DOW Pukes 4,000, Dem Lose/Lose, Fake Everything Revealed

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 421 2.28.2020)

In four days this past week, the market sold off nearly 4,000 points and wiped out four months of gains. Bo Polny warned of a coming market crash on February 8 on Polny was ridiculed after the market went to new record highs, but that was short lived, and now Polny says it’s going to get worse.

The Democrats are facing a lose/lose situation with Bernie Sanders. If he wins the nomination to represent Democrats in November, many will turn their backs on the socialist that praises communism. If the Democrats stop him and cheat him again, Bernie supporters will flee the party.

We are living in an age when lots of things are being revealed. We are finding out our heroes are fake (Clint Eastwood), right along with our markets and politicians.

Join Greg Hunter from as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(To Donate to Click Here)  (You Tube demonetized this post, so it must have information you really need to hear.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Holter from will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Don’t even think that the downturn is over—it’s not.


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  1. Chris

    Clint Eastwood fake? I don’t get it Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      What don’t you get Chris about a fake hero supporting the globalist anti-Constitution candidate called Bloomberg:
      Eastwood is a pompous elite. Why doesn’t Clint the Fake-Hero do a movie about all the rapes and pedophilia found in Hollywood!!!!!

      • WD

        I noticed in his last 3 movies he employed very left leaning actors.

        • Greg Hunter

          Boom shock-a-locka!!

          • Justn Observer

            Greg, This discussion should advance your concern on this very ‘holly’ woodish topic…
            A must listen to interview! Ties the occult to eugenics – to education – Hollywood /media elite globalist agendas and big ‘FARM’A !
            Professor Hamamoto discusses “Big Pharma, Bio-weapons and the Coronavirus”

          • Brian

            I don’t get it right often but I did this time… I jumped into Sdow… check out the ticker. Did it 2 weeks ago.

            I did my own research but it sites like Greg’s that give me the additional information I look for. Thankyou Greg

          • jack

            Love the cartoon. Bazookers of fiat trash shot at the bear with nil effect.

        • Eric

          Clint is a 1% er, a RINO never Trumper who fully supported Traitor McCain and Romney.

          He’s a prolific artist but like many his age, he simply doesn’t ‘get it’ that President Trump has no choice but to communicate to the world via social media. I’m pushing 70 and I have been frustrated many times by people younger than me who have no earthy idea about the globalist – bankers who OWN the media, our Congress and SCOTUS. Trump is surrounded by disloyal deep staters. He is a bull, a man for his time.

          Hang in there Greg and keep the Faith…love your reporting and commentary!

      • Chris

        It was just a question. That’s it. No need to be rude.

        • Greg Hunter

          I was being direct and factual.

      • Jack Morris

        I may be wrong but I believe Clint Eastwood served several years in the US Army during the KOREAN WAR. He also was involved in a Navy Bomber crash and survived by swimming a long distance to shore. Though he may not be a HERO, He is no fake, in fact he is a VETERAN of the armed forces even if he never had his guts blown out. I don’t believe he approves of immoral conduct either. His career just exposes him to working with those that do live a immoral life.

        • Greg Hunter

          While I appreciate anyone’s service I do NOT appreciate Clink (aka fake movie hero) backing the globalist anti “We the People” candidate that hates little people and our Constitution. He not only wants to disarm us all but remove all of our rights all together just like China. Bloomberg talked about “droning people” that disagrees with him!!! Bloomberg also likes communism and makes excuses for China all the time. This is what fake hero Clint wants us to for for!!! Lift your head out of the hole you put it in and get into the light of the truth.


          • Wade Ives

            Like Coop’s former Mexican mistress said to Loyd Bridges in High Noon, It take more than big broad shoulder’s to make a man and Harvey, I don’t think, you’ll ever make it!
            It’s a sham that Clint in his old age, turn’s out to be yellow!
            Mebrice Depace10 months ago
            Great role, great actress. And she was right – Kane was a man.

            Yup and if Trump were to die, this country dies too!

            • Wade Ives

              High noon is a great movie for all us coward’s to see, a real man.
              Greg, I must admit, USAWatchdog is prof enough you taint no coward.
              I admire you and all of your courageous push back, through the long hard years, you put in here. Aimed at the cowardly power’s, that think they be!!!
              Your never failing, accuracy. It has always buried the fake bought and paid for media attempts to shape the narrative! Your it. We know all the good guy’s look to you. Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, to name a few. I met Mel Gibson’s daughter a few times and gave her my card. I asked her to give it to her dad. I wrote on it,
              Three months later, reading here on the comments section, somebody commented as, Mel Gibson. I chuckled and said to myself, ya right. Then I remembered. I can’t reveal anything else here. But USAWatchdog gets the credit and the blame for the complete historic exposure, of all the corruption, that’s been interrupted. Both fear and praise, are on the mind’s of the powers that still be and especially those, that know they wont be, much longer! Without, Krushchev would have been right. Communism would have buried these still United States of America. But nobody counted on our brave Marshal, Greg Hunter. I take my hat off to you Greg, your prof what one man can do, to save the world.
              John 12:44-50 English Standard Version (ESV) Jesus Came to Save the World. 44 And Jesus cried out and said, “Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me. 45 And whoever sees me sees him who sent me. 46 I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. 47 If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him …

              • Greg Hunter

                Thanks Wade!

        • Gerry

          John mcstain was a war vet too. Bigtime RINO.

  2. Sandra McIntosh

    Once again, you give us the best analysis both political and economic. Good job Greg, and thank you very much. You don’t know how much I look forward to your videos.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sandra!!

  3. WD


    PLEASE DONT UNDER ESTIMATE BERNIE!!!!; He is dangerous!!…Nearly 40% of the US will vote for Bernie…..Nearly every college student that has graduated in the last 10 years will vote for Bernie….. He will get the nomination and he may win…..His followers are focused and determined. He scares me!!!

    • Tommy

      Unfortunately 40% of the people would vote for Barney Fife if the Democrats put his name on the ballot.

      • JC

        Tommy, with Gomer Pyle as VP?

        • Tommy

          I got that photo with Gore and Lieberman from the 2000 election.

    • Tim

      Greg, you are the man. I am disappointed by Client Eastwood. I always thought he was conservative. Of course most of Hollywood is whacked out ( except for a few). I used to look up to Bill Cosby and we saw how that went. About the only thing that is not fake is Christ.

      Take care my friend and hang in there. You are doing an excellent job!!!


      • Greg Hunter

        Clint showed us all who he really is, and it’s an ugly anti-“We the People” fake hero.

    • paul ...

      We are screwed WD … the “commie generation” want free schooling, free housing, free health care, free this and free that and are obviously going to vote for Bernie … the Wall Street demons rather vote for “Mr. Unconstitutional” Bloomberg as he would likely impose lower taxes on them then Bernie … if a Bernie/Bloomberg ticket is chosen (the Bibi Team) the rest of us will have a clear choice … vote for the Bibi Team “and give up our guns and our money” … or vote for Trump “and live in the swamp” as he has a bad habit of surrounding himself with Deep State Team “stooges” who will never drain it!!

  4. R. Patrick

    You are way OUT OF LINE Hunter! As far as Clint Eastwood supporting Bloomberg that may be true, but isn’t it a free country? Beyond that your defamation of his character is unwarranted, unverified, untrue and non Christian. Don’t you constantly remind your listeners how important freedom IS ? Right to choose!

    I submit that you tend to exaggerate and that you are a very MARGINAL Christian at best! NO MORE DONATIONS BECAUSE YOU ARE DERANGED AND TWISTED!

    • Greg Hunter

      Eastwood used his considerable fame to back an anti-constitutional globalist. This is as anti “We the People” as you can get. So sorry I am throwing a big cold bucket of truth on your Fake Hero/actor that is backing a weasel who hates America. Eastwood has a right to chose and SO DO I! Pulling your donations are not going to stop me from telling it like it is. Now go away and stop consuming my free material. Maybe go take in a Clint Eastwood fake hero movie.

      • Rob

        We are all about to find out how unfree this country is going to become within this decade for those who want to worship the way Father demands worship:

      • Free Slave

        Right on Greg. It is called reputation.

        It is a free country. People make choices that have consequences. They have to live with the consequences. That is the essence of freedom.

        Minstrels and play actors become famous. It doesn’t make them smarter or wiser, just well known. They don’t usually come across as very intelligent, when not acting or singing.

      • T-Train

        Some of these comments have been most interesting. Mr. Hunter wants people to be objective, which seems to translate to people buying his excuses. The Dow is still a long ways from 19,000, so pump the brakes there Skippy. I also get the very real impression that Mr. Hunter loves to bully and belittle others from the safety of his computer. Are you trying to make up for all the times you got beat-up on the playground? I do believe, based on my own experiences, that Mr. Hunter is guilty of doing many of the same things he complains about the MSM doing. My favorite is comment censorship. Ohh, I know I should start my own site. Blahh Blahh Blahh. Unfortunately, my current job of calling out BS when I see it will appear to keep me busy for quite some time. I also answer to T-Train, so take that BS excuse and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. To be direct, I believe Mr. Hunter is going to reap also what he has sown, and good luck choking those thorns down Mr. Hunter.

        • JC

          T-Train, yes, you should start your own site. Good luck. No need to stress yourself visiting this free site.

          • T-Train

            JC Penny, let’s go to the land of hypothetical. For FUN, Let’s say that one of Mr. Hunter’s Bible Thumping Guests had some very unflattering stories about them that would suggest that person is guilty of FRAUD!!! And for more FUN, let’s say you informed Mr. Hunter of this problem, and Mr. Hunter didn’t care, which would suggest that Mr. Hunter is getting KICKBACKS, in the form of donations. Now if that Hypothetical situation played out, in your opinion, JC, would that “Free Site” really be a free site in your humble opinion?

      • Dr Darrel L Smith

        You are very right. I’m old enough to have paid$.20 for movie tickets and now you can’t afford to go. I have always thought that what these people, athletes and some CEO’s are paid is nothing short of immoral.

        I have been saying that our country is headed for one of Caligula and will end the same. The LGBTQ movement is something that wants normal humans to accept abnormal behavior. There may be some who truly are psychologically troubled but the environment today has made it worse. I don’t advocate repressing of rights but I do think it is wrong to promote an immorality.

