci

    Onward, Christian soldiers
    Marching as to war
    With the cross of Jesus
    Going on before

    Christ the royal master
    Leads against the foe
    Forward into battle
    See His banners go

    • VrilForce

      The utter destruction of nations, bloody mass murder, robe, rape, pillage and plunder in the name of Christianity would have never, ever been approved by Christ. He would be appalled and disgusted what has been done in his name. Christianity fits into the very same religious dogma of Pharisaic-Talmudic Judaism and Islamism. The hundreds of millions of murdered souls are the stain of these three religious institutions with no end in sight.

      • Jimmy

        I always wondered how a Christian soldier justifies in his mind (and eventually to God) the shooting of a missile into a wedding party – killing the bride, groom, mothers, fathers and children in order “To Kill One Terrorist Without A Trial” – even the damn Mafia has more humane rules (No Women – No Children) then that queer Obama!!

        • Jimmy

          As for that queer Zelensky – he is now putting military uniforms “on women and children” and sending them to the front lines to be slaughtered by the Russians!!! [why is there no outrage about this in the world? – No Women -No Children (the moral code of the Italian Mafia) should be “the norm” for these Ukrainian Mafioso’s – but they are too busy making chemical weapons to drop on the mostly Christian Russian Soldiers sent to stop their slaughter of the people in Donbass!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi VrilForce,
        You are not alone. Organised religion worldwide showed itself to be mere extensions of the State during the scamdemic. . .

  20. Prospector

    Vaxxident or just general incompetence ? Greek trains collide head on killing dozens.
    Incredibly, most of their rail system does not have working signal switches !

    Tim Pool had a guest on who put it very plainly : ” They are not getting our sons and daughter for their latest war “…. Mass civil disobedience and armed revolt likely.

  21. John Petushin

    Maybe the social unrest that Martin Armstrong talked about is all about the Pfizer clot shots when the public realize they have been murdered.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Woody Harrelson rang the bell on SNL last Saturday night.

  22. Michael

    Still many here in Canada believing the promotion of 15 minute cities as a wonderful thing.
    I’ve read the material being put out by govt.
    You will be leaders in saving the planet. Everything you could ever need within a short walk on and on.
    They vever talk out loud about no parking, can only go out of your 15 min prison 100 times per year, 24/7 surveillance etc.
    Chris Sky got in the face of a govt official in Edmonton and repeatedly asks the same questions over and over in front of a large audience. The presenter really stumbled, was really speechless.
    Chris Sky would be a great guest, he lays out things accurately and articulately.

    • Greg Hunter

      They have all been vaxed and boosted–wait.

  23. Prospector

    Cover-Up Exposed at yesterdays COVID hearings in DC.

    Two Leading Virologists Appear to Have Been Bought off to Shut Up About Lab Leak Theory

    Dr. @MartyMakary
    : “Two leading virologists … told Dr. Fauci on his emergency call in January of 2020 when he was scrambling soon after learning that the NIH was funding the lab. They both said that it was likely from the lab. Both scientists changed their tunes days later in the media. And then both scientists received $9 million subsequent in funding from the NIH.”

    • VrilForce
      May this open your eyes to what is going on in the USA and Canada. And may the citizens awaken from their induced indoctrination and realize how many souls we have already lost with the insanity we are in.
      Our world is run by psychopath, in the name of psychopath for the psychopath. ( John Lennon ‘The Beatles’). He should have walked away from the offer in 1962.

  24. Keith

    Well there must be a patriot with a pair of balls somewhere in the US secret service. A patriot who has to stand guard over moron Joe Biden whilst he is making a fool of himself talking gibberish and sexually abusing himself whilst in the company of kids. If it was me. I would unload a full magazine of ammo into Joe Biden and put an end to this fucking moron who has made America a joke in the eyes of the world. Joe Biden is the worst President in American history and he wants another term as president ?

    • Shiloh1

      The stairs of AirForce One may be all it takes to save the country.

      • Chris.

        With a little help from Gravity. Though I suspect that even if the dancing monkey’s gone, the organ grinder will still keep playing the tune.

