Fed Junkies Continue Injecting Cocaine & Heroin in System-Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Money manager Peter Schiff says the economy is not near as good as you have been told. A year ago, former Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher said the Fed “injected cocaine and heroin into the system” to basically prop it up. Is that kind of easy money policy going to continue? Schiff says, “Why would you expect a junkie to do anything else, especially when they haven’t acknowledged the problem that they have. They still think this is all medicine. They don’t realize how toxic it is. Yes, I expect them to continue that. The fact that the Dow is at 20,000, that doesn’t reflect a healthy