Deep State Panicked About Coming Military Tribunals – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Dr. Dave Janda retired from medicine to dedicate himself to his red hot radio show called “Operation Freedom.” Janda has top notch political, law enforcement and intelligence sources from years of consulting work in Washington D.C. on healthcare issues. Janda says the recent round of attacks on President Trump from the mainstream media (MSM) show the Deep State/Globalists are panicked that Trump is draining the swamp. Janda explains, “I believe this is not coming from a position of strength on behalf of the fake media, which is a tentacle of the Globalist syndicate. It’s a syndicate that has been responsible for multiple wars and the financial chaos that has occurred across the world.”

So, why are the Deep State/Globalists and the MSM in a panic? Janda says military tribunals for treason and sedition are coming for the players who failed to knock Trump out of office by framing him with phony evidence. Does this sound farfetched? Military tribunals were brought up in great detail in this week’s hearing for Judge Kavanaugh. Janda says it’s not been done before and explains, “Lindsey Graham was interviewing Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court appointment process, and what was very interesting as this line of questioning goes on, and it went on between four and five minutes, not one individual interrupted Graham and said what are you doing talking about military tribunals. There was dead silence. Why would Lindsey Graham bring this up? On top of that, we know there are 40,000 to 50,000 sealed indictments. We have actually seen some unsealing of these indictments. . . . Do I think we are in the process of a rule of law reset? Yeah. I have said before these indictments are not going to be unsealed all at once. Some may never be unsealed, but we are seeing the ramifications of them when we see a huge number of folks within Congress, Wall Street, Hollywood just walking away from their jobs. When you look at the number of firings in the Department of Justice and in the FBI, it’s unheard of. This is all part of the reset. I think we are getting ready for a financial reset and a rule of law reset.”

Janda says the Deep State is so unhinged about loss of power, wealth and coming prosecutions that they may attack America. Janda says his Washington D.C. sources say, “Here is what they are really worried about. . . . and why there are so many people concerned about what is going on. My sources told me they are very concerned about an EMP event in the near future. That would lead to problems with the rule of law in this country and to the financial markets. . . . They are concerned about an attack from the Deep State, as an act of not power, but as an act of desperation.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

(This post is about MSM desperate attacks on President Trump, an economic reset and a possible EMP attack on America.)

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After the Interview:  

Senator Lindsey Graham questioned Judge Kavanaugh on military tribunals and how it was done for Nazi collaborators in America during WWII.  Go to the 25:44 minute mark for the nearly 5 minute exchange.

Dr. Janda thought it was important for everyone to see Ohio Governor Kasich saying Senator John McCain was “put to death.” Go to the 5:00 minute mark and click here to see it.


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  1. paul ...

    There are closet “Demon-rat” Republicans joining forces with regular Demon-rats to impeach Trump using the strategy developed by Hillary (make Trump look unstable) … the entire global criminal syndicate needs to get Trump out of their way so they can continue to strip the common people of their freedom and wealth … they can’t tolerate the restoration of the “Rule of Law” based upon the Constitution … so it is imperative this November for God’s army to vote all the evil Demon-rats out of office (thus destroying their Command and Control center) … we must rid ourselves of this commie/fascist political party to restore our Constitutional rights along with “true” money (gold and silver) … we have had a “one party system” all along … but once only one political party exists it will be easier to weed out the “Fifth Columnists” (or closet Demon-rats) from the Republican party … this is not only a battle for God and Country but a battle that will determine the fate of our children … and their children’s children … we were given our freedom a long time ago by God … we were not meant to be slaves to anyone … let alone an evil criminal drug and “continuous war” cartel!!

    • paul ...

      See how our neocon National Security Advisor John Bolton just “issued orders” to the terrorists in Idlib to launch a chemical attack so we can send American missiles and our young fighting men to “Help the Terrorists” … you know since 9/11 the US has launched a “War of Terror” not only upon the entire world but on its own citizens … we have been supporting terrorists everywhere (to effect regime change) … not only in the Ukraine and Libya … but in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., etc. … we supply the Saudi’s weapons and intel they need to kill innocent women and children in Yemen … and now Trump is warning Syria against attacking the camp at Idlib where 70,000 terrorists (including 10,000 al-Qaida are encamped) “as it would be a grave mistake”? … a mistake to kill terrorists?? … the US Military neocons are going to get the United States into a nuclear World War III with Russia to save the lives of some terrorists??? … give me a break … I could understand if it was so the warmongering neocons could ship these terrorists back here to the United States (to effect “regime change” in Washington DC) … so I ask the question again … What vital interest is it to US Government neocons to protect the lives of imperiled terrorists in Idlib????

      • paul ...

        While the US neocons prepare their options on how to protect the terrorists in Idib from being killed … the Russians are testing their weapon systems right in the face of the US neocon warmongers … to give them pause!! …

        • paul ...

          When is the American public going to grow some balls and finally stand up to the Washington neocons and begin to do what is necessary to protect their children … vote all the Mad Hatter Demon-rats out of their holes now living in some “fake” Alice in Wonderland world … and who will start a nuclear WWIII with Russia to “save al-Qaida terrorists from being killed” in Idib by using our limited money, resources and our precious children as blood sacrifices to their god Baal?????????????

          • paul ...

            Hey neocons … before you idiots blow up our world in a nuclear Armageddon (to save Al-Qaida) … meditate on the “real” reason we bring children into this world (to create beauty) … and not the “fake” reason (to start wars and kill our neighbors)!! …

          • Chip

            The American public is divided by design so that we cannot all finally stand up to Washington… Chip

            • Chip

              We’re too busy fighting each other to notice that the Government IS the problem… Chip

    • Jamed

      You should look at McCains funeral when Lindsey Graham was given Albanene a hug. Then Kelly And Mattis was staring at Graham the whole time. It looked really weird.

    • chuck

      It wasn’t that long ago that McCain wore a wandering orthopedic boot. I thought then, and still do now, that it was worn to hide a GPS tracking device because he was under house arrest. I think Hillary wears one as well. Putting that together with his sudden demise only 24 hours after his family says he was off his “cancer treatment” tells me that he died like Rommel. I think HRC is in for the same end.

    • Atul Saini

      Paul – your analysis of the Neocon madness is spot on. I agree wholeheartedly with every single word. GREG: I honestly hope you call out the upcoming false-flag Chemical attack that should occur in the next few days, with the White-helmets staging the attack using Chlorine barrels supplied by British/American intelligence. Please provide honest and comprehensive coverage of this false-flag event so the world can see that theres at least SOME honest journalism around….

      • ontoiran

        needs to be public. like sadaam.

    • ds

      how can we as a people take back our country, goverment, police, the courts, the fed reserve, etc ,etc.

    • Restless clone

      GITMO the answer

  2. paul ...

    With regard to Military Tribunals … they are not necessary under the laws created by Bush and Obama to kill (terrorists, traitors, criminals, etc.) deemed a threat to our Nation … the commie traitors who think Military Tribunals will never happen don’t understand is that under the provisions of the NDAA (passed by Bush and later modified by Obama) … “anyone” can be charged with an act of terrorism against the US … and “Without a Military Tribunal” be incarcerated or put to death “without judicial oversight” … we patriots (like using fire to fight fire) should use the evil NDAA law created by Bush and Obama against evil … so we don’t need Military Tribunals … this is why all the evil Demon-rat commie/fascists (currently deeply engaged in high treason against the United States) are running scared!!

    • paul ...

      John McCain may have been the first big fish put to death under the very NDAA law he helped to pass (to kill traitors for conspiring with the enemy) … what we need to do even before putting to death other politicians is to begin using drones to take out the evil banksters (anywhere in the world) who pose a National Security Threat to our Nation by their “monetary manipulations” … before they print up a trillion dollars and pay someone to set off a nuclear EMP weapon over America which would have the added benefit of “cooking their electronic books” which can be used to easily incriminate them of treason against the United States of America (like taking our dollar from 100 cents to 2 cents is not enough evidence of treason)!!

    • Pale Rider

      You are spot on Paul.
      I was saying 6 years ago that the Bush Administration has enough anti terror laws on the books that we can use them to hang them with their own rope.

      This sort of thing is a hallmark of this president.
      I would watch for it.
      God bless president Trump and God bless the US military!

  3. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Like you and Dave I was struck by the fact that no one seemed surprised by Graham’s line of questioning regarding military tribunals. I was even more struck by how unhesitant and quick Kavanaugh’s answers were. He was extremely well versed in this obscure area of law.
    I would also like to point out that I have listened to short wave radio broadcasts for years going back before the internet. Listening to state (deep state?) run media like Radio Moscow Radio Havana Xinhua MSNBC, Washington Post (where Woodward is an editor for Bezos’ blog) etc. taught me years ago that tyrannies don’t censor lies. Lies are easily refuted. Tyrannies censor the truth.

