Dollar Will Be Sliced in Half – Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair

By Greg Hunter’s

Near the beginning of this year, legendary investor Jim Sinclair and his business partner Bill Holter said the reset would start in June. Is the recent jump in gold prices confirming this? Sinclair says yes and predicts a two-tier reset in the next few years. . . . The first will be a devaluing of the dollar. Sinclair explains, “The reset has already started. . . . The only thing holding up the dollar is its universal use as a contract settlement mechanism in Russia and China and everywhere else, and that simply is not happening anymore. . . . The dollar is going lower. . . . In the first reset, the dollar will get sliced in half.  That means the little guy will get sliced in half in terms of his buying power. You need to look at gold, not a speculation, but as a savings account. If the dollar gets sliced in half, you basically double the value (of your gold) if not more. I think much more. . . . In the second reset, that will take gold to a price where it will balance the ability to pay global debt. That’s the major move coming forward. Right now, we are definitely going back to the $1,850 and $1,925 area per ounce for gold. The second reset, you can pick any price you want for gold. Pick a high price.”

With the national debt officially at $22 trillion, and the additional “missing” $21 trillion discovered by Economics Professor Mark Skidmore at Michigan State University in 2017, you have a huge amount of debt and dollars floating around. This fact makes Sinclair’s prediction of $50,000 per ounce gold a few years ago look conservative. Bill Holter has done the math and says it simply must go much higher. Holter explains, “If you take the 8,300 tons the U.S. supposedly has, and I did this math last year when the official national debt was approaching $21 trillion, gold would need to be $87,000 per ounce to cover just the on books debt. I am not talking about the “missing” money, not future guarantees, pensions, Social Security and things like that. . . . So, the number is $87,000 per ounce for gold or multiples of that. What’s going to happen? The people who are running this understand this as much as we do, and the system is going to go down. So, why not create a false flag and kick the table over so you can point at it and say our policies would have worked if it wasn’t for whatever event they come up with.”

Can they put this off until after the 2020 election? Holter says, “It just might be one big last kick of the can . . . but prepare yourself and prepare your family. Have extra food. Have a way to purify water. Make a plan where you can go it alone for a couple of weeks or a couple months or more. That is what is coming for us all. Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. When he was elected, we predicted that he would preside over the bankruptcy of the United States. . . .The math says it is guaranteed.”

Sinclair says, “He is a master at bankruptcy. You maintain the item that is a producing asset, and you ‘jubilee’ or get rid of debt that has failed. You go through with a machete and take everything down that does not produce. . . . We have been warning people to be their own central banks and be able to take care of themselves for no less than 90 days.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer Bill Holter and legendary investor Jim Sinclair of

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Jodyp

    This interview is so good, the dog made sense.

    • Jack

      Rob Kirby posted recently he was concerned about the rise of cryptos that might over shadow gold. There is no doubt that our elites are promoting cryptos with even Facebook saying they will soon launch one. In the current climate anyone can create a crypto and there is no doubt in my mind the Central Bankers will eventually create a fiat one with few limits on how many can be created. They will create a debt based crypto but they must first appear to be flowing with the current tide of limited creation. Some say XRP is the new banker’s coin but I’m not convinced. Many are playing the Crypto gamble but buy gold with their winnings. I think cryptos are part of the game to usher people form their collapsing fiat currencies to a new fiat crypto one . So it may take a few more years for gold to shine.

      • Jack

        Must view. China wants to develop its own crypto in response to Face Books one. FB has 2 billion contributors or 36% of the world’s pop who are not totally poor. India is talking about banning certain cryptos and no doubt when TSHTF there will b a lot of other cryptos that will suffer a similar fate.

    • Rob

      The dogs will be used by our Father to eat the flesh of those who operate in the spirits of Ahab and Jezebel in these last days:

      1 Kings 21:23-25 And of Jezebel also spake Jehovah, saying, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the rampart of Jezreel. (24) Him that dieth of Ahab in the city the dogs shall eat; and him that dieth in the field shall the birds of the heavens eat. (25) (But there was none like unto Ahab, who did sell himself to do that which was evil in the sight of Jehovah, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.

      These same spirits are very active within and without the church today:

      Revelation 2:20-23 But I have this against thee, that thou sufferest the woman Jezebel, who calleth herself a prophetess; and she teacheth and seduceth my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols. (21) And I gave her time that she should repent; and she willeth not to repent of her fornication. (22) Behold, I cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of her works. (23) And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he that searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto each one of you according to your works.

      Father demands a purified congregation:

    • iwitness02


    • K.Wayne

      The interview was better than “good” !!
      I must admit that I was intrigued by the question about what prompted them to come on the show months ago….about “Why Now”….what did they see back in January that was going to become an issue in June. Peak credit/debt and the Economy rolling over were Bill’s responses.

      In light of the 4th July celebrations I’ve recently revisited some aspects associated with the timing of the birth of the USA. Astrology (or more specifically Planetary alignment)around this date in 1776 has provided clues to the ongoing success and prosperity of our country. It has also coincidentally provided the background to establishing a connection with the incidence of Great Depressions occurring in America. History has shown that in the years 1780, 1840, 1870 and 1930 the USA suffered from Great Depressions. Astrology charts have concurrently, on each occasion, shown that an outer-planet Grand Cross pattern has formed in our solar system….involving Saturn arriving in mid-Capricorn. It is well known that Saturn completes a full orbit of the Sun every 28-30 years by transiting through each of the 12 Constellations/Zodiacs . The 30 -60 yr cycle is well represented in the historical accounts of Great Depressions. It is also supportive of the economic and social upheavals of the 1960’s and 1990’s.
      Bearing in mind that Great Depressions should not be confused with shorter periods of hardship known as simply Depressions (recession which last for 3 or more years) or Recessions (lasting for 1-3 yrs). Symptomatic of Great Depression is high Unemployment (between 12-20%) and Stagnating business for a period of 6 or more years. The so called severity of the downswing in the business cycle dictates the term used to define the economic condition.

      Every time Saturn arrived in mid-Capricorn for the USA natal chart, the country experienced economic upheavals. But critically for there to be a Great Depression one of the other outer malefic planets (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) needed to be Square in mid- Aries. Uncle Sam was born when the Sun was in Cancer. 180 degrees opposite to Cancer is Capricorn.

      I bring all of this up because fortuitously or coincidentally Saturn arrived in mid-Capricorn in January 2019. Do Bill and Jim know something else ?
      Cycles do repeat. As to the severity … well I think Jim hit the nail on the proverbial head here …… ” We may never see or evidence these True Economic Measures that were so evident in the past … because of all the distortions in measurements and definitions” !!! In other words it is quite likely we may already be in a Depression. If indeed it’s effects are felt for long enough, it will satisfy the definition…but alas….we will not get confirmation from the so-called Economic Geniuses/ Financial Wizards.
      The period of 2019-2025 was forecast to be a very difficult time for America more than 15 years ago (as was 2008-2012).
      The planetary system have natural cycles. We as humans cannot interfere with that process and yet are baffled by the effects of the planets on our lives. Just as baffling is the development of money.
      Paper money has become a pure abstraction decoupled from anything of value. Creating money without value is none more evident than creating unlimited debt or to increase asset values. We as humans have devolved into a frenzied self destructive greed mentality. The financial system has become a global predator/parasite….living off the host…..the productive economy. Money must be coupled to something of value. Gold is the only choice left.
      The message from this interview is clear. Our modern day financial system is ripe for some radical changes. Mother Nature is the Kingpin Capitalist. Interference with nature will bring about revolutionary changes. The economy is what matter most…and it is for the benefit of all….not for producing great wealth for the few. The celestial beings know this too and will align accordingly in time to bring about change.

    • Don


      Great interview and good follow up comments. You always do a terrific job of keeping us abreast of the economic changes that must eventually happen, and for this I thank you.

      However, I just spent about 30 minutes reading the comments and one of the topics really interests me as I have spent hours wondering the same thing. That topic concerns paying off debt. I too have struggled with the decision of buying precious metals or paying off my mortgages (I also have 20 rentals with mortgages). I have struggled with this since the ’08 crisis when I owned no PMs. Eventually I chose to buy metals and not work on debt reduction (to the horror of my real estate investor friends who say “cashflow is everything”).

      I reasoned that even though I could really use the cashflow, that flow was in fake
      paper money that was ‘on record’. I figured if I paid off all but even one property and things collapsed, the banks would come for all they could get of my paid off rentals. I also figured if things got that bad, I could walk away and have some ‘off the grid’ real money to start over with. Almost 11 years later, I have no reset, thousands of ounces of silver, and a little gold safely stored away in multiple states (relatives). Using this plan, my mortgages get paid down more every month and should PMs reach $100 per once, I could now easily pay off all debt and own 20 properties free and clear.

      Now if thing are so bad that most tenants can’t/won’t pay rent, I will let the banks have the properties, (they helped put us in this mess and I have a family to care for) and will use the metals (which they know nothing about) to cover day-to-day expenses until I understand how the new system will work.

      Is this the smartest move? who really knows, but should it take another 10 years for this collapse or reset to happen, (I remember a friends’ uncle buying silver in the early ’80s because the banks were going to fail) ALL my mortgages will be paid AND I will have even more metals.

      Just my opinion and thoughts. In the end, we all have to do what lets us sleep at night.

      • Danton Pace


      • r w

        Don –
        I firmly believe you have made wise decisions here. My plans parallel yours. I hope (and also think) we’re both correct.

    • Don

      I also just had another thought worth mentioning. People seem to think that the banks want to own their homes. From my experience that thought process is wrong. There are a few reasons I say that;

      1) It takes time for a bank to get though the court system to get back a home. The process is expensive with attorney fees, and holding costs (taxes, back taxes, insurance, association dues, lawn maintenance, etc.).

      2) Also, most local will not let utilities transfer in the banks name until they own the property. By the time the bank receives the home, both the electric and heat are shut off. In many areas around the country, this leaves a home that has broken pipes due to freezing weather and crawl spaces and basements full water and mold, both very expensive to remedy and scary for the average new buyer to deal with. In a collapse or reset, the court system could be backed up for years instead of months, only compounding these problems and expenses.

      3) Now when you add in the fact that home values plummeted during this reset/collapse, unless the mortgage was within a few years of pay off, the banks themselves will be deep in the red. Not a scenario any bank wants.

      4) Finally, banks are not in the rental business. Besides my current 20 personal rentals, I am the project manager for a company that owns hundreds of rental (they don’t believe in the reset). I can tell you, banks have no clue the cost and effort to maintain and service these homes. Just because the financial system will change doesn’t mean local governments are going to allow tall grass and poor living conditions if they can help it.

