FDA & CDC Destroyed Ivermectin to Inject CV19 Bioweapon Vax – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory was one of the first to call for Ivermectin to treat Covid in the early days of the pandemic.  Instead of using Ivermectin, the FDA and CDC vilified the drug and questioned its effectiveness even though Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize for safety and efficacy in 2015.  Because of these actions from the FDA and CDC, people died in the hundreds of thousands in America alone for lack of treatment from a cheap and effective drug to treat Covid.  Dr. Kory thinks he knows what happened and explains, “The FDA kicked it off with a tweet, you know the one that said, ‘You are not a horse, you are not a cow.  Stop it y’all.”. . . . That horse dewormer campaign is my strongly held belief that was a professional public relations campaign to denigrate Ivermectin. . . . That campaign was around August 21, 2021.  That tweet (“stop it, y’all”) was released after a report that showed 90,000 prescriptions of Ivermectin were being filled every week in the US. . . .  I think Big Pharma saw Ivermectin was being used heavily, and they were afraid of the direct experience with physicians and patients such as word of mouth like ‘Hey, my doc gave me Ivermectin, and I was better in 24 hours.’  So, they had to put a stop to the use of it.  They loaded up the bazookas and started a war. . . .”  As a result of the assassination of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Dr. Kory says, “Hundreds of thousands died for lack of early treatment of Covid in the US, and millions died worldwide.”  The FDA was sued by Kory and other doctors and the FDA recently agreed to retract all the untrue negative information it put out trashing Ivermectin. 

Why kill Ivermectin and then later HCQ?  Dr. Kory says, “It’s so simple.  Number one, it would have threatened the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the CV19 vaccine.  You cannot do an EUA for a vaccine if there is a safe and effective treatment for Covid.   I think Ivermectin threatened the global market for the CV19 vaccines.  If Ivermectin was effective (and it was very effective on Covid), what would be the uptake for these vaccines?  They would plummet, and they knew it would destroy the market.  Over a few years, it’s north of $100 billion. . . .  Then comes little old Ivermectin, and it costs 6 cents a pill to make. . . . It was one of the solutions to the pandemic.  The pandemic would have been over if everybody was on Ivermectin, and that is why they had to destroy it.”

What we got was a CV19 “vaccine” that Dr. Kory says, “It did not help a single person.”  Dr. Kory goes on to say, “It did the opposite of helping get people well.  It was sold to the world’s population on a campaign of fear.  They said ‘get vaccinated or you are going to die from Covid.’  The medical establishment conditioned everyone’s brain to believe that the most important thing for their life is that they don’t die of Covid.”

Instead, people died of the CV19 bioweapon vax.  Dr. Kory says, “All kinds of excess mortality is occurring in this country and all around the world, all timed with the CV19 vaccine roll-out. . . . We can see the carnage, and the excess cancer rates are far higher than 2020.  We know that the vaccines made everything worse.”

Dr. Kory has been running a cutting edge CV19 vax injury practice for two years.  He has been treating what he calls “Long Covid injuries” and “vax injuries.”  Dr. Kory says, “This is the first time I have had to treat bioweapon injuries.”  This includes the phenomenon called CV19 vax “shedding.”  His practice is growing dramatically as the injuries pile up from the CV19 vax.

Dr. Kory has been able to get some very good treatment results, but there are no cures for these vax injuries–yet.  Guess what Dr. Kory’s number one treatment drug is?  It’s Ivermectin.  Ivermectin gets results in about 70% percent of his patients.  He uses many other treatment options as well.  Dr. Kory still says, “Don’t look at this problem as vaxed and unvaxed.  Look at it as treated and untreated.”  The people getting regular treatment do much better that those who remain untreated. 

There in much more in the 56-minute interview.  Dr. Kory goes into detail about the treatments he is using for CV19 vax injuries.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top pulmonary and CV 19 vax injury experts on the planet.  Dr. Kory is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (flccc.net) and author of the new book “The War on Ivermectin” for 3.30.24).

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After the Interview:

Click here to read Dr. Kory’s Substack called “Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings.”

If you want to order Dr. Kory’s book “The War on Ivermectin,” click here.

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To contact Dr. Pierre Kory to book an appointment via video call, you can reach his CV19 vax injury practice at DrPierreKory.com.

All the information is free on the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance website flccc.net.

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  1. sam

    Is there anyone in the realm of this website that has the “contacts” to get the word out to Our Patriotic President Trump or a Close Associate that there is a Prized, Patriotic, and Honest Journalist out here….. working HARD to bring TRUE Information to the Truth Starved American Citizen……..NOT in the CORRUPT SWAMP of Creatures out there Masquerading as “journalists” mocking America?…….That Mr. Greg Hunter of USAWATCHDOG.COM has the QUALIFICATIONS ….AND…..INTEGRITY to be President Trump’s next PRESS SECRETARY….(he earned it!)……

    • Anthony Australia

      Blasphemy by Biden!
      During Easter 2024 and for me the real New Year’s Eve of the Lamb in Aries not the Goat in Capricorn.
      April Fools’ Day NOT!

      • Russ 2

        Not my words — A short piece from Edward Dowd lifted from Lara Logan’s Telegram page that bare repeating: https://t.me/NoAgendaLara/7092
        “I have a feeling this is going to go really badly for me, but it has to be said. The dynamic must be explained.

        Yesterday, on Good Friday, one of the high holy days of the Christian faith, the Biden Administration proclaimed Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024 *specifically* to be a “trans day of visibility.” The official White House press release page shows an Easter Bunny by the White House, indicating they are fully aware that they are making this proclamation specifically about Easter Sunday, even though Easter is not specifically mentioned in the proclamation.

        This isn’t just an insult to the Christian faith, and indeed an intolerable one that proclaims a form of embodied Gnostic theosophy that misleads and destroys kids. It is entirely consistent with Woke Theosophy, as I’ve discussed elsewhere and may attach here as a thread, but it is more than that. It is also a deliberate provocation against Christians that must be understood.

        A key principle of Woke activism is “your target’s reaction is your real action.” That derives from Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals and has been codified in the updated activism manual called Beautiful Trouble. They do these provocations intentionally, as I have discussed at length in the past, as a means of stoking a reaction they can use to their advantage.

        On the reactionary side at present, it must be indicated that there are multiple overlapping active measures to drag faithful Christians into reactionary stances. One is the prevailing “Operation Christian Nationalism,” which this same administration is framing as one of the most dangerous threats to “democracy” in the world today. Another is the more local and specific radicalization attempt during Holy Week that follows the Christian rhetoric of “Christ is King,” which has been successfully tied to an antisemitic trope and active measure meant to drive a wedge between Christians and Jews and Christians and Christians. I have taken tremendous heat for exposing this active measure, as have many others, which is a testament to its status as an active measure.

