Don’t Count Trump or God Out – Jonathan Cahn

By Greg Hunter’s

Seven-time, best-selling author and renowned Bible expert Jonathan Cahn has written a new book called “The Josiah Manifesto” that talks about end times, God’s timing and ancient biblical prophecies coming true as a “guide for the End Times.”  Cahn says President Donald Trump plays a role in the End Times talked about in the Bible.  Cahn explains, “The leaders of our time have actually been following a template, ancient templates of leaders in the Bible when Israel was falling into judgment.  The archetype for Donald Trump is a man named Jehu.  Jehu was a wild guy.  He was unpredictable, like Trump.  He fought with everybody, like Trump.  Nobody knew where he was at, like Trump.  Yet, he’s called by God to rise to the throne.  He actually makes an alliance with religious conservatives, like Trump.  Jehu has an agenda to go to the capitol city and drain the swamp, like Trump.  Jehu ends up standing head-to-head with the nation’s former first lady, like Trump.  In the case for Jehu, it was Jezebel.  In the case of Trump, it was Hillary Clinton.  Jezebel was for Baal worship, which was child sacrifice.  Clinton is one of the foremost proponents of abortion in the same way.  Jezebel was on the national stage with her husband for 22 years and on her own for 14 years.  Hillary was on the national stage with her husband for 22 years and on her own for 14 years.  This is stunning.  When Trump and Clinton came head-to-head, every poll said Clinton would wipe Trump away.”

What about all the legal problems Trump is going through?  Cahn says, “They can give charges against Trump.  They can charge him and do whatever they want, but is that going to stop him?  That’s another issue because Trump was impeached twice, and that did not stop him.  Jehu is the only king of the Northern kingdom that the Bible says he did good.  He did not do totally good.  It was mixed.  He did good, and he also messed up, but he was the only one of those kings that did good. . . .  Now, I am going to tell your audience something I have not released before.  Jehu was on the public stage for 28 years. . . . For Donald Trump, if they don’t stop him, they will try, but he still becomes president, his last year will be 2028.  Of course, 28 is the number of Jehu with 28 years in public life.  We shall see, and that is an exclusive for your audience.  We shall see, but I don’t think you can count Trump out . . . and don’t count God out, and that’s more important. . . . One more thing, Jehu turned against the worship of Baal.  That means he was against the killing of children. . . . Donald Trump was originally pro-abortion and then he turned pro-life.  Jehu pulled down the temple of Baal.  Donald Trump was more responsible for overturning Roe vs. Wade than anybody because of who he appointed to the Supreme Court.”

In closing, Cahn says, “Josiah was a righteous King, and everybody was falling away from God.  Josiah turned the nation of Israel around for a time.  I believe we have to be like Josiah. . . . The End Times are not just dark and doom and gloom.  The End Times is dark, gets darker and lights get brighter.  We have to start getting brighter.  The worst thing we can do is give into the darkness and be quiet and silent because we are afraid of the darkness.  We are afraid of the darkness of the culture.  We cannot do that. . . . Light pushed out the darkness.  Darkness does not push out the light.”

There is much more in the 52-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with seven-time, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn to talk about his upcoming book, “The Josiah Manifesto,” for 7.25.23.

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After the Interview:

If you would like to pre-order Jonathan Cahn’s new book, “The Josiah Manifesto,” click here.

(When you preorder, you will get four other Jonathan Cahn best-selling eBooks for free.)

The actual book releases on September 5, 2023.

If you want to see other best-selling books from Jonathan Cahn, click here.

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  1. Ralph DeKemper

    Wanted to suggest considering Gen Flynn for a guest. He is excellent and positive…

    Old pal,
    Ralph D

    • David Bagley

      Flynn is a Free Mason..

      • Michael Sorrell


      • Angie

        Don’t bother trying to inform as too many refuse to see the obvious.

      • cathy koester


    • martin

      haha…..your joking? right?

    • martin

      u need to do a bit more in depth digging on Flynn, I’m afraid u may not like what you find!!

  2. Steven Kayser

    “…the party most likely to use nuclear weapons first is the U.S. in order to save face and destabilize Russia once Ukraine is on the brink of collapse.” Jim Rickards: Has World War III Begun?

    “The Russian generals have a theory they’ve held in private. They call it “THE AXE THEORY” It’s the theory that, if you are going to war, you use your most terrible weapon first” J.R. Nyquist

    Mr. Nyquist believes that nuclear weapons make up the Russian Axe. I argue that Russia forged their Axe from fossil fuel energy. By launching the Special Military Operation now, the Russian Axe chops directly at the supply of energy to the Western importing nations, the very foundation of the Western financial system, at the system’s most vulnerable moment:

    The American Fracking industry has flatlined and entered de-facto debtor in possession operations, and OPEC total oil offered for sale has declined 35% in four years.

    To begin, Russia’s Special Military Operation has already created a global energy crisis….

    To read the whole thing,

    • Liber8tor

      I believe in God, but Trump may not be the “White Hat” people think he is. (why did Trump surround himself with all the old 9-11 people)?

      I think we need to pray for guidance , be alert and watch for more information.

