End of 2017 Gold Up & Dollar Down-Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Best-selling author Nomi Prins says two of the big wild cards are Donald Trump and Europe. Prins explains, “The biggest wild card is a combination. Trump is a wild card, but so is Europe. Right now, the political lens goes over to Europe. It’s caught between its old and potentially new structure and potential new political leadership. I think that is a major wild card now. That snakes through Russia, and that snakes through Eurasia relationships, and that relates back to Trump. The wild card is the linkages among those things.”

Prins, who is a former top Wall Street banker, also thinks it’s hard to define the bad guys and the good guys. Prins contends, “From an economic standpoint, everyone has side deals. So, there is no positive or negative economy. . . . All countries do good things, and all countries do bad things. What is happening right now is all of the alignments between countries have been changing. . . . The reality is there are going to be a lot of things renegotiated, and it’s not just Trump and the U.S. doing the renegotiating. All the other countries are negotiating as well. If there is enough antagonism with how Trump is going to renegotiate those agreements . . . that could limit trade into the U.S., and that could limit our bargaining power. . . . That is all in flux this year.”

Prins correctly predicted no financial crash for 2016. Prins’ upcoming book is titled “Artisans of Money.” It is all about central bank money creation. What does Prins say about this year? Prins predicts, “In 2016, I pegged the non-crash. . . . Central bankers were finding new ways to extend their money creation policies. That is what kept the markets up. There was a separate bid on the markets after Trump was elected. It was on the expectation that he would be good for growth, that he would be good for infrastructure and that he would create jobs. I do think there is a little juice in the central banks. I keep thinking there shouldn’t be, but they keep surprising all of us with their ability to boost the markets. They have artificially stimulated so many different asset bubbles, whether it’s debt, which is epic, or stock markets, many of which are at historic highs. If we have a crash, it will be in the second half of 2017. The promises, the rate hikes, the dollar being high could collapse into the realities of the stability and this artificialness. I am not sure about a crash this year, but if we see a big decline, it will be in the last quarter.”

On the U.S. dollar, Prins says, “I think with the expectation of things going well, the dollar will be keeping a bit of a bid. It will be within a range but staying fairly up. I think the dollar will turn around and weaken in the second half of the year. . . .That’s why, in the last half of the year, gold will catch more of a bid.” (Meaning prices for gold will rise according to Prins.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with two time best-selling author and former top Wall Street banker Nomi Prins of NomiPrins.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Prins gives a detailed “Political-Financial Roadmap of 2017” which you can find on the home page of NomiPrins.com. You can also find her best-selling books and other analysis and information there as well.  Prins’ next book “Artisans of Money,” will be out in the fall of 2017.  She has been traveling the world doing research.



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  1. matt lusk

    I like people who talk fast and have a lot to say. 🙂

    • Gadfly

      Many do, but I prefer a bit less speed and more elaboration. Fewer points, better communication. Naomi is just one big run-on sentence. She is trying to make the most of here free time on air. I can’t listen to that, so, the point is lost.

      • Concerned american dad

        Agree- i couldn’t make it through ten minutes.

      • Paul ...

        In slow motion … all the Presidents bankers … have been and will continue to be Goldman Sachs … the bankers will continue to manipulate … and the crash continually pushed into the future … as for gold and silver … continue to accumulate on downdrafts … as it is the only “real money” in the world … and let the bankers print their paper confetti and throw it out of helicopter windows every new year!!

        • Amused Observer

          What a load of rubbish….

          And when this prediction is shown to be wrong, it will just get re-scheduled. There is no end to this nonsense.

          • Amused Observer

            That last comment was in response to Al Hall’s comment about Nibiru / Planet X.

        • ross

          Agree Paul. I also think that Nomi is a fence sitter and is hedging her bets. Nomi talks a lot but there is no conviction in her observations.

          • Paul ...

            It distracting to peoples minds when “all the talk” is about the economy and the deficit … there is another reason for our $20 Trillion dollar deficit … over the past thirty years Americans had thirty wars … spent $14.2 Trillion dollars on them and the Pentagon “stole” $6 Trillion which can’t be accounted for … right there … absent wars and outright theft … our entire $20 Trillion dollar deficit could have been ZERO! … but because of our politicians war mongering immorality we are now burdened with a monstrous National Debt ( and this debt is not only monetary… but a debt to all humanity for the millions of women and children we have killed in all these wars)!!!

            Hopefully trump will put a stop to all these wars the US is supporting unlike the Peace Prize winning Obomber who came into office with less wars raging then at the end of his Presidency!

            • ross

              100% correct Paul.

      • al Hall

        Matt/Gadfly- I agree- talks way to fast for my pea brain to absorb. I believe she know her stuff- but having worked for the Goldman Sach. gang- I trust none of them. Goldman Sach. people are all through government and look at the mess they have created- all corrupt.
        Besides- It makes no difference what she says. Not sure if you follow this science event or not. The subject is Nibiru(planet X) I emailed one of the world’s best experts on this topic this week- had questions on this topic via what a scientist friend had told me. The expert is Mr. Marshall Masters and his reply was simple and matched my friends info. I was told that planet X will pass between the Earth and the Sun in November 2017- this will destroy planet earth(95% of the population will die!)
        Marshall’s reply was this = “This is the year the guacamole hits the fan.”
        So don’t worry to much about what she spouts- we’ll all be dead by years end- it’s that simple! I have studied this for over a decade- Greg know me and my friend. Hate to be so blunt- that’s just the way it is.
        Your government will not tell you- even after you see Nibiru in the sky with your own eyes!


        • al Hall

          People of Greg H.’s site- be aware of this- Media not covering this “at all”!!! Again- I have friend out west and this is happening. Hear this video- scary stuff happening on the southern border and out west. Russian also seen in the Smokie Mtns. Dave believes this is a “Red Dawn” event .

