Dollar has Stage 4 Cancer – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s 

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has long predicted Fed money printing would have to go “on a vertical curve where money has to be added to the system . . . to keep the system from crapping out and imploding.”  Kirby said this more than a year ago.  Massive money printing can no longer be hidden, and it has disastrous and dire implications for the dollar. Kirby explains, “They are not hiding it.  It’s too big.  If you have an elephant under your carpet in the living room, you can’t say ignore the bump.  Elephants are hard to hide.  It’s also hard to hide $150 billion in daily turnover in cryptos.  That translates into a $54 trillion annual run rate.  That means trade settlement.  This is admitting there is trade settlement in dollars, and that amount is growing.  The dollar is on this exponential growth curve.  More dollars are being pushed into the world market every year, and fewer of them are being used in trade settlement.  What happens when dollars are not used in trade settlement?  They return home.  The dollars are returning home, and that’s why the price for everything in America is going up.  That’s why the equity markets are higher when fundamentals say the equity markets should be down.  We have a huge swath of the economy in America that is still shuttered from this supposed pandemic.”

Kirby contends we are getting closer to a dollar crash.  Kirby says, “Until it gets so tall that it looks like the World Trade Center, and you know what happens when things get that tall?  They come down in a heap, and that’s what’s going to happen with the dollar.  It’s going to come down in a heap just like the World Trade Center.  It’s going to be fast, and it’s going to be brutal.  That’s where we are headed, and the powers that be know it.   That’s what they are keeping from us.  That’s why we have the censorship on social media.  That’s why people who talk authoritatively about reality are censored and cut off because we are in trouble.  They don’t want us to know, and I think they want a lot of us eliminated.”

Does that mean gold and silver have lost their shine to crypto currency?  No way, and Kirby predicts, “Metal prices are suppressed. . . .  There is going to come a day when metal prices will free itself from the shackles it is currently engaged with.  When that occurs, precious metals, in my view, will exceed what we have seen in the crypto universe.  What we have seen in crypto currency in the last year or two, I think we could see that in spades in precious metals. . . . The dollar has stage 4 cancer right now.  Best you have insurance to cover yourself when the dollar does what it is destined to do.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Rob Kirby, founder of  (There is much more in the 33 min. interview.) 12.07.21 

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After the Interview: 

Kirby recently wrote for friends and subscribers, “There was a time it took Bernie Madoff a couple of decades to bilk $50 billion out of a bunch of chumps.  Then we got to the point that it took 17 years for officialdom to squeeze “a missing $21 Trillion” out of a lemon through dubious government accounting gimmickry.  Now, we have finally arrived at the point where we can make $400 billion go “poof” in 12 hours.  (As happened this past Saturday in the crypto markets.)

A dollar sure doesn’t buy what it used to, eh?   Isn’t that progress?”

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  1. Brooklyn


    Thank you sooooo much for this interview with Rob Kirby. We just need someone to confirm the voices whispering inside our head, that the dollar will soon crash. Not that that is necessarily a good thing, but more of a reality check..!

    Meanwhile, there are “rumors” that the crypto currencies will collapse- soon, based on insider fraud…. Hmmmmm … We like our “stackable” gold/silver coins which we can “knock down” whenever we want, and roll them through our fingers….

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy you are back Brooklyn.

      • Brooklyn

        You R’ Da Man…;)

    • Randy Hitt

      Cryptos will go up 10x before Silver breaks out of the trading range it’s been stuck in for very long time.

      • andyb

        I have to disagree with Kirby. The problem with crypto is the amount of energy it needs and consumes. Even putting an EMP attack aside, if the climate change psychos get their way with banning fossil fuels and mandating electric vehicles, we will face a perfect storm with crypto and vehicle charging stations together requiring far more energy than any electric power available.

        • A. Anthanovich

          I agree with you Andy. Our electrical grid is antiquated and fragile. It won’t take much more stress (additional loads) before blackouts become frequent and more widespread. When you consider other possible threats to the grid…geoengineered storms, solar flares, an EMP attack, cyber attack, lone wolf snipers taking out key installations, or a deliberate shut down by our illegitimate globalist controlled government…we are extremely vulnerable. I believe that the loss of electrical power for an extended period (weeks, months) is probably one of the greatest threats we face…the loss of life would make the globalist’s covid/vax operation look insignificant in comparison.

        • Robert

          From what I’ve heard these vaccines will turn our bodies into power generating systems. 5g will play a big role in that conversion process.

          • Wendy

            Bwahahahahaha! The Matrix

      • Suzette Lawrence

        They seem like a huge tax liabilty to me. What difference does it make if they go up and you can’t spend them but get taxed on the capitol gains? That is my understanding. When Mr. Global goes digital it will be his crypt0 and he will control who gets to spend them and where. Cash Friday!

      • Charles Casaburi

        What’s to stop the computer geeks that make crypto’s from changing the rules & issuing themselves a trillion dollars in crypto’s just like the federal reserve creates dollars. The answer of course is absolutely nothing. The use of PM as money is based on the great truth that the ability to create money out of the thin air is to great a temptation for mortal man .

        • Charles H.

          Precious stones have ‘lab-created’ facsimiles. Printed bills have counterfeits. Anything of extraordinary value WILL be scammed.

      • Earth Angel

        I think crypto moves us even FARTHER away from something TANGIBLE for trading and, imo, farther into the mark of the beast system. Just WHERE the satanic central banking criminal cartel WANTS US TO GO. We must shun AWAY from an even more virtual system (than fiat) and back into REALITY. Something REAL. Something of VALUE that’s TANGIBLE. That’s where I’m going. No way will I participate in this. I don’t care what virtual price they put on it. How is this any better than what we’ve got going on now? It seems to me this makes it even EASIER for them to cheat us. And CONTROL US. If I’ve learned ONE thing in my 60 odd years it’s ‘Whatever they (the establishment) are pushing you to do- if you do the EXACT OPPOSITE you can BE SURE you are doing the RIGHT thing’. And you can quote me on that.

    • Gandhi

      You are right, cryptos are a psyop designed to pave the way to replace the fed note psyop. Notice how banks even portray bitcoin as a high tech coin lol. Things that are real like love, gold, birds, food, and beans don’t require a bank account to access. You can access God without a bank account unless you worship at a 501c church. If it requires a bank account, at some point it will also require a trump clot shot to access. I have been participating in industrial computer programming for a lifetime. It is retarded to think crypto is private, safe, secure, or even real. If it was all that it would be illegal. The banksters will only allow people to gamble with it until they decide not to allow it. Don’t trust anyone who thinks crypto is legitamte is my advice, they are deluded.

      • Randy Best

        I agree with you 100%. Bitcoin is fool’s gold. How can one unknown man with a white paper create so much mania?

      • Jeff

        Cryptos have served their purpose to take investment money from gold. SLV and GLD trading instruments did the same. Always to keep the dollar from crashing.
        To this day central banks are buying A LOT OF GOLD.
        Ask yourself why and ask yourself what do you think you should be doing ?

    • Arthur Silva

      FYI, Spectrum &/or the browsers/IE & chrome & Edge are blocking the video portions of these articles.

  2. Klaus Meyer

    Tucker: Why is the United States doing this?
    164,731 views Premiered 106 minutes ago
    Sounds about right. Protect others borders, while ours is wide open. Corona & god knows what else walking right on in!!!
    Let’s GO Brandon!!!!

    • F.T.Canavan

      Tucker nails it, sociopath’s like big mouth Nuland, a Hitlery clone. Is gonna get us all killed, provoking the Russian bear. Working for Hilary’s pimp Soros, she alone is to blame for screwing the Ukrainian people, with cookies and pie in the sky promises of her and husbands, megalomaniacal dreams. . .
      Nuland says ‘F**k the EU’ in 2nd. leaked recording
      Criminal family worse than Andrew Wiseman’s!
      Unlike Putin, who didn’t spend the last ten years trying to divide his country like Obomber, “the real president and thief” and the Hilary gang. But have been developing advanced hypersonic weapons, that we have absolutely no defense whatsoever and China is not to far behind.
      Victoria do us a favor and move to Canada or New Zeeland, please and keep your foot out your mouth please. Every time you lie, people die!

