Dr. Jim Willie-Russia May want Gold Not Stinking Dollars

Dr. Jim Willie: Gold Update, Russia and Ukraine, Janet Yellen & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial newsletter writer, Dr. Jim Willie, thinks the Ukraine crisis is more of a financial war than a shooting war.  Dr. Willie says, “A couple of months ago, I said, ‘Give it time and the whole nation would sink,’ and the Putin strategy would be to create a standoff militarily, maybe some skirmishes, but let the nation sink.  It’s been raided of its gold and raided of its official government funds; and, now, the energy companies are in there doing fracking.  I think what is happening now is we are starting to see the breakdown.”

Dr. Willie, who holds a PhD in statistics, says there is a new $17 billion IMF loan going to the Ukraine over the next two years.  Reportedly, Ukraine is buying physical gold with some of that money.  It also owes Russia money.   Dr. Willie contends, “If there is an IMF loan, a big portion must go to Russia in return for this loan, this apart from Gazprom loans.  You’ve got Kremlin loans and you got Gazprom loans.  Maybe Putin said, look, you idiots want us to avoid the dollar.   You want to sanction us?  OK, fine, we’re in line for some of that IMF money, and we don’t want your stinking dollarsWe’ll take it in gold.”   Dr. Willie goes on to say, “This is just chaos.  What is Kiev doing buying 40 tons of gold after the U.S. just stole their 33 tons?” Dr. Willie thinks, “Once you have a standoff militarily, you move the whole thing into banking, economics and trade.  That’s where I think Putin wants to take this war.  The United States has already done their sanctions, and they are all stupid.  If Russia complies, that will make all those energy payments to be made in rubles and not even euros.” 

On the most recent U.S. GDP numbers that some big banks say show negative growth, Dr. Willie says it’s a much bigger problem than just the U.S.  Dr Willie explains, “The whole global financial structure is a joke.  It’s toxic and broken. . . . Fed Head Janet Yellen is lying and doing backdoor bond buying.”  Meaning, there is no cut back or so-called ‘taper’ in Fed bond buying.  Dr. Willie goes on to say, “There is at least $100 billion a month . . . and notice when they talk about the details of bond buying, they talk about Treasuries and mortgage bonds.  They never talk about derivatives. The derivatives are more than the mortgage bonds plus the Treasury bonds combined.  That’s where you get over the $100 billion.  The only thing QE (Fed money printing) stimulates is the stock market and the bonds.  It doesn’t stimulate the economy.  It does the opposite.  What you get is the entire cost structure goes up. . . . It’s destroying the economy.  It’s destroying the ability of businesses to make money.” 

Dr. Willie says big news on the progress of convertibility of the Chinese yuan is being ignored by the mainstream media.  Dr. Willie says, “Fully convertible capital account for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is an enormous story, and it is not in the U.S. news.  Why, because it signals that the yuan is about to become an extreme competitor to the dollar in trade settlement and, therefore, rival it as a global reserve currency.   By that, I mean used in banks as a reserve item. . . . They are making steps; they are more like big strides toward making the yuan a fully convertible internationalized currency.  You’ve got lots of countries with yuan swap facilities.  You have Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany and UK.  These are big countries.  These are Western countries, and they all have yuan swap facilities, which mean they are not going to conduct trade settlement in dollars.   So, it’s already in our Western camp.  With all these developments toward a gold backed currency, you are going to see quantum leaps in the gold price.  You are going to see the big move in gold when China is no longer going to be able to get London and New York gold.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, which can be found on GoldenJackass.com.  

(There is much, much more in the video interview.) 

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  1. mark

    Thank you Greg for having Jim back on again and thank you Jim for coming back on again. All the very best and God bless you both for your efforts in sorting out reality from fiction and truth from falsehood. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  2. Greg Price

    one of the finest interviews you have ever done Greg. JW really makes his case here. Can’t wait until the Chinese currency becomes fully convertible so I can trade some worthless dollars for some.

    • Chip

      trade your worthless dollars for gold now …

  3. bob

    great interview greg, i hope people are waking up to whats really going on. how do you comment on this. the other countries are tired of our crap. of course once again we the people let the federal reserve in a 1913 take over. the power of prayer, the knowledge and prepare is all you have left. this is how you fight back. what do you have to lose. it’s bad now and it will get worse. think outside the box. the power of the mind is very powerful. and believe me it’s a struggle everyday, but i can see little steps that i take.
    i can only say that golden jackass speaks, it is hard to add to anything he says, except God help us.i here now that gold and silver will be outlawed in this country when shtf. it has popped up on the internet a few times.your’e take on this greg? if we are isolated from the the brics what rules can our gov’t put on us since the people might have gold and silver and the gov’t don’t. and of course the gov’t does impose a law, we don’t comply but you go to barter with an agent you are done. scary but possible. just listen to jim with the antics they pull now.

  4. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Great interview Greg.
    There are some very big points here from Dr JW not the least of which is the new yuan swap facilities of some historically extremely pro US countries. If these guys are all starting to bypass the $US in trade then most other countries in the world will follow suit.
    It looks to me as though the $US reserve currency status is dead meat already.

  5. Calgirl

    As I troll around the Internet looking for news relating to the state of the U.S., I increasingly find references to your fabulous interviews. As we teeter closer to the edge of the abyss, your interviews and the comments from your viewers, are the place to go for those who dare to comprehend the tragic state of the U.S. and world affairs.

    Congratulations! Hopefully, an increasing number of readers are preparing as best they can to meet the challenges of the future. Thank you for all you do

    There is an interesting column by Dr.PCR…topic= Gangster State America

  6. Calgirl

    I have read/heard the incident of the Russian’s being able to render our radar defenses inoperable twice now. At first, the news was alarming, but as I think about it, I realize that it may not be all bad. If Russia, and their friends, are able to negate our advanced (?) radar, this would have a chilling effect on our warmongering government which could inhibit our sticking our nose in everyone’s business and causing trouble all over the globe. Of course, if this radar blocking is in fact true, then we are at the mercy of other nations, which may seek
    retribution for all the misdeeds our “inspired” leaders have promulgated. I wonder what else the Russians are capable of militarily…..

    Concerning your fabulous interviews Greg…….. CNN, ABC, eat your hearts out!! Ha Ha!

    • Oracle 911

      Well, I don’t think it is just the radar which can be inhibited, but it is for long discussion. 3 things happened, when it comes to US defense:
      -Russian strategic bombers were spotted at Guam: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-05/us-f-15-intercepts-russian-strategic-bomber-near-guam ;
      -according some sources Russian subs were spotted when they were on leave at coast of Washington DC/New York, and in similar conditions were spotted Russian planes near California (in international territories);
      -for 2 hours or so planes were grounded: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-05/widespread-airplane-grounding-was-due-u-2-spy-plane-flyover-overloadeding-air-traffi

      What if it wasn’t a U-2 spy plane, what it was a Russian plane. Whatever is the truth it doesn’t imply anything good about the US defensive capabilities.

      Your thoughts.

      • Calgirl

        It’s Only Logical IMHO

        Countries’ colluding to protect their sovereign interests is only logical. And my guess is that if by colluding they can stick a finger in the eye of America, all the better. Paybacks are a bitch.