  25. Don W.

    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU GREG.
    I can NOT believe how many people today have NO CLUE as to what is going on and about to happen. Several of us knew already in the early 1980’s as we studied about the ONE WORLD GOV. that was showing their ways then. Now as the WEF even made the news about their meeting and all that was mentioned about them at the time and yet people do NOT have a clue. I am so glad you have people like this on.
    I hope ALL your readers share about Mr. Newman and what he has said in the interview. It is unbelievable how I talk to many people and maybe one out of hundred, or less, have even heard about any of this stuff.
    Now the good news. He is coming for us soon.

  26. Robert Sinclair

    Greg you do wonderful work, I can not get enough of it, I am also trilled that you mention our Lord Jesus in the conservations. He is our focus! Also Alex is a blessing to us in a time of unrest, he informs to the detail. I was humble recently from Alex where he sent a card to us, he is a remarkable man, both you, your dear family as well as he’s dear family I wish countless blessing. Keep up your GREAT WORK!

  27. Steve

    Yes, the dollar is doomed as ALL reserve currencies ultimately fail (and ALL fiat currencies also fail). It will probably take years for the dollar to loose its reserve status. When it finally occurs, $trillions of dollars held overseas will come back to the US and the $dollar will essentially become worthless. You’d better have real TANGIBLE assets in hand before that occurs.

  28. Linda

    “They” are already preparing a giant promotional campaign for the CV-19 vaxx.

  29. Linda

    Well, my comment about the campaign to push CV-19 vaxx, may have been premature and based on an old article from Dr. Mercola in my inbox. I failed to notice the date.

  30. Ken Hinnenkamp

    Alex, I do not agree with your opinion of Putin. Putin was a spy right? Is it not possible that he attended the WEF new global leaders program to gain detailed intel?
    I think Clif High has a much better understanding of what is going on here.

  31. Dave Scrimshaw

    10 regions – Daniel 7:24 and Revelation 17:12 (10 kings). There is also The Battle of Siddim (also known as the War of the Nine Kings) – but many people miss that AFTER the battle Melchizedek (a type of Christ) meets Abraham.
    Just thought you might find this interesting.

  32. Brianroy

    Putin has formally backed out of START. The mobile ICBMS of Russia are massively on the move to new positions, and both Russia and NATO have recognized that Russia and NATO are de facto now at war because of Ukraine whether the home governments formally recognize it or not.
    We have a probable date that in Russian Military Strategy in Nuke dispersal that nukes can fly, allegedly, beginning Monday March 6th, 2023. This is your PREPARE BY date in which we must ready despite the Deep State also being at war with US citizens, while trying to get Russia to eliminate the vast majority, so as to criminally justify their own immorality and any last remnants of a conscience.

    “At least 4 Billion ‘Useless eaters’ shall be eliminated…by means of limited wars, epidemics…and starvation. Energy, food, and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America….”
    (Dr. John Coleman, Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, 1992, paperback, p. 164)
    It is NOT just the Deep State, but a many decades goal of The Committee of 300 to destroy all means of food production, industries, banking and so forth not steered or controlled by them.
    In the Great Reset, beyond any temporary nuclear detonations to bring in the Anti-Christ as the man of Peace, which any nuclear exchange of Russia is designed to do, in the coming Cyber and Banking meltdown in the next couple years apparently, according to Dr. Coleman, we will be given a combination debit-card Identification card linked to social media as part of the tracking that will tell us what we can or cannot buy, and IF we can or cannot buy, that will link us to the winners of the elites companies only, and can not only take away a person’s food, but their auto, their water allowance, their energy, their money, their guns, their lives on an instantaneous basis.
    We need to think ahead in a logical manner in light of Bible Prophecies and the limitations BEFORE the Tribulation Period years, which most who cite the Bible of late perilously FAIL to grasp or accomplish. Far too many are Bible Illiterates in regard to the end times, and cite things to come way out of sequence as if Anti-Christ were here, the 7 year Peace Treaty already signed, as if the 1st of 2 Raptures of the Church already happened, etc.

  33. Ellen Joines

    Wouldn’t it be true , now that it is a fact that the virus came from a lab, manmade with an element added to the virus to kill or hurt people, funded by the American taxpayer, that all countries (people) could hold the United States liable as well as China? It looks like a two part genocide. A virus and a vaccine designed to maim and kill.

  34. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks for bringing Alex back on. I agree, we will win this war.
    Woody is m new hero haha!
    Keep up the excellent work, Greg!

