FDA Covered Up CV19 Vax Biological Catastrophe – Dr. Peter McCullough

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Dr. Peter McCullough is a renowned cardiologist who fought the accepted government CV19 vax narrative from the beginning.  Dr. McCullough said, “The injections should have been halted in February of 2021.”  Instead, the government mandated the clot shots, and the CDC and FDA covered up the problems.  The FDA is still covering up massive deaths and injuries from the mRNA shots.  Dr. McCullough explains, “It’s the great gamble of the Covid19 vaccine program.  It was the gamble of a lifetime, if not a gamble of all-time.  The vaccines install the genetic code for the lethal Wuhan spike protein that was engineered in a bio-security lab in Wuhan, China.  This is the worst idea ever to install a fatal protein and have it installed for an uncontrolled duration and an uncontrolled quantity in the human body. . . .  This is a biological catastrophe in unspeakable proportions. . . . Nobody wants these shots now, and they are still mandating them and forcing them on people.”

According to Dr. McCullough, the FDA admits the shots cause fatal heart damage, Fatal blood clotting, strokes, neurological injuries and other problems.  When the evidence mounted on how deadly and debilitating the CV19 injections were, the FDA covered it all up instead of pulling them off the market.  Dr. McCullough says, “Now, we have the additional deaths from the CV19 vaccines.  The CDC shows 14,000 died the next day, and that is a gross under-reporting. . . The World Council for Health points out four agencies, including VAERS with 40,000 certified deaths, and that may be an under-reporting of 100 to 1.  It’s a vast number, and no governments are doing investigations.  The United States should be doing a full stop on this.  Pfizer knew about 1,223 deaths within 90 days of release of their product . . . Pfizer logged all these deaths, but they didn’t pull their product off the market, and the FDA’s lawyer wanted to block that information from Americans for 55 years.  So, the FDA is involved in a cover-up with Pfizer, and almost certainly with Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  It’s an ongoing biological catastrophe.”

McCullough contends that Covid is waning but warns, “What we are left with is just the vaccine injuries and damage itself.  I can tell you we are going to have to be quite vigilant.  The blood clots and heart damage, I have never ordered so many cardiac MRIs and ultrasound tests for blood clots.  People need to be hyper-vigilant.  They have put a foreign genetic code in their bodies.  It’s produced the lethal Wuhan spike proteins.  It’s in their brains, and it’s in their hearts.  People can’t feel good that have taken this into their bodies.  They have to know they have taken an extraordinary risk. . . . There are over 1,000 papers in the peer-reviewed literature.  Not a single paper shows a benefit of these vaccines.  100 percent of it is bad news.”

There is much more in the 47-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he interviews top cardiologist and CV19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Justn Observer

    Greg, This must be stopped…dumb idea putting level 4 bio labs in the middle of U.S. agriculture areas? Why not out on an isolated island – how about Jeff Epsteins island or Biden’s land on Water Island across from it?

    a repost of the link that ties into this about Hydro-gel =

    • Marie Joy

      Everything they do is with the intent of destroying America, Americans and the dollar, In other words, their intent is worldwide genocide.

      • Roy madison

        “IF ” an artificial intelligence were to kill off the human population, I imagine it would maneuver things to have everyone in the world vaccinated with a bio weapon that killed from day 1 to 5 years out. It would be mandatory with many social restrictions if a person didn’t comply. The deaths would be covered up , an investigation would be delayed and delayed . People would obey because we are taught to obey “authority ” and obeying the law maintains order and freedom in society. We trust our leaders , they are on the side of the good guys like we are. So like lemmings in a large herd everyone is running off the cliff into the sea and drown. It’s very ironic that this scenario resembles the whole covid 19 /VAX Situation.. This is massive , catastrophic, on biblical proportions.. Greg ,you have a right to be angry.

        • Rich Roz

          Hi Roy
          Your comments are exactly what is happening before your very eyes.

      • perikleous

        Even if everything TPTB were saying initially regarding Covid were true, the risk of death and all, the fact is that by the time the vaccine was marketed the risk was no longer the same. If you believe all the manipulation regarding risk of death vs vaxx side effects, that the risk of injury from vaxx was much lower than the risk of Covid death, that was no longer true on any level by Jan 2021, when it “mutated” was more infectious and less viral, less issue on the lungs, ventilators became an option rather than having “no choice” and all logic that “we need to vaxx all” was finished because the Covid death risk was down and the vaxx injury list was skyrocketing! I am convinced this sharade dragged on due to vaxxing during a pandemic, even the Spanish flu was done in 15 months, while this is 3 years in and still being manipulated (especially when you think about world travel /globalization today) compared to back then!

      • William Davis

        I am a dentist trying to get an anesthetic called lidocaine 2 percent in a 30ml vial. US manufacturers out of product. Do you have any sources in India that may have it? Thanks so much. I tried Canada and they had none.

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry William, I do not.

          • William Davis

            Greg could you get me contact in India or Mexic or South America for lidocaine.Thanjs

            • susan

              William, I have been able to get Ivermectin from IndiaMart. The process is a little crazy, but I just kept following through. The price and shipping were exactly what was quoted and it took awhile, but I received everything. I was very happy. I know that they offer many medications. I wish I could give you the information to contact them, but I lost it. Just search for IndiaMart and you will find it. It is a crazy process, but it worked for me.

          • John Hanes

            Greg, thank you for all that you do to expose the truth. Do you have any knowledge about the new vaccine, Novavax?

        • Marie Borgeson

          Would it be ridiculous to try India?

        • Azgirl

          My Neurologist wanted to do a punch test for small fiber neuropathy. He could not do it because they were out of Lidocaine. Crazy.

        • Hillary

          There are currently shortages of more than 100 drugs in the US according to the ASHP website, updated in real time (ashp.org).
          Have you considered utilizing a different anesthetic agent? I am a nurse, and the anesthesiologists I worked with had to substitute with different medications when shortages occurred. Just a thought. These shortages are real, and concerning.

      • Claude Ramains

        That’s what they mean when they talk about “net zero Emissions”.
        We’re the emissions they want to net zero!
        Cowards,criminals,murderers on every side and no one to judge them except God.
        May he act soon and free us from these monsters.

    • Janet

      Russian deputy ambassador to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy said: “Russia has new evidence on US military biological programs in the Ukraine” and will present the evidence at the UN Security Council on Friday – the United States vehemently denies it owns or operates any chemical or biological laboratories in Ukraine and that it is in full compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention (because it was “a private citizen” named Hunter Biden that funded these labs – just like Fauci funded the Chinese Bio-labs and the US had nothing to do with with any of it)!! – https://www.newsweek.com/hunder-biden-russia-ukraine-biolab-1691618

      • Ginny

        The UN is working for the same masters, so I hope the Russians don’t expect anything will be done about US/Ukrainian labs working to produce the next pandemic.

        • Janet

          Russia is not depending on the UN for protection – and in case Americans and the World missed it – we are now “Officially at War with Russia” (of course the Main Stream Media has once again censored from the American People and the World this very important news story that the US and NATO attacked Russia) – well here it is – Putin just gave a Nationwide Address to the Russian people yesterday (September 21, 2022) – which sadly for the world was effectively “A Declaration of War against the US and NATO for attacking Russia” – in summary Putin effectively stated: “I am Mobilizing Our Nation for War” – and I Am Calling Up Our Military Reservists – To Repel the Washington, London and Brussels invasion – They Have Openly and Aggressively Attacked Russia’s Southern Regions (using modern weapon systems, aircraft, vessels, satellites and strategic drones) – also – High-ranking Representatives of these NATO Countries have Threatened the Possibility and Admissibility of using Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear Weapons) against Russia – I would like to remind those (psychopaths) who make such statements regarding Russia – that our country has different types of weapons as well (and some of them are more modern and powerful than the weapons NATO countries have) – This Outright Attack Upon The Territorial Integrity Of Our Country And Our People By the US and NATO Will Be Defended Against – and Russia will certainly make use of ALL The Weapon Systems Available To Us – THIS IS NOT A BLUFF – The citizens of Russia can rest assured that the Territorial Integrity of our Motherland (now under attack) and our Independence and Freedom Will BE DEFENDED!!! – And I Repeat – By ALL The Weapon Systems Available To Us!! – http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/69390

        • Janet

          Seems Russia has already responded to the invasion of its own homeland by US and NATO forces – by launching a devastating missile strike upon American and other forces (who are still “illegally” in Syria)!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb0lubZ5qv0

        • Janet

          Err – Posted wrong Syrian article – here is the right one – https://www.thehansindia.com/news/international/syria-russia-attack-rebels-training-camps-in-idlib-761828

          • Justn Observer

            Janet, Syria will have even larger problems soon ! =
            ‘Syria’s 2022 #wheat harvest amounted to around 1 million tonnes, down some 75% from pre-crisis volumes, while #barley was almost non-existent, Mike Robson, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Syria Representative told Reuters.’ = (Note they also are obliged to blame climate change…) but we know it is GSM not carbon or global warming!


            AND WHY WOULD TPTB be pushing migrants towards areas where cold winters and food shortages could be MORE prevalent unless it just another form of JAB?
            (get the amount of pop down to the level of food production they think they might be able to provide for?) Interesting where Russia and China are investing to farms and transportation there of – CENTRAL AFRICA AND CENTRAL AND N. South America…in the mild latitudes… Ghost cities built whare? and did NOT Catherine the Great have great interest in Ukraine /Crimea (the Calif, of Russia) several GSM cycles ago? As per COG (continuity of government) one might be watchful as to who ‘they’ see as deplorables and ‘terrorists’ and who ARE essential going forward!
            and that goes for people in every country.
            Gee, did Obamacare, inflation, and coming carbon taxes leave people a tad short of being able to afford to say, build greenhouses, store up food, and produce crops as fuel dwindles intentionally and supply chains that worked well for how many decades just magically all collape to inhibit such activities? another hmmmm

        • Freebreezer

          G – I think the Russians know this. I believe their intent is to put it in the public record for future generations. And just maybe, to help wake up a few more people to the facts. The woke and leftists in western societies are similar to the zombies in the Walking Dead … no going back once the cool aid is drunk.

          • Justn Observer

            Russia, China and Iran have written records of such weather and import=export trade for 10K years….the U.S. policy it appears is based on the 200 plus farmers almanac! Yes, Trump was invited to the FORBIDDEN CITY right after his election…he also orders the Coast Guard to beef up the ICEBREAKER fleet…and started building the U.S. military back up as he pulled OUT of the IPCC…and say ‘ He thought it will be getting colder’ as people laughed at him.
            Biden immediately bought back into the IPCC carbon tax BS… He is an idiot in my opinion…but we shall find out soon enough….prepare and it does not happen – lots of extra provisions to share with family, friends and neighbors…what is the downside of that…the alternative is bleak!

  2. Dan Gowin

    Biden said the COVID pandemic is over. But the government has NOT ended the Presidents special executive orders. Biden has the power to cancel the next election by executive order.