        Since the U.S. has a history of lying, cheating, bribing, and warmongering, I would be surprised if they did not form partnerships in order to protect their countries! How else to stop the U.S. meddling, warmongering?

        Financial or natural resource control is preferable to military control….and cheaper too I would imagine. Hence the collusion of Russia, China, India, etc., etc.

        War as a control mechanism is stupid unless you want their gold and/or resources or you have a hungry military industrial complex to feed. Of course, you could want war to cover for unethical leadership or the collapse of your currency.

        A few bits of info garnered off the internet:
        The U.S. controls almost 200 governments, which are members of the U.N.

        Ron Paul says the U.S. has military personnel in 130 nations and 900 bases. Do we need (USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USPACOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM) to protect America or to try to control the world?

        According to Wikileaks:

        US overseas bases in 30 countries
        Russia has 8 or10 bases, mostly in countries formally part of the Soviet Union.
        U.K overseas bases in 10 countries
        French 11 overseas bases in 11 countries
        Russia 5 overseas bases in 5 countries
        Turkey 1 oversea base (in Cyprus)
        India 1 overseas bases

  7. Eric

    Of all your guests Jim Willie is my favorite! Thanks to both of you for making all this information available to us.

  8. Ugly

    I think what will see soon in Bank savings and checking use is not zero interest, but negative interest. That is if you have $10,000 in savings, it will cost you 5-percent to keep it safe there and in non-dollar transactions of a currency basket. People ask well what does my debt matter? They will see when they exchange $10,000 of USD for a $1,000 of more accepted Yuan’s or SDRs. Then it may hit home that their debt and food will be a 10:1 ratio….

  9. klfoo123


    Great Interview but I would like to make some corrections (1) America only returned 5 tons of gold to Germany not 7. (2) Only one Russian fighter-bomber flew over U.S destroyer.

    Here is an article about the Russia fighter-bomber flew over U.S destroyer for 90 mintues.

    Russian Su-24 with newest jamming complex paralyzed the most modern combat management system “Aegis” installed on the U.S destroyer in Black sea.
    27 members of the crew filed a letter of resignation. It seems that all 27 people have written that they are not going to risk their lives.

  10. Mitch Bupp

    Thanks Jim and Greg… the money velocity data is frightening…..

  11. kim

    Would like to ask Willie to update his major revelation regarding
    the 40,000 tonnes of allocated gold which was confiscated several years ago.
    Does he still maintain it will be returned to the previous owners? IE, thru legal action.
    Was it the main reason for gold’s bear market of almost 3 years now? If it was a big factor in gold’s decline,
    what are the chances for it to become a major bull factor now that it is held by
    the Stronger Hands?

  12. Jerry

    thanks for having Jim Willie on. Always refreshing to hear from him. The one question I would have loved to ask him was about a recent rumor I’ve heard, about the Chinese buying Banks in the Federal Reserve? It seems to fit with his comment about the Chinese using J.P. Morgan to manipulate the Gold prices for purchase. I think what we are witnessing is a very calculated takeover of our economic system by the Chinese. It seems the Chinese have bigger plans for restructuring the world economic exchange system than I ever dreamed possible. Even more astounding is that the Banking Cartel is cutting deals with them in order to save their hide. Who ever said there wasn’t honor among thieves? I would have said we are having our country stolen right out from under us, but that would be wrong. Its actually been sold to the highest bidder, who just happen to be the Chinese. I think they are waiting for the last few pieces to be put in place (maybe a deal with Saudi Arabia like JW said) and then they are going to drop the boot on us. July 1st wouldn’t be out of the question. The real tragedy is everyone in the world, except the American people, know its coming. Why else are they buying huge amounts of Gold? When I think about it long enough Greg, it makes me sick to my stomach to see how we’ve all been sold out. We need more people like you, with conviction, to make a stand. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that once the American people awake from this fiat sleep, they will rise to the occasion to make things right. My grandmother always told me, that she saw the best in people come out during the depression, when people were forced to depend on each other for survival.
    I sure hope she was right.

  13. wddeni

    Greg accroding to that report ”
    U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created ”

    This report means that all these new job numbers (275k+ added) are lies through and through. Even if this number was breaking even, the job numbers would still be a lie.

    But these numbers show a definitive retraction in the economy ( this is a huge statistic).
    It also means, spending, incomes, retail etc have to be dropping as well. It is not possible to go both ways.

    Its like turning my heat on full force at the highest temprature and then saying “its about to get really cold”

    I am just amazed that it can be this deceitful!!

  14. mohammad


    As far as Ukraine gold it is very simple I guess, and please someone correct me if I was wrong.

    You have thugs to pay as Dr. Willie mentioned, US/ Europe are BROKE, where to get the money from?

    The decision maker in Ukraine is pro west, so any thing they do is in that line:
    30 tones of gold 30000 kg, 30000000 gram/ divide it by 30 grams an ounce (I know it is 31.1) that is 1 million ounces.
    You leverage that million to paper 100/1 (at least) and you have 100 million ounces of FUNNY PAPER GOLD.

    You give Ukraine funny money from IMF as a loan and first thing they do is buying that gold back (Can we say leased back?)

    you take that 100 million ounces you have now and throw it in CRIMEX that is low on physical, (they cannot steal the Syrian / Lebanese gold YET and they ran out of the stolen Libyan gold) so here you have some deliveries met and you drop the price and get the ARBITRAGE to the tune of 40 dollars and ounce and when you dip it low you get your physical back as they always do and as they master with their naked short positions.
    Now lets see, the arbitraged 40$/an ounce you have 100 million ounces of gold AND VOILA, you already have at least 4 billion $ to support the thugs and you KEEP THE DAMN GOLD.
    Double whammy i can say?

  15. Michael Haller

    Hi Greg,

    If you are interested in the conspiracy theory of world economics here is a good article on how things really work:


    It kind of dovetails with Jim Willie’s economic outlook. Western leaders are not complete idiots, they are willing puppets in a staged play for the consumption of the unaware.

  16. billy

    The Chinese have gotten 21,000 tons of gold from London, and continue to get 1000 tons per month? Never heard that before. Here is a link that says they import roughly ten percent of that amount from HK, the main conduit for gold into China. Is nine times that amount being imported directly into the mainland, and not being reported except here? http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/27/chinagold-imports-idUSL3N0L134V20140127

  17. Fisher

    Now it is interesting that CNN is hyper-focused on the abduction of two hundred girls in Nigeria, around the same time that Nigeria is going to sign onto the Petro-Yuan? In the oil rich locations, expect the lame stream to focus on human rights abuses, coloured revolutions, democratic uprisings and so on. Fantastic interview, and it is safe to say Jim Willie is a rock star.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed, I thank you for the comment for Dr. Willie.

