Elites Want Death and Destruction of All Humanity – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Radio legend, filmmaker and prolific published book author Steve Quayle says what is going on in the news you see is simply cover for the awful and dangerous world being invented for the masses by the global elite. Quayle says, “The news coming out now I call “Circus-distract-ticus.”  I believe this is the most playpen like of news coming out that is meant to focus on the minors while keeping our eyes off the major events going on.”

Quayle lays out the biggest danger facing mankind in his upcoming book called “Terminated, The End of Man is Here.” Quayle says, “The government has a department of propaganda in “Circus-distract-ticus.”  One spokesman for DHS said if you don’t believe what we are saying, you must be the tin-foil-hat, black helicopter believing people.  A lie is to be embraced in their world, and anything that embraces the truth should be denigrated and ultimately destroyed. . . . All of that is designed to keep your eyes off their esteemed prize.  That is the death and decimation of all humanity. . . . The idea is we are now in this time period where anything goes. . . . When you understand everything that is in your food, all the vaccinations, everything is designed to do one thing, basically to kill you gently and some not so gently.  They want to basically take your life away but charge you along the way.  We are in a place now where we are seeing the plans of the elite.”

Quayle says the robot/transhumanism world of the elite will become fully visible in just a few years. Quayle contends, “When people ask me what is on the horizon beyond transhumanism, I can say to you, at this point, nothing.  When they say it’s going to be in the year 2030 or 2045, in my opinion, and let’s see if it holds . . . my estimate, based on where we are now, they will start to manifest fully by 2022.  These will be . . . “demon possessed machines”. . . . Imagine a robot that is programed, and you know what the final command that will be given to a robot will be?  When they become totally autonomous and demon possessed, they will have simply one prime directive and that will be kill all humans.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle, author of the upcoming book called “Terminated, The End of Man is Here.”

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After the Interview: 

You can preorder a copy of Quayle’s book “Terminated, The End of Man Is Here” by going to SteveQuayle.com.  You can also get information on his conference on transhumanism in September in Branson, Missouri, on the home page of SteveQuayle.com.  

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  1. This Sceptred Isle

    Yippee! I just wanna be the top comment.

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      Super, you are.

      And happy???

      • This sceptred Isle

        you know what they say about simple things and simple minds…

        • This sceptred Isle


          • Paul ...

            This is the right song is for all the simple minded snowflakes who don’t want to forget about Satan … intelligent minds “walk right on by” Satan’s plans to destroy humanity!!

        • Peter from the Netherlands

          Yes I know: it looks like …….?

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Peter, you were not supposed to agree!

      • William Stanley

        Peter, TSI is sharing his joy with us; be gracious enough to accept his gift.
        BTW, did you attend the “Free Tommy” demonstration in London? I noticed that Geert Wilders did. If you skipped the demonstration, what did you do today to make the world a better place?

    • chuck

      Quayle is just tooting his own tune – the Bible says otherwise. Not only will humanity survive, but it will be governed by Christ himself. If you understand the truth that the U.K and Commonwealth countries is/are Ephraim and the U.S. is Manasseh, and that together they are called the ‘Tribe of Jacob’ and ‘Israel’ – as opposed to the ‘Tribe of Judah’, then you will understand that the English speaking peoples and the Jews are in for a huge slap-down by God for our national transgressions. God will cause our downfall, and in fact it is already under way, and will inspire Germany – ‘the rod of mine anger’ – to backstab us at a weak point. Probably a nuclear double-cross. Our land will be emptied by internal war, disease, race riots, a destroyed economy, extreme starvation and crime – leading to episodes of cannibalism. Our superpower status will give way to a new German-led – Vatican guided EU superpower, who will launch WW3. This EU ‘beast’ will, in turn, be destroyed by the combined armies of Russia-China. Then, ‘In the days of those kings, the God of Heaven will set up a government that will never be brought to ruin.’ When the victorious Asian armies come against Jesus, who by this time has already set up a government in Jerusalem, Christ will destroy them all. Humanity will be then under a righteous global government. Humanity WILL survive – in spite of Quayle’s assertions. http://www.Lulu.com/spotlight/ctwilcox

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle.
    Indeed fascinating and brave of you Mr Hunter to interview someone with such fantastic material that touches on the nasty reality of the elite.

  3. Solon

    With all due respect, I have been expecting an age where man turns against machines.
    what virtue may man have if he hands that virtue to a machine. Human race will split.
    Humans who incorporate machine parts will become cyborgs eventually. Rest of humanity will oppose them and develop psi abilities currently suppressed by our simple society.
    If robots war against us they and their humans will be ended. you read it here first.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Did Atlantis really exist?

    • Tin foil hat

      God created men and now men are trying to create/recreate Gods.

  4. H. Craig Bradley


    To listen to Steve Quayle talk really sounds just like the famous radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” by the late actor, Orson Wells. He sounded very authentic and even fooled many radio listeners back in the day, whipping them up into a panic. Amusing sociological phenomenon for sure.

    Today, talk about “elites” is about as exciting as “watching paint dry”, as they say. Famous Blues Actor, B.B. King sung a great one too titled: ” The Thrill is Gone”. Listen-in for some nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPlsqo2bk2M

    • Charles H

      More like – the conscience is seared – so no consideration of spiritual issues have any entrance to your thinking or criteria.
      There is a real, spiritual aliveness, which opens the intelligence, and takes the blinders off the mind: but you are not there. Your veiled ridicule is not lost: but you are.
      It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, the Judgement. The ‘burning bush’ Moses encountered – is the single most horrific precursor of eternal damnation; burning, but not consumed. And the coup-de-gras is that God’s finest torment is man’s own regret, married to nostalgia for all eternity: having the certain knowledge you put yourself there; and didn’t have to. “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…” Luke 16:23.

      • This sceptred Isle

        embrace the infinite!

        • Paul ...

          Embrace the Infinite: The everlasting punishment of our own thoughts (thinking over and over again about all the evil things did in your life) … such is the punishment (not of God) … but the eternal punishment we inflict upon ourselves!!

      • Robert G

        Charles H… I suffer from chronic severe pain 24/7 , bedridden from it. But it is nothing like 10/10 pain which basically you die from eventually because your heart gives out. So what your saying is God who is supposed to be a God of love could make a persons pain 1oo times worse than it is and torture that person that way for eternity (billions of years) because that person may ignore him for his short lifetime. Is this the same God that said in the old law covenant, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and so on. The punishment does not reasonably fit the crime. The almighty is a God of justice.. If your dog pooped up your house everyday and you decided to punish the dog would you put his paw on a hot stove and enjoy listening to his agony. We are made in God,s image. God told Adam that the day (in this case a 1000 year day) he ate of a certain tree he would surely die. He didn’t say he was going to fry for eternity, wouldn’t that kind of been an important thing to point out. That’s not a God of love, but would seem to me to be a cruel, vindictive, harsh god. Just sayin, never made sense to me. An everlasting cutting off in death from God makes more sense. Jesus spoke in illustrations and parables. Was this a story about real people? No. The Jerusalem Bible in a footnote explains that this is a “parable in story form without reference to any historical personage.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Robert, you are lost in a black hole of nothingness. Seek Christ.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Hang on a minute Robert. I will shuffle over and make some more room.

