Economy Sucks and Trump Knows It, Trump Buys Time, Clergy Ungagged by Trump

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 282 5.5.17) 

All the economic data says the real economy is in big trouble, and it will not get better on its own. Factory orders tumble, automakers turn in negative results, and productivity is plunging all at the same time.  The Trump Administration knows this and cannot risk imploding the financial markets.  So, he choked down a $1.1 trillion spending bill that gave Democrats much of what they wanted.  Trump signed the bill to keep the government running until September to buy some time.  Trump will be putting together his first real budget soon, and that will take effect on October 1st.  Trump got a big win today when the House of Representatives passed legislation that guts Obama Care and puts a new healthcare system in place.  The Bill now moves to the Senate for passage.

It’s not just the U.S. that has a big problem with North Korea’s nuclear missile program. China has been telling North Korea to back off for weeks and has threatened to shoot down North Korea’s test missiles.  North Korea has reportedly threatened China with “grave consequences over what it calls China’s “betrayal.”  This week, China reportedly issued a “final warning” to North Korea.  It’s unclear that that means.

Trump signed a new executive order on the National Day of Prayer that will strengthen religious freedom. The order allows clergy to talk politics from the pulpit without the fear of losing religious tax exempt status.  This penalty has been in place since the 1960’s Johnson Administration.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned Economist David Stockman will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”  He’s going to explain the federal budgets and consequences of America’s debt.  Don’t miss it.


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  1. john duffy

    Tolerance now requires participation in . . .

    • Paul ...

      Instead of companies teaching normal men how to be fags … why don’t these companies open up a branch office in Afghanistan … and then, simply send them all over there!!

    • dbcooper

      JD, Sad commentary but telling … absolute tolerance … OF EVERYTHING … Sounds like fascism to me ?? Ya Think ??

      Greg Good Wrap-Up … What the President did in regard to the Johnson amendment is not what he said he was going to do … he said he would rescind the amendment …what he did do is put a band aid on it … totally temporary … not a real fix … once again the pastors in the US have yet to stand on two feet … stiffen their backbone and call BS … is it a good start … Yes but will the president follow through at some point and wipe it out ?? Something we Americans should all consider is that our freedom to worship is not ‘exempt’ but rather is ‘immune’ and there should be no consideration what so ever of taxing or controlling religious content and freedom at all (Short of heinous acts of violence and the fomenting of the same by some fascist ideology or other).

      Remember the Gates of Vienna, Not only are they coming … Folks, ‘they’ are already here. Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross.

      Thanks again Greg, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Charles H

      j d,

      There is a difference between tolerance; and legislative modified behavior. I am friendly toward homosexuals, if they aren’t openly repulsive: but I will not allow physical interaction on any level. What your article tries to enforce is guaranteed behavior, under high-stakes socio/economic pressures: which could cost some real livelihood. I fear they will Milk such situations until they get seriously Harvey’d. There are limits to pushing people.

    • Paul Anthony


      Barnhardt has some good points. I used to occasionally follow her. But shes too Koo Koo for me. Fight the system that is screwing us … sure .. I get that…..and she for sure has been one of them screwed by Jon Corzine – BUT — I think she needs prayers. She’s pretty out there. Nothing we are fighting for now is “new”… this is the world being the world .. devil being the devil .. and God being God…. Guess who wins in the end?

    • Stewart Hall

      Only faggotry ? You got off easy. My employer, which is a Fortune 500 company required me to undergo counseling due to my initial refusal to accept a new employee assigned to me who is in (pre-op) transition from a man to a woman. I told my superiors that his/her presence in my group would be disruptive and so I went up the line with my management to protest this. They threatened to demote me with a salary cut of 40% if I didn’t “play ball.” My groups director even went as far to tell me that I haven’t seen anything. He told me that a new normal is coming with all kinds of sexual orientations to become accepted norms in the coming years ahead. He declined to expound when I asked him for details. Well, I figure I need to make a few more dollars before retirement in 7 or 8 years so I guess I need to swallow my pride and deal with it, but it is sickening to me. Downright sickening !

  2. FC

    My opinion, ownership of Obamacare has changed hands to Republicans now and they will be blamed for the failure of the new Trumpcare………..the Republicans should have allowed it to collapse and then say I told you so.

  3. Barry

    Economy will be fine,
    we are just bottoming out before a rebirth
    of the U.S. consumer. Jobs will return because
    Trump will mandate that corporation’s hire
    U.S. workers before HB 1 foreign workers.
    North Korea has always been a loud noise
    that is pacified by a load of U.S. green paper.
    See we solved everything in just a couple of
    paragraphs. Worrying gets you nothing.
    No go out live life and enjoy this greatest gift,
    LIFE !

    • Jeffrey

      … your “Beautiful” Barry ; God Bless , you made my day bro … !

      • Paul ...

        Back to reality … Peter Schiff is funny as usual … as he explains how the “swamp creatures” are back swimming in the slimy waters enjoying LIFE as the greatest gift … everything is solved now that the government was not shut down … and the budget out of balance once again!! …

  4. Paul Mallinson

    Greg, Russian bombers and fighters have tested US and Canadian miltary responses along that Arctic Coast for years. It’s nothing new. Both sides do it. I know of one incidence where a Royal Navy ship approached the Russian coast in the Barents Sea to see what response they would get. This story was told by a naval officer who was on board that ship. (They got in really close before aircraft turned up).