  18. Ken

    Hello Greg, great interview! Thank you and thanks to Mr. Willie who clarifies the posturing and reliance of false flags and military bullying that is required for the Great and Powerful OZ to scare the people and countries into submission. The world has awoken and is not buying the bullying or BS any longer.
    So once again in Ukraine we attack a sovereign country install a puppet government obedient to the west when all the world has tired of this same scenario we have played out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, etc… The planet is no longer willing to acquiesce to the Rothschild’s fractional reserve dollar based Ponzi scheme and we are witnessing the world loudly yelling a resounding NO! This isn’t about democracy and sovereignty, this is about oil and gas pipelines and the hegemony of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the absolute corrupt lengths the autocrats will go to to maintain their empire.
    The media whores and that is putting it kindly, would have us believe that our economy is recovering, unemployment is going down, housing has recovered, QE to infinity is stimulus, the way to manage our debt is through more debt, sovereign countries that won’t acquiesce to the US are terrorists, War is Peace, ignorance is strength, etc…
    The guests you have on your newscast (what real investigative journalism used to be) point out the reality vs the propaganda used to prop up the Ponzi scheme used by the western oligarchs.
    Thank goodness for your courage, perseverance and steadfastness to the truth! I feel like I have taken a shower after your interviews as they confirm that what I’m witnessing is reality vs the deception being propagated in sync by the corporate owned MSM presstitutes.
    You’re a good (Hu) man Mr. Hunter. Keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken,
      You are a good (HU)man as well!

  19. windcatcher

    Dr. Willie is like a breath of fresh air in a stinking environment, as usual, follow the real measure of money paper to gold and silver backed value of that paper.
    Brainwashed Americans, must try to remember, our Free Enterprise System (free from corporate monopoly) that built the richest nation on Earth was accomplished with a paper currency based on our gold reserves at Fort Knox.

    The only US gold reserves the US has are estimated gold reserves that are still in the GROUND! Ha. Ha. The US dollar is only backed by the US military and that is no laughing matter. The US criminal Bankster/Big Oil/ Military Complex corporate conglomerate cartel have their finger on the trigger of WW!!!.

    The United States of America can not bring the criminals to Justice but the rest of the world is tired of their lying criminal behavior; it will be the American People who will be the ones who pay for not prosecuting the criminals for their corruption of the United States of America.

    The only positive thing that Dr. Willie mentioned for the USA economy is that we will will see: “Explosion of free trade zones, including in the US in particular in California, New York and Idaho”.
    It will be interesting to see how foreign-trade zones will work in actuality to recover our American economy.

  20. mohammad


    As far as the 3 states that are tipping the balance, and saying that Saudi Arabia is tipping to the Russian side is premature in my humble opinion, I do not claim I know more than Dr Willie though:

    Alarabiya network is known to be the tongue of Saudi Arabia and it is today in it what caught my attention but it is written in Arabic (some info on the arabic version is not found on the english version of Alarabiya), I will translate to English to the best of my ability:

    The link:


    ا تزال وسائل الإعلام الإيرانية والإسرائيلية تتابع عن كثب الصواريخ الباليستية التي كشفت عنها المملكة العربية السعودية، أثناء أضخم مناورات شهدتها المملكة تحت اسم مناورات “سيف عبدالله”، والتي جرت مؤخراً في السعودية بمشاركة مملكة البحرين ودولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

    the news media of israel and Iran are concerned about the ballistic missiles that Saudi Arabia unveiled through the biggest war games been conducted in the Arab peninsula between Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates called “SOWRD OF ABDULLAH”.

    وبلغ الأمر درجة كبيرة من الأهمية، حيث تناولت وسائل إعلامية إيرانية مسألة امتلاك المملكة لرؤوس نووية تجعل صواريخها قادرة على قلب موازين القوى في منطقة الشرق الأوسط.

    Iranian news described as a matter of an utmost priority for Saudi Arabia to have NUCLEAR WARHEADS with ballistic missiles ready to deliver that can tip the balance in middle east.

    وزعمت الوكالة – نقلاً عن مصدرها المجهول – أنه تم نقل عدد من الرؤوس النووية من باكستان إلى السعودية، بإشراف رئيس أركان القوات المسلحة الباكستانية، وذلك حسب الاتفاق المبرم بين الجانبين في هذا الخصوص، متذرعة بحضور المسؤول العسكري الباكستاني في مناورات “سيف عبدالله”.

    Faris news agency in Iran claims that those nuclear warheads are already TRANSFERRED from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia under the supervision of the chief of arm forces of Pakistan according to the deal struck between the two countries, the presence of the Pakistani chief of arm forces to deliver the warheads was covered as ATTENDING the war games of “the sword of Abdullah”

    I tried Greg to be accurate in my translation as possible so please forgive me if i missed here or there, any way I supplied the link to the original document which was today.

    So I say it is too early to conclude that things are going to be handy dandy smooth tipping of the Sauds to Russia, things on the ground are indicating otherwise.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for providing valuable perspective!!!

    • Calgirl

      This from Bill Holter yesterday:

      Another “Dot” Is Now Connected?
      May 5, 2014
      I saw this headline over the weekend and could only think to myself, this is bad, really bad. After opening the link…BAM! Right under the headline is the statement “Saudis send message to United States, Iran in military parade.” Well yes, they did.

      I must confess that I did not know that the Saudis even had Chinese missiles but this was one of the dots that I’ve speculated was going to be “connected.” We have known of high level Chinese/Saudi talks over the last six months and also of the meeting between Prince Salman and the Chinese President just a couple of months back. It is very important that you understand the symbolism being displayed here. These Chinese missiles were not meant to impress their populace (well maybe) they were not meant to scare the U.S., Iran (maybe) or any of their neighbors…Saudi Arabia made a very big, very loud statement for anyone willing to listen. These missiles were 25 years old and only a small part of the arsenal “display” but they did not have the stamp “Made in America” on them which is oh so important.

      We knew that Saudi Arabia has been public about their displeasure with how the U.S. has handled the Syria situation. We also knew that they recently sacked their intelligence chief, Prince Bandar who was one of their most “pro U.S.” officials. We have had these previous pieces to put together which showed a picture of the Saudis slipping away from the U.S. and towards China, parading these missiles was not by mistake nor without thought. No, Saudi Arabia I believe just made a statement that the U.S., the Chinese and the rest of the world cannot mistake. I also believe that this is merely a “warm up” for what naturally follows.

      Displaying these missiles in my opinion was pure and simple “business,” let me explain. I would expect that at any time now we may hear that Saudi Arabia will accept payment for their oil in something other than dollars. They may include several acceptable currencies or maybe they will skip the “courtship” altogether and require Yuan. This would be the most drastic move and probably statistically least likely but it is a possibility. The point is this; the Saudis have now put the U.S. “on notice.” I would say that this is the equivalent of a long lasting marriage that has gone downhill over the years and now one spouse is leaving an envelope from a well-known divorce attorney out in the open and on the kitchen table. Make no mistake this was done purposely and publicly.
      More at http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs108/1101357242253/archive/1117276328818.html

      • mohammad


        Saying that Iran is the front line of Russia is an understatement, and the Saudi’s stance from Russia is loud, Now I linked in a previous post many months back the chinese missiles launching pads in Saudi Arabia, am sure Greg can remember my post since it was a shocking news then but think of it:

        Do you see any FISSURE between China and Russia happening here?
        That was my theory long time ago and I posted it numerous times.
        Lets indulge ourselves for a second in IMAGINATION as sponge bob says with the sparkles allover us in a rainbow fashion:

        Russia has all the gas and oil exports to Europe.
        Russia has Syria!! and now get this: They have the exclusive oil exploration rights in the eastern mediterranean shores in Syria.
        Russia has Iran.
        Russia has the gas pipeline that is going through the SILK ROAD from Iran to the Sea.
        Russia claimed Crimea and eventually Ukraine, and inching their way to the old Yugoslavia and opening the neck of the bottle of the black sea. they will have fleets roaming the seas.
        Russia has CYPRUS!!!!!!!!!!
        and Russia is close to Turkey and may attempt at it.
        Russia has Iraq!!!

