Economic 9/11 Markets Will Collapse – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned trends researcher Gerald Celente is making a big change to his 2018-2019 economic forecast. Celente says, “We believe we are setting up now for a market crash that will be the worst in modern American history. The fundamentals are . . . the loan bubble. There is $250 trillion worth of debt out there. Let’s put this together. What did the Federal Reserve do last week? They raised interest rates. Now, we are looking at the Fed Funds Rate back to 2008 levels. What’s going on in the emerging markets? As those interest rates go up in the states, you are seeing currencies crashing. They are hitting new lows in Argentina, Turkey and India. At the same time . . . oil is back up at 2014 levels. . . . Go back to the last five recessions. What were they preceded by? Higher oil prices. When the higher oil prices kick in, the recession kicks in, and the markets go down and gold prices go up. . . . We do not give financial advice, but gold right now, we believe, is at the bottom. You might get a price $30 per ounce lower, but the risk is very low . . . because $1,200 per ounce is around mining cost.”

So, what is the timeline for this coming market meltdown? Celente says, “The timeline is tough, but look . . . all you need is one major failure or one major hedge fund pulling out because that’s who is running the show. You look at the number of stocks that have declined . . . . Look at the big hedge funds and the private equity groups that are running this, and look at their debt level. It does not take a genius to figure this out. If you have $250 trillion worth of (global) debt and interest rates are going up, and it’s costing you more to borrow as you are making less, what is going to happen? It’s going to collapse. . . . You’ve got to pay more on your debt, and your debt is ballooning. Of course, it’s going to crash. It’s a Ponzi scheme. . . .It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression. When this thing crashes, it is gone.”

Celente says you should have is physical gold, but don’t wait too long to buy it. Celente says, “There is going to be a spike to the $2,000 per ounce mark when it gets past $1,450. It won’t be a gradual increase. It’s going to be the same thing that happened in the panic of 2008. It was going up slow and, all of a sudden, it escalated. That’s what we are going to see again. Anybody that has half a brain or is not a big sellout knows that this is a big Ponzi scheme. It was created by the federal banksters. It drove up equity markets, and it did not raise the standard of living of people around the world. This is why you see the populist movements popping up throughout Europe. There is going to be violence in the streets when the big crash happens because people are fed up with the establishment.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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After the Interview:

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  1. paul ...

    Just as the whole charade against Kavanaugh is an offense to the basic principles of justice (where a person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty) … the big manipulated Ponzi scheme created by the banksters is an offense to the basic principles of economics (where an investor presumes supply and demand rules markets)!!

    • paul ...

      The banksters have printed trillions in fiat money (out of thin air) to put into the stock and bond markets … in a vain attempt to manipulate markets higher and higher (to give the illusion that everything is fine) … so that people will not spook (and thus continue to borrow and buy) … the controlled fake media plays along with this charade being perpetrated by the banksters so as to increase their ad revenues … however “bubbles” are easy to spot by intelligent people like Gerald Celente (now warning us to stay out of harm’s way) … but this is always a difficult proposition for people (as the markets always rage upward the hardest right before they fall)!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      the last sentence is directed at Celente, not you Paul.

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – “the whole charade against Kavanaugh is an offense to the basic principles of justice” … it is all so an affront to basic logic. Ford claims that her girl (best) friend did not notice that Christine Ford just mysteriously leaves a small party and says that her best friend did not know something wrong had happened … PLEASE!!!!! Ford’s best friend, under perjury, states she does not know the boys! Thus – Two girls, three boys, two (maybe three) boys drunk … one girl, who knows the boys, just mysteriously is gone … the other girl (best friend) who knows no one at this party does what ?????? This whole scenario would seem to be somewhat rememberable from Ford’s best friend viewpoint. Plus – Kavanaugh’s calendar almost 99.9 % puts to bed that he did not know this Ford person … This incident screams that the Hard left (democrats) will do ANYTHING to stop Kavanaugh. Another thing that irks the hell out me is when Ford said she was terrorized … Terror is being in car that just drove off a bridge in to a river and you are left to drown/suffocate while the “lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy leaves you to die, this while he goes off to bed! Is there NO shame democrats!

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … the charade is confirmed by the fact that the Demon-rats were behind the scenes trying to make a deal with Trump whereby they would lay off Kavanaugh an allow him to be put on the Supreme Court if Trump would agree to stop the declassification of secret documents that would prove “high level Demon-rats” committed treason!! … Trump refused the deal … and the Deep State is in a panic … I understand that Q has revealed the good guys have already shot down the Cabal’s communication satellites … and that we intercepted the nuclear missile they shot at Hawaii to get a nuclear war started with North Korea … this Cabal with all their vast wealth has armed itself with nuclear subs so we must de-fang them very carefully!! … Sarah Westall provides interesting analyses with regard to the Kavanaugh/Deep State deal the Demon-rats want to strike with Trump but to no avail!! …

        • paul ...

          Q tells us “Red October” (arrests of traitors) will occur this month … which will lead to a Demon-ratic blood bath in November (destroying Hillary’s Demon-ratic Party) … Lindsey Graham (Mc Cains evil buddy) “has flipped” to the Patriots side … good … we are gaining control … and even if the Deep State takes down the internet … Trump has the Emergency Broadcasting System at his command (to get out the “real news” to counteract the Deep States “fake news media”)! …

          • Eric

            After the election so there is no disturbance of the elections.
            After the elections. Watch, you will see.

      • Chip

        Ford was NOT credible despite what both republicans and democrats are saying publicly. Her little girl voice and poses were well rehearsed. There is an excellent “body language” expert analysis available on line for anyone interested enough to search. Public support for Ford is politically correct speech for politicians, both republican and democrat, who do not want to anger half of their voting base (females). NONE of the “evidence” she provided is corroborated including witnesses she says were there. This was a well rehearsed theatrical con job.

        Pointing out of the above facts is not engaging in the “theater of hate” for Ford. It’s simply the truth which most liberals cannot handle… Chip



    • paul ...

      The false screw job Ford brought before the Judicial Committee will now turn into a real screw job for Ford as she is indicted by the FBI for lying and giving false testimony … bet she is sent to prison for years … where she will have the opportunity to cool her sorry ass … unless … other prisoners look at her “like fresh meat” … and she won’t be doing any flying in prison! …

    • Tad

      Is it possible Senator Grassley is milking the Democrats for all the negative public scrutiny this hearing has on their midterm election possibilities? His “fairness” is beyond reproach. Brett Kavanaugh might think differently, and who could blame him?

      Put another way, has Grassley has given each Dem the proverbial shovel to dig their own grave or hole?

    • Michael

      As for Judge Kavanaugh, please watch Judge Napolitano observations before coming to any conclusions as to suitability – and Greg if you’re checking please watch – scroll down to bottom to watch the video.

  2. Ad Davenport

    Gina, thought you’d like to see a real woman
    L I B B Y___C U S T E R____

    Elizabeth Custer Documentary
    Bob Daugherty
    Published on Jun 7, 2017

    Read Alison’s Comments
    @ comments section of Libby Custer

    Alison Johnson’s close call!
    Published on Jun 11, 2017
    Taken when I visited Utah. Almost struck by lightning a day before my birthday.
    Lucky to be alive.