      • Jerry

        I have often thought the exact something, still do. Don’t get me wrong I voted for Trump twice, with that I do believe he did good for this country more so than any other. I hear so many calling him out as the “savior,” my personal sediment on the matter is Jesus Christ is the one and only savior that can fix the mess “they” have created. There is no amount of voting that will fix it. Pray Pray and Pray some more for guidance. Prepare!

      • Tex

        Worship is GOD’S consciousness of GOD’S Divine majesty. As you pause to worship, GOD will help you to raise your humanity to His divinity. The earth is a material temple to enclose GOD’S divinity. GOD brings to those who worship Him a divine power, a divine love & a divine healing. You only have to open your mind to him & try to absorb some of his divine spirit. Pausing quietly in the spirit of worship, turn your inward thoughts upward & realize that His divine power may be yours, that you can experience His love & healing.

        I pray that I may worship GOD by sending the enteral Spirit. I pray that I may experience a new power in my life.

  3. Robert says no

    We’re not born Catholic or Protestant or any religion. I was born innocent and baptized into the Catholic religion.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Yes definitely leave this one up to God. To predict and have all knowledge of the plan is totally opportunistic.

    • Robert K

      I couldn’t agree more. PSALM 118:8. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

    • Robert W.

      I couldn’t agree more. Predictions and claims of all knowledge will certainly lead a person to ruin. But, I don’t think that going to the other end of the spectrum, where no action at all is taking place, is justified; is the way to go. I think the part that most Christians, for some reason, tend to ignore is all that is written in the Bible about the role the Holy Spirit plays, especially what Jesus states as he is preparing to be crucified. The Holy Spirit resides in all true Christians, and with that understanding we should maybe conclude the there may come a time when Christians filled by the Holy Spirit are going to complete some actions of significance. As is stated in James 2, faith without deeds is dead. Also, Jesus clearly states that only those that do the will of the father can get into heaven. You should take a look at this Substack. There is a video there that shows how the Holy Spirit worked through a baptised, repentant Christian to unroll scripture. This is the kind of action we need by Christians, those filled by the Holy Spirit, to do now. I just saw that a new video was released as well.

      I think you should check the Substack out. There is a new interpretation of Daniel 2 there, and a pretty decent look at the shortening of the days. What I’ve found us that there is quite a bit more going on in the Bible than most Christians acknowledge. Well, if you aren’t interested, perhaps someone reading this, that is a Christian, might want to take a look.

  5. Jen T

    So today, I was at an Auto Parts store and the guy at the counter said his hands are partially paralyzed. I asked him, how long it has been like that….he said 2 years. I then asked if he was vaccinated and he said he was, and boosted. He then said it happened right after the first shot and that he couldn’t walk after the booster. I said I have read the jabs have those effects, etc. he cut me off and said he didn’t think it was the jabs and that he was in the military and was probably exposed to something from long ago. I have many similar stories like this on a daily basis. Another person said today they only watch FOX, as if THAT is THE truth. Lord, help us. It’s such a shame those good brains he gave us don’t get used by many.

    Greg, thank you for all the interviews and putting yourself “out there” to get the word out. God Speed.

  6. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thanks Greg
    I love Jonathan Cahn. I also own most of his books. Great guest and interview, I was blessed.

  7. KRELL427

    That was an incredible, thanks Greg

  8. Steve Kayser

    The Children of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Witt and Elon Musk
    The Strange Warr Hypdrloop lyrics. Peak Oil Happened.

    “The Key is to advance the development of renewable drive technology”
    Paraphrase of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Witt AND Elon Musk.

    While contemplating World events, I suggest you play the background music to Warr Hyperloop’s promotional video for their winning Hyperloop pod competition entry. SpaceX sponsored this competition to develop the best method to fire a (rod from god) hyper loop pod from a vacuum tube in space.

    I include my best attempt at transcribing the lyrics below. (If you find a mistake in the lyrics, please point it out in the comments below). After reviewing the lyrics, check out the comment of the Turkish Space Minister after their last horrible earthquake.

  9. Louis Segunda

    an accurate thing Mark Taylor said on USAWD was how the religions had been infiltrated by the bad guys. Not just the Catholic Church but other sects also. And Cardinal Vigano has spoken several times about the “deep church”, confirming what Matk Taylor said. Cardinal Vigano has written President Trump abou this problem.

    Rabbi Cahn handled the topic of the Life Site article diplomatically, and would not grind Greg Hunter’s axe.

    What Rabbi Cahn said is similar to what Fr. James Altman said on youtube couple years ago, with his famous video: “You Can’t be Catholic and Vote Democrat”. Fr. Altman has also called out the Vatican & etc.

  10. John Maskell

    Love this show. God will win this battle ! Evil has no place here. Such a shame that good people took the vax and got tricked by the dark side . There is help to flush this toxin out of your body but the question remains , how could a set of murdering people be allowed to do this ? This group of evil killers is huge and that bothers me. Have God on your side ! Great work Greg .

  11. Marie Joy

    We cannot be quiet and expect everyone, else, to fight our battles.
    Protesting doesn’t work in a communist America.
    Teach your family to quietly fight. Stealth.
    Get in better shape. Hard times are coming.
    God helps those who help themselves.
    A UPS strike will gum up America’s delivery industry.
    Where would we be if Hillary won in 2016?
    Courage. Get ready, emotionally.