        Well …!

        WHAT DOES CHINA DAMN HAVE? Africa’s mines? farms in Michigan? head quarter of JP morgan… Hell … what that does if you do not roam the warm waters?

        If any one thinks the Chinese are easy on the note of the Russian empire coming back with all the above capabilities then think again.
        China can swallow all the gold they are collecting if they do not have a footing in M.E.


        Here comes Saudi Arabia to balance Russia and Iran.


        I could be wrong … but at the end of the day, what a poor man like me knows?

        • Oracle 911

          Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and are under attack of the CIA. So for the house of Saud China is nothing more then a insurance against instability/Arab spring. Nothing else nothing more.
          How good is that insurance? Lets wait and see.

          On other hand for China and Russia is critical to be on good terms. It is not just about business it is about defense not just against USA it is about internal stability too.

        • Calgirl

          I preface the below opinion granting that I do not have the world knowledge that some commenters on this site have, so I hope you will not string me up! It’s just what I personally hope and pray for…..

          The coming massive world-wide financial collapse should have a dampening effect on all nations for who can afford to launch WW3? Only a country with “reserve status” and plenty of oil can finance such an overt war. But, any country can launch a biological/EMP war, and many could launch a financial war. Many nations are arming themselves to advertise not to “tread on me”, but I don’t think any, except our dumb, bought-off, warmongering pols here in the U.S, would actually make the first move. Some Arabs literally hate us so much that my fears lie in the biological/EMP arena. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I don’t think Putin has designs on any country, other than what he needs to protect Russia. And I don’t fear China as even it they did want to control the world, it would be a fifty year plan! I do fear the U.S. and the peoples all over the world who have been harmed atrociously by our policies and lies. I would hope for a U.S. government that would pull-back and concentrate only on what is needed for sovereign protection. That means bringing home all of the military from overseas. It seems so logical to me that the path forward should be based on respect, friendship and fairness. We must stop sticking the Arabs in the back and try to live and let live. I have no personal opinion as to how to resolve the Israel/Arab problem. All must go back to their own corner and take care of their own. All countries need secure access to shipping/trade lanes. How to rationally do all this without giving a bunch of international crooks control of everything is the big question.

  21. billy

    How could China have gotten 21k tons of gold from London, and continue to get 1k tons per month? Where did this information come from, if not out of Jim Willie’s arse? I gotta call BS on that. While I generally agree with Willie’s basic themes, he says a lot of stuff that just cannot be verified. He certainly speaks very authoritatively and confidently on his positions, but with things like this China gold numbers, how much confidence can you have in what he says?

    • mohammad


      I think Karen Hudes carries some credibility here, that was my view of her when almost every one grilled her.

    • Gerry Hawkins

      Some guests are fast and loose with the facts because they are in the business of making money from books, reports, selling gold and other financial services.

      The rule:
      ‘Don’t let the facts get in the way of truth or telling a good story.’

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Willie has a page of correct predictions on GoldenJackass.com. These are predictions he put in writing in the last several years. You should do some checking of your own before you comment my friend.

        • billy

          I have done some checking of my own, and I cannot find any confirmation of anything even close to the figures Jim Willie gives here for China gold imports. Could you comment on that?

      • billy

        That’s exactly the conclusion that I was coming to. If you sound very authoritative and confident in what you are saying, (even though it’s ridiculous completely unsourced and unverifiable), it probably helps sell a lot of website subscriptions.

    • Jerry

      Most of JW information comes from international commodity trade sources. You won’t find it in a news source. Traders that deal on that level are privy to a lot information that is not available to the general public.

    • Keke (MarkP)

      billy, 21,000 tonnes in China is not as far fetched as you would like everyone to believe. Koos Jansen (In Gold We Trust) stated in 2013 that ” … it’s safe to say there is now more than 14,000 tonnes of gold in China mainland …”. Alasdair Macleod (GoldMoney.com) said recently (April 2014) that ” … there is somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 tonnes of gold in China.”. These are two of the foremost analysts on gold and China. Their reports are extensive and well documented. Billy, why don’t you do some real research before you put pen to paper, as it were.

      • billy

        Keke, considering that China currently mines almost 500 tons of gold a year, they could have accumulated the amounts stated by Jansen and Macleod over the last few decades simply by mining. So what they said in no way corroborates what Willie said. Also, I did some real research and found that the Yen has not gone near 125 since March ’11 like Mr. Willie says it did in his ‘completed forecast #16’ on his website. Or, that Qatar did not dismiss US diplomats as he reported in his post of March 6, 2014, entitled “Ukraine as the US Dollar Waterloo”. So that’s why I look for verification of other things he says.

        • keke [MarkP]

          Billy, consider the following

          Koos Jansen’s graph (seen at In Gold We Trust), titled “Yearly Gold Mine Production, China Mainland”, shows that in the last two decades China has mined approximately 4,670 tonnes of gold, at approximately 233.5 tonnes pa, not the “500 tonnes pa for decades” you state, an unqualified exaggeration.

          SRSrocco Report, 25 Nov 2013, titled “China running out of gold mine supply?” says Chinese gold production increased substantially in the last decade, from less than 100 tonnes twenty years ago to a forecasted 430 tonnes in 2013. The report states that “According to the USGS 2013 Gold Commodity Summary, the Chinese had 1,900 metric tons of gold reserves in 2012” Thus the present gold reserve mine life based on present annual production for China is five years. The report goes on to state “Basically, China is burning through its gold mineable reserves as fast as it can so it will have as much gold in its central bank vaults when the world finally goes back to some sort of gold-backed monetary system.

          Which is basically in tune with Dr. Willie, is it not?

          China is a bit loath to report its gold holdings. The last ‘official’ statement said they held 1,054 tonnes, which a number many analysts find hard to believe. This number is also reported by the WGC (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_reserve). Please note that this WGC report also says the USA has 8,133.5 tonnes, another imaginary number.

          From a Zerohedge article, “China’s Gold Reserves At Least 2.5 Times Higher Than Reported, ‘De-Americanisation’ Continues” we get the statement “A deeper look into China’s gold holdings warrants attention. Its last reported gold holdings in April 2009 were 1,054 metric tons. After adjusting for net imports from Hong Kong and domestic output, the figure is closer to 5,086 metric tons. If one were to take away gold uses for jewellery, industrial, and other categories and only add implied bar demand to central bank holdings, the figure is likely closer to 2,710 metric tons according to Bloomberg Industries’ Andrew Cosgrove and Kenneth Hoffman.