        This provocation, published yesterday, is overwhelmingly likely aiming to feed into those prevailing active measures (“ops”) meant to drag Christians into a positions of fruitful reaction that the Regime can use to clamp down on them. Again, Christian reaction is their real action, and we know for certain that Christian circles are deeply infiltrated with a chest-beating and growing radicalism that is being baited toward and associated with a growing antisemitism. The responses to this post will almost certainly prove this out, btw. Your evil government wants this to happen. They are baiting you into it.

        More than that, celebrate your faith openly and on terms that avoid the desired reaction of these enemies of both the church and our nations. Proclaim “He is risen” and celebrate your salvation through Him. Do not be afraid, but do not take the evil path that is being offered to you. I advise reading Matthew 10 in its entirety in this dangerous time in which your religion is targeted and in which you are being targeted and identified for this persecution, which is being set up through these provocations. It contains wisdom and guidance for times precisely like these.

        Happy Easter, everyone, and may the Good News of your faith overpower the evil being done against it, not through chest-beating reaction and temptations to evil, but through the power of peace, repentance, and forgiveness that is at the heart of it, for all the people in all the nations of the world. Let not this weapon that has been forged against you prevail. Keep your faith, and keep you head. These are trying times.


        • Ken Yu

          Like that queer Zelensky in Ukraine who outlawed the Eastern Orthodox religion and nullified their holidays Bribe’n is trying to eradicate our religious beliefs by effectively declaring Easter Sunday to be Transgender Day, which is basically a slap in the face to all practicing Christians (but obviously not the queer Priests who have not said a word). Just like Carl Marx, Bribe’n and his WEF Globalist buddies have now “officially declared” Religion to be a Joke!!

          • Ken Yu

            What these Evil Globalists don’t understand is that God the Father (is like a Forest with “many trees within his realm”) and if they chop down one tree or nail us individually with spikes (like they did to Jesus and many of us with their m-RNA shots) they don’t destroy God!!! Think of us humans “like leaves upon the Tree of God” (and even if the Evil Globalists or old age succeeds in killing us (like individual leaves on the Tree of God we don’t really die) for at the end of our lives our soul (like the sap of the tree at year end returns directly to God). So although our body’s may shrivel and die (like leaves on a tree at the end of the year) our soul (the sap within us) still lives “within the Tree of God” awaiting a new life to come as God plans for us!!! These Evil Demonic Globalists mistakenly believe they can “Kill God” if they simply kill every one of us (like they proudly proclaim on their Georgia Guidestones) or state they will bury every tree (like Bill Gates brazenly has) or simply proclaim like Joe Bribe’n just did “that Easter Sunday is Transgender Day”!! These Evil Globalists are so full of themselves “their hubris clouds their small minds into thinking that they have become gods” when in fact they are exactly like the bugs they want us to eat (ever trying to suck the sap (our souls) out of the Universal Tree of Life with their many idiotic carbon neutral, credit score, schemes and plans)!! I’ll tell you this, these Demonic Globalists will not succeed in their Evil Plans to make us all Queers “like themselves”!!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Catches on pretty quick. Satans reach not biased to anyone who succumbs to demonic tendencies.

        Penny Wong sparks uproar on Easter Sunday with single social media post about ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’


    • Shirl

      Excellent Information Greg and Dr Kory, Thank you and God Bless you both!

      It’s clear that The WORLD needs Nuremberg Trials 2.0 for the Murderous Bio-Weapon Pushers who weaponized them upon Humanity…nothing less….they must be polar opposite to the “GET TRUMP” SHAM, SCAM and HOAX Trials except for actual real crimes by a magnitude of incalculable proportions. In fact, if those weaponized GET TRUMP Trials being Pushed by the same EVIL Gang whose poisonous roots have infected so many Weak Minded UNHINGED RADICALS were Nuremberg 2.0 Trials instead, the WORLD would be in a far better place at this very moment. Sure many are already murdered, Injured and Dying but, justice and healing could begin with valuable lessons learned…. “LEST WE FORGET” …has that phrase already been forgotten?

      Stand Up Speak Out and most importantly Pray Up….have a Blessed Easter.

    • 5 Deep Logic

      Why would you want Greg to be put into a position, in which he would be required to lie to the public? As he is, he can freely tell us the truth., and I thank Greg for that truth.

    • playah

      Trump’s vaccine support may cost him victory in 2024

      • Greg Hunter

        I have said many times that Trump MUST come clean on the CV19 Vax and rebuke it as a bioweapon and a crime against Humanity.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Yes, you have been consistent on this stance, and correctly so, but I don’t believe President Trump was aware of all facets of this vax program. He wanted to be able to claim that he brought a life-saving vaccine into existence in record time. This is a major flaw in President Trump’s thinking, the ego factor. Still, I am inclined that we need to re-elect him, downsides and all. His overall approach, philosophy, and governance are all light-years better than what we are currently experiencing. Best always. PM

          • sam

            Paul from Indiana…..SO….you presume to know what President Trump knows and what he doesn’t know?….did you ask him that?

        • Kent Johnston

          But Greg…Trump is NEVER going to come clean about the KillShot!

          He would incriminate himself if he did.

          As you know he’s STILL currently singing its praises!

          This means that there will be ZERO chance of CV justice if Trump is put back into the Presidency.

          And, just like with Obamacare, Conservatives will meekly accept defeat and move on.

          You saying “Trump must come clean” means nothing because you have no intention of backing that up with action. Trump has always had your vote no matter what he does or doesn’t do!

          Well I’m sorry Greg, but I will NOT be a party to this travesty, so Trump can try winning without my vote!

          And there is a significant minority of REAL Conservative Patriots who are with me and will no longer support a politician simply because he/she has an “R” next to their name…

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Kent that’s the spirit! Vote for the guy who forced the shots on people, has allowed the totally open US border, took billions of dollars in bribe money from China, is responsible for at least 500,000 dead Ukrainian troops, and is flirting with nuclear war with Russia AND China. That is the short list.

            I think Trump will be forced to do an about face on the shots. It’s obvious he was duped in a complex CV19 operation that started with an extreme kill shot campaign on Ivermectin and HCQ. That was as big of a crime as the CV19 bioweapon vax. Look how many evil people had to be involved to pull that off. So, One guy was supposed to stop all of this? Isn’t hindsight grand???