      And since the ’08 crash, most banks are under much heavier audits, making these 4 points more of a liability than one would think.

      After ’08, I started a small company that dealt with banks preparing their on-the books foreclosures so that they could sell them to recoup as much money as possible. I did this for a few years and truly believe in a reset, where the market is unstable like never seen before, they will wheel and deal to get out from under them (I picked up some very good property at great terms because they wanted out so bad).

      It is from this experience that one of my potential survival plans is to let the banks sweat my rentals. If tenants are not paying me, I’m not paying the bank. Their banking system caused the mess so if I suffer from lost rents, they are going to join me (in ’08, I struggled not to miss any payments. I’m not working that hard for them again). Then if the PMs rise enough, I will try to negotiate partial payment of 10-40% of the amount I still owe for full ownership with all financial or legal ties severed from that bank.

      Of course I will only do this is I believe most people will be able to pay rent. A severe reset or collapse will probably kill the small rental industry for years, if not decades.

      The future is very exciting and very scary. That is why I have built a world where I receive cash-flow per month (rentals) and a world where I can start over if it all collapses (PMs).

      Good luck and keep stacking.

  2. Anthony Australia

    I sincerely enjoy watching this more than the Super Bowl.

    Thanks Greg, you have made my day.

    If the USD is halved, then the Aussie dollar will be worth .33 cents.
    I might start planning that US Tour now, before it’s too late LOL.

    • uncommon sense

      Is bank of England going to steal foreign owned gold?

    • K. Wayne

      Jim said the DXY will be sliced in half. The DXY is the value of the USD relative to a basket of international currencies. If the DXY goes down it implies weakness of the USD as measured against other currencies. So the value of USD is lower than its major trade partners. In essence a lower DXY = Lower USD / Higher International Currencies.

      • Anthony Australia


  3. R. Patrick

    Very Good interview.

    My question is what happens to the 10s of thousands of MORTGAGES in a Re-Set? Are they devalued to gold measured in grams, silver ounces or what? Not to mention the 10s of millions of cars, trucks, etc.

    • Anthony Australia

      Great question.

    • paul ...

      R. Patrick … everything “you think you own” that is used as collateral for the loan to buy it (like a house, car, etc.) will simply be seized by the banks … as “jubilee’d dollars (which is debt) will go to zero like all other debts in a jubilee … and the now worthless dollars will become useless to pay back your loans … so the collateral (your home, car, etc.) will be seized by the banks “for non-payment” under your loan agreement!!

      • paul ...

        If you want to keep your car and your home … you must pay back any loans you have on them before the jubilee … many people who had “paid off homes” foolishly fell into the bankster trap and took out “home equity loans” … they will now lose their homes in a debt jubilee (unless they bought some gold and silver with the home equity cash which can be used to buy them a new home after the jubilee)!!

    • Clare Doll

      R. Patrick, can I be candid? Are you an elite? If you are a part of the general rebel-rousers or useless eaters, consider what happened to the debt of the ‘regular’ populace during the Weimar Inflation. It was reset to a level commensurate (supposedly) to the old debt into the NEW currency.


      • Frederick

        Claire Doll I totally agree I can’t see how they will let us little people walk away Scott free It’s NOT going to happen

    • William Stanley

      IMO, the comparison to Weimar Germany on that point was probably inapposite: A mortgage or other (say, car) loan specifies repayment in dollars. It’s a contract; and the US Constitution has a clause prohibiting US government interference in contracts.
      As you know, however, the Constitution can be changed or violated. Nevertheless, I’m of the opinion people who owe money are safe to the extent they can obtain the dollars to repay their dollar-denominated debts.

  4. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Another right on the money report.

  5. Frederick

    Very interesting evaluation of the unraveling Epstein case by a woman named Polly on Veterans Today

  6. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Jim said ” how do you do a debt jubilee for students and let the pensioner die?”. That’s easy. We live in a nation that kills babies and wages perpetual war Jim. I also am coming to the conclusion that the dollar is on it’s way to becoming a barbaric relic. The maintenance of the reserve currency status and the petro dollar has been accomplished with extreme barbarism.

  7. Mike myer

    So if we have cash saved up should we pay off a car loan before reset to 50% value

    • Greg Hunter

      shun all debt as much as you can. Paying off your car is a tangible asset play and you get to use the care for taxes and insurance and maintenance cost. Interest is for the banks and not for you. You cannot lose paying off your car and getting the title.

      • jim

        Sorry greg I disagree , If you have extra money to pay off debt, you should buy silver and when it goes up in multiples then you can pay your debt. Makes no sense to pay it off now and watch the value of your cars and house value get cut in half.

        • K. Wayne

          That’s a good point.
          Value of Assets have been inflated through the creation of paper money (DEBT). When (paper) money dies…. the value of assets have to adjust too. Real Money is the saviour.

  8. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Mesmerising interview.

  9. paul ...

    The most important message of this Holter/Sinclair interview is not that precious metal prices will rise (we are all sure that will be happening) … but to recognize that as gold and silver prices do rise … more and more crooks will be getting into the “fake precious metal coin business” … so to protect yourself from buying “gold plated tungsten coins” from these crooks … you should buy what they disparagingly call “junk silver” (in an effort to force you to buy their “more profitable” counterfeit coins) … so what should your strategy be? … simple … buy “well worn” US silver nickels, dimes and quarters (which are much harder to make and less profitable to counterfeit by these crooks) … US silver war nickels dated 1942 to 1945 are an “ideal way” to purchase your silver … as counterfeiters will be more interested in forging and selling you their more highly profitable “one ounce gold plated tungsten coins” that can be more easily and cheaply manufactured … then having to go through the trouble of making “worn out” US silver coins … especially safe are the “well worn” US silver war nickels … as counterfeiters are not going to go through all the trouble of manufacturing 20 “well worn” US War Nickels (just to sell you “one” fake ounce of silver? … it would be insane)!

    • paul ...

      Excellent timing by Sinclair and Holter getting on USAWatchdog to tell us “the US dollar will be cut in half and gold will rise” … look at what happened to the gold price this morning right before Fed Chair Powell’s testimony … … gold spikes up … silver spikes up … … and the US dollar takes a dive …

      • paul ...

        You know … people must keep in mind that when a one ounce gold coin goes to $87,000 dollars (or multiples of that) … you are definitely not going to be able to buy food with that gold coin at your local grocery market … so you must own some “well worn silver War Nickel’s” (each of which is 1/20th of an once of silver) … each war nickel will be worth $50 dollars each when silver goes to $1000 dollars per ounce … very useful to buy the groceries you need to survive (even a one ounce silver coin will probably be useless to buy food with (if it is worth $1000 dollars) … unless inflation multiplies food prices by 10 to 100 times!!

    • Dan

      Currently it is much cheaper to buy a bag of 90% junk silver coins than a bag of 35% junk silver war nickles. Worth considering. Check it out.

  10. sheryl

    How did you keep this interview secret interview for so long I think Bill and Mr Sinclair are the best! I remember when they first partnered up I e-mailed Bill and told him I was disappointed in his decision to do so because I had heard not such good things about the Sinclair family. I WAS WRONG-so wrong! Bill set me strait and now that I listen to him I think he is the best and obviously for the people and not just himself=thank you for this interview!!!!!! All 3 of you are the best!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sheryl for the support and kind words.

    • jennifer ohman

      Did you ever wonder why Dan Norcini or Monty are no longer associated with JSMineset? I have. So I googled Dan Norcini and asked him why. You should do the same. He did not have the nicest things to say.

      The important take away for me from this interview, though, is that Jim said he does not “THINK”, but that he “KNOWS” what gold is doing NOE and will be doing NEXT…because of his connections with his financial family, members of which he stays in connection with and from whom he gets vital information in regards to the gold market. These are insiders. Valuable insiders. That’s good information. Realize, if you are not aware, that Jim has said on more than one occasion…that the reason why he has been able to call or time major moves is because he has been TOLD…as he is being TOLD now, which is why he recently increased his gold position by 50%, he said. He takes credit most of the time, as he is a great self-promoter, but realize that its his contacts that get the real credit.
      I have been saying for over 10 years that the gold ETFs have been designed to get the public into paper, so that the smart money can accumulate the physical. It appears that it has accomplished its job.
      The reason why major players have continually issued sell signals and demoralized the public in regards to gold in recent years…like Goldman Sachs, who issued a major sell signal on gold, from out of left field, which caused the breakdown in gold around $1,650 a few years ago, is for the same reason that a smart (i.e., negotiating) consumer or investor who is in the market to purchase…say… a house, or painting, or car or boat or whatever… will talk DOWN its value. No smart buyer talks UP the value of what they are seeking to buy! Instead, they will point out its flaws and everything that is wrong with it, in order to get their best price. The Goldman’s talked DOWN the gold BECAUSE they are BUYERS not SELLERS of gold! And they know that the general public are not savvy buyers.
      Now, because of a confluence of reasons, they are ready to let the price rise. And they are signaling that and you can see that the pressure has been lifted off of the gold market right now. Also, the technicals are now aligned with the fundamentals for a new leg up in the gold market.
      Jim vs. Bill is the real person to whom you should pay attention. With all due respect Jim is much smarter and more informed. Pay also attention to what he DOES. For the foreseeable future he will not sell, accept for current financial needs, as he said. If gold gets there, ask him again at $10,000 gold, if he is selling any physical and what % is he selling of his portfolio of gold. Then do it again at gold $20k, $25k, $30k, etc….and do what he does, if you are so inclined.
      Realize, Jim sold a substantial amount of his TRX share on the way up to $9 per share. Barron’s wrote a scathing front page article on him and on this subject about 10 years ago. I wish I still had the article, but it was washed away in the flood of Sandy, as I live on the water. As a substantial share holder of TRX at the time, I found it remarkable that it took him approximately a month to respond to his shareholders on this subject. And it did not instill confidence in me. Fortunately, since I am a trader, I sold it on the way up, too. Now, at his Kilgosi mine in Tanzania Jim said to me, as I was one a several shareholders that went to Africa, with Jim as our host, to learn more about the properties… that he could defend $10 a share! That was about the high in its price. Recently, the stock was languishing at 0.20 cents per share.
      In summary, trust no one. Do your own homework. It’s your hard earned money. Know why you want to own gold and hold it or dispose of it for the reasons you choose and you are comfortable with. But, if you do choose to follow Jim in to gold, make sure that you follow him OUT, too!
      Kind Regards,
      Jennifer Ohman

      • jennifer ohman

        …But ask yourself…”If Mr. Sinclair sold TRX heavily on the way up to $9 when he said that he could defend $10 per share, will he be selling any of his gold on the way up, too, if it were to go to $10,000 per oz., $20,000, $30,0000…$86,000, etc., or some other obscene level that he referenced? A level that some unknown new financial system, or the Chinese or a digital blockchain currency system, or whatever… will “defend”?

