FDA Lied–Vax Not Approved Still Experimental

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Updated and corrected 10/14/21)

The big news the FDA had given “full approval” to the Pfizer CV19 vaccine is a HUGE lie.  The FDA has granted approval to a vaccine called “Comirnaty.” (FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA).  (The FDA scrubbed that letter off the record and replaced it, but I have a hard copy of the original and  Martin Armstrong has it downloaded to his server.  So, it cannot be changed, scrubbed or altered.  The original FDA to Pfizer letter is dated August 23, 2021, and it is to Pfizer employee “Ms.  Elisa Harkins.”) You cannot get Comirnaty now because it is simply not available.  Who knows when, in the future, they will manufacture it here in the U.S., but the FDA says, “is the same formulation as the PfizerBioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and can be used interchangeably with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.”  Comirnaty is currently used in Europe and Australia.  At the end of page 11 and the top of page12 of the same letter it also says, “All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:  This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;What you can get is the same old experimental Pfizer vaccine that is under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  It appears all the FDA did was extend the EUA for the crap they were already injecting and Pfizer gets to keep full immunity for liability under the EUA.  Sweet deal for Pfizer and a huge lie to people thinking they were getting some safe and effective vax that is fully approved.  They approved the same stuff with a new name but vaccinations are being done with the old name.  Got it?  This is the vaccine that is available for the forced mandates to civilians and military alike.  It’s still a total experimental vaccine, and they lied to the public and said it was “fully approved” and “safe and effective.”  In a letter to Pfizer on Monday, the FDA said, “. . . the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses. . .”  There it is in black and white from the criminal Nuremberg Code violating liars at the FDA.

Don’ take my word for it.  Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA (that is found in the so-called vaccines), says there are “two vaccines.”  Today, Dr. Malone explained what the FDA did on Steve Bannon’s “War Room.”  Dr. Malone said, “There was one approval for a future vaccine, and one extension of the Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccine being used now.”  Is this a huge lie to trick the public into taking the experimental shot?  I say yes.

Greg Hunter talks about the huge lie that the FDA just told the public that will force them to participate in an experimental drug trial through a new round of jab mandates(Which we now know are totally bogus and phony.)

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Dr. Robert Malone on the War Room with Steve Bannon earlier today that explains the big FDA Pfizer vax approval lie.

To see the viral video of Dr. Sean Brooks at the Talawanda School Board, click here.  It’s only four very educational minutes long.  The MSM is calling it a “scare video.”  Don’t believe the liars at the MSM who are currently lying about the Pfizer vax approval.

Finally, take 10 minutes to watch Friar Alexis Bugnolo.  If he is half right, you better prepare for very rough times in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. Rick

    Good job Greg!! My wife had just read this off a post on Facebook so I come to your site immediately and here you are, covering the lie! Thanks again for telling the truth.

    • Anthony Australia

      I just have to laugh now as the Propaganda machine is in overdrive here.

      Salt n’ Pepa classic – Push It.


      • Freebrezer

        AA – What I can’t figure out in Australia are top Government officials aliened/instigating the Globalist plan (note this also applies to Canada, and New Zealand)? Or are they just naive and believe the can stop a virus by shutting down a whole country that has a huge international trade? Or have the they just Drank the Kool-aid? https://www.quora.com/Isnt-the-phrase-drinking-the-Kool-Aid-disgusting-Why-do-people-use-it

        • Anthony Australia



        • Anthony Australia

          We need help.


          • Goat Rancher

            I’ve been to Perth twice on Uncle Sam’s dime (Navy) back in 1980 or so, once with my wife and absolutely loved it. Australians are the only people on that side of the World that give a dang about Americans and it showed. One thing, though, about Australia is that it began as a prison colony and has always had that authoritarian attitude simmering under the surface to this day. The British government doesn’t like to give their citizens too many rights and always reserves the “right” to take them away at will and this has been inherited by the Australian government as well. The difference between the British Isle population and Australian is that the Aussies also have an underlying rebellious behavior in their personalities that make them much more like their American cousins than their brothers and sisters in England.

            May God bless you all and give you strength Down Unda!!

        • Robert

          It might be that many of the global leaders are being paid to go along with this farce known as COVID 19. We know they’re paying off celebrities to endorse the gene therapies. Who knows what to believe these days. The MSM is nothing but blatant liars.

        • Bill

          Peter G. Peterson(One of the Federal Reserve Governors) wrote a Book in 2005, called “Running on Empty”. In that book, he said certain Public Officials recieve a larger stipend from the Globalists, than they receive as Govt. pay. So, don’t be naive and believe what Peter Peterson Said 16 years ago in his book!

          • Bill

            The Govt. just announced, there was an bomb explosion at the Afghanistan Airport. 13 Marines lost their lives! 40 people were wounded! Is the Big Guy, manuevering us into restarting the Afghanistan War 2.0? People on the ground at the Airport, say there are still 10,000 Americans in Afghanistan.

    • Paul ...

      How does the FDA “approve a vaccine” … that “has not even been developed yet” and has “never been tested yet”?? … unless Commy-ratty “is simply H2O” (that Pfizer will be selling to us “as a monthly booster” … for “additional trillions” of dollars!!

      • Paul ...

        They took away the guns from the Australians, the French, the Germans, the English and now they are forced to go out into the streets to protest against the commies trying to “jab” them … while us “un-vaccinated Americans” (with plenty of guns) are simply waiting in our homes for the commie jabbers to show the whites of their eyes.

        • Freebrezer

          P – thankfully the USA just armed the Taliban with 60,000+ , top of the line military and assault rifles … you can bet your ass the Taliban won’t get the jab! If you live in England, Canada, Germany, and other countries that don’t allow guns, think of the resentment – the USA arms a 7th century tribal , murderous religious mob with god knows what all, and puts the jab to developed world? this pegs the needle to the red zone – It is all too stupid to be stupid … which leads to a very, very scary ne plus ultra!

          • Paul ...

            Right Freebrezer … take away the guns from all the peaceful citizens and give the guns to the terrorists … this makes perfect sense to the Demon-rats (who can’t use their God given brains)!!

        • Edmund Burke

          Paul ….

          About 1 in 60 people in those countries you mention own firearms and shotguns so this sort of miss information needs to stop.
          In the UK that’s over a million people with licensed guns, there are probably about the same amount of illegal firearms, plus the so called decommissioned weapons, plus the vets with stuff at home.
          Loads of us reload, we have semi automatics, pistols and are allowed moderators.
          We have a UK incident about once a decade with a licensed owner, with under ten fatalities compared with the hundreds of deaths every week in the US. I would say our firearms laws work better than yours. When the SHTF those armed preppers in the UK have better much odds than those in the USA.

          For all your guns and bravado please list the assassinations that have benefited mankind with your millions of guns and owners. You managed to shoot peace loving John Lennon but the Clintons, Soros, Biden, AOC, Pelosi, Gates, Fauci and your other swamp creatures seem bullet proof.

          Personally I don’t want to shoot anyone unless it’s the last option in a self defence situation, I think though shall not kill means though shall not murder in today’s terms and I am hoping never to have to have that discussion on my judgement day.

          That said ….
          We are not vaccinated, we will not be getting vaccinated even if they mandate it over here . We have our own business so have no need to comply with any boss.

          We are already outcasts, 90% of the people we know are double jabbed, we are now very careful what we say and to whom.

          We do not know anyone who died of the corona hoax but know of two deaths of jabbed, one was a surprise heart attack and one died within three days of a cancer diagnosis. Both in their 60s. Not saying it was the jab.

          Thanks for the great guests and content Greg, you are a shining star.

          • Paul ...

            Ed … Good to know you guys are not helpless … thanks for enlightening me!!

            • leo

              HEY paul I lived in the UK well England in the 70s they don’t need guns there they have kidney pie.

          • Mario

            Good post

          • The True Nolan

            “I would say our firearms laws work better than yours.”

            I would say your firearms laws work better for subjects.
            Ours work better for citizens.

          • Paul ...

            Ed … As for those who don’t have guns … they should do as the Romans did … https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/ancient-slingshot-lethal-44-magnum-scotland

    • Lionel

      Correction. There is no liability for all vaccines per US law. There is only a largely taxpayer funded kitty for severe and agregious cases from mfg defects, contamination and the like.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is much more than a manufacturing defect. The massive claims would surely swamp the government fund.

      • Edwin Meyer

        Actually, unless specifically denied by the government, you CAN sue the pharmaceutical companies as far as I know, You CANNOT, however, sue the FDA for any reasons whatsoever…They are a protected class.

    • Warren B.

      When the FDA permits the continued use of the EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY (Pfizer) that is toxic to the human system….you can only conclude that the agenda is a nefarious one – tied into DEPOPULATION/EUTHANASIA/GENOCIDE of the PLANET. There is no benign logical reason for the continuance of this madness.
      From what I am reading about what is likely to occur in Israel (and for all intents and purposes here in America sooner rather than later)….their “Vaccine Pass” will have a duration of 6 months – thereafter all passes will become invalid if you do not take the BOOSTER shot. The narrative around the current protocol of 2 jabs with waning viral protection/ineffective for the new variant…. is FALSE…..it is misleading…because the true agenda is to continue the injection of toxic material to bring about a more timely response = DEATH. They have designed this program with precision to avoid immediate death (waking up the sheep) upon injection with lethal doses – to a gradual toxic build up/declining immune system functionality….to allow for a more “managed” culling process…..thus the stepped injection protocol over the course of 8-12 months with top ups thereafter to slowly kill off the desired (sleeping) populace – without repercussions (which by the time the masses awaken they will have achieved their desired 70-80% fully vaccinated).

      • Warren B.

        From almost 2 months ago I was sensing that the Globalists became desperate based on the lack of uptake (they weren’t meeting their targets for population inoculations). The scare/fear campaign clicked up several notches thereafter – propaganda went viral – as did case numbers in other parts of the world. The URGENCY is palpable. It is almost as if they are working to some timetable that is centered around the failing Global Monetary System (which we know they kept secret back in Sept 2019 – when it was about to combust). The constant lockdowns/ closure of businesses / depressed economic activity – are surely the red flags for their ultimate agenda – The Santa Klaus GREAT RESET (aka WEF Agenda 2030).

        “We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment”. “We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself”.

        • lightning

          I agree with the essence of your argument.

          The boosters will provide a lifeline to a significant percentage of people who otherwise would die during the upcoming flu/virus season. This will “confirm” to many vaccinated people that these innoculations are life savers when in fact they merely lock you into the slow death of spike protein based month over month physical decay.

          Similar to having the victim dig their own grave before putting a bullet in their heads, these boosters provide for more orderly dispatch of the already condemned .

          Furthermore, they need these screaming Karens as useful idiots to emotionally drive their agenda. I have been shocked by the incredibly mean spirited and evil intent of liberal women in particular. Their descent into evil began with the feminist focus on their “rights” to kill their own child in vitro. Satan wormed his way into their souls and never looked back.

          How big of a leap is it (in the liberal world of relative moralism) to go from justifying infanticide (60 million abortions since Roe v Wade) for population control to justifying genocide for population control?! I cant tell you how many times I’ve listened to “liberal ” women say that its better these children are killed than to grow up in a society that doesn’t want them and on in which they are not valued. (i.e. the society the Godless left have created).

          What they didn’t realize is that the elite never had plans for them to be allowed on the Ark when the genocidal rains begin to fall.

          I used to think it would be a shock for them once they realize that they’ve been duped into killing themselves, but I think they will go to their grave angry, empty and surprised when they find out Hell is real too.

          I voted for Trump but have come to the conclusion that he is bufffoonishly inept and out of touch at best, or controlled opposition at worst. Trump could easily start his own movement and totally recapture and remake the GOP by attacking and ousting Romney, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney et al… but he never does…. and I think its pretty clear he never will. He’s a pressure relief valve to keep people from organizing. Period.

          Our conservative mindset keeps us independant and largely unorganized. We need a leader that organizes peaceful mass actions for the 100 + million of us. Trump could do that, but won’t.

          India had Ghandi to do this. The African american community had Martin Luther King to do this, Poland had Lech Walesa to do this….we need to find that leader here….and soon.

      • Warren B.

        As it turns out….COMIRNATY is nothing more than a name change given to the Pfizer/BioNtech EUA gene altering experimental therapy.
        COMIRNATY is actually the BRAND NAME given to the same synthetic concoction that has now received full approval. The reason for the change is to confuse the public…because of the negativity towards the Pfizer shot. COMIRNATY will not be directly associated with the name Pfizer and will probably be referred to by it’s generic name Tozinameran.

        Interesting background behind the name.
        In case you see this in the near future ..
        SPIKEVAX is the BRAND NAME for the now known Moderna Covid shot.

    • Warren B.

      “How did you make the German people go along with all this?’ And he said: ‘It’s an easy thing. It’s not anything to do with Nazism, it has to do with human nature. You can do this in a Nazi regime, you can do it in a socialist regime, you can do it in a communist regime, you can do it in a monarchy and a democracy. The only thing a government needs to make people into slaves is FEAR. And if you can think around something to make them scared, you can get them do anything that you want” – attributed to Hermann Goering.

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – attributed to Joseph Goebbels (NAZI Propagandist In Chief – “THE BIG LIE”).

      “His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a BIG LIE sooner than a LITTLE one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. ” – ascribed to Adolf Hitler.
      Greg, did you say ……LIES….(I lost count) ?
      THE BIG LIE… FDA approval is one small piece of the ENORMOUS LIE.

      • [email protected]

        Warren… I’ll answer your query… Rewatch the video by Friar Alexis Bugnolo. Grow a pair. Tell your employer to dispatch you by video for future legal action. You will be able to name your price with so many dead bodies to deal with.
        You’ll be need to bury the dead. Are YOU up for it?

        • Warren B.

          I don’t know what you are reading…but I didn’t query anything you refer to. My comments are merely reinforcing the point made by Greg….about the LIE.
          Critical to this is being aware of what has occurred in our past .. if we don’t learn from history…we are destined to repeat it.

          • Catherine

            Warren. Great and detailed discussion on a level of truth based on fact. Thanks
            I want to know how you deal with the squeeze we are currently feeling all around us. Yesterday at a local farm as I was checking out a worker girl ran over to me and said DO YOU HAVE A MASK?
            No She pulls out a boxed mask and hands it to me. My response. I AM NOT WEARING THAT. GO SAVE IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. I AM LEAVING NOW. The masked idiots around me shaking their heads in a disapproving way. I have to walk around in conflict with the cretins who want me to mindlessly conform. And I won’t do it at all in any way.
            It’s very upsetting to encounter a public who thinks so differently than I do.
            Do you fight back ? If so how do you handle it? And psychologically how can you reconcile the dilemma like this.
            I certainly am beginning to feel like the Jews in Germany before the war broke out and they became the target of others in their own neighborhood and country.
            Any thoughts?

            • Warren B.

              Hi Catherine,
              It is indeed a fight to preserve our God given rights.
              From the outset I must state that I am distrustful of Government…period.
              I have questioned this PLANDEMIC from the outset…..never believing the official narrative. I was born into the JFK era and have always had a different mindset. Moreover I am one who studies history and can see the errors of the trusting Proletariat – being too nonchalant/accepting of Government….with the consequences that follow.
              For me now …it is about not succumbing to the FEAR being propagated/induced across the spectrum.
              FEAR of the “Virus” nor its effects ….. FEAR of transmission…..FEAR of the “Vaccine”….
              FEAR of losing one’s Job….FEAR of being a Target…. FEAR of being ostracized….FEAR of societal/economic collapse/chaos.
              Knowing the Enemy is having some degree of preparedness for what may eventuate.
              Critical thinking allows one to analyze the facts and cut through the Lies in order to establish a clear path forward.
              Recently I have become independent (not relying on a wage /job). I can make choices freely without repercussions/nor hindrance (up to this stage).
              No doubt what you are experiencing is what is being seen in mine (my family’s) lives too. In my view there is an expectation that a large proportion of the Populace will always rely/depend on those who have been charged with good order and protection of personal rights and for proper health care. Certainly this may be true for the way people have been corrupted / brainwashed / indoctrinated into their current beliefs especially those who are directly dependent on the Government either through Pension /Unemployment/Funding or by simply working for any number of the Government Offices across the land.
              Ours is not to change their way of thinking (I have friends and extended Family who are supportive of the COVID19 theory and the requirement to take the toxic poisonous substance they call a VACCINE and following restrictive mandates – knowing full well that is deprivation of Liberty….etc…).
              The most difficult issue to deal with – is the repeated questioning of oneself over the stance I (and my family) have taken. Am I doing the correct thing. Should I consider changing my POV? Doubting oneself is giving in to Satan. I cannot do that – therefore I remain strong. Repeatedly reciting the FACTS helps in this regard – even with the constant bombardment of filthy lies, misinformation and misdirection. Keeping healthy and fit is paramount for mind, body and soul. Everything is connected.
              Preparedness for what lies ahead is knowing what may eventuate and how to act as much as being able to act, is paramount – hoping and praying that it doesn’t play out the way I anticipate. This is by no means an acceptance of what is transpiring and sitting back waiting for it to occur. I am working under the radar – in a covert fashion to protect my interests and life. This has gone far beyond what anyone could imagine.
              Self reliance and independence will be priceless – it will be the most sought after commodity.
              Also knowing that this Force of Evil that pervades the Globe is something that only God can intervene in and halt. We are truly at Gods mercy.

              The similarities between the events of the not so distant past and current events – are reminders of how we should remain vigilant. The Power that the Unelected Rulers possess comes from their control of the Money Supply….without which they would be rendered impotent.

              I have intentionally omitted critical other matters relating to the topic.
              There is no immediate solution – a collection of thoughts and processes is all I can offer. Everyone must choose how they deal with / react to the Corruption and the Intentional Genocide of the Planet.

              God speed,

  2. Johan

    Comi R Naty.

    Naty: the girl you love so much you are willing to give the world to. You are willing to take the most difficult path in life to show her you love her.

    seems the whole lot of these characters are as twisted goofy as the joker in batman.

  3. John Rhodes

    Great work greg, it would be very helpful if you would make the documents you showed in your report that prove the approval isn’t for the Pfizer shot, available as a download for those who are trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from illegal forced shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch the next video below mine with Dr Robert Malone. He backs me up on this.

      • Brooklyn

        Greg, We are so surprised and appreciate you’re doing a Tuesday night podcast? Everything you have said here is true, but it went over most everyone’s heads and was used as a tool for the blue state governor’s like SB Murphy in New Joisey who came out today saying, now that the FDA has approved the vax “Every NJ State teacher, (police) trooper, and all state employee will be required to take the clot-shot.” WOW! We have come a long way in such a short period of time from Defunding the Police, to killing them – all of them… Be not afraid! Our only hope is in Jesus Christ our Savior, who is, as you say, “Firmly in Charge”…

        • Greg Hunter

          The FDA lied bigtime and it is easily proven!! This all smells like desperation to me.

          • Freebrezer

            Greg – if possible, please stop showing a picture of Fauci … just a glance at the lying, deceptive, criminal, fraudulent, evil piece of sh$t makes me nauseated and sick and gets my bloodcurdling!

            • Mario

              I agree same with a few others, Clinton, Soros etc. I hate seeing their pictures. My blood pressure goes up for sure

            • leo

              yeah i agree I cannot stand to look at his puss I cannot stand pelosi or Hillary or kamala don’t even want to hear them talk. can they put a bag over their head and sent them out trick or treaten

            • Paul ...

              We need to take these insane psychopathic “commie” eugenicists and cast them into a bottomless pit … shut him up and set a seal upon them … so that they can never deceive the Nations of Earth “ever again”!! [Revelation 20:3]

          • Gordon

            Powerful presentation Greg. They are desperate and this makes them very dangerous. I totally agree with Clif high and Mr. Martin Armstrong. Thanks for having them on your show. Keep up the excellent reporting. You are a star!!!

          • Lavada Skata

            Nothing has changed at the Faster Death Association. I heard it called this back in the early 1980’s while at a National Health Federation convention in Orlando, Florida.
            What we have here are greedy and power hungry “medicrats”. They want to control your lives from cradle to grave. They must be stopped.

        • Barb

          Brooke you need to get this information to these people so they don’t get the shot. God bless you barb

      • Tom C

        The video of the Monk is scary and very sobering.

        As always, thanks Greg.

      • Barb

        Greg there is no protection for approved vaccines. There is a vaccine slush fund but there is only so much money in it a year and it’s almost impossible to get any money from it when you do report vac injuries and sue . Also your only allowed so much money regardless of death or injuries. VACCINE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE LIABILITY CONGRESS MADE IT A LAW DECADES AGO !!! Thank you Greg you helped save a lot of people’s bacon that would have gotten it . God Bless and protect you , may our Father keep you in his hands.