  35. Jason

    Putin is not part of the globalist agenda. Yes, he was invited and attended a WEF meeting ages ago. But he was just being amicable and curious. As Rockefeller recently stated, ‘if Putin wins in Ukraine, the whole global project will fail.’

    • Pete+only

      Jason, earlier today, I was watching a live interview with retired U.S Colonel Douglas MacGreagor on Redacted, and his last words were that the Ukrainians are now losing 1,000 soldiers a day..before the screen and the interview went blank and was lost.
      It clearly looked like the web site had been taken down, and the show did not continue.
      We certainly live in trying times. I doubt Putin is working with the WEF, but much of the world has already been captured by these thugs. You have to admit that Biden and his pupetmaster Obama is captured by WEF.
      What comes next is anyones guess.

      • Greg Hunter

        On his last interview Martin Armstrong said the Ukraine army has lost 250,000 so FAR!! The number you are talking about makes sense especially as we watch the Ukrainian army retreat in a bloodbath. Armstrong has good global sources.

  36. Old Man

    Ready for some real truth?
    The dark forces, threatening WW3 and nuclear war are the Khazarian Mafia.
    Having lost control of Russia when the USSR collapsed, they now have a stranglehold on America’s government instead.
    The former Bolsheviks are in alliance with the American Zionists, and of course Israel.
    They are also the branch of Chabad Judaism.
    They are guided by the Rothschild banking family.
    Their goal in all of this is a long planned goal of a depopulation of Earth to 500 million, by any means within their reach.
    They are the World Economic Forum.
    They are Big Pharma.
    They are Corporate Medicine.
    They are creators of the global warming myth.
    The Khazarian Mafia are the true enemies of all mankind.
    Now, some are saying that King Charles is their soon to be announced Anti-Christ

    • Perry

      The elitist want you to think the Jewish People are behind everything. So false. But they want people to believe that. Just remember that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. How can anyone not love the Jews and then worship a Jewish Rabbi. This does not compute.

      • Jimmy

        Perry – the Khazarian Mafia “are not real Jews” – and most of the real Jewish people “are not supporting” the Noahide Laws that call for the be-heading of anyone who believes in Jesus!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          The Bible warns of fake Jews in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        The Kazarians are NOT Jewish, they hide behind a cloak of Judaism to fend off criticism. Allied to this, Zionism is a political movement, it does not define Jewish people. In 1940, many Nazis were German, but not all Germans were Nazis. ‘We the people’ can criticise Nazis without offending Germans. ‘We the people’ should be free to criticise Kazarians without being accused of antisemitism.

  37. Tim

    Trump is still pushing his KillShot…does that make him part of the deep state?

    • Jimmy

      Not according to Clif High – he effectively says Trump did it “to get the Deep State stuck in a murderous mess they would never be able to get out of” (as people would just keep dying “awakening everyone” to the profoundly diabolical evil of the Deep State murderers)!!

  38. Questfortruth

    Greg, it’s time to call upon Cliff High again. He has some insights into why Trump hasn’t denounced his “vaccine” warp speed proposal which is VERY interesting!
    Have Alex on more frequently!! He’s very savvy about all of this nonsense!

    • Greg Hunter

      Here you go:
      Love Clif High.

      • Jimmy

        I don’t know if I believe this – Clif says: That Operation Warp Speed was designed to short-circuit the Khazarian Mafia (who are not Jews) and their evil 10-year lock-down plan to kill hundreds of million of people?? And by Trump “speeding up the death rate” it thus exposed their plan???

  39. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    An exceptional Guest speaker, Mr. Newman!
    We have all been continuously inundated with day to day EVIL! As such most humans are living in a stunned state of being.
    To exit out of this catatonoia, preparation must begin with and remain with prayer!
    We are living in Prophetic days and as such we must persevere!
    God bless you Greg and Mr. Newman and all so inclined to see.

  40. Susan R

    All of humanity’s ills exposed and the power of God to bring justice to this ailing planet. This conversation was powerful and correct. The direction this goes in is determined by each of us who have the power to make this decision. If anyone remains unaware of one’s power, that human God given right will be taken and used against us. Complacency brings destruction, all so simple, like life and death.

  41. Prays before eating

    Alex Newman is one of the few analysts in alternative media who truly understands who is at war with whom.

  42. Steve Bice

    Justin Bieber may never be the same. He originally cancelled his concerts last September. So, he is apparently still struggling.

