Fed Fears New Record High Credit Bubble – Danielle DiMartino Booth

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Former Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth says the record high stock and bond prices make the Fed nervous because it’s fearful of popping this record high credit bubble. DiMartino Booth says, “The Fed’s biggest fear is they know darn well this much credit has built up in the background, and the ramifications of the un-wind for what has happened since the great financial crisis is even greater than what happened in 2008 and 2009.  It’s global and pretty viral.  So, the Fed has good reason to be fearful of what’s going to happen when the baby boomer generation and the pension funds in this country take a third body blow since 2000, and that’s why they are so very, very intimidated by the financial markets and so fearful of a correction.”

Why will the Fed not allow even a small correction in the markets? DiMartino Booth says, “Look back to last year when Deutsche Bank took the markets to DEFCON 1.  Maybe you were paying attention and maybe you weren’t, but it certainly got the German government’s attention.  They said the checkbook is open, and we will do whatever we need to do because we can’t quantify what will happen when a major bank gets into a distressed situation.  I think what central banks worldwide fear is that there has been such a magnificent re-blowing of the credit bubble since 2007 and 2008 that they can’t tell you where the contagion is going to be.  So, they have this great fear of a 2% or 3% or 10 % (correction) and do not know what the daisy chain is going to look like and where the contagion is going to land.  It could be the Chinese bond market.  It could be Italian insolvent banks or it might be Deutsche Bank, or whether it might be small or midsize U.S. commercial lenders.  They can’t tell you where the systemic risk lies, and that’s where their fear is.  This credit bubble is of their making.”

In short, the Fed does not know what is going to happen, and according to DiMartino Booth, nobody does. DiMartino Booth contends, “I don’t think any of us know what the implications are for a $50 trillion debt build since the great financial crisis (of 2008).  It is impossible to say.  We have never dealt with anything of this magnitude.”

On Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value, DiMartino Booth warns, “To me, Bitcoin is a reflection of panic. It’s a reflection of people trying to get money into a safe place knowing the major governments of the developed world have got their printing presses running 24/7.  It is a reflection of anxiety in fiat currencies and the fact it’s not practical to go back to a gold standard.  What scares me about Bitcoin is the central bankers are studying it to figure out how the blockchain works. . . .They are going to be controlling our spending with blockchain technology that is being perfected in the crypto currency universe.”

On gold and silver, DiMartino Booth says, “2017 is the record for quantitative easing (money printing) globally. We have never, not even in the darkest days of the financial crisis, central banks have never injected as much money as they have into the markets. . . . I am not a gold bug, but we do know that in times of corrections that there is no place to hide in traditional asset classes that you can get at your Merrill Lynch brokerage.  Gold and silver in the precious metals complex are the only places to hide and get true diversification and safety.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Danielle DiMartino Booth, the author of the popular book “Fed Up.”

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After the Interview:

Danielle DiMartino Booth has free information on her website DiMartinoBooth.com. She also offers a subscription service called “Money Strong.”  For a one month free subscription click here.

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  1. FC

    Bond-voyage, it’s going to be far from an enjoyable journey.

    • Corleone

      A journey that will lead me to the river Styx. The river that holds all other rivers together.

    • This sceptred Isle

      As the clock strikes twelve, old paradigms crumble. The destroyer of illusions cometh…

  2. ross

    I think Cryptos have a way to run yet. Bitcoin fell from $1000 to $200 and now is over $8000. Cryptos are the only market that cannot be controlled by ETFs or derivatives and their supply is very limited but Cryptos only have new technology , freedom , fear and speculation backing them.They don’t actually produce anything of tangible worth. The PM markets are said to be worth $7 trillion while Cryptos at $200 billion are 35 times smaller. Cryptos are also 500 times smaller than the share market so just a small % investment into Cryptos can see prices easily double. The big question is will they correct as early buyers take profits and how hard will they fall before continuing on their bull run ?

    • JMiller


      You state that “Cryptos are the only market that cannot be controlled by ETFs or derivatives and their supply is very limited”

      This is really not true. There are new Cryptos being created out of thin air every week so their supply is not very limited. Also there is the planned launching of Bitcoin futures (derivatives) on the CME and CBOE which may result in manipulation (control) of Bitcoin’s price.