    • Jane

      Yes..and Pelosi used the (Executive Order) to push through the Last disastrous Bill.
      ( Vote from Home)
      They will use that order in any sneaky underhanded way to their advantage.

      • William Wilhelm

        Read Biden’s executive order of March 22, 2022. Executive order 14607 gives the government the rights to our money. Many are claiming a they are already working on a new crypto type currency that MIT and Harvard developed and will roll it out later this year or the beginning of next year.

        • Paul

          Executive order 14067 should be nullified, Congress has that authority of money. Our People should screaming about this.
          Backed by more fiat? Derivatives, will have first call.

          Clauses 5 and 6. The Congress shall have Power * * * To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures. * * * To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.


          Paul from arkansas

    • Tomas

      Biden said the pandemic is over but was immediately overruled by the man behind the curtain.

      • Brooklyn

        Ahhhh…. that man (actually a girlie man, at best) is bho, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of his fellow travelers, who get to “agree or overrule” on everything jobama says, because as the entire world knows, there is no joe there…

    • Janet

      Notice how Trump said “the Pandemic is Over” right before the 2020 election and now Biden is telling us “the Pandemic is Over” right before the 2022 election!! – watch how “after the election” – a new Pandemic will likely “magically re-ignite” (until right before the 2024 election) – does anyone consider it strange how the Covid Virus “knows how to attack us only between the US elections”?? – and did anyone take notice how Biden (even after shutting down our oil pipelines and draining our strategic oil reserves to give to Europe) he was still able to get the price of gasoline to fall from $5 dollars per gallon to $3 dollars per gallon “right before the election”?? – and did anyone notice how Biden got the gold and silver price to fall right before the election (and the US dollar to skyrocket)?? – seemingly “these inflation indicators” ALSO KNOW they must “come down” before US elections – now what does that tell you folks?? – does it not tell you that the entire system “Is a Fraud” – we better wake up to these “mind control techniques” our politicians use “to get the votes they can’t easily steal” to get themselves re-elected!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/pandemic-over-it-039-s-a-fraud-gop-could-fix-it_EtKZuGGv4zQ6UYr.html

    • Jason

      Elections will be rigged anyways. We are doomed to live like Canadians.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do something about it, Jason. Stop acting like a victim.

        • Greg Forman


          Been in the medical device business for 45 years. Recently in regenerative medicine device business. A friend of mine who I still stay in touch with runs one of the largest organ donor procurement companies in the world informed me vaxxed donors are excluded from donor pool. My question back to him was what about recipients? Think about it?

          Dr. McCullough Interview was forwarded to my friend. Obviously he hadn’t had time to listen to it and he cautioned me to not get carried away with news items that may or may not be factual. Ugh!

          • Johnson T

            Not sure I agree with Dr McCullough that after 6 months noone dies from their last jab. Most people stopped after the third one around Christmas last year yet sudden deaths of young people still through the roof. This does not seem like it is slowing down 9 months later.

            • WD

              I agree with you. I think that Dr Mc was also being very very cautious about what he said. He also seemed somewhat fearful on this interview.

          • Reggie

            So what about blood donors who are vaxx? Are the blood banks noticing anything odd? Should a non vaxxed person receive blood from a vaxxed?

            • Greg Hunter

              I found out today the Red Cross in y area is mixing vaxed and unvaxed blood. Hell NO do not get vaxed blood if you are unvaxed.

        • John Maskell

          Well said Mr Hunter. Fight and fight. Never give up!

          • Galaxy 500


          • Paul

            Fight, fight,fight

            We are at war ,
            Let that hit hard
            On our health,
            On our common sense
            On our intellect
            On our children
            On our way of life
            On the invading border
            On our medium of exchange
            On our families

            And the dialogue, does not represent much of an opposition.


            Paul from arkansas

            • Janet

              The Evil Globalists are attacking the American people with the “jab” (stealing our Souls and making humanity into a “One Hive Mind”) – and are now going after Russia (who doesn’t like what they are doing) by invading their homeland!! – I don’t think Schwab and his Nazi buddies learned anything from WWII (when Hitler opened a two front war against both Europe and Russia) – Russia has probably now come to the realization – that they didn’t kill enough Nazi’s during WWII!!!

        • Scott


          This is no longer a friendly disagreement discussion, the only action left to take is Bearing Arms…

          • Greg Hunter

            and running over teenagers.

        • James

          Do what Greg?
          Stand up against the new world order. Your vote is a mockery to what was free democracy. Fools believe their is a fair election.

          • Greg Hunter

            You have done just what evil wants. You have given up and you are justifying giving up like the coward you are using an anonymous name. Now, go hide and stay out of the way little girl and don’t come back here and post your loser attitude.

          • Galaxy 500

            No, James, FOOLS sit at home and don’t vote. IF votes didnt matter, billions wouldnt be spent on election. Vote MAGA 2022 and Trump 2024…
            Defeat the minions of Satan.
            Sitting at home is voting for Slow Joe and Company

            • James

              G 500 i vote and will vote but a fool can not see the votes are not being counted. Elections are owned by outside interference.
              Until the eletronic vote and paper vote is changed we don’t have a election.
              Jc davis here.

        • Marie Joy

          Everyone is waiting for everyone, else, to do it.

        • Ted


      • Galaxy 500

        Then F#(king do some at the ballot box. If we turn out en masse they can not cheat enough and more people are awake.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t get a Flu shot. It might have either lipid nanoparticles or mRNA or both.

          • Galaxy 500

            Up to Covid, I was getting the quad flu shot every year. No issues.
            Truth be told, I wont get another flu shot until things change. What does that look like?
            They have Nuremberg style trials for these Pharma Execs and politicos. Stand them in a chair, put piano wire around their necks, say a prayer for their victims and kick the chair out…
            That is change I can believe in.

    • Coal Burner

      Another unrepentant mistake by Trump! And I support Trump. He must admit his mistakes and lay out a plan to fix them. If those Orders are still in place, he must declare he will end them. He must clean out the swamp by firings first and prosecutions second. If he cannot find an AG that is not a lowlife criminal then he needs to grow one. I am sick of crooked , criminal AG’s both Republicrat and Dummycrat.

  3. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for having the best coverage of REAL NEWS and Informative Information to Save Lives – – The Coming Deaths From the Covid-19 Shot Will Dwarf What We Have Now – – The Pete Santilli Show Episode 3128 6PM – with special guests Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Rashid Buttar talk with Pete Santilli. – – – https://www.banned.video/watch?id=63292c720a71f07f5646dad5

  4. Marie Joy

    Some medical people are looking for help from us. So it may be a good idea to have information about how to contact Dr McCullough and his peers to hand out to medical people who are desperate for information because they were forced to get the jab and are now scared out of their minds.

  5. Dan Gowin

    Someone needs to develop a paper strip test where blood or urine can be used to test for COVID-19 vaccine spike proteins.

    • Freebreezer

      Dan -Good idea, but really? … Do you think the FDA would ever allow something like this to get out and in into the public’s hand … Nope, never going to happen, the FDA controls the doors to all medical items going to market.

  6. Janet

    The “jabbed” – by putting “a foreign genetic code” into their bodies – “have now become a new species” (without Constitutional or Human Rights) – and this “new species” according to Dr. Sheri Tenpenny can now connect to the internet using 5G – thus – the “jabbed” have effectively surrendered their individual soul to become part of a HIVE MIND (and are now “hack-able” as Yuval Noah Harari tells us) – we are beginning to see the “hive mind” in action – as “jabbed” individuals are doing things (like getting booster shots) just because other people are doing it – it is like their “independent thought” has been turned off – and they are now controlled like “zombies” (with the WEF Globalists as puppet masters)!!

    • Johnny Cool

      Janet, need a job?

      Help Wanted, in Canada.

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Paladin Security recently posted a job for a position that did not previously exist. The company is seeking “patient watch attendants” to guard COVID patients. Are they looking to set up COVID camps as Australia did? They are looking for positions around-the-clock to monitor COVID patients constantly. It would seem odd if they hired security guards to watch patients suffering from any other ailment. This C$20 per hour position is an entry-level security position and requires no medical training.


      • Janet

        You never know when a Zombie will go crazy!! – however the WEF puppet masters “Will Know” – because “They” will be the ones sending out the 5G signal to all the jabbed (who have been made hackable) “to begin the worldwide chaos” they desperately need to bring in their New World Order!!

    • Warren B.

      My theory on the 5G connection with Covid shots….
      It has been shown with numerous tests/studies on the contents of the Covid19 Shots…that Reduced Graphene Oxide is present. Graphene Oxide has an slight negative electrical charge. It is also considered that graphene fibrous structures form inside the body (vascular system). It would put forward that 5G is actually providing the graphene with energy in the form of electro-magnetic waves (being excited if you will) to gather and form structures. It is known that Graphene has excellent conductivity and possibly becoming magnetic.
      This Dr explains it very well.

      • Johnny Cool

        Warren B,

        Is that the “message” in the 2016 film, ‘Cell?’

        See trailer below.


      • Galaxy 500

        If that were true all the high voltage power lines and every other radio transmission would.

        • Warren B.

          It’s all about the frequency.

          • Freebreezer

            W- If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration … Nikola Tesla

            • Warren B.

              Nikola Tesla didnt invent it…he just refurbished hidden history….they dont tell you about that…..long before NT came along the world was using Magnetic Energy generated from Water Vibtration/Frequency. Look at all the evidence that is there…..the water canals, the Building Architecture/Structures….all made with precise intention and using electrical conductive materials…..resonance and vibration …all calibrated perfectly….yes we have a Hidden History…..and then there came a RESET.
              All the Churches of Europe have been repurposed and decorated with paintings…like the Castles of Old…..look at all the Dome Roofs on the Buildings….the magnificent spires on the roofs…. on top of towers…..we are led to believe that they possessed superior architectural building skills 200-400 (and even at the time of the Grecian/Roman Empires) years ago….why did they build such fabulous structures? YES…it is all about harnessing the ENERGY that is abundant in our World. NT stole the truth back….and they got to him and destroyed what he was trying to re-establish.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for this interview, Greg!
      The FDA and CDC are complicit in this Covid Vax madness! Their officials should face charges, and the organizations should be shamed and ENDED! Same with Pfizer and the other vax makers!

  7. Shirl

    Super job interviewing the brave Dr McCullough…bad news with some hope for those who have succumbed to the pressure to get multiple injections. Prayers for all…God Almighty keep.us ALL close.

    • Janet

      It is sad that Trump will not change course – so be it (let the blind follow the blind and fall into a ditch and die) – as Christ effectively said: “we must judge a man by the fruit he is trying to sell us” – Trump effectively feigned support for the principle that “the jab not be established by force” – because he is still out trying his best “to sell the jab” to this very day – trying “to force the kill shot onto his supporters today ” just like he was doing a year ago – https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-covid-vaccine-urge-safe-works/ – the “fruit” this man is selling (the “jab”) has made those who managed to survive the shot so far into “trans-humans” (people who no longer have any rights (according to the US Supreme Court) to either Life or Liberty under the US Constitution or the UN Charter) – “Trumps fruit” made us into “hackable animals” for the WEF Globalists to mind control – and who will make us “think we are happy as they proceed to exterminate us” – “To Gain The Entire World” (sort of like an enhanced version of what Moses did when he exterminated every man, women and child “To Gain The Holy Land)!!