    • chip2

      Hey, R. Patrick, you sound just like Satan. I know you probably just work for him, but I’ve read his benefit package is horrid. It’s not to late to get on the side of truth and light.

    • Gerry

      Clint, by supporting a Demoncrat platform, is pro-abortion. Millions of babies murdered, some even after surviving abortion. If you agree with that, then YOU are the marginal Christian, sir.

  5. Self Exiled

    I believe that by their own doings they will destroy themselves and are doing so now; creating the disciplined action of God for us who allowed it. “In the multitude of my [anxious] thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul! Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with You – they who frame and hide their unrighteous doings under [the sacred name of] law? They band themselves together against the life of the [consistently] righteous [unborn]and condemn the innocent to death. But the Lord has become my high Tower and Defence, and my God the Rock of my refuge. And He will turn back upon them their own iniquity and will wipe them out by means of their own wickedness; the Lord our God will wipe them out.” Psalm 93 :19-23

    • Tom Deplorable

      Greg sorry you tube demonetized you again.

      You are so over the target you may be banned. The bombs you are dropping are exploding like a tsar bomba. The elites are scarred and will likely soon be poor like the rest of humanity. I’d love to see some bankers politicians lawyers and puppeteers learn how to plant a garden to eat. I love the line in trading place “the best way to get even with rich people is to turn them into poor people. If you live in New York, don’t walk in the side walk because there will be falling bodies soon.

      You reap what you sow in this world. I try to spread love And goodness to All I meet bit for these people I have none. Let them get what they deserve.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Tom. Please remember if I get kicked off of YouTube I will always be at I own this platform.

        • Gerry

          Greg, dont know if you saw a recent peak performance video. They ate concerned that through the mandate of VP pence as czar of covid taskforce, they can censor media on this issue. PP thinks they may even lose the ability to have their website. It could get that bad.

  6. Maryanne

    Greg I did not know Eastwood is a pedophile and a Rapist! Wow my husband won’t like that at all. Thanks for the information

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say Eastwood is a pedophile or a rapist, but he hangs in Hollywood and those are his industry peers. Weinstein was just convicted of rape and Cory Feldman can tell you plenty about the pedophilia going on there. Clint should do a movie about it to expose it. After all he is a fake hero.

    • chip2

      Maryanne, you’re troll #2 tonight in the comments.

      Do you think ANYONE here buys into what you are insinuating? Your bearing obvious false witness against Greg. And what’s behind your motivation to do that? People here are immune to the darkness that people like you bring. Don’t you get tired of it?

  7. vincent_g

    COVID-19 has caused huge problems and is going to impact our economy.
    And we are witnessing the the collapse of the democratic party.

    I said last year here that we may see the democratic party go in the direction of the Wig party.

    Why do I think this.
    The party has split into factions.
    With the recent wins of Bernie the party leaders now know they have a problem.
    I am sure they will do what ever it takes to stop Bernie.
    And when this happens the riots will begin.

    I can’t see how they can repair the party.
    Will they force people to resign?
    Or will they eliminate districts all over the country?

    After this election we may see the party collapse and either a new party arise or maybe one of the other parties move up.

    I would be surprised to see anything else take place.

  8. Earl

    It’s sad to come to the realization that the movie heroes I grew up with are mostly fake. But then again all actors are fake. They may be good at imitating another person in the movies, on stage or on TV but that does not qualify them to influence me or tell me what is right or wrong as they are usually wrong themselves and for the most part are immoral and corrupt.

    Clint Eastwood? Good actor, good director but for me his character has gone south along with a whole boat-load of other Hollywood/Broadway types.
    It’s the same with the “ladies” who #metoo’d Weinstein. Sure he is a low-life and I don’t support him as far as I can spit against a hurricane, but it’s common knowledge that the “casting couch” has been in use for ages, and many “ladies” have “done” anybody/anything in order to get their faces on the silver screen.

  9. Ismar Didic


  10. paul ...

    Fearless people blissfully sailing along in the “unsinkable” Stock Market … are now in a state of panic … clinging to false hopes (just like people on the Titanic) that perhaps somehow their ship “won’t sink further” … but the rip (in the manufacturing supply lines) is so large … their ship simply can’t float on an infinite sea of fiat any longer … their ship is in the grip of the Jaws of Death … and is destined to sink to 20,000 leagues under the sea …

  11. Lazlo

    The demons are out in full-force, screeching as they do but just a taste of whats to come as their false idols start falling in great numbers. I’ve been trying to help people see the truth for years, having to utilize many strategies, but hey, you know how it is. I was pretty sure this was all going to happen 7 years ago. Not gloating. Gotta be there for people, we’re in a new, hot phase of the GreatAwakening. They’re going to be stoking fear at levels not seen before. FEAR NOT. God is in Control. Thank You Greg, Thank You Bo.

  12. Anthony Australia

    Rooted here in Australia too. Government is stumped, our 25+ years without a recession is….OVER!

  13. Drew

    Go Bo-P
    Yep he finally got it right.
    Thousands who voted for the great candidate trump will not vote for president Trump,
    the complete hypocrite of our friend the candidate. We millennials have nothing except $10 per hour minimum wage while the old fogeys have hoarded all the wealth and we pay tax for their pensions out of our miserable $10 per hour.
    You have got to be joking.
    Of course you would hate socialism, but we want Burnie to even it all out.
    Thousands of us will be coming out of the dark to vote for Burnie.
    Some morally bankrupt now wealthy cuban criminals and their spawn that live in Florida with all the drug money that they collected from the last generation of American youth deserve no less than socialism.
    Sorry to be so controversial, but differing opinions need to be voiced.
    That rotten Clinton and the deep state stopped the great Burnie movement last time, we will be unstoppable this time round.
    A much fairer USA coming for all.
    To be sure to be sure, capitalism collapses into communism and communism collapses into capitalism and around it goes, inevitable, its coming soon.

    • Gerry

      Curious, when your team loses, will you be crying in your mom’s basement, or bashing heads on the streets? Bernie’s bros have certainly distinguished themselves so far.

    • Darrel Smith

      I think you have been captivated by the rhetoric. What you need to do is stop listening to what is said and check out for yourself if it is true. Is there some reason that you seriously think socialism will end up different here than it has in Venezuela? Your MSM regurgitate the news like mother birds feeding their young. Everyone of them have the same narrative everyday. The same dialogue keywords appear in every broadcast.

      There are many issues if you would take the time to study you would find out they are impossible. Like your wage problem. Look at how many businesses have reduced hours, employees or automated in order to continue. The wages must be set by the economic environment not the government. A $10 job is better than no job at all.

      Bernie talks a good game until you ask him who is going to pay for it and then he is lost for answers.

    • Gary C

      Drew, you sound like the Liberals we have in Canada, that are destroying our country
      signing Paris Accord. Climate Agreements, imposing Carbon Taxes, and promising free
      education, forgiving student debt, and more immigration to get votes..

      If you do not like Trump, we would GLADLY take him here in Canada, to put a stop
      to the social-economic-enviomental -terrorists supported by money from the Tides foundation, big supporters of the Democrats.

      Socialism, great until you run out of other people’s money.

      PS I hope he shuts down your border with Mexico, puts the whole military on it to stop
      the Corona, infected illegals from getting into the USA because I do not want that crap
      on my produce imported from California.

  14. Robert Dziok

    “Hellywood” is nothing but a make believe reality. Actors play many roles throughout a career. People really think they are the roles they play (e.g. Clint Eastwood)? Sometimes wonder if they even know who they really are themselves after playing so many make believe roles throughout their lives. I doubt there are few (if any) that took a part because they believed in some message (if any) it portrayed. Seems exposure, fame, wealth, etc would be the predominant reasons. Anyway, the TRUTH about Hellywood has and continues to come out (e.g. Satanic, rape, pedophilia, etc). Little more than Globalist Controlled Lackeys who better do/say as told or no longer get parts to play. So they strike out against President Trump who represents values Globalist Socialists/Communists are against. No shortage of “starving artists” out there with “talent” to play a part. Americans everywhere have since become very aware of all this as tanking ratings of Hellywood “award” shows demonstrate.

    As for indictments there are now over 151,000 since October 2017 ( That’s an increase of some 7,000 from the 144,000 last month. That alone should tell everyone there is a lot going on behind the scenes. REAL investigations do not have leaks. This is not some Clint Eastwood “movie”. The Ninth Circuit has now flipped. That is, there are now more conservative/constitutional judges on. Who would have ever thought such given their prior activist record of decisions thrown out by SCOTUS. President Trump has appointed over 190 federal judges and two on the Supreme Court. What would have happened if such was not done first? Just ask Roger Stone whose trial was in DC where over 98% voted for Clinton. His “trial” has now been shown heavily biased now requiring a new trial. Much work has and is done behind the scenes by President Trump, Patriots and “Q”. This is a worldwide endeavor involving very bad and dangerous people. As Q has said “How do you capture a dangerous animal?”. Q has also said if you knew what is really going on you would not be able to sleep nights. So it seems President Trump, Q and Patriots continue to take the brunt of all this including criticism of things not getting done on someone else’s timetable. That is not how it works. It will be done on THEIR timetable and use logic/reason and NOT emotion. As such they are the most HONORABLE of Patriots!

    “Q” is a Military Intelligence Operation consisting of a group of military and some civilians with highest level security clearance. They have TRUSTED access to Intelligence agencies (CIA not included). Q+ is said to be President Trump. They have ALL facts, data, evidence etc. They employ “Game Theory”, “Art of War – SUN TZU” (e.g. appear weak when strong and strong when weak), etc. Logic/Reason with NO Emotion. Sessions appointed Durham. By “portraying” AG “differences” deflects Globalist/Deep State criticism. By saying someone will not be prosecuted does not mean they will not be for a larger “Slam Dunk” issue. However, it puts their guard down to continue and thus be studied for tactics, evidence, etc. This is not a game as Q has said. Nobody walks from this. Treason/Sedition is involved and MSM is complicit via 18 US Code section 2385 (Advocating overthrow of government). Two soft coup attempts (BS Russian Collusion Witch Hunt and BS Impeachment). They know GITMO is their future and now close so attacks on President Trump, Patriots and Q only intensify and they will try ANYTHING to remove President Trump. As Q has said: “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! NOTHING!”