    • Lore

      @ Ross: Evidently, you didn’t hear what this lady said. Replay the interview. Apparently, cryptos are the next mousetrap.

  3. Neil

    I am sorry I found this guest to be pretty superficial and to draw the wrong conclusions on quite a few counts. I keep hoping *someone* will come forward and just tell it like it is and do something useful but… a new book to sell, crypto to obsess over…and the band plays on…

    • Paul ...

      No Neil … she got the big picture right … she said: “the Fed is very, very intimidated by the financial markets and so fearful of a correction” … in other words … the Fed will do another “Operation Screw” … they know the issuance of government debt will continue to rise in coming years (with growing federal budget deficits) and as that supply increases … it will weigh on bond prices (pushing up yields) which will make bond prices fall … rising bond yields influence other household and business borrowing costs throughout the economy (mortgage rates will rise and so will corporate bond rates) … what to do?? … simply shift some of that upward pressure on yields to shorter-term debt and away from longer-term debt (that is sell more short term bonds and less long term bonds) … thus “screwing” those people who are shorting the bond market!!

    • rwmctrofholz


      Neil here has it all figured out. Let’s get him on the early Sunday release. In fact, can you skip your Weekly News Wrap up so that some correct conclusions can be drawn for a change?

      • Neil

        Well that could be interesting but Greg doesn’t do interviews with blog commenters. Greg interviews mostly fellow Americans about untoward things happening in the US from a US perspective. The content of the YouTube video is available for anyone to watch globally however and thanks to this site give some feedback. While I realise free speech and critical thought are largely prohibited or tabooed among Americans that doesn’t stop people elsewhere from thinking for themselves and they won’t necessarily see things the way Americans do. Indeed a collapse of the US would have wide repercussions so it is in the interest of foreigners to actively monitor opinions, trends and events and even consider what intervention may be necessary. In the case of this guest I do think she is being somewhat shallow and reaching the wrong conclusions. That has nothing to do with having it all figured out as you rudely assert. Incidentally what I might say in an interview about what is transpiring from my perspective would probably be too contentious for the intended audience. Probably too Google would flag it and Greg would be further out of pocket and we don’t want that.

  4. Anthony Australia

    The global meltdown is ramping up, so is USAWD!

    I agree that Bitcoin is something people are diving into, exactly what it is I might never fully comprehend.

    ABC news here in Australia actually show the price along side Gold, Oil & Currency’s on the daily finance report.

    Mike Maloney, Bix Wier & Rob Kirby are talking it up whilst many others are either ignoring it or talking it down.

    Excellent as always Greg.

  5. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, it may not be “practical” to return to a gold standard as your guest stated, but it is where the Chinese are going sooner rather than later and when that happens the West’s fiat world will suffer from the “contagion” of fiat communicable disease whatever section it starts in. Your guest Jerry has pretty well outlined that the Chinese are moving forward on a gold backed Yuan. That in my mind starts the contagion of the demise of fiat debt backed currencies. Have a nice Turkey day Greg, you deserve it. a b

  6. David

    A great interview. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. PeterB

    That Greg, was a great interview.

  8. Mike from the north

    Have not yet listened to this interview but I am sure it will be awesome.

    The process has started.
    Rumours of CIA event.

    Time to get RDS back on the Watchdog.

    There are solutions.IMHO

    The next few days may be World Changing.


  9. andyb

    Greg: was not expecting, from someone once connected to the criminal FED, such an objective and well presented thesis. It seems quite obvious that a perfect storm is growing for both the stock and bond markets and, as a result, for all the grossly underfunded pension funds. When the SHTF occurs, the 99% will experience a triple whammy of doubling or tripling oil prices, a pension and 401(k) wipeout, and bank bail-ins. Not a pretty prognosis, but it is all too probable. Get prepared folks.

  10. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Blessed Thanksgiving Day everyone…

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours DJC!!!

  11. Tim

    The Fed has never stopped Q-E in some form or another, either in the US or in some other central bank around the world (i.e.: Europe-Japan) since its creation. The process of printing money out of thin air, loaning it out and thinking they have created value is foolish. Maybe I just don’t get it, but since it’s all just printed toilet paper anyway, who do (We the People) really owe? The counterfeiters that printed that garbage should be locked up and the debt erased, what say you?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Tim, agree, it all became funny money when they took us off the gold standard, although you can still get things for the money with it, it has lost 97 percent of its value since the FED began in 1913. Basically, the FED stole 93 percent of the working classes money, all without anyone going to jail or the working class firing a shot; no wonder the elite think we are stupid. Stupid is as stupid does is the old saying. Gold, bullets, & butter will protect those who understand what is coming!