        • Valerie

          I am convinced the Covid vaccine killed my son at age 41. They will tell you (and documented on his death certificate) he died of cancer. He was treated for a year with chemo and radiation. He had the shot near the end of treatment. He was scanned and declared “cancer free”. About 8 weeks later, he was dead. I believe he had “turbo cancer.” I have photos of him vomiting massive amounts of blood after his shot.
          I just want to know if there’s anything I can do to support the handful of people trying to stop the lies and spread the truth. My son was very intelligent and would never had taken the shot if it weren’t for all the lies. Please let me know how I can help. Unfortunately, I don’t have financial resources, but will help in any other way I can to spread the truth.
          I just saw a commercial on TV promoting the shots!

          • Greg Hunter

            I am so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your story to help America and the world can be awakened to the CV19 Murder vax.

    • Fred Daake

      Don’t kill the General who is saving your life just because you do not like his brand of chewing gum.

      In case you did not know.

      Trump is facing 700 years in jail and the loss of his personal empire as he faces several upcoming civil and criminal trials. In addition, he faces an unknown number people who want him dead and probably have the money to pay for that to happen. And don’t overlook the hostile press that lies about him 24/7/365.

      Whereas, the Democrats get to use all of their dark $billions to steal elections, Trump has to rely on small dollar donors for campaign money – and then use a big chunk of his campaign money to go into the worst lawfare battle that anyone has ever had to face. He will be required to sit through every minute of four criminal trials, while Biden has an unlimited pit of money and unlimited beach time to hire every lawyer in the world to throw darts at Trump. In the meantime, Trump is the only person we have at this time who can provide the leadership resistance needed to prevent America from becoming a Marxist dictatorship. In the course of all this, Trump is the only America-First candidate in history who is successfully exposing the crooked legal system to a group of voters who have no interest in the legal system. And he is doing more than any other President since Kennedy to expose the deep state.

      Concerning the COVID psyop, there are dozens of brave, reliable and qualified heroes who are exposing excellent and highly credible information on the COVID bio-warfare. Many of these people know a lot more than Trump will ever know about it. Every human who knows another human must become an evangelist for this information.
      The real question is why aren’t more people talking to their own contacts about the dangers of lawfare, the dangers of Marxism, and the dangers of a sold out medical cartel?

      If God did not work through sinners, then God would have quit a long time ago. Considering that Trump has gone above the call of duty, why not leave Trump out of this COVID nonsense and let him operate in areas where has already proven to be highly effective?

  2. re Shelton

    ‘Hundreds of millions will die in minutes’ if nuclear war breaks out in Russia or China
    Story by Callum Hoare • 8h • https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/hundreds-of-millions-will-die-in-minutes-if-nuclear-war-breaks-out-in-russia-or-china/ar-BB1kNTWo?ocid=msedgntp&pc=HCTS&cvid=ccd287b5ab9e4edfb708a0fefa51184e&ei=66

    • Rachel Silver

      Are you insane

  3. sam

    Would any thinking American out there believe Dr.Kory……OR….. a Repulsive Male Transvestite Pedophile Loving, Mentally SICK Pervert Parading around in a woman’s Dress Uniform….MOCKING the American Citizen?………..

  4. Edgar J Hartman

    Greg and company watching the Bible on History channel enjoy your holiday

  5. Freedom-4-All

    Man, I can’t wait to hear this tomorrow morning. Thanks, Greg!

  6. Erick

    Greg i have been tracking homeland security with their planes data collecting over cities in my state what is coming they did this in baltimore a few years ago and the ACLU went after them now those planes are on the west coast. Crazy what is going on.

  7. Erick

    Remember in India/Pakistan i forget which country they blew/set fire to that factory that made this stuff.

  8. Maloney

    Awesome! 👍😎
    The lives saved and injuries prevented by your courageous and spot on investigating is amazing to witness! You showed such deductive reasoning, intuition and common sense during this travesty of justice.
    Greg Hunter and all your team of Gods Angels of wisdom and truth have saved many lives.
    We Thank You!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Maloney. All the Glory is goes to Jehovah and Jesus, I am just a roadie for Christ.

  9. Dave Scrimshaw

    Sorry, Doc, but I think they all need to pay – the evidence that these guys knew is there – I was reading it in late 2020 (was being written up in medical research papers in India – who had a reason to want to know as China is an enemy to India). The cdc, fda, ama, (add your alphabet org here) – they knew & they also eliminated people in their orgs. I have the articles about these (goes back before 2019).

  10. Tim K

    Hi Greg

    I went to an FLCCC conference in February in Mesa AZ. (saw Dr Kory and told I see him On USA Watch Dog). Anyways, they had a presentation on shedding. In rare cases, it said you can get blood clots. I did not take any death jabs, but I had 5 major pulmonary embolisms (two in the left lobe and 3 in the right lobe). after two back to back business plane flights. They did ultra sound on my legs. No blood came or were in my legs.
    First question my Dr asked me if I took the covid injection. I asked him if I could get it from shedding and he said absolutely. The Nurse practitioner who had me immediately take a Cat scan ( saved my life) was baffled that I had them and even more baffled that it did not take me out. I was immediately put on blood thinners and I was hiking two weeks later. I now take ivermectin before during and after lane flights. It works great.

    Take care


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting and sharing your personal CV19 shedding information!!!

  11. steve poloncak

    Thank you for another great interview Greg. I was hoping he would comment on dental anesthetic that is contaminated with nano particles. I am delaying having a partial put in my mouth because of the contaminated septocaine that would be shot into my gums and trying to figure out my options.

    • Brad

      I put a Tramadol pill next to a tooth to be drilled An hour later my tooth was drilled without pain. Also added Tylenol and clove oil. It worked wonders.

  12. Neville



    • Ken Yu

      These Globalist High Priests wanted to put spikes not only in our brains (like they did to Jesus) but throughout our entire bodies – one way or another they were out to KILL US dead dead dead (upon an upside down cross just like the one Malinda Gates wears) – these Evil Demons nailed us good and this time around as more then one body was entombed – when they killed Jesus he graciously said: “Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do” – well these Evil Globalist High Priests today “WELL KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING” (A Mass Extermination Eugenics Operation) AND THEREFORE Every Innocent Soul They Killed Should Be Asking GOD THE FATHER To “BRING JUSTICE UPON EVERY ONE OF THESE EVIL GLOBALIST DEMONS WHO PERPETRATED THIS UNFATHOMABLE CRIME UPON ALL HUMANITY (WITHOUT ANY SHRED OF MERCY)!! ALL THE INNOCENT SOULS THESE EVIL GLOBALISTS KILLED SHOULD BE ASKING GOD THE FATHER TO THROW EVERY ONE OF THESE EVIL DEMONS OUT OF OUR PART OF HEAVEN (AND SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEIR EVIL GOD LIVES)”!! So Lets Begin Rounding Up All The Evil Globalists – put them all on board an Elon Musk Space Plane – and as the world watches send every one of these Evil Demonic Entities On A One Way Trip To The Sun (Home Of The Very Evil God These Queers Worship and Sing Praises to – LUCIFER)!!!

