Dems Racist Desperate Panic, Minorities for Trump, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 395 8.9.19)

Democrats’ hateful claim of racism for everything Trump is a sheer act of desperation. They looked bad with Mueller and the Russian “hoax.” Democrat debates have exposed a crazy side of the party that is a huge turnoff to most people, and impeachment is a very long shot. It appears the Democrats know they are not doing well, so they push a false narrative of racism and another hoax of widespread “White Nationalism.” Dems got nothing for 2020, and they know it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have to be stunned by a new poll of Blacks and Hispanics that do NOT support more illegal immigration. In a Harvard Poll, nearly 70 percent say they want border security and will vote that way in the 2020 Presidential Election. Yet, another reason for the Democrat and mainstream propaganda machine to constantly cry racism to dissuade people from voting for the GOP and Trump.

The yield curve inverted this week. That means the interest rate you can get for tying up your money for 1-month was higher than tying up your money for 10-years. This is a sure warning sign from the bond market that something is terribly wrong, and it is signaling we are heading into another recession. Gold and silver were also popping this week to multi-year highs.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Is this rally in precious metals for real? Murphy will answer this question and many more.

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  1. Ken Weberg

    Greg as a kid ( Now 70 ) I could do more damage throwing rocks than I could with my BB gun. ( Which I went to JR hunters school to have ) What part of will not infringe don’t these ass hats understand. I am with Charlton Heston. Look I’m a Vietnam combat vet . Trained by Green Barets. At fort Benning Georgia and yet the folks like Dippy diane Fienstien has a right to carry. PLEASE. Trump better back off these gun control MEMEs and go after the drug people. We send our troops to Afghanistan and picture after picture they are guarding the poppy fields. Big money for the Clinton / Bush cartels. Launder 6 hundred million and with fractional reserves its now 600 billion. Enough said

    • Montana Guy

      Ken Weberg, Operation Buffalo in 1967 finally woke me up. We lost so many good boys. For what? More importantly, for whom? NeoCons and bankers!

      Americans have learned jack from Vietnam. They love war. How many here are publicly protesting Trump’s continuance of perpetual wars? How many support individual Liberty? They are allowed to vote so they think they are free. The Slave Master keeps changing but their plantation doesn’t.

      Americans have been cleverly channeled into 2 corrals. Both the Left and Right hate each other. Honestly, if either could push a button and destroy the other group they would. So much hate. You see it here almost every day. Dare to speak out for Jesus’ principle of non-aggression and you will be mocked or censored.

      • William Stanley

        Montana Guy:
        Here I unkindly use you to make a point, even while disagreeing only with some of your points and knowing full well that you mean to imply some unstated understandings and nuances. Please forgive me: I find much wisdom in your comments, but I’ve tended to voice my disagreements rather than my agreements and will mostly (unfortunately) continue that here.
        1. IMO, most Americans do not love war. However, certain interests (some based in America) think that THEY benefit from war (and some of them know that the wars they promote are harmful to America and most Americans, not to mention to most (but not all) people in countries on the “other” side).
        2. I perceive much less hate than you do in one of the “corrals” (the anti-Globalist one) as compared with the other.
        3. I’m troubled by (but not dismissive of) your invocation of Jesus’ principle — as you call it — of “non-aggression.” Although I’m not a student of the Bible, I tend to agree with those of you who would argue that when Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloaks to buy swords, he was not abandoning pacifism (turning the other cheek) — rather, he was speaking elliptically and metaphorically (spiritual swords). In any event, defense of self and others with physical weapons is not “aggression.” Moreover, IMO, Jesus’ words can be taken too categorically as well as too literally . . . and inappropriately applied out of context, i.e., out of the context of personal spiritual growth and “salvation.” Truly, I don’t mean to offend anyone with this take on scripture . . . it’s just my opinion based on my own cognitive biases.

      • Galaxy500

        Where did you get the idea that Jesus would not fight? Did you miss Jesus and the money changers at the Temple?

        • Uncommon sense

          you must be pretty relieved now they finally got to Epstein.

          • William Stanley

            Uncommon sense,
            The photo that I saw seems to indicate that his skin-tone was still pretty pink for a guy that had been dead for over an hour. I guess that we have to believe what we’ve been told, though. Then again, the video-monitor tapes of his cell will tell us more . . . won’t they?

            • William Stanley

              I wonder who took “the photo”?

        • Rob

          Driving the money changers from the temple with a scourge of cords by snapping them in the air does not prove Jesus ever fought with anyone:

          John 2:14-17 And he found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: (15) and he made a scourge of cords, and cast all out of the temple, both the sheep and the oxen; and he poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew their tables; (16) and to them that sold the doves he said, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise. (17) His disciples remembered that it was written, Zeal for thy house shall eat me up.

          Jesus told Pilate neither He or his servants would fight:

          John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

          And proved it by willingly laying Himself down on the cross:

          John 10:17-18 Therefore doth the Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it again. (18) No one taketh it away from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment received I from my Father.

          Luke 23:34 And Jesus said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And parting his garments among them, they cast lots.

        • Prophet

          Jesus tipped over tables and ran them off he didnt kill anyone

      • Frederick

        Montana Guy Not me I marched against that horrible war in 1969 My father as well who served as a Navy dentist in a MASH unit in Korea

      • Freebrezer

        MG – You are so full of propaganda per the conservative rights views – The conservative right is mostly Christians (I.e. love your neighbor type of people – and if you are down on your luck these are the people most likely to help you) … the vast majority of the hate is on the left (period). And yes you have the neo-nazi (white supremiscist), but really how many are there? I guy I like, John Lott (Book -More guns less crime), puts their number around 2000 +. Hell … you have two thousand antifa at every Oregon protest riot. Nope – the left promotes hate to gain power! Step out and don’t be a sheep and fall for the left’s propaganda! Per Nam – the deep state via LBJ (A democrat/evil, evil son of bitch!!!!) got us into that hell hole! Trump is slowly getting us out of these wars – Start with Syria as an example … The cure always take much longer to recover vs. the disease!

        • Greg Hunter

          I have asked “Montana Guy” to give me a verifiable name to check if he is a troll and he won’t do it. He ignores me and so I continue to block his comments. So, don’t expect an answer from him/it paid troll.

          • susan

            Montana Guy does not reflect the majority of Montanans. He’s even more whack-a-doodle than a lot of liberals here. By the way, I am a Montana Girl.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Susan!

          • Freebrezer

            Greg – thanks … I kind of think his comments fall in to the think tank companies that send out stuff to get a gauge of the response … this for elections. Princeton Analytics is a prime mover of this genre.

          • Montana Guy

            Greg, what do you fear about truth? (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off this comment. What ABOUT A REAL VERIFIABLE NAME SO I KNOW YOU ARE NOT A PAID TROLL? I have asked many times, and you ignore me this is why I am not publishing any of your comments. All you give me is a phony email address “roger@montana Total fake email and you are a total fake too!! I don’t need thought shaping paid troll $#!t disturbers here. This is why I will not publish your many comments here. I want good thoughtful comments from real people, which you are not one.)

    • paul ...