    • Paul ...

      Tim … as they “counterfeit” more and more fiat Treasury bonds to pay for all their continual wars and bankster frauds, etc. … we can take a moral stand … and simply refuse to buy any Bonds … of course that will force the Fed raise the yield (like Paul Volcker did in the late 70’s) to sell their bonds … and gold will skyrocket … can’t have that … so it is the patriotic duty of everyone to buy Treasury Bonds now … and keep the price of gold down!! … now if people were smart … they would buy gold now … then “refuse to buy” Treasury Bonds … the Fed will be forced to raise rates … gold will skyrocket … we take then take our gold profits … and buy Treasury Bonds paying us a 15% interest (instead of the 2.5% to 3.5% they now offer)!!

  12. Rob

    Hi Greg and Danielle!

    While most do not fully understand how this next crises unfold we have been warned by the “elite” how they will bring about their end game right here:


    Taking the dollar off of the last remnants of a gold standard which loosened credit markets and placing the worlds currencies on paired exchange rates gave TPTB the opportunity to create “crises” much more easily so they can implement their next “fix” slowly moving us toward cryptos because they provide the means for TPTB to bring us to this much faster than most think:

    Revelation 13:17 and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    It amazes me how the world has swallowed this idea of “anonymity” in the crypto world when the NSA has already proven they are “Satoshi Nakamoto” and they will be the gatekeepers of the internet once this next manufactured mother of all crises manifests :o)

    In CHRIST! Rob

  13. George

    Greg: Great interview all of the problems were pointed out, but this is a left handed compliment, no mention of Glass-Steagall so no serious solution was discussed. What about less speculation and more productive farms and heavy industry, where is the factory gate? The factory gate made America great. What if all the bailout money was directed to science and specialty education?

  14. Tad

    A gold standard wouldn’t be (sic) practicable if the US government doesn’t have a significant amount. It wouldn’t matter if a asset-wide and entity-wide default was declared.

    It doesn’t end well without millions or billions of global citizens going down.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Tad. It is going to be rough especially for the unprepared!!

  15. Russ

    (This didn’t seem to go through the first time I clicked the button, if it did and this is a dupe, please delete)

    Thanks Greg, another great interview. Hopefully that was good news regarding the incoming Fed Chairman. We hear from the MSM that he will continue Yellen’s Fed policy, but Danielle DiMartino Booth‘s info that he’s not a Yellen clone means that there may be hope.

    A few years back I read an article at KWN penned by the late Richard Russell; KWN dusted it off recently just as a reminder…
    One Of Richard Russell’s Last And Most Shocking Predictions Is Now Unfolding – King World News
    “… I left Tuesday’s site with a suggestion that my subscribers swap their phony fiat money for real tangible constitutional money, gold. I believe that within the next decade we will experience a worldwide trend towards honesty and the truth; this will start with currencies and the world will go back to the gold standard. …”

    A trend toward honesty and truth. That could never happen during the previous administration, but with that administration in the history books, maybe there’s some hope for honesty and truth. Truth, what a concept.

    Will there be a news wrap-up on Friday?

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  16. Elusive Joseph

    Jerome Powell is purposely being set up as the fall guy. Too bad he is too dense to see it. He has lots of money, but he simply isn’t in the right “club”. You dance with the Devil for so long, you end up getting scorched. The previous three Fed Chairmen, and the current Vice Chairman, did the dirty deeds. Powell will get the blame along with a manufactured black swan event. Powell will have to suffer the consequences while his predecessors go free. It’s all by design. Get ready, it’s coming…

    • Elusive Joseph

      Edit: Vice Chairman of the Fed, Stanley Fischer, resigned effective Oct 13, 2017. He is no longer current.

  17. Flattop

    What might Danielle think of the man the Pres has selected to run the Fed, replacing Yellen.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Flattop, the new guy is just another stooge of the elite, nothing more, nothing less, a new traitor of the working class which is becoming fast the working poor.