          • Robert G

            There is no hope for mankind except through Christ. Since a small boy I have loved him. I just don’t agree with the concept of a burning hell.

          • Kevin

            Just wanted to point out that 2/3 of the people on this planet will suffer for eternity based on your beliefs….and many of them wil be innocent children who jsut happened to be born or raised in a differemt culture…..you belief in Christianity is deplorable……God created heavens amd earth it all went to hell….flooded the earth amd started over amd it all went to hell….sacrificed his only son…and shocker!!! It all went to hell….sound like an epic fail to me? And the worst part God supposedly knows the outcome to all future evemts lol.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are lost Kevin. You seek love but are empty. Seek Christ.

        • Paul ...

          Robert … God is not going to punish anyone … since our spiritual immortal souls are conscious and have memory … all of the evil actions we did while on Earth in a physical body … will come back “to haunt us for all eternity” … so it is not God who will fry people for their evil deeds … but the evil person himself … remember what God did to Satan when he turned traitor to God’s moral code (and was likely a despicable pedophile who loved killing, roasting and eating babies) … God just put him in “a special place” where his immortal soul would have to think about all the evil things he did “forever” … we all know the name of that special place and we don’t do bad things because we don’t want to go there … HELL!! … so what do pedophiles do to rationalize away their evil ways? … they say “there is no Hell” as the Pope just did!! … good luck with that rationalization for continuing to do evil!!

          • Paul ...

            Call me anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti–Muslim, anti-Sumeriac, anti-Neocon, anti-Warmonger, anti-Pedophile, anti-BigPharma … anti-etc., anti-etc. … but “anyone” who kills women and children are on my “to do list” to remove from this world … as we once removed every Giant who roamed this Earth years ago who ate babies so readily offered as sacrifices by dumbed down parents (living in a “Hillary” Village) … today “Institutional Giants” are devouring our children … called Abortion Clinics when they kill them before they are born and the Military/Industrial/Government Complex when they kill our children at the age of 18 years old (sending them into battle to fight “the thousands of ever constant wars” we read about in all the history books) … all this children sacrifice needed so an elite few can generate more worthless fiat paper to put in their Swiss bank accounts!!

            • Paul ...

              Well … Trump is going to get back all the gold stolen from Fort Knox and putt into Swiss bank accounts … then he is going to get back the $21 Trillion stolen by crooks in the Defense Department, Health and Human Services, etc., etc. … and pay off the National Debt … then Trump will cut the Trade Deficit and then finally put the US back on the gold standard (after increasing the price of gold by at least 10 times … sealed indictments are ready to be used against the crooks and swindlers who stole our Fort Knox gold and those involved in human trafficking, child rape and murder … RICO laws will be used against the worshipers of Baal who dress in black robes and sacrifice our babies on the Alter of Satan!! … the moral code handed down by God the Father and his son Jesus Christ will be put back into effect … and the evil occult murdering of our children and the drinking of their “fear induced adrenaline filled blood” will be put to a complete stop!!

              • Paul ...

                You know … instead of Trump putting America’s gold he is now getting back into Fort Knox again where it can be easily stolen … he should hand out America’s 8,000 tons of gold to all “legal” American citizens … the way I figure it … each of the 340 million American citizens should get about 3/4 of an ounce of gold apiece … once the gold is in all our hands it will be extremely difficult for evil people like Rubin and Clinton to steal it away again!!

        • Charles H

          Robert G,

          I suffer from chronic pain 24/7. A semi-botched hemmrhoidectomy won’t let me sit for long; and an L5 problem reduces strength and mobility, as well as producing neurologic and circulatory insufficiency in my right leg – thanks to an anonymous driver. So there is suffering enough to go around.
          Please allow me a few, brief points to consider…

          Which perspective of the glass half-full or half-empty are you employing? God has set forth the very Salvation, available to everyone, everywhere; at a level so simple even children can avail themselves of it. Now if God had not provided an escape from judgment and condemnation: then He would be a tyrant; but this is NOT the case. The way to Heaven is open, it is clear, it is simple, and it is absolutely universal. The shed blood of Jesus Christ could cleanse all mankind; as well as the death, burial, and resurrection – could settle the sin-debt for every living soul: so – where is God unfair or unjust in this? You only look on the punish side, and give no credit for the REAL act of love and mercy in Redemption. I’d say this is glass half-empty; and God the Creator deserves better.

          Another issue is that God cannot be judged by our miserable standards. That’s like saying nothing more than a two dimensional pencil drawing can define a fifth dimensional work. God is not a man, and not subject to our criteria; but the reverse is true, as we are His creation. The lump of clay cannot say to the Potter – why has thou made me thus? His justice – is His justice: and because He is an eternal being – His dispositions are eternal. That’s the deal.

          The reason Adam wasn’t told about eternity and everlasting punishment: is because Scripture is PROGRESSIVE – it builds on itself contexts and meaning, and harmony. Again – this is second-guessing God; a lesser form of questioning and subjecting God to our judgment.

          The Luke Chapter 16 account of the rich man and Lazarus uses the proper pronoun – the name of Lazarus: so it is not then a parable or illustration. Hell contained two compartments until the bodily Ascension of Jesus Christ: the place of torments; and Abraham’s Bosom. Those Old Testament saints who died in their faith, holding to the promises of God to redeem – were reserved in comfort: until Redemption was completed. Now to die in Faith which God approves or sanctions (Biblical) – is to be present with the Lord, in soul. NO man-made foot-note anywhere; or me saying, or anyone saying: has authority over the Holy Scriptures. Cherry-picking commentary like this is completely unwise. It is there for people who want to hear it that way: and that is NOT what God’s Word, the Holy Bible is all about.

          There is a threshold that Truth demands: and that is face-value acceptance. Anything less is subjecting a perfect thing to be changed by an imperfect thing. That is what people try to do to ‘cosy it up’ to their own sense of acceptance. It doesn’t work that way; and it won’t work that way – because God doesn’t change. His work is inscrutible in perfection – even to the mystery of iniquity and evil in this world.
          God sees the heart; and He must see that our Faith is derived solely from His Word and in the form of Trust – there in the heart. Until you trust something: you have not made it yours.

          God made all things; then He redeems those who will believe and trust Him by taking Him at His Word. Too much to expect, right? This is why I mentioned above – that man must seek or come unto God, and on God’s terms. ANYONE CAN DO THIS! It is just that people want a Burger King God and Burger King faith – and have it their way. Fear is the beginning of wisdom: but nobody wants it. Romans Chapter 3 is a great a great indictment: but verse 18 is key – “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” God has done everything needful to be done: now we must correspond to that. And if we don’t: then it is our fault.

          • Cindy Ferguson

            Love your answer, Charles H. You sound like someone who, in spite of chronic pain, has deep faith and wisdom from God to see the big picture. I bet you have a lot of friends who appreciate your perspective. Keep teaching! Cindy F

        • Donald

          “Just sayin, never made sense to me.”