  15. JC

    Yeah, Clint Eastwood, another Hollywood clown. And supposedly the last words that actor Kirk Douglas said to his son Michael just before he died were “Michael Bloomberg.”

  16. dlc

    Hollywood has always been a collection of degenerates and rehabbers. Why would anyone base their vote on what some slime actor thinks? That’s an eye opener for me when some politician associates with anyone from that pit. One nice thing is that they are all out in the open now.

    Eastwood should reserve his criticism for the way DeNiro and the like speak. And what’s with the female acrtesses and their F bomb-laced diatribes? Where is the civility when calling for harm to Trump and his supporters? These are truly ugly people who demand respect but give none.

    It is now the public’s fault if they continue to support. Fool me once applies.

  17. JC

    Ok Greg, well done. The last few minutes of the wrap-up had me hyperventilating a bit….
    Anyway I have been following your advice, thanks.

    Greg, I remember some weeks or months ago you said you had advised a friend that is heavily invested in stocks to take some risk off the table, but she didn’t want to hear it. I wonder how she feels now…

  18. Thomas McLaughlin

    Bo Polny is like EF Hutton, when he speaks, I listen!
    I used to trade commodities, was at PFG Best AND MF Global, both rooked me, lightning strikes twice, but I digress.
    I like Bo, have subscribed to him in past, I bought SPY puts last week, out of money, basically lotto tickets, because I understand that all markets have cycles, they don’t have to react but when they do, it’s usually quite massive. I’ll definitely support you getting Bo back on, like soon.
    Chris Martenson has been doing DAILY pod casts on Coronavirus, suggest everyone tune in as he presents valuable timely information.
    May God bless you Greg, you’ve done a yeoman’s job at keeping us informed!!

  19. dlc

    I was not expecting any justice being applied to Trump’s tormentors, just hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I’ve been angry since Ross Perot’s time.

    I often wondered when the public would finally get serious. They’ve elected one calculating, conniving despot after another. They talked smooth, as Eastwood would appreciate, smiled and used all the right words while they put the financial shiv to all of us.

    They presented themselves as people who sat up nights worrying about your every need while they lined their pockets and used their children as money mules to accumulate untold and undisclosed wealth. (Has Hunter Biden paid taxes on his big windfall?)

    Wealth for them, justice for us.

    So now I’m supposed to hope that the very same voters will unload the lifers in Congress along with reelecting Trump. Big order. Shouldn’t be. Medicare for all may win out as “free” health care once did. We elected those who shipped out our industries, our very livelihoods, left us completely vulnerable to questionable regimes.

    Just biding my time and hoping to be surprised though. It is apparent that the Graham types will do nothing, so it’s all on the people now. Will they vote their dependence, vote for more BS promises? Are they angry enough yet?

  20. Jerry

    Once again, you are right over the target. You can always tell when the sunshine pumpers who live in wonderland come out of the woodwork to criticize you. Even with Fed repo pumping, the debt blew right through the markets this week. What does that tell you about the liquidity in the banks?

    And what you said about the LBMA getting close to shutting down? It’s like you were right again.

    Greg, the federal reserve bank only has one bullet left to stall the collapse, and that’s to cut interest rates in March. Once that happens, and the fed repos stop in April, it’s game over. There is nowhere left for the paper hangers to run.

      • regaleagle

        This whole CoVid virus issue was a manufactured weapon for the purposes of blaming the coming crash of the Fed on something “uncontrollable and unforseen”. They were losing the “War on Trump” and knew it……so this article above is to sway the thinking of readers AWAY from what is real and actual……from what has really occurred. It’s a smoke screen for the voting American public to NOT BLAME the current status quo in Congress for what has happened to our economy, our Republic, and our way of life in this United States of America. But please use the brains that God gave you and the foresight to see clearly what has really happened…….and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Let your votes be heard by voting TRUMP for 2020. Vote your conscience to rid our nation of these graft politicians so that the world will become a better world than has become under their watch. Trump has exposed them and is doing our bidding for us……let’s continue to support our causes by supporting Trump in 2020.

    • Occasnltrvlr


  21. dlc

    Politics is local or loco? I heard about Don Bolles, investigative reporter, 6 years before moving to AZ. Things locally have only gone downhill, dirtier than ever. I never forgot this story or his name over the decades since his murder was so gruesome.

    Since Bolles’ time, we’ve had nothing but a steady stream of the corrupt and the greedy. I noted in the above that the names of 2 republicans, Barry Goldwater and Sam Steiger, were repeated in the reporting. Dems doings were always pristine motivated even then.

    Every state, it seems, has its royal and untouchable families. We’ve had Bruce Babbitt, Dennis DeConcini, Charlie Keating, McCain (Dem in drag), Jeff the Flake, multiple puppet mayors and governors (Janet Napolitano for one). Our current governor is a puppet backed by the Hemsley family (Cindy McCain).

    Then there’s the bisexual atheist (by her own account) who looks like a moonlighting pole dancer who will likely be re-elected to office. She sends out mountains of campaign brochures portraying her to be Norma Jean in the early years. But hey, Cindy McCain lauds her “fashion sense” as a qualifier (seriously). In a nation where everything is how it looks, I expect her to be a shoe-in this fall. Blonde and creamy holsum on the outside, black and dark on the inside.

    Add to that the fact that few who live here were born here. People come to AZ basically to “pack it in,” as a neighbor once described his reason. They vote like dolts or not at all, knowing or caring little about the players in this state. Like everyone else, they mostly want free stuff.

    If politics is local, luckily we’re open carry.

    • eddiemd

      Don’t forget ex-Phoenix mayor Greg “LGBTQRST” Stanton and his rainbow crosswalks, Anne “carpetbagger drunk” Kirkpatrick, and Raul “paid off $40,000 to the female staffer” Grijalva. The current demorat line up.

      Arizona is like Illinois. Corruption runs deep.

  22. John Shepherd

    Greg, the frustration people are experiencing with Bo Polny probably stems from his continuing miss on the silver calls. That is the one thing that he never gets right as far as the big moves he predicts. No one feels this pain more than I do. Manipulation is of no excuse since he is a cycles guy. I still like it though when you bring him on, however I wish he would comment on this problem. Been listening to you for a long time. When silver does make it’s big move and I get out of the poor house, I will send you a payment for all the free info you put out.
    In your debt,

    • Greg Hunter

      Some big dark powers are holding silver down and yes that does effect cycle work but it cannot stop the day of reckoning. Hold tight, don’t give up and keep praying the Jesus because Jesus is the only thing you can hang on too when you die.

      • John Shepherd

        Greg, I apologize if I came across sounding as if all my hope was in silver. I am a minister of the gospel that did indeed put too much emphasis for a time on precious metals investing and believed in the narrative so much I nearly went all in. I thought I would be renting the backhoe 10 years ago!

        Looking forward to Bill Holter Suunday night, but will go to sleep later listening to another Bill: Bill Randles.

        Again, thanks until you’re better paid which I trust is soon.


  23. Tommy

    There is good news. When Trump was elected we knew he was a disruptor and our hope was that he would “drain the swamp”, expose the deep state and clean it out. Well, he did expose them and the deep state is much deeper and cancerous than any of us could fathom. However, we now know the truth. If all the Barr and Senate investigations lead to zero prosecutions this is not a bad sign. It just shows that Satan had indeed corralled not only our country, but the entire world; the elites are under his power and they will fight till the end. And that is the Good News! Gold? Silver? Bunkers? Survival food and supplies? No, none of these will help. In the end those in power can take everything. Everything, except one, our souls. Now that we know what is really going on, how widespread it is, we know one thing. We know that we need to get right with God and get ready for our Lord’s coming. Our life on Earth is short. But He is coming and He will usher in the Kingdom that will be eternal.

  24. NC

    I agree with WD.

  25. Cole Davis

    The Deep State is alive and well…the (in)justice department is under their control. As long as we get Trump re-elected we have some hope. We are hanging on to hope…our love of truth and righteousness is our lifeline. We even if we lose many battles, we will win the war. Thank you, Greg for being a lover of truth.

  26. Angelina Nic

    Agree with everything and your critique of FISA and the indictments. .. Everything is rigged in the markets.. wonder how peoples super are gairing? 🤔

  27. Steve Murphy

    I don’t think I’ve seen you this worked up. You have been advising us for a long time to be prepared. We are brother. Take care of yourself and try not to let this get to you. Fear not!

  28. Foot in the Forest

    Good wrap up Greg. It does hurt when the last of our illusions are crushed, I gave up on Bill Barr prosecuting swamp critters long ago. Please all remember that Mayor Bloomberg praised the dictator of China, Xi and said that he had to respect his people and respond to their wishes. Ask the people who died of vivisection while having there organs harvested how much respect they got. We and I mean everyone on this planet are about to experience BIBLICAL TIMES events and I hope that you are all as prepared as you can be. I still have hopes that the president can soften some of the blows that are coming but I am not staking my life on it. I have been a prepper since the day I took the boyscout motto to heart. BE PREPARED. Like you always sign of with offer a prayer to God for help for, and as times get harder try to offer what help you can to your fellow man. FOOT

  29. Mike

    What can Bloomberg money buy? The bankrupt DNC, the Democrat nomination, support from Hollywood actors, voter fraud by the truckload, and endless time on media outlets. What can Bloomberg money not buy? The vote of patriots who care about the future of this country. The story of “few indictments” could be disinformation from deep state players or it could mean military tribunals that bypass the corrupt justice system. The insane actions of the deep state players tell me that they are not in control and justice will prevail in the end.

  30. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I’m sorry to hear you admit you were wrong about the prosecutions. In this instance, I genuinely wish it had been me who was wrong.
    Back in feudal days, the local ruling aristocrat was not subject to the law – he dispensed it. He, his family and hangers-on could do as they pleased with impunity. The globalists hanker after such power – hence the relentless drive toward Neo-feudalism. Alistair Crowley’s credo, ‘Do as thou wilt’ sums up the lust for power of the globalist sociopaths. Now more than ever, it’s vital that the voices of decent people are heard. Thank you for your voice.