          There are huge weapons cache’s and other weapons of war, as well as a Russian troops buildup in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. These events are also more than likely linked to the southern border violence that is going unreported in our fake news corrupt media.


          • Jerry

            Al my sources tell me that this is a rsponse to the military buildup in Poland. The U.S. high command was moved to Denver in 2014.

          • Jerry

            I have first hand knowledge (that I can’t get into) that NATO is preparing a military strike against Russia soon. The Russian sightings in Colorado are linked to Russian sleeper cells that will most likely be used to retaliate against the U.S. military high command in Colorado should an attack be orchestrated. Recently the Army has moved its command post from Washington D.C. to mountain bunkers outside of Denver.

            If any watchdog readers live in Denver, now would be the time to review your preparations.

          • bastiat

            Al Hall, what difference does it make to you what the Russians are going to do if Earth will be destroyed in November?

            Also, if the Earth is destroyed, how will 5% of us survive?

            I wish there were some way to place enforceable bets on such a thing. It should all be play money to those who believe there will be no future, right?

        • Linda L.

          If a planet called Nibiru is going to destroy the planet with most of earth’ s population in 11/2017, then why would any government (Russia included) waste time right now with invasion plans as you seem to imply in your next note? Doesn’t seem logical. I think this Nibiru rumor stuff is just a ruse to keep folk’ s attention off the real issues.

  2. Dan

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for having her on. Yet I wish you would have asked Nomi more about her talks with high level banking officials in her travels around the globe (esp. India and China), as such insights would have been really priceless. For instance, it would have been interesting to get her take on the recent cash fiasco in India.

    She mentioned during the interview that the main factor, or “glue” so to speak, since the last [2007-8] Financial Crisis which has kept the system from falling apart again has been the integration/collusion between central banks.

    I know your interview time is limited. But I think it worthy for us to dig deeper and question more into these critical matters. For instance, the integration/collusion between central banks is mostly commanded and coordinated by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements – the central bank of central banks). Note that it is this institution that it at the core of gold and silver market manipulation (through their members at Fed and Bank of England, mostly) among many other nefarious activities.

    Moreover, India could not have eliminated 86% of its cash notes without the authorization of the BIS. In other words, this highly secretive (their agendas and meeting minutes are never publicly shared) and sneaky organization is also at the helm of the war on cash – a major trend likely to continue in 2017.

    One needs to ask WHO are the high level members of the BIS? If you care to do some research about this, you will find out that they are mostly comprised of the members of the Illuminati – whose ultimate goal is to replace the current [defunct] entire system with a one-world currency to further enslave the masses. I’m surprised not more people are picking up on this.

    As a real alternative news media outlet, I am hoping that Greg and the very smart people here question more about the real power brokers behind the Fed et al and flash a big light on these criminal bankster cockroaches at the BIS.

  3. notyourpatsy

    Nomi Prins speaks her mind without worrying about who hears what she is saying.She is a true voice in the wilderness if their ever was one these days!

    Here’s a story that came and went from the headlines this past Summer into Fall. Wait until Spring when it resurfaces!

    Mr Greg Hunter,
    Your readers could comment on this in their part of our Country. Respectfully, notyourpatsy

    This topic is an indicator of the ‘financial health’ of the Middle Class in the USA, because when they have ‘disposable income’ one of the items they purchase is often a boat.

    If you look at any of the major ‘boat listing websites’ that have boats ‘for sale by owner’ (www.sailboatlistings.com , http://www.sailingtexas.com) you will notice an abundance of them claiming they are selling ‘for health reasons’. Like I noted months ago when the ‘Zika Virus’ was first mentioned in the media, <this will cause the demise of the boating industry in this Country. It has been happening for the past few months as I read the listings daily and observe the flight away from the water by previously 'long term owners/liveaboard boaters'. Think of boating as the small leak in the dam, because this is a Billion Dollar industry. The number of jobs related to boating in the USA alone are in the MILLIONS employed. Think engine service/repair center, party boat fishing, recreational fishing boaters (and their families) spending money at businesses (hotels/motels, restaurants, bait shops,etc) on any body of water, manufacturers of boating parts and accessories, marinas on fresh or salt water, seasonally dependant recreational vacation areas on or near large bodies/areas of water,etc. My point is that no one is going to want their families exposed to mosquitoes. Now that Zika virus is front and center on the minds of families no one wants to be near the water or where mosquitoes can bite them. Women are asking their husbands to sell the boat and take up another hobby out of health concerns for their children and themselves if still in the child bearing years. What parent wants to unneccessarily expose their daughters to mosquitoes with the Zika virus present in the USA? The long term effects of constantly applying Deet bug repellant to one's body (especially children) is unknown, or covered up by 'research' paid for by the bug spray companies, etc. Plus, the large expense associated with boat ownership under 40ft for the middle class is no longer affordable to the majority, so it won't be hard for people to walk away from that and seek out another form of entertainment that is not going to affect their health. I forecast 'boating related companies/industries stocks' to begin nosediving this Fall, along with properties related to water activities such as marinas, campgrounds, motels/hotels,etc going out of business or worse yet, bankrupt! All of those 'home equity loans' taken out to buy a boat that is not worth half of what it was bought for new. Now there are no buyers for these used boats and people will default on these HE loans and possibly lose their homes in foreclosure.

    Warning to Families and Couples in Tropical Americas: Zika Spreading Fast.

    But why not tell the real story, not just the BBC version? AND WHY HAS'NT THE US MEDIA EXPOSED THIS SOONER THAN 2016?

    * flavi-virus disease discovered and named 'zika' in Africa in 1947 in a monkey population in the Zika Forest in Uganda.