      • Moby

        Please consider this timeline by Mike Yeadon, ex-chief science advisor at Pfizer as to where this tyranny is headed:

        That tyranny is part of the last 8 years that commenced on October 31st:

        • Paul from Indiana

          Folks, the proverbial jig is up. It’s come down to individual survival now.

          Moby, I’ve been hanging around this forum for a long time, and this is some of the most valuable material supplemental to the discussion at hand that I HAVE EVER SEEN. Many thanks for this valuable and worthy contribution. Best always. PM

          • Moby

            Thank you Paul! We have truly entered a spiritual war that only our Father thru His Word can see us thru!!!

      • Coal Burner

        Yes, I certainly agree on Nuland. But neither Putin nor Xi are stupid enough to launch one of those fast rockets. They know they will have a thousand pound tungsten telephone pole up their ass at 40 thousand miles an hour. And they will be dead before their rocket gets to the target. And yes if it wasn’t for thieves and murders like Nuland, Clinton, Piglosi, and Biden, Putin would be our ally instead of him and Xi.

      • JC


        Don’t know if you are familiar with the British film City of the Dead, (released in U.S. as Horror Hotel) but there is an evil entity named Mrs. Nuland in this film, note the resemblance. Watch at 18:00 – 18:45. Later on she does some Satanic rituals.

    • The True Nolan

      Hey andyb! You say “The problem with crypto is the amount of energy it needs and consumes.”

      That is a common belief, but I am not sure it is true. Certainly the anti-CO2 folk say so, but there are at least three factors which make that less true.
      1) Most crypto mining firms do their absolute best to get the cheapest electricity. What that means is that they have their companies structured to buy surplus energy which would otherwise be unused. For example, if an area has a lot of hydro or wind power there are times when the production is greater than demand and cannot be stored economically. By buying that excess energy, the mining companies actually help to stabilize the price and keep other consumers paying LESS than they would without the mining being done.
      2) At least for Bitcoin, the algorithm which controls the system keeps check on how long it takes for each block to be solved. Suppose electricity gets in such short supply that prices rise dramatically. Some mining companies will shut down, the time to solve blocks will increase, and the algorithms will make the cryptographic problems easier so that the remaining companies will be able to solve them in the same time as before the shortage. The net result is less energy used when energy spikes higher. (The same happens when nations (like China) outlaw mining. The other companies pick up the slack and the speed stays constant because of easier math problems.)
      3) Current credit card settling energy usage is higher than usually reported, so the energy difference between standard systems and cryptographic systems is less than reported. When you do a credit card transaction, all you see as the customer is a few seconds delay and not much energy expended at all. What actually happens is that the transaction is not settled, it is only vouched for by the bank. in effect, the usual transaction is just the bank saying ” we recognize that card and barring something odd we will run all the multiple monetary swaps to settle this over the next 30 or 60 days”. With cryptos, yes, there is higher up front energy usage, but the transaction is settled right then when the block is finished. There is no extra behind-the-scenes data swapping between big banks, smaller banks, buyer’s accounts, seller’s accounts and who knows who else is involved.

      • Gandhi

        Hey True, do you have any idea of what you are talking about? How many years of professional programming experience do you have? You sound like you are just regurgitating the lies that msm puts out.

        • Jeff

          Cryptos use energy we are having a problem getting when everyone’s talking about electric cars. These are mostly uneducated politicians who never ask the hard questions beforehand passing dumb laws.
          We already have blackouts frequently. Our grid is lacking. Where is this electricity going to coming from ? Especially without carbon credits.

    • KK

      David Morgan – The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 1

  3. Gandhi

    Sounds like Kirby is vacuuming up .

  4. Anthony Australia

    Totally love this Man. Well done Greg and interview with Rob is something to appreciate. He’s honest, brave and consistent.

    • Brooklyn


      What time is it there in Australia..?

      I’m on the East Coast or the US of A and I beat you posting? Now that’s a first….;)

      By the way, and seriously, you and all your countrymen are in our prayers daily. Know that as Greg constantly tells us, Jesus is Real. Pray to Him. And, know that we will persevere.

      HooooooRAH…to that…!

      • Anthony Australia

        Ahh Brooky, you beat me too it😌
        Had a long sleep in this morning.
        Thanks so much for your thoughts, most of my spare time is tracking the sentiment in the States as that’s always been my barometer to our future here. Well at least I thought so, because of late we seem to be leading the pack, not in a good way.

  5. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Greg Hunter
    Merry Christmas my Friend
    My take on the Dollar is this
    The Treasury Prints Trillions of Dollars out of Thin Air – this is like every American Family printing counterfeit dollars in their basement to pay their bills and buying Cars, Houses, Land, Jewelry etc
    The Dollar is on the Cliff
    The National Debt is now 30 Trillion Dollars – the Under Funded and Non Funded liabilities are close to 200 Trillion. The Game is almost over. Personally I sleep fine because I own Physical Silver. The key is to have real assets
    In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Your take is a very rational one. It’s going to end ugly especially for the unprepared.

    • leo

      Great comment Rod reminds me of a line in a movie I watched last month: Wild Hogs- Bulls eye Bobbie, you hit the bulls eye right there.

    • JuicyMoosey

      It’s all very well for those few people who own metals. However, the sheep don’t. They own phones. Sadly, the digital theatre in their scrying screens seems to be more “true” to them than the “real” world.

      In the same way that they believe the cultish hype of covid over the evidence of their own eyes that clearly shows there is no pandemic. Will they ever believe that gold and silver has value?

      So I think we all need to do our parts to spread awareness to others of what real money is. In that effort I’m going to try and gift small silver coins this Christmas and take the opportunity to explain the difference between fake fiat and real money to as many people as possible.

  6. DuShan Belgravich

    3,200 Fully Vaccinated Cruise Passengers Suffer Massive Outbreak, 17 Confirmed Cases | Facts Matter/11 hours ago
    Yesterday, Youtube decided to delete this video. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe not.
    Regardless, here it is AGAIN.
    Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov
    This was the exact event I was waiting for!! I don’t wish any bad to anyone, but people will realize that they don’t need to ostracize non vaccinated anymore!!

    • Paul ...

      DuShan … Bribe’n (with Trump support) is now following in the footsteps of Israel … and pushing for “all adults” to get a “third jab” injection (after the failure of the first two “jabs”) … along with new Omicron requirements that all people traveling to the US show a negative Covid test 24 hours before departure (regardless of whether they are “triple jabbed” or not) which tells me the efficacy of these mandatory Killer Jabs is “zero” … yet Bribe’n is ramping up pressure for “a third Killer Jab” … despite dire warnings from vaccine experts “that the push for boosters for all adults (down to babies) … will actually prolong this Eugenicist produced “Jabdemic”… now methodically killing the old … the young … the weak … and the very strong (athletic types) the evil psychopathic Globalists want to exterminate!!!

      • JC


        In 24 hours perhaps you can come up with a plan to save us from the jab. Many are fearful, however, of the Omicron variant and will say no to giving you the 24 hours. I know what your thinking, your thinking that they would do it for Randolph Scott, right?

        • JC

          Case in point.

        • Paul ...

          We likely don’t have twenty four hours JC … as the evil atheistic and psychopathic Globalists running the US and NATO (who are so used to giving us “jab” mandates) are now mandating that Putin hand over the Ukraine to them (or else they will do a nuclear first strike upon now Christian Russia) … the balls of these psychopaths … that’s like Russia asking the US to give up Alaska … I don’t expect Putin to stand for the Globalists “jab” into the Ukraine … so prepare for “nuclear war” JC !!!

          • JC

            Ok, Paul…

            G.A. STEWART: There is one very important dated prediction for 2022, and as I interpret the prophecy, it seems to regard nuclear war. At one time, I thought it meant nuclear war for the years listed, but apparently, they were just the important years leading up to the Main Event in 2022.