    • Greg Hunter

      Seems a little more frequent now and the last one came with Su-35 State of the art Russian fighter jets. Thank you for adding your perspective. You do make good points.

  5. Tommy

    I believed that Trump was our last hope. I now believe that it is over, there will be no turning this ship around. As you so aptly reported Ivanka and her husband in the White House is no better than Chelsea and her husband in the White House. The wall is not being funded which was his number one promise. At every rally it was, “we’re going to build the wall and who’s going to pay for it?” And the crowd roared “Mexico”. The number one obligation of the federal government is to secure our borders. The one thing the federal government has no business in is health insurance. And although I favor wholeheartedly the repeal of Obamacare, replacing it is like everything the Republicrats do; they ease off the gas pedal and take us from 90 mph to 75 mph, but we’re still heading toward the cliff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Come on man. We are just past the first 100 days and you are giving up! Yes we have big problems but Trump is the right guy at the right time to guide us through this bankruptcy.

      • Chief Two Beers

        Paul Roberts says Trump is finished – he’s completely caved to the Deep State. Another interview with him would be timely.

        As for health care I’ll go to a Navajo shaman any time something is out of balance. It’s clear to citizens of the Navajo Nation that the white man’s hospital is where people go to die. Very sad…

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not giving up that easily. The depth of the “swamp” is enormous. Trump has done well considering the people and swamp-things after him. Let’s be realistic, you expect one guy to get ride of this totally corrupt system in 100 days? Stop bitching and figure out a way to help any way you can.

        • Paul ...

          Chief … I see the Deep State pedophiles are holding “secret conversations” to remove Donald Trump from office before they are!! …
          God will not allow evil to win over good … Trump will purge the pedophiles before they purge him!!!

          • Paul ...

            Sunday is May 7 … notice that number 7 again … it is the day Marine Le Pen will be elected President of France … and the Deep State will be writhing in pain as the election numbers come in … for Le Pen has vowed “to throw the Rothschild banking cartel out of France” … the worldwide banking cartel is being systematically smashed along with all the pedophiles that support them!!! …

            • Paul ...

              Supposedly that cheesy Rothschild Macroni running against Le Pen is being backed by “meatballs” in the Deep State here in America … who are using “American taxpayer money” to help the Rothschild banksters keep power in France!!! … and these are the same people who talk about a foreign government influencing elections here in America!!! …

      • Tommy

        The Republicans caved on the wall because of a threatened gov. shutdown. The same thing will happen in the fall. If the wall doesn’t get started soon it will never be done. Some say the wall isn’t needed now because fewer illegals are crossing the border. But even if no one crossed illegally under Trump, as soon as he’s gone we’ll be back to the Obama years. We need a physical deterrent at the border. This was his number one issue, the one that catapulted him to the top and it is non negotiable.

    • Roger D

      Tommy, I agree with you except I believe Ron Paul was our last chance. But even if Dr. Paul was elected the Deep State would have taken him down. He has filled his administration with Goldman Sachs banksters, CFR globalists, New World Order Zionists, and Neo-Con warmongers. Trumpsters, he is just another puppet of global elites. Whether he realizes that or not is a moot point. Get over it.

      This old coot fought 40 years for constitutional government. I paid a steep price. We lost. I’ve moved on to what will rise from our ashes. Those who think there is still hope for our republic are likely too young to know what we have lost. Where were they 40 years ago?

  6. vincent_g

    Puerto Rico bankruptcy and Bill Clinton!

    Why is it not well known that Bill Clinton ended the tax break that President Ford created to help attract businesses to Puerto Rico?

    Without this tax incentive that President Ford created Puerto Rico would not be able to properly support itself. Shipping supplies to Puerto Rico is costly so some sort of tax incentive would be needed to counter this problem.

    Had Clinton not ended this they would be in much better shape.
    In my viewpoint the problems Puerto Rico has now is due to Clinton.

    Lets see if we can understand this.
    Clinton it seems felt it was more important to bring jobs to Mexico than bring jobs to Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Ricans in Bill’s mind didn’t deserve these jobs but Mexicans did!

  7. David John Williams

    A sensible discussion:

  8. Linda L.

    It’s no secret that Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner is a liberal with his own agendas that may or may not be in conflict with Trump’s (worrisome). It’s also ironic that Jared Kushner’s Manhattan skyscraper address is 666 Fifth Ave, which if nothing more, in appearance couldn’t be good.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is most troubling to me is the $1 billion dollars in debt and loan guarantees and who is owed the money. There has been no one more anti democracy and anti-Christian than George Soros. He’s reportedly put up millions to fund protests and cause trouble in America and around the world. Also, Big-time bankers having Kushner Being massively indebted to them (and again, we are talking $1 billion) represents a gigantic potential conflict of interest in the future. I want the President to succeed and not get pulled down for something he has nothing to do with.