    • JungianINTP

      Sigmund Freud did not trust females’ testimony as much as that of men’s, as he had learned – through many years of analysis of girls’ and women’s “psychic reality” – how extremely prone they were to confusing fact and fiction; that is, if a girl had fantacized or dreamed sex-play with, say, a neighborhood boy, she may well have come to believe that it really had happened! Freud called his discovery his “great secret.” He would have been very suspicious of Professor Ford’s testimony–would have dismissed it as unreliable. // The quotes and my understanding are excerpted from a book in my library of psychology books: “Freud Revisited,” by Lucy Freeman, page 34; and my background studies are in Jung, Freud, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( N-LP ). -Rick

      • JungianINTP

        Greg et al.: Find below, Ivan’s link to a “Torah Code” assessment of Judge Kavanaugh. // For those of you who are dismissive of the rabbi’s assessment/means, find and study this most informative book on that mind-blowing, other-worldly phenomenon, “The Real Story Of The Stunning Discovery Of Hidden Knowledge In The First Five Books Of The Bible: CRACKING THE BIBLE CODE,” by Jeffery Statinover, M.D. . // Pay very close attention to these pages, re who controls/operates the Deep State: 195, 222, 223, 255. // Prayer can alter/mitigate any future, bad outcome–as prayer unleashes the power of INTENTION if your intention serves goodness and truth. -Rick

        • sk

          If you believe such superstitions, I have a bridge I can sell to you. And….IT’S in BROOKLYN!

      • JungianINTP

        10/03/18: Greg, Amazon is deliverying the book (( used )) I’ve referenced here–to arrive at your P.O. Box in 3 to 5 days. Please study the identified pages.

  3. Mark James

    Fantastic! I love it when Gerald is on.

    I hope people will share this with their family and friends.

    Thanks Greg!

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente,the opposition to the criminal elite.Always when interacting with this elite think like a criminal!
    Another model of finance within the west has emerged for our hucksters in power,the East India Family model via Vancouver.Here our wonderful family (about forty in size with blood ties)come and collectively finance a house,which is rapidly paid off,second house financed and rapidly paid off and so it goes,then the forty-first house is financed with all the other houses as collateral and rented house but also rapidly paid off.And so it goes,however the rapid pay off has been a sham,yes rapidly paid off but immediately re-mortgaged to buy those necessary little thing like a BMW.And so it goes on until a method of escape is found,normally an escape to California leaving the homes sold to the next stupids,well really financed.Those houses were listed on MLS at inflated prices and after refinancing were quietly passed to a family member without the bother of informing the authorities.What a great model for our stock pricing as the DOW acts as the MLS.
    Well money is thicker than family.Criminality holds so much together even murder.

  5. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  6. Ivan


  7. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg. He is spot on about the impending crash but Celente is wrong about the Electric Vehicle movement, “Can you hear the drums Fernando?”

  8. mal

    Hi Greg,
    As you noted many times John Williams has put the real inflation rate at close to 10%. Social Security cost of living increases from 2015 to 2018 were 0%, 0%, 0.3% and 2%. Anyone can tell that Williams using the methodology the government used to use is a lot closer to the truth than the CPI. Aren’t we already monetizing the debt/unfunded liabilities
    in a big way?

  9. H. Craig Bradley


    Economic and Political Collapse is certainly coming to America in due course, according to Economist Martin Armstrong. However, its a process; a long, drawn-out process with head fakes galore. President Trump is merely a reversal in trend, or a reprieve. After President Trump leaves office, the preexisting trends return and continue-on, just as they were before the 2016 Election. Only nut-jobs or flim-flam artists try to predict exact ups and downs in markets. Those are the real Cons.

  10. Jerry

    All you have to do is read chapter IV to see what lies ahead.

    The deep state and the globalist cannot stop what is coming. Whether Kavanaugh is seated in the Supreme Court or not makes no difference under military law. Period. This nomination is nothing more than bait to draw the rats ( democ rats ) into the trap. The course has already been set, and as Vladimir Putin said “ the ball is now in our court”. Some believe he turned over six Tara bites of intelligence information to Donald Trump in exchange for withdrawing troops in a Syria in the private summit that was held a few months ago. Maybe? Maybe not? But in either case every executive order since October of 2017 has been pointing toward military tribunals. October Surprise? We”ll see.

    • Jerry

      This is how you know they’re desperate.

    • paul ...

      I’m thinking the “October Surprise” will be … the Deep State shoots down Trump in Air Force 1 and blames it on Russia, or Iran or Syria so they can finally go to war (and thereby cover up all their criminality under mushroom clouds and the banner of patriotism) … the US Deep State, Britain’s Deep State and France’s Deep State are all reportedly making preparations to launch “a major offensive against Syria” to save the 10,000 Al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib that Russia has surrounded … Russia has no doubts as to the Deep States goals … and is now preparing for war … deploying major naval assets to the Mediterranean (warships and submarines) to counter the coming Deep State attack … and is moving S300’s into Syria and moving fighter jets and bombers to air bases inside Iran … Putin is not waiting for the Deep State to attack … and has already begun attacking the Al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib to begin degrading and destroying this cancerous entity … not sure about this … but I’m hearing that Q says the Deep State has already tried to shoot down Air Force 1 (but the US Military shot down the missiles and perhaps the planes that launched the missiles to take out Trump) … if this is true … things are really beginning to get very very dicey!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Tara bites”?

      Please check with your lawyer, your accountant, and/or your intel sources on those six “Tara bites”.

      “As God as my witness, I’ll never lack data again!”

      • sk


      • sk

        to Occasnltrvir – on second thought, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a – since this is Greg’s site – DARN!

      • Jerry

        Big O
        My bad. I’m from the flint and Stone Age. This is what I meant.

        I’m totally ignorant when it comes to computers . But when it comes to survival I’m a giant.

  11. Idaho Moongirl

    Published on Sep 28, 2018
    [5 eye’s]English speaking Governments, up to their necks in corruption, really stinks, really serious! Dual Angl0-American world Super power in turmoil!

  12. Idaho Moongirl

    American Intelligence Media
    The Party is Over?
    Blasey Ford and the Voice Fry
    Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies, uncover some amazing intel from the swamp that will leave you reeling.

  13. This sceptred Isle

    I have returned from the wilderness seeking an end to exile. I have re-calibrated and am operating within the designated parameters.

  14. Sister Betrayal

    Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford

    Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Fox News Interview

  15. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  16. Connie Packerd

    FUKUSHIMA: 10 Reasons Our Planet is Doomed?

    • Frederick

      Connie It seems as though (((they))) have done a Yeomans job of making that disaster disappear from the public’s eye Just eat your Pacific salmon and move on right?

      • sk

        Frederick, we KNOW about Stuxnet.

        • Frederick

          SK I’m glad some people know anyway Most don’t have a clue about anything

      • Freebrezer

        Frederick – I have posted many times on this site per radioactive fish from the pacific – It is a bunch of BS at least here in the USA … Japan is any ones guess. Basis for this assertion – there are an army of geeks with geiger counters up and down the west coast (& east coast). I am one – I vacation in both San Francisco and San Diego – I have never had a hit. I was not out to Cal last yr, thus no readings … but before that … notta, zero, a big nothing burger on the beaches i went to. In addition, I have not seen but a few postings per increased radioactive increases – most of these happen in the Bay area usually around santa cruz … Worthy note – Cal Berkley in the fifties dumped tons and tons and tons of radio active crap about 30 miles off the coast – the most likely vector. In addition, I used to take my geiger counter to the market and test the fresh fish … again a big nothing burger for at least 6 years. If you are worried, you can buy a real good radiation detector for approx. $150 bucks … and never again will you be in doubt. Note – I know my detector was working because when close to the bananas it starts to ‘sing’. another interesting item – measuring radio activity in banana equivalent dose (BED) – … this is the best way to express radiation exposure!

        • paul ...

          Freebrezer … When I worked for the Defense Department (at a Military Base in New Jersey) I used a Geiger counter to measure the background radiation at that higher elevation (some thousands of feet above sea level) and compared it to the background radiation near sea level at my home on Long Island … the reading on Long Island was about half of what one gets up in the mountainous countryside … remember that saying: “location, location, location” … so just by living on Long Island I’m able to eat 50 extra bananas every day to get the average background radioactivity dose in BED’s!!