  7. Scott

    Thanks much for bringing Mr. Kirby back on, Greg. He is the ONLY analyst/economist out there who is bold enough to speak openly of the Exchange Stabilization Fund. He sets the standard for credibility by speaking the truth without fear and without apology. In my household, we simply will NOT take seriously ANY fund manager, macroeconomic “expert,” analyst, author, or economist who will not warn the people openly about the ESF. Mr. Kirby has set the bar for truthfulness and integrity very high – God bless him (and God bless you, too)!

  8. Joseph

    Greg for those that listen to the word.
    Crypto: The End of Freedom!

  9. Sylvia in WA

    A truly outstanding message. Kirby has a certain unusual way about him. His message radiates truth, sincerity, and concern along with his outstanding knowledge of the subject matter. Now I can turn off my computer, and calmly go off to bed without worries. Thanks Rob.

  10. Ralph Kenniston

    Just to say thanks again for all you do for all of us who count on your perseverance and truth telling. Would love to say thanks in person sometime. Your defense of the gospel is much appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ralph!! Get ready and stay ready.

  11. JKGee

    Love the shirt and tie Greg. You look great !!!

  12. Paul Seward

    Thanks Greg for this interview with Rob Kirby, I’ve been waiting a while for it. I love your work. Need a new interview from Shadow Stats and also Kevin Shipp.
    God bless, Paul

  13. Al Day

    Greg, please, no more on covid, vaccine health. You’re preaching to the choir. I stopped watching all input on those subjects as there is nothing new to report. Anyone who doesn’t get it by now probably won’t get it at all, ever. I do enjoy commentary on the economy and world events. We live in perilous times and the more new information we have is best for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot promise you I am going to do that because it is a huge story with changing and growing information coming out. By the way, have you been vaxed?

      • Jaun Valdez

        Greg, I think Al is brought to you by Pfizer. This is the biggest thing in our lives. This is the reset, big brother, big government. They want to kill us off. Were the baby boomers! If only the rich and the elite get the placebo and us useless eaters the clot shot. Whose goanna do the heavy lifting of the economy.
        Keep it up Greg, the left is after our own hearts, WITH A RAZOR! Or should I say jab. This is a matter of life and death. Thank you for your service, Greg and the life you save may be your own!

        • Charles H.

          I have to concur… any outside attempt at squelching or reducing the reportage on the clot shot has to come from a vested interest. If someone isn’t interested – then they can skip or skim material presented. That’s NOT what this person is trying to do. This is a manipulation in favor of the drug companies.

    • Chzr

      I respectfully disagree, Greg is doing important work, following his intuition.

    • helot

      REW: “there is nothing new to report”

      I found this to be something new:

      “Resveratrol Pills Could Rescue The Vaccinated […]

      At this point the only way to reverse the problem is to consume resveratrol, a red wine molecule, which has been documented to counter reverse transcriptase, the enzyme that facilitates entry of the spike protein into the nuclear genetic center of living cells.” …

    • Elinor Saunders

      Al, I study this subject all the time and there was so much new and good information. Yes, those who have done their research know it is a “kill shot”, but still there was information on the latest statistics, and the new ways and protocols to treat it. Also lots on “Shedding”.
      Did you even listen to it?

  14. Chzr

    Graphene Oxide. Wow. Worth the listen. Greg great work as always, looking forward to Rob.

  15. Chris Kruger

    Do you answer emails????

    • Greg Hunter

      I get 300-500 emails and comments a day. Sometimes!!!!!

  16. Chris Kruger

    You are a different type of fool if you put your hope in a man … this system is permeated with hidden and obvious fraud. Yes twice I was a Trump voter …because he was the lesser of two evils.
    After living the majority of my lifespan under this system… my realization is we the 99% are economic slaves but few realize it. People are waking up.
    We need to get to the point of recognition that all fraud is bad even if it gives you a temporary benefit. … only truth and goodness will bring long term prosperity. Don’t put your hope on a man… hope good begins to suppress evil.
    Step number one do away with campaign contributions which are nothing but legalized bribery.

    • Paul ...

      Chris … It is hard to understand why American politicians support the “jab” (and are purposely mandating a known Neuro-Clot Shot) … it’s probably “to shake a few dollars out of their supporters pockets” … before they drop dead!! … if you think about it … Hitler “was more of a humanitarian in comparison” … as he just “gassed the undesirables he wanted to get rid of” … or “simply shot them dead”!! …
      Note: Think if this video is forward to Trump … it would perhaps make him stop saying: The “Jab” Is Safe??? … not too likely I’m afraid!!!

      • Ed Mustafo

        Hey Paul, did Trump ever mandate the vaccine? If he says it’s safe or he recommends it, does that mean that you have to get it? He also says that he’s against mandates and that you still have your freedom to decide whether you want it or not. Furthermore he said “ I don’t think you need the booster, to me it seems like that’s all about money “. Those are the facts right there my USA watchdog friend, remember think for yourself , trust yourself adults make their own decisions…. Can you imagine what the fake news would do if Trump told people not to get the vaccine? The perfect excuse to lock everything down again etc etc etc.

        • Paul ...

          Ed … If Trump had the balls to say: “The jabs are unsafe” … all the these insane mandates would stop … along with the indiscriminate killing of the American people with Big Pharma’s Neuro-Clot Shot … and our country would finally go back to normal!!

        • Brooklyn


          Most times we agree with your comments, but this one regarding OWS Trump and his recommending while saying that the (mRNA killer vax) is safe, is simply preposterous. Think about how many loyal Trump followers unnecessarily died because Trump recommended the “spike protein laden” clot shot, saying – it was safe! Even a few unnecessary deaths would be too many, but surly the number who took Trump’s deadly advise, has to be in the thousands. SAD!

    • Paul ANthony

      I feel exactly the same way!

  17. Robert Olin

    Thanks Greg and Rob. Once again Rob hits the nail on the head. It seems the only thing on sale now is PMs.

  18. FreeMpg

    ““One more area that I hope nation-states start paying greater attention to is the rise of cryptocurrency — because what looks like a very interesting and somewhat exotic effort to literally mine new coins in order to trade with them has the potential for undermining currencies, for undermining the role of the dollar as the reserve currency, for destabilizing nations, perhaps starting with small ones but going much larger”. — Hilda the Beast Clinton

    • Jason’s

      Hilda doesn’t realise is that the nation states she is addressing her comments to, are listing and thinking, ‘She has a point. Let’s move to crypto’s!’ Haha

  19. Jane jones

    Greg, probably most here on grew up watching Brooke and think it would be of interest to most and she is white and straight and not gaudy/Ritzy, kinda like you and me. Kinda unusual, eh? The silent majority, doesn’t get any attention anymore, go girl!
    Brooke Shields calls 1981 Barbara Walters interview ‘practically criminal’
    Wilson Wong – Yesterday 7:39 PM
    Shields, who appeared to be visibly uncomfortable, defended her mother throughout the interview and said she was still growing up as a teen.
    It isn’t the first time Shields has addressed the outcry.


    Listened to this excellent pod cast ? today and tonight on the 6 o’clock news guess what, our Treasurer announces that Australia will start it’s own crypto currency one of the first in the world he boosts Australia will make crypto not silicone valley, validation for your Canadian guest , your show is amazing Greg ‘who needs a clairvoyant went you can get WATCH DOG USA

  21. Edmund Burke

    Greg, I was led to your site what seems more than a decade ago, following Andy Hoffman or Bill Holter. I came to protect my wealth and now have about half a UK ton of physical silver and a significant amount of gold to protect against the coming FIAT currencies crash.
    I came as an atheist but over the years I have learnt enough about the bible I can now win arguments with some JW neighbours, no mean feat from where I started.
    I own guns, hunt, butcher and during the last decade now own a health drink production business supplying nearly 1000 outlets.
    My life has been completely transformed over this period due to you, your guests and your other viewers comments (not Gina or Stan).
    Obviously I have changed my name as my original could give away my identity.

    I now come here for my health, I am unjabbed and so are my wife and children.

    This is all due to YOU, if you ever get asked if you made just one difference, you did, it was me. And saving me has saved many others, we now have a local network of like minded souls here.
    I am writing this because I think the internet may be taken away in the next round of totalitarian measures and this opportunity to thank you had to be taken.
    Eternally grateful for everything you have done.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks You for sharing your journey!!

