Entering Perfect Storm of Every Facet of our Lives-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial writer Bill Holter warns the world faces multiple problems, not just one. Holter explains, “We are entering a perfect storm of every facet of our lives.  This is not just financial.  This is social, and it has to do with the breakdown of the rule of law.  In the U.S. and globally, you can look at this as a breakdown of morals.  Society is breaking down.  You’ve got false economic numbers supported by the press that’s telling the people that all is well.  You are seeing, for lack of a better term, revolt all over the world.  Brexit was a revolt.  Donald Trump running for President is a revolt.  You are seeing people get truly pissed off because they know something is wrong, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon.”

So, is the world headed for a “Mad Max” future? Holter says, “I think the chances are better than a coin flip that we have societal breakdown.  If you are asking should you hold cash, my opinion is yeah, you should have some cash and very little bank balances because that is going to go away.  You are going to have to have some physical cash, which will actually . . . after the system shuts down, become more valuable.  The dollar will purchase more real goods for several weeks simply because if all the banks are closed and nobody has cash, then cash is scarce.  That will work up until, all of a sudden, the light switch gets flipped and people understand that cash has no real value.  People are not going to trade real eggs or real tomatoes for dollars.  They will say I want something real for something real.  That’s where your dollar collapses.”

A possible trigger comes in late September, according to Holter. Holter contends, “There is an IMF meeting.  I believe you are going to see the Yuan become a fully functioning part of the SDR (IMF currency).  That’s a big step backward for the dollar. . . . Whatever portion the Yuan takes, whatever slice of the pie the yean takes, the other currencies lose.  I think predominantly it will come from the dollar.”

On gold, the math is simple. Holter says, “The punch line to this is the system has never been risker and more leveraged than it is today.  Yet, the price or the cost of insurance (gold and silver) has never been cheaper than it is today with the exception of late last year in October, November and December of 2015.”

Holter goes on to point out, “They have purposely diluted the price of gold in order to portray a strong dollar. . . . The reason they need to portray a strong dollar is to continue confidence in the system. It allows dollars to continue to be accepted.  It also allows the U.S. Treasury to turn around and continue to borrow.  That’s not working so well because the Federal Reserve has had to step up and buy major portions of auctions.”

How does it end? Holter says, “I have said many times that we are going to have a reset of the system.  All currencies, all bonds, all interest rates, stocks, commodities, gold, silver, etcetera.  This is a very, very dangerous time.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Bill Holter also adds that his business partner, legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair, thinks “a default has already occurred in the $1.4 quadrillion derivatives market. It’s just a matter of time when we find out who it is.”  You can find free information and analysis on JSMineset.com.  For more analysis and podcasts with Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair, you can become a subscriber for $119 a year.  Click here to become a JSMineset.com subscriber.

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  1. john duffy

    WATCH Robert Spencer’s EXCELLENT speech about Islam and jihad at YAF conference


    • Paul ...

      Today Trump accused politically correct Obama of creating ISIS … you know the guys that cut off Christian heads (as we turn the other cheek) and their God forgives them for what they do (murder) as they pray to “him” and say his name … what God would grant murderers salvation (plus 47 virgins) except Lucifer!

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        My God would grant murderers salvation. His name is Jesus Christ.

    • Freebreezer

      John, thanks for the excellent link.

  2. Michael


    People don’t seem to get that every state does not need to be rigged for a less than honest politician to win an election. They only need to rig a few of the “swing” states, which according to “wired magazine” is “scarily simple”.


    Why? Several of the largest swing states have electronic voting with NO paper trail, and the electronic voting machines are “easily hacked!” according to “wired magazine”.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Yep, they just need to rig enough to get a majority of the electoral college votes. That doesn’t even necessarily require a majority of the total popular vote, which makes it even scarier.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Michael, I discussed this here about a week ago or so, actually Michael the Demogods only need to hack about 35 to 50 precincts in two or three swing states to give Hillary the needed votes to change the outcome of those swing states to her side for the victory. Easily done, remember Chicago 1960 when all the dead men voted for Kennedy? What the Demogods will do is wait for the polls and if they are a toss up and too close to call, then they will turn to the old rigged carnival routine. Crooked Hillary will stoop lower than a turd in a cow pasture to be President; Trump has better watch his back side, the Clinton’s are would not stop at just a vote rigging if it becomes necessary that even rigging won’t give her the win.

    • J C Davis

      Michael you got it my man. This s a non election year.
      In fact I believe there will never be a honest election in America again.

    • J C Davis

      We should all protest in Spain. That is where the votes are counted.

    • J C Davis

      Just a thought from the past. No wonder Romney gave in so easy.

  3. Banjo Pat

    The good news is that you can have peace in an increasingly lawless world by trusting in Jesus Christ. Jesus said:

    “My peace I give you, not as the world gives … don’t be troubled or fearful” (John 14.27) And Greg Hunter”Fear Not”!


    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      BP, I love that verse. The world thinks of “peace” as the absence of conflict. If they could only know the peace that passes all understanding…

      • Wild Bill

        I love this definition of ‘peace’. It’s the time people take to reload.

    • Bill Holter



    Wow, great interview and a truth bomb by it’s self. Q and A was mind blowing, the time as at hand.

  5. asmith

    Yes, I’ll agree decadence and deceit are on the rise, but is the world economy going to collapse overnight, next week, next month, next year? It very well could of in 2008 and it didn’t, so the “controllers” did learn a thing or two just like they did in 1987. I’m of the mind that there’s a timeline being planned, see The Economist’s 1988, cover. But at best, it’s an agenda based on Bernay’s school of propaganda. What annoys me with Greg’s reporting is the constant asking of “when.” I know Bill Holder has to generate an income, like the rest of us, and that income comes from “fear porn,” but nobody knows when, exactly, it goes “tits up.” If powerful, connected, people did, do you think they would have booked passage on the Titanic’s maiden voyage?

    Also, things were far worst for this country’s psyche circa 1967-1970 than now. Not economically, but societally. And Bill looks old enough to remember those times. I don’t think Greg does, however.

    Back to the cover I referenced above. Besides Bernays, the Hegelian Dialectic is being ramped up in full force against those of us who think we know what’s going on and visit internet sites such as usawatchdog. For example: the “Four Horseman” youtube makes mention of the rise of sports figures and celebrity chefs as signals to the end of empires, you know, “panem et circenses.” I don’t recall the end of the British empire being front ran by stories of athletic achievements or fine cuisine, but found this idea of celebrity chefs interesting, so I did a little research. I found, in a quick search, that this idea was mentioned, vaguely, in Petronius’ “Satyricon”…”Trimalchio boasts that his chef can make a fish out of sow’s womb, a woodpigeon out of bacon, a turtledove out of ham, or a chicken out of a knuckle of pork…” Hardly, a treatise on celebrity chefdom, at least as we know them…

    • Colin

      I agree. Im well aware of the corruption and evil in this world and country, but the inquiring of the exact timing is silly. I love your reporting Greg, but no one knows when this shitstorm will finally hit the fan. Bill Holter, Bo Polney, and the likes make money off fear. Bo has been wrong many times just in the short time I have been paying attention to him. Back in April, he said we have weeks, not years, not months, but weeks. Imagine that, the “markets” are at all time highs. I know they are highly rigged and manipulated, but the point is, no one but the ones actually pulling the levers know when something is going to happen. Bill conveys very similar sentiment. This isn’t an attack on you personally Greg as you are one of the few that I will even consider listening to, but hearing people try to predict the timeline of the collapse is getting tiresome. Blessings!