      • Linda L

        Yes, I’ve heard that the Kushners have a financial association/deep ties with George Soros. Trump must be aware of this and so I wonder why he would give Jared Kushner so much power in the WH. The whole scenario doesn’t look good..

  9. Jerry

    I don’t claim to be an economist, but what does it say about the dollars reserve currency status when countries use their own currency for cross border trading?

    What does it say about the future if the petrodollar when Dubai just signed a deal with China to be part of the silk road project? Without reserve currency status isn’t quantitative easing just debasement of currency? And at what point do other countries stop using the dollar for trade when it becomes worthless? No wonder “The Working Group has set up RMB trading hubs all over the United States.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you post this link already? If so thank you, if not you will love this presentation.

      • Jerry

        Thanks Greg,
        Yes I posted that earlier. It is the most precise breakdown of the currency reset I have ever seen. I encourage everyone to take the time to view this presentation. Unfortunately the central bankers are getting ready to drag us to war to cover it up.
        Trust me this is not a drill. Anytime China encourages its citizens to evacuate North Korea, you know the poo is getting ready to hit the fan. This could be the proverbial “snow flake moment” that we have been talking about the past several years. This time I don’t see anyway out.

        • Jerry

          I have never seen China give a warning like this to its citizens.
          Heads up Greg. I speculate that President Trump has given President Xi advance warning of a pending attack.

        • JMiller


          Thanks for that link about the global currency reset.

    • jim

      Jerry, You are my favorite go to guy for the real news but, you have been building up so much about april 21 st having significant meaning , I`m sorry but what has changed, is there anything to report about what has happened. Or were you wrong about what your research led you to believe .

      • Paul ...

        Jim … I wouldn’t be so concerned about a particular date … the pedophile vampire banking cartel will soon be history … they screwed up royally when they tried to set off a nuclear weapon on Oct 7 in Charleston Virginia … that turned some in the US military against the banksters … we are now moving toward judgement day that will put these Fed banksters and their Rothschild overlords out of business … and according to a very nice Jewish lady we will soon have a gold backed Treasury dollar which we won’t have to pay any interest on to some slimy murderous crooks …

        • jim

          Paul, But I do have to worry. I have food passing expirations, friends and family getting pissed from what seems to be wrong advice, all these events yet silver and gold won`t stop being manipulated , and I am starting to believe what others say, that is : this can go on for allot longer or forever. This seems to have consumed my life and I need this reset to happen now while I`m alive to help all that don`t believe me.

      • Jerry

        The IMF didn’t give China the deal it wanted in April, so they and the BRICS have gone ahead to circumvent the global reserve currency status of the dollar with their alternate exchange system (see the above link).
        In essence the reset has already taken place. Private exchange sites for currency redemption began last weekend and will likely pick up speed as time progresses. How quickly this has an impact on the dollar is an unknown. But the tension in NOKO leads me to believe that the central bankers are freaking out, and will most likely take us to war.

    • JCD

      Jerry 1.1 trillion now only buys 5 months of time. They are quickly running out of buckets to put out the fire.
      If China takes N.K. their influence in Asia will be huge.

  10. James Brown

    Great commentary.
    Ask David Stockman about Syria and “Genie Oil”.
    I’d like to hear his take.
    $49 billion in pension obligations? It’s not Puerto Rico, it’s Puerto”Broke-O”.
    Phase transition, first a few pensions go bust and before you know it, there’s an obvious crisis.
    Out here in California the STRS is a huge pension and they are the largest shareholder of Tesla stock. They are going to get crushed holding absurdly overvalued stocks like that.
    They talk about the”Big One” out here, the earthquake that will put half the state back in the Pacific ocean. It’s coming, but it will be a financial earthquake.
    Get out of municipal bonds.

    • Flattop

      James Brown;
      According to experts, both types of earth quake are coming to Calabrownia

  11. Eddie Ip

    I am disappointed at what Trump has done so far. He has not started draining the swamp and he is being drained by the swamp. He acts like a warmonger no different from Hillary Clinton. He is being surrounded by warmongers and wall street banksters. I disagree with you that Trump cannot risk imploding the financial markets. The financial markets will implode anyway. He knows very well that he cannot rebuild the economy without first bankrupting it. The sooner the better for him. I think Trump has been compromised. It’s really sad!!

    • Paul ...

      I too was disappointed with what I saw Trump doing … but perhaps I was a bit too hasty … consider that “acting like a warmonger” against N. Korea got him to put a nuclear missile system in S.Korea (a very significant bargaining chip) to use as leverage with China over trade issues … and consider his Trump Doctrine … whereby he will Tomahawk those who will kill children (even if they are not American citizens) … just look at the leverage “the Trump Doctrine” now gives him to bring peace between the Palestinian’s and Israel … if the Palestinian’s kill Israeli children he can launch Tomahawks against them (and similarly if Israel kills Palestinian children he can launch Tomahawks against them) … now what that does is give Trump “significant bargaining power” to finally bring peace to the Middle East!!!