    When people like Justin finally speak out about the harms they have endured, it will be game over for the big pharma narratives about vaccine safety. They will have no place to hide.

    I am sorry he has to deal with this, but hope he will speak out so others can be spared…

    • Shiloh1

      I could be wrong, but early on didn’t he require anyone attending his concerts to be vaxxed?

  43. Thomas Malthaus
    Merck is purchasing an Indian factory that produces Ivermectin. It will stop production.

    • Jimmy

      Very interesting idea these Evil Satanic Globalist Demons have dreamed up (buy up all the companies producing Ivermectin with our taxpayer dollars and simply shut down Ivermectin production)!! – let them – we can make our own powerful “natural” antibiotic/parasite killer –

  44. Pamela Hankins

    While its true that God wins, there are a lot of things that happen first according to the Word of God. He brings judgment (not wrath, but judgment) FIRST to the house of God, 1 Peter 4:17, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” THEN the Rapture of the Church, then the Tribulation (for 3 1/2 years), THEN the WRATH of God (for another 3 1/2 years), and THEN He will destroy them with the brightness of His coming (the Second coming), Rev 11:18, “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” That’s the Scriptural chronology. The left, the evil, the oligarchs; the Beast System WILL have their way for 3 1/2 years (Rev 13:5), and then the Millennial Kingdom will come. We do NOT “win” and take back this country. Many people using Scripture to infer we will do not know the whole. Habakkuk 1 explains that God uses evil men to judge, but He warned the Prophet Habakkuk that he would not like the answer to his question and that the people would not believe it, Hab 1:5-6, “Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you. For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs.” God is revealing the evil behind the scenes to give us space to repent, (Rev 2:21). The reasons for His judgment on the apostate church and this nation are given in Jeremiah 15:1-4 (the State sanctioned sacrifice of innocent children), Jeremiah 32: 16-44 (God explains), and we see how the Old Testament Scriptures pertain to today in Romans 15:4 and 1 Corinthians 10:11).

    • i: a man; travis

      your view of eschatology is pretty much preached by the majority of evangelicals; i wonder if dispensationalism futurism is deep state theology? Here’s a different view Daniel’s 70 week prophecy: where is the rapture and 7 year tribulation

  45. Anonymiss

    I have noticed lately that even conservative news outlets seem to be pushing towards an uprise – not coming right out and saying it, but subtly fomenting the idea. I have thought all along that it would be the perfect way to enact martial law and enable the powers that shouldn’t be, to implement all the things they have planned for us without anything getting in their way.

    • Shiloh1

      Gonzalo Lira – has declared Wednesday April 5 a worldwide DO NOTHING DAY.

  46. i: a man; travis

    Here is a comment from another site i was just reading; Well guess what the sht in ohio just might be about
    How about some natural gas and oil drilling and pssible billlions in profit from it
    Take out the inhabitants with a fake incident, buy up the land and send the folks packing for pennies on the dollar into the SMART CITY encampments or as they call them human habitat zones and it’s a win win

    • Jimmy

      And what will Biden be doing with all that gas and oil found on farmland under the toxic train wreck in East Palestine?? – obviously – he will “not” produce it for use “because he will claim it is contaminated with dioxin” and it obviously can’t be allowed to be burned in our cars for transportation or ever used in our gas stoves for cooking!!

  47. Prospector

    Keep Calm and RESIST All PSYOPS , and no , there will be no ‘ amnesty ‘.

    WSJ: It’s Time Health Officials ‘Concede Opponents Were Right’ — Natural Immunity Protects Against COVID

    A Wall Street Journal editorial board member Sunday called out the press and public health officials — who are now affirming “natural immunity” protects against COVID-19 — for spending three years disparaging natural immunity despite overwhelming evidence supporting it.

  48. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    Thanks Soooooo MUCH Greg! Alex Newman is a Spiritual Man I LOVE listening to! It is NOT Strange how Lucifer tries to seep into sinning people. Noting we are ALL sinners…it is so wonderful to listen to you two Christian men and what you’ve said in this episode. It is refreshing and breathes the Spirit of God right Back into Us after having to deal with the evil world and the nasty players in it slowly trying to be dragging us down. It is so FANTASTIC to be lifted up again and again with like-minded folks. Thanks Again Greg!

  49. kcb

    Once you know they’re trying to KILL you, it all makes sense!