  17. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for ANOTHER excellent newscast. These are simply some of the best news ‘products ‘ out there on the internet. It would be fun to run this on a major network tv for a month and watch the response!
    Spicy to say the least. There was an old musical movie- before my time called ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. If the movie moguls weren’t out to lunch or going to jail for their sex crimes, they could do a more modern version of that classic: ‘ Annie get your gold and guns’. Gerald Celente nails it here folks. YOU’VE GOT TO HOLD SOME OF YOUR STUFF OUTSIDE OF AN ECOSYSTEM THAT HAS A PRINTING PRESS INHABITING IT RUN BY FOOLS. Period.

    • Justn Observer


  18. Roger D

    Celente, like most guests laid it out a financial Armageddon with the now familiar obligatory disclaimer, ‘there will be violence in the streets’. That is fine. Folks want to preserve their assets. I get it. So set you PM allocation and buy the damn stuff. Done!

    But ending there is like saying Pearl Harbor is going to be attacked so we need to buy some ships. We totally miss the greater point. An inevitable world war is coming and millions may die. Hello? Anyone listening?

    Millions will die for the lack of one word, ‘therefore’. I dare you to take my ‘Therefore Challenge’. Sit down with your spouse and finish this sentence. There will be violence in the streets millions will die, therefore…

    We have guests advising how to save our assets. Maybe we also need advice on saving our asses?

    • Jodyp

      Roger D, while I’ve “had my say” on the subject, you hit a home run with your post!

    • DC

      If anyone is interested in learning primitive skills (fire by friction, emergency shelter building, flint knapping, cordage making, edible & medicinal plant identification & preparation, trap construction, etc.) I highly recommend the ‘Tracker School’ founded and run by Tom Brown Jr. located in New Jersey. I learned more practical knowledge in the 3 different weeks there than in 4 years of university. It changed the course of my life for sure. Admittedly my dedication to mastering those skills has been lacking and if/when everything goes to hell I’m nearly as vulnerable as any Joe off the street. That said, it’s probably going to take turning invisible to make it out of the decay of civilization into the deep wildernesses of the world. And then of course you’ll need the spiritual and physical skills to make a go of it. Ain’t going to happen solo. We all need community.

    • Mohammad #2

      There will be violence in the streets. Millions will die. Therefore, when the SHTF you had better DUCK!

      • Mohammad

        This is not my comment Greg? would you differentiate the poster with another initial plz?


  19. Russ McMeans

    Unfortunately I don’t think we could come up with a better economic system folks. Capitalism mixed with banks? Any suggestions? Nothing wrong here but the sinfulness of men and women. Maybe Eileen Brown could save the day. Always liked her approach to banking and the local communities.

    • Roger D

      There is not an American alive today including this old coot who lived under free market capitalism. Dr. Ron Paul is arguably the greatest political fighter for life and liberty today. But Republicans destroyed any chance Paul would have to get their nomination.

      Americans think they are free because they have two choices. But both are controlled choices; communism from Democrats and fascism from Republicans. Those who fail to understand that and its consequences missed what the 20th century was all about.

    • Twox2

      Russ, I won’t get too detailed here, but I think capitalism lost its soul when its primary drivers morphed from sole proprietorships, partnerships and private employee-owned companies into international mega-corporations. The incentives present for individual advancement in the former models are eviscerated by public corporate structures as the gap between what benefits the corporation and the citizenry inexorably widens (e.g., off-shoring). Watch the classic defense of capitalism by Milton Friedman on the old Phil Donahue show and consider whether his comments are as illuminating…and applicable…in a world where the business models most closely linked to the individual have been utterly decimated. I am increasingly convinced that capitalism with a small “c” has much to recommend it.

  20. Russ McMeans

    Something I wanted to say last week but could not due to time constraints: Mitch McConnell is lousy at most things, but he’s really good at insider horse trading. He may well pull off putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court bench folks!

  21. al

    Gerald Celente was one of my primary sources of economic information back in the mid 2000’s, as time went on I acted on his information and profited very nicely. He is a financial prophet!

    TAKE HEED PEOPLE: Celente is sounding the warning again in a similar 2007 manner.

    Even the Enemy Media admits to a sick economy by using the word “recovery” relative to the economy for the last 10 years. A patient in a 10 year “recovery” is NOT IN RECOVERY! It’s perpetually SICK!!!
    The economy has been on life support all this time (QE, ZIRP, NIRP) and all you need is one person to trip up for this patient to DIE!

    Thanks Greg, our Paul Revere

  22. Chip

    Great interview Greg and Gerald. All the best to you both… Chip

  23. George E

    Greg: Think about it China has estimated 30,000 tons of gold, if this is true, then their debt does not matter as they can control the price of gold. They can raise the price to what ever level they need to balance their system out. In the real world they call this checkmate. Clearly it is time for the USA to join the Belt and Road world wide a system that is designed as a win win for the participants, dump the zero sum game western policy.

    • This sceptred Isle

      An acquaintance from Ghana told me that the Chinese engage in a lot of illegal gold mining in Africa and that the local authorities turn a blind eye. It seems they go to extreme lengths to acquire these “pet rocks”.

      • Frederick

        TSI I’m sure those local officials are getting plenty in return for turning that blind eye

    • Occasnltrvlr

      In order for this balancing you allude to occur, there must be a return to a direct and fixed link between gold and currency. Tough sell. Good luck.

  24. Bradley Beyer

    Celente always has a way to tell it like it is without any fluff. Right to the point and calls out todays lunatics in government as a total freak show. He is always scanning the headlines and connecting the dots. A great guest as always and enjoy his style of delivering the truth too. If this interview does not wake people up, nothing will.

  25. Rob

    The USA is the daughter of the Roman empire that ruled from Europe who had a head wound that is now healed for it is spiritual Babylon rising up with the USA’s banking empire along with the European banks since WW2:

    Revelation 13:1-4 and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy. (2) And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority. (3) And I saw one of his heads as though it had been smitten unto death; and his death-stroke was healed: and the whole earth wondered after the beast; (4) and they worshipped the dragon, because he gave his authority unto the beast; and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? and who is able to war with him?

    It will begin to fully manifest through the next crisis as the beast that will rule through economic contagion and the reset that will follow forcing the world to make a choice who it will serve:

    Revelation 13:15-18 And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name. (18) Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.

    The wisdom of 666 is found in the plain of Dura, which in Hebrew means. “circle” and “dwelling,” symbolizing the world, which has a gematria of 600 that when added with the dimensions of the image equals 666:

    Daniel 3:1 Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, whose height was threescore cubits, and the breadth thereof six cubits: he set it up in the plain of Dura, in the province of Babylon.

    Like Gerald Celente said: The world worships the connectivity of the world wide web through their electronic devices that speak to them and most will refuse to come out of it’s entrapment and into His Word where they must flee to:

    2 Corinthians 6:16-18 And what agreement hath a temple of God with idols? for we are a temple of the living God; even as God said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. (17) Wherefore Come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, And touch no unclean thing; And I will receive you, (18) And will be to you a Father, And ye shall be to me sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

    As Jesus’ body each of us as Christians will be put through a trial called the tribulation to see who will chose the Word of life over the world’s provisions just like our head Jesus:

    Matthew 4:1-4 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. (2) And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he afterward hungered. (3) And the tempter came and said unto him, If thou art the Son of God, command that these stones become bread. (4) But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    Father knows who will and will not come out of this beast system and has everyone recorded in His book of life accordingly since the foundation of the world:

  26. Mike

    Gerald Celente does not give a thought to a dramatic change like arrest and property seizure of the “banksters”. The corrupt Ponzi scheme has become normalized to the extent that alternatives are inconceivable. There is a reason that Trump put a picture of Andrew Jackson in a prominent location at the White House.