      Ken … How could Trump be so idiotic and easily fooled (by Demon-rat planned mass murder incidents) into going over to the Deep Dark Side “gun control freaks” … and right before the 2020 election? … is he purposely “trying to destroy his base” so he can get out of the hot seat with just one term?? … if he is turning to the Dark Side (to take away or put controls on our weapons) … he should “go all the way” … and for every gun Trump allows the Demon-rat politicians to take away from ordinary American citizens (trying to keep invaders out of their homes) … he should also take away a nuclear weapon from the Deep State Washington politicians … then watch how the morally perverted Pedophile Drug Lords scream about how much “they need their nukes” for protection from outside invaders (who may take over their very lucrative drug rackets)!!!

    • Rob

      Ken there is much more than gun control coming in this next decade as NSA whistle blower Bill Binney clearly proves in this interview:

      They are moving toward a digital currency that will give them total control of money and thus food in the next decade:

      This is all prophesied to separate the sons of perdition from the sons of God:

  2. Frederick

    Greg, I just got back from Poland and I met quite a few likeminded people while there We drank beer and discussed these subjects and were pretty much on the same page regarding homosexuality and pedofilia and the FED Let me tell you there are far more people who think like us than we know One guy was Polish living in Mauritius and another was from Cleveland living in Warsaw Two more were from Chile living in Warsaw Had a nice time hanging with brothers like that There is Hope in Eastern Europe and the Southern US anyway

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Good focus, thanks!
    It’s no longer a question of IF disaster is coming; nor is it a huge mystery about WHEN (pretty soon); nor is it a question about WHERE (terrible everywhere, worse in the cities). The question now is: HOW are we going to prepare for it?

    • paul ...

      HOW are we going to prepare? … buy these … … 1942 to 1945 war nickels will be “the new $50 dollar silver piece” when silver goes to its constant dollar value of $1250 per ounce!!

      • paul ...

        Some may say a “silver nickel” worth $50 dollars? … that’s preposterous! … yet the devaluation of all currencies and then an upward revaluation of gold has been in the long-term plans of the central banksters for many years (Jim Sinclair who has close connections with the banksters has been warning us repeatedly that a re-set of the gold price is coming … the banksters have been allowing a redistribution of world gold reserves (to allow countries with excessive US dollar surpluses “like China” to hedge themselves against a dollar devaluation … but with the current hate and animosity between the US and China now growing … an upward revaluation of gold will likely be done a lot sooner then everyone expects … as the banksters need to reliquify their western central banking system to successfully fight a currency war with China … Chase already knows it will be so wealthy (with all the tons of silver it currently owns) that it is already forgiving the Credit card debts of Canadians!!

        • paul ...

          When push comes to shove and governments can’t use fiat the way they once did but “need gold” to run their economies … who do you think will become a target? … greedy government officials in need of money will see gold mining companies making “excess profits” … and they will either tax it away from them or just nationalize the gold mining companies (the way China is now nationalizing banks) … this is why I say holding physical gold “is safer” then buying gold mining companies that can provide some very extraordinary gains … you know the outstanding short position in silver is so large that when these shorts are forced to cover there won’t be any silver for them to buy to cover their shorts … and that is when you will see silver gap up by $10 dollars a day for weeks at a time … here is a good interview held today between Sprott and Hemke discussing the precious metals market …

          • Jodyp

            Paul, just buy junk silver. Premiums are low, sometimes non existent. And a silver dime is worth about 25 cents more.

      • Galaxy500

        How much time are you going to spend having to educate the person that it is not a nickel?
        I am going to stick with coins easily identifiable and identified as silver or gold.
        What you are talking about is a collapse of the economic system. Also, these coins typically sell at a premium

        • Uncommon sense

          Have to agree with you on this one.

  4. Mark James

    Great WNW as always! Thank you!

    What do you think about raising the purchase age for AR-type weapons to age 25? I know the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from tyranny (not hunting as they would like us to believe). I also know that in many cases the AR guns were acquired illegally — or just high capacity / extended clip semi-automatic guns were used. I also know the Vegas shooter was well over 25.

    Developmental Psychologists tend to agree that the brain is not fully formed until age 25. You cannot typically rent a car until age 25. AOC is 29 years old and doesn’t know what a garbage disposer is for, if that tells you anything. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a terrible idea?

    I think that would be the limit for me as far as any limitations on gun control. The expression of “from my cold dead hands” immediately comes to mind. Of course, I am also over 25… But I think back to when I was 18 and 21, and not really sure if people in that age group are ready for something that powerful. I could also see exceptions to that rule being justified, such as professional collectors, veterans, etc – subject to standard, existing background tests.

    There are so many guns out there now, so I don’t know if it would help or not. I also realize that the larger problem is mental health. So that is why you have people stabbing people or running down crowds in trucks when they cannot get guns or bombs to spread their hate.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Shal not infringe”

      • Mark James

        Thanks Greg. After sleeping on it last night, I realized it probably wasn’t a good idea.

        Thank you! Have a GREAT weekend!

      • Mark James

        The other thought I had about this… you give an inch and they will take a mile. We will end up like Australia.

        Thanks again Greg! Really enjoyed the Charles Nenner Videos as well. 🙂

    • William Stanley

      Re:”Developmental Psychologists tend to agree that the brain is not fully formed until age 25.
      Wouldn’t that apply to every important decision, such as getting married, voting, or entering into contracts? Moreover, a lot of “fully-formed” brains still function pretty poorly.
      Indeed, just for fun (and mischievously), I’ll here describe the “Monty Hall” problem. I got it wrong at first and it’s taken me two days to figure out why.
      Consider a game where there are three doors; behind one, and only one, is a prize. The contestant gets to choose/guess which door hides the prize (and the prize always stays behind the door where it is placed). Then, Monty opens one of the unchosen doors which is always one without the prize (because he knows). The question is: should the contestant switch his choice to the remaining door, the one he didn’t originally choose?
      Counter intuitively for many of us, the contestant’s best strategy, the one giving him the highest probability of success, is ALWAYS for the him to switch.
      (Apparently most of us think it doesn’t matter because there is now a 50/50 chance of being right. Worse a lot of people will stick to the original choice because of the embarrassment of switching from a right decision to a wrong one. However, the truth is this: (1) always sticking with the original choice gives the contestant a 1/3 chance of success; (2) randomly choosing to switch yields a 1/2 chance of success; and (3) ALWAYS switching yields a 2/3 chance of success).
      Moral, lots of “mature” brains have cognitive biases which lead to bad decisions. Should Liberty, then, be allowed at any age? Or at a minimum, should it be restricted to those who can at least get the Monty Hall problem right?

    • Galaxy500

      How about knives? 4 times more people are killed in US with knives than with guns. And a high percentage of gun deaths suicides.
      It isn’t the tool, it’s the person.
      It shouldn’t take 30 years to put a criminal to death

      • Uncommon sense

        yep, and that person is usually medicated up to his eyeballs on legal pharmaceutical drugs.