        Do yourself a favor and remember the old adage, “Bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.”

        • William Stanley

          Good info, as always. Thanks!

        • K. Wayne

          You made some valid observations here.
          None more so than the relevance of the “Family” connection.
          Jim categorically stated that all Politicians are the Puppets for Money….. of the Major European Families. Who controls the so called Markets,……. who controls the Governments. This very much supports what I have stressed on this site many times along with many other esteemed writers who possess two eyes and a functioning brain stem. We are ruled from the shadows by an unelected force….. a representation of these so-called European Families, The International Bankers and the Roman Empire (RCC).
          Its best to take what Sinclair says at face value. Act accordingly…… but….(and Jim / Bill have emphasised this)….be your own master (become your own CB).
          I, like you, sense that JS is sharing vital clues about what WILL transpire. Additionally he is masterful in not always giving the complete picture. As a trader you have developed instincts which the common person would not possess. Most need to be told what to do. Having the capacity to act as well as knowing when to act is paramount. No one rings the bell at the top….Period.

          • jennifer ohman

            (Thank you William.)

            K. Wayne,
            Regarding “No one rings the bell at the top..”…
            Just as no smart buyers talks UP the value of what they are seeking to buy…no savvy sellers are going to talk DOWN what they will be seeking to SELL in the future! They will be silent for the most part, as to what they are doing. They do not want competition on their exits. Without fanfare, they will scale out incrementally on the way up. Yet they may make wild calls on both the duration of the bull market as well as on the price projections to the upside. (This is true for both stocks and commodities.), as they will be getting out beneath those prices.

            Now, just as fear is used on the downside to demoralize and to scare away buyers, in order to capture better pricing…fear is used as a tool on the upside, as well. For the upside, though, it is used to scare investors INTO the market.
            “If you don’t get in now you can miss the move of a lifetime!” All sorts of wild projections will continue largely for the life of the move. Investors will be reminded steadily that “this” up move is likely to last for multiple years or for an extended period of time. Investors will feel encouraged to enter into “this” market. and they will want to stay invested as the drums won’t stop beating and this song won’t stop playing for “this” incredible bull market. The analysts’ upside projections will continue and
            they will rise. (Remember, many of these analysts are employed by banking institutions.)
            The novice investor will wind up feel like a fool if he were to exit his position,”to soon” as the chorus and enthusiasm of “this” raging bull does not subside…even though he knows that he is sitting on a life changing profit! So, he will like stay IN his position. What he doesn’t realize is that the smart money is exiting theirs. They are leaving the part early while the band is still playing, locking in their profits. This is what professionals do.

            Years ago, in my twenties, I caught a major bull market in coffee. In 6 weeks I made a life changing amount of money. I told my boss at the time, at E. F. Hutton, that I had caught this move, but that I was still in it. He invited me into his office to speak with me for a moment. He loved trading and I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was happy for me…that I was making a lot of money. He said something to me that I never forgot and I have incorporated it into my trading methodology ever since.
            He said, “You know what Barnard Baruch said don’t you, on how he amassed so much wealth?” I looked at him for a moment and then I said, “No, I don’t. What did he say?”
            And my boss said, “The way he made money consistently, is that he made sure that he got out before everyone else.”

            I thought about that for the next 3 days and I realized that this trade would change my life and for a lifetime, if I would only exit the trade. I had a coffee specialist friend, who was also participating in this coffee market bull move. He had been spot on and he was making tons of money, but projecting still much higher prices. But I kept thinking about what Barnard Baruch said and that my life would be permanently changed for the better…IF I would just sell out of my position. Yes, I imagined that I could still double or triple what I was making, if his projections were correct, but the fact remained, that my life would be changed if I would just sell.
            So… I sold. Three days later the coffee market collapsed. It did not retrace upward, but instead eventually gave back all of its gains. My friend, who had just purchased a penthouse in Manhattan due to his OPEN profits, had to cancel his purchase, because he did not take his profits. In fact, he rode it all the way back down and did not take any profits at all!!

            You don’t need anyone to ring a bell for you. YOU need to ring the bell yourself! You need to predefine what YOUR goals, YOUR objectives and YOUR needs are. And if gold should fulfill them, YOU need to ring the bell on gold. It’s your money. It’s YOUR responsibility to ring YOUR bell!…and to hell with what anyone else is saying around you. If your goals has been met, your mission has been accomplished. And you sell, but do consider selling some on the way up.

            • K.Wayne

              You are a classic example of the minority. Well done. The Bell did ring for you at the right time.
              In this world of sliding door moments, I wonder if your circumstances would have been different had you not have had that chance meeting with your Boss? Did you ever consider the alternate scenario …would you have done the same as your specialist friend by staying invested …. watching it go back to zero?
              Timing is essentially a skill which most investors do not and will not possess. Riding the train all the way up…. only to continue seated whilst it goes over the cliff is all too often the common occurrence.
              The element at play here (which you did not directly embody in your comment) is the Greed factor. Greed and Fear are the two biggest contributors to losing money/wealth. Warren Buffett’s quote captures this perfectly.
              I concur with your thoughts … hence the point about …No one ringing the Bell at the top…..implying that the “investment decision making” is one of ownership. Don’t look to others.

              To add to your comments about the being mindful of the spruikers on the way up (who may be selling into strength)….. I recall a comment made by Jim Sinclair a few years back (perhaps even on this site in an interview with Greg)……
              ….with regard his investment in Gold….
              …..”there may come a time when the price is fixed permanently…and that I may never sell my holdings”….
              In the context of the assertions that you have defined, I thought that little snippet was worth recalling.
              I will leave it at that.
              The tech bubble was a great time for me…I retired my mortgage with gains from investing….by selling into the strengthening stock prices. I had sold out of everything well before the bubble burst. That was extremely difficult to do at the time because of the pervasive bullishness about prices continuing to move ever higher.

              • jennifer ohman

                K . W.

                We life and we learn and in trading and investing, one gains ideas, information and knowledge in many ways and from many sources. My friend alerted me to a weather condition that was adverse to the coffee market, but he did not trade for me. I quickly educated myself on these conditions and then I decided whether or not it was a trade that I wanted to participate in.
                As a professional trader, yes I will spot opportunities that the average person does not, as it is my business to do so.

                In the case of my boss, yes he gave me good information at the right moment, but realize that I had been trading for several years prior to this trade, and with great success, and that success has continued for 35 years since that trade.
                Even if I had not exited that trade at the time that I did, due to my conversation with my boss, I still would have exited with a substantial profit, as I protect my profits with a trailing exit stop.
                The first rule of trading that I learned from my early mentors was… trading is risk management. I act on this principle religiously. I know where will exit (downside risk) before I ever enter into a position. However, B. Baruch’s advice alerted me to manage my upside risk and to take profits into a rising market.

              • jennifer ohman


                Regarding your Jim Sinclair quote
                above…in a free market of free people the market will set the price of gold. In the long run, bank on that.

                • K.Wayne

                  I’d be happy to accept that…except we don’t have free markets. So we must accept that the price of Gold is fixed and will continue to be so. In the long run, I envisage the price being set by agreement, not by market factors.

              • jennifer ohman


                One more point I’d like to make to you…my friend was a coffee broker. He was not a trader. He had a very good handle on the fundamentals of the coffee market, but he did not have an adequate understanding of trading, and of the technicals of the market, and so he gave back all of his gains.

                • K. Wayne

                  No disrespect but it seems that Greed got the better of him, not his non-existent trading skills.
                  Otherwise a very relevant point made.

      • BobT

        And this is why I like reading the comments on Greg’s site. Nuggets, golden nuggets, can be unearthed.

        Blessings Jennifer and thanks for the good info / analysis / thoughts.

        • Jennifer Ohman

          You’re very welcome Bob.

  11. JC

    Interesting statement by Mr. Sinclair, who says “I sent my three kids to college (socialist education re-education camps), one doesn’t care much for politics, the other two in the old days would have been arrested for treason.”

    Are they the new “programmable revolutionaries?”

    Let’s investigate that possibility over at The Age of Desolation site.

    “Social Media seems to have given individual voices great power, but that was the lure to build a global network of easily identifiable addicts and programmable revolutionaries.”

  12. paul ...

    Although we hope the re-set in gold will fix our bankster problems … it won’t fix them all … over the past few weeks people in Mexico tired of waiting for the Mexican Government or the US Army to invade Mexico to take out the drug cartels … are arming themselves and taking the law into their own hands by forming vigilante groups and are now attacking the bankster supported drug cartels on their own … violence in the western Mexican state of Michoacán has been rapidly escalating … the Mexican government’s inability to deal with the powerful drug cartels (now insanely “making it legal” to grow poppy in Mexico) has led Mexican citizens to take the problem into their own hands … in the US the banksters involved in the drug trade are still not being held accountable by the American people (except for fines) … HSBC, Bank of America, Western Union and JP Morgan are among the big name institutions involved in the drug trade … but “all have evaded criminal prosecution” (by paying bribes of almost $2 billion dollars to US enforcement authorities) … the “total lack of imprisonment” of any of the banksters involved in the drug trade is indicative of the hypocritical nature of the US War on Drugs … where individuals selling a few grams of drugs are put into prison for decades … while the banksters who trade in tons of drugs (and make tons of money) completely escape incarceration … the only reason the drug cartels in Mexico retain their power is that well-known banks in the US are supporting them … Americans must get off the couch and begin doing their share to help the ordinary people of Mexico … who have now taken up arms to rid themselves of the evil drug cartels … if Trump is not going to send the US Army into Mexico to destroy the drug cartels … or burn the poppy fields in Afghanistan … he should at least arrest “one bankster” caught here in the US involved in illegal drug laundering trade … but “none” are touched … “not one” of these evil murderers of children (who don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah and don’t believe in Hell) has been arrested!!

    • paul ...