    • Bill Holter

      I do not earn a living spreading “fear porn”. I earn a living by telling the truth. We are born to this Earth with only one thing, our “word”. We will exit the Earth with either keeping our word or breaking it.

      • asmith

        Bill, I’m sorry if I offended, as I chose my words wrong. I meant no disrespect, but the only reference I can make is that I was so afraid of a world wide melt down in the mid 2000’s that I started backing up the truck in 2005 and put the pedal to the metal (pun intended) in 2006 when I saw the lunacy of the housing bubble. No one solicited me. After all, that’s what precious metals are for, protection. And the sale of PM’s, to the general public, does require a degree of fear of a meltdown of the financial system for motivation. And yes, I know you’re institutional and get your visiting venues like Greg’s as a means of trying to get the word out. Am I pissed, I didn’t liquidate in 2011? A bit, but if I did, I doubt I would have bought back in and in the end, nothing has changed and I’m still ahead in my investments. I never claimed to be a market timer, esp. in a rigged market. Right now, as I sit in the dark @ 3am, is all this PM stuff going to get me through the bad times, or if I die before, be a life preserver for my family, or just another poor investment. You know, truth be told, I’m hoping for poor investment… Regards.

    • beLIEve


      Reference…… booking passage on the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

      THE TITANIC DID NOT SINK………apparently !
      It was a …..J P MORGAN & White Star Line………… INSURANCE SCAM.

      Titanic The Real Story – By John Hamer

      Circa 1903 the White Star Line was purchased by J P Morgan.
      1907/08 the decision was made to build a number of luxurious ships, to capitalise on the popular Atlantic route.
      June 1911 The Olympic…….Titanics sister ship was launched.
      Not long after its launch, the Olympic was involved in a catastrophic collision with a British Naval vessel ….HMS Hawk…in the Solent/Southampton Water.

      The White Star Line and Olympic’s crew were found culpable and therefore responsible for all costs.
      The White Star Line were obliged to compensate the British Navy for the damage caused.
      The damage to the Olympic consisted of a ….TWISTED HULL…..which apparently rendered the ship unviable for future service.

      The ….FINANCIAL DAMAGE….to the White Star Line…. Olympic “written off” and….compensation paid to the British Navy…..would have….BANKRUPTED the White Star Line.

      It is speculated that, as a consequence of these insupportable costs, the …OLYMPIC…. was patched up and …SWAPPED….with the ….TITANIC…..and then presented to the world in a ….FANFARE LAUNCH…….as the….TITANIC.

      The “Titanic” in reality the……DAMAGED beyond repair OLYMPIC…..was then …”ACCIDENTED”…..in the Atlantic.

      The …..GENUINE TITANIC……sailed the Seas for another twenty or so years, in the GUISE of the Olympic.
      J P Morgans White Star Line ……survived to make…..MORE SHEKELS…..and received a…..BUMBER PAYOUT of £12,500,000.00 …….compensation for the …..”LOSS” of the “Titanic”.

      The THIEVES have continued to FLOURISH.

  6. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thanks Greg – Bill Holter is one of the most level-headed guys in this era of mayhem. Pay as many outstanding bills as you can; buy food; dig deep to buy more silver which, for what’s coming still remains in the bargain basement!

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Andrew, I played hockey for 14 years and kick boxed for 27, been called many things and only now “level headed”!

  7. Paul ...

    Correct Bill … As you say: “This is social, and it has to do with the breakdown of the rule of law. In the U.S. and globally, you can look at this as a breakdown of morals. Society is breaking down.”
    People seeking truth need to listen to the words “of God” as inscribed in stone and brought down from the mountain by Moses to us. Otherwise lying becomes no big deal. As Bill says: “You’ve got false economic numbers supported by the press that’s telling the people that all is well.” People are fed up with the lying, fed up with the killing of women and children and what is the result? As Bill says: “You are seeing, for lack of a better term, revolt all over the world.”

    • Bill Holter

      our future depends on how far the rule of law goes away.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    My favourite guest of all.
    You know the US produces some great financial minds and a few of you should do a world tour.

    Please visit Australia

  9. Faith

    I am a huge fan of Bill Holter. I don’t remember him sounding this sober, and this somber, ever. It is very disheartening to see one’s country slip into the abyss.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Faith, yes, sad to see our world go away …or should I say be “given” away by ignorant masses.

  10. Brian V

    Thanks Greg for hitting another one out of the park with this interview. Mr Holter is the Paul Revere of our time; “The reset is coming. The reset is coming”.

  11. opalboy

    Jim Sinclair is the one who awakened me, thank you thank you thank you! And I love Bill Holter. Thank you Bill! When you feel you are right, the waiting becomes a little more bearable. The friends and family I have that are leftys, are not willing to even hear about Hilary’s problems.
    I have to wonder if there will be debates, they will claim trump is unbalanced or some reason to back out, he would rip her a new one!

  12. Jerry

    Bill is spot on. This is what I posted yesterday.

    Jerry 08/08/2016 •
    I’m starting to get reports from various sources, that Russia and China are planning on resetting the gold price after their September 5th meeting ahead of the upcoming G20 meeting. http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160803/1043912986/g20-talks-russia-china.html

    I can’t confirm this information but it does make sense. The Yuan is being given full SDR rights on October 1 by the IMF. Its in their best interest to back the Yuan with gold that has increasing market value so traders would most likely pick the Yuan to exchange with over the dollar giving their investments a larger safety net to fall back on. This one is worth watching.

    With Deutsche Bank imploding, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Chinese. Whether by design or accident, I don’t see any way that the ESF can stop the flood of dollars that will be hitting our shores in October. This is what the BRIC Alliance and AIIB have been waiting for. Can the dollar compete with a Yuan backed by gold that has been reset? We’ll see.

    • Jerry

      5…4…3…2…1… anytime now that douche bag “Sam” will chime in an say that its all fear porn and that everything is O.K. Well Sam here’s reality.
      When we loose reserve currency status we won’t be able to float 125 trillion dollars in government debt with 2.5 trillion in tax revenue. Even government employee’s will feel the sting of denial when reality comes home.

      • allen ols

        tks, agreed!!!

      • WD


        V has a morning show ( 7-15 minutes) as well as a Wednesday afternoon and Friday evening show. I Think you would like it….

        • Jerry

          Thank you WD.
          According to this recent interview with JW the dollar will be removed completely from international trade.

          I’m not convinced it will go that far, but make no mistake the gold backed Yuan has a date with history on October 1.
          Even a 30% haircut will crater this fake economy. In the past the Fed was able to paper over the problem because of reserve currency status. But what happens when no one wants our money for trade?

          • WD


            I heard this….thanks

      • Sam Hill

        Jerry –

        You don’t read my posts carefully. I agree with most of what you say. Where I disagree is on your premature timing predictions which are pretty much always wrong. I have never said everything is okay. It obviously isn’t.