    • Greg Hunter


  50. Southern Girl

    I know a lot of people have been asking about Clif High. I get his substack reports that you can listen to. If you want to know what he has found out about the Jab and Trump than listen to this podcast. Excuse his language but the guy is brilliant, and it will help people like you Greg, who think Trump is responsible for the jab and all the deaths.
    Hope this works I’m not a tech girl.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Southern Girl,
      Thanks for posting this link. I tried to post it (twice) yesterday but without success. Clif is on a mission to reveal the Kazarian Mafia, and he is not alone. Aussie political activist Ricardo Bosi has come out publically to declare the Kazarian Mafia to be ‘the head of the snake’.

  51. Southern Girl

    I just got my CarriOn in the mail and ordered one of the mesh bags he emailed me about on Amazon. I already had a power bank. So, like you I put it next to my bed. Mind you I have three cats that sleep on the bed. I slept better last night. I took it to where I volunteer at my Church’s school cafeteria. The other ladies that work there were very impressed. I will see how I sleep tonight.
    Again, for those that want to order Ivermectin, here is the place. $80.00 for 12mg. 100 tablets plus $30.00 Shipping. You get it in about 2 weeks.

    • M.Myers

      Southern Girl What is the carry on in the mail you are referring to with the mesh bags.
      Thank you

      Unable to buy They do not have Canada in the drop box to send.

      • Southern Girl

        Weston Warrens sent me an email giving me several links to buy a mesh back through Amazon. I just purchased a set for #13.13.
        Sorry you cannot get the Ivermectin in Canada.

      • M.Myers

        Thank you for your reply.

  52. Hannah Geisman

    This is the only individual that I have seen go on the record explaining what I know as well. They are all in on it together. Russia could have razed Ukraine to the ground in under thirty days but didn’t. Why is that? I have proof of this. If you go to Youtube, there is a channel called iEarlGrey, and this guy Mike Jones is a British ex military guy living in St. Petersburg Russia with his wife. He has been giving updates since the beginning of the war, as well as taking humanitarian supplies to Donetsk. He related a story on one of his trips where he interviewed numerous wounded Russian soldiers, and none of them would be on camera or on record, but one of the men related to Mike a story—and I will relate it to you here: He told Mike that in his unit, time and time again that they would get intel and push forward and identify masses of Ukrainian soliders and NATO soldiers and begin setting up to destroy them and the Russian troop commanders would make them stand down and pull back. This is the TRUTH. Go check out this guy’s channel and see the story. My friends, the world is being played like a violin. The entire show is for the WEF agenda. Putin is as crooked as all the rest. He has a wife in Switzerland and all his money is in Swiss bank accounts. Do not be deceived by all this. Alex Newman is the first one I have ever heard to pin this down.

    • Jimmy

      All the Evil Globalists have their money “stored in Switzerland” and that is why the WEF Globalists hold their meetings there – they know that the place will never be bombed!! – well how about we do it and take them out at their next meeting (like we took out their Georgia Guidestones)!! – Give them no place to hide!!!

      • Hannah Geisman

        Exactly. If you study the history of this country, it was founded by the Knights Templar after the Pope and Prince Phillip of France descended upon them to steal their wealth. They were engaged in the most degenerate behavior imaginable and were ran out of France. They moved north and founded Switzerland. Notice how the Swiss flag folks looks just like the Templars Cross? But the colors are inverted. They then infiltrated Freemasonry and have existed there to this day. Switzerland is the home of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. Switzerland is the head of the snake. Notice how the IMF, the WEF, the Bank of International Settelments (BIS), the WHO and the rest are there? That is where the tower of Sauron is folks.

      • Jimmy

        Putin should target and destroy all their Jet Planes first (so they can’t make a quick getaway) as his Special Forces move in to “de-Nazify” Davos – arrest Klaus Schwab and completely mop up all those Nazi Globalists “who are now openly threatening the entire world” with a massive internet and grid take-down!!