      There will soon come a time when the common people in America have had enough and will begin to fix the problem here in America (like the common people in the western Mexican State of Michoacán are now doing) … “all the evil neocons in America” need to be rounded up and judged by armed American Patriots … justice will be swift and simple by the Patriots asking two simple questions … 1) Do you believe Jesus was the Messiah? … 2) Do you believe in Hell? … if the response is NO to both questions … then “those people must be segregated from normal society” … the same way God the Father “segregated out the evil ones from Heaven” … it must be done and God knew it had to be done also … because it is “such evil people” who have the propensity to destroy our society because they find it easy to murder women and children (in constant unending wars), find it easy to sell and eat human flesh, find it easy to abort babies with a heart beat, find it easy to print debt IOU’s to infinity and call it money, find it easy to chain the CPI and make us eat maggots, find it easy to bomb the WTC to bring us to war, find it easy to steal $21 trillion dollars … and find it easy to shoot a missile into the Pentagon to kill the auditors looking for the missing money, they find it exceedingly easy to send our jobs offshore, just as they find it easy to destroy our Constitution and principles of free speech, our right to bear arms and to take away our privacy, etc., etc., etc. … we know they will also find it easy to lie to us and answer Yes to the two questions we Patriots ask … so we Patriots must get copies of the NSA data files on everyone (before the evil ones try to blow up the NSA computers to erase all the incrimination evidence stored on them there)!!!

  13. Better Chetter

    always wonder about Congress declaring war on some country, as a reason to evoke the Trading with the Enemy Act, and then restrict/sanction gold and silver, as the GATA correspondence from 2005 points out:

  14. Montana Guy

    Awesome guests like always. More and more ‘wealth preservation’ experts are adding ‘health preservation’ to their messages. Someone like James Wesley Rawles, founder of Survival Blog would be an excellent guest.

  15. Marie Joy

    Holter/Sinclair, among my favorites.

  16. Jerry

    The reset is imminent. Here is your sign.

    The central banks are buying gold for a reason. They know what’s coming. Deutsche Bank cannot recover no matter what Stan and
    sunshine pumpers say. Bill is right. You can B.S. all you want but the numbers don’t lie.

  17. Frederick

    This Epstein situation is very complicated and extremely important to our freedom The rabbit hole goes REAL deep on this thing If god does exist and I believe he does , the truth will be revealed and the evil people will be punished accordingly I’m actually praying for that Greg

    • Keith wilson

      Greg. A few months ago I contacted you about the Bill Clinton . Monica Lewinsky sex telephone tapes. Having done some research this is what I found out. The telephone system in the white house was installed by a company called Converse Infosys. This company is an Israeli company. The PBX system was compromised from day one. All calls externally and internally were being monitored by a certain power ? All recordings of phone calls where being stored for blackmailing President Clinton. Virginia Roberts was introduced to Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky sex scandal broke. Virginia was a young attractive child prostitute controlled by Geoffrey Epstein. Epstein was believed to be an agent working for Ehud Barak. One time Israeli prime minister and head of Mossad for a number of years. Ehud Barak is known to be a special friend of Epstein and also believed to be into child prostitution. Prince Andrew. Richard Branson. Tony Blair. Peter Mandelson plus many others from the Uk are believed to have been using child prostitutes supplied by Epstein and his friends. The numbers of the elite using Epsteins prostitutes might be into the many hundreds your side of the pond .

    • Clare Doll

      Frederick, Epstein will be eliminated.

      • Frederick

        Can’t say that would make me sad however he needs to be kept alive so he can reveal the “ big fish” I’m not sure that’s possible in this insane , criminal world we find ourselves in God bless Greg for providing this truthspreading platform even if we only agree 90 percent of the time

  18. DavidC

    If the Fed is determined to produce inflation and Bill and Jim’s forecast is correct about the dollar’s fall, isn’t this going to exacerbate the stock bubble, with stocks going through the roof?

    • paul ...

      Yes DavidC! … that’s how it happened in Zimbabwe when their dollar was weakened … their stock market soared!! … now Trump is instructing the US Treasury (via the NY Fed) to intervene directly and unilaterally to drive the US dollar lower … much lower … so the US stock market will soar (because inflation will make corporate profits “look better” but it will be a mirage) … the better place to be is in gold and silver!! …

      • AJ

        or in the stock market???
        if it soars is not a bad place after all … armstrong says we got a few more years before any moves …

    • K. Wayne

      The Fall in the value of the USD will be accompanied by the creation of more paper Money without value….via Financial Assets increasing in value. There ultimately is no substance to Asset values, so when money eventually dies….so do asset values.

  19. patrick maley

    you go

  20. George Eddleston

    Greg. Thanks So Much to you, Jim and Bill, bucking the headwinds of popular opinion is no easy task.

  21. Stan

    You should be shorting Gold with every resource you have at current levels. See you at $765 Gold within 12 months.

    • paul ...

      Hey Stan … DB keeps making lower lows (that cuts DB’s stock price in half each time) … note that DB was selling for $24.40 (Jan 30, 2009) … then dropped to a lower low of $13.43 (Oct 14, 2016) … then dropped to a lower low today $7.26 (July 10, 2019 @7.51 PM) … better start planning for the next lower low at approximately $3.50 (between now and Oct 31, 2022) … as for gold look at the chart … it is now half way toward closing the gap between $1500 and $1550 …

      • Stan

        If you knew how to read a chart you would see that DB is a screaming buy at these levels. Mario Draghi has got your back when you buy DB.

      • paul ...

        And Stan … do you think moral people will invest in a bank doing business with immoral Epstein?? … Epstein has been doing business and trading currencies through Deutsche Bank for years!!

    • K. Wayne

      Stan ??? …..or is it Harry ???
      You live and breathe the same BS mantra.
      Yes we know Gold went to $250 after it peaked in 1980.
      Is that your thesis this time around too…using historical events/charts to predict future price moves ?
      We live in a Different world…… with EXTREME DEBT …. & impossible interest rate tightening. There wont be any Volcker to the rescue this time around.
      Notice how Gold spikes when talk (from Powell) about cutting rates hits the wire….hmmmm. Interest rates can only go one way ( refer inverted Bond Yield curve)….you know what that means for Gold !!!!
      Its clearly evident that you live in fantasy land.
      Non- compos.

      • Stan

        You and others laughed at me when I was pounding the table to short Gold at $1874, $1808, $1778, $1755, $1699 etc. You can’t hold a candle to my track record on shorting Gold. Right now is the best risk/reward for shorting Gold in 7 years.

        • Greg Hunter

          My site has a counter for comments. Your first “Stan” comment came in September of 2017. So, you are full of it. You made no such predictions here.

        • K. Wayne

          I shouldn’t be laughing at you Stan………
          ……..but I cant help myself.
          Delusional is a word that springs to mind. I wonder if all that time working at DB has caused this paranoia that you exhibit.
          May be you should also think about making a donation of your eyes to Blind Freddy as you have no use for them…because although he doesn’t have eyesight … he can make acute observations about what’s happening here.
          Your track record is only as good as your last call/past performance….. So far ….that’s ZIP from ZIP.
          Bench-warming sounds like a good career move for you. No insult intended to those who currently occupy this space.
          A step up from the gutter you inhabit currently.

          • Stan

            My wager is still open. 85k that Gold trades under $1000 within the next 12 months

      • paul ...

        K … Both Stan and Harry Dent believe gold is going to $700 dollars per ounce … they better wake up and add a couple of zeros to their gold price projection (like $7000 or $70,000) … Trump has already given the order to the Fed to begin driving the US dollar lower … and a much lower dollar means a much higher price for gold!!

        • K. Wayne

          Neither have a bone of rationality or reality in them. They both display symptoms of some disorder or disease. I just hope its not contagious. I wonder if the CDC should be informed ??

    • Frederick

      765 you sure it’s not 760 Stan since you seem to know everything

    • jim

      Coming from a guy who buy`s high and sells low, lol, Your an idiot.

    • Donald

      “You should be shorting Gold”… so Stan can buy it on the cheap….

  22. Ranger

    How do you slice in half something that is worth zero? LOL.
    The best thing that could happen to the United States of America Corporation would be to have its World’s Reserve Currency Status yanked out from under it.

  23. asmith

    Everyone knows about the Rosetta Stone but few know what’s written on it. From

    The inscription on the Rosetta Stone is a copy of the Decree passed by the General Council of Egyptian priests assembled at Memphis to celebrate the first commemoration of the coronation of Ptolemy V, Epiphanes, king of all Egypt. The young king had been crowned in the eighth year of his reign, therefore the first commemoration took place in the ninth year, in the spring of the year B.C. 196. The original form of the Decree is given by the Demotic section, and the Hieroglyphic and Greek versions were made from it.

    The inscription is dated on the fourth day of the Greek month Xandikos (April), corresponding to the eighteenth day of the Egyptian month Meshir, or Mekhir, of the ninth year of the reign of Ptolemy V, Epiphanes, the year in which Aetus, the son of Aetus, was chief priest and Pyrrha, the daughter of Philinus, and Areia, the daughter of Diogenes, and Irene, the daughter of Ptolemy, were chief priestesses. The opening lines are filled with a list of the titles of Ptolemy V, and a series of epithets which proclaim the king’s piety towards the gods, and his love for the Egyptians and his country. In the second section of the inscription the priests enumerate the benefits which he had conferred upon Egypt, and which may be thus summarized :

    1. Gifts of money and corn to the temples.
    2. Gifts of endowments to temples.
    3. Remission of one half of taxes due to the Government.
    4. Abolition of one half of the taxes.
    5. Forgiveness of debts owed by the people to the Government.
    6. Release of the prisoners who had been languishing in gaol for years.
    7. Abolition of the press-gang for sailors.
    8. Reduction of fees payable by candidates for the priesthood.
    9. Reduction of the dues payable by the temples to the Government.
    10. Restoration of the services in the temples.
    11. Forgiveness of rebels, who were permitted to return to Egypt and live there.
    12. Despatch of troops by sea and land against the enemies of Egypt.
    13. The siege and conquest of the town of Shekan (Lycopolis).
    14. Forgiveness of the debts owed by the priests to him.
    15. Reduction of the tax on byssus.
    16. Reduction of the tax on corn lands.
    17. Restoration of the temples of the Apis and Mnevis Bulls, and of the other sacred animals.
    18. Rebuilding of ruined shrines and sacred buildings, and providing them with endowments.
    As a mark of the gratitude of the priesthood to the king for all these gracious acts of Ptolemy V, it was decided by the General Council of the priests of Egypt to ” increase the ceremonial observances of honour which are paid to Ptolemy, the ever-living, in the temples.” With this object in view it was decided :

    1. To make statues of Ptolemy in his character of “Saviour of Egypt,” and to set up one in every temple of Egypt for the priests and people to worship.
    2. To make figures of Ptolemy [in gold], and to place them in gold shrines, which are to be set side by side with the shrines of the gods, and carried about in procession with them.
    3. To distinguish the shrine of Ptolemy by means of ten double-crowns of gold which are to be placed upon it.
    4. To make the anniversaries of the birthday and coronation days of Ptolemy, viz., the XVIIth and the XXXth days of the month Mesore, festival days for ever.
    5. To make the first five days of the month of Thoth days of festival for ever ; offerings shall be made in the temples, and all the people shall wear garlands.
    6. To add a new title to the titles of the priests, viz., ” Priests of the beneficent god Ptolemy piphanes, who appeareth on earth,” which is to be cut upon the ring of every priest of Ptolemy, and inserted in every priestly document.
    7. That the soldiers may borrow the shrines with figures of Ptolemy inside them from the temples, and may take them to their quarters, and carry them about in procession.
    8. That copies of this Decree shall be cut upon slabs of basalt in the “writing of the speech of the god,” i.e. hieroglyphs, and in the writing of the books, i.e. demotic, and in the writing of the Ueienin, i.e. Greek. ” And a basalt slab on which a copy of this Decree is cut shall be set up in the temples of the first, second and third orders, side by side with the statue of Ptolemy, the ever-living god. ”

    In other words, it is a description of a Jubilee.