    * zika seems to be the first mosquito-vector virus disease that has been recorded being transmitted between adult humans by sex (i.e. in the semen of the male to – in the case of record – his female spouse; entomologist Mark Foy to his spouse Joy Chilson Foy in Colorado in 2008, all detailed in an academic paper published in Emerging Infectious Diseases in 2011). In Tahiti there seems a case of mother-to-child infection during birthing.

    * although zika is much talked about in Latin America, zika showed up in the Pacific islands (Yap, in 2007) several years ago, being carried by humans from island to island (and being spread around each island by mosquitoes – in 2009, 73% of the population of Yap still were producing antibodies to zkia – an outbreak in French Polynesia in 2013-14, and similarly in New Caledonia in 2014, Cook Islands in 2014, Vanuatu in April 2015, Easter/Pascua Island in 2014)

    * zika showed up in the Indian Ocean, on the E African coast and several of the Indian Ocean island economies) in 2005

    * the microcephaly might be a special case associated with some particular genetic/epigenetic etc character of one or more populations in the Americas. In Tahiti, about 3% of asymptomatic blood donors showed antibodies to zika and/or zika viruses – quite a scary figure because it suggests a high degree of asymptomatic carries and a high risk of infection by blood donors (not to mention the sexual transmission – but I hasten to add that in the case of the Foys, Brian had blood in his semen either from unrelated prostatitis or some effect of the virus). In the Yap epidemic, no one died or reported to hospital. In French Polynesia in 2013-14, about 30K people were infected (10% of the population) with quite a few reporting to clinics and hospitals and some developing neuropathy (Guillain-Barre syndrome – damaged peripheral nerves).

    * the mosquito vector, Aedes aegypti, is well distributed and well known as a vector in dengue fever and chikungunya. My bet is that one or two of the closely related Aedes species, most of which similarly wear football sock bands on their legs, will also vector zika.

    Looks like Summer in Canada and Winter in Chile is the best if mosquitoes like you. Neither place have the mosquito that carries the virus.(YET!)

    Anyone sailing USA, Caribbean, Central America and Pacific Islands should seriously be investing in mosquito covers for use on all entry ways from dusk till morning. Long sleeves and long pants with anti mosquito spray (they are toxic) in remaining exposed areas. Other anti winged pest strategies can be using blue light zappers and or citronella lamps for your back of boat sundowners.

    By the way these little creatures come out 2 hours before nightfall to start biting. They are not active in temperatures below 80 F. They are attracted to dark clothes. Also to perfume. They follow after C02, your breath. Some mosquito traps use C02 emitting gas systems. Don't tell the global warming crowd.

    Anyway,one thing I don't understand about this travel warning report is that it doesn't warn against travel to the United States? The USA is now an infected region mainly due to illegal immigrants being vectors/ carriers of the disease. Once these persons are bitten here in the USA by the Aedes species mosquitoes, the mosquitoes are now passing the Zika Virus on to American citizens who have never travelled to endemic regions, yet are now afflicted by this life altering disease! Perhaps they are more concerned about politics.

    Aedes mosquitoes — the main vector for Zika transmission — are present in all the region's countries except Canada and continental Chile," the statement said.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged pregnant women to postpone travel to Bolivia, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Saint Martin, Suriname, Samoa, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.*

    • Gadfly


      I don’t believe Naomi has a big following nor is she widely seen on the news such as Fox with Steward Varney or on CNBC with Rich Santelli. That is where the real movers and shakers are to be found. Naomi is indeed out in the Wilderness with lizards and scorpions watching intently. So, yes, she has a kind of following, but its pretty sparse out there. Put on the sackcloth.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are wrong and do not know what you are talking about.

      • susan

        It is Stuart Varney sir.

    • Jan

      It’s too bad that people are over-reacting to the hype. Environmentalists and health gurus warn that all the spraying will cause more harm than good. Travelers are more likely to get sick from e. coli, for example, than the Zika virus according to reports like this:

      About 80 per cent of people infected have no symptoms and, in others, the symptoms tend to be minor – fever, rash, joint pain and pink eye. However, when a fetus is infected with Zika, it can cause a serious birth defect, microcephaly. Still, even when a pregnant woman is infected, the risk of passing on the virus to her baby is estimated at about one in 100.

      • Charles H


        The consideration that an infected person can sexually transmit the virus is pretty serious. It takes the infection vector away from geographic location due to travelers. Plus your comparison doesn’t hold up – if you live in the sub-tropics, like lower Mexico. Disease is opportunistic. If you want to Poo-hoo it: maybe give it a try first? I’d rather not load my body up with foreign disease-bodies if possible.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Excellent choice Greg, my compliments.
    If I could hug you now I would. 🤗
    It astounds me that so many informed and intelligent people are ignored by the system all because they tell the truth.

  5. DeepState News&Views

    It is very clear that Deep State fake documents were prepared and packaged for the express purpose of trying to smear Donald Trump and plant the seeds of doubt regarding his political loyalties. Who would do such a thing?

    Let me suggest one possibility–from, Larry C. Johnson; former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department’s Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business where he is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations.
    He says, U.S. and British intelligence operatives do not want to see any easing of tensions with Russia and want to maintain the covert war in Syria against the regime of Bashar Al Assad. His friends still on the inside say that is exactly what is going on. There are elements of our national intelligence apparatus, which includes senior leadership such as John Brennan and Jim Clapper, that are colluding in and trying to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump. A very telling startling claim to make. But the evidence is pretty clear if you consider the conduct of these gentlemen. For example, Jim Clapper claimed in early October that there was “consensus” in the intelligence community about Russian interference. Yet, there was no actual written document to that effect. You can’t have “consensus” without such a document.