  13. Keith

    In the USA the National debt is 10 billion per day added to the usdebtclock clock. 100 billion every 10 days. One trillion every 100 days. In the year 2034 the social security will run out of money and entitlements for the poor and people on welfare will come to an end. The next generation will see the usdebtclock clock hits 2450 trillion dollars in 2074 . If the National debt keeps going and spending continues has it has since the end of the Vietnam war. The globalist know this and have decided to reduce the population accordingly. So this is where we stand. If your sick poor and uneducated they are coming to kill you before social security runs out and you end up living like a Palestinian in gaza.

  14. SJ

    “It was about noon and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon because of an eclipse of the sun. Then the veil of the temple was torn down the middle. Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘Father, into your hands I commend my spirit’ and when he had said this he breathed his last.” Luke 23:44-46

    Just read these verses this morning after having read them many times before, yet it had never stuck with me the word eclipse.


    they were spraying chemtrails full bore yesterday. the sky was filled with line after line of that stuff. there was even a large x where they had crisscrossed each other. looked like the upcoming april 8 solar eclipse. shortly after they finished, it got cold. i was working outside and could feel the chill in the air. weather is not normal. wheat crop out here is not normal. something or someone is coming. always be ready and watchful.

    • Pete

      What is wrong with the wheat crop and which State are you located in? TIA

  16. Steve jones

    Read Mathew 24.

  17. RK

    HE has risen! Happy Easter Greg!

    Woke up this morning to a sky covered in tic tac toe poison skies from the globalists at 0700 and the sky is already milky, hazy and sun blocked out.

    Also, the senile satanist puppet in office declared trans day on Easter… obamas third term of destruction and anti American and abnormal evil agenda on full display.

    No Coincidence here…

  18. Mark

    At the 20 minute mark the topic of shedding comes up. The thought occurs to me that people who got the jab might be shedding onto their pets. One of my friends, who was jabbed and boosted, had his elderly cat suddenly develop mouth cancer and died shortly after diagnosis. So are the jabbed killing their pets? Are dogs and cats showing a sudden increase in mortality? Maybe other pets (birds, reptiles, fish, other mammals) are seeing an increase in ‘died suddenly’. If human doctors are seeing turbo cancers pop up at increasing rates, are vets seeing something similar in their practices? Is anyone looking at this angle?

  19. Shandra

    I know this is a Trumpkin Echo Chamber but:

    TRUMP started ALL of this.

    TRUMP turned Fauci into a nat’l hero (and gave him an award for Warpspeed).

    TRUMP still promotes the mRNA CV shots.

    Them’s the facts, jack!!!

    • Point Of Know Return

      Not an echo chamber, yet I know way too many people who say that Trump was tricked. He’s too smart to be stupid, so I don’t buy it. No one here needs to answer for him. He needs to pony up and stop being the gray part of the black and white reality.

      I was given a word, many years ago, and it’s meant for this year, perhaps the election cycle. As mentioned numerous times in the Bible, we are told the exalted will be humbled and the humbled will be exalted. That moment is approaching. There’s nothing humble that I see from either Trump or Biden, short of either repenting. Sadly, I don’t believe that will happen either.

    • Paul from Indiana

      MORE FACTS: at this point, President Trump is all we have. ALL WE HAVE. We re-elect and install him, or we’re done. Best always. PM

      • Earth Angel

        KENNEDY 24.com ! We do have another option- if the election won’t be stolen again by hacking digital voting machines, massive cheating fraud and LYING media coverups.. in the land of Oz.

    • Your favorite PRESSTITUTE

      Is that you O’Briben?

  20. Tim Zamperini


  21. Joe

    Why can’t we all just admit our rulers are corrupt and evil?

  22. C_Me

    I have a question to ask that nobody is asking to this experts and that question is… There is any relation to the Gulf War Syndrome?

    The reason that I am asking is the GWS not only disappeared from the news, but also exhibit the same exact symptoms as the Vaxxxinations; coincidence? I think not!

    I will like to see an study or research on the matter. The OK City bombing is related to that, someone need to connect the dots. People either have not realized or they are afraid to open huge cans of worms…

  23. [email protected]

    Ukrainian Soldiers ‘Surrender’ Before Russia In Kharkiv’s Kupyansk; ‘Move After Over 300 Killed’
    Hindustan Times Mar 31, 2024
    The Russian Army hopes to completely capture the Kharkiv region soon. Amid intense fighting, the Russians have gotten a big boost in their Kharkiv mission. A total of 18 Ukrainian soldiers have “surrendered in Kharkiv’s Kupyansk.” According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the surrender came after nearly 300 Ukrainian troops died in the Russian blitzkrieg.

    ‘More Victories For Putin’: World’s Second Richest Man Predicts Battlefield Doom For Ukraine
    Hindustan Times 100,340 views 9 hours ago
    There is no chance of Russia taking all of Ukraine, as the local resistance would be extreme in the west, but Russia will certainly gain more land than they have today, Billionaire Elon Musk has predicted, adding, the longer the war goes on, the more territory Russia will gain. He urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to stop fighting and settle for a negotiated settlement with Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIdBd_z3tro

  24. Desiree D Effner

    Question not asked: Can someone become tolerant to Ivermectin, so that it no longer works?

    • Greg Hunter

      “D D E,”
      In all my interviews with top doctors, this has never come up. Ivermectin is routinely given overseas in places like Africa (and done do for many years) to fight parasites.

    • Stacia Amante

      Incidentally — just like you do with treatments of penicillin and other anti-biotics, it’s probably a good idea to follow-up courses of anti-parasitics (e.g., Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, etc.) with a wide spectrum pro-biotic and, in some people, pro-biotics that target mood.

      I’ve seen at least one scientific article which studied this in the aftermath of using Ivermectin against Covid. They identified one or two strains that had been diminished in the human gut microbiome. Wish I could find its bookmark, I would post it here.