    • Jehu - Elijah

      2 Kings 9 30-33

      30 Now when Jehu had come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she put paint on her eyes and adorned her head, and looked through a window. 31 Then, as Jehu entered at the gate, she said, “Is it peace, Zimri, murderer of your master?”

      32 And he looked up at the window, and said, “Who is on my side? Who?” So two or three eunuchs looked out at him. 33 Then he said, “THROW HER DOWN.” So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses; and he trampled her underfoot.

      1 Kings18:40

      40 And Elijah said to them, “Seize the prophets of Baal! Do not let one of them escape!” So they seized them; and Elijah brought them down to the Brook Kishon and EXECUTED them there.

  12. Charles Whitlatch

    Another great time prescient interview. Many thanks.

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Cahn.

  14. Ellen Fisher

    What an amazing interview !!! Thank you , Greg ~ you are a true blessing . I love Jonathan Cahn – never a dull moment when he speaks . I own many of his books & treasure them . Ordering ‘ The Josiah Manifesto’ right now . Thanks for the reminder that in the very darkest of times – we are to be The Light shining forth representing JESUS CHRIST !.

  15. PersonaNonGrata

    Off Topic:
    New Healthcare System announced by Doctor Simone Gold of AFLDS (America’s Frontline Doctors):

    • Wayne

      No thanks. I can do without the sales pitch.

  16. Roger Stamper

    tks jonathan greg

  17. Old Coop

    White House MELTS DOWN As NEW WHISTLEBLOWER Humiliates Joe Biden
    Stephen Gardner 125,301 views Jul 24, 2023
    A new whistle blower humiliates Biden and sends the white house into panic mode. Hunter Biden’s best friend and business partner comes forward to testify against President Biden. Putin has one of his best attack days against Ukraine yet, while Anotony Blinken ensure the American public Ukraine is winning the war. Plus Israel makes major government changes under new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trumps and RFK call for real investigations into whether Biden sold out the country for a few million dollars.

    Jesse Watters Primetime 7/25/23 FULL END SHOW HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS July 25, 2023
    Biden is at the top with 10% to the big guy!!
    Just when you think Dems can’t sink any lower, they do.
    America’s silence is consent to what’s going on in our Government…let your voice be heard by any means necessary. Stay on it Jesse. Good job.
    We so need President Trump back in the peoples house!

  18. Larry Serflaten

    At about 34:40, Mr. Cahn mentions we need a revival. A revival is when some one or some thing becomes active or important, again. What needs to become important is the many membered body of Christ. We need to unify the members to undertake the cause (or will) of God. Just like when the United States was formed; ‘One nation under God’.

    We all have parts to play, some are seen, like those of the hands, feet and mouth, while others are not seen, like the heart, mind, and soul. None the less we need to rally ourselves to show we are in the majority, no matter what sort of devil worshiping culture they try to force upon us.

    As we are often aware, the soul is willing but the flesh is weak. We need to fortify ourselves to start listening to our soul (or spirit selves). It is the soul that animates the body, and under the right circumstances, guides the body in the direction it should go. The many membered body of Christ also has a soul, and that soul is the spirit of Christ, himself. That should be our focal point to rally all the people, to follow the spirit of Christ in doing the will of God.

    Christ is not far off, He dwells in all the believers. (John 6:56) We can not see him, but our own souls can see and converse with him. That is why we all must pay more attention to what our souls (spiritual selves) are doing and to let that be in control a majority of the time.

    So yes, we need a revival, a spiritual revival, to help the many membered body of Christ take back the culture of our nation and set it on a righteous path, like Josiah did. We are the body, and Christ is our soul. For more info read John 17:18:23.

  19. Catherine Cronin

    Jonathan Cahn brings up THE most important piece of information that explains why America will continues to be on the path of judgement. The reason is the CULTURE of death. Homosexual marriage and anything involving sexual identification confusion is DEMONIC and against Gods perfection creation. IF our culture including religious continues to support sexual immorality you are going to be judged. It’s that path of destruction. Homosexuality is the group leading children to death. Praying is good but ACTION AGAINST THIS KIND OF EVIL IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

    • Robert says no

      Culture of death? I suggest you look at the symbol of Christianity, a Cross, which was the method of imposed execution back in those days. If Christ was put to death in the last 100 years, Christian churches could have on the top of their steeples or on their churches facade, a noose, an electric chair, a syringe, a gas chamber, a representative image of a firing squad. All modern methods of execution.

      I was raised Catholic but questioned the dogma of Christianity as I grew older. Some of it begs critical analysis. That seems so hard of a task for many believers.

      • Chris in Arkansas

        What men do under the sign of the cross and what Christ commands us to do are two very different things. Do not confuse the abhorrent actions of “Christian” men and leaders with the true Character of God and Jesus Christ. They can be two very, very different things.

  20. Lu

    Greg, I think someone is impersonating you on Twitter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Show it here so we can all be aware.

    • Gerald

      How can you pray if you turn your ear away from the Torah (Prov 28:9)? That is why we are being judged.

  21. Mark

    Can you do an expose’ on the amount of US Federal Gov’t grants and funding the Catholic Church receives , which drives their decision making conform to, and support of things like homosexuality and abortion?