    Larry says president Trump will need to clean house at the DNI and at CIA. There are political appointees and some career officers who have been participating in trying to foment what he calls a “soft” coup. He says there needs to be an accounting….” Get the whole skinny from the horses mouth!
    Exclusive and riveting interview/ Larry C. Johnson/ former operative [agent] CIA;


    Donald Trump slams CIA Director Brennan over plea for ‘appreciation’ of intel community

    By Eli Watkins, CNN Mon January 16, 2017

  6. DeepState News&Views

    OOP’S! If at first you don’t succeed . ..2nd. try, Get the whole skinny from the horses mouth!
    Exclusive and riveting interview/ Larry C. Johnson/ former operative [agent] CIA;


  7. glen charles

    I don’t believe Ms Clinton was actually a politician,
    she was the wife of a successful politician and a high status member of an established network forming a political cartel, that inherited a shadow unregistered unelected political apparatus,
    Trump is a businessman showman American patriot whom rescued Americas identity.

    its a business world now not a calculated altering social deviant engineering one.
    the deviants lost. because they made themselves unpopular,
    the appalling fabricated story about the events in Russia really represent this unpopular culture

    • This sceptred Isle

      They said she was the most experienced presidential candidate in history. The problem is if that experience is bad it goes against you (e.g. Benghazi).

      • This sceptred Isle

        Hillary Clinton is a psychopath whereas Trump is merely an egotistical narcissist.

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll go one better. Hillary is a traitor and a criminal, and there really is no comparison with Trump.

  8. Merrill Mihlfeith

    What if ?
    What if Mexico and Peru, 1/2 world silver producer, valued there currency in silver?
    I/1000 ounce per Peso ? Comex collapses . Would this increase the demand for American Ford F-150″s in Mexico and Peru ?

    • This sceptred Isle

      I wonder what would happen to silver supplies if the biggest silver producing nation (Mexico) started to embrace solar power (which requires silver) in a big way. They have plenty of silver and plenty of sunshine.

  9. Jerry

    Meet the keynote speaker at Dovos.

    If you don’t believe that there is a global shift away from the dollar taking place, you will be sadly mistaken, and it will cost you. The term “balance funding” is the centerpiece of the IMF blueprint for global monetary stabilization and it doesn’t include the dollar continuing as the worlds currency peg.

    • Jerry

      My last post was not meant to be a prophetic statement. Its a mathematical certainty.
      There is no way that the IMF and the World Bank will let the dollar continue to crush the Yuan after placing it in the IMF basket back in September.

      What essentially has happened is that so many countries have dumped the dollar to purchase RMB bonds, that it has created a cycle where the PBOC has to keep devaluing the Yuan to avoid higher interest rates. At the same time because of the dollar selloff the Federal Reserve Bank has to keep printing more money to fuel its bond buyback program driving up the dollar. Its a vicious cycle that the IMF didn’t anticipate. Or maybe they did, and have a plan for it. Who knows? But in either case the dollar is about to be knocked off its pedestal come April 21st.

      • Spurr

        Jerry… if what you say is true… what do you make of Jim Rickards latest telling that China is about to ‘devalue’ the Yuan by 30% come enauguration day! This is what he is predicting on emails he sent to his followers:

        Dear Reader,

        We’re going live tomorrow night with our urgent broadcast! It will start sharp at 7 p.m. EST. Please set a reminder for yourself so you don’t forget. We’ll broadcast from a secure connection in Washington D.C. within sight of the White House.

        You need to hear the warning I’ll be giving you…

        In the next few days, I believe a maxi-devaluation of the Chinese yuan will blindside Main Street America. The trigger will be specific moves made this Friday, when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president.

        Right now, the mainstream is totally complacent. When what I expect happens, the media, Wall Street and investors will be totally crushed as the stock market swings violently. The last time a similar, yet smaller currency shock happened, the stock market fell 11% over the course of a month.

        I expect an even worse outcome this time…

        But there are moves you can make to avoid financial pain and even profit from the type of currency shock approaching.

        The key will be understanding the fundamentals and having a sense of where things are heading. I think the market is heading for a crash big time — and very soon. The time to prepare is tomorrow night, during our broadcast at 7 p.m. EST. Please make sure you have a reminder set.
        Jim Rickards.

      • Daniel Song

        Under that scenario I expect the markets to melt up while paper gold and silver melt down. More importantly, I expect jobs to disappear while the middle class gets squeezed.

  10. DavidC

    Two of my favourites, Greg and Nomi! Looking forward to the next Gregory Mannorino appearance.


  11. BetterChetter

    1st Nenner, & now Prins, both noted for correctly NOT predicting a 2016 crash … tho I vaguely recall hearing that “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” throughout 2016 from most of the USAWD guests – except Catherine A. Fitts, who noted a ‘slow-burn’ effect & Martin A., who noted a rise in the Dow. From ‘May-high’ Mannarino, to PM men Holter & Maloney, an even Harbinger-Cahn, imminent crash was mostly hyped all the way thru, especially as 2015 ended w/o a crash – it was sure to be 2016 … folks just don’t know the extent that the plunge protection team would go … sorry, Greg, just hard to let this all go & to ‘fear not’ while hearing of Armageddon right around the corner all thru 2016 ~

  12. Robert Lykens

    The establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank is only a pretext for Palestinians to take over all of Israel, said an official with Mahmoud Abbas’s political party, Fatah.


    • Robert Lykens

      American Christians and Israelis knew it all along.

      • susan

        You got R Robert. we are praying.

    • DanielSong39

      I have a feeling we are being played by both sides.

  13. Concerned american dad

    Enough already….. “expectations, faith,,, blah blah blah. It’s all bs. Headline on CNBS “goldman sachs smashes estimates on post- trump surge in trading.

    • Rodster

      Peter Schiff said Obama would not finish his Presidency without a meltdown in the global economy. Guess he was wrong too. There are way too many players cooking the books and keeping this party going and I suspect they have more tricks up their sleeves then we have years to live.