        If anyone here disagrees with any aspect of your view you then insult them on the level of a 12 year old. Aren’t you in your 60’s? And you’re calling me a douche bag? Grow up, dude. What you’re going to need more than anything in the coming collapse will be a sense of humor. I have yet to see any evidence that you have one.


        • Jerry

          How did you like the cheap shot? You shouldn’t be so sensitive my friend because you’ve dished out your fare share yourself. I just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. Instead of sniping at me, why don’t try posting something of real value that we can learn from? A link would be nice occasionally to go along with your opinion.

    • Bill Holter

      I believe this is correct, China will eventually set the price of gold …

  13. George Eddleston

    Fishing in Cannonsville Reservoir calm day smooth as a bathtub so in a film on top of the water, the size of a basketball court, usually polen, I see what appears to be thousands of metal flakes . Over head is a beautiful blue sky, horse tail clouds and CHEMTRAILS. This is no joke, a New York City Reservoir in upstate NY some of the cleanest water in the country. I can not be a skeptic any longer. Bill Holter did a great interview, thanks.

    • WD


      Would you happen to have photos?

    • Bill Holter

      what’s for dinner?

  14. eddiemd

    He is right about the possible “truth bombs”. The Clinton side and deep state have it in for Assange. I believe that Assange, Anonymous, and perhaps Snowden have the September/October surprises that will crush the Clinton campaign and even expose the frauds that Obama and his gang are involved. I hope so.

    The Obama gang has deep ties to the Clinton corruption. I am sure that Obama gave the DOJ/FBI the word to back off on Clinton in regards to the compromise of intelligence. Who really knows what the Chinese/Russians/Saudis/Israelis/etc have in regards to the security breaches by Clinton.

    Unfortunately for the minority of informed folks out here in the USA, there is a large number of people that still get the news from MSM and believe that Clinton is clean. In the medical field where I am located, people strongly support Clinton and see her as an object of conspiracy. These are supposedly educated folks.

    Family members inside the beltway on the east coast support Obama and Clinton.

    If the election does occur, it will be those who count the votes that will determine who wins. The electronic system will be rigged. It won’t be difficult.

    They learned the lesson with the hanging chads in 2000 in south Florida.

    He is right about the systemic decay occurring throughout all areas of society. The economic system, court systems, military, healthcare, banking, etc. Corruption and fraud everywhere.

    Older folks I speak with have given up. I hear people over 75 say that they are glad that they will not be around when it all comes crashing down. It reflects poorly on them in that they are partly responsible for where our society is at currently. They got theirs now to hell with the rest of us.

    • Erika

      Could this be a truth bomb? Here is Hillary’s medical record. She a[[ears to have a form of incurable dementia which would explain her frequent falls and other bizarre behaviour.

    • Bill Holter

      we have only seen mini bombs so far, the biggies will begin to dop as we get closer to election in my opinion.

    • Charles H


      In the main, you are right – but not totally. My parents, Public School educators, were Great Depression kids: which affected them the rest of their lives. My father once told me that my Mom fainted in a college classroom from exhaustion and hunger. My Dad built our home year by year, using ‘sweat-equity’, to stay out of debt. He even drove VW’s and econo-cars to keep money going into investments. His only “nice” car, a 1978 BMW 318 – he drove eighteen years; gave to me; and I sold it to put that into my sweat-equity home.
      They could have spent their money; travelled the world; and had a big time: but they didn’t. An inheritance from their estate was divided three ways: and it has saved me and my wife. What I’ve been able to save of it is all that I’m ahead with -as Social Security is a pittance, and income from churches even less.
      In the light of this example – your conclusion of the Great Generation seems unfair and harsh. Perhaps you are looking at the early end of the Baby Boomers, like my oldest brother, who knew no real poverty – because that’s another story. He is a spender.

      • eddiemd

        Reread what I wrote. I did not come to any conclusions about the “great generation”. That is your conclusion based on the fact that you don’t understand who the great generation encompasses.

        Maybe you are confused with the silent generation. Look it up.

        • Charles H

          It seems quite certain that people like me don’t have the facts and figures memorized, as others seem to have. The pursuit of exact precision, which then would entail looking everything up before commenting – is too time consuming. Perhaps we need to make footnotes, and sign a pledge of accuracy before we can respond here. So I guess eddie – I just can’t respond to your comments without agreement; rereading; or being strictly reproved.
          I know what your wrote. I know you meant to say something specifically. I understand that when an author reviews his work – his composure agrees with his intentions and many times doesn’t see the nuances of his wording. So, I can reread your post and still arrive at a same conclusion; just as you can review your comment and not see any problems in it. I conclude that I am confused: and discouraged to reply to your comments.

    • D2

      eddiemd, how much more do you want the greatest generation to give for our country? Weren’t their WWII sacrifices enough for you? Its time for the young in this country to stand up and fight the corruption and lies. Anyone (you?) who is expecting those in their 70’s to save our country is looking to the wrong generation. They already “gave”. How about the younger generation step up and fight for what is right? Why aren’t our young protesting like crazy in the streets over the rampant corruption and constant lies? Revolutions are for the young. While ISIS is training their kids at very early ages to kick our a$$e$, our little snowflakes here are scared of different opinions! I can see why those in their 70’s might be OK with not being around much longer. they deserve some peace don’t you think?

      • eddiemd

        Reread what I said before going off the deep end.

        Get your timing of generations right. Those in their 70″s and early 80’s are not the greatest generation. The greatest generation was born 1910 to 1925.
        Don’t tell me about sacrifices. I served 10+ years in an airborne unit and shouldered my share of service.

        May they rest in peace; many of them (greatest generation) already checked out.

        Maybe you are offended because you are one of the baby boomer/silent generation group that screwed this country up. You know, maybe like the Bushes, Clintons, Rumsfeld, etc.

  15. KAM

    Mr. Holter,
    I noticed on your wife’s website that your family had moved to Costa Rica, but returned to USA. With so many US citizens apparently leaving the country for safer grounds, I wonder if you would be willing to share your reasons for coming back (unless, of course, they are personal).
    I enjoyed your wife’s artwork. Very talented.

    • Charles H


      Bill usually writes back here… but it boils down to the idea that when the SHTF, the Gringo will have the biggest target on his back. (I’m in Mexico, a dual-citizen, and now fortifying my hoUse security.)

      • Greg Hunter

        Hope fully he will answer comment tomorrow. That’s what he told me he was going to try to make time to do.

      • Hatemail

        You would be safer moving back to the USA and homesteading in the central wasteland of Detroit.

      • Bill Holter

        sorry I was a day late but crazy amount of e-mails to answer …not to mention everyday interruptions.

        • JC Davis

          Yeah Bill but mine is the only one you need to read. I did not send one..LOL

    • Bill Holter

      KAM, we lived in Costa Rica for nearly 5 years. Our Spanish became good enough to understand “they like us” only because we spend money. “Gringos” in my opinion are targets for crime now and will be completely overrun when the banks fail. We decided to move back to Texas and weather the coming storm shoulder to shoulder with like minded people. Costa Rica/Central/South America are beautiful places and was very fun to live there, but dangerous at the same time. Hope this answers your question. For those wanting to view my wife’s art, her website is http://www.Kathrynholter.com

  16. Kim

    Thank you for this amazing interview! I subscribe to the Sinclair Web site and for $9 per month it is outstanding! Bill mentioned they might raise the price, so think about considering looking into
    it. Thank you again!!

