Dems Made it Up Again, Impeachment Desperation, Economic Crash

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 403 9.27.19)

It looks like the Democrat Party is fabricating another hoax to try, once again, to remove President Donald Trump from office, or at least hurt his chances for a second term. The Deep State and Democrats have teamed up with a “partisan” so-called whistleblower that has concocted a report with no real firsthand knowledge of a crime during a phone call to the new President of Ukraine. The DOJ said the President has committed no crime. On top of that, connections to Democrats abound that the whole thing is another hoax in an attempt to frame the President for something he did not do, which is to ask for an investigation into Joe Biden for alleged corruption in Ukraine. According to new information, it looks like the Ukrainians were already investigating what happened in 2016 in terms of election meddling and corruption, but it is the Democrats who are in the crosshairs.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she is going full steam ahead for an impeachment of President Trump. She says the President “broke his oath of office,” but is that really true or is this a political play for the 2020 election? Many on the Right say there is no case for impeachment and no laws were broken. This appears to be a desperate play by Democrats ahead of 2020 for an election they think they cannot win. The other reason Dems are desperate is that the hammer of justice looks like it could be falling for the last hoax and failed coup concocted by Democrats and propelled by the propaganda mainstream media.

Could there be an economic crash? Yes. Housing numbers have just come in, and home sales have rebounded. On the retail side, there are a record number of store closings scheduled–12,000 from various companies by years end. Is this why the Fed is having funding problems in the repo market for the last few weeks, or is there another bigger reason banks need funding?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. (Update: You Tube has, once again, demonetized this video!!! It must be something you need to hear.  Enjoy!!)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Rob Kirby will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He is an expert in the derivatives market and gold market, along with being a macroeconomic analyst.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Superb. Again.
    No wonder the Deep State is getting desperate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William! Greg

      • Mike R

        You are SO SPOT on Greg. We need EVERY American to comprehend what you are saying here. This is dead serious, and we are talking an active coup by the dems, globalists, etc to attempt to once again TRY to oust Trump.
        I believe martial law, and Trump declaring a national emergency, is the ONLY way to immediately stop these high crimes, treason, and coup.

    • Margie

      I read an article in ZH, which lays out WHY the impeachment, they are hoping to open impeachment, which allows them to investigate, question and pull up all kinds of other stuff, just like they did with the russia gate thing, and hoping to do it before or during the election cycle, to smear trump. Sounds kind of plausible. Just dribble drabble out a bunch of stuff that makes Trump, supposedly look bad.

  2. R. Patrick

    I WISH you would have some person on for FRIDAY! I like you and your honesty! I dont like your OPINION PER SE. Its better to have a perspective from a variety of people besides a man that is clearly Bipolar! JMO after 32 years as a investigator! I have financially contributed to your efforts but refuse to listen to your crazy tangents any longer. Grow Up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank troll “Patrick” for letting me know I am over the target.

      • Diane

        You have made a difference Greg.
        The last thing these Marxist want to hear is the TRUTH.
        R PATSY……go to #^!! !

      • Tommy

        Your Weekly Wrap-Up is what I look forward to every Friday. I love your take on things and I learn so much from your 25-40 minute segments. Never stop giving us the wrap-up.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tommy. I know it is low tech but I put a lot of work into it all week long. Thank you for the very kind words. You make it worth it.

          • Uncommon Sense

            Greg the economic interviews are top notch. I try to avoid the pseudo biblical stuff (e.g. Mark Taylor and Jonathan Cahn). Sunday mornings wouldn’t be the same with USA Watchdog.

            • Greg Hunter

              No problem Un, I try to avoid disbelievers and Crist deniers.

          • JC

            Greg, it’s obvious that you do put a lot work into the Wrap-Up, and what’s more, your passion and energy shines through very brightly. You are a beacon of light in a dark and gloomy world.

      • Mark James

        I love Greg’s Guests, but I look forward to his WNW each Thursday night / Friday morning. Keep up the GREAT work Greg! You do an excellent job on your analysis of the news. Thank you!

      • Russ

        Yes Greg, you are over the target. The Dems have already lost the all-important independent middle and now they are losing their own base. All this in an effort to appease a very vocal leftist minority and a few donors who really hate President Trump. This latest ploy to have an impeachment investigation will backfire…

        “It’s All Going To Help Him”: Normal Democrats See Little Upside To Impeaching Trump, Worry It Will Backfire

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        R.P. has adopted the trolling tactic of giving you a “poison cookie,” i.e. packaging his poison with supposed compliments (e.g., “I like you and your honesty! . . . I have financially contributed to you efforts . . ..” ). It’s a psychological warfare technique. It sure looks like you’ve caught the attention of the Deep State.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree William. Thank you!!!

      • Roy madison

        “IF” trump were to be impeached, the Senate would find him not guilty . Trump would then win in a landslide in 2020. If there is no impeachment trump wins in a landslide in 2020. ….

    • Rob

      Anyone who ends each video with: “Fear not our Father is clearly in control is definitely over the target in my book!

      You Patrick had better investigate the only book that matters:

    • Rodster

      But his website is FREE and no one is forcing you to listen.

    • Mike Mc

      Then don’t listen. How hard is that? Turn on CNN instead. I hear they need viewers.

      • Mike R

        It won’t be long, before Greg Hunter, a one man operation, has more viewers than CNN, a 4000 employee operation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Mike!

    • Clare Doll

      R. Patrick,
      I live for the Friday commentary. Greg’s predictions based on both feedback from the site and his own analytic abilities actually pan out better than many of the guests!

    • Ronnie

      Just go away and take your rude opinions with you. We like Greg’s chats.