    • ConcAmDad

      It’s not a rule of law reset if criminals step down and slip away into the shadows. The truth must come out and justice be served. It’s nauseouting to watch trump embrace the ridiculously fraudulent economic numbers. Would it not be easier to wake people up using the truth. ‘Another ridiculous 300 pt swing up today.

  4. Frederick

    Let’s add Larry Silverstein , George W. Bush, Dick Cheney , Donald Rumsfeld, Coni Rice, Dov Zakheim, Philip Zelikow, Chertoff to that list and I will believe

    • Leslie

      Hi everybody…Q is real. The website Dr. Dave Janda was referencing is called NEON REVOLT…not NEON REPORT. It’s

      Great articles, smart guy. He’s on 8 chan involved with the Q research when Q drops information. Q has referenced his site also. He’s a must read.

      • Leslie

        I’m pretty sure this article is what Dr. Dave Janda is referencing (“microchip” about midway down article).

        Great show…as usual.

      • Pale Rider

        I have long been fascinated by Qanon, but became doubtful last spring.

        Everything that is beginning to come out are the things Q has been talking about.

        It is my opinion that Qanon is President Trump himself. The president uses a similiar style in using Twitter to set the tone, then comes in low in person. If Trump tweets he would like to see say 50, but in person asks for 25, you know what he is going to want next if you dont play ball.
        The Qanon leaks not only red pill the listening public, they serve to scare the Deep State and put pressure on them.

        Love it!

    • Janet G

      To Frederick
      Excellent suggestion. I agree on your additional criminals to be added. They must already be listed, if these indictments and tribunals are legit.

  5. paul ...

    Global trade is seizing up … … making some ask “how can this lead to hyper-inflation” if no one is spending any money … the answer is hyper-inflation will not come due to a buying panic … it will be brought to us as a result of a monetary expansion … by the Fed printing unlimited paper IOU debt notes (known as the US dollar) … to give an example as to how this hyper-inflation will be created by a currency event (even if everyone stays home and doesn’t buy anything) … consider that when the rating agencies take note of the collapse in trade now going on and ponder how it will adversely affect the creditworthiness of sovereign debt … they will most likely begin to lower the credit ratings for US Treasuries to “junk status” … interest rates will rise to double digits … and to pay for the bigger interest rate bill on our $21 Trillion National Debt the Fed will have to print money (can’t tax people who are out of work with no trade going on) … but the more money the Fed prints … will then lower our credit rating even more … driving rates even higher … requiring more money be printed … and so on … and so on … this is how hyper-inflation like they are having in Venezuela will take place in America (and without anyone spending any money on goods or on food by just eating road kill)!!

    • paul ...

      We must demand like Moses did (freedom from economic slavery and freedom from the enslavement to constant warfare) … “Let Our People Go” (you murdering warmongering thieves and traitors to humanity)!!!

      • paul ...

        What has fighting in all the wars humanity has participated in from 6000 BC to 2018AD “at the request of their leaders” resulted in? … a world were there is now “No Rule of Law” … a “fake” world … wherein our children are raped and murdered by pedophiles, our women sold into slavery and our organs harvested for the elites … we are slaves to no one … we knew the consequences of disobeying and walking out of Eden … but we did it … because “we valued freedom” more then subservience (even to the very God who created us) … such is our original human spirit … just like the lion we were born free and yearn to be free … we must break the bonds of captivity keeping us in this “fake matrix” … we must step out of this rabbit hole of constant war and ever increasing debt voluntarily … even if our leaders call our matrix Eden or the American Dream!!

        • paul ...

          If hyper-inflation of currency is in our future … take a look at all the various currencies in the world (there are 180 different ones) … … the one thing they all have in common (that gives them some value) … is they are all made of “paper” … paper currently sells for $0.002343 cents per ounce in the recycle market (about $75 per ton) … so silver “money”(currently selling for $14.50 per ounce) is 6,186 times more valuable then any of the banksters paper currencies on planet Earth! … so why would this be important to people who don’t own silver, don’t ever want to buy any silver and just want to put paper cash under their mattress? … what is important is … to maximize the worth of your paper dollar hoard … you should be holding your fiat paper in “the lowest denomination possible” … so that when you bring wheel barrels full of this “paper currency” to the re-cycling center … you can get the most value for it (i.e. recycling 1000 single dollar bills will get you more value then simply recycling a single one(1) thousand dollar bill)!!

  6. Nick de la Gaume

    Absolutely “Tip Top” as they say in Luxembourg.

    May The Almighty Lord guide and protect you both.

    • AL



  7. Steve

    The Deep State, who ever they are, need to get used to this sense of desperation.

    Unless, they repent and come to the Lord, this feeling and sensation of desperation they will have for eternity. And, dark state people, eternity really and truly is a very very long time!

  8. NH Watcher

    While I agree about the resets coming, my question remains: resets to what? The 19th century before most of our latter constitutional amendments went into effect, or the 1950s before Eisenhower made his famous statement warning of the military-industrial complex? It seems to me, these resets will amount to a very short pause before we enter a version of Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World. I don’t trust Trump to lead us into that unscathed, as we all most certainly knew Hillary wouldn’t lead us either. While military tribunals will undoubtedly save us from anarchy, will the result be a society resembling Franco’s Spain or Pinochet’s Chile? A softer version of Hitler or Mussolini?

    This is where, to be frank, Trump’s misspellings on Twitter and/or speaking at rallies in an adolescent manner, do matter. You cannot govern the entire country, nor be the leader of the free world, in the same way as you manage and/or negotiate the building of a NYC skyscraper. The latter is small in comparison to the former. Granted, Trump is telegenic like Reagan was, I’ll give him that; he knows the media and popular culture quite well. But just as Hillary has a disdain for all those “deplorables” she mentions, I worry at times that Trump is all too eager to show that same level of disdain for the educated class, an “anti-intellectualism” which prefers the fist over the mind.

    No country can be great again without a respect for both: the laborer as well as the scholar. And we cannot be truly secure without freedoms afforded to everyone. Even those we hate.

    Meanwhile, an EMP strike will take us back to the 19th century, almost overnight. Ted Koppel’s book, LIGHTS OUT, will give you enough pause to know that our leaders really do NOT know how to handle any of the aftermath. Imagine the Patriot Act times 10, passed within days (if Congress is still functioning effectively), and wonder then in what state our society truly will emerge. It further convinces me that our preparedness for the first three days, three weeks, three months, is most critical … do not think in years if this happens, lest you not even live past one year.

    God help us.

    • Frederick

      NH Watcher Why Would military tribunals result in a fascist society as you claim I think they are exactly what is needed to cleanse the country of the vile people who have hijacked it Some innocents may get hauled away in the process but that can be worked out I don’t see any alternatives short of civil war and that would be disasterous

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur. Perhaps Grey should take a straw poll in regard.

    • ouou


    • William Stanley

      NH Watcher: Very well thought out and written!
      As I understand you, you don’t reject the use of military tribunals in the situation in which we find ourselves. However, you don’t trust President Trump to get us to the other side in a way that will provide for the flourishing of freedom in the future. Nevertheless, it seems, you also don’t see a viable present alternative to President Trump and martial law. I share your concerns.
      You didn’t say so, but I think you might agree that the Constitution is somewhat ambiguous in its prescriptions for dealing with sedition, treason and insurrection of the type with which we are now confronted. Nevertheless, as I recall, Constitutional provisions do provide for the President to call up the “militias” to put down insurrections. And that seems to imply appurtenant power to take all necessary actions to succeed in the putting down of insurrections — up to and including the temporary suspension of certain protections set forth in the Bill of Rights and the setting up of military tribunals.
      We seem to be between a rock and a hard place: the coup plotters have made it clear that they hate the very ideas of freedom and, even, human decency; they have long worked assiduously to undermine the working of the concepts and ideals upon which America was founded; and they have shown that they are completely ruthless and that they will give us no quarter — and they apparently are strong enough to succeed if we fail to take very direct action.
      We love freedom, even for those with whom we disagree. Yet, IMO, under no circumstance can we allow the coup plotters to escape, much less prevail. Yes, we must be just, even merciful where it is not counterproductive. However, this is not just a disagreement among friends. This is not a live-and-let-live situation; the coup plotters have made themselves quite clear about that. Unfortunately, we are out of options; this is a come-as-you-are dire emergency, failure is not an option and, IMO, President Trump provides our last best chance of avoiding catastrophe.