  18. Paul ...

    Danielle DiMartino Booth says: “record high stock and bond prices make the Fed nervous” (but stocks and bonds are just pieces of paper) … how about the “record high mass murder of men, women and children in Yemen getting someone upset besides Ron Paul! … Trump got upset and fired 60 Tomahawks at the people he thought killed a few children killed in Syria … so you would think the US wouldn’t be “helping tyrants” to commit genocide and kill millions of innocent people … the US must re-set its moral code back to when Trump was first elected and he stood for morality, decency and righteousness … if Trump does not back the US out of the “mass murder going on in Yemen” he could be held accountable foe ‘war crimes” before an international tribunal … the Demon-rats would just love that (as they are now paying for billboards in Times Square saying “Impeach Trump”) … actually impeachment by the Demon-rats is less likely then being removed for genocide by an International Tribunal … so Trump must act quickly and do in Yemen what he did in Syria … he must stop backing al-Qaeda in Yemen (the same way he stopped backing ISIS in Syria) … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-21/ron-paul-asks-why-are-we-helping-saudi-arabia-destroy-yemen

  19. Jerry

    The central banks just gave notice that they’re beginning collateralized bail-ins 01/01/2018

    Just kidding! Do you really think they would let us know? All of the main stream media outlets are owned and operated by the central banks and controlled by the deep state we will be the last to know.

    • Stan

      Jerry: What happened to the crash you predicted for October 2017?

      • Alex

        In case you decide to take notes, you will realise that Jerry makes on average 2-3 predicitions in benefit for a total financial chaos every year. And one day he will be right, but not just yet. Ironically, it could happen after his 50th wrong prediction when nobody takes him seriously 🙂 No disrespect to Jerry though, he is entitled to make his own predictions, of course. It is up to the people to decide whether they should believe in them, or not though.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the latest hint that has been dropped by the central banks.

      While its entirely possible that President trump may be successful in flushing out elements of the deep state as evidenced by the recent purge in Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t remove the fact that they still control our banking system here in the United States and will most likely collapse it before they relinquish their control. We are essentially in the final phases of economic game of chicken between the western central banking cabal and the BRICS alliance . Its just a matter of who flinches first and who sells out last. The lines are already drawn.

    • Jerry

      Blackwater is at again.
      The question is who are they working for? I get the distinct impression that since some of these Saudi princes are billionaires, they are not part of the globalist inner circle. In fact I believe what we are witnessing is the elimination of the old economic paradigm to make room for the new one. Two years ago the Saudi’s were in secret meetings with the Chinese in Paris laying out the groundwork for what we are seeing now. So much so that a contingent of the Saudi delegation had their motorcade attacked on they’re way to the airport by rogue elements of the central banks. Folks you can’t make this stuff up.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, they can’t bail in what they don’t control. Happy Thanksgiving, Bro., and thanks for caring enough to post here for the benefit of us Watchdoggers. Best always. PM

  20. Mike R

    Very true on her comments about Bitcoin…“To me, Bitcoin is a reflection of panic. It’s a reflection of people trying to get money into a safe place knowing the major governments of the developed world have got their printing presses running 24/7. ”

    Bitcoin is that huge RED FLAG waving in everyone’s face right now, yet its largely being ignored, as the most obvious sign that the system is about to blow. People are buying it as a speculative money maker, and some people are using it to diversify out of regular fiat. I doubt seriously though it is any sort of a ‘safe haven’ from the USD or any currency for that matter. When something is this exponentially parabolic, you just have to know, it too will implode right along with the rest of the system, if not before the system itself goes belly up.

    She’s right in that nobody knows when this will all end, but for anyone betting the next 18 months are going to continue to be as good as the last 18 months have been with markets going straight up, I think there will be a ton of disappointment. The other less obvious red flag, is Goldman Sachs now forecasting an even better 2018, than 2017 for stocks.

