Dems Made it Up Again, Impeachment Desperation, Economic Crash

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 403 9.27.19)

It looks like the Democrat Party is fabricating another hoax to try, once again, to remove President Donald Trump from office, or at least hurt his chances for a second term. The Deep State and Democrats have teamed up with a “partisan” so-called whistleblower that has concocted a report with no real firsthand knowledge of a crime during a phone call to the new President of Ukraine. The DOJ said the President has committed no crime. On top of that, connections to Democrats abound that the whole thing is another hoax in an attempt to frame the President for something he did not do, which is to ask for an investigation into Joe Biden for alleged corruption in Ukraine. According to new information, it looks like the Ukrainians were already investigating what happened in 2016 in terms of election meddling and corruption, but it is the Democrats who are in the crosshairs.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she is going full steam ahead for an impeachment of President Trump. She says the President “broke his oath of office,” but is that really true or is this a political play for the 2020 election? Many on the Right say there is no case for impeachment and no laws were broken. This appears to be a desperate play by Democrats ahead of 2020 for an election they think they cannot win. The other reason Dems are desperate is that the hammer of justice looks like it could be falling for the last hoax and failed coup concocted by Democrats and propelled by the propaganda mainstream media.

Could there be an economic crash? Yes. Housing numbers have just come in, and home sales have rebounded. On the retail side, there are a record number of store closings scheduled–12,000 from various companies by years end. Is this why the Fed is having funding problems in the repo market for the last few weeks, or is there another bigger reason banks need funding?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. (Update: You Tube has, once again, demonetized this video!!! It must be something you need to hear.  Enjoy!!)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Rob Kirby will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He is an expert in the derivatives market and gold market, along with being a macroeconomic analyst.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Superb. Again.
    No wonder the Deep State is getting desperate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William! Greg

      • Mike R

        You are SO SPOT on Greg. We need EVERY American to comprehend what you are saying here. This is dead serious, and we are talking an active coup by the dems, globalists, etc to attempt to once again TRY to oust Trump.
        I believe martial law, and Trump declaring a national emergency, is the ONLY way to immediately stop these high crimes, treason, and coup.

    • Margie

      I read an article in ZH, which lays out WHY the impeachment, they are hoping to open impeachment, which allows them to investigate, question and pull up all kinds of other stuff, just like they did with the russia gate thing, and hoping to do it before or during the election cycle, to smear trump. Sounds kind of plausible. Just dribble drabble out a bunch of stuff that makes Trump, supposedly look bad.

  2. R. Patrick

    I WISH you would have some person on for FRIDAY! I like you and your honesty! I dont like your OPINION PER SE. Its better to have a perspective from a variety of people besides a man that is clearly Bipolar! JMO after 32 years as a investigator! I have financially contributed to your efforts but refuse to listen to your crazy tangents any longer. Grow Up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank troll “Patrick” for letting me know I am over the target.

      • Diane

        You have made a difference Greg.
        The last thing these Marxist want to hear is the TRUTH.
        R PATSY……go to #^!! !

      • Tommy

        Your Weekly Wrap-Up is what I look forward to every Friday. I love your take on things and I learn so much from your 25-40 minute segments. Never stop giving us the wrap-up.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tommy. I know it is low tech but I put a lot of work into it all week long. Thank you for the very kind words. You make it worth it.

          • Uncommon Sense

            Greg the economic interviews are top notch. I try to avoid the pseudo biblical stuff (e.g. Mark Taylor and Jonathan Cahn). Sunday mornings wouldn’t be the same with USA Watchdog.

            • Greg Hunter

              No problem Un, I try to avoid disbelievers and Crist deniers.

          • JC

            Greg, it’s obvious that you do put a lot work into the Wrap-Up, and what’s more, your passion and energy shines through very brightly. You are a beacon of light in a dark and gloomy world.

      • Mark James

        I love Greg’s Guests, but I look forward to his WNW each Thursday night / Friday morning. Keep up the GREAT work Greg! You do an excellent job on your analysis of the news. Thank you!