        • wm.jnana

          There is no protection for the vaccine manufacturers if they deliberately falsify their claims. The language is in the very bill that protects the vaccine companies from being sued for injuries from the vaccines.

          • Greg Hunter

            Please. Get real.

          • Paul ...

            wm.j … GlaxoSmithKline holds the dubious distinction of paying the largest fine under the False Claims Act in US history … the fine was $956,814,400 (with a forfeiture of $43,185,600) and $2 billion was paid to resolve civil liabilities … but because Trump signed the emergency use order … companies like Moderna and Pfizer are protected from lawsuits regarding their COVID-19 vaccines until 2024!!

    • Bailey

      Martin Armstrong posted the entire FDA letter today at:
      It’s also available at the FDA website.

      • Southern Girl

        Thanks for the link so I can print my own. I have a nephew in the Air Force and his new wife who have not taken the jab. I will provide him the print out. I told him to get a religious exemption. On another site someone said that 50% got the jab with the deadly stuff and 50% got a placebo. Praying all my other family members got the placebo. If not I might lose everyone of my siblings minus one smart brother who did not get the jab.

    • Roxie

      Lol, Comi r Naty……perfect. The brightest minds….not

      • Paul ...

        Let’s call it what it is: It is just another product developed by the “Commie-rats” … thus it makes sense to call it “Commi-raty”!!

  4. Kyle Dornan

    Even if they hadn’t lied their job is to tell me that my food and drugs are safe before we start taking them.

  5. Al Day

    Thanks for the information. Your reports are vital to those who will listen. “My people will die for lack of knowledge”. Jesus told His disciples. And. “In the last days, they will gather for themselves experts to tell their itching ears what they want to hear”.

  6. Carter

    Jesse and the Misses ARE NOT in the hospital with Covid, they are suffering Covid related illnesses. Covid does not exist, no one has isolated the virus but what we ARE seeing is Influenza A and/or B.
    Buh Bye Jesse, it’s almost like we never knew you.

    • Tom C

      Thanks for the very good post. I was told by a Doctor over 18 months ago that this was the flu.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Carter, don’t get cocky! The, ah, REVerend JACKson did plenty of damage while he was here. Best always. PM

  7. jorma

    This is a Nazi-equivalent Crime Against Humanity. Up there with Dr Mengele and his human experiments.

    Clif always said that the people responsible wont be able to hide, and that they will be hunted down and swing from a light pole in every town square across this country.

    God help us against the pure evil they have brought into our families and our communities.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … and just like the US Military went to lower caliber 5.75 ammunition so as to “maim enemy troops rather then kill them out right” (as it put a bigger burden on the enemy caring for the wounded) … so too … the evil “commie” eugenicists created their “jab” to maim (and not kill immediately) … these insane psychopathic eugenicists are clever … say you (an un-vaccinated person) have to care for a loved one with a devastating cerebral hemorrhagic “clot stroke” … caring for your injured bedridden loved one over a period of years will not only drain your energy and your wealth … but you will be too tired to fight the insanely evil psychopathic “commie” eugenicists … and thus they can proceed more or less unhindered with their diabolical extermination plans to wipe out 99% of the human race as they chiseled in stone on their Georgia Guidestones!!

  8. Cheryl

    @ 31:30 did I hear, “the FBI — criminal liars, leading people … ?” I think you meant FDA — criminal liars… Nevertheless true, three letter agencies all the same.

    • Greg Hunter

      “FDA Criminal liars” is what I meant if I did not say that.

      • Russ D

        FDA = Federal Depopulation Agency

  9. Gary

    Thanks for posting, it is much appreciated.

  10. Haifisch8587

    Remember, it was the FDA who said, don’t buy your prescription drugs from Canada because they are not made in the US and are not safe. Later they admitted most were made in China and we do not have the resources to inspect their labs. So much for FRA approval .

  11. Mark

    Dear Greg
    We owe you a debt of gratitude!
    You are always ahead of everyone on the really important NEWS. Thanks again for watching out for and protecting this community
    God Bless you and your family

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

      • Photios

        Why was COMIRNATY approved in Australia On 22 July 202https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-vaccine-pfizer-australia-comirnaty-bnt162b2-mrna-approved-use-individuals-12-years-and-older

        • Paul ...

          Because … they never abolished slavery in Australia … in the US the 13th Amendment abolished slavery on January 31, 1865 … and it was ratified by all the States on December 6th, 1865 (and should protect us) … as forcing people to do things without their consent effectively makes them “a slave” … we need to immediately arrest the Eugenicist Cabal (Gates, Fauci, Soros, etc., etc.) and then begin Nuremberg II Tribunals … and also bring all the Global Lockdown Promoters (Politicians, News Media, School Boards, etc., etc. who participated in forcing an experimental “jab” upon people to justice … for “Crimes Against Humanity”!!

  12. Bill

    Fauci looks pretty Evil, with that shot in his hand. However, the bigger Evil is behind Fauci! Everything they do or touch is lie! Every Economic Program, Afghanistan, FDA approved Vaccine. Every one of their programs is detrimental to Americans. So, they believe All Americans are totally stupid. That is the only implication, you can draw from their continued lying everyday, forever and forever!

  13. Scott

    Sobering news for sure! What I can’t understand is why people become so cruel and borderline violent when I tell them I will not get the jab. They act as if I am killing people. Which is ludicrous since you have to be infected to pass it on to others. It’s as if I cannot convince people about the truth because they don’t want to hear the truth. The truth is too scary for them to consider. But truth is love. To lie is to hate.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have lost friends too over telling them NOT to get the jab. One friend has bloodshot eyes every time I see him since getting the injection. He does not have drinking or drug problems either. I think it’s micro clotting and showing up in his eyes.


      • Bill

        Doesn’t sound good!

      • Lazlo

        I make it a point to NEVER see any of my vaxxxinated friends or relatives in person. Not that I even have a choice with some of them. My in-laws ‘require’ a negative covid test within 48 hours of a visit. Ha, good bye forever then. When they get sick, they will NOT be able to blame me or my wife. The scary thing is, blaming us seems to have been their plan B. People HATE you when they can’t control you.

      • Self Exiled

        I had to leave the Philippines just as the vaccinations began and was not able to observe the effects. I did notice from an Australian friend who had the Astra Zeneca he was hesitant for long periods of time before he spoke. I also became very sick after spending two days with him: then I was tested positive covid (PCR) one week latter. Went under quarantine 14 days: still required to leave Philippines so after 4 weeks had to take another PCR and all the medical people shocked, I was negative. All others tested positive another 3 months. I believe my test reaction was to the shedding of my friend. I tested again now here in Florida with antigen test and negative. Many observations between the two nations.

        • eddiemd

          Welcome back to the USA.

          The electronic plantation.

    • Brooklyn


      We totally agree, “sobering news” indeed, especially when Friar Alexis Bugnolo advised us to buy hazmat suits for handling your dead neighbors for mass burial. That’s a reality to smack you right in the face!

      A number of years ago, a friend from the Atlanta, GA area sent an article of a local farmer who sold his 50-75 acre farm to “The Feds” (DHS?) where they then cleared his land and brought in tens of thousands of black plastic containers, with images, showing these COFFINS (for possibly 2 or more bodies) staked 25-50 high covering the entire farm acreage. Now that we know what this multitude of coffins will be used for, we should become more aware in our own area for similar “farm sales” staked with black plastic coffins.

      Unfortunately, my wife and I live in New Joisey. And, as a former NYPD Officer I feel it is my solemn duty to warn the State Troopers that if they take the Murphy mandated clot-shot, they will die. They should organize a walk-out or go on strike until the mandate is lifted, or simply resign…

      Pray as if our lives depended on it!

      Laus Deo,


    • Lavada Skata

      I have been railing against Dr. Fraud(Fauci) since the AIDS scam of the early 1980’s. This guy should have been locked away long ago. He’s a life long government parasite. Others would say he’s a bureaucrat. What Dr. Fraud has been for years is a stooge and puppet for the Globalist agenda of one world government. He is a useful idiot and also very dangerous. This guy who is unelected has too much power and must be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Someone needs to get Dr. Fraud about “Event 201”, ID2020, and the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 which Beijing Biden is attempting ram down the throats of Americans.

      • Paul ...

        Son of a gun … we have our own BB (Beijing Biden) … trying to to do to us what has been done to Israel!!

  14. Mark


    As usual I enjoy reading your website and getting
    the truth on the economy and experimental vaccines.
    On a side note I went to Mish Sherlock website and
    he is a Biden worshiper and a vaccine promoter.
    Do not put him on your website as he is from Illinois and has Biden beliefs.

    • Cindy Chiasson

      Sorry to hear about your family…time to find some friends who think like you to make it thru the insanity…thankfully the majority of my family is on the same page so we have been able to sit back and laugh at the insanity and stand up to the crazies…

  15. Vincent johnson

    Thanks Greg I watched Dr. Robert this morning twice and will watch the other two in your blog after this comment . I am beginning to think that they are in the process of a mass killing like in Jones Town where that expression “drink the cool aid “comes from it is like living in a science fiction movie. I am the guy from Australia who asked you about GRAPHENE OXIDE could you PLEASE explore into this product being in the vaccine and as I am led to believe if it comes into connection with a positive charge it will destroy anything it is attached too therefore if this is true and your and our military are inoculated with this vaccine it is in effect a KILL SWITCH if an ELECTRO MAGNETIC BOMB is exploded in the air in the vicinity of our troops or sailors , they will be killed or severely disabled by the electrical surge created by the bomb which is not an explosive bomb as in days of old but one that causes a surge of power that would blow your computer and therefore your communication but if you have GRAPHENE OXIDE in your blood it would kill you. Thanks again you are a gift from God


    How can they even get away with that???? Okayed a vax that no one is getting?
    God calls the jabs POISON…. His word, not mine. He is watching each and every person on the planet to see our motives and willingness to put our faith in what can be easily discerned to be absolutely dangerous. I’m not a doctor but so I can’t recommend this but……. I heard….
    Take a vitamin D3 EVERY DAY, without fail.
    You can make kitchen Hydroxy Chloroquine by boiling the peels of 4 or 5 lemons and a couple grapefruit for 3 hours. Tastes like absolute shit. If you freeze it, you can cut it into tablespoon sized pieces and swish down with water or add to tea. Do 4 tlb a day with zinc pill, and Quercetin with Vitamin C pill (available at vitacost) the second you question whether you might be coming down with something and stay on it for at least the first 5 days…….or buy horse ivermectin. Figure out your dosage based on weight same scale as horses…. as a prophylactic, take a dose on day one, day 3, and then every 30 days after. Pretty much risk-free ways to avoid bad covid outcomes.

    • Jeff

      ” Hydroxy Chloroquine by boiling the peels of 4 or 5 lemons and a couple grapefruit for 3 hours ” Is that true ?

      • MCasey

        Jeff. Some say it works; some say no. Be careful about taking grapefruit anything with other meds.
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFnRtv6LA2M VIDEO
        Make your own Quinine Extract(Note: The Quinine is the basis of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) used to combat malaria and other parasitic infections. Make sure to take this with the Zinc as the Zinc propels the quinine into the cells for faster healing)
        Wash 2-3 grapefruits thoroughly. Peel the grapefruits. In a pot with a lid, place the peels and pour water about 3 inches above the peels. Turn the heat on and let it simmer for two hours. Do not take the lid off the pot till it cools down completely. This concoction is bitter, so sweeten with honey. Take 1 Tsp every 2-3 hours to bring up the phlegm from the lungs. Discontinue when you get better.

        • susan

          My daughter got a serious case of cover. I gave her tonic water (which is quinine) and azithromycin and zinc. She was completely well in two days. I believe taking iodine with that is even better. Possibly even without the azithromycin.

  17. Bill

    The Big Guy’s ass-backwards, Marxist policies are making Americans more and more angry!

  18. Thomas Wigand


    Fantastic public service with this post! Earlier this evening I sent out an email blast to friends also describing the Dr. Malone appearance with Steve Bannon, and more. Allow me to share:

    VERY IMPORTANT interview with Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology used in the so-called vaccines) – starts at about 15 minutes in. Rumble link below.

    He explains in detail the (literal) shell game that the FDA is playing with the “approval” – and how normal safety and efficacy protocols are being bypassed.


    On his website he also posted an evaluation of the “approval” and the outstanding medical questions / risks — I recommend that you watch the video first, as it’ll then be much easier to understand it:


    Finally, note that the Pfizer and Moderna “studies” leading to the “approval” actually eliminated the control group, and yet the “studies” weren’t disqualified by the FDA; perhaps one reason they want us all jabbed is so that there won’t be a control group in the general population against which to measure future adverse events (including death) caused by these “vaccines”: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/08/23/with-pfizer-likely-to-get-fda-approval-monday-its-worth-remembering-pfizer-and-moderna-lost-the-clinical-trial-control-group-testing-vaccine-efficacy-and-safety/

    Query (again): Why all of this (at first) deception, then pressure, and now coercion to have everyone take the jab, for a virus with a recovery rate that is in excess of 99%, and for which there are highly effective therapeutic treatments? It can’t be public health, so what’s the actual agenda???


    • Paul ...

      In Israel the psychopaths in charge have just about vaccinated everyone … with one(1) “jab” … 15% of the Jews will die … with two(2) “jabs” … 35% of the Jews will die … and now they are requiring the Jews take “three(3) jabs” … don’t they understand what this means?? … it means “all the Jews” are going to die!! … what Bibi and the current psychopaths in power have wrought upon the Jewish people is a Holocaust greater then what Hitler ever did to them!!! … the Criminal Government in Israel, the Criminal Government in America, the Criminal Government in Australia, the Criminal Government in New Zealand, the Criminal Government in France, the Criminal Government in Germany, the Criminal Government in England, etc. , etc. all need to be removed “NOW” before they kill off the Human race!!!

      • Warren B.

        The Governments that you have mentioned are merely extensions of the Royal Blood Lines of Europe – it is deception to make the masses believe that they have autonomous duly elected Governments that are working for the people – wherein fact these Puppets are preserving the Control / Reign….. that the Kings / Queens have exerted ever since the Empires of Europe came into existence.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for bring all that information. Yes, I agree and want to know why they have created such a deception about the survival rate at 99.7 % for most people with 99.4% in the elderly. I think they all hope we are uneducated or know how to think for ourselves.

    • Lavada Skata

      People get the politicians they deserve. Now we have Biden(Biggest Idiot Democraps Ever Nominated) sitting in the Washington Monkey House. Who knows who’s pulling the strings on this Jesuit stooge. For 48 years, somehow Beijing Joe Biden has been a career politician. He can’t get a real job. All Joe can do is be a “yes” man to those who control him. Biden is the front man for the Globalist agenda of open borders, cheap labor, higher taxes, gun control, toilets for trannies and one world government. Go to You Tube and there are at least 3 videos of Joe talking about the New World Order. Two of the videos are at the Council on Foreign Relations of which he is a member. The CFR for decades has been called America’s “unelected rulers”. I read about this in the 1970’s in Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy and other books of the time. Things I read and hear over the last 50+ years are coming to fruition. People laughed at me. Now I shake my head at all those stupid people who blindly take the “jab”. You get what you deserve, just like your useless, power hungry and dangerous politicians. Its all about the 3 “P’s” >>> POWER, POSITION and PELF.

  19. James Smith


    • Kim


  20. Russ 2

    Very timely video Greg. As you described the letter as approving Comirnaty (which is apparently unavailable) and leaving the EUA in place for the current Pfizer jab, the term
    “Bait and Switch” came to mind. My thoughts also went to desperation. I guess they need to give a few folks on the fence a little shove.

    We’ll be hearing more on this over the next few days. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot believe they told a lie this big and this easily detected!!!

      • Thomas Wigand

        They know that the “mainstream media” – what I refer to as the “normie media” or “blue pill media” – will carry the water for them.

      • Doc

        Truth about the COVID !!
        Nebraska farmers being coerced to destroy their crops for 150% government payment for their crop !! They are producing a food shortage to control our people … Please check it out … It’s nuts ! Walt

        • dave wiebke

          i cannot find anything to back up your claim. i farm in NW Iowa so i am close enough to have heard of this. Dave

        • Lavada Skata

          Months ago on the Chris Plante Show a caller referred to the MEDIA as the following. ‘Making Everyone Dumb in America.’
          Back in the 1960’s Nelson Rockefeller was asked in a Foreign Affairs Magazine interview about media control. He simply stated this. M=m3 Manipulation = Money x Media x Manpower.
          You would think decades later how this formula is working with the likes of the alphabet Fake News outlets(CNN, ABC, CBS, etc.) Google, Facebook and big Tech in general doing the dirty work for the Globalists. They got the money and manpower to shape the media to sell you their lies, misinfo, disinfo, confusion, fear mongering, distortions, deceptions and distractions. He who controls the media, controls the masses. Edward L. Bernays would be proud to see how this methods of P.R., spin and mass mind control are being utilized.

          • Paul ...

            Boycott their products … sell their stock!!

      • Bill

        I bet, they told Big Lies before, but nobdy noticed the Lies!

      • Warren B.

        See my comment above about the BIG LIE.

  21. Not So Free

    Greg. I’m going to send this page to a number of people as a warning.
    Do you have a link to the Friar where I can download his videos. I think his video would be a good stand-alone warning on its own.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion. Here’s your link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ieDAFLLvXhbw/

      • Not So Free

        Thanks, Greg.
        I Also found it on ugetube, but didn’t have a downloader for it from there.

  22. Beligerant


    Time to face the facts these people have sold all of you for bags of gold and silver to a NWO and their medical tests. They will continue to ignore all facts from alternative treatments to death statistics to natural immunity to dangers of the jab. You have been sold to the highest bidder for experimental medicine and vaccines. Once you understand this simple fact it starts to make sense why they refuse to listen and refuse to acknowledge any treatments outside the jab!

  23. Linda

    They redacted where these shots are being manufactured. The company manufacturing these shots is German who has agreements with the Chinese. They are trying to kill our soldiers and everyone else.

  24. Kim

    Time well spent, thanks, you never disappoint Greg. You are a warrior of the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to call me a “warrior of truth.” Thanks.

  25. Faith

    I love your passion and genuine concern Mr. Hunter. It’s a rare combination these days.

    God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Faith!!

  26. Judd

    Don’t believe what your seeing/hearing go directly to the FDA!!

    FDA approval letter dated Aug 23,2021


    FDA letter to Pfizer dated Aug 23, 2021


    • Paul ...

      All the FDA approved was a “license application” for a new vaccine called “Commie-ratty” that will be developed 5 years from now … and the evil commie rats are trying to deceive the American Public into believing that that the “experimental clot shot” jab was approved by the FDA … misinforming people to take an experimental Clot Shot is a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code … these evil commies have to pay the ultimate price for their genocidal deeds!!

  27. Sue Robinson

    Thank you very much for this important post, and for including Dr. Malone and our Friar. I watched Dr. Malone on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic this morning, and also watched Clif this afternoon. Sadly, most members of my family have been vaxxed. And dear friends have been vaxxed, too. I remain hopeful that our more enlightened scientists and physician/researchers may find an ‘antidote’ for this monstrous attack on humanity so that more may survive. In the meantime, I remain in touch with the dear ones I still have who are not vaxxed and I prepare for the dark times ahead. Also, I keep up with vitamin D3, take Zinc and keep up with Vitamin C, which I also have persuaded one close vaxxed friend to take in hopes that he will avoid catching Covid and thus save himself. God help us all.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Clif High’s Twitter page has his current after vaxxx repair protocol. Sadly in my case no one that I have mentioned it to is interested. Some are made angry by it. Hopefully you will have better luck.


    • MC

      This PhD has an interesting theory (flush niacin & melatonin): https://twitter.com/Niatonin

      Also the Friar in the video above mentions praying the Rosary. Dr. Taylor Marshall recently did a brief video responding to two common objections to the Rosary. https://youtu.be/avwaY3Hs5dA Probably the many Evangelicals in the USAWD audience would be intrigued.

      Mary says if the USAWD audience prayed the Rosary just once, her Son would appear to Clif High. And then Clif would make a video about how he explained universe to Jesus, and then how exquisite it was to listen to Jesus laugh.

      • eddiemd

        Wake up.

        Praying to “Mary” is not to be found anywhere in the Bible. Other than in the book of Jeremiah where people worshipped the queen of heaven. It was an abomination in those days.