      • Shirl

        Dear Janet, we’ve been over this repeatedly and others have addressed it too…last checked he has gone rather quiet about this issue and given the fact that we were all lied to, I’ll reserve judgement. The other thing to keep in mind is that we’ve all come to realize the truth of the matter at different points in time, which is of course the most horrific medical scandal involving the whole world. Now, you can remain hurt upset angry that he didn’t know but, that will not change the fact that he isn’t a mind reader or that there were hoards of specialists repeating the same lies of Safe & Effective vaccine etc etc. I’ve read where Gates “ordered” him to not look into the devastation as a result but, seems like pure poppycock like many of the other nonsense surrounding the blame game idiocy.
        I recall too he didn’t mandate anything including the alternative therapies that he was attacked for by just mentioning them – so, if you need to vent your blame on anyone, shouldn’t that be big pharma and the experts? I’d imagine that’d be a whole lot more accurate and productive.

        • Janet

          Shirl – Trump seems like an innocent lady bug who has somehow got caught up with a swarming flock of evil hornets – what bothers me is – what the hell is he doing there? – the wings of a lady bug and the wings of a wasp don’t match (so he is not a bird of a feather)?? – so why? – why is he flocking with them?? – all I can figure is – Trump has joined with the hornets because deep down – he really is a WASP!!

          • Shirl

            Hi Janet,
            Excellent analogy.
            President Trump did refer to DC as being A SWAMP and that everyone outside of it agreed with the description and yet didn’t know how Deep the “wretched hive of scum and villany” (Star Wars) really has proven to be…unimaginably infested that still needs Drained Lanced, Cauterized and Disinfected. It surely is We The Peoples America not the personal business of the entrenched evil residing in it to commit acts of treason betrayal and a worshipping of their death cult.
            You know, If not for President Trump the Swamp Creatures of the Deep State would never have been inexplicably revealing themselves as they have been doing…its been really amazing if yiu think about it…almost as if God’s hand is in on this as this with Trump both in and out of office. The Swamp Creatures have revealed themselves and they are kicking mad and screaming desperately…it’s Incredible Really!!!

  8. Jane

    Thank U Greg.
    Excellent program.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jane!

      • Freebreezer

        Very interesting comment at around 15 minutes (pre -log around 14:00 to 15:00 ) – This is a US government operation that went terrible bad – Makes one wonder is the vax just a means to cover up? Giving a vax during a pandemic is a big NO – cause mutations and they (elites at the FDA/NIH etc. ) know this … What a clever (and beyond evil) way to cover up the F*-up? My experience is that a good portion of very smart elites have egos that totally over rule any sense of morals and accountability!

  9. James

    Last year for my yearly doctor visit an effort was made to get me to take the jab by the staff and then by my doctor, said no, no EUA jabs!
    This year for the yearly doctor visit, only the doctor asked me just once if I had the jab(s) or booster(s) – said no to all, then doctor went on to other questions, issues & examination.
    Am elderly & obese then, not obese now (barely, over 30 lbs lost).

    • Greg Hunter

      The doctor knows you are right and is probably sick or knows there is something wrong. YOU are the smart one and they now know it.

    • Scott


      I would not be providing that information in your annual exam for your doctor to record and tract. It has ZERO impact to the questions that should be asked in an annual exam and only AFTER the doctor’s initial review of your vital signs, etc.

  10. Marie Joy

    I ended up in the ER and was too sick to think clearly and I had the test. I was coherent enough to refuse the jab. Do I have reason to fear the test has harmed me?

  11. Marie Joy

    Do NOT accept blood from the jabbed?

    • Tommy

      Only deal with cash, not credit and certainly not bodily fluids.

  12. Kim Beaney

    And people around me inc lost friends and family still think I am nuts. I feel so frustrated and angry. Thank God for USA Watchdog and its world class guests!

    • Greg Hunter

      LTC Theresa Long MD says the Lord told her “Be kind and gentle to the vaxed.” The science will overwhelm the science fiction and the political science soon enough. Count on it. Your family is going to need you. Stay strong and hang in there. Thanks for the very kind words of appreciation.

      • Kim Beaney

        Love, Joy, Peace and FORGIVENESS. Thank you Jesus.
        Still angry that this world is more wicked than ever!

        • Greg Hunter

          Sister Kim,
          This is why you are in this world. You are needed to make it better. Never give up.
          Brother Greg

    • Warren B.

      I personally know several people who were in the prime of their life….and who have passed since taking the toxic shots. Unfortunately I beleive we are at the start of a great culling process…..the damage has already been done.

      • Steve Bice

        Warren: Can you share details? Not names or relationships of course…

  13. eddiemd

    “Hot Lots”

    That was funny.

    Radiator fluid PEG. Part of the lipid nanoparticles. The newer flu vaccines now contain this.
    Given to pregnant women and preschool children all the way down to 6mo.

    Fentanyl deaths, covid vaccine deaths…part of the big plan.

    Three shots and a booster. Somebody should write a song.

    Depleted T-cell immunity, CD8, CD4…studies are already out there that show compromised immunity.
    Coronavirus genome is ideal for CRISPR manipulation.
    Still waiting on the release of modified hantavirus or Machupo virus.

    Nothing went wrong in Wuhan. It was released by US .gov agents in Wuhan China on purpose during the world military games.

    • Greg Hunter

      Eddie MD,
      I think we are just getting started. I hope I am wrong. Anybody who has had the shots or is around people who have had the shots should be taking Ivermectin on a regular basis to bind to the spike proteins and remove them. That’s what the science and the doctors are I see are saying. We can’t afford to wait.

      • Coal Burner

        Greg: I am glad he said that after a year he is not sure. IT give hope to decent people who were bamboozeled.
        I had an emergency hospital event where they woke be from the dead to push the shot. Not tell me a prognosis. I loaded a ton of adrenalan and I probably looked like the dead devil himself when I started questioning this ER Doc if they were aware of the downside risks. She rolled away and I was out in three seconds.
        Be aware and say NO clearly before you start to talk. I met a lot of great Nurses who were forced to take it. I hope they all dodged the evil threat. My heart hurts for them. I take Ivermectin on a spaced out regimen.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I have a lot of respect for Dr McCullough. However, how can he say that people who took the jabs a year ago or more should be alright. We do not even have data for two years, let alone five or ten years.


    • Johnny Cool


      Remember Maury Wills?

      Maury Wills, base-stealing shortstop for Dodgers, dies at 89…

      Once, in a game against the New York Mets, Wills was on first base when pitcher Roger Craig threw 12 straight times to the bag. On Craig’s next throw, Wills stole second.


      • susan

        Guys, Mikki Wills, Maury’s daughter was in my homeroom and we shared a locker. She was one of the nicest girls and very highly respected on her own right. Great person. Her brother, Bumpy went to school there, also. He was younger so I didn’t know him very well. He was very well liked, too.

  14. Warren B.

    It certainly makes you wonder how many vested interests that are actually involved in this grand depopulation scheme.
    When you understand the true nature of what Dr McCullough and many others are witnessing first hand ….this helps with perspective…..

    Who gave this guy a Licence to KILL?
    You may consider he’s EVIL….but wait to you see how many Agendas he actually has.
    Why do the World Leaders treat him like a Head of State?
    Eyes wide Open…..

    • Earth Angel

      I know. I’m not a Bible scholar by any means but I’ve often wondered if Gates isn’t the anti-christ. He’s SO evil but has been presented by media and others as such a wonderful phlianthropist and benefactor to the world. The guy has always creeped me out just looking at him. (just like soros, kissinger, brezyznski, schwab and their ilk) They sing the praises of Gates technocratic computer sh*t- which has brought nothing but trouble and a surveillance slavery system to us all- and his ‘generosity in helping humanity’ through his ‘vaxxine’ and science programs has brought misery and death to millions… seems like the definition of anti-christ to me. Its hard living through these times. Jesus come soon and remove from us these pure evil demons.

  15. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Totally credible guest of the ‘you know the truth when you hear it’ variety. Astonishing to learn that circa 90% of doctors took at least one shot. Cognitive dissonance may provide some explanation for doctors’collective denial of their patients’ CV-19 vaccine injuries. Greg – you are disseminating the truth about the vaxx like no other. Outstanding!

  16. Ed Mustafo

    Between being brainwashed by Big Pharma and being paid $$$ by Big Pharma, yeah, it’s safe to say most doctors are in a trance all right.

    • Janet

      The sight of big money being put into their hands to go along with the mass murder blinds most doctors – however – they will “see again” once the most treasonous act in US history (Biden’s Executive Order 14067 for creation of Central Bank Digital Currency – CBDC) is implemented “after the election” – it will be totalitarianism in its purest form – CBDC will be controlled by commies in the government and the “money” will be tied to people (with a Digital Identity Number) – allowing for total financial surveillance of the people – Central Bank Digital Currencies will be “one of the greatest violations of human rights in history” – as the commies in Government through their Central Banks will be able to see exactly what is in your bank account, who you transact with, what you purchase, and anything else you do in your financial life – and “these commies” will not just monitor every one of your transactions – they will have the ability “to impose negative interest rates” (meaning they can simply take money out of your bank account “without your authorization” if the commies feel say “inflation is getting out of control” or say “they need money to give to the Ukraine (with 10% going to the Big Guy)” – so unlike cash or gold – the “commies” CBDC’s will remove the privacy and decentralized nature of our current money (it will create a monetary system where the commie government and their central banks will have “complete control over every aspect of your financial life”) – and if you are “jabbed” they can even tell you “how to spend your money” (likely only at government approved stores)!!

  17. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks so much for having Dr. McCullough on your program. He is one of my heroes.
    Dr. M mentions life insurance companies paying out. Well, my Dad died ten months ago. Dad bought us three kids’ life insurance policies. My sister cashed hers out decades ago. No problem. My brother cashed his out six months ago and he had a helluva time on the phone with the insurance company to get his money.

    I tried to get my life insurance payout a month ago and the company (Ameritas), buried me in a blizzard of demanded paperwork, documents, signatures, blah blah blah.
    The life insurance companies are delaying payouts.

    PS: Is that dog on the couch alive? I see its chest move once in awhile, but man, that dog is out!

    • Linda Majors


      Yes, Dr. McCullough’s little dog is alive. I watched him yawn, stretch, get up, and walk to the other end of the couch. Cute! (I love dogs, and consider them one of God’s gifts to us.)


      • Johnny Cool

        At Maneco64, Mario’s dog Billy, is always on the couch, haven’t seen him move yet.

        ‘The lessons learned from good and silver.’