        • Hannah Geisman

          See guys, what did I tell you? See the news this morning? Ukraine has said now that it is encircled in Bahkmut and is deciding to withdraw and retreat. Oh yeah? News flash, when the Russian army surrounds the enemy in a cauldron it doesn’t LET THEM WITHDRAW. IT KILLS EVERY SOLDIER OR TAKES THEM PRISONER. That is how REAL WAR works. Jimmy and I made our points perfectly in this small threat. This is NOT A REAL WAR. If it was, Russia would have not let them withdraw. In a real war Russia would have killed every soldier or taken them captive. The so called Avian Flu and killing all the chickens, tainting the feed, blowing up chemical plants, train derailments. It is happening all over the world and this war is just another clandestine aspect of the 5th generational warfare being executed by the New World Order crowd. Stay frosty folks.

  53. Joshua Porter

    Great show, Greg. This interview was like a breath of fresh air. I especially liked Alex Newman’s faith based approach to life in general. Thanks again, for an inspiring, uplifting interview.

  54. Prospector

    MAKE READY , MEN , and Prepare to Repel Boarders !!

    Dr. @MartyMakary
    : Public Health Officials Are Proposing Annual mRNA Vaccinations for All People

    “Now public health officials in the CDC are proposing that a 12-year-old healthy girl get 60 mRNA COVID vaccines in her average lifetime — one a year.”
    Vigilant Fox

  55. Jeffrobbins

    Get those gardens ready- back to the basics. A few more turning of the screws and our country will look like more and more third world. Of coarse, if we can’t decide who is a man or woman- how can that last? Not saying God will cast us to the garbage can of history, just that wisdom has requirements.

  56. Harry

    Alex is quite general, broad stroked and makes many assumptions. However, he raises some interesting points. That being said, and after some thinking here is my analysis on Ukraine. I will be the first to say I know that I don’t know
    whether Putin is part of WEF.

    1. Maybe Russia is a paper tiger and has a depleted inferior military. And is why they haven’t pacified Ukraine. I doubt this, in light of how they helped Syria push back ISIS and repel US interests in this area. Their fire power was impressive. Low probability

    2. Maybe Putin is playing rope a dope with the west and is sucking them In and draining their resources to very soon put a juggernaut around Ukraine, go on the offensive and get what he wants a neutral Ukraine after a year or two
    Good probability

    3. Maybe he just wants to liberate the eastern part of Ukraine and is going slow to cause little destruction and death as this area will be Russian territory eventually. Medium probability

    4. Maybe he is controlled opposition just like Trump and Fox to pacify the sheeples and to carry out the new world order agenda. He talks tough but his actions are weak. TPTB get a proxy war, monetize the debt and blame inflation on the war and maybe Russia sends a few nukes here and there to further reduce world population. Excellent distraction from the fake covid narrative
    High probability

    Think about it

    Attacks on Crimean bridge and nordstream pipelines
    Drone attacks inside Russia killing Russians
    Confiscation of Russian assets and sanctions not to mention being kicked out of swift
    Putin and Russia demonized by the west
    Russians banned and boycotted from participating in world events
    Calls by high ranking US officials to kill Putin
    And there’s more but you get the point

    And yet Putin sits back and refuses to take strategic action in the Ukraine

    You be the judge but if the tables were reversed I guarantee you the US would lash out in a meaningful way and make their enemies pay dearly just like in Iraq

    And last Trump brings bottled water with his name on it to East Palestine. Why? Obviously for political purposes. I think I remember Jesus saying when you give, know not what the other hand does
    In other words when you give do not take credit for it—give without your name attached to it

    Perhaps and just perhaps Alex is correct when he says Putin is controlled opposition. No doubt Trump is just ask the Jan 6 Americans still rotting in jail as Trump parades about freely

    I don’t know who’s dummer my sheep or the majority of Americans

    • Tin foil hat

      Russia didn’t need an Air Force with impressive fire power to defeat ISIS. The only reason ISIS could dominate over the Syrian army is because of the ISIS Air Force or as McCain once said the US Air Force.

      Putin is not playing rope a dope. He got sucker into Ukraine believing the US wouldn’t risk a direct confrontation with the Russian for the Nazi in Ukraine. He thought with a mere show of force, the US would abandon the Ukrainian Nazi just like the ISIS in Syria. He also mistakenly believe the Ukrainian wouldn’t dare challenge the mighty Russian army and would rush over to negotiate terms. Hence, he initially planned for intimidation instead of war.

      Putin wasn’t going slow and gentle in just eastern part of Ukraine., he didn’t bomb the infrastructures in western Ukraine until 7-8 months into the war. I think the gloves came off after the Crimean bridge got bombed.

