Fake News Trashing Trump, Seth Rich & Russian Hacking Charge, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 284 5.19.17)

You would not think the Associated Press and the New York Times would do a negative story against President Trump with an anonymous source and a document read to them over the phone, but that is exactly what they both did when they published a story on an alleged Jim Comey memo after he was fired as FBI Director. The Comey memo has yet to be seen by anyone in the media and Congress. The so-called news organizations imply obstruction of justice by President Trump at a White House meeting with Comey in February.  Here’s the big problem.  In early May, Comey testified at a Senate hearing under oath that obstruction by the Trump White House “did not happen in my experience.” The mainstream media (MSM) is in full propaganda mode and are destroying any credibility it has left in doing fake news to trash Trump.

Meanwhile, the Trump Justice Department has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate unproven charges of Russian collusion with the Trump team. I wonder if the revelation that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich giving thousands of DNC emails to WikiLeaks will be included in the investigation?  This would destroy the Russian hacking narrative provided by the DNC and FBI.  The criminal crony class on both sides of the aisle in Congress say the Russians hacked the Democrat National Committee servers to rig the election in favor of Donald Trump.  That phony charge looks even more false now than ever.

There was a ray of hope after Walmart reported that its digital sales were up a whopping 63%. That just may be Walmart using its muscle to take away even more sales from other retailers that are falling on hard times.  Shadowstats.com is reporting “retail sales growth” is at “recession high levels.”  Also, Ford just announced it is laying off 1,400 employees to boost its stock price.  According to ShadowStats.com, wages are down and inflation is at 10%, if it were calculated the way BLS did it in 1980.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up: 

The “Early Sunday Release” slot will be filled by financial and geopolitical analyst Warren Pollock. He gives a stunning overview of the “massive systemic crime” embedded in the economy and government.



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  1. Dan

    I’ll betcha that Mueller finds SOME connection between Russia & the Trump election team!

    • Freebreezer

      Yep – Hillary

  2. Matt In Pa

    Now the U.S. Ronnie Reagan on its way to Korea. Great false flag, since it’s polluted with radiation from FUKOSHIMA.

    • Frederick


  3. Alastair Carnegie

    Difficulty posting on YouTube :- ” A second comment on perhaps THE most important topic of the day. Last night I passed a news stand. An Astronomy Journal shouted the banner headline “GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST”. … I had a good chuckle at that one. last Summer, Dr Robert N. Boyd Ph.D., who I confused with Robert W. Boyd sent me the Aether Density Paper that he was jointly nominated for a Nobel Prize. A quick speed read and I instantly spotted the ‘Lorentz Boost’…. This is in fact a very old corker! … String Theory attempts to explain it. Beneath our comfortable “LOW DENSITY” material universe is a unimaginably dense and highly compact and structured “ULTRA HIGH DENSITY” crystalline universe that is expanding very slowly at a snail’s pace. Try pushing a fully loaded oil tanker moored to the docks. If you kept pushing for several hours, with no wind or current opposing your push, you might observe the oil tanker start to move in the direction of your ‘push’. It would begin to accelerate. The conjecture speculates that “Gravity” as well as quite a few other phenomena can be explained by this underlying “Aether Density”, (spelt “Aether” to avoid confusion with the similar named chemical used as an anaesthetic.) Russia did not object to spending the many millions or Roubles it needed to construct this multi-concentric high temperature plasma sphere “Aether Density Metrology Apparatus”… I personally believe this might explain why The US Mediterranean Fleet were completely disabled while voyaging at full steam towards Syria. At the flick of a switch, it might be possible to leave the Western Entire Military Structure Impotent. Even High Explosives may not explode? … We are back to sharp pointed sticks if we need to defend ourselves. … I believe this, because all the recent RUSSIAN BEAR BATING must logically have a purpose. I suggest it is to test their strength. Russia may know that we have not yet sharpened our pointed sticks, and they have little or nothing to worry about. …At least until we get out our pen-knives. (BTW Moderators will notice that my comments are out of Sync. a little bit previous to viewing the bulletin.)

  4. Jim G

    As a follow up to the post I made after the Greg Mannarino interview and replies to it, I would like to state that I am in fact an expat and I left the US years ago. I am also a Vietnam veteran who volunteered for service while I was still young and naïve.

    Since retiring nearly 20 years ago (did it at age 50) I have spent many hours doing historical research – much of it on the US. Adding what I found with today’s current events, I can say without hesitation the US is not the great country many think it is.

    In fact, I seriously doubt in the history of the world that there has been a more devious, corrupt or destructive country. Of course, your typical flag wavering, dumb downed, ignorant American still believes it is the greatest country that ever existed since they haven’t done the research I did and would prefer to remain oblivious to the facts.

    What makes this ironic is there has never been a society so exploited and taken advantage of either. Just look at all the unprovoked wars costing trillions in money and thousands in US lives, giving people mortgages, autos, and student loans they can’t afford or repay or destroying the manufacturing base and exporting millions of good paying jobs outside the country never to return.

    Your infrastructure, educational system and healthcare are a shambles and disgrace. Also, try to find one important positive category on any subject where the US ranks number 1 or even in the top 10 and you won’t. You’re already third world and don’t know it.

    Whether it be a government agency or public or private corporation , corruption and ineptitude are pervasive throughout. At the federal level the country is bankrupt and has to borrow massive amounts from foreign entities each year to pay its bills yet it still hands out foreign aid like it actually had a surplus and none of you complain.

    Bottom line people is you have all been sold out and taken for a ride but don’t look to pass blame because you all had a choice to do something about it and obviously none of you did. You sealed your own fate.

    I could write a book about all the problems and why the US is on the brink of collapse and it is at a point where it is now unavoidable, but I’m afraid by the time I could finish it the collapse will already have occurred. If not this year, then next as I am 100% certain of this.

    In closing, I’m sure there will be the typical sophomoric responses but you can dispatch with the “if you don’t like it here leave”. As I said earlier I did that years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Any of you thinking about it – do it now while you can. It is no longer a matter of years. Maybe months, weeks or even ……………

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jim and thanks for your insight. The U.S. is still #1 in the sphere of ‘defence’ spending – expending as much on the military as the next eight countries combined! Not something to boast about when the country is running an annual deficit of $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000).