  24. Doug C.

    Excellent interview as always. These guy’s are straight up with their information and predictions.
    The last comments about Epstein………I totally agree and as Jim was suggesting in the middle of the interview (his family being amongst the “New York Jews”) in the book “our Crowd”. the Epstein situation is going to lead straight to the MUSSAD. I know you hate any bad talk about Israel but the Israelis are NOT the Hebrew Jews of the BIBLE. The Zionist have control files on EVERYONE in power and Epstein is the key to the information Vault. Watch for him having an “accident” soon. I for one, cannot wait to see these Narcissistic Demented Psychopaths locked up once and for all.
    I know that you are a reader of the Bible and as you know: “The devils greatest trick is to hide in Plain sight”. IT IS TRUE.
    Keep up the great work you do Gregg.

  25. Diane

    Jim SINCLAIR? Did I hear a Chihuahua bark in the background?

  26. david

    Appreciate your interviews Greg.

  27. Dianthus

    And where is that we are going flash crashing into the summer????

    • Greg Hunter

      Did the Fed not revers course and say they were cutting rates on June 4th? The markets were crashing and the Fed stepped in and stopped it.

  28. Linda W

    I didn’t understand the reference to the Weimar Republic revaluing mortgages to the value of gold at the time the mortgage was issued. Does that mean that, say, a $100,000 mortgage taken out when gold was $1400/oz would mean that the borrower would owe ($100,000/1400)=71.4 oz of gold to the bank? Surely that wouldn’t happen–almost everyone would lose their homes if they had a mortgage. Thank you for explaining.

    • Linda W

      Am I blacklisted from this site? I notice my comments always seem to go without response (3rd time now). I don’t have deep pockets but I believe I have mailed you a small check a couple of times, so I consider myself a friend to your site. Thanks, Linda

      • Greg Hunter

        Not blacklisted Linda.

    • paul ...

      Linda … if gold conservatively goes to $87,000 dollars per ounce you should need only 1.15 ounces of gold to pay off your $100,000 dollar mortgage … if the banksters try to get 71.4 oz of gold out of you … you would be paying $6.2 million dollars for taking out a $100,000 dollar mortgage with them (talk about loan sharks) … good reason to play it safe and get out of debt now … you may want to “take on personal non-collateralized debt” to pay off the mortgage on your home … then get off the home deed and transfer the home to your kid (which will protect your home from confiscation by the evil banksters)!!

      • Nick in UK

        Why get out of debt ????

        Let’s say Linda gets $6500 dollars in cash for selling some asset. (Car, boat, grannies sewing machine etc etc).
        And she can easily manage her mortgage payments and any other rolling debt each month.

        If she pays this $6500 off her $100,000 mortgage she still owes $93,500. Which makes a very very tiny dent in her monthly repayments and therefore no significant change to her life.

        So let’s say, as an alternative, she buys 5 gold coins, physical in hand and hides them for a while.
        Gold goes to 87K$ per ounce – she drops by the lawyers/bank and exchanges her property deeds for 1.5 ounces . She still holds 3.5 ounces now valued at over $300,000.

        Have I missed something ? As this seems far too simplistic.

        Buying gold and silver whenever possible whilst continuing to play the bankers game seems a far better strategy, to me.

        For instance this afternoon I am collecting 33 silver coins for cash. No trace, no records. This cash seems better invested this way than nibbling away at my mortgage.

        As far as I am concerned ” Every day is a school day” please comment on why I am wrong, I will not take offence.
        ( except with Stan as I don’t own any shares and I don’t want any DB shares no matter how cheap they are !)

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s not going to work that way Nick. Debt will be repriced as it was in Germany in the early 1920’s in the new currency.

          • K. Wayne

            Correct Greg……
            But I would like to add that a reset is also about cutting Joe B. in half too…..per JS.
            What this means is that the value of any assets built up with fake money….will take a massive hit.
            Keeping your debt implies … keeping you chained to the Bankers….Your debt gets re-valued but you take the chainsaw to the house value you have mortgaged against that debt. Negative equity is the resultant….is one were to continue with holding a mortgage.
            That was always the Bankers agenda….to bankrupt the World…..whilst always ensuring that they own the Title.
            Clear and Free Title is the only solution. Do not procrastinate about this if you have capacity.
            Nick, something about your comment seems disingenuous. Are you a Banker?

            • Nick in UK

              I am not a banker and I started down this prepping road in 2009 following the 2008 Global crises started by a bank I had never heard of and have spent many many hours researching everything.

              Ten years of at least 10-12 hours a week is a lot of hours. It’s also a long steady flow of adding PMs to the stack.
              (Plus time adding skills such as shooting, hunting, butchery, trauma first aid, plus the other prepping food FIFO, etcetc etc)

              I could easily pay off my mortgage with my ag/au but don’t think it’s the right strategy. My home could drop 78% before I went into negative equity.
              I retired at 50, less than five years ago and have since purchased a food production business which supplies over 900 outlets and exports into Europe. My wife thinks I bought this as a retirement hobby but I believe food will be a form of currency at some point.

              I have family in Hungary, Germany and Italy and have holidayed in Greece. I have commented about situations in these countries, on this site, since 2013 or 2014, maybe earlier. I have provided to this site as well as learnt from it.

              My comment isn’t disengenuos it’s a request for clearer information and I am not the only one seeking it.

              With respect the German Wiermar was not the greatest example as Germans do not own their homes.

              • K.Wayne

                For brevity purposes – GET OUT OF DEBT. Don’t be too smart about this.
                Refer point 6.
                As long as you have money going out of your pocket, the Debt will keep you as a slave.
                You have the self-sufficiency box ticked….but are still chained to the Bankers. Debt is a Liability. You are undoing all the hard work.
                All that Bill/Jim can offer anyone is the same … prep as best you can.
                Weimar Germany is a very good historical account of how a HyperInflation works. I would recommend the Book – When Money Dies – Adam Fergusson.
                I recommended this book many years ago on a different blog….. and then it became a very common reference by all and sundry in the financial world….including Jim Sinclair, Jim Rickards and the like. Much like the phrase that Jim coined ” Reset”.
                I’ve done my fair share in waking people up….bringing greater awareness. Still remains a work in progress.
                Greg thankfully provides a platform to achieve that.

                • Nick in UK


          • Nick in UK

            Thanks for replying Greg.

            Can you get someone on to actually explain in simple terms how we plan to protect ourselves through this currency reset. Lots of advice and predictions of Reset coming but no “idiots guide” on how to build on the hard money foundations we have built. Maybe Bill Holter back or Mike Maloney ?

            Sorry but I don’t understand your reply comparison, as the majority of Germans rent and have done historically so the bankers already owned/ and still own the homes, and the post WW1 depression and ensuing hyperinflation resulted in a new currency. The banks could not repossess as they already owned the major assets. They needed the properties rented for income.

            Up to 1914 The Germans were on real money (Gold Silver and Copper) with the German Gold Mark. Then the war years then the Papiermark then the Rentenmark with hyperinflation then the Reishmark later the Deutsche Mark.

            There is a good four page article here ( )

            I can find no evidence that debts had been re-priced to the earlier GoldMark. Bearing in mind that two world wars had resulted in lots of piles of bank owned rubble and a significant portion of the society had perished a new currency would have had only a limited impact of earlier debts. the country was rebuilt on an industrial manufacturing platform that has served them well.

            Maybe Germany was not the finest example is there a better one ??

            Contrast that with the current Western world where a high % of people own or have mortgages, which is generally their highest value asset. I have a mortgage in UK pounds and my contract is UK pounds. If the pound disappears or is devalued I still owe the same. Peoples debts did not increase when decimalisation occurred in the UK in 1971 at the same time as Nixon shock.
            People were worse off, but same for everyone. Britain in the 70s was a mess anyway with strikes and 4 day weeks etc etc and that currency reset was hidden behind a country on its knees. Basically the sheeple had a currency reset and most still don’t realise it.

            A UK copper 2p pence piece from before 1982 is actually worth nearer 3p in copper so debasement of currency has been ongoing since this global FIAT experiment started with inflation as well. Inflation helps government debt repayment does hyperinflation ??

            The average lifespan of currencies is 27 years so both the UK £ and the US $ are way overdue for reset-replacement.

            Clearing Debt v Gold and Silver in hand.
            Central banks hold a lot of their countries debt (20%+) and these are currently huge Gold and Silver buyers, so that’s what I am following.

            sorry about the long post

          • Sean

            Above you told Nick it’s not going to work that way. You said the debt gets re priced in the new currency. So a $100k mortgaged could get re priced into approx 1.5 ounces of gold, is that correct ?

            • Greg Hunter

              It will probably be priced in a new replacement currency. You simply cannot take that kind of chance if you can pay off your debt then pay it off. There are so m any ways for all this to go bad. Owning your stuff is the safest play.

      • paul ...

        PS: That’s assuming you can trust your kid not to sell the house out from under you and use the money to get high on the banksters drugs!!

      • Linda W

        Thank you, Paul. If someone has enough gold or silver to pay off the mortgage, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the gold or silver and wait and pay off the mortgage after the prices for gold and silver have risen?

        • paul ...