  31. Auntie Seize

    ALL actors are puppets. Their strings are pulled by those who employ them. If they don’t act the way their masters want them to, they’re out of a job. If they do, they’re rolling in the dough and they appear to be like little-g gods to the terminally gullible and the easily deceived.
    In William Shakespere’s day, stage actors were called hypocrites. The term actor not being in widespread use.
    In some translations of the New Testament, Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees hypocrites and in others actors. Different words for the same thing.
    I think the term “Judas goat” also applies. Judas goats leading the sheeple to their slaughter and being fleeced all along the way.
    Include those in the entertainment industries (plural) in the acting category as well for the same reason – you will do what we want you to or you’re out of a job!

  32. Charles


    You sound very happy that the market crashed.

    • Charles

      Your silver and gold and miners are cratering too.

    • Greg Hunter

      I booked a guest that make a huge correct prediction and YES I am happy about that.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        This really is more of a “correction” than a “crash”, isn’t it?

  33. Alex Conger

    Thank you for revealing the stooge that AG William Barr is. Gislane Maxwell. She was Epstein’s partner in human trafficking. Why, at the very least, hasn’t AG Barr called her in for questioning as a person of interest? No investigation? Silence! This alone has me convinced Barr is compromised. Actually, for me, President Trump’s silence is concerning also.

  34. Paul Anthony

    There is only one person in the world who could have rattled the globalist Elite evil Mobsters the way they are rattled right now. This was never going to be easy and there are things we don’t know about that are going on I am sure. Keep in mind THEIR behavior. I never thought we’d get out of this mess without pain and your message to be prepared is spot on! God is where my hope is. Pray for our leaders. Especially POTUS! I believe in what Mark Taylor has prophesied. I believe in out Lord and His word. I am not easily swayed that what is going on won’t result in Justice. I think the world depends on Justice happening at the end of all this. God so loved the world that he gave his only son then, for sure He loves us enough for justice to be had for the evil in the elite. Did anyone really think indicting people who could hurt the elite world wide would be easy and over in 3 years? Just look at the MSM media! Awful!

    I listen to alt media for hope. I pray for hope. I LOVE when you said “fear not God is in control.” I come here to hear that. I heard the opposite today. The very least the tone was the opposite. Still your my number one Alt program I listing to0. Praying for you Greg. God Bless!

    Paul Anthony

  35. Patt Hill

    Thanks for all the great reporting you do. I agree with you 100% concerning Clint Eastwood supporting Michael Bloomberg for president. I have lost all respect for Eastwood and have thrown away all my DVD’s of his movies.
    This is not the first time an actor or actress has lost my respect, I just throw them in the trash can where they belong.

  36. TJZ


    I am 100% in agreement with you on every point you made today!
    My compliments to Mr Polny on his call.
    I too had hoped/believed that there would be prosecutions of the traitors and a rectifying of the multitude of the wrongs! I admit my error in placing my hope, knowing far better, in weak/sinful men to correct wrongs that they are a part/product of. I am not ashamed of my hopefulness! I have endured the ridicule and so be it. Nonetheless, justice will come for these individuals, maybe not in this world, but most certainly in the one to come.
    “And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the pit”
    Best wishes to you Greg!

  37. True Historian

    I agree with you, 100%, that, God the Father is in complete control.

    If you are a believer, like the twelve Apostles believed, it is a fact that only John was not murdered by the evil ones. Therefore, our hope is in Salvation [Gold’s gift resulting in eternal life as a new being], not in physical/monetary protection here on Earth.

    According to God’s will, you may or may not be physically protected. Revelation states that many Believers who received Salvation also lost their heads.

    God the Father is in complete control, but His Love for us is revealed in Salvation, not necessarily in physical well being or wealth.

  38. Howie

    Greg, So far, Bo Polny has been vindicated as far as equities go. Time will tell if he is right on gold. So far this week, gold has been down along with equities. Today gold is down about $30, and silver is really down, about $1.00. We will see by the end of the year if he is right about gold as well.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s been right on gold and has made several correct calls right here on USAW. He freely admits to making some bad calls as nobody is 100% but he certainly made more good calls than bad especially the big moves.


  39. Stan

    Paul: Did I not warn you Gold would crash? You still have time to get out – but time is short.

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean criminally taken down? Gold is up 20% year over year and still up .5% for the month. Your shorts have sucked more often than not.

      • Ray

        Yes……….criminally taken down.
        Nothing wrong with that though is there?
        If we are going to be brutally honest here, we all have to admit that Iraq and Afghanistan were criminally taken down by The Lap Dog and The Big Dog……and I don’t hear a bleat about that CRIMINALITY on this site.
        It’s fine.
        Criminality is fine……all that matters is which criminals you align yourself with, right?
        Remember……”Fear Not”…….God the Father and His son Jesus Christ are FIRMLY able to see into EVERYONE’S heart and mind.
        They know which criminality we blindly turn our eyes from or justify in the name of nation and righteousness.
        Many who think they have a ticket into Heaven will be rudely shocked come the day of their death, that is for sure…….and that sentence right there should keep many lying awake at night before next they blindly salute the troops or state that they admire people who “serve the nation”. They are not serving ANY nation…….they are serving something infinitely darker than that.
        Thanks for an interesting report Mr Hunter……..I always enjoy it when you get a head of steam up!!
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      Stan … the Dow is down 7 days in a row and the S&P 500 is down 7 days in a row … the Central Bankers of the world are in a panic … they need to print “a quadrillion fiat dollars” just to try and stabilize things … obviously this will drive gold and silver to the moon … so they have taken preemptive measures “to screw up peoples normal instincts to run to the safety of precious metals” … the central banksters have manipulated gold and silver down now before they hit the markets on Monday morning with “a buying frenzy” unseen in all of recorded history … will it work to stop people from selling stocks of companies that can’t get the necessary supply’s to manufacture products?? … will it make people go into stores to spend their money on what is ever is remaining on empty shelves?? … will it have the effect of encouraging people to fly or take vacation cruises??? … not likely … too many people know gold is a tier one asset and not something to fear … so as the price of precious metals are “artificially lowered” … it only makes people with a God given brain to look at the lower prices as an opportunity to accumulate more!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … Charles Nenner trades gold by following cycles … I accumulate gold (and silver) on all its corrections … this current correction will end by summer according to Nenner … and then gold will begin to advance once again and rise to $2500 by about September 2021 …

    • Auntie Seize

      The longer the PTB try to keep the inflating beach ball submerged, the greater will be the launch WHEN they can no longer keep it under control. It’ll exit the surface like a scalded Poseidon missile. Just wait for it. The end of this phony baloney fiat money system is near.
      You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. – Ayn Rand

    • Mike R

      Stan – you are an absolute DOPE. You know NOTHING about the bullion markets, so your comments like that to Greg or others only reveal you for the fool you are. Gold is continuously being bought by central banks, and an extremely liquid market for hedge funds to utilize for just these situations as a non correlating asset during times when markets are down. Gold rocketed higher recently, but stocks have been down huge, and so gold being sold for these hedgers to cover margin calls, is as common as the average retail guy buying ETFs and mutual funds. Central banks GOBBLE up these gold sales and in large amounts, anytime these large hedge funds want to sell their gold. No gold physically moves anywhere, which makes it sweet. The very minor gold price down drafts right now, still leave gold very bullish, and with central banks buying it, thats just that much more of an eventual lift, as that gold is being taken out of weak hands, and put into strong ones that know a good bargain and will hold for a long time. Gold is going to rocket right back up higher, as the stock market craters further.

      By the way, did you even know, that Goldman Sachs TARGET for the S&P 500 is now at 1800 ? They rarely ever miss on these targets. Their target for the recent stock market top we set was pretty much right on too. Now the market is more than 10% lower and its going down. Gold wont be part of that by a long shot.

  40. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good call by Bo Polny. The blood letting isn’t close to being over.
    “Advancing Time: Dollar Pushed Higher Then Backed Off – Why?”
    ………. “a reset of the economic system across the globe.” ……….

  41. Alanon

    FYI? – All happening now, seems odd to me as my mortgage is switching from Chase to Carrington, investments at USAA going to Schwab, and, dont know if this means anything, autoloan at Wells Fargo Auto is changing to within Wells Fargo(revamp of site)? and with the DJIA down 1000 on Friday how the heck is gold down 60!

  42. James


    Feel what your saying about Trump coup incitements. My opinion is there will be none. Let’s be real, if they were going to do them it wouldn’t take months. ALL the information is out there enough that the average joe can see the crimes. Typically warrants would be issued for arrest on less circumstantial evidence then what we already know.
    The justice department is broken. The only thing Trump could do, is appoint a special counsel in secret and have a fake special counsel to public. Deep state must have way too much stuff on Barr and others in Justice Department.

    • Eldon

      Just got notice my pension is no longer being handled by Wells Fargo. In regards to gold I believe it has to do with liquidity similar to 08-09. Everything selling off to raise cash.

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      There is no way that anything could have been done without a change in the judges. With the ones there you want to talk about being compromised. Look at Judge Amy Jackson in the Stone case. How many judges would have allowed the foreman to be on the jury let alone the foreman.

      The number of Americans who are asleep would have resulted in a civil war if Trump would have followed your actions. At least at this time the Qanon Patriots have awoken many and the advantage is Trump.

      Qanon said early there would be two ways for it to go. One would be for there to be Senate hearings , they revamped the rules about showing it on TV, which would allow the public to watch and evaluate the evidence and proceedings. The other was to have military tribunals which would not be available to the public, maybe some limited videos, and under military rules. Much like Senator Graham asked Judge Kavanaugh about during his confirmation.

      It is coming to a time where a decision must be made. The coronavirus situation has caused enough turmoil in the markets and the economy that the Deep States ammunition is being used. The judges are in place it should be time for a move. The peace deal, as such, in Afghanistan has been signed, trade deals have been made, and the Fed is ready to lower interest rates.

      We are with you POTUS, WWG1WGA KAG

  43. Better Chetter

    I made an investment in Arch Crawford’s news some years back, and got a notice to re-subscribe, with a partial tip of coming collapse in 2020. So I used that to back out of the stock market as an Aggressive return, to a Guaranteed return, and luckily survived this recent crash.
    As for how it goes from here – comparing now to ’29 is interesting, though it omits the levels of deceit/trickery available to the stock market manipulators, as well as plunge-protection strategists.
    Catherine Austin Fitts always noted a slow burn, and that would fly in the face of Bo’s major 2020 drop through the rest of the year. It would be interesting to check CAF’s take on the market forecast now.