    • paul ...

      Trump putting a picture of Andrew Jackson in his office is good … but what would be better is if Trump (like the Pied Piper) could play the flute … and have all the Demon-rats follow him to the ocean to jump in and drown … perhaps the next President we elect should be a musician … however … because “not only rats” will follow a musician … when driving the Demon-rats out of town we should plan our route carefully so as not to go past any dairy farms! …

      • paul ...

        Remember in all those old cowboy western movies where a bunch of cattle rustlers would ride in with guns blazing to steal a herd of cattle … all that was needed was one man playing a guitar to steal the entire herd … sort of like what the CIA does today when they provide one reporter with a fake story to play to the public (and the herd of sheep just blindly follow)!!

  27. Sylvia Sterling

    Gerald Celente is, to me, very believable. I take Trend’s Journal . Have been following him for years. Thanks for having him on. He is correct when he says the politics of today is nothing but a freak show. Can’t tell you how sick I am of the mainstream media and their freak show. He is like a breath of fresh air !

    • Frederick

      Sylvia I agree with you Gerald does seem like the “ real deal “ to me as well

  28. G. Berkshire

    Jim Carrey Takes a Jab at Lindsey Graham’s ‘Hideous and Hateful Face’ in Latest Artwork

    “Talk about ‘a disgrace,'” actor/artist says of senator’s outburst during Kavanaugh hearing
    Rosemary Rossi | September 29, 2018 @ 7:33 PM

    • Greg Hunter

      Carrey = Nuts.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, You’re being TOO KIND to Carrey! But then it is Sunday….

        • paul ...

          Perhaps Carrey remembers that Lindsey Graham was a very good buddy of warmonger John McCain … and looks upon Graham’s recent “flip” to the Patriot side (to save his life) as disingenuous!

      • WD


        Jim Carrey’s career has been in the toilet for nearly 2 decades…these people are vehemently driven for the need to be noticed….
        These washed up actors like Carey, Milano Madonna etc….are delusional to be noticed. It is a mental illness and that is why they end up in such desperate situations….

    • Bill

      G Berkshire
      If you want to work in holly wood, you have to be a Hate Trumper. Jim Carrey is in good standing

  29. Chet

    shouldn’t there be a correction, before there is a crash?

    • paul ...

      Yes … the correction is like a car being thrown off the Empire State building … it occurs before the crash … you should be out of the car “before the correction begins”!!

  30. Da Yooper

    Good Interview Greg

    Just an observation from my neck of the woods

    The Christmas retail season will be a bust ( the corrupt MSM will lie to us otherwise ). The GDP ( generally dumb public ) is getting bent over by the globalist wall street banks on their credit card debt ( notice how no one talks about this ) so how is there going to be a good retail season for Christmas when everyone is in hock to the bankers?

  31. J. Cornell

    Jim Carrey
    June 11, 2018 “Let’s Make A Deal: You’ll be a real world leader. I’ll sway the midterm elections. And together we will save the world from the bloodthirsty Canadians.”

    If this guy wasn’t so uninformed and drinking the 5 eye’s Kool Aid, it wouldn’t be so funny!

    Somebody please explain to this Jim Jones reject the objectives of the left-wing section of our Anglo-American Shadow government’s and if they ever succeed, he will be the first one into a FEMA re-edjumacation campus! Don’t believe me? Ask Gina Macaroni. I know she’s a liar, what do you expect from a spooky spook.
    Ask Greg Hunter owner and proprietor of
    Better yet here’s the proof, from the horse’s own foul mouth, in yesterday’s comment section of!
    Gina M Mancarella 09/28/2018 •
    You may laugh Greg, but we have introduced articles of impeachment today. From now on it is going to be all out war and make no mistake. The folks on the wrong side are going to be crushed if not confined to a camp. There are so many of you that we will run out of prison space. Get ready Greg ! Get used to the idea of living in a cage !

    What’s left of our intelligence agency’s good guy’s, should realize what a threat big mouths like Gina are and muzzle her AKA Rich Treadway habiouse campus corpusus left over Obama Mockingbird brained media motor foul-mouth and tear up It’s/him or her whatevers security clearance. That’ll teach (it), to mock not, we the English speaking people of the whole wide world! That go’s double for the Mudd faced boy!

  32. iwitness02

    If a global economic crash means the end of the Fed., and the end of Satans lease on power, then happy am I. A dark night of collapse that brings the dawn of a new age, would be welcomed. The people that make economic policy are so evil that they bring about conditions that makes it impossible for people to afford to live. They price people out of life. We are billed for every last detail that supports life. When a person can no longer pay up, then the corruption enforcement officers show up at our door to evict, or kill.
    With a full blown collapse, the corruption enforcement boys will be in the same boat as all the poor people. That will be a game changer. There has to be an end to the endless billing cycle. Economic collapse, violence, destruction and revenge. That is what I see from my seat in the theater. Time will tell.
    Thank you Greg and Gerald. Truth is good nutrition for the soul.

    • paul ...

      The Galactic Central Bank is backed by Gold and run by God the Father … now as we know … God’s son Jesus overturned the banksters tables here on Earth … so it is very highly improbable God’s Central Bank and his money (gold) is going to be used to bail out the evil banksters fiat debt paper and make “them” whole … more likely “God’s money” will be used to bail out the common people from bankster fiat debt!!

  33. H. Craig Bradley


    Harry Dent has also been saying the biggest stock market crash in the history of world markets is coming…soon. Each time it does not arrive, but no problem, he just says its because of central banks QE, only a postponement. He has no frig-gen idea when it will hit U.S. and neither does David Stockman. At least David Stockman admitted so to Steward Varney on Fox News this Summer. David maintains all the debts in the system will eventually “blow-up”. I definitely agree with David Stockman but again, he has no idea of “the day nor the hour” .

    Only the Good Lord knows the future, not any man. So, live your life one day at a time. The rest is “not your problem”. Can’t do anything about it anyway. ” No one can add one cubit to your lifespan by worrying” about so many “problems”. The World Has Not Changed. Same old world. Best to follow sound Biblical advice. The pundits (Harry Dent ) just do drama to gain attention or a following by trying to stir-up some fright (panic). Hoarding is not a solution, just a false security. In real SHTF situations like Grid Down, there are no private property rights ( Unprotected and unenforceable).

  34. Gary

    James 5:1-9:
    1). Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
    2) Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
    3) Your gold and silver [selfishly hoarded wealth] is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
    4) Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.
    5) Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    6) Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.
    7) Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
    8) Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
    9) Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.

    These words are being fulfilled before our eyes. We are counseled by the Lord through the prophet Isaiah (55:6-7):
    6) Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
    7) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

    Again, the Lord says to us through the prophet Ezekiel (33:11):
    Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

    Seek the Lord while there is still time, because one day, soon, time will run out:
    Amos 8:11-13:
    11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:
    12) And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.
    13) In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Ah ha but gold and silver do not rust!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Well, uh, then maybe the things into which one had put one’s trust weren’t what they appeared to be, hunh?

  35. GrayEagle48

    Stuart Varney said on Fox And Friends the booming economy will last through the end of the year. There are two bubbles Debt, and derivatives. Plan accordingly. New article on the Editorial Comment page. The Kavanaugh Sham Hearing
    Click my name to read.

    • Frederick

      Sounds great but who listens to Fox and friends? Aren’t they just more “ presstitutes” that Gerald talks about all the time?

  36. Tad

    Because Angela Merel has proved her incompetence the migrant issue, she’s very replaceable.

    To whom in the German government hasn’t taken Soros’ money?

    • Tad

      Ask the predominantly white German populace. If candor means anything, they’ve failed their countrymen miserably.