          Yep, lots of things people believe make no sense. From what I could find, it seems the concept of burning in hell forever likely came from Egyptians that had “converted” to Christianity – probably sometime in the 3rd century (and possibly as early as sometime in the 2nd century). How come its so hard to know exactly what had happened then? Probably a big part of the reason is that important records were purposely destroyed so as to mask what really happened. This is what some historical researchers have come to realize. Going back to Roman times, only a small percentage (as much as 8% to 10%) of people willingly became Christians. Why? Because it takes time, study, effort, and change. And most folks do not want to bother. So how then did everyone “convert” to Christianity? To some extent, they were forced to by decree. Also, the great disasters and plagues of the day likely were a factor as well. But to make “conversion” easier, they kept on believing the things they believed before and more or less kept on doing the things they did before – only under new labels.

        • Donald rainwater

          Dear Robert G, Have you looked into MMS? Iam healing a lymphoma on my neck,it is shrinking! Taking MMS daily for one week! Look up Church of GENESIS 2 ,on YOUTUBE. Also Jim Humble!

          • Donald rainwater

            I posted this to charles H, he seems to be in intense pain ,we are duty bound as Christians to help him,Charles do look into MMS!! PEACE to all.

      • Laura Keth

        Very well said. I learned from your words. Thank you

    • Diane

      I agree HCR.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Bradley: Thanks for posting B.B. King’s performance: His performance was beautiful, and the lyrics are as well:
      The thrill is gone
      The thrill is gone away
      The thrill is gone baby
      The thrill is gone away
      You know you done me wrong baby
      And you’ll be sorry someday

      The thrill is gone
      It’s gone away from me
      The thrill is gone baby
      The thrill is gone away from me
      Although, I’ll still live on
      But so lonely I’ll be

      The thrill is gone
      It’s gone away for good
      The thrill is gone baby
      It’s gone away for good
      Someday I know I’ll be open armed baby
      Just like I know a good man should

      You know I’m free, free now baby
      I’m free from your spell
      Oh I’m free, free, free now
      I’m free from your spell
      And now that it’s all over
      All I can do is wish you well

  5. H. Craig Bradley

    History: Dawn of the Rising Dead: London, circa 1599 A.D.


    • Charles H

      “Madcap Theatre”, under the category of “Comedy”? History?!?? More like fanciful indulgence.

  6. NH Watcher

    It was announced this week that researchers at the MIT Media Lab successfully created the first “AI-powered psychopath,” aka, “Norman,” for Hitchcock’s Norman Bates:


    Quayle’s forecast of 2022 resonates with the Deagel site’s long-held forecast of massive U.S. population declines by 2025:


    And yet, we can all remain deluded by Enlightenment thinking that humanity is basically good, and people really only want the best for other people. Religion (and sin) are conversely discarded as delusional. The Bible speaks of such a time in the future when women will regret ever having had children, and reflecting on all this, it is hard to fathom most children born today living to see their 10th birthday.

    Greg, thank you for having Mr. Quayle on.

    • William Stanley

      NH Watcher: I’ve been contemplating your insightful comment, which (in my mind) raises an allied (I think) question: the difference between sin and evil.

    • Shawn G.

      NH Watcher: Where on deagel does is say anything about population decline? Deagel is a Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation website….

  7. Jerry

    Do you want to see what the elites really think? This is their plan B.

    FYI : Billy. You feckless moron , America is a Representative Republic not a Democracy! You’d better pray that there won’t be another recession or somebody just might decorate their streetlight with your corpse Mussolini style. You and your handlers created Donald Trump by putting us where we are with your debt based philosophies and theft. We’re not going anywhere. But you might.

  8. Peter

    Sky net comes alive and will become self aware.
    I work with nural networks and algorithmic programing.
    What Steve Quayle is talking about here is very real and
    unfortunately will become reality no later then 2025.
    The technology is moving at warp speed and robotics are
    already to the point of physical ability. The only missing
    element is the refined programing that is now just starting
    at the most granular level.

    • William Stanley

      Peter: I wonder if self awareness can be achieved without inherent contradiction in the neural net. If self contradiction is necessary, what are the implications? Insanity, wisdom . . . ?

  9. Jerry

    This is what Deutsche Bank will look like on Monday.

    Does anybody want a good deal on a Bank? All you have to do is cover the litigation charges for fraud, pay off the outstanding debt, and assume 45-65 trillion dollars in derivatives. With stock going from $40. A share to $10. in six months , it’s a steal.

  10. Walter Baumgarten

    Interesting Greg thank you. Falls right in line with the Bilderberg meeting this year doesn’t it?


  11. Alison

    Greatly appreciate all the hard work you gentlemen do in order to bring us the truth. God bless you, Greg and Steve.

  12. Roger D

    There is much more truth than fantasy in what Steve Quayle is saying. The level of evil is so difficult to grasp that most folks shut it out.

    Evil made a major move on 9/11. Look at the fruit of government deceit about 9/11: 17 years of never ending wars, the Police/Surveillance State, the destruction of the Bill of Rights by the NDAA, millions of innocent people murdered, maimed or displaced.

    Yet even those who know the truth of 9/11 and Building 7 have turned a blind eye because the truth doesn’t support their agenda. Satan is smiling. But Satan (and the evil globalists) will not have the last word.

    • William Stanley

      Roger D: You’ve given us much to reflect upon.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Let us not forget the first and perhaps biggest event of evil perpetrated on 22 Nov 63 in Dealey Plaza. Those who rule have long been under the direct influence of the Cast Out.

    • Donald

      “The level of evil is so difficult to grasp that most folks shut it out.”

      This is why its useful to spend a little time to research and find out what narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths are all about – and HOW TO SPOT THEM. This world right now is infested with these kind of people. Society itself is a factor in why there are so many. When most people think of a psychopath, they think of one portrayed in a movie. But movies only portray a very small percentage of these people. As for a key indicator to look for – they have no conscience. They can look you straight in the face and lie so convincingly that a lie detector is useless as a tool to detect this. Just look at some of these people who have now been exposed as corrupt from the Obama administration – how they lie so convincingly and freely – or play the victim or blame others for what they are responsible for. These people live for ONLY one thing – to please themselves. Period.

  13. Russ

    It’s difficult for me to comment regarding Steve Quayle other than to say he’s always interesting. Take a little bit of truth and wrap it in a blanket of hyperbole, classic …

    Okay, back to the reality we are living with day-to-day …
    Is the U.S. in a depression? (How John Williams became America’s most important statistician)

    • K. Wayne

      The Greatest Depression that was never recorded in the history books perhaps!!
      The Orwellian nightmare has firmly embedded itself and the Ministry of Truth is working overtime.

    • Tin foil hat

      The reality we are living with day to day is controlled and manipulated by poeple involve in ritual like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mtfrn5i-3CY
      You should google Bohemian Grove ritual which is very similar.

  14. DanT

    You had a time keeping him on track, he was all over the place. Giants, robots, weather, theology. As to the weather, humans are not the cause of the crazy weather and seismic activity it’s the sun. Check out The Grand Solar Minimum.