          Yes Linda … if your mortgage is totally covered by your precious metal assets … by all means let your precious metals rise closer to their true value before using them to pay off your mortgage … but if your mortgage is only covered by salary or a pension (that has its purchasing power cut in half) it would be wise to pay it off before you are strangled economically !!

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Unfortunately, I believe Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair are correct in their analysis of the current situation. I like the two phase approach they take, first try (in vain) to save the fiat system, and when that fails, go to phase 2.

    Mathematically a reset is pretty much the only way forward and for that the USD (and Euro and Yen) will necessarily take a huge cut. Not so sure what happens to the Renminbi, China has a lot of gold with which they maybe could back it, dunno. OTOH, in the fiat regime, other currencies will initially rise relative to the USD, not all fiat is over-valued. But that will only delay the impact on those currencies; at the end of the day those other (3rd world) currencies remain fiat, backed by nothing but promises. A reset to hard, asset backed currencies is ultimately required. Hence, China, Russia, India and many other nations are dumping dollar based paper “assets” and increasing their central bank gold holdings.

    I am concerned they may be correct and distribution will become the major problem. 90 days??? Hopefully, President Trump will see a way through this that shortens that to a week or two. More than that and it won’t be credit that impacts distribution, it will be food riots. After that it gets ugly.

    BTW, as I checked this morning, G/S ratio stood at 93:1.

  30. Fred

    No truer words spoken by these pro’s,but Jim you need a little sun you appear pale,keep up your health so you can enjoy your wealth!

  31. Paul Anthony

    Mark 12:15-17 Should we pay or shouldn’t we?

    But Jesus knew their hypocrisy. “Why are you trying to trap me?” he asked. “Bring me a denarius and let me look at it.” They brought the coin and he asked them, “Whose image is this and whose inscription?” “Caesars” They replied. Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s and to God what is God’s. And they were amazed at Him.

  32. iwitness02

    I am left with the feeling that this is one of the best interviews that I have ever listen to. A good follow on, after Mannarino. They all seem to be in harmony, Holter, Sinclare and Mannarino. With more time, we were able to get into more detail with Bill and Jim. Their knowledge resonates well with my instincts. I’m very grateful for all of you guys.
    I feel energized to stay focused, and tidy up some details. I was starting to get a little bit lazy. I’m over it, now.

  33. francis m reps

    To his immense credit ; Mr. Sinclair has been consistently warning people about the fraudulent nature of the International Banking System for the past decades. He even held Seminars regarding this issue across the country for the past most several years. You are serving many people in a positive manner by having Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Holter on your program at this time.

  34. Lake M


    At the end of the interview, you mentioned the case of Jeff Singer. Today at Zero Hedge, there is a report that Singer Island was a ” honeypot” operation and Singer may have been an asset used by some intelligence organizations to obtain evidence which could be used to blackmail elite politicians and business people. This technique is nothing new and has been used for decades in the battle over control of the planet. If you are a fan of James Bond movies, there were many examples of honeypot operations used in the game of “Spy vs Spy”.

    Imagine the power one could obtain by secretly using hidden camera’s in the bedrooms of the Singer Island resort to record the targeted individuals having sex with the underage
    boys and girls who ended up there by kidnapping or cohesion and forced to participate in
    these heinous acts. There are rumors that organ harvesting may also have taken place.
    Sharks and crabs took care of trash.

    If any of this is true, then we need not ask anymore how far the global elite will go to defend their positions of power.

    There have been discussions regarding why Trump, who is supposed to be fighting the
    Deep State,, appointed Pompeo and Bolton, two super neocon warmongers to run
    US foreign policy. Some have suggested the “keep your enemies close” angle and others
    have suggested that someone has blackmail quality info on him. Or perhaps death threats against his family. Some of the answers probably reside in that small country at the eastern end of the Med who meddles in the politics of the US on a consistent basis.

    One thing really worth praying for is that God pays a special visit to all of the people who participated in these evil acts to rain down some super justice on behalf of the children.

    Also, thanks for bringing on Holter/Sinclair again… one of their best dual interviews.
    They are confirming Jim Willie’s prediction that the Reset will have two phases on the way
    to a gold backed new monetary order. One of the theorems of Austrian school of Economics is that a corrupted paper fiat currency cannot be replaced by another fiat currency. A return to a precious metal based system is required to rebuild. Whoever owns the gold will likely assume control of the planet. Modern war could intervene and then the outcome is unknown. We all could perish if those in power will not relinquish their
    control and end up unleashing a nuclear nightmare. Something else to talk with God about.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  35. Andrew

    Greg I love your content and I’ve always kept a close eye on what you tell me to. I believe what these two gentlemen are saying on year most recent podcast is true. Please send me a link to purchase gold and silver from a trusted source,
    I followed the links on your site and submitted my email address to the gold dealers you had listed, now i wait. If you have any additional information I would love to have it. . I am beginning to diversify from cryptocurrency to gold and silver. People have no idea what’s coming Austin look at me crazy when I explain it. All I can do is what I feel is right.

    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll do better than that. Call Melody Cederstrom at Discount Gold and Silver Trading at 800-375-4188. Melody is the owner and the Only sponsor on USAW. She won’t rip you off. This is why she has been allowed to a sponsor the site for more than 4 years. I have never had a complaint on Melody. Call her.

  36. John F Gormley

    With the trading of actual gold, in Hong Kong and Singapore, Why did price of gold not rise, being quoted from those two markets.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know but it’s a gift. Everyone in the world is talking about cutting interest rates and printing gobs of money to keep everything propped up.

    • paul ...

      Gold is only about 2% cheaper in Hong Kong then here in the US … nothing to worry about … currency/gold specialists will keep the difference small … today one ounce of gold in HK Dollars is $10,884 (where 1 USD = 7.82175 HKD)!!

  37. Glen S Singley

    Now you’re talking!!!

  38. Country Codger

    Excellent interview with excellent guests.
    Leviticus 25 explains the sabbatical cycles and the Jubilee Year. Leviticus 26 explains the curses and blessings associated with keeping or not keeping the sabbatical years and Jubilee. Please remember, most get this wrong, the cycle is a 49 year cycle with the 50th year being the first year of the next 49 year cycle. It is called the shavuoth system of counting.
    Lo Iyrah!

  39. uncommon sense

    Expertly interviewed Greg. Thanks for the clarifications, particularly on the credit event leading to hyperinflation, as I wasn’t following that either. So much currency has been created that it isn’t hard to imagine crazy prices in any asset of fixed quantity (as was demonstrated in the crypto currency market) should some of the money decide to flow in that direction.

  40. Baregil

    Sinclair now, more than in the past has a stronger slurred speech. At times one simply doesn’t quite understand what the man is saying.
    And one other thing. Sinclair in different occasions has flaunted pride about him being a Seligman, about his ‘Our Crowd’ (American Jewish Banking families) membership and by extension, about the Chosen Tribe in general; nonetheless his Jewishness comes from his father’s side and orthodoxically speaking he cannot be regarded by Jews as a Jew. Moreover, any decent person should be ashamed of being a member of a gang of racist predators.

    • Paul in oz

      Baregil, you are right Mr. Sinclair’s speech is becoming slurred, but his mind remains sharp, and I believe his heart remains pure … he clearly indicated he is not one of them, but he has never lost touch with them (that is important of them who is really one of us)… I would be more then happy to change his name to Jim Sincere … long before others and those that matter most to them were attacked, he was bludgeoned … long before USA watchdog was around , Mr Sinclair has been doing the job that many others have followed up upon.

  41. regaleagle

    What can you do? The masses are in denial, which is bad for all of the others. If they aren’t in denial, then they are just totally unaware or believe what is spouted by MSM. I don’t think there is anyone who can be totally prepared for what is coming…….that will be impossible……excepting the spiritual side. Economically and physically we will all be in a world of hurt, for sure……literally. Thanks Greg for having Jim and Bill back on again at this critical time right before TSHTF. Let’s all just get on our knees and pray to God Almighty that President Trump can stretch this circumstance out past the 2020 election to save this nation from total anarchy. The peoples of the world may not all understand what is at stake for this election……if they did most would be on their knees now praying for another 4 yrs. with Trump as President of the USA.

  42. Carl william

    Talking about the credit/distribution collapse, we here in Brazil saw last year just how amazingly fast things can go crazy and collapse when we had a nation-wide truckers’ strike. We have almost no railroad infrastructure except for transporting raw materials like minerals. Therefore almost all goods are delivered by truck. Within 36 hours (!!!!!!) after the start of the strike the grocery stores were cleaned out; no milk, no bottled water, no fresh vegetables or fruits, no meat, everything cleaned out except expensive gourmet items or stuff like tea and household cleaning material. There was no gas or alcohol at the gas stations after 24 hours. Lines of cars extending hundreds of meters. All hardware stores had sold any ethanol (for cleaning and sterilizing) they had to owners of our cars that burn pure ethanol. Very few shipments even to hospitals and none to pharmacies. Its not only food and water; if your vital medicine runs out you are finished no matter how much water, food or gold you have. I now keep at least a 6 month stock of important medicines. Restaurants were closing after 2-3 days for lack of ingredients. The strike lasted for over a week and the government finally gave in to most of their demands.

    Unless they have witnessed it, the average person doesn’t have a CLUE as to how FAST everything can collapse. When it blows you won’t have time to do ANYTHING except hunker down where you are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this real world street reporting from Brazil!!!!!

      • Diane

        Wow. Thanks Carl William .
        Chilling report.

  43. Paul Anthony

    Prayers for Tommy — hes believes he is hoping to prison tomorrow to be killed. Hes trying to get asylum here .. Britain has lost their sovereignty if you ask me. I emailed WH for what its worth

    • Diane

      Praying for Tommy.
      Please let him come to the United States.
      He is a hero.

  44. Bill B

    GREG; Epstein
    It will be interesting to watch what unfolds with the Epstein charges. If he gets off with a very lenient sentence as happened in Florida, It will demonstrate how much power and influence the deep state still has over our court system.

    • Clare Doll

      Bill B, been there, done that. Epstein is where he is because he made the wrong person mad. Demonstration concluded.

  45. Bill B

    GREG; One more thing.
    We lost Ross Perot this week. Cant help but compare him with Trump. They seem to have both come from the same mold. Had he been elected as POTUS we would probably not be in the predicament we are in today.

    • Diane

      Agree Bill B
      RIP Ross

    • Frederick

      Maybe in some respects but I believe Mr Perot had much better family values than Donald does We never heard him bragging about grabbing girls or hanging out with questionable people like Epstein and Roy Cohn

  46. paul ...