    • Frederick

      TSI Exactly What I Thought when reading that comment about Merkel

  37. Andy pittwood

    Hi Greg,

    Another great informative and powerful interview. God bless you sir. I’m really interested to hear more about you getting fired from CNN. You started to explain but didn’t get chance to finish. Can you explained what happened please sir? I am thinking that you and your sources were going against the concesns with the mainstream that the economy was fine and that the housing problems were contained and they didn’t like it? If you could elaborate I would be greatly appreciative.

    All the best


    • Greg Hunter

      I nwas not really fired from CNN. My contract was not renewed. In was warning about the next coming crash in 2007 ad early 2008. I left CNN in July of 2008 and the markets melted down that fall.


      • Jodyp

        Wow Greg, you must be proud. Didn’t know you had a young son in the business!

        • Greg Hunter

          I have no son.

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – let’s pray that you do not leave USAWatchdog … that could be an ominous and forbidding warning per the next melt down!

  38. Mohammad


    All agree charts are painted.
    All agree gold is suppressed artificially.
    To keep gold suppressed you need physical gold to dump on comex for the few demanding physical delivery.
    To get that physical you have to harvest countries trust gold, M.E. is been in the process of harvesting with made up wars.
    You have a lot of tonnage in the gulf (Iran on one bank of the water and UAE/SA/Kuwait on the other bank) west will trigger wars their to harvest their TREMENDOUS amount of gold.
    US already pulled its council office from Basra in southern Iraq (right at the border of Kuwait…Hmmmm) because the security and civil unrest is deteriorating there.
    Keep in mind Greg that they were not able to harvest Syrian/Lebanese gold because Russians are protecting it.
    Next target is the gulf.

    Now here in US:
    interest rates are up SLOWLY with SMALL increments that will not crash market right away but definitely will make the market MORE vulnerable to gyrations from any other source of seizure.
    All they want is to prep the perfect storm you talked about.
    We are going into CRUCIAL elections and CRUCIAL nomination.
    October 2018 is the month.
    Plan A (Dr. Ford) fails and Kavanaugh is appointed then Trump is protected in the Supreme Court….Market crashes in October to shuffle the cards.
    Plan A successful and Kavanaugh is rejected then Dems. gain momentum to grab the house and market survives.



  39. Open Eyes

    I’ve been listening to Gerald Celente since the year after Art Bell retired. He gets almost all of his trend forecasts right.

  40. George

    We’ve been hearing of another financial great depression as long as we’ve been hearing about the big over due earthquake, which neither have happened.
    The Rothschild’s are in full control. They can print, input in a computer, produce cash or gold at their whim. They control the entire global system. As long as bankers are in charge of issuing the currency, which gives them full control of all aspects of manufacture and commerce and gives them complete ownership of all politicians and their voting, then no change will ever happen.

    Just look at the low information public who most have no understanding of how the banking and financial system works, and it’s pretty easy to see how the Rothschild’s took over and have controlled America long before the Federal Reserve was created by a treasonous Congress.

    We have the most corrupted and criminal government since the days of Woodrow Wilson. Another treasonous traitor to this nation. Until the U.S. Israeli Owned and Controlled Military arrest every member of the House, Senate, Judicial, and every alphabet department, then it will remain business as usual.

  41. John M.

    Thanks Gerald for explaining our dire economic and societal situation yet again. The inevitability has always been perfectly clear and simple to me when the light bulb finally clicked on for me around 1996. The widespread rot and corruption inside of America has only gotten much worse and way beyond what the rational mind can conceive.
    I still maintain that with 10% REAL inflation that America has been in a severe long-term recession and contraction for years. It’s that simple!
    When the SHTF, which it will, we are going shift quickly into the greatest depression of all time while at the same time having the collapse of the US dollar to boot. That my friends will be a terrible hyperinflationary depression that will be one of the greatest tragedies ever recorded in history books.
    This was all planned by the globalist elite, along with their bankster friends, and the evil one in the pits of hell. God is the only one who can save us. But God never said it would happen without the necessity of pain and recompense that always accompanies His justice, which has been shown time and time again in the Bible.

  42. H. Craig Bradley


    Gina needs to return to Italy and ” get back to her roots “. Some real women over there in Italy. When in Rome, do as the Romans, as “they” say.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      I am only one eighth Italian in ancestry. I am also Irish, Russain, German, Polish, Native American Indian, Spanish and Iranian, since you wanted to know. My roots are the American ideals of equality and justice. Equality and justice dont exist with Trump and his minions. We are a country where women dont have a voice, where African Americans are still enslaved and where Lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgenders are marginalized. Americans want liberty !

      We want justice ! No justice ? No peace !!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Are you schizophrenic? This week you say “My roots are the American ideals of equality and justice.” Last week you theratened me and everybody else here and said,”to get used to living in a cage.” Are you mentally well?

        • Tad

          The definition of a liberal is. . . .

        • Mike R

          Greg- I think you likely answered your own question regarding Gina’s ‘mental health.’ At some point it would likely be wise to cease and desist from the situation, and not allow any of her posts to be shown. Usually if you have to ask that sort of question, then you probably know the answer already. A very large percentage of the American population is NOT mentally well. The ‘great depression’ this time, actually never stopped, after the year 2000, and is on-going, at least in the minds of most American’s. Something along the lines of in excess of 50% of the population is on some sort of anti-depressant medication or anti-anxiety, and Gina is most likely one of them.

          The most evident manifestation of the psychotropic med’s, is the non-stop road rage I see everyday in my city, and surrounding suburbs in an area of 10 million, in 7 counties around Chicago. People are constantly on their cell phones while driving, which is defiance in of itself, as here in the state its flat out illegal, and that precipitates more road rage, with people flying through red lights, people not going for extra seconds when lights turn green, and near constant ‘one upping’ the other, in dangerous speed arounds, and traffic maneuvers. People let their rage out using their 5000 to 10000 lb vehicles. In fact, that is what is probably driving sales through the roof of large pick ups and SUV’s, both out of ‘self defense’ but then people who want to express themselves with LARGE vehicles for intimidation purposes. Our politics is constant rage, and the MSM shows one rage story after another, with even reporters raging, and combating each other, whether its via twitter or the TV outlet itself. Lets hope none of us ever encounter Gina on any road, because it would likely be very dangerous with her on it.

        • Mike R

          And speaking of ‘mentally well’, the prosecutor Mitchell, found Blasey Ford to be essentially mentally unstable.
          It should be noted that not only did every ‘witness’ she cited to so called ‘corroborate’ her story, swore under oath and potential of perjury they did not know of or see anything she mentioned, but Ms. Mitchell noted in her report, that NOT A single member of Ford’s family, not her father, mother, siblings, or even her husband, bothered to accompany her when she gave her public testimony— which stands in stark contrast to Judge Kavanaugh having seated directly behind him during this hearing his entire family, most notably his heartbroken wife.
          In otherwords, Ford is clearly so mentally out of it, and so unfit to even have been testifying, that not one member of her family is there at all to support her or back her up. I’m sure the FBI could easily uncover much more about her and this issue. Asking every family member why they weren’t there, and what they know about her mental history.

          When people are mentally unstable, their memories often fail them, and their stories vary from week to week, or even day to day, where foggy memories are not only a problem for them, but they become a routine way of life for them, causing them innumerable problems with others, and lack of accountability. If they are on medications for such mental issues, it can make the memories worse, and suppress memories of events and instances, which is what anti-anxiety meds essentially do. It was downright immoral and shameful to let such a woman testify, and if anything they should have protected her, and kept her out of the public eye, and really did horrible and unspeakable harm to her, by letting her go through with this. Her reputation will be forever marred too, just like Kavanaugh, however, he is mentally capable of surviving this, and clearly at an elite position in society to take the hit, with large numbers in his direct support system. The dems however, will drop this Ford woman like a hot potatoe, once Kavanaugh is confirmed. Sad that they took advantage of such a woman and her situation. Entire lifelong shame on Diane Feinstein for doing this horrific act on another woman.