  12. francis m reps

    Lets hope you are correct about the ” blue collar billionaire “. My doubts center on the bellicose utterings of his crew of military advisers. Forget the economy Greg. Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair suggest the accumulation of dog food and necessities in light of what is heading our way. China is the major power ; with the clout to solve the North Korean issue. Trump should save the fuel being used by his naval task force and park those warships. You mention Russian aircraft as provocative….Like the pot calling the kettle black; Exactly what are we doing with troops on Russia’s borders….or our ships in the Black Sea ?? I don ‘t trust Trump because Ortel has all that is needed to send Hillary to court….and Trump calls her ; Good People “. A very disappointed Trump voter.

    • JMiller

      The accumulation of dog food?

  13. Jeannette

    Thank you for your explanation of the budget deal. It makes sense that President Trump is buying time for the real showdown in September.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeannette. This is when the real fight begins. By the way his new budget will be out sometime later this month or at least a good portion of it.

  14. Justn Observer

    Any comment on Trump bringing in 1/2 million workers and their families (2 million) annually…to replace U.S. workers that don’t want to work? lol Guess they don’t HAVE TO cross illegally so why do we need a fence?

    And how about the U.S. selling it’s largest petroleum company lock, stock and barrel to SAUDI ARABIA? Yeah- there goes cutting the ties to M.E. oil cartels…? lol

    And no — they did not repeal the ACA…the control over doctors and the coding system set in place remains… so lets not get too happy…it has not cleared the Senate!

  15. Flattop

    GREG. Rush commented that to understand the Presidents thinking, he is neither a democrat or republican, and does not adhere to a conservative or liberal doctrine. His goal is to make America strong again thru whomever or however. Is rush correct in his description???

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Trump still swings between both parties as he did as a global businessman.

      • Paul ...

        Trump as Commander and Chief of the US Military can launch Tomahawks against those killing a few children (who were not American citizens) in Syria … so why can’t he give a simple order to his Generals to remove US troops guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan based upon the logic that Heroin (just like Saran or Chlorine gas) can injure the lives of hundreds of thousands of children (right here back in America)!!

        • Justn Observer

          Trump was so upset about what happened to the children in Syria he sent Tomahawks… now the abortion clinics get funded….maybe predator drones over them? lol

  16. dave l roselle

    Hi Greg
    Before you talk him up.Look to the foreign policy where as he said we to stop the regime change and make America great again.What a crock For stupid Trump to fall for that false flag in Syria tells me he has not got a handle on nothing .As far as being around smart people is also a crock.Trump is now just another arm of the Deep State


    • Greg Hunter

      Trump said a lot of things when he was a private citizen. It is what he says not that is important.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … I too thought Trump had become just another arm of the Deep State … but I think I’m beginning to see (some method to his madness) … I won’t be completely sure “until I see Trump go after the heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan” which will significantly help to deny the Deep State the money to do all their evil deeds!!

  17. Rick Hester

    Hey Greg,
    Congratulations on one of the best broadcasts you have ever done.
    And with a bit of humor…Trump doesn’t need a “food fight”….hilarious.
    You touched on an amazing number of topics that needed discussing, including Jareds dark secrets.
    Keep up the good work.
    Remember Romans 10:9.
    Rick Hester

  18. The Downes

    Thank you again and again for the VERY few voices of sanity and truth that is left
    in this world, may God bless you too!!

  19. josh

    about north korea… i have family in seoul and i’m very worried. nobody wants unification, not even the south koreans. this is really all about the north korean regime’s internal problems. they are losing the hearts and minds of their own population and they know it. they are trying to focus attention on external enemies to maintain control. many knowledgeable korean watchers do not believe that kim jungun has ever been in control. he is a puppet. forget all the crazy fat boy nonsense. the hard-line generals behind the scenes are the real problem. they know exactly what they are doing.

    • Paul ...

      josh … notice how Trump has China doing our bidding … and in return for China making N. Korea non-nuclear … Trump can make S.Korea non-nuclear (by removing the nuclear missile system he just placed there) … plus going easy on China with respect to trade!! … Trump didn’t become a billionaire by being stupid … it’s the “art of the deal” … right before our very eyes!!

    • JCD

      Josh. I think China will take over N.K. as a part of their own country. If I am right they will be the leaders of influence to S.K. The sky is the limit after this happens.

  20. William D Moorman

    Until the congress takes what they pass. We will never get rid of Obamacare

    • Wayne D

      I heard that! Yes, ObamaCouldNoTCareLESS is a prime example of the larger problem that has mushroomed out of control. People should realize the impact of your comment, that CONgress does live by very different rules.

      They have separate lifetime healthcare and separate lifetime retirement vehicles, all at the expense of US taxpayers. They vote themselves raises, are not held accountable for their actions (including treason!), conspire to commit election fraud, set-up bogus charitable foundations to operate as slush funds, ad nauseam. And they have no term limits as does the Office of POTUS. (Well, they did try to establish Bush-Clinton trade-offs every 8 years.)

      As you imply, if CONgress had to live as the rest of us do, including being forced to buy specific products from specific suppliers as a “tax,” especially in the context of “at will” employment status, you’d see how fast things would change.

  21. diane

    Good wrap up Greg!
    Here’s more on health care bill
    I hope you’re right about the Senate vote!