      • tim mcgraw

        Linda Majors: Yes, I also saw the dog move later. She is cute and a good old soul.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Linda Majors….Dogs and Cats are our Creators Tape Recorders….they capture All the Love and Attention they are shown in their short little lives….They also Capture the Inhumane Cruelty some demon humans dish out to them…… and when it’s our turn……they meet us up there with our Creator and expose us as either deserving of Gifts….or deserving of punishment….
        Our Pets go to Paradise too!

    • Sheryl Pardue

      I enlarged the picture of the dog. It is so cute. At least they have doctors out there trying to work on minimizing damage from the shot. That should give some more people hope if they will only listen. I have male friend 53 who took one shot and had a heart attack. I try to get info to him but he is dead set on going against anything his doctor advises.

      • tim mcgraw

        Sheryl Pardue: “he is dead set”, truer words never spoken. We have friends who are also “dead set” on taking the shots (and they keep getting Covid!).

        I know of no doctors in our town who are against the poisonous injections. They still wear masks! And demand that their patients wear them as well.
        It’s madness.

  18. Linda Majors


    Another excellent interview! Thanks for inviting Dr. McCullough! (I enjoyed watching his dog snuggle up on the couch behind him. Cute!)

    I’m concerned about my relatives who got the vaxx, but I don’t ask if they got a booster, and they don’t volunteer any info. Covid is a very touchy subject. We no longer talk about it. However, I forward links to interviews, such as the one with Dr. McCullough. But they never respond.

    I noticed on 48 Hrs., CBS, Pfizer is the sponsor, and was promoting the Covid shots even for children. Apparently, it doesn’t bother the networks nor Pfizer that they are encouraging people to do something that can kill them or cause serious injuries. It’s disgusting!

    Even Lloyd Austin, Sec. of Defense, continues to mandate those Covid shots and boosters for our military, even though Biden announced that the pandemic is over.
    I believe Audtin hates America, and wants to kill and injure as many as possible. He continues to purge our military of the best and most qualified. I believe he wants America to go down.

    After what Austin and Milley did in Afghanistan, I don’t trust either of those two individuals. They’re not stupid. Something terribly wrong is happening to our country. If we don’t elect some good conservatives in November to get control in DC, it’s over.

    Biden has even signed an executive order to bring about transhumanism. No doubt he needs help due to dementia, but he should leave the rest of us alone. That mean, old fraud is dangerous!

    Thanks for everything, Greg!

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr McCullough.
    Science is now the handmaiden of inquisition and not inquiry, no wonder so few real advances are being made, many pretend advances none real.
    Here in the UK our learned institutions, funny that isn’t, stand ever ready to condemn those who seek truth. Such institutions like the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the British Medical Association to name but a few. Our colleges like St Andrews in Scotland are ever vigilant to original thought and stand ready to bring down the sword of injustice on any who think differently. We really do need a revolution here!

  20. CJ

    1. My sister-in-law is the latest in our family to have health issues. She is 58 and has had shingles for the last several weeks. The RXs aren’t helping and she has been to the dr several times trying to get relief. She is double vaxxed. Thankfully she told us recently that she is not taking any more vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

    2. My Momma had a visit from a life-long friend of our family. During the visit, she admitted to being double vaxxed. She too is in her 50’s. She has some sort of rare blood and has donated on a regular basis. I don’t know what it is about her blood, but this is something she has done since she was in her 20’s. When she admitted she took the vax, she said she did it because her husband is immune compromised and that was the reason for her to take it. But, right after her second jab, she went to do her regular blood donation. They were unable to accept her blood because it was filled with blood clots. They told her to go to the hospital immediately. Later while telling her doctor what happened, he told her it was caused by the covid vaccines she had taken. She is now on medication for the blood clots and is no longer able to donate blood. Not only is she harmed from the vaccines, but all of the people who needed her rare blood will be put at risk also if that blood is not available. At least her doctor is admitting the cause of her problem. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to her, but I am taking the list of treatments to my Momma to give to her.

    There is just something evil about all of this.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, A study in the 70s also indicated L-lysine as helpful/adjunctive in treatment of BPH. It won’t hurt to try. Best always. PM

  21. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for continuing to keep us informed instead of lied to re all things news. I’m still alive after 3 Moderna jabs. I will let you know if I end up dead. As I said before: our family gene pool is super healthy w out any heart or immune problems so if I have problems I am going to know first. I had major lumbar surgery fusing L-4 & 5 to my pelvis. So I’m preoccupied every day with enormous pain and tears with much praying to our Lord for friends, and our world that makes me so sad. I suspect that Jesus has given me a hall pass. Ivermectin has been banned from California so I only have my faith.

  22. Johnny Cool

    G.A. Stewart: The COVID-19 Vaccine was required where I have worked for the last twenty-five years and I was willing to lose my job over it. I watched coworkers succumb to the threats. Only one other coworker and I refused.

    There has been a drastic increase of deaths reported by life insurance companies since the advent of the COVID-19 Vaccine… Or has there?

    In this age of bullshit, people automatically will find a countering information source from alleged professional experts.

    The reality that something is wrong with the COVID-19 Vaccine is the Center For Disease Control’s own warning of Myocarditis and Pericarditis being a side-effect of the vaccine.

    In conjunction with the actual CDC’s warning, we have graphic evidence of young athletes from around the world collapsing on sports fields.


  23. Derek Sinclair

    Dr. McCullough is right. Families who have lost loved ones should come out and clearly state whether or not they were “vaccinated”. It’s the last thing they can do to ensure their loved ones did not die in vain.

    • Shirl

      So true Derek. Most I’d bet don’t realize anything of the adverse reporting that should be done as well…many physicians do not know about it themselves. Becoming Injured & or Dying in “vain” …what a shame!!!

  24. Martin Coombs

    They have achieved what they set out to do, now it’s move on to the next step of the reset ( while the effects of their craft play out in the vaxed. ( stage one is complete. Wars & rumours of wars , famines etc it is clear to see. I cannot believe burla & the ones saying get ur shot get ur shot have taken it, its ludicrous to suggest they have knowing they knew what’it was made for . They say they getting covid after shots to make the people who have had the shots think it’s normal to get covid after you had the shots. How people can believe any of these so called leaders & what they say is beyond me, the CEO’s of most top companies medical the lot are the ones making the rules & government have been led to believe they are ( for the common good) helping the world as it’s over populated. Willfully in some cases & deceived in others , the father of lies is gaining ground ( humans are fallen , & all that is happening should be no surprise, it is written ( 911 no justice, 21 years on, etc, don’t be fooled & think justice will be done by man. The day is at hand repent .

  25. Jonathan

    The article mentions the “Wuhan” spike protein. I hope everybody understands this was _not_ a Chinese weapon. This was a US-Chinese weapon. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr Ralph Baric and his team, conducted the gain of function testing in their bio- weapon lab _on campus_ from 2013 to 2015. It was a joint project with the CCP Wuhan Virology Institute and NIADH/NIH/ Dr fauci funding it..
    They took the harmless Chinese horseshoe bat Coronavirus and genetically engineered it to make it selective against HUMAN Ace-2 receptors in our bodies. These are receptors on the lining of blood vessels throughout our body. So nobody should say that this is a Chinese virus or a Wuhan virus. This was a joint US-Chinese depopulation program.



  26. A Friendly Face


    Online portal that you can sign up on for free and then pharmaceutical wholesalers in Mumbai India will contact you directly. Some of them accept PayPal and none of them require prescriptions. You can purchase all the Ivermectin 12 mg tablets that you want. This is what I have done personally for my own safety and protection. I took it when I had covid, and my wife and I take it generally one tablet three times a week because it has an 18-hour half life. We take it regularly through the week because we are around patients who took the shots and no longer wear a mask, so they are breathing those Spike proteins out on us. It is well known or at least should be well known that the spike proteins among many other things, knock out our bodies’ tumor suppressor genes thus the rise in cancers. That’s at least one of the reasons why the cancers are rising. I’m not giving medical advice, only telling people what I do personally and where I got my supply of ivermectin.

    Consider this before they shut it down.


    Psalm 37

    • Keith Wilson

      A friendly Face. Two months ago I got incontact with a Indian supplier. I did a bank transfer which he requested and I never heard from him again. I lost about 150 dollars . No invermectin ever arrived from India. So be very careful with these Asian suppliers. The company name was Blue Earth Traders. In Jaripatha India. Be carefull and don’t be taken in with these invermectin suppliers try to buy from Mexico or Singapore.

      • Greg Hunter

        Tractor supply 1.87 Ivermectin Horse Paste is what people are telling me they are buying.

        • Michael

          Hi Greg,
          Do you have a link for dosage?
          I work in an environment where many are proudly vaxed. I have not, but have some symptoms as if I was vaxed.


          • Greg Hunter

            Dr. Kory says the standard Ivermectin Dose is 9 mgs per 100 pounds. I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice.

    • Scott

      How do you know what you receive is actually Ivermectin – I wish there was a test to validate the medicine is actually what it says it is…

      • Twox2

        That’s why I am willing to pay more to get it from Seven Cells, a compound pharmacy in Jupiter Fl.

        Copied From Their FAQ

        What’s the amount of mg/pills for my order?

        This depends on the weight of the patient. In general, the following applies,

        70 – 90 lbs = 8 mg
        91 – 110 lbs = 10 mg
        110 – 130 lbs = 12 mg
        131 – 150 lbs = 13.5 mg
        151 – 170 lbs = 15 mg
        171 – 190 lbs = 16 mg
        191 – 210 lbs = 18 mg
        211 – 230 lbs = 20 mg
        231 – 250 lbs = 22mg
        251 – 270 lbs = 24mg
        271 – 290 lbs = 26mg
        291 – 310 lbs = 28 mg

  27. Nick

    I hope Dr McCullough is right about the peaking
    2021-2022. That would be bad enough. Nothing being promoted by governments have a positive benefit to the population. Trump had Covid, recovered, got the jab, then got the booster, going against guidelines as stated in this interview. Even the head of the WHO admitted he didn’t get jabbed. That should have been a red flag.

    I think there is more in these vaccines than talked about, that responds to 5G. May be benevolently, may be malevolently. The latter would not surprise me.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      This talk of 5G intrigues me. So a curiosity question. Simply, is there a way to tell a 5G tower by its appearance alone? Is the lighting different or structure? Anyone. Thank you.

      • Nick

        There are maps on the internet showing where they are located.