      • Russ

        Yes Greg, you are over the target. The Dems have already lost the all-important independent middle and now they are losing their own base. All this in an effort to appease a very vocal leftist minority and a few donors who really hate President Trump. This latest ploy to have an impeachment investigation will backfire…

        “It’s All Going To Help Him”: Normal Democrats See Little Upside To Impeaching Trump, Worry It Will Backfire

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        R.P. has adopted the trolling tactic of giving you a “poison cookie,” i.e. packaging his poison with supposed compliments (e.g., “I like you and your honesty! . . . I have financially contributed to you efforts . . ..” ). It’s a psychological warfare technique. It sure looks like you’ve caught the attention of the Deep State.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree William. Thank you!!!

      • Roy madison

        “IF” trump were to be impeached, the Senate would find him not guilty . Trump would then win in a landslide in 2020. If there is no impeachment trump wins in a landslide in 2020. ….

    • Rob

      Anyone who ends each video with: “Fear not our Father is clearly in control is definitely over the target in my book!

      You Patrick had better investigate the only book that matters:

    • Rodster

      But his website is FREE and no one is forcing you to listen.

    • Mike Mc

      Then don’t listen. How hard is that? Turn on CNN instead. I hear they need viewers.

      • Mike R

        It won’t be long, before Greg Hunter, a one man operation, has more viewers than CNN, a 4000 employee operation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Mike!

    • Clare Doll

      R. Patrick,
      I live for the Friday commentary. Greg’s predictions based on both feedback from the site and his own analytic abilities actually pan out better than many of the guests!

    • Ronnie

      Just go away and take your rude opinions with you. We like Greg’s chats.

    • Free Slave

      Greg is such a gracious host, even to trolls. That speaks volumes for his character.

      Listen to the opinions of people like him with an open mind. You might learn something.

    • anthony bona, m.d.

      dear r. Patrick– I just heard a new vocabulary word used by the great lionel this evening [a great conservative patriot like greg] and , wait for it, “liberhoid” [like hemorrhoid].

    • Galaxy 500

      And I wish Patrick would take his meds. Appears you are projecting your illness on Greg.

    • Jackie Traverson

      You couldn’t be more wrong Patrick. Greg is the only professional news person that I know of.

      If you don’t like something why do you listen to it? Go find someone who suits your taste there’s plenty of idiots out there.

      Thank you Greg for all you do and for keeping God real and the news.

  3. paul ...

    You know … although this impeachment is directed at Trump … it is really meant to teach a lesson to the American people … the way things have worked in America for a very long time is the Deep State Establishment guides the selection “of both” the Democratic and Republican candidates … then whichever one wins … the Deep State Establishment wins … but because this didn’t happen in Trump’s case “the American people have to be punished and taught a lesson” for thinking they could choose someone they want “outside the Establishment” … and so the American peoples choice has to be continually vilified and hit with false collusion charges … false Russian collusion, false Ukrainian collusion and false XYZ collusion charges … etc., etc., etc. … until the American people get it in their brains not to screw around with “the Establishments private thing” … the American people must learn that they are under the iron fist and total control of a Fascist/Commie/ Corporate Dictatorship (not a Republic with a Constitution that prescribes “that the people have the right to choose” the President of the United States) and when the Establishment says Hillary should be President (as she blatantly sold her soul to them … stating at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting: “Just tell me want you want me to do” ) … then by God (I mean by Satan) she should be the one elected by the people!!

  4. Paul in OZ

    If Biden is not toast, Trump is … the Ukranian Hoax serves one purpose best of all … it proves that not only was Quid pro quo used during the Obama administration … it is something that they were proud of … and … it also implicates Sotero … this video with a bragging Biden is an admission of guilt.

  5. Ronnie

    TRUMP. He may or may not have small hands…but he sure has the “biggest set,” in the USA.
    The Bum of the Month….every Friday one of them Dems and or weasels steps into the ring and Trump, ducks and weaves, and punching on for 15 rounds entertaining the Republican Deplorables.
    On the Bell he stands in the ring ….Arms raised, doin the two foot shuffle and the winners are grinners smile.
    I think 2020 could end the Democrats as a political party, 2019 was the end of their sanity.