  22. Steve L.

    Hey Greg,
    Do you know who holds the Puerto Rico Bonds?
    Steve L.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many investors in hedge funds to little people like me and you. This is no small default and it really signals big trouble in the entire bond market.

  23. dlc

    Health care is not the same thing as health, to paraphrase Austin-Fitts. You have a system of health care where insurance, pharma, and gov’t are not willing to revamp in any manner that would benefit the population.

    And too, says Fitts, you have a population that is totally unwilling to live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re into self abuse and self neglect, how can the assurance of health care save you from yourself? Live longer to live wronger, and all the while the health care money meter is running.

    The Trump care bill addresses none of the real issues, just papers over the fact that the country is really sick and no amount of presto chango will heal what ails. We put a different color tutu on this pig is all.

    Are you yet feeling tingly over the fact that 500,000 workers from overseas AND their families will be brought to this country to work the jobs “that our own citizens are too drugged up to perform,” or so the excuse goes? Think they’ll be getting health care? How about the 1 million legal immigrants per year? Think they will be added to the roles?

    Never been a math wizard, but nothing in this formula adds up in a country already running on fumes. Cuban health care it will become, and at an outrageous cost to the productive with restraints on the productive. No mystery to me why more and more people are electing to become the park pigeons. That’s where the bread is.

  24. dlc

    A study in self reliance, a clash of cultures in a good way. I am not promoting the Amish, just found this a fascinating series. I doubt they will even notice the country’s collapse until people to try overrun them for food.

    I used to go to a town called Hegins, PA, to buy ceramics and supplies. They had all their ceramics in an Amish barn with sectioned off theme rooms like a Xmas room, Easter/spring room, Halloween/autumn and such. When I would go into their store to buy my ceramic paints, the Amish women were working on a quilt that was stretched out on a frame. The thing that really got my attention is that they were watching a soap opera while stitching. The Amish in that area of PA are one of if not the strictest.

    The series above is 1 of 6 parts. A group of late teens from England come to live with 6 or 7 families and learned things like barn raising, quilting, sewing, shooting, fishing, milking, mucking out stalls, and got a heavy dose of Bible. You can see a healthy transformation over time after being given attention and good influence. Yes, the camera shows what they want you to see. I get that. It was very interesting to see young adults actually apply themselves, learn skills, and feel good about themselves as a result.

    • BobT


      I live in Amish country. I can tell you for a fact that the Amish are as deep into the system as the rest of us. They do not / will not use cash – they keep all of their money in the bank and use checks for everything. Most of their supplies are purchased. Their goods are mostly sold to us (the “English”). Any Amish that runs a business receives all payments for their goods via wire transfer / EFT – all the same as us. They use loans for their business ventures from the banking system. They only keep enough supplies on hand for a month at a time. They, for the most part, are NOT prepared to survive the mess that is about to hit.


      • Faith

        Bob, that sounds like what my aunt told me about her trip to visit the Amish. I come from a family of women that sew, crochet, tat, knit, and quilt. My aunt went on a bus tour with one of her girlfriends to visit an Amish place. As my aunt grew up quilting (by hand) I think she wanted to look at the quilts the ladies were making to get ideas for her own projects. My aunt was thoroughly disgusted by the tour. Why? She told me that they had the kids out selling little trinkets and that the kids were fairly aggressive. She is retired and on a tight budget and doesn’t have a lot to spend. She was out on a day trip with a girlfriend. She told me the Amish were in it for the money. It isn’t about art, or surviving, or keeping traditions alive. It is all about profit. So, yes, I agree with you.

        By the way, I sew, crochet, tat, and macrame. I have never sold anything. Why? The time involved is too dear. I have given things I have made as gifts to family and friends. Most people don’t appreciate the time involved. I have a small six-inch tatted doily I made from very fine thread. It took me about 20 hours to make that little thing! Just a small bit of lace. Tatting was the last lesson given to me by my grandmother. She was an amazing woman. I haven’t passed on tatting to another person, yet, but it is my goal to teach others. It is one of those things you need to learn by watching and then doing. Out of 8 grandchildren (7 of us were girls) I am the only one that was interested in learning how to tat.

        • BobT

          Hi Faith,

          “It is all about profit.” That is one (probably others) trait I forgot to mention regarding the Amish – they are some of the greediest people I have ever met.

          I have never heard of ‘tat’ but I will be researching it.


          • Julie Tyra

            Tatting is a form of making lace. It is very tedious and a forgotten art. It’s soothing if you like to work with your hands. As far as I know you can’t make bending or clothing, but it’s beautiful.

  25. wondrouscat

    Kushner and that also means his wife, is compromised. He has taken money from bad people. He owes them. Not good. Trump won largely due to the fact that he was not compromised. Trump should tell his son-in-law that he cannot be allowed in the White House – go have a good life, be happy, but stay out of the White House, because as long as he’s there Soros is there too.

  26. wondrouscat

    Isn’t there some saying Whoever has the King’s ear . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Cat and there is also a saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I wonder if Kushner is proving intel to Trump on what these weasels (like Soros) are doing and planning. The potential conflict of interest looks bad though.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … I’m cutting Trump more slack … as I’m seeing method in his madness … I think we are seeing a true genius at work … as he goes about implementing the “art of the deal” to bring the world to a better place right before our very eyes!!! … I think we finally have a top notch President … one comparable to our Founding Fathers!! Congratulations on sticking with Trump … I believe I folded too soon … I’ve come to realize that “a man who has the instincts to protect children” is a man of God!!