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for your confidence and support Kim!

    • notyourpatsy

      If you want to stay riveted in your chair one day for a few hours binge watching tv, then I suggest you view the National Geo’s Channel, ‘Missing Dial’ documentary series. It’s NOT the Costa Rica of today’s travel brochures. I lived there for 5 years and worked on a major project (Marina development in Puntarenas) back in the late 1980’s. I saw it changing before my eyes back then and decided it was no longer safe and returned to the USA. The Majority of the crime is not by Costa Rican locals, (who for the most part are all hard working church going people), but rather by gang members/crimanls who have crossed the Border into CR illegally. Even speaking fluent Spanish does not stop you from being a target because you *look like a foreigner* and that’s all the criminal element needs to notice. I’m not talking ‘beg a dollar please Sir’ type criminals, I’m talking violent rape, murder, ransom hostage type criminals with absolutely NO Morals whatsoever! Even the locals fear these criminal elements amongst them and are’nt given preferential treatment and get robbed and murdered just the same as you or I. The same is now (sadly) true of the Bahamas, Majority of the Caribbean Island Chain, and even Hawaii (where I also lived for 5 years but left due to the same conditions as CR). Yes, after 20 years of World travel I say the same thing to anyone who asks me, “Where should I go on vacation?” My response is “This isn’t the 1960’s/’70’s anymore and the World HAS GOTTEN MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK” “Stay home and see your own Country”. I have not forgotten you DB or Mr Hunter things have just been upside down for me since you contacted me a few months ago and this is my first chance to post a note to you. I’ll be in touch…..

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your comment. Use the Contact page tab found at the top of the WSAW site.

      • Alohajim

        notyourpatsy: Sorry, I’ve lived in Hawaii for almost 50 years, what you are saying about Hawaii is completely untrue. Extremely difficult to get to Hawaii illegally and virtually all of the crime is committed by US citizens who live here.

        However, completely agree with your premise about being a ‘gringo’ in the third world – one is forever a target and the only reason they ‘like’ (tolerate?) you is for your money. Not the place to be when the shtf.

  17. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Jim Holter says society is breaking down. I’m not sure if it’s breaking down so much as it’s been sabotaged.

    • frederick

      Either way by design or not civil society has disappeared from the US and things aren’t all that much better in other areas around the world Everyone is suffering the bankers disease and it sure makes life miserable for everyone but the top 1% or so

    • Bill Holter

      correct, I believe this is being done on purpose because NO ONE could be so stupid as to implement current policies.

  18. Greg

    Greg, absolutely great interview. Bill Holter is one of my favorites. I live in Canada but I watch and listen to the news in the USA, mostly the alternative media, because the MSM are so corrupt. I listen to them just long enough to determine what lie they are pedalling today. Here in Canada, it is not quite as bad but we are getting there. Everyday, somewhere in our media there are reports trashing Trump but never anything negative about crooked Hillary. Our media parrots the US media. The most recent is our media on about Trump encouraging the assassination of Clinton. I believe we are on the cusp of a worldwide breakdown. My wife sometimes thinks I am delusional when I tell her what I feel is actually going on. I told her months ago that I do not believe there would be a presidential election this year. I believe that some major event would occur and Obama would declare martial law. When I told her why I thought this she accused me of listening to the communist media to much. She thinks guys like you, Bill, Kirby etc. only pedal your information in order to sell something. She refuses to believe it.
    I purchase precious metals but not nearly as much as I would like to because that causes a battle with my spouse. She feels that paper money is better left in the bank or stock market than in metals. People here are more interested in Pokémon or some reality show than they are on world events.
    I truly believe that what is happening runs parallel to Bible prophecy. The Bible speaks of financial calamity, social calamity, race riots, etc. etc. in the end times and only a complete moron could believe this is not currently happening. I believe we are going to see it come to fruition sooner than later. I am not worried for myself but I certainly worry about the impact this will have on my children.


  19. eddiemd

    The MSM across the spectrum is out of control in its offensive against Trump. I believe that most people are finally waking up to the bias. It is now becoming more obvious that even hard core Clinton supporters can see the fraud and corruption. The stupid people and the free stuff army (FSA) will continue to support her because she will keep taking from the middle class and giving bennies to the slouches.

    As this medical issue with Clinton is hitting the headlines, the attacks and disinformation against Trump becomes more intense. New emails from Clinton surfacing brings on further intensified attacks. The Clinton side is spooked. They have no idea what other “truth bombs” are awaiting them.

    Propaganda, disinformation, and ruses are military tactics that go back to the beginning of recorded time. Winning the hearts and minds through deception is the goal. The iPhone apps, internet, and television are the mediums. Trump is up against a NWO/globalist controlled information system that absolutely hates him. Both sides of the political spectrum (Dem/Repub) are the same. They know the system is rigged and they are all in on it.

    I believe the only hope is for the military to refuse unlawful orders given by civilian officials. A military coup. We know that they have purged the military leadership. Hopefully there are still some leaders who will uphold the Constitution and not lead us into a nuclear conflict. Hopefully there are enlisted men and women within the armed forces that will uphold their oath and refuse to fire upon US citizens. The day is coming when that decision will need to be made.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Don’t be naive, the military today and the militarized police forces of our cities will shoot our civilians at order. There are no military draft in our forces, police forces are voluntary and have been transformed into paramilitary gun notching trigger happy forces with helicopters & tanks in some cases; all weapons will be used against the “rebels” as they will be called, history will be kind to them. I commended on the use of force by our police forces in the coming crash a month or so before. Basically, history has shown that the “kings” police forces remain loyal until their own asses are at risk; at that point and only at that point in time do they turn tail and changes sides; always after killing many innocent civilians protecting the crooked Kings that pays there salaries. There are, of course, many fine police officers all over this country, but they will, and I repeat, for the vast majority to a man or woman, especially in the beginning of a social unrest or collapse follow orders to shoot first and ask questions and question legal authority latter. Shameful, not right, denied by our forces, but true nevertheless. America will just repeat history like all the other times the same thing has happened in the past. Note: (if you one of our police officers who won’t do as I described, thank you for being in the minority for the people). For the others, you know who you are, denial or whatever.

      • eddiemd

        Not being naïve, being a realist. After 10+ years in Special Forces as both an NCO and as a medical officer, I understand what has occurred in the military. You underestimate the potential for the military to disobey civilian orders especially within the special operations forces.

        It will be the military who can save the country from the corrupt civilian leadership. There are still independent thinkers within the ranks that will question authority and there are still plenty within the police forces who are ex-military who will disobey unlawful orders.

        The military is the last hope. These are the folks that we should be targeting to help save the nation.

        • Bill Holter

          we can only hope our servicemen and women follow their consciences!

        • matt lusk

          What happens is corrupt officers corral goon squads to do the politicians dirty work under complete legal authority. The so called honest officers will have to be willing to arrest or kill fellow officers doing “legal” operations. The chances of that happening are almost nil.