    Has anyone seen Merkel? … just like Hillary she has bouts of shaking and loss of coordination … … I’m no doctor but it sure looks to me like Merkel (and Hillary) both have “Kuru” (a very rare incurable and invariably fatal neurodegenerative disorder) … that is common among people from Papua New Guinea “who eat human brains” … Kuru is caused by the transmission of abnormally folded proteins (called prions) which leads to symptoms such as tremors, loss of coordination, and neurodegeneration … and it would “Take the Entire Village” when people ate human brains (they would all catch the disease)!!

  47. J in Ireland

    Where do you find these guests? My family also think I’m crazy when I mention these issues. I’m greatly reassured that there are clever people who can articulate problems in the world without being overly emotional. Again, super interview- I need to go for a long walk to digest the contents. If only half of this is accurate, we are in for a serious problem. So grateful again and congrats to you and your guests!
    J in Ireland

  48. Justn Observer

    Great interview…the timing of banking failure and the weather cycle as to empires falling is as if someone knew it was coming? Now may be the FED can blame it on the weather? Not a black swan but black clouds… and how they had everything under control until they didn’t and the sun did and the cost of food and energy cause things to spin out of control.
    Speaking of those and bad pennies that keep showing up…check out the pic of the guy standing in the background…a once ‘secret service/CIA agent?= Peter Strock? hmmm
    We will need a much larger wall and more balls of colored yarn to follow the Epstein story now?
    So many questions after one reviews the above…especially in light of the ‘comments’ by the current Dems. and their attack on Trump … and their lack of concern about all the ‘connections’ of Epstein and things like the tail numbers and possible work for the State Dept.? and various Fed. agencies all the years? and why ‘THAT’ does not seem to bother the Dem. Senators and Reps. which was at that time the Clinton Admin? hmmm
    And too, why is MSM and Fox not reporting any of the details in the vids above ?

    • Justn Observer

      More postings and ruling on Flynn case =

      • Justn Observer

        Maybe it’s Schumer who should resign?
        TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 6h6 hours ago
        I ask Thomas Paine (Michael Moore) to unblock the two names the Rhode Island kid said we’re on the yacht with Epstein and Clinton. People need to understand Schumer was on the yacht on August 13th, 1997 to propose he would runnfor Senate, and Weiner would take his Congress seat
        TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
        More Epstein Columbus Connection With Les Wexner/Ehud Barak. Jeff flew Piketon Centrifuges to Hoopdorp, Holland. Christopher Stevens flew them to Cairo. Deripaska is your man to fly them into Iran. Watch The Limited warehouse in Dayton.
        TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
        Jeff Epstein flew weapons to Bosnia and Kosovo.

        John Doe‏ @JohnDoe78359022 · Jul 9
        We already know that ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos attended Jeffrey Esptein’s party after Epstein was released from prison. Here is Esptein’s “recruiter” Ghislaine Maxwell embracing Chris Isham, who is currently Vice President &Washington Bureau Chief for CBS News

        • Justn Observer

          About today’s ratlines of children for sex trafficking and their use for advancement of criminal enterprise for profit? Who is and who is trying to stop it on the inside?

  49. Baregil

    At minute 32, talking about his Jewish relatives, Sinclair says that they rule the world and that they couldn’t care less which side they are on, if it’s American or Chinese or Russian, as long as the are in control of finance. The only allegiance these predators have is money and their own interests.

    • K. Wayne

      They have an allegiance to Lucifer as well. Pure Evil resides in these creatures.

  50. Steve Adams

    Two thoughts:
    Why does gold have to cover all the debt ? That assumption discounts defaulting on some or all of it.
    Secondly, the valid fundamental reasons have been true since 1972, what would make the market respond to them in the future that are not in place today ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Go long the USD and Treasuries Steve.

    • K. Wayne

      Gold will gain the position as Arbiter. It will be charged with the responsibility to Balance the system. Gold is no one else’s liability. Its value is pure. It cannot be embellished nor created out of thin air. If Debt continues to exist in a restructured world (minus the ability to money out of thin air) … then Gold traditionally is used for this purpose. It becomes the anchor to the system.

  51. Frank D2

    I guess in Stan’s eyes, gold “crashed” today because it only went up $21 (!).

    • Greg Hunter

      DB stock is down nearly 2% in after hours trading at $7.26. I hope you came to your senses Stan and sold when I told you to at $8.00.

      • Stan

        I’m loading the truck right now

        • Frederick

          Yeah Sure you are

        • K.Wayne

          That truck is full of steaming BS.

  52. Mike R

    Sinclair looks under the weather. dark circles around the eyes. holding so much gold can cause one to lose lots of sleep, especially when its in a mine. gold will never hit $87000.
    It wont ever hit $8700.

    Bankers wont let it.

    Papaergold (derivatives) prevent it.

    You cant reset $262 trillion of debt in the world. debt holders wont let it happen.

    this is theoretical conjecture.

    debt like this will always remain, unless we get a new energy source that is cheaper and easier to use and obtain than oil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      So happy you came on and straightened us all out with your anonymous comment. My money is on the experience and connections of a real person named Jim Sinclair.

      • Mike R

        Greg –
        I attended one of Mr. Sinclair’s road show talks he did here in Chicago. He said the same things then, he’s saying today. Its been some years. It was ‘imminent’ back then. Same as today. I own gold, but there is no way on God’s green earth that there is ever going to be a sudden reset to ‘half.’ There was no ‘math’ talked about or explanation of how that would unfold, and no reason the dollar simply can’t go on losing its purchasing power, but doing so very gradually. What makes anything any different today than back then when he predicted the same ? We have more debt, as does the world, but what math says we are at some critical inflection point ? Who says the US can’t go to $100 trillion in debt, from $21 trillion now, when the world is at $262 trillion ? GDP can keep rising. Technology can have a huge impact as it has been. Energy sources can be identified, and produced in such a way, that economically the US can prosper as much or more than it has, since the advent of oil use, and gasoline use, and then auto’s. The entire game on this planet in terms of leverage, and wealth, has EVERYTHING to do with energy. Nothing, not the internet, not anything runs without low cost energy. Nothing is made or produced without energy. Energy is the key to the production of wealth, to leverage things being done many times over that a human can only do with limited amounts of his/her own energy. And electronic transactions of currency, using credit cards, and many other electronic vehicles FAR exceed money in circulation, or on deposit, or in stock or bond markets, or whatever form of ‘money’, you want to talk about when getting people all excited about where the price of gold ‘should be.’ There might be some nuggets of some truth in what Bill or Jim say, but to carte blanche say the dollar will reset to half, as they explain it, is just not plausible and highly improbable, and common sense economics and how our financial system works, will tell you that. If putting a full name on what Jim says makes it more true than what others say, why not put on Gina Mancarelli or whatever her name is, and her tell us what the price of gold is going to be ? If the only way you can counter whats being said, but telling someone they need to not stay anonymous, then thats a really weak argument no matter the topic.I attended Jim’s road show conference, paid my $50 or $100 (can’t remember what he charged) and my opinion was that there wasn’t much common sense there, other than a little bit sprinkled in about being prepared. He did tell a lot of people to get out of stocks, and given that the market has doubled and tripled since then, those folks who listened lost out on a lot of wealth gains. He played on people’s fears, just like a lot of other folks do, who charge for these conferences related to money or investments.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R,
          This comment really shows you have no idea of the enormous risk in the financial world. You should try to understand the warnings and why they are given. It’s obvious you simply do not understand what has been done to prop this Ponzi up. You will though. Hope you are ready.

          • Gary C

            Greg, advice from Jim Sinclair 15 years ago at a seminar in Toronto.
            “Reduce the amount of transfer agents between you and your assets”
            “Get direct share certificate registration”
            Practice buying and selling with with a bullion dealer, know how both sides of the metals market actually work.

  53. Bill B

    Jim Sinclairs last words. ” it wont be over till 2025 “. If it has already started, then we are in for a long hard ride.

    • K. Wayne

      That’s…. “outta the park” !!!!

  54. Paul in oz

    Thanks for bringing on these 2 guests. If anyone other than Jim Sinclair made the statements in the interview, I would have to say …NO WAY … coming from him … I believe it! Scary thoughts GLTA and please prepare everyone!

  55. Merry

    Greg: This interview was stunning. USAWatchdog is the number one news site “out there”. Watching Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair speak is truly a gift. Real people speaking the real truth. Sinclair referring to college as “socialist re-educational camps” was awesome, so was Holter’s laughter! Bill Holter answered the two emails I sent him some years back and watched my original song music video, “White Flag Surrendered”. I was honored. Thank you all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your mind words Merry!

  56. Andy

    I trust Jim and Bill more than any other financial analysts I follow. Great interview. I’m more into silver than Jim but I plan to switch silver for gold as the ratio closes.

  57. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair on your site. They are tops in my book.

  58. Russ F

    If debt is going to be forgiven, we should all be in debt.
    What will the benefit be for those of us not in debt?
    Will we be better off than those whose debt will be forgiven?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not all debt will be forgiven. The tools are money printing and default. Much will be defaulted on and that will be painful.

      • K. Wayne

        As Jim said there is not enough money in the world to cover all the DEBT.
        Some are going to win ….most are going to lose.

    • paul ...

      Russ … if you want to hold debt (to get in on the jubilee) make sure you are not backing that debt with your house as collateral (which will be automatically taken from you by the banks) … the debt you should own should be “un-collateralized debt” (like the US dollar) … now I’m not so sure you will be happy losing your US dollars (which is a debt IOU) in the coming jubilee … but at least you can keep your home if there is no mortgage on it … you also get to keep all the gold and silver you purchased with your debt dollars (before the jubilee) … remember … holding US dollars (is the same as holding debt) and in the coming jubilee “debt” will go to zero … bottom line … when the debt jubilee is declared … the US dollar “automatically goes to zero” … so everyone better use those dollars “now” (before the jubilee) to buy as much gold and silver as you can … which will carry your wealth to the other side of “a dollar jubilee collapse”!!

    • Frederick

      I very much doubt if your collateral is of high quality they will just let you walk away from your obligations

  59. Tom Wigand

    Fascinating interview that I’ll be recommending to others (albeit at times it was hard to make out what Mr. Sinclair was saying; not sure if it was a microphone or mumbling issue). And thanks Greg for giving them time to talk, and not interrupting as all to many interviewers do.

    At first blush their predictions of astronomical gold prices almost sound like wishful thinking, if not delusional. But then, think about what happened with some “.com” stocks during that bubble.