    • Free Slave

      Greg is such a gracious host, even to trolls. That speaks volumes for his character.

      Listen to the opinions of people like him with an open mind. You might learn something.

    • anthony bona, m.d.

      dear r. Patrick– I just heard a new vocabulary word used by the great lionel this evening [a great conservative patriot like greg] and , wait for it, “liberhoid” [like hemorrhoid].

    • Galaxy 500

      And I wish Patrick would take his meds. Appears you are projecting your illness on Greg.

    • Jackie Traverson

      You couldn’t be more wrong Patrick. Greg is the only professional news person that I know of.

      If you don’t like something why do you listen to it? Go find someone who suits your taste there’s plenty of idiots out there.

      Thank you Greg for all you do and for keeping God real and the news.

  3. paul ...

    You know … although this impeachment is directed at Trump … it is really meant to teach a lesson to the American people … the way things have worked in America for a very long time is the Deep State Establishment guides the selection “of both” the Democratic and Republican candidates … then whichever one wins … the Deep State Establishment wins … but because this didn’t happen in Trump’s case “the American people have to be punished and taught a lesson” for thinking they could choose someone they want “outside the Establishment” … and so the American peoples choice has to be continually vilified and hit with false collusion charges … false Russian collusion, false Ukrainian collusion and false XYZ collusion charges … etc., etc., etc. … until the American people get it in their brains not to screw around with “the Establishments private thing” … the American people must learn that they are under the iron fist and total control of a Fascist/Commie/ Corporate Dictatorship (not a Republic with a Constitution that prescribes “that the people have the right to choose” the President of the United States) and when the Establishment says Hillary should be President (as she blatantly sold her soul to them … stating at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting: “Just tell me want you want me to do” ) … then by God (I mean by Satan) she should be the one elected by the people!!

  4. Paul in OZ

    If Biden is not toast, Trump is … the Ukranian Hoax serves one purpose best of all … it proves that not only was Quid pro quo used during the Obama administration … it is something that they were proud of … and … it also implicates Sotero … this video with a bragging Biden is an admission of guilt.

  5. Ronnie

    TRUMP. He may or may not have small hands…but he sure has the “biggest set,” in the USA.
    The Bum of the Month….every Friday one of them Dems and or weasels steps into the ring and Trump, ducks and weaves, and punching on for 15 rounds entertaining the Republican Deplorables.
    On the Bell he stands in the ring ….Arms raised, doin the two foot shuffle and the winners are grinners smile.
    I think 2020 could end the Democrats as a political party, 2019 was the end of their sanity.

  6. paul ...

    Stan … I notice you are calling this little downturn in gold “a crash” … base building is not a crash Stan … look at the following chart … … notice how gold took a little longer then a month to establish a base at the 1400 to 1440 level … gold is currently simply in the process of building a higher base at the 1480 to 1560 level!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … Notice to the left on this longer term chart … … that 1550 acted as strong support … but once it was broken to the downside “gold gaped down by 50 dollars” … currently 1550 is acting as strong resistance … but once it is broken to the upside “gold will likely gap up by 50 dollars to $1600!!

      • paul ...

        Even a little dip below 1480 would be “normal” Stan …

        • paul ...

          The real reason gold and silver prices dropped is because the oil price has fallen … … perhaps to close the gap or something more serious … like Trump waging “full out war” on the Deep State neocons trying to impeach him … oil prices have legged lower helped by reports of a partial Saudi cease-fire with Yemen (probably on direct orders from Trump) … erasing all the price gains since the Saudi-attack … plus a Reuters report is saying that Trump offered “to remove all Iranian sanctions” in exchange for US-Iranian talks … to screw the Deep State neocons who want war and have attacked Trump with impeachment proceedings!! …

          • paul ...

            So is peace bad for gold Stan? … I’m prepared to live with a pullback (as money is not worth the horror and blood of war) … however … Trump has it in for the banksters too … so after he takes care of the neocons … Trump could come down hard on the banksters that put all their quadrillions in derivatives onto the backs of the American people … and simply allow them all to fail … which is the better option then printing up quadrillions in new paper money … that will destroy the very meager savings of all the American people!!

            • paul ...

              And the result of destroying the banks Stan will be a return to the gold standard … which will be very bullish for gold (and silver)!!

              • paul ...

                This could be what we Patriots were all waiting for … Trump no longer being “Mr. Nice Guy” trying to work with the neocons, banksters and fake news organization … the gloves are coming off … we could begin to see some real progress … we could be out of Afghanistan, the Saudi’s out of Yemen and a “new deal” signed with Iran within weeks!!

                • paul ...

                  Trump thought he could feed the savage Troika beast (neocons, banksters and fake news media) … but it bit his hand … now he is going for his gun! … moral of the story … don’t bit the hand that feeds you!!

              • Jerry

                You are right once again.
                Good call.

            • regaleagle

              Very succinct and to the point Paul. It doesn’t require a vast resource of vocabulary to understand your obvious and logical statements for everyone to understand…….even Stan, LOL.

    • Stan

      Paul: Keep dreaming. You couldn’t read a chart if it was tattooed on your face. The Gold crash is here – as I predicted. Deal with it!

      • The Queen's Regent

        I don’t think anyone could do that unless they used a mirror. Even then the charts would be reversed. Perhaps that is why you think gold is going down.

      • paul ...