  28. Pale Face

    Russia Is Now Officially At War With
    _____The Dual-Anglo-American World Superpower!
    Ok congress, Man up and do the same. Declare war, or at least start the debate. Your there to represent us remember? Not your financial portfolio? Stop the nonsense of undeclared war which has led to defeat after defeat since WWII, because monetarily the America taxpayer had his butter, with no skin in the game. Except unseen debt! Vietnam was a gun’s and butter war. If the American people had their butter restricted like all wars before, there would have never been such a long drawn out war of attrition that caused the stag-flation of the late seventies. That nearly busted our country, if without the guts of, “the gentle giant, Paul Volcker”.
    This war to the last Ukrainian standing. Already has started it’s, stagnating-inflating. Caused by all the other, undeclared trillion upon trillion’s of dollar wars of attrition. Since Vietnam! There is no way Jose, the United States survives this war as we’ve know it, the past 250 years since independence. To now indigence. When our 28th United States secretary of defense, since Vietnam. Lloyd James Austin III (born August 8, 1953) a retired United States Army four-star general in 2016 and joined the boards of Raytheon Technologies, Nucor, Tenet Healthcare, and Auburn University.
    On December 7, 2020, he was nominated for defense secretary by then-President-elect, Beijing’s $3.8 Billion, with a B, Joe Biden. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on January 22, 2021, by a vote of 93–2. Since his appointment on January 22, 2021,
    In The revolving door: Lloyd Austin Employment Summary of Raytheon Technologies, is among the top five top lobbying spenders in the defense sector and spent almost $11 million on lobbying in. . .The Washington swamp.
    Biden Defense Pick to Get Up to $1.7 Million From Raytheon Role
    I’m not trying to pick on Lloyd, He’s a success monetarily. Congrats mate! But what have we got from our military industrial, with a complex. President Ike, Eisenhower warned us about?
    Absolutely nothing!

  29. antoinette dawson

    No one is going to come out and say that the vaxx killed family. They don’t want to jeopardize life insurance payments.

    • Janet

      This is how the Globalists figured it all along (to make it look like “only the unvaccinated were dying” – they knew family members would ever admit their loved ones were vaccinated (if by doing so they lose all the life insurance money they would be getting) – better to shut up “and grab the cash” (the same way the doctors are doing in Hospitals all around the country – getting a cool $500,000 dollar bounty for every death on a ventilator (Trump also likes to take credit for providing)!!

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg peter

  31. Jerry

    Zero hour is approaching.

    Something is very wrong. I have it from one of my sources that his GPS is way off course. He does locating for a living so his equipment is calibrated on a daily basis with the finest equipment you can buy. What it means is open for debate, but I can’t help but believe it has something to do with the coming reset as the globalist continue to screw with the environment to push their agenda. The globalist know the vaccine agenda is losing steam, so I believe they’ve moved onto to the next crisis to kill as many people as possible. The vernal equinox begins today so I am even more suspicious with the timing. Take this information with a grain of salt, as I am no expert of anything. Pray.

    • Jerry

      This could be the cause of the GPS problems.

      If so, we are in grave danger of having our electrical grid disrupted and creating multiple power outages. Some sources have said that this black swan event will be tied to climate change, and now it all makes sense. If this asteroid comes close to earths atmosphere it could cause major disruptions for weeks. Look at the date for its trajectory. It fits the timeline. Rest assured the globalist will use it to their advantage one way or another. Make final preparations and pray.

  32. Tinfoilhatted Canuck

    Apologies Greg, as this is off topic, but it’s been a couple weeks since our friend Bill Holters and Jim Sinclair’s site JSMinesight has been unavailable to me here in Canada.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

  33. Stinking Bull

    Aren’t we continuing to be focused on the symptoms?
    Its an operating system totally controlled by G waves.
    People will be totally controlled or killed. All the information is out there, and the perpetrators are pleased we focus on the symptoms and not the true intent. Population control.

  34. Stinking Bull

    Aren’t we continuing to be focused on the symptoms?
    Its an operating system totally controlled by 5-G waves.
    People will be totally controlled or killed. All the information is out there, and the perpetrators are pleased we focus on the symptoms and not the true intent. Population control.

  35. Mary

    Thank you very much Greg for all you do. I look forward to all of your posts. I am a retired board certified anesthesiologist and luckily retired at a relatively young age. I was suspicious of the teachings in med school but only with the scamdemic realize how the system is corrupt and criminal. In general the vast majority of MDs are clueless and believe all the BS dogma re “Covid” and all other ailments. Dr. McCollough is very brave and has been penalized for speaking out trying to help people. I am in there is no virus and no covid camp. Dr. Yeadon has come to the no respiratory virus exist conclusion. McCollough is way more sanguine than I am re the kill shots. IMHO anyone who the jab(s) are doomed. The more one take the worse the outcome. I doubt those jabbed will ever be out of the woods.
    Clif High states some well known scientists did not find any mRNA in the shots. They are all graphene oxide and who knows what other poison. The batches are not uniform so who knows. As you know Clif predicts the # of deaths will peak in 2024. We have a ways to go.

    • Johnson T

      I think Dr McCullough’s primary focus is to stop people taking more of these shots and to treat the victims. I suspect he is more fearful about the fate of those that took the vaccine than he would admit to. Probably does not want to cause a panic or maybe he is scared of revealing too much in case he is silenced.

  36. Mark Alan

    I appreciate your guest, but he is very ignorant. He fails to see the big picture, and the internet of the globalist to depopulate and control humanity. If he does know the truth, he is afraid to speak out for fear of persecutions, which I can understand.

    It is proven and admitted that the jab IS an operating system. The injected emanate their own specific blue tooth code. And like Morgellons, the biomass can be moved to anyplace in the body and can be controlled to heal a person or kill a person at will using frequencies.
    Morgellons was just another trial phase from twenty years ago. And those who were used for this phase suffered a torture like MK Ultra, that left many dead or homeless with PTSD.
    Constantly monitored by the dumb and sick army for fear of retaliation.

    The 6g network is the control system connection.
    The one person able to explain this, and put these facts in terms I could understand is Max Egan on Bit Shute. I think he uses THE CROWHOUSE as a handle. For me, he connected all the dots and afterword their plan made perfect sense.
    The world economic forum people pretty much have everything in place. It will take a miracle and the return of our Lord to make things right.

    Thank you Greg for being a watchman. Most are afraid for their families.
    They signed a NDE and joined satans army, wich is just another finger on satans hand. The mark of the beast.

  37. Da Yooper


    Greg & Dr. Peter McCullough…… well done

    I need to replace my current health care provider ( BCBS of Michigan is too woke for my tastes ) does anyone know of another health care provider I can research to switch to in December

  38. Jim Miller

    Hi Greg Hunter,
    I love your passion for swinging the spotlight of truth on to so many topics.
    Substantial clinical research now reveals that infra red therapy dramatically reduces the Covid induced spike protein cascade!
    Over the past two decades, numerous mainstream research doctors have been clinically testing the use of various and effective ways of using infra red light, and synchronizing the use of photo modulation with the daily circadian rhythm.
    Substantial clinical research reveals that infra red therapy dramatically reduces the Covid induced spike protein cascade!

    Would you consider interviewing some of these mainstream doctors? My first pick, Dr Seheult.
    His YouTube website is called MedCram.

    Dr. Seheult is quadruple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine.
    He has worked in the hospital intensive care units for years — including through out the Covid panic.
    Dr Seheult also teaches courses to a wide range of medical doctors who wish to pass an exam to become board certified in an additional area of medicine.
    Dr. Seheult teaches at as an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine, and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the School of Medicine and Allied Health at Loma Linda University.

    Dr Seheult presents a mountain of mainstream research that reveals infra red therapy dramatically reduces the Covid induced spike protein cascade! This is a very inexpensive and non invasive way to substantially reduce the effects of spike protein.
    And can be safely and inexpensively be used as a preventative remedy for those who have never had Covid.
    Substantial research also reveals that infra red light may attenuate the risk of dementia and other serious cognitive disorders associated with aging.
    I would suggest you start with the topic that provides a widespread use of infra red therapy in hospitals around the world. “Sunlight: Optimize health & Immunity”
    the 4th link down the page.

    In that youtube class, Dr Seheult discovers that only a 100 years ago, hospitals in the United States were architecturally designed to have a large outdoor solarium! At that time, these huge solariums achieved spectacular medical results. Why did they disappear?
    Not sure. But, at that time, pharmaceutical companies began to flood the medical market with magical pills, promising magical results.
    I love your passion for bringing the spotlight of truth to so many topics.

  39. Richard

    Thanks for all you do, Greg. I have been following you for years and you have the best guests and provide crucial information to your viewers. Having followed you and other similarly useful sites makes the mainstream news on the idiot box even more unwatchable.
    God Bless,

  40. Tim

    You should consider interviewing Dr. Bhuttar re the Fauci/ Birx bio weapon and mass formation psychosis. Also from my hometown a colleague of Dr. Pierre Cory; Dr. Paul Marik from University of Western Ontario. We lost a dear jazz musician saxophonist Joe Edmonds from London Ontario who had complete organ failure/ cancer after his booster/ third bioweapon inoculation. This was a super healthy man that routinely shot 70’s at a local golf club! Mccullough says it is either deliberate or lethal manufacturing. Either way there are scores of doctors, nurses, hospital ceos and eugenicist government criminals that “did nothing or covered up this crime.” We need Nuremberg trials and immediate destruction of all inoculates!

  41. Enrico

    Greg: the next time you have Clif High on ask him about vitamin D3. He recommended a minimum blood level on his videos of 2020 and 2021. Personally I have raised my levels to 90 nano grams per ml. (I get blood levels checked every 6 months) I take 15,000 IU and 10,000 IU alternate days of the week. Everybody is different so keep that in mind.

  42. ken

    One doesn’t need someone with a title and little letters at the end of their name to notice a scam going on, especially a scam that tells you their goals!

    All the npp has to do is go to the VAERS site. One can see the devastation. This one shot has caused more death and destruction than all past supposed vaccines combined and did it in less than one year!. This alone should convince the 2-3% that still have a modicum of rational thinking.

    The rest of the hypochondriac NPP’s can perish by the dangerous shots all they want, no business of mine.
    It is interesting to see the CDC demonize it’s very own database saying its (VAERS) isn’t very accurate. Well it isn’t. It under counts by a lot,,, some say up to 40-50%.


    When one sees people and children just dropping dead,,, when one sees the medical cartel making up new causes of death the astute individual will pick op on that and look into it.
    The ignorant lazy will just let their (betters) think for them while they live their sheltered lives.

  43. Patrick Alaggio

    There was a very bad misstatement by Dr. McCullough that “178 MILLION Americans have died from the vaccine”. Obviously unintentional but Greg, you did not catch it and that makes this video UNSHAREABLE.

    • Johnny Cool

      178 MILLION.
      Yes, he said that at the 16:30 mark.

  44. Gordon Higham

    The reason why there is deathly silence by the famous, celebrities etc… is that they are either on Big Pharma payroll or being threatened by the US government (FBI, IRS, HHS, DOD). Either they are being directly bribed or extorted to stay silent.