        • MC

          In due respect of this forum, the given video link by Dr. Marshall is rejoinder. However, one thing that must be mentioned here is that exorcists report that demons who plague the possessed become exceedingly wroth always without exception when the priest recites the Hail Mary prayer. Do the demons know Blessed Mary is the woman in Revelation who crushes the head of the Serpent, or is it simply that 98% of the prayer is verbatim Luke 1. . … Because of this, we must wonder why whenever mention of Mary perturbs someone. After all, one of the first prophecies in the Christian Bible is is that all generations shall call her blessed. Therefore, the mere mention of Mary should being comfort and joy to anyone who aspires to be in a state of sanctifying grace.

          • eddiemd

            Praying to statues, wooden idols, paintings, lighting candles to idols…all false doctrine of the catholic cult.

            Praying to Mary is not to be found in the Bible. Mary never ascended to heaven; not found anywhere in the Bible.

            You need to get out from this heresy of Mary worship. The catholic cult is in the same boat as the mormons, JWs, christian scientists, etc.

            Wake up before it is too late. The catholic church is the church of Babylon. The church of Jezebel.

            Jeremiah 7:18-20
            18 The children gather wood, the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke Me to anger. 19 Do they provoke Me to anger?” says the Lord. “Do they not provoke themselves, to the shame of their own faces?”

            20 Therefore thus says the Lord God: “Behold, My anger and My fury will be poured out on this place—on man and on beast, on the trees of the field and on the fruit of the ground. And it will burn and not be quenched.”

            • Occasnltrvlr

              Praying to statues, wooden idols, or paintings, or lighting candles to idols, is not, and has never been, doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. You are writing from a position of abject ignorance, and making yourself look foolish in doing so.

              “…[H]e hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” Good thing God’s not counting on you for that.

              Jesus did not write the Bible, He taught orally and by example. His disciples followed suit, doing exactly the same thing. To presume that all of the Liturgy, the doctrine, and the practices of faith of the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Apostles and prophets is to be found in the books of the New Testament is preposterous.

              The books of the New Testament were canonized (by the Church, mind you) precisely because the matched the traditions handed down by the Apostles. If you are turning your back on that very tradition, then by your own words you do not belong to the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ.

              • eddiemd

                Another very sad ignorant reply.

                Your reply demonstrates your complete lack of knowledge of the Scriptures.

                Examine yourself in the light of the Scriptures: not in the darkness of your false roman catholic doctrine.

                Your error is not knowing the Scripture and relying on a demonic catholic church to interpret for you.

                Very sad that you are still groping in the darkness. Continue to pray to your idols of wood and stone.

                • Occasnltrvlr

                  Reply on point.

          • eddiemd

            Very sad comment.

            You are beyond brainwashed. You have been given over to the delusions and deception.

            You need to examine yourself in light of the Scripture. Not in the darkness of the false catholic religious doctrine.

            • regaleagle

              Agreed! As we say in Texas……”Go find the biggest mirror you can and take a good look for a long time each day to see who you really are”. Of course, mirrors only reflect the physical realm and not the spiritual realm…….but somewhere deep inside of us there is a connection of the physical with the spiritual……..each one of us has a soul.

      • Paula Davis

        St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; & do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan & all evil spirits who prowl through the world for the ruin of souls, AMEN


        • Greg Hunter

          Me too Paula!

  28. R O

    Nice Greg!
    You will be receiving a bonus check for your efforts!

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is my pay master. Thanks for the kind words of appreciation. I worked on this most of the day!

  29. DBD

    Hi Greg …. Can you get Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on again to discuss his new article titled “Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder” …..


    ….. the article is about how the Indian Bar Association is suing the witch at the WHO for hiding the information about Ivermectin and causing unnecessary deaths in India …. imho; it’s imperative to educate as many people as possible about the alternatives to the vaccines that are being hidden from us …. i’m pretty sure Dr. Roberts won’t mind answering a few questions pertaining to his new article ….. the quicker we can get the information about Ivermectin out there; the more lives we can save, and the quicker we can put an end to this hideous profiteering by the Big Pharma death cult.

  30. Paul in OZ

    Hi Greg, I saw that and immediately thought the claims were bogus MSM crap. I hope you are right .. I also found these items on the FDA website … https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine https://www.fda.gov/media/151710/download,

    Quite honestly I don’t know what to think … You may be the last bastion of proper vetting, but believe me I try. I don’t care if this gets posted or not, but what say you on these two website items. The craziness is accelerating … This article never rang more true https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/open-letter-to-trump-resist-the-great-reset?fbclid=IwAR38JHNX-HG9wllyLgwcqC-K53fxo5dypNLCoS9SXnsQ_yxVdpcHPhyYvZg … and I believe Australia is leading the charge and it has been announce by the NSW government we are in the the NWO … I have footage to that effect which is authentic from around July 12.

  31. Scott

    This is FDA bending to political pressure. Their wording allows them to back out and say they never fully approved anything that was currently available. That way if ADE awfully kicks in they have a way out.

  32. Vic

    Never bet against Clif High or the WOO!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. High was right (again) about the FDA NOT approving this vax!!

  33. Stephen Weber

    Mr. Greg Hunter,
    Once again you have outdone yourself! Not only with your incredible journalistic skills, but your unwavering belief in truth and God almighty. I am but a mere mortal, but I am armed and part of this ever-growing army of truth seekers and truth capturers. And if push comes to shove, I will, in the best of my ability stand with you and all the others.
    God bless you.
    Steve Weber

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Stephen!!
      Bother Greg

  34. Marie+Joy

    Full Spectrum Dominance with Genocide, as the intent. We are complicit in our own murders.

  35. David

    Now we know what the FEMA coffins were for —- http://www.dezonengods.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/FEMA-doodskisten-opslagplaats3.jpg

    • Bill

      I believe, I saw, Jesse Ventura do an Expose’ on the Coffins?

    • Paul ...

      Evil “commies” are not going to spend good money on a bunch of coffins they don’t intend to use … nor are they going to spend good money on guillotines they don’t intend to use (they even ordered thousands of replacement blades from Mexico) … and to top it off … they just recently purchased thousands of gallons of hydrogen cyanide … and they don’t intend to use all this stuff that have stockpiled at their FEMA Camps they plan to bring us (the un-vaccinated) to ????
      PS: Evil Commie Governments all around the world are building “Prisoner of Covid War Camps ” … at incredible “Warp Speed” right now with public funds … they need to build these holding pens “for the final slaughter” before the common people wake up!! … https://corporatewatch.org/newprisons/

      • Paul ...

        What is so ludicrous about England building 10,000 POW Camps for the un-vaccinated … is that they can simply send all the un-vaccinated to Australia!!

      • Paul ...

        Don’t the evil “commies” realize that building 10,000 Covid POW Prison Camps for the un-vaccinated is going to cost Billions and Billions of taxpayer dollars??

  36. Judd

    Comirnaty vaccine is available in the EU.

    Since its marketing authorisation in the European Union (EU) on 21 December 2020 until 29 July 2021, more than 330 million doses of Comirnaty have been administered in the EU/EEA1.

    Source: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/documents/covid-19-vaccine-safety-update/covid-19-vaccine-safety-update-comirnaty-11-august-2021_en.pdf

    • Greg Hunter

      Bull crap!! Comirnaty is NOT being used in Europe. It is in a drug trial according to the document you posted: “The company that markets Comirnaty will continue to provide results from the main clinical trial, which is ongoing for up to two years.”

      • eddiemd

        Comirnaty is being used in the EU but under an EUA. It has also been shown to cause thousands of adverse side effects already documented.



        The pdf above is just an update that is put out. There are several others that have been put out.

        It only has conditional approval, the equivalence of the FDA EUA. It is still in trials using humans. Part of the genocidal agenda.

        Here is the package insert.


        Bottom line. The FDA has lied. The comirnaty mRNA is poison also. It is being tested as are the other injections. It has not been given inside the USA. This injection has ongoing study over the next 2 years. The EU is being fooled. No wonder they are refusing it and rioting.

        Interesting to note that the NEJM has no information on this injection.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good catch Eddie MD!!

      • Franz


        with all due respect for you and your brave work throughout the years:
        I don’t know what you can base your claim that there is no use of Corminaty in the EU. Please don’t lower your standards no matter how emotional the issue.

        Working in a Pharmacy in Germany I can assure you that I have personally seen hundreds of Comirnaty vaccination certificates issued by doctors and public vaccination centers just in my home town.

        This is not saying anything about the actual safety of that jab or the regulatory status of its use. Just trying to clarify that the Comirnaty vaccine (developed by Biontech in Mainz, Germany) which is technically identical to the vaccine that is used in the US and commonly branded as “Pfizer”. So it seems one should not discard the FDA statement as not applicable to the “Pfizer vaccine” currently used in the US.

        Don’t damage your credibility by upholding unfounded claims. Covid politics and some of hte other red hot issues you regularly tackle are a minefield of (mis)information, mis(trust) and corruption / crime. You know exactly that.

  37. Esther

    Thumbs up on exposing the FDA “approval” lie.
    Thumbs DOWN on Friar Alexis Bugnolo!!!
    How can we tell he is wrong?
    The Friar predicts that when the vaccinated get Covid their immune systems will over react causing death. However, that real world trial is already in the works. If we take a look at the people who have been vaccinated, and have gotten Covid, they are not dying. So, please allow me to suggest another possibility. What if the Friar’s apocalyptic vision is a form of disinformation? But, if it is disinformation what would motivate it? Consider that if 100% of the population was vaccinated; then there would be no good argument for a vaccine passport system distinguishing the vaxed from the unvaxed. The totalitarians need a small percentage of the population to remain unvaxed in order to make their case for vaccine passports! The endgame is a Chinese social credit system that ties vaccine passports together with driver’s license, health data, and eventually a digital wallet. The oligarchy creates our digital prison INCREMENTALLY and must ensnare us before we notice. However, in order to get there a portion of the population must remain stridently opposed to getting the jab. The Friar’s demonstrably false medical perspective has the power to petrify people into forcefully rejecting the jab. This duplicity would be in tune with the Vatican’s commitment to the Great Reset and New World Order. I offer my theory as conjecture. The Friar may be of noble intent. However, the Father of Lies is also a Great Deceiver that might also deceive the Friar for his own nefarious purposes. Best! Esther

    • Greg Hunter

      “If we take a look at the people who have been vaccinated, and have gotten Covid, they are not dying.” This statement is total bull crap. https://scitechdaily.com/more-vaccinated-people-are-dying-of-covid-in-england-than-unvaccinated-heres-why/ and here: https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/07/07/fully-vaccinated-people-have-a-885-higher-chance-of-death-due-to-covid-19-than-people-who-are-unvaccinated-according-to-official-data/ I could go on but what’s the point. Wait until winter and your theory will fall apart horrendously.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg,
        I have reviewed info at both the links. The first has a snappy headline, which the body of the piece then goes on to ‘debunk’. You are busy, but it may be worth while to review the first ‘article’ and delete the link. As you see fit.

      • Esther

        Suggestion: How about. having Chris Martenson, of Peak Prosperity, on as a guest to clarify the confusion swirling around vaccine effects? He is not vaxed and is using Ivermectin as a prophylactic. He is a Duke trained PhD in Immunology. In this video between minutes 2-5 he makes the case that almost no one (vaxed or not) is dying from Covid. Yet, if we are to believe the Friar we should be seeing massive deaths already among the vaxed due to a strong immune response (cytokine storm) response. Thanks again for your efforts on behalf of freedom.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good idea.

        • Kyle Booth

          Time to let go of fear THE VITAMIN D3 COUNTRY
          Aug 17, 2021 Peak Prosperity
          It is normal for pandemics to dissipate into endemics, and that is where we are at this point in the story. It’s time for us to learn how to live with SARS-CoV-2 as a part of our lives and our future. And it’s time for us to understand what the data really tells us about how best to move
          The games of the CDC and the FDA have made me lose 99% of my respect for these institutions.
          Thank you Chris. You’ve been consistently 6 months ahead of the crowd when it come to this coverage.
          This episode was the best content you put out this year so far. Thanks. My understanding of the covid dilemma has been measured in past year do to your work. Appreciate your effort

        • Steve Bice

          Just FYI, Chris Martenson is not trained in Immunology. His PhD is in Pathology with a specialty in Neuro-toxicology. He also has an MBA from Cornell.

    • Frank D2

      “However, that real world trial is already in the works. If we take a look at the people who have been vaccinated, and have gotten Covid, they are not dying.” That is simply NOT TRUE, Esther. Watch the local news videos from Israel and Australia within the link below. You will see local news reports that it is indeed the VACCINATED in both those countries who are succumbing to the virus, not the unvaccinated. Of course our (USA) media lies to us about this and claims its the unvaccinated. Their lies are falling apart. No matter how much they censor our information, the truth will eventually come out. Its too big and too global.

    • Warren B.

      “The totalitarians need a small percentage of the population to remain unvaxed in order to make their case for vaccine passports! ”
      They will advance their plans (passports) at a number around 70-80% of the Global Population. At that level those that remain unvaxxed can be managed – through coercion, blackmail, removing credit/bank account access, other freedoms and rights. At that stage they will have the vaxxed working for them….. with planned Viral Sheading.
      Any reference to “COVID” being a contagious disease should cease immediately. You are propagating the LIE otherwise. The Population has been INFECTED by INJECTION over the decades. XENO viruses do not enter the human system by accident – especially ones that originate from infected Monkey, Mice and other Human Cells.

      • Paul ...

        The Totalitarians want to make us all slaves … and are asking Globalist Corporations to help them roll out “Their Permanent Slave State” … boycott these Globalist Corporations and take away their ability to make money … and also sell their evil shares in all the Stock Markets of the world “before the bad earnings reports come in” … force these evil entities into bankruptcy!!

        • Warren B.

          I like to think outside the Box – restrained thinking is not my forte.
          Sadly we are all Slaves the moment we are born.
          You then continue to use their Master/Slave currency system for the rest of your life.
          You are endlessly indebted by virtue of that FACT!!!
          They do not permit anyone to operate outside of their structure.
          Even though we are God’s children we are owned by the STATE.
          Definition of slave:
          1: a person held in forced servitude
          2disapproving : a person who is completely subservient to a dominating influence
          a slave to fashion/technology (I would add a slave to money)
          3: a device (such as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another
          Definition of slave (Entry 2 of 4)
          intransitive verb
          1: to work very hard for long hours or under difficult conditions :
          2: to traffic in people to be sold into slavery (this should be extended to working for a wage – trafficking is the process of switching jobs / slave owners).

  38. Pda r13

    .pdf of letter in Greg’s article.

    Thanks. This is very important to show reluctant vaxxers holding out for “full fda approveal”.

  39. David

    Revelation 6:7-8 (NASB77)
    7 And when He broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come .”
    8 And I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. And authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.
    1/4 of the earth [7.9 billion] = 1.975 billion dead

  40. R J Wolf

    Greg, I have to be honest, as a compliment, I’m a little jealous and envious of you. You have the medium of the internet to Vent your frustrations, anger and maybe even anxieties to the whole world. What makes you such a unique and talented journalist is you do it with such passion, integrity and commitment. You can’t put a price on that. Sometimes the quality of your message is aw inspiring. Sometimes its humbling. Sometimes it’s motivational. Some times it’s informative. All the time it’s spiritual. As I’ve said many times on my past comments. It’s not a whole lot. All I can say thanks again. Outstanding Reporting!! RJW

    • Greg Hunter

      You made my day RJ!! Thank you very much!!

  41. Poochiman

    Keep doing the great work my friend. Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will and thanks Poochiman!

  42. Marcus Ward

    Thank you Greg. You have saved lives.

  43. technologist.live

    To understand how big a sham this all is, listen to this discussion with virologist Stefan Lanka. It’s bigger than a just a bad test and a bad shot. The deception going on goes back to before aids. Stefan points out the timeline.


    This is for those who want the details of how the deception is being carried out, as well as how deep the deception goes.

    Hopefully Lindells evidence will come out.

  44. Jr

    Excellent work Greg! A big stick in the spokes of their wheels – could knock them off their bike for a while as the truth spreads!

  45. Naomi

    Thank you again. The disinformation, gaslighting is coming so fast that it’s difficult to keep up. I am coming under pressure in my neighborhood which I moved into to be near family in New Mexico. The New Mexico state supreme court is quashing all litigation seeking relief from vaccine mandates. New Mexico is a blue state the governor is a loon and it’s going to get worse here. I have a niece whose husband works at a hospital as a tech who is being told take t he jab or get fired. So hard.

    • Greg Hunter

      He should let the walk him out of the building. Call their bluff. The die off is coming in early 2022. So, he could have his job back by summer next year. DO NOT let him take the jab.

  46. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    I heard this story many times, each in their own fashion, say that this jab was designed to “reduce the surplus population.” Cliff Hgh, Catherine A Fitts, etc. I have been following both of them both for a long time. And in this post you added another repeating the same.
    Thank you for knowing them as truth tellers and having them on as guests. And thank YOU for spreading YOUR truth around. Prescient you are.
    The Universe is unfolding as it should. Have no idea where I learned that, but under the circumstances, this saying will enable me to “gird my loins” so to speak, no matter what is to come.
    God Bless you and keep you Greg. Please keep your light shining strong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eileen. To be fore warmed is to be fore armed. Put on the full armor of God.

  47. john

    Greg, a couple of weeks ago Dave Hodges reported that dick durbin d.ILL was trying to add to the stimulus bill that you would need a prescription to get vitamins and supplements. I saw where Cliff High reported that the vitamin prescription in the bill got passed. If so, it is an abomination to our health liberty. Seems like another way to deny us vit C, zink, and vit D, which helps strengthen our immunity to these viruses. Are MD’s gonna try to make it as difficult to get these supplements as it is to get ivermectin and hydrochloroquine ? I don’t know that for sure, but I do know that personally I am stocking up on these vitamins while they are easily avaliable. Storing them in a cool dark place and hoping they dont expire as easily. Keep up the great reporting Greg, I and I’m sure many others find it extremely valuable. GREAT WORK!!!

    • Paul ...

      Do the “commies” think they can suppress our vitamin supplements as easily as they suppress the truth on the internet? … these evil “commies” are a bunch of losers against people who know how to use their God given brains … if they succeed in taking vitamin supplements off the market … we can simply expose ourselves to sunlight to get our Vit D … we can grow rose bushes and eat rose hips for our Vit C … and we can eat oysters, beef, lamb, chicken, chickpeas, avocados or lentils for our zinc … and we can eat onions (which works just like Ivermectin) to help get the zinc into our cells!!

      • Southern Girl

        Thanks for the information. I will use it and do more research. I just stocked up on my vitamins and supplements. Will make sure I look for ways to up my vitamin D, as I’m aging I am not able to get the vitamin D out of the sun. Will look for other ways.

        • Paul ...

          SG … As you probably already know salmon and herring will provide Vit D (if you can’t get out into the sunshine) … but have you looked into the benefits cucumbers provide? … people who regret taking the “jab” and want to fight off the effects of the “jab” should be eating cucumbers … which are anti-inflammatory and have anti-cancer and heart healing properties … fresh cucumbers are a rich source of Cucurbitacins A, B, C, D and E which have anti-cancer properties (as they block several different signaling pathways required for cancer cell development and survival) … cucumbers are not only an antioxidant (that helps scavenge free radicals) but it helps inhibit the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes like (COX-2) … cucumbers contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol … three lignans that have a strong history of “reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease” as well as “the following cancer types” (breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers)!!

        • Lightning

          Southern Girl,

          Pine needle tea is high in Vitamin C. Buy some powdered lemon ( I buy True Lemon… it’s excellent real lemon crystals with zero calories) and add it to the tea and it’s really excellent. You can find Pine needle tea on YouTube and/ or the internet. Just make sure you add water below the boiling point( like 190-200F) as boiling tends to pull out bitter compounds.

  48. JC

    Wow, thanks for the friar video.

    Friar Alexis Bugnolo: First of all, there aren’t enough ambulances to take away the dead, there’s not enough mortician to take away the dead. Most of these people have taken the Vax and they too will be dead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High and Martin Armstrong are seeing the same kind of catastrophic die-off in early 2022 with their computer data mining programs. If these guys are half right it will be awful.

      • JC

        I’m thinking… if Br. Alexis is correct, and there is no one available to take away the dead, does that mean there will be rotting corpses everywhere?

        As far fetched as it sounds, what if the graphene oxide will be a means to reanimate the dead? What if they come back as vampire/zombies, as in The Last Man on Earth?


        • Paul ...