    The markets are so unglued from reality, that the masses have largely forgotten what reality even is. They now believe the Fed and Central Banks can work miracles via QE and money printing. Its the worse psychology the markets could possibly have. All the QE ever manufactured in USD’s, has come straight back into the US markets.Inflation in healthcare costs is running rampant, and no one in congress or in the media is really even mentioning it as being ‘inflation.’ Healthcare costs are wiping out the equivalent of AT LEAST 1/5th of our nation’s GDP. Whatever anyone is working for, especially if they earn less than $100,000, which is close to 90% of our population that makes less than that, between 1/5th and maybe even 1/4 goes toward healthcare. Nobody is saving any money in that environment, bc there is nothing left in the paycheck to actually save. Further the Fed has STOLEN, more than $10 trillion from depositors by keeping interest rates near zero for this many years. That $10 trillion has gone to keeping markets propped, or mostly into the pockets of the upper 1% of the rich. Frankly I’m shocked, we haven’t seen riots in the streets on a daily basis about how badly the every day citizen is being screwed, vs the obscene amount of wealth that has been transferred to the 1%. The gap has never been greater in the history of mankind for ANY country.

    Why aren’t more people striking ? With the internet, why aren’t more of the masses connecting, and organizing riots against the government and corporations ? Instead we waste time just stewing about politics and sexual harassment cases, or watching the MSM blow harding about Trump. I keep waiting for this market to implode and to take down the filthy rich, who really haven’t earned any of their wealth, but stole it courtesy of the FED. They stole it by virtue of their ‘connections’ or being in ‘high places’ and privileged information, and did not in any way shape or form, truly work for it, like the rest of us do. Its not that I want ‘revenge’ on these people, but they need to stop hoarding, and giving it back – increase everyone’s wages, decrease the little people’s taxes, including property taxes, decrease their costs of colleges and especially stop the fraud in healthcare, and enforce the laws already in the books, by making doctors, hospitals, clinics all disclose prices BEFORE care is implemented, and imprison the CEO’s and management of healthcare firms and practioners and insurers who don’t follow the laws already on the books, which means mandatory enforcement of Federal Law 15 USC and the civil rights of action for individual consumers against medical providers for price-fixing, collusion and similar offenses begins.

    The markets are an illusion and fabricated ! The laws we have are not enforced, so every family is scammed out of at LEAST $15000 per year in unnecessary healthcare premiums, and the gaps between the majority (not just the really poor), which is 90% of our population, and the elite 1% who have stolen and now hoard more than half the worlds wealth, are also a fraud on the people and a scam to perpetrate the illusion of the markets ‘showing’ the economy is ‘good,’ when in fact IT IS NOT GOOD for all of us 90% er’s, who have to work like dogs for a living, and barely make ends meet.

    If we don’t change this now, we are on a very dark road to communism or something far far worse.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … bitcoin can never be a safe haven from the dollar … because when you trade them in … you simply get the dollars you were running away from to begin with … do you think when the SHTF the holders of gold are going to part with it in order to get their physical hands on “non physical” bitcoins?

  21. Stuart McBurney

    thanks Greg, another great interview

  22. Matt

    I am gratified by the fact that Danielle references the biggest losers in the coming financial crisis – The Baby Boomers. The sequence of return risk for retirees is in completely uncharted territory. The bull market in bonds began in 1982 – most investors and financial advisors have no clue how quickly bonds will lose value. Rule of thumb – An “A” rated bond, 10 year maturity. 1% rise in interest rates / 10% drop in value. In a 60/40 or 50/50 stock / bond portfolio, do the math – an entire generation of retirees runs completely out of money – because what is coming will destroy stacks AND bonds simultaneously.

    One other thing to consider – I present this as a hypothetical situation, but it is not. There are fixed rate instruments being offered to investors right now, mainly through financial institutions. The rates are quite out sized compared to the market, and are therefore attracting a large number of assets. In a typical scenario, the issuer of these instruments would be purchasing bonds to provide a level of principle protection and rate. Because the rate offer is so out priced, that is not what is happening. Rather, these issuers are (allegedly) taking the incoming assets and lending them out the back door at a higher rate. The counterparty risk that is being created through this process could ignite a daisy chain of default that would see a “safe” or “guaranteed” investment simply evaporate. This strategy basically creates a derivative. In a perfect world, the beat goes on. Once the tide recedes, we see who is swimming without a suit. And then, it is too late. It’s happened before…. Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Matt.

  23. brian

    I tend to think that the only way the credibility factor of a former insider of something like the “fed” approaches any resemblance of believable is after months and months of what our self styled leaders like to call “enhanced interrogation”….until these insiders have been brought up to proper operating temperature I simply don’t want to hear anything they have to say because they have all been proven to thrive in an ecosystem of deceit and depravity.