  44. Freebrezer

    Greg – I hate to be rude but Dah – Yes!!!! top Republicans are in it and are up to their necks and soiled in corruption! I have maintained and still do that absolutely no high ups (Comey, Brennin, Strokz, etc.,) are going to get charged … nota, zero, zip. And I further maintain that some summer intern (though any plebe will work) who wrongly copied some pages of dubious top secret info will be the one/s that are going to go to jail … all for a show trial … than the high ups at the DOJ will explain to us serfs – YEP WE GOT THEM! Move on, nothing further to see here … I surely hope that I am wrong!

    • Freebrezer

      Greg – I was at breakfast with a friend (CPA), and I asked him about the Wells Fargo fine … He indicated that they most likely would be able to expense it! Yep – if true that is epitome of corruption.

  45. Eldon

    Nana nana poo poo. Polny was right you dummies. Should have listened to him and you’d all be rich. What about gold down $50+ today and silver down $1.00 Greg?

    • Greg Hunter

      What about it? Polny told you all at $1245 it was going up and at $1440 he said it again. Gold is up 20% year over year and still up nearly 1/2% for the month. How’s your stocks doing? Polny also said gold was going to come under pressure for awhile. So, your point is you are a bad investor?????

  46. Mike R

    The market will likely go down to its 200 week MA. Around 2600 on SP500. Will bottom around mid march. i doubt it goes much lower, as they are already changing the narrative out of china as ‘good things happening.’ (even if they are not happening as described by chinas government) the virus will continue to spread, but not as fast as it did in china, as i suspect its mutating to something weaker as time goes on. thats just nature itself, given how virulent it was at the beginning. it’ll still keep spreading and we in the us will have pockets of this that will frighten, but the problem is its impossible to test enough people, and so lots may get sick with typical cold or flu symptoms and yet never know that its covid19 that they had. school closures and stuff like that will be a) out of fear, and b) done intentionally by authorities so they can pretend things LOOK under control. effectiveness of closures is questionable at best. china took draconian measures and that didn’t do anything to stop the wild spread. the virus is slowing spread in china by itself, but guarantee you they’ve had 3 to 5 million cases and 90% of those will never be reported. the only thing that was marginally effective was shutting down most of global air travel in and out of china. but that was not chinas doing. remember they got irate about that.
    no matter, the best thing to come out of this, will be the further diversification of sourcing products away from china over the next 10 years. us companies will have their butts kicked by shareholders if they dont. closed borders will be another great thing to come out of this. thats what the dems fear most.
    globalization will now come to a screaming halt, as every country retrenches big time over the next year, led by big businesses who dictate what they will do. US will benefit from this , not suddenly, but will be a continuation of a trend that started around 10 years ago, where more and more US firms are repatriating manufacturing back to our shores. Its different though, and they are going from factories that had thousands of cheap chinese laborers, to newer more modern robotic led and IOT led factories here that will be only hundreds of workers. BUT there will be way more of those hundreds of workers factories, with higher paying jobs because the people will be higher skilled, and not really laborers like what China had. Thats china’s BIGGEST fear right now, is hundreds of millions of low skilled laborers that will become jobless over the next decade. Its what the US has endured for almost 40 years, however, China has it 5 times worse, because they had 5 times the population of low skilled workers as we had. China’s decade long declining stock market has told that tale long before we got to this point. And it will continue to decline, as will their GDP. They’ll probably suffer massive population losses due to plaques and more viruses like this, as 1.4 billion people isn’t sustainable. They made massive strategic mistakes building out super large ghost cities that now have been lying vacant still, in a vain attempt to bring their entire population out of rural living in too short of a time period. They arrogantly thought they could make happen a 100 year change in population dynamics, with a population 5 times larger than the US, in only 20 years. Now the rest of the world is feeling the consequences as this virus is a by-product of that arrogance.

  47. Dave

    You act surprised at Hannity basically saying nothing to see here to Solomon’s report? Hannity is and has been part of controlled conservative media forever. He lies to, and still does, his audience. He knew what was really going to happen but gotta keep the sheeple turning into “the great American” to insure his massive wealth continues to grow. He strung his audience along for years with conspiracy theories and the promise there would be justice – just wait a bit longer. Hannity, Rush and Levin have used their audiences for years – and blocked others from airing a different conservative vision. You know – that, unlike Rush says, deficits do matter and will catch up with you at some point. And, though all but Hannity now admit it, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Thinks of the tens of thousands killed because of the US invasion. It was all part of the neo-con strategy to bring “democracy” to the Mideast. The complicity of controlled conservative media in propagandizing for the Midbeat wars was criminal.

    As to the virus? No one knows if it will biome a pandemic but it is causing a major economic ripple. Trump’s poll numbers have started to fall. If there is a market crash (not convinced that will happen) Trump is toast. Some Trump voters will sit it out as the grand Russian conspiracy results in no indictment and Trump refuses to release classified documents. Voters who had doubts about him in 2016 but could not countenance Hillary so reluctantly voted for Trump. As it is Bernie and Biden and Bloomberg poll well against Trump in polls despite, to this point, a roaring economy. Greg- you should try to get Michael Savage as a guest. He has not been part of controlled conservative media – opposing the Iraqi war when most all other talk show hosts were cheerleading it, calling Trump out on the deficits and his lack of concern for the environment. It’d also be nice if you could get Dane Wigington as a guest again. The West Coast is undergoing another drought (6 out of the past 7 years) and this could be the first time there basically isn’t a winter here.

  48. paul ...

    Kudlow says: “The Corona Virus won’t have much impact on our economy” … hey Larry hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich “may make it seem like there is no danger around” … but that’s exactly what restricting testing for the Corona Virus “to only people who are known to have had contacts with those already infected” is ludicrous (intentionally designed to hide a very real danger from public view)!! … the US should be testing “everyone” with a cough, or fever, or respiratory breathing difficulties to get a better handle on the real magnitude of this very dangerous contagion … if as you say: “There’s no higher priority than the health and safety of the American people”!! …

    • paul ...

      Hey Larry … lets not make the US ship of State into the “Diamond Princess” … by saying we have everything contained and under control … yet “we are not testing those with obvious virus symptoms” … now we are getting indications that our dogs can transmit this virus!!!

      • Stan

        More people die each year from the flu – by a wide margin

        • paul ...

          But Stan … did you ever hear of London planning to turn Hyde Park into a giant morgue to make room for victims of the flu???

    • Dave

      Too, Kudlow (and Moore) said the massive tax cut – skewed to the well off – would lead to 4% GDP growth. That did not come close to happening. GDP growth has been not that much more than under Obama. Trump is now promising a tax cut for the middle class – a backhanded acknowledgment the middle class did not get much of a tax cut with the recent bill. We ended up paying more in taxes as did many of our friends. In any case it is reckless to promise more tax cuts while supporting massive budget deficits. Oh yeah, Trump recently said give him the Congress next fall and they will get the budget under control! Please. His proposed increase in H1B visas, which is why Indians turned out for him, is an attack on American tech workers. My work group was outsourced a few years back. Indian techies brought in at half the salary and put up in apartments as part of the deal.

  49. Brooklyn

    This was one of your best weekly wrap ups. We live in a fake world, with fake news (MSM), fake politicians, FAKE PROSECUTORS! (which we all knew when Barr let HRC & CO. off Jeffrey Epstein, while in a Maximum Security Prison that Barr was nothing more than another Deep State player/protector) and then of course the fake stock market.
    We ‘considered’ how the “Deal Maker” Trump might have been acquitted to make all the indictments go away. All the coup plotters walk Trump is acquitted. But, we also have to pause and ask ourselves, if we find (what John Solomon told AH Hannity) to be true what does that say about Trump?

    In the end, no matter what we might think otherwise, Pelosi and Schifface won. They forced Donald J. Trump into a lose-lose position and so he walks (from impeachment trail) in turn for all the coup plotters (many, sadly in his own party) also walk away, the citizens be damned.

    “Fear not, God the Father and His son Jesus Christ are fully in charge”

    Pray for our country, prayers for the safety of our President Donald Trump, pray for everyone ready this. Be safe. Be prepared. Pray. – Brooklyn

  50. iwitness02

    As a veteran of a foreign war, I am really disillusioned with our government. The fbi labels us as domestic terrorists. But the fbi are the real traitors. Elected officials want to give illegals everything for free. Meanwhile I have the VA. (it is getting better)
    The government is a satanic genius when it comes to figuring out new ways to rob us, and new ways to suppress productivity by individuals, through all kinds of unfair regulations, taxes and fees. I love America, but I hate tyranny. I hate the to big to jail mode of operation that we now have. We have bankers, politicians, judges, cops and lawyers that keep the wheels of injustice turning. I’m sure glad I didn’t know all this when I was 18. I might have figured out who the real enemy is. I wouldn’t have been so gun-ho, rah rah! By the time I was 20, I was getting suspicious. Now all doubt is removed. On a happier note: Great WNW Greg. Thank you.

  51. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Hollywood is full of self righteous narcissistic actors who hate America, the country which gave them fame and money: go figure that one! I have stopped going to movies or buying DVD’s which have American/Trump Hating actors in them such as with De Niro, etc. Folks, vote with feet & with your dollars, it works, believe me. It would really work if more would get on this train.

  52. John Wells

    Greg, I really thought that Clint Eastwood would back a candidate that is pro gun rights considering the types of movies that he has been involved with over the years. You know the “Good Guy With a Gun” to the rescue movies that he has become rich from. I Won’t be watching anymore of them just to exercise my freedom of choice. The truth is not defamation. Hero he is not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep, John, Clint has showed us all who he really is.

  53. Eldon

    Listen to Bo and you’ll be in the land of sunshine and lollipops.