          JC … More likely (because the bodies where purposely designed to be magnetic by the “jab”) … they will come through the neighborhoods with electro-magnetic cranes (like we see picking up metal in junk lots) … such an electro-magnet can pick up the dead bodies without human hands touching them and dump them into trucks for mass burial in a ditch plowed out by a bulldozer … these “commies” think of everything don’t they!!

  49. JC

    Even Martin Armstrong agrees that regarding the vaccine, there is another agenda that is deeply hidden.

    “Then for OSHA to suspend reporting vaccine injuries PROVES that there are far more injuries than the government is telling people. This brings us back to the burning question of WHY? Indeed, since this disease is no more lethal than the flu, then why destroy the economy, threaten to fire people, all for a vaccine that CANNOT eradicate COVID for it also resides in animals where it will always mutate and return annually just like the flu. There is another agenda going on here that is deeply hidden.”


    • Paul ...

      Yes … it is an agenda planned by “totally insane psychopaths” who somehow managed to get into power … they must be taken down “IMMEDIATELY” if we want to save humanity!!

      • JC


        Add Sean Penn to the psychopath list!

        Filmmaker and activist Sean Penn is continuing his ego-driven fight against those unvaccinated against Covid-19, now comparing them to murderers and saying they shouldn’t see his new flop of a film, ‘Flag Day.’


    • Upside-down Flying Dutchman

      “…there is another agenda that is deeply hidden.” Could this Covid malarkey be a solution to the underfunded pensions? A $1000.00 bride to coerce the acceptance of the jab would be small potatoes compared to paying out an earned pension.

      I have been made aware that the Sabbath is Saturday; God is not a trinity; many accepted foods are unclean; and my God is a jealous God un-accepting of idol worship I was raised as a devote Catholic and have become aware of the lies.

      First time poster Mr. Greg. I’ve paid attention to you for many years. Thank-you for taking on the task of helping to get the truth divulged to the masses.

      • Greg Hunter

        Welcome aboard Dutch!

  50. Randy Best

    Greg-We need to ask Mark Taylor if he still believes Obama will be stripped of his Presidency.

  51. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for your Honesty Truthful Reporting.
    My Work is Saving Lives, not as a Doctor, but as I manufacture Breathing Apparatus used in protecting people when escaping or evacuating or to be rescued from Toxic Smoke caused by Fire or Chem-Bio-Gas Agents which may have been released into the Atmosphere. Medical Fact 3 Minutes No Air We as Humans Will Die. I have supplied NASA, CIA, US Embassy in Berlin, The NBA, Philippine Navy, US Air Force and Navy, Australian Air Force, Microsoft, CBS News, Samsung, Kuwait Oil and1000’s of other companies and individuals World Wide. Many I have spoken with have not listen to my warnings about the COVID Jabs and had them anyway. Many just could not believe the Government or Medical Community would do such a dastardly thing. Through your efforts to bring Truth to the News – some eyes have been opened – yet for them they now realize it is too late. Keep up the Good Work informing us all of the Truth.

    • Paul ...

      Like frogs enjoying a warm bath … most people simply can’t believe or conceive that there are psychopathic doctors in league with evil “commie” eugenicists … who have now “turned up the jab heat” for a reason … “to cook them” … dead … dead … dead!!

      • Paul ...

        Will even one of the frogs jump out of the pot … not likely … as they just won’t believe someone is out to kill them!!

  52. Brian

    Meanwhile, Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH
    board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology
    on 8/23/21 states:
    “A groundbreaking preprint paper
    by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.
    The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.
    While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.”
    Uh huh. Masks should be for Vaxxers ONLY, so they can cut down the spread from THEIR Coughs & Sneezes.
    And don’t forget, only the non-Vazzers have blood fit to donate, and we can NO LONGER trust the blood supply…only non-Vaxxers will have anything medically fit to donate, and safe blood must be inspected minutely for Graphene Oxide, SM-102, and other expensive new protocol testing thanks to Fauci & the NIH & BIG Pharma with their TOXIC Jab Juice.

  53. Gabriel Valdés

    Gregg, isn’t it preposterous?
    How can the FDA approve the Comirnaty vaccine, which is a vaccine that does not yet exist?
    How can anybody talk about a virus (Covid-19) that no one ever has been able to isolate? If an entity canot be purified, for all practical purposes we legitimately can claim that it doesn’t exist and how can there be a test to prove that there is something that doesn’t exist; moreover, how can there be a vaccine for something that there is not. In any case no one can claim that the covid vaccine contains a virus called Covid, which doesn’t exist.

  54. Major Payne

    I took the shot and felt wonderful, invigorated, brimming with vitality. I will be taking my second shot
    just as soon as the bartender gets back from his break.

    • Paul ...

      If drinks are on you … I’ll take a shot of fine Kentucky whisky mixed with some ginger ale … as long as I’m not Court Marshaled for not sipping it through my mask!!

      • Paul ...

        Keep in mind that “ethanol” (produced by fermentation of grains, fruits and potatoes, etc.) can have uses “that can make us happy in other ways” … ethanol (alcohol) can be used to run our piston driven cars and electrical generators when the evil “commie” psychopaths shut down the electrical grid!!

    • susan

      Major, that is a good one!

    • Bill

      Hey Major Pain, didn’t you use to act in the MASH Television Series with “Hot-Lips” Hoolihan?

  55. Mike+G

    The FDA, another corrupt criminal agency of the alphabet soup gang in the federal government.

  56. Claudio Robles

    Major Thumbs Up Greg!

    Wow, learning all of this seems somewhat fiction, hard to believe, but I’m gonna have to say ultimately, a lot of people are going to suffer in the coming months. I hate to think of this. David Bauer said from the Francis Crick Institute that after the first Pfizer shot, you have 15% less antibody protection, 35% less if you took the 2 shots.

    FDA deception and you exposing the lies and telling the truth about it being EUA really ticked me off. Is it really gonna take all these people getting severely sick and dying for the vaccine mandates to be canceled??

    Wow…as far as what A. Bugnolo, I’ve been telling this to my family for the past couple of months…..summer time was the “reopening phase..” where people think that things are going back to normal, but lockdowns will return as “cases” go up and the unvaxxed get blamed in the fall/winter months….

    Anyways, keep up the incredible work!! I never comment, but this I have to.

    • Paul ...

      CR … If your family has already been “jabbed” … Clif High has put out a protocol to mitigate some of the bad effects … if you prepare the meals in the house … you may want to add a few of these ingredients to save their lives (without them knowing it) … https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8h1sEtVIAUNkgY?format=png&name=small

  57. Bill

    Hey WatchDog, Thanks for being alert and not letting them pull the wool over your eyes, so you could point out their deceptions to us. Thanks

  58. Robert Dziok

    Sure sounds strange to say the least the FDA would approve something (COMIRNATY) that hasn’t even been tested yet and take 2 or 3 years to produce. Who in their right mind would buy that crock of BS? “Snake oil” salesmen hard at work. George Orwell would be amazed at the “Newspeak” they’re peddling.

  59. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and sincere thanks for your informative lifesaving broadcasts.

    When the MSM broadcast that the Pfizer shot had been APPROVED, my wife was in despair, “That’s it!” she said, and “Clif High was wrong”. My wife is quite savvy about what’s happening in the world today, so I guess, if that was her attitude then countless others were taken in too. Your broadcast provides a counterweight to the lies. Bravo!

    A few nuances I would disagree with: (IMHO)
    1/. The MSM did not get the story ‘wrong’. The story they were instructed to disseminate is that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ has been APPROVED by the FDA and that it is (therefore) “safe and effective”. The MSM did not misunderstand, or ‘fail to investigate’, they did their job. Their job is to misinform the public at large – to perpetuate pre-establishment propaganda.
    2/. It is not totally true to state that ‘they do not know what will happen’ with regards to mRNA inoculations. They have worked on this for years and have taken ethically motivated research into the healing potential of mRNA pharmacology and subverted it into a bio-weapon. They know it’s going to kill – and that’s their intent. Think, nuclear power > nuclear bomb! (This is not to say that mRNA won’t have other ‘unintended consequences’)
    3/. It is not correct to refer to this as “a clinical trial”. Granted, the EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) categorises the use of drugs / vaccines under the EUA as ‘experimental’ and authorises their use in ‘clinical trials’ – usually for critically ill patients for whom no APPROVED life-saving remedies are available. In other words, the EUA is intended as a humanitarian method of granting access to (unapproved) experimental therapies to patients at death’s door. Naturally, drug companies are granted immunity in this situation, or they would not permit the use of their potentially life-saving experimental stage drugs. This ‘humanitarian’ intent has been turned on its head in order to administer highly toxic substances into healthy people to ‘protect’ them from something akin to the seasonal flu!!! Nuclear power > nuclear bomb! Therefore, I for one reject the phrase, ‘We are being subjected to a vast clinical trial’. A clinical trial is to determine if a drug works to cure sick people. TPTB know full well that the c19 shots are designed to kill healthy people! Let’s stop using their own semantics! They use ABS (Advanced Behavioural Psychology) in everything they say and do. It’s past the time we learned NOT to play along. . .

    • AndrewB

      Correction: paragraph 1/. pro-establishment propaganda (not, pre-establishment).

  60. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you! I was in shock when I heard the jab was approved by the FDA! I am so glad to know that no, it is not so, but wow, so misleading and inhumane! Now all the schools, business leaders are running with this lie demanding vaccines for everyone!
    When I first found your site years ago I never would have believed it would be as important to me as it is. God bless you!

  61. Andy

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say most of my family and friends have taken this so called “Vaccine” I have pondered the thought many times that I truly hope I’m wrong in all that I have learned about it. But….. I’m not. I have to face the fact that I am going to loose most of my closest friends and family in the coming months. Any death before your time is a tragedy, losing a group of loved ones is a catastrophe, what comes beyond that? I don’t have the words to describe, especially when it was deliberate.
    The thought occurs that when the time comes to face this monstrous situation it will be the survivors who will have to face the true enormity of this crime as the dead will already be at peace.

    • antoinette dawson

      I’m right there with you. It’s so sad. God, I beg you to protect my grandchildren. It’s truly heartbreaking. I can, either, give it to God, or live in fear with little sleep.

    • Paul ...

      Andy … Don’t let your relatives take the booster shot (or triple shots like they are sadly doing to the Jews) … scientists use mouse models to determine human mortality from the “jab” … it is based upon the fact that mice have a maximum life span of about 2 to 3 years and humans about 85 years … the mice involved in Covid-19 vaccine studies tested with “one” jab died a few months later from immune disorders, sepsis and/or cardiac failure (a ten percent decrease in lifespan) … but when mice were given a “second jab” the mice died after about 26 days … this means in humans those who got the booster shot should expect to die within two years … so those who got the booster jab should get right with God before 2023-24!! … if you succeed in convincing them to avoid the second booster shot they can still have “a relatively long life” as it will only take about 10% off their lifespan (“that should be enough of a sacrifice” to satisfy the evil politicians looking to save money on Social Security … they don’t have to kill themselves in two years … unless they are just plain suicidal)!!

  62. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report USAWatchdog. The vast majority of Americans have lived under “emergency rule government” with one federal emergency declared right after another. As far as I can tell the United States Government is a defacto group and uses emergency rule to control the masses. From my experience I am certain that the defacto group views Americans out on the land mass as the enemy. One document to read is trading with the enemy act. If you look at the terms used by U.S. Politicians they say they are from the district, they say things like they represent their district. District is a military term as is customer. A tricky scheme the attorneys came up with is voter registration. Under that scheme when you register to vote and place your signature on voter registration documents the ramifications are undisclosed to the American people, in that by the act of signing up to vote you are pledging allegiance to the “res” in trust of the municipal corporation known as UNITED STATES, d/b/a District of Columbia, State of Nebraska, Douglas County, et al., and that said act was without knowledge or forethought that forfeit of all God given rights would occur by way of said act, including but not limited to forfeit of rights secured by the Organic Laws of the United States of America. That in placing your signatures on voter registration documents were unaware that said act would forfeit your Dejure status as “Citizen of the United States of America” and place each man or woman under Martial Rule as a Federal Emergency citizen/person/resident; and that you would become a “citizen of the United States”, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, as defined in the 14th Amendment to the Federal Constitution. I stated in writing to the Election Commissioner that my signature on voter registration documents occurred by way of fraud, mistake, duress, coercion or bankruptcy. I commanded the Election Commissioner that I revoke and rescind my signatures from any and all voter registration documents ab initio or from the beginning. I commanded the Election Commissioner to expunge the “permanent registration register”, any duplicate thereof, any electronic version of said register, and any and all other and further records at any location; of information containing me including names, dates of birth, identifying numbers, addresses, districting, or any and all other or further information concerning me. Then I added another command to the Election Commissioner, see that any and all records given to the clerk of the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska concerning me and become expunged from said records of the court. There is a reason for the way we wrote the AFFIDAVIT OF PARTY, NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF SIGNATURE AND COMMAND TO EXPUNGE RECORDS. I executed the document on the 4th day of January, 1996. I have never registered to vote.

    Everything the group dba UNITED STATES a federal corporation is doing is experimental. They view the people as the enemy in every case. The attorneys have used trickery and omission to get the people out in the territory to give up their dejure status as “Citizen of the United States of America” and converted your God given rights that were secured by the Organic Laws of the United States of America and now that group d/b/a UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON D.C., STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, STATE OF MISSOURI and all the rest of the former states into Federal Emergency citizen/person/resident to be injected with unknown poisons, to be injured repeatedly, to be murdered and disposed of in any manner the group chooses as the UNITED STATES INCORPORATED and having zero to do with the Organic Laws of the United States of America. Your politicians at the upper end know how it all works and have consented for you as your attorney/representative. Once you give your power attorney away, the attorney does not need you to make contracts for you in your name. For instance say you get charged with an offense of any kind, the so called court / corporation judge will make the contract with your attorney or the man or woman you think is your attorney, in truth and reality you don’t really have an attorney, the attorney represents the public employee styled as “judge not really” or “justice not really”. The one who you believe is your attorney is going to agree to have you stand in the case as surety for whatever guilty verdict and sentence gets imposed by “judge not really”. The attorney who you believe is yours is going to agree behind closed doors with “judge not really” to imposes the maximum fine and maximum sentence available. The whole time you are actually only there to be surety for whatever judge not really and the other attorneys agree to long before you ever step foot into a hearing all cases are decided in advance and most so called court orders are written up by the actor you think is your attorney. So that has all been learned from experience in how the group doing business as UNITED STATES CORPORATION, CIRCUIT COURT, DISTRICT COURT and ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS operate in truth and reality. I agree it is a lot of word art developed by a very devious group of attorneys, politicians and central bankers have developed this Federal Emergency citizen/person/resident.

    The so called courts exist to defeat justice regarding the Federal Emergency citizen/person/resident. The group styled as UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE exists to commit crime and coverup the crimes of U.S. Officials and sack any man or women who exposes the truth and facts. I have learned through many years that UNITED STATES POLITICIANS, JUDGE NOT REALLY, ATTORNEYS do not care that you know they are committing crimes, fraud and murder. They only care that the people can do nothing about those crimes, fraud and murder.

    Under international law their is only one State and that is United States of America, the so called 50 states are merely administrative politician subdivisions under military rule and that is a fact.

    Great report on the jab. More of that word art and selective reporting by the lame stream snewz about the EUA and attempting to confuse the people with the extension and approval of Comirnaty that appears to not be available.

  63. W E Goode

    Greg, my wife went to the Dr. today for an ear infection and received a prescription. The Dr. also asked why she had not gotten the Covid shot because he stated she was 27 times more likely to die due to her current medical conditions and also because the FDA has now approved the jab. Well she said Thank you and declined. Well imagine my surprise when I hear from you and others that this is all a lie and no such approval has occurred. Fear not my friend and I hope to meet you some day to Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Call you doctors office and ask how much he makes if your wife gets the EUA experimental shot? Ask is he is familiar with the Nuremberg Code of 1947?

  64. Alex Everetts

    “Just because you jump off the cliff, God is not obligated to stop
    gravity”. I could not have said it better myself. Greg Hunter,
    may God be with you.

  65. Kerry Funk

    What I got out of the FDA recommendation is that it was not approved for kids under 16 years of age but was approved for people over 16 years of age. It least that’s what I understood it to say.

    • Paul ...

      No it was “Not Approved” … the “experimental clot shot” was just given “an Extension of Time” … so Pfizer could “Kill More People”!!

  66. spirit

    Thank you, Greg! Your love of humanity shines thru. Not only can Jesus be proud of you, he is in you; and you in him. May we leave this world a better place as we find our way to merge with God. To leave this world for its Creator is no mistake. It is salvation!

  67. Jerry

    Now that we’ve cleared up the fact that the FDA are a pack of liars,
    maybe we can clear up something else.

    Straight from Donald Trumps own physician. It adds to the credibility of everything you’ve said. Now do you understand my anger and frustration? At first glance it looked like Cliff was wrong about the FDA, but once you dig into the details, it’s the biggest con job I’ve ever seen. By giving Pfizer the experimental emergency approval, it once again gets them off the hook for any liability while at the same time figuratively giving them approval. Lies…upon…lies…..but yet not a peep from any of our so called Republican friends or the Donald. I’m still waiting?

    • Roger

      Exactly Jerry!

  68. Dennis Hair

    It normally takes 10 to 13 YEAR to get a drug approved bt rge FDA!
    My wife and I will NOT take this mark of the beast (trial run).
    FDA Approval Process
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) is a science-led organization in charge of overseeing the drug approval process before a drug is marketed. CDER ensures that both brand and generic drugs work correctly and that the health benefits outweigh the known risks. They review each drug closely using an independent team of clinicians and scientists who evaluate safety, efficacy and labeling of the drug product. After approval, FDA follow-up continues to make sure new drugs continue to be safe and effective.

    It takes over $2.6 billion for a manufacturer to get a new drug from the laboratory onto the pharmacy shelf, according to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. The full research, development and approval process can last from 12 to 15 years. What happens during this time period to be sure that the drug you pick up at the pharmacy is safe and effective?

    • Dennis Hair

      Sorry about the typs’s

  69. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… The FDA did NOT approve a future vaxxx called Comirnaty, all they have done is approve their BLA! This, too, is purposeful subterfuge. This was simply a step on the way to seeking full FDA approval at some point.
    It will never happen. They are trapped by their own bureaucracy!
    Actually, funny when you think about it. Poetic justice!
    Thanks for all you do to spread the word!
    God bless and protect…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

  70. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    The cats out of the bag. Look at the subliminal message in this Australian newscast. And you wonder why people are brainwashed?

    In reality, it’s not brainwashing, it programming. Brainwashing would be better. At least that way you could wash the dirt and crap out of peoples minds. At this point, I’m not sure these people even have a mind?

    • Paul ...

      And along with the subliminal messaging … the Australian government seized 24,000 children from it’s citizens … placed them in a Covid POW Quarantine Stadium … and “forcibly vaccinated them” … while their Parents were kept out, restrained and not allowed to help rescue their children form this massive psychopathic Satanist ritual!!

  71. JC

    Here’s a nice “once upon a time” story…

    Once upon a time in a prosperous land, a rumor swept across the kingdom that there was an invisible vapor floating through the air. Many vapors had come before, but this one was so extraordinary, it called for an extraordinary response.

    This vapor, the town criers cried, could kill you at any time, anywhere. You could get it by talking, breathing, or singing. You could get it by standing or walking too closely to someone. You could even get it by playing. And the scariest thing of all—you could get it and not even know you had it.

    The only way to escape was to hide indoors, keep away from people, and rub your hands with a clear jelly every time you touched something.


  72. Bennoe de Meer

    The FDA confirms your excellent analysis:

  73. david brownallen

    I remember the Clif High interview where he mentioned the winter mass dieoff for which I presume to be global.

    I’m not necessarily skeptical, but the next interview where he provides some detail and explanation would be helpful. The implication is the vaccine has an engineered biological timestamp or element that clicks on.

    • Paula Davis

      David, check Clif’s latest video for more clarification on his predictions.

      Clif High, “Next level Woo,” BITCHUTE

    • The Ogs

      David it is very simple – the animals all died.
      Any previous attempts to vaccinate against the common cold (corona virus) have always produced this outcome.
      Specifically, bypassing the front-line innate immunity and injecting a pathogen that suddenly ‘appears’ to the adaptive immune system will create an enormous shock and life-or-death reaction from your immune system.
      And the very next pathogen to come along – whether it be a cold, flu or ‘variant’ – will cause an enormous, disproportionate response from your very own immune system which has been compromised (and knows it). This well studied and well known effect is called “pathogenic priming” and you will also hear the term “A.D.E.” used in the context of this COVID and its alleged variants. Same thing.
      Therefore our dysfunctional civilization awaits the onset of the next cold/flu season (October/November in the northern hemisphere) with great apprehension…

  74. Bennoe de Meer

    You are right, but the Comirnaty vaccine does exist and has been tested. See, the FDA text,


  75. msewert

    Greg, thank you for the timely update!!
    Check out court cases and post them – if I am correct, the military and governmental organizations cannot compel employees/member to take an EUA injection.