        Stan … unlike you and Warren Buffet (who look at gold as a worthless metal relic that comes out of the ground in an unrefined state … is then refined to 999 purity … and then reburied by people (who consider it worth holding as a safer play then the stock market) … here is a chart you and Buffet should have tattooed on your faces … … you don’t need to be a chart expert to read it, you don’t need to know Elliott Wave Theory, you don’t need to know Fibonacci numbers, nor Statistics, nor what the COT’s are doing … you just simply “look at it” … what it tells you is … gold rises with the stock market … and gold goes sideways when the stock market crashes … so owning gold an easy investment to live with (you simply buy and hold) … you Stan and Warren Buffet have to constantly jump in and out of your investments (to avoid being taken to the cleaners) … a much more risky endeavor (that could require a big bailout like in Buffet’s case) … now use the brains God gave you and figure what will happen to the stock market when the Fed begins QE in November (just like in Zimbabwe when exponential money printing began their stock market exploded higher) … now look at the above chart again … when the stock market begins to rise this November as QE is implemented … what do you think gold will do??? … you and Buffet will likely be selling your Bentley’s to raise cash to cover your short positions!!!

      • Justn Observer

        As many of Greg’s guests have alluded to…there will come a time there will NO PRICE on gold…since there will be no availability or desire to ‘sell’.
        while the ‘value’ of fiat will diminish due to excessive unbacked printing = Weimar, Zimbabwe, Venezuela…as which point a chart has no purpose since the line of what was and hope of what will be evaporates…and leaves one who HAS and HAS NOT.
        What trumps charts? How about statements of what is occurring and has happened definitively …of which the PM chart WILL reflect once the dust has settled…and the re-set of its value established in direct correlation to the reckless printing that has occurred…

      • Mike R

        Stan – you’ll be eating these words soon, as gold will soon be ending an intermediate cycle low, and then will be heading up nicely to $1800 before the end of the year, and likely before Thanksgiving. But thanks anyway for the temporary hack ‘smack’ talk you put on here at Gregs’ website. (which you are pretty bad at, and quite shallow btw with nothing to back any of it up.) You are website fodder just like Gina was, and just like she had to eat all of words about Hillary winning, you’ll be eating yours about gold crashing. Gina was so cocksure of herself, just like you. She was more like a guy, and you’re actually more like a girl, pretending to be a guy.

  7. bob

    thanks greg for your hard work. you have covered a lot. god bless you and all the other patriots.

    • Cassandra calling

      Patriot for which country? The blue and white one lol?

      • Galaxy 500

        Another Jew Hater? Damn, go back to the cesspool you crawled out of

  8. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    What this comes down to is the far left democrats and the like will take action and prosecute especially if the charges are false. Conservatives and republicans are of no action, even when they have a right to defend themselves they lay down and do nothing when they actually have real provable crimes, felonies, treason and other public official and public employee corruption with the proof, the U.S. justice department covers up more crime than they have ever prosecuted. The impeachment will pass in Congress and the Senate will not pass impeachment, so nothing will happen. The entire angle the deep State is working is they hate patriots, they hate President Donald Trump.

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe their plan is to have us going in circle until we forget what we are pursuing. The republicans are the controlled opposition who make sure we stay the course and not look outside the circular path.
      The bribe which Hunter Biden received from China is probably part of an operation to sabotage China’s plan to create an Asia Union similar to the EU. Biden and Kerry’s sons got the bribe in 2013, China got the wink & nod and commenced the island constructions in 2014 which pissed off almost all the nations in S.E. Asia.

      • Galaxy 500

        Bill the Shill Clinton approved sale of our missle control system tech to China. Right after that, the ChiComs upgraded their Ballistic missiles. The Clintons have a long history of selling out America to the highest bidder. The Øbamas followed in the Clinton’s footsteps

  9. Marie Joy

    This coup continues because American citizens allow it.

    • stephen

      Its not that we allow it, its the way it is in this war. On one side, if you’re a person of faith or in the conservative camp, you live under a different set of rules. I single word can destroy your entire life. Any expression of conservative values can destroy your career. I am a victim of it. Back in the military I got hit on a fitness report for saying “Christmas party” instead of “Holiday party”, By a very liberal Navy Captain. He destroyed my career based on his ideology. He was a position of power so he won. On the other side, you can use any word in the English dictionary and say or do anything no matter how reprehensible, like hold a billion dollars ransom unless a prosecutor gets fired, like smashing computers after a Congressional subpoena, or using a racial slur at a White house dinner. That “side’ owns the media, Hollywood and the democratic base. They are driving the narrative and trying to control the social conscience. Since it is only our side having our careers ruined, they appear to have the upper hand. The lies, spin and propaganda will win unless very brave folks like Greg wakes up those who are sleeping.

  10. allen ols

    people that r deceived do not know they r deceived because they r deceived.

  11. Mitchell Bupp

    Thanks, Greg another great WNW! … Jan 2016 Obama administration officials meet with 5 Ukrainians and requested they dig all the dirt they could get on Trump’s team more conspiracy FACTS, the Democrats deny! Traitor 44 & traitor VP 44 must be impeached! Democrats have accused President Trump of doing what they did in 2016! …

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct sir!

      • Diane

        Mitchell, it’s the Luciferic Inversion.
        we are not criminals….Trump is.
        You nailed it.

    • Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman


      Fredrick (Rick)

    • Tin foil hat

      It’s more like traitor P 41, P 42, VP 42?, P 43, VP 43, P 44, VP 44 and VP 45? The swamp is deep as an ocean.

      I suspect P 43 passed out envelopes to the major players/traitors at P 41’s funeral stating that he’s out.

  12. Cole

    This is a global attack on our President and our nation. I’m afraid snakes in the Senate establishment/global cabal may follow along with the treasonous democrats. I pray for Trump and our country against this vile corruption from within. I don’t think enough people around the world understand that this is all out war between us and the global elite who themselves are just using all these “groups” as voters by pretending to care when in reality, they are no better than pawns.