      Personally found it beneficial to do this after using Ivermectin every other week for a couple months. Everyone’s microbiome is a little different depending on your diet and who you live around, contact with animals and soil.

  25. Dr. No Ah Jr.

    Most of us here on USAWatchdog.com, have seen justice perverted and good, innocent people oppressed by evil ones. Will the time ever come when injustice and wickedness will be no more?
    Psalm 37 in the Bible offers the answer, along with guidance for us now. Note what it says on the following important questions.

    How should we react to those who oppress us?​—Verses 1, 2.

    What will become of wicked people?​—Verse 10.

    What is the future for those who do what is right?​—Verses 11, 29.

    What should we do now?​—Verse 34.

    The inspired words of Psalm 37 clearly point to a bright future for those who “hope in God and follow his way.” Study the Bible, learn how you can secure that future for yourself and your loved ones.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Dr. No AH”
      Let’s make it easy: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm%2037&version=NIV

      • Martin K

        Thank you Greg,
        I have been so frustrated with where our country is going and how the wicked have been flourishing. Psalm 37 puts me at ease and reminds me that Jesus is in control.

      • Grey Ing. Beard

        Wow! Thanks Greg and Dr. No. Ah
        Were all so busy trying to make it, as the whole world seems engulfed in a wicked insanity of, I’m to good for this. That may be true. But good or bad, the ones who look to God are the ones like a child who trusts in his Pop, will be lead out of this mess that is waging war on the sane in an insane world. Does that make any sense?
        That Psalm laid it all out, trust in the LORD, with all your heart, and he will direct your steps and you will be around and the truly incorrigible will be gone!
        It was much easier to just read it all and worth the time out, to see the hand of God, the writings on the wall of worry, so fear not!

  26. Jeffrobbins

    This guy is an American Hero, as well as some of your other guests. Personally, I’ve been trying to figure out when all the lying started, and i just don’t know. Common knowledge? The vax was all lies- covid was a lie. At least all the bio-labs are, especially the ones in Ukraine. The election was a lie- still can’t believe what happened in Phili, and the fact the vote totals were certified. Prior to that were lies about Ukraine and the impeachment about the phone call. Im not sure how Trump got in, in 2016, but by the grace of God, or we would have been at war with Russia. Then i thought about Obama. I remember a video of his grandma stating he was born in Kenya. Bet you can’t find that video, and nobody questioned who she was, just that she was mistaken. My grandma knew where i was born. Then i thought about Bush and the weapons of mass destruction. How about the World Trade Towers. What happened to the building that didn’t get struck, but fell down anyway? Nixon’s gold window shock was temporary- 50 years ago- i don’t recall a constitutional amendment that dismissed gold and silver for payments for debts. At this point, the folks that claim we never went to the moon are looking real smart.— i have began to question most everything. At the moment, I spend some of my spare time making a hand copied bible in leather bound journals- the day is coming when a printed bible will be considered hate speech- the writing is much slower than you’d think. Getting back to the basics makes the most sense to me. I suppose the lying started in the Garden of Eden.

  27. Tamara

    I haven’t been paying attention…can anyone tell me if Trump has disavowed the WEF depopulation injection yet…?

    • Greg Hunter


  28. Roger Stamper

    tks kory greg

  29. Jeff Harrison

    We want Prosecution!!! It was all Manslaughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was flat out murder and a massive crime against all of humanity!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        How do those who propose justice and retribution for vax crimes expect to achieve this goal WITHOUT re-electing President Trump? By returning Mr. Biden to office? Tell me another one. Best always. PM

        • Point Of Know Return

          He can’t and won’t. He’s complicit. It’s the only court trial he would actually be proven guilty in. Operation Warp Speed is on his watch. Shutting down small businesses, schools, and churches were all on his watch. Allowing BLM to destroy towns like Kenosha and not designating them a terrorist organization, again, all on his watch. The anybody but Biden crowd, I get you. He’s a kid sniffing POS, whose open borders are destroying the Republic. He’s a shared puppet between Obama and China. Yet, where was the fight in Trump, since it’s obvious that the vote was compromised for Biden? Why did he back down? Why did he leave Mike Lindell out to hang in the wind, who had the evidence needed for retaining Trump in office? He moved aside for both Fauci and then Biden? And he’s still trumpeting how wonderful Warp Speed was in developing something in 9 months that typically takes 10 years? What being listed here would be could be defended in a court of law? I voted for him in both 2016 and 2020, but never again. And NO, I refuse to vote for Biden. I will be voting for the person who exposed the bio-weapon jab and Fauci for what and who they are. RFK Jr. is getting my support. I’m expecting people to pummel my reply, because I’m not on the Trump Train (anymore). That’s fine. Yet, instead of coming at me with name calling and baseless accusations, answer my above questions. As I stated in a comment that didn’t get posted, in the end days, even the elect will be deceived. We are there, right now! I think if Greg surveyed his vax opponents, you’d see a pretty substantial number supporting RFK Jr. as Ed Dowd is the first person who comes to mind.

  30. Nina

    My husband and myself are retired federal law enforcement officers. I’m a retired RN and we both worked in a federal medical center for inmates. So we KNOW the federal government. WE didn’t take the “vax” and took Ivermectin horse de-wormer because it is the same thing. Our friend , a fire chief and paramedic, also took the horse paste. We are used to inmates calling us names. It makes us laugh at their creativity. So propaganda doesn’t work on us. We developed an immunity through excessive exposure to BS.
    But most of our family members did. My husband’s cousin’s 30 year old son died of a heart attach after the second vax. My mother- in- law had a hypertensive crisis and a clot in a vessel to her eye after her second vax. My sister developed an arrhythmia, hypotension and extreme fatigue having Covid and getting vaxed once.

    I also worked at an inner city St. Louis hospital. The black patients thought AIDS was a US made bio-weapon. At the time I thought that was silly, now I’m not so sure. Fauci was involved. I has a dirty needle stick and refused the AZT. I saw how sick people got who took that. I didn’t get AIDS.

    The FDA needs to be forced to retract there comments to all who read their BS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Nina, for sharing your story here!! Happy Resurrection Day!!!

  31. Gregory A. Hession J.D.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this interview. I’m passing it on to someone in my church with devastating long covid.

    The remnant who will not bow a knee to Baal is getting ever smaller. May God bless and strengthen you in your courageous effort to expose evil and be a blessing to us who need to hear these things. And, may he sustain you in what I’m sure are great struggles to maintain a posture of watchdog in this time of tyranny and collapse of civilization.

