Election Psyop, Trump WON, Economy Still Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 555 11/11/22) 

If you listen only to the lying legacy media (LLM) you would think the 2022 Midterm Election was a huge loss for President Donald Trump.  Trump won big despite the cheating, glitches ballot drops (for losing Dems) and the huge psyop that carried on after election day.  If you question the cheating, which few do on the LLM, you are an “election denier.”  How dare anyone question or object to the massive cheating that has been taken to a well-oiled art form.  The “Swamp” or “Uni-party” consisting of Communist Democrats and RINO Republicans work together for a common goal.  The two parties just take turns ripping us off.

Trump won because he crisscrossed the country on his own dime backing candidates in the House and the Senate that would try to “Make America Great Again.”   Yes, MAGA!  To the elite like Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi and the rest of the treasonous political weasels that attack “We the People,” that is crazy talk.  Trump’s election record of backing candidates in the 2022 election is a lopsided 219 Wins to only 16 Losses, and it’s hard to tell if the losses were only because of the massive cheating campaign that even LLM dog FOX News will not mention.  The Republicans owe Donald Trump a huge thank you for winning back the House and the Senate!!!  Let’s hope the Uni-party doesn’t pull another mysterious ballot dump and “win” by cheating again.

Inflation cooled, according to the latest government numbers, to 7.7%.  The markets rocked higher, and everyone is once again talking about a Fed pivot to stop the rate hikes and continue the easy money for a few more years.  Don’t count on the party to last this time.  Layoffs are rocking the country, and mortgage applications just hit an all-time low.  The real economy is still sinking, and the numbers don’t lie.

There is much more in the 55-minute news cast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 11.11.22.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there.  Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 secs.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  Also try different browsers.  All this is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

After the Interview: 
Top selling book author and founder of TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com, Michael Snyder, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Snyder will talk about the huge problems in the economy and his new book called “End Times.”


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  1. Rodster

    I’m looking forward to your interview with Michael Synder. What we are facing today seems to be of biblical proportion. We are definitely living in critical times.

    • Marie Joy

      I remember when some were making fun of Michael Snyder’s articles. No one is laughing now.

      • Mark Gunderson

        The fact that no incumbent Senator or Governor was defeated with 75% of the country saying we are headed in the wrong direction does not make any sense.
        What does make sense is these politicians that agreed to poison their own constituents had a deal in place to be re-elected so they can finish the job.

        • Paul

          Good comment Mark,

          This delay in election results should make all people question and realize the perverse legitimacy of our elections integrity.
          More people will arise to oppose them and defend our countries worldwide.

          Never be silent.

          Paul from arkansas

          • Ron

            It has become a comedy routine.

            People here and Greg two years ago were saying Trump was going to be put back into office. Because the election fraud was going to be proven.

            Now everyone is saying their is election fraud for midterms(except Florida-Kudos Desantis!)

            YET somehow people and Greg are saying Trump can win in 2024 as if there will magically be no fraud.

            It is a comedy routine!

    • BDS

      Look what someone found on the NIH website! Covid update: What is the truth?

  2. Joe Shirley

    I can’t remember the exact year. We were in Blue Eye, Missouri and thousands were in attendance at a prophetic conference at Morningside. John Shorey and dozens of prophetic voices were guest speakers. The main auditorium was full and I was disappointed that we were ushered into a side room which only held 30-40 people. A man step up to the front and introduced himself as Michael Snyder. He stated he was an attorney that practiced law on K Street in Washington DC. He had his whole immediate family traveling with him. Parents, wife, and others. Little did I know he would gain prominence that would surpass all other speakers invited.
    Right time, right place for me to be cast out of the main auditorium. His insight into what lies ahead is part of my planning. I’ve purchased and read all of his books. Look forward to the coming interview. PAY ATTENTION so you don’t end up in the main auditorium following the crowd.

    • Susan Brown

      I love this , God is so faithful .it reminds me if how I got saved when I didn’t know what I did . So glad God intervenes on our behalf.
      Kindness Matters

  3. Greg

    Greg thanks for all you do.. One of the few voices out there that speak truth in all this wickedness and madness ..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg!

      • Mike

        Hi Greg:
        Trump is showing his “proud”self by denouncing Desantis. My vote is for Desantis. Not the back room Trump who still hangs his hat on the killer shots.
        A man who won’t admit he is wrong and strives to belittle a wonderful governor like Desantis, is not a man at all. Goodbye Trump.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Mike,
          Desantis pushed killer shots too and Desantis has a law in Florida where they can force vax you: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/470551-joe-gruters-wants-forced-vaccinations-out-of-florida-law/

          Will Desantis renounce this? Will desantis renounce the killer shots???? How do you like him now?

          Desantis did well because they stopped the cheating: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/470551-joe-gruters-wants-forced-vaccinations-out-of-florida-law/

          They may have done this to make sure the Dems could not steal and wreck Desantis chances of running for President.


          • Jackie Pollock

            I agree with you, Greg. I think that the Dems and Rino Republicans worked to get DeSantis re-elected and “make nice” on him just to be sure that Trump will not look good enough any more for 2024. DeSantis had great winning numbers just like he was supposed to. Yes, he has done some good things, but DeSantis talked the vax talk too and still does.
            Jackie from Texas

            • Greg Hunter

              Here is why Desantis had great numbers: http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/there-was-a-red-wave-in-one-state
              They stopped the cheating that they are doing in the rest of the country.


              • Suzan Kephart

                Greg, really been watching you for years. I watched your election coverage in 2020.
                I watched a lot of the audits and forensics specialists with their audits and investigations on election fraud. And I remember them telling states that just because you felt like your state didn’t have any problems doesn’t mean there was not any cheating. They had been checking a lot of states.
                Texas and Florida were both found to have a million votes stolen.
                So, when we look at this .04 number for DeSantis, can we even look back on past elections and use these numbers to judge past performance? 1 million votes stolen!
                I’m no expert but these guys don’t just come out and say this with no proof.
                This has really messed up the process.
                What do you think?

          • stanley skrzypek

            “They may have done this to make sure the Dems could not steal and wreck Desantis chances of running for President.”…….Never thought of that….Brilliant!

          • George

            If both DeSantis and Trump are for the “jab” and the June 13, 2013 US Supreme Court ruling (Association for Molecular Pathology et al v. Myriad Genetics Inc.)
            affirms that genetically-altered living organisms become the legal property of the holders of the gene-tech patents – then the fix is in as Attorney Todd Callender has been saying for months (that we are being made into Homo “slave” Borgs owned by Big Pharma who have richly rewarded our politicians to become traitors to humanity) as we were warned of in a 1983 song about trans-humanism and homo-Borg-genesis!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/was-this-song-by-styx-in-1983-a-warning-about-transhumanism-and-homo-borg-genesis/

          • Suzan Kephart

            November 18, 2021
            Governor Ron Desantis signs Legislation to Protect Florida Jobs
            The results of this legislation was simple: No one who is subject to Florida law will be forced to get a vaccine who does not want one.
            HB 6009
            S 734
            These 2 bills died on 3/14/22 in committee because the provisions mirrored those in a
            Statewide ban on vaccine passed into law.

            • Suzan Kephart

              Didn’t know if I could edit the last sentence in my previous post was suppose to say mirrored a statewide ban on forced vaccines passed into law.

          • Suzan Kephart

            November 18, 2021
            Governor Ron Desantis signs Legislation to Protect Florida Jobs
            The results of this legislation was simple: No one who is subject to Florida law will be forced to get a vaccine who does not want one.
            HB 6009
            S 734
            These 2 bills died on 3/14/22 in committee because the provisions mirrored a statewide ban on forced vaccines passed into law.

        • Shirl

          Don’t fall for the Legacy Lying Media stories…what you “believe” is EXACTLY what the LLM are telling you to believe and of course their CUCKS…they’ve BRAINWASHING you by repeating lies over and over again…don’t be the woman below in the clip with the Pumped Up Lips going back for more…unplug from the LLM.
          Have a listen to this hilarious and yet serious video that ALL CUCKS need to hear and see from another perspective that save Greg Hunter here, you haven’t yet heard :


    • Bonami

      I second that, thank you Greg!!!

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to WNW555 (encoding).
    In the meantime, I visited Paul Craig Roberts for his take. Here is an extract:

    “There are many other indications that indicate that much is amiss in the vote count. Polls show that Biden suffers an approval rate of only 36% and that a large majority of Americans do not want Biden to run for reelection in two years. How is this preference consistent with the vote count of Tuesday’s election?

    Consider also that the party in power loses representation in midterm elections, but despite the substantial turn away from Democrats revealed by CNN, this normal result did not occur on Tuesday.

    Consider also public dissatisfaction with: record crime, record inflation with high food and gasoline prices, rising interest rates and falling home values, massive illegal immigration, forced indoctrination of school children with transgender theory and critical race theory, Biden’s Covid vaccination mandates that caused health injuries, deaths, and destroyed careers, Biden’s Covid lockdowns that destroyed businesses, jobs, supply chains and raised prices, Biden’s “Russian” sanctions that disrupted energy supply and raised the price of everything. Considering all this dissatisfaction, how did Fetterman, a person impaired by a stroke and afflicted with problems speaking who wants to release criminals from prison, win a seat in the US Senate from Pennsylvania? How did the same Georgia voter who returned Republican Gov. Kemp to office vote against black Republican and football star Herschel Walker in favor of black Democrat Warnock, who hates Trump and white people, for the US Senate?

    Finally, consider the Diebold voting machines that malfunctioned in New Jersey, Arizona, and Texas, and Gateway Pundit’s report that in Detroit, Michigan, ballots were being delivered through the back door in the early hours of Wednesday morning long after the legal deadline.”

    • Michelle

      How does the GOP get 5-6 MILLION more votes than Dems yet we don’t pick up more seats????? Hhhhmmmmm


    • John

      Election results inconsistent with polling data! Pundits mystified! Where were these people in 2020 – in a coma? I thought Trump might wind up in jail before 2024 but now I see that will not be necessary. They have the election system sufficiently locked down that he will never hold public office again.

      • Adam M

        Polls are rigged to keep one side at home since they think they already won. Even MSM pundits have admitted this over the years. It was a total failure of Alt Media to not hammer this point home over the last couple months

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Forgot to post the link to the PCR piece.

    • Jane Hill

      Hi there,
      Actual,y Biden has a 9% approval Rating according to ( inside Democrat Party numbers.)

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Jane,
        Take your point.
        I don’t think PCR necessarily agrees with the 36% Biden approval rating. He is using the LLM (lying legacy media – GH) number to make the observation that CNN’s polls are totally at odds with the outcome of the midterms. It’s worth reading the entire article.

  6. Shirl

    “What is happening?”

    STILL Counting VOTES until just enough are FOUND….Cheating… and Attacking America First President Trump is top priority by the same who Stole 2020:


    • Shirl

      Mike Lindell w/Alex Jones unwrap the Election Heist on ” Banned Video ” …the DemonRats RINO’S and Chyna Trolls hate this disclosure…notice too how President Trump, Mike and Alex are all under Attack simultaneously, wonder why? :


  7. Colleen

    I enjoyed viewing you and Gerald again. Great teamwork. At first I didn’t think I was going to get into Rumble, but I persevered and was a little late, but got to watch the show. Thank you so much. Thank your wife too. I knew I’d get the truth watching you and Gerald! God bless.🙏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Colleen!!

    • Shirl

      Awesome Inspiring segment today, Greg you ABSOLUTELY NAILED it !!!!

      The letter to you addressing the Election Theft, everyone I have asked about this from family members to complete strangers all agree even from those who voted Democrat in the past…this isn’t over and America will not fade into oblivion at the hands of a pathetic cabal of so few in number.

      The gas lighting is off the charts from the same freaks frauds and fools of the LYING LEGACY MEDIA (LLM)

      Fear not, God Almighty is in this. Keep the faith.