      • FC

        The next 8 countries have a Defense Budget, America has an Attack Budget.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Jim G;
      You and I are just different. To me, there are some things in life that are worse than dying. Fear is one of them. I’m going to stay and fight for my life and my children’s lives here in Texas and nothing will ever change that. Heck, I’m staying for all the people that are going to need me that I don’t even know yet.
      As far as America is concerned, yes, you’re right about our government, but your wrong about our people.
      Also, I have a God that can do ALL things through me.
      You need to sit down and watch Braveheart:-)

      • BobT

        RE: Tracy


        What Jim says is true – however, propaganda is sometimes packaged very well.

        And regardless, I still say AMEN to what Tracy says.

      • Jim G

        Sorry to disagree but in this world you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution and it’s because the people have sat idly by watching the country deteriorate right before them for decades and did nothing about it, they (you) are part of the problem.

        Like the saying “you get the government you deserve” and I can add that applies to pretty much everything else where you have a choice and yet you have a completely dysfunctional government with two parties that only agree to disagree. In spite of this, Americans continue to re-elect and support these two lame parties and expect things to change for the better. This we all know is the definition of insanity so what does that say about the people?

        Regarding religion, I think that is one of the things that has played a major part in all of this and not in a positive way. I would also say don’t wait for God to save you because if he does exist, I think you will soon see he has plans for the US and it is not going to be what you hoped for. You believe one thing and I believe another. We will soon see who is right.

        • Corleone

          Annunaki also have a plan for USA. It is such a horror that people who know about it do not tell it to other people.

        • Faizie

          Jim G,
          What did it profit you to stand on the sidelines and hurl insults at we who live and believe in our country ? I suspect that most all who read this post know full well the depth of the corruption that is going on here in the US.

          Did your research include the Pilgrims invoking God’s blessing on this land and thanking Him for His provision ? Did your research include the names of all the God fearing people who were responsible for the establishment of our country and writing the Constitution ?

          Also why did you leave, you could have stayed and joined the army of us who are committed to bringing about change and quite frankly are doing something about it ?

          And you may be right that we get the government that we deserve, but it is God who “removes Kings and sets up (another) King”. I found it very difficult to believe at the time that God set Obama on the throne of Presidency, but I am certain that He did, maybe to wake us up !! However you will notice that we have a new ‘King’ and it is not Hillary. So it follows that God put Trump on the ‘throne’ and he is the President that we deserve. You will also note that since the mid term elections there are nearly 1500 major political seats held by Democrats that have been lost to the Republican party: now I’m not saying that the Republicans are the answer but it appears that a majority of voters have had enough of the direction that the liberal / progressives have been taking out country and are standing up and doing something about it !! Trump is committed to “draining the swamp” and he can’t do it alone but he will do all that one man can do. Many of us are here to pray for and support him; how about joining us ? He will not be impeached and I have no doubt but that he will serve an 8 year term !

          You say if he (God) does exist that He has plans for the US and it is not what (we) had hopes for. Now that’s a funny thing; implied is that He doesn’t exist but that He will send us something that we don’t expect. Now does He exist or doesn’t He exist and are you then implying some sort of judgment or punishment ? Who are you to know the mind or will of God ? And by the way, if Gods judgment does come, going to the far corners of the globe will not guarantee that you or anyone else will escape it.

          • BobT


            Amen. I agree 100%. Could not have said it as good.

    • Frederick

      Jim of course you are correct I left in 2015 because my wife wanted to nearer her family and we couldn’t afford to stay frankly with no jobs and very high cost of living We are building a stone villa on the Med coast and I’m looking at some farmland and a small diesel boat for fishing and fun No property taxes and great healthcare through my wife is great and the food is heathy cheap and plentiful In short life is much better outside the US for me anyway I agree a collapse is inevitable and I am buying gold and silver as well

      • Jim G

        Frederick, good to see there are others who made what at the time probably seemed like a drastic decision and found it was a smart move in spite what others say.

        Unless you live it, you will never understand or know it, yet others comment like they are experts based on nothing they know about.

        There is a saying that misery loves company and I think there are those who would like to think if things get really bad in the US, everywhere else in the world is going to experience the same.

        I have no doubt if the US collapses as I fully expect, it will impact many countries throughout the world and also bring many of those countries down with it.

        Then there are other countries that will still flourish, grow and prosper because while the US is important, the rest of the world does not revolve around it no matter what many of you think.

        I did quite a bit of research on this before making my move and every day that goes by I am reinforced that I made the right decision. So I say good luck to Frederick and other expats like us and only wish more of you still back in the US were open and capable to doing what we did.

    • Mark Maples


      I am now 50. Spent my youth in the Marines and had a successful business career before moving into the public sector. The problem I have with is your over the top hyperbole. I have been to pretty much every continent in the world including Asia. Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. The majority of nations I have been to the masses have it much worse than we do even in our current declining state. I have a good friend who lives in the city of Kraznodar in Russia. He was 25 years KGB. He has the equivalent of a masters degree, as does his wife. He works his ass off for what amounts to 400 dollars a month and lives in ghetto style apartment that is 800 square feet with his wife, mother, 2 kids and their spouses. They have hot water about 2 hours a day and unlike here in the (3rd world USA) when they flip the light switch it’s a crapshoot. How do I know? I spent 3 months staying with them. Want to know a common Russian joke? “We will declare war in Anerica and then surrender. Then we get your roads, hospitals, power grid and food supplies” Save your hyteria for the uneducated and as far as your threats tough guy, as the woman said earlier in the thread there are worse things then dying. You said you went to Nam but I bet you weren’t a Marine. You coward

      • dbcooper

        MM, Probably a REMF … DB.

      • Jim G

        Normally I don’t engage with people who are mentally challenged such as yourself, but it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to the rest of the world.