  54. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for dealing forthrightly with the state of the ongoing war for civilization. We have to deal with the reality, no matter how ugly it is.
    This looks like it might be the climactic battle: PMs are getting attacked BIG TIME.
    As for Clint Eastwood’s endorsement of Bloomberg, in the short run that was a clever tactical move by the globalists, but it also shows how entrenched they have been. The same for AG Barr. Fortunately, the revealing of this sort of rot is also the globalists Achillies heel.
    Unfortunately, President Trump made a major tactical error in seeming to minimize the dangers of “the” corona virus to public health and to the economy and in trying to talk up the stock market. That’s was a very unconvincing presser, IMO. And putting Larry Kudlow out front on these issues isn’t helping. What a loser!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William.

  55. Dennis

    Ignoring the risks?? They didn’t care about the risks when they got kickbacks, bribes and payoffs to move manufacturing and production over to China.
    Greg – tell the rest of the story.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Very astute comment.

  56. wondrouscat

    You are the greatest truth teller out there telling it like it is and I appreciate your courage each week but this one blew it out of the ballpark.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Cat”!

  57. Stan

    Hey Paul: USD solid as a rock today. Gold in freefall.

    • Greg Hunter

      USD fell.39% which is unusual with money going into Treasury bonds.

  58. paul ...

    Gold and silver under concerted attack by Japanese and other Central Banks … likely to underpin confidence in their fiat paper … before they massively print up exponential quantities of additional fiat to put it into the Markets on Monday (to drive world stock markets higher) … will it work? … no way!! … this is simply a gift for those who have still not bought any precious metal!! …

    • paul ...

      I give the Corona Virus two more months … and unheard of Central Bank exponential fiat currency printing … to create a financial, economic and social cataclysm the likes of which has never been seen in the entire history of human life here on Earth!!

      • Stan

        Paul: In 2 months coronavirus will be a distant memory

        • Greg Hunter

          But the economic damage it will do will not.

          • Rodster

            Correct and Gerald Celente is now saying that the Coronavirus will accelerate the Greatest Depression. He mentioned in his latest Youtube video that it looks the world will see the Greatest Depression by this time next year.

            Greg, you should bring back Gerald to explain his Coronavirus economic update.

      • paul ...

        And then … Gold and Silver will show their metal!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … Remember back during the 2009 global depression China was the world’s growth dynamo … it saved the world during that global financial crisis … they helped the world economy to rebound and were instrumental in raking up tens of trillions in debt … today … it is a different world … we don’t have China to help … China’s economy has not picked up … not even modestly … Beijing is now forcing people to go back to work against their will to try and improve the economic numbers … but what happens when these people forced back to work succumb to a second wave of Corona Virus infections?? … it will result in a far worse economic collapse than the current one … which still has not yet shown any recovery!! … even with the Fed printing up an extra ten quadrillion fiat dollars this weekend and putting it into the stock market Monday morning is not going to solve this economic problem … yeah … they could boost the Dow to 100,000 … but what they will be doing is simply overpricing zombie companies “with near zero earnings” and making gold and silver even more valuable in terms of fiat dollars!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Sounds about right. In any event you’ve raised the critical question: when.

      • JC

        Well paul… if that’s the case I’m going to convert some of my fiat currency into a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels Limited Edition 125th anniversary Red Dog Saloon Tennessee Whiskey.

        • paul ...

          Yeah JC … London plans to turn Hyde Park into a giant morgue … and the message from our US Surgeon General is to urge people to “stop buying masks” (actually saying on Twitter that masks are not effective in preventing the general public from catching Corona Virus) … now that calls for a stiff drink!!

  59. lightning

    Frederic Bastiat said “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    Its clear that Attorney General Barr serves not his country, but this “group of men”. They hold themselves above the law and any accountibility , be it financial, legal or even moral. Obama clearly served these same group of men given the complete , criminal activities of the Banks and bankers. Sadly, I think Bush did too after I reflect on the Patriot Act and 9/11.

    Our Congress and past Presidents have been willing to create a legal system that strips us of the Constitutional right that an individual has against the tyrannical overreach of government. They spy on our emails, phone calls, expenses, websites visited etc ….all because they fear losing control . Digital currency will be the next enslavement tool. God only knows what they are doing to ruin our health (Virus, questionable vaccines, opioids , Chem-Trails…the list sadly goes on and on.)

    I think our only hope as a country is to open the floodgates of truth . The truth that our Government and “this group of men ” (Bankers , Tech Giants etc) are indeed enslaving us.

    I’m tired of watching and living it.

    I think we would become far more constructive as citizens if we used your power and the power of the good people that follow you and figure out a way to say “No more and we want accountability and truth”.

    I have been impressed with Tom Fitton of Judicial watch. He has done far more than our AG to try and bring the rule of law into public awareness. (He would be a great AG).

    Would you ever consider maybe soliciting questions from people that post on your site and have Tom Fitton, Catherine Austin Fitts and a few other prior guests participate on a panel discussion that we could watch? If it could be focused on identifying constructive actions we can take to collaborate to demand substantive change, I think it would take us out of learned helplessness.

    We need our own Yellow Vest movement to have our voices heard. But first it needs a focus. I’m tired of accepting the current status quo that gets worse every day.

  60. James Brown

    Greg, James Brown here.
    Take it easy brother.
    This crash/correction, (25% down = correction, 50% down = crash) will end in May.
    Per Martin Armstrong. I’m in cash now but I’ll be back in the market by June.
    Marty’s computer picked the day of the low in 2018 and it missed the exact low by 11 points.
    That’s not 100% accuracy, but it’s 99.95% accurate, so I’m going with Marty.
    The end is not near. My Dad passed on Monday, 86 years old, just a kid.
    The end does happen eventually.
    Until then, we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.
    God Bless You All.

    • Frank D2

      I totally agree with you. I have been saying for years now that nothing will change until Americans BY THE MILLIONS march on Washington D.C. and other major cities shut it all down….for as long as it takes. How about a RED, WHITE and BLUE Vest movement? Sadly, most of us sit on our butts and think we are going to change things by typing on our computers. The elites don’t care! And they won’t care until we shut everything down. I don’t see any other way to change the system (short of a shooting war).

  61. Billy

    Geez Greg – your breadth of knowledge on many topics from economics, to politics, geo Political, culture is amazing.
    At your peak right now.
    I am like you very disappointed in Barr, the fruit is showing what he stands for.

    • Greg Hunter

      Billy, I might be wrong and hoping I am but the signs are not good.

      • Billy

        You need to keep an eye on Germany. I have been travelling through Europe and there is a storm brewing between middle east immigrants and a large rise in far right german groups, i could feel it on the streets in many places, the media talk it down but let me tell you there is some crazy far right groups rising with rage in Germany.

        • Frank D2

          And who can blame them? Their globalist elite “leaders” have turned their once great country into a cesspool of no go zones…just like the UK and Sweden, etc. Same thing our elites are trying to do to us here in the USA with all this open borders crap. Why Americans aren’t rioting by the millions is beyond me. Until we do, nothing will change.

        • Auntie Seize

          The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon. – Rudyard Kipling

          WHEN the Saxon begins to hate… LOOK OUT!
          The more bad/criminal behavior you tolerate, the more you’re going to get.

        • Frank

          His last half a dozen movies have all been standard Hollywood anti-white propaganda.
          I thought to myself is clint losing control of his own movies, is he going senile, or was he always just a typical lefty who hid it well?

          At least Charlton Heston got in trouble for speaking the truth as head of the NRA and that big fat lesbian Michael Moore smeared him as much as he could. Respect for Charlton. Many such cases.

  62. Theta Lion
    Stroke of genius Trump making Pence the virus zar. While we don’t know when/if this will ever be made public, the bottom line is China is going back to work.

  63. Southern Girl

    WOW! Were you wound up today you go guy….love to hear your delivery..I’m prepared.. went to Wally World and they are out of masks, but did pick up some painters masks…don’t think it will blow up here but just something to add to the stockpile.

  64. Perce Sledgehammer

    BILL SARDI 02/23/2020 •
    Take a look at the CDC map of the 15 Americans who have lab confirmed COVID-19 infection. They are mostly travelers returning from China. The virus may be spreading covertly, without inducing symptoms, because most people in America are well fed, there is public hygiene, chlorinated water, fortified food, etc. Most infected healthy subjects just develop antibodies on their own without need of a vaccine. That is what that COVID-19 map is showing you. It stops “dead” and doesn’t spread from a symptom standpoint. If a vaccine were approved today and all 325 million Americans were vaccinated, 324,999, 985 would be vaccinated without any benefit (avoidance of death). In China it is only a slightly deadly (2% of infected die) compared to SARS virus that killed ~9.5% of infected subjects in 2003-04. Please examine reports of 400 lab confirmed infections on an ocean liner, none died and many did not have symptoms. In China 68% of men are smokers, many are diabetic, many are alcoholics, and those over age 80 have a 15% mortality rate. Take those cases out and you almost have no deaths. The aged have weak immune systems and are in need of nutritional support (zinc, vitamins C, D, A, B1) and selenium). The primary antidote is vitamin D as these viruses erupt in winter when sunshine UV radiation is low due to the earth tilting away from the sun. Placing patients indoors in hospitals or quarantining them makes things worse, which is what we are seeing. Don’t buy into the panic being spread. Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health
    Greg please get Bill on for a second opinion, president Trump agree’s!

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      The Asian population also has shown a genetic predilection for the covid-19 virus. They have a cellular component in their genetic makeup at the lung cellular level. Coronavirus and SARS virus use a cellular receptor site ACE2 which is more prevalent in the Asian population.

  65. oneno

    PM’s dropped this morning on cue just like in 2008.
    Let’s see if it rises rapidly in a few months…

    Now have a completely different environment with a very contagious deadly virus spreading rapidly globally, a dropping Stock market, break on international trade, endless Debt, Global Cooling, volcanic activity, soon to come tsunamis and earthquakes…

  66. Paul in Oz

    Thanks again Greg, if those responsible for Fisa abuses and the soft coup are not held to account … the concept of America is done! what was said 60 years ago appears to be well underway and can be completed with Bernie … these prophetic words appear frighteningly close.

    “Reminder of what Khrushchev said 60 years ago….”Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not” It was September 29, 1959, when Nikita Khrushchev delivered his prediction for America at the United Nations. Remember the television coverage of him banging his shoe on the podium? At that time, just the word “communism” was feared throughout our nation. Remember this. Socialism leads to Communism How do you create a Socialist State? There are eight levels of control:
    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people
    2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government . That way you are able to create a police state.
    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.
    6) Education – Take control of what people read, listen to and take control of what children learn in school.
    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people.
    😎 Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the rich with the support of the poor.”