          (found at http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-10-25/chinas-gold-reserves-least-25-times-higher-reported-%E2%80%98de-americanisation%E2%80%99-cont)

          Now, let’s be generous and assume China has kept all the gold she has mined in the last twenty years, which is not likely, due to gold uses for jewellery, industrial, and other categories. This would give her about 4,670 tonnes which is close to double the Bloomberg estimate of her holdings, and four times the WGC report.

          Now let’s take an average of Koos Jansen’s and Alasdair Macleod’s top estimates ( … In excess of 14,000 tonnes [KJ]; …to 25,000 tonnes [AM]) and one gets a number near 20,000 tonnes. So, billy, from where comes this difference? i.e. 20,000 – 4,670 = 15,330 tonnes? Perhaps it is China depleting the West, as suggested not only by Dr. Willie, but also by Rob Kirby, PCR, Max Keiser, Alasdair Macleod, Koos Jansen and a bevy of other eminently qualified analysts.

          It has only been about 18 months since China decided she is being duded by the USA, and has started buying gold, probably with the soon-to-be valueless US Treasuries.

          In 2012 Germany asked the Fed for an immediate return some of her gold, I think it was 300 tonnes. Yes, you can have it was the reply, BY 2020. Why can’t the Fed give Germany her gold? May I suggest because it’s all in China, maybe the whole 8,133.5 tonnes.

  22. Calgirl

    World’s Financial Armegeddon:
    Excellent Audio interview of Andy Hoffman: China Syndrome, World financial http://financialsurvivalnetwork.com/2014/05/andrew-hoffman-china-syndrome/

  23. 86daily

    Greg tell Jim Willie to take some baking soda for his voice box. His body is too acidified. I would hate to see him come down with cancer. If he has further questions about what I’m talking about have him write on my email.

  24. pessimest

    Welllll …. I dunno about all this jackass hypothesis.

    Karen Hudes says she’s winning the war against Homo capensis, the cone-headed alien mixed-breed puppet masters in charge of the global bankster cartel and that they have surrendered and agreed to JFK’s plan to give up the 170,500 tons of gold stashed in Hawaii to the Homo sapiens (that’s us) and fix this failed financial experiment once and for all.

  25. Craig

    Thank you again too both Greg and the good Dr. Also noted the story about the USS Donald Cook and the lone Russian Sukhoi Su -24 . It was a great story too, a lone unarmed antique Russian fighter (1985) , against a high tech destroyer, bristling with missiles and a control room full of blank screens and disgruntled seaman.

    Another version of the story floating around included, the use of an EM Pulse weapon that fried the electrics and turned the entire ship into a floating barge..which did sound a bit impressive to say the least ! It must be pretty disappointing to those countries that have spent their hard earned dollars on AEGIS. A bit like like the new F35 joint strike stealth fighter which is not that stealthy because its the wrong shape !

    Below is a link to a very human face of the situation in both Syria and Urkraine. Two enlighten “girls” talking about the situation in Ukraine. A Syrian girl and a Ukrainian girl on Skype. Including a discussion about the Kiev snipers and the Crimea Russian connections. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKInBwa-FUE

  26. wddeni


    Case and Sachs now say GDP fell .1 and .2 (Negative growth)

    “After Thursday’s weak construction data, forecasters at Macroeconomic Advisers, High Frequency Economics and Goldman SachsGS said they now estimate GDP fell at a 0.1% pace in the first quarter. J.P. Morgan Chase and Barclays Capital estimated that overall output fell 0.2%.”

    The government will make two revisions to its official growth estimate based on incoming economic data.


    Though forecasters’ views on the first quarter are darkening, they are growing more optimistic on the second quarter, when pent up demand from the winter months is expected to lift output.

  27. art barnes

    Greg, those poor Nigerian school girls are just another in a long line of injustices for Obama’s, Bush’s, & the Clinton’s religion of peace policies. Where is Islam’s outrage one might ask (if one was allowed to)? The score card is as follows: 1,500,000+ and counting J-had victims to those horrid Christian’s with none to date. Looks like the religion of peace is still gaining on our Government & its main street media’s Christian be dammed agenda.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this is an extreme perversion. Many Muslims are outraged over this. I hope and pray they get the girls back safely.

      • art barnes

        My thought is not enough Muslims are outraged over such tactics, such as bombing innocent people in the street of any city which they can. Until the Muslim people stand up in mass it won’t stop. Peace!

  28. Rob

    Love your work. Do you or any of your listeners have any thoughts on what will happen to us small time gold miners? I don’t see the people in charge allowing us to possibly make a decent living pulling gold out of our legal mineral claims. I also fear for our safety as the price rises and people mistakenly think that we have jars of gold like the miners on television. Thanks again Rob

    • Greg Hunter

      I fear mine confiscation if things get bad in the U.S. Or a big fat tax on miners and or physical gold and silver.

    • Brewmaster

      Gold is in a bear market. I wouldn’t worry about such things for now, at least until, or unless, we ever get over 2K.

  29. Brad

    Willie always gives good interview. While we all would like to see the total corruption of the west reversed and law and order prevail, I think the average man on the street should be careful what he’s cheering for. Does the average western worker want to have the same conditions as the average Chinese worker? When the reset takes place and the BRICS form a rival trading entity the western working conditions will collapse to equal those elsewhere. The elites of all nations will continue on their way, sometimes cooperating with one another sometimes trying to dominate each other, while the man in the street takes what he’s given…unless.

  30. mj hughes

    the feds can outlaw gold and silver but there jurisdiction to enforce is prohibited to fed territory/land. A good example is the marijuana laws Wash. and Col. ,Cal. The US Gov. is a corporatation . The States are sovereign .

  31. Calgirl

    This from Jim Rogers: http://sprottglobal.com/thoughts/articles/jim-rogers-governments-will-loot-pensions-savings-hold-onto-your-gold/

    How will governments react to a global economic decline? How will they keep themselves afloat?
    “For one, there will be more confiscation of wealth,” says Mr. Rogers. “Americans and Europeans have already made it legal to take money from private bank accounts, or at least parts of them, in order to bail out banks. They will likely help themselves to pension plans too.
    “Gold and silver should provide investors some protection against government confiscation,” he says. “They will probably go for bank accounts and retirement funds, because they need cash. In fact, that is already happening in Argentina and Poland. Gold and silver are no longer part of the monetary system, which they were back in the 1930s’ when they last confiscated gold and silver. From the government’s point of view, gold and silver are not ideal – it is money they need.”

  32. Jerry

    Talk about a paradigm shift. Check this statement out.

    It was evident long before Nixon closed the gold window and ended the Bretton Woods system on August 15, 1971, that a paradigm shift in the global monetary system was inevitable. Likewise today, a paradigm shift in the global monetary system also seems inevitable.

    By considering Ron Paul’s words, “We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or euros” we will know when the dollar collapse is imminent.

    Did Ron Paul nail this or what? The final piece to the Yuan puzzle is exactly what JW said. The Saudi’s shift to the east will decide it all. My money is on the Chinese since the Banking Cartel stole the gold from the royal family out of the vaults in England.
    What say you?