    • Cassie

      Yes, Gerald. America’s judgment from God is coming and most people have no idea how very deep our sin goes. What isn’t happening is true repentance from making light of God’s law. Proverbs 28:9 “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.” Our churches are leading the people to hell. I wonder if we are at the point where God says don’t pray for this people. I am at the point of only praying for His will to be done.

  22. John Geis

    America has no hope of avoiding God’s judgement. Listen to what God told Duduman: … said, “What will you do with the church?”

    He said, “The church has left me”.

    I said, “How? Don’t you have people here?”

    He said, “People in America honor people. The honor that should be given to God, they give to other people. Americans think highly of themselves. They say, ‘I serve God’, but they don’t. In the church there is divorce, adultery, fornication, sodomy, abortion and all kinds of sin. Jesus Christ doesn’t live in sin. He lives in holiness. I brought you here so you could cry out loud. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Tell them to stop sinning. God never stops forgiving. Tell them to repent. He will forgive them. Tell them to start preparing themselves so I can save them in the day of trouble”. … Stop sinning and repent. He will forgive and we will have salvation.

    I said, “How will you save the Church if America will burn?”

    He said, “Tell them as I tell you. As he saved the three young men through the oven of fire, and Daniel from the mouth of the lion, that is how I will save them. Tell them to stop sinning and repent. … I said, “If you are the angel of God, everything you tell me has to be written in the Bible. If it is not, then I can’t tell the Americans”.

    “Tell them to read Jeremiah 51:8-15. He names it ‘The Mystery Babylon, The Great Adulteress’. Also, Revelation Chapter 18, the entire chapter. There it says clearly what will happen to America”.

    Why did he name it, “The Mystery Babylon”?

    “Tell them because all the nations of the world immigrated into America and America accepted them. America accepted Buddha, the devil church, the sodomite church, the Mormon church and all kinds of wickedness. America was a Christian nation. Instead of stopping them, they went after their gods. Because of this, He named them “The Mystery Babylon”.
    America has never stopped abortion as the common birth control pills stop the fertilized egg, baby, from attaching to the uterus and kill it. see In order to reach high effectiveness rates, hormonal contraceptives rely on two main mechanisms: prevention of the fertilization of a woman’s egg (prefertilization effect), and prevention of the implantation of an embryo by the modification of the lining of the uterus (postfertilization effect). The second mechanism is what we’re concerned with here. If ovulation occurs and if the egg is fertilized by a sperm, which sometimes happens, especially with today’s low-dose pills[iv], the resulting embryo will travel to the uterus and attempt implantation. However, scientific literature shows that oral contraceptives, implants, the shot, the patch[v] and IUDs make the lining of the uterus inhospitable to it. It is also clearly stated in the labels of these contraceptive methods[vi].
    This is the evil of Revelation 18-23 that causes America to suffer judgement. She does not get healed. In Jeremiah 51 – 9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.

    • Cassie

      Ten thousand thumbs up to all you state, John. We are indeed going down as a nation. And it’s not “the bad guys” doing this, it is God’s justice/judgement.

  23. Gadfly

    Greg, if memory serves me right, didn’t Ronald Reagan sign legislation legalizing abortion in California in 1967, three years before Governor Carey did the same in New York?

    Furthermore, didn’t the COVID “plague” (which was easily cured with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine) subside because the CDC stopped categorizing the flu as COVID?

    Just askin’.

  24. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…

    Many people believe, they are “Christian”. An example is the reference to the Catholic Church supporting abortion. The “Church” is full of pagans.

    The nation is not, more important than serving God. Most christians are opportunists. They fit in with every crowd.

    Yes. America will fall. Yes the “Christian” church is cleansed. “Slaughter the old men, the young men and women,…..Begin at my sanctuary”…..Eze 9:6

    Wishing won’t stop God.

    • Cassie

      Completely agree, James. The false prophets proclaim “peace, peace, when there is no peace.” God’s kingdom is not of this world. The Holy Spirit is calling each individual to repentance and most in churches can’t hear Him because they don’t obey His voice.

  25. Marie Joy

    Fraud vitiates immunity.
    If WE don’t find our balls, Trump will lose.
    If Trump loses, we will die an early death.
    If we die an early death, the Deep State will take our children.
    What will it take, America?
    The UN says all children belong to the UN and our American Senate ratified it.
    We, and our children, will NOT survive these politicians.
    The worst thing I did for my children was teach them to turn the other cheek.
    I should have taught them an eye for an eye.
    And YOU and I should stop turning the other cheek.

    • gerald

      The word “cretin” comes from christian. We need to be nazerenes, like Paul (Acts 24:5). Believe in the Messiah (Yeshua) and keep torah.


    Another winner interview!

  27. Nat

    Thanks Greg!

    Found this very encouraging. Have read at least one of Cahn’s books and have seen him interviewed multiple times.

    Have myself thot of hellary as jezebel but not Pres Trump as Jehu. Love the comparison!

    Ps have forwarded link to multiple email friends.

    • Nat

      Greg, while your written summary is excellent, having now watched the whole interview…WOW! So good and so much there. Will definitely have to watch it again.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Nat.
        My write ups are some nuggets for those who do not wish to watch the interview. I agree Cahn give a lot more in the video.