  6. paul ...

    Stan … I notice you are calling this little downturn in gold “a crash” … base building is not a crash Stan … look at the following chart … … notice how gold took a little longer then a month to establish a base at the 1400 to 1440 level … gold is currently simply in the process of building a higher base at the 1480 to 1560 level!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … Notice to the left on this longer term chart … … that 1550 acted as strong support … but once it was broken to the downside “gold gaped down by 50 dollars” … currently 1550 is acting as strong resistance … but once it is broken to the upside “gold will likely gap up by 50 dollars to $1600!!

      • paul ...

        Even a little dip below 1480 would be “normal” Stan …

        • paul ...

          The real reason gold and silver prices dropped is because the oil price has fallen … … perhaps to close the gap or something more serious … like Trump waging “full out war” on the Deep State neocons trying to impeach him … oil prices have legged lower helped by reports of a partial Saudi cease-fire with Yemen (probably on direct orders from Trump) … erasing all the price gains since the Saudi-attack … plus a Reuters report is saying that Trump offered “to remove all Iranian sanctions” in exchange for US-Iranian talks … to screw the Deep State neocons who want war and have attacked Trump with impeachment proceedings!! …

          • paul ...

            So is peace bad for gold Stan? … I’m prepared to live with a pullback (as money is not worth the horror and blood of war) … however … Trump has it in for the banksters too … so after he takes care of the neocons … Trump could come down hard on the banksters that put all their quadrillions in derivatives onto the backs of the American people … and simply allow them all to fail … which is the better option then printing up quadrillions in new paper money … that will destroy the very meager savings of all the American people!!

            • paul ...

              And the result of destroying the banks Stan will be a return to the gold standard … which will be very bullish for gold (and silver)!!

              • paul ...

                This could be what we Patriots were all waiting for … Trump no longer being “Mr. Nice Guy” trying to work with the neocons, banksters and fake news organization … the gloves are coming off … we could begin to see some real progress … we could be out of Afghanistan, the Saudi’s out of Yemen and a “new deal” signed with Iran within weeks!!

                • paul ...

                  Trump thought he could feed the savage Troika beast (neocons, banksters and fake news media) … but it bit his hand … now he is going for his gun! … moral of the story … don’t bit the hand that feeds you!!

              • Jerry

                You are right once again.
                Good call.

            • regaleagle

              Very succinct and to the point Paul. It doesn’t require a vast resource of vocabulary to understand your obvious and logical statements for everyone to understand…….even Stan, LOL.

    • Stan

      Paul: Keep dreaming. You couldn’t read a chart if it was tattooed on your face. The Gold crash is here – as I predicted. Deal with it!

      • The Queen's Regent

        I don’t think anyone could do that unless they used a mirror. Even then the charts would be reversed. Perhaps that is why you think gold is going down.

      • paul ...

        Stan … unlike you and Warren Buffet (who look at gold as a worthless metal relic that comes out of the ground in an unrefined state … is then refined to 999 purity … and then reburied by people (who consider it worth holding as a safer play then the stock market) … here is a chart you and Buffet should have tattooed on your faces … … you don’t need to be a chart expert to read it, you don’t need to know Elliott Wave Theory, you don’t need to know Fibonacci numbers, nor Statistics, nor what the COT’s are doing … you just simply “look at it” … what it tells you is … gold rises with the stock market … and gold goes sideways when the stock market crashes … so owning gold an easy investment to live with (you simply buy and hold) … you Stan and Warren Buffet have to constantly jump in and out of your investments (to avoid being taken to the cleaners) … a much more risky endeavor (that could require a big bailout like in Buffet’s case) … now use the brains God gave you and figure what will happen to the stock market when the Fed begins QE in November (just like in Zimbabwe when exponential money printing began their stock market exploded higher) … now look at the above chart again … when the stock market begins to rise this