  33. Garry

    I believe I may have been the person who suggested to the school teacher from Kuwait that all she needed to know about finance and what is really going on could be learned from Jim Willie and if you are that teacher and you are reading this I would be honored and enchanted if you would contact me through this site. Key words : Luxor, tsunami. I should have gotten your email that evening. Cheers from Kathmandu

  34. billy


    Whats going on here? Can I get you or anyone else here to comment on this ridiculous assertion of Jim Willie’s regarding China gold imports? Everyone here just has rose colored glasses, falling all over themselves fawning how he is such a “rock star”. How many times do his facts have to be proven wrong? Last month it was the erroneous story about Qatar expelling US diplomats, now this China gold story, every time he opens his mouth, loads of this kind of stuff comes out. But I will admit, he says it very authoritatively and confidently, so it sounds like it’s true and he knows what he is talking about.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Greg Hunter. I sent your comment and question to Dr. Willie and he sent back the response below:

      Yes, I know what I am talking about. My excellent reliable gold trader source of information has been keeping me informed since summer 2008
      I call him The Voice. He has a client base that includes numerous billionaires in Central Europe, the Persian Gulf, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.
      He is an adviser for the Peoples Bank of China, and a broker for the White Dragon Family. He suggested that the Chinese Government purchase discounted Portuguese sovereign bonds. He has personally been brokering some extremely difficult transactions between the old Chinese families and the corrupt London bankers. They have extracted 1000 tons gold per month since March 2012, under extreme duress. The 1,000 tons gold per month continues to this day, and will continue as long as the gold price is suppressed. That means since March 2012, just from London, the Chinese have acquired 26,000 tons gold. The gold belonged to the ancient Chinese families and was improperly used as collateral in FOREX derivatives, which served as foundation to the entire European Monetary Union. The old Chinese families consist of about 20 Rockefeller type families, the names we are not aware of. The London bankers were essentially give three options:

      1- Hand over the ample gold bullion, 2- Face criminal prosecution in The Hague, 3- Be subjected to possible TRIAD murder
      He is personally aware that China has well over 20,000 tons gold, since he is their broker adviser. It is difficult to distinguish between the PBOC central bank gold reserves, and the Wealthy Family gold holdings, since the older families control the Chinese Communist Party in ways the Westerners do not comprehend. Furthermore, The Voice has personally seen the Russian vaults that contain over 20,000 tons gold
      he is fluent in Russian and had some direct relationships with some of the older Russian Oligarchs. The vaults are under the Kremlin, and they contained this elevated volume since before year 2000. Neither the Russians nor the Chinese prefer to play the game of honestly reporting their gold reserve holdings since they regard the US & British bankers and government officials to be criminals and mutants.

      My belief is that the critics who mention rose colored glasses with cited wrong facts, and are the true morons in the crowd. These empty gongs have no contacts in the East, no contacts in high places, and no information to add to any discussion. Let them babble, since they add no value, and worse, they are nowhere to be seen or heard when the forecasts and observations are verified.

      Dr. Jim Willie
      Editor of The Hat Trick Letter

      • allen ols

        G 5;
        Any comment on this rebuttle of the jackass, to billys, rose colord glasses comment.

        al ols

      • allen ols

        I have seen several comment or question; “why doesnt JW reveal who this voice is or euro rajh is” and then mock, that “their voice is telling them JW is a kook” to which i respond, if the voice, or euro rajh were to be exposed by JW, they would commit sucide “hehm” or fall off buildings mysteriously, or flee to russia, and live with snowden or jullian assage.

      • billy

        Thanks for arranging that reply and allowing a discussion to try to find the truth, I think that’s what we all want.

        As for Jim, an “excellent reliable gold trader source” named “the voice” ? This stuff sounds like the plot of a pulp fiction novel or movie script. But I am certainly open minded enough to believe anything is possible if the facts and evidence prove it.

        Is there anyone else who knows “the voice” and receives inside info from him like you do? Anyone else who can corroborate his existence? Can you give us some details on how you came to meet him and develop a relationship such that he would give you such info? Can you show any examples of anyone reporting any of the same information that you have reported, that came from “the voice”? Has this amount of gold, which is 10 times the amount imported according to Reuters, or any amount even half that size, been reported or mentioned anywhere by anyone? Is there any record or corroboration of over 26k tons of gold from China being used improperly as collateral in FOREX derivatives? In March 2012, when you say London Bankers were in possession of over 26k tons of gold, can that be verified anywhere? If they were threatened with prosecution in The Hague, then it would seem there would be records available of all of this to present as evidence. China keeps 20k tons of their gold in Moscow?

        Can you provide any verifiable sources, other verification or corroboration of any of the above things that I have mentioned?

        I am sure that you can understand that the readers here are not “morons” and “empty gongs” simply for not taking your word blindly as the gospel, with nothing to back it up other than secret info told to you by “the voice”. Or is it simply heresy to question the word of someone with “contacts” in such high places? (which we have no way of knowing even exist).

        By the way, was it “The Voice” or some other high level contact that told you “The Qatar royals have just ordered a dismissal of USGovt ambassadors from their nation” as you reported in your post of March 6, 2014, entitled “Ukraine as the US Dollar Waterloo”? Because I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. And your completed forecast #16, when did the Yen hit 125? I could go on and on.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have tried to discredit Dr. Willie in the past. You have posted comments here charging he didn’t make correct calls. I directed you to numerous correct calls posted on the GodenJackass.com website. The “Voice” is his source. You’ve had you say, why don’t you give it a rest.

          • billy


            It’s not that I am trying to discredit Jim Willie, it is just that he so consistently says things that are provably not true, that it makes one wonder if he is just making things up. For Heavens’s sake, he has a “completed forecast” #16 on his website saying the Yen went to 125 since March 2011. So I am eagerly awaiting his reply providing any kind of backup, verification or corroboration of the things I mentioned to him. Then I’ll gladly give it a rest. Otherwise, it’s just a fantastic story that we have believe based solely on his word?

            • Greg Hunter

              Dr. Willie has been a newsletter writer for 10 years. His calls have been made in a public forum and are well documented. (Check GoldenJackass.com) He has sources he does not disclose, just the same as Woodward and Bernstein did not disclose their so-called “Deep throat” source. You on the other hand are an anonymous commenter. It appears to me you are trying to discredit him by highlighting only your negative perceptions. You had your say and I thank you for your comments.

          • wddeni


            As far as the Ukraine being the American Waterloo for the dollar seems absolutely correct. We are making one bad decision after another and the Russians seem to be able to swat them away. Like trying to sink a battleship with spitballs.

            This could be that catalytical event in a series of many events beginning in the UKraine. What a great Putin strategy, just sit and watch them collpase. No shots fired.

          • Bill Shaw

            Verification is important Greg. As an award winning investigative consumer journalist, you should be the first to uphold the importance of verification. Willie for all intents and purposes is selling reports, etc. on website. I think it’s legitimate for people to question his information and claims.
            Willie may have made a number of correct calls but he wasn’t necessarily the first person to make some of them. Example: the housing market/sub-prime crash was also anticipated by quite a number of people. By the way, where was Willie’ or the “Voice’s” prediction on the end of Gold’s 12 year bull run? I would have thought someone who is so knowledge on he subject would have warned people of the impending decline in price, like many other people predicted.

            As Reagan was fond of repeating, “Trust but Verify.”