    I know the struggle, as a lawyer in the far-left state of Massachusetts who defends families against state intervention.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Gregory!! Keep fighting and standing strong in Christ Jesus!!! You are the “Elect” Jesus said he would “Shorten the days” for.
      Brother Greg

  32. Lou Ridge

    Banks Set To Crash Over Commercial Real Estate Collapse!
    w/ Paul Stone The Jimmy Dore Show 4 hours ago

    Why were passengers allowed on OceanGate’s experimental Titan sub? – The Fifth Estate 317,049 views Mar 27, 2024
    The 2023 implosion of the Titan submersible shocked the world. In collaboration with Radio-Canada’s program, Enquête,The Fifth Estate’s Mark Kelley investigates how an experimental sub was allowed to take passengers to one of the most unforgiving places in the ocean to explore the Titanic wreck. Also, how they did it via the port in St. John’s Newfoundland, one of the most monitored and regulated harbours in Canada.

  33. No Cheap Victory

    Ukraine Cannot Win This War: It’s Time To Negotiate With Putin – Brian Rose/Douglas Macgregor davidekyo 18K views 5 hours ago

    America Is Falling Apart – Brian Rose/Colonel Douglas Macgregor Part 1/2 2 hours ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQb3kWsRatQ

  34. Rod Sterlis

    ZH article says Jack Daniels sales in the tank. When you read the comments you see that it is because JD got into supporting the LGBTQP.

    Pretty soon people will figure out that Trump is a huge LGBTQP guy. One cannot dance to the YMCA and criticize Biden for making Easter the new Tranny Day.

    • Shiloh1

      I’ve gotta believe Trump gets and follows the worst of all advice from Jared and Ivanka.

      My theme song would be ‘Everybody Knows’.

    • Your favorite PRESSTITUTE

      RS, no man is perfect. Yet, this Easter the war on Christianity is clear coming from The O’ Briben Regime.
      YUGE difference in policies night and day.
      From Trannies appointed to the highest of public offices to non-stop wars, please!
      That Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing…again 😂😂😂

      • Joe Penny

        it’s called a cult when its members are not allowed to critique its leader. You never examine Trump according to his fruits, or in the case of the border wall, the lack thereof.

        Trump had four years and lots of Americans willing to donate labor and funds to build it, but all he got done was a stretch of a fence. Meanwhile, he got a new tech vaccine developed and launched in mere months.

        Trump, Obama and Biden are on the same page when it comes to the vax, the 5G radiation and Sodom.

    • Ken Yu

      People beginning to think for themselves is “a threat to the establishment”!! And if WWIII starts in June as Martin Armstrong suggests even more people will begin thinking for themselves “that they are being played like fools”. For instance when the Roman Mafia at the time of Pontius Pilate saw how much money the Pharisees were collecting at their Synagogues (and who had just succeeded in killing off Jesus because he was giving “free sermons”) they too likely saw a big money making opportunity for themselves with this “religious thing” (and probably decided to make it “their own thing” headquartered in Rome) just like the evil Neocon Mafia today headquartered in DC does “by constantly creating money making wars for themselves”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Roman Mafia didn’t “purposely create a false flag” (like feeding the Christians to the lions) just so they could bring in a new “money making religion” for themselves the same way the Neocons today prepare their many false flags like 9-11, color revolutions, etc., etc. “to bring about the wars they create for money”!! If enough common people begin awakening to the criminality of specific groups of people (from Big Pharma to the Military/Banker/Industrial Complex, etc. perhaps we can put a stop to the coming Nuclear World War “these totally insane people have planned for us” just to enrich their bank accounts with fiat money!!!

      • Ken Yu

        Imagine all this vaccine and war death and destruction around us that we and our children are heir to, results simply from the insatiable greed of totally insane people who’s desire for paper or electronic money (with no intrinsic value) has no bounds – https://www.richdad.com/MediaLibrary/RichDad/Images/charts/usd-purchasing-power-1913-2008.png – the common people (to at least benefit somewhat from these insane demons killing us by the millions) should also be accumulating gold the way the banksters (who have a bit more brains then the neocons) are doing and not be so gullible (the way Stan is) and sell gold short!! Silver “is the common peoples gold” it will follow golds lead and will likely approach $400 to $500 dollars per ounce when Gold rises to $10,000 dollars an ounce in the thick of world war in 2027!!!

      • Julie Juliet

        considering Constantine doesn’t make Christianity the official religion of the empire until some three hundred years later, and in the ensuing centuries the Romans were often in the business of creating martyrs, your theory is kaput.

        furthermore, it is blasphemous to suggest that God can convert Paul of Tarsus, but could not covert the Emperor Constantine. May the Lord rebuke and chastise all Evangelicals for their calumny.

        the Evangelicals are always trying to direct attention away from Tel Aviv to Rome in order to protect those who Clif High has gone to great lengths to expose as they are hidden amongst the Jews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Rev. 2:9 and Rev 3:9

  35. JP.Madoff ChaseingBLACKROCK

    Ukraine War Is A Money Laundering Scheme FOR BLACKROCK! – RFK Jr. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 hours ago

  36. Anglo-American FearPORN?

    Western WAR PROPAGANDA Makes Peace in Ukraine Impossible Dr. Ulrike Guérot | Neutrality Studies 56K views 1 day ago

  37. Proper and Spurious

    The Sharps rifle was the deadliest weapon of the US. Civil War
    April Fools Day Exclusive Film_Fools Wars, Are Bankers Wars!
    Bankers Wars 101 Sharpe – 01 – “Sharpe’s Rifles” 1993

  38. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg for featuring Dr Pierre Kory Yes ivermectin works well on many different conditiona I take It Had to fight to get IT I pay for it talked my Dr into prescribe it for me.

  39. John B Collier

    My wife and I use ivermectin for allergies . For two years now. 2 or 3 times a week depending on the season. Our head opens up in a few minutes. We use the product made for horses since we are ranchers. Have any of you readers tried this ? I can not find any thing about using ivermectin for this.

  40. BlackOp's RegimeChange

    Piers Morgan vs Jeffrey Sachs: “Can You Not Find Anything Negative To Say About Putin?” Man of War vs Man of PEACE?

  41. Marie Joy

    Apparently, I am going to sit here at my computer and take it.
    I feel like a coward but I don’t know what to do.
    Protesting and rioting doesn’t work during a genocide/democide.

    • CJ

      I’ve been getting the “go in the Ark and close the door” feeling lately myself. Now sure it’s being a coward or if it’s being wise.

      Proverbs 27:12 1599 Geneva Bible
      12 A prudent man seeth the plague, and hideth himself: but the foolish go on still, and are punished.