  76. msewert

    Review the following:
    21 USC Section 360bbb-3
    Doe #1 vs Rumsfeld

  77. Montana Guy

    Why are we beating this dead horse? Time is critical. The pro-vaxxers don’t care about the truth. Everyone has made their choice.
    The battlefield has moved! It has moved from ‘What is the truth?’ to ‘How do we resist?’ Let’s hear experts on that topic including church pastors.

    • Roger

      Spot on.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Montana Guy, The first step in resisting is to stop participating in their corruption. STOP VOTING. It achieves nothing. The election steal STARTED with Biden in the primaries. Biden was dead last. Kamala Harris, failing to garner even 5% support had withdrawn. Suddenly, the powers that be realized Bernie Sanders, a man whom they could not control, was going to win. From out of nowhere, beginning in North Carolina, Biden vaulted ahead. He did so by staying in his basement until national election day? Come on, what kind of BS is this? Then, Mr. Biden was declared the winner in the presidential election over Mr. Trump who garnered more votes than any other candidate in history. You have blood on your hands if you continue to support this corrupt system. Drop out. It’s the first step in peaceful separation. Best always. PM

  78. eddiemd

    Spike proteins produced by the mRNA injections damage both the pulmonary tissue and microvascular endothelium of the cardiovascular system.


    The conclusion in this study appears to be wrong. The mRNA injections code for spike proteins. The spike protein production is supposed to produce antibody. Their conclusion is contradictory. The production of excessive spike proteins is damaging the pulmonary tissue and microvascular. In other words causing microthrombosis. It has been shown in other studies that the D-Dimer test after getting the injection and with acute/chronic infection is abnormal suggesting products of coagulation are present.



    Another interesting finding concerns women taking birth control and getting the mRNA. They could be at a higher risk of thrombosis. Women taking birth control should avoid getting the mRNA injections until further study. Pregnant women should also avoid the injections since they tend to be in a hypercoagulable state. It is disturbing that OBs are promoting the injections in pregnant women knowing this.


    • eddiemd

      From the package insert of the Comirnaty injection.

      There is limited experience with use of Comirnaty in pregnant women. Animal studies do not indicate
      direct or indirect harmful effects with respect to pregnancy, embryo/foetal development, parturition or
      post-natal development (see section 5.3). Administration of Comirnaty in pregnancy should only be
      considered when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and foetus

      This sane warning is for ALL the injections.

      Do not take the injections under any circumstances.

  79. Micheal Anthony Burke Yared

    My people parish for lack of knowledge ! O the humanity of the dire situation we are all in, the world as we know it has for ever changed ! I now know why CLIFF HIGH broke down in his one interview and started to sob ! I to now fill the over whelming sorrow that the World will soon experience in the very near future ! I will have two daughters that will pass and meany more close friends and family ! My wife passed on a ventilator from “COVID” (they murdered her and her Brother) she passed in my arms on 2/3/2021 her name was CLARE she was 54 my best friend in the world ! These are the burdens along with meany more we will have to contend with SO PUT YOUR ROOTS DEEP IN FAITH SO YOU WILL STAND WHEN OTHERS FALL ! GOD HELP US ALL !

    • Self Exiled

      May The Lord Bless the and Keep the. May you walk with Him and talk to Him as our brother Job. May He Who Knows all hearts: Heal your heart: as He has Healed mine and will continue to heal us.

      ‘Therefore all who devour you will be devoured;
      And all your adversaries, every one of them, will go into captivity.
      And they who plunder you will become plunder,
      And all who prey upon you I will give for prey. For I will restore health to you
      And I will heal your wounds,’ says the LORD,
      ‘Because they have called you an outcast, saying:
      “This is Zion; no one seeks her and no one cares for her.”’
      Jeremiah 30:16-17

  80. Da Yooper

    How does the FDA approve “Comirnaty.” 2 years in advance ?

    The thought process behind this is insane.

    • Greg Hunter

      Da Yooper,
      Good question. What the FDA did was illegal and breaks every rule of the approval process. Oh, and they LIED too!!

    • Bennoe de Meer

      The ‘new’ one Comirnaty does exist.
      Both ‘vaccines’ exist and are tested. The ‘new’ one got the approval and the ‘old’ one has still the EUA on it. That’s the one people get.

      See, the text on the FDA-site https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/qa-comirnaty-covid-19-vaccine-mrna

  81. Roxie

    Thank you Greg for reporting this information so quickly. ‘They’ have been lying or at minimum propagating disinformation for decades. If this were such a wonderful solution ‘they’ would not have to bribe and now threaten citizens to take the jabs. Thank you for your faithfulness, fidelity in your reporting.

    Chris M. at Peak Prosperity posted a video yesterday regarding this very issue (Your Job or the Jab, vaccine mandates are here) but as is typical You Tube removed it because truth aggravates their reprobate minds. I’m grateful I can send folks to your link to at least get some truth related to this latest alphabet agency lie.

  82. William Daley

    If you’re correct, we will never see that name
    on a vaccine bottle label, that way there is
    no liability.

  83. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Great video.

    I have three friends here in the UK who took the two “injections” and who have been seriously ill.
    I am increasingly worried that the coming Autumn/Winter season will see a large number of fatalities and emergencies – especcially if people have booster injections or flu “vaccinations”.
    Over the next few months and years many people will “be with Jesus”.
    I could weep at the unfolding events.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew for reporting from the UK. Be safe and stay well!!

    • Paul ...

      What about the poor Jews in Israel who were given three(3) “jabs”??

      • Paul ...

        I think this “clearly proves” the insane psychopathic “commie” eugenicists are anti-Semitic!!

  84. Roger Stamper

    should not lie to people tks for post

  85. Tom

    Love you Greg, you should do more of these shorter video’s as they are very informative and helpful for the normies who are just waking up to this all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom!

  86. Kraig Lorenzen

    Rather interesting that half the samples of pfizer are supposedly placebo according to the insert published. So half the people that get the shot, are not getting what is required for jobs, etc? Just how is the placebo distributed-to those in the cabal or congress or? Why is this not a really big issue or is something really nefarious going on?

    • Paul ...

      Yeah … so the Government, Military, Schools and Corporations are going to “require everyone to take the jab” where half of them (according to Pfizer) are receiving a salt water placebo?? … so … even if 100% of the people took the “jab” to save their jobs … half of them “will still be un-vaccinated”???

    • The Ogs

      Kraig it is well known and has been established from the beginning that 1-in-5 (20%) of the inoculations are placebo (saline solution). These are “the Control Group”.
      So it is a relatively simple matter to ensure that VIPs such as governors, presidents and the Premier of Ontario (recently injected on TV) are in the Control Group, and therefore will never fall down and shake and twitch on national television…

  87. Micheal Anthony Burke Yared

    Greg I would love to do an interview with you to tell my story of what they did to my family and how it has brought us closer together !

    • Greg Hunter

      Give a condensed version here.

  88. Roxie

    I Peter 3:13‐16. For you Greg and others who fight to get truth out during this season where truth is reviled.

    1 Peter 3:13-16 NASB95 — Who is there to harm you if you prove zealous for what is good? But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. AND DO NOT FEAR THEIR INTIMIDATION, AND DO NOT BE TROUBLED, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.

  89. Marie+Joy

    How do decent people get themselves out of a situation like this? This will take more than prayer. My father, born 1916, knew this was coming and had his four children shooting from a very young age.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … it is going to take more then prayer … we need to grab these psychopathic “commie” eugenicists with our bare hands and give them a good wack in their noggin … these “commies” may be in for “a different kind of wack” after they “jab” Mafia family members!!

  90. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, The tactics being employed to manipulate people are off the charts. Interesting to note this incremental process being used and how they are willing to exposing themselves to the true nature of who they really are.

    • Paul ...

      The “commies” in our Government and in our Corporations are in a “Full Out War” … to “Kill the very people” (who pay them taxes and buy their products)?? … this is all the proof necessary for us to know … these “commies” are “complete psychopaths”!!

  91. Sue Patterson

    Thanks for staying on top of things for us. When I heard the FDA approval announcement I thought there had to be something bogus about it; you sussed it out. Many years ago I asked you if you’d ever consider doing a DNW, Daily News Wrap-up, instead of just weekly. You said it was too hard to do daily. There’s so much coming at us every day, please pop in as often as you can manage to give us the skinny on what’s happening.

  92. Roxie

    Wow that Friar pulls no punches. I have never heard of him but I hope and pray he is wrong. Still I agree they are not telling the truth about the corona or the jabs IMO. This is the only site I can watch this Friar, I was trying to find his other body of work so I could test what he is saying. He sounds as though he has put out other opinions, videos but what I found doesn’t play.

  93. Ralph Kenniston

    The Friar tells as distinctly as he can what to expect and what to do. Those who “have ears to hear” please respond correctly. May God’s grace motivate us to action

  94. Brian DaMore

    My niece is new in the Airforce and is based in Montana. She says that half the base is not vaccinated. I am very concerned. I have heard Clif High make mention of the military courts and the possibility of action. I am wondering what advice I can give to help her and her family navigate this situation with the intent of NOT taking this jab.

    • Vicky Benson

      I have seen a formal application from a General making a case for the fact that requiring the jab by the military is unconstitutional (maybe that’s why they want to make it approved by the FDA so it can be mandated by the federal government). Anyway, the case was how to have everyone receive the jab is a national security risk, given the experimental nature of it, given how few in the military have died of it, and in what general good health they are and on the young side. It was proposed to set the unvaccinated up as a comparison group.

    • susan

      I don’t know if it can apply to the military, Montana’s governor just signed the bill into law that no one can be required to take the vaccine for their employment. I’m thinking she may be in Great Falls. I’m only 200 miles away. Here that is nothing. God be with you and your niece during these perilous times.

      • Paul ...

        Susan … All Red State Governors should immediately do the same thing … pass a law that states: People can’t be fired from their job if they refuse the “jab” … do this … and people with critical skills will move to such States “keeping Red State economies robust” … while all the Blue State economies collapse into bankruptcy … a greater population will also increase the electoral votes of all the Red States … decreasing the ability of the “commie” Blue States accumulating sufficient electoral votes to steal the next election!!

  95. Roxie

    I’m curious Greg, did you vet this Friar? I’m trying to find info on him to determine if he has a honorable history but I’m not finding info to determine if he is legit. He doesn’t provide any references (other than a book on the Black plague), or data for us to draw independent conclusions that might support his viewpoint. Says he is an anthropologist and hermit Friar of the Franciscan order, that really doesn’t tell us much about him independently. I’m just trying to verify who he is and his expertise to give these opinions. Nowadays I feel we have to be extra vigilant in verifying who we listen to. I trust your work and heart for truth Greg but I’m curious at the addition of this video to this post without any additional background on the legitimacy of this ‘Friar’. I’m not suggesting he is not legit or what he says is untrue, I just can’t find enough info to draw any comfortable conclusions. Sadly I sent links to this post because I agree with the original content but I did not scroll down far enough or view the Friar video prior to sending. Can you provide reassurance regarding this Friar? Thanks

    • Paula Davis

      Was U able to draw “comfortable conclusions” from Martin Armstrong & Clif High’s recent interviews? Curious because the Friar’s predictions concurred with the above guests’ predictions… Previous interviews are available for review in case U missed them.

      • Roxie

        Hi Paula,

        I use to read Martin Armstrong when he sent newsletters from prison. I have also listened to Cliff over the years. I do not always agree 2ith their viewpoints but I’m OK we can disagree.

        My concern with the Friar is I can find nothing he has produced so I can read/watch his body of work and discern his credibility on this subject. In this video he gave opinion and rarely offered references or actual data to support his conclusions. He offered a reading list but that is not adequate for me to determine his credibility. I’m not familiar with him and was asking for links where I might be able to draw conclusions regarding his expertise/ experience with this subject.

        Here is an example, I have listened to Chris since Jan2020 on this subject (Corona) so he has developed credibility to me over time and does a great job providing references and data so I can independently verify his conclusions (which is what I would likecto do with the Friar’s work but struggling to find his ‘work’) https://odysee.com/@Chris_Martenson:2/vaccine-mandates-are-here:e

        • Paula Davis

          I see what U did there, lol…
          Over the many months following medical professionals’ analysis of the covid thingy, there is a consensus among the following MDs: Lee Merritt, Chris Shaw, Richard Fleming, Ryan Cole, Tenpenny, Palevsky, Northrup, Madej, Mercola, Sean Brooks video Talawanda school board meeting link directly below Dr. Robert Malone … the end result for those vaxxed will end in death due to the graphene oxide & spike protein mRNA gene therapy.
          Clif’ High & Martin Armstrong’s predictions are computer-generated metaData, not their opinions.
          I pray the predictions for loss of life as portrayed due to the vaxx are wrong. I would rather know the possibilities of genocide occurring rather than not knowing & wondering in total fear what / why my family & friends were dying like flies.

          • Paul ...

            Paula … Clif High has a protocol to mitigate the number of deaths from the “jab” … https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E8h1sEtVIAUNkgY?format=png&name=small

            • paula davis

              Sharing these helpful / hopeful recommendations with family, friends, neighbors is met with total denial that our government, FDA, CDC, & their trusted physicians would cause them harm is beyond their understanding. I’m done trying. The Most Blessed Theotokus is calling me to minister to them in their greatest hour of need; supporting them when realization of their actions / denial is sending into Eternity.

  96. Ted Kanterman

    Great job Greg!! Please keep up the great work!

  97. TJZ


    “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for My Name’s sake.”
    Friar Alexis Bugnolo gets it!
    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy!

  98. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. Appreciate the clarification.

  99. Blumhagen

    Am I the only one to notice this or are others seeing this too: All the leaders around the world passing all this crap are transgenders…..investigate this. Or continue to be quiet with your hands in your pockets. FDA Commissioner who passed this as legal now is a transgender, Pelosi, AOC, all the leaders in Australia…..TRANNIES…..wake up to this

    • Bill

      What does her husband say? Or did he sign the Surgical Operation Orders?

    • Paul ...

      Yes … These transgenders are completely morally insane, perverted and twisted … besides being “commie” eugenicist psychopaths wearing clown outfits in our schools teaching our children how to masturbate and have sex with pedophiles of the same sex but they encourage our children to cut off their balls and breasts without consulting their parents … they are coming to kill and rape our children (in front of our eyes) first … then … they will exterminate us with the guillotines “they have already purchased” (along with the extra replacement blades they will need as they begin to get dull)!!

  100. antoinette dawson

    Attacks by family members are brutal, with many of us enduring them teaming up to shame us. We want to save them. But, they have been mind controlled and filled with contempt for us. I realize that I will not survive without taking time to renew my mind spiritually. How did my parents and all of their lifetime friends survive fascism in Europe? They were starving and owned nothing. They all told me the same thing, as I grew up among them. Faith. They say that faith in God was everything.

    • Peter

      Catherine Austin-Fitts had quoted someone (I can’t remember who it was) who said your family is now the people who will not turn you in.

    • Paul ...

      Antoinette … Try to explain to them that they only lost 10% of their life-span by taking the “jab” (which is very good news for them) … but … if they take the booster “jab” … they will be dead in 2 to 3 years!!

  101. Mike

    i know this don’t seem right but look at 2nd page of the fda letter
    they spell it out in there lawyer talk to make sure that everyone know that covid 19 vacine and comirnaty are the same thing.

    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine contains a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 formulated in lipid particles. COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is the same formulation as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and can be used interchangeably with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series.8

    8 The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. Theproducts are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.

    • Bill

      I forget, who said, “Kill, all the Lawyers”!

    • Lightning

      They may be same chemicals but if it says Pfizer on the vial it’s still under EUA which shields Pfizer with immunity.
      If it says Biontech , then Biontech assumes full liability.

      As an aside, I would guess Biontech does not have the deep pockets of Pfizer , so I suspect Biontech will eventually go broke from litigation and damages will not be able to be fully extracted.

  102. The Ogs

    Thank you Greg. I woke up to the same sick feeling when I heard about the ‘authorization’ as I did on that morning they announced Biden had won!
    Numb disbelief. The feeling that the lunatics are now truly running the asylum…
    And of course all my normie friends have already fallen hook line and sinker. “No, you’re wrong. It’s approved, I saw it on TV.”
    THEREFORE at this time we suspect that there can be only two possible scenarios:
    1) heavy long-term depopulation – with lots of money for Big Pharma (bonus)
    2) profits enormous and ongoing for Big Pharma and the hospital industry – with long-term depopulation (bonus).
    So… which scenario do you guys think it is?

    • Jo

      Mark of the beast technology IMHO

    • JC

      The Ogs,

      Saw it on TV? Then it’s a “fact.”



      The Ogs
      So… which scenario do you guys think it is?
      Friday, September 26, 2014 By Paul Martin Outcastradio.net
      The Bible says that on taking Kingdom power, Jesus expelled Satan and his demons from heaven. Their activity is now restricted to earth, which is one of the reasons why things have become so bad since the greatest generation now passing away —Revelation 12:7, 9.
      Despite worsening world conditions, Jesus, as King of God’s Kingdom, has done things to help people around the earth.
      Although Jesus is already ruling in heaven, human governments still rule on earth. However, God has directed Jesus: “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.” (Psalm 110:2) Soon, Jesus will completely destroy all opposers and bring relief to those who are willing to obey God.
      During that time, God’s Kingdom will take action to
      Abolish false religion. Religions that have taught lies about God and that have made life difficult for people will be gone. The Bible portrays false religion as a prostitute. Its destruction will come as a shock to many.​—Revelation 17:15, 16.
      End human rulership. God’s Kingdom will take action to put an end to all human rulership.​—Revelation 19:15, 17, 18.
      Remove wicked people. What about those who are determined to do what is bad and who refuse to obey God? “As for the wicked, they will be cut off from the earth.”​—Proverbs 2:22.
      Eliminate Satan and the demons. Satan and the demons will be unable to “mislead the nations anymore.”​—Revelation 20:3, 10

      • KAY BLADE

        Ruling as King in heaven, Jesus will accomplish much more than any human ruler ever could. He will be assisted by corulers from among men and woman, who are chosen from among mankind. (Revelation 5:9, 10; 14:1, 3) He will make sure that God’s will is carried out here on earth.
        What will God’s Kingdom do for earth’s inhabitants?
        Eliminate sickness and death. “No resident will say: ‘I am sick,’” and “death will be no more.”​—Isaiah 33:24; Revelation 21:4.
        Ensure true peace and security. “The peace of your sons will be abundant,” and “they will sit, each one under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one will make them afraid.”​—Isaiah 54:13; Micah 4:4.
        Provide meaningful work. “The work of their hands my chosen ones will enjoy to the full. They will not toil for nothing.”​—Isaiah 65:22, 23.
        Solve environmental problems. “The wilderness and the parched land will exult, and the desert plain will be joyful and blossom as the saffron.”​—Isaiah 35:1.
        Teach people to live forever. “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.”​—John 17:3.
        God wants you to enjoy those blessings. (Isaiah 48:18)
        God’s Kingdom will undo all the harm that millenniums of human rule have done.
        Weather you believe in a new heavens or new earth or even a reupholstered earth, God created the earth so that righteous humans could live on it forever. (Psalm 37:29) He put the first human couple, Adam and Eve, in the beautiful garden of Eden, and he gave them and their descendants the responsibility to cultivate the earth and to take care of it.​—Genesis 1:28; 2:15.
        As Jim Roger’s has been pointing to today’s frightening world prophetically, it is now a far cry from the Paradise God meant it to be. However, God has not changed his mind. How he will fulfill his original purpose, totally new earth or not, God does not have to destroy this old earth itself. Rather, will he allow faithful humans to live on it and help in fixing and cultivating it into a new earth? Be assured we will know shortly, when and if God fulfills his promises!

        • eddiemd

          So then Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Almighty God in the flesh. Do you agree with this?

          From your statements it is unclear if you believe that Jesus Christ the Messiah is the Almighty God in the flesh.

          • Buford T. Justice

            BREAKING: Picking Up The Pieces

            Rep. Banks: ISIS was waiting for a president like Biden
            245,369 views Aug 26, 2021
            Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., tells ‘The Faulkner Focus’ he is ‘heartbroken, angry’ about what’s unfolding in Afghanistan and argues the situation was ‘avoidable.’

            Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ‘laugh’ and treat Afghan ‘disaster’ like a joke: Bolt
            639,551 viewsAug 26, 2021 Sky News Australia

            Peter Doocy asks White House ‘what’s so funny’ after Biden Afghanistan joke
            1,330,116 views FoxNews Aug 26, 2021 Fox News

            Biden addresses the nation following reported casualties in Afghanistan
            146,820 views Streamed live 104 minutes ago

            Peter Doocy presses Biden on whether he bares responsibility for Afghan attacks
            112,538 viewsAug 26, 2021 Fox News
            Fox new’s reporter questions Biden on whether he stands by his plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan. #FoxNews #Breaking

          • eddiemd

            Simple question. Simple answer

            Is Jesus Christ the Almighty God in the flesh?

            You expound quite elegantly on the “Kingdom” doctrine which suggests that you are a JW.

            JWs do not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ.

  103. Dee

    Canada has now been mandating covid shots among health care workers. Many employers are refusing to accept medical or religious exemptions.

    My good friend works in a private long term care facility. Yesterday they were all notified that they will be fired come October if they are not ‘vaccinated.’ That order is coming directly from our local health units & not management themselves.

    50% of all staff in their location are currently unjabbed. That includes some higher level management. My friend has refused flu shots for years & also refuses to take the covid shots. She told her boss yesterday that they will have to fire her, because she is not taking an experimental jab for anything.

    Funny thing, is that my friend has worked many double shifts right after a large number of her co-workers took their jabs. She’s worked more double shifts since the shot than she did during a so-called outbreak. Even now, months after half the staff have taken both shots, She’s being called into work at 3 am, rather than her usual 7 am.

    How are these care homes going to manage when half their staff are forced out, come October? This care home also experienced more deaths following the vaccine than they had when they were just dealing with ‘covid.’ Coincidentally, our flu stats have gone down to zero, yet they have announced they will be giving flu shots again this year. None given last year & Tamiflu was no longer on the shelves. (Not that it’s a safe product either, but I found that odd.)

    Also, Canada has just announced that ”Herd immunity’ no longer possible without vaccinating young children.’ So now they are after our children. (A friend’s 17 yr old daughter took her jab & within a week or so, found herself in hospital with uncontrollable sugar issues & is now insulin dependent.) I’m seeing many of my loved ones suddenly going blind & ending up with huge bruises all over their bodies. 2 of my sister’s friends ended up in hospital with heart attacks & uncontrolled sugar after their jabs. While they were there, they were talking with a number of others who were admitted for the SAME THING!

    We need serious help in this country!

    Thanks for the awesome reporting, Greg! We’ve watched you for years & love your reports! (Check out the report linked here.)



    • susan

      In Montana, our governor just signed the bill making it illegal to require the vaccination for employment. I understand we are the only state to do so.

    • Dee

      Sorry for the double link there, Greg! Not sure how that happened!

    • The Ogs

      Hello Dee! Yes it’s crazy here in Canada but nowhere near as deranged as Australia and N.Z.
      The Canadian government (and Oz and NZ) seem particularly intransigent.
      It was Mark Twain who famously observed “it is far easier to fool a man, than it is to convince him that he has been fooled.”
      Sorry to hear about all the suffering you have encountered… it’s just sad. The Premier of Ontario and his dopey Minister of Health (who is not a doctor or even BSc) will be identified by history as the naïve, gullible idiots who enabled these tragedies in Canada.

  104. DavidC

    Super work, thank you. I read verious articles earlier today (I’m in the UK) talking about the FDA ‘authorisation’ thinking ‘But it’s NOT authorised!’. As you say, lies, lies, lies.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

  105. DavidC

    Whoops, sorry, typo, should read ‘various’.

  106. jim

    you are indeed, “a warrior of the truth”
    thanks you !

  107. Roger

    Delta To Impose $200 Monthly Fine On Unvaccinated Employees

    • Bill

      Ogre management!

  108. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Excellent work as always sir.

    Chris Martenson has a great video on his site as well breaking down the lie that the FDA just told. Here is a link for everyone (https://www.peakprosperity.com/vaccine-mandates-are-here/#comment-923322). It would be great if you could get him on again.

    A little update from thee greater Orlando area. So many school districts here in Florida (mine included in Orange County) are defying Governor DeSantis’ executive order and are requiring our kids to wear masks in school again. DeSantis is threatening to withhold state funding from these schools for ignoring his EO. The way I look at things is that if the school districts are not going to follow the EO of the Governor, nothing they say should be followed either.

    Most businesses in the area are not requiring masks indoors, with the exception of Disney. I ignore any place that says they require one and don’t wear it. The employees in most stores/restaurants are now being forced to wear masks and look completely dejected as the majority of them took the jab thinking that would fix everything and keep them from having to wear the shame muzzle. I cannot imagine how they feel knowing that they have been had.

    We are definitely living in dark times where the rule of law is not being followed. The elites are doing everything they can to break down the masses and return us to serfdom. All we can do is look to the shining light that is Jesus and God the Father as their light will lead the way.


  109. arvind

    Hi Greg,
    Have you considered that God created this creation that works perfectly fine. He created DNA which is specific to all creatures. God makes no mistakes. Now we have idiotic arrogant jack asses that want to mess with our DNA with their so-called vaccines thinking they can outsmart God, our Creator. That can lead to nothing but disaster. Even the viruses that were created by God have a purpose. We may not like it but they do have a purpose.

  110. Jerry

    Greg & Friends,
    This is another thing you’d better be paying attention to.

    I’ve been tracking the Rockefeller Foundation ( you know the ones who gave us lockstep) and they’re getting ready to roll out their new global food development program, after destroying our current system. Bill Gates bought farm land for a reason, and no it’s not to sell corn chips. By my estimation, by the time the vaxed begin dropping over in early 2022, we will be facing food shortages. It’s a one to sucker punch. Right in the dead of winter they will use the remaining vaccine holdouts into vaccination lines using food shortages. It’s right out of the Marxist handbook. When people are cold and hungry, they don’t put up much of a fight. At least the ones the globalist see as expendable. Stay awake. Deliverance is just ahead.

    • Jerry

      Evidence is piling up, that food will soon be the weapon of choice.

      The supply chains will soon break. If you don’t have a food supply,
      It won’t matter whether you took the jab or not. My estimation?
      Maximum impact will be in January 2022. If Cliff is right about the die off, the globalist must have maximum control in order to handle the pushback that will be coming. Food will give them that control. And guess what? Unless you have a greenhouse you can’t grow it. Food storage will buy you some time until you can come up with a long term plan.

  111. Paul ...

    Delta Airlines will impose a $200 monthly fine “on all un-vaccinated employees” who refuse to take the Covid-19 “Experimental Clot Shot” (that “Was Not” approved by the FDA) … the Corporate heads at Delta Airlines should be dragged before an International Court on charges of Violating the Nuremberg Code!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/delta-impose-200-monthly-fine-unvaccinated-employees

    • Paul ...

      “They” are a Delta virus … sell any Delta shares you may own out of your stock or IRA accounts!!

  112. Rodster

    I’m in agreement with Martin Armstrong, Paul Craig Roberts and Robert Kennedy Jr and that is, Tony Fauci is a piece of crap who should be in prison along with Bill Gates.

    • JC

      Prison? Maybe it’s just a matter of time. Never forget about the sealed indictments. Remember them? The mysterious sealed indictments that remain permanently sealed?

  113. Bill

    Former British Commander in Afghanistan, told Mark Levin, On “Life, Liberty and Levin Show” that Joe Biden (A.K.A as “The Big Guy”) should be Court Martialed rather than “Impeached” for betraying all American and all Nato Soldiers in Afghaistan! https://www.foxnews.com/shows/life-liberty-levin

  114. eddiemd

    Fully armed Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. The CIA chief meeting with the leadership.

    This presents problem for the Russians. A well armed army on their border. The CIA chief most likely informing the enemies that they will be financed by the USA to launch attacks against the Russians. The Turks also involved.

    Next up on the agitation. Ukraine. Expect to see more problems in Ukraine, Belarus, and the Black Sea. Watch for the CIA bosses.

    • Arvind


  115. Trish

    Greg, you are right. It has to be desperation because once people start dropping this winter and more people are on to them, no one will accept the inoculation anymore. They must be trying to get as many people now before that happens. I see the news talking about full FDA approval again today, people we normally rely on for truth. It blows my mind.

  116. Catherine

    Can someone here please explain what the variant is? I am not vaccinated and if around someone who has been vaccinated does that mean their vaccination that they received will give me the Covid? OR does the variant have to be caught by another source by the fully vaccinated AND the have to be SICK that I can get the variant?
    I am confused about the statement “the vaccine creates the variant “.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s start here with the 2008 Nobel winner in Medicine: https://rairfoundation.com/bombshell-nobel-prize-winner-reveals-covid-vaccine-is-creating-variants/ When you hear that somebody who is full vaxed has had a “breakthrough” infection you can know that is a total crap unscientific term they made up. The real well know scientific term is something called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement or ADE. Quite simply “The Vaccines create variants.” If you have had Covid and have gotten over it you have natural immunity. If you have natural immunity the overwhelming chances are you cannot not get the variant.. This is from doctors and not me: https://www.theepochtimes.com/people-who-recovered-from-covid-19-as-protected-as-the-vaccinated-study_3894590.html?utm_source=partner&utm_campaign=ZeroHedge
      If you have not had Covid be sure you have Ivermectin and HCQ on hand. so you can get over it quickly and have God given natural immunity that needs no “Booster”.

      Hope this helps.


      • Catherine

        Thanks Greg. You’re efforts are greatly appreciated

    • Rodster

      Catherine what the variant means is that Covid mutates so it becomes ineffective to those who have been vaccinated because the “vaccine” aka experimental cocktail drug is looking for a “specific” type of virus. The problem is a virus constantly mutates and changes especially when it can be found in animals.

      Those who have NOT been vaccinated gain herd immunity just by the virus becoming weaker and weaker as it gets pass from one person to another. That’s just the opposite for those who have been vaccinated and that’s why they require “booster shots” or more jabs to fend off the new variants.

      *Keep in mind that more the overwhelming majority Covid is not a problem. In fact most don’t have any symptoms or cold or mild flu symptoms. In a nutshell Fauci and Gates have unleashed a monster on the public.

      Greg, maybe it’s time to bring back Chris Martenson who can explain all this stuff in easy laymen terms?

    • The Ogs

      Catherine, as Greg describes, the ‘vaccinated’ are at risk from variants because the ‘vaccine’ is very specific.
      Natural immunity is long-lasting defense against these viruses including their variants.
      Whereas ADE from “leaky vaccines” causes those injected to be more susceptible to the different COVID variants (and any other pathogen at all, really). Very bad for those people.
      Personally – I’m with the Friar, and believe everyone inoculated will perish within 2-3 years (5 years max.)
      Except Greg and me. They’ll never get us! And mostly it’s because of Greg…
      History will identify not just the villians, but the heroes of these times as well.

    • Paul ...

      Catherine … Because those who have been “jabbed” have spike proteins being multiplied within them “by the trillions” … it overwhelms their immune system (ADE) … and kills them … for someone like you who have not been “jabbed” … your natural God given immune system will fight off and kill any Covid virus and variant that is coughed out on you (by all these Covid “mutant infected people” who took the “jab”)!!

    • Warren B.

      The most important issue to concern yourself with is Vaccine Shedding.
      The FDA along with BIG Pharma already know about the mechanism whereby the Synthetic Lipid Nano Particle being injected to create a Spike Protein manufacture is designed to shed the body through saliva and other secretions (body contact) and automatically inoculate others – thereby indirectly vaccinating those who choose not to follow the mandate. In order to achieve this they require an optimal level of population capable of propagating the vaccine – Spike Protein toxin.
      I fully suspect that the term “Variant” that is being used to describe a different strain of the “VIRUS”- is in actuality the Vaccine Shedding process that is occurring – Synthetic Gene Altering therapy ( modified RNA) that permits the generation of Spike Proteins. Spike proteins are proven to be the definitive cause of the Blood clots, Heart conditions, damage to other bodily organs and other inflammations. This is true for those who ARE and ARE NOT Vaxxed.
      If you come into contact with a known Vaxxed person you can accept the transmission of the Spike Protein therapy into your body and either allow your immune system to terminate the mechanism naturally or you can intervene and follow a alternate regime to promote and protect your own immune system and destroy the actions of the mRNA and Spike Protein generation. The protocol for such has been posted on this site numerous times.

  117. Aldous Huxley

    “Comirnaty” seems to be safe and effective. No one has died from it and it has been shown to reduce the symptoms when you do get Corvid, Plus it works on every variant known and unknown.

    • Greg Hunter

      What does a troll get paid to give information that will kill or injure them?

    • Frank D2

      ““Comirnaty” seems to be safe and effective. No one has died from it and it has been shown to reduce the symptoms when you do get Corvid, Plus it works on every variant known and unknown.” Right. Now please post the source of your claims or go troll somewhere else.

    • Bill

      The FDA is very ticky in their wording. For example, the Comirnaty Vaccine will not be available until 2023 or 2024. Until then, all they(the FDA ) have is the Pfiser Vaccine which has always been The Emergency Use Authoritzation Vaccine. Every time, they open their mouths, they LIE.

      • Greg Hunter

        Further confirmation of the huge fully approved vax LIE. I found this on page 11 and 12 of the letter the FDA sent to Pfizer. The FDA instructs Pfizer “All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: Page 12 – Pfizer Inc. • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older. . .”

        • Bill

          Thanks Greg!

    • Paul ...

      You are “a liar” Aldous Huxley … Comirnaty has been used across Germany and back on 12th March 2021 … 286 fatalities had already occurred in Comirnaty vaccinated German individuals (registered at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute) … time intervals of death due to Comirnaty “after vaccination” … was between one hour to 40 days!! …

  118. peter Erikson

    They Did it.

    The Spike Protein Is a Bioactive Cytotoxin

    ” the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. Once in your blood circulation, the spike protein binds to platelet receptors and the cells that line your blood vessels. When that happens, it can cause platelets to clump together, resulting in blood clots, and/or cause abnormal bleeding. ”

    As explained by Malone, many months ago he warned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that the spike protein — which the COVID-19 “vaccines” instruct your cells to make — could be dangerous. The FDA dismissed his concerns, saying they did not believe the spike protein was biologically active. Besides, the vaccine makers specifically designed the injections so that the spike protein would stick and not float about freely.

    Well, they were wrong on both accounts. It’s since been well-established that, indeed, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein gets free, and that it is biologically active and causes severe problems. It is responsible for the most severe effects seen in COVID-19, such as bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems.

    These are the same problems we now see in a staggering number of people having received one or two shots of COVID-19 “vaccine.” For more in-depth information about how the spike protein causes these problems, please see my interview with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Judy Mikovits, Ph.D.

    Using the word vaccine isn’t really appropriate here, and I don’t want to contribute to the misuse of that word. These injections are clearly not vaccines. They don’t work like any previous conventional vaccines. As the actual inventor of the mRNA vaccines clearly says in the interview, they are gene therapy. So, please understand that when I say vaccine or vaccination, I’m really talking about gene therapy.

    Spike Protein Disseminates Throughout Your Body

    In a recent interview3 with Alex Pierson, Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., discussed previously unseen research obtained from the Japanese regulatory agency through a freedom of information act request.

    The study was a biodistribution study done by Pfizer, which showed that the mRNA in the vaccine does not stay in and around the vaccination site but is widely distributed in the body, as is the spike protein.4

    This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. Once in your blood circulation, the spike protein binds to platelet receptors and the cells that line your blood vessels. When that happens, it can cause platelets to clump together, resulting in blood clots, and/or cause abnormal bleeding.

    • Greg Hunter

      More from Dr. Ryan Cole. Backs this up. https://rumble.com/vkopys-a-pathologist-summary-of-what-these-jabs-do-to-the-brain-and-other-organs.html



        Ryan Cole MD

        A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people


        • Carter

          Peter, Interesting you would say this, I woke up yesterday thinking a similar thing – something has changed. Something about Liberty has fallen. It could almost be called “a disruption in the force”.

  119. Bill

    The New Governor, Hochul of New York announces 12,000 additional patients died in New York Nursing Homes while Andrew Cuomo was Governor brings the total of Covid Related up to 55,000 people that died of Covid during Andrew Cuomo’s Reign. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/cuomo-hochul-covid-

    • Carter

      Interesting you would say this, I woke up yesterday thinking a similar thing – something has changed. It could almost be called “a disruption in the force”.

    • Paul ...

      Opps … the MEDIA (Making Everyone Dumb in America) go on about how Cuomo didn’t treat his dog very well when he left office … yet say nothing about him killing over 55,000 old people in nursing homes??

  120. Justn Observer

    Greg, Amazing continuity of numbers being assigned to the patents as well as legislation which is interesting in the biblical /spiritual sense?

    So many great comments and sharing of information as well as your reporting, Thanks Greg and all !

  121. Lydia Harvey

    I just got over covid. Had no jab. Been taking Zinc vitamin D3 and C multi vitamin and B12 and magnesium since this stated my son and I. I turned 64 8.9. my son 39 grandson 21. We survived it. Was ruff no hospital. Just feeling better this past week. Still not getting the jab. God is Good all the time in Jesus Christ.

    • Paul ...

      Lydia … God’s natural immunity will protect you now … from all the variants the “jabbed” will produce!!



    – Everyone we must support this channel. !! Greg this stuff is Invaluable. You Told Us and you were Right. — I ‘ve wanted to move to a farming community for many years. and insulate myself from some of the Crazy. political. junk. and evil out there. but can’t Swing it quite yet. God Help Us All. I wish I could go back in time and plan my life to be able to live in the south on a farm with decent people around me.

  123. Al

    My Aunt died about 2 Months ago due to “complications” after she took the shot. It took a few weeks, but Fauci got to her.
    Now, my Brother is in the Hospital in surgery to remove a major blood clot. He took the SHOT a few Months ago.

    I ALWAYS SAID THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE ! But now add the government, big pharma, bit tech, and maybe your own neighbor.

    • JC

      Your neighbor…

      G.A. STEWART: Those of us who get it, will be f**ked over by those people who do not. That should be number one on everybody’s survival checklist. There is no such thing as Navigating The Future, Through Prophecy as the masthead on this Website claims. And I am the living proof. You can know the future, but not the person next to you.


  124. Barbara

    Greg, you have done amazing work over the years and you always end your solo videos with “Fear not for God the Father, the Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ are firmly in control”. I’m wondering why you didn’t say it this time and I’m also wondering why you posted that video of the Friar speaking such things that would create great fear in people. That Friar speaks with a heartless voice in my opinion. God IS in control and we must trust in Him to provide an answer to all the prayers coming against this atrocity. As Christians, we are commanded to warn the world of evil but then provide hope as well. My God has the power to turn this around, let’s get on board with Him. “For I will contend with them who contend with you. Your children I will save” Isaiah 49

  125. Jim


    You can post this if you want but more for you. I think you should not have videos saying people will die from the vacination.

    Not saying they couldn’t, but nobody knows, it would seem more likely that it is health risks, then 100% certain death if you take it. The Friar doesn’t know, who is he really to be saying that.

    Anyway, most of your videos are great information. I would like to share with friends or family but it makes them less likely to take it serious with the 100% death predictions. Health risks, side affects, possible deaths sure, but you know what I mean.

    Thanks for what you do, just a recommendation I think you will have more audience and get message out more by not having people on saying 100% death for sure. Only God knows, same with cancer death in 6 week predictions made by doctors.

    God Bless!

  126. susan russo

    Thank You Greg for all of this. My soul aches to realize the truth of all this. Even still, I would not hide from it. I believe many who die will be salvaged by God. This battle’s origins are dark.

  127. Roger Hubbard

    Greg, thanks for putting this emergency broadcast, I saw what Chris Martinson did on his post last night all good stuff agrees with you 100%!
    They are lying and tricking and that’s not a good place for the government to be!
    It’s going to be an interesting ride from here on out good luck Greg God be with you!


  128. Covidius Anthithesis

    Read a story saying that there’s pushback even in the “science” community to not push these gene therapies to children below 12.

    I think they want enough young to repopulate the proletariat.

  129. Jo

    I was hesitant o actually believe it, but now I can officially say it out loud—Mark of the beast.