  13. Ivan

    The Council on Foreign Relations

  14. Tommy

    The latest Democrat shenanigans prove that the whole Russian/Trump collusion, obstruction of justice and the 2+year Mueller investigation were just a ruse. Although they have kept up saying that Trump colluded, obstructed, etc. they quickly jettisoned that fable and latched onto this new tale with Pelosi announcing a “formal impeachment inquiry”. But wait, there was no call for a roll call vote authorizing the Judiciary Committee to begin an investigation. So they vacillate. We’re going to impeach, but we’re not going to take a vote. More nonsense, but aside from the obvious laughable antics of these people, it does the country absolutely no good.

  15. stephen

    This article says this new hoax, and it is a hoax, is to get out in front of the 2020 election. Maybe, my thought on it is that is maybe an attempt to get out in front of the Horowitz report. This distraction is intended to take the steam out of the corruption from the deep state. They will frame the findings as political and dismiss Barr as a political pundit for Trump. It smacks of desperation. It does indicate what we may already know, this country is at war. It’s not all that difficult to see the “sides”. The combatants are on either side of the double standard. On one side the truth really doesn’t matter and the law is not something needed to be adhered to. Nor does the truth.

  16. Dan Fruth

    Great show Greg…This is a “Gift from God” to see the kind of government we would be saddled with IF we let the globalists take control of this country….Lies and deception and absolutism…. “They have become a law unto themselves, seeing they refuse to conform to the truth” He may not be perfect, but Thank God for Trump!!

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg, Like getting a fine tri-tip end of every week…with a talented butcher putting in a professional wrap.
    Taskforce was right…and she was found dead under suspicious circumstances…but it appears she nailed the crew doing the Trump take down and why. Crowdstrike and drugs for weapons going thru the Ukaine? = Biden being played (compromised?) ?
    Pompeo and Flynn put this rumor spreader into the Whitehouse… Maybe POTUS needs to rethink Pompeo’s/Flynn/Pence advise and analysis? Is POTUS Trump being given the truth in the daily briefs? Thank God POTUS Trump does have synapse connecting and a good bus. nose on things smelling fishy. Must be the decades of doing bus. in NYC ! lol
    Watnick Was Eyes And Ears For Sue Gordon and Morell. Cofer Black Was Uke Gun

    everyone needs to watch and demand transparency on all evidence in Flynn trials and the partners of Gen. Flynn , Ukraine and Turkey etc.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you J O!

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, If true …anti is upped….add about 70 more murders, weapons payback, Biden cover for the operations involving Strok including Whitey Bulger family, under Mueller, Heinz/Kerry family, etc..more of Taskforce x drug and child trafficking investigator officer turned journalist investigator Jen Moore’s work? Almost too corrupt to believe!.
      Time is of the essence now as ‘their’ team ramps up to try and take POTUS Trump down…’they’ are desperate now…the crimes appear to be wide and deep…and gives little wonder why they would go so far as attempt a coup. Treason- murder- money laundering, child trafficking, and drugging the population for cash to pay for it all?
      Almost too much to believe so much can go so long…without ‘complicit’ media heads/their anchors…and writers…all should be involved …all part of one grand conspiracy? Grand juries needed at federal and state levels and private attorneys prepping lawsuit for the familys of the children, the drug victims, the injured and dead military families etc…. Total use and seizure by the EO POTUS Trump set out early on ! CRUNCH TIME?

  18. Country Codger

    Lo Iyrah!

  19. Robert

    Why is the news and all the hearings always about Trump and how he’s so despicable? When is Barr going to go after all those trying to topple this government? When is all the treason by the deep state and their Democratic party shills going to be the story? When are the majority Republican senators going to hold hearings against those involved in this coup against Trump?

    • Justn Observer

      Not really a ‘party’ thing…there are ‘compromised’ and bribed on both sides… see post above and follow the breadcrumbs…same crew and ilk that took down JFK and many that were rat-lined into U.S. = Gehlen Odessa + OSS = CIA working the will of the ‘old money’ here and Europe/Prussia. GLADIO/NATO … the world is a stage and is played out in regional theaters of endless wars by leaders of all… Just mafia duping the constituents in their sectors to fear each other = protection racket. As the leaders meet in Davos/Aspen/Bilderberg and plan their next events for profits and excuse for more taxes.
      Weapons bought with the sale of drugs and child trafficking…to ‘humpty dumpty’ the next ”’dictator”’ and install another that will sell off that nations wealth and resources enter agreements with the ‘pay to play’ crews and cut up the new dough-nation inside the ‘$$$GREEN $$$zones!’

      • regaleagle

        Atta Boy, J.O…….tell it like it really is to all those veiwing in each week here to the hottest jounalistic alternative news reporting on Planet Earth!!! As we say in Texas……Wheeee Doggies!!! NOT Justn Observer, but a very Astute Factfinder as well. Thanks for all your input each week. And who can really say enough about what Greg does, Huh?

    • Robert

      Justn, that’s my fear. That the USA is going to be divided up and sold off. Especially the western states will be sold to China.

      • regaleagle

        I’d like to see them try to sell or even take Texas! Nosiree Bob……that will NEVER happen without some serious bloodspilling……I can almost guarantee that! And guess who will jump in with us??? Half the South, that’s all. We’ve got enough here to be our own Republic again and a size bigger, stronger, wealthier, and militarized more than any other state in the USA and more than all but a few nations on the entire planet. Don’t Mess with Texas…….or you’ll die to regret it!!

  20. steve pool

    the problem I see, is that even if trump wins in 2020, if we the people do not replace him with the sane thought process, then we will just have it all overturned when he leaves office

    • Arthur Barnes

      I see your astute comment as very likely. Having said that, if Trump does win in 2020 there is an old saying I hope comes homes to roost on Demogods like Pelosi and Company: Paybacks a bitch!