      • Shayne Zutavern

        Wow best comment ever for Greg!

    • john

      I agree with Edmund. If one listens to the main stream media, anyone who even questions the jab is a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. While the VAAX reporting center admits to about 15,000 deaths caused by the vax juice. If not for Greg’s reporting and guests, many of us would be unaware of this fact. The stories he’s reported on the clot shot has me also refusing the jab and locating and aquiring ivermecton and HCQ. Also a good supply of vitamin’s C and D. And I do have some aquantances who got the shot and later developed covid. Thanks Greg for reporting the info so we could make a informed descision on clot shot or not.!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you John for all your support!

    • Kevin24

      I agree, I have been following Greg for half a decade and built up a good stash of metal due to his guidance, plus avoided the jab. Greg is one of the cornerstones in my weekly viewing and one of the first I turn people too who are just starting to wake up.

  22. Paul ...

    Stan … I have a simple question for you … in the last year the value of the US dollar has gone from 2 cents to 1 cent (effectively the Fed has doubled all the money ever printed since our nation was founded … “in the space of one year”) … this means the price we should be paying for an item at the Dollar Tree Store should be $2 dollars (good news is Dollar Tree Stores are only raising prices to $1.25 … ) … now to my point … if everything else is going up by 25% … don’t you think gold should also go up by 25%?? … so logically … shouldn’t gold be selling for $2200 rather then $1200??? … don’t you think your predicting gold will be a thousand dollars cheaper then where it should logically be … is pushing “the con job” just a bit too much????

    • Stan

      Paul: US Dollar supply has increased due to huge international demand. US Dollar buys far more Gold than one year ago.

      • Paul ...

        But Stan … doubling the dollar supply over the last 12 months … to meet demand … has cut the value of the dollar in half … so gold “has already corrected by half” (just by staying where it is) … that is why buying gold now … while it is still cheap in terms of dollars (that have lost half their value in the last 12 months) makes a lot of sense to us gold-bugs!!

        • Stan

          Paul: Doubling supply of Dollar has NOT cut its value in half! US Dollar has risen over that time period especially against Gold and Silver. International demand for Dollars is so great the supply cannot keep up!

          • Paul ...

            The commies have taught you their “New Math” very well Stan … so if we double the amount of oil in the world … it’s price should not go down!!

  23. John Kerchival

    A Plague Upon Our House by former White House coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas reveals how Trump was wholly betrayed by his health policy advisers who tricked him into destroying the economy that he was otherwise trying to build. Trump was scared and went along with their advice.
    Trump somehow made it through two impeachment attempts but got boondoggled with the virus. He seems to have figured this out by August of 2020, when he brought Atlas into the mix. Once he realized his error, he faced a real problem. He could have expressed regrets and been truly honest with the country. Or he could have merely entered into denial.
    He chose the latter. That put him massively out of touch with the terrible reality on the ground through out the country and still is, with the clot-shot. That choice lost him the election and threatens his reputation, even now. Because it emboldens the deep creeps further in they’re deep swamp machinations of total B.S. and the great train election robbery and a massive dis-information leading up to the mid-terms and 24! Some people think that this was the whole point of knockdown lockdowns, at least for a while: to cause Trump to stumble and fall. I don’t know if that’s true but it’s not as crazy as some would think.
    Get back up our Robin Hood president, we needs you. Encourage your enemies to get the jab, but not your band of determined men!

    Protests Against COVID-19 Restrictions Rock Belgium
    108,992 views Dec 6, 2021

    Watch: Brussels on edge as thousands clash with police over new covid rules amid infection surge
    196,607 viewsDec 5, 2021

    Vandana Shiva: “People Are Dying Now!!” Is This The Great Reset In Action?!!
    516,778 viewsDec 7, 2021
    Russel spoke to Vandana Shiva about how globalisation and the systems of powerful elites like Bill Gates are potentially leading to so many deaths in countries like India.
    [Maybe why he’s buy farmland here in the U.S..]

  24. Rod deJel

    Greg. You are one of the few, to whom I have continued to listen, every week for several years now. Some say you are biased. In my opinion you are passionate and have the courage to speak the truth. I love most of your guests. Rob Kirby is an honest man I love. I do put up simple videos occasionally, but I don’t know how to edit. My websites went down in the search engines after I put out a lot of support for President Trump. I also encourage people to live within their means, not increase their debts with the bankers, even though I am a real estate appraiser who stopped doing work for banks, but I do work as a real estate agent/broker. I have seen some smart people sell extra properties and buy precious metals. I saw some “millionaires” lose everything because of their debts in the last crash which I tried to warn people about. Most are living well, instead of living within their means or living smart. God bless you my friends and Merry Christmas.

  25. Stephen Woenker

    How many ppl would have to die to keep the dollar “ The Worlds Reserve Currency “. ? Hyper inflation from occurring?

  26. Jerry

    It’s time for people to understand the linkage between the coronavirus , the vaccines, and the global currency reset.
    All of the bank repos, money printing, and yes cryptocurrency’s are nothing more shock absorbers to stall off the reset until the vaccination programs are complete. In the new world order, human beings themselves will be used as currency, by a global credit scoring system that is linked to a global government cloud. Even state governments are getting into the act now pushing this agenda.

    Rob was spot on when he used the term elimination in the same sentence as stage 4 cancer. I know something about that since I’m fighting for my life now with stage 4 cancer. The tumor that was found in my lung appeared after I had the coronavirus a few weeks ago. My one son who died with the coronavirus was an avid body builder who was a second amendment advocate in Florida. And my other son who is running for congress recently had a mysterious blockage appear in his intestines after recovering from the
    coronavirus. Do you want to tell me this is all just just one big coincidence?

    Lucifer knows who each one of us are, and the threats we pose to his new world order. It’s going to take much more than gold and silver to save you when the time comes. If you are not under the protection of the Holy Ghost through our lord Jesus Christ, now would be the time to get your spiritual house in order. As Gerald Celeste has said, economic wars lead to shooting wars. Don’t be fooled by what’s going on in Ukraine. It’s a cover for the real agenda. “ the global reset under the U.N. build back better program”. Putin is the last holdout since Donald Trump gave into The World Economic Forum in Davos in 2020. Sorry about the rambling Greg. I’m on a lot of meds. God bless you for having the courage to stand for truth.

    • Jerry

      Do you believe Ukraine is worth nuclear war?

      I’m sorry I’m not buying it. Deals will be made. Almost all natural gas flowing into Europe goes through Ukraine. NATO will not take the risk facing shortages in the dead of winter that would most likely cripple the European Union and Putin knows it. This is about getting a place setting at the globalist new world order table with China. Putin knows all about the reset, and doesn’t want to be left out. Let’s say for the sake of argument Biden is dumb enough to pull the trigger on Russia what would be the consequences? It would be a global conflict pure and simple because Russia has interest all over the world not mention Cuba and bases at the North Pole that could easily launch warheads from, not to mention satellites armed with EMP weapons.

      • Coal Burner

        Relax, it is just fear mongering and saber rattling, a diversion for the sheeple. You are right about the freezing of Europe. Now heated by Russia. And why would Putin want a 1950’s sorry situation like Ukraine ot try to modernize. I feel sympathy for the people and but I would be on the western border before any hostility’s broke out. They would be refugees worth taking in! Oh yes that means Biden would not want them.

      • Coal Burner

        Relax, it is just fear mongering and saber rattling, a diversion for the sheeple. You are right about the freezing of Europe. Now heated by Russia. And why would Putin want a 1950’s sorry situation like Ukraine to try to modernize. I feel sympathy for the people and but I would be on the western border before any hostility’s broke out. They would be refugees worth taking in! Oh yes that means Biden would not want them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry. I just said a prayer for you in Jesus Christ’s name.