  45. pbd

    Most excellent interview! Thanks.
    The emerging evidence that the Covid clot-shots are causing transplant rejections is not surprising (unfortunately) to those that work in or have worked in the specialized organ transplant area (and are awake/not conflicted). It is well known that immunosuppression and CMV (cytomegalovirus) infection (new or reactivation) is associated with transplant rejection. It is also well known now that the Covid clot-shots appear to progressively suppress the hosts immune system – in particular depleting T-lymphocytes (C8+ and CD4+ cells) which are critical to preventing and mitigating CMV infection/reactivation. If a transplant recipient has a latent persistent CMV infection or receives an organ from a CMV infected donor – there is a risk that activated CMV infection in the transplant recipient will create conditions whereby the organ transplant is rejected and lost.
    Countermeasures for suspected or confirmed CMV infection in a transplant recipient (I think) are to treat with an antiviral IMMEDIATELY such as valganciclovir or maribavir – that latter antiviral drug was recently approved specifically for post-transplant CMV infection! In advance of the transplant procedure if the recipient or donor are confirmed or suspected to have had CMV it is wise (perhaps) to prescribe prophylactic antiviral treatment to the recipient to reduce the risk of CMV related post-transplant rejection.
    Unfortunately, one of the many predictable Covid clot-shot knock-on effects is transplant rejection – there are many, many others related to immune suppression and re-activation of latent persistent pathogenic infections – some of which are oncogenic viruses (cancer causing/promoting) – and explains the jump in cancer in clot-shot recipients. Another, potential knock-on effect of clot-shot immunosuppression induced CMV infection/reactivation is CMV-retinitis – and if not effectively treated can lead to blindness – and is also related to why there is disproportionally high rate of retinal organ transplant rejections!
    My guess is that Dr. McCullough will understand or already knows/suspects most of what I have outlined above.
    Best of luck all.

  46. Doug W

    Like I said before, within five years, time tell “ALL”…………… and nobody will be held for it…………….. ( THE DEATHS. )

  47. Dear Santa,

    Another example of Republicans enabling the Socialists.
    Republicans are now the mexican drug cartels TRAVEL AGENCY!!

    Illegal Alien Arrested for Killing Sheriff’s Deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz One Week Before Her 25th Birthday. The value of life is zero to some people.

    Illegal aliens. Round them up and immediately deport them!! Find them, handcuff them, and transport them to the crossing that is most desolate and isolated from an American town/city. Give them no extra time to gather their stuff, give them no free meals, no debit cards, no phone calls to lawyers, no Biden-phones, no mail-in ballots, no nothing except a pint of water. The mexican government, if they cared, would be on the other side providing all support to their countrymen. It is not the working taxpayers responsibility to provide anything to any illegal alien.

    Make the penalty so severe they dare not take the chance to break our laws. And then solve our inner city young adult crime problems the same way.

    Hey Don Lemon, tell your people to stop culturally appropriation the European culture and its inventions. Here is an african descendant living like a wealthy white European!! Can Don and his ilk return to living the way ‘his people’ ‘his community’ did before they encountered the Europeans? Can Don live in the bare dirt or in a cave; no phone, no light, no motorcars, not a single luxury…. Reparations, how about paying the city governments trillions $$ to make good on all and every neighborhood that ‘his community’ have destroyed since 1964. How about some remuneration for the cost of imprisonment and money as damages to the families of the victims of all crimes committed by ‘his people’. How about a return on all the welfare money

    The victims of crimes often lose their life, and the criminal today never serves equatable time, and the criminal never ever pays the victim or surviving family back with a value equal to the value of what the criminal took from the victim. This is why firing squads must return in the case where a criminal kills an innocent person.

    If the complaint is we went to africa and kidnapped them, then we must make things right and return them all back. Or they must drop their grievances and become AMERICANS without hyphens!! And can we get rid of the morally illegal discriminatory affirmative action and the practices of quotas?

  48. Roy madison

    “IF ” an artificial intelligence were to kill off the human population, I imagine it would maneuver things to have everyone in the world vaccinated with a bio weapon that killed from day 1 to 5 years out. It would be mandatory with many social restrictions if a person didn’t comply. The deaths would be covered up , an investigation would be delayed and delayed . People would obey because we are taught to obey “authority ” and obeying the law maintains order and freedom in society. We trust our leaders , they are on the side of the good guys like we are. So like lemmings in a large herd everyone is running off the cliff into the sea and drown. It’s very ironic that this scenario resembles the whole covid 19 /VAX Situation.. This is massive , catastrophic, on biblical proportions.. Greg ,you have a right to be angry.

  49. Doug W

    tick, tick, tick,tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, goes the old clock on the wall……..

  50. Doug W

    You brought up that daughter again of that congressman, maybe she died the way that the 21 old year Kennedy died from……….( and the family doesn’t want that out there ) just throwing that out there………


    a lot of people have blood on their hands.
    Way too many people are now linking the virus back to UNC CH
    It is too late to put this back in the test tube but

  52. tim


  53. Ron

    Trump is STILL pushing HIS KillShot and BRAGGING about how many millions of lives it has saved.

    He is unfit and undeserving of serving another term as President and anyone still giving him the benefit of the doubt and supporting him is a WILLING DUPE.

    • Shirl

      Hello Ron, you know you may need to get out more…last checked and for quite sometime now, he hasn’t. The last rally in Youngstown Ohio was AWESOME without mention of it. Curious, were you one of the Orange Man Bad kooks who complained too when he offered information on HCQ zinc vitamins and other therapies? 😂😂😂

  54. pbd

    If the EUA authorization for emergency use of Covid-shots excludes from the prospective intent-to-treat population folks that have confirmed or suspected prior Covid virus infection – it is potential prima facie MEDICAL MALPRACTICE to vaccinate a patient with the indicated experimental vaccine unless there are extreme extra well-reasoned logical justifications documented and additional detail “informed consent” obtained from the prospective patient in advance, on a case-by-case basis – failure to document the same is itself medical malpractice and/or fraud.
    Government and institutional coercion of treatments that otherwise would be consider malpractice is itself fraud and potentially the unlawful practice of medicine.
    Government/administrative coercion that contradicts the EUA basis for emergency use can also be construed as “arbitrary and capricious” action by the Government – which opens the Government to lawsuits from the public.
    The Covid clot-shots raise a plethora of serious legal issues for everyone now that has their fingerprints on the jabbing activities. Obviously, in view of the monumental amount of known serious AEs associated with the Clot-shots – it appears it has been clear malpractice and/or fraud to be promoting, facilitating, or being materially associated with deploying the Covid clot-shots. For Pfizer and Moderna et al. – “fraud vitiates everything” – whether they want to admit or not they have been flying without a legal product liability parachute. But the ongoing activities clearly raises the specter of association with genocide and crimes-against humanity.
    Best of luck all.

  55. Thora Pomicter

    My son’s girlfriend’s 13 year old sister has myocarditis. She has had 4 shots in the past year. Her cardiologist is an idiot. He told her parents that she got it from having covid, not the jab. He said lots of young people are dropping dead from myocarditis but he did not tell her parents that she should not play soccer or run cross country. Instead, he told her if she gets chest pain while playing soccer, she should just sit down and drink some water. Her father is an idiot too. Instead of telling his 13 year old that she can’t play soccer anymore, he bought a defribulator to bring to all her games in case she collapses on the field. This young girl could use your prayers.

  56. Greg

    I asked my doctor if he would prescribe Ivermectin to me. He scolded me and told me the only Pre and Post treatment for covid is the vaxxxxx. He called Ivermectin a veterinary treatment.
    I am pretty sure my doctor is vaxxxed and boostered to the hilt.
    Greg show.

  57. David Higgins

    What about the Blood supply? would you take a blood trasfuxion?

  58. Matt Nelson

    Back in the 90’s there was a diet drug approved by the FDA called Phen Phen and it caused heart valve damage. This drug was pulled, yet this vaccine is allowed to continue. I guess since it is not approved by the FDA and is labeled experimental they do not care because big Pharma still gets their money with no recourse. I am not a person of influence, really a nobody, and just the fact that the first jab was brought to market after 7 months did not seem like a good idea to take into my body.

    • Matt Nelson

      P.S. I had CV in April of 2020 and omicron in May of 2020. I muddled through and was pretty sick, yet I never took any vaccine.

    • eddiemd

      The people recommending and giving the injections can be sued in court. As long as you don’t sign a consent form. The givers of the injections are liable. Emergency authorized use is very similar to off label use. The doctors and nurses should be held responsible. They know better.

      Especially people forced to take the injections to keep their employment and suffered damages. There should be law suits all over the USA. Lawyers are themselves being harmed. Most courthouses forced all attorneys to be vaccinated. Where are the judges?

  59. mark

    Hi Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    Isn’t it interesting how the decorative pattern on the tie which Dr. McCullogh’s is wearing strongly resembles the letter “Q”?
    As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7)

  60. FreeBirdJohnny

    College football announcer he was trying to think of with blood-clots…Kirk Herbstreit.

  61. Titus Nelson

    Carter’s Global 2000 Report concluded the only way to get the population explosion under control was to increase the death rate. People needed to die early and not get old. This would stabilize population and increase standard of living.

    One way to do that would be to program people with a genetic vaccine that would program people to die earlier. Sound familiar?

    • Greg Hunter

      Carter shold die first.

      • Galaxy 500


      • Marie Joy

        From what I can see, he probably will.

      • Ted

        Ahmen Brother

    • Marie Joy

      I’ve done some traveling and I’ve never seen this overpopulation. If you drive out west via Route 70, you go for miles and miles without seeing anything but “The Biggest Gopher in the World”. No overpopulation.

  62. pbd

    The large amount of post-Covid-shot neurologic symptoms/complaints can be explained by a direct and indirect effect of the Covid-shots. The direct effect is that the Covid-shot spike protein homology with human proteins – such as “Neural cell adhesion molecule L1-like protein” or “Neuron navigator 3” (or others) might be the cause a neurologic autoimmune reaction (this is what Dr. McCullough touched on). However, my leaning is more towards the knock-on effects of Covid-shot immune suppression that then opens the door to many neurotropic pathogen based diseases. In particular, there are a host of well know neurotropic viruses that manifest often severe neurologic symptoms and morbidity.
    The herpes virus family is one of the most well-known neurotropic collection of viruses that cause neurologic symptoms, and that infection results in latent persistent infection in the host forever that can result in reactivation when the immune system is subsequently suppressed – e.g. now by Covid-shot induce suppression for example of T-lymphocytes (C8+ and CD4+ cells). Besides, neurologic symptoms, many of the herpes viruses are known to be (or suspected to be) oncogenic (e.g. CMV and EBV) – and which potentially explains to some degree the skyrocketing cancer rates post-Covid shot “vaccination”.
    But unfortunately, there are other neurotropic viruses that would be expected to become more prevalent in patients that have Covid-shot induced immune suppression. One of these is the polio virus family (wild serotype – WPV1, WPV2 and WPV3). Although, PV2 and PV3 have been eradicated (assuming you believe the WHO or CDC at this point), WPV1 which is associated with the paralytic poliomyelitis is still around and appears to be on the rise.
    Another set of neurotropic viruses are the arboviruses that are (e.g. transmitted by ticks) that include West Nile and Rift Valley Fever virus are associated with meningitis, encephalitis and/or flaccid paralysis pathologies.
    A host that has a depressed immune system will be more susceptible to infection from exposures – i.e. active infection can occur from challenge with a lower amount of infectious viral material (i.e. colony forming units).
    The above is just a postulated outline of the Covid-shot induce immunosuppression knock-on effects related to neurotropic viruses – obviously, there other pathogens that may become more of a problem in the vaxxed.
    The bottom-line is that at this point it appears continued pushing of the Covid-shots is “too-stupid-to-be-stupid” and the “Nuremberg defense” is not going to cut it (I think)!
    Best of luck all.