      • Jodyp

        You must be nine parts, you forgot dumb###.

        • Gina M Mancarella

          No, its 8
          1) Italian
          2) Irish
          3) Russain
          4) German
          5) Polish
          6) Native American Indian
          7) Spanish
          8) Iranian
          I dont have dumbness. Perhaps you are do nothing b#### ?

      • paul ...

        Hope Gina loves music as much as cows!

        • paul ...

          This goes for snowflakes and sheep as well!!

          • paul ...

            Gina … you have to strengthen your mind to resist the “fake news music” (orchestrated by the Deep State) and played to the easily controlled public (snowflakes and sheep) each day by the MSM Symphony Orchestra!

      • Justn Observer

        Gina….Has your set-up of KAVANAUGH gone awry? Seems the ‘confused’ memory may have been solved? SQUI = Garrett
        There was two parties? The ‘event’ happened at the first one … Kavanaugh was not there – he was at the later party that night after working out ?
        Who took her to and from the first party that she can not remember how she got or left there ? Her football -senior- boyfriend SQUI that dumped her? Time will tell —but seems strange the FBI does not want to ‘interview’ her? Why? and who are her attorneys? – Clinton’s recommended crew? You seem so close to the Schumer plan…maybe you can help fill in the blanks here for us?
        Bix Weir =:

      • Tad

        I realize that as a white man I’m considered a cad. Despite that, I’ve always believed that success depends on luck and outworking everyone around you-day in and day out.

        Other than that, white men succumb to diseases and have failed marriages.

      • RTW

        Relax, nobody gives a rats ass how many different countries you have floating around in you. What you definitely are though, is a certifiable bona fide psychopath. Women have no voices? Christine Boozy Ford seems to have a pretty loud voice that everyone on the left is listening to. Granted the right is also listening but they don’t believe her BS story. Where in your small world do you see the enslavement of African Americans? That’s just another preposterous talking point from the deep left. However, one thing you should know something about is the marginalization of the LBGTQ community. being part Iranian and all. Furthermore, if you were an American, you would know that we ALL already have Liberty and Justice will be served when Kavanaugh is installed on the Supreme Court and Trump starts locking up the scum (Dims) still residing in DC.

      • Freebrezer

        Gina – i do have to say your blogs liven up the atm here! They are in the very far, far corner of left field … but what the hell! And thank god for our Freedom and you should thank the host, Greg, for posting you comments!

      • al

        Greg, I think it’s high time you permanently block this bot as this kind of talk gets laughed at in this forum. Everything this bot says is opposite of what is true and evident. It’s obvious this is a trollbot and blocking it is equivalent of shutting off a toaster.

  43. Andrew

    Did ‘t Yellen fairly recently say there wouldn’t be another economic meltdown like 2008 in our lifetime? And now the talking heads fake MSM are quoting old Yellen sounding the alarm

    • paul ...

      When Yellen said: “There wouldn’t be another economic meltdown like 2008 in our lifetime.” … perhaps Yellen figured we would all be dead by now (in the worldwide nuclear war the Cabal so desperately wants)!! … we have Trump to thank … that we are still here … so far so good … but the Cabal still has nuclear subs we must destroy!!

  44. Lesley

    WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING RIGHT NOW WITH OUR IRA INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS????? Everyone is saying be prepared, but I can’t get an answer to this question.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rich people do not have IRA’s. A friend of mine just transferred all his stocks to a short term Treasury only money market account at Vanguard.

      • Diane

        What about 3 month treasure Bill’s, Greg?

      • WD

        Please be careful about investment advice…It gives these Nazi’s a chance and a reason to come after you….Not telling you what to do…I just want to see you around for a long time…

        • kevin

          You can give any investment advice you want. Nobody can do anything to you. It is there decision on whether or not they want to take your advice. Plus Greg is not actually giving investment advice. He is just stating what someone he knows has done that may be an option that Lesley should consider.

    • Diane

      I would guess..switch to 30 % 3 month Tbills..keep rolling over.
      20% in good equity stocks like Lockheed Martin, Amgen , Verizon for example.
      25 % in emergency supplies.
      10% in physical precious metals
      15% cash
      Just my opinion…

  45. Jodyp

    Ok Greg, after a few weeks of following Q, I may be turning. These guys explain it really well. And enjoyed ‘The Great Celente’!

    • Jodyp

      And thanks Lesha Roberts for the post last week. It backs up what I’ve been learning. If Q is being smeared by MSM, it must be getting close to the target or on top of it.

  46. Derrick Michael Reid

    Trump raises tariffs on China to ridiculous amount T$
    USA mfg get huge boost
    Interest rate rises
    economic goes vertical, mfg jobs,
    china get interests on US Treasuries at higher rate, but slows exports.
    USA get tariff income, offsetting rise in interest rates.
    When US mfg is roaring (jobs and income),
    Trump early part of 2nd term, pulls plug
    nationalizes FED under treasuary
    currency translation to gold, wipes out national debt
    US, sitting all powerful, with military No.1, undisputed, and on top of the world economy, with no DEBT, with mfg and jobs roaring.
    Yeah, I GC also, but Trump has a way bigger brain. 😮

  47. Derrick Michael Reid

    Expect a RED TSUNAMI in midterms, DJT will have super majority both houses. 😮

  48. Tad

    The wonderful thing about Italian-Americans is they don’t hold back. Doug Casey has called this, “The Greater Depression.” Gerald Celente refers to it as the greatest depression anyone alive has ever seen. His prediction will be borne out, and one appreciates his criticism of Wall Street and Deep State cronies.

    • Frederick

      I think it’s his Bronx upbringing along with his Italian heritage that makes Gerald the man we all know and love

  49. energy

    Gerald is on the nose……. Trump will not make America great AGAIN.

  50. Tim McGraw

    We were here ten plus years ago. Gerald is saying the same things. Somehow the Fed and DC finds a way to keep the Ponzi Scheme going.
    Every time I bet against the Fed, I lose. Am holding some precious metals, but mostly just paying off debts and holding real assets. The most important asset of which is my health.

  51. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, Remember the YouTube vlogger from Naples Florida? He was a financial wizard and you had him on your show once. I can’t remember his name. But I do remember him telling you years ago that the numbers don’t stop and the collapse can’t be stopped. The Naples guy quit making videos and doing interviews. He concentrated what time and energy he had/has left on taking care of his family.
    The Titanic is sinking. Get in a lifeboat.

    • Tim McGraw

      Karl Denninger was the Naples Florida analyst. You mention him in your interview of GC.

  52. Tommy

    Things are different today than in the past. Almost as many people don’t work as do. Most couldn’t tell you how many US Senators their state has. People have tuned out, dropped out, and plugged in to their phone. They don’t care and even if they did they would be too ignorant to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, evil can operate in secret right out in the open and no one sees it. If anyone says anything they are called a name that ends in ‘ist’ and the majority of the population attacks them (ref Mad Maxine). Just remember, we’ve read the ending of The Book and guess what? God wins!

    • Twox2

      Niceville, not Naples…in the panhandle.

  53. DLC

    Interesting in that it was Lindsey Graham in this case also who comforted the SC nominee and his wife.

    Alito had been accused of being a bigot. That was the tactic then. Justice Thomas accused of sexual affronts. Kavanaugh accused of all but destroying Ford’s life over attempted rape. A pattern here?

    Alito’s trials particularly unnerved me. It was a vicious process that was unexpected after Roberts more or less sailed through.