  14. Robert Lykens

    CAIR to Trump: Drop Franklin Graham From Inauguration

    “Rev. Graham’s ill-informed and extremist views are incompatible with the Constitution and with American values of religious liberty and inclusion.”
    – CAIR

    So now the muslim terrorists’ lobby gets to define “American values of religious liberty”?
    Time to outlaw these thugs and kick ’em out of our country!

    • DB Cooper

      RL, While I agree with your thoughts I will go you one further and again state that we need to ‘cut the head off the snake’ … these facsists need to be put down and stopped. DB

      • Robert Lykens

        Agreed. If the world thought Nazi fascism was bad, wait till they get a load of muslim fascism.
        The Democrat Party is champing at the bit to install Keith Ellison as DNC chair. Ellison, a muslim with ties to the muslim brotherhood, took the oath of office using a copy of the koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.
        So now it’s fair to say that half of America will be submitting itself to muslim leadership.

        • Charles H

          This is VERY disturbing, Robert – but totally believable. Turn away from the God of all Truth: and what do you get? – a spirit to believe Lies.

  15. antonius aquinas

    New Article:



  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent interview. Nomi has a very informative world view.

  17. al

    So in a nutshell since the Fed Cabal now has room to lower rates thus making this hat trick of a market go further up. Who am I to argue, other than the Fed was forced to raise rates last year due to the bond market going up 75 basis points, and Trump is a force to reckon with. Already some “powerful” people have quickly cowered under but like she says, this has gone on further than anyone expected because it’s a Global concerted effort to pillage the public. It will be an interesting tug of war at the very least.
    Market schmarket- I personally care about true money.
    Just a thought, if Silver was not manipulated (like bitcon), would it be close to $1,000 per ounce today. Why not? Bitcoin is not manipulated and it’s nothing but an algo yet look at how many worthless illusions called “dollars” it’s “worth”. Just a thought.
    Great interview as always Greg. Keep em’ coming.

    • This sceptred Isle

      people scoff at the idea of $1000 per ounce silver but bitcoin went from $15 to $1000 within a year (2013).

      • susan

        Boy I hope it does!!!!

      • susan

        Greg, I am pleased with your interview with Nomi Prins. She is not only brilliant about economics in ‘America, but also the world. WOW What an educating interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Susan.

  18. steve locke

    worst interview she is allover the place therefor she just fluxed me out.

  19. Kali

    Could this be the canary in the coal mine ?
    Hugo Salinas Price explains.


    • Justn Observer

      Kali..Did you read the bottom line?

      US protectionism means that the US forfeits its leadership in the world and forfeits its right to issue the world’s money.
      “Got along without you, before I met you – gonna get along without you now.”

      Hope Mexico citizens have fun swimming back and forth across the Pacific and competing with China wage base… and not sending money home from U.S. relatives working here? Things just are not that easy…and such comments boisterous and lack any depth of thought… Then again maybe the U.S. could send all the anchor babies and families to China and am sure they will love their new homes in those Ghost cities?

  20. Robert Peter Bailey

    Which is more trusted and tested ? Gold that has been around for over 5,000 years or paper currency that has been used now for over 400 years, with a long history of booms and busts in most global economies?
    Gold and Silver should not be seen as how much fiat currency they are worth, but how much is fiat currency worth in regards to gold and silver.
    All currencies that are used today in any country in the world are extrinsic in value, meaning that the nation state that prints it, puts it’s value into it, all based on confidence. Whereas precious metals money ( hard assets ) is truly intrinsic in value, its true value is found within itself, placed by the historical basis of its unique properties and scarcity, which has a long track record in the affairs of human history.

    • Charles H

      Fiat for PMs – the old Bait-and-Switch: and propaganda to re-orientate the ignorant.

  21. C.M. Gough

    I recently read Nomi’s book “All The Presidents’ Bankers” which was pretty disappointing. Having read most of Jim Rickards’ books, I was eager to hear her perspective on FDR’s confiscation of gold and the creation of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, two exceedingly interesting historical events. Her book stunningly fails to even mention FDR’s confiscation of gold. In fact, it avoids mentioning the barbarous metal and its role in international finance except when it absolutely must (for instance, when Nixon removed the gold standard). The book is full of praise of individual bankers and financiers, and portrays the excesses of the financial system as being the result of the political misuse of financial power. In short, it is a whitewash which attempts to divert backlash against the very people who brought us the financial crisis of 2008. What do you expect from a former managing director of GS who now works for the Soros backed think tank Demos. Did I mention the book was dry and unreadable? Sorry, my gut instinct tells me she is controlled opposition.
    Thanks for the work you do Greg, I enjoy your site and always look forward to new content.

    • Zak

      Agreed. Very dry read.

      Most boring interview for a very long time here on gregs place. Sorry. She committed to nothing.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “my gut instinct tells me she is controlled opposition.”
      That would make sense as she teamed up with Jim Rickards.

      • Greg Hunter

        Your gut is wrong. They are colleagues and not combatants. I know for a fact they respect and like each other.

  22. Guest

    “I am not sure about a crash this year, but if we see a big decline, it will be in the last quarter.”

    All these predictions have become so absurd! Why does she think it will be in the last quarter? Why not the first quarter? Or the second? Or the third?

    All these “experts” in the blogosphere are just so ridiculous! They just love to brag that they worked on Wall Street for ___ years and pat themselves on the back for their “correct” predictions.

    I’m going to make a prediction for 2017: by the end of this year gold will either be higher or lower than it was at the end of 2016! 🙂

    • Pinocchio

      I predict there will be a rate hike before the end of this year. It will be between 0.01 and 20 %.

      In God we trust. The rest is a Ponzi scheme.

      • Charles H

        Touche, guys. At some point – wobbling wheels will come off.