      • Jerry

        Thank you so much for your prayers and the prayers from your readers. I’m am sure I would not be here without them. It helps tremendously when many petition the lord for his mercy on behalf of someone else. That is true Christ like love. Thanks again Greg and keep up the good work. I look forward to the day when peace will return to the earth and our lord Jesus Christ shall reign.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Brother Jerry.
          Brother Greg

    • JuicyMoosey

      You’ve probably heard Clif High’s recommendation for Chaga Mushrooms? “Mushroom of immortality”, etc. Apparently there is the possibility that it can help with cancer too. The idea is to get a chunk of it and keep it in your mouth for several hours, just very slowly chewing pieces off.

      You can also get Turmeric, Curcumin and Bioperine. Ivermectin has many hidden benefits too. It’s got to be worth a try. Try and stay positive. Take time to focus your mind on the cancer. Imagine it being healed with a feather or imagine snow falling on it… something that can “move” you emotionally. Imagine healing hands if that “moves” you. It might sound silly but I’ve heardsay that the power of the mind (Maybe through a divine connection?) can really help overcome all manner of illness including cancer.

  27. Daniel R

    I really enjoyed Rob’s presentation. However, I think there may be some problems with his assumptions. The crypto market is plagued with corruption. The market just sniffed that out. Coins are being hypothecated and more coins than exist in the entire circulation can trade in a single day. Therefore, it may not be true that the total volume of crypto selling each day is as large as he claims.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The crypto “game” has stalled the PM markets. I don’t think there’s any doubt of that. The exact numbers in a trend don’t actually matter. It’s the overall direction that counts. I think it is part and parcel of the times. Say it out loud: “digital money”. It’s a contradiction in terms. Best always. PM

  28. Tim. South Dakota

    Hi Greg, there are numerous estimates of the size of the unfunded liability of the US government. Rob refereed to that again in your interview.

    $84 trillion
    The National Center for Policy Analysis, whose work is frequently cited by conservatives, last year estimated the total unfunded liabilities at $84 trillion, of which “the public debt plus benefits payable to federal workers and the accrued Social Security and Medicare benefits payable to retirees total $30.3 trillion.”

    Since the unfunded liability is mainly owed to we the people then if you eliminate the people you eliminate the unfunded liability. Presto change. Poof it’s gone.

    Don’t forget your booster sheeple.

    Tim. South Dakota.

  29. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, George Gammon, you may know of him, says he been tracking the IMF, and their ties to WEF, as well as the increasing power they wheeled over the emerging markets as well as Australia. I’ve been watching them for years, because of the growing power and policies. They’re the socialist arm of the BIS, and the power behind the NWO. The nations gave them the power to use SDR (special drawing rights) years ago, and their plan is to collapse the global economy and through fear tactics and control of participating nations, meaning all who will submit, get a favorable loan, as long as you do what they say and want. Otherwise, the collapse they cause will leave the people in poverty, and starvation. The pandemic, and the imposing mast and lock down of nations, is their tool for collapsing global economy, with the help of the central banks. This whole system is the platform of which the antichrist will come to power. Wishing you well friend, farewell.

  30. Sloswingspeed

    Greg….I will listen to Rob again. I’m pragmatic….someone please define what “ It will end badly “ means…..does that mean J Carter 17% inflation ?….does that mean….housing values plummet ?….It seems to me it means ….insufficient food ; prices out of control; water costs sky high….electric grid issues….oil and Nat gas industries curtailed….sustainable life issues…

  31. Ken Locke

    Anyone that ever taken 30 seconds to lookup the meaning of crypto, understands it’s always been the plan for world domination.
    Yet the blind, and weak of heart, are led to this slaughter through greed, and ego!
    Sad to watch, but those of us who spend time with the Lord, have know this was coming from the beginning.
    If you want to be big in Satan’s world, buy as much crypto as you can!
    Gold and silver are honest money, and where is there a use for honesty today?? Lol
    If you truly want to invest in the future, I strongly suggest scriptures, not just the bible, Satan has taken out of the bible a lot of information we need today.
    Send as much time as you can reading this information, for God has left this water, but he forces nobody to drink.

  32. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, I want to refer to you, George Gammon as a guest for you to have. He has a site called the Rebel Capitalist. Mr. Gammon has a deep knowledge of markets, as well as his research on the IMF, and BIS, and would be a good common since approach. He, like yourself uses his site to teach about the monetary system, and markets, and now has become aware about the threat of the IMF to our liberties, and the nations governing bodies. New York, having the UN in it, is a center piece of attempted control of its people by the major and under democratic control. California, with its democratic control has also been the center stage of the lunatic policies attempting to steal liberties from our population. So, Mr. Gammon would bring to the table a world of imformation about the present economy and the political control of the NWO, through the IMF policies. Farewell friend.

  33. James

    Another excellent program, Greg! Thanks. Love Rob Kirby! Be well and God bless.
    The international banking cabal did the math decades ago and they ain’t worried about the monetary system because they plan to kill off the cattle.

    GREAT new anthem emerges globally to fight the Lockdown & Slaughter –

    Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release –

  34. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirby, recently I have come to use the word “sobering” with almost monotonous regularity,but the analysis of Mr Kirby and others is sobering when we have buffoons like Christine Lagarde assuring us that negative interest rates on European bonds is okay on the “great” platform YouTube,that’s over $15Trillions of negative interest rate European Bonds that are no longer protected by Germany according to Dr Merkel in June/July 2019, at this point Merrel Lynch grasped its skirts and ran for the hills.
    Central Bank Digital Currency is a frightening reality of control “freakery”and Tuesday 7th December 2012 Amazon’s servers were down on the East Coast taking with them in particular Coinbase ,so try and extract your BTC into $US with no platform never mind your bank refusing to clear the trade either way.
    We in Europe have a problem and in the UK particularly we refuse to have an adult conversation about money. In 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU,here we are today still paying VAT a tax that goes directly to support Europe and a bank lodged in London called the European Bank for Reconstruction whose debts of £1.5Trillions,yes with a T, we in the UK are responsible for.Its like having a Euro/Dollar mechanism right i the heart of our capital.Europe can spend ad hoc and we are responsible for the debt,talk about taxation and no representation.
    Whilst the USA may be in the ICU we in Europe as a whole are a rotting corpse.

  35. Heinrich

    Pls, bring Bo Polny back to the show. He has a lot to explain.

    • farmacist

      I believe Bo is a gifted chartist. Unfortunately, you cannot use historical data to predict rigged markets. Bo has made some good calls such as a new era of time 4/20/20 when the price of oil collapsed and the petro dollar died. Remember that date. It will be put on the tombstone of the US Dollar as the date of its death. Since then we are carring it around like ” a weekend at Bernies”

  36. Johnnie

    I had read the 18 million barrels of strategic reserve oil sold to India & China may be to scrape together cash for the Treasury shortfall. Either that or to setup a later crisis for the WEF great reset. Biden admin is a menace.

  37. Neville

    Rob spoke a lot about the valueless one being printed,that printing by the way is to a very limited extet compared to the cyber $$”s created out of thin air. There are a number of countries which actually use the american $ as their currency but out side of that not much.
    With the Fed not being audited and no reporting necessary on the M3 money supply etc ,what they have done under the auspices of Emergency Use Authorization (EMU everyone must familiar with this odious acronym and its evil uses) well cheque books have been handed out to the army, navy, air for force ,FBI, CIA, FED etc etc etc and any other disgusting department that is up to skullduggery on behalf of the cabal and other satanic organizations.
    So next time you ask yourself or think who is paying for all this, that the tax payers are forking out for all the wars which AAcrime goes to on a pack of lies, FORGET IT !!! ,you ain’t payin a dime for it ,uncle rotten sam’s lushes are doing satans work and picking up the tab.
    All the above has long term cancerous results for the $$ as Rob alludes to, AAcrime are running on empty and so it is just a question of time before a MAJOR collapse ,which according to Prophecy will be preceded by a Major Natural Disaster ACT OF GOD!!

  38. Dave T Musso

    That is why I Like Silver Greg, Love Rob Kirby! ALERT ER ALERT, A STL Chemist,
    Jet Blake: The Future of the Crisis & How To Prepare: On the RogueNews channel on YouTube. It is the best information I can give you to date, Greg. I am currently listening
    to you and Rob. P.S. I heard Rob Kirby mention 1) Chris Martenson and 2) Katherine Austin Fitts.
    I must be “REMOTE VIEWING” or at least tracking 2 days in front of your train. Go to RogueNews on youtube; before you do, put your ‘Tinfoil Hat on !!!! you are going to need it???

