Economy Sucks and Trump Knows It, Trump Buys Time, Clergy Ungagged by Trump

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 282 5.5.17) 

All the economic data says the real economy is in big trouble, and it will not get better on its own. Factory orders tumble, automakers turn in negative results, and productivity is plunging all at the same time.  The Trump Administration knows this and cannot risk imploding the financial markets.  So, he choked down a $1.1 trillion spending bill that gave Democrats much of what they wanted.  Trump signed the bill to keep the government running until September to buy some time.  Trump will be putting together his first real budget soon, and that will take effect on October 1st.  Trump got a big win today when the House of Representatives passed legislation that guts Obama Care and puts a new healthcare system in place.  The Bill now moves to the Senate for passage.

It’s not just the U.S. that has a big problem with North Korea’s nuclear missile program. China has been telling North Korea to back off for weeks and has threatened to shoot down North Korea’s test missiles.  North Korea has reportedly threatened China with “grave consequences over what it calls China’s “betrayal.”  This week, China reportedly issued a “final warning” to North Korea.  It’s unclear that that means.

Trump signed a new executive order on the National Day of Prayer that will strengthen religious freedom. The order allows clergy to talk politics from the pulpit without the fear of losing religious tax exempt status.  This penalty has been in place since the 1960’s Johnson Administration.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned Economist David Stockman will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”  He’s going to explain the federal budgets and consequences of America’s debt.  Don’t miss it.


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  1. john duffy

    Tolerance now requires participation in . . .

    • Paul ...

      Instead of companies teaching normal men how to be fags … why don’t these companies open up a branch office in Afghanistan … and then, simply send them all over there!!

    • dbcooper

      JD, Sad commentary but telling … absolute tolerance … OF EVERYTHING … Sounds like fascism to me ?? Ya Think ??

      Greg Good Wrap-Up … What the President did in regard to the Johnson amendment is not what he said he was going to do … he said he would rescind the amendment …what he did do is put a band aid on it … totally temporary … not a real fix … once again the pastors in the US have yet to stand on two feet … stiffen their backbone and call BS … is it a good start … Yes but will the president follow through at some point and wipe it out ?? Something we Americans should all consider is that our freedom to worship is not ‘exempt’ but rather is ‘immune’ and there should be no consideration what so ever of taxing or controlling religious content and freedom at all (Short of heinous acts of violence and the fomenting of the same by some fascist ideology or other).

      Remember the Gates of Vienna, Not only are they coming … Folks, ‘they’ are already here. Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross.

      Thanks again Greg, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Charles H

      j d,

      There is a difference between tolerance; and legislative modified behavior. I am friendly toward homosexuals, if they aren’t openly repulsive: but I will not allow physical interaction on any level. What your article tries to enforce is guaranteed behavior, under high-stakes socio/economic pressures: which could cost some real livelihood. I fear they will Milk such situations until they get seriously Harvey’d. There are limits to pushing people.

    • Paul Anthony


      Barnhardt has some good points. I used to occasionally follow her. But shes too Koo Koo for me. Fight the system that is screwing us … sure .. I get that…..and she for sure has been one of them screwed by Jon Corzine – BUT — I think she needs prayers. She’s pretty out there. Nothing we are fighting for now is “new”… this is the world being the world .. devil being the devil .. and God being God…. Guess who wins in the end?

    • Stewart Hall

      Only faggotry ? You got off easy. My employer, which is a Fortune 500 company required me to undergo counseling due to my initial refusal to accept a new employee assigned to me who is in (pre-op) transition from a man to a woman. I told my superiors that his/her presence in my group would be disruptive and so I went up the line with my management to protest this. They threatened to demote me with a salary cut of 40% if I didn’t “play ball.” My groups director even went as far to tell me that I haven’t seen anything. He told me that a new normal is coming with all kinds of sexual orientations to become accepted norms in the coming years ahead. He declined to expound when I asked him for details. Well, I figure I need to make a few more dollars before retirement in 7 or 8 years so I guess I need to swallow my pride and deal with it, but it is sickening to me. Downright sickening !

  2. FC

    My opinion, ownership of Obamacare has changed hands to Republicans now and they will be blamed for the failure of the new Trumpcare………..the Republicans should have allowed it to collapse and then say I told you so.

  3. Barry

    Economy will be fine,
    we are just bottoming out before a rebirth
    of the U.S. consumer. Jobs will return because
    Trump will mandate that corporation’s hire
    U.S. workers before HB 1 foreign workers.
    North Korea has always been a loud noise
    that is pacified by a load of U.S. green paper.
    See we solved everything in just a couple of
    paragraphs. Worrying gets you nothing.
    No go out live life and enjoy this greatest gift,
    LIFE !

    • Jeffrey

      … your “Beautiful” Barry ; God Bless , you made my day bro … !

      • Paul ...

        Back to reality … Peter Schiff is funny as usual … as he explains how the “swamp creatures” are back swimming in the slimy waters enjoying LIFE as the greatest gift … everything is solved now that the government was not shut down … and the budget out of balance once again!! …

  4. Paul Mallinson

    Greg, Russian bombers and fighters have tested US and Canadian miltary responses along that Arctic Coast for years. It’s nothing new. Both sid