    • Ted

      You are obviously well educated and informed. I am of the opinion that your hypothesis could be very close to the planned long term consequences. Looking at your list of potential outcomes fits with my supposition. Which is, “they,” who we are attempting to subjugate the current population of the planet, are clever enough to build a weapon with multiple vectors of mortality. Which they can point to for plausible deniability.

  63. Galaxy 500

    We don’t have a lot of power but one thing we have is a little money and control over it. Unilever makes a bunch of stuff… I will never give them so much as a single penny of mine until they fire their CEO and Board…
    Their CEO said “company would “not back down” on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues during a Tuesday forum at the Clinton Global Initiative.”
    Just being part of the Clinton Global Initiative to Rob America is enough for me to stop buying their products but then you add a full dose of “Wokeness” and I am done. PERIOD. The end

    • Paul

      The corporate, central bank going direct takeover, will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history and future, their wars, their products , their notion of inevitability.
      Who told you to attack our land and meet me us as enemy instead of a friend?

      Thanks for McCullough, he has been a aspiration and beacon for me months after the repo crisis and event 201. I wish he didn’t keep referring to it as a vaccine.

      Paul from arkansas

  64. Bunker Hill

    “This Is Not a Bluff”: Putin Vows to Use Any Means Necessary Against West – EMERGENCY BROADCAST TUNE IN NOW
    The Alex Jones Show September 21st 2022, 10:40 am
    We are absolutely on the path to a greater conflict and nuclear war that will lead to the END OF HUMANITY.

    Gene Sings “Turn Out The Lights” in Opry Rehearsal
    216,770 views May 19, 2014 [Maiden Spring?]
    Watch Gene Watson sing “Turn Out The Lights (The Party’s Over)
    “Down in the bunker?”
    KLUNKET 7 years ago
    Take notice youngins… a man that can sing without a microphone, no reverb, no auto-tune, no pro tools, not even trying… yet still sounds like he does in his records 🙂

  65. Marie Joy

    “First, they came for Mike Lindell. Then they came for you.” Bill Holter

  66. Marie Joy

    The September 24th thought was originally from The Simpsons TV show and an 1859 incident with the stock market, President Grant, the price of gold, etc. September 24th will, likely, be nothing. The German meant February 24th.

  67. Sue Smith

    The World According To Rowan Dean__
    Channel Nine hosts Tracy Grimshaw and Peter Overton when they were unable to identify UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. But more importantly to those here at USAWatchdog.com_
    “The significance of a higher power, presented to the worlds leaders. During ceremonies at the queens’ funeral service.”
    Sky News Australia Sep 20, 2022
    Emmy Reacher 1 day ago
    That last little speech by Rebecca Weisser about remembering history was spot on. A careful study of history is essential to the maintenance of liberty.

  68. Marie Joy

    I read that King Charles has never dressed himself. Obviously, I do NOT know if that is true but, IF it is true, it has ominous implications for us. A man who has never dressed himself will not give one tinker’s damn about us. I believe King Charles is among the most powerful on earth and I’m concerned

  69. J. Loughran

    At about the 7min mark the Doctor spoke of “hot lots” (15 percent) and went on to remark that the remainder because of being mis- manufactured, mis-handled, and or mis-stored were “SAFE(r)” If I heard correctly, then when the manufacturing and distribution bugs are worked out the transfection technology will be EFFECTIVE? If so, shouldn’t all treatments being developed using this tech be STOPPED?

  70. Russell Allen Holmes

    The coming mass starvation, the pandemics that always follows such and economic collapse will all overshadow the vax deaths. Many countries in Europe will use the mass deaths and chaos to institute fascism and already here in the US they’re planning on calling up the military. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2022/09/07/pentagon-brass-open-letter-n2612711?fbclid=IwAR1_vijoTtirEKIPwULt7c_eETxuFXNG4JxwxFPfSTPTiwbkjNuPsF3ybRk

  71. Galaxy 500

    As far as our future goes. There will be one of two outcomes:
    Either we will rise up against the Tyranny of our Overlords and when we prevail, we hold trials as they did in Nuremberg except on a much larger scale.
    Or we are going to complain as we compliantly trundle toward the concentration camps.
    Our overlords demand we submit and die. Remember voting has consequences and to all the people who sat home during the last election, that was a vote for Molock and his minions like Biden, Obama and the Clintons.
    Remember, there is a reason THEY dont want you to a have a semi auto rifle and a few thousand rounds of ammo. There is a reason THEY dont want you to have a gas powered car (you can drive across the country and if you pay cash they can’t really track you easily)
    Our freedom scares THEM.

    • Joseph Thee Stalinist

      Galaxy 500,
      “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Deist Thomas Jefferson
      “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
      “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”
      “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”
      “Fear the people,” the “government fear’s us,” “fear the government,” “tyranny has found victory.” The “government is our servant” Let them never forget!
      Our ultimate servant, “Jesus the Christ, didn’t want us forgetting, THY KINGDOM COME, “his kingdom”,_ thy will be done, “his will is our will,_ for us”, on earth!, Reupholstered or brand spankin new! On earth, as in heaven, forever and ever!
      Got a problem with that? Volunteer for Elon Musk’s, first on Mars! But don’t ferget. It’s a one way ticket, because they can’t figure out how to blast off from the planet, because it’s gravity is twice as ours! Enjoy the trip. It will be your last.
      ‘Here’s Some Free Advice…Beijing’s, Joe, $3.8 billion, Biden and you and your puppet master’s suck!

      Feeding Our Future: Founder, 46 others charged in ‘massive’ fraud scheme
      FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul Sep 20, 2022
      The founder of Feeding Our Future and 46 others have been charged in what federal officials are calling the largest pandemic fraud in the country. U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger on Tuesday announced charges against founder Aimee Bock and others that include conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, and bribery. Authorities alleged the massive fraud scheme took at least $250 million from the federal child nutrition program — money that was intended to help feed children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      Were coming after you now, pissed-Pfizer and Maderno- Moderna!

  72. M.C.H.

    Col. Doug Macgregor – Ukraine Russia Latest
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 9/21
    Ukraine brushes off Russian plan to annex occupied regions
    Jacob M 11 hours ago
    Old school [Truth Vs. Propaganda Narratives] will never fail you guys! 24 minutes of excellent analysis will allow you to skip mass media all together!

    Vladimir Putin announces conscription for war in Ukraine
    18,930 viewsSep 21, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced partial mobilisation in Russia, meaning the military reserves will be conscripted to join the war against Ukraine.
    Mr Putin said the decree has already been signed and the partial mobilisation will begin today.
    The move will likely be viewed by the West as an escalation of tensions

    Russia Ukraine War LIVE Updates | Putin On Nuclear War | Russia News | Russian Ukraine News |English News
    621 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago

    ‘U.S doomed to fail’: Putin calls out Biden’s bid to ‘preserve hegemony’ amid Ukraine war/10,042 views Sep 21, 2022
    A Democratic New World Order Being Established:? Vladimir Putin

  73. Ray

    Greg H:

    Are you and your fellow Trumpers ready to admit you got duped by a NYC Liberal Conman?

    How often do you think Trump laughs at the gullible Rubes he bamboozled?

  74. Randy Best

    Trump is in big trouble for claiming to be the father of the vaccine.

  75. Paul

    Those who never retract their falsehoods and opinions love themselves , more , than they love truth and others.

    Paul from arkansas

  76. Gunny HiWay

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks again for your work!
    My daughter died from Gardasil induced cervical cancer so I did not get ANY covid “vax”.
    But my entire family did and I fear for them daily.
    What are we “purebloods” supposed to do about the shedding issue and how do we “trust” ANY DOCTORS/NURSES from now on?
    They seem bent on killing or mutilating all of us.
    Spokane, USA

    #GardasilVaxKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  77. john duffy

    Must Must Watch!!
    I guarantee you that if you get your loved ones to watch the first ten minutes of this video they will never get another vaccine@!!


  78. Mark A. Goldman

    Greg, Great Work… here’s someone that your listeners might enjoy hearing from…has a great perspective from the beginning.


  79. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, no offense intended toward you, in any way, shape, or form … however, I could not stomach listening to Dr. Peter McCullough, for more than about twenty minutes.

    Either he is truly ignorant of much of the relevant, material, factual evidence you have been tirelessly providing to your viewers for at least the last 18 months, via numerous medical experts and their proven data, or he is simply lying.

    Numerous examples of my ascertains are in just the first twenty minutes, and I am not going to take the time to present them graphically. I believe most of your long time viewers quickly picked up on many of them.

    Thanks again Greg, for your tireless presentations of TRUTH!

    • Greg Hunter

      McCullough had much good information and is fighting for “We the People”. Nobody is perfect.

  80. Galaxy 500

    Hi Greg
    What I am seeing in the Ukraine reminds me of the Crimean War. The EU/Ukraine is playing the part of the Light Brigade charging the Russian gun positions on horses with sabers drawn… And being cut to pieces.
    Except in this exchange, Russia is going to win the battle and the war.
    “Into the mouth of hell, Rode the six hundred.”

    Is this an apt analogy or what?

  81. Neville

    Bottom line.


    The above corroborates what the Greatest Doctor/ Person that I have ever know said in 1959 to my mother ….NEVER EVER VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ,words which Dr Peter McCullough repeated in 2022 63 years later.
    My doctors reasons at the time was that the theory behind the research which todays idiots call science which is just another word for sorcery , black magic etc.
    Besides all of the above he went on to say that it IS A DOWNRIGHT INSULT TO GOD WHO CREATED US ,the chemicals and all the other rubbish in the so-called vaccines will only harm NOT cure you worst of all the immune system which can take care of every eventuality if looked after properly IE eating correctly ,not taking allopathic drugs or street drugs like opium etc or strong alcohol which will only impair the Immune System no end!!!


    • Cathy

      Agree Neville.
      I was warned in 2095 by a former Texas Ranger to never get a vaccine because, “that’s how they will do it”. Now I realize “it” is genocide.
      And I too believe a healthy immune system is the key to good health.
      By God’s grace and for Is glory,
      Cathy in Florida

      • Cathy

        Typo: warned in 2015…

  82. John

    Hi Greg this message is for you. Jsmineset is blocked . Ive been trying to get in for a week. Also alot of videos of Bill with other people have all been taken down. New developmen.! Zerohedge. When on site I have always been able to share a story by clicking the mail icon. Now if I access the the site from a screen tab the mail icon is no longer available. BUT if I do a fresh brave browser search to access zerohedge the mail icon is available. I checked this ten times. New sneaky way to stop people from sharing info. Please tell Bill Thank you for what you do. Your a brave man in dangerous times.