        Making an analogy of a family that lives in Russia as your case of how bad it is elsewhere shows what a narrow and limited mind you have. I have now lived a total of 25 years abroad and when I say lived, I don’t mean spending a short time where you never get to see and understand the country and its people.

        And no I wasn’t in the Marines though I have had many good friends in all branches of the military including the Marines and all were clearly more intelligent than you. Calling out another veteran as a coward shows just what kind of character or should I say lack of character you possess. I’m sure many others will feel the same.

        But hey, stay exactly where you are. I’m sure with your superior intellect and bravado you and Trump will make the country great again or maybe not.

        • Greg Hunter

          So I guess you are a Hillary supporter?

          • Jim G

            Never supported Hillary, Trump or any other member of the two party system.

            I find it completely ludicrous that it came down for many voting for Trump because he was the better choice of two bad candidates which is pretty much how US politics works.

            There is very little difference between both parties as both are ineffective, corrupt and filled with incompetent people that you continue to re-elect time after time.

            Why the country is collapsing in front of your eyes, you have two parties that only agree to disagree so nothing ever gets done. Just look at the issues these politicians are spending all their time on while nothing important is being discussed.

            No, I am definitely not a Hillary nor a Trump supporter and none of you should have been either. You needed to do away with the two party system years ago because any candidates either party runs is bought and paid for.

            No matter – it’s too late to do anything at this point but I do believe you have had your last presidential election and Donald Trump will go down as your last and final president.

            • Greg Hunter

              Well Jim G,
              You can be a pansy and give up. I will never give up. NEVER!!! Oh, and by the way Jim “pansy” G., When “We the People” fix this mess, DO NOT ever come back.

        • Mark Maples

          Jim G,

          I tell you what Jim, you ran out on your country after taking an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and when things got tough you tapped out.

          So I stand by my coward statement.

          I don’t normally engage with cowardly simpletons either but I will make an exception in your case.

          You come on here with your cryptic messages like you are somebody in the know. “Get out now evil people you’re doomed”

          Please. Your a nobody.

        • Mark Maples

          One more thing Jim. I post under my real name. Google me. I grew up outside San Francisco but married a Georgia peach and have been here 20 years. After my honorable discharge (look it up) I have been right in the middle of it. I was named Corrections officer of the year in 2010 for the entire state of Georgia. Look it up. So you see, I too am not happy with the direction of our nation, one of us ran while the other got in the trenches working with broken men and women trying to save those that could be saved.

          So why don’t you come back with your real name. Let’s see if you are some example of virtue and dignity, or if you are just a clown who ran out on his nation and community when it needed him most

      • AndrewB

        “Then we get your roads, hospitals, power grid and food supplies”. Right on! Russia, national debt per person = US$1,066 : U.S. National debt per person = US$61,247! Get real, the U.S. maintains an illusion of prosperity by ever increasing debt. Debt that can NEVER be repaid, and the world is waking up to this uncomfortable fact. Don’t pick on Jim for having the foresight to find a life elsewhere. Also, you fail to mention that there some people in the U.S. live in abysmal conditions of poverty, deprivation and fear – you don’t have to be in Russia! This post will most probably get all the ‘flag wavers’ in a tizzy, including Greg, but some serious introspection is needed if the U.S. Is to have any hope of being “Great again, greater than ever before”.

        • Mark Maples


          I don’t disagree but when some guy wants to continually post messages casting judgement on over 300 million people like he is superior and above it all I have to say something. We are sliding down have been my whole adult life. I wouldn’t come to this website if I didn’t believe that.

    • Charles H


      You are quite correct in many issues you raise. However – HISTORICALLY, we have and always will be #1 in terms of constitutional freedoms; as originally framed by the Founding Fathers. Very few businesses remain as they were when founded; even when family continues to own them.
      And even if you no longer live in the USA, and feel that your circucmstances are even better: if you grew-up and made your fortune in the US – then at least a debt of gratitude is owed to your mother-land. I, too, am saddened and disappointed to the point of disenfranchisement for how corrupt America has become.
      When America was ruled by Law: it was great. Soon “law” will go by the wayside, on a global scale. It is a spiritual impetus which now drives the world the wrong way.

      • Jim G

        Charles, I definitely feel lucky to have been born in the US versus a number of other countries where there wouldn’t have been ability to succeed and retire early as I did.

        That being said, however, doesn’t make me feel as if I owe anything to this country as I did voluntarily enlist and serve during a war and paid my fair share of taxes as well.

        As far as historical freedoms are concerned, you and I both know these freedoms have been steadily eroded to where you are now living in a militarized police state with big brother watching your every move.

        It doesn’t matter where you start in this world, it is where you end. Just like talking about the good old days with friends doesn’t mean much when the coming days are not going to be so memorable and may be downright horrific.

        • Charles H

          Thank you, Jim G,

          You are right about where you end up. But – in my own personal case: I spent too much time in life looking at the glass half-empty. There is a difference between making a proper assessment; and making the best of a situation. You did well, made changes, are ahead of the curve; but others aren’t as fortunate. Venting even a small bit of spleen is unhelpful and somewhat offensive to those who cannot do what you’ve been able to do. You are right in so much of what you say – if you could only frame it better? ! ???

  5. charles Turner

    I followed the story of Amanda Knox from start to finish. A British girl called Meredith Kircher was brutally murdered. On the outside and inside of Meredith’s body was the DNA of a life long felon Rudy Guede,. But Amanda Knox was given 26 years in jail for the murder and he got 16. There was not one single bit of DNA evidence linking Amanda to Meredith’s body. She was convicted on inconsistencies of statements she made when locked up in a foreign police station with no legal help and a poor understanding of the language, she was convicted based on a a made of story that there had been a sex party, she was convicted on her personality and doing cartwheels in the jail, she was convicted based on her past sex life and she was convicted based on constant press hysteria. She was not convicted based on any facts at all. But common people including intelligent people in the Italian judiciary got swept away by fake news and fake stories and even the UK media praised the prosecutor for his theory that there had a sex party gone wrong. Despite no evidence.
    The forces against Amanda Knox were minuscule compared to the forces against Trump. I don’t think many people thought after Trump was elected they would go after him with the veracity they have. The question is how much is there to come?
    The best hope for America is that the special prosecutor is not one of the deep state and one of his first lines of inquiry is to look into the Seth Richards lead. This and the now debunked dossier by the ex British spy started this whole thing off and is really the only hope in finishing it. Like him or loathe him, if they bring Trump down, true democracy in the USA has gone for good.