      • NH Watcher

        Bill, I appreciate your words. You get it. What I increasingly cannot stand are those who liken Trump to a savior, and believe he can do no wrong. I voted for him knowing full well that I was getting a mixed bag, and a tragic figure. The “deep state” can go into exile as far as I am concerned … to insist that they all be arrested, jailed, hanged, quartered, what have you, is to the point of ridiculousness. Did Marcos deserve death over his atrocities in the Philippines? Yes, but he was given exile in Hawaii, and basically put under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

        The Founding Fathers knew that our Constitution, in and of itself, meant nothing, unless able men (and, of course, now women) carried it out honestly, ethically, and responsibly. Read your history, folks. Spain and Chile did not set out to become dictatorships at the start of their conflicts, but, lo and behold, that happened to each country. The military knows how to take control, that is what the military does. When does it give up control? Do they decide, or do we decide? Does the Supreme Court order the military to stop? Again, we are all banking on able, honest, ethical, and responsible people to execute a plan, and then know when to step back … a lot of ifs.

        I am not native to New Hampshire, but I understand its politics more with each election. Their is a fundamental, total, inherent distrust of government at all levels in this state, and yet, we need government to function on a daily basis. Do we get let people spun out on opioids die, or hang out drunk at every street corner? Of course not. Our society is based on a morality (and yes, a religious morality) that is our only guarantee against anarchy and chaos.

        Fists will only help so much in the aftermath of an EMP strike. We all have to make mindful decisions each and every day; life is not just about physical strength. And Trump should not operate the country like we are in the middle of some WWE wrestling match. When all the fake antics are removed, people will need a hell of a lot more help to live in the aftermath of modern day warfare.

        I’m sorry, folks, but the majority of us will die within the first year. I hope and pray not, but then, how many of us truly know how to live like our 19th century forebears? And when the government decides to confiscate most everything you have prepped, and you say no, what happens to you? I just hope the government official who arrives at my doorstep has a conscience.

      • paul ...

        Well written William … failure is not an option … 9/11 was not enough for them … they actually tried to nuke us … thank God some patriots (who didn’t know how to disarm the bomb) threw it in the Atlantic Ocean … the blast was so powerful my entire house (way up north at Long Island, New York) shook back and forth for few minuets … these evil traitorous murders must not only be stopped but gotten rid of “permanently”!!

  9. Jason

    One thing nobody seems to consider with an EMP attack, this could knock nuclear power plants off line. There are about 250 NPP in the USA. This could be Fukashima times 250.

    • Frederick

      Not if the government would place all the backup generators and controls inside a huge Faraday cage it wouldn’t But that would cost money right?

    • freebrezer

      All you need to know about an EMP:

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks freebrezer for posting that link. It’s a very good article. It avoids using fear to manipulate the mass psyche and yet tells it like it is. It’s information that everyone should be aware of and is why the statement 2 weeks ago from Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter is so vital: “We have to get back to basics”.

        What few realize is our total dependence on technology is the same thing as our slavery to the State. Think about it. Who owns this technology? Obviously global corporations? And who owns the corporations? The same guys who own the military industrial complex–the financial oligarchs. When you have the ability to create money at will, you have the power to control everything… almost… anything that requires capital.

        A truly profound insight from the article you posted was this: “Protection against the damage of a severe solar storm could be done easily and rather inexpensively by the electrical utilities; however it is not being done, and there are few signs that it will be done.”


        It looks like the oligarchs who control all the utilities like the idea of an EMP strike. It’s one of the cards they keep up their sleeve to manipulate anyone who gets out of line. (Read Trump). Hmmm! This observation lends added credibility to everything Mr. Janda was saying.

        Bottom line? We have to get back to basics! We have to! There will never be any freedom without it!

        • William Stanley

          Hockey Puck, RE: “It looks like the oligarchs who control all the utilities like the idea of an EMP strike.”
          You make a good point: Regulators give public utilities a very safe and high rate of return on investments in capital equipment. It’s interesting, therefore, that American public utilities have chosen to inadequately protect the reliability of their systems from, among other threats, EMP caused by nuclear explosions and solar coronal mass ejections.
          Maybe it’s just a judgment call about what is adequate. Other countries, including Russia I believe, have made different judgments (but they are also further north and, hence, more vulnerable to geomagnetic storms). Interesting “difference of opinion” nevertheless.

      • William Stanley

        freebrezer: I’ve read a couple of books and reports as well as a number of articles about EMP. Your cited source was probably the most helpful.

        • William Stanley

          We should also be aware that it doesn’t require an EMP attack to bring down the electric grids and cause catastrophe. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems are hackable. Moreover, it has been reported that disabling just nine key transformer substations would take down the entire country. That could be accomplished by gunfire alone (as was deliberately done to a substation in California a few years ago).

    • freebrezer

      Jason – most all nuc plants are hardened, it is the transformers that take the brunt and get knocked out. the big transformers take two to three years to build. Even the little ones on the power lines, a whole lot of them will get zapped … next time driving around look up and see the roundish things ever so often on the power lines … just replacing these will take a long, long time. One good point – it does not matter if you computer or cell phone gets knocked out … there will be no electricity to run them!

    • susan

      Jason, the deep state know and don’t care.

  10. Stephen N Strutt

    Dear Greg,
    I have often read your articles and watched you on video. Some of your articles as LINKS sent by friends. I thank you for all that you do to tell people the truth. I also very much like Steve Quayle’s site. I post LINKS to both of your websites on my website where I also put many LINKS to the LATEST NEWS.

    Just scroll down on this page to find the LATEST NEWS ARTICLES, some of which I have written myself.

    Best Wishes,

    Steve (Author and writer)

  11. Aurele


  12. Ken Lee

    Is Trump going to replace Sessions with Trey Goudy after the elections? That would signal big moves against the Deep State are imminent.

    • Greg Hunter


  13. David

    Regarding Graham’s interview of Kavanaugh on the civilian vs military system, Graham specifically referred to a U.S. citizen collaborating (emphasis on collaborating) with an enemy of the U.S. during armed conflict.

    Prosecution in a military court of an American citizen who is not active military would be severely limited. In the case cited (Hamdi), a U.S. citizen by birth, who was a Saudi, was detained as an enemy combatant for his activities with the Taliban and held at a U.S. military facility.

    I think too much is read into the discussion between Graham and Kavanaugh regarding military tribunals. Graham, I believe, was simply wanting Kavanaugh to reaffirm that U.S. citizens can be handled through a military court or system if actively engaged in wartime acts against the U.S.

    Graham may have sought reaffirmation given the growing number of U.S. citizens pledging allegiance to foreign terrorist groups (e.g., ISIS), who are either joining these groups on the battlefield or planning/conducting attacks within the U.S.

  14. R. Carpenter

    I wish I could be as hopeful as you and Janda.

    Fact is, Trump’s conduct in Syria puts him squarely in the highly destructive, criminal, neocon deep state. Trump has already launched missiles (acts of war) at Syria and Russia twice before. It appears that a new false-flag chemical attack is in the wings. How many more acts of aiding and abetting terrorists does Trump have to pull before people open their eyes? Seriously.

    Domestically, Trump pardoning a number of Wall Street banks over massive fraud leads me to believe the domestic situation is not any better. Also, every day he allows the mainstream media *monopoly* and the criminal CIA to operate just makes us weaker. I honestly don’t believe this country is recoverable — the corruption is just too pervasive.

    • paul ...

      As you say Trump seems to be doing things that further the neocon and bankster agenda … this is perplexing to me also … which suggests Trump really doesn’t yet have complete control over the levers of power in Washington … but I believe his heart is in the right place … so he must continually maneuver around the traitors surrounding him … to maximize his limited options … the Demon-rats will use his seemingly “unbalanced posture” at times to claim he must be removed under the 25th Amendment … but as long as the Demon-rats think it is necessary to remove Trump … I’m going to support him!!!

      • paul ...

        If Trump starts a nuclear WIII Armageddon in the Middle East by attacking Syria, Russia and Iran over saving “Al-Qaida terrorists” … I would have to agree that he has likely flipped his wig (but I’m waiting to see if it happens before completely giving up on him)!

        • paul ...

          But keep in mind the US is at a strategic disadvantage in any major conflict with Russia … it will take decades to defend against Russian (and Chinese) hyper-sonic weapons … … so what Trump may be doing in the Middle East is trying to get “the best deal” for a complete surrender of the last major pocket of terrorists in Syria!!