    • Alb ert Dziennik

      I’ve tried repeatedly to remind Greg Hunter about the lousy performance of ‘Rumble’ for many of us. Oh, it may work in some areas of the country but for many it will not work quite often. All I get is a reply from Greg that it’s all me, that Rumble is the best thing since swiss cheese, etc. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Its the reaction to something you don’t want to hear. I nearly stopped trying to watch Greg’s posts due to the issues with Rumble. It should be renamed ‘Trouble’. Sorry Greg…I already know you have no interest in moving to or at least adding another streaming service so that those who cannot watch on Rumble can move to another site. I also stopped donating due to this. Maybe lack of funds will wake you up. Please listen to us, Greg.

  8. James Kolb

    DON’T ANYONE GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree James!!

      • joanzz

        greg, I love your show and your heart. But remember, D Trump supported the rep. RINO against Judge Roy Moore. I was watching that race carefully.
        Also be careful using the term, “MAGA”. research MAGA and THE CHURCH of SATAN. MAGA is the highest degree in that hellish church.
        please email me at below address. I`m a patriot that stands behind the constitution, not Ds or Rs. I have a few deep state links to give you.

  9. Marie Joy

    We look like fools and cowards to Mike and the world.

    • Anthony Australia

      We are all fools MJ.

      A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

      William Shakespeare

  10. Paul Fuess

    # Ditch Mitch

    • Kay

      Amen, Paul! He needs to face a trial.

  11. Linda Majors


    While waiting for your weekly wrapup, I watched an interview with Jack Maxey. (Ref. link below.) He left Steve Banon’s Warroom to investigate the Laptop from Hell. He talks about all the corruption in the Federal Government. I believe that explains why the “Big Donors” are supporting Ron DeSantis for president. They fear President Trump. Further, he is too rich to be bought.

    I like Ron, but his laws to protect children from the grooming and the rest of that trash being taught in schools only protects kids through the 3rd grade. What about the 4th graders, and up? They need to be protected also. No one should be subjected to that filth! Not even adults.

    I heard parts of the book: Gender Queer, which is in school libraries. One of the mothers attending the school board meeting read excerpts from the book. Nothing but pornographic filth. People who promote that garbage should be locked up. It is child abuse. Yet our tax dollars pay for it. Sickening!



  12. Bosco P. Horowitz


    a good weekly wrap-up tonight! Good job bringing up the sweeping under the rug with the Konnech/Yu scandal as well as ending with your holy trinity tagline that I’ve mentioned a few times before when you did not do so…also, thanks for modeling the “chile” red purse for us–that serves as the red wave that we’ve all been waiting for!



  13. tim mcgraw

    I also look forward to the Michael Snyder interview.

  14. Anthony Australia



  15. Tim McGraw

    Oddly enough, I can watch the video using the link Greg sent me in my email, but I cannot watch the video by going to the USA Watchdog site on Rumble. Odd.

    Elections…. I no longer believe in them. The elites are obviously controlling everything. The kimono has been dropped. The mask is off. The raw power of the oligarchs is being used against us.
    So voting won’t help. It’s like sending roosters into a den of foxes.
    I don’t know what the new system of society will be, but I’m hoping it is on a much smaller scale than that of today’s largest and most powerful empire in the history of the Earth based in NYC, DC, and who knows where the elites reside? Maybe they just fly around in their jets all the time.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim: There’s an old saying, nothing happens, ’til it happens. Nothing will change, until we change it. Since everyone talks, but nobody acts, nothing will change. Voting has been co-opted; that much is obvious. Everyone was hoping voting would do the trick, because the only other option is positive, physical action, which will involve commitment, cost, sacrifice, and perhaps the death of some of those who take the action. Therefore, the chances of change are slim; it is far easier to let come what’s coming and accept/adapt to it. That’s the reality of it. Many around here call that ” quitting.” It’s hard to quit something that never started. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: You are right.
        When people have nothing to lose, they will do something. I’ve been there.

  16. Ed Mustafo

    Greg, you really nailed it this week on everything.Great news wrap up.

  17. fred bannon

    Greg, Desantis is a plant

    • brian

      Agree 100%.

    • susan

      so is Trump. Who do we write in?

  18. Kelly Hamilton

    Thank you Greg for your coverage. I want to add that Mr. Walker has a past that is not all glorious. https://www.courthousenews.com/as-herschel-walker-eyes-senate-run-a-turbulent-past-emerges/

    Even looking into Mr. Trump shows a past of mistreatment of Miss America talent. Back in the day, it showed how he had the girls strip down naked with blurred out private parts and he had them turn around for him to evaluate them. His connections to that trafficking modeling world speaks volumes. À zebra doesn’t change his stripes.
    So the elections and the people running are not whom I would consider upstanding leaders. I am neither dem nor repub but people fail to look back and do research on all these people they follow and worship. One has to ask themselves what connections, past and present, that all these folks have. This is all theatre.
    Take a listen to this in its entirety to learn some of the connections those people had and how they operate in the real world. https://rumble.com/v1t0ou6-dark-journalist-the-banned-jim-marrs-interview-on-911.html

    This is all a game to them to hide something and I can not yet figure out what that “something” is at this time. I must say I do appreciate your reports and I thank you for your time and reporting on pertinent issues. I also want to thank your guests as well. Take care and be well.

    • Catherine

      Thanks for your links..However you didn’t provide a link for Trump?? So therefore unless you were at those Miss America interviews I really don’t believe you.
      As far as 911, if you researched this shortly after it happened. I live in NY and was very sure that it was a set up. But if you know about a movie called Loose Change, it gave plenty of proof at that time including the number 7 building. So for the past 20 years or so, the information you passed along has been out there.

      In the future if you want to denigrate Trump in the way you did, please provide your link or your proof. Otherwise I can tell you from my sources, NYC Homicide Detective, who was his body guard and in command of his security team says quite the opposite about Trumps Character! So please keep your opinions to yourself.

      • Kay

        You go, girl!

      • Ed Mustafo

        Is that really Kelly Hamilton or Gerald Celente ? You know the guy who holds so called “ Freedom Rallies “ in Deep Blue New York with fake TV Judge Andrew Napolitano and some ex CIA guy. No red flags 🚩 🚩there. Be careful who you follow. He uses the word CLOWN way too much. Some words have double meaning.Takes one to know one ???

      • Jeffrey

        WAY TO BE , CATHERINE ! ! !

  19. Anthony Australia

    Australia & America have plenty in common, one is we always blame the Russians.

    Medibank hackers are Russian cybercriminals, AFP claims.

    • Ray

      Hi mate,
      It didn’t take long for the Imbos in charge to say that Russia was behind the hack on Medibank.
      The Canberra Times is running the BS story today, all with a picture of Putin inserted for good measure.
      So……if ANYONE in Russia even is pointed at for a crime……well…..let’s slap a picture of evil Putin up there……after all, he is The Bogey Man incarnate!!
      Fair Dinkum……what complete & utter ridiculous societies Western nations have devolved into.
      They take their citizens for fools……perhaps that will indeed be their ultimate undoing as well.
      Russia is a strong, proud land…..with VERY tough people.
      They were around hundreds of years before Australia & the US…….and most likely will be around a lot longer after they have flicked us, like little pesky gnats, off their coat tails.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Never a truer word spoken Mate.
        I always been questioning why they lick on a fellow Christian & Caucasian race.
        I puke when looking at the garbage MSM headlines here. Total Trauma Based Mind Control Disorder Production!

        • Anthony Australia


  20. goat!

    All them RINOs would rather have adem than a mega because they don’t want to lose all the kickbacks they get from being warmongers and corrupt. Their tit would be in the wringer right alone with the dems because they are all in it together. Not to mention all the filth they have on them for blackmail.

  21. Kelly Hamilton

    Thank you Greg for your coverage. I want to add that Mr. Walker has a past that is not all glorious. https://www.courthousenews.com/as-herschel-walker-eyes-senate-run-a-turbulent-past-emerges/

    Even looking into Mr. Trump shows a past of mistreatment of Miss America talent. Back in the day, it showed how he had the girls strip down naked with blurred out private parts and he had them turn around for him to evaluate them. His connections to that trafficking modeling world speaks volumes. À zebra doesn’t change his stripes. He endorses violent person and pardons a murdering rapist rapper kodak black. Now why would he do that?

    So the elections and the people running are not whom I would consider upstanding leaders. I am neither dem nor repub but people fail to look back and do research on all these people they follow and worship. One has to ask themselves what connections, past and present, that all these folks have. This is all theatre.
    Take a listen to this in its entirety to learn some of the connections those people had and how they operate in the real world. https://rumble.com/v1t0ou6-dark-journalist-the-banned-jim-marrs-interview-on-911.html

    This is all a game to them to hide something and I can not yet figure out what that “something” is at this time. I must say I do appreciate your reports and I thank you for your time and reporting on pertinent issues. I also want to thank your guests as well. Take care and be well.

    • William Wilhelm

      Kelly, you keep repeating yourself. Show your proof of the accusations you are making or forever keep your opinions to yourself. We are facing turbulent times and need to stand together as a nation or we will fall together. Trump is a narcissist for sure, ego driven billionaire, but he loves this country and wants to protect it for his children and grandchildren.

  22. Rodney

    Greg, many thanks again for a great WCW along with your encouragement, truth, faith and boldness, and absolutely! there is a God in Heaven-the end.

  23. George

    Love your picture caption Greg – https://usawatchdog.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/1a-1.jpg – by their “fruits” ye shall know them (Matthew 7:16) – and lots of “fruits” have been put into positions of power throughout the US (from the “Story Time” fruits running rampant up and down the halls of our school systems making our children gay – to the “rotten watermelon brains” installed in our Senate and White House) – over in Europe “perverted queer psychopathic fruitcakes at the WEF have de-industrialized Europe” (their 4th Industrial Revolution has resulted in crippling energy prices and factories shutting down or simply pulling out and relocating outside Europe (the way BASF has done)!! – and as for the insane wars these fruitcakes create (to depopulate the world of normal people) these rotten fruits (in both the US and the EU) can’t claim to have any vital strategic interests in Ukraine (except for keeping a brother queer fruitcake in power)!! – We need to “Build Back Better” by getting all these queer fruitcakes out of positions of power!!!

  24. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a deep analysis of American “democracy” for those of us outside the USA.
    We here in the UK have had the pleasure of Communists protesting last Sunday in London and not a peep from our lying legacy media. Meanwhile the WEF monsters are determined to kill us mere plebs aided by our very own MI6 and have taken over our democracy and bureaucracy.
    I wish we had a revolution in the making for we have a collapsing United Kingdom ,our new monarch,King Charles III ,surrounds himself with WEF proponents and his green credentials are beyond reproach so no chance of him having any hesitancy. He will witness our slaughter and demise and his son and heir will reap the reward. So all is well.

  25. George

    Seems both the stock market and precious metals buyers have gotten a crazy idea into their heads – that the stocks of corporations that provide goods and services along with gold and silver should be worth “more paper dollars” – think perhaps this chart – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – has anything to do with it??

  26. Tim McGraw

    Thanks Greg for the WNW. I wonder what we can do for God in these troubled times? What is our purpose? You shine a light on the evil amongst us. Who’s got the can of Raid?

    I think the small acts of kindness we do every day keeps the Devil at bay. A compliment here, a caring word there. A joke told. A story related. Ask someone how they are doing and really listen to them.

    It’s the little things of goodness that we do that drives Satan nuts.

    • Ray

      Beautiful words Tim…..and much spiritual logic.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • tim mcgraw

        Ray: Thanks! My sister and her husband will be doing the long flight from Maryland to Sydney, NSW next month once again. I don’t know how they do it. It’s expensive and takes stamina. They are older than me. Haha.
        How is it going in Oz? You had a lot of rain last winter. Do you think it will cause wildfires? That’s usually what happens in California.
        The rains cause the undergrowth to grow and then when it dries out and the winds come… poof!