    • andyb

      Don’t kid yourself; any one who is part of the IC is de facto “deep state”. That’s been the case since the Dulles Brothers served under JFK. Mueller is definitely “deep state” since he was highest level FBI under BOTH Bush and Obama, and the deep state is not concerned with red or blue ideology, it is just tyrannically obsessed with control and the status quo. I would imagine that his appointment as SP indicates that the investigation will take ALL of 18 months, just in time for the mid-terms, and that suddenly a link will be found connecting Trump with Putin, and thus the impeachment dog and pony show will commence.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        This indeed the “art of war” . A retired Army Intelligence Officer has long contended that our 24/7 news cycle is little more than a domestic psyops to ensure the American people are both distracted and brainwashed. He sees the government elites utilizing its remaining time to thwart Trump and lay the necessary ground work for what will look like in the near future–an unplanned “Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly” (Military speak for “crash”). SOD

    • sk

      You mean “ferocity’, don’t you?

  6. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Love the cartoon. To me, it seems like American corporate mainstream media have become as large a propaganda tool as Pravda was in the day. Mind you, up here in Canada, our corporate media bobbleheads are no better, and the left gov’t media CBC is right on board as well.

  7. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good reality check. As for Robert Mueller and his appointment as Special Council, he should have better sources thsm those used by the MSM in their “reporting” on the President. They used to report facts and knew the difference between FACT and opinion/innuendo; the msm has destroyed itself. As a former FBI Director, Robert Mueller should know the difference between fact and fantasy, so maybe this Special Council appointment will be a good thing.
    Restarting the Seth Rich murder investigation would be appropriate. Two shots to the back of his head, I’m surprised they didn’t call it suicide…

  8. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier (group) finished its maintenance timeline and left port in Japan headed for Korea, it joins the USS Carl Vincent carrier group to Korea. Two massive aircraft carrier groups merging near striking distance to N. Korea seems more than just provocative to me, it must mean Trump has given some ultimatums to N. Korea regarding its nuclear program. Also, the USS Ronald Reagan left port only a day or two after N. Korea fired its last missile launch (which was successful this time) earlier this week; coincidence in timing maybe, maybe not! Now, unfortunately, if there is a U.S. strike on N. Korea’s nuclear facilities the MSM can launch its “wag the dog” allegations on our President. In any event, I think something is up with the N. Korea arena & one should look for a public announcement of past ultimatums & a decision to strike by the President when he returns from his overseas trip about two weeks hence. If two aircraft carrier groups, and a squadron of B-1 bombers which were moved to Guam last month (which is in the “theater” as well) doesn’t tell a story here I can’t imagine what would. Simply stated, if there no change in N. Korea’s nuclear stance and there is no strike by the U.S. the foreign policy of the Trump’s Administration is dead on arrival for credibility everywhere else in the world. That is why I surmise a strike is impending after the return of the President. Further, remember President Trump campaign promise was to take care of N. Korea’s threat once and for all, although he said he would insist that China would do it, he also said if China doesn’t he would!

    • Frederick

      Why do we even need carriers Don’t we have airbases in South Korea and Japan as well as islands in the Pacific like Guam? It seems like a show of force to try to get Kim to back down or do something stupid like sinking a carrier Or perhaps another false flag to enrage the US public to back the attack Not sure what’s going on but it’s dangerous stuff

    • Flattop

      Arthur Barnes; In his speech at Liberty Univ he said, ” never give up and never give in ” I would say those are the words of a man who will stay the course

  9. Jerry

    AIIB has now increased its membership to seventy.
    That’s seventy countries that are in the process of dis-enrolling from the dollars fiat reserve monopoly. The sand underneath the dollars pillar is beginning to give way, as exchange redemption centers are beginning to pop up all over the world. The big question is why? According to my limited research, the new international currencies replacing the dollar are all gold backed. The prevailing thought is there is a gold price restructuring coming, and anyone holding gold backed currencies will more than triple their investment. Though I can’t confirm this information, it does seem odd to me that the first gold exchange that China opened outside of Shanghai was in Dubai. In my mind the Chinese are setting the stage for oil to be backed with gold in place of the U.S. petrodollar. I could be wrong, but that might explain why thousands of investors are dumping dollars snapping up these gold backed currencies and why the Federal Reserve Bank is driving up the bond market with their purchases. More on the way.

    • Jerry

      Take a look at Shanghai’s new Dubai Gold Exchange and decide for yourself whether this is a strategic move by the Chinese or not.

    • Mark Maples


      I want to say first I enjoy your information and am keeping a eye towards the east. You do know however, that one of China’s largest shadow banks just threatened its own government, essentially saying it needs TARP from the Chineze government or else it may collapse and lead to civil unrest. I believe you are correct but way too early on the timing. China is playing the long game. With a median income of something close to 7500 dollars and a sick financial system itself, I would guess they setting up to first be petrodollars little brother option, then it’s equal, and if we don’t course eventually its replacement (o would guess 3 generations from now)

      Just my opinion again, enjoy your information you are one of my favorite poster. No offense meant

      • Jerry

        The Chinese do indeed play the long game, but they are not waiting around any longer to see what the IMF and the World Bank are going to do. The transition to a competing global currency is now in motion.

        • Mark Maples


          You and I are in the same page I just think that although they will compete with petrodollar it will be a continued long slow slide down for is. We see the same ending I just see slow slide as opposed to off the cliff Mad Max scenario

        • Jerry

          I’m now hearing that private investors are loading up on gold backed currencies and securities ahead of the gold price reset by the Chinese. I’m convinced that Trump is meeting with the Saudi’s to iron out the details of this reset since the private exchanges are already in motion. As for me, I’m throwing whatever assets I have left at stacking silver. I still think something could go wrong when they try to shift gears going down a hill at 1oo miles per hour.