        • Frederick

          No doubt SSRIs play a huge role

      • MCasey

        It is illegal to bring into the UK, sell, hire, lend or give anyone the following:
        • butterfly knives (also known as ‘balisongs’) – a blade hidden inside a
        handle that splits in the middle
        • disguised knives – a blade or sharp point hidden inside what looks
        like everyday objects such as a buckle, phone, brush or lipstick
        • flick knives (also known as ‘switchblades’ or ‘automatic knives’) – a
        blade hidden inside a handle which shoots out when a button is
        • gravity knives
        • stealth knives – a knife or spike not made from metal (except when
        used at home, for food or a toy)
        • zombie knives – a knife with a cutting edge, a serrated edge and
        images or words suggesting it is used for violence
        • swords, including samurai swords – a curved blade over 50cm
        (with some exceptions, such as antiques and swords made to
        traditional methods before 1954)
        • sword-sticks – a hollow walking stick or cane containing a blade
        • push daggers
        • blowpipes (‘blow gun’)
        • telescopic truncheons – extend automatically by pressing button or
        spring in the handle
        • batons – straight, side-handled or friction-lock truncheons
        • hollow kubotans – a cylinder-shaped keychain holding spikes
        • shurikens (also known as ‘shaken’, ‘death stars’ or ‘throwing stars’)
        • kusari-gama – a sickle attached to a rope, cord or wire
        • kyoketsu-shoge – a hook-knife attached to a rope, cord or wire
        • kusari (or ‘manrikigusari’) – a weight attached to a rope, cord, wire
        • hand or foot-claws
        • knuckledusters

        Contact your local police to check if a knife or weapon is illegal.

  5. Marie Joy

    Since the shootings, gun sales are up. People want to cc.

  6. JC

    Excellent. You’re right Greg, “thought provoking propaganda” is what we are being bombarded with.

    You said Bush did away with Glass-Steagall, but wasn’t it Clinton?

    “In 1999, Democrats led by President Bill Clinton and Republicans led by Sen. Phil Gramm joined forces to repeal Glass-Steagall at the behest of the big banks. What happened over the next eight years was an almost exact replay of the Roaring Twenties. Once again, banks originated fraudulent loans and once again they sold them to their customers in the form of securities. The bubble peaked in 2007 and collapsed in 2008. The hard-earned knowledge of 1933 had been lost in the arrogance of 1999.”

    • Paul in OZ

      JC … just one more act by a Clinton to aid the globalists … Phil Gramm was a disgrace.

    • William J. Greene


      You are absolutely right. It was good ole Bill. I still remember the day it went through. Congress was on vacation and it quietly went through unchallenged. They knew exactly what they were doing. They did what their Masters told them to do; but, to repeat…..Yes, it was Bill Clinton.

  7. Mona Lisa Ashby

    Greg… I know you were only quoting someone but… the “F” word… really. You could have done what you have done in the past and just say “F” instead of the whole ugly word. You weaken us the viewers and yourself by saying it. (I am referring to the studies done by Dr. Iamoto from Japan. Please keep you show classy and profanity free… please.

    • Paul in OZ

      To quote a great book beautifully delivered by Spencer Tracy in the film version of Inherit the wind … “I don’t swear for the hell of it. Language is a poor enough means of communication. We’ve got to use all the words we’ve got. Besides, there are damn few words anybody understands.” Censorship is worse than vulgarity … keep up the great work Greg.

    • MCasey

      Mona Lisa Ashby…..It’s Dr. Masaru Emoto, not Dr. Iamoto. I know words are important to you and you would want to be corrected. You wouldn’t want to weaken us, the viewers, or yourself by providing erroneous information.

  8. Garth Harris

    Hi Greg, Excellent weekly news wrap up as usual. You are dead right on the 2nd amendment issue and confiscation of guns as happened here in Australia – they used a ‘false flag massacre event at Port Arthur’ to justify the gun removal . We appear to be much much further down the track to totalitarianism/New World Order than you, our brothers and sisters in the USA. Socialism/marxism seems to have sent our own representatives mad ‘down under’, just like the Democrats in the USA. I briefly watched the 2 debates – they appear completely open and unashamed about their leftist socialist agenda (appears the same as UN Agenda 30) to bring America to its knees with open borders, infanticide, social justice, free stuff for everyone – completely crazy, surely people can’t vote for that.

    If you think your Democrats are mad, one state in Australia, Tasmania, has enacted a law that you no longer have to have ‘gender’ on birth certificates – yes, you can be male, female, binary, indeterminate, etc!!!. And if that wasn’t mad enough, today, Cricket Australia (cricket is a national sport down here, like your baseball) announced that ALL cricket clubs have to except transgender players into any team , without discrimination or proof of gender/sex. So, if you decide as a male today, you want to join the women’s team, and you write on the form that you are female (without proof) you cannot be prevented from joining the female team….this is crazy land stuff, and is where the Democrats are headed in the USA. Fortunately, you have a Patriot as leader in Donald Trump, who is calling this nonsense out and putting America first and trying to save your Republic. I say, and pray, God Bless America and Donald Trump, and keep up the great work Greg in exposing this stuff and informing all of us with Real News.

  9. Anthony Australia

    America has big issues to debate.
    Thanks to USAW for having the minerals to force the discussion.
    Here in Australia we are just in the poo.
    At least there are voices beginning to be heard.

    • William Stanley

      I suppose we can “debate” whether we want to abandon the Constitution. Of course, though, it isn’t “Constitutional” to abandon, it i.e., significantly-amend it, without going through the arduous procedures in the Constitution for amending it.
      The “anti gunners” (and the Globalists, generally) are really advocating (and have progressed a long way toward) the de facto abandonment of the Constitution without going through the Constitutionally-required amendment process. IMO, that’s a pretty dangerous path, for them as well as everyone else. The anti-gunners imagine that the “controlling” elites are and always will be on their side on all issues (although, given the “sheep’s” susceptibility to propaganda, the elites can usually count on them to be on their side). IMO, assuming the good will of the elites is tragically naive (as is the case for so many of the sheep’s views/feelings).

  10. Tony Davis

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for standing firm on your convictions!! I really appreciate you and your guests. I’m a 61 year old grandfather and very concerned for my kids and grand children. Our society is rapidly decaying and total civil unrest is right around the corner. The cause for the rampant pervasive evil in our country is a spiritual one and no laws, no matter how well enforced can change mankind’s wicked heart. Only the LORD JESUS can do that!!!! When I was 12 years my grandfather bought me a single shot 12 gauge shot gun, the next year an 22 cal semi auto rifle. I worked cattle on his farm outside Tulsa and they were gifts from him for helping him. I would have done it for free, he was a great honorable man. My dad and grandfather taught me how to respect life and others and honor the LORD. One time (approx. 1970) my brother and I were walking down main street of our small home town with shotguns on our shoulders going squirrel hunting ( we weren’t old enough to drive). The local police pulled up beside us and asked “going hunting”? I said yes, he then said: When you get done come by the house and I’ll help you clean them. Can you imagine what would happen today if two boys 12 & 14yrs did the same thing! I use to carry a shotgun, 22 and bow & arrow in my pickup gun rack when I was in high school. Nobody even had a second thought!! How far have we fallen in this Nation!

    • Bob Lamb

      Used to do the same thing as a 12-yr old walking uptown to the radioshack store to buy some 22 ammo and waving to the police that drove by as we walked by with our rifles slung over our shoulders.