    • William Stanley

      DanT: Your comment provoked a thought: Could the Earth’s gravity and magnetism also influence what happens on the Sun?

  15. Paul ...

    In the beginning the worship of Baal and the sacrifice of children as an offering to this “evil god” was localized to just the Middle East … now these evil occultists have spread their blood lust ritual “to the entire world” with their continual non-stop wars to kill women and children in furthering to advance their exremist agendas!! … corrupt pedophile transgender sociopathic politicians who preyed upon children normally loved “this evil cult from the Middle East” as it fit in perfectly with their evil desires against children … hurting children with drugs now becomes “normal” to these occultists and makes using the US Millitary to guard their poppy fields in Afghanistan “just a matter of business” and where “morality is not an issue” … the evil people of Sumer who paid their respect to Giants by offering them their children to eat were just as evil as the people in America today … who offer their children to be sacrificed (i.e. in unending continual wars or be drugged with heroin or injected with life threatening vaccines, GMO foods, flouride in the water, aluminum dust in chem-trails, etc., etc.) … this “blood sacrifice” of our children must stop now … and all the evil insane Satanist occult phycopathic pedophiles locked up before they infuse “their demented moral code” into the circuitry of AI robotic killers!!

    • Paul ...

      Let us hope there is a spark of moral decency left in the Artificial Intelligence programmers who will be designing the Killer Robots … as only “they” have the power to determine the ultimate fate of all mankind … let’s hope they have “the moral decency” to program “back doors” into the Robotic Killers they are forced to create for the Worshipers of Baal … and at least give humanity a chance to survive … otherwise in the world to come the Killer Robots will one day be asking themselves “Who Created Us”?? … they will look at the monkeys and say “we couldn’t have come from them … there must be some missing link” … but no bones of humans will be found … as we will all have been vaporized by laser/microwave weapons the Robotic Killers will be given to burn to ash every man, woman and child in the world!

    • Tin foil hat

      Paul …
      I don’t think the people in Sumer offered their children to be eaten as food. They were offering stem cells.

  16. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having Steve Quayle on. He is one of my favorite truth tellers.

  17. Agnostic

    Next they will come from the future to kill Sarah Connor so that John Connor will never be born to save us!

    • Diane

      If Steve is right, the Almighty will come down with rain that will rust all the robots.
      The atheist elites are not more powerful than God.

      • Lord Garth

        He said he wouldn’t use rain the next time he’d step in, to save our soul’s!
        S.O.S._ _ _S.O.S__ __ __S.O.S ___ ___ ___

        • Tin foil hat

          Lord Garth,
          Enlil wanted or wants to kill us. Enki wanted and still wants to save us and Inanna wants to have orgies with us. As they quarreled among themselves, I believe our ancestors escaped from the enclosure with Enki’s assistance.

  18. Matt In Pa

    Worry about today,tomorrow will take care of itself.

    • Nigel

      Good point

    • Tin foil hat

      Matt in PA,
      Is that what the butterflies said to the bees?

    • Roger D

      Matt, said the grasshopper to the ant.

  19. Charles H


    The Devil and the fallen angels are inter-dimensional beings – they wield power like transmutation, teleportation, and levitation. Their knowledge of technology is an adaptation from their previous realm to our physical plane. But like Pharaoh’s magicians in contest with Moses and Aaron: they can only imitate miraculous power – to a point. After producing giants and mighty men through women: I think God put a stop to that; and the indication is destroying the world by water.
    The battle, after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – when the Word became flesh: has been against the written Word – the Holy Bible. Burning, banning, and holding people away from direct possession and profit – the Catholic Church sought monopoly in the Dark or Middle Ages of Sacred Knowledge. Even today, for subscribers – there is no way to Heaven apart from it: which is a falsity of the highest magnitude.
    Now, in these End Times: God-denying ‘scientific’ ‘knowledge’ ridicules and suppresses Sacred Knowledge AND by demonic powers is imitating AGAIN the seeming miracles – but now through technology. So the fight has never stopped; only the tactics are now combined. The big carrot for atheists is God-like power through knowledge and technology. Despite riches and power: the Devil can’t give Eternal Life. All the next-level, “alien” technology; extra-terrestrial beings (demonic pseudo-life) – are just empty lies, to draw sinful mankind toward a godhood that doesn’t exist.
    Nature and the firmament declare the handiwork of God. And the ‘smart’, or the educated, or the elite are not going to inherit the earth. The simple, accessible, written form of divine revelation – as the source of Faith – the Holy Bible is not bound. It is the preparations of the heart which decide how people react or respond to God’s solution: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nature and Natural Law has always been representative of God’s work and limits: everthing else BEYOND is devilish perversion. Man must seek God, under God’s terms set forth in the Bible. Everything except Holy Spirit, born-again Salvation by Biblical faith through Grace: is substitution and damnation. “Unity” is a mythical concept for all but One: and He – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – are not sharing His glory with another.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “the Catholic Church sought monopoly in the Dark or Middle Ages of Sacred Knowledge.”

      Yes Charles. Many claim that the real purpose of the Knights Templar was to discover the lost secrets of sorcery and magic amidst the foundations of the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. After returning to Europe they obtained vast wealth and power and constructed magnificent Gothic Cathedrals.

    • William Stanley

      Charles H: re: “Salvation by Biblical faith through Grace”


      • Charles H


        Grace seems to be the mechanism by which God gathers all glory to Himself, in that, unmerited favor excludes all ‘works of righteousness that we have done’ – because ‘there is none righteous, no, not one’. Being Saved by his Mercy alone gains Him all the credit. It seems that man’s pride just won’t let go of taking credit or being good enough. ‘I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.’ One can’t be saved – until they are lost.

    • aussie Jeff

      I concur Charles,excellent post! Salvation must be sort on God’s terms,we all love the hope of salvation its the path that we find distasteful such is our wretched state!! Keep the faith brother.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “The battle, after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – when the Word became flesh: has been against the written Word – the Holy Bible.”

      Wow. Really? So, uh, there was no battle during the many years between the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the canonization of scripture? Tell that to the martyred apostles, and their martyred disciples, who are the Fathers of the Church. I guess their deaths were just “inconvenient truths”, or something?

    • Diane

      Love it John..we all suspected this was true

  20. H. Craig Bradley


    Are author Stephen Quayle’s published books based on a “True Story” or are they conjecture or interpretation of events, real or imagined ? ( Fiction or Non-Fiction)?

  21. john duffy

    Why, Bill, Why!


    • Diane

      Great video

  22. Autofixer

    Nuke the place from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. Oh wait! Wrong movie.

  23. Jeannette Rowden

    Regardless of how dire the picture that Steve Quayle paints is, I believe God will set all things right. Evil is tolerated to a certain point, and then the hand of God intervenes. Jesus promised to return and bring a thousand years of peace for His people. I believe Him. As you always say, Greg, “Fear not. God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, are firmly in charge.”

  24. Diane

    If the elites were as powerful as God……..Hillary would be President

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one!!!!!!