  39. Marie+Joy

    Possibilities to prepare for…
    Grid down
    Government assistance shut off
    Currency devaluation
    Martial Law

  40. Nancy McDaniel

    The banksters, elites, bought off corrupt governments and politicians keep printing more monopoly money to keep the illusion going for the sheeples AND to use for themselves to grab up REAL ASSETS like land, silver and gold. They keep the metals prices low enough for THEM but too high for the average working stiff so they can accumulate the majority of it in plain sight for decades. Yeshua warned about serving mammon AND about oppressing His people. It won’t end well for them and their beast system. Thanks for having on the best and brightest all blowing the shofar warning those who have an ear to hear.

  41. Skip Havely

    Greg, THANK YOU for having Rob Kirby as your guest. He is a voice of truth.. A warning to all Americans based on facts. One of your best interviews this year.

  42. Da Yooper

    Timely interview Greg.

    What Rob does not understand is that the sheeple of the USA can not see the elephant in their living room because the corrupt propaganda laden media keeps them blind to this.

    Sure they see the price of gas go up but they dont see the bigger picture.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s called “willful ignorance”. They don’t WANT to see the big picture. Best always. PM

      You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality —
      Ayn Rand

  43. Self Exiled

    I’m not financially minded but what Rob says sounds like common sense to me. What do you think Stan?? Oh, I asked on the last interview about Theodore and your girl friend but forgot about the Bentley.

    • Paul Anthony

      Unfortantly some people wont be able to handle what is coming and there will not only be dead from vacinnation but very well many suicuides as the transition brings prosperity it wont bring it in with out the pain as well . We HAVE to have Gods Amour on! WE MUST ! We also must be strong for OThers and help them reach out to The Lord if they havnt all ready. I have many frineds in lalal Land with MSM media

      • Self Exiled

        I read MSM and it is amazing the good happy stuff / worthless news they post. The only thing they lack is cooking recipes. Maybe they even have that.

  44. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview Rob. And, don’t be a stranger.
    Greg, that was great. Could not have been timelier.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  45. Francine Archambault

    When I looked really close for a second there I thought it was Rob that had stage 4 cancer after after I got over my 3-second heart attack I was relieved to see it was the dollar…thank you Rob and Greg… blessings Merry Christmas XO

  46. JC

    How much was a dollar worth in 1950?

  47. George+Eddleston

    Greg; Federal Reserve Notes is what we have not US Dollars, so is the USA broke or is the Federal Reserve System broke? What if the Federal Reserve is set up as a bad as in bankrupt bank and we flush it, replace it with USD’s , the new or original historic dollar, it’s value backed by US physical production and pegged to Gold. The debt of the USA would have to be honored in new dollars and stretched out over a long time at a low interest rate. It would function as a bankrupt Fed not a bankrupt USA.

    • George+Eddleston

      cancel my comment

  48. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Rob Kirby back on, he’s a real gem and you asked the right questions. I call him “Tough love Kirby”!!

  49. g

    When the dollar collapses, and if you have precious metals under the mattress, what can we do with the metal? Will gold and silver be used as currency when you go to the grocery store? If precious metals can be used as a preservation of wealth how can precious metals be used? If we go Mad Maxx there won’t be electricity, so there won’t be crypto. It’s the old if you don’t hold it……..

    • JuicyMoosey

      I hate shilling for crypto currency. However, the blockchains as they exist now might be a better bet than the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) alternative that the gov will inevitably try to force us on. The more of us that can resist the CBDC by being able to utilise alternatives the better.

      Assuming we do still maintain internet & electricity then it might be possible for shops to implement a system whereby they run all the goods through a till scanner as usual. The computer then adds up the shopping and generates a Qcode that tells the crypto wallet on your phone how much to pay. (Yeah, I don’t own a smartphone either but I’m grudgingly considering getting one for just this potential)

      Even if the dollar collapses, some cryptos might be stable enough to use in a day to day basis. Infact, without fake fiat interventions the cryptos should stabilise more than they ever have.

      It’s better than nothing and the blockchains provide us much more control as individuals than a CBDC will. It’s the lesser of evils and could prevent a complete catastrophic collapse. This system can be implemented overnight, the infrastructure is already available.

      So I really urge people to learn how crypto works now while you’ve got the chance. Get a crypto wallet, put $100 bucks in it. Fiddle with an exchange. Get used to handling wallet addresses and passwords. Not because I’m “shilling” or because I’m a fed but because crypto might act as a buffer to total anarchy, collapse and financial dictatorship via CBDC. There are crypto blockchains out there that directly relate to a physical gold / silver asset that might be worth a look.

    • Paul ...

      g … Ancient peoples viewed gold “as a social status symbol and as a currency in trade” … likely because those who came to Earth (to rape our women) “prized gold” … and humans probably figured … if the immortal gods and demigods (who came to Earth to have some fun with our women) thought gold was valuable … then humans could also use gold as a sign of wealth and as a form of currency … humanity has a long history of using gold in trade … and has highly valued gold for coinage, jewellery and in sculpture (i.e. the golden calf) … so Gold is a very unique “universal store of value” as it was a symbol of power, strength and wealth of “Gods” who came to Earth from the Heavens … and since April 2001 Gold has more than quintupled in value as the Fed has exponentially printed their IOU fiat currency like water flowing over Niagara Falls!!

    • Marie+Joy

      g, I asked the manager of my local Stop & Shop if they would accept assets like gold, silver and jewelry for payment, for food, when TSHTF. He said yes. Marie Joy

      • 20 Year Programmer

        ….problem is, they will NOT be the ones with the food. They will be out of business long before that so, if you do not have your own way of producing food, only big box stores and Amazon will be functional, and they will only accept CBDC’s. Also, millennials WILL NOT accept precious metals. They only know, and want, digital… no one seems to be addressing this fact as they will be the primary economic drivers when the collapse happens.

  50. Paul ANthony

    Mr Kirby is correct on it all! When the fed admits it has lost control it means there is nothing they can do about the current reality – and many people on and off of Gregs interview have said our leaders are not living in really.

    so yes now the main stream media has no choice but to report the reality that we all will soon be battling in … our broken money system is collapsing. Or it has all ready. The Greatest depression as Celente for years has been calling it and predicting

    MSM is finally admitting reality

    Stock up and Pray up!

  51. Marie+Joy has an article that says communist Pope Francis is dying and will not last through 2022. Pope Francis is 84 years old. It is reported that Vatican officials are “in pre-conclave mode”.

    • Olaf from OZ

      You may be right! When did Francis address the U.N. when he came to the USA?
      Revelation 17:9&10 tells us that there were 7 “KINGS” on the 7 “Mountains” (Rome?)

      Vatican became Sovereign country in 1929. Popes now are the KINGS of the Vatican.
      5 Popes/Kings – fell/Died, Benedict (#6) did not DIE (Fall), and he is the 6th KING, but FRANCIS (King#7) would CONTINUE a short space.
      The BOSS man that HEADS the “BEAST” [U.N.] – Who CONTINUES a “Short Space” will for 42 MONTHS be Blaspheming (Forgiving sins?)
      Rev.13:5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to CONTINUE forty [and] two months.
      Was it not ~ 2017? when Francis spoke to the [Beast?] U.N. General Assembly?
      He had a “Encyclical” whatever that entailed – at the END of 2018, or 2019 so would make 2022 the ENDING of his Continuing Power? – [Just a thought]

      • Occasnltrvlr

        The Papal States were under the direct sovereign rule of Popes from 756 to 1870. So…wouldn’t these fellows also count as “kings” in your theory, the same as those who’ve ruled with sovereignty over Vatican City?

  52. William Bissell

    Great to see Rob Kirby on with you again. What a Terrific Commonsense Intellect. I listen to him when I can find him, it’s getting tougher to do so. So Thank you Greg. We need to hear voices like you and Rob exposing the Fed for the Criminals they are. Gold/Silver must break out some time. We all wait.