    The Republicans had better grow a set and fast.

  54. Stephen Miller

    Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Rant Gets Boos on Saturday Night Live: ‘My God,’ Says Chris Rock

    Posted on September 30, 2018 10:17AM
    Live from New York, it’s Kanye West — with some opinions to share.
    Kanye ain’t drinkin the Kool Aid, heaven forbid!

  55. Diane
    This is scary stuff!

  56. Gina M Mancarella

    Ladies, we have a petition to the congress requesting a special prosecutor to deal with Brett Kavanaugh’s crimes. We have a million plus names already. Please join with us to sign it so that we can get justice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Delusional false charges will not stand.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Greg, we have truth on our side. We will speak truth to power and we shall overcome. We will not continue to be treated like this. We are not this pathetic man’s playthings. The truth is going to come to light. Kavanaugh will wear the orange jump suit and do the perp walk for all to see because of his crimes.

        What are your crimes, Greg ? And what is your motivation to protect this creep.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do not have the “truth on your side.” All three of Fords eye witnesses testified under oath IT DID NOT HAPPEN. You have lies and propaganda on your side. here’s some more that proves Ford is a fraud:

          • Mike R

            Her 6 year boyfriend, said she coached people on polygraph taking, flew with her to Hawaii, and said she did everything she said she was afraid of doing. So clearly she perjured herself multiple times.

        • Jerry

          You’re ignorance is breathtaking. She said, he said, is not truth. I’m sad that you’re being used as a deep state puppet and you’re to stupid to know the difference. It makes me laugh to hear the communist take the moral ground. Since when was sexual abuse relevant? Certainly not with Bill Clinton. We have actual rope charges with him, and no one seemed to care. This whole mess stinks! Stinks of desperation. Stinks of hypocracy. Stinks of mental illness. When the FBI investigation is over Ford should be prosecuted for making false accusations, defamation of character and slander.

    • Justn Observer

      All the ‘accusers’ are fading away Gina!

  57. Stephen Miller

    What Democrats Have Become
    Brett Kavanaugh is a casualty of an anything-goes political resistance.

    By Daniel Henninger
    Sept. 19, 2018 6:59 p.m. ET
    It is still true: What begins as tragedy can end as farce. So it is with the case of Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when she was 15 and he was 17.

    As of the most recent available moment in this episode, Ms. Ford’s lawyer said her client would not appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee until there is a “full investigation by law-enforcement officials.” Like the Mueller excavations, that could run to the horizon, unable to find anything but unwilling to stop…
    See Wall Street Journal, must join & pay unlike USAWatchdog.
    The jist of the article is. Our Democrat party is no longer democratic. Like our Gina it’s become the bully pulpit party, with emphasis on bullying. The party that has no platform but rely’s on muscle. When all else fails, they don’t consult the manuals. Their much to smart to learn from other generations mistakes. So they are doomed to repeat them. The them is were all revolutionary’s turn to, except our founding fathers of course and human history bears that out and thats, FASCISM, NAZISM! Viva la FASCIST’A!

    • Stephen Miller

      That’s, where all revolutionary’s turn to!

  58. Stephen Miller

    Dress Rehearsal for Impeachment
    By Patrick Buchanan
    September 28, 2018 6 Min Read mi

  59. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: Jeff Flake
    It appears the Sen from Ariz has become the darling of the msm.
    I would give you odds that Sen Flake will vote no on Kavanaugh no matter what the FBI might say.
    It is his last opportunity to stick it to Pres Ytump

  60. Mohammad


    Did Flake sell kavanaugh for 2020 presidency run, was I naive when I thought that Flake was really trying to extend the hand across the isle to heal the country or to strike a favor?


    • Justn Observer

      Sen. Flake…is well – a fake – mean flake… Learned to be contrary like McCain…to use his ‘vote’ as a weapon and for attention and glean leverage for barter and same…always needing to be catered to. Much of that is what attempting to end such will a line item vote hoped to end…and limiting the need for the omnibus bills and comprehensive approach where everyone gets to throw in stuff they can campaign on…rather that just vote on specific things the country needs… Legal bribery which is ‘the payoff’ for what they have received ‘compaign donations’ from lobbyist for….It Flakes case -also a tool of ‘revenge’ against politican people he opposes as well. Hence – those in both parties that like Flake and McCain come across as RINOS and BLUEDOGS which in the day…the nation were RINO AND BLUEDOGS…and did vote more directly …and the extreme LEFT AND RIGHT used the same to get things …now its reversed…everything but the kitchen sink is add …and the direct votes and line item approach is again fading…. Thus – the problem over immigration reform… Nothing can happen comprehensively as a matter of time restraint…so all goes in…their views placated…as like each gets their demand…they peel away having gotten what ‘they’ wanted’ and the other demands are never met… This time …the wall first…or no DACA…no whatever…which then is the campaign talking points for votes…and another election cycle with nothing resolved goes on and on ! Pay to Play is the rule of the day. Still just a combination of Alice’s Restaurant, Eve of Destruction and Money…and the faded memory of rotor blades over LZ.s for many! And the Bankers and Globalists like it that way! It’s not about religion – it never has been —those are just wedge issues and tools….the ends = world domination , justifies the means = chaos. Once they have all the wealth, they will have the control and the ‘religions’ will fade to one… all will hum to one universal resonance and frequency with a wiff of incense in the air …The priest offers for all eyes closed – heads down and to join along in prayer … as he peeking thru his fluttering eyelid… with a slight Cheshire cat smirk…surmising…all is good! Other’s -they consider those Indians as misguided savages as they just dance and sing to their ‘spirit in the sky’ thanking Him and pledging to care for that which was a gift to them their physical existence…Mother Earth. Why do we tolerate those that walk among us that cause us to fight over which is right? Most -yes, just sheeple!

    • sk

      Can you spell “O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-S-T”? IMHO

    • Frank DiTullio

      Yes Mohammad, you WERE naive.

  61. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Gerald Celente never disappoints.

    For another opinion, Michael Pento has an article on ZH at:
    Mike Pento Warns Global Central Banks Are Entering The Danger Zone
    …”Investors are experiencing huge moves in commodities, currencies, equities and in sovereign debt across the globe. And now the fall has arrived. Expect the volatility currently witnessed in markets to only surge.
    This is because global central banks have overwhelmingly turned hawkish in a vain attempt to gradually let the air out of the massive bubbles they have spent the last decade recreating. Unfortunately, that is not the nature of asset bubbles—they don’t end with a whimper–and they are about to burst in violent fashion.”…

    …(the FED’s) own inflation models – however irrelevant and useless they may be – are compelling the Fed to keep on raising rates. But because inflation is a lagging indicator, the Fed will keep on hiking rates until the next economic downturn is well underway. However, since asset bubbles and debt levels have never been more disconnected from reality, the next economic downturn should quickly morph into a depression rather than just a normal recession.”…

    When (not if) this hits, it will be referred to as a Black Swan event, as if no one could have seen it coming, totally unexpected. Yeah — no, not quite unexpected.

    The sad truth is that the global economy has become so unstable due to a humongous level of debt (up over 40% since 2008) that there is no R*, or neutral rate for the Fed to reach.“…

  62. Russ

    Doh! Head slap. Last two paragraphs are flipped.

  63. Diane

    I’m surprised she is even that high.
    I live in a town with a lot of Democrat friends, everyone I know dislikes Hillary.
    I couldn’t see how anyone that unlikable could ever be elected.
    Regardless of her criminality…she has a hateful personality.

    • Tad

      Shouldn’t forget the Parkinson’s symptoms. Oh, she’s a healthy one alright.