  67. Perce Sledgehammer

    Greg, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the market will be up, despite the massive slide today. Because you can only B.S. the people so long.
    Just in case, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D!!!! LOL! 😎

    • paul ...

      You don’t have to buy vitamin D … simply let the Sun of God shine on your exposed skin every day … and the Sun of God will convert the cholesterol in your body into Vitamin D which will cure you of most of your aliments (those people who are on cholesterol lowering drugs “will not benefit from the light of Sun of God” and therefore will need to take Vitamin D supplements)!!

      • paul ...

        As for the Market rising this coming Monday … I have similar feelings … I think this latest take down in gold and silver is “preliminary action” before a massive fiat money injection into world markets … I believe this “Battle of the Bulge” will be historic (likely quadrillions of fiat dollars will be thrown into stock markets) … so much fiat will be created out of thin air that gold and silver could triple in price overnight (this is the reason the banksters had to attack gold and silver before launching their counter-attack to drive markets higher and prevent their derivatives from unwinding … driving the banksters into receivership)!!

        • paul ...

          Back in 2009 the Fed stepped in with QE to support the market at the point when Lehman filed for bankruptcy and the S&P had lost more than half of its value … this time around (because things are so dangerous) the Fed and other Central Banks are likely to act sooner rather then later!!

  68. Tom McCardle

    Thanks Greg, you hit a homerun. Your passion and insight not to mention the concern you have for people comes through. First time I’ve commented but I had to say God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom!!

  69. Dan Fisher

    Love it Brother!!
    Your best weekly wrapup todate!
    Lay down the law and tell like it really is!
    Bring the fire! The truth always burns the wicked!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dan!

  70. F. A. Leonetti (Frank)

    Hello Greg:
    This was an outstanding video.
    Right on target.
    Thank you for your forth right presentation.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Frank.

  71. Carl William

    There is a simple solution. My proposal is open season on all economists, banksters and financial managers. Period.

    • paul ...

      Carl … You must add in the criminals and traitors in Washington DC for your solution to be effective in the long term!!

      • paul ...

        And “open season” doesn’t mean we have to shoot anyone … just make a cordial visit to your bank, your brokerage house on Wall Street and all your Congressmen as soon as you get the sniffles … “to discuss economic and political matters” … it’s called poetic justice!!

  72. Bill B

    Here we go again. Wells Fargo once again pays billion dollar fines, but noone goes to jail. Wells Fargo pays the fine with bank money..
    We need to nuke Washington and everyone in it, and start over again in Kansas or Miossouri

    • paul ...

      Instead of nuking Washington … all those infected with Corona Virus should simply march on Washington DC and demand to see their Representatives to discuss the removal of funding and the elimination of all US bio-warfare weapons!!!

  73. Bill B

    It would be great if you could schedule Bo Polny to come on and tell us what he thinks the market will do after it drops to 19000. Don’t recall him saying on that.

  74. Merry Piper

    Yipee Ki Yay…it’s another Greg Hunter Wrap-Ups Friday! Get out your cowboy hat, and get on your favorite horse and run these crazy varmints out of the way! I am singing now…Yipee, Yipee Ki Yay!!! Can you hear it?

  75. Eldon

    Nana nana pooh pooh stick your head in doo doo
    To hurl such a childish insult to long time listeners like myself because we didn’t take Bo Polnys word as gospel and liquidate all of our stock holdings. Like a broken clock being right twice a day Bo really nailed it this time. You and he can now ride off into the sunset like an old Clint Eastwood movie. After years of Sun-Wed-Fri Greg Hunter it’s time to say goodbye.

    • Greg Hunter

      I repeat “Nana nana pooh pooh stick your head in doo doo.” “Run Forrest Run” and bye bye!! Have you no humor? This was funny man!!! I took a lot of grief for putting Polny on and he was right big-time and not by a litle. This is just the opening act to his analysis. You are running because I gave good advice in my guest? Ok.

      • Eldon

        Broken clock, what about your guests who were early or completely wrong. I’m a big silver and gold guy but not because Cliff High said it was going to $600. So pat yourself on the back for booking Bo and getting out what proved to be an accurate forecast. If you own stocks I hope you took his advice and got out.
        “That was funny man!!!” Guess you had to be there.
        “Running because I gave good advice” Hardly.
        In your interviews you seem to buy in hook, line and sinker with your guests and I assume you expect your listeners too also. Just another of many U tuber talking heads who have all the answers
        and following you will guide us through the chaos that is right around the corner. Get your set of tires Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          I run a free site. I am so sorry it is not up to your high standards, but I got to say you seem really pompous and ungrateful for a guy sharing the bottom with me on my FREE site. You will not be missed so please stop telling us all your are leaving and just go away.

        • JC

          Bye-bye Eldon.

        • Colateral Damage


          Go suck on a dirty sock.



  76. Merry Piper

    Greg: I thank you once again for your absolute courage. You have been an inspiration to me to “fear not”. God bless your soul.

  77. Vincent

    WOW! You’re in fine form today Greg! THANK YOU! for all that you do.

  78. john doenuter

    For those wondering, what Ever happened to Lev Parnas? Whom seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.
    Scuttlebutt has it, he’s being groomed to be Michael Ave’snottie’s running mate.

    Considering what the Demonrat’s have running, I give em a pandemic’s chance! Which of course, is a total sham! No offense to all those chamois’s sold on the boobie! LOL!!!

  79. John Glower

    How a Doorbell Camera Led to the Arrests of 5 People in the Killing of a Mississippi Teen
    Elaine Aradillas 7 hrs ago
    Five teenagers have been arrested and charged with capital murder after the shooting death of a Mississippi girl, police confirmed to PEOPLE.
    Check out the mug shot’s!; Youth Wasted On The Young And Stupid. I hope they enjoy the remainder of they’re miserable life in incarceration, never to see each other ever again! They’ll have a lot of time to think, and cool they’re high heel’s😫

  80. Gary

    Regarding justice in America:

    Isaiah 59:12-15:
    12) For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and as for our iniquities, we know them;
    13) In transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.
    15) Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.

    • paul ...

      The LORD saw Sodom and Gomorrah and was displeased that there was no judgement Isaiah 59:15 … and we all know what happened (he nuked both cities) … today the LORD is also displeased with Washington DC … but instead of nuking the city himself … he will probably simply encourage those who have been made prey and infected with the Corona Virus bio-weapon to do a million man march on Washington … and the Deep State will nuke Washington of their own free will!!!

      • paul ...

        Just a random thought … but if Bloomberg is elected and he unconstitutionally takes away all our guns … we should be making plans “to save and freeze dry” all our Corona Virus infected tissues … so we will have a bio-weapon “at our disposal” to use against the Deep State if all our guns are confiscated!!!

        • JC

          paul… take it easy, calm down. You’re out of control again. Have a drink, relax, watch Leave it to Beaver.

          • paul ...

            Use your God given brains JC … don’t you think Iran is “now storing this virus” to put into all it’s rockets … Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousav on Friday slammed America’s offer (to help rid Iran of this virus) as “ridiculous” … it’s obvious to me Iran is collecting this Corona Virus as it’s better then developing nuclear weapons … just the fact that they don’t want American “help” is a tell!!! …

        • Hilde

          Corona virus is a flu. All the fear monger coming from World Health Organization is just because the intention is to crash the market. Don’t fear the virus/ flu. Hundreds of thousands of people die all over the world for all other reasons other than corona virus. Don’t buy the things coming out from the mass media. Look into who’s winning on mass psychosis and fear being created because of the fear mongers.

          • paul ...

            How many flu’s have patents on them Hilde??? …

            • Hilde

              Dear Paul,
              To me that’s still more fear-mongers.
              I know someone who was a teacher during the Asian flu. In some of the classes there were 5 out of 30 students in the classroom, the rest were home sick with the flu. A large percentage of the teachers were sick, too. They stayed home for a while, got well, then back to business.
              If that had happened today, WHO and the media would have gone ballistic, and measures would have been taken to quarantine the ‘entire planet’.
              IMO there are dark forces behind the fear-mongers.

    • leo

      Good word Gary. Psalm 66:18 is one of my favorites ” If I regard sin in my heart the Lord will not hear me” So if you are thinking of some porn queen or Gold and Silver or you harbor any sort of bitterness or forgiveness for any reason pray all day God will not hear you.

  81. Grey Linker

    Send me your mailing address.

  82. Jerry

    if you want to see just how far down the rabbit hole we are in wonderland, I highly recommend this video.

    The prevailing thought is we are 7 weeks away from the mother of all market meltdowns. Though I hate giving a date, they may be right. The money velocity chart put out by the St. Louis Fed matches that date unless there is an abrupt turnaround. Friends look at the chart for yourself. The numbers don’t lie.

    • JC

      Jerry, seven weeks…. that would be right around Hitler’s birthday. Interesting.

  83. Al

    Nana Nana PooPoo Stick your head in DooDoo.. I love it!

    4000 points. Wow. Polny hit it out of the park. Not that he’s always right, but when he is, Watch Out!

    I live for your WNWs, Thank you Greg and God Bless



  85. iwitness02

    New Froglegs

    • Free Slave

      That was hilarious. Thanks so much for the link.

  86. Cole

    Alex Congee,

    I knew Barr was a patsy from the beginning. Big players that rule us never get punished. Anyone could tell by their smug faces while questioned that they knew nothing would come of it.

    I have been following the Epstein saga closely, and I, too, am puzzled as to why no one but Prince Andrew has been publicly castigated for his association with Epstein, especially when there are bigger fish obviously involved. Why Andrew only?
    And what he did that we know of wasn’t illegal, just morally and ethically wrong, a he said she said thing. My guess is Maxwell has the dirt on a whole lot of people. Begs the question, how could she pull this off and not Epstein? Even Gulianni publicly stated if was suicided he would release the dirt on everybody. Sick world we live in today.