        • R. Carpenter

          From Zerohedge:

          “The Wall Street Journal has just published a bombshell on Sunday evening as Russian and Syrian warplanes continue bombing raids over al-Qaeda held Idlib, citing unnamed US officials who claim “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold.”

          And perhaps more alarming is that the report details that Trump is undecided over whether new retaliatory strikes could entail expanding the attack to hit Assad allies Russia and Iran this time around. ”

          I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto! You may be right that Trump is not fully in control. If he starts a major war over saving these US funded terrorists, I’d support removing him from office for mental instability.

  15. Tad

    Thomas Friedman, David Ignatius, and Bob Woodward are CIA employees.
    Can you imagine how many more “journalists” we don’t know about are taking their money?

    Woodward served in Naval Intelligence as an enlisted sailor.

  16. Mark

    Thank you. Please keep up, press on, and do good things.

  17. Roger D

    We question if Globalists are losing control when in fact we are already controlled by them. They have skillfully (and very patiently) manipulated us to abandon conservative principles.

    They used the old ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’. We still cling to Republicans who destroyed our Bill of Rights with their NDAA and Patriot Act. We speak of conservatives as if they still existed. Can anyone name 5 of 535 in Congress who govern by true conservative principles? For 27 years we have blindly supported Globalists’ perpetual wars in the ME against Muslims (who were scapegoats for 9/11) and Bush’s phony ‘War on Terror’. Even Christians have been indoctrinated to the point of becoming blood-thirsty war mongers.

    Perhaps the Globalists’ last distraction is Trump. We speak of Trump in God-like terms (makes me sick). Criticism of Trump in America is as welcomed as Mohammed cartons in the ME. We remaining willfully blind to his swamp creature infested administration (Globalists including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Council on Foreign Relations). We speak of rule-of-law and justice as if it still exists. Ah, cognitive dissonance is bliss.

    The irony is that when chaos is triggered by the Globalists (on their time and terms), they will skillfully make conservatism, nationalism (borders and sovereignty) the scapegoats to usher in their global government.

    We refuse to accept the truth because we are blinded by our agenda.

    • Greg Hunter

      Roger D,
      That’s the way to lie down and give up. Go lie down and give up some place else.

    • Doug Cook


      A man is known by his friends but he is also known by his enemies. IF Trump were deep state then the deep state would love him as they loved Obama and Bush before him. Of course the media et al were not fawning before Bush like they did with Obama but they still pretty much went along with everything that Bush wanted to do.

      Fast forward to Trump. Basically they hate his guts both the left and the right. On the right a lot of the Republicans support him on the surface level but if we look at the run up to the election and even after the election his support from many of them was tepid and they were always paying attention to what way the wind was blowing. If public opinion turns against Trump most of them will turn against him on a dime.

      All that to say is that basic human nature is at play here. This isn’t a grand game where [wink wink] Trump is one of them and they are all playing along. If you ever watch the media as a whole or the politicians especially on the left or the Hollywood types all of which are globalist they all almost hate Trump with a visceral reaction.

      Say what you want and think what you want but with all of Trump’s faults the man is certainly not a globalist who is playing a game here just to fool you. If he was he could of just gone on living his life as a .01% enjoying his billions and all his toys. Who needs the stress and angst that man has been through the last 3 years if he wasn’t in it for real?

      • susan

        thank you Roger, you explain it very well.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        How do you not see that the media’s portrayal of Trump was the single biggest factor in his being elected, and still is the single biggest factor in maintaining the charade that he is somehow an “outsider”?

    • Heinrich

      Syria might become the litmus test on whose side Trump is really on. Attacking Syrian or Russian forces for protecting Obama’s and Hitlery‘s terrorists, would qualify Trump as a vicious swamp creature. I hope that this is not goong to happen.

    • Carol Smith

      No one causes anyone else to do something. We all need to go back to our Christian principals which make us conservative. Our relationship with the Lord stops abortion, stops us from doing wrong, etc.
      If you will come over to this camp, there are conservatives all over the world especially in our country.

  18. David

    National Preparedness Month was established in 2004. It has always been observed in the month of September since 2004. What makes Trump’s proclamation about an event that happens every year in September so unique or unexpected?

    In fact, the Atlantic hurricane season does peak in September. After three major hurricanes in 2017 and the fiasco in Puerto Rico, why wouldn’t a president issue a proclamation?

  19. Tony O

    I say bring it on. The suspense is killing me. Or maybe it’s all the catfish and ice cream. Anyway, I’d like to live long enough to see some of these leeches punished. IRS just billed me for being late on my taxes. Snap card folks is serious about their cash flow! I know lotsa liberals who don’t mind me paying for their multiple weekly visits to doctors and hospitals who don’t pay any taxes their selves . Surgeries, medicines, therapy, psychologists, optometrists, and any one else who will see them for free, except it ain’t free since I gotta pay. These same folks of course vote liberal and fully support Obamacare . They used to go to the emergency room for any little thing, now they have access to the whole system At No Charge! I’m tired of bein taxes to death for freeloaders, liberals , and arrogant government employees,, federal, state, and local.

  20. Benjamin Johnson

    With the issue of the nukes off North Carolina, I remember listening to the Alex Jones show at the time, people from the Dyess air force base in Texas, were phoning the show saying they were taking the nukes out of the base and they were doing it illegally as proper protocols were not being taken. Then Alex reported about Lindsey Graham and the nuke being exploded out in the ocean. No wonder they want to shut Info wars down, and they have, which means we must be close to an “Event”. Stay prepared people.

    • paul ...

      The warmongering neocons will have to nuke America themselves to create their dream Nation (a Nation without laws) … because the Russians can’t be fooled into doing it for them!!

      • Anni

        Let’s hope the reset happens after they build the wall.

    • Frederick

      Benjamin It was South Carolina I believe

    • Stephen Miller

      Ben, looks like the event we’ve all Ben waiting for has arrived. The white helmets must be rolling out the gas now, as we tweet! See Sput’s BREAKING below.

    • freebrezer

      B- A nuke exploded under the ocean is going to cause some sizable amounts of radiation by product. The ocean currents off North Carolina wash a shore up stream (gulf current) New Jersey, New York etc. There are way too many geeks that have hand held geiger counters (me included) … someone would have picked up a substantial spike on the shore lines. You can not hide radiation! Count me very skeptical.

      • Chip

        BINGO! Would have caused a tsunami as well… Chip

      • paul ...

        Guess your house didn’t shake freebrezer … but there are many other ways to tell if it was a nuclear explosion other then using a hand held Geiger counter (the Russians must have picked up the telltale gamma ray signature by satellite … they confirmed it to be a nuclear event)!

        • freebrezer

          Paul – I am not discounting it … I am more on the science side in that we know so little about that big blob in the ski called our star (the sun). It’s interactions with the earth can cause a whole lot of anomalies. This might have been one, or a large meteor (bus size)? I Do not know? In the 1600 hundreds, the books would tell of strange glowings coming from the ground, then lightning shooting towards the sky. Note – If you were unlucky enough to happened to have lived near where one of these occurrences occurred – well not good … burned as a witch. These occurred in the maunder minimum when the sun went quite. Our modern scientist discounted these …One of these just occurred in Australia. Modern science knows very little as to what causes the sun to go quite! And very little research money has been allotted to the electrical/magnetic interactions of the sun to earth and earth to sun. My second best guess is man made CO2 caused it!

      • William Stanley

        freebrezer: I think it would depend on how far out to sea the explosion was, especially if it was east of the Gulf Stream (a lot of which doesn’t seem to touch shore, in any event).

  21. al

    Thank you Greg for your professionalism and outstanding work as usual.
    The ENEMY of humanity, the Enemy Media is basically dead. I know people who are laughing at the NYT BS “anonymous source”. It’s no wonder Gerald Celente calls the NYT “The Toiletpaper of Records”. The more they try these stunts the larger the bullseye they create for themselves.

    It’s obvious now that the Economic Reset is now occurring, major military tribunals are next. I want so much for this World to finally get on the right track.

    Thank you again Greg for keeping us informed

    • mal

      Alex Jones hasn’t been “shutdown”, He has been “deplatformed”. Greg Hunter has urged his listeners to go directly to the USA Watchdog web site rather than going through Youtube. Doing so also spares you from the annoying sometimes 8 minute long commercials you are inundated with on Youtube. Especially the often racist political ads produced by Youtube themselves. Simply place the sites you regularly visit in your favorites list and click on them. Who needs Youtube, Twitter and Facebook?.