  23. john duffy

    Trump does well to be wary of the CIA.
    Greg I’m sure you and your readers will appreciate this tale of a brave investigative reporter who went where most dared not:

  24. Linda L.

    Multi-trillions in debt and zero possibility of ever paying it off. Keep hearing about an impending crash and so bring it on. There’s no way to straighten out this situation without a crash and subsequent re-set, and to do otherwise by stalling for time is just allowing our children/grandchildren to inherit our mega mess. Gotta teach our children to stay away from debt and stop pursuing immediate gratification. If you need a car, pay cash for an oldie. If you want a house, rent until you have the money to pay cash and stay out of credit card debt. To do otherwise is like being an indentured servant/slave to these shameless, rotten, cigar toting bankers and criminals that are hijacking the planet.

    • Charles H

      Thank you, Linda L. Twenty years ago I bought an empty shell of a house – for cash delivered within 45 days, or lose down-payment. Today I continue putting fence up around the roof (city-dweller), to keep the cats and possibly thieves out. We may not have a single closet; but we owe nothing either.
      Text and video on phone technology has kids too plugged-in. They can hardly detach in order to put in a good day’s work. (Even a simple computer is addictive.)
      My wife and I subsist mostly on Social Security now, and much less from churches (missionaries). When comes a crash – I wonder if even SS will be forthcoming. OR if even I will get back anything near what they took out?!?? For sure – we will be tested, when the time comes.

  25. Jak

    You can always count on Nomi for a boring interview. This might happen, but not necessarily. It could happen but might not. Might happen this year, might not. I always feel like she is straddling the fence. Why doesn’t she just say “I don’t know.” One of your more interesting guests is Rick Ackerman but haven’t seen him on for a long time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you are not very smart and do not understand complicated thought or speech.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, why are you so hard on your bloggers at times, maybe, just maybe your bloggers are smarter than you might think. Most are located at ground zero of this economy and subject to its crooked bankers trying to kill off the middle class with it elite(s) supported policies. Shameful what the basic America people have had to endure from the central bankers and their cronies. On another note, maybe I don’t have the mental capacity to understand complicated thought or speech, but I do know a crooked system when I see one!

  26. James Brown

    I love Nomi-brilliant and beautiful-that’s a spellbinding combo.
    Thank you for a great interview.
    Once again I will ask if you can get Martin Armstrong on to be specific on what his model is indicating month by month for the next 24 months.
    Pretty Please?

  27. Justn Observer

    I wonder why Nomi Prins think things will last till end of 2017?
    China already had punitive tariffs.
    Russia shows UK, German and France interfered with the U.S. elections opposing Trump !
    Jamie Dimon says the EURO ZONE not expected to survive…
    Lagarde panicking and calls for Wealth Redistribution immediately to fight Populism or global plan will likely fail…
    NATO General concedes Trump is right – the Alliance is obsolete !

  28. Jerry

    There is only so many ways that I can give a warning. This is the more direct approach.

    Americans need to wake up to the fact that the only thing holding this fake economy together is our ability to print money due to reserve currency status. Once that is gone we will be fighting the other major currencies of the world on equal footing. The Chinese have gold to back their currency with. What do we have?

    Donald Trump should know you can only make deals from a position of strength. America is in no position to make threats to the Chinese. Should China feel threatened in its current economic state, you will see them pull the curtain back and reveal their true gold holdings, and ask the IMF to do the same for us. I shouldn’t have to tell you there’s nothing to hide because the central banks have sold it all to the Chinese.

    Don’t labor under the delusion that the Chinese need us as consumers and would never play the gold card. They will if they need to, if it comes down to keeping their economy from cratering. As far as digital currency? The PBOC has squeezed bitcoin out of the markets by cutting off capital outflows from their accounts. This is going to come down to who has the most hard assets, and not who wants to buy paper. If the bonds sales are any indication that ship has already sailed.

  29. HankH

    I like listening to Nomi, she’s a smart gal but just for a bit of critique, it would be helpful if she took a breath or two between thoughts and slooowed her speech down to emphasize her points. A lot of nervous energy there.

    • susan

      you must be from the south, when my husband was in the army we were stationed at Fort Campbell, and everyone there thought that I talked too fast. They couldn’t understand me.

  30. Zak

    Greg. A stream of babbling incoherency. I learned nothing I had not fathomed myself.

    She is careful never to. BLame anyone specifically. Just central banks.

  31. Galaxy 500

    A little off Topic
    Why is there a big push to drive a wedge between the US & Russia by the bunghole Brennan, the CIA and the RINOs of War? Never in the history of our country has the intel agencies attempted to do such a transparent disinformation campaign calling the President elect ignorant of the world and leaking a dossier that was designed to destroy the President-elect.
    Why? Because the CIA commited treason by aiding and abetting the enemies of America. The 0bamachrist and his buddies in the CIA not only gave money and succour to ISIS, they gave them arms. We are not talking just ammo and M4 carbines…we are talking heavy mortors…Remember those? Ask Chris Stevens if the one used in the attack against him was supplied by Brennan, Juan Carlos McLame McCain , and the 0bamachrist? What? He’s dead? What did this group of evil degenerate clowns think? That none of this stuff would be used to kill Americans? Oh, I am sorry. The 0bamachrist, McLame, and Brennan only armed the “Good” terrorists. But I digress.
    Brennan, McCain (loved that photo op the idiot McCain with his shiite eating grin standings with a group of his “New” “Good” moderate Syrian rebels, known terroist from Al Qaeda and ISIS groups all) and the 0bamachrist gave these guys heavy mortars, our best TOW missiles, and unbelievably (expletive goes here) MANPADs… single operator hand held anti-aircraft missile .
    As my Father’s Father taught him and he taught me, words are worthless in judging where people stand and what they believe. Look at what they are involved in, what they are doing and spending money on. Actions speak louder than words, amd words are often used in an attempt to obfuscate true motives .
    Every thing 0bama has done damaged the country, by design and by evil

    • Charles H

      Thank you, G5. Your last six lines nail it.