  11. Robert E. Salt

    Your doctor and dentist don’t use cameras when they photograph your bones and teeth. It’s all done with x-rays. Microwaves can be used in a similar manner because of how they react with solid objects. Your wi-fi router emits and receives microwaves. Computers on the other side are used to construct an image of everything occuring in you home that can be viewed from any angle. Big Brother doesn’t have enough personnel to spy on everyone, but it’s a safe bet that everything is being recorded. They have a record of your bedroom and bathroom habits and all your hiding places. If you want to do anything privately, you need to unplug your router. However, if you pick up your neighbor’s wi-fi signal, you may be out of luck. Ordinary window screening may be used to build a Faraday cage that should block out most of a signal. Your microwave oven is a Faraday cage designed to keep microwaves in. If you place your cell phone in an unplugged microwave oven and call its number, it should not ring. Check out “Cooking of Humanity” on youtube.

  12. andyb

    The Marxist march for totalitarian control of America has been going on for at least a century. The insidious part of it are its incremental steps; the boiling frog analogy. In my lifetime I’ve seen the destruction of the family unit, the gradual but devastating decline in morality, and since 1971 (when public education was unionized), the indoctrination rather than education in the public schools. Today the majority of college graduates know less than 1/10th of what I knew as a high school senior; about geography, politics, economics, and most importantly the virtues of critical thinking.

    The Red Flag proposals in the wake of the recent shootings (at least one of which was just another false flag event) is just another incremental step towards totalitarian control. Almost anyone can be red flagged, guilty or not. Since the 4th Amendment has been discarded, and armed with lists of gun owners, the gestapo can do a warrantless break in and search of any US residence and confiscate your weapons with absolutely no predicate reason for doing so.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  13. David

    Greg, your admonition to “get ready” is the best advice. For the average American, that is the one thing we can do independently. It requires no approval from anyone, but rather a personal conviction to care and protect one’s family. Extra food, water, clothing, and prescription medications, among others, is where it all starts. With a little discipline and regardless of financial position, anyone can build tangible reserves.

    Begin living today like you will have to survive tomorrow. Make mistakes, adjust accordingly, and have confidence that one’s family is better prepared than they were yesterday.

    Get out of short-term debt… live the life you can afford, not the life that you want, and wear it like a badge of honor. Cheers.

  14. al

    According to India, illegal “immigrants” are INFILTRATORS ! PERIOD!
    As for White Nationalists, let’s take that apart.
    The word White itself is a racist term in my book. Now, let’s define the word Nationalist, not from fraudulent wikipedia but from Webster’s dictionary.
    1 : an advocate of or believer in nationalism (Pro Country)
    2 : a member of a political party or group advocating national independence or strong national government (putting our Country first)… how horrible 🙂

    In other words it’s the opposite of Globalist. That makes a high percentage of U.S. Citizens Nationalists! Otherwise they are here begrudgingly which is an easy fix… MOVE! You’re free to stay but if you HATE this Country then MOVE OUT! Go find a Socialist Country to defecate on!
    NEWS FLASH! People come to this Country to leave Globalist Socialist nations.

    As our duly elected 2 term President said, White Nationalist is a racist term and I agree 100%.

    FEAR is what one has if they cannot defend themselves in an adverse environment. FEAR is what Socialist Globalists thrive on. They love what happened in NYC a few days ago where a motorcycle backfired starting a stampede of scared sheeple…

    Trained Concealed Carry individuals at mass gatherings are a protection. Mass shooters would survive 2 seconds. Ask any law enforcement officer. Let that sink in.

    • MCasey

      al……I agree. Globalists fear that under President Trump their decades of manipulation to globalize America will fail.

      President Trump declared himself a “Nationalist” on Oct. 22 at a Houston rally. “I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Use that word. Use that word.”

      By encouraging “We the People” to “Use that word. Use that word”, President Trump is trying to unify all patriotic Americans, whether Democrats and Republicans, under the header of “Nationalist”.

      Because he knows the Globalist Movement is the next battlefield.

      This threatens Globalists like French President Macron who cried, “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”; and German Chancellor Merkel declared, “those who only have to think of themselves — that’s nationalism in its purest form, not patriotism.”…..and the usual globalist bluster from PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor who asked President Trump if he was “emboldening white nationalists”; and CNN’s Jim Acosta suggesting the term was “coded language” or a “dog whistle” to Americans embracing a racist ideology.

      In the pursuit of Globalization, Hillary Clinton accepted billions of foreign and domestic dollars “donated to her charity” to purchase a lot of favors “on the come” for when she would be President. And now, she and her group have to pretend to be relevant because she owes a lot of money to a lot of powerful people who do not take their losses (investment) lightly.

      Globalists undermine any person or movement that would impede their progress. President Trump is their greatest fear, so they attempt to undermine every word he speaks and every action he takes.

      Yet, so many people allow themselves to be lied to as they listen to the globalist media of CNN and MSNBC. And, it’s easy to lie to them because people have their own prejudices and seek to validate them.

      If President Trump criticizes the policy of a black legislator, then he is a racist.

      If he criticizes the policy of a Hispanic legislator, then he is a white supremacist.

      If he criticizes the policy of a female legislator, then he is a misogynist.

      They telecast “tiny” crowds at his rallies by filming 3 hours before the event.

      The news reports, “A hundred protesters turned out against ‘Trump’s’ visit”, but no mention of the tens of thousands who turned out to support him.

      They report on the crimes of Jeffery Epstein while showing a picture of President Trump in the background, as if he were a part of the story.

      They refuse to broadcast President Trump’s 4th of July celebration and condemn his efforts to project pride in our Armed Forces.

      They show conditions in immigration camps which occurred under President Obama; as if it occurred under President Trump.

      They run feel good stories about President Obama and Michele to invoke the “good old days” when a Democrat was President.

      If Johnny doesn’t brush his teeth, it’s because President Trump doesn’t support universal health care.

      And to invoke Margret Thatcher, “If he walked on water; they would say it was only because he couldn’t swim.”

      All these are very subtle, but extremely effective methods of brainwashing a nation of sheep on their way to the slaughter; Pied Piper’s rats being led to drown in the sea by CNN, MSNBC and other factions of the left who advocate Globalism over Nationalism.

  15. Da Yooper

    Greg IF I remember correctly not Bush but …….

    In November 1999, President Bill Clinton publicly declared “the Glass-Steagall law is no longer appropriate”.

    If the communists want to “Hunt ” us ………bring it ….but be careful what you wish for.

  16. al

    PS: By the way… By definition I’m not “white”.
    Greg knows my last name because I contribute, it ends with a Z.
    In addition my very large Family all voted for Trump and will do so again.

  17. David

    Glass Steagall was ended in 1999 under Bill Clinton not George W. Bush.

    Just a correction.

    Thank you for your efforts!


  18. Mike

    The biggest problem for the Democrats is they held a hearing on reparations and a black guy demanded reparations from the Democrat Party for creation of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws.

  19. John

    Greg the glass steagall act removal was passed by Bill Clinton and Phil Graham. But it was a bi-partisan effort. 10 years later we had 2008 financial crisis. Our elected officials are robbing us blind.


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, 1999. Bush let the housing crisis run wild until it blew up. Remember it was going to be “Contained”??

  20. paul ...