    • Paul ...

      Medical and moral issues … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ojeiby_l7E

      • eddiemd

        Both candidates should be required to undergo an independent medical exam from a third party. Serum drug screening should be required.

        The medical histories can be covered up as well as which type of medications they are taking. Serum drug screening would need to be expanded to include antidepressants and other central nervous system medications.

        Mental and physical health should be of vital concern for the CIC of the military. Everyone else in the military is required to undergo drug screening and mental health fitness evaluation.

        Clinton is already excluded from access to sensitive information based on the FBI briefing in July. She should be in the brig/confinement on bread and water rations. If anyone with a security clearance had done what she did, they would be facing time in Leavenworth.

      • matt lusk

        Yeah, I’ve been in the Army too.

  20. Tracy Welborn

    Awesome interview! JS Mineset is one of my stops during my daily breifing for “what’s going on” in the world. The subscription is WELL worth it. By the way Greg, i’d pay for your content too. Thanks for everything you do.

  21. Henry

    The Mother of all Truth Bombs is 9-11 truth. I wish more people would get informed and share this truth of all truths. It’s our best hope to achieve the change we so desperately need.

    • frederick

      Exactly true Henry How can the US survive as a beacon for the world whilst our populace accepts such an atrocity without anyone being held responsible and please don’t make me laugh with the bogus 28 redacted pages myth The true head of the snake is alive and living well amongst the DC and NY crowds

    • Bill Holter

      I agree, will it be dropped on the anniversary?

  22. Ken

    What Trump supporters know that the polls don’t want to show. Anyone watching the primaries saw the attacks on Trump supporters attending his rallies as they entered or left. Trump supporters were hounded, harassed, assaulted also having their property damaged and destroyed. You can find stories of cars with Trump bumper stickers glass broke out or keyed.
    Trump signs in yards set on fire or worse when a home owner caught someone defacing his Trump sign they were almost run down with the offender’s car as they fled the scene. I had a chance to witness first hand a Trump rally/major speech. He was there for 2 days the folks that attended with me all believed there was a chance of trouble. Not one protester…No protest sign…Nothing!
    This was after Chicago and all the other Trump rallies that the media harped on that Trump caused problems were ever he went!
    So you are thinking where was this event???? Louisville KY, yes the NRA conference.
    It’s hard for me to describe how we felt as exhibitors’ there for the entire conference. Where were these big bad protesters waving the Mexican flags calling us racists along with all the other rants?
    There was not one story that I saw that showed or stated that there were no protests or violence. The Media ignored that part of the story. But played up the NRA backing Trump as if it were the forces of evil uniting! The very next week I watched as Trump supporters leaving a rally that were attacked, sucker punched and the police in Albuquerque had their hands full trying to restore order.
    Remember the woman with the Trump jersey that was cornered and pelted with trash before the people pulled her in to a building? So every one was watching as the media was playing up the massive trouble bound to happen in Cleveland at the GOP convention.
    The convention opened with the media salivating for the violence, then it was like a giant whoopee cushion letting go….nothing.
    It was very satisfying to see the disappointment on the left wingers face! Now you want to know why the big bad protesters failed to show up at these events? Wait for it…….
    The 2nd amendment!! The NRA convention is a no brainier. But Ohio has an open carry law! One of the main protest coordinators was quoted as saying the out of town protesters were concerned about the presence of firearms. Gee you mean we can’t throw rocks or trash and sucker punch them or trash their cars without the possibility of being shot!
    Nope, were not coming!
    So why would I put a bumper sticker on my car? Why would I wear a red hat or a Trump T shirt? I can guarantee you at my age I will not take any shit off anyone about my politics, so why look for trouble I will vote for Trump come hell or high water. I don’t want to end up in court because I smoked some punk for sucker punching me or defacing my property.
    By the way I don’t believe your polls!!! Hell I can rig the polls by only calling certain zip codes. How dumb do you think we are???? Get over it, the only way Hillary can win is if you rig the vote. If that happens, all bets are off!

    I will leave you with what my father pounded into me as I was growing into a man.

    “Intelligence is a God given gift…..Wisdom is Surviving long enough to use it to maximum Advantage

  23. Adam

    Greg, I have a question that I never hear any of your guests address. With all the talk of skyrocketing real estate prices, is it still a good time (for renter’s who want to buy a home) to purchase a home before prices get any higher, and while interest rates are still low? Or would it be better to wait until after this bubble pops? I’m just asking for an opinion and am not looking for financial advice! Could you ask your future guests to comment on this? Thanks!

    • Hatemail

      I think you should go head over heels in debt, wait for the SHTF, lose your job and livelihood, go belly up on the mortgage and lose your home to the bankers, just like it happened in 2008-9 but for some reason nobody remembers or learned from that experience.

      • frederick

        Love the sarcasm Hate

    • Bill Holter

      I believe real estate will be crushed in the coming re set.

      • frederick

        I believe you are spot on Mr Holter that is why I sold my house and am sitting in cash and metals presently

  24. Tin foil hat

    “I believe you are going to see the Yuan become a fully functioning part of the SDR (IMF currency). That’s a big step backward for the dollar. . . . Whatever portion the Yuan takes, whatever slice of the pie the yean takes, the other currencies lose.”

    I’d like to dwell on that subject a little further. The Yuan will not be a big step backward for the dollar even if it becomes part of the SDR. As the matter of fact, the Yuan has taken mainly from Euro. I don’t think the dollar has given up any of its portion within the SDR pie.
    However, the SDR will be a big step backward for the dollar the moment it replaces the dollar as the reserve currency. That is not going to happen until the SDR bond market is as deep and liquid as the U.S. Treasury market. I think that will probably take another year to two to establish after October 01.

    • JMiller

      I tend to agree with what you said TFH.

    • Charles H

      And IF Germany breaks with the EU, to ally with the East China/Russian alliance? Brexit will then be re-inforced and all the Western monetary structures will be affected. Maybe not this at all – maybe something else: but the USA has behaved TOO badly to keep getting away with murder. The AIIB will challenge the IMF/ESF/ECB at some point.

      • frederick

        If Germany is smart which looks extremely doubtful at this point they will do just that Charles The Atlantic alliance seems to be breaking down and the future markets for their “stuff” seems to be in Eurasia Think “New Silk Road” that LaRouche always talks about

    • Bill Holter

      this is a HUGE step forward, China is the very first NON Western nation in the SDR. Power is shifting from West to East right before your very eyes.

  25. andyb

    Greg: Everyone should pay close attention to what Bill says. It’s a real slap to the head, but I wish he had used a 2 X 4. For example, for the average person, the overwhelming risk will be for bank deposits, savings accounts. Next is the pension you were expecting, and any payouts for policies and annuities from insurance companies. Major pension funds are grossly underfunded, and insurance companies are “dead men walking”. Take the example of CALPERS, the largest US pension fund . All sorts of proven criminal collusion between supervisory employees and those funds managing the billions. The latest revelation is that instead of a projected 7-8% return, they will likely earn less than 1.0% this year. Short of a government bail out, that implies that taxes in California will have to double or triple to meet the obligations. The situation is worse in Illinois and especially Chicago, where property taxes, already among the highest in the nation, will have to quadruple. Many other states are at risk, significantly blue ones; Massachusetts, New York,New Jersey and Connecticut.