  10. dbcooper

    Hi Greg, Had to watch/listen on you tube as the program is not up on your site yet … I was attacked (verbally) the other day by a neighbor (a communist) because Trump won the election … and I am thinking OK this is my fault somehow?? He made the comment that O’bama is the most intelligent president we have ever had !!! and I replied ‘and that is why we never saw his college records’ ?? The whole incident reinforced the observation that liberalism is a mental disorder and what they do not get is that the end result of any of the communist/socialist isms is fascism/tyranny … that is ‘do as I say / think as I say / believe as I say / OR ELSE’ … Same with the fascist ideology (Yes I am harping!!) Remember the gates of Vienna … Just another day in Paradise !!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Charles H


      Liberal Mentality is a product of a combination of things. Mostly it consists of a deficiency of training in childhood, coupled with a failed educational system – which serves-up indoctrination and conditioning instead of challenged learning, goal meeting, and problem solving. Technology added a layer to this with first Cell, and now smart-phones – so people are superficially interconnected. Liberal philosophy of “no absolutes” took not only the edges of the map away; but challenged, then stigmatized the knowledge of God as a myth and psychological weakness or crutch.
      It is no wonder they seek ‘safety in numbers” ; no differences or discrimination; and a narcissistic “we won: get over it” personal view – which only makes THEM right. They haven’t been raised to develop coping mechanisms: so getting upset; employing blame-shifting; and resorting to violence when they don’t get their way is utterly predicable and consistent. Once convinced of being an authority to themselves: no one can tell them what to do, or what is what: so all that is left is to seek self-aggrandizement, by making up their own rules; while insuring maximum solidarity and conformity. Self-confident, rugged individualism is a thing of the Past. They have been cheated to such an extent – that most couldn’t face the truth if you could explain it with diagrams.
      Even though Liberalism seems and acts like a ‘mental disorder’: it is actually a contrived or crafted condition based on under or non-development of the persona. It is worse than the “Dumbing-down”: it is like (borrowing from a movie) being a cripple, with two good legs. They simply haven’t been equipped to think for themselves or use logic: so they gravitate to a mindless ideology of “ism’s” that taunt “equality”, conformity, and uniformity. They revise History to conform it to their own world-view: which amounts to building their own Matrix; “Reality is subjective”; and this explains WHY they seem to be in La-La Land when facts are introduced. They just change the channel and keep playing the game. There is no use dealing with issues: disagreement only means you are wrong, somehow. So – be nice to them, but firm. It’s a “Tough Love” situation from here on out.

      And db – it would be a greater honor if you referred to me as plain “Brother Charles”.

      • Frederick

        Charles and Cooper Why don’t you freaks get a room already

        • Charles H


          It is snipes like yours above which trash everything else you share here. Despite the carefulness of sharing who you knew, who you met, places you’ve been, and things you have done – the tasteless innuendo you use defines you. Behind it all – you are crass. Paint yourself as sophisticated all you may: you have no class.

      • dbcooper

        Brother Charles, Thank you for your reply … I very much appreciate your intellect and while your thoughts make great sense I personally prefer to consider the individuals in question to be mentally unbalanced. Call it a personal dig! I give everyone one chance to screw me and while this does not mean that one cannot take a step back and exhibit humility and contrition and it may be harsh it does establish a standard for personal behavior which as I think you pointed out seems to be a thing of the past in our culture. The individual who I had the encounter with we have known for 35+ years and as of this point in time I believe he has given himself a promotion to the ‘short list’ !!
        Yours, DB

      • madi

        Brother Charles,
        I wish I could write like you…
        No critical thinking for the left . When you think they , the left , have been told, don’t be a “she” or “he”. Be safe be a “it”…

  11. blackcoffee

    Comey has made it clear that he is eager to testify, in open session, to congress and I’m sure that would include a discussion of Trump’s efforts to compromise him as well as a look at his [Comey’s] contemporaneous notes. However, it’s likely that Mueller will ask Comey to hold off because he will want him [and his detailed notes] as a witness in what is now characterized as a criminal investigation.

    Also, Benjamin Wittes, lawyer colleague and friend of Comey’s, went on the record yesterday about Comey’s increasing discomfort with Trump’s efforts to compromise him and the investigation. Interesting, detailed articles including the one he himself wrote. It takes enormous courage to come out publicly at this time, given Trump’s well known penchant for revenge. But perhaps people will become less fearful and more courageous.

    I read, today, two wonderful definition of the deep state: 1. the rule of law, and 2. anybody who worked in DC prior to November, 2016.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody has seen this “memo”–NOBOBY. You are yet another paid troll, so I think I am over the target. You think the “Deep State” is the “Rule of Law.” Unelected weasels trying to thwart a legitimately elected President??? You and your paid trolls are traitors to the United States of America and “We the People.”

    • Sayonara

      I have just been informed by an anonymous source who’s anonymous source was present at the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport last year and that Bill Clinton told Loretta Lynch for the sake of your grandchildren, you had better let go of the Hillary server investigation. This revelation is detailed in a classified memorandum that was read to my anonymous source over the phone by his anonymous source.
      There you have it, yes there was a discussion about grandchildren and Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch are guilty of obstruction of justice. I demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed immediately!

  12. Big Jim

    Greg, You got it wrong again. The Comey records exist and when they come out in print will be explosive and the Trump administration will be no more. Such lawlessness and cavalier behavior must never be tolerated. I am sorry I didn’t vote for Hillary now.

    • Greg Hunter

      You DO NOT know what is there. You are a paid troll that is pushing for a criminal/traitor.

      • Big Jim

        Greg, I think your comment begs the question. Who pays you to troll for the platform you present ? As for what IS KNOWN, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that where there is this much smoke, there is going to be a huge bonfire. Notice all the Republican Trump supporters running for cover. Even Mr. “unreproachable” Chaffetz is “retiring” due to “midlife crisis”.

        Midlife Crisis … MY ASS ! They all know what is in the docier. And it aint good. Now who is the troll ?