  53. Paul ANthony

    The greatest depression and greatest awakening is starting right NOW! I mean RIGHT now itll be in history books assuming we will have a history to look back on and were not all nuked. The only help humpanity will have at this point is to look up at HIM our Lord and savior! Here is Pauls prediction adding to Celentes Greatest Depression Prediction he made long ago . The Greatest Depression will bring in the Greatest Awakening ! Praise Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior

    • MC

      Along the same line as Clif High saying silver about to become unobtainable and Sprott warning about food becoming scarce and expensive, according to Isaiah 55:6 there is a limited opportunity to obtain the ear of God. . . . In the parable of the virgins trimming their wicks, Jesus gave a similar warning as Isaiah. . . . “Those who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet, and the door was shut.”

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I suppose Clif High is saying all the available silver will be lost in the pending Global Coastal Event?

        • Greg Hunter

          No, High never said anything like that.

  54. Suzette Lawrence

    Hi Greg!
    They way I see it is that the thing that everyone seems to love about digital currencies is what is wrong with the! Mr, Global can turn them on and off. Love Rob Kirby and his insights! THanks for all you do! Suzette

    • 20 Year Programmer


      Your entire understanding of how crypto works is incorrect. Not sure where you’re getting your info, but I’ve been a programmer for 20 years and just wanted to let you know that the information you are receiving about them is completely wrong; no one can “shut them off”. The entire point of them is that they carry no third party risk and are 100% controlled by the owner. If you’re referring to governments allowing their convertibility into fiat, well then yes, they have control there, but if you’re thinking of fiat as being any kind of a sane refuge, then I would say that is HIGHLY problematic. Consider this, in a collapse, millennials WILL NOT accept precious metals, they want digital.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Are you stating or speculating that governmental or other entities do not have the ability to prevent or severely interrupt the electronic communication required for cryptocurrency transactions?
        Big Brother cannot remotely prevent me from putting a piece of silver in a farmer’s hand.

  55. Bill Heuschele

    All the best to the both of you. A great service is provided and many are helped. My thanks seems so insufficient for all that you give.

  56. MC

    Sprott is slow to awaken and warn this morning about massive inflation coming to things made of grains.

    General Mills already warned it was already planning to raise prices on the crap blue-state population eats for breakfast:

    And the universe is warning: inside the name of Germany’s new (as of 08-Dec-21) leader “Olaf Scholz” is an anagram: “alcohols”. Liquor is made of corn, barley, wheat and rye. It is very low in price even right now relative to price increases that have occurred, with more to come, in wine, beer, bread and cereal. Even if the grains were not getting more expensive and of lesser quality (due to erratic weather worldwide), the price of glass and plastic and cardboard shipping boxes, the labor shortages, the skyrocketing shipping costs are worrisome for producers.

    Add to this a coming run on red wine by the vaxed seeking relief from the Resveratrol molecule in dark wines. Resveratrol is believed to battle spike protein invasion of human cell nuclei caused by Trump’s safe & effective vax that Biden is now injecting into little children.

    And Kirby’s sudden dollar implosion would make obtaining real things difficult to say the least.

    Now is the window of oppty to get your red-wines and liquors for medicinal use and future barter. And many state run stores have year end closeouts that are bargain on top of this year’s relatively low priced liquor.

  57. wondering

    Great show. I think Rob said he would leave two to three months expense money in the bank. I think that is bad thinking. I say have that much money on hand, but not in the bank. The banks will take it all with a push of a button when the time comes.

  58. Paul in OZ

    Another great show, always very interested in what Rob Kirby has to say, he is one of the best. I am sure that many other tin foil wearing hat people like me see a worldwide conspiracy for depopulation. This is driving everything we see. In addition to the death jab, we have the supply chain break down in both energy and food items… these problems are being orchestrated so that we submit to the totalitarian future they have in mind as they save us from freezing and starvation that they themselves cause. The survival of the global financial system currently exists for one purpose only, to drain any remaining wealth of the people, to be vacuumed up by the wealthy so they can share back a few crumbs in their envisioned future. Until greater destitution and suffering occurs, I believe the financial shell game will continue because it serves their purpose. We may see a smash in gold and silver and will almost certainly see a smash in crypto to completely de-moralize the younger generation who’s biggest holder of the modern day tulip bulbs. A day of financial reckoning is a certainty, but as long as the evil forces remain in control, they will use and abuse it for their purpose globally. Gold and silver will endure for those who survive the onslaught against humanity. God’s intervention through the patriots will only occur when enough people humble themselves before him. If that does not occur, the end times are upon us and the wickedness of the earth will get its just dessert. If you are a believer and stacker, either way you win. God bless to all.

  59. Sgt

    Great interview Greg. Haven’t seen Kirby in awhile. Have you ever heard of a crypto called Bible Pay(BBP), part of mining and fees goes toward building wells for poor communities around the world.

  60. James Hall

    Bitcoin is a digital ponzi scheme, remember went it was 45 cents.

  61. Daryl Este

    Mr. Greg Hunter, I thank God for you.
    Richard A. Swenson, M.D.
    Richard Swenson is a physician-researcher, best-selling author, and award-winning educator. He received his B.S. in physics from Denison University and his M.D. from the University of Illinois School of Medicine. Following five years of private practice, in 1982 Dr. Swenson accepted a teaching position as Associate Clinical Professor within the University of Wisconsin Medical School system where he taught for fifteen years.

    As a physician-researcher, his current focus is “cultural medicine,” studying the intersection of health, culture, faith, and the future. He has written extensively on trends in modern society, including the acceleration of stress, overload, change, complexity, and speed. Six of his books are dedicated to this general topic, and they contain hundreds of practical prescriptions (Rxs) for decompressing the increasing pressures of life.

    Dr. Swenson has traveled to sixty countries, including a year of study in Europe and medical work in developing countries. He has presented widely, including national and international settings, to a wide variety of career, professional, educational, medical, governmental, and management groups, most major church denominations, members of the United Nations, NASA, Congress, and the Pentagon.

  62. Daryl Este

    Greg, Daryl – here, Dick is a Watchman on the wall and has been for (40) Years is if you can get him on…

    Thanks- dje
    You Are Loved

  63. Ron

    Hi Greg, any chance you could re-upload the interview you did with Rob Kirby about Epstein and the credibility of the MSM, in place of the dead YouTube link in this edition:

    Here’s a later link about CNN using Covid for ratings:

    If you don’t have all the originals of your old YouTube interviews, maybe some of your subscribers have kept downloaded copies of some of them?

  64. Dr. Richard

    Fundamentally, there is a complete lack of understanding of the exponential function and the math associated with it. One of the best things that Chris Martinson did in his 2009 video series is that he explained the exponential function and how it is applied to currencies and financial markets.

  65. farmacist


    If the banks are completeing trade settlement in cryptos by spending dollars to the tune of 54 trillion a year will this have the effect of driving the “value” of cryptos towards zero? The same value as the underlining derivtive which would be the dollar( or some other fiat currency). Whereas it may take 1 trillion dollars to buy a bitcoin maybe it would take 1 trillion dollars to buy a bag of groceries or 1 bitcoin. The aurgument that there are only 21 million bitcoin falls short if they are made “fungible” and split into 1/100 th of a bitcoin or something like that. In effect, draining the value of bitcoin without using a printing press. I have always thought that bitcoin was a banking psyop to feel out acceptance of digital currencies and use computer geeks to figure out how to run the coming central bank digital currency. Maybe bitcoin is in the process of being ruined along with the dollar to usher in the new system St John was inspired to write about? God Bless you Greg.

  66. The Seer

    Nothing new. Wonder why he didn’t mention Euro banks halted price setting and UK has to halt by Jan 1 ?
    THe tide is turning with courts halting mandates, businesses and people moving to red states,
    alternative news spreading, harmed and dead resulting in jab avoidance, federal government
    Failures……….and new social media options!