    Notice how a “negative slant” is placed on “something good” … what is so bad about us being able to buy things more cheaply (especially after the banksters have inflated the US money supply by 25 times since 1980) … people have to begin to realize that such “deflation of manufacturing prices is a good thing” … but the banksters call “this economic benefit” to the American people (deflation) … and try to make such a price reduction into a “bad thing” … so they can have an excuse “to inflate the money supply even more” and take away any benefit the American people get by manufactures finding ways to reduce prices for us!! … people falsely think “deflation” (cheaper prices) will lower the price of their gold and silver holdings … this absolutely not so … because the price of gold and silver are based upon how many dollars the banksters “have already created” (and there is 25 times more US dollars in circulation today then back in 1980 and lower prices for manufactured items does not reduce the money supply) … actually lower prices puts more money into peoples pockets “to buy more gold with” … the banksters thus hate “deflation” because gold rises during deflation … deflation and rising gold prices put an albatross around the necks of the crooked banksters … so they must create “more inflation bubbles” that tends to drive people into paper assets and away from gold!! …

  21. Diane

    Another good report Greg
    Thank you

  22. eddiemd

    Article on Drudge about sending lethal virus to China.

    Actually China has been on the cutting edge of development of nanoparticle vaccination technology. Here in the USA the company Novavax already doing human testing on flu nanoparticle vaccination. Chief scientist/physician in charge of nanoparticle vaccination development at Novavax was one of the top biological weapons scientists at Fort Deitrich’s bioweapons lab.

    The Chinese are working on sophisticated nanoparticle vaccinations against bioweapons. Perhaps the Canadians are helping them.

    I worked at the NAMRID in Lima Peru back in the 1990’s in the virology lab. Always on the lookout for an emerging virus with bio warfare capability. Lima ran a clinic in Iquitos to look for virus popping out of the Amazon basin. Used the Peruvian riverine navy.

    Older article gives basics.

    Stay away from nanoparticle vaccines. They will be forced upon us at some point in time. This fall the flu vaccine may be a nanoparticle vaccine exclusively. Avoid.

    • eddiemd

      Looks like a disinformation campaign to paint the Chinese at the bad guy while it is really the US biowarfare program getting ready to unleash viral and bacterial agents (anthrax) on the populations. Perhaps inside China, India, Iran, Indonesia, or Pakistan.

      As I have said before, contaminate money with anthrax in big cities and you get to switch to electronic money ASAP.

      • Greg Hunter

        China is not a friend of America.

        • eddiemd

          Actally China is our worst enemy. They will be the army from the east to move on the Middle East.

          Epstein moved. Not suicide. There is no way he “hanged” himself in a suicide watch cell.

      • Galaxy500

        You think people are going to give the US government power to clean out their banks, track everything they do?
        China can do it, it won’t happen here for a while

    • Justn Observer

      EddieMd, Heard there are people that think by getting blood from infected people in Africa and feeding it to mosquitos and rats and releasing them might be the next cheap threat to come to U.S. by it’s detractors? Also am hearing that that virus is undetected when carried in the lungs by previously infected people that were cured since the blood tests do not pick that up?
      History shows when the ‘gov’t’ moves on criminals the criminals are most resourceful.
      The excessive focus on taking away the 2nd Amendment and guns,
      will only lead to more dangerous inventive and creative ways of being legal. Bio, and Chemical (toxins/poisons) although not the drama creating hyper kinetic trauma event the evil minded seem to enjoy doing, might be the next wave they could focus on for their evil enjoyment. Whole areas of Jonestown style events? Like the recent Dominican Republic situation? What about up wind releases of same… The legislators need to stop being so fixated on anti-gun…it does not take that much creativity of evil minds to come up with more severe acts such as ‘food’ as a weapon, intake vents in large buildings. One You Tube site that has covered possible Ebola transfer is Florida Maquis… about New Yorker article= ‘Is Ebola evolving into a more dangerous virus?’
      Like the Florida mosquito situation in the past…people need to be aware of what shows up where and the speed of things spreading… Living in a cool tourist areas or hub travel cities might NOT be the place to be in the future?

  23. Country Codger

    Please don’t cut back on your WNW’s. Thirty minutes is not too long.
    This is for your reading enjoyment:

    Lo Iyrah!!

  24. paul ...

    The stupid Washington neocons tried to do a “regime change” in Turkey (a NATO ally) with huge troop assets (who supplied one-half the “boots on the ground” troops for NATO’s continuing non-stop “peace-war operations” around the world) … so the idiot neocons in Washington proceeded to add Turkey to the Russia/China/Iran “axis of evil” … and now are “stopping food shipments” to the people now eating their dogs and cats in Venezuela … which is bound to add another ally (with huge oil and mineral assets) to the “axis of evil” … the only one left “with huge oil reserves” not belonging to the “axis of evil” is Saudi Arabia (sort of makes one understand how Trump won’t stop helping the evil immoral Saudi’s prosecute their genocidal war against Yemen)!! …

    • paul ...

      Although understanding Trump helping Saudi Arabia “does not make it right” … the immoral Saudi’s who helped do 9-11 and are doing genocide in Yemen do not represent Sunni Islam … Turkey does … and Turkey is a political, cultural, industrial and military powerhouse compared to the 9-11 Saudi conspirators … who have “still not paid for their many crimes”!!

      • Frederick

        Paul I too used to believe it was the evil Saudis behind 911 and then I realized how ridiculous that belief truly is They are NOT capable in any way except maybe financially which is not enough to pull off something that complex Are you some sort of controlled opposition ?

        • Uncommon sense

          What I don’t get is people like Galaxy 500 and Robert Lykens believe the official 9/11 narrative yet would prefer to bash Iran than Saudi Arabia. Shows that they are patriotic…just not to America. They may not like our opinions Frederick but at least we are consistent.

        • paul ...

          Frederick … My accusations against the Saudi’s “in no way” absolves all the other conspirators in the 9-11 attack upon America … I just wasn’t focusing on “all the traitors” in my above comment!!

          • Frederick

            OK Understood and they may well have played a minor role Paulie My apologies

  25. Bill B

    REG> Our President
    I am 82 years, and cannot remember anybody being vilified the way this president has been. It never ceases to amaze me how Mr Trump withstands this daily constant drum of criticism and hatred shown him. That alone would make me support him.
    I pray pray pray for that man and his family.

    • MCasey

      Bill B, Good to hear a perspective with your experience. And, yes, it also amazes me how President Trump withstands the criticism and hatred.

    • Frederick

      82 god bless you brother I’m 65 and can’t figure out how you guys do it 😀

  26. paul ...

    Does the Fed allow our banks to fail? (which would be deflationary to the US money supply) … No (they do QE) … and bail out our banks (which is inflationary to the US money supply) … does the EU allow Deutsche Bank to fail (which would be deflationary to the EU money supply) … No (they do QE) … and bail out their banks (which is inflationary to the EU money supply) … does China allow their banks to fail? (which would be deflationary to the Chinese money supply) … No (they do QE) … they bail out their banks (which is inflationary to the Chinese money supply) … … with all this fiat paper money being generated worldwide what are ordinary people supposed to do to protect their wealth from being inflated away by the banksters of the world???

    • paul ...