    I’m starting to realize that Bill may be absolutely correct on his vision of a September/October event, even though I was sure that it would be “managed” until after the election. The first debate results will be key; especially if true polling might show Trump heading for a landslide. Another issue will be Hillary’s health; if she drops out, or her health issues are exposed, I don’t doubt that Obama will cancel the election by whatever means necessary.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks andyb, we will soon see as to timing. As for the “2×4”, I don’t know what more I can say than what I believe to be the truth?

  26. Pinocchio

    On the when people are not going to trade real eggs or real tomatoes for dollars, men on the street wearing Batman costumes will shout: Secede !!!!!!!!!!

  27. r.j

    greg the chart shown was published by peter degraff, i am just giving credit where credit is due. great interview with bill though thankyou.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks r.j., I credited Peter when I wrote my article.

  28. BetterChetter

    we seem to keep searching for new metaphors to explain ancient problems – we spend more than we make, till we fall and have to rise slowly back up – except we’ve been waiting for the fall since 2012, & every new year is pointed to as the break-out/down period

    • Bill Holter

      it should have occurred in 2012, it did not because every fraudulent means possible is being used to hold it together.

  29. Charles H


    There’s too much out there now – No Rule Of Law; No Fifth Estate; No Economic Discovery; and except for ‘the Few’ – who are mostly off-grid and alternative: Americans are Sheeple or trapped. What frightens me is the way America has stirred the pot internationally: will be turned inside and against itself. FEMA readiness, and presidential Executive Orders are the Circuit Breakers to the Wall St. circuit breakers. And the real ‘hole cards’ of world-wide power are in the hands America has treated so badly.
    Whether an ‘out the window fall’, or halting steps downward, or an indeterminable slide – I think the rug is coming out from under; the Dollar (FRNs) as we know them will go away for something else; and (can I say it!? no I won’t!) we go into another paradigm. What affects me the most is the lying and untruth of it all. Everything seems to be concentrating badly for the bad. It can’t just be me. (?)

    • Tin foil hat

      Charles H,
      World powers America has treated so badly are still hoping to resolve this mess we are in peacefully. That’s why the dollar still hold the biggest peice of the SDR pie, Yuan consist of only approximately 11% of the pie, according to the IMF.
      I suspect the Deep State will sabotage the SDR like they did the euro in 2011. They will not give up the reserve status easily.

      • Charles H

        Exactly. Good point.

    • Bill Holter

      it is not “just you”.

  30. Rock

    Another great interview with Bill. Thank you for having him on, as he is one of my favorite guests.

  31. ISSO

    SDR weighting has been pre determined China is about 10.9% (On IMF website) US Dollar
    was reduced less than 1% bulk was taken from euro with yen and pound chipping in a significant % of their current weighting

    • Bill Holter

      as I mentioned above, this IS HUGE because the first time a non Western nation admitted. Their percentage will only grow from here which shrink the West’s slice of the pie.

  32. Larry Galearis


    I welcomed that graph as it finally showed that gold has been growing cheaper rather than rising against the monetary base. It is a measure of success for the banksters and their suppression schemes (all paper gold markets in play) since the system was turned upside down. Basically a confirmation that gold is badly losing against the debasement of the dollar. The criminals running the frauds are still laughing at us.

    • frederick

      That’s OK Larry we stackers are fully expecting to get the last huge laugh at the expense of the criminals Its just a matter of time now Keep on stacking everyone its bankster krypyonite

    • Bill Holter

      yes, the reason I believe it to be important.

  33. jim kikuoka

    I would like to know how much gold and silver should we hold if the events play out as you say. I know you advocate offshore storage of wealth, but I would like to know your estimate on what to hold personally until the markets reopen. One box of silver Eagles and 50 ounces gold? A couple of Vacambi gold bars which can be broken down in 1/10th ounce increments? Thanks I am a subsriber to the site and have already found offshore storage as best as possible for my situation.

  34. Jerry

    Here is the south park version of what Bill has said in this interview.

  35. Curious George

    Don’t understand why he puts so much emphasis on the SDR when the SDR currently is only symbolic and has no current relevance. So to say the inclusion into the SDR which is purely symbolic being a big step? Not sure how. Its not used in any intl transaction beyond bookkeeping entries in central bank balance sheets. So now we have another date. Where is Jerry? We need confirmation.

    • J C Davis

      C George If the Dollar drops in volume enough the SDR becomes the reserve trade currency.. Yes it will still be mostly Dollar, yet the dollar will be weaker. causing inflation.
      SIG could explain it better then I.

      • Curious George

        The SDR isn’t going to work if the dollar falls apart. SDR is comprised of multiple currencies that will all die along with the dollar if the dollar hyperinflates. Don’t think the debt problem is strictly a us dollar issue. The euro banking system is broke just like the chinese, japanese, british, etc. Now you combine all these relatively depreciating going to worthless currency together and you don’t make a viable alternative when comes time to reset the global system. You might have some paper account entry similar to the SDR, but its going to have some type of gold backing to provide confidence. SDR as structure means nothing.

        • Tin foil hat

          Curious George,
          You’re spot on. Adding a gold weighting in the SDR would provide a counter-balance to the currencies depreciation based on the trend of inverse valuations. Such inverse valuations would help offset dollar and other currencies losses with SDR claims.
          However, I don’t think it will happen in October.

    • Silence is Golden

      The SDR’s are a quasi currency to supplement the reserves of the member countries.
      Lets remember it is a creation of the IMF…..not a central Bank …not even the BIS.
      Given the SDR are readily convertible into currencies of choice, they make for a viable alternative in international trade settlement…which is what their intended purpose was.
      Initially they were created to relieve pressure on the demand for USD and Gold for settlement.
      Recognition into the SDR Basket is more than symbolic….its a new paradigm.
      I don’t know how significant the inclusion will be given the current issued SDR’s globally is around $225BLN.
      What it does recognise is that the RMB will be ascribed leading world currency as a result even with only 10% weighting.
      The USD weighting still remains a significant 42%

      I feel that the SDR is not the solution going forward.
      Gold backed Trade notes followed by Gold backed currencies could resolve.

      JC …I don’t think we should mix the Dollar trade volume with the SDR “Reserve” currency default. Not at this stage.
      The world needs something tangible to replace an antiquated and highly inflationary fiat system.
      Gold is for settlement.
      Currency is for transactions.

      • Tin foil hat

        Silence is Golden,
        “Gold is for settlement.
        Currency is for transactions.”
        Another spot on. SDR is the first step to the solution. Gold will not be used for transaction globally. The world still needs currency.
        The problem with the dollar is that it’s used for both settlement and transaction. The fact that it’s used for both domestic and international settlement only made matter worse.
        I think the SDR will be introduced as the currency for international transactions/settlement first. At the right moment, gold will be introduced later on when nations demand “Gold is for settlement”.

        • JC Davis

          Agree. Sig is one smart man. If silence were not golden he would be a great guest to interview..IE Greg

      • JC Davis

        Thank you SIG for posting on our site.
        Recognition into the SDR Basket is more than symbolic….its a new paradigm.
        You have taught me.