  32. Robert Lykens

    Two thoughts:
    First, the American embassy in Israel must be moved to Jerusalem, to make an official declaration that America recognizes that the land of Israel is and always will be the land given to the Jews by God.
    I trust that President Trump will follow through with his promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    Second, regarding those who declared that Obama would never leave office but would instigate a crisis in order to remain in power, please learn from this: conspiracy theories are rife and must be ignored by intelligent people.
    Another conspiracy theory – the notion that 9/11 was an attack against American people by the American and Israeli governments – can be disproven if you are willing to listen to expert explanation.
    As with the conspiracy theory that Obama would never leave office, please consider that this other conspiracy theory may also be false.

    The Bible makes plain the truth that nations which lie about and discredit Zionist Israel will face severe consequences. Please change your mind, for the sake of America being blessed by God.

    – Obama will leave office Friday, 1/20.
    – President Trump must keep his word and move the American embassy to Jerusalem.
    – 9/11 was planned and carried out by muslim terrorists who were not in the employ of the USA.
    These are truths, realities that must be accepted in order to maintain clear vision regarding geopolitical events and Biblical prophecy.

    • Frederick

      More BS again

    • Diane D.

      It is amazing that anyone still believes the government’s 9/11 Commission Report. Over 2,700 architects and engineers (including myself) are fighting for the truth about 9/11. Their facts make it clear that the Muslims blamed for 9/11 did not possessed the skills, sophisticated technology and building access required for the controlled demolitions.

      The truth does not support the continuous wars on Muslim nations but sadly clinging to the government’s story of 9/11 does. Crying ‘9/11 conspiracy theory!’ is easy as it was originally used by the CIA to discredit anyone challenging the ridiculous Warren Commission Report. Like the song goes, ‘When will we ever learn…’

      • This sceptred Isle

        sadly Robert only listens to the ‘experts’ that confirm his pre-existing beliefs.

        • Greg Hunter

          Robert sound a lot like you “sadly.”

  33. DeepState News&Views

    Trump, Russia, Clinton and the art of misdirection
    When a conclusion is largely based on belief and not verifiable facts, you have possible misdirection at play, writes Rob Enderle.
    Another expert comes forward explaining that there was no hack let alone a Russian hack, but deliberate disinformation, for deliberate misdirection. Now who would want to deliberately lie [dis-inform] to misdirect, the opinion of the American people? Who has used the media in the past for just such a purpose? Who has just recently bypassed the elected officials of the American people to give inteligece briefings on the possible hacking of our election of president? Who is the biggest thought shaper in the world? RT? They don’t lie like these scoundrels. At least not to the American people. So who is the biggest liar to us Americans? Could it be the same people that think we cant handle the “truth.” They think they should run our country instead of us thru our elected!

    Obama wants prosecution and death for Snowden, who under bush’s 2007 homegrown radicalization and terrorist act , section 1955d , the nsa sift’s and saves every form of electronic communication from everybody , everywhere , worldwide .
    All snowden has done is tell us what is in our own law, no crime there has showed us what is in our own laws and who is breaking them, a true and blue hero! Not like guys like James Clapper who lied to congress, us, no crime there?

    Deborah Phillips · Business Owner at CherryGal.com
    Well, now we know why HRC was so ineffective as SOS — she was too busy playing politics. Rather offensive to see how she was constantly undercutting her boss, angling always angling. Poor Obama! Talk about ‘hold your friends close and your enemies closer’ — He should have made Kerry sos from the beginning.

    During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, her many attempts to get Blumenthal a State Department post were blocked by Obama aides who were unhappy with his role during the 2008 presidential primary fight between Obama and Clinton. He’s the one who started the birther movement!

  34. Bill

    I am approaching 80 years, and I cannot recall such anger and angst in our nation as there is now by the liberals. It cant be just Trump, can it?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Bill. The liberals/communists/Nazi Democrat Party lost and was thwarted. That’s the reason for the anger. Also crimes are going to be revealed that is why the Obama Administration is destroying records (Wiki Leaks).

      • Diane

        Exactly right, Greg, and the Socialist / Communist system is imploding finally….the leftist elite is desperate to stay in power.

    • Frederick

      Exactly Paul you got it brother

  35. DeepState News&Views

    Another expert comes forward explaining that there was no hack let alone a Russian hack, but deliberate disinformation, for deliberate misdirection. Now who would want to deliberately lie [dis-inform] to misdirect, the opinion of the American people? Who has used the media in the past for just such a purpose? Who has just recently bypassed the elected officials of the American people to give inteligece briefings on the possible hacking of our election of president? Who is the biggest thought shaper in the world? RT? They don’t lie like these scoundrels. At least not to the American people. So who is the biggest liar to us Americans? Could it be the same people that think we cant handle the “truth.” They think they should run our country instead of us thru our elected!

    Obama wants prosecution and death for Snowden, who under bush’s 2007 homegrown radicalization and terrorist act , section 1955d , the nsa sift’s and saves every form of electronic communication from everybody , everywhere , worldwide .
    All snowden has done is tell us what is in our own law, no crime there has showed us what is in our own laws and who is breaking them, a true and blue hero! Not like guys like James Clapper who lied to congress, us, no crime there?

    Deborah Phillips · Business Owner at CherryGal.com
    Well, now we know why HRC was so ineffective as SOS — she was too busy playing politics. Rather offensive to see how she was constantly undercutting her boss, angling always angling. Poor Obama! Talk about ‘hold your friends close and your enemies closer’ — He should have made Kerry sos from the beginning.

    During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, her many attempts to get Blumenthal a State Department post were blocked by Obama aides who were unhappy with his role during the 2008 presidential primary fight between Obama and Clinton. He’s the one who started the birther movement!