  22. Jodyp

    “Everybody who is a freedom fighter is tired of hearing it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, and nothing is happening.” This from the last interview with Dr.Janda a month ago. Impacience is having to wait on the coffee to get ready. I am pissed having to wait months and now nearly two years for “something to happen”. Let’s get it on!Marvin Gaye – Lets get it on –

    • paul ...

      Very beautiful music for the soul Jodyp … isn’t it wonderful Marvin escaped being an aborted fetus paid for by the liberal (non-racist) Demon-rats! … can’t say getting rid of McCain was nothing … and I bet there are a lot more we don’t know about!

    • Jodyp

      Err… impatience

  23. Alan

    Thank you Dr. J and Greg once again for a compelling reality check and taking us all on a deep dive into what is actually going down. The only thing I will add is that the populist movement, both here in the USA and around the world, is not a flash in the pan. It is a phenomenon of millions, tens and even hundreds of millions awakening, and an outright (and rapidly growing) unequivocal rejection of the established elitist monopoly on power. Restoration of the rule of law is essential for this country, with all its faults and misdeeds of the past few hundred years, to continue to exist and function as a legitimate entity. Threats of EMP attacks notwithstanding, We The People are the key to ensuring the process goes forward. The Truth must be known to all, and the real Truth is apolitical. Military tribunals? I say bring ’em on!

  24. Stan

    I’m sorry but I do buy into the idea that there are supposedly all these indictments waiting to be unsealed and executed. If that’s true then what is stopping those indictments from being unsealed amongst the chaos going on right now in the DOJ and Congress? I also am siding more and more on the belief that it was our Vice President who was not only responsible for that NYT piece but likely a great deal of leaks to the press over the past few years.

    We all know (Including Congress) the treasonous and seditious acts by Clinton and Obama. We’ve known them for quite some time yet nobody is doing anything about them ,while Mueller continues to move forward with his investigation which bears no fruit whatsoever. This shows me a lack of concern of equal application under the law in this country and unless Trump either forms his own special council, starts unsealing and executing these so called ‘Indictments’ (Which I believe do not exist) then none of this is going to go away until Trump is out of office (In 2024).

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a fact Stan.

      • Frank D

        Greg, I love your optimism but it is NOT a FACT until it happens. Don’t go CNN on us. If and when military tribunals really begin against MAJOR players (e.g. Hillary, Clapper, Obama, Lynch, etc.), I will gladly donate $1,000 to USAWATCHDOG.COM. Until then, I am still waiting for the FACT to begin. Respectfully, Frank D

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you not following this? You have not seen what has already happened? Stop watching CNN. You are insulting and condescending and you can keep your $1,000.

      • james

        NO, it’s not “FACT”, it’s what you believe, but it’s NOT “FACT”.

    • Frederick

      Stan How about the treasonous and seditious acts perpetrated by Congress and the Senate like approving the Iraqi war based on BS

    • paul ...

      Stan … Opening the “sealed indictments” are only necessary if Trump plans to bring these traitors “to court” … however with NDAA and the Patriot Act (put into Trump’s hands by the idiot neocons Bush and Obama) … Trump can put all the traitors on a deserted island and drop a nuke on them before they nuke us … and “leave the indictments sealed” for historians to look at 50 years from now (to see for the record who the traitors were that Trump killed)!!

    • Jerry

      No Stan,
      The only thing you buy is stock in a broke dick Bank that’s about to go bye bye.

      Your miss placed optimism is nothing more than ignorance stuffed inside of layers of denial. It’s people like you, that got us in this mess.
      You should be ashamed of this post. Dr. Dave Janda has more credibility in his little finger, than you do in your entire body, but yet you seem to think you’re an authority. Go figure?

    • DerStan

      sorry but I have to agree with Stan on this one, I will believe these indictments when Hillary is in jail and until then its just make believe…

  25. Open Eyes

    Leading U.S. Exorcist: Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is Demonic, Likely to Get Worse

    • Southern Girl

      Open Eyes,

      I totally agree with the article. But as he said it is going to be hard to convince others.

  26. Tad

    I google searched “Articles on nuclear blast off South Carolina coast in 2013.” Can’t say what I found was reliable. Perhaps Janda’s sources are right, but I have my doubt with respect to an EMP by rogue US military flag officers. Obviously, an interesting story which could make a “fantastic” movie. That assumes I live through the preceding economic collapse.

    We might have heard about rising cancers and contaminated seafood along the eastern seaboard had this occurred. Janda could maintain this is a hush-hush story. Fukushima wasn’t hidden and this story couldn’t be hidden either.

    Call me skeptical, but the difficulty of rogue officers with some cooperation from perhaps less than ten military men setting off three atmospheric nuclear blasts (could be conventional bombs) and wanting to survive a few short months in an underground bunker stretches credulity. Or is a quick getaway to China have been planned?

    Almost surprised Russia hasn’t been implicated, but 2013 was long before Mr. Trump and any thought of him becoming president.

    No, I think the Chinese would like America for a song, and over the years they’ve been succeeding beyond their wildest expectations, in my opinion.

    For Russia, the quest is protecting their borders and support a growing list of nations with compatible philosophies. The former is existential in nature. Other than protection from US neocons, most Russian citizens might prefer their leadership break off business relations with Washington until diplomatic relations become less combative.

    • Bob

      EMP is not very effective over a wide area. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  27. EJS

    Neon revolt is the site Dr J is referring too. Great site with additional commentary / analysis to everything discussed here today.

  28. H. Craig Bradley


    The legal problem for those who subscribe or hope for Military Tribunals to convict government insiders who broke the law is the U.S. Constitution. If you can not “make your case” in open court, then you are prohibited from incarcerating anyone. Pretty basic concept for our Republic. We want to circumvent the constitution and have our way because we thing the System is too corrupted to “work” or do its job any more. Maybe so. Mueller is another one who wants to just ignore the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution by directly impeaching President Trump instead of deferring this task to Congress.

    Only Congress can legally impeach a president and only the U.S. Senate can convict, which is very rare in our history. If any of these work-arounds occurs then our Democracy is altered and we no longer have “rule of law”. Without a “balance of powers” we only have anarchy. End of Republic is then assured and like Rome, we then begin a long decline and eventual Fall (Slippery Slope). Civil Wars, political struggles, and finally, collapse. End of Story. Tribunals are not a long term fix. Either the system works or it does not. If not, we have little future to look forward too.

  29. Southern Girl

    Woke up this morning at 5:00 am. I just want you to know I am a practicing Catholic . You know all this pedophile and homosexual priests, bishops, and cardinals that is going on?? I have listened to Mark Taylor and have read the prophesy he wrote in January of this year about the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. I think this is just the beginning of the sexual abuse, corruption, etc. to be uncovered.

    I told my priests this morning how angry, hurt, betrayed , etc. He knew I was visibly upset. He said remember I told the whole church a couple of Sundays ago how angry I was and still am. He just recently became a priest from Venezuela now in our diocese.
    With me waking it all seem to come together. The Pope refuses to step down and they cannot make him. Now each diocese will have to decide if they stay with this Pope or leave. If they stay they will be complicit to the crime. I will have to find a priest who is against this Pope and go to his church, which could very well be in a house. I feel as if I will have to go through the stages of grief.

    Also told the priest that if the President wanted to he using the RICO laws could confiscate all the property and assets of the Roman Catholic Church. I believe the Dept. of Justice will start their own investigation into every diocese the America. This needs to be done to root out all the evil men that have infiltrated our church. We will be a smaller church but a better one. Hope you have Mark Taylor on soon.

    • john duffy

      The church has been opted by a homosexual cabal of perverts. The police have to get involved.

    • Bob

      It’s all in the playbook, Alta Vendita, the permanent instruction against the church. Bella Dodd said in her book “School of Darkness” that the communists trained thousands of priests for infiltration.

      The Pope’s main saving grace is that he is so bad it’s obvious he is an infiltrator on a mission to destroy the church. He’s just not as subtle as he needs to be to carry out his mission to completion. I mean, what real pope kisses Muslims’ feet and prays in a Mosque. That’s not something a real pope would do. A real pope would start a Holy Crusade and remove them from Europe immediately!
      After Trump’s second term he should run for pope.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Ummm…for the record…a lot of people believe Trump is not a part of the single political system. Don’t single-out Catholics.