    • Paul ...

      Brian … the Fed does one thing and one thing only … protect the big banks from the consequences of their mistakes … if they have to cut interest rates dramatically (and take away the meager earnings of the common man) … so be it … if they must ask for taxpayer bailouts (to convert big-bank losses into major profits) … so be it … if they must flood the world with debt (now approaching $220 trillion dollars) … so be it … if they now have to drive inflation to very high levels (to reduce the debt burden) … so be it … the banks know “any level of risk taking” is okay (because they get to keep the profits without having to worry about loses) … people investing in the stock market, bitcoins, etc. are under the impression that “they too” will be protected from losses the way the big-banks are (they are sadly mistaken)!

  24. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, Ms. Booth’s answers to your questions were focused and concise. Perhaps her subscription service will be the same; not much in the way of useless filler, just direct analysis. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      And it free for a month!!! That’s a deal.

  25. Richard from Idaho

    “No one knows what will happen”. Perfect. Great interview.

  26. Edward Adkins

    I have been following your blog for many years and this is the first time I felt like I would really like to commend you on your work. This quest (Danielle DiMartino) and all you quest are first class ,there information has been most informative.
    Appreciate your time and talent.
    God bless You

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much Edward!!

  27. Larry

    Related to gold, Glint just launched a new gold based payment system that will allow people to both hold allocated physical gold and also spend it just like money at any place that accepts Mastercard. Interview with the Glint CEO is here:



  28. Rodster

    Excellent interview but BOY would I have loved to ask her if the Central Banks this time around acknowledge and are fearful of an out of control financial meltdown i.e. Mad Max scenario.

  29. This sceptred Isle


  30. Julia

    I wonder what is going to happen to the FED when the public realizes what happened. Is there any place in the world for them to hide? That was a great interview.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia!! I was stunned when she said the Fed did not know what was going to happen!!! The only thing I can think to do for safety os to buy real things you are going to need.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, it has always been my silent thought that maybe, after all, there is no one really at the wheel, including the FED.

  31. Daniel Barr

    Unfortunately, you didn’t ask your guest about “BAIL-INS”.

    Yes, Virginia, we SHEEPLE are going to get SCREWED AGAIN. Of course, the lobbyist whores masquerading as “elected representatives” in DC will be shielded in some form or fashion by their bankster PIMPS.


    But wait, the best “investment” is going to be state of the art space age GUILLOTINES. Endless demand, practical use, and most important of all, VERY satisfied customers.

  32. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you again once again for another wonderful interview. Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Brett Shelton

    Clever lady that. I enjoyed that interview,well done !!!

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg, Happy Thankgiving …! and for all you and your guests do bringing the important topics of the day to view…inspite of and in contradiction of a lot of the MSM propaganda and deceptive narrative….politically and economically…
    In light of that – though a holiday….I hope those here will view this and re-link widely…
    From CTM -John Wells an interview with Senator Richard H. Black.

  35. Paul from Indiana

    Bitcoin’s meteoric rise is what we would be seeing in gold, if the precious metals markets were not being artificially suppressed. Bitcoin has come into being as a means of escape of this type of Big Brotherism. I don’t expect government to sit on the virtual currency sideline forever.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Greg Hunter and all the Watchdog gang. Enjoy at least one day of love, peace, happiness and give a special nod to Providence. Best always. PM

  36. Barn Cat

    It’s not quite accurate to say that the Fed doesn’t know what’s going to happe. It’s more accurate to say that the Fed doesn’t know what will happen FIRST.

    I think Bitcoin might be a way for the globalists to get people to dump their gold and silver. Bix Weir is one example of somebody in the alternative media calling for that. I think that someday the powers that be will shut down Bitcoin once they’ve gotten their money out and they’ve bought all the gold and silver they can. That said, I still think that Bitcoin could go up 100 fold if that doesn’t happen first. I got into Bitcoin a month ago but my investment is still up 40%.

