Weekly News Wrap-Up 7/1/11

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Greece is back in the news again because it voted for tax hikes and government cuts to pay back the greedy bankers.  It has been widely reported that this simply buys time.  Many experts say Greece will default in time because the debt is simply too great.  Speaking of debt, there is a battle raging between Democrats and Republicans over raising the debt ceiling some $2.4 trillion.  It looks like when the battle is through in early August, Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner will be stepping down.  Unemployment is still terrible, and Obama-care was upheld in the 6th Circuit Court.  These are just a few of the stories talked about in the Weekly News Wrap-up.

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  1. Gregory D.

    Always appreciate your excellent insights. MSM is only worthwhile these days to gauge the understanding & mindset of the general population, so that the rest of us can be ahead of the curve.
    Let all others resume watching American Idol. Our new breed of truth seekers understand the “Smoke & Mirrors” & are preparing for the inevitable Ponzi collapse.
    “Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  2. Baja Bryan


    I hope you and all Americans have a great 4th of July/Independence day holiday. Aside from all the fireworks, cookouts, cold beer and flag waving, we should all remember to celebrate the concepts of our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as defined in the Declaration of Independence. The oppression we are facing today is significantly greater than a tax on tea and now more than ever we need to stand up, get involved and make our voices known.

  3. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Your analysis was ok, but I think you spent way too much of your post on a “fluff” story (sex trial of former IMF head).

    Missing from your analysis was the story which appeared on Drudge Report earlier this week, stating that the Army Corps of Engineers was trying to buy flooded farms along the Missouri at rock-bottom prices. The Corp claimed that the move was to “protect” yet another “endangered species.” The farmers contend that the Corps did it DELIBERATELY to force independent farmers out of business. Still, even if these farmers DON’T sell, it will take them a year or two to get back into production. Look for higher food prices in the short term.

    Also neglected was the wildfire in New Mexico which NEARLY reached the Los Alamos nuclear test facility. As of this morning (7/2), the media claimed that the wildfire was beaten back. I won’t hold my breath.

    Speaking of nuclear, there has been little word about the flooded nuclear facility in Nebraska. How much contaminated water is being leeched into part of our nation’s breadbasket?

    There, a story from late yesterday about the CHINESE opening up the LARGEST oil field in IRAQ. Americans do the fighting and dying, while the Obama administration lets the Chinese get cheap oil. Who’s side is this guy on anyway?

    Finally, two stories about our arrogant snot-in-chief. The first concerns his claim that the War Powers Act “doesn’t apply” to him. The second is a Freudian slip of his (reported again on Drudge, where the idiot-in-chief claims that he has “5 1/2 more years in office to go(!).” Does this look like massive voter fraud is in the works?

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding this content to the Wrap-up.

  4. Mike

    Mr. Hunter;

    To all due respect to you and all others out there in the blogosphere it is my opinion – and it is only just that – that the term ” greedy bankers ” is really not all that accurate.

    Bankers practice banking just as Attorney’s practice Law and/or Doctors practice Medicine or Nurses practice Nursing. In other words, being a Banker conveys the image that the practice of Banking is just another profession. Well, it used to be but no more.

    Bankers today are the New Nobility. Why? They are the New Nobility because only Bankers can decide which fellow citizens will receive interest free and principal free Bank Loans and/or which citizens will have their outstanding Bank Loans “written off” as an uncollectible Debt.

    Bankers today, in short, have the power to enrich some citizens or to enslave others. What power ! What power indeed !

    Further, it is only the Bankers who have the power, by enriching some while impoverishing others, to create a priviliged social class separate from all others.

    Is this why The Bank Act was created by the founding Fathers of The United States of America or Canada.

    This is not Democracy, or is it ? Is this what we call an Egalitarian Society ?

    Millions have lost their family homes, their family businesses and their dreams and hopes for a better future for themselves and their children. Show me the name of a Banker who has lost their family home to foreclosure ?

    We have a new phenomena here, and a dangerous one at that.

    The old Nobility granted parcels of land and titles [Duke, Duchess,Lady….] to their supporters. Today, Bankers grant interest free and principal free Bank Loans in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars [from leveraged deposits] to their supporters [Attorneys, Lawyers, Family members, Politicians and influential friends] while everyone else is forced to comply with their onerous terms and conditions. No, Bankers are more than just “greedy” – they have been allowed to create a new Social Class which enriches itself one day at a time. Thank you.

  5. Art Barnes

    The debt ceiling will be raised and everyone knows it. Its always been that the Republican criminals in Washington will hoodwink the American people in telling them they got real “future” spending cuts for the raise. The Democrat criminal gang will play along and argue that they didn’t want any future cuts to help the make believe Republicans promised “cuts” seem real and believable. Its just a game they both play to deceive the American people and keep kicking the can down the road while they continue to steal all the cash out of the country and rob the not so great middle class. Look America, stop believing a thing either of the crime parties tell you or their public relations media people, they have one interest only and that is their own self interest. Both parties have been in power at one time or another for decades now and look where we are. Both have sold out the people. You can believe the next election will take America back if you will, for the vast majority the tooth fairy is alive and well. Nothing will change in the Country until it too late for the people to do anything about it – that’s the sad truth.

    Greece is just a distraction used by the media to make our economy seem viable. Greece budget spends 150 percent of its GDP. The American economy is at 80 percent, not far behind. It cannot work over 50 percent as inflation wipes out the wealth of the middle class at that point to keep the elite making money. Stop looking at Greece and pay attention to the debt and spending to GDP here, it may surprise you to know just how recent it has rose to these levels, almost a straight up line on a graph in the last 10 years.

  6. [email protected]

    I believe that we are living in the end days according to the Bible. We don’t know what will happen from one day to the next. Prayerfully and Hopefully America will turn around Morally and Economically in the next 2 years. Have to wait and see.

  7. s.unverzagt

    We are living in the last days according to the Bible. Prayfully God will spare America Economically. We have to try and start living Moral lives first. Lets Pray and Hope for America.

  8. Steve R.

    Thanks Greg. I don’t know how but your message needs to reach many more people. Too bad it’s so much easier said than done.

    • Greg

      Steve R.,
      The site is growing but it can always grow faster. I am working on it. Thank you!!

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