  28. Darren

    Titus 2:13 as we await the blessed hope and glorious appearance of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. while we look forward with hope to that wonderful day when the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, will be revealed. America is completely hopeless and doomed!!!

  29. Rick

    Wake up America – it’s mourning – because the Globalists are cutting your coffee supply chain – however smelling the coffee isn’t the only thing we have to worry about – supply chain issues are currently making a range of common grocery items difficult to find – and with strikes looming – it will only get worse!!

    • "Enrico"


      “There are things being negotiated now that are going to answer all your questions, and solve all your problems. That’s all I can tell you now.” – Michael Corleone (The Godfather)

  30. Marie Joy

    Patrick Humphrey on Youtube 7/25/2023, says people are being banned from shopping at Walmart, Family Dollar, Shop Rite, and gas stations, by facial recognition.
    Best to buy from farmers.

  31. Russell Holmes

    Cahn is greatly mistaken about when “legal” abortion first came to America.

    Baby murder was first “legalized” in Mississippi in 1966, 4 years before New York. California was next in 1967 while in 1968 Colorado went way beyond the rape and incest “exceptions” and included pregnancy which would lead to “disability of the woman.” Hawaii and Washington also “legalized” baby murder in 1970.

  32. Country Codger

    Great Interview guys!!!
    Greg, you can find YHVH’s appointed times in Leviticus 23 and it starts with the weekly Sabbath. Go to Lev. 26:13-46 and these are the plagues that will fall on America if we continue to harden our hearts.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Gerald

      Right on Country Codger!

    • Cassie

      Yes, CC, and add Deuteronomy 28 to see the full blessings and curses God pronounces against the disobedient, rebellious people. DEEP individual repentance is needed. But I believe it is too late to turn this nation around.

  33. Thomas Malthaus

    A civil war to remove the leftist rot.

  34. Don W.

    If Trump becomes our next President, it will be about the time of the signing of the Peace Treaty for seven years with Israel. Then the next 42 mo. and the start of the War of Armageddon which will only last a very short time and then we, that know Him will have His Angeles take us to be Home with Him. What a Blessing that will be.
    All that Johnathan Cohn had to say, made so much since and follows what I have been saying for a number of years, that the end times are approaching and approaching fast.
    Blessings to you and him for getting this out.

  35. Marie Joy

    The Poplar Report, on Youtube says the UPS strike will NOT happen.

  36. William D Carson

    I hope Trump finds a different spiritual advisor this time around than the heretical, adulterous, prosperity gospel charlatan Paula White. Just one of the many poor choices in appointees he made. He’s had time to do his homework. Maybe he could spend more effort in vetting his potential appointees and less time coming up with cutesy names to call his opponents.

    • H L Maison

      Colonel Douglas Macgregor said Trump’s flaw is that he does agreements by how he feels about someone’s personality. Contrary to this is that international affairs can and often need to be conducted according to mutual interests and nothing to do with personality.

      Notice that Trump spends more time talking about how he felt about Kim Jong or how he felt about Putin, rather than what they had in common to agree upon?

      I side consequence of this style is that Trump floats ideas all the time to determine how others feel. He never can do his homework, then come out decisively with a plan.

      None of this is alpha-male behavior pattern. Somehow people mistake Trump’s brashness for this when really it is a psuedo version of the pattern. Conservatives who view Trump as a paragon of masculinity need to do a reality check.

      What we need now is men like Washington and Smedly Butler USMC. But they are not around. Things are so dire, that we accept Trump as janky as he is because what we have in Biden/Obama is depraved homosexual pedovores attacking small children and thieving the treasury & etc.

      The big mistake are those who will not allow critique of Trump and act like it is support for Biden/Obama. This sort of thing happens a lot in churches which is why scandals get out of control. Trump needs to be critiqued by the right—after all, his personality type depends upon the opinions of others. By supporessing critical comments about Trump on USAWD, all Trump has is the critical feedback of the homosexuals he, and his son Jr, keep inviting to his house parties.

      • Lee Wang Pangovichski

        HL, Greg’s hero is the Son of the True God.
        Jesus the Christ, messiah. Ate and drank with sinners at party’s. Jesus was about saving human lives. By preaching, thy Kingdom come, incoming. You catch more flies with honey. To bad for you, because only the meek shall inherit the Eoith!

        He who had not sinned cast the foist stone!

      • Tag

        Conservatives had an opportunity in 2008 & 2012 to get behind a Founding Father-esque leader—Ron Paul.

        Instead they went with Juan McAmnesty and Mitt “ Father of Obamacare” Romney.

        They rejected Ron Paul because he dared to criticize the awful GW Bush administration.

        Their two most beloved political idols of the post-Vietnam War era (Reagan and Trump) were both Liberal Democrats for most of their adult lives.

        Conservatives are the dumbest people in politics.

  37. Robert K


    Yet another bioweapon shot casualty? The Chicago Blackhawks’ principal owner, Rocky Wirtz, died on Tuesday at the age of 70 away after a “brief illness”. Seems aot of these “brief illness” deaths are all shot related…

    • "Enrico"

      Sinead O’Connor dead at 56…

      Cause of death?