    • John

      Here is the problem with bitcoin at the current price – people can’t afford it. if people can’t afford gold at $1300/ounce then they certainly can’t afford bitcoin at its current price. In addition, you have to be living in an alternative universe if you think for one moment that the exchanges for bitcoin will not be regulated/controlled in the near future – i.e. a futures market. IMHO – the current debt load is so large that it can’t be inflated away without some form of civil war ensuing – I think this is the concern.
      The main issue facing us is too much debt. We need alternative ideas from Washington in regards to lowering the debt that Americans have built up over the years. Trump is trying to bring back jobs and this is good as it expands the tax base and gets people off government assistance. Next, rates need to rise to control personal spending and to encourage capital investment into this country. I would like to see Washington allow Americans at a certain age to gain access to their 401k plans without penalty of taxation for the express purpose of paying off/lowering their home mortgages – lowering rates to encourage refinancing just created a bigger bubble. The government needs to look at alternative ideas to mitigate the crisis before us – time is running out.

  37. Donald Canaday

    Hello, the mortgage dervitatives collapse was Worldwide. In year 2014 Steve Quayle and Dr. Craig Roberts both reported that dervitatives collapse for USA was $250 trillion dollars. Steve Quayle said the World wide dervitatives was $1,100 trillion and no Country GDP was high off for this debt to ever to be paid off.

  38. marcus

    Get your money out of stocks and banks……deep state has pulled the trigger Russia responds to diplomats hostage…..24 hours to hand him back. Glint gold CEO.

  39. Jodyp

    A different angle from a pretty lady. Thanksgiving holiday weekend. What’s not to like?

  40. Robert Ketchen

    “Those who ignore HISTORY are doomed to repeat it ” Truer words were never written . What everyone who trumpets GOLD is ignoring the past . Gold was confiscated in the early 30s by then newly elected FDR . Who at the time made a Presidential Order OUTLAWING the ownership or use of gold to purchase or to pay debts , he then ordered a ” BANK HOLIDAY ” and sent federal agents into EVERY bank across the nation and had them open every safe deposit box and steal all the gold they found . The reason I say steal is that the gold was taken from its owners WITHOUT any compensation . As an aside : the moral is that safe deposit boxes are NOT safe !! Now jumping forward to today does anyone think that it won’t happen again ? Good luck with that idea .

    • Greg Hunter

      You are mixing apples and oranges here Robert. There was an actual $20 gold coin in circulation up until confiscation in 1933. Government is going to have a very hard time confiscating 1986 coins and later when not in circulation. These were also U.S. Treasury coins sold to the public legally. It will be hard to now make them illegal again when most of Congress hold them in their personal portfolios. U.S. mine confiscation and foreign gold stored at the Fed might be a different story.

    • JMiller


      You are wrong about several things. FDR did not “outlaw” Gold ownership. Gold ownership has never been made illegal in the U.S.

      Also FDR did not order a bank holiday and then have Federal agents go around and open every safe deposit box in every bank in the U.S. and take any gold that they found as you state. The bank holiday began on March 6, 1933 and lasted 4 days. This was done to stop the bank runs. It was on April 5, 1933, a month after the bank holiday ended, that FDR signed Executive Order 6102 which forbid the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States. The bank holiday had nothing to do with any gold confiscation.

      You said that safe deposit boxes are not safe. Well guess what, the fact is nothing is safe.

  41. Fred

    The average American and average person in the world does not have over $8,000 to but one Bitcoin. So when people say Bitcoin is going to $12,800 or $50,000, who has the money to buy it? If only one percent of the people can buy it, then its very restricted to only a few who can buy it. If the masses cannot afford to buy it, it sounds like a high wire act that eventually falls to the ground.

    • John

      Fred – I see this happening with gold as well but if you have it you are going to be able to buy a house/car with it and it will not take very much to do so – so get it now when you still can….and get out of debt!

  42. Joe

    The Fed must be abolish. It is a criminal enterprise.

  43. JungianINTP

    The Dodd-Frank Banking Act of 2010 gave banks/bankers relief from any collapse not through Congress, via any save-the-economy credit expansion, but by confiscations – “bail-ins” – of depositors’ wealth (( confiscation of your safe deposit box contents / of your savings account / of your IRA )), as you are now considered to be your bank’s “stakeholder” not depositor—meaning this: You and your banker have equal ownership of “your” assets, except that the latter decides what amount – if any – you may get back. She ought to have elaborated, after mentioning Dodd-Frank.

    • JMiller

      Pretty much everything you have said is incorrect.

  44. Andy Reed

    informative article, thank you

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