  130. Southern Girl

    I made two responses and none of them have shown up???
    Thanks for getting us the information so quickly. I have a nephew and his new wife who have not gotten the shot. He is stationed here and is in the Air Force. I told him to get the religious exemption. I forwarded your info for him to watch. I also told them that if they want children to NOT get the jab or they will both be sterile. I will not be going to the funerals for my siblings who got the JAB if they airlines require face diapers. This will not be a good time for anyone.

    Only HOPE is that they got a placebo and not the poison!!!

  131. Jen

    Hi Greg, I’ve been keeping up with articles on your website and was surprised that the vaccine was approved, based on your interview with Clif High, so I came back today to read the latest new from USA Watchdog that the vaccine approval is a hoax and is for a future vaccine. Then I searched for the FDA news release and found that here: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine
    When I read this the first thing it says is “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.”
    Can you help us break down what is true/untrue in the FDAs news release?
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you watch my video explanation? Did you watch the second video with Dr. Robert Malone? He’s the inventor of mRNA. Here’s more on the explanation OF THE LIE FROM the FDA: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/mainstream-media-fda-approval-pfizer-vaccine/
      In short you are not getting the approved vax in the USA only the one under the EUA which provides Pfizer with total protection from liability.

      • Jen

        Thanks for the quick reply Greg. Admittedly when I left my first response I had not yet watched the Dr. Malone video (lunch break). I went back and watched your video, scrutinized through the FDA letter to Elise Harkens and then did some searching on my own. I had to go through the footnotes and fine print of the doc you shared to connect the points you were making in your video. I found all the FDA release info from 8/23 as well and then finally watched the Dr. Malone video.
        I appreciate your passion for wanting to get the truth out to as many people as possible and understand your anger at the lies coming from our government agencies and the drug companies. I just wish the video with your major rant at the beginning better pointed to the sources and the footnotes/fine print instead of 1 sentence that said there was an extension of EAU approval that in and of itself did not back up the statement that this is what people would continue to get, it eludes to it, but does not fully back it up. And that you had better called out that this was falsely being called out as the exact same vaccine with a new name for marketing only. I think that would have saved some additional comments that were made on the post.

        Keep up the good work, keep the faith, tighten up the videos.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jen this saysn it all on page 11 and 12 : Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the
          use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:
          Page 12 – Pfizer Inc.
          This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been
          authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus

          Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;

          The EUA shots are the ones you will be getting.
          Than FDA Lied. They approved a shot nobody is getting.

  132. Patricia Hough

    What do you say to people who see Dr. Malone’s video and refuse to accept it saying that Comirnaty is just the trade name of the Pfizer vaccine and the the EUA still in place is only for those children younger than 16 since the full approval was for people over 16? For myself I don’t understand why the FDA would bypass their own regulations and requirements to give full approval to something that isn’t finished with trials and has injured hundreds of thousands and killed way more people than other medications they have pulled off the market for killing less than 50 people. If these scientists/doctors who are warning of the horrendous possibility of mass death and/or mass permanent severe heath injuries with these vaccines are reputable then why doesn’t the FDA, the CDC etc take into account these concerns at all? Surely this is mass deception on steroids and for what?!

    • Greg Hunter

      Id say they are in denial that this was a huge lie. You will NOT be able to get Comirnaty. You will only be able to get the vax protected from liability with the EUA. These are the facts.


        Greg, I need your advice, My Job working at a public school where I have less than four years until i retire with my Pension that I was counting on, the Head of our School Union says those who won’t get the Vaccine will be terminated and their pension forfeited, If I don’t get the jab, I will be homeless on the street and probably will kill myself or I die getting the jabe later. What should I do?

        • Greg Hunter

          I give you the information and you decide how to use it. I cannot answer that for you.

        • Carter

          John, think like a serpent and act like a dove. Begin to call in sick, get family leave and begin to chase your serious maladies. Many people have things that are hard to nail down… could take years . Express your desire to Vax but boy, being sick is a drag. Surely they must accommodate you in your quest to get healthy, they can’t prove anything,
          And if they get too frustrated OMG they might have to give you an early retirement then you can get unemployment, or another job.

        • Rodster

          You can start by reading what Catherine Austin Fitts said on a recent interview with Greg Hunter. She and Greg discussed that. Maybe Greg can post a link to that interview.

          Secondly, you have rights especially if they are religious beliefs such as The Mark of the Beast. Find and hire a qualified attorney in your area who specializes in this matter because that’s what many will be doing in the future. And if you talk to an attorney make sure you have stories of those who have been injured and killed from these drugs.

          Also contact your State Senator and express your concerns about these mRNA drugs.

          I haven’t listened to this Chris Martenson video but it probably deals with this subject.


        • Paul from Indiana

          John, I’ll take a stab (no pun intended) at it. The first thing is to talk a good civil rights attorney. When he finds out you have a potential lawsuit of a government entity (which all lawyers see as unlimited dollar potential), he’ll be all ears. There is an option for class action, as there are going to be many people in your situation. The next step is to go to the school board and bring all other anti-vax taxpayers with you. Make your position known and give them the unmistaken impression you are not going to take it easy on them. Find out who your city councilman is. Tell him/her your story. Contact your state representatives. You are being far too passive. Stop wringing your hands and fight. You must be prepared to get as nasty as they are. Best of luck. PM

  133. Randy Avera

    Four Horseman…Four Vaccine Producers..Might Have heard it here on USA Watchdog.

  134. Nick Reynolds

    Good coverage, Greg, on yet another MSM, corporate lie.
    Wow! The good Friar hit the nail on the head, didn’t he? I hope he’s wrong. I imagine he does, too. But I think he’s right, unfortunately. Flee the cities. Don’t even look back.

  135. Michelle

    Hey Greg you are mistaken about what you are calling Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). You are confusing it with the term “escape variants”. look it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going by the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine: https://rairfoundation.com/bombshell-nobel-prize-winner-reveals-covid-vaccine-is-creating-variants/

      • Silverseeker

        The BLA “approval”letter from FDA on 8/23; for “Comirnaty” grants the recipient approval to market, manufacture, trademark, and distribute. Comirnaty will be the trademarked name of the biologically equivalent drug already under EUA; known as nCov-19 produced and in use presently; It simply received approval to be sold as “Comirnaty”; This has NOTHING to do with completion of the myriad of continuing FDA required clinical trials in progress and enumerated in the letter under IND; and on page 12 of the FDA letter to Pfizer, it states that “Pfizer must clearly and conspicuously state” that:

        “this product has not approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA under EUA….”

        The “approval” was for a trademark name; in anticipation for future post approval commercial distribution; not a clinical approval inferring completion of trials!

  136. iwitness02

    The contractions are getting closer together now.
    The world is getting ready to deliver something……
    Isaiah 35:8-10 King James Version (KJV). 8 And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein. 9 No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there:
    AKA the Millennial Reign of Christ.

  137. Mike

    T Bud: ‘You can’t come in here!’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Well because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick.’
    Bud: ‘It doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘Well, why does that guy get to go in?’
    Bud: ‘Because he’s vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But he’s sick!’
    Bud: ‘It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Yes.’
    Lou: ‘So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’ll make them sick.’
    Lou: ‘How will I make them sick if I’m NOT sick and they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘But they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘So what the heck does the vaccine do?’
    Bud: ‘It vaccinates.’
    Lou: ‘So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?’
    Bud: ‘Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.’
    Lou: ‘I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.
    Bud: ‘Ok.’
    Lou: ‘And the guy you let in IS sick.’
    Bud: ‘That’s right.’
    Lou: ‘And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Certainly.’
    Lou: ‘So why can’t I go in again?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!’
    Bud: ‘I’m just telling you how it is.’
    Lou: ‘Nevermind. I’ll just put on my mask.’
    Bud: ‘That’s fine.’
    Lou: ‘Now I can go in?’
    Bud: ‘Absolutely not?’
    Lou: ‘But I have a mask!’
    Bud: ‘Doesn’t matter.’
    Lou: ‘I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.’
    Bud: ‘I know.’
    Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? ….If you say ‘because I’m unvaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.’
    Bud: ‘Take it easy buddy.’
    Lou: ‘So the mask is no good anymore.’
    Bud: ‘No, it’s still good.’
    Lou: ‘But I can’t come in?’
    Bud: ‘Correct.’
    Lou: ‘Why not?’
    Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’
    Lou: ‘But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but people can still catch your germs.’
    Lou: ‘But they’re all vaccinated.’
    Bud: ‘Yes, but they can still get sick.’
    Lou: ‘But I’m not sick!!’
    Bud: ‘You can still get them sick.’
    Lou: ‘So then masks don’t work!’
    Bud: ‘Masks work quite well.’
    Lou: ‘So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m not sick and masks work?’
    Bud: ‘Third base.

    This says it all.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks I really needed to have a good laugh. Sounds like something my brother, Mike would say. He is the funny one in our family.

    • Catherine

      Bravo indeed

  138. Coal Burner

    Bravo: Greg!

  139. BRIAN O'Connor

    Dear Sad Sac aka Chicken Little,
    I miss you from Youtube. Is it possible Comirnaty is the new brand name for the vaccine and is identical to what is being used now? Or do you think they are giving full approval to something that has not been tested? Is it possible that manufacturing takes time and we have vaccine already made that remains under EUA? Don’t think too hard just go with your gut feelings of righteous indignation and your dread certainty that the sky is in fact falling as you have been reporting for at least a decade.
    Brian O’Connor

    • Greg Hunter

      Dear sad sack woke-tard.
      You should read the letter from the FDA to Pfizer. https://www.fda.gov/media/150386/download According to Dr. Robert Malone (he invented mRNA) “Comirnaty” is NOT the vax that is going to be shot into people. It is the original vax that has been, and still is, under an Emergence Use Authorization. On page 11 to the top of 12 it instructs Pfizer “All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: Page 12 – Pfizer Inc. • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been
      authorized for emergency use by FDA
      , under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older. . .” This means the product they are shooting is, in fact, experimental and Pfizer has zero legal liability because it’s done under an EUA. So yeah, the FDA lied about giving people fully approved vaccinations. Now play in the street and don’t come back.

      • Silverseeker

        I just found this reply; and you’ve got it. The lie is the commingling of:
        1> “approval to market and distribute” the current vaxx as a trademarked brand “Comirnaty” with;
        2> “FDA has granted full approval of a Covid vaccine”

  140. Christopher

    Hi Greg –

    Thank you for your work! The EUA and Comirnaty are actually the exact same formulation (p.2, footnote 8). The only difference between the two is LEGAL. (Pfizer is Liable for the approved – not available for years because studies haven’t run long enough – and, as we know, has no liability for the EUA.)

  141. Walt

    COMIRNATY has been provisionally approved in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration – The Australian version of the FDA) and is currently being injected into Australians.

    • Greg Hunter

      Does Pfizer have liability for injury or death? No matter that’s not the shot that will be given here in the USA. This in on page 11 and 12 of the FDA letter to Pfizer: Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the
      use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: Page 12 – Pfizer Inc. • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus
      Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;

      • Jr

        wasn’t it 16 and older? have they just expanded (lowered) it 4 yrs?

  142. Lisa Stahl

    Found this today on YouTube.. hurry before it gets disappeared. Well spoke Orthodox Christian Priest lays it out about the jab.

  143. Rodster

    I was reading a story today and forgot where but Denmark is abolishing ALL Covid mandates. Which means NO mask, no social distancing or no vaccines required.

    Bravo to them, they are truly a land of the free !

  144. James Cortright

    Thanks for your efforts to prevent Genocide . I watched Cliff High on his channel the other day and he mentioned car accidents and industrial accidents were at 40 and 60 year highs respectively. I do not doubt his facts but I am trying to find the source information so as to pass it along. Perhaps you could include this information in your weekly wrap up if you could verify the sources. This is another proof that something is very wrong.

  145. OKGrandpa

    Here’s a goldmine of verification for all of this…


  146. ken

    No,,, its been approved. The original name Phzer vaccine for Covid has had the EUA extended.

    The new product called Comirnaty is the approved drug. Both are identical,,, just different names.


    • Greg Hunter

      A vaccine was approved, but it’s not the one they are going to be using. So the FDA Lied bigtime. You won’t be seeing “Comirnaty.” You will see what they have been injecting all along with the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This is on Page 11 and 12 of the FDA letter to Pfizer: Y. All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that: Page 12 – Pfizer Inc. • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older;

      Sorry back

  147. Jeannette+Rowden

    According to this former Pfizer bio-tech analyst, the FDA actually did approve the shot, but it is now game over for Pfizer because of new requirements.

  148. The True Nolan

    The supposed “approval letter” can be found here:

    Another way we know that the current Pfizer shot is still under EUA is they specifically order that all inserts and printed information say that it is. On page 11 it says:

    All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the
    use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state
    • This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been
    authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus
    Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and
    • The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the
    declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency
    use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the
    declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.


  149. Lady Au Stackers United

    Wow! Awesome investigative report by Greg Hunter!

    Holed in near the US/CAN border. Radio propagandist machine out of BC, Canada reports all citizens mandated to take the Kill Shot or lose job.

    Meanwhile tyrannical .gov of Washington State mandates all State employees and healthcare employees of hospitals long-term care homes and other healthcare employers mandate their employees get the Kill Shot or lose your job!

    Most of The Hesitant ones probably will submit to the Kill Shot to keep their good jobs as they are too entrenched in debt, be it mortgage or other, not to mention some have children to care for.

    But those that are not so tethered to the above mentioned are a bit more free to engage in personal liberty and quit their job.

    So it is inevitable, we as a community of like minded anti-Kill Shot protestors will see major shortages of nurses and aides, and MDs, nurse practitioners, and PEs.

    Of note, Was .gov State Prison System is enticing The Hesitant prisoners: if you submit to the jab then you the inmate receive 8 packages of Ramen Noodles, and if inmate takes the 2nd shot then inmate gets an extra 8 packages of Ramen. Wow, what a deal!

    And the most absurd comment I have heard was, “I took the shot because it’s FREE.”

    Well folks, hold on to your Bibles, beans, and bullets. Have faith in GOD, guns, and gold.
    It’s going to be a long rough ride!

  150. Richard

    Great job on all this. Please post the video from Americas Frontline Doctors called The Poison Death Shot. It backs up everything you are saying.

  151. Bible Reader

    WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”
    Stew Peters Show Published August 25, 2021

    Rumble — Biotech Analyst DESTROYS Big Pharma in BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE!

    Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee, a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst.

    Kingston joins Stew Peters, and brings the receipts! Kingston reveals how the FDA “approval” is sure to be the “checkmate” move to end the shots that have caused unprecedented injury and death, worldwide….


    Highlights: The Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved and Pfizer has to do a full disclosure in 14 days. Also, Comirty? has no website or marketing in place so Pfizer knows it’s not going anywhere.

    • AndrewB

      Bible Reader,
      Fantastic link to Stew Peters interview. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to this interview. Predicts, “GAME OVER” for Pfizer ‘vaccine’.

      P.S. Only got to this info AFTER posting my comment, below. Maybe I should be more optimistic?

  152. Bible Reader

    I think I had the Wu-Flu. I was in a shop and I heard this guy talking.

    He was (gasp) gasping for (gasp) breath when he (gasp) was talking. I turned my head and looked around. He was an old guy without a mask coming towards me. I thought, “I don’t want to be near this guy.” I looked in the other direction and two people were blocking my way in the narrow aisle so I quickly walked past the gasper. I was wearing a mask there because it was required for the non-vaccinated.

    Later, in the line-up, my throat was itching. I thought, “I’ve been in his shop dozens of times and that never happened before.”

    To make things short, I think I got the Wu-Flu. Symptoms were: itchy throat & nose and headache. Later: inflammed and swelling fingers and ankle, weakness. The important thing is that I treated the illness early.

    I had the Zelenko Protocol ready but I thought I wouldn’t use it as long as the illness was mild. I took lots of Vitamin C which made the symptoms go away. I also ate grapefruit and the skins. The skins may contain Quinine and were boiled until they were wet and mushy. I drank the liquid and ate the skins. They’re bitter but taste better with pretzels or Doritos. They also seemed to make the symptoms go away.

    That weakness was like being tired but resting didn’t make it go away (metabolic); but when I took the Vitamin C (2000mg max per 4-6 hours) it went away as did the headache and itching fingers.

    I took Vitamin C until the symptoms went away and ate one grapefruit and skin a day.

    Plus, I got 10 minutes of sunshine (Vitamin D) on my front and back when it wasn’t cloudy.

    The time has been 14 days. The symptoms are mostly gone. I’m continuing the treatment with Vitamin C & D for another two weeks.

  153. Self Exiled

    Hope this is not a scam and is an actual, sincere, authentic investigation. Could be another yes we checked and the inoculation are okay. We shall see.


    • AndrewB

      Hi Self Exiled,
      As you say, great if true. Hard to tell without knowledge of the source, however, I note the ‘news broadcast’ ends with reference to Dr Fuellmich, in whom I have a high degree of faith. So, here’s hoping the broadcast is genuine.

  154. jj

    Thanks Greg! This is SICK!

  155. Mike R

    HERE IT COMES !!!. I KNEW YESTERDAY that when FAUCI got on his bully pulpit at CNN, and starting basically screaming for VAXX mandates, that he knew his arse was about to be kicked out of DC.

    Well folks, MSM (the outlets) are starting to break ranks and squeal like stuck pigs. They are distancing themselves pre-emptively because thousands are dying from the VAXX, and FROM COVID after they take the VAXX. You know, the TOXIC chemical laden, BS none immunizing JAB.

    “Former Congressman Ron Paul has highlighted this week that a handful of mainstream media articles have actually begun to break ranks in terms of questioning key aspects of vaccine effectiveness and mandates, particularly when it comes to the controversial boosters now being widely proposed.

    “Even mainstream media is now asking big questions about the vaccines” Wednesday’s Liberty Report featured. A couple of recent headlines in Bloomberg and BBC were unexpected in terms the criticism reflected and somewhat skeptical pushback against the ‘consensus narrative’.

    The first news article that Congressman Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams highlight is from Bloomberg.

    Here’s how the very unexpected Bloomberg article, which was published this past weekend, began:

    “Anecdotes tell us what the data can’t: Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly {SORRY BUT NONE OF US HERE FOLLOWING GREG HUNTER ARE SURPRISED BY ANY OF THIS} high rate. But exactly how often isn’t clear, nor is it certain how likely they are to spread the virus to others.

    Though it is evident vaccination still provides powerful protection against the virus, there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought.”

    And the same day as the BBG headline, there was this from UK government-funded BBC…

    “Is catching Covid now better than more vaccine?”

    The story began:

    It is now a serious question that has implications for whether children should ever be vaccinated. And whether we use the virus or booster shots to top up immunity in adults. Both have become contentious issues.

    “We could be digging ourselves into a hole, for a very long time, where we think we can only keep Covid away by boosting every year,” Prof Eleanor Riley, an immunologist from the University of Edinburgh, told me.

    P.S. SO FRAUDCI knows for a fact, he is going to be made the FALL GUY. HE IS DEAD MEAT FOLKS. ZERO CRED FROM THAT CORRUPT LITTLE BAST*RD. HE IS GOING TO NEED TO MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND GO INTO THE EQUIVALENT OF THE WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM. THAT IS IF HE WANTS TO LIVE PAST 2021. and thank you, once again, Rand Paul. The ONLY congressman willing to tell the truth and have the balls to do so, without worry about repercussions.

    • AndrewB

      Thanks Mike. I was not aware of the MSM ‘breaking ranks’ and airing vaccine doubts. With grandchildren to worry about, I needed that little ray of sunshine . . .

  156. Tal Salsa

    excellent presentation!

  157. RJ Wije

    In the 3rd video, he mentions what alternative medicines and therapies that we can use to combat the viruses, Greg can you do a show on what those therapies are so we can get them and protect ourselves and our families, also where we can buy them would be very helpful.

  158. MC

    Probably as part of Biden’s vax outreach to rednecks & Trump voters, the Assembly of God church in rural PNW, (e.g. Washington state) is recently, now hosting vax drives for the small town population at large. And they are shutting out those parishioners who are opposed to doing any such thing with the vax.

    …. During the 1980s, this denomination of Evangelicals was renown for being prepared for the Apocalypse which they said could occur at any minute. So it is astonishing that now when there actually comes the End Times they are busy injecting people with the mark of the beast.

    Thus, Prophet Mark Taylor and Cardinal Vigano were both correct very early on about there being a deep-church counterpart to the deep-state nemesis.

  159. [email protected]

    Another stellar report on real news we can use by Greg Hunter. A big thank you! The trio of vdo links are sobering and disturbing….. “Our Approaching Winter of Discontent.” Friar Alexis Bugnolo recommended the book by Barbara Tuchman.
    Here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NYGHKQY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_6Y5PEWA73Z3NYWP3WE0X

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Finz”!