  36. DeepState News&Views

    After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is reprinted below.


    How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up/Been done before, now in new cold war? Sure looks like it. German journalist writing for? http://www.bing.com/search?q=German+journalist+writing+for+CIA&form=IE10TR&src=IE10TR&pc=EUPP_DCJB


    PsGreg, Accidently double posted above. The one above without link at end you can remove. Sorry.

  37. francis m reps

    Greg, One of the most intelligent and well informed people you have interviewed. She reminds me of my extremely high IQ grandson who has so much knowledge that his brain works much faster than his mouth. To get the full value of your interview with Ms. Prinz ; one needs top listen to her several times. Really smart people think others have the same capacity. Keep having this lady on your program. I will now listen to her for the fourth time…..and some of what she is saying is starting to sink in.

  38. Dr Darryl Jewett

    I love Nomi Prins. But someone needs to tell her that it’s no secret how the banks have kept markets inflated artificially for so long and how they’ll continue inflating them. It’s called slavery. And the conditions of slavery will become incrementally worse for servicing the artificial inflation of those markets.

  39. coalburner

    Hey Bill 80! Read up on the Civil War, same problem. 500,000 white men died plus 100,000 women, blacks, Indians and others caught staring into the headlights. It will be different this time, But how?
    We are in a Fourth Turning, that usually means a helluva war because one side has to be “VANQUISHED” Read up and pray it doesn’t happen again because a lot of LIBturds are begging for evil and they will loose. I cannot believe these idiot sheep are doing this to the sheep dogs and wolves among us! Soros is paying $25oo for jerks to go to Washington DC to start riots and the sheep are still going too. LOL! I hope the first thing Trump does is take down Soros , send him to Russia and put the IRS on the trail of every dollar Soros has in the system attempting to start war and destroy our country. He plans to make money on the dead as he has done all his life.

  40. coalburner

    Hey Jerry; who is Wendy Wu anyway? By now at least 90% of Watchdoggers know that everything Trump says is a negotiation. The one outfit that knows this completely in Xi Jinping who answers likewise with his own song and dance. Finally we have a keen negotiater on our side, after moron Kerry and whatever Obummer was, that is a breath of fresh air. I hope it is not too late. Of course that is one of many reasons Trump is looking for some kind of normal with Russia. China won’t force Trump to deplane from the back of the plane. Tru.ump would turn around and leave instead of crawling down the back steps. Soemone in the thread here suggested what if Peru and MExico declared 1/1000 oz silver for one peso. Bet before the day was out Turmp would set the dollar to blow up Mexico and Peru money. What if he beats them all to the punch. Setting off a production boom. What China wants is food. That is right food. They will trade their stuff for food. Guess what, we got food! if the IMF screws us too bad the food will adjust the trade balance in a hurry. What say Jerry! This is a debate not a jump on Jerry! I would also like to know what we all should do that we haven’t already to get ready for the IMF disruption.
    One more thing, whats Al Hall talking about? My expert says Nibiru is a joke! If it was true my Credit Card would be maxed having even more fun that I am having now. Cheers Greg et al Doggers!

    • Macray

      My expert says that Putin is “personally” behind the Nibiru hoax. He knows that all Americans like (you) …. and (me) will max all their credit cards out which will destroy the US. He has done a great job to date as Americans.

      The latest statistics from the Federal Reserve indicate consumer debt in the United States continues to increase, reaching nearly $3.6 trillion in April 2016. According to statistics published by the Census Bureau, that works out to over $11,140 in debt for every man, woman and child that lives here in the United States.
      Anyone thinking that statistic isn’t alarming needs to keep this in mind: the $11,140 per person doesn’t include debt associated with mortgages.

    • Jerry

      Anyone who thinks they’re ready for what is coming is a complete fool. No one alive has even the slightest idea of what a full blown global depression looks like. But for the sake of argument please explain how the Donald will pay 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue? Even he can’t answer that question. All you have is time my friend. Use it wisely.

      • lastmanstanding

        What tax revenue for an event like you describe Jerry? It is their debt, not ours.

        No one with any ball’s will be will be coughing up a damn cent of tax…Trump or not. You as well as any know they have already lit the fuse…most of us are surprised that it is still burning.

        Everyone’s got a line in the sand brother.

  41. Mike from the North

    Look not at what I have done but believe in what I am telling you.

    Misinformation + disinformation+ distraction is beginning to add up to Disbelief.

    The world is awake and those loosing control will stop at nothing..
    The next few days are likely the most dangerous days of our lives.

    May God help us all.

  42. RealityCheck

    “Get Ready” old song…

  43. DeepState News&Views

    Obama’s War on Whistleblowers – The Eyeopener
    Corbett Report Extras; A tribute and goodbye to our liar in chief, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4T2fVEPp_g
    Walter Brennan’s old time religion!

  44. DeepState News&Views


  45. Rob Chase

    I really like Nomi Prins but she would do even better if she joined a Toastmaster Club. They would coach her to slow down a bit and probably really enjoy her speeches.

  46. RockarollaDuck

    A lot of men commenting are spouting insults at a woman with a strong opinion. I don’t find her any different, in opinion, than the other guests Greg has invited. She is rapid fire information! Keep up, or hit the pause button. 🙂

  47. I Am Trump

    She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Go to the FEC website and see to whom she donates her money (from the books she peddles to us). Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, Ralph Nadar, Alan Grayson, Emilys List, the Green Party… socialists all. She may be right… or she may be conspiring to undermine capitalism… hard to tell, but I sure won’t help fund this lot.

  48. Russ M.

    Hello Greg,

    I know that you’ve had Nomi Prins on recently however, in that discussion I don’t believe she touched on the subject of her latest article “Goldmanizing Donald Trump”. I think the subject would be an interesting, an worthwhile discussion for your viewers.

    Russ M.

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