      This is for anyone who still does not know the answer …

      • paul ...

        More and more people (other then Stan) are now talking about an upcoming gold correction … and we will likely get a small correction after gold “closes the gap” at $1550 … does this mean we should panic? … remember the Fed has already printed 25 times the Dollars outstanding back in 1980 and they are not allowing any banks to fail (that could conceivably contract the money supply a little) … so simply use any upcoming correction “as a buying opportunity” … remember no market” ever goes straight up” … to go straight up it would take “an end of the world event” like discovering the stars in the sky are falling back into a black hole singularity … in which case … gold going straight up wouldn’t matter much!!

  27. paul ...

    You know … it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Bayer bought Monsanto … all the Board of Directors must have sold their Bayer shares short … and then … voted to “buy Monsanto” to make private fortunes (off the backs of ordinary Mom and Pop investors who invested their money in a good and very profitable drug company) … … this is why “you should not put people between you and your money” … buy physical gold and silver (not shares in gold and silver companies no matter how good the company may seem to be)!!

  28. Sue Patterson

    You’re my go-to guy for news. I look forward to the WNW all week.

    The current “white supremacist” labeling has made me think back over the previous Trump labels. Before the election he was “unelectable,” then he became the “buffoon in office.” Then came misogynist, adulterer, (where are all those women now?) Russian plant, Putin’s puppet. Then we got accusations of collusion, interference, and obstruction. Move on to hater, islamaphobe, hisapophobe, immigrantophobe, racist, more racist, even bigger racist, tyrant, inciter of violence, Nazi, neonazi, sympathizer, and now white nationalist and white supremacist. Psalm 59 reads like a commentary of today’s political activities:

    Psalm 59
    6 They return at evening: they make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city.
    7 Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?
    8 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

    Fear not, God is with us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue for the good analysis!

    • Country Codger

      Way to go, SUE!!

  29. Mike

    Hey Greg, It looks like the Russian hoax is coming back to bite them and Barr will be bringing up the truth just as the election gets going. We will find that Obama’s DOJ, FBI, NSA, State Department, and just about every agency was used to spy on and try to destroy Donald Trump, which means all those who voted for him. Now that it is obvious that so many unelected people are running the government it is time for “we the people” to stand up for the only person who is working for us. Trump. The Democrats will spew their hate and project their own nasty sides trying to influence the American People but will fail because we are a lot smarter than they give us credit for.

    • Justn Observer

      Mike, AG Barr is in thick as thieves with the very people he is ‘suppose to’ rout out…
      watch = You tube, George Webb & McDuff each and together … Barr and his father are tied deeply with the cabal of drug, weapons, oil, and the rest…so the meta data is proving out ?

  30. Paul Anthony

    Thanks for the truth and sanity of your real journalist work and your love for the Lord!
    God Bless!

    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul!

  31. John Shipp

    Mr Hunter,
    Another excellent analysis of the situation , I particularly appreciate your acknowledgement of the presence of God.
    Ask yourself, Would you rather be a non-Christian in a Christian country or a Christian in a non- Christian country

  32. leo bissett

    Hey Greg thanks for always asking your guests what should the little guy do. That has been very helpful to us little guys. I remember a few months back when you were standing in front of a field that was flooded that visual was very helpful and has stayed with me about the crop planting issues. So if we have no crops to sell what does it matter if china does not buy these non existing crops.

  33. Horsenut

    Don’t ever shut up Greg. We’re counting on you!

  34. Auntie Seize

    The Federal “deficit” is fraudulent. Money is borrowed into existence, but the interest amount is not created. For example, if $100 is borrowed, $100 is created by the lender, but the interest amount (say 10% for 1 year = $10) is not created. So the borrower owes $110. But he can NEVER repay this amount because only $100 exists. Therefore the loan is fraudulent. Therefore the loan agreement/contract is fraudulent. If the borrower put up something for collateral, the lender can legally (but not morally) confiscate it. If the borrower wants to avoid his collateral from being confiscated, he must borrow whatever it is that he owes, putting him even deeper into debt. It is a “game” that is impossible to win for the borrower, and is impossible to lose for the lender.

    The entire Fed deficit can never be repaid, so it should be repudiated. And the banksters should be dungeoned for deliberate and willful fraud.

    The more criminal behavior that you tolerate, the more you’re going to get.

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake up homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson circa 1802

    • Galaxy500

      you do not make sense. Money is fungible.

      • Uncommon sense

        Galaxy you were doing so well. Auntie’s post does make sense. When a loan is made an equivalent amount of ‘money’ and debt is created. So $1000 is created with $1000 debt. However, the debt will increase due to the interest, whilst the original amount of ‘money’ created will remain the same. Therefore we end up with the crazy situation that their is more debt than money to repay that debt. This is how the bankers win. When everyone defaults the bankers take the real assets held up as collateral. I believe this is what Auntie was explaining.

        • William Stanley

          Uncommon Sense,
          Concerning bank loans: Just because more money is returned to banks than is originally lent does not mean that the money supply must continue to increase or the system will implode.
          Once the principal is repaid, the created money is extinguished, i.e., it returns to nothingness. The borrower can save-up the interest owed to the bank out of his income.
          Consider the situation where new loans are created in the same amounts as old loans are repaid. The interest that then flows through the banks is part of the flow of income through the economy. Moreover, then, both the money supply and (assuming unchanging interest rates) the flow of interest through the banks would remain constant over time, other things equal. Since the interest paid to banks goes toward paying the expenses of running the bank (including its cost of capital) it is not a mathematical certainty that the banks must eventually capture all the wealth in the economy. Whether that happens, depends on much more than the simple fact that banks make loans at interest.
          The problem is the making of loans to people (and other entities) who can not or will not save up the money to repay principal and interest. (Yes, unscrupulous banks could make loans that they know won’t be repaid in the hope of acquiring the loan collateral). However, again, the inability to repay is NOT a simple mathematical corollary of the fact that loans have been made.

    • William Stanley

      Auntie Seize,
      IMO, while Thomas Jefferson was totally correct in his statement, you are completely wrong in your assumption and example about the creation of loans, money and interest. See my discussion below with Uncommon Sense for more detail. One nuance that Jefferson points to is the part about “. . . first by inflation [by which HE meant increasing the money supply] and then by deflation [decreasing the money supply] . . ..”

  35. Ken


    The Red Flag Laws if passed will a absolute disaster!

    Just wait and see what happens when Red Flag meets the Me Too Movement!!!

    Red Flag will blow up the divorce courts!!

    Red Flag will be front and center in neighbor hood disputes!!

    Anyone remember the the SWATING incident in Wichita Ks? A man in California called the Wichita P.D. Gave an address there telling the police that he ad killed some of his family and was holding other members hostage and intended to set the house on fire.
    The dispatcher tried to talk him out of it while the patrol cars responded. P.D. Shows up at the address given by the caller a man comes out the door and is shot dead!!

    Here’s the link….

    On top of that they already have killed a 61 year old trying to serve a Red Flag warrant at 5:00 am
    How do you answer the door at 5:00am????

    One thing is clear if the Red Flag law passes the local as well state police will be bombarded with claims to investigate!!!

    I can see the courts dealing with left wingnuts accusing there favorite Trump supporter.