      • Jean

        Isn’t it true that the vaccine for COVID 19 has the proper name as COVID 19 vaccine mRNA, but the trade name is Comirnaty? Doesn’t that make them one in the same?

  160. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Keep your arms and legs in on the ride at all times do not stand up and keep your safety belt on it’s going to be a bumpy ride, 🤯 and keep your powder dry!!Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  161. Kate

    What I see is a lot of people disagreeing on the interpretation of the documents and infighting. I think they intentionally have these worded dubiously for exactly that reason. Also could this be some diabolical lawfare tactic to force lawsuits that will be lost due to the confusion and then, in turn, cause judges to just throw out any other lawsuits that come up,even if they really do have merit?? Kind of like all the election lawsuits were refused due to lack of standing? They are trying to thwart any reaction by the people of successfully suing the govt or businesses over the mandates??

    • Bill

      Yep! That’s their Normal “Method-of-Operation.” They probably learned it from earlier Socialists-Communists like George Orwell. They use Lawyers’ Wordsmith Language to Hide their true meanings.

  162. Bill

    Hey Greg, Who’s your next guest interview? I can’t wait!

  163. Bill

    Wow! How much more crazy can this all get? Well once I realized that right is wrong and wrong is right and that we are living in the End Times, I’m no longer surprised. The Bible continues to revile itself as the true word of God! Sadly, people continue to reject His word, His grace and forgiveness. Since I know things will be getting worst I am almost numb yet there is some excitement knowing what is to come, my wife continues to be shocked from the news she reads. However, I still carry out our preparations and continue to evaluate our options. Slowly it appears our options are becoming clearer. I have about 35 cousins, most including my sisters have taken the jab (if predictions are correct, most will be gone in 2 years). You could call me “the black sheep of the family”. I think my sisters merely “tolerate” me because I am their little brother.

    Many thanks for your reporting. Staying faithful.

  164. AndrewB

    Approved / Authorised / EUA / legal liability / deliberate confusion.
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains: (link published by Dr Paul Craig Roberts)

    P.S. ‘There are jobs with great working conditions at Auschwitz. Sorry, due to the war effort, you have to travel in cattle trucks. Bring only one suitcase (for your valuables – ha ha!).’ Someone of note recently commented, “If you ever wandered how you would have behaved in Germany in 1939, now you know”.

  165. Lon Spector


  166. Jerry

    You can post this along with the FDA lie.

    Am I hearing this correctly? The CDC director is saying that the people who were the first to take the vaccine are going to die? You have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to find your way through this double speak.

    • AndrewB

      Wow! Well spotted. Unfortunately, the sheeple will not take it in even if they get to hear it from the director of the CDC herself. Go figure . . .

  167. AndrewB

    Yet another brave doctor speaks out. This doctor just got fired for telling the truth. Help this message go viral. I believe there is a petition out to reinstate her – please lend your support wherever in the world you live.

  168. Tommy

    There is confusion over the FDA approved vaccine and the current vaccine being used under a EUA. The press and the government is saying that the only thing under the EUA is the use for under 16 year olds. However, Pfizer’s actual press release talks about two (2) vaccines. The new FDA approved Comiwhatever vaccine which is approved for 16 years and up and under a EUA for 12-15 year olds. THEN, it mentions the current vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, that has been given to people since December 2020 which states that it has a EUA for all those over 16 years old. Two different vaccines. Now, Pfizer says the formulations are the same and can be used interchangeably, but then why didn’t the FDA grant full approval to the original vaccine? However you slice this thing something doesn’t smell right.

    • Sinny123

      Dr Anne McCloskey has been suspended from practicing medicine with immediate effect after her video and the UK General Medical Council have become involved after allegations it was anti vaccine related.

    • Warren B.

      No matter which way you slice it …..the TRUTH is …..
      They KNEW that they couldn’t get the FDA to give “Approved Status” to the existing toxic substance manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech (given the awakening of the masses related to the dramatic increase in adverse side-effects/deaths and demonstrable lack of efficacy combined with the ) ….so they did a work around….by bringing the alternative NAME…. “COMIRNATY “into the picture….confusing the public and disassociating from the poor performing NON VACCINE…..whilst creating a sense of confidence with a formal APPROVAL = “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”.
      I sense that the reason is to buy more time and coerce those UNVAXXED to step forward and roll up their sleeves…..to be poisoned in the same fashion as those who took the first rounds. They need to bring the PASSPORT program into existence and quickly.
      That way they don’t have to face the issues from approving an experimental gene altering therapy…..which would have had massive backlash and almost instantaneous condemnation and disapproval.
      Deceitful lying criminal bastards …… the lot of them (PHARMA, HEALTH, GOVT and any CORPORATION MANDATING THE TOXIC JABS).

  169. Steve

    Just NEW news on therapy cures.
    Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Reduces Covid-19 Viral Load By 95% Within 24 Hours: Study | ZeroHedge
    Get this post now before they delete it.

  170. Jr

    There is a lawyer’s term “muddying the waters” which is what particularly the guilty side wants to happen in a case to improve the odds of a “reasonable doubt” or “hung jury” outcome.
    This is what the FDA has done with these “confusing letters” -it’s not that they are stupid and incompetent, au contraire, their goal is obfuscation while ours is the clarity & truth. Now they gain time while they advance their satanic agenda. We get to point to one more obfuscation. We may be several obfuscations late in being able to thrash these evil pricks now – but the almighty isn’t. As he said ” my people suffer for lack of knowledge.” Nothing could be more apparent in observing this past 50 years.
    This is what happens when you kick Jesus out of education. Exhibit 2 Russia: That’s what happens when the only materials you have for your schools are donated Bibles.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was a fraudulent and dishonest FDA created word salad and I agree.

  171. Justn Observer

    Greg, More to this vaccine story and the ‘players’ behind it leaking out = ‘who do you trust’? and what more do we not know?
    Dr Robert malone was a peer of dr Monath (West Nile) and collaborator w/ dr Xiangguo Qiu (Ebola) ?
    Go to GW twitter for last several posts surrounding DTRA and ties with vax crew =

    George Webb – Investigative Journalist
    Dr Malone was DTRA in 2014 for the Ebola vax! He the go between DoD on and the Winnepeg virus courier to Wuhan! Wow, the plot thickens!!!


  172. Self Exiled

    And lets even complicate it more and destroy with another false declaration. Definitely a world wide spiritual demonic phenomena.


  173. Steve Kloppers

    Assemble the guillotines and storm the Bastille. Long overdue for their heads to roll

  174. JC

    How Many Millions will the Covid Cult Kill Before People Wake Up?

    Bob Moriarty: Let me state one more time just so you get it. This is nothing more than a bad-f**king flu. Those most at risk were those over eighty, overweight, black and Vitamin D deficient. You can’t do much about your age except check out should you wish. Diets are hard to stick to and just like your sex; you are stuck with the color you were born with.

    But how many governments bothered telling their citizens, “If you take Vitamin D and a Zinc supplement to get it into the cells you may well prevent what is nothing more than a bad flu?”

    The “vaccine” doesn’t work. It has already killed tens of thousands of people around the world. It is making the flu worse. How many millions are going to have to die in the name of a Great Reset before people understand owning nothing and owing nothing is the definition of a slave.


  175. DBD

    Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman holds live press conference recommending #ivermectin to all doctors, for all Covid patients ….. Fauci’s lies beginning to crumble …..


  176. Joe Boudreau

    Thanks Greg. I turned 56 on the 24th, 2 days ago. It kind of freaked me out regarding the FDA so called approval which I first caught on zero hedge but by the end of the day, there was enough truth info out there and I could see the lie. Thank you for screaming the truth and yes, they should all be arrested and tried for treason and crimes against humanity. They should hope to be arrested before the pissed off masses come for them.
    Keep up the fantastic work. As a Canadian, I am thankful for Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com. Take care, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe!

  177. A+Jones

    WE HAVE THE DEVIL ON THE RUN! The Lord works in mysterious ways. This morning I was programing my new Directv channel changer and parked it on some obscure random channel, I think 260, while I did the programing. Very interesting documentary on the Covid situation was playing. Typical Liberal production featuring all the elites and their views on the Covid crisis but with an interesting undertone. In summary: There are two factions. The guys in the white hats meaning the elites and second, those conspiracy know nothings that say this vaccine is all a hoax like us. The bad news is that the know nothings seem to be getting the upper hand in the mind of the public for a very interesting reason. The inference was that the cause of the elites losing the narrative is because they, the Liberals, screwed things up by politicalizing everything. They, meaning the establishment, have told so many lies in the last few years so that now the know nothings have more credibility that the anointed establishment types have. The inference being: We blew our wad on Russian conspiracies, impeachments of Trump with obviously no merit, denial of obvious election fraud, weaponizing the justice system, and so now the public opinion has shifted to the other side. Those little white lies have come back to haunt them so where do they go from here? This is the summary of the hourlong documentary. We have sucked the juice out of the egg and now all we have is an empty shell.
    “Truth when crushed to earth shall rise again,
    The eternal years of God are hers,
    But error wounded writhes in pain and dies among its worshipers

  178. "Juan O'Eight"

    Nowhere in our Constitution does it say We The People are entitled to Truth. Our Laws and our Constitution both ignore this as a Right of The People and its necessity to a republic; who do you know of who is discussing that a right to Truth should be in the Bill Of Rights or that the punishments for misleading or failing to inform the People should deter this practice? You are very upset by this dishonesty but are you now willing to discuss how it should be prevented?
    Please email me and I will provide you a written discussion of the reforms necessary (IMO) to achieve the intent of our Constitution. You may disagree with my ideas, which are strong, but then my object is to initiate a discussion, which so far, no alternative media person has been willing to start.

    • Justn Observer

      J ‘O’ 8,
      The Constitution is a framework which the People there of agree to conform to the basic God given rights and there in ‘certain’ unalienable rights… All people hold different truths which IN THE END will become self-evident once you meet your maker! NOT all ascribe to YOUR or MY maker…but all agree not to infringe upon or do harm to another for ‘their’ beliefs… Yes, beliefs are not truths, but some truths are yet to be revealed…but we HAD agreed to allow ‘free speech’ , free assembly,
      freedom to share and life one’s ‘truth/beliefs’ as long as they do not IMPOSE in the freedoms of others… Including the ‘right’ to bear arms to have a bulwark against those that choose to attempt to do so…
      Many of those social agreements/compact are under threat as we can see today…against some religious beliefs , right to speak truth in an open forum, and assemble with ‘like-minded’ people… It ….appears….there are some that now even hope to de-populate those they disagree with…using sinister/evil means…
      Which seems the discussion – findings- awareness all being shared here.
      I cringe at the thought of ……truth ministers…and…truth justice committees to ‘administer’ punishments? for not speaking ‘who’s’ truth?
      Much ethical and moral points of friction currently…and clearly some at a point lines are going to be drawn…both by ‘religious’ as well as just ‘secular’ moral people…such as abortion, CRT, LGBT, 2nd Amendment, privacy issues…many of which are leaking into the schools and being pushed into the minds of children of insufficent age of discernment…which IS of concern and IS going to be addressed at some point…hopefully before the use of ropes or the need for the use of kinetic forces… That will be the sign of justice against those who have trespassed passed the line of tolerance, the line of acceptable social behavior, the ‘altering’ of truth by the use of revisionist history to suit one’s agenda… Therein is boundary of the swinging pendulum. Some may have NOT liked Trump…but am quite sure Biden’s ilk are a bridge too far !

    • AndrewB

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Congress et al pass legislation to permit the use of propaganda (lies) within the USA? If correct, it’s a stretch to think legislators would enable your (honourable) quest to insert truthfulness into the Constitution.

  179. eddiemd

    China in Central Asia.

    Afghanistan will now be under control of the CCP/PLA. The CCP needs the rare earth minerals.

    The gas pipelines into the central Asia gas fields cross through Turkmenistan and along the border with Afghanistan.


    Next up. Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq. The EU will see an uprising of the hordes that infiltrated over the past ten years.

    Bible Prophecy coming at you. Never fails.

    Luke 24:44-45
    44 Then He said to them, “These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me.” 45 And He opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures.

    So many more things written that must be fulfilled.

  180. Frank Pass


    The idea that millions will die in the next year from Covid vaccines is just so much medical speculation. More likely, many will just get sick and recover. However, that is not to say longer term health concerns related to covid or the vaccines themselves may become apparent. We really don’t know at this point, since its an ongoing “experiment”. Regardless, covid is here to stay.

  181. Kayla Cameron

    Stay strong, Brothers and Sisters. John 10:5 talks about us King Jesus’ sheep (us) : “But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.”

    Thank you for reporting this misinformation, Greg!

  182. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dr. Malone expresses his concerns with Dr. Erin Stair and why mRNA should not be ‘approved’ for human use…

    • Paul ...

      Holy Cow!!! … IT WAS APPROVED???? … and they approved it “Without Knowing the Ingredients in the Vaccine??? … WTF ???? … the FDA is asking for the ingredient list from Pfizer to be sent to them a few weeks from now???? …
      Do You Get This Folks!!! … the FDA approved the “jab” without even knowing what is in it????? …
      These FDA Criminals should immediately be brought up on charges of Intentional Mass Murder!!!!!!!

    • Justn Observer

      Linda, Good find ! Many attorneys may be licking their chops after this materializes into the wider media!

  183. Self Exiled

    Excellent comprehensive treatment of covid: weather it is is a result of the vaccinations or just from the virus itself. Did not infer any political judgement of the covid issue and in my opinion showed an extreme ethical sensitivity for humanitarian justice. A God Send.


  184. eddiemd

    mRNA adverse reactions in the EU.

    Page down for Comirnaty results. Unsafe and being used in the EU under an EUA.

    This injection is not available in the USA. Yet.


  185. Jacob

    Medical tyranny is certainly the Mark of the Beast. Here is a short video that shows how Pink Floyd’s song, Careful With That Axe Eugene is all about medical tyranny.

    Great video Greg. I saw some headlines about it not really being approved but your video clarified everything.

    The Pink Floyd analysis video below is about 4 or 5 minutes. Pretty cool. The question is, how did they know?


  186. Covidius Anthithesis

    If your employer mandates vaccines, demand Comirnaty.

  187. Paul ...

    Bribe’n should be saying this to the insane criminal “commie” eugenicist psychopaths who injected half of America with their Kill Clot Shot: “To those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes America harm, know this: we will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

  188. Buford T. Justice

    BREAKING: Picking Up The Pieces

    Rep. Banks: ISIS was waiting for a president like Biden
    245,369 views Aug 26, 2021
    Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., tells ‘The Faulkner Focus’ he is ‘heartbroken, angry’ about what’s unfolding in Afghanistan and argues the situation was ‘avoidable.’

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ‘laugh’ and treat Afghan ‘disaster’ like a joke: Bolt
    639,551 viewsAug 26, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Peter Doocy asks White House ‘what’s so funny’ after Biden Afghanistan joke
    1,330,116 views FoxNews Aug 26, 2021 Fox News

    Biden addresses the nation following reported casualties in Afghanistan
    146,820 views Streamed live 104 minutes ago

    Peter Doocy presses Biden on whether he bares responsibility for Afghan attacks
    112,538 viewsAug 26, 2021 Fox News
    Fox new’s reporter questions Biden on whether he stands by his plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan. #FoxNews #Breaking

  189. Paul ...

    It is refreshing to hear Bribe’n speak so forcefully against those terrorists who killed 12 US service men dead and left 15 wounded … I would like to hear him make an even more forceful speech against the eugenicist terrorists who have killed over 12,000 American men and women (and wounded millions) with their “jab” Killing Clot Shot!!

  190. KingSky

    Gutfeld: How can we call the Taliban backward?
    483,036 viewsAug 25, 2021 Fox News
    ‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses Trump’s new ad about Biden

  191. Paul ...

    A new report shows that the US spent 2.3 Trillion dollars on the Afgan War … that’s 280 one ounce silver dollars for every man, women and child in America we wasted to help the CIA Drug Cartel inject our children with heroin!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/new-report-finds-us-has-spent-over-23-trillion-afghanistan-war

  192. arvind

    Hi Greg,
    Here is a story for you. Not sure if your email address works because I didn’t receive a confirmation of it one of many emails you receive. So I thought to send it this way. (please delete this paragraph before posting).

    Check this out for yourself:
    Look at the notes below the table on the 3rd page

    Looking at a screenshot of the CDC release, one can observe the definitions for what they consider “fully vaccinated,” “partially vaccinated,” or “unvaccinated.”

    According to the chart, “unvaccinated <14 days receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no vaccination registry data were available.”

    This means if someone was hospitalized, admitted to ICU, required mechanical ventilation or died within two weeks of getting the jab they are being counted as “unvaccinated.”
    Nice way to skew the numbers!

    • arvind

      Look at the ‘died’ line. The fully vaccinated is 3x+ of the single vaccinated and the unvaccinated are 35x+ of the single vaccinated. So, how many of the so-called unvaccinated died after receiving the first dose within 2 weeks? And why are double vaccinated 3x+ single vaccinated? Guess they needed that extra dose, huh?

  193. Louis Gatto

    Nice one Greg… Thank you.

    It’s Clown World… Unbelievable.

  194. arvind

    One additional comment to the above message:
    Look at the ‘died’ line. The fully vaccinated is 3x+ of the single vaccinated and the unvaccinated are 35x+ of the single vaccinated. So, how many of the so-called unvaccinated died after receiving the first dose within 2 weeks? And why are double vaccinated 3x+ single vaccinated? Guess they needed that extra dose, huh?

  195. arvind

    I hit the send button and everything below disappeared. Can we not post more than one message?

    In addition to the above comment, consider:
    Look at the ‘died’ line. The fully vaccinated is 3x+ of the single vaccinated and the unvaccinated are 35x+ of the single vaccinated. So, how many of the so-called unvaccinated died after receiving the first dose within 2 weeks? And why are double vaccinated 3x+ single vaccinated? Guess they needed that extra dose, huh?

  196. eddiemd

    Watched the Joe Camel Biden press conference.

    He is almost done. Maybe a couple of weeks at the most before he is removed. The dementia is progressing rapidly and the added stress of the job is making it worse. He is barely able to read the teleprompter.

    There must be panic in DC.

    Israeli PM and his people in DC to get a take on Joe. They are calculating their next move based upon his mental capacities.

    Where are Pelosi and Schumer in all this?

    • eddiemd

      Doubt that the attack today was IS-K. It was Taliban. Not sure why they are protecting the Taliban.

      Remember the CIA chief just met with the Taliban. This attack was probably planned.

      Joe quoting Isaiah in the press conference was blasphemy. A demented man who supports evil quoting Scripture.

      In the meantime he is ordering troops to be injected with the mRNA poison.

      Bible prophecy. Never fails.

      Thanks Greg for your website and devotion to getting the truth out.

      • JC


        Are we being setup for a 9-11 20th anniversary “surprise?”

        • Warren B.

          I heard a rumor that there is an event that is planned to occur in late September. It involves CHINA and is SANCTIONED BY BIDEN.

  197. Paul ...

    Australian reporter suffers “cognitive dissidence” (likely due to a brain clot) … and promotes the “jab” that gave him a rare heart condition!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/reporter-urges-aussies-get-vaccinated-after-suffering-rare-heart-inflammation-caused

  198. Ivan Petrov

    Comirnati = Pfizer Jab
    This is it’s name.

  199. Teddy

    This is the official BioNTech announcement to the London Stock Exchange –


    Note – “The FDA-approved COMIRNATY® (COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA) and the EUA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably” – and – “An individual may be offered either COMIRNATY® (COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA) or the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine” –

    This is proof that Greg is right – there are two vaccines.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for backing me up. One vax is approved and has no shield from liability, and one vax has a shield from all liability. Hum, I wonder which on they are going to use on the masses?

  200. Roger That

    Wow, lots of reply’s. Ok, I’m 66 years old. My grandfather was a bugler in the US Army 1918. He walked out on his porch one day, and out of the blue, starting talking about a pandemic he went thru (1918 Spanish Flu). Having heard that, it really stuck in my memory. March 2020, after the shock of the Covid-19 “thing”, I went back and studied the 1918 event. There was alot of information to read. Come to find out, it was almost a carbon copy of what is currently taking place. Same situation, same protocol same everything. Was it rinse & repeat 100 years later?

  201. Paul

    And how is it a government can release a manufacturer’s liability on a product and then turn around and coerce you or force you to take that product. Yeah, no evil there.

  202. paper writer

    So much chaos. Don’t know whom to believe.

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