      Proverbs 21:23 1599 Geneva Bible
      23 He that keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from afflictions

      FYI: I use the 1599 Geneva Bible and encourage everyone to research it.

      • Max Crier

        the following is a private revelation said to be from Blessed Mary to Luz de Maria, a woman of Costa Rica / Argentina.

        27 March 2024 – “You are going to experience darkness, My children – the darkness of the soul when you will see your sins even if they do not want to see them, and the power of the Holy Spirit will make your see yourselves as you are, without masks, even if you do not want to. (2) Darkness will come upon the Earth and make human beings feel alone on Earth.” + revelacionesmarianas.com

        What is remarkable about this msg is it sounds as though it is presaging “The Warning, the Illumination of Conscience”, which is a prophesied global event where everyone will be given a life review by God as a final act of mercy prior to the wrath.

  42. Prospector

    Posted by @ Wall Street Silver.
    March 31, 2024

    And so it begins …

    Australia to implement a FULL-BLOWN government digital ID!

    Covid was a test.

    This will be the real show.

    Then everyone will have a social credit score and the country will turn into a live data farm.

  43. Prospector

    I am sure we would all like to hear your guest doctors opinions on this.

    Blood transfusions from COVID-vaccinated people are contaminated and carry risks, warn Japanese researchers
    03/21/2024 / By Lance D Johnson

    A team of Japanese researchers analyzed blood transfusions taken from individuals who were previously inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines. The researchers found that experimental COVID-19 vaccines destroy the continuity and biochemistry of human blood in six key areas. The vaccine damage is so significant; the contaminated blood can further damage unvaccinated and vaccinated people who receive blood transfusions or organ transplants from the vaccinated. The researchers published a pre-print paper on their findings and make suggestions for specific tests, testing methods and regulations to help deal with these risks.

  44. Roger

    Where to buy it outside US?

  45. CJ

    Has anyone heard if an unvaxxed person who comes into contact with a vaxxed person who is shedding can then take the vax and shed to others? In the miniseries The Last Ship, they created a vaccine that they could vaccinate people just by breathing on them. Those people could go and vaccinate others for a couple of weeks. The stream was endless and long as the newly exposed people came into contact with the unvaccinated within a certain time span. If this is the case by now no one is unvaxxed. Is this the reason we need to look at it as treated and not treated, instead of vaxed or unvaxed?

    Just looking for clarification. Thanks.

  46. WW3 Skinney

    Russia Takes Control Over Ukraine’s Important Strongholds Near Chasov Yar | Donetsk Battle
    Hindustan Times 23,571 views 2 hrs. ago Apr 1, 2024
    The month of April started for the Ukrainian Army with devastating battle blows. Russia took control of several Ukrainian strategic strongholds near Chasov Yar. Ukraine was using these strongholds near Chasov Yar in Donetsk to attack Russia. However, after a fierce battle, Russia has taken over these advantageous positions. Not just in Donetsk; the Russian Army also hammered Ukrainian troops in Zaporizhzhia. Russian troops destroyed a bridge in the Kyiv-held town of Gulyaipole in Zaporizhzhia. The bridge was used by the Ukrainian Army for its main military supplies.

    Ray McGovern: Did Mossad Warn US On Concert Hall Attack?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 5,468 views 1 hour ago
    Ray McGovern: Did Mossad Warn US On Concert Hall Attack?

    Larry Johnson: NATO Waits In Vain For a Russian Offensive
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 372 views 29 minutes ago
    Larry Johnson: NATO Waits In Vain For a Russian Offensive

  47. Robert Lynn Hütwohl

    Excellent to both of you.

  48. Jeff Meredith

    Chinese Illegal Alien Arrested After Trespassing on Military Base in California/by Jamie White March 30th 2024
    “His purpose & intent behind his actions are still being investigated,” USBP Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino says in statement.

  49. June Bug

    ‘Erase Kyiv Trace’: U.S. Trying To Distort Facts About Moscow Attack, Says Russian Intel Service/Hindustan Times/Apr 1, 24
    Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has levelled an explosive charge against the U.S. Russia’s SVR claimed that the U.S. has ordered to distort facts about the Moscow attack. SVR said Washington is doing this to destroy any evidence of Ukraine’s involvement. On March 22, four gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall just outside Moscow. Going on a shooting spree and setting fire to the building, the terrorists killed 144 people. The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed credit for the attack in Moscow Oblast. However, Russia alleges that the U.S., UK, and Ukraine may be linked to the crime.

  50. Smedline B. Rackett'oski

    The Gloves are OFF!

    100,000 Soldiers at the Border: Worrying Signs Russia, Preparing to Escalate/ 30,828 views 17 hours ago ESTADOS UNIDOS
    The alarming situation in Ukraine, on the brink of major escalation. More than two years of conflict, Russia is gearing up a massive offensive, over 100,000 troops encircling Ukraine’s borders. Recent devastating attacks on civilian infrastructure and shifts in Russia’s official rhetoric, clear signs a new and dangerous phase of war is fast approaching.
    Evidence of intentions behind the mobilization, the potential military targets east and south of Ukraine, political and economic implications for the region. What Ukraine will face in withstanding this onslaught, the need for Western arms and monies, mobilization of reservists, resilience of the Ukrainian people.

    How will the West respond to this new phase? What can be done to halt the war and prevent a major escalation? Detailed analysis of the looming Russian offensive and what it means for Ukraine, for Russia, and for the global balance of IE, sanity.

    Douglas Macgregor Reveals: the Impact of Russia’s Hit on NATO Leadership/Android Gateway 5 hours ago

    Douglas MacGregor: Catastrophic US Influence in Escalating Russia-Ukraine War – Global Catastrophe. Sneha Bakli Vlogs
    Colonel Douglas MacGregor, renowned military analyst, sheds light on complex often misunderstood dynamics of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. MacGregor challenges mainstream narratives, uncovering hidden agendas revealing the real impact of war on the ground. From NATO’s expansion to the untold human cost, this video is a for anyone seeking deeper understanding of a pivotal moment in history. Beyond headlines into the heart of the conflict, where truth justice deception collide.

  51. Junkman George

    Off topic/FYI Greg

    Democratic elections in the Ukraine have been suspended (due to the war?). You won’t hear this in MSM, but does it matter anyway, all the opposition is in jail, or worse.
    Check it out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Zelensky = Nazi Dictator.