  38. "Enrico"

    G.A. Stewart: It is also interesting that we are nearing the point where Donald J. Trump may be charged with involvement in The January 6th, 2021 Capitol Riot.

    This could possibly put Donald J. Trump in jail without bail, just as many other January 6th, 2021 Capitol Riot defendants have found themselves. Thus America would be propelled full-tilt into The Second American Civil War and Third World status. As I have written, The Second American Civil War will breakout when Russia and NATO go to war, and it will rage throughout the three-years and seven months of The False Peace.

    Since all the pieces are in place, I believe 2023 is the year that civilization begins to crumble.

    The first shots in this upcoming war will lead to a U.S. military disaster that I have been predicting and Joe Biden’s immediate departure from the White House.

  39. Rich

    80 arrested at the Capitol?? I thought 278 rioters were initially charged??

  40. Rich

    actually I listened again – he said that day. Yes 80. got it.

  41. Vytas Safroncikas

    Some very good CV-JAB news at :17:20 into this.

  42. Marie Joy

    How will it stop if WE don’t stop it?

  43. David S

    Trump has zero chance of winning in 2024…after he loses he will hopefully fade away into irrelevancy. But you are good with Biden!! IRS agents testify under oath Biden and his crime family took $17 million in bribes and that is OK with the AI/Troll farm!!! Buzz off.

    • Greg Hunter

      And hopefully you will too long before Trump.

  44. Arnold Y

    so many of the so-called chastisements from God upon nations are instead the work of Henry Kissinger, Albert Bourla, Barack Obama, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and others.

    Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Population Control Is Official Policy Of US Government.’

    documented evidence of tactics by US Gov
    – promotion of contraception & abortion (Clinton, Obama)
    – promotion of homosexuality (Clinton, Obama++, Trump, Biden++)
    – promotion of illicit drugs via CIA trafficking (Lt Col Ollie North)
    – contamination of farming/food (Bill Gates)
    – Warpspeed vaccine (Trump)
    – attack upon supplements/vitamins (doctors, AMA)

  45. The Seer

    Hi Greg
    The video interview is missing on your site right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  46. Jeffrobbins

    I read his last book “Return of the Gods”. I would highly recommend it. Some books are just books, but some go to a level or two higher. I hope the new one is as good as the last.
    Thank you Mr. Cahn.

  47. Jacqueline Candlish

    profound moment of this interview is when Rabbi Cahn said:

    ‘Is Trump a man of God? … Rather, is Trump a man God can use.’

    so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
    ~ Isaiah 55:11

  48. Timothy

    There is another book about judgement that was not mentioned in this discussion.


    Our judgement was a paid for at the cross by the resurrection of Jesus, but I don’t believe that that fact will necessarily save your carnal body from communism, fascism, socialism, or technocracy; moreover, nor will in always protect your physical temple from the re-education center, the concentration camp, the gulag, the smart city, nor the flaming stake of old. It might; it might not.

    So then, read Habakkuk.

    Then, pursue Romans 1 again. The dark heart will likely become ever more enveloped, and the darkened heart will think they are doing a fine thing to promote lasciviousness and persecute the follower of The Way. Auto-gratuitous violence and a perpetual celebration of destruction will reign as the highest, best, “moral” value.

  49. Jeffrobbins

    Around minute 36 he says that God can preserve His own in an apostate culture- BUT, we have to respond and make choices with actions. I will say again as crazy as it sounds, i am convinced some words in the KJ changed supernaturally- warning to us. There are very few people that would see that and remember. We need to prepare for something- not sure what or when, but food’s got to be a focus. Grain changed to corn, i only remember one verse prior to several years ago “ a corn of wheat”. It really does take time to build, plant, grow, and learn what works in your area. Better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If population reduction is the real deal; the big three are disease, famine and war. Of those, food and water are sensible considerations. Just bought a ton of red wheat for 27 cents a pound, and we can all do something. As a side note, i am happy with with some of the ‘chores’ -it’s really enjoyable in the evening to look at the different things and feed the catfish- that feed must taste really good. They act so hungry with their little mouths bitting at the top of the water.

    • Cassie

      A good understanding of where we are regarding Jesus opening the seals in Revelation is Brighteon’s New Patriot’s explanation on his channel. The 4 horsemen have been riding and are now sprinting. The first is the covid debacle; the second is the war in Ukraine; the third is hyperinflation; and the fourth is the green agenda.

  50. Atom AntAnov

    Watch “Self Preservation In An Atomic Attack (1950)” on YouTube 

  51. Pete

    Jonathan’s harbinger book blew me Way.
    Great guest, great podcast Greg. Thank you for your service.

  52. Shiloh1

    Dr John Campbell video today July 26 entitled “One in 35”, which is ratio of heart damaged of those who were vaxxed, so far,

    Thanks you to Greg Hunter/USAWD and guests, we here knew about that a long time ago.

    I appreciate Dr Campbell’s presentation style and sincerity, that he was vaxxed himself and it was only until the beginning of this year that he concluded there was a big problem and that the governments, pharma companies and media were lying and covering up.

    7000+ comments on that YT video. Can easily find on a surf, and someone posted it in comments in Automatic Earth post today.