        • Greg Hunter

          The depth and evil of the “swamp” is staggering. He’s done well considering the number of people after him.

      • wondrouscat

        One can only hope.

  27. dlc

    BobT: That is why I said the camera shows what it wants you to see. I was making a point about lost skills, attitudes and the like.

    Since you brought it up, I looked at some recent statistics for Hegins, PA. Crime is through the roof, higher than state average. I do not know why. Maybe it is not the same isolated patch that I once knew; I’m talking 40 plus years ago. They may have had their invaders like many small burghs in PA such as Hazelton where Mayor Guiliani’s wife is from.

    I said I was not promoting the Amish. I do not believe that anybody has the secret to perfection and giddy joy. I once heard a saying that is something like: “Take what you like from what you heard and leave the rest for somebody else.”

    You have probably seen the A&E series, “Amish Mafia.” I don’t know if that represents the current norm for the Amish. I’m a sucker for people with hand skills such as carpentry, quilt making, candle and soap making, dressmaking, a washing machine running off a generator. I saw things in the series that maybe did not interest you.

    The gov’t has done a commendable job of dividing us. It’s the only thing they have done well. Oddly, they are all out in support of Sharia and shoving it at our schoolchildren, while we in the meantime peck each other’s eyes out over whose brand of religion is king.

    • BobT

      DLC, no problem. I was just my first hand experience.

  28. coalburner

    Greg: Great job as ususal!
    I am suprised someone in the world has not sent people to take care of Soros. Knowing Soros history , you can bet he is jerking around Kushner. Kushner needs Bannon to blame so he can stand any ground against Soros. Who knows what mis-information is floated for that reason alone.

    I am a believer that Trump is saving, biding his time to the September budget process. He has to consolidate his power and it takes time to shake out the traitors, leakers and let his Cabinet get control of the bureaucrats. If Trump is as tight with Mattis as I hope he is then the rest of these alphabet agencies best get onboard. I still say the Military is us and we are them, our families, our sons, duaghters, brothers, sisters, Grandparents. It is not like Dictator militarys, they are Volunteer Patriots. They know who has their back and who they are coming home too and it is not Facist Democrats and Commies.

    As active as the Facist resistence, the ones claining everyone else is a facist while they act Facist, Trump needs time to get the control it takes to make the big policy changes that the budget requires. Quietly Trumps Executive orders are also paving the way for the change push to come.

    When these people think they can limit Trumps actions to his first two years, I believe they are wrong. He will drive his whole four years and the 2018 elections are not going to go well for the Demonrats. Trump will get a second wind after that election. I live in New Mexico and Liberal Santa Fe just kicked the Bloomberg bully team in the teeth by voting down a useless tax that intended to control people by increasing taxes, doubling the cost of sodas, and other “sugarery drinks” Bloomberg spend about 8 million on one small town capitol and lost. The common people came out and voted down the “do gooder Liberals” who want to tell other people what to do and how to live. That is twice recently. The regular election, Trump lost NM mostly because of the Santa Fe Liberals, many from CA, NY, and EU. So Bloomberg tried to bully our legislature into gun control and got their tails kicked for another large money loss. Before that in my County they butted in to try to stop us from dumping a local long time State Senate bum, soft on crime and DUI’s and a gun control supporter. We kicked him out and put in a new guy who supports our values. Another major win for us and big money loss for Bloomberg. We have rocked him three times for losses here in NM. I hope they just give it up. Right now, after the constant intervention from the Bloomberg and Soros crapbags , I think Trump could take NM and our national legislators best take a lesson . If the Berkley garbage in black garb comes back here again for any future Trump rally, they are going to have some inconvenience.

    PS. Thanks Josh for the on ground report on South Korea. Hope no one gets hurt!

  29. GoneWest


    Good weekly wrap up; a good listen, as always.

    I see you are excited about the House passing the Obamacare repeal. If only it were a repeal. Many parts of Obamacare still remain, including the horrendously expensive per-existing condition parts. In my opinion, the changes made in this bill will have little impact in the long run.

    Also, the bill does nothing to address the real problems in the healthcare system which are cost and monopolistic practices. Your guest of a few weeks ago, Karl Denninger, spoke of this in detail. The House bill does nothing to prevent the exponential growth of healthcare costs.

    This bill is going to turn into a big, fat nothing burger. The federal government needs to remove itself from the healthcare business and start enforcing 100 year old anti-trust laws against the healthcare industry after which cost will take care of itself through capitalism (aka competition).

    Best wishes for the weekend!

    • Greg Hunter

      They could not do a repeal because of the rules of the Senate. I hope you are wrong.