            • Greg Hunter

              I don’t understand your criticism. He made a call but other’s did to. No credit for that?
              We have $100 trillion in global debt. That’s up from $70 trillion in 2008. The gold price is going to go up because the debt and money printing IS going up. Dr. Willie has around a couple of dozen correct calls. Here–verify: http://www.goldenjackass.com/forecast.html

        • Jerry

          I was just wondering what source you would consider credible? MSNBC ? CNN? New York Times ? Moscow today?
          Where do you think they get their information, Wiki Leaks ?

        • Don

          ” if the facts and evidence prove it”


          1. No one outside the LBMA has any idea how much gold is still held by the LBMA.
          2. No one outside the LBMA has any idea how much gold has been sold/returned to China and elsewhere.
          3. No one anywhere has any idea just how much gold is present in the world.
          4. Virtually no one who holds gold goes around telling others how much they have. This is a centuries old practice. Buying, shipping, and storing gold has always been a secret. The whole nature of the gold world is secretive.

          As for JWs source, maybe he is right and maybe isn’t. Either way makes no difference in what one should do now. If one needs to buy gold based on verified movements of the metal, then this is not the place for you. Get out of gold since there is little that can be verified or believed from official sources.

      • mark

        Dear Greg,
        Thanks for sending Billy’s comment on to Jim. My initial impression of Billy’s comment is that this is an effort by someone to publicly discredit Dr. Willie’s entire body of work based on what he calls a false claim regarding US diplomats being dismissed from Qatar. To me, this is an attempt by Billy to undermine the respect Dr. Willie has earned because of the value his research and commentary over an extended period of time (just had 10th anniversary of the Hat Trick Letter- to which I would guess Billy does not subscribe) and its contribution to the enlightenment and understanding of the macro dynamics at play in our current political and economic situation on a truly global scale. At the same time I would say that Billy seeks to marginalize whatever influence Jim’s commentary may have on the wider listening audience while minimizing and discounting the intelligence and sophistication of those who hold Dr. Willie and his work in high regard. I will say though that had it not been for the way in which Billy chose to phrase his remarks and your decision to forward them on to Dr. Willie, we would not have this cogent, detailed, personally written response which all the more authenticates the genuineness of the doctor’s credibility and increases my confidence in Dr. Jim as being the real deal along with you as well. That being said, I should like to point out for the sake of Billy and other likeminded skeptics and critics of Dr. Willie’s work, that when it comes to reporting events as facts, being credible does not necessarily mean that errors are not and can not be made because of the sheer volume of data that must sifted through to discern what the actual facts on the ground are (in a global sense) and to discern how those facts relate to each other and how to weigh those facts so as to forecast as accurately as possible where things are headed in a truly meaningful and relevant way to many who are aware of the precarious nature of the times in which we live and seek to be prepared and even to prosper (not just monetarily) in spite of the danger due to a staggering degree of outright criminality on the part of those who hold offices of high political and corporate influence. So Billy if you (and anyone else out there ) thinks they can do a better job of sorting through and discerning and commenting on a consistent regular basis while providing a more accurate list of forecasts than the Jackass then by all means submit your body of research and published articles for review and if your work is found to be of value maybe one day Greg can have you too on for an interview as well. But as it is, this is nothing more than “throwing popcorn at the movie screen”, no substance just annoyance. However thank you Billy just the same for caring enough to comment (lame as it was) and thanks to Greg and to Jim for your genuineness and dedication in discerning and publishing the truth and helping us to separate fact from fiction (propaganda). We truly live in interesting times. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Jim and Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mark. Dr. Willie would be the first to say he’s not 100% correct. But who is?? He has a track record and a good one.

          • billy


            I come here to get useful information and news, which I applaud you for providing. But when I come to the Jim Willie interviews, it’s usually because it’s a link from somewhere else with a headline making some fantastic claim (that came from Willie), and I think it sounds interesting and I need to find out more about it. Then when I get here and listen to the Willie interview, I find out it’s a bunch of completely unsubstantiated claims based on the mysterious “voice”. I have replied to Mr. Willie with a request for some kind of verification, backup, substantiation, or corroboration of specific claims he made in his reply to me, as well as to explain some provably false claims he has made, including ones in his “completed forecasts” page on his website that you constantly refer to (#16?) So far, no response from him. So as it stands, Mr. Willie is nothing but someone who makes hundreds or thousands of predictions, gets a few correct for a very low percentage rate of accuracy, and makes a bunch of fantastic claims based on mysterious sources that he refuses to corroborate or backup in anyway. Anyone could do that. But I guess that sells a lot of website subscriptions. But you may want to think about whether he hurts the credibility of your site.

            If I said in March 2011 that the Yen was going to go to 125, and then not only did it not do that, but I bragged about it by putting it on a list of things that I had correctly forecasted, would that not discredit me? Wouldn’t someone be justified in asking for corroboration of additional things I said?

            • Greg Hunter

              We have been through this. I got him to answer your question. He’s got a page on his site for correct predictions: http://www.goldenjackass.com/forecast.html You are saying the same thing over and over again. We all got your point. If you don’t like Dr. Willie please move on and don’t read it or look at his interview. It’s looking like your only goal is to discredit him. Enough already, Please stop.

          • mark

            Billy, Mark here again. When you say that “Mr. Willie is someone that makes hundreds of thousands of predictions, gets a very few correct for a very low percentage rate of accuracy and makes a bunch of fantastic claims based on mysterious sources that he refuses to corroborate or back up in anyway. Anybody could do that. But I guess that sells a lot of website subscriptions. But you may want to think about whether that hurts the credibility of your website.”, I have to say that it is the way you phrase your criticism which leads me to question your credibility and the purity of your motive because of the way you choose to express yourself. Formerly I used the word lame to describe your efforts at discrediting Dr. Willie and his work, but actually the word is belligerent and for a case in point, he has not made “hundreds of thousands of predictions”, as you claim. He may have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his website, but he would never speak as you do in a low-blow opportunistic fashion. Most of us don’t just depend on Dr. Willie to shape our world view. When you speak of the credibility of Greg Hunter by having Dr. Willie as a guest, you have to remember that Jim is only one of many guests that Greg has on which does not necessarily mean that Greg, or everyone listening, agrees with what each guest claims. Greg provides the interview format to get the info out there. It is for us to decide. Your case is a perfect example of the credibility of this website. It’s not whether having Dr. Willie on as a guest hurts or helps the credibility of USA Watchdog.com, it is whether Greg allows comments of dissent and criticism like your own to be posted which matters or not. As Greg said, you made your point, fair enough, give it a rest. I recommended becoming a Hat Trick Letter subscriber so you could view the quality and volume of the content Dr. Willie puts out every month for yourself. Please don’t think we are all just a bunch of empty headed dupes out here and remember Jim is not the only source Greg gives a platform to express his views. Others, and I mean many others have been welcome here and I am thankful for Greg’s service and commitment to getting the real facts on the ground out there because the mainstream media has largely been compromised and are in the pocket of the corrupted political and banking interests as you may well be aware.

        • billy


          Yes, I guess my comment asking Jim Willie to please provide some type of verification or corroboration of what he said was really lame. He is a rock star and I will accept everything he says as the gospel truth.

          • Greg Hunter

            Why do you come here?