  30. Stephen Miller

    Two US F-15 Jets Strike Deir ez-Zor With Banned Phosphorus Shells – Russian MoD
    20:06 09.09.2018
    (updated 20:09 09.09.2018)
    0 05

    • Frederick

      Banned by who I’ve read that the Israelis and Saudis use white phosphorous all the time It’s only banned officially In reality these people do what they Please and the results are horrendous

  31. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! I would like to share this as well. “NOW! Eyes On Bitcoin, Cryprocurrency, Gold, Silver, AND A WARNING.” By Gregory Mannarino CLICK HERE:

    • paul ...

      But let’s all keep in mind that … your gold and silver coins “are immune” to an EMP blast … while crypto will fry … along with “all other electronic forms money”!

      • paul ...

        Seeing as how citizens in Argentina are pulling their money out of their banks like crazy for fear the system may freeze up … … I would think bitcoin holders are now panicking out of crypto for the same reason!! … remember if war with Russia goes full throttle they have teams of expert computer hackers that can take down the entire “electronic financial and banking system in the US” (including Bitcoin)!!

        • paul ...

          Remember there are only 180 paper currencies on planet Earth … but there are now 1,926 crypto currencies (and still growing exponentially) … the big joke is that cryptos were supposed to be “limited in amount that could be created” … but as it turns out are “unlimited” … an infinite amount can be created … the crypto charts may look like they have bottomed … but there is nothing tangible or rare about crypto … they can all crash to zero! …

        • Frederick

          Why would anybody be dumb enough to keep their money in the bank with the “bail in” laws in effect anyway for two percent per annum interest

    • Marcus

      How he heck dose Bitcoin pay if you have an EMP attack, are you up to speed with what Dave just told us.
      PM’s in your pocket mate, don’t fool us with Bitcoin and EMP in the same time frame.

      • Frederick

        I would imagine Bitcoin would be useless in such a scenario and credit cards as well Cash and precious metals would rule the day no doubt

  32. Paul from Indiana

    Let’s say Janda is right. Aren’t we glad to have this information and his insight? Let’s say Janda is wrong. How are we any worse off for his presentation here? He’s trying to connect the dots. If he is wrong, the best we can possibly hope for is that we are just an incompetent society, living for the moment, and surrendering to our basest instincts and headed for chaos. I hope Janda is right, yet I fear he may be wrong. Best always. PM

  33. SusanD

    Thank you so much! Great interview. Here we go! Hold on for the ride!

  34. Southern Girl

    Thanks for having Dr. Dave on. And it was more than 30 minutes. I subscribed to his channel.

  35. Greg Hunter

    Just like you and your selective outrage with the gang rapes and violence with radical Muslims in your country.

    • Frederick

      Greg Rape and sexual abuse by ANYONE is not to be tolerated PERIOD

      • Greg Hunter

        I is in the UK and Germany and if people complain they get jailed like Tommy Robinson. That was my point. I’ll bet they don’t get away with the lawless crap in Turkey>

        • Frederick

          No they don’t The few rape cases that I’ve seen in the newspapers the perpetrators get either a long jail sentence or the family of the girl gets ahold of them Which I strongly endorse by the way

        • Greg Hunter

          I L L E G A L A L I E N S Let’s call them what they are here in America. The bad guys are flooding the country with them to collapse it just like the UK.

      • Diane

        Greg’s right. In London it seems to be encouraged.

    • Greg Hunter

      Being “dealt with” in the UK- Bull crap. Light sentences and few are prosecuted. Violent crime is on the rise right along with the radical Muslim population being forced on UK taxpayers by the Globalists in the EU. By the way, Trump can’t change statute of limitation laws just like your commie radical Islam loving hero Corbyn.

    • Charles

      How about the permanent damage to the victims. That can never be dealt with. Liberals like you have no sympathy for victims until its one of their loved ones.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are an atheist and godless. Any excuse to beat up on Christianity but not a word about your Christ denying pedophile Muslims. Of course the Catholics did not know this because it was kept secret.

  36. Jerry

    Please have Dr. Dave on again for updates. My on the ground intel is confirming everything he is saying. A few weeks ago one of my sources reported seeing several of these in truck stop.
    military portable satellite towers seen

    For along time many emergency responders in my area, have said there has been a general concern over an EMP attack here in the heartland. No doubt the “Deep State” will do it 911 style by blaming terrorist.

  37. margie

    I am trying to understand from the interview WHEN exactly things will get very bad, my understanding is from mid September? So starting midseptember we should count on things collapsing? or could it be leading up to the elections in November? I mean, I’m wondering if from midseptember I need to count on no income and everything crashing? Or will it be over a few weeks starting from mid september? I’m hoping for some comments on this just to give myself a bit of clarity and figure out what to do. Any feedback and comments on this would be ever so much appreciated!

    Thank you for this interview Greg, and for all the other ones!

    • Greg Hunter

      Get ready and stay ready.

    • Jerry

      The last primary is Thursday.

      Dr. Dave said the movement on indictments would begin after the primary elections. Clearly the deep state is rattled. In my state George Soros is spending a fortune trying to get Claire McCaskle re-elected. You can smell the panic.

    • Diane

      Margie…no one knows for sure from one day to the next, but like Greg says …get ready and stay ready.
      Do the best you can to get out of debt.
      Most important to have close family and or friends network.
      Dont try to go it alone.
      Strength in good neighbors.
      I live in a small town in the big bad state of California, but my community helps each other in emergencies…we’ve had earthquakes, fires and power blackouts for days and everyone helped others.
      Fear not Margie…you’ll make it.

  38. alan

    Hi Greg and thank you for your work.
    The website Dave mentioned in regard to Qanon analysis is not Neon Report but It is THE authority for anything pertaining to Qanan information.
    Bless you.

  39. chuck

    Dr. Janda is absolutely correct to be concerned about Pence. The problem with Pence is spiritual – his background is that of a Jesuit. Jesuits are no friend of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, which are laws founded on Biblical truths. In fact, the Jesuits are mortal enemies of everything America stands for. In bible prophecy there is a warning to a modern end time counterpart to King Jeroboam, in this prophecy Jeroboam is killed and war is instigated in the house of Israel. Israel in this instance is not the land of Judah, which is the land in the Middle East, but rather the U.S. The problem with Jeroboam, that God took issue with, was the fact that Jeroboam institutionalized false religion.

    To go into further detail into this subject would take quite some time -in fact it would take a book such as, Perverting the Promised Land, to give those interested a full comprehensive understanding of the current situation we are now about to enter into – but suffice it to say that the U.S. is now entering a time of existential crisis not seen since the invasion and captivity of Ancient Israel. This crisis, where our historic national enemies will prevail against us, is well documented throughout the Bible, is brought about by God as punishment for our collective national sins and will result in the killing of 2/3 of the present population and the carrying away into slavery of the remaining 1/3. The destruction of America, emanating from the combined forces of Europe, Asia and Latin America, is the necessary precursor to the rise of the next global superpower – a German led, Vatican backed church-state resurrected Holy Roman Empire, called a beast, whose spiritual mark of authority is the forced observance of a Sunday day of rest . Only a national repentance, led by Trump, using the example of Lincoln, and observed by the majority of the people, will possibly put this judgement aside – but this is highly unlikely.

  40. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Dr Janda (again)…

    Abolish the Federal Reserve (!!!)
    Repeal the 19th Amendment
    Return ALL passports
    Withdraw all mechanisms by which passports have been withheld
    Rescind ALL orders for child support (retroactively)
    Eliminate ALL arrears
    Repeal VAWA
    Repeal Title IV-D of the Social Security Act
    Repeal the Bradley Amendment
    Repeal Title IX
    Return ALL proceeds of which conscientious men have been defrauded
    Tell the truth to all children who’ve been separated forcibly from their fathers

    We’ll never get anywhere unless our gov’t tells the truth… it’ll set you free.

    And many other items. (Feel free to continue the list…)

    None of these things have happened yet. I haven’t even seen funding cut or reduced for these programs, laws and bureaucracies. Until all of them do happen, nothing’s changed. Yes… it’s all or nothing. And it must be swift. (As a matter of fact, not only has this broadcast or the President not fixed any or all these items, but I haven’t heard even lip-service to any of them, except maybe the Fed – and that has concerned only audit and not abolishment.)

    There may or may not be a reset, but who cares? It won’t affect me or anyone else in this country who matters (I’m too old and so are lots of other men – it’s too late – Hilary Clinton is too old to hang by her skinny neck from a yard-arm and mean anything to men like me who’ve been persecuted by her and her malevolent familiars for decades).

    The reset is for the communist oligarchs. Not the proletariat. And certainly not the slaves. Once again, Greg, you’re being distracted by a lot of hand-waving and smoke and mirrors. None of this is the real story. It’s theater. A slight-of-hand. I would expect you as a journalist to see that.