    • Bill Holter

      the operative word being “current”

      • JC Davis

        Tic toc said the clock.

  36. Bill

    GREG: The good guys wear white hats. Tell Mr Holter he needs to get a white hat!!!

  37. Pete

    Maaaybe a little off topic, but has anyone noticed “Michele” (still questionable in my book) Obama’s devil horn hand signs in professionally staged photos lately? Vogue magazine cover for one and the blue dress one with her husband posing in a blue suit. Try doing that with your hands without consciously realizing it and you will see what I mean. I think that “they” are brazenly exposing themselves in our faces and “they” don’t care.

  38. Matt

    The Great Waves of Change which are coming over the horizon. Environmental degradation, climate change on a scale never seen before, worldwide resource depletion – the growing human family drinking from an ever shrinking well. And Intervention from forces beyond the world, who wish to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity for their own purposes. A perfect storm indeed, Mr. Holter.

  39. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great interview. I always listen to Bill’s interviews twice before i comment because Bill, like myself, is from Texas and it is not so much what is said but also how and also what is not said.

    I think Bill would agree with the idea of being watchful from August 26th through October 20 +/- 2 days, but probably for different reasons than myself. I see cycles and Bill, like John Williams analyzes numbers.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC.

  40. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    Greg, whenever you ask a guest, “What will that look like to the man on the street? What is the Mad Max moment?” I think you’re asking, “What will cause the man on the street to lose confidence in the dollar?”

    Bill Holter replies that moment will come when the man on the street says, “I want something real for something real.”

    The problem is that the man on the street watches the NBC Nightly News. He hears that “all is ok” and so he continues to have faith in the almighty Dollar.
    The NBC Nightly News will continue telling him this until they can’t.
    This is an extremely tough nut to crack.

    In my humble opinion, for the man on the street to lose faith in the almighty Dollar, there must be an event SO HUGE that it can’t be ignored, unreported, glossed-over by the Networks.
    What might this event be?

    Ezekiel 39:6 – a nuclear war.
    The warning sign will be when Russia, Iran and a coalition of many oher nations invades Israel from the north.
    BTW – the armies of Russia, Iran and others are on Israel’s northern border today.
    For the first time in the history of the world.

    • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

      The Mad Max moment.

    • aussie jeff

      I agree Robert,i mentioned the very same possible outcome sometime back of Russia&Iran being a strong candidate as the “king of the north” along with Turkey which will eventually attack Israel.[their could be others]
      The seven churches that Jesus wrote to in Revelation all resided in Turkey and were all in existence simultaneously,
      Interestingly Jesus calls the city of Pergamam “The throne of satan”
      Revelation 2:13.
      With Turkey snoozing up to Putin as we speak ………..watch this space.

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        aussie jeff, thanks for reminding me about “the throne of Satan”.
        Remember Daniel 10:13 too – how “the prince of the kingdom of Persia” withstood the angel of God for three weeks.
        An unseen, titanic battle is being waged on our behalf. At the Battle of Gog/Magog, God himself steps in.

  41. James Hastings

    Bill Holter is always good….

    Why are we collapsing?

    Because we are spoiled snots.

  42. WD


    Does the US and the states still manage to stay together after this? Especially if there is a currency crash….


    • Bill Holter

      maybe not? Maybe 4-5 new “countries” are born?

      • Charles H

        “Precincts” – more like it.

  43. Sayonara

    Bill Holter is always a great interview. He is absolutely right that this is a social order meltdown worldwide that is breaking down every aspect of human life – morality, rule of law, economic and financial.
    Just look at what Hillary has and is getting away with. If I had just minor violation of what Hillary is getting away with, I could be assured that I would be serving 25+ years period. She knows she is Untouchable and she is flaunting it big time.
    I come from the old school of “sticks and stones will break my bones and words will never harm me.” Let see how that translates politically:
    Sticks and stones will break my bones: Hillary is directly responsible for the death of thousands in the middle east as result of her SOS policies in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq. Not to mention the suspected homicides domestically. What did she ever create except chaos and mayhem?
    Words will never harm me: Trump talks a lot of trash and some of it pretty stupid. However, he built and accomplished amazing things and created jobs for countless thousands of people. Only rational acting people do this and extremely rarely to the level that he has. Meanwhile the Lunatic MSM thinks he will destroy the world as we know it?
    Lets see?
    Hillary has killed and destroyed thousands and created nothing except mayhem. Trump has accomplished amazing things and created jobs for countless thousands of people and killed no one except offending thin skinned people with his commentary.
    Gee whiz! I wonder who I am voting for?

  44. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, more e-mails of corruption, no worries about that in the MSM press today. Maybe, just maybe, the 30,000 missing e-mails will turn up about October 30th or so, if so, the hacker has my vote for Speaker of the House as that loser Trump hater from Wisconsin, a state he could not carry for Romney as his Vice President running mate needs to stop talking trash about Mr. Trump, as he is just showing his pea brain Democratic side (as usual). a – Post Script, Paul Ryan is just a Democrat in a Republican wool suit!

    • Bill Holter

      the rule of law is long gone …except where it pertains to me and you!

  45. WD


    How does a nation with millions of government employees survive when a currency collapse happens, how does it manage to push forward. It seems unlikely to me.


    • Charles H

      Government Canteens?!??

    • Bill Holter

      very poorly and in chaotic fashion.

  46. pat the rat

    The only gold that I can buy cheap is from Valaurum gold 1/10th of a gram is $10.00 1/4 gram is $ 20.00. Prep’s won’t be ready to October at best.

  47. Peter

    They call her Killary Clin ton for a reason!

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday floated a theory that the Democratic National Committee staffer who was shot dead in the streets of Washington last month had been targeted because the operative was an informant.

    In an interview on Dutch television, the Australian cyberactivist invoked the unsolved killing of Seth Rich, 27, earlier this summer to illustrate the risks of being a source for his organization.

    Theory or not, Killary Clinton is the most corrupt politician I’ve ever seen in my lifetime!

  48. coalburner

    Greetings Greg and Doggers; Good interview, I like Bill Holter!
    Bill, he has a white hat too!
    KAM, I have heard part of Bill’s story about returning. Not the gospel but, note he is a Texan thru and thru. It is hard to hide in a foreign country for Americans. I have given this much thought. Prepare to stay here and survive. It is still our country and the only one we have. Europe is lost, all done except the dsetruction as in places ISIS has destroyed.. The other countries will all be worse and leavng here a last resort. Keeping our country is not going to be free and the next big experiment will be on our turf. Look at history, it says we are lost too but you know Americans like to buck the tyrant trend.
    As for Marshall Law, every American knows instinctively what would have to be done. At least 50 million anyway, and that will prevent Marshall Law from occurring, period! Side note, we are the military and they are us, our families, friends, and blood bond! The blue helmets won’t want to be here. Obama thinks ISIS, a bunch a filthy, ignorant, pedophile, cowardly , murdering, muslims are bad. LOL! He was not raised as an American but a foreigner who hates Americans and that is what he vaguely realizes by now. He does not know us! Cheers, keep stacking, and plan a Merry Christmas. One Opinion and I admit I was wrong about Chemtrails!