      I suspect both Trump and Putin underestimated how crazy the Deep State can be.

  57. robert

    John Mcafee said blame Kissenger for Cambodia. Man needs to be hanged. Crazy world the earth is the insane asylum to the universe.

  58. Dmytro

    Brilliant ! Thank you !

  59. Shiloh1

    Bill Holter has his website running –

    • Paul from Indiana

      Holter may not always be right, but he is always forthright and candid. He will give you the information and conclusions, as he sees them. He is a straight shooter; no BS. Best always. PM

  60. VrilForce

    How can one out-gross Klaus Schwab? Watch this horrid video and see what this country is supporting with billions of Fiat Dollars. A nightmare with no end in sight.

  61. Fee1776

    IMHO I think it is the Russian Spec Ops sabotaging our industries in retaliation for Nordstrom Pipeline.

  62. Vernon Tart

    Everyday when someone says “good morning,how are you.” I reply “I’m good, I woke up.” Literally. That brings me the joy of know I have one more chance to speak against godless communist who hate “I AM, THAT I AM.”
    What joy, this is the time to SHINE in the light of CREATION.

  63. Frank Cooper

    Judy Mikovits: ‘Plandemic’ Movie Features Controversial Researcher
    By Jessica McBride Updated Oct 3, 2022
    Judy Mikovits, who appears in the movie ‘Plandemic’, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.
    Judy Mikovits is a controversial former chronic fatigue researcher and critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci and mass vaccination who is featured in a viral video vignette promoting a new movie called Plandemic. YouTube has since removed the video, but you can watch it later in this article.

  64. Scott

    Finally someone (Alex) understands what the real end looks like and says it out loud.
    We are NOT supposed to be involved in this world’s governments. Come out of her my people. Rejoice, be in peace. The satanist ruling banking cartel will be utterly destroyed. Soon.
    Christ said that nothing that is secret that will not be revealed. Fake moon landing and space program (we can’t penetrate the firmament), nukes do not exist, heliocentric model is a myth. NASA, Space X etc is all a con job.
    Remember, Revelation 12:9 says the devil has deceived the whole world. So if we are honest with ourselves mentally and spiritually, the very next question should be “To what extent?”
    We will know when God takes control of world events when the sixth seal is open as described in Rev 6:12-17 (stars are angels, so says your Bible). I conclude that is when the governments of the world will fake the alien invasion that Von Braun spoke of before his death. To fool people into the great deception. Keep watching. The 6,000 years of mans rule of earth is coming to an end. We are at the dawn of a new age. Keep the faith.

  65. Prospector

    Anyone who starts getting too close to the Deep State stronghold, and they unleash the propaganda machine.
    The Deep State know that if there is any level of diplomacy in Ukraine, their nefarious activity will be exposed, and they are extinct.
    Their only escape is war.

    When they start admitting Trump was right, you know they are in trouble.
    What changed?
    Is it that Xi is siding with Russia and proposing peace in Ukraine?
    Out of nowhere, the Left’s position on China did a 180. @WarClandestine

  66. Marie Joy

    Alex Newman interviews on The New American on Rumble. Interesting stuff.

  67. Linda Walling

    I would love to hear from Bill Holter soon to get his take on where we are in this coming train wreck.

  68. Elly May Clumpett

    Trying To Stop The Insanity?
    Why Are So Many Gen Z-ers Drawn to Old Digital Cameras?
    By The Conversation / Feb 27, 2023 at 2:23am
    Jason Zhang/Wikimedia Commons
    The latest digital cameras boast ever-higher resolutions, better performance in low light, smart focusing and shake reduction – and they’re built right into your smartphone.
    Even so, some Gen Z-ers are now opting for point-and-shoot digital cameras from the early 2000s, before many of them were born.

    Douglas Macgregor: UKRAINE WILL BE DESTROYED
    Stephen Gardner 423,521 views Feb 28, 2023
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner to update us on the Ukraine Russia war. Ukraine will be destroyed as Putin prepares massive 300,000 person advancement. Can Ukraine beat Putin? Can Nato beat Putin? Did NATO want this war? Will the US trigger world war 3 in order to prop up Biden and his white house?