    Make no mistake the Red Flag Laws will be used as a weapon!!!

    • Galaxy500

      I believe you

    • Russ McMeans

      Ken; you absolutely nailed it here. This will all happen just as you explained.

  36. tsuki

    Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee are now going after Kavanaugh to impeach him. But, still no platform from the DNC.

  37. Ken

    The Beltway sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that took place over three weeks in October 2002 in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Ten people were killed and three other victims were critically injured in several locations throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.Wikipedia
    Date:February 16, 2002 – September 26, 2002 (preliminary shootings), October 2, 2002 – October 24, 2002 (sniper attacks)
    Attack type:Spree killing, mass murder, domestic terrorism
    Deaths:17 total, 10 in the Beltway sniper attacks, 7 in preliminary shootings
    Scary Facts About The Beltway Snipers

  38. iwitness02

    As I listen and watch, I think wow, he feels just like I do. It is amazing to me that people can form somewhat of a bond through shared information.
    Thank you Greg, for telling it like it is.

    • Frederick

      Iwitness02 true but sadly people never stand up and do anything Greg should do a survey on how many followers he has Could be a powerful force for good

  39. Mark Langston

    Hey Greg, I let those long ads that came with your WNW video run the whole way through this time so you’d get some credit for them. I have to tell you, I learned a lot more about men’s soap than I ever wanted to know. I also got up and walked out of the room for part of the time the ads were running. But we don’t have to tell the monetization police. That can just be our little secret. I do have one small favor to ask however. The next time you get a news item laced with left-wing profanity, go ahead and hold it up so that people can actually see how vile these people are. However, please don’t read aloud any truly offensive words. As bad as things are, our side needs to be better than that. Besides, my mother is 81 and I am trying to get her to occasionally watch your videos. Other than that one suggestion, the show was great. I live here in Guilford County and follow you every week. Please keep up the good work, and don’t ever stop using your biblical closing lines.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!

  40. paul ...

    How come Canadian’s who bought gold and silver on their credit cards get their credit card debts canceled by Chase … and all us American’s get squat??… and it was “we Americans” who bailed out Chase (and the other banksters) when Paulson asked Congress to give the banks trillions of our money?? … let’s demand a fair and equal “debt jubilee” and include us Americans too (why is it just the Canadian’s who get their debt forgiven??) …

  41. James Hastings

    The rule of law in America is dead…….Time to grow up…..)

  42. Bill B

    It would be great to hear from Danielle DeMartino Boothe.

  43. Bill B

    How about our supporting you through the USPS. Could you handle the onslaught of mail

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a snail mail address here and yes: Scroll to the bottom. Thank you!

    • susan

      I watch her on Fox Business quite a bit. She is informative on some shows, others not so much.

  44. Bill B

    GREG; One more thing.
    Since I am white, that automatically makes me a supremist/ racist. So what color should I be so I can become politically correct

  45. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you once again for your fabulous news wrap up. I look forward to your every weekly wrap up. God bless.

  46. francis m reps

    The mainstream media is ablaze with ” Anti white” rhetoric. This is a a destructive and terrible activity. This does not foster social comity. The main stream media is owned and controlled by Talmudic Jews. Wake up Greg. Study History of the past two thousand years ; about the Revolutionary sprit of the so called : ” Chosen People “. Oh; who owns and controls the Usurious Banks ?. Oh my… Cannot use the ” N ” word on those poor victims.

    • Frederick

      It’s not working , with me anyway People are people regardless of color

  47. ben

    The democrats have Tulsi Gabbard
    The republicans have Tulsi Gabbard.
    The american people have Tulsi Gabbard.

  48. tim mcgraw

    I thought it was Clinton who signed the bill getting rid of Glass/Steagle? Does it matter? The Bush and Clinton families were, maybe still are united in crime.
    Trump is talking like a fool about red flag gun control and more incarcerations. Has he gone totally mad? He never really had a compass anyway.
    Thanks for the report.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Tim. It was 1999. I got the crooks mixed up who are trying to destroy America.

  49. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    So much enjoy your WNRU’s as well as the guests you have on your program. So good to listen to you, (even my kittie Leo loves to listen to you) . Please keep the fire in your belly burning. and the intellect you have attached to it. well honed. You are a precious gem in my life. Wish I could contribute more, but I do what I can. Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You gave plenty and I appreciate it. I appreciate it even more your kind words and support of USAW!!!! Thank you!!! and “Fear Not”!!!!

  50. Linda

    I just listened to this interview with Larry Nichols, a guy who use to work for the Clintons. It’s not the first interview I have listened to with him but it’s one of the most important, especially regarding the 2020 election. Larry understands what’s going on at the top. Do yourself a favour, listen to him and then share this video with anyone who cares about liberty and the possible loss of it.

  51. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for exposing the liar left- again.
    So now we’re all white supremacists for supporting Trump ? Some of my dumb liberal family members think so plus so called ‘friends ‘. It’s time to pull up the classical definition of ‘racism ‘ and throw it back at them. Donald Trump is not racist, and neither am I.
    This crap they are doing is straight out of the Saul Alinksy and Nazi playbook folks. And my aunt and ‘friends ‘ believe it. They think they are smart and educated. But they know nothing. They’re as dumb as a rock.

  52. Russ McMeans

    A long time ago; at least 10 years ago, I knew the liberal Democrats ( including family members) would be overcome with madness and hatred for all things Christian, Jewish and ultimately conservative. (this hate goes back to the beginning of Mankind) You see, these progressive liberals are actually Satanists but they don’t know it. If you read about Satan in the Bible and then line up His beliefs/ rhetoric and endeavors with that of the modern liberal Democrat – you can’t tell the difference between them. Be prepared for pure evil folks. It’s at our doorstep and words eventually become action. It’s happening now.

  53. Russ McMeans

    What fired off this civil war overtaking our country now? 2 things: children listening to liberal Marxist professors and everyone that voted for that Marxist creep Barack Obama. Any red blooded American would never vote for someone with that name. Think about it! This is only the beginning though sadly. The next ‘Barack’ will probably be the Anti-Christ and most people will gladly vote for him.

  54. Bruce

    To Bill B

  55. Jerry

    The dominos are beginning to fall.

    I suspected the global currency reset would start in the east, I just didn’t know that it would start in China’s banking system. China has assets in all of the banks world wide, so this thing could accelerate rather quickly as the trade war between China and the United States accelerates. Rumor is, we are on the cusp of an announcement by the IMF of going to a gold backed system to avoid a global economic collapse. With the central banks snapping up tons of gold, I’m not quite so sure it isn’t true.

    • Stan

      Jerry: How many times have you told us that the dominos are beginning to fall?

      • Greg Hunter

        How many times have you told us gold was ready to tank? How many times have you told up DB is going to spike?

        • Frederick

          Arguing with a troll is pretty much a waste of time but I fall for that nonsense myself Greg That said I want to buy more Au but I’m waiting for a pullback

  56. Russ McMeans

    Fact: conservative Christian parents paid liberal Marxist (Satanic) colleges billions of dollars in tuition fees to brainwash their children. Only a few of these kids were smart enough to not buy their socialist crap.
    It’s true folks.