    Then peruse a chart of the growth in the money supply over the last twenty (or more) years. Or a similar chart showing the increase in debt over a similar period. Oh, and did I mention unfunded liabilities and other “off the books” liabilities.

    Now ponder that unlike, e.g., “dot-com” stocks, gold has a multi-thousand year record; including having value in every monetary system and form of government known to man.

    Gold doesn’t default. Gold doesn’t declare bankruptcy.

    Can you say the same for any other form of “asset?” Do you have ultimate faith in the global ring of Progressives’ central banks and fiat currencies. If you do, more power to you.

    I’ll lean toward heeding the advice of Ms. Holter and Mr. Sinclair, thank you very much.

    Thanks for bringing them to us Greg.

  60. paul ...

    To the crypto addicts out there … take heed … the future for crypto currencies is not only “not guaranteed” but in order to increase transaction speed “crypto’s are moving away from blockchain” … private crypto currency is gaining many enemies like the Fed, the ECB and the People’s Bank of China … who are now viewing Facebook’s new “Libra crypto coin” with suspicion and alarm … the Central Banksters want to maintain control (oversight) over “all” currencies (they consider it “their” business) … thus prudence suggests you don’t bet the farm going into crypto’s against the will of the evil banksters!! …

  61. Donald Canaday

    Since 1934 President Roosevelt and king of Saudi Arabia, an agreement that oil is brought to open the Dollar was used as currency to buy and sell oil on the market. The Federal Reserve Bank is not central bank nor is it parted of federal government. The Federal Reserve Bank is private bank with private shareholders.

  62. pat the rat

    keep some silver, keep cash in the bank to pay bills, keep some cash in the save, keep some crypto too, look for the man selling the shovel not the guy digging in the river bed, maybe that man is xrp coin.

    • paul ...

      pat the rat … seems to me “your savings plan” is weighted with to much “debt” (then real assets) … your keeping some silver (good) … but then your keeping “debt” in the bank … “debt” in your safe … and buying even more crypto “debt” … remember … only “real assets” in your possession “won’t be jubilee’d to zero” … the Fed IOU’s (you call cash) and those electronic crypto “are not real assets”!!

  63. Eckbach

    When gold and silver launch for the moon, nothing will be “normal” anymore.
    There is no barrier I know of to prevent the forces that run the world by money from making transactions in gold and silver “illegal.”
    Maybe this is what James was prophesying in James 5:1-6

    • paul ...

      You can say the same thing about crypto Eckback!

  64. Open Eyes

    The Horrible Truth About Bill Clinton, The Lolita Express, And Jeffrey Epstein’s Wild Sex Parties
    July 9, 2019 by Michael Snyder

    …Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff has been looking into these matters for 9 years. In fact, she has written an entire book about the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal entitled “TrafficKing”, and she has probably interviewed more people about this case than any other journalist. Previously, Fox News reported that Bill Clinton had taken 26 trips on Epstein’s private plane, but according to Sarnoff the pilot logs clearly show that Bill Clinton was a passenger on that plane 27 different times…

    “I know from the pilot logs and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times,” she said, adding that “many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he did not.”….

  65. paul ...

    Now wait a second … it is alright for the Deep State to spy on the American people … but it is not alright for China to spy on the Deep State? … there is absolutely no oversight in America over what the Deep State does … perhaps having “someone watch these evil Deep State neocons” is a good thing!! …

  66. Paul Schmaker

    Nice try. I love the not-so-subtle moving of the goalposts. The “Sinclair-Holter collaboration” predicted that the market would absolutely crash by June and the reset would occur by June. They’ve been making the same sorts of incorrect predictions for over a decade. Now you claim they said the reset would only “start” in June and will take until 2020. I guess it’s not surprising since you (and they) have predicted that the sky is falling imminently for the last several years. Like a broken clock, you’ll eventually be right but could you not play so loose with the facts? Sorry to interject some reality yet again. You can all go back to your echo chamber.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice try acting like you know something, but we both know you are an idiot. There was a crash in the beginning in June and it was so great the Fed (Powell) came out on June 4th and said he would keep the expansion going. Meaning the would cut rates which was an about face from rate increased and balance sheet shrinking they were doing. Meanwhile other Fed Presidents were out saying the fed would bring back some sort of QE if necessary. Guess what happened to crash? It stopped, but only after the Fed promised massive rate cutting and more money printing. Now please take your condescending little brain and go paly in the street. Don’t come back.

  67. Jerry

    The reset is not going to happen the way people think it is. As I have been documenting for years, the Chinese have other plans.

    Those that want to know the real plan, click on the link above. There you will see the real groundwork in action. The world banks are planning on going back to a multilateral currency trade system backed by gold. That is the main reason Judy Shelton is on the fast track to head the Fed. I would say with the demise of Deutsche Bank the reset timetable has been moved up. But….seeing how they’ve managed to delay it this long, anything is possible.

  68. Jim

    How do you identify tungsten vs gold? Use a strong magnet. Tungsten is slightly magnetic.

  69. Johannes Eltervag

    Hello Greg Hunter. I have never commented on your presentations, even if I have been listening to your news for a few years. You do us all a huge service presenting real news.
    This talk with Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair was exactly what I needed to hear. I am just a blue-collar worker, but have been trying for years to get a better understanding of how the world works. By the way, I stopped watching TV back in the early 2000’s. The propaganda is horrific here in Sweden. Not to mention the suppression of free speech with new laws and regulations.

    Thank you, and thank you to all your guests. God bless us all!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Johannes!!!

  70. paul ...

    Look who is demanding that President Trump “answer” for his relationship with Epstein … … I would like to see Schumer “answer” for his relationship with Cuomo (who signed into law that the killing of babies is legal)!!

  71. paul ...

    The effects of the tariffs are beginning to take effect … it looks like the banksters will need to “attach stronger chains” onto the Consumer Price Index (CPI) … as core CPI rose 2.1% year over year … much hotter than the 1.6% reading being given by the chained CPI …

  72. paul ...

    Now we have to contend with the British throwing false flags at us to get a war started in the Middle East!! …

  73. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg

    This interview is every bit as important as the one you did with Bill & Jim.
    15 minutes from the author Rich dad – poor dad

    The Shocking Truth About Your Future! | Robert Kiyosaki

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, Epstein’s Columbus Command Center
      Preview of Flynn witness lists for about the only crew covering the MSM ignored trails = STELLAR EXAMPLE OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM ?=

      Government’s witness list includes 14 persons:
      Bryan Alfredo, Michael Boston, James Courtovich, John Elliott, David Enders,Jeffrey Gilday, Robert Kelner, Greg Lowman, Bryan McCauley, Graham Miller, Jeffrey Olson, Kim Rosecrans, Grant Smith, Kristen Verderame
      A former federal prosecutor, Sydney Powell said she wrote the book “after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison.” She also named the judges who, as she put it in a synopsis of the book, “turned a blind eye” to prosecutorial misconduct.
      Tom Steyers grandfather was of Sullivan & Cromwell… he is involved in Epstein stuff and spent $100m getting AOC and other radical women elected?
      wsap = gang of 8 now only 4 needed? Sen. Burr, Pelosi,

  74. iwitness02

    The whole world fears the bankers. Those that fear the bankers, also know the bankers are criminals of the highest order. Yet the whole world meekly submits. That is the most astonishing aspect to me. Sure, the bankers have Blackwater, politicians, judges, lawyers, cops and whole institutions devoted to the fraud. People understand this. So they are frightened into submission. Other than an intervention from heaven, the only way out of this, IMO, is for all monetary systems to crash to zero, so the payroll can not be met. If blackwater and the rest can not get their filthy lucre, they will not follow orders. But this will likely yield up worldwide anarchy. I have trouble seeing how this can end peaceably.
    We do have the Trump Card. But already we see the name of James Comey’s daughter on the Epstein prosecution team. It may be that Trump and his team cannot win. I would assume that anarchy will follow. Sure they could take us to war, but the destructive power available now won’t yield up any winners. At best, I think war would lead to worldwide anarchy. No matter how I game it, anarchy is the final result. I worry that we won’t see a Divine intervention until we reach our final destination. Anarchy.
    Trump could win, and make a stab at returning to law and order. But the odds are heavy against that. But I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the underdog.
    Guess I will have to wait and see. This whole missive is simply my impression of current events.

  75. GVB

    You know it is wrong when you wear a MAGA jacket and being screwed in your own city/country. But hey, the American people – when this is all said and done – will get back up and revive. I have my doubts for the entire EU block. Let’s see what happens

  76. Justn Observer

    Goodbye Columbus Command Center, people pulling out?

  77. jennifer ohman

    NOE s/b NOW

  78. Jerry

    Feel free to use this in your weekly news wrspup.

    Yep. Banks are broke. Does this really surprise you? Not me. This country is run by criminals.

  79. Neil B

    Greg, could you see Jim’s family crest on his blazer? What was he pointing at?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Neil Sinclair more clearly shoed the crest after the interview. It is the Rothchild crest. Many in his family do not like him because he exposed the truth about the global economy. Some still like him and talk with him though he says.

  80. Pointe Gross

    What happens after 2025 does the price stay fixed or float. Great interview Sinclair catches Hell every time he promotes higher Gold but he has been spot on so many times in the past.

    • K. Wayne

      Having a watchful eye and a keen memory will assist. Sinclair has spoken about this event in the distant past…. and what his actions will be.

  81. Jeffersonian

    Mortgage–read the fine print in your mortgage: in the event of the dollar being devalued your mortgage will increase commensurate with drop in value. The banks aren’t stupid–they got you by the kahunas whether you like it or not. That’s one reason why the banks don’t lose and why you do.
    And even if your mortgage is paid, they will stick you with a windfall tax and jack up your property taxes to the sky. We don’t own real property we are merely stewards.
    When the next reset occurs, you will witness one of the greatest wealth transfers in the history of mankind–and the one percenters ain’t going to lose.
    Cave canem.

  82. Gary

    God’s Provision
    “God does not design that men shall appropriate all that the earth produces for their own selfish purposes. He calls upon them to bring their tithes and offerings into His storehouse, that there may be meat in His house. In India, China, Russia, and the cities of America, thousands of men and women are dying of starvation. The monied men, because they have the power, control the market. They purchase at low rates all they can obtain, and then sell at greatly increased prices. This means starvation to the poorer classes, and will result in a civil war.

    There will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation. “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time; and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book. … Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand”
    (Daniel 12:1 & 10)
    Ellen White, Manuscript 114, August 13, 1899

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