    US, Russia and China FMs stand for a minute’s silence at G20 meeting | AFP
    AFP News Agency 190,353 views Mar 1, 2023
    US Secretary of State Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov are in the same room for the first time since July 2022, at a G20 ministerial meeting in India, where their Chinese counterpart is also attending. The delegates held a minute of silence in tribute to Turkey and Syria quake victims.

    Putin warns STOP this now as NATO crosses red line in Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 177,809 views Premiered 14 hours ago
    Big developments in the war in Ukraine as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says unequivocally that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Redacted to talk about the latest provocation in a war that’s spiraling out of control.

  69. Jane jones

    Something BIG is happening in this economy and they are getting scared | Redacted w Clayton Morris 215,055 views Feb 28, 2023
    Analysts are uncovering some disturbingly similar data to 2008 right before the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. This time it’s not housing, it’s auto loans. There is a lot of talk about the recession in 2023. What does it mean for you and your family? In this video, we take a look at what’s going on and how you can protect yourself.

  70. Prospector

    Greg , this is a bit too long to post in full , but it is simply the best written overview or where we have been , and where we SHOULD BE GOING.
    Please Consider posting it in full. — Watch Dog Readers , share it too.

    ” Iget it. You don’t want to be called a “conspiracy theorist.”
    You don’t want to be tarred an “anti-vaxxer.” A “science-denier.” A “far right-wing extremist.”
    You’ve got your reputation to protect. Your credibility. Your grant funding.
    So you water down the truth. You tiptoe around it. You don’t go there.
    And the philanthropaths, the tyrants, the Big Liars, the demociders, and their enablers continue to profit. Continue to conspire. Continue to torture. Continue to slaughter.
    They tell you right to your face what they’re doing.
    But if you turn around and quote them, you’re the crazy one.

    In Upside-Down World, persisting in seeing things right-side up—despite the incessant, relentless, never-ending gaslighting—means you have valiantly guarded your most precious possessions: your integrity and your sanity…….. ( continues )

  71. Ira Elliott

    I’ve been watching Putin closely since Yeltsin handed power to him. I’ve seen a few people attempt to tie him to the globalists very flimsily in fact. The Epoch times on the other hand receives a majority of it’s funding from the CIA and has easily shown ties to the globalists. A majority of what Alex says in this interview is spot on though.

  72. Raymond J

    One thing you can be sure about this Ukraine war, as it is with all wars, is that it is a banker’s war. That is, the bankers are financing both sides of the conflict. This has been documented in the past by Ed Griffin in his book “Creature from Jekyll Island” and in Antony Sutton’s many tomes. Furthermore, war is that way you bring about world government. When World Banker War 1 failed to get the US into the League of Nations, World Banker War 2 was set up. And it succeeded, the US is in the UN. The next step will be to bring further regionalization and globalization. While it may seem that international relations are weakening, the wars will make a pretext for more international controls.

  73. George

    The original Putin is said to be dead. Yes he was a bad character. The patriot movement believes this double is working with the white hats along with Trump Modi and Xi to take down the Satanic Deep state worldwide. This is part of the overall plan . Imho

  74. Chuck Ober

    Dear Greg and Alex, “Fear not” our Lord God is on the job. HE will never forsake us. We are HIS children. In your prayers, let HIM know you love HIM, and support HIM. As time passes you will see that it is always darkest before the dawn: the dawn will come, and our LORD GOD will not let us down. HE especially loves HIS country, and ours: the USA.

    I love you two WONDERFUL men; keep on keeping on, GOD Bless You Both!

  75. James

    Interesting to note that no one here is talking about the Belt and Road Initiative, the Greater Israel Project or the World Island theory. What that shows to me is that the audience here is way behind schedule in their understanding of the Satanic Global Complex. Perhaps 10-12 years behind.
    World power is shifting East right on schedule. The NWO is the BRICS alliance. The WEF is the old NWO that is being burned to the ground along with the West. Out of the ashes rises a Phoenix aka NWO of the East (BRICS). The old NWO of the West is largely made up of Christian nations or Post Christian nations. The memory of Christianity must be wiped out along with Atheism ultimately. My best guess is that after the West is in ashes, Christian Russia will be targeted and eliminated next. The West has been in self destruction mode for quite some time. I would say at least as as early as the time when the Kennedy administration initiated the Iron Mountain think tank and subsequent report. The hidden power center of the world Island will be Greater Israel while China will likely be the façade. Alex is not far off imo!

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