  21. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, you really may have figured it out, maybe some indictments are coming down. Pelosi sure when bonkers pretty early without any testimony, transcripts, or written reports of the alledged “high crimes & misdemeanors”. One thing is sure: our democracy cries out for justice against the actors of the failed coup. The wicked 100, aka, the house democrats with a few scattered senators, are out to destroy our President at any cost. This must stop and stop soon or the foundations of democrary will be shaken & civl unrest will soon follow.

  22. Mort Coleman

    What if the plan included this complaint as bait to see if the Dems and MSM would run with it, to open up investigation into Ukraine and it’s interference into the 2016? Is our President seem to be projecting a worried atmosphere in the WH? Is he the prince of reality television? The 2020 campaign raised over 10 million dollars in the first 48 hours after the speaker of the house announced an impeachment inquiry. The deep state thinks impeachment proceedings will protect compromised congressmen and senators from indictments while it continues to be the witch hunt that it is. It will not work. Boomerang. Projection. Mirror. WWG1WGA.

  23. Horsenut

    Breath Greg,,,, Slow down a bit, we’re with you. You going to give yourself stoke.
    Calm down….. LOL

    • Greg Hunter

      I always get this way when communists/globalists try to take over America.

  24. Leo

    great wrap up Greg is it really possible to impeach Trump with out the senate also 2/3 conviction and would that not be the beginning of civil war. Why oh why cant the POTUS abolish the CIA and the FBI they are treasonous rats. Democrats are nefarious to the bone.

  25. Ed Milligan

    Why is it Soros’s name always pops up when treasonous behavior is being investigated?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good Question! Greg

    • Mark James

      Very interesting. More interesting how he seems to have eluded being tried for sedition! Drain the swamp, and Soros will be at the bottom!!

    • Justn Observer

      Who did Soros work for in Germany? Why does anyone believe he ever stopped? He is a ‘front’ bagman…a distribution point for the many ‘OPEN SOCIETY’ projects.
      run by the earliest of ‘techno’ World revolutionary communists…of ever changing ‘usual suspects and cutouts, some political other philosophical, others that just use them or go along for greed and power reasons…
      So ‘actually’ some do believe , others just follow blindly, others just play along if it furthers ‘their’ agenda = useless idiots… Enter too- the realms of the cults and ‘techo-scientist’ agnostics and atheist all… each placing themselves as the: learnerd , enlightened, elites, chosen few over the unwashed that ‘they’ can only lead to nirvana, to Brigadoon, Utopia …take a short look into ‘the subverted’?
      Does not matter if you believe or not…if ‘they’ have control over you via government /state dept/ justice /military and your very access to health care and credit (coming soon like in China) … who IS in control and making decisions of peoples lives, morals, ethics, schools, and believe systems…
      In Hitler’s time was the Thule Society, Order of the Black Sun etc…how’d that work out for Germany/Europe? And now that many of them ‘rat-lined’ into the U.S. and it’s government and intel and military and corporate and banking structure…along with those ‘teamed up with the mafia to run ops in Europe, control the docks, and the nuclear programs and scientists on all sides … is no one curious as to who /where into society they are now… down to the smallest ‘sanctuary’ cities that reject God given rights, religious rights, speech, assembly, privacy ,borders and the right of self-defense from those that wish to rise the head of fascist or Marxism all while promoting drug use across the nation, and promoting questionable ‘education’ to the earliest age youth thru the university levels= drugged out -dumb down – brainwashed and radicalized? How is that working out? lol
      How many remember the warning from Kay Griggs? How many of the last decade never heard it?

  26. iwitness02

    In October of 2017 I heard of FISA for the first time. Then all the top level FBI personnel became common names in my world. Then the NSA, Then the CIA, Then the DNI, Then the DOJ, Then the State Dept., Then all the top personnel in the Obabble Administration, The Adam Shiff , Nadler, Piglucy, types, the Dem candidates for President, the squid, I mean squad, the banking cabal, have all been steadily coming into focus in my world. They are all slowly and steadily being exoposed for criminal activity, including treason. Right along side of this gross cast of characters, is the MSM and their grotesque cast of characters, Liars, leakers, and spin artists. The point being, that over the last two years the picture of government corruption has become larger, clearer, and better defined. Reviewing the big picture is what gives me the most hope that justice is actually coming. The crimes are not being covered up, as much as they are being exposed. We are still a long way from justice but we seem to be headed in the right direction. However, we have not seen the last of the unbridled evil and corruption. It is still a little early for a victory lap. But there is hope.

  27. sandra sullivan

    Listen to Dave Hodges’ on impeachment. It will encourage you. He says that it will destroy the democrat party. Many people and their crimes will be un-covered in the process. 9/27/19

  28. john duffy

    Interview with David Knight.

  29. Auntie Seize

    Let Looney Pelosi et al impeach DJT. It gives them some fruitless things to do to occupy their time with while THEY are being investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Never interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves.

  30. francis reps

    A nice wrap up for the week. President Trump is being unfairly attacked ; regarding the Ukraine. Your enthusiastic comment that his speech at the UN ” was a barn burner” inclines me to suggest that you might want to Google a piece entitled ; ” the Hidden Tyranny” by Howard Wallace Rosenthal ; who was an administrative assistant to Jacob Javits back in the seventies. I wish you well.

  31. GVB

    Looking forward to Mr. Rob Kirby to analyze the current state of affairs. I’m a Die Hard Patriot and I truly enjoy the kind of news I’m getting here, there and everywhere. The game is on . A mistake has been made in the URL, but it should be good for post. Thanks Greg for all that you do. I mean this. Pls understand.. You’re a platform!