    Automatic Earth also has some good snippets of RFK jr taking apart Hannity on Ukraine in particular and war mongers in general. Also a couple of Col. MacGregor short videos.

  53. Adam Munyard

    Commenting from Australia, blind freddie can see how deep the corruption is entrenched in US Government across probably all departments. I think the voter fraud will be so blatant and obvious, with the Democrats being selected against majority of the citizens wishes. Dont forget the entire media establishment is captured. I think Deep State just doesnt care anymore, they see the finish line very close ahead. Time is short. As Steve Quayle says, “There is no political solution to a spiritual problem”.

  54. Wake Up!

    For anyone too young to remember:

    So-called ‘Christian Conservative Patriots’ were just as devoted to the likes of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and G.W. Bush as they are to the NYC Liberal Democrat, serial-adulterer, sodomy-champion and Clinton/Epstein friend Donald “ClotShot” Trump.

    These dupes possess no principles or discernment and would support Satan himself if he had an “R” next to his name!

  55. KC

    Gregg, I think your intentions are pure, but Trump isn’t going to do ANYTHING he was able to do and not able to do last time in office. The corrupt Washington, government, elite, globalists, insiders, CEO’s, wealthy titans will just f**k up his every move, the swamp is to deep for 1 man. If our military wasn’t so corrupt, that was this country’s only chance. Enjoy the remaining days of what life we have left, it will only get worse minute bye minute. The only chance, 2 million armed patriots go hunting in Washington and through out the country, slime to no chance. Enjoy

  56. Marie Joy

    Russia is what America was and America is what Russia was (or worse).
    When WWII was upon Russia, they built 35,000 tanks in one year
    Anyone who expects America to win WWIII is a democrat.
    I think Trump was told he would be JFKd unless he …
    Some believe the name of John John’s magazine named the person who ordered his father’s assassination. For clarification, the elder.
    Smile… but carry an AK.

  57. Robert Veklotz

    If Jehu is a type of Trump then 2 Kings chapters 9 and 10 are predictive of interesting times ahead.

  58. Larry Clay Clamaint

    Tupolev’s Revenge ! ! ! ! ✈ HYPERSONIC🚀 NAVAL SURVACE DESTROYING
    Putin Mulls Big Move; May Deploy Tu-160M Supersonic Nuke-Capable Bomber To Counter U.S. & Japan Hindustan Times 21,480 views Jul 27, 2023
    Russia is planning to use its upgraded and highly advanced Tupolev Tu-160M strategic bomber against the United States and Japan. The deployment of the Tu-160M will increase geopolitical and military tensions with the West as well as with Tokyo. Russia describes the Tu-160M as the world’s heaviest and fastest nuclear-capable bomber. All you need to know about Russia’s most lethal air weapon. Watch

    North Korea’s Kim Dares West; Shows Off Banned Missiles To Russian Defence Minister Hindustan Times 46,881 views Jul 27, 2023
    North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un met Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Pyongyang. The Rare Meeting Took Place as both sides pledged to boost relationships. Shoigu handed Kim a letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kim, in turn, thanked Putin for sending a military delegation led by Shoigu. Kim walked Shoigu around an arms exhibition, showcasing North Korea’s newest and most advanced weapons. Kim tried to woo Russia, one of the most powerful countries, by flaunting banned ballistic missiles. Watch;