  67. Stan

    Gold has has Stage 4 Cancer, not the Dollar. Also, Crypto is a joke, no match for the US Dollar. The supply of cryptos is growing exponentially. If the Fed & US Govt ever thought crypto was a threat to the Dollar, cryptos would be crushed permanently.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … You must be one of those people who spends everything you earn each year and don’t save anything for the future … only such people believe that because they can buy “just about as much today as they could in 1913 on their yearly salary … that holding dollars is as good as gold!! … you could argue that since someone earning a yearly salary of $400 dollars in 1913 is equivalent to someone earning $40,000 today and that therefore the depreciation of the dollar from 100 cents to 1 cent is of absolutely no consequence … but … if you are someone who saves any money for the future “you are dead wrong” … because … someone who saved a dollar in 1913 would only have the purchasing power of 1 cent today!!

  68. Virginia

    Greg, All four of my grandparents came to this country, 3 from Scotland & Ireland & a grandmother from Germany. Granddad Conway accumulated wealth through the money he brought to this new country with his bride in their early twenties. The Stock market crash destroyed everything in spite of his investments, ie, the Pennsylvania Railroad, etc,.My Dad said to me having the experience of a true depression in his twenties, the last thing one was raised to experience, where you got a cup of hot water and add ketchup for a mock tomato soup. The restaurants that one could do that were Horn and Hard, they had a machine where you would push a button to get what you want, similar to coffee and candy ( except then it was a sandwich ) machines today He would lay his trousers beneath the matress and the box spring at night so his trousers would have a crase in the morning, yet still, he said you can always afford a bar of soap and shoe polish. One of my Dad’s most memorable statements to me was,” a man may steal because he is hungry but a lier is just a lier because where ever he goes so goes his lies”. This is our government, for now! I do not understand everything Ron Kery said but I do recognize an honest man. Greg, thank you for being aware, there is more than this listless world.
    God bless you and yours.

  69. Bible Reader

    Neurological autoimmune diseases following vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2: a case series

    Leon D. Kaulen, Sofia Doubrovinskaia, etc.

    First published: 19 October 2021

    Background and purpose
    Population-based studies suggest that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines may trigger immune-mediated thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) raising concerns for other autoimmune responses. The aim was to characterize neurological autoimmunity after SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations.

    In this single-centre prospective case study patients with neurological autoimmunity in temporal association (≤6 weeks) with SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations and without other triggers are reported. Clinical, laboratory and imaging data were collected with a median follow-up of 49 days.

    In the study period 232,603 inhabitants from the main catchment area of our hospital (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, county) received SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations. Twenty-one cases (new onset n = 17, flares n = 4) diagnosed a median of 11 days (range 3–23) following SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations (BNT162b2 n = 12, ChAdOx1 n = 8, mRNA-1273 n = 1) were identified. Cases included VITT with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (n = 3), central nervous system demyelinating diseases (n = 8), inflammatory peripheral neuropathies (n = 4), myositis (n = 3), myasthenia (n = 1), limbic encephalitis (n = 1) and giant cell arteritis (n = 1). Patients were predominantly female (ratio 3.2:1) and the median age at diagnosis was 50 years (range 22–86). Therapy included administration of steroids (n = 15), intravenous immunoglobulins in patients with Guillain–Barré syndrome or VITT (n = 4), plasma exchange in cases unresponsive to steroids (n = 3) and anticoagulation in VITT. Outcomes were favourable with partial and complete remissions achieved in 71% and 24%, respectively. Two patients received their second vaccination without further aggravation of autoimmune symptoms under low-dose immunosuppressants….

  70. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Cryptos replace the dollar. End of cash. Slavery.

  71. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. 54 Trillion in babble bucks settled in crypto’s sounds like off the books transactions. Lol

  72. F. Barnes

    ‘He Wants To Deny The Reality Of What He Said, What He Did!’: Ron Johnson Rips Fauci On Senate Floor /Forbes Breaking News 84,638 views Dec 8, 2021
    Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) assails Dr. Anthony Fauci’s record on the Senate floor.

    Gravitas: Will Russia invade Ukraine in January 2022?
    113,925 views Dec 7, 2021 WION
    Will Russia invade Ukraine in January 2022? US intelligence has found that Moscow could be planning a “multi-front offensive” involving up to 175,000 troops. Palki Sharma tells you more.

    Can a new conflict in Ukraine be prevented? | Inside Story
    27,653 views Dec 8, 2021 Al Jazeera English
    Fears are growing of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have amassed along Ukraine’s border.
    US President Joe Biden used a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to warn of more economic sanctions.
    But Putin called NATO’s presence in Ukraine a “red line” for security.
    So has the meeting done enough to prevent a new conflict?

    Life Inside Putin’s Crimea
    4,723,734 views Dec 9, 2019 VICE News
    In 2014, Russia seized the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in one of the most brazen annexations of territory since World War II.
    This is what happened after.

  73. Gunny HiWay

    Hi Greg,
    I do not have a lot of money to spend or protect, but I have been buying 100% Copper rounds.
    They are beautiful and Copper is way undervalued as all electronics (cars especially) use copper.

  74. FrancizeCollins

    Solo Through War-Torn Donbass 🇺🇦
    3,936,418 views Mar 8, 202 bald and bankrupt
    🇺🇦 In 2014 the Ukrainian part of the Donbass erupted into war. Separatists from the Lugansk and Donetsk regions took up arms and took control of Ukrainian towns all along the eastern region of the country. Eventually they were pushed back until they controlled just the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk and some surrounding villages. I went off to visit some of the towns that the Ukrainian army had re-taken along the front lines to see how life was progressing and to hunt for the ultimate Soviet mosaic…

  75. Francize Collins

    93: the Battle for Ukraine – first days of the war – [the story of the 93rd Brigade Kholodny Yar] 1,588,433 views Dec 31, 2020 Lidi Ya Films
    The stunning story of the Russian-Ukrainian war filmed and told by veterans of the Ukrainian Army’s 93rd Brigade.

  76. Cal Heath

    Austria Linz FREIHEIT! 8/12/2021
    25,338 views Dec 8, 2021

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to Freedom!!

  77. Marie+Joy

    The Economic Collapse reports the UN has put up a statue of The Beast mentioned in Revelations 13, in NYC, outside the UN. It’s painted in LGBT colors.

  78. Henry

    Here is hope for us Greg.

    Thanks all what you are doing, great man of God.

  79. swimfinz

    Rob Kirby is the best!
    Thank you Greg Hunter for having another fine guest on your show! USA Watchdog always hits one outta the park!

  80. WallisSibley

    Thursday LIVE: Evergrande’s $300 Billion Default Signals MASSIVE Collapse In China’s State-run Economy
    The Alex Jones Show December 9th 2021, 10:40 am
    Meanwhile, globalists publicly demand war with Russia & call for US to launch world-ending nuclear sneak attack!
    Also, top scientists confirm 5G pushes oxygen out of blood & creates Covid-like symptoms in new major study.

  81. Mike Almon

    Oh my what a good interview! We love you Greg and how can anyone not love Rob Kirby;-) it is absolutely stunning what is happening these days. Looking forward to The Lord’s return for His Church!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Brother Mike
      Brother Greg

  82. Frank Stiles

    If the US government “goes crypto”, they’ll probably not use any of the commercial cryptos. In fact, they’ll probably abolish all commercial cryptos in favor of the Federal crypto. Anyone trapped in their “crypto-verse” will be subject to automatic taxation (at any rate they choose); frozen access (for any reason they choose); etc. Precious metals will be the underground parallel staple for a ‘barter-type system for those of us “off the grid”.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is similar to what Martin Armstrong is saying. You are in good company.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, This is a big deal….Reggie Middleton! US Patent Granted for DeFi – and More! = likely best to comment on this is Reggie or Clif High….but ANY use of blockchain tech ‘for transfer of value’ = defi =in the future may now require Reggie’s patent and needs licensing ?…

  83. Galaxy 500

    Accounting errors are different than having and or spending cash. Is there dark money being hidden in Defense. Sure. Is it tens of Trillions in a single year? Not possible.
    How is the inaccurate accounting allowed in DOD? No one is held responsible. In a private company, you would be fired and or go to jail.

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