    • Charles H

      “Europe is lost”? First muslim Mayor of London, England – takes an advertisement bikini poster off the public transportation systems – for the harm it will do. Boil the frog.

    • Bill Holter

      the picture was taken in fall/winter. I have plenty of white hats but most have sweat rings on them.

  49. coalburner

    I have not been able to fully confirm that satelit story. Can you give us more without saying too much. Was it payback for the on that ” factory” turned into a lake?

    • notyourpatsy

      Mr Holter, There is a Western Store, they sell horse trailers too (still) I think, that I used to buy my hatbands from in Las Cruces that can help you with that. They go inside the hat rim and did a fine job on my 10X’s. I needed them when I rode the canals of Mesilla over to NMSU chile pepper research station and the cotton gin in town. Those were some “Whew doggie” hot days i tell ya. ‘Sullivan’s Trailers’ that’s the place! I don’t know if they are still there but give them a try. You’ll always be a White Hat rider to me Mr Holter! now all we need to do is get Mr Hunter a nice 10x cattleman in White!

  50. Just'n Observer

    The genesis of ISIS … the democrats and neocons behind them and their true purpose to advance the globalist agenda ever since…
    Political Zionism vs Islam ? And how and why there are now so many Muslim Brotherhood in and so close to the Administration and Hillary team…and the neocons Rhino’s that are now backing Hillary ….
    William Engdahl: https://youtu.be/nIF9ezKPKGw

  51. NH Watcher

    CNBC has a story now about billionaires “hoarding cash”: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/10/billionaires-are-hoarding-cash.html

    I agree with Bill. I have been laughed at (literally) by relatives and close friends for keeping a certain amount “under my mattress.” I find that those who laugh, have never experienced any true economic calamity in their lives, and are now fully drunk on the government’s promises to always come to the rescue and save the day.

    I remember my grandmother losing thousands in stock when a company she invested in went bankrupt. She assumed that shareholders would be reimbursed by someone (!) We had to delicately explain to her the “fine print” of the bankruptcy legalese, indicating that shareholders are the LAST to be reimbursed, after other outstanding debts, employees compensation, etc. was paid off. She loved the stock market, until she learned personally that the government guarantees nothing in that venue.

    And even FDIC protection is limited and not immediate. What would you do if one day your bank account was locked, inaccessible by ATM, or if the bank closed fully, and the FDIC promised reimbursement within “3-6 months”? What would you do for the intervening 3-6 months?

    I don’t have much, but my faith has told me to be prepared nonetheless. Does everyone in the USA Watchdog audience have at least ONE month’s worth of savings? I truly hope so. In the short term, cash will still be valuable; in the long term, yes, precious metals (coins) will be essential for maintaining one’s assets in a ” financial reset.”

    I only expect to be here for the short term, though.

    • Bill Holter

      …and it certainly is no laughing matter.

  52. Pinocchio

    In the future, historians will call our period as The Age Of Sayonara, the age when the minority of rational men on the street sayonaraed the majority of irrational men in various places, the age when the light goodbyeed the shadows.

    Secede !!!!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      U.S. historians are likely to underscore events of the early 1860’s with many similarities we see happening today:
      Vocal elements were clamoring for secession and/or change. Disaffected groups caused riots, bloodshed and fomented unrest nation wide.
      People bemoaned the overreach of Washington, D.C. They even had a rally cry “Death to Tyrants”!
      Their efforts were crushed; revolution 2.o looks even less promising. Stay alert and be ready!

  53. Bill


    Coalburner: Couldn’t agree with you more. As Americans we need to stop worrying about what is coming down the road and get prepared for whats coming down the road. We, as Americans need to resolve to take our country back, no matter what it will take.
    1. We don’t need term limits, just don’t vote for them for a second term. One term and one term only. No more career politicians , period
    2. Most liberal newspapers are losers, morally and financially. Don’t spend your good money on subscriptions.
    3. Get your life in order. Stop lieing and cheating. Just be a good honest American who loves his country, and show it.

    • oneno

      Bring human population levels down to 529 million with everyone’s consensus on controlled birth allowance and there would be no need for politicians period! Then we need stewards who reflect the will of the collective in all matters. See Kevin Galalae’s latest interview.

  54. 8Ball

    For a bit of perspective… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNfQKBmqA7M

  55. Matt In Pa

    Turkey looking to ditch Dollar with trade with Russia. Lire and Rubles. http://www.zerohedge.com

  56. oneno

    That chart can be found here.

  57. James Hastings

    As I mentioned in the past, I regret, most respondents……think, this reality will go on for years. Your social lifestyle is about to be crushed. Mental agility will be paramount. To modify a Biblical scripture………

    Many are warned, few listened….(“Many are called, few are chosen”)

    As Don Meredith would sing on Monday night football, at the close of the game…….

    “The parties over……” LOL…..

  58. Sparky#1

    Hi Greg,
    First and foremost, I want to thank you for the VITAL information and perspective provided by you and your guests, especially during these very volatile times. I check your site everyday, along with that of your esteemed colleague and friend, Gregory Mannarino (traderschoice.net), for a fresh and truthful perspective on what’s going on in the world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do! I would like to suggest that you invite your interviewees to chat/post on your site after their interviews. I notice that (the outstanding!) Bill Holter does that consistently, and Greg M. occasionally. I think that such post-interview interaction/perspective would be a great enhancement to your site and of enormous value to your viewers. Many thanks to you and your guests for helping those of us “out here” trying to make sense and survive and overcome the chaos. Keep us your GREAT work!! Good health and safety to your and yours. 🙂
    Note: first post here, cross-posted this msg. to your “privacy policy” page as I didn’t find a less-public way of communicating with you (GH). I rarely post on social media…privacy and all that…. But I REALLY appreciate and read all the comments and view each of your videos at least once, oftentimes more often as your guests are GREAT!!! Thanks so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you #1!!

    • Charles H


      Bill Holter is just the stand-up person you don’t come across very often. And his replies AFTER the interview are truly the BEST. When Interest Rates dropped below 4% about 6-7 years ago: I tuned into Jim Sinclair. I can easily see why Mr. Gold chose Bill Holter to collaborate with and help that site. If all the guests would comment here, post-interview – this would become THE premier site; but most others have sites of their own and are busy. Keep on keeping on…

  59. Truth_Seeker

    Really appreciate the high quality content on this site. This Bill Holter interview was excellent. Reminds me so much of the story of Noah, in the Bible. Any person of prayer is seriously getting that nudge, that it’s time to start paying attention.

    Preparing, while others are playing, seems odd, until you open your Bible and see the truth…”as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be…” We are headed for a storm – a serious storm.

    Thank you to the relative few…Hunter, Holter, Weir and company, who care enough for others to tell the truth.

    I hope that you will schedule Bill Holter and Bix Weir back for interviews in the late fall or early winter, as events unfold. Thank you for all you do, and know that it is appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Truth. We are all going to see what Jesus meant when he said “. . . As In the Days of Noah.”

  60. Doofus

    You have been TRUMPED.

  61. Doofus

    Billionaires are for billionaires. D.A.

  62. Doofus


  63. Doofus

    That means – half bred DONKEYS.

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