  87. Fredrick Getzschman

    Greg, there is no law in the corporation United States and no law in the United States Government and all it stands for is big time crime. William Barr is an Attorney of the Bar Associations. Bar Associations are legal societies of members that serve a foreign interest, they do not serve America or what people call the rule of law. So the fact is since there is “no law” in the United States and the reason there is no law is for the reason there is no lawful money of account. It’s 50 States of fiat money and their business partner is the federal government and all they are interested in is ripping off the tangible, the substance. Everything the State and Feds produce has marks of fraud on it, they deal in fiction and fictional entities. On the issue of the stock market, it’s not really a benchmark of anything other than a barometer of how well the New York Stock Exchange is fooling the masses of asses out in the territory who believe the markets are real, they believe the government is real. It’s all fiction. In reality if you strip the government fiction out and the legal societies codes, rules, regulations and directives that are not law and when get down to the flesh and blood people where all substance resides in men and woman, that is what the corrupt government is using as surety to grow corrupt government. What Government that does exist hates America and they hate the American people and hate their children. Almost ever scheme the State and Fed has revolves around getting the flesh and blood men and woman as surety and that is by force and fraud against the flesh and blood men and woman and their offspring. If America ever gets back to lawful money of account, that is where the division of labor applies, that is where exact weights and measures applies to transactions of account, that is where the restraints of the constitution applies against government overreach. All the fraud by the government will continue until lawful money is established again. It takes a lot of time and energy and study and real live experience with the color of law actors to break down what has happened in America since the fiat dollar was established, but the side effects of fiat money is out of control government agents, out of control judges, out of control executives and all their revenue raising scams against the people. Essentially the so called government exists to micro manage the private lives of Americans and raise revenue by fraud, by force, by threat, by seizure and that condition is plain old piracy by actors and not really officials of anything. Bill Barr is the head of the most corrupt organization to ever exist in the United States that does business as the department of justice. A large group of attorneys that hate America and hate the men and women of America. The F B I has always existed to blackmail “officials” and cover up federal crime and state crime by color of law actors in 50 States and their business partner the federal government. Don’t count on the coup plotters ever being indicted, charged or imprisoned, ain’t ever going to happen. They view the United States as theirs to rule over as dictators and President Trump is an outsider from their point of view and is a temporary President that will leave after one or two terms. They are there forever dreaming up new ways to rip off the American people, waste your money, waste your time and generally use you as surety for all their criminal conduct and perform their felonies in your name. And they do not care that you know they are corrupt, they are only concerned with making sure you or anybody else can not do anything about their frauds, felonies and theft, I have personally seen it up close to see how they operate.

  88. Mike G

    Best wrap up ever Greg, you blew out all the stops.

    Clint is a product of where he has been all these many years, LaLa land. Thanks for the kudos to us who said no prosecutions were coming, were correct. It’s a big club in DC and Hollyweird and We the People are not in it.

  89. Mike G


    PS They will prosecute Assange though.

    • Ray

      Mark these words sir……
      “As goes Assange, goes Western Civilisation”.
      ……..And That Right Soon…….
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Natio.

  90. dlc

    It was actually Meghan McCain (not Cindy) who made claim that our current senator who replaced Jeff Flake had great “fashion sense.” It was all she could think of as to why our current senator was great in her eyes.

    Cindy McCain has made a few cameo appearances in public since her husband’s death. She comes across as bitter despite her life of privilege. It’s as though John’s soul invaded her being. She talks and acts just like him with a long suffering demeanor like Martin Luther King’s widow. McCain/Hemsley still have some influence on AZ politics.

    • Free Slave

      Birds of a feather flock together.

      It is amazing how people treat spouses of politicians, as if they somehow have the same qualifications. How ridiculous.

  91. Bill

    Guess you owe me an apology after you ridiculed me for saying that no one was going to be prosecuted or go to jail. You have finally seen the light.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an anonymous poster here and owe you nothing. I said all that needed to be said on the site. I still might be wrong about being wrong but it ain’t looking that way.

    • Colateral Damage


      You want congratulations for your prognostication that the entirety of DC is so corrupt that the honorable members of this country will not see justice? I think that, if you are a real person and not an automated annoying computer program, I think that you are beyond pathetic.

      These are sorry times for this country, and for this world. God bless Trump for trying to make the world a better place, and to some extent, succeeding. And you too Greg. We admire you more than you know.


      Colateral Damage

  92. Fatima message

    Thanks for all you do.
    Something you might want to research for your followers:
    The Albert Einstein hospital revealed in 1990 a method that would destroy virus, bacteria, fungus in the bodies blood system. Physicist Dr. Robert (bob) Beck constructed such a device soon after, called the Beck pulser. Pharmaceuticals have suppressed this as the device eliminates all infectious deceases: Aids, Herpes, Lupus, common colds, influenzas, etc. Please check out Dr. Beck’s presentations on YouTube. The cost of these devices have skyrocketed. They are produced by a number of corps. A genuine Beck Pulser will eliminate the Corona Virus in a persons body. Please check this out!

  93. Robert

    God bless you, Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Blessings back Brother Robert.
      Your brother Greg

  94. ken

    A Nation Coming Apart
    “The 45th president of the United States is uniquely unfit for office and poses a multifaceted threat to our country’s democratic institutions. Yet he might not represent the most severe challenge facing our country. The structural failures in our democratic system that allowed a grifter into the White House in the first place—this might be our gravest challenge. Or perhaps it is the tribalization of our politics, brought about by pathological levels of inequality, technological and demographic upheaval, and the tenacious persistence of racism. Or maybe it is that we as a people no longer seem to know who we are or what our common purpose is”

    This is what we are up against! The first paragraph states it all. These people believe that they are the anointed ones, they know whats best for us hicks in the sticks..yea hoos in the hustings…fly over country rubes!
    We just need to bend over and kiss their royal asses. Do as we are told.
    Well this next election they will hit the wall. People out here are sick and tired of being lied to about every thing….the Russia conspiracy…Ukraine..impeachment and with no intention to stop the BULL SHIT.
    We have been told nothing to see here move along IRS gate….Fast and furious…Benghazi….Clintons email server…..Seth Rich…Fisa warrants…Biden’s kid gets 83k a month?

    After 911 a surveillance system was put in place. A giant data vacuum phone calls,Emails,financial transactions, internet communications. They have it all it was confirmed by Snowden the ex NSA employee.
    So how do the Mexican drug cartels get by with smuggling the drugs/people/ money back and forth across our southern border????

    Now enter the Epstein factor…..those pictures…videos were not lost or disappear!!!!
    NO NO NO someone or some group now have the power to control every one in those files!!!
    From now on when a person in government does something that seems grossly wrong..makes a stupid decision..votes totally opposite of what they have been preaching.
    You will have to ask yourself..”Do They Have a Epstein Problem?”

    This is a new twist to an old tactic…. “Salon Kitty”

    Our Government has been so corrupted we may never get it back. Trump is our last hope a long shot but it’s all we have now. Barr had better come back with some meaningful grand jury indictments.

    This is my answer to the Atlantic magazine.” We Want Our Country Back”

  95. Julia

    Great comments. Glad someone tells the truth! Excellent advice. I am glad you are interviewing Bill Holter.

  96. leo

    wow so the first person to die in the united states from corona virus is in Washington state just 25 miles away yikes time to trust Jesus and not take undue risks.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Did any other ONE person die within 25 miles of you?

  97. Alfy

    perhaps this would be a good time to have Mark Taylor back on your show.

  98. Mike G

    I love it when eventually good people realize that what they hoped for from a party or government just is so much deceit. Howard Kunstler is always a good read and might be a good guest in the future. I don’t remember seeing him here on usawatchdog in the past, he has great insight and dark humor and he also is a former democrat which also makes it quite current.


  99. Open Eyes

    Wash. state sees 1st virus death in US, declares emergency
    March 1, 2020 GMT

    The governor of Washington declared a state of emergency Saturday after a man died there of COVID-19, the first such reported death in the United States. More than 50 people in a nursing facility are sick and being tested for the virus.

    Gov. Jay Inslee directed state agencies to use “all resources necessary” to prepare for and respond to the coronavirus outbreak. The declaration also allows the use of the Washington National Guard, if necessary.

    “We will continue to work toward a day where no one dies from this virus,” the governor vowed.

    Health officials in California, Oregon and Washington state are worried about the novel coronavirus spreading through West Coast communities because a growing number of people are being infected despite not having visited an area where there was an outbreak, nor apparently been in contact with anyone who had….



    Loved your fired up presentation this week! I’m pissed and feel betrayed too. I know I can always count on you to be the ‘real deal’. God bless all those in the alt media that keep us informed. It’s going to be a long and eventful 8 months until the election. I live with a ‘never Trumper’ – your broadcasts help keep me sane.

    Be safe and know you are loved and appreciated!

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me make one thing clear, President Trump did NOT betray me. He is up against a global enemy with deep ties all over the government. I still support President trump because he is all we really have besides Jesus Christ who is supreme.

  101. Kerry

    Mr. Hunter I am afraid you are probably correct about the indictments issue. After all these promises of justice coming we aren’t going to see anything. I have grown tired of this “Q” issue and all the promises of “we have it all” and “it’s going to be biblical” while so much evidence has already been established yet no one is in jail. While The Lord rules ultimately, it appears that Satan is guiding the USA ship at least for some period of time. In the end no one is going to jail, evil prevails and the wisest people on Earth are those of us who put our faith in Christ Jesus!
    Thank You Kindly

    • Greg Hunter

      I really hope I am wrong but all the data shows nothing is boing done. Maybe after the 2020 election but “ustice delayed is justice denied.”

  102. Barlow Guy

    So no military tribunals against the Deep State / Swampsters that Mark Taylor “prophesied”? LOL

    • Greg Hunter

      Not yet anyway.

  103. Philip A. Wenger

    On the “DOW Pukes 4,000, Dem Lose/Lose, Fake Everything Revealed” you showed major ignorance! Attaching AG Barr and Trump administration will not prosecute is pure BULL S…! In my opinion the DECLASS will not occur until after the Dem Conventions announce Michell Obama as their Pres Candidate!

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are correct Phillip. Now if Barr would have only protected Epstein. He only had all of the U.S Marshals and their witness protection unit at his total disposal. He was murdered, I mean killed himself, and was successful on the second try. How’s that case going???

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