      • GoneWest

        Hi Greg,

        Keep in mind that the “rules of the Senate” are literally made up by the Senate itself. That is, the Senators define the rules. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires 60 Senate votes to pass anything – it requires a simple majority to pass bills. What the pols try to convince the people is that 60 votes are required because that’s the number of votes required to break a filibuster. This is completely self-imposed. Gorsuch was confirmed by a simple majority in the Senate – not 60 votes. The Senators did this by changing the rules; the so-called nuclear option. They could use the same procedure to repeal Obamacare but won’t because they get too much money from the medical/insurance/pharmaceutical lobby.

        When I was taught civics in high school more than 30 years ago, a filibuster required a senator, or more likely a group of senators, to hold the Senate floor indefinitely. Meaning, they had to be standing up and speaking the entire time. The current notion of a filibuster requiring 60 votes is a bastardization of the original filibuster designed to let the politicians off easy and not go through what it takes to hold the Senate floor. It was designed by Senators of both/the-one party.

        Don’t let them fool you with their “rules”.

    • Wayne D

      Denninger for many years now has been ardently shouting your comment that government should be removed from healthcare and that *existing* anti-trust and other laws be enforced to break up such monopolies. This would drop healthcare costs from almost 20% of GDP down to 3%. Initial economic pain would soon provide much needed relief.

      One of his most recent blogs succinctly expands this refrain to include the monstrous “higher education” scam/bubble. See , where he states: “There are two things: medical care and post-secondary education.
      What do they have in common?
      Financialization and the removal of risk from those providing the financing.”

      As you note, true capitalism involving price defined by open competition in free enterprise would remove this industry collusion fiasco. But unfortunately, this will be resisted at all costs because the real impetus in constructing these monopolies was to feed the Fed Ponzi scheme in its need for continual debt enslavement through credit expansion.

      That is why Bush exempted student loan debt from personal bankruptcy protection, so debt would follow the person throughout life as long as possible. This is also why we keep seeing the serial blowing of these housing-auto-stock market-etc bubbles. In order to live, the privately-owned parasitic central bank that runs our “economy” needs debt/credit to keep growing.

      Let’s hope Andrew Jackson comes back real soon, even dressed as Donald Trump. BTW, Jackson, at a time when Presidents had no assigned Secret Service detail, not only survived an assassination attempt, he beat the crap out of his assailant. Man up, Donald!

  30. Lissa

    Here is a Wall Street on Parade posting regarding the recent GAO report about our biggest threat that speaks to the topic today. Of course no mention in the MSM. Read to the bottom. Very telling.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bad link my dear. Post again please.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg…That’s ok…I am sure POTUS Trump boss will fix everything?
        as soon as his boss gets orders from on high at the BIS/Crown/IMF
        All the Plentary Men:
        When you consider these – is there anyone that visits here not understand why bankers DO NOT go to jail and only pay fines with money printed out of thin air for appearances?
        We are so far from a Constitutional Republic only one’s memory of it nearly defies reality.


    Greg , President Trump should replace Jared Kushner with Ann Coulter .

  32. Paul ...

    I hear England is going after Tony Blair for his criminal invasion of Iraq … yet not a peep over here in America about going after Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld!! … why??

  33. dlc

    The voters gave Trump nothing to work with in Congress. To vote for the corrupt RINOs and expect a different outcome, I just will never understand the logic in that. Ryan and McCain had very good opponents of the conservative vein. It was the voter who said drop dead to those options or just sat home.

    Thad Cochran fought like a drowning man to get re-elected. Where’s Waldo Cochran now? Re-electing McConnell? His wife got another good job as a result. And we got what? Voting like this — and Trump is the problem?

    Never thought Jimmy Kimmel, who once co-hosted on Ben Stein’s Money, would turn out to be such a schmuck, using his son for a political prop to garner support for Obamacare. It reminds me of the Dems using Paul Wellstone’s funeral to make political points, literally turning a funeral into a political bitching session.

    I get cold feet about Trump, then I see Hillary still flinging blame over her loss and Chelsea waxing about a prez trophy for herself and I become a Trump fanatic. That’s all it takes to get me back with the program.

    Wait until you see who an enraged population installs after Trump. Didn’t get the wall right out of the starting gate? The knuckleheads who voted to retain all the RINOs put the nix on that prospect. Well, there is 2018 where the astute voters get to re-elect some more lifers.

  34. Roger D

    Trumpsters keep saying, ‘It’s just 100 days, why is so hard to give him more time?’ My reply is , ‘Why is it so hard to admit we were wrong about Trump?’

    • Greg Hunter

      So you would have been better off with Hillary? Please.

  35. Chuck

    Greg, for all you do, I say thank you.

    You are the most balanced,fair,rational news man I have ever listened to.
    Thank You for unashamedly stating the complete overseeing and controll of God the Father and His Son Jesus. Romans 8:2. Chuck

    • Paul ...

      Chuck … seems the Deep State has developed viruses that can attack the religious centers of our brains (and make us into atheists) … currently the Deep State is dropping these viruses on entire religious populations in the Middle East … likely to make them into suicide bombers, mass murder truck drivers, etc., etc. …

      • Paul ...

        Note: skip to about the 3/4 mark on the site above to get to the good part … it shows that the US Government is spraying innocent people with viruses in chem-trails to supposedly make religious fanatics into “normal” people … what are they doing to us here in America? … making normal people into “zombies”? … this is “mind control” people … not Geo-engineering!!!