    • Greg Hunter

      Kirby’s analysis on the dollar shortage and its relation to the oil and gas market is cutting edge, original and stunning. Here is a little teaser as to what he thinks: ““Global dollar rejection is why America had to ramp up American oil production to begin with and global dollar rejection is accelerating. This is not going to stop. So America is going to need to produce more and more dollars to soak more oil priced in dollars that America will produce at a loss.”

      and this little nugget: ““I don’t believe President Trump is informed. I do not believe the people around him would dare inform him with the truth because they would be afraid of what he might do in reaction. So, information is being withheld from the President, and he has a bunch of treasonous dirt bags basically surrounding him.”

      You will love this interview and you have not heard this sort of analysis before. This is truly cutting edge and original from Rob Kirby!!


      • GVB

        Truly appreciate you took the time yesterday to pay some attention to my clarion call 😉 Only decent gentlemen, sharply dressed, can do the task. Thanks again. Notice that I changed email address to proton. So NSA can record. Because this ís for the record. Your decision to put up for post. Feeling very fine. I needed that.

  32. andyb

    Greg: re: your comment about the Greensboro rag virtually burying the child trafficking item: Why hasn’t Epstein co-criminal and conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell been arrested, charged and indicted? She seems to have disappeared and her case swept under the rug. Just another indication that the elites are pure evil and unless we get rid of the child sexual abuse of the Podestas, Weiners, Clintons as well as a probable majority of our elected officials, we will have lost all moral turpitude.

  33. Mike R

    TOTAL.DIRTY/IMMORAL Repeat of accusing Trump of the very criminal actions these scum bags did. We have to all urge Trump to declare martial law, have the military arrest all of these CIA actors, Soros, arrest Pelosi, and many dems, and every single person involved in the prior fake dossier regarding the false accusation against Trump. Now they have CIA make up yet another document, and its false, false, false. Bidens shoke down Ukraine. Period. They need to be imprisoned NOW.

    This is yet another wicked, and immoral coup attempt. By our very own Dems, and if its Soros, he needs to be immediately plucked up from his mansion, and under heavy military arms, locked up in Guantanamo for crimes against our country. Seriously, this is so disgusting and so very wrong, we have to pray that martial law, and our military will take out all of these corrupt CIA people, Corrupt FBI, and even NSA traitors, along with the over 200 Dems in the House who are rooting for this garbage.

  34. Dave

    The Ukraine story is just starting per Ben Shapiro – and not over as some Trump supporters are claiming. Today Pompeo and others involved around Ukraine were subpeoned. Failure to respond to that, notes Shapiro, would be construed as obstruction of justice. Shapiro has said from the start that the odd thing about this is Gulliani. Was he really hired by the State Department or was he in Ukraine as Trump’s personal lawyer? H has changed his story. Shapiro thinks Guilliani will be subpeoned and that has to worry Trump. Guilliani is no longer at the top of his game and is making errors in his appearances. As on Sean Hannity’s show. At the time Shapiro said neither Hannity nor Guilliani are doing Trump any favors in their interviews. And today the e Senate said it will go ahead with a trial if impeachment is voted on by the House. Trump supporters had beleived they would just sit on it.

  35. Merry Piper

    Desperate measures in desperate times. Thank you again for another Wrap-Up. You take a sharp knife and carve up the desceptions!

  36. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, even though the markets can’t be trusted today, I do believe they fortell the future in real time. In that regard, because the markets are not tailspinning with impeachment allegations I think its a non-starter. The markets may believe like I do that the Pelosi/ social democrats impeachment inquiry”will just be more Russian hoax Muller type Congressional Committee hearings dragged on an on with no formal impeachment. God, Trump & Country!

  37. GoneWest

    Greg, great weekly wrap up. It is unbelievable that the Dems accuse Trump of the crimes committed while the Dems were in office. Even more unbelievable is that some portion of the public believes these stories and supports the behavior of congressman running this game, reality be damned. The Dems really rely on their low-IQ, easily duped constituents.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to hearing from Rob Kirby.

  38. View From Above

    Why does it seem the Republicans are just plain scared to punish the Idiotcrats ?

    Be it…
    – The putrid traitors Rosenstein, McCabe and Comey
    – The Bumbling Bidens
    – Killary’s server issues
    – Killary’s blatant Russian ties
    – Killary’s personal slush fund The Clinton Foundation
    – The high-jacking of social media by the DNC
    – The disgusting abuses by Sanctuary Cities who allow child abusers and rapists to go free because they are ILLEGAL ALIENS

    It seems to be 3 years now of Republicans saying what the people want to hear but never any special counsels, probes, people getting indicted/charged, etc., etc. Look at how many Trump allies have been jailed versus zero Idiotcrats.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why? Because there are a number of corrupt RINOs. Lyin’ Paul Ryan, Mitt the Shitt Romney, Ben Saase-hole, the list goes on and on.
      It is plain for anyone with an IQ over 85 to see that the Dems were part of a seditious plan to frame Trump and his family. The Intel Community is neck deep in the frame job. And they are still at it

  39. MCasey

    Hello Greg, In his fight against Globalism, I also noticed in his UN speech that President Trump has replaced his word, “Nationalist” for the more ‘acceptable’ word, “Patriot”.

    President Trump is trying to unify all patriotic Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, under the banner of “Patriot” because he knows the Globalist Movement is the battlefield.

    On impeachment, do you think when the Democrats saw the array of Democrat candidates (all losers), they knew President Trump will win 2020? And Republicans may even win the House; keeping the Senate and the Supreme Court.