        • Greg Hunter

          You want to prove you are not a troll post under a verifiable name and give us your resume and face book page. Mine are both posted in links on the top of this site.

        • Tracy Welborn

          There’s no such thing as a Republican Trump supporter. Good lord.

        • Jerry

          Big Jim.
          Wise up. In the not to distant future it won’t matter what party you’re in or who you voted for president if you don’t have an adequate food supply and drinkable water. Your deep state puppet masters will not have room for you in their bunkers. You have a choice. Either heed Greg’s warnings or face possible death. Blind optimism doesn’t feed an empty belly.

        • El Capitan

          Greg is over the target 100% based on your BS response. If you had followed him for years like I have, you would know the man. He is his own man and he speaks what he believes to be the truth. Almost all of the time, I think he gets it right. Not just his conclusions but also his analysis.

          So I really think it is inappropriate for you to libel Greg.

          Chaffetz is good too, but I believe he was threatened for trying to audit the Fed and chose to yield rather than to be crushed and destroyed by the puppet masters. I can’t blame him for that.

          Which leaves us with you – criticizing two good men with records. Man is Greg on the target once again!!

      • Charles H

        It seems, Greg – that your site is becoming quite important. You must be doing something right.

        • diane

          Looks like it is…the more popular Greg gets …the more trolls will show up here.

      • Freebreezer

        Greg – Just my opinion … I think the Russia connection was put in place by the Obama/Hillary team way in advance of the elections for the following. Their goal was to annihilate Trump and his team by labeling them Russian collaborators and show that they colluded with the Russians … this after Hillary won the election. Their ultimate goal was to totally destroy the R – party with this association. After the election, Hillary (and Obama) knew that they controlled the justice department, thus they controlled justice and bringing Trump to his knees. Hillary (and Obama) got clubbed in the face with the most unexpected outcome – Trump won. In retribution for losing, the democratic power brokers decided to play the Russian card anyway knowing that they still might be able to destroy Trump. They knew (and know) that they have the MS Media in their back pocket! And now we have this smeltering garbage dump … Power corrupts and Hillary wielded a lot of power!

      • Robert G

        Greg, we will know very shortly. Comey is voluntarily going to tell his side of the story UNDER OATH which he doesn’t have to do in the next few weeks. No immunity requested no nothing. The white house better lawyer up. I love the fact that an independent investigator is on this now and that the “press” has done such a great job of real reporting. I said it before and will say it again, you have been conned.

        • Greg Hunter

          So doing a story with one anonymous source and a document the reporter has not seen read over the phone means the ““press” has done such a great job of real reporting.” You do not know what you are talking about. Only and idiot or a propaganda organization would do this. You have drank the troll Kool-Aid. Please don’t come back. Your comments are just propaganda from a troll.

          • Robert G

            Greg, I’m saying the press is doing a good job of exposing the administrations false stories and connecting the dots proving connections to Russia. I don’t know what your talking about. Anonymous source? Document? What are you talking about? I’m talking about Comey’s Memo and the independent investigation. Every time I say something you don’t like I am a troll. I am not a troll, I proved that to you once by giving my full name.

            • Greg Hunter

              Robert G,
              The MSM is painting a totally false narrative using secret sources and documents nobody has seen or verified. Look no further than the so-called “Comey Memo.” The reporters (at AP and NYT) admit they did not see it, and do not have it and have not verified it in any way!!!!!!! These propaganda shills in the MSM also admit they are using an unnamed single source and are using anonymous sources. I worked for 5 TV stations and 2 networks and most of my career in the MSM I did investigative journalism. I know what I am talking about. I NEVER used anonymous sources and documents I did not posses and personally verify. I would not think of doing something like this to the president of Ford, and sure as hell would not do it to the President of the United States. Oh, and my bosses–ALL of them would not have stood for that kind of “reporting.” I may have gotten fired for even suggesting this kind of crazy “reporting.” You are a simpleton, troll, idiot!!! Please DO NOT embarrass yourself by coming here anymore without posting your Facebook page and verifiable identity.

          • RecoveringPublicEducated

            Uh Oh. Maxine Waters has Trump in a real bind with her investigative prowess”) [sarc.] Even Pelosi indirectly bitch slaps her.
            NOTHING to worry about here. Keep drainin’ Trumpy!!!

        • Freebreezer

          G – there is no crime (Period). Trump could have colluded with the Russians in the election process and that is not a crime (Period). There is no crime in Trump giving the Russians classified info as the president … presidents are immune from this being a crime (Period). The president is the boss of the FBI and can fire him at any time for any reason (PERIOD). The president can ask the FBI boss to drop any investigation any time … that is not a crime (Period). This is not me saying this, this is one of the top Lawyers in country saying this http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/05/19/alan-dershowitz-questions-russia-special-counsel-says-theres-no-crime. Note I could have linked to the CNN interview with Dershowitz (same info) but I try to stay away from the fake news channels. This whole Trump deception is a big Nothing Burger (NB!!!!) with cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles and special sauce but WHERE IS THE BEEF!

    • Frederick

      Big Jim Why on earth would you do that She’s a dangerous psychopathic criminal you know that right?

    • Tracy Welborn

      Oh my gosh Big Jim. I was a big time Trump supporter until I read your post. You obviously know a lot of stuff and I will take head. I too am sorry that I didn’t vote for Hilary. Thank you. Thank you for letting us know how you feel about things as well as taking the time to share this special knowledge that you possess. You’ve changed my mind and I’m sure the minds of many others.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please tell me you are being sarcastic.

        • Tracy Welborn

          Greg, these trolls are getting to me:-)
          Yes, I’m kidding.

          • Greg Hunter

            I am laughing as I write this. Thank goodness. We can’t lose people like you!!!!

          • BobT

            You are very funny. LOL Thanks for the laugh.

          • Charles H

            That was great, Tracy. Masterful.

  13. paul ...