  57. Frederick

    Breaking Jeffrey Epstein found dead in his cell of ((( apparent))) suicide Or NOT?

    • MCasey

      Frederick……The FBI is opening an investigation into Epstein’s death. They will likely conclude there was “no intent” by Epstein to kill himself……and this time the FBI will be correct!

  58. Heinrich

    Epstein dead. File to be closed. No trials. No indictment. You will never here of it again.

  59. dlc

    Epstein dead, another one of those” suicides.” Golly, what were the odds? Which witness gets to be the next oopsie daisy?

    Watched Tommy Robinson begging Trump to intervene — just as he did for the no count rapper, ASAP (a sap). Tommy was ignored. Julian Assange rots in limbo. Hillary thrives.

    Where are the Nuremberg trials? Trust Barr, trust the plan. We’ll snare Comey yet, just you all wait….. and wait. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  60. paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: They Got Him … Jeffery Epstein was suicided … they screwed up the first suicide attempt … but this time “they made sure he was dead” … hope Trump got all the incriminating books and records Epstein had hidden … hundreds of blackmailed pedophile and rapist politicians are all probably holding celebration party’s this weekend!! …

  61. eddiemd

    El Chapo, Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, etc all protected/under watch inside the wall. But Epstein somehow commits suicide? Not buying it.

    Federal witness protection program. Is he in GITMO yet or perhaps in a military facility down in the Carolinas?

    • Frederick

      Hope you are right brother Eddie

  62. paul ...

    Take farm land off the list of hard assets you want to own … … Trump will be signing a bill to make it easier for farmers to claim bankruptcy!!

  63. paul ...

    A clear warning was given to Israel by Iran’s Foreign Ministry … that Iran’s military reserves the right to counter any threat to its sovereignty and to defend its territory from a known very hostile foreign power sailing near its borders … so … it should now be relatively easy for the banksters to raise the oil price … by simply having Israel join the US fleet heading into the Strait of Hormuz … and as the price of silver will rise with a rising oil price … Chase who owns tons of silver … likely needs silver to rise right now as it is now canceling out all “Canadian’s Charge Card Debts”!! …

  64. Keith wilson

    Greg. Call me a conspiracy nut job but I believe there is a good chance Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself in prison. They got there friends in Hollywood to make up a Epstein double and switched it when the CCTV cameras where switched off. Jeffrey Epstein is probably in a first class seat flying out to Tel Aviv for a new life and safe house awaits him in Israel. He is probably laughing he’s head off that mossad and Ehud Barak the ex Prime minister and commander of mossad got him out of prison and a life sentence in the usa. I realise this might sound stupid but I believe mossad and the cabal have pulled the cotton wool over the US population again. Just like 9\11. The media in America will go along with the story that Epstein is dead and gone for ever. Just like 9\11 they did what they where told and did not question the event .

  65. Linda

    Epstein may be really dead maybe not but the evidence is not and the victims that are testifying are not dead. We will wait and see.

    Four possible results:
    Murdered by anti Trump faction.
    He is not dead it’s a cover story.
    After telling everything he knew he was assassinated.
    He was given the means to end his physical life by person or persons unknown.

  66. ben

    Tulsi Gabbard turns heads at Detroit Debate

    1 min 47 sec.

  67. H. Craig Bradley


    Currently, the yield on a one year T-Note is 1.78% . The average interest rate on a regular, insured bank brokerage or savings account is about .20%. In a world with a lot of negative yielding sovereign debts, I am not entirely convinced an “inverted yield curve” necessarily means a recession is assured in short order. Maybe yes, maybe not. Besides, an atypical EKG readout does not necessarily mean you have a bad heart. Its not an absolute. Just looks suspicious, that’s all.

    Low yielding long term Treasuries ( 10 year, 20 year, 30 year) are still providing a double digit return because the risk free trade has been to go long on long duration Treasury Debt. Remember, the SEC defines short term Treasury Money Markets as a duration of 397 days, precisely. You may get better yields on short term Treasury debt in a govt. money market fund but even better total returns on long term Treasuries, all at the same time too. You can get what you want, be it yield or capital gains at both ends of the curve. So, its a good thing for investors who know the score.

  68. H. Craig Bradley


    The political cry for more gun control is going to be hard to resist in future years. In response to each new mass shooting, many states are considering (Idaho) or have already passed “Red Flag Laws” such as Colorado and California. These laws allow police to confiscate your firearms without due process if a close relative or spouse reports you as mentally unstable or a potential threat to public safety.

    So, a mere accusation is sufficient to take your firearms without a trial or hearing and without a warrant or any compensation. Its one more way to erode your liberties and the (unarmed) general public and politicians respond to the opportunity to advance their leftist agenda, “one state at a time” ( E.F. Hutton Ad ). So, gradually, more and more cities and states are adopting so-called Red Flag Laws. What is there to stop them anymore?

    Maybe we do need more gun control. However, a crazy slasher with a fighting machete can cause a lot of carnage just the same. This happens regularly in China or London, England. Both countries strictly prohibit private or public firearm ownership. So, its really more about advancing a socialist agenda rather than public safety or prevention. Where there is a will, there is usually a way.

  69. Mike R

    Epstein – well that didn’t take long for him to be ‘arkancided’. His dirt on the clintons ran deep, as well as the international spying, and info gathering of dirt on many politicians. Frankly its amazing he live this long, but obviously the probes were getting to close to ‘home.’ He is not anywhere but in a cold freezer, awaiting the decision of his maker.

    • paul ...

      Mike … Can it be that Hillary still has this much power … to “arkancide” Epstein (even when he is under 24 hour guard in a high security prison)???

    • Heinrich

      It was Barr‘s responsibility to prevent this from happening. This phoney bastard told the media he was shocked when he heard about the „suicide“.

      • RTW

        Barr reminds me of a scene from Casablanca where Captain Renault said “that he was shocked, shocked to find that gambling was going on in there”, just as the croupier handed him his winnings.

    • RTW

      Did you notice that huge gust of wind as everybody, connected with Epstein, let out a collective sigh of relief? Clinton was assuredly the front runner but he was by no means the only person who had a lot to lose if Epstein was allowed to languish in custody.

    • Justn Observer

      Runs much deeper than ‘the Clintons’… Her handlers and minion and those that created him and what is purpose was really all about.

  70. harry wabash

    Was Jeffrey Epstein Irish or Norwegian ?.

  71. Ken

    Most people were not surprised by Epstein’s exit. It’s easy to figure that he could not be allowed to go to trial and have all the names that have come out with the possibility of many more named and details verified by others. In open court for the whole nation to see.
    The only reason he lasted as long as last weekend was because the powers that be were locating his insurance policy ….. Dead Man Dump pics/videos.

    It seems obvious that the where abouts of his insurance policy would be known by Ghislaine Maxwell.
    With Epstein’s death I would bet Maxwell will never be found or turn up face down some where.

    “Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of criminal and Mossad spy Robert Maxwell appears to have gone underground “


    This is why WikiLeaks Julian Assange has not bit the dust. His insurance policy probably has multiple dumps. After all can’t have Seth Rich and the DNC e-mail dumps linked!

  72. Robert E. Salt

    I hope I’m wrong but I suspect that Boris Johnson is a black hat.

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