  83. John

    Hi Greg. Sorry I forgot. Im also not allowed to send emails to Tucker either. Thats been in place for about 6? Months.

  84. Wayne l Rutt

    Bo’s big weekend is almost here. I predict “normalcy”. Bo has maintained plausible deniability by stating he is not a prophet. In last 2 min. of may 14 interview he states “God told me to tell everyone the prophetic word I got”. That is a Deut. 18 claim to being a prophet. His April 9 pdf p.54 states “Prince Charles murders mother and will never be king”. Bo also interprets Bible without normal rules. The seals have NOT opened. The 30-60-100 blessings are NOT about the price of silver. That is name-it-claim-it church talk. The USA is one nation out of 193, each with believers and athiests. The “400 years” and “Jubilee” do NOT apply to us. May all of Greg’s readers get a MacArthur [or similar] study Bible and become serious students. The foolishness of silly rhyming or vague prophecies and poor Bible teaching will become obvious. Wayne in Florida

    • Cathy

      Thanks Wayne.
      Cathy in Florida

  85. American Citizen

    Wow, Greg, I am pleasantly surprised.. very good article. I appreciate that you had Dr. McCullough interviewed now. He’s at the forefront of the battle, and recently took an AI hit which was intended to destroy his telegram following 82K+. Fortunately Telegram finally took off the FAKE banner on the channel.
    Thanks very much!

  86. American Citizen

    EddieMD, as a former aerospace engineer, I have to respond with some clarity here. Just a brief comment on each link you supplied.
    1. biosensors are an external analysis tool here, amplifying identifying certain biological agents.. not injected yet into humans
    2. contract tracing is done because someone was coerced by Apple to turn on the health module in the OS, allowing tracking (turn it off!)
    3. the Pitt crew is using nano magnetic particles (using iron) to trigger or turn off certain cell reactions in bacteria, but no one is yet holding a device next to you or me
    4. and 5 The directed energy weapons here are the defense aerospace focus, and used primarily for military purposes. If you check, the Air Force once had 7 747’s with a special COIL laser system running over 1 megawatt in directed energy beam. This is not the same as radiating humans with cell tower emissions.
    I know that you recognize the potential, but please take a little more time rather than just posting ad hoc.
    And yes, I confess that this might be a ad-hoc reply, but I just felt compelled to respond.

  87. Galaxy 500

    Any chance you can get Shiller or Black to give economic forecasts?

  88. Galaxy 500

    These people are nuts in addition to being Satan’s Minions.

    First of all the Myth of Zero emmision vehicles. Car, world wide produce 6% of the worlds CO2. When you factor in manufacturing of both vehicles and its useful life, there is LITTLE DIFFERENCE, CO2 WISE, on electric vehicles. Does that seem like the right place to start IF, and its a damn big IF, CO2 is a problem gas? No, out doesn’t… Unless the goal is to limit a person mobility and to track every body.
    There is no battery system even dreamed of that you can get similar range comparable to a diesel truck. All the mileage advertised on the EVs don’t cover running Air or Heat, something most people do.
    I can drive 400+ miles, pull into a gas station, pay cash, and be on my way in less than 10 minutes and drive another 400 miles. All at highway speed with the air on. How long would you have to sit there and recharge… All the while being a target for feral humans?
    If you want an early indication of Satan’s plan, California leads the way…
    God Bless all of those who support you Greg and I pray that you and yours are safe.

  89. Galaxy 500

    If you look at how the Communists / Marxists take over…
    First the damage and destroy safety and people’s faith in Government institutions. Anyone feel safe walking thru streets and using subways in any major US City?
    Any one trust the FBI, IRS, CIA, EPA, CDC or Homeland Security? Well no one with an IQ over 70.
    These agencies are no longer non political just fair organizations. They are now political arms of the Demoncrat Party, the party of Mollock.
    Smart people are listening to you. Buy storable food, protection while you still can, and good water filtration like the guy advertising on your site. They are going to go full bore Tyranny on us this winter

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sir Galaxy, I believe you are correct. Mr. Biden’s two speeches, one in Philadelphia and the other at the UN, telegraphed as much. He will turn over much of it to his “Justice” Dept. headed by Mr. Gar(finkel)land, the new Himmler. Also “cashless” economy/money system coming via the Central Bank Digital Currency. Best always. PM

  90. Chris

    North Dakota man who ran down ‘Republican’ teen says he doesn’t want his own life, job jeopardized


  91. Rick



    • Paul Daghlian

      What is the doctor’s treatment protocol for covid? Ivermectin? Hydroxychloroquine?

  92. Keith B

    On September 14, a woman died at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan less than 10 minutes after receiving her COVID-19 booster shot. The pharmacy is not allowed to talk about it and still claims there are minor side effects to the “vaccine”. This has not been published in the mainstream media.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Keith, for posting it here.

      • Keith B

        Just found out that the Sask Ministry of Health said she died of natural causes. It’s unbelievable that they can deny that the vaccine caused her death!

  93. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report that will inform more people about the facts regarding SARS 2, Covid 19 Plan and the health reducing effects of the experimental shot program, including the deaths as a result of experimental shots, referee to as “side effects” bad medical advice and the endless denials of facts by the lame stream.

  94. Phil

    I took the Pfizer unredacted post marketing report and a 3 page list of news articles of pee wee , high school and college athletes in the USA, who have had a heart attack or died on the field in a game, practice or have been found dead this year to the health department in this small town.
    They were all smiles when they thought I wanted a covid vaccine but when I handed them the report and the list and told them what they were, they would not even touch the papers. You would have thought they were poison, they just did not want to know. What has happened to our medical system and to the people who work within it. The local college 10 miles down the road here just had a 36 yr old coach die (Massive heart attack).

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow! Phil, thank you so much for your courage & for the street reporting.

  95. z

    Exosomes have spike proteins
    mrna and exosomes
    spike and exosomes
    mrna code to instruct body to build spike proteins to attack internal organs
    discharge from Body ?
    papers ?

  96. z

    The Spike Protein
    Prion Amyloid
    BioWeapon Genocide

    Amyloid clots vs blood clots

  97. Patricia

    Greg, excellent interview! You, Dr. McCullough and USAWatchDog patriots are very courageous and appreciated. We are boots on the ground imhop. We have the opportunity and responsibility to help educate our medical providers.
    Example. Hubby’s Cardiologist. History– when shots were pushed, he asked if we got the shots and we said no. He leaned back, folded his arms — “And, yet, here you are!” Guessing with our age and comorbidity issues, we were supposed to have died.
    Recent visit. He entered the room, removed his mask –we weren’t wearing masks– and stated he was “done with Covid”. We sensed his frustration and realized he was confiding in us. We had a relaxed conversation thereafter.
    Primary Care Provider. Expressed we cared about her very much and please research. Do NOT take any more shots. Showed/read printout 800+ athletes died or developed myocarditis related to “shots” March 2021-March 2022. Her perpetual smile started to wane. Dr. also had a student intern present.
    My husband leaned over and said, “We just lost another doctor.”
    After much discernment and soul searching, realized many health professionals are possibly Communists who don’t realize the CCP hates traitors more than Patriots.

    Thanks, Greg. You’re the BEST in Journalism. God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Patricia for your kind words of support & Blessings. Thank you for your bravery & street reporting!

  98. Marie Joy

    Canada appears to be worse off than we are but I do not know how Mexico is doing.

    • Justn Observer

      as far as SIVLER….one of the richest in the world is it said….

  99. Marie Joy

    It appears covid, in all its forms, has so far, been a minor success. IF I were a genocidal maniac I would put MarburgEbola etc or other major diseases in the air/water.
    Is Mexico being attacked by homicidal maniacs?

    • J. Loughran

      Marie Joy, you would be wrong. Maybe Greg can find an Actuarial Expert to explain things. All you need to do is to tweak each age group. Increase sterility here, increase some addiction there, increase some cancer here, increase some euthanasia there, etc. Best case scenario for the pirate oligarchs is to convince the living with slightly shortened life expectancy to continue to pay for the burial of the every increasing dead (a new norm comes every five years). We need to make every institution function for 99 percent again. The Family Institution would be a good place to be fine and hone our love of America. Sincerely, J. Loughran

      • Marie Joy

        J, When I say “minor success” I mean over 300 Million of us are still alive. I think they hoped for a more drastic outcome.

  100. Tim Gibson

    Hi Greg I really like what you do. I was troubled when the good doctor suggested we should have only used the jab on seniors at risk. I would have liked you to call him out on this. This shit is not safe or effective for anyone. cheers tim

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Tim. Not safe at all.

    • Marie Joy

      Tim, Agreed

  101. Steve Boyd

    God bless you man. You’ve never given in. Keep preaching the truth! Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve. Your Blessings & support are greatly appreciated!

  102. Kevin24

    I just lost a second friend who died, she was 57, the other was 61. Both suddenly got pancreatic cancer. the second death involved blood clots and other issues. Trudeau should be proud of all these people he is eliminating just before they collect old age pension.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry for your loss, Kevin. Thanks for the street reporting.

  103. Spacely's Sprockets

    Woman Dies Inside Drug Store Following Covid Booster Jab: ‘Dropped Dead Before She Hit the Floor’/by Adan Salazar September 9/20
    ‘My beautiful Mother’s life was taken yesterday by the COVID BOOSTER SHOT!’ wrote bereaved daughter on social media, adding, ‘She dropped dead before she hit the floor’ in Shoppers Drug Mart!!!!!’
    Saskatchewan Health Authority tells Infowars they ‘investigated this instance and determined that the person died from natural causes.’

    Coroner Rules New Zealand Man, 26, Died from Pfizer Covid Jab
    by Adan Salazar September 22nd 2022,
    Rory Nairn, 26, died from vaccine-related myocarditis last year, coroner determined after examining evidence.
    Man died inside bathroom just moments after agreeing to go to hospital due to severe heart discomfort.

    Another Alex Jones Court Response Goes Viral – Calls Judge A ‘Tyrant’ While On The Stand/by Kelen McBreen September 22nd 2022
    Kangaroo court turned into a zoo during Thursday’s wild trial
    Big Tech censorship can’t stop Jones from trending

  104. Richard Longacre

    Thank you Greg for getting such big hitter MD like Dr. McCullough on your show. So glad to see that we should start seeing clinics open up as well as tele-MD options for the vaxxed damaged. Way to go Doc.

    My only contention is that Dr. McCullough would only consider evidence as a fact if it was written as a peer reviewed study/article. Isn’t this a lot like saying the 2020 election was not stolen because the politicians that benefited from the stolen election stop any and all investigations on the stolen election? The very same doctors that knew they were killing and injuring their own patients (and perhaps took the death jab themselves) are never going to perform a study that will confirm they are murderers and injured so many people. Makes me respect the other doctors that are willing to speak what they know is true about the genocide jab even more.

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