    We must all remember that the neocons want Trump out of the way so they can crash the market, close the banks, bring in Marshal Law and then offer “their solution” One World Government … Trump is a needle in the neocons side because he brought in Goldman Sach’s men who know how to keep the stock market up until he can bring back manufacturing to America that will neutralize the trade deficit … but he needs China and Japan to help to bring manufacturing back to America … so the neocons are creating South Sea island tensions between the two and trying to get a war started between the US and China over Korea … to beat the neocons Trump must prevent a war with China (or between Japan and China) so he can get them to invest and build factories here in America … once America begins to manufacture products it can ship overseas it will eliminate our trade deficit and thus the US dollar “won’t have to be devalued” … the banks will not have to close to “revalue the dollar” … there will be no need for Marshal Law … and then he can allow the stock market to trade freely (and correct from its overvalued extremes) … Jim Willie puts it all together well (except he should not be telling us to sell stocks until Trump has a solid manufacturing base in place) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUXfuQ-5tvA

    • paul ...

      With all the people yelling and shouting that the economy is going to crash only helps the neocon agenda … the neocon shills are trying to foster a collapse in the market, close the banks, have people running around eating their dogs and cats like in Venezuela … so “they” (the neocons) can declare Marshal Law and then offer “their” solution of an International Monetary currency (SDR) all under the control of the One World Government Banksters … Trump is a very clever guy … lets give him a chance to get America producing again before pushing to crash things to early … if Trump succeeds in getting America producing products we can export … we may not have to devalue the US Dollar (and can even avoid bank shutdowns, a Venezuela meltdown and Marshal Law)!!

  14. Robespierre

    “Shortly” ? That was five hours ago. “Manana is good enough for me”.

    • Frederick

      Must be a very good reason for the delay Greg is normally very dilligent regarding timing

  15. Jeannette

    I think we Trump supporters need to take a pro-active action against the biased news media by boycotting their sponsors, and emailing those sponsors to tell them just that. We, the people, were able to set Target back on its heels; why not take on the news media?

    • BobT

      I have already boycotted them.

  16. Frederick

    Warren Pollack is from Oceanside NY very near where I grew up in Merrick and he’s around my age I might have faced him on the gridiron back in the day assuming he played HS football Just alittle nostalgia

    • paul ...

      Frederick … didn’t know you were a Long Islander like me … I hail from North Massapequa!!

      • dbcooper

        Paul, … Yankees … Figures …DB.

      • Frederick

        Yup Played for JFK Cougars from 1969 to 1972 and played against both Berner and Massapequa HS Got my butt kicked Good and often as I was not very big but I kept my head down Some of those guys were downright scary 6 ft 6 265 lbs and fast but it was fun

      • Frederick

        Narrow minded DB Cooper has a problem with us Yanks Too bad for people like you I’ve never felt any anomosity towards any fellow Americans but I have run into arrogant Texans while abroad who think their you know what don’t stink Very Sad Enjoy your self imposed divisions

      • Frederick

        North Massapequa Isn’t that where Alec Baldwin is from? When I lived in the Hamptons in the late 90s he used to always wink at my Polish wife in Sag Harbor and while he was with his wife and daughter He was a real scoundrel We both divorced at the same time and I saw him drunk at the local coffee shop when I couldn’t sleep 6 AM true story Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley were literally my neighbors God she was amazing in the early 80s Nearly ran into her standing in the parking lot at a seafood place after parking the car and she was like a goddess Also a true story

  17. eddiemd

    Greetings from longitude 21.6333

    I noticed that when you held up the USA speaking about the meeting with Lavrov the other news items on that front page of the USA today. The propaganda runs deeper than just the Trump/Russia/Lavrov headline. I noticed the Texas LGBT article adjacent to the Trump headline and the Syrian killing and burning bodies adjacent to the headline.
    The propaganda from the USA today is not just limited to the Trump thought shaping. The USA today is a demonic entity designed to influence the ignorant masses. This paper is circulated in airports, newsstands, and online with distribution by way of Gannett.

    According to their statement of ehics on their webpage:

    I. Seeking and reporting the truth in a truthful way
    •We will be honest in the way we gather, report and present news – with relevancy, persistence, context, thoroughness, balance, and fairness in mind.
    •We will seek to gain understanding of the communities, individuals and issues we cover to provide an informed account of activities.
    •We will hold factual information in editorials and other opinion pieces to the same standards of accuracy as news stories.
    •We will treat information from unofficial sources, which may include social media, with skepticism and will seek to corroborate information.
    •When considering news content created outside of the Network, we will factor the credibility of the source and weigh the value and accuracy of information provided.

    This is only a portion of the garbage that they post at the website.


    Now that is “too stupid to be stupid”. The fact that the headquarters is located in Tysons Corner, Va, suggests that they are one of the mouthpieces for the CIA.

    On another note. Here in the vicinity of the longitude noted above, I have noticed extensive chemtrails on a regular basis. Not sure what it means in this neighborhood of the world.
    Thnak the Lord that there are some nations that believe that their national heritage and way of life sould be preserved.

    People need to pray for Trump and the USA. It will be the power of prayer that will save the nation. There is nothing else.

  18. Gord Higham


    On fire today Greg:

    ‘Meanwhile back in the real economy’ – classic

    ‘ Somebody was listening with a cup on the wall’ – coughed up my coffee on that one.

    Your the best Greg, keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gord!

  19. Flattop

    Jeannette;l Amen sister, preach it.. Step up and tell us each week which sponsor to contact. I for one will do it.

  20. Roxane Premont

    Please cover Catherine Austin Fitt’s amazing blog post called “All You Need To Know About James Comey”. This is the silver bullet that discredits all efforts to destroy Trump. She argues…..The Russia narrative is a distraction from a HUGE story. The Dept of Defense cannot account for trillions of dollars. Where did the money go? Why didn’t Comey investigate? Could the fact that he was former General Counsel of Lockheed Martin have something to do with it? Could the fact that he just bought a 3 million dollar home be a clue? Meanwhile I ask you to please note that President Trump has called for the first EVER audit of DOD. Is it a mere coincidence that the long knives have come out? See her blog here: https://solari.com/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-james-comey/

    • Greg Hunter

      You just did Roxane and I thank you.