        • Ray

          Hi Tim,
          I hope your sister and brother in law enjoy their time over here……yeah mate…..it’s a long, tough flight!!
          Things here go from the sublime to the ridiculous mate.
          As Anthony Australia was indicating above, the last fortnight has seen two MASSIVE companies over here have so called “data breaches”……its all the media can talk about.
          One is the second biggest telephone / internet company (Optus), and the other is THE largest private health insurer in the nation (Medibank Private).
          The media is out there this week saying it was “Russian based hackers” that stole 3.5 million Australian’s medical records last week.
          Fair Dinkum!!!
          How would they even know it was Russians?
          What concerned me more was something I saw on TV this very night (Sunday).
          It was an ad from Optus…..a very straight bat…..”Mia Culpa” type of TV commercial profoundly apologising to all Australians for the data breach…….saying “we won’t to better from now on…..well do best…..and that is why, to protect all Australians, we will be introducing Digital ID technology to enhance your security on line”.
          So there you go……..
          Was it all a set up, so that they could offer up the “benefits” of Digital ID to the sheeple?
          I’m not sure, but the cynic in me says probably so.
          Feels like we’re losing the battle mate…..SO MANY people just sleep walking into this digital prison that is being constructed all around us……it’s sad.
          As for rain mate…….gee whiz……we’ve had a-plenty here on the east coast.
          In fact, it is raining as I type these sentences now.
          I love my hot chillies Tim, and have some EXCELLENT Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jalokia seedlings looking for a break in this wet weather……they don’t like wet feet mate, so I’m hoping that we get a decent Summer over here, and I can cook up some lovely slow cooked curries with those beautiful hot gems contained within, grown lovingly in my own garden over these warmer months.
          Yes, the wildfires (we call them bushfires over here) are an absolute constant each year. We learn to live with them, and the wise among us know that bushfires have been happening in the summer months for Millenia.
          The “Climate Samers” (my term for the imbeciles who scream about “climate change”, and therefor want to go completely against nature, and keep the climate “the same” forever) bleat up and down like stuck pigs whenever there is a bushfire. Our dopey politicians and pliant left wing media are only too ready to attribute every single bushfire to so called “climate change”.
          I try to ignore them wherever possible.
          Take care mate
          My best wishes be with you and yours, always,
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • susan

      Bring up the name of Jesus wherever and whenever you can. Also doing the righteous, loving, kind acts. I put a sign up in my yard, “Jesus is the only answer”.

  27. Robert Coleman

    It’s time for the People even if it is the 3% such as was the case in 1776 to rise up and throw out the corrupt US Congress and all 3 letter agencies that are destroying America and its foundation and Liberty. “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” The elections are not even worth having in the USA any longer – the system is corrupt as is the Health Care System and Educational System.

    • Adam M

      What you say is true, but won’t happen because there is no one in power that has their back. Trump reposts on Truth Social people talking about Civil War and also a few days ago told everyone to “protest, protest, protest”, but he proved on Jan 6 that he doesn’t have their back. He said he was going after them to the full extent of the law. That is why people won’t stand up.

  28. Jim Hall

    I think that they were much more subtle this time in their election theft. The election of Fetterman could make a wonderful situation comedy, alas it’s really a tragedy of epic proportions. Let me empathize, I’m not a big fan of Dr Oz but he can speak coherently. I believe that this channel has some of the most intelligent people on the internet. That said, I know that integrity is a far rarer attribute than intellect. Remember JP Morgan said that he wouldn’t lend a man without integrity money on all the bonds in Christendom. I don’t believe in theocracy as a form of government but I think that a Christian foundation is instrumental in providing a moral compass. Some of the passages in the Bible are so beautiful and profound that I literally get a lump in my throat when I think about them. I was an atheist for many years but when I read the Bible and read scientific books that weren’t straight up lies it became clear that life didn’t just spontaneously generate. Remember, we can’t create a cell, much less create the mind boggling complexity of the requirements to maintain even the simplest organisms to sustain life. If you think that the Big Bang theory is a more cogent explanation than Genesis you’re kidding yourself. This is not to say that we don’t have some people with stratospheric IQs but you’re talking about human intelligence. I have come to the conclusion that we have to remember the quote, “forgive them father for they know not what they do.” Much of my anger stems from the fact that you are actually ridiculed if you even say that Gods word is every bit as logical as the theory of evolution. I don’t deny evolution but I have read some incredibly intelligent people who place the odd of spontaneous generation of life at being 1/10^79,000,000,000. To put this in perspective they had a mathematician on the on the 2020 election at 1^250. This was more atoms than in the universe. By comparison, “a lead pipe cinch.” The people behind this are Evil and are proactively working for Satan, there’s no other explanation. This certainly confirms what Martin Armstrong says I think. I’m always flattered when I hear some of the brilliant guests you have coo berate what a regular guy like me thinks.

  29. Cmoore

    The Dollar is collapsing…

    • Dan

      The dollar index is the one to watch, more so than the stock market.

  30. Marie Joy

    Had more Republicans voted, things may have turned out better.

    • Russ D

      BS!!!! Plenty of Republicans voted………The Demonrats CHEATED!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        This backs you up: http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/there-was-a-red-wave-in-one-state

        • Suzan Kephart

          Greg, I love your show.
          Just had a different take on my Governor Ron Desantis. I remember the first time he ran against Guillem, spelling probably wrong.
          Guillem’s campaign was caught on tape talking about the racists in certain areas.
          It caused quite an outrage to say the least. Now some can say he only won because Trump endorsed him. I don’t think so.
          Our Governor has worked so hard for us.
          Floridians really want him to stay. We want to ensure the laws he passed stay.
          Everyone has been asking Desantis if he will run. Desantis has not said anything but he would like to be President in the future.
          Now, is this about some meeting with Paul Ryan? What did Desantis say and do? Do we know? I can’t imagine Desantis arranging this meeting. I can not imagine this Christian man who has protected the rights of children and parents, look what he did with Disney! I thought that was a really bold move. Did a great job with these Hurricanes, brought us threw COVID. Many people in Florida wanted those shots, they were in no way pushed. You want the shots, he made them available and he always stressed they are not mandatory and will not be made mandatory. What is Trump saying? He is still running around talking about this Warp Speed, I did that, nobody else could have done it, first in the world.
          I saw Trump in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, both said they were double vaxxed and boosted. And Trump said not just once but 2 or 3x, nobody every died from taking the vaxx. Get your shot. He did stress they should not be made mandatory too. But still, I was stunned.
          I think this is a ploy to take down a good man, formally known as an example for Governors across the country.
          I noticed Trump talking about loyalty, is that a one way street.
          I think this was a ploy by the Democrats. Just think about them sitting around and WOW if Trump gets in and then Desantis gets in, Republicans could possibly have 12 straight years. They are freaking out.
          Sorry so long. Love you Greg, God bless you always.

        • Rae

          Greg, thanks so much for the link! Great read. Once again, your reporting helps to connect the dots and get my synapses firing. I say that jokingly and factually. I can numb out by all the theatre. Thank you, my fav Truth Teller.

  31. Mike R

    Why are you saying the gop won back the house and senate ? It’s obvious they are in process of rigging votes such that the senate will remain 50 50 and Kamala the tie breaker, and the house will remain slight margin dems. It’s so very disgusting and demoralizing this is being conducted successfully once again. Repeat of 2020.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, it’s obvious; that’s the beauty of it. That’s how/why it works. It’s a perfect “Heads we win, tales you lose” set-up. As I said many times after the 2020 rip-off, the only way out of this is to STOP VOTING. We are going to be saddled with corruption and incompetence regardless, so stop giving them the cover of legitimacy. When we stop voting, they can no longer say, “It’s the will of the PEOPLE!” BS. Best always. PM

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Paul,
        I applaud your sentiment, however, since ‘they’ are capable of adding Dem votes, what’s to stop ‘them’ boosting the total vote count in the event of a meaningful voter boycott? Me thinks the ballot box is no longer a useful tool for restoring freedom and justice . . .

  32. Jane Hill

    Thank you for tonights video.
    (Loved the Cartoon.)
    Hopefully (surely) this 22 Election was being audited w/ Complete satisfaction to follow.
    Try to stay positive.

  33. Marie Joy

    I will vote for President Trump in 2024.
    IF conservatives do not vote, you are doing what Democrats want you to do.
    Vote, dammit.

  34. Catherine

    Thanks for supporting TRUMP over DESANTIS.
    It’s true the more they hate him the more I LOVE TRUMP❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Robert J. Gargasz

    When will the shoe fall? Our dollar is not what it used to be. The fraudulent society built by the leftist democrats, communists, Rino republicans, and other treasonous traitors is failing. Election woes are now so obvious that no integrity can be assured. It has become every man for himself. The dogs of asymmetric warfare have been released and our government has become an enemy of the People. Food, energy, medical care have all been weaponized against the People.
    The Tree of Liberty must be nourished. The NWO demands war. Children and grandchildren are enslaved with un-payable debt. Christian values are demonized and amoral secularists promoted.
    We are a adrift on a sea of destruction. America is being warred upon. The mainstream media lies and should be damned. I ask God to be merciful to America and give its good people shelter. Psalms 91 and 23. Prayers for all Patriots and assistance of Divine Providence.

  36. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  37. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for busting your ass & pouring out your heart into this broadcast. I’m walking away with a different perspective. Trump is one of the best presidents we ever had. His policies were amazing and good for America even though the swamp in Washington DC kept trying to squash them. I hope Trump runs for President. I got to go to one of his rallies. They’re really fun! I’m wintering back in Calitopia with my Maga hat and a “Trump 24′ bumper sticker. I have a 2’x2′ dry erase laminate on the back of my truck cargo doors that have Bible scriptures and anti Biden one liner’s. I let my Christian girlfriend’s write the scriptures because their hand writing is so much better than my coarse block letters. It’s beautiful. That letter from the South African guy really summed it up. We need to do what France has done. No mail in ballots! Get your ass to the polling station on Election Day. Period. Only paper ballots. No machines!

  38. Russ McMeans

    With your reporting I caught myself thinking Trump is bad for the Republican conservative-we the people brand. No he’s not. We need Trump back for another term. This time he can not have briefings with the deep state every morning. He doesn’t need them anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      B I N G O !!!!!!

      • Russ McMeans

        The LLM is painting a narrative they planned ahead of time. Most people will believe it. Siding with the underdog is usually the correct choice. Also I sure hope Kari Lake wins in Arizona. I’m going to move there next year damn it!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I think eventually the realization from the masses that they have been intentionally poisoned (death jab) will turn this whole thing around. You guess is as good as mine when this will happen ( i.e 2023, 2024, 2025, etc.)

        Take care my friend.


    • tim mcgraw

      Russ McMeans: IF Trump comes out and says, “I should have fired Fauci and Birx. I never should have listened to them and locked down the country.”
      If Trump comes out and says, “There are problems with the vaccines. I was assured they were safe and effective. I was lied to.”
      If Trump comes out and says, “NO more neocons or Marxists in my government! I will have my own team around me in the White House.”
      If Trump does the above three things, I will support him.

      • marti baker girl

        Tim McGraw, I totally agree with you – on all points!!! I would add, ” I was lied to about some of the candidates I endorsed in the past. Any candidates I endorse will be vetted by my team.”

  39. Tom Deplorable

    You’re over the Target as always and I applaud your courage to speak the Truth. As I expected, Steal 22 went about as expected and Steal 24 is next up to bat. Election was intentionally designed to give us enough hope that perhaps the elections are not computer rigged, but likely (just barely), the Demonrats will keep Congress control with help of Rinos (who don’t want to see or reveal the truth). The Uniparty is looking out for themselves and Rino Murkowski will win the runoff against a Trump endorsed candidate. Walker (Rino plant) will be defeated by drop and roll too in another fraud runoff. Desantis (Rino in waiting) is no savior either (I’m from Florida and don’t like him.)
    THEY do not want us (the people) running the show and will never let Trump be President again by ANY means possible. Hence the continued demonizing and blaming Trump for the failed “Red Wave.” Love Paul Craig Roberts assessments too.

    Many, but not all fortunately, Americans are still ignorant to these facts and blindly follow the MSM narrative and elite Agenda. Ukraine War is a setup to plunder another country, launder more dollars to the Uniparty’s friends, and save the dollar hegemony as world reserve currency by force (against Russia AND China). I hope Americans STAND UP against this tyranny, but not sure we are able to anymore. God Help us All (but I think God admires those who help themselves.)

    • Nick Reynolds

      I think you’re right on.

  40. James

    says: we’re going to have an alternate J6 investigation – he means HOPEFULLY we will have one

  41. Don W.

    This Nation is under control of the ONE WORLD GOV. When President Trump won over billery, that upset them enough that I have from that time on, said “we will never have another honest election in this nation”.
    But the good news. Christ is coming and He is coming soon. If I don’t see Him come while I am alive, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren WILL.

  42. Michele

    There are goups out there that are working to expose the fraud from the 2020 election across the US. In NY it was massive and by all accounts NY became fully red.
    But here we are… being told to stay calm, its part of “plan” yada, yada, yado.
    If We the People do not stand up NOW we are finished and there is no coming back.
    You are correct about Governor DeSantis.
    Something wicked this way comes.
    Patriots, defend your Nation or perish.

  43. Molly Good

    Twitterers say
    “I’ve been voting blue since you decided to make a con-man your party leader. If you can’t see the con, you’re the mark.”
    Take this to heart, Greg.

  44. william

    Warnock got 1,948,422 votes
    Walker got 1,899,678 votes
    This means Warnock won by 48,744 votes
    Write in and Oliver vote total = 82,775

    Abrams got 1,809,778 votes
    Kemp got 2,109,228
    This means Kemp wan by 299,450 votes
    Write in and Hazel vote total = 28,712

    A total of 3,930,795 votes were cast in the senate race
    A total of 3,947,718 were cast in the Governors race
    This means 16,923 more votes were cast in the Governors race than in the Senate race.

    How does Kemp when by 299,450 votes and in contrast how does Walker lose by 48,744 votes. The difference between Walker’s votes losing and Kemp’s votes to winning is 250,706. How did Kemp when by 299,450 and how did Walker lose by 48,744?

    In a mathematically correct scenario you would expect the numbers to balance out way more than a multiple of Walker losing by 5.1433202 times than Kemp won by. Do the math 48,744 multiplied by 5.1433202 = 250,706.

    All of these numbers came from realtruepolitics.com this morning. Verify for yourself. Just facts no opinion. What is going on with our country. I am afraid we live in a matrix of lies.

  45. Michael

    Well done, as always, Greg.

  46. James

    Great program, Greg, and right on the money. Huge noise for DeSantis is a clear sign that Trump needs to hang in. Think it was Bo Jackson who played pro baseball and football. Walker played for Trump’s New Jersey Generals in the USFL.

    “Among the curiosities spewed from John Podesta’s email by WikiLeaks is an intriguing memo to a group of billionaires that outlines the real goals of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing. Turns out they don’t want to rig an election, they want to rig the whole system — demographics, politics, the media, everything…The Democratic Party has been captured by the interests of a handful of left-leaning billionaires and cash-rich labor unions who see the party as a way to impose their progressive vision on all of us, without us even knowing it…The 2007 Podesta memo, “Strategic Outlook For The 2008 Elections,” was sent to progressive billionaire heavy-hitters George and Jonathan Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Steve Bing, John Sperling and Soros fund executive and political go-between Michael Vachon.”


    Clif High has some inspiring good news about the Fed, here at https://clifhigh.substack.com/podcast

  48. James PTY

    Friday’s voice of outrage, I love it!
    At this point thinking there will be some form of retribution obtained through a legal process is idiotic. How can justice be served by a system swarming with the unjust?
    Personal fantasy: A state adopts an open source blockchain secured social security number and state id verified voting application for computer and cel phones so state residents can vote for House and Senate representatives, important issues to come before both AND every six months give approval ratings for policies approved by either along with individuals employed in all levels of state government. The most important part of representation is that it actually represents the local population, should it not there is no waiting for the usual election cycle, rather those people are immediately replaced. No need for term limits, which will never happen, instead do what you say or be unceremoniously booted out…
    My girlfriend was a patient of a prominent gynecologist here on the Isthmus who recently closed his practice after recommending the jab for a pregnant woman that died from it. He actually sent a remorseful note via WhatsApp to all his patients informing of the event, and the personal burden as a result.

  49. Rob Glassford

    Hi Greg

    Please share the link for that Gabriel (Canadian lawyer) “died suddenly” video that you showed.
    I want this to go viral since it precisely demonstrates the clot shot dangers FROM WITHIN THE EMERGENCIES ACT INQUIRY.

    This must be seen by all of my fellow Canadians.

    Thanks so much

  50. BioWreck

    You’re kidding yourself. The election fraud continues in Arizona. Yet another ballot drop favoring the TraitorCrats just reported. We cannot play by their rules and expect to win.

  51. wayne wilcox

    Greg, we need the following Constitutional Amendments:
    1. A nice, stiff $400 Poll Tax payable at the door when you go to cast your vote. If you can’t pay the $400, you don’t vote, period. This is the ultimate deterrent to election fraud. If a man does not have $400 in his pocket to pay his bills, is he going to magically find $400 every time he looks to commit election fraud? No, not unless Soros gives him the money.

    2. ALL US elections are to be conducted under the authority of the of the US military. All voting precincts are to be staffed by US military personnel. All ballots are to be counted by US military personnel.

    3. Anyone committing election fraud is to be prosecuted at military tribunals under the UCMJ. Election fraud should be considered an act of treason and an act of war. The only appropriate venue to prosecute such crimes is a military tribunal. Spouses and partners, children and grandchildren, of such individuals should also be prosecuted under the UCMJ as direct beneficiaries of acts of war committed against this country.

    • marti baker girl

      I would be concerned about such an amendment but to turn this over to the military I would have the following issues, and I speak from what I know as one who retired from the military a few years back. This is a “new” military. Those counting would probably be of the lower ranks and remember, they were educated in the public school system. For the more senior folks, there has been a purge within the ranks by our government and it began hot and heavy during the Obama administration. The purge continues (the vax, endorsement of sexual perversion, etc.). The commander in chief is the one who sits in the oval office so if that person is a “D” then I don’t see how much better having the military overseeing this would make it anymore legit. Also, the military has become a political animal and again, I base my comments on what I have seen up close and personal from within a deteriorating military.

  52. daisy duck

    the dummy talking heads of the llm are simple mouth pieces of Konneched phones directed thru the ccp, cas chinese academy of sciences, it all started in mi univ 20 yrs ago & why state of mi is verycorrupt. read GusQuixot Substack he does the deep dive w/ supporting docs on konnech & ttv show trial. you will be enlightened. God save the children & We The People.

  53. daisy duck

    i meant 30 yrs ago is approx time konnech got their foothold in collusion w dc maryland, etal

  54. Martin Coombs

    6uilding 6ack 6abel continues, did , does anyone really believe it will be changed any shape or form to how it was ?? It’s done tick tock goes the prophetic clock, last election no accountability ( fraud) ballot drops, machines not working, no paper ??? Really it’s of no surprise ( is it ?) Biden leader of USA ??? Federman won ??? Really millions die & on it goes ,( jibjab) the truth is terrorism or exstremists , wars & rumours of wars,famine’s power shortages , disasters at unprecedented scale.( One is coming)don’t be DECIEVED WARP= is yarn arranged length ways on on a loom, & crossed by the woof which is (mixed or mingled material) on the old spinning wheel ( web) cast, which is woven by the shuttle . Heartbreaking to watch from the wef lead uk what’s happening globally ( but it is written) & coming to pass . Love to y’all God bless in Jesus mighty name .

  55. Ed Siceloff

    I watched Mike Lindell go on a bit about the count. Turns out there is an Edison Report. All graphed out. Sudden vertical rises in vote count, in an impossible time frame, over the course of the day. Some really large ones. And it was done with both parties. But almost always in favor of democrats. There were at least two races that they manipulated the count and then brought it back down to be a little closer. That was what I thought really demonstrated the cheat. What I mean, and what he meant, was that the votes do not go down over the course of the day. You do not get 30000 votes and then go down to 25000 votes in the next minute, or at all. It is in there that we find the cheat. I’ve copied the link to the vid broadcast on “Forbidden Zone”.

  56. Carl Galka

    Hi Greg,
    In light of the last few election results, I wonder when the MAGA republicans will understand that the Democrats have changed the election ground rules. I want to see what happens when dump trucks full of election ballots favoring conservative candidates are deposited at drop boxes. MAGA republicans need to copy the winning tactics of the corrupt Left. Like it or not, the losing trend of the Right will continue and escalate. Let’s see…how’s it go “All’s fair in love and war”? Do what they do in lockstep, and things will change. Who cares in what direction? Confuse the system to the point of total confusion; who cares if it’s not working? C’mon, MAGA bite back!

    • jeanne mccarthy

      I realise,being a Trad Catholic,This is all told to us.It wont ” 1so many are praying.It is a spiritual war..And it is vicious hateful homicidal,Wanting to destroy everyt
      hing and everyon.We were promist,times were going to very bad.time.The whole.It will end ,and when it will be quicky ,and over the whoe world.Lies and more lies.A lotta demons out there.Very sad.

  57. K H

    Gerald drives me crazy, he is so wrong on Trump! I live in Florida and I like DeSantis as Governor but no way would Floridian’s vote DeSantis over Trump for President.

  58. Neville

    Yes Greg,towards the end of the round up you were saying that JESUS is the light of the world.This is absolutely correct .You know it I know it but those evil sons of bitches don’t
    that is the cabal and their satanic lackeys.
    JESUS will bring every sing lie ever told in AAcrime to the attention of the world.
    To quote JESUS,” What was said in the dark will be brought to Light,what was said behind closed doors will be broadcast from the mountain tops”
    In short there will be absolutely No place to hide for these psychopathic criminals that lurk in the dark….the faceless ones who call the shots!!!

    As regards the abortive ,crooked filthy elections again we the outsiders ask the question….How can an utter arsehole like binden with barely an 11% rating in the poles even have tied with the Donald it leaves a very bad taste in the minds of the on-lookers as to what sort of sting criminal country are you gus running or even living in.

    Finally as mr Trump was the last president ,he may even be the “FINAL” president as the next president of AAcrime will be JESUS CHRIST who will be the SUPREME RULER OF ALL THE WORLD……..So,it’s purely academic as to who wins now or in 2024.


  59. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, I saw the red wave. Fake news is opposition, I ‘m looking for the day they are put away.

    • RTW

      I mean no disrespect but if you’re looking for the criminal dems to get “put away” you’re going to need the Hubble telescope. This election is turning out to be just as corrupt as the last one, maybe more so and I am not holding any hope for future elections. Nobody is going to be punished, at least not on earth, for all the crimes they have committed. Welcome to the New Brave World.

  60. Diana Brown

    You are a gift to all of us Greg. Always look forward to your perspective every week with the wrap ups. Thank you.

  61. Randy

    How about getting Clif back on for 2023 forecast? He’s back doing videos and pod casts again so he has the time.

  62. Thomas Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    May I draw your attention to a piece I contributed on Trevor Loudon’s site this week.

    It explains a premise (realistic) that if we get Kari Lake (and Abe and Finchem) over the fraud-overcoming finish line — we know they won, but they’re not over that finish line yet – she may just yet be the lynchpin that brings down the election fraud machinery for the entire country. In turn, THAT marks the point from which we can restore our Constitutional Republic: https://www.trevorloudon.com/2022/11/deplorables-at-the-gate/

  63. don

    Sat Phones require ground based telco equipment to complete the connection. No electricity, no more telco equipment. The sat phones may be put to use today and that is a good thing BUT… One EMP and no more communications via sat’s. Battery operated Ham radio communications will always be available as long as the batteries are kept charged.

  64. Craig

    Are we but cattle grazing in delusion of being human?
    Is it human nature to be ruled, led with manufactured consent?
    Wake up folks before you are soon locked in a box eating compressed insect bars and liking it.
    It’s true you will enjoy them. I watched a few working girls in Bangkok eat crickets, roaches and worms from a street cart off Nana Plaza and liking it very much.
    Even if Trump was to be elected he’s not going to help. Trump is just controlled opposition same as he ever was. Its all a game and we are being played. Do you really think someone elected owing the banks 650,000,000 is not owned by the banks?
    That monster John D. Rockefeller, said to congress back around 1910, “That the office of the Presidency was just ceremonial.” Right! He should know!
    The royals have always used wars to cull the masses so don’t think for a minute nuclear is off the table.
    You think the royals don’t still run America think again.
    If we are to progress as humans we must learn not to be ruled or managed by royals, clergy or politicians.
    What we need to do is clean house ourselves and not listen to a professional liar / crocodile promise to drain the swamp or some other type liar.
    May I suggest reading Gary Barnett’s, “Another Dictatorial Election: What Have You Done, and Why Are You Still So Blind”?

    • Ray

      “Are we but cattle grazing in delusion of being human?”
      That is probably THE best opening sentence to a post that I have ever had the pleasure to ponder here at this site.
      Well said Craig.
      Have a nice weekend mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  65. Randy Best

    April, May, June, July , August, September and now October have all passed by without Bo Polny’s major event. Roe vs. Wade has been a non-factor. The stock markets are still elevated. Gold and Silver are still routinely smashed down. Evil is still in control and God has not moved his hand.

  66. Prospector

    Spot On ! Greg you cut through the PSYOPS ( Psychological Operations – Mind War ) like a light sabre .
    We have been subject to psyops for decades , but even those who are ‘ awake ‘ still may not understand why. Here’s a few reasons.

    ” The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting ”
    ” The greatest victory is that which requires no battle ”
    ” All warfare is based on DECEPTION ”
    Sun Tsu – ‘ The Art Of War ‘

    To keep you distracted, misinformed, and confused is the goal. If they can demoralize you with fake news and fake opinion on social media, some may lose hope or motivation and give up. When you hear … ” You are alone in your thinking , you can’t win ” , you will know it is a LIE. Remember , WE outnumber them, big time.
    You are NOT alone !

    ” We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false ” — C.I.A. director William Casey

    Former Navy S.E.A.L. and author Matt Bracken recently posted a recruitment ad by the
    US Army – 4th PSYOP Group titled ” GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE ” , find it on you tube. Very revealing.

  67. Dave Scrimshaw

    If McCarthy is speaker – forget about any evil thing being uncovered…

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s precisely the reason he will be speaker. Go to the head of the class, as they used to say… Best always. PM

  68. Pamela Hankins

    Why are you surprised? God is judging. He elevates evil men to do the work. He will destroy them later. The response of this Nation to the abortion issue is a key reason. Twice in the verses below GOD says, ‘cast them out of My sight’. That should be a hint.
    2 Kings 24:3-4, “Surely at the commandment of the Lord came this [Nebuchadnezzar’s armies] upon Judah, to REMOVE THEM OUT OF HIS SIGHT, for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he did; 4 and also FOR THE INNOCENT BLOOD that he shed: for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; WHICH THE LORD WOULD NOT PARDON.” Jeremiah 15:1-4, “Then said the Lord unto me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: CAST THEM OUT OF MY SIGHT, and let them go forth. 2 And it shall come to pass, if they say unto thee, Whither shall we go forth? then thou shalt tell them, Thus saith the Lord; SUCH AS ARE FOR DEATH, TO DEATH; AND SUCH AS ARE FOR THE SWORD, TO THE SWORD; AND SUCH AS ARE FOR THE FAMINE, TO THE FAMINE, AND SUCH AS ARE FOR THE CAPTIVITY, TO THE CAPTIVITY.3 And I will appoint over them four kinds, saith the Lord: the sword to slay, and the dogs to tear, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the earth, to devour and destroy. 4 And I will cause them to be removed into all kingdoms of the earth, because of Manasseh the son of Hezekiah king of Judah, for that which he did in Jerusalem.” But it’s not the only reason for judgment. God’s children need to understand what is happening so that they are not disheartened. God is in control as you have said, but His ways are not our ways. He doesn’t wink at apostasy.

    • Todd

      Good verses, but your context is misplaced. The church needs to be judged and does get judged FIRST. Then, God will judge the rest of the world.

      1 Peter 4:17 For the time has come for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

      The “church” must repent of all its ungodly ways, of which are too numerous to mention, but the whole concept that Christ’s Body (i.e. Church) is a physical building is 100% wrong. The idea that Jesus created a new religious system is 100% wrong. Not one denomination is correct. They are all leavened bread. Polluted and vain.

      Their concept of what it means to be a Christian is so devoid of truth and the Holy Spirit, that these religious people are in for one heck of a miserable time.

      This will all start become clear when the 2 prophets of Christ begin their ministry at the beginning of the 7-year tribulation. Most of the so-called church will hate them, but those who repent and come out of that evil system will be able to be saved. From those 2 prophets, I speculate with some education, will come the means to “get out of Mystery Babylon”, aka America. Then, too, the plagues and horrors that those 2 prophets will bring on the rest of the world for their sacrileges, blasphemies, and hose of evils, will be a pre-cursor judgment to when Jesus returns at the end of the 7 year period to slay all the wicked.

      The false teaching of a pre-trib rapture; the false teaching of financial prosperity; the false teaching that the saints do not have to suffer and undergo persecution; the false teaching that they have to tithe, and a host of other false teachings need to be repented of.

      Romans 8:14 Those who are led by the Spirit, are the sons of God.

      Not those who are led by their own souls (i.e. natural man).

      This thing people call the church, all live according to their own thinking, own willing, own volition. They know nothing about embracing the cross to their own soul. And thus, know nothing about how to be led by the spirit because they would rather live according to their own ideas, and not God.

    • Rebecca

      amen sister!

  69. Dan

    May the Lord drop the hammer on all the criminality and “Fix 2020” soon.

  70. Dan

    Yes, DeSantis is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This whole rabbit hole is deep.

  71. alfy

    fully in our face vote fraud, and fully in our face no justice. what comes next should be no surprise. and no, it isn’t the bigs get bigger bs.

  72. Jim Hall

    You must understand, that’s what they are so afraid of. This is both parties, both of whom conspired to cheat President Trump out of his second term. I detest Mitch McConnell every bit as much as Adam Schiff. With all his faults, I’d vote for him again in a second. I fully believe that when President Trump strode into the Oval Office on Inauguration Day, he thought that the United States had a debt of $21 trillion, and I believe that he had a plan in place to deal with this issue. In the course of their meeting I believe that Obama told him in fact that the amount was an additional $21 trillion. I think that he was taken aback, his demeanor was completely different upon his exit after the meeting. I would say that he appeared to seen a ghost. This isn’t exactly like the Obama’s didn’t make good coffee. I would not have signed FASAB 56 or the Patriot Act. But make no mistake President Trump has paid a tremendous price for his public service. The monetary costs have been enormous but the personal stress on not only him but his family as well. I can think of no other President, other than Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and President Kennedy that have sacrificed more for our country. Do you miss me yet?!!

  73. Mark Washburn

    Did Trump make it look like there was a battle between him and DeSantis on purpose? Look who have exposed themselves in backing DeSantis. I live in FL and we are lucky to have DeSantis, but Trump can handle the swamp. Would he make DeSantis VP? Will 2024 even happen? If the cheating is exposed, 2020 is null and void.

  74. George

    The Globalists and their DemonRat stooges “want amnesty” (for killing our children with the “jab”, stealing elections, burning down our food processing centers, killing the cows, stopping the manufacture of fertilizer, bringing us to nuclear war, etc., etc.) – yet right in the Lords prayer it effectively says: “If they don’t provide us our daily bread – we don’t have to forgive our trespassers”!!!

    • Jeffrobbins

      That’s not quite what Jesus meant- don’t let your love grow cold. I too have angry thoughts and feelings about the same issues . I have found it helpful to turn off all the electronics and have quiet time and meditate on some of those Bible verses/ count the blessings and consider life.

    • Tod Mills

      George, the Lord’s prayer says, (KJV):

      “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
      Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread.
      And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
      And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

      You wrote, “If they don’t provide us our daily bread – we don’t have to forgive our trespassers”!!!, but that makes it sound as though our trespassers are the ones giving us our daily bread. That’s wrong. It is God the Father who gives us our daily bread. And there is no sort of conditional statement in the Lord’s prayer. We, as mere humans, are in no position to bargain with the Creator.

      • Rebecca


      • George

        Tod – Our trespassers have “short circuited” the bounty provided to us by God the Father to give us our daily bread – and they have given us an unbelievable National Debt (that simply can’t be forgiven by printing paper) – these Demons are not doing on Earth what is done in Heaven – so we pray to God the Father to deliver us from such evil – and we should “not be obliged to forgive them until they begin doing the right thing” (they are still trying to “jab” our children to death)!!

    • Adam M

      I think this quote is more in line with what you mean.
      Cursed be he that does the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keeps back his sword from blood. Jeremiah 48:10
      In Matthew 7:21 we are told that on those who do the will of God go to heaven. Having faith is part of His will. These people do His work deceitfully, but we are judged just as evil as them for not killing them. The Bible is very clear. God hates the shedding of innocent blood, not guilty blood. Proverbs 6:16-19.

      Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34 ~Jesus~

  75. Matt

    Flush out RINO’s and have a party left for We The People within the American political juggernaut. That’s ineffective because the underlying root cause of the political corruption is not being addressed.

    The only way to create long lasting change is by ordinary people changing their commerce behavior at the local level. That’s it. Thoreau coined it Civil Disobedience. If we don’t change our money, nothing else matters and all other approaches are just distractions.

    Consider this: all other political strategies and proposed solutions in this 21st century America political deception arena is like raising prize winning hogs in a cesspool pen.

  76. Really Awake

    It’s obvious that the GOP is going to take back the House, not that it will matter much in the final outcome. And even if the GOP (aka Grand Orwellian Party) takes the Senate, it still at best will only buy the unprepared a little more time to really wake up and smell the collapse of Western Civilization.

    Cheating. No cheating. It’s not going to matter. The collapse shall not be averted. You and I can keep on fighting like hell (and I do and have been fighting all of my teenage and adult life) but time is running out. Personally, I’m getting up everyday and doing something to resist;however, more of my time and money is being allocated to adding to my preparations for one crisis after the other.

    For example, I’m adding to my gold and silver stack before gold and silver really become unavailable. Timing is everything. And it’s obvious now that the supply of physical is finally (after, btw, decades of wrong predictions by the goldbugs) is finally drying up. Frankly, I’ve never seen the physical market act like this, e.g., some Chinese and other Asians are paying up to $50 over Comex spot for an ounce of silver over in Asia.. I bet you don’t hear or read that news in the American Main Stream…. For years I’ve rejected the Gold Bugs constantly crying “Wolf”!…..

    Finally, the day of reckoning is almost here and the Gold and Silver Bugs are going to be right. And I wonder how many people won’t listen now because of decades of inaccurate predictions.

    Don’t put your faith in the GOP….. The Party won’t save America and Trump isn’t going to Make America Great Again. Trump may not even make it to 2024. It’s just a fact of life.

    Make your final preparations. At best you and I only have a few years left. At worst you and I wake up tomorrow only to find time is up only to be horrified by Russia and NATO exchanging nuclear weapons and/or some other major super-bad crisis.

    The clock is ticking.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi RA,
      “e.g., some Chinese and other Asians are paying up to $50 over Comex spot for an ounce of silver over in Asia.” Not disputing this claim, but have you a source?

  77. Randall Maxwell

    The only good, the subjective truth preaching, bibles, and religions of men, the only good “eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good, evil, and men’s, incompetence accomplished Gen. 2:17-4:12; 2 Thess. 2:10, 11” is that it teaches us, we need the supernatural objective truth from God, the perfect preacher Heb. 1:2, His Bible, and one faith from God Christianity to save us from our incompetence in these last days of Satan’s rule Dan. 12:4; Joel 2; Acts 2:17-21. God required that we patiently suffer through the ways of men until the second coming when the ways of God are back Job; James 5:7-11; Isaiah 55:9; Eph. 3:20. I realize that it is bitter to realize that Satan has been ruling over us for the past 1680 years with the preaching, bibles, and religions of men, but subjective truth and pseudo-science are all that men can do, and it is our part in the scheme of redemption, consider all of the sins of men mentioned in the Bible that prove the ways of men do not work! Men always have their thumbs on the scales of Justice Jer. 10:23. Only the Holy Spirit can give to us the Bible 1 Cor. 2:11; Judas 3. Everything changes now that the ways of God are back, welcome to the second age of Christianity!

    806 216 1161

  78. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, good reporting. I agree mostly- not so sure that DeSantis couldn’t beat Trump- especially across the south. Trump is still a big talking ‘Yankee’, but he did do a lot of good as president. In the end, after all we have seen the last two years- i have to question so many things. Lately, i have been rethinking the moon landing- child’s play compared to the vaccine fraud. Also- we have decided to pull our two boys out of public school. Washington State will follow the CDC guidelines for vax schedules. It’s safe to figure a 50% uptake, and i would guess a big push for boosters going forward. Not only will the shedding of spike protein be bad, but the kids and their households will be breeding grounds for disease. That starts next year/ we start now and Bible reading will be part of the reading program.

  79. Prospector

    While everyone’s watching Arizona , Nevada haz ‘ technical problems ‘.

    ” We know that our election livestream cameras WENT DARK OVERNIGHT ….”

    Is this when ballots get ” found ? ?

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, The pollpad.wifi warning ahead of it all showed that ‘the fix’ was in place to staal key areas need to attempt to block the ‘RED WAVE’ . This election much the same…problems not fixed- again…so clearly some GOP benefit from the game being played…AND YES, I believe they can ‘fix’ both sides… including DeSantis ‘historic’ win…not to say he did not , should not ..he did Florida ok…but maybe like the DNC funding the opposition…they could ALSO help DeSantis number as a wedge to push him higher and diminish Trump’s standing as to electablilty…which was push out there almost before he night was even over! PLANNED?
    Fingers crossed for Arizona, Nevada, AND Georgia …we shall see.
    A short segment of about 2 minutes – regardless of what the theme of the whole interview is about…some think one-way others do not…but the quote is what people might consider that few ever heard from EDWARD MANDEL HOUSE. =
    Is the United States a Republic or a CORPORATION ?…
    the quote @ 16:00 to 18;10

  81. al


    The Democrat party died with Kennedy on Nov 22 1964. The Republican party gave way to the Soros controlled RINOs after Regan was shot. Back in 2015 when candidate Trump said the words “fake news” and called the media the enemy of the people he automatically had my vote! I knew back then he represented a different party, not the usual left/right dumb and dumber BS.

    Everybody wanted Trump to run on a new Party platform, remember that? The Patriot Party. Well, call it what you want but the MAGA / SILENT MAJORITY / People’s Party is what came out of it under the pseudo title of Republican.
    Kary Lake is a perfect example of a MAGA Party candidate. H. Walker and some who are already seated in the Senate and Congress under the pseudo Republican title are also MAGA people.

    The SILENT MAJORITY is the third party. MAGA.. PATRIOT… PEOPLE’S… WHATEVER. It’s based on content not name. Excellent points Greg.

    We are in a bullet-less war and I’m fighting in the trenches.
    I worked the polls here in NE Florida. We had a record turnout for a Mid Term Election Cycle. It was a looooooong day I tell you..
    Our Clerk audited the numbers several times during the day so that everything was counted for and verified by day’s end. I personally emptied the tabulators and put them in a secure box for transport, under the strict eye of the very bored poll watcher. I am proud to say there was truly nothing to see here.
    We had ZERO ISSUES ! ZERO ! I can honestly say we had a FAIR and HONEST election. This is the way it should be run everywhere. The accolades we got from voters coming in and being vetted were worth the 14 hours we spent. (we got there 1 hour early to set up, then left 1 hr late to audit the numbers and tear down)

    The Democrat party died along with Kennedy on Nov 22 1964. The Republican party gave way to the Soros controlled RINOs after Regan was shot. I don’t like Tulsi Gabbart but she said it best, “we don’t have a Democratic party, these are MARXISTS !!!”

    Excellent WNW Greg. Thank you

  82. Valerie

    I’m a retired teacher. I work part time in assisted living. A 20 year old coworker is being forced to get a CV booster by her legal guardians. She has already had 2 shots AND has had Covid, but they are still going to force her to get a booster. They told her get the booster or get out. She doesn’t have the financial resources to get out. She is terrified. This is one reason why! The healthy 25 year old son of our business office manager at work has myocarditis and pericarditis from the 2 Covid shots he got, and has been recommended to be put on the heart transplant list. The business office manager recently quit so she can stay home and take care of him. My coworker still defends her guardians, saying they are nice people for taking her in when she was a little girl. I don’t think they are nice, I think they are VACCINE NAZIS!!!!! I’ve been praying they change their mind, and don’t force her to get it!!
    BTW, I was granted a religious exemption by my employer, and the business office manager, whose son is dying, helped me through the process! I pray for her and her son daily!
    Even if we aren’t vaxxed, this is going to touch us all, because we all have friends and family that are vaxxed! God help us!

    • Jeffrobbins

      Just to get the bottom line at home, i told everyone that if they got the vaccine that they couldn’t stay here. An RV might be a cheap place to live- just a thought.

    • Adam m

      Tell her to go on craigslist and rent a room. They are cheap and some people don’t want a contract. Some rooms are only 400-600 a month with her bathroom and kitchen

  83. Marty Feldman's Eyeballs

    That’s nice, we got a new group of democrat enablers and AOC goon squad members.

    Expect things to get twice as worse, twice as fast.

    Handing out money like the working taxpayer is a deaf, blind and dumb ATM machine. WOOOHOO!! WE’RE ALL MILLIONAIRES!!

  84. John Maskell

    Hello Greg, great coverage on the midterm election . I watched you and Gerald in the early hours of Wednesday morning as I’m from England . I can see clearly that the voting was rigged , we all knew really didn’t we as this would happen but one thing I cannot understand is, why on earth that any American is not protesting . I am not being disrespectful but what is wrong with the American people . You should be demonstrating and protesting about the fraud that has taken place. Your President must be the biggest plonker to take office and with a country that has guns you do nothing . I’m not saying shoot or kill but having that security with a gun gives the establishment something to worry about . Brazil protested , France always fights the government and Canada with the freedom convoy . Come on America , we are counting on you for the takedown !

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      I am also a U.K. Watchdogger. Your comment chimes with several others – bewildered as to why US citizens are not rebelling en mass in face of yet another rigged election. Perhaps what we don’t see or hear is the extent of constant propaganda broadcast 24/7 by the US LLM (lying legacy media – GH).

      P.S. Movements need a leader. The obvious (naturally charismatic) leader of the libertarians, the patriots, the MAGA constituency is DJT. However, IMHO, this constituency is subdued by Trump’s promotion of the kill shots. Confusion trumps resolve.

      • John Maskell

        Good comment . I am gutted that Donald Trump pushed the vaccines , operation Warpspeed was the name. Why on earth did he promote this. Was he ill informed or did he think that voters would turn their nose up at him for not pushing the vaccine, I don’t know . He admitted to his supporters that he had taken the vax. Does he know something that we
        are not aware of ? So many questions . Nice to know other UK people follow USA Watchdog. Greg is a really decent guy !

    • Adam M

      The American people have been cowed and dumbed down. The people on the Right keep telling everyone to wake up when in reality it is them who need to wake up

  85. Scott

    Greg the Dems and Rhinos are happy because they accomplished all that was possible for them. The set up a fraudulent Crypto exchange that diverted investor funds into the dem coffers. FTX was the second largest dem donor of 2022. 4 days after the election FTX goes bankrupt? Give me a break. That money allowed democrats to flood the house and senate races 4:1 over republicans, McConnel backed up the plan by denying funds to MAGA candidates. Now they can blame Trump for the under performance regardless of the control of Congress.

  86. Gene

    I agree, Mr. Hunter, election fraud must have been rampant.
    Did NY really vote for more crime?
    Did the people of PA really vote to elect a mental incompetent?
    Did the people of Michigan really vote for more lockdowns?
    I don’t think so!

  87. Kay

    I will vote for anyone that puts the citizens and Constitution before their party affiliation. I can afford to have the party sink, but I can’t afford to have the Constitution shredded. Trump talked openly about TERM LIMITS. Anyone that will pursue that topic has my full attention.

    If you want a holistic view of DeSantis, you must look up his voting record as a Congressman. He voted for the CURES Act and was favorable towards the military-industrial complex. In Florida, he gave hospitals full immunity for their protocols on COVID treatments. DeSantis supported a RINO-never Trumper, and the guy lost. DeSantis’s endorsement didn’t pull the guy over the finish line. I agree with Mr. Hunter that his reach is limited. FYI, he is my governor, and I voted for him but I don’t think he is ready for the WH. I am sure he will go along to get along.

    I believe the Republicans need to start giving power over to the millennials. Most have a problem with Trump’s age, and a younger guy is attractive to them. I don’t blame them. They want to share in the power and direction of our country. Republicans are getting too old. Most don’t get the realities of today’s world. They are void of technology. It is time for the old guard in the Republican party to step aside.

  88. Jeffrobbins

    For any like minded folks; several years ago we moved out of town with a little acreage. Gods blessing for sure- and there’s a story tied to blessing a preachers widow. Last year we put in a lined pond as water is an issue here ( very dry summers) in eastern Washington. And currently, needing to trim out the edges of the pond, I have been looking at building a smoke house. I remember my grandfather talking about a smoke house when he was a kid on a farm just outside of what years later became Ocean City, Md. Can’t recall ever hearing anyone talking about having one, but i understand meat cured properly can last several years. It would be a real shock to lose electricity for a week- just saying. It’s not for prepping, but i have been considering how early Americans lived and thinking about some forgotten values and life lessons.

  89. Lora

    Hi Greg
    These mid term elections are A TOTAL FRAUD (makes me sick). Like a stampede of wild elephants in the room with over the top cheating/rigged elections all over the Country. And now this OVER THE TOP delay in Arizona election outcomes really shows an IN YOUR FACE attempt by the traitorous Dems to create delays so that they can change the final counts/add numbers/manipulate machines in favor of their ridiculous gopher Katie Hobbs, who is so incompetent that she couldn’t even debate the real winner, Kari Lake. The only one who can save this Country now is GOD.

    • George

      We have a “Government Of Demon’s” who think they are GOD’s who can do anything (and get away with it)!!

  90. Prays before eating

    Greg, could you ask Michael Snyder if he plans to publish End Times on other platforms, like B&N? I’m boycotting Amazon.

  91. Tommy

    Trump goes off the deep end. Launches attack on Gov. Youngkin. VA Lt Gov returns fire. We are witnessing the implosion of our one of our greatest presidents and it truly is sad.

  92. z

    8,788 out of 8,910 precincts reporting precincts not reporting ?
    98.6% election was several days ago. Stop counting ?


    state of Illinois still counting votes up to 98 percent.
    race called at 14% for senate and gov

    constitutional state amendment needs 100% counted

  93. Russell Holmes

    I’m in the most conservative district of Alaska and, yep, I’m pretty sure they cheated me out of my votes. With rank choice voting, the law and the State Election site clearly states that you can rank 1, 2 or 3 candidates and don’t have to list all 4. I ranked 2 for Congress, Senate and for Governor but when I put my ballot in their Dominion “shredder” it said “Invalid rank listing,” spit it back out and the moron poll worker also tried to tell me I had to list 4 candidates. This same poll worker also told the lady ahead of me to spoil her ballot and get another one, which she did. So the long and short of it is that 1,000’s of Alaskans were told they had to rank outright communists like Peltola and Murkowski. My ballot was put in some file with a few dozen others and was assured it would be counted. Yeah, and I’m President of the United State, too.

    Also with Palin: Dr. Oz had a negative rating of 40% which is extremely high and there’s probably not one candidate that had such negatives who’s ever won an election in US history. Palin’s negatives are a colossal 65% which means unless she’s brain dead she would have know there’s zero chance of her winning. In 2013 she also endorsed the absolute worse, most corrupt, lying total jerk swamp creature for Governor in the history of my State. That jerk barely won the RINO Primary so obviously Palin’s endorsement put him over the top. I personally talked with that PIG for 5 minutes and immediately realized he was a piece of liberal, lying dog poo. So Palin gave us that jerk, now has given us the communist Peltola for Congress and as Governor she gave us ACES—a law that raised taxes on the oil industry by a massive 400%. That was at a time our production was falling and Alaska was desperate for oil investments. So that law wound up costing us THOUSANDS of oil jobs and is still to this day hurting the industry that use to pay a massive 80 to 90% of all State taxes. Now, just a few days ago in which she as the most famous Alaskan in history got only 26% of the vote, she actually claimed she won in an Instagram post. She playing the victim and will be on Fox, make the circuits, write books and then run for Congress in some other State where useful idiots who have zero clue of her extreme liberal past will vote for her.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting! So sorry you were cheated!!

  94. Naomi Zentmyer

    I’m still waiting for your video to load after 10 minutes….what’s going on?

    • Greg Hunter

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 secs. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. Also try different browsers. All this is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  95. Dan

    The foundation of this inflation is the price of energy.
    Until energy costs come down, inflation will be high.

    • Nika

      I’m hoping the new Congress can right, that wrong, somehow.

  96. Pam

    Pieta (n.)
    “representation in painting or sculpture of the seated Virgin holding the body of of the dead Christ in her lap,” 1640s, from Italian pieta, from Latin pietatem “piety, pity, faithfulness to natural ties” (see piety). Earlier in English pity was used in this sense (early 15c.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ49s2xrfpk

  97. Marc Elias Brother's BigBOY

    Friday Live Election Coverage MUST-WATCH! Alex Jones & Special Guests to Lay Out OVERWHELMING Evidence of Deep State Fraud!
    Posted 5 hours ago
    The Trump/DeSantis civil war brewing within the Republican Party and how the Deep State Dems and their ChiCom handlers are celebrating!
    The dangers of mRNA CRISPR gene editing and how a single volunteer participant JUST DIED in a study in New York!
    Don’t Wait to Donate Your Body, to THE SCIENCE!
    Step right up, get your latest booster, NOW!
    For a free Marc Elias Brother’s BigBoy!

  98. Tod Mills

    In 1 Samuel 8:6-21, the Israelites were wanting an earthly ruler so they could be like other peoples. God told Samuel that they were rejecting God’s role as their ruler and so Samuel went back and told the people what a bad mistake they were making and listed many of the horrible things that earthly governments do to those they rule. Of course, the people foolishly didn’t want to hear it and demanded an earthly ruler anyway. God told Samuel that the people could have their way.

    Are we making the same mistake that the Israelites made so many years ago? I believe so.

    Jesus said, in Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

    I know I would have others not try to choose an earthly ruler for me so the Golden Rule dictates that I should not try to choose an earthly ruler for them. After about 30 years of voting, I realized what the Bible says about this subject, and I repented and no longer vote. I encourage anyone reading this to prayerfully consider this.

    • Adam M

      That’s stupid. If there are 4 Christians and 1 communist and the Christians don’t vote then evil wins even though they are 20% of the voting bloc. Voting does matter, otherwise the Dems wouldn’t push so hard to have illegals and dead people vote.

      • J. Loughran

        Perhaps we christians (10s of thousands of denominations and 10s of millions of cafeteria catholics) are all a tad stupid (independent minded). Not sure you could rally more than 1 of us around any particular christian flag. Supposedly the Clintons understood this and divided the ProLife Coalition along its fractures, divorce, contraception, sterility…

  99. Garth Alan Bentley

    A couple of observations regarding the midterms;

    (This is Greg hunter and I cut all the stupid crap you said as you are from a troll farm. Here is why there was no Red Wave in America and there was on in Florida: http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/there-was-a-red-wave-in-one-state


  100. Daniel

    MUST WATCH!! Glenn Beck drops a TRUTH BOMB. Best 1hr 22 mins EVER!!!
    If you want to know haw all the corruption, cheating, lying, etc ties together…. this vid is for you!
    (Just fast forward through the commercials)


    • David Dansker

      Beck must renounce Cheetos.

    • Nika

      That woman knows her stuff!

    • Pablo Escobar

      Celtic One 1 day ago
      This young lady is just who I needed to hear. Over the past few years, I have been questioning who or what is behind the obvious manipulative evil in our world. Thank you Glen Beck for having the guts to air this very informative podcast. People are awakening, but are there enough of them to make a difference? One out of five of my friends, doesn’t think I am morbid and crazy when I try to introduce subjects such as those you have discussed. I am 79 years old, but very concerned about the future welfare of my beautiful grandchildren.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Daniel and many thanks for the link.
      It takes determination to get past all the ads – especially repeated long ads by Jim Richards! In any event, I managed to fast forward the ads and to stay focused on the interview.

    • Adam M

      After making Ng fun of Tea candidates, Beck co-opted the Tea Party movement in Obama vs Romney and then destroyed it. Beck does what makes his wallet fatter.

  101. Paul in oz

    Hi Greg, I know you like to be correct in your reporting … Hershel is a great guy and you are right … mega dumps is a problem in blue and rino states, but he came out of U of G early and played for Trump’s NJ Generals in the USFL … than on to the Cowboys … You may have him mixed up with 2 sport Bo Jackson out of Auburn who played for the Raiders and KC Royals.

    • Greg Hunter

      I stand corrected. Walker did win the Heisman.

  102. RTW

    Well here we are, survivors of the big “Red” wave (sarcasm meant) even though we’re hanging on by our fingernails, getting ready to be subjected to the next election cycle. We all endured the assurances from the geniuses, for the last year, that 75% of the country didn’t like where the country is heading and even democrats were abandoning their ship to vote for a change. Obviously that didn’t happen. I admit that I was one of the gullible ones who believed it and just like Charlie Brown, the football was once again pulled away at the last minute.

    Every election there’s that old proverbial “ace up the sleeve “ and this time it looks like our illustrious Supreme Court played it. I’m referring to their decision to rule on Roe v Wade when they did. The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous for the infanticidal dems who made that their clarion call. It seemed to have worked by even energizing women well past their child bearing years. They couldn’t have waited until after the election? While we were busy high fiving ourselves, the dems were in the background smirking and silently praying, to whatever pagan idol they worship, for their soon to be realized good fortune.

    I’m not suggesting that the results of this election, thus far, is totally because of their misstep because there’s the ever present malfunctioning voting machines and math dropouts who seem to always be charge of counting the votes. That saying “it’s not “who” votes that’s important, it’s “who” counts the votes. In this day and age that seems to be spot on. IMHO.

    • Bob Oldhart

      One day RTW;
      They’re going to pull the wrong football from the wrong person and it will be coitens. Pray for them, it isn’t in the person of God!
      Death is the ultimate loss and losing everlasting life, in paradise on earth, taint woith it!
      How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162 Glenn Beck Premiered Nov 5, 2022
      Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more. Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.

      • susan

        I hope everyone listens to that. That, and so many other truths are kept hidden. Please folks, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to hearing and listening to the truth.

    • Adam M

      Everyone on the right never spoke of this one admitted truism. Poles are used to keep one side at home on election day. You can find numerous clips of even MSM pundits saying that poles are used to make one side appear they are going to win so that those people are less likely to vote since they think their side has it won already. A huge failure of Alt Media to hammer this point home over the last couple months. People on the Right really need to stop telling everyone to wake up and actually wake up themselves.

  103. 53_213

    1 million voted dumped for senate IL duckworth


    • 324424!

      YUP race called early

      votes still not tallied

  104. jose_lopez

    With the U.S. and now Mid term elections stolen twice, the Red States will never, never again win an election , I thought this might happen again, the fixed dominion machines still in place, the corrupt democrats election officials are still in place and the corrupt judges in place, so the Red States need form a new union, and forget about any future election that includes the democrats.
    Then do trade between these new union states and forget about the democrat states, The UN will never allowed them to become a new UN nation, so talk directly to other nations for trade. That’s it, the democrats will never give up the mail-in ballots, the dominion machines and other methods to cheat, they will never stop cheating either.
    And think about this: this is the 2nd time (2020,2022) that de democrats eliminated, deleted, canceled the votes of the republicans, the democrats who voted for the republican candidates.

  105. Marie Joy

    IF we don’t get off our fat asses, they will steal it again in 2024. VOTE, dammit. Our very lives depend on it. Are we so dumbed down, and drugged up, we cannot try to save our own lives? The long term agenda of communism is worldwide genocide. That’s you and me and everyone we care about.

  106. Steven Farnsworth

    The rino’s and the dems relationship reminds me of the last two sentences of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. ” No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  107. BigE

    To Mitch McConnell, a Democrat Swamp Creature is the same as a Republican Swamp Creature. And the DC SWAMP knows damn well that they can continue to get away with election fraud, and their BS media pundit narratives after an election, for the reason, there is no real organized movement here in our country leading the fight against it.

  108. Dave

    Hannity reported today that Clark County Nevada just found another 30K ballots. The most liberal county in Nevada so it is likely the Dems hang onto that seat and likely Arizona. Lake is still confident she will win but not so sure about Blake. Walker needs to win in 4 weeks to keep the Senate 50/50 and stop Schumer from ending the filibuster.

    There are major splits emerging in the GOP. Rubio has called for a delay in the vote for the GOP Senate leader. A group does not want McConnell but are they large enough to remove him?

    The House will likely be 221 GOP. A 3-seat majority making McCarthy’s job difficult. To get the speakership he has to place the 3 groups. Jim Jordan’s conservatives, the 40 – 45 moderates and the smaller group of staunch Trump supporters like Greene and Gomert. Any of these groups can block McCarthy from getting the speakership so he will have to give each group something. BTW, McCarthy has historically been a moderate Ryan type congressman.

    Independents did not turn to the GOP as expected. The abortion issue was much more significant than many on the right felt it would be. Montana voted down a bill that would have effectively prevented infanticide. And suburban mothers voted for the Dems because of abortion. Dennis Prager lamented the results and admitted “we” are not reaching this group and we need to change strategy to do so. The young turned out in record numbers and voted Dem by a margin of 29 points. Freebies and abortion drove that vote.

    Charlie Kirk and Jay Sekulow are calling for major changes in GOP strategy to go after the early vote. The failure to do so hurt the GOP vote. By the time Fetterman debated 70% of Pa Dems had voted.

    The next two years will see a battle for the GOP soul. The sides are already lining up. Mark Levin said the GOP has to rethink things before the 2024 elections. He is a strong Trump supporter and is not saying rethink Trump but rethink things like get-out-the-vote and early voting and remove McConnell as the leader.

  109. William Clinton, Therapist

    To win in 2024, Republicans must provide endless free money and endless free services to everyone – especially our young fragile confused adult-children, free everything for every bank, every corporation, and every foreign nation, except Russia and working taxpayers, they are the enemy according to Joe Shitmyselfagain.

    You will not get the votes if you deny free money to those that don’t earn it.

    We are past the 50% moocher point of no return.
    Full time working taxpayers are now a powerless minority, with no special entitlements for them.

    Those that work for a living can not out vote the majority that receives monthly ‘dole’ We are doomed. The doubling of the national debt in the 2020’s is well on its way on target, the great rape of the “National Estate” is upon us, right down to the shirt on your back.

  110. Nika

    Imagine that, Rubio wants to get rid that Secret Rino, Mitch McConnell? Bye-Bye Mitch!!

  111. Anti-Atomist

    With the payment he received for his wickedness, Judas bought a field; there he fell headlong, his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out. Acts 1:18


  112. Elias

    Much appreciated for your sober and intelligent analysis. Yes, DeSantis is the establishment candidate, it’s clear to see from who is giving him credence and lip service. Of course Msn would portray MAGA candidates victories as “failures” lol. For them, maybe! Lol. What else do we expect in this upside down world.

  113. 🤡 Captain Spaulding 🤡

    An overweight male-to-female transgender person named Brian Nguyen has been crowned “Miss Derry 2023” in what may be the most woke development in the history of professional pageantry.

    The New Hampshire teen, 19-year-old Brian Nguyen, won the pageant on Sunday night and is officially “Miss Greater Derry 2023,” despite bearing male genitalia and a male name.

    • Adam M

      Why do trans people objectify women by dressing like them? Don’t they realize they are supporting the racist, misogynistic, patriarchal ideal of what a woman is supposed to look like? Walking contradictions.

  114. Marie Joy

    Runoffs and recounts only give them more of a chance to cheat. 30, 40 and 50 years ago, all results were in immediately. Why does it take days to count? Because they need the time to cheat.
    How does anyone expect Trump to win in 2024 if we don’t get rid of cheaters before 2024?

    To those of us, doing nothing, WE are responsible for this. To those of us who did not vote, it’s on you. You didn’t even try. You couldn’t take that short amount of time out of your busy schedule to vote because democrats talked you out of voting. I love you but your laziness may get you/us killed.

    • Marie Joy

      democrats support the people who are killing them.
      Since most conservatives are NOT falling for those lies, I expect more/different attempts to Depopulate. Communists do not give up.

      http://www.ki4u.com for radiation info and radiation products.

    • Adam M

      Amazing how for over 200 years with hand counted ballots we had results no latter then next morning, but now with instant digital counting we don’t know for weeks or months. Yes, cheating.

  115. Brian Dougan

    Regarding the Canadian guy who collapsed during questioning. Can’t find recent CANUCK (Feb. 11) information. Here’s a Feb.9th Canadian news clip: “Gabriel Poliquin was in the early stages of examining Di Tommaso when he collapsed to the floor, and his condition is unclear. A spokesman for the commission said in an emailed statement that out of respect for Poliquin and his family, it would share no further details of his health.” Source: CityNews (Everywhere.) Oh; Really? “Out of respect for the family” my you-know-what. (Rhymes with “pass.”) 🙂

    Typically evasive MSM. Now; Let’s go to a non-MSM American news article about the incident. The lawyer is FULLY VAXED–He bragged about in on social media. From the following (linked) US article: “Poliquin’s social media indicate that he received multiple AstraZeneca jabs….” https://rairfoundation.com/fully-vaccinated-canadian-lawyer-suddenly-and-unexpectedly-collapses-during-emergencies-act-inquiry-video/

    The article does say that the man was conscious when the EMT’s arrived. Still….

  116. Anti-Atomist

    Six corporations own 90% of the media in the United States, and one million Americans died in the last two years from COVID-19, experimental “vaccines,” and cyanide-laced Remdesivir. The last “fact-check” before the “covid” pandemic by A.P. [Mass Murder] News, run by the CEO of (anti-cannabis) Hearst Communications in partnership with The Walt Disney Company, claims that on August 27, 2019, “Jobama did not sign a law allowing propaganda in the U.S.” since 2013.


  117. Marie Joy

    Comedian Gallagher died today, 11/11/22, from Multiple Organ Failure. He was 76.

    • Tim K

      Hi Marie,

      Was he most likely jabbed?

      Take care


  118. CJ

    We keep focusing on the “them” trying to keep Trump out of office, but we need to be concerned about the “them” doing the same thing down ballot all over the country. We experienced it in Missouri during our primaries. The “them” didn’t want Eric Greitens to be our senator, so it came out that his wife was accusing him of abuse. (Abuse was never mentioned during their divorce, only after he decided to run for Senate.) He was ahead in the polls before this was released. He was ordered by the court to not speak about the details of the case. The liberal media reported on it constantly. At the same time Eric Schmitt was on being praised for the work he was doing. He did do some great things for the state, but deflected my concerns about election integrity to the SOS, Ashcroft. Of course Ashcroft said there could be no fraud. Schmitt also wouldn’t address the possibility of fraud in St. Louis county during the 2022 election. I personally sent a link to his office with a story about that possibility. There were reports that the poll workers were told to not worry about checking IDs. They were not to be the ID police. I digress. Schmitt won the primary. After the primary was over, the evidence of the abuse that Greitens was accused of made it before a judge and it was ruled there was no evidence of abuse. This happens to many times to different people for it to not be part of their plan to steer people in the direction they desire. Always, always, always question everything. Especially anything that is on the mainstream media. FYI: All of the above can be found with a simple Google search.

  119. John Nordstrom

    The RINOs are going to run Desantis in 2024 to force Trump to run as an independent. This will split the MAGA vote and give the WH to the Dems. If the Uniparty can rig the general election, they can rig primaries too. Must return to paper-only, in-person voting. We MUST stop supporting our States financially until this happens. Together, we can do this. Individually, we will be picked off.

    Sent from my iPhone

  120. Tim Gibson

    Hi Greg Latest number is 90 dead doctors in canada.Go to http://WWW.druthers.net to see their pictures cheers tim

  121. Chris

    Greg, Whitney Webb who authored “ One Nation Under Blackmail” would be an amazing interview on several subjects. She is young and highly intelligent. I hope you will check into this.


  122. Da Yooper

    I can not imagine how busy you are. Consider interviewing Dr. Paul Cottrell.

    This is bad.

    Coffee Talk Ep13 (SARS-CoV-2 genome integration and why you will get cancer) by Dr. Paul Cottrell
    DrPaulCottrell Published November 7, 2022 4,071 Views


    This is 90 + minutes cut to about 45 into it & start watching. Serious information for us all.

  123. Dave

    More post-mortems coming in. Progressives mostly retained control of school boards but for Florida. The difference there? DeSantis proposed an education agenda, and non-progressive candidates ran on it and won. In most other states school board races are non-partisan so voters too often vote back incumbents because of name recognition. The Florida model needs to be adopted across the country.

    On the Sekulow podcast Pompeo said the disappointing results were in part due to poor candidates. The Sekulow bothers referenced NH and Georgia where the GOP governors won by large margins, but the GOP Senate candidates lost. In both states many Republican voters simply didn’t cast a vote for Senator.

    Interesting perspective from a traditional Christian on the disappointing mid-term results and the failure of national politics. Is there a case for a national divorce?


    many school board candidates ran on it a won The

  124. MacGuy

    I have a deep sense that the Unites States of America is finished. I am just wondering how they are going to finally reveal this to the people. It is almost like they are waiting for some cataclysmic event to take place before announcing the news.

  125. Justn Observer

    Greg, Different prespective are not always dis-information…but I am with you on the cheating. The U.S. postal service has a patented blockchain system that would clearly tie one person to one vote and ‘their’ did not impliment the use of it…because it WOULD end the ability to cheat. True un-regulated de-centralized control Crytos are now also being given a ‘bad rap’ as to the FTX bernie madoff style crash… which is not true cryptos …but the derivatives of them…of selling that which they did not have ownership of…much like the ‘paper’ gold and silver on those exchanges…
    The people involved = all deeply tied to Deep St&te establishment worshippers…
    We will see if ‘they’ LET Kari Lake and Laxalt win…but likely not….since allowing control of Senate = possible impeachments can move forward.
    and if RNC ends up coming up one seat short…they lose that ability to have oversight ability as well! look at the FTX AND WHO BEHIND IT.
    A deeper look at ‘who’ are behind it…the real players, the daughter ACEO, her father, the boss of GARY GENSLER at MIT and the rest NOT BEEN GIVEN COVERAGE on FOX or MSM=
    Remember…Gensler on a prior post….was who ‘they’ replaced Brooksley Born with…when she tried to expose the derivatives corrupt that she fearedcould take down the stock and bond markets… FRONTLINE = THE WARNING
    Now, that same Gary Genzler is head of the SEC…and is trying to take over and control the winners and losers of the Crypto ledger blockchain usage…
    Reggie Middleton’s Veratiasiam was suppressed because it blocks the ability of the stocks, bonds and PM to be FIXED… IT sets up and makes them fair and open traded exchanges de-void of current manipulatiion…it makes ever transaction transparent and proves ownership of, and transfer to each party.
    Middleton’s P2P was given patents by several other countries…BUT held up and block by SEC for several years…BECAUSE his patent…WHICH THE US. COURTS finally had to rule on and allow his U.S. patent to be granted. That makes all blockchain tech using p2p transactions infringers on his patent unless given a usage license with Middleton… which includes most outstanding DEFI based blockchains, which may include the FED’s and CBDC ! , problem for Ripple/XRP?
    As I have said, I am not a holder of any of them, but for the younger people it likely WILL BE how it all plays out in the end… since like all the rest…the majority of all the people are too dumb down and drugged up to see what is coming, their total control…
    Majority of people do not act…they react and only AFTER something deeply affects them…but THAT will be too late as all will be enacted by then, slowly as all communist and socialist movements do using gradualism.
    Like the last vid shared of Col. House plans up above…laid long ago by the elite world domination…along with Jekyll Island, the League of Nations replaced by the UN and progressing thru Global Governess and Nixon moving to take the U.S. off the gold and silver standard…and unto worthless paper fiat… Getting back to even paper money let alone gold and silver coinage…= GOOD LUCK!
    Likely all the same prayers and bible quotes were said by those pushed into the Russian gulags…so there is that. ‘
    Huge rallys in Brazil and massive strikes in other countries…in the U.S. NOT one tomato thrown at the FED or any of the virtue signaling media or multinational corp. or anything else…just stunned waxed over faces and grumbling of ”’rigged’ election—AGAIN! Sad…all as they pass more and more anti-2nd Amendment rights as they trot down the road and pass all the signposts toward communism!

  126. Jean Michele

    Hi George,
    While I agree with you that doctors and nurses who promote the jab or give the jab, need to repent, your statement paints with too wide a brush. Many of we nurses fought the jabs from the beginning and continue to do so. That is true of many doctors, as well. My doc is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine doctor and also Function medicine doctor and Hospitalist. He did not promote the jab and from the earliest refused to do so. He lost his position at several hospitals he in Texas. I saw the writing on the wall and retired. Many of us, especially seasoned nurses I know, would not participate and spent our time, educating patients, friends, neighbors and those in our communities, not to take the jab. Often, we were ridiculed and shunned, even by family members. I’m blessed that did not include one daughter with children here in Texas. It’s continuing to be a heartbreak, but I would not change my actions. Many have to be prosecuted in the medical to the fullest extent.

  127. Linda

    The problem with Powell/Fed trying to “control” inflation (if you call higher prices inflation) is that crushing demand can’t really achieve that goal. We are a supply problem which has caused prices to rise. In my opinion, that portion of the increased price is not classical inflation. People don’t really care what you call it, but Powell will have to grind people into the ground to get back to 2%, if the supply issue isn’t rectified.

  128. catherine serra

    Regardless how upside the world is, it is comforting receiving reports from you. I trust you.
    Information is intentionally convoluted, from all sides. It is quite the game being played out.
    Thank You for your devotion. I respect your efforts.
    May your heart be protected and your body endure the pressures you experience.
    Strength is you, My friend!
    Sister Catherine

  129. Sylvia Sires

    x22 Report on Rumble breaks everything down showing the Red Wave actually worked!!

  130. Joseph Genovese

    Another suspicious death, a 28-year -old female athelete:


  131. PatriotJohnny

    waht about teh laptop hunter bider

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