    So, once again, they aim for impeachment? Maybe even hoping to kill two birds with one stone…..get rid of Trump and Biden.

    Because I find it interesting that Hillary has raised her head again today. Or if Biden does get the nomination, the clue might be who his VP running mate is…that’s all I’ll say on that.

    And wondering where and when Mitt Romney will again enter the picture? What a disappoint he is! Romney is working hard for the Democrat’s vote; thinking he would automatically get the Republican vote.

    • Greg Hunter

      Something very big and very ugly is spooking the Dems into doing something this stupid and desperate. This is the hill they are going to die on???? I think something big is coming.

      • Justn Observer

        Can hardly wait to get to the bottom of all this? lol

        Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer (2018, Hardcover)
        “When you have the motive of greed and when you don’t worry too much about ethics, it’s very easy to come up with creative ways to enrich yourself, and one of those is what we call ‘American princelings,” Schweizer said on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Tonight last year. “The term ‘princelings’ is really a term that’s been widely used in China and in the West to talk about China, where in communist China, if you want to get deals done, if you want to get favors from the government, you basically do business with their children, and these children of communist party officials are called the princelings.”
        Schweizer continued:
        One of the things I argue in the book is that we are, in a sense, importing that model into the United States, and you see that a lot as it relates to the Chinese government. The Chinese government has figured out that the way to get favorable treatment from policymakers in Washington, DC, is by, basically, signing sweetheart deals with the children of politicians because they think by doing so, they’ll get better policy positions from our government, and the history indicates in the Obama administration that that’s exactly what happens.

        The mainstream media have all but ignored Hunter Biden’s business dealings and instead focused largely on his substance abuse problems, divorce, and relationship with his late brother Beau’s widow.
        Schweizer also detailed how Biden’s son Hunter sits on the board of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), which invested in a Chinese company that was indicted for engaging in a “nuclear power conspiracy against the United States.”
        THE CHINA DEAL =
        •It all began in 2009, when Hunter Biden teamed up with the son of another former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry.
        Biden and Chris Heinz started Rosemont Capital and an affiliated company, Rosemont Seneca.
        The Biden and Kerry clans used their family’s political connections to smooth out deals-and peddle influence, according to Peter Schweizer, who exposed the story in his book “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.”
        But when they went for the big score in Beijing, they had to call in outside help.
        •To crack China, Rosemont joined forces with a company called the Thornton Group… but the actual owner was James Bulger.
        If that last name sounds familiar, it should. James Bulger is the nephew of James “Whitey” Bulger, the head of Boston’s infamous “Winter Hill Gang.”
        Even though Whitey was implicated in 16 murders, he lived scot-free for decades thanks to corrupt government officials. Whitey had corrupt cops, even FBI agents, on his payroll.
        The Biden family thought this was a family that could open doors — and did they ever make a killing.

        Chinese officials first agreed to talk about a business deal with the children of Joe Biden and John Kerry, and Whitey Bulger’s nephew, in May 2011.

        At the time, Whitey Bulger was still on the lam; he wouldn’t be arrested for another month.

        Thornton’s website bragged that Beijing’s communist leaders “extended their warm welcome” to the “Thornton Group, with its US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (second son of the now Vice President Joe Biden).”
        Hunter Biden visited China with his dad multiple times during the Obama years.
        In 2013, just days after Biden left the country on an official Obama administration visit, Chinese communists cut the trio a $1.5 billion deal — with a catch. China would be part-owner in the deal.
        Sponsored: This Obama video INFURIATES Dems
        Biden, Kerry, and Bulger immediately agreed and invested in “nuclear power conspiracy against the United States,” according to Schweizer.
        The Bidens did business with the family of a wanted gangster and the Chinese communist government. Somehow, the mainstream media never saw fit to print a word of this!
        (When you consider the Mueller and some others on his special counsel team Whitey Bulger history…and not wanting to go down the Hillary path…to ignore DNC involvements in Ukraine or China ‘interference’…maybe there would be ‘TOO MUCH’ there there? Better to just impeach POTUS and try to keep a lid on it all?
        add to…that there was an agreement signed by Congress TO LOOK IN FRAUD IN THE UKRAINE signed by Clinton…as reported by Jesse Watters on ‘FOX…how then could POTUS Trump asking to look into corruption now be considered wrong/illegal/improper? =
        According to Fox News’ Jesse Watters, a 1999 treaty between the United States and Ukraine completely exonerates Trump — and the evidence is so solid, even liberal co-host Juan Williams said, “OK, you win — I give up!!”
        The document Watters found is the “Treaty With Ukraine On Mutual Legal Assistance In Criminal Matters” — right in the files of Congress.
        Simply put, it’s a legal deal that legally allows U.S. authorities to ask for help from Ukrainian government officials on criminal investigations into American citizens.
        Remember, Joe Biden isn’t in public office.
        He’s a private U.S. citizen, just like the rest of us.
        And the treaty legally allows Trump to ask the Ukrainian president for an investigation into a U.S. citizen regarding corruption allegations — like Joe Biden!
        That makes Trump’s phone call perfectly, 100 percent legal — and there’s nothing the Democrats can do about it.
        In fact, the treaty was signed into law by none other than former President Bill Clinton.

        • Greg Hunter

          J O,
          Love ya but length?? Make it a 2 parter. That said this is good stuff.

      • Diane

        Wow…something big.

  40. al

    We are witnessing the end of a failed system. Period. The End.
    God Bless Trump!

    • Galaxy 500

      What we are witnessing is a coup. A concerted effort of evil to remove a good man from the Highest Office in the land.

      • Uncommon Sense

        Venezuela? Nah that failed didn’t you hear?