    • Roxane Premont

      The important point above is that the long knives came out when Trump initiated the first EVER audit of the DOD. They (Lockheed Martin, DOD military industrial complex, and Comey) cannot afford to have the truth come out.

      • Corleone

        Just curious. From whom do you borrow the term “long knives” ?

  21. Roxane Premont

    Oops, I did not see your comment. THANKS GREG !!!

  22. francis m reps

    THANK YOU MR. HUNTER, The new president is being unfairly subjected to a nasty propaganda blitz by people who would not even make a tiny eruption on his posterior. Having said that ; President trump has now presided over the murder of innocent Syrian citizens on three occasions. This reminds me of Bush’s campaign promise to be ” Humble in foreign affairs “. Trump is trying the patience of the Russian Bear who has NEVER LOST A WAR. Napoleon and Hitler learned just how tough the Russians are. If Trump does not get back on track, and seek comity with the largest Christian Nation on the face of the Earth….we are doomed. Yes…..the Re Christianization of Russia makes the rest of Europe and the United States as well seem like pagan colonies.

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM does not realize it is destroying itself. The MSM thinks it is winning but it is NOT.

      • hotdiggitydog

        Greg, if the MSM media goes down, it means two things: a constitutional crisis and a dictatorship. Be careful what you wish for.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not sure I agree. I think the world will do just fine without the MSM. Who needs propaganda and lies?

  23. C romana

    The hysterical media has reached the height of absurdity. Any lie will do.

  24. Wade

    Greg I have dealt with corrupt people many times during my life. Crooked brokers, loan officers, bad tenants, U.S. Postal service where I worked, and a psychopathic neighbor. Now the crooks I deal with are bankers who manipulate the price of gold and silver. At age 62 I still have quite a bit to pay off my mortgage. If we had a society that wasn’t corrupt I would have payed off my house many years ago. American justice isn’t blind. Our justice system is a joke. If you want to bring down a criminal organization you need lots of people working together in a coordinated effort to put pressure on our congress to do the right thing or the attorney generals office, or both at the same time. We must make them feel the heat. Its sorta like what the liberal news networks, the democrats, and the deep state do. They work together as a team and it has great effect. Why is it we can’t do that? Why can’t King World News, GATA,Ted Bulter, JS Mineset, Eric Sprott, Craig Hemke, Harvey Organ, James Turk, Andrew Maguire, Mike Maloney, , David Morgan, Jim Richards, Gerald Celente, and others, just to name a few, and all their subscribers have a coordinated effort to put pressure on those that can bring justice? If we can’t do this then America is done and eventually we turn into a third world country.

  25. Mark

    Excellent wrap up Greg. Thank you again for being honest and forthright and reminding us again that God the Father and HIS SON, Jesus Christ are fully in control. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and with all who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”(2Tim.1:7).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Mark!!

  26. Ross Herman

    Hello again Greg,
    I feel bad for mister Comey, now he will suffer a huge pay increase as he will no doubt find a “job” with Goldman Sachs, as a reward for his good works.
    Still no real crimes are punished and no high level criminals ever go to jail.
    How long befor pedogate is just an old memory of crazy-talk?

  27. El Capitan


    Here is what should be done:

    1. Initiate prosecution of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on one or more bases. Federal records, charity fraud, electronic surveillance, etc.

    2. Offer a deal to the Clintons in return for their cooperation.

    3. Tell the Clintons that they can cooperate by giving up the bigger fish – Obama – on the Flynn leaks and other leaks.

    (Clintons hate Obama anyway, and would relish being able to sell him out with an arguable justification.)

    4. Prosecute Obama for violating the private communications of the Trump campaign and administration for political reasons.

  28. al

    As Michael Pento asks… WHERE CAN YOU GO FOR THE REAL NEWS?
    Here! Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog! Period!
    PS: The Trump “crazy” story is comedy relief from the lame stream presstitutes. LOL!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I feel a great backlash building for the MSM. Anyone with two neurons touching knows it unobjective and propaganda masquerading a “news.”

  29. Larry White

    Robert Pringle (former Group of 30) says we are still stuck in the money trap and also says:

    “Our problem is, when society rejected gold (or, as some would have it, grew out of it) it also lost the sense of what nasty things money, let loose, can do.”
    Article is posted here:


  30. Concerned american dad

    Great wrap Greg. ‘Looking firward to Warren Pollock.

  31. David John Williams

    Hi Greg,
    I really think Trump needs to engage the public or he’s doomed, he needs to somehow broadly articulate to the public the many ways he’s being sabotaged. The reason I’ve expressed doubts about Trump’s loyalties is because he doesn’t seem to be actively calling out the traitors or fighting back effectively. In the interview I sent you a couple days ago, Robert David Steele had some good suggestions about engaging the public and sidestepping the propaganda media. Here in Canada, the CBC is spreading the same nonsense and pushing the impeachment dialogue…truly pathetic.
    Paul Craig Roberts summarizes the predicament well: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47080.htm
    Keep up the good fight.

  32. Flattop

    Whats going on in middle America ( what the msm calls flyover country ) Are the liberals actions disgusting the middle America democrats??.

  33. Justn Observer

    For those following the Seth Rich murder probe…
    What did Comey do with the computer files that the DC police didn’t confiscate that the FBI apparently has?
    and Seth Rich appears to have died later at the hospital after recovery? How much time elapsed from when he left bar to walk home and he died at the hospital… 3 hours?
    Was that the time between when he was found, in surgery and recovered, and then later died? Anyone know when the medics picked him up on the street and his actual time of death? Was it ‘reportedly’ during surgery or hours later after surgery?

  34. stonewall

    We do indeed live in interesting times. What baffles me is how so many people
    can be so willfully blind and gullible that they still believe the utter nonsense
    spewed by MSM. Their lies are so blatant and propaganda so obvious that anyone
    with the brains of an amoeba should be able to see through the BS. But apparently
    not. Anyway Greg, I believe you’re correct when you say in the big picture the
    MSM are making themselves look stupid and irrelevant. Bought and paid for
    presstitutes of the highest order.

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