  52. Marie Curie Depeshmode

    It’s been 79 ears since Europe and the world have seen global war. It makes sense, the third such war should begin in Europa proper.
    Securing the Russian front, to NATO’s new border on Russia’s own. Secured with much more blood and guts, for the Slavic meat grinder! Hundreds of thousands of cuts and that’s just the big inning beginning!
    Wouldn’t you say? Well it’s well underway, as you’ll all soon begin to say, Pip Pip Hurray! Were all gonna go, all the way to Russia’s own grave…If not our own, by the way, at Bonaparts bony partin grave. Slava Ukrainie! Eh?

    Putin is in trouble! France WARNED Russia for the last time! Kremlin didn’t expect this! /Frontline Reports 3 hrs ago
    Putin is in trouble! France has WARNED! Russia for the last time!
    Kremlin didn’t expect this! Nor Nuland noodle this.

    • Shiloh1

      France – “…dropped once, never fired”

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lots in here…and many good nutrition studies were HIDDEN for decades while junk science put mankind on the road of system health failure do to bias and ‘fake science’ which ‘looks’ in some cases were deliberate as far back as late 1800? Watch with a pen and paper and gain info and tips many are not aware of in the many segments. = GOOD knowledge especially in these times and those with auto-immune, and health triggered by mislead science and GOV’T food pyramid ‘advice or deliberate mis-direction?’.
    EVERYTHING You Know About Nutrition IS WRONG! Here’s Why
    Dr. Mark Hyman =

  54. John E

    Early on I found a paper that identified selenium as a disrupter to spike. “Can Selenite be an Ultimate Inhibitor of Ebola and Other Viral Infections “ British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research Boguslaw Lipinski

    I ate Brazil nuts as a source is selenium and never got sick

    • G Lipton

      Se taken with Inositol helps the body covert thyroid hormone T4 into T3.
      Here’s the article, but we know from personal experience where it’s not perfect but it helps a lot.

      There is, otherwise, a false study which did not include the Inositol. This study is an example of what the medical and pharma community do to malign natural cures and foster drug/narcotics sales.

      American doctors prescribe synthetic T4 and then tell the patient not to take any supplements. Most Hashimoto patients are miserable. Then the doctors prescribe narcotics for anxiety.

      With a few exceptions, if a doctor’s mouth is moving they are lying. They should have their arms and legs torn from them while they are alive, just like what they do to babies.

  55. Edd

    I’m sure that most of your followers have seen this already, but for those that haven’t, this is an excellent interview with another world reconnized virologist.

  56. Daniel

    Thank you Greg for the informed guests. I’ve learned so much about the wicked mRNA in our tainted blood supply including chemo infusions, food and air. I gladly support through donations and encourage eveyone to. It’s no secret why: Jesus leads me toward your Truth! Thanks Greg!

  57. Joy N.

    Well written Post…
    Also, just in case anyone wants to know..
    “WHAT EXACTLY IS THE UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 2030 WHICH IS CURRENTLY BEING ENFORCED GLOBALLY?”, pls visit my blog 👇https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

  58. Deb

    Good morning,
    We appreciate all of the great information that you share!
    We would really like to know which supplements Dr. Kory is taking. I tried rewinding/listening but can’t catch what he says (nanokinaze??) was one.
    Thanks again and very best wishes for you both!




  60. JLK

    Was Delta a real variant or was it just vax injury??

  61. Joplin Joe

    Is it possible to find a vax injury doctor in Medellin, Colombia? My dear friend is only 36. She took two Pfizer jabs to stay in vocational school. She has felt lousy ever since. A few months later she was treated for thrombosis. Now, two years on, she has terrible pain in her foot, more pain in hip. We wait for results of x-rays, but I think it is one of those long fibrous clots. If that is what it is then we will try to have it surgically removed.

    I have her appointments at a very good hospital, but I tell her she must be careful what she says – no comments about vax injury, Pfizer etc. It would be better still if we could also find a vax injury specialist and reliable source for ivermectin.

    Ivermectin is hard to get in Colombia, but, finally, she has a tentative promise from a veterinarian.
    I will make inquiries also on the appropriate Telegram channel. Open to ideas.

  62. Joplin Joe

    list of medicines he uses at 23:00
    SUMMARY OF TREATMENTS THAT DR KORY GIVES HIS PATIENTS. I listened to the interview and took these notes:
    –IVERMECTIN helps 70% of patients. binds to spike protein
    –hydroxy ? (does mean simply hydroxy, another drug, or hydroxychloquine?)
    — Nitazoxanide – cheap and common in S America, antiparasitic with anti viral properties
    –nattokinase – a supplement, dissolves blood clots. breaks spike protein. made from fermented soy beans. dose 2000-7000 fibrinolytic units per day.
    –sulforaphane for heart health, found in broccoli cauliflower, breaks spike proteins.
    bromelain – breaks down spike protein, breaks down blood clots
    — augmented NAC n-acetylcysteine antioxident detoxifyer
    –Baobab powder from tree of life. breaks down spike
    I added Sulforaphane to list myself as it was recently touted by Mike Adams.
    I entered whatever Kory’s pronunciations sounded like into COPILOT, which returned the exact term and spelling. I will like to mention that COPILOT is extremely useful and is capable of subtlety and logical argument. I debated it about the Copernican vs Ptolmaic theories of the solar system, arguing that an orery could be lifted up by the earth held fixed to demonstrate the equivalence of the two systems, and COPILOT understood fully. It is, however politically correct at all times. Ideally, I would like an artificial woman endowed with a politically incorrect, nay, an extreme iconoclastic version of COPILOT, as my companion. thank you.

  63. Joplin Joe

    list of medicines he uses at 23:00
    SUMMARY OF TREATMENTS THAT DR KORY GIVES HIS PATIENTS. I listened to the interview and took these notes:
    –IVERMECTIN helps 70% of patients. binds to spike protein
    –hydroxy ? (does mean simply hydroxy, another drug, or hydroxychloquine?)
    — Nitazoxanide – cheap and common in S America, antiparasitic with anti viral properties
    –nattokinase – a supplement, dissolves blood clots. breaks spike protein. made from fermented soy beans. dose 2000-7000 fibrinolytic units per day.
    –sulforaphane for heart health, found in broccoli cauliflower, breaks spike proteins.
    bromelain – breaks down spike protein, breaks down blood clots
    — augmented NAC n-acetylcysteine antioxident detoxifyer
    –Baobab powder from tree of life. breaks down spike
    I added Sulforaphane to list myself as it was recently touted by Mike Adams.
    I entered whatever Kory’s pronunciations sounded like into COPILOT, which returned the exact term and spelling.

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