    • chuck

      Have you ever noticed how every SCOTUS decision against the interests of the nation at large and every EO issued by presidents that trample on the greater rights of the people all have used the 14th Amendment as their point of reference? The 14th Amendment effectively nullified the first 9 amendments and turned these God-given rights into mere privileges granted by the state that can, at the whim of any politician, be rescinded. The 14th amendment gave the corrupt politicians and corporate lobbies the foundation to build an empire, beginning with the Slaughterhouse cases. If any amendment needs to be abolished it is this 14th one.

  41. iwitness02

    I have been worried that the flag draped casket was empty and the senator was really in Argentina, or some such thing. Then Gov. Kasichs’ statement came out and that added a whole new twist. The intrigue never stops. Especially with Graham bringing up Military Tribunals at Kavanaughs’ hearings. Back in Oct. 2017 the voices exposing corruption was like a wee little voice in the wilderness. Now in Sept. 2018 the wee little voice has become the roar of a lion. I have seen history in the making while in DaNang, then on the Oriskany in the Gulf of Tonkin, then at the New York World Trade Center, the Middle East and now Wash DC. This is the first time that I have felt hopeful about the things I am seeing in history. Although the reset to law and order and the reset of the global economy hangs overhead like dark clouds. When the morning comes that the sun breaks through the clouds, I believe there will be a wonderful new world for those who inherit it. Epic times, for sure. Thank you Greg and Dave for being part of the lions’ roar.

  42. LA Lewis

    Thank you Greg for having Dave on. I believe the information Dave shared today is spot on. Been doing a lot of research and have found more than what I wanted to know. Deep state is so evil and demonic that if every person would take a red pill and do the research themselves,no one i mean no-one would let their children out of there site. Its pure demonic satanic bliss evil!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe how far back all this satanic rituals and who was and is involved. The whole state of Arkansas is nothing but a pedifile ring of transfer. Horrible horrible stuff. Keep your armor on and pray for our families, country, and the protection of our president. God help us this is so deep and vulgar. Never thought for a minute it would be like this. In Jesus name stay safe and yes Q is real.

  43. george

    The Whitehouse is being wired bugged .Passed Oboma CIA State Department and FBI.

  44. george

    TheWitehouse is being wired tape by former Oboma oficials.

  45. Mike R

    Dave Janda could be spot on, about the mole. With one little twist that nobody has considered or mentioned. That is, Trump has been monitoring and searching for disloyalty from day one. He has his confidante’s looking for it too, and in fact, they identified this mole previously as problematic, ‘befriended’ him with like minded pretend “obama loyalists” and then set him up, encouraging him to go to the NY times. This person or mole will be eventually outed by Trump, and his staff, and tried and convicted for treason, to be made an example of by Trump to WARN, and scare off the rest of the former Obama Loyalists throughout the entire administration. In other words, it looks like Woodward and these other rats are trying to make Trump ‘paranoid’ but the reality is actually Trump is playing 4 D chess, and 10 steps ahead of these fools. There will be some nice “surprises” forthcoming before mid terms, and this particular NY Times piece, is one of Trump’s signals that heads will roll big time in many different ways, timed properly before mid terms.

    The cue here, has existed since 3 years ago, and that is whenever it looks darkest for Trump, even before he became President, major surprises occur that turn out bad for his enemies and people trying to take him down. Just watch. Trump knows how these fools operate, and peeled eons of ‘intelligence’ about the swamp for years from his befriending of people like the scummy Clintons. Now he is using all these years of DC operative insider ‘knowledge’ to just pummel those who have been sabotaging America, and hurting Americans. One step at a time. Folks, one step at a time. Trump has a very unique way of setting people up for massive failure, and it nearly always makes it look like Trump will be nailed. If you look just at the example of the 16 candidates who ran against him, and they had no clue what hit any of them, and his every tactic worked against them, and they kept dropping like flies. He did it to Hillary, when she thought for sure she would win, as did Obama, when they thought they had EVERYTHING rigged against Trump so she could win and continue Obama’s agenda. They were ALL SHOCKED, when she still failed. They are still in total disbelief.
    Trump’s a VSG.

  46. Harold Swift

    Under the probable consequences of a NATIONAL deep state incident, MARTIAL LAW IS THE WAY TO GO. Military tribunal justice under the UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE would prevent the cannibalistic sideshow atmosphere of what our civil court system has become. Yes, they have every reason to be worried as what they have done is punishable by death under the law in view of high treason.

    • Bill

      Harold Swift; Do you think we could rely on our Justice Department to properly try and bring to Justice all the deep state criminals that are indicted, since some of them are a part of the deep state. So we need our military tribunals.

  47. Mitchell Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Dave, God Bless You and the work you do. The day of reckoning is near for these people who have knowingly; willingly and thoughtfully sold their souls to do the devils work. When you had Mark Taylor on your show I got a message from God. The message was quite simple, Those around me who were doing the devils work would finally be held accountable for their sins. The last year has been devastating for them. Two of them in prison and the other (now my x after 24 years monogamous relationship) totaled her car; losing her mom after 6 years of caregiving in the most awful way; her best friends cancer just returned; her brother had a stroke and is not good w/stents just implanted this past week. … and God showed me the demon in her. I never took her stories about attending a House of Ravenwood induction ceremony seriously. I do today and work to shut her lying manipulative demonic ways as I moved forward leaving 24 years of the life I built here and am starting from scratch. I was reborn 4 years ago as I recovered from sleep apnea and as my mind cleared so did my vision of those around me.

    So Thank You for what you do Greg your neighbor here in Southern Virginia,

    Mitchell Bupp

  48. john

    That was a scary interview.

  49. Jodyp

    I agree with Dr. Janda, from the get go this letter smelled. Whatever the left throws at Teflon Don, slides right off. I quit getting flustered by these commie fools. I’m back to enjoying the real reality show.

  50. Leslie

    Greg!!! Dr. Dave Janda was referencing NEON REVOLT… ( NOT Neon Report. NEON REVOLT is on the chans…super smart. Great articles.

  51. susan

    okay, here we are, trying to do the best that we can and help and live for those who need us. Many rant and rave about those who are “good guys” and “bad guys” trying to determine what is best for our country. The majority of people who think they are so “intelligent” don’t have a clue what is best for our country. I so wish people would go beyond their politics and want to just pay attention to what could truly benefit all people, not only those who are in a person’s bowl. I have been a “prepper” and have been working toward taking care of my community, not so much for myself but for God’s children. There is so much out there to help us get us get ready for what is coming.

  52. Joseph Wagner

    All plausible and convincing. Thank you Greg!
    What struck me was that just last evening I was reading ‘Democracy In Chains’ by Nancy MacLean. On page xxii of the Introduction Mike Pence (top paragraph) is referenced in a rather negative way. Dr. Janda sounded equally unimpressed by the Vice President.

  53. Anthony Australia

    We are screwed.

    Used to be the ‘Lucky Country’ in Australia. Still care to live here?

    Oh, don’t mention the African migration, home invasions were unheard of before.

  54. Hockey Puck

    Hi Greg. Another great interview – one that unfortunately unveils the schism within the “truth movement” itself.

    Let’s face it! None of us know what the future holds and talk of an imminent EMP strike, real or hypothetical, is enough to make anyone tremble. So, in reading everyone’s comments, it’s no surprise that the emotional tone, pro and con, was so intense!

    In the end, there is only one question: What is the truth that will set us free? The answer? We don’t know! We really don’t. If we did, we’d all be walking on water by now.

    The result is that we are all reduced to speculation. It can be religious speculation, geopolitical, economic, psychological… in the end we don’t know and that’s why we’re scared.

    Probably the most balanced point of view in this discussion came from Jim Sinclair a few weeks ago when he said (47:57) “…Bill and I will have to come to a conclusion that, for some reason, he (Mr. Trump) is not his own master. We hope he is his own master!” Well said. Jim! We don’t know! And that’s the problem, isn’t it?

    On the positive side, I see Mr. Trump as probably the most courageous president since Abraham Lincoln. When I try to put myself in his shoes, I am awestruck. How could anyone even contemplate taking on the power of the Deep State? Seriously? How could anyone think they could walk into a den of thieves, nay rabid criminals, thousands of them, and triumph? That’s real chutzpah… the kind of stuff we’ve not seen in a very long time.

    On the negative side, the idea that the Neocons control “The Agenda” is a very persuasive argument. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, in his most recent interview, makes this point very well:

    …But maybe the argument, ultimately, is invalid. Why?