          • mark

            I should not have used the word lame to describe your request for verification and I apologize for stooping to that level. I was responding to what I perceived as a belligerent tone in how you phrased your criticism. Personally, I believe on some of these matters we may never actually be able to verify the actual facts as they are on the ground, but that does not mean real research and valuable insight is not being gained from what is verifiable that the “mainsteam media” or “presstitiutes” as Gerald Celente and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts calls them will never report on. So, just as a suggestion, why not sign up to the Hat Trick Letter for say 6 months and e-mail Jim to ask him yourself. He does answer e-mails as you and all of us can see by the response Jim sent to Greg on your behalf. I don’t know what else to tell you Billy, but God bless you on your search for truth and righteousness in all you do and say. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Billy

  35. Coalburner9

    Greg; You are doing a great job!
    I think we can add to understanding Dr. Willie’s discussion and even Mohammad’s input about the Saudi’s. Shifting alliances are all over the place right now. Today Jim Sinclaire’s website had an article on Putin’s new Paradigm of Non Linear Warfare. The writer makes a lot of sense in the case he builds but he knows the Russian side better than ours. A couple of times I thought he was describing our side with the IMF and the World Bank but he was talking about their gangsters instead. Whose gangsters are the worst? But the ideas are major game changers as he says. You should read that article. I read carefully and edit/commented for my Grandson to get the other side, ( IMF and World Bank). One big point is Economic wars with nasty stuff like Ukraine and north Africa will be the new warfare methods and US as far as we see in Washington are a little behind the curve in the thinking. But Russia will counter the IMF and One Worlder’s. It looks like in nonlinear warfare every faction will have a different goal and may turn on their allies at any moment. You cannot trust anyone and that is, I say slightly more dicey than it has been.

  36. dchayden

    Dr. Willie certainly has taken criticism from a certain percentage of the public concerning some of his claims, as well as some of his personal ( and very interesting) theories, such as his take on the JFK assassination. But if you go on your own fact finding mission, you will find that this man has been right on his predictions many many times over. When speaking, he has no “filter” to speak of, and for that alone I applaud him !! Not only in “what ” he is saying, but “how” he says it. Thank you Greg, for having this man on frequently ! I would imagine Dr. Willie is not overly easy to interview lol…so hats off to you Greg for getting some very good questions in between the rants !!

  37. smaulgld

    Haven’t finished listening yet, but thought I’d pass this along- US to Unleash the IRS on Russian Banks

  38. Chip

    when i first saw the length of the interview i thought it would be too long. after listening i was glad i did and found myself wanting more…

  39. Jeff

    ” My grandmother always told me, that she saw the best in people come out during the depression, when people were forced to depend on each other for survival.” …….your grandmother didn’t grow up with dependent, helpless zombies. It’s a different world now. People now would rather steal from you than help you. They will sit and wait for the gov to come before growing a garden. They will become angry when “dancing with the stars” is off the air……..That, my dear, is our world.

  40. Calgirl

    What kind of lunacy is it to use TAXPAYER backing to finance and insure American Companies overseas?

    Overseas Private Investment Corporation gave a $20 million loan to Ukrainian Porsche dealership owned by Biden ‘friend’ and donor

    Congress is set to vote today on renewing the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (the renewal is tucked into the “Electrify Africa Act”). OPIC uses taxpayer backing to finance and insure American companies when they set up operations overseas.
    For instance, in 2012, OPIC approved a $20 million loan to help an American businessman build a luxury car dealership in Ukraine. Here’s how OPIC described the project they were financing with taxpayer

  41. Craig

    Hi Greg,

    I could imagine both you and Dr. Willie are familiar with the work of Michael C Ruppert.
    I believe his work to be incredibly relevant as a background resource for people interested in the kind of work both you and Dr. Jim Willie are doing.

    For those following your blog who are not familiar with Michael C Ruppert’s work,
    may I suggest a documentary called Collapse, made in 2009. It summarises much of his investigations and in many ways is like the foundational 101 class for much of what Dr. Jim Willie forecasts.

    Dr. Jim Willie often makes , what for many, is an unbelievable claim of CIA involvement in drug running. Michael C Ruppert , as a LA PD Cop, was an unwilling witness to CIA drug operations and spent much of his life documenting it . He even confronted the Head of the CIA at a public meeting- resulting in his resignation.

    To my mind, Michael C Ruppert stood for something as old fashioned as truth and integrity.

    A great teacher, in the documentary he discusses CIA drug operations , Dick Cheney’s Secretive National Energy Development Group, and the plans to invade Iraq made before 9/11, Peak oil and energy and planetary population. And how it is all linked to the Energy , Banking and War industries , and the problems we face today.

    In lectures given in 2005 , he also warned of Mortgage backed securities, and explains how Fiat currency , Fractional Reserve Banking and Derivatives work, how to survive the collapse and even the future of farming, Plus much more.

    This is why I think this Documentary is worth sharing and even seeing more than once !

    Thanks again for your News Channel and work.

    With Kind regards


  42. Steve A.

    While I like Jim’s comments on financial matters, he is way out of his area of expertise when it comes to defense / military matters. His information on the encounter between the Russian Su-24 Fencer(s) and the USS Donald Cook Guided Missile Destroyer is totally incorrect and very misleading.

    Between space-based reconnaissance assets and various long-range airborne radars, the U.S. and NATO knew the moment (or damn close to it) those planes were airborne. Even before they were acquired by the ship’s radar they were likely detected as a result of their own electronic emissions.

    Next, the Donald Cook uses the AN/SPY-1D 3D radar system (passive electronic scanning) which provides constant 360 degree coverage around the ship. Further, the AN/SLQ-32(V)2 Electronic Warfare System is absolute state-of-the-art. The Donald Cook was not jammed by the Russian aircraft. No chance.

    Finally, the Donald Cook has a variety of surface to air missiles available for use at short, medium and long ranges (layered defense) and is also backed up by the Phalanx 20mm Close In Weapons System (CIWS, pronounced “See-Whiz”) which is very capable of taking out missiles, aircraft and surface threats at close ranges.

    Blotting hostile aircraft out of the sky is one of these ship’s specific specialties. Had the Donald Cook detected any real threat those aircraft would have been dropped into the drink without hesitation.

    While these types of encounters are not common, they DO happen and the Cook’s crew is very well trained to handle them. Very. Well. Trained.

    Those Fencer pilots are alive today due to the professionalism of the Cook’s crew and state-of-the-art weapons systems of the U.S. Navy. Any alternate explanation given for this situation is pure hog wash.

    • Greg Hunter

      Steve A.
      Thank you for adding this to this post. Sounds like the Cook story was disinformation.

  43. Marek

    Hi All ! Do you think the next Kitchin cycle 2015-2018/2019 will finally end Kondratief winter? Total collapse of current economy , end of FED-printing money etc? Rise in Gold proces due to rising interest rates+high or even hyperinflation and finally currency crisis? The earlier “Winter” took 20years to end (1929-1949). Current winter bagan in 2000. Current DJI/Gold price is around 12 and will end up with ratio of 4 as of 2019/2020. That will be the time to buy stocks and real estates for next 20years…

    • Greg Hunter

      Something big is coming. that much is for sure.

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