  64. Mohammad


    This hearing is backfiring big time, most ladies in our office are disgusted how Sen. Feinstein used Dr. Ford and one went all the way to say she is always democrat but she is voting this Nov. republican, I was surprise,


    • Justn Observer

      Globalist Deep STARE after POTUS TRUMP who is re-arranging the global deck chair to re-gain U.S.A. trade strength lost to those using U.S.Politicians now attempt take out Kavanaugh who might help POTUS Trump take out them and globalist PAY TO PLAY deals and schemes now causing a short squeeze on Iran and China and the coming debt train wreck now that Trump cancelled the non-deal Deal with Iran…who used up their cash on terrorist spending but like needs cash like China who needs cash to pay up and come 200billon debt bomb coming due just as Iran needs to sell oil to China while both are stressed by being in the mist of the non-swift moves that hamper logistical payment to Iran for oil China needs to keep their industry humming which the Iran sanctions will hamper the delivery of as they and many of their customers currencies are under pressure just as China and U.S. are in trade re-arrangement agreements which might cause a Chinese slow down = less oil purchases of Iranian oil = at same time there is also less trade with Iran by the globalists in EU who are inbed with the deep state that are pressuring the politicians to do something to derail POTUS Trumps plans to re-arrange the deck chairs and stop the skipping (theft) out of the U.S. PIGGY BANK old trade deals that gutted U.S. industry and the loss of middle class jobs and theft of U.S. intellectual property the last few decades likely even before Clinton’s rumor of the tech transfer of missile guidance systems years ago… which was all set in play by what is now a big part of the SPY KIDS (style drama) being played up as they are the tools being used in the Kavanaugh takedown gambit trying to gum up and slow Trump’s plans and new policies including withholding approval of still 300 unfilled positions. But -then when ya have a guy that my have liked a few good lookers in the past, that sleeps little, does not drink, loves the art of making deals as hobby/obsession and is not obstructed by and used to firing people that can no keep up… along with the fears seeing the arrives boards of the gravy train are reading DELAYED and CANCELLED…that tends to cause things like…. TDS!

    • Diane

      I’m not surprised Mohammad
      I listened to Dr. Dave Janda Sunday YouTube
      He puts out a good case against the Democrats and their RepubliCRAT…Swamp creatures.
      Again…if this Senate does not confirm Kavanaugh….Trump needs to appoint him Attorney general and unleash him against the SWAMP.

  65. Open Eyes

    Summary and memo link here.

  66. Get Smart

    Last Night
    2.4k Viewers
    Watch Live: President Trump Holds Rally In Tennessee

  67. Get Smart

    POLITICSPublished 7 hours ago
    Lindsey Graham: If Kavanaugh vote fails, Trump should re-nominate him before midterms, ‘appeal the case to the American people’
    By Matt Richardson | Fox News

  68. Get Smart

    Published 20 hours ago
    Boy Scout, 12, dies in Michigan after being buried under sand dune, police say
    By Katherine Lam | Fox News

  69. Jerry

    Emergency alert to last 30 minutes.

    While the alert may not be a presidential announcement , with a 30 minute test, it clearly is laying the foundation for one . Where I live the norm is usually 1 minute. In my mind I’m beginning to picture a fireside chat that was used during the depression. My father used to tell me about how his family would gather around the radio and listen to president Roosevelt. As I have stated multiple times here, my personal sources are seeing preparations for a grid down event of some kind. While it is speculation on “ what it is” make no mistake
    it’s happening. I would err on the side of caution by finalizing your preps.

    • Mohammad


      I cannot isolate this presidential alert nationwide from the emergency executive order Trump signed in 2017 that Greg has been talking about all the time on this site.

      Trump will activate this E.O. as national security deems and that will require national alert system. Democrats are going dirty and that will require the pentagon stepping in at a certain point to protect the country, when is that? god only knows but all the schism in the judiciary hearing we are living now shows the severe shattering of the society that may go violent like in the sixties, this time on steroids.



    Economic MOAB 2018
    prepaussie Published on Oct 2, 2018
    Prep Urges; Watch Gerald Celente On
    P[ease don’t wait for the music to stop, secure you chair now! In this worldgame of musical chairs!


    #financialnews #economicnews #economicreport
    Nomi Prins Warns 🔴 Economic Collapse Already Started! An Asynchronous Systemic Meltdown
    Economic Report Published on Oct 1, 2018

  72. paul ...

    Hmm … perhaps Americans should threaten anti-trust action against the Fed … thus forcing them to change the way they calculate the CPI (and double it) … the way Amazon just doubled the minimum wage for its factory workers to avoid anti-trust action against it! …

  73. Mohammad


    No secret, you brought it on Janda interview but here it is with a twist:
    CIA/DR. Frederick Melges/ Dr. Ford’s father and brother and grandfather/MKUltra project and Dr. Ford.
    Stigma :
    Gaps in memory
    Similar condition happened to Sarhan Sarhan where he had a gap in memory that no one was able to go through the wall built in font of it.
    listen to mark 22.29 and on for 5 minutes or so:


  74. Tad

    Thought the group might find this an interesting piece on contango and backwardation.

  75. Mohammad

    Mark 8:19


  76. Mohammad

    The real question now is:
    Do republicans have the vote?
    Obviously Flake is NO.
    Who else can sway away and how many votes will tip it one way or another, do you have that info Greg?


  77. Hoosier river rat

    Gina: why the double standard ? Where was your anger when dnc kieth Ellen son abused his girl friend ,when Cory booker admitted he molested a girl in college,when bill Clinton raped and molested numerous women ,when ted Kennedy molested women and was responsable for a women’s death ? When Hillary demeaned the women her husband molested? Why the hippocracy ? You are seemingly living an altered reality much like many people in our country and I believe what Gods word says that in the end times many would be given over to a reprobate mind . Gina you need to do some self assessment and realize that your thought patterns are awry. I sincerely mean this .

  78. Gina M Mancarella

    We need Kavanaugh to take a polygraph !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Or whoever you are, do you know how unhinged you come off? It’s very ineffective. The troll company is going to fire you.

      • Gina M Mancarella


        • Greg Hunter

          This is what I am talking about. Don’t get mad.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Also, I am NOT a troll. I am a conscientous American. I hope in the end you are too !

        • Greg Hunter

          Of course I am. I run a free site and I let you comment.

          • john

            Of course I am. I run a free site and I let you comment.

            And for that you are a Saint and an American of the highest order!

  79. Mike R

    SO Ford DID perjure herself (multiple times), just as I suspected !

    “The full details of Dr. Ford’s polygraph are particularly important because the Senate Judiciary Committee has received a sworn statement from a longtime boyfriend of Dr. Ford’s, stating that he personally witnessed Dr. Ford coaching a friend on polygraph examinations. When asked under oath in the hearing whether she’d ever given any tips or advice to someone who was planning on taking a polygraph, Dr. Ford replied, “Never.” This statement raises specific concerns about the reliability of her polygraph examination results.”

    WOW. This is HUGE. Kavanaugh should be voted in, poste haste.

    She also lied about her fear of flying, fear of small spaces, about why and when they put extra door on house, and on and on. So exactly what part of her testimony was actually TRUE ?!?

    I guess if one is going to lie during any testimony, might as well lie about every bit of it. At least that’s what Ford must have thought. Even her voice, was not her normal voice, so again that was a big fraud. She was ‘acting’ and role playing the entire way, which allowed her to subconsciously get away with the entire story, so she wouldn’t look guilty as sin. People actually thought she was credible. They were all duped, and she was laughing all the way to the bank. (half million Gofundme and counting, which is the clever way the “Dems” were able to disguise their big payoff to her. )

  80. Patient / Impatient

    YES, Mr. Celente, by their BEHAVIORS we can identify Satan’s offspring who hatched and sprung up from Hell! (Proverbs 6:16-19)

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