    • RTW

      You’re absolutely right. When veteran pols are scared to death of a pack hyenas whose only accomplishments are to run around and deep throat every microphone can find, you know we’re almost at the bottom. These marxists already have an obedient msm and only need the confiscation of guns to accomplishment what they have been dreaming about for years. Whatever happens, it’s not going to good and it will be a long recovery.

  41. H. Craig Bradley


    There is a difference of (legal) opinion about alleged bribery by the President to influence an election yet to be. However, Its purely an opinion at this juncture.

    My opinion is what President Trump is now doing is a necessary evil inorder to prevent a more egregious evil that would occur if a Democrat were to be elected President. So, as we all head down the slippery slope, we do what we have to do. By the same token, we all should be prepared to suffer what we must suffer. Whatever happens, its our collective lot.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is hope for you H!

  42. Billy

    perth mint advised me that silver sales have gone crazy last 6 weeks.

  43. Robert E. Salt

    Such desperation! The criminals behind the planning of 9/11 are afraid of being convicted of mass murder and treason. The World Trade Center, the Oklahoma City building and part of the Pentagon contained plenty of evidence against these criminals and had to be destroyed. The cover ups just kept getting worse than the original crime. With key people controlling the news media, they thought they could get away with anything. America is waking up in the nick of time. Thank you Donald Trump, Kevin Shipp, Greg Hunter and all the patriots.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up yet again. Saw this and thought I would post it. Marxists are at War against America.

    “War. This is war against truths. This is a war against the highest noble man who has defended our country and made us safe and great again,” the Jon Voight said. “Let me stand with our president. Let us all stand with our President Trump in a time of such evil words trying for impeachment.”

    “This is a crime that the left are trying to force. This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country,” he said. “We have gained greatness. We have gained jobs. We have gained more than any president has promised.”

    “This radical left are destructive. Their codes of what is supposed to be are corrupt with lies, deceits and anger,” he said. “And we ask why: we ask how could a human being have such anger toward the greatness of our country’s glory? I’ll tell you why. Because for so long their anger has been growing and with such deep pain with no open heart for loving and seeing the truth.”

    “And what does the radical left do for such greatness? They want to destroy. They want civilization to be run like a corrupt ring. I say stand now with Trump. Let truth prevail. And may God show all the truth, that we are truly a nation stronger because of our president. The left are afraid, for their power is lessening with every deal that is accomplished by Donald Trump.”

    Jon Voight

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500 for posting this!!

    • Uncommon Sense

      Yep, you stay in that left right mentality, just where they want you whilst the crims at the top stay in control. Greg, this guy/girl is a total tool. The greatest crime happened under the George Bush administration who were republican. How does this intellectual heavyweight explain this? Denial!

      • Galaxy 500

        Greater than the crimes of the Øbamachrist?
        Examples please.
        So you think Trump is part of the plan?
        This is a simple paradigm: Good v. Evil.
        You seem to lack that simple vision. It is true that I don’t beleive in “Mission Impossible” type conspiracies as it is an uncommon lack of sense to believe in these things.
        For at every step in a complex plan, it can fail and be exposed. And you want us to believe that these evil bastards are 100% effective.

  45. Galaxy 500

    Levin takes Dems to task

  46. Coalburner

    Don’t know if you have moved on to the next subject Greg but I was watching Chris Wallace today. The Presidents spokesman did a great job in general. But would not tell Chris why the President went around the State Department and even DOD to try to find out the corruption of the Obama crowd in Ukraine.
    We all know why but the President is was trying to avoid the traitors within rather than get the whole State Department in a huff again. The Answer Chris Wallace that you already know: The State Department is full of traitors to the country, backstabbers of this administration and criminals. I guess the Administration has decided to put off trying to clean the place up before the next election. As for DOD, the number of traitors is very small and they are our best ally because they are populated with us. No need for them to get into this at any risk and the few bad ones can’t do much when the crap hits the fan anyway. He still has lots of treasonists in the CIA, FBI and probably some in the NSA and other outfits. I am sure DOD is compartmentalizing for security reasons and never stopped during the Obama traitor years. They knew that Obama was corrupting every agency he could and they were the only one who successfully resisted. I might say at great cost to many officers. But they are us and we are them and Americans should keep that in mind.
    Chris knows full well the why and the wherefore. The congressman Jeffery’s made a nice show too but he cannot tell that he knows the impeachment investigation is a loser, especially to Democrats but Nancy has thrown in, the others can’t do anything about it. Nancy has to delay Trumps investigations of Biden, too little , too late. Dems have no one to run unless a moderate comes from somewhere to replace Biden. She still has to make a show of protecting Biden. HE will soon have to claim senility to stay out of jail. I am sure they want to get him past the primary and find a suitable Vice President because Joe cannot finish or do the job. They need a Vice for a winner! I have No idea who they have in mind.

  47. Galaxy 500

    While the People of Hong Kong fight for Freedom, the Marxists in Congress seek to subjagate the American people. And you have the useful idiots here clamoring for enslavement and servitude.
    The Democrats have a war on Normalcy. They have a war on the good and just. They have a war on the President and Patriots of America. They have a war on the Police and the Military. They have a war on children, both the born and unborn. They are at War with Christrians and Jews.
    What hubris they have to be at war with God.
    We must actively oppose these evil Dems. We must not only vote, but let those in DC and our State Governments know we are watching. Most of all, we must pray for our Country, our President, and our way of life.

  48. H. Craig Bradley


    Are you currently being impacted by the flash drought effecting the Deep South over the past 10 days?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes “H,” it is dry as hell and 95 degrees for a high today on 10/2/19.

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