      • Nigel

        the elites are not as powerful as they think they are

      • Ray

        God WOULD NEVER launch a cruise missile at any human being.
        Donald Trump has launched plenty of cruise missiles at human beings, just like the litany of bastard US Presidents behind him.
        Trump IS NOT “God’s President on Earth”.
        Fair Dinkum!!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to read the Bible. God the Father can be very harsh.

        • flattop

          Ray, GOD WOULD NEVER??
          Open your bible to 2 Kings Chap 19 and verse 35
          That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty five thousand men in the Assyrian camp

    • Mohammad

      Elites put Trump in place, the old clan is expired that is all to it.
      They told you so years back while you were watching the Simpsons (if you did, you have to admit it is funny series)…!


  25. Sue Patterson

    Greg, I absolutely love your weekly news wrap-ups, but some of your guests, not so much; Steve Quayle falls into that category for me. I’ve know of his work and research for many years, and agree with many things, but he operates in a level of hysteria that I don’t ascribe to. He also has a tendency to be hyper-critical of Christians who believe some things differently than he does, going so far as to say that Christians who don’t prepare to live through the great tribulation just like he is aren’t Christians at all. Whenever I listen to him I find myself wondering if he ever thinks about what he’s saying before he speaks. Truthfully, listening to him is excruciating. In all the years I’ve heard him I don’t know if he’s ever actually completed an entire sentence. Maybe I’m just too linear. I always give your guest a listen because I respect your work, but at the 9:04 minute mark I had to call it quits; I’d never make 40 more minutes of Steve Quayle.

    • Charles H


      Yeah – I react the same way. He jumps around a lot, without giving details or filling-out his points. But he does touch on things that are way ahead of the curve. Demonic power extending in and through technology is one – which concurs with the ‘image of the Beast’ of Revelation.
      And I don’t expect to go through Tribulation – except for the flack for taking this position.

      • DB Cooper

        Brother Charles, Do you mean to say that you buy into the pre-trib line of thought? DB

        • Charles H

          Yeah, I buy into it. But I prepare like I will go through it.

      • Jodyp

        I put this interview on the same page as some other guests. Some of it pretty far out there to me. But as crazy as this world has gotten, who knows? I’ll just keep living through it till I don’t.

    • Rick Porter


      I couldn’t agree with you more. Reminds me somewhat of CLiff High, but not quite that crazy.

    • Andre

      John 10:30 I and my Father are one.
      John 14:9………he that hath seen me hath seen the Father…………….
      10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

      Jesus is the creator of the universe and all that was created. He appeared as a bush fire unto Moses and lead Israel out of Egypt.

      John 1:1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – the Word is Jesus
      2 The same was in the beginning with God.
      3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
      4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. – all references to Jesus.
      5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. – the light of men is Jesus and was rejected by darkness.

      God doesn’t want to destroy sinners. He came to save them. But, when the cup of iniquity is filled, He will destroy the sin and them who cling to it.

      Eze 20:44 And ye shall know that I am the Lord when I have wrought with you for my name’s sake, not according to your wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O ye house of Israel, saith the Lord God. (I am going to treat you NOT according to your wicked ways, but according to who I AM, For my name sake – according to My character).

      Jesus said: “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”
      Here is the same message of grace but also a command: “sin no more” which is imperative to eternal life. Jesus has not saved us in sin but from sin.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Thank you for your lucid and succinct statement of opinion concerning Mr. Quayle. I quite agree.

      I do not doubt Mr. Quayle’s veracity, in that I believe he is genuinely and sincerely trying to build and strengthen God’s kingdom, and neither do I doubt his enthusiasm, in that I think he truly and strongly believes the points he discusses.

      However, in my opinion, his consistent failure to complete a single reasoned, supported line of thought from inception to conclusion casts a shadow on his effectual working of God’s kingdom.

  26. Ross Herman

    Hello, Greg
    Steve is very informative and a great source of truth. He is little restrained by mockers and well able to think for himself. I must point out one area where even he has been greatly deceived, and that is in the area related to all fake reality issued from NASA, and all other completely fraudulent “space agencys”. Probability looks favorable for the existence of, the impenetrable, firmament.

  27. Country Codger

    Hello Steve,
    You know that I disagree with you on several levels but all I can say is that you gave a great interview. I love you and Tom Horn to death, but like the old coon dog whose nose is bloody, you are barking up the wrong tree. I will still buy gold and silver from you, it aggravates Darrel to death when I call by the way, but you need to think outside of the Greek Hermeneutics (Hermes, the Greek god of translation and understanding from the gods to man) box. If you choose to ignore word one, Genesis 1 you will not understand Revelation 22:21.

    All I can say is best of luck.

  28. Wade

    The book of Jasher is mentioned in the bible in Joshua 10:12- 13 and II Samuel 1:17 . Even though the original writings are not in existence, and people say there are many forgeries of these writings, the writings were did hundreds of years ago. My point is how did they come up with Jasher 4:18 which says ” And their judges and rulers went to the daughters of men and took their wives by force from their husbands according to their choice, and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord; and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon the earth, all men and animals.” In the next verse God says he will destroy man from the face of the earth. They were not dumb primitive people. See Jasher 61:15 and Daniel 2:43 See also Genesis 10: 8 in the Septuagint where it refers to Nimrod where began to be a giant upon the earth. This is all about DNA manipulation. Trying to destroy God’s nature order. That which was is that which shall be. See Revelation 17:11

    • Paul ...

      Yes Wade … today we go to the store and can hardly ever find a bunch of grapes or a watermelon with seeds in them … soon with fluoride in our water, aluminum in our air and GMO food women “will be de-seeded” (even if they don’t voluntarily take birth control pills) and men are being de-testosteronized with hormones in our milk, chickens and cattle (even if they don’t go for vasectomies) … “they” (the worshipers of Baal) want us dead and are moving quickly toward their goal … Steve Quayle can warn us … but will anyone listen???

      • Wade

        Paul, we probably won’t. We are like the children of Israel who God allowed to wander around in the desert for 40 years. They were not willing to face something new to them back then, because of their lack of faith. So only two of that generation were allowed to enter into the promised land because they knew that their God would deliver them.

    • Andre

      I am sorry, but you are not quoting the Bible. Book of Jasher is a forgery. God made sure that reformers had the translation right and nothing was lost. By miracle of God completely independent translations in different languages produced the same book. Stick with KJV or Geneva 1599.

      The beasts in the book of revelation and Daniel are political powers and animals. They are represented as animals. Is USA represented by eagle, Russia by bear, Babylon was a winged lion. It is just representation of power.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Andre, the fact that Wade is not quoting from the canon is immaterial to his point.

        His point, as I understand, could be stated thusly:
        “Regardless of whether or not extant version of Jasher are forgeries, they contain uncanny parallels to modern DNA-related technology. Since this science was not apparently known in the time the alleged Jasher forgeries were written, the knowledge portrayed therein seems to have been of supernatural origin.”

        At least, that’s how I read Wade’s comment.