  59. Larry C. Clairmont

    ___Joe Is ALREADY Under The Bus The Sacrificial Lamb!
    ______________ Will Hunter Be Forced To Rat On Da Big Sucker?
    The “Biden crime family.” (In the original plea agreement, which fell apart on Wednesday, Hunter Biden was poised to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and strike a deal with federal prosecutors to resolve a felony gun charge.) Because of blatant attempts by Hinters bong smoking lawyers, in an attempt to lie and misrepresent themselves. The judge says one member of Hunter Biden’s legal team ‘misrepresented her identity’ on eve of plea deal hearing. Biden’s legal team staunchly denied any misconduct, saying the episode was a long bong smoking haze of complete misunderstanding.
    In a campaign that is already embroiled in accusations of Democrat rights to free passes and cover-ups, with the weaponization of justice and predictable legal proceedings, is taking another tense turn after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy warned this week to the possibility of an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden as a foreign agent for son Hunters influence peddling. The idea of impeaching the president looks like an effort from the GOP’s most radical factions of non-RINO’S seeking revenge for the double impeachment of their Trumpster. Some House Republicrats non-neo-con RINO’s, are trying to find links between Hunter Biden’s business ventures in Ukraine, China Romania, Uzbekistan ad nausestan! In vice treasonous deals, made by his father when he was a vice president. They also accuse the current Justice Department of offering Hunter Biden an overly lenient plea deal and of interfering in the prosecution of the president’s son.
    So now Hunter Biden departs federal court after the plea hearing on two misdemeanor charges, of willfully failing to pay income taxes in Wilmington, Delaware, on July 26.
    [But if your a Democrat politicians fortunate son of course, you get free passes up the gazupta, Like Paul Pelosi, Kerry’s son, or even a RINO’S Son like Mit Romney’s of course,] It Aint Me…Fortunate Son Not in the Club!
    Hunter Biden’s plea deal is in limbo, but the narrative is set….?
    But while Congress has the right to scrutinize all such questions, Uni-party House Republicans have so far failed to provide conclusive evidence to put up any of their non-accusations, fueling an impression they are playing dirty politics, like Mitch McConnell, always overriding the non-RINO Republicrats. President Biden has denied all wrongdoing, has said he had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s business career, even though he now admits he knew about it and chastised him often about it and has publicly kept his distance from his son’s case.
    Hunter Biden’s appearance in Delaware on Wednesday had been expected to be routine. But it quickly degenerated into a disaster as the plea deal that was expected to see him avoid jail time began to crumble. Judge Maryellen Noreika – a Trump appointee confirmed with Democratic support – exposed a stunning flaw in arrangements when she discovered that Hunter Biden believed the agreement protected him against possible additional charges for foreign lobbying but that the prosecution disagreed. It was remarkable that such a fundamental question in such a high-profile case was not resolved before the parties went to court. Now the deep state D.C. Uni-Party of both Repub’s and Dem’s, is in fear of the only true plea bargain for this fortunate Ukraine bought and paid for son, is to rat on his unfortunate double dealing traitorous China bought and paid for father.
    As the hearing turned into a debacle, Noreika was also concerned about the constitutionality of a separate agreement resolving a charge that Hunter Biden illegally owned a firearm when he was using drugs. The unraveling of the arrangement means both the defense and the prosecution must think again before a new appearance before the judge. With his case in limbo, a suddenly feeling like tax cheat Al Capone, anxious Hunter Biden had to enter a not guilty plea in a pro-forma move, before leaving court with his future still deeply uncertain.
    Judge Maryellen Noreika, the Judge who oversaw the Biden court hearing was appointed by Trump and backed by the Democrat Republican Uni-party.
    The plea deal is now on hold, and the parties have 30 days to work out what is next. CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said that if they can agree to a new plea agreement that eases the judge’s concerns, she would likely approve it. “If not, this could head to trial, and when I say head to trial, I mean the tax charges. I also mean that gun charge, which could carry jail time. … There is a lot of risk for Hunter Biden.”
    Especially if he doesn’t spill the beans on Dad here, if they don’t get a deal done and he really has to cop a real plea deal!”

    And days like Wednesday will only fuel impeachment fever in the House, with the clear links between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s political decision to volunteer four more years of puppet president pardoning of all family mob members, except for one ‘un recognized’ granddaughter. May she spit one day, on all they’re God forsaken graves! AMEN!

  60. lara bell

    Joe Biden’s ‘multimillion-dollar bribery’ file released
    Sky News Australia 324,076 views Jul 22, 2023
    Sky News host James Morrow says the chance of the Biden presidency could break down in a scandal has gotten a little higher this week after the FBI released a confidential witness statement.
    “Shedding further light on what appears to have been a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving Joe, the first fail son Hunter, and that Ukrainian oil and gas concern, Burisma.” Mr Morrow said.
    Were a laughing stock to the world.

    Putin’s Black Sea Threat ‘Terrifies’ NATO; Bloc Scales Naval Security Fearing Russian Attacks. Hindustan Times 30,509 views Jul 27, 2023
    Russia’s Black Sea threat that the region is “no more safe” has spooked NATO. A “rattled” NATO has now stepped up its surveillance of the Black Sea region. The announcement came after a crucial meeting of the NATO-Ukraine council. This council was launched at the NATO summit in Lithuania earlier this month. Russia issued the Black Sea threat after a Ukrainian drone attack on Crimea’s Kerch Bridge.

    Russia Blocks Second Ship From Turkey In Black Sea, Cites Supply Of ‘Explosive Materials’ To Ukraine. CRUX 13,052 views Jul 27, 2023
    The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said it found another foreign ship with traces of explosives en route from Turkey to Russia. On July 26, explosives were found on the cargo ship BMO RIVER while it was going from Turkey to the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to ship grain. It was the second such claim by Russian intelligence in a week involving a foreign ship heading to Russia to pick up grain. On July 24, the FSB said that it had found traces of explosives on another ship, also travelling from Turkey to Rostov-on-Don. Watch;

  61. Randy Best

    The USA is indeed Babylon.

  62. oneno

    Trump has no chance.

    “When I think of Donald Trump, he is not the first president of the USA who was in government as a criminal, just as he is not the first political personality against whom legal and political steps are now being taken, although it is very doubtful that he will ever be sentenced to any punishment in the unjust country of America and that he will never be able to take over the office of president of the USA again.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have no God. Update: I’ll say it again, you have no God and don’t come here and spread your godlessness here.


  63. Buck Forty-Trilli

    The west made the critical mistake of not making Russia as an ally.
    Watch Japan’s exit from the G7 and joining BRICS as its only way of economic survival.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Buck!!

  64. chester

    A long time agao, I asked someone a what they thought paranoia is, the reply was the original premise is wrong, but evrythought based on that premise is deadly logical, I would add the conclusion is wrong.

  65. Liber8tor

    Even if they put Trump in jail, he may be the first POTUS elected from a jail cell.

    No matter who ends up as President, I’m calling Discount Gold and Silver to order some more gold.

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