    A war is not won in a day. It takes weeks, months, years to win a war! There are battles… many battles… some ugly, some absolutely brutal. During this time, you keep your friends close, you keep your enemies closer, and you never show your hand.

    That’s the reality Mr. Trump faces… not only with the Deep State, but also his own party, his own cabinet, and sadly, with the American people themselves who are so clueless that the vast majority don’t even know a war is going on and will, on a moment’s notice, vote their pocketbook again… as sheep always do. Mr. Trump may only have 2 years left in office and he knows it. With rising interest rates, the economy could easily implode. He’ll get blamed for it, of course (another Deep State lie) and that I think is the scariest proposition of all. Will people vote for him in 2020 if we are in a depression? Does he have enough time to win this war? Or is he smart enough to use the coming “reset” as a powerful “Trump” card.

    The President needs our prayers and the time to act is now! Stay tuned! We are witnessing history in the making! Future Shakespeares will write plays about this time.

  55. R.J.

    southern girl spot on. i was raised a catholic but i am not happy with this pope. i am not happy with the immense wealth and power of the vatican this does not equate with the teachings of Jesus

  56. WD

    My sister has been an oncology nurse for 17 years. She is not political at all. She was unaware of John McCain and his history.

    We were watching his funeral and I filled her in on the details and that he had died from glioblastoma cancer and that he died because they stopped treating him “yesterday”. She replied that is impossible, “he should have live at least another few weeks”. She then saw pictures of John McCain the week before his death and she said that it ” must have been a mis-diagnosis because she has never seen a patient with glioblastoma look that good for as long as he had it.
    She emphatically told me…” no he could not have had glioblastoma not possible. I dont know how but they must have got it wrong.
    I kid you not!


    • Frederick

      The fact that he died 24 hours after stopping the chemo treatment didn’t sound right to me either And I’m not a medical professional but like building 7 it just doesn’t pass the smell test to me anyway

      • WD

        That is exactly what she said….sorry did not put it out right

    • Diane

      Very interesting WD

    • Stephen Miller

      WOW! Was Q right? “John MaCain put to death” John Kasich!

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for the report, WD!

      • WD

        To expand my sister told me at minimum 6-7 days. But not the next day. Just wont happen. She said him dying within 24 hours of them stopping treatment….is impossible.

        • john

          Depends if he was on steroids and when/if it was discontinued – there may have been mass effect from the tumor leading to a herniated brain stem. He could have had a seizure and went into status. He may have had bleeding in the brain – saying that these scenarios are impossible would not be accurate.

    • Bob

      Rumor has it he was given the option: die or trial for his evil activities.
      He took option 1.

      • Tonya M

        My thoughts were the same. Does anyone know for certain he had glioblastoma?!? I think this explains McCain saying he was going out on his terms and also the reason why Meghan was so mad at Trump.
        McCain was responsible for his own traitorous doings, all of them

  57. Donald

    QUESTION!!! …. f o r …. Dr. Dave Janda!

    Here is a question I have – do you happen to have any sources that know if the Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview of 1976 is authentic or fake? I believe it came out in the early 1990s but was supposedly made in 1976. If true, it answers a lot.

  58. Marcus

    Trump needs to stay out of Idlib , Benny wants war for the Zionists to take over Gas lines, Trumppy will do as he is told, No EMP I read Nukes coming for the Deep states kitchen sink……Stay out of Syria like you said you would …Trump has flipped Just ask Dr Paul Craig Roberts…..

  59. foggygoggles

    I’m a believer in the legitimacy of Q. Wish Dave would have spoken to the legitimacy of intelligence agents, Robert Caron and Joshua Macias, as well as the site, Both of these men gave a great interview with Ann Vandersteel on http://www.yourvoice It can also be viewed on youtube:

  60. Bill

    GREG: A Question;
    Might you, or some other watchdogger know how to bury PMs in the ground so they are undeteceable by the metal detector ?

    • Jodyp

      Place in pvc pipe and glue end caps. Bury at least several feet deep. Add some iron to the hole (old pipe fittings,angle iron pieces, any scrap) and bury scrap around the hole area to help thwart detection.

  61. Lake M


    Dr P.C.Roberts, in a recent blog, said he knows who wrote the op-ed piece in the NYTimes.
    He states the author was… the NYTimes.

    It certainly smells like fake news.

  62. Freddy Da Freeloader

    Bannon: Trump facing crisis not seen since days of Abraham Lincoln
    Former White House strategist says NYT op ed part of ‘coup’
    Bannon regularly invokes history when passing judgment
    Reuters in Rome,10 Sep 2018 09.58 EDT.

  63. Stephen Miller

    Treasonous Democratic Party
    The Democrats insane hatred of Trump deplorables has firmly allied the Democrats with the corrupt military/security complex in a plot to overthrow the elected President of the United States.

  64. Fran Tarkington

    Jim Kunstler: “I’m Worried We Can’t Handle What’s Coming” by Tyler Durden
    Mon, 09/10/2018 – 16:25

    And so the Golden Golem of Greatness re-enters the hall of mirrors that Syria has become. The US intelligence “community” has informed the US Media that Syrian President Assad is planning a new gas attack on Idlib Province, where a ragtag army of US-backed “rebels” (ISIS, etc) remain holed up against Assad’s forces backed by Russian air support . Have we seen this movie before? ( Yup!)

  65. flattop

    GREG: A brilliant move.
    McCabe is going before a grand jur
    Pres Trump speaks of releasing McCabe and Ohrs emails
    That’s a warning to McCabe saying, if you lie to the Grand Jury I will release you emails showing you lied.
    Anyone who lies to a Grand Jury is in serious trouble

  66. Bob

    … but they could fake an EMP by shutting down certain services such as cellphone networks.

  67. susan

    Just for everyone’s info: Two great books about life after an EMP…..”One Second After” by William-R.-Forstchen. For those really wanting to get into it….”Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles. Also, Jim Sinclair (JSMineset) has had fantastic information pertaining to SHTF.

  68. paul ...

    You know in “real” life the “three stooges” were a comedy act … … however in this “fake” life we are living in … the “three stooges” come across as “respectable banksters”!!

  69. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  70. Jerry

    For those still awake. The insertion of the Chinese Trojan horse as laid out by Bloomberg.

  71. Steve Northrup

    Greg, I love your show and watch every one of them. Q is fake news which is supposedly what we are trying to expose with the likes of CNN. This seriously has the optics of George Soros or the DNC. I was into it at first but when the power went of at the Atlanta airport and Q was saying something about Fox 1 shooting down a corporate jet it became clear to watch for other falsities. Unirock had many shows ( I know it was hard to watch because his show stretched out for many hours) with them telling on themselves and deleting any post bringing attention to the fake news they are spouting. They have people believing in Sessions and Mueller. Why continue to listen to these folks who have nothing to back them up! I love your show but you have to start calling out the BS of people like Dave Janda! He is hurting whatever creds he may have had.

  72. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Janga
    Appalling still many of the status quo will be voted into power.

  73. Mike Strohmier

    Another great interview with Dave Janda. As kind of a follow-up from the last one, have you or he heard anything else about John Brennan? Also, in light of Hurricane Florence barrelling toward the Carolinas, has he heard anything regarding weather manipulation (bearing in mind that something like this would fall into Dave Wiggington’s wheelhouse)?

  74. MCasey

    Closure of National Solar Observatory remains shrouded in secrecy.

    A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service told ABC 7 …. “We were told on September 6th that we would be evacuated along with the surrounding area, we were not told why,” Rod Sturgeon said, “We were told just to be out of the area.”

    fyi….Near White Sands Missile Range; Holloman Air Force Base, Roswell NM, (Trinity Site – Atomic Bomb)…..interesting. Locals think it
    has something to do with something mailed to and thru two U.S. Post Offices. Or the P.O. closures are a red herring? Or maybe something about the coronal hole solar wind stream arriving September 10, 11, 12? Could we ever trust the government to tell us the truth about anything? Like everything else, we’ll never know the truth….today on 9/11 is a good example of that.

  75. JMartin

    This Q Anon business – Q is like Nostradamus, three people get three different interpretations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I choose not to pay attention.

  76. Twox2

    Very weird story…if one wanted to disguise an EMP attack as a solar flare, you might start by shutting down access to information. Other sources are available, but not in the major U.S. media.

  77. wayne visauer

    build the wall and save billions, 5 billion would be a bargan, we spent more on the library in the middle east. it cost billions a year just to house the prisoners that commit crimes that cross the border. the liberals act like 3 year old morons. bring in marshall law and arrest all the deep state and if found guilty, hang them on tv.

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