  36. francis m reps

    greg, In respons to j miller ; “accumulate dog food ? “. Yes Mr.Miller….the watchdog needs to eat. If we have distribution problems, as a result of credit contraction, the bulky..low margin products like dog food and paper products will be the first to be in short supply as a result of credit contraction; This is actually an idea from Mr. Bill Holter and I am parroting it. I truly wish that Greg Hunter’s optimism works out. At eighty two years of age, and having watched how most circumstances unfold…..I appreciate mr.Hunter’s hope.{ unfounded }…….I was there once too.

  37. Laura Snyder

    Your wrap-up was not only precise with wide coverage, your interpretations were insightful & extensively backed by accurate research. Your presentation was again totally interesting from start to finish.

    I would like to ask to please inquire of your guests, who would be knowledgeable about store closings in towns & cities. We live near a larger town in VT with perhaps 40 shops & larger stores. On Main St. I have counted about 15 closings within a relatively short period of time. In the past, maybe a couple would close, then be rented to a new business. This time they are staying empty.

    My parents were married in 1938 & lived upstairs in one bedroom of my father’s parents’ (Long Island, NY) home which had a $4,000 mortgage. The family farm used to sell mainly greens & other vegetables at the Wallabout Market in Brooklyn. In 1939 my father said that no one had $. They had mainly sold to hotels, restaurants & eatery’s. The farmers would put out their fresh produce in the morning; & would end up collecting all their wilted produce at the end of the market day. The parents lost their home & 10 acres that year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Laura for your comment an perspective.

  38. tinku

    Donald Trump signs a visa-free travel policy for Pakistan whats going on same policy adopt by corrupt hillary

  39. tinku

    Trump promised to fight Radical Islam, It is turning out to be a fake promise Lebanese geopolitical commentator Sarah Abdallah wrote about Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia: “Going to Saudi Arabia to combat extremism, terrorism and violence is like going to McDonalds in the hope of finding a healthy lunch.” Indeed, the situation was summed up in a fitting way. American foreign policy is known to be the most hypocritical in the world. The cherry on the cake has been its alliance with Saudi Arabia. How the so-called leader of the free world has for one of its most important allies an undemocratic regime which denies basic human rights to its citizens, and that too in the name of religion, has baffled many through the ages. Of late, the kingdom has been described as an oil-rich version of the Islamic State.

    The Americans have a history of supporting brutal dictatorial regimes across the world. But if Saudi Arabia was only another one of them, it would have been understandable, at least to a certain extent. The truth is that in the case of Saudi Arabia, brutality and autocracy are only the tip of the iceberg.

    Saudi Arabia has a monopoly over global terrorism. The oil-rich kingdom has for many years now used its petrodollars to spread Islam all over the world. An important element in their grand vision of things has been terrorism. Whether it is the Indian sub-continent, south-east Asia or Africa, Islamic terror organizations are mostly funded by the Saudis. The Syrian conflict and other conflicts in the Middle-East, which have resulted in hordes of immigrants taking their culture with them and landing up on European shores, have been fueled by the Saudis. The Americans put on the façade of taking terrorism and extremism seriously, while their best buddy on the geopolitical arena runs amok.

    • tinku

      yes may be fake news, In recent update US take action on Pakistan imposed more sanctioned

  40. tinku

    A leaked report of the American government points at the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks. According to it, at least two of the Saudi hijackers were in contact with a Saudi ambassador who belonged to the royal family. Massive money was transferred by him to the hijackers. It is believed that the American government attempted to thwart the investigations, and the report was suppressed as well. The alliance with the oil-rich kingdom had to be protected at all costs. And while the conspiracy it seems was hatched in Saudi Arabia and Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan, Afghanistan was made to bear the brunt of America’s wrath.

    When Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then as president initially, vowed to wipe out radical Islam from the face of the earth, the main target should have been amply clear. It’s quite simple really- one cannot defeat radical Islam by being a policeman in various conflict zones as long the headquarters holds an endless supply of wealth and resources.

    On his maiden foreign trip, president Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican. The last two are likely to earn him brownie points among his god-fearing voter base. But his visit to the source of radical Islam after vowing to wipe it out comes as a disappointment.

    The blanket Muslim ban that Trump promised to impose as a measure to tackle radical Islam was an interesting initiative. If not for anything else, at least it would have sent out the right message. The important measure the Trump administration took though was the ratification of the Keystone pipeline. When up and running, it will reduce American energy dependence on the Muslim world. But ever since, Trump seems to have backed off completely.

    The aggression he displayed initially seems increasingly curtailed. With the likes of Steve Bannon on their way out, and Trump going back on his word and attacking Syria, it seems the deep state that thrives on violence and insecurity around the world has gotten to Trump.

    Reports have now emerged that the Americans are pushing the Saudis into a billion-dollar arms deal. This will only strengthen the kingdom’s resolve. Trump’s initial enthusiasm to combat radical Islam seems to have backfired. The deep state, or perhaps Trump’s own hypocrisy, has emerged at the forefront to perpetuate the status-quo. The kingdom is a ticking time-bomb. It seemed as if Trump had realized the same, but things have changed now.

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