      • Wade

        Andre, it is true there are many forgeries but I ‘m not throwing out the baby with the bath water. If this book is a forgery it had to be done in the last 100 years because in Jasher 4:18 is talking about mixing of species, which I believe is some type of DNA manipulation. It is my understanding we didn’t have the knowledge about anything like this before the early 1900’s. How could they come up with anything like this unless the ancients knew about this. As far as the translation to use, it is my understanding the Septuagint was the translation the disciples of Jesus used. If its not the right version why didn’t God let his closest friends have the truest revelation? Finally I understand your point about the beasts and I agree with you on that, but I also believe the bible can have double meanings. Here is an article about the book of Jasher. Authentic Annals Of The Early Hebrews –
        Is It The “Real” Book of Jasher?
        It is understandable that some may feel that it is impossible or unlikely that this volume could really be the original book of Jasher.
        The issue is compounded by the existence of several works by the name Sefer Hayasher. I have in my possession a copy of Sefer Hayasher – The Book Of The Righteous, edited and translated by Seymour J. Cohen. It is clearly not a book of history, but an ethical text that was probably written in the 13th century. Its introduction cites several other “Books of Jasher”, some of which are no longer known to be in existence, such as that by Zerahiah Ha-Yevani of the 13th century. There is also known to have been one written by Rabbi Jacob ben Mier of the 12th century, and one by Rabbi Jonah ben Abraham of Gerona of the 14th century. We are told of a work by that title from the Amoraim period (3rd to 6th centuries) that is characterized as containing “for the most part sayings of the sages of the first and second centuries”. So, this title has been a popular one for rabbinical writings, but most are clearly not intended to have been passed off as the book mentioned in the Bible. There is one notable exception which I will mention later.

        The first step in dealing with the question of authenticity is to simply read the book with an open mind. One cannot effectively investigate the matter unless he is familiar with it. After all, according to Solomon, “He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him”. (Proverbs 18:13). The reader will find that it reads very much like the Bible, except that many passages are replete with details that are not recorded in the Bible.

        There are digressions from the biblical narrative that show concurrent events in other parts of the world. There are chapters dealing wholly with events in Egypt or events in Europe. Much of this material can be recognized from other works of ancient history. To anyone familiar with ancient history, it will be obvious that Jasher places these events in a radically different time period than do conventional historians. To be sure, if Jasher be true, there needs to be a radical alteration in the conventional interpretation of ancient history, especially in the area of chronology.

        There is little of consequence at variance with the Bible. There are some chronological features that differ, but these can usually be attributed to a textual error. Usually the error will be resolved by reading on. A later entry will fall into harmony with the Bible text. Remember that the ancient scrolls of this book were in poor condition when the book was printed in Hebrew in 1613. It is not unlikely that some numbers could get scrambled.

        There are a couple mysterious accounts of incidents that smack of Greek or Roman mythology, such as the story of Zepho, the grandson of Esau who slew a half human monster in a large cave. This account is easily recognized as the same story as that of Theseus, who slew the minotaur. The characters and the setting are different. A critical reader may object to this material, but many valid explanations are possible concerning why this and other such events were recorded in this book. The original author may have simply reported those things because they were popular folklore of his day. Such stories are merely mentioned in passing and no significance is attached to them. Though one might doubt the veracity of these tales, there is nothing here that should dissuade an objective reader from the opinion that this book is genuine.Even the most

        casual reader will find Jasher enlightening. Accounts in the Bible can be made more lucid and easier to understand with the background of Jasher in mind.

        The next issue to investigate in regard to the authenticity of this book is the two passages which mention the book by name. The first is Joshua 10.12-13:

        “… and he [Joshua] said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, moon, in the valley of Ajalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is it not written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened to the voice of man: for the Lord fought for Israel.”
        And now compare it with the following passage in Jasher 88.63-64:
        “…and Joshua said in the sight of all the people, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon, and thou moon in the valley of Ajalon, until the nation shall have revenged itself upon its enemies… And the sun stood still in the midst of the heavens, and it stood still six and thirty moments, and the moon also stood still and hastened not to go down a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened to the voice of man, for the Lord fought for Israel.”
        A comparison of the text preceding also shows a high degree of correlation, indicating that much more than a couple of verses was probably quoted by the Bible writer.
        A second mention of the Book of Jasher occurs in II Samuel 1.17. In contrast, this incident is not a direct quotation of a historical event from Jasher, as is the case in Joshua. Jasher’s narrative ends long before the time of David. However, as part of his lamentation over the death of Saul and Jonathan, David referred to a comment by Jacob that is quoted in the Book of Jasher. He said:

        “Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: Behold it is written in the book of Jasher.”
        David is referring to the dying words of Jacob to Judah in Jasher 56:9,
        “…only teach thy sons the use of the bow and all weapons of war, in order that they may fight the battles of their brother who will rule over his enemies.”
        This passage in the Bible has no reference to anything in the Bible itself, but it is made clear from the passage in Jasher.
        While the above two references pass the test, it will be up to the reader to satisfy himself as to the general agreement of the entirety of the book with the Bible narrative. This is such an extensive comparison, and such an obvious one, that I will not attempt to make any verse by verse comparison. Certainly any reader who is familiar with the Bible will recognize its similarity to the text of Jasher.

        There probably is no way that we can know that the Biblical writer(s) quoted from this book, rather than the other way around? Is it possible that this book was reverse engineered? Perhaps that Book of Jasher from the Amoraim period was compiled from rabbinic sources such that it is a kind of digest of rabbinic traditions. Indeed, there is a great deal of commonality with accounts from other midrashic sources. If this were found to be so it would in no way diminish its value.

        Is it possible that someone created this book as a clever fraud, by appropriating the name of the Biblical Jasher to give the work credibility? There are, of course, many examples of such pious counterfeits from the early new testament period. Could someone have fabricated this book by incorporating a huge number of additional details into the framework of Bible stories, and do it with such accuracy as to be convincing? It is remotely conceivable that some writer of the rabbinical period could have gathered a vast array of those stories, as are common in rabbinical writings, and incorporated them into this work in a framework to, in some way, add credibility to the stories. But such a scenario seems very unlikely, since rabbinical writings have a great deal of credibility otherwise, and no major effort of promoting this book for that purpose has ever occurred. It is hard to imagine that this book would be counterfeited for that purpose or any other. There is simply no motive for such an act. In any case, if this were true, it is such a masterful job as to be a very valuable work in it’s own right. The accuracy and credibility of this supposed Pseudo-Jasher is absolute genius. If this be a forgery it is a marvelous one.

        Such a fraudulent writer would not have needed to add so much detail into the account to be convincing. The more details he drew from his imagination, the greater his chances of making some glaring error that would give away his deception. A faker would certainly have written a much shorter work and left out unnecessary details.

        In actuality, we have a wonderful example of just such a fraud. I have in my possession three different works that go by the title Sepher Hayasher or The Book of Jasher. This first is, of course, this book. The second is the 13th century ethical treatise that I mentioned earlier. It makes no claim to being the Biblical Jasher and would never be taken for it. The third book is widely recognized for the fraud that it is. It has been republished by the Rosicrucian Order. It claims to have been discovered by Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus, Abbot of Canterbury in the 8th century, while on a pilgrimage. It is the briefest outline of the first six books of the Bible, consisting of about 70 pages of large print. It contains no useful details, and only the barest account of the familiar Hebrew stories. It seems to have been prepared hastily and with little attention to detail. The most obvious feature is that it claims to be the work of a man named Jasher who was the son of Caleb and one of the Judges of Israel. This seems to be its entire reason for existence. It is clear that the author had no real knowledge of Hebrew and failed to recognize that Jasher is not a proper noun. It is not anybody’s name. It rather carries the meaning of the upright book or the faithful record. Clearly this book is a fake. It has all the characteristics that you would expect to see in a forgery. It is very brief and contains no unique information except the one thing that is so absurd as to expose it as a hoax. So the contrast between that imitation and this book is very telling. It is easy to see which is genuine.

        Finally, consider how Josephus described the Book of Jasher. He said “by this book are to be understood certain records kept in some safe place on purpose, giving an account of what happened among the Hebrews from year to year, and called Jasher or the upright, on account of the fidelity of the annals.” There could be no better description of the book you see before you. The bottom line is that you, as the reader, will have to answer the question of legitimacy for yourself. Whichever side of that issue you take, I think that you will be enlightened by exploring the issue and by reading the book. If you feel as I do, that this book has the powerful credentials to commend it as the biblical Book of Jasher, you will now have in your hands an additional source to investigate when studying the Bible. You will also have much food for thought in regard to the issues of conventional chronology in ancient times.

        (c)Copyright 1997 by Wayne Simpson
        Distributed by Biblical Research Foundation, 629 Lexington Road Sapulpa, OK 74066
        Reproduction and distribution are permissible provided this copyright notice remains intact on all copies.

        • Greg Hunter

          WAAAAAAAY toooooo looooooong, Use some links next time and please cut this back.

  29. meager bumble

    Yes, yes! Well-known. They work for SATAN – their FATHER. Who wants all humans dead.

    By war, abortion, vaccines, GMO, etc.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I daresay, according to your comment, Satan shall, indeed, get what he desires, for:
      “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.” (Ecclesiastes 3:20)

      Consider very carefully: is it the death of one’s flesh that Satan desires?

      • meager bumble

        Yes. That is obvious from Genesis to Revelation.

  30. Mohammad


    Beautiful Adhan in Munich Ramadan 2018
    It was for breaking fast in ramadan at the sunset.
    Germans seems to be enjoying it as much as muslims.
    from the sound of Alan I would say he is Syrian.



    • Lord Garth

      Mohammad are your sure that’s not Henry Ford country, Dearborn Michigan?

      • Mohammad

        henry ford was wise man and successful, he knew who are the friends and who were the enemies.


  31. flattop

    GREG: As we are now entering the age or era of AI, the lines will become increasingly blurred between whats right and whats wrong.
    In 1 Kings:3, Soloman has just been installed as King of Israel and he offers up a prayer for wisdom and guidance. He asked, ” Give your servent a discerning heart to distinguish between right and wrong.” I believe each one of us will need that discernment.

  32. Mike R

    Quayle must be an absolute ‘joy’ at dinner parties.

    I’m now depressed.


    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  33. coalburner

    Thanks for all you do!
    I agree, Diane’s comment was stellar.
    I do not try to guess when the end is coming. As I read the New Testament, Jesus does not want us spending much time on that. I believe in putting on his armor daily as he directs and Fearing Not! Just try to live by his advice and prepare for the earthly occurrences. They happen over and over, we should not be surprised. Whether natural causes or by men, calamities continue. Spiritual Evil and natural calamities are around us all the time same as the good. If there was no divine intervention we would never have had an election. If Obummer could have turned the military he would still be in power. No doubt he tried, firing large numbers of officers until he ran out of time. Thanks to them because he turned, corrupted, and fouled every other agency he controlled. We should pray for the forgiveness of the traitors.

    • Paul ...

      Yeah … we’ll forgive the traitors by giving them the “eternal life” they so very much dream about … now that it is scientifically possible to put their brains in a jar and keep them alive in “darkness” (let’s put the brains of these traitors to humanity in jars to live forever only with their own thoughts of the evil they have done to think about) … and if their brain in the jar dies from the continual thinking about all the evil they have done … we have their DNA code and the scientific knowledge to bring them right back to life (by genetic cloning techniques) and can remove their evil brains and put them right back in jars … to suffer “in the Hell they have created for themselves” for all eternity!!

  34. Jerry

    This week is a major turning point for the central banks. They have a major new decision to make.

    From where I’m sitting they cannot aford to let the emerging economies of the world continue to get crushed by the dollar, while at the same time keep Deutsche Bank proped up. Lines in the sand are being drawn between the United States and the BRiCS alliance. Tariffs are the least of our problems. We’re already in a currency war, and petrolium war with China and these emerging economies are picking sides, and it ain’t us. I think President Trump gets it, and knows we are on the verge of a global currency reset which will redefine how business will be conducted internationally in the future. In the past we didn’t mind letting other countries have free access to our markets as long as we were the reserve currency of the world. But if the playing field is leveled the rules have to be changed.
    That’s the reality we are faced with now whether we like it or not. This will be a big week.

  35. Dan--Shalom

    I am quite sure that Greg has determined I am a troll which explains why I never see my posts. Well, I am a real person and I guess Greg that you cannot stand a different opinion anymore than liberals can.
    I’ve heard Steve numerous times on Coast to Coast or as like to say “Kooks to Kooks”. Anyway, Steve talked about the evils of Cannibalism, vampirism, zombism, etc. But nothing about homosexuality. He side-stepped that. Why? Well, Coast to Coast would not let him back on their program much less other programs if he tells the truth about the evils of homosexuality. Can’t wait to see this post deleted also.

  36. Tad

    The US is in Syria because: (1) they can regardless of international law; (2)
    in the best interests of Israel; (3) preemptive staging ground for invading Iran (see Wesley Clarke video on YouTube. Can’t miss it.); (4) All the above and more.

    Yes, it appears the JCPOA was full of loopholes (side deals) and that the signatures were either non-existent or have become meaningless with Mr. Trumo’s interpretation-not necessarily based on current evidence.

    The stories I’ve read confirm Iran is strictly adhering to line-by-line restrictions.

    Perhaps denuclearizing the DPRK and assumed Iran stockpiles isn’t the real story. It justifies having a Mike Pompeo and John Bolton around on behalf of Israeli donors.

    My opinion is that these issues are sucking available policy time or consideration best directed toward the imminent economic collapse and a mini-human extinction event.

    No sense on expounding on it. Greg Mannarino would probably quote the “two brain cell” argument.

    Mister Trump has a 50-50 chance with good relations with Mr. Kim.

    It wouldn’t be any different with Hassan Rouhani, but for Israel.

    If I’m going to perish during a prolonged economic event, my thoughts go towards someone giving global peace-and not a contrived war-their every effort.

    • Greg Hunter

      There were zero signatures. That is fact. High Iranian advisors threatened to release the names of people bought off in the Western world on Twitter. “The stories I’ve read confirm Iran is strictly adhering to line-by-line restrictions.” Do the
      stories you read say there were no signatures? NO!! That’s because you are reading thought shaping propaganda.

      • Tad

        Right now, I’ve only accepted your version of no signatures. You may very well be correct. I knew Obama never signed off. Side deals are de rigeur, and probably were the previous eight years.

        You need to find evidence of Iran not keeping their word per JCPOA and publish it here.

        Hopefully, Paul Craig Roberts would have some evidence either way and could pass it on here.

        You do trust PCR? David Irving or Ron Unz? I don’t think I could trust your Israel-influenced sources. Thought-shaping propaganda?

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t need to do anything about this money laundering fraud with zero signatures. It is what it is and that is a gigantic fraud.

      • Paul ...

        This is interesting?? … Trump does just like Iran?… he “won’t sign” the G7 Accord (because he does not like dealing with dishonest people!) … similarly … Iran would not sign the nuclear deal … is it because they were dealing with “exactly these same people”??? https://www.themaven.net/mishtalk/economics/trump-calls-trudeau-dishonest-and-weak-refuses-to-sign-g-7-statement-moTpC7qWMkCj351WkeUFKQ/

        • Greg Hunter

          Not a single country signed the Iran (no signature) money laundering “deal.”

  37. Lord Garth

    Lookout, stay awake, because you do not know when the time set in stone arrives’s.​—Mark 13:33.
    As a dog gone USAWatchdogger, you take seriously Jesus’s warning, right? Of course! Maybe not all, but you know that we are living deep in “the time of the end” and that there cannot be much time left before the “great tribulation” begins! Dog gone it! (Dan. 12:4; Matt. 24:21) We see distressing wars, increasing immorality and lawlessness, religious confusion, food shortages, pestilences, earthquakes and even volcanoes taking place around the world. Do you realize that a phenomenal preaching work of God’s Kingdom’s soon arrival, is being accomplished by stout hearted men woman and children everywhere. Even here, as your reading right this minute, on this God given and blessed site USAWatchdog.com! Heavens incoming and things will, be done on earth as in the heavens! (Matt. 24:7, 11, 12, 14; Luke 21:11) We eagerly anticipate what the Lord’s coming will mean for us and for the accomplishment of God’s purpose. (Mark 13:26, 27) However, try as hard as we might, we cannot pinpoint the exact year, much less day and hour, when the great tribulation will begin, except the generation that witnessed it all (believe me there even older than me) would not perish and see the finish of this wicked, wicked, evil, Devil ruled world of warfare.

  38. Tim McGraw

    So, what are you guys and gals hoping for? You are going to kill the Deep State and change the elites into nice men and women who really care about us?
    The schools are run by the government and preach propaganda to the youth.
    It’s all about ideas.
    God plays dice. Einstein may be upset about that, if he’s still around; but there it is.

  39. Anthony Australia

    I was taught American history in High School and it was always a concern of mine that the truth was being twisted to paint a picture of a romantically constructed reality.

    Thanks Greg but again we have this message that we are all destined to die a horrible death and nothing we can do about it.

    I’m living each day trying to be a better person and protecting my family until my last breath.

  40. Jerry

    Money velocity reaching bottom as credit squeeze set to begin.

    As I have been posting the last 18 months money velocity has been declining at an accelerated pace. Though we are weeks away from the 2nd quarter statement it appears that credit in the system is beginning to seize up. My advice. Get some cash on hand, to meet short term needs. If this cascades into a full market meltdown, your long term plan should be in place. God bless.

  41. Thomas hunter

    Greg. Love most of your guests but this guy is looney tunes. Won’t listen o him again for sure.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure he’s “looney” or you just don’t like his message about Christ and God?? I think it’s really the later.

      • Think Big

        Or it could be that you are deluded Greg.

        Have you ever seen Christ or God or is it only in your head?

        • Greg Hunter

          “Think Small”
          You are lost. Seek Christ as you know you are empty. This is why you are here.

        • Charles H

          The spiritual reality is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and Scripture indicates he dwells in our hearts by faith. Divine conformation through Conscience. Poor ridicule – based on ignorance.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Is there anything outside of your own head, that you have never seen?

          (E.g., magnetism, gravity, fear, honor, static electricity, etc.)

          Open your eyes.

  42. Joseph Baxter

    AS it was in the beginning is now and ever will be. WORLD WITHOUT END AMEND. Have you forgotten this is GOD’S WORLD. t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Right though you may be, I suggest citing scripture here, amongst our protestant brethren.

  43. Jerry

    To my Canadian friends, I wasn’t the only. One who said Canada stabbed the U.S. in the back even though I was the first one who say to make the call.

    What this is, is Trudeau dancing for the globalist pure and simple. The man waited until Trump left for Singapore before he said a word. I’m sorry but Canada sold its soul to the devil.

    • Jerry

      An explanation.
      I think it’s been known for quite some time in Canada that America is about to fall on hard times. AkA Ned Gorman, Rob Kirby,

      My question is what has Canada done to help avert the situation? From my observation total self preservation. Every man for himself. Trudeau making oil deals with China, And cozying up to the EU which everyone knows is a Rothschild creation. The Paris Accord was nothing but a globalist tool box and President Trump knew it.

      It makes me sad to see our friends from the north get in bed with globalist. The reality is they are parasites and when the time comes for a global economic reset they will take Canada down with them. New alliances are being formed, and with them new trade agreements. Time is short. I sincerely hope that everyone knows what’s at stake.

  44. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Iran calls for Israel’s destruction.
    Israel offers Iran (96% of which is in drought) water tech.


  45. Peter from the Netherlands

    Greg, a good story. But….. always the same: maybe, if, could be etc etc.

    Read this:
    Bill Holter: “There’s NO WAY The COMEX Will Be Able To Make Delivery Of Physical Gold & Silver”

    No proof if this is true! Yes: talk, talk, but no proof.

    Next time: ask your quests to prove there statements. This would be nice.

  46. Linda

    WE are already dying out. We murder unborn babies, society is being trained to avoid procreating, the nuclear family has been degraded . So A.I. will have few left to destroy.

  47. Tommy

    The end will come in 4 years. So buy pm’s, 20 years of emergency food, bottled water, gas masks, books, radiation detectors, underground bunkers, etc.

  48. dlc

    Sebastian Kurz of Austria, not Australia, denying welfare benefits for future migrants who are not proficient in German, denying welfare across the board for the first 5 years of living in Austria. Kurz working with Albania to stop the flow of migrants, or else he will close the Austrian border. Huh, borders matter.

    Austria, Hungary, Italy ……. it’s a start. Looks like people have had a gut load of the violence, the no-go zones, the welfare leaching.

    Watched the Tommy Robinson rally on Saturday. Supposedly 20,000 participants with more rallies to come until Tommy is free. By contrast, what a divine reprieve we have had with Trump.

  49. Dan

    My God, Man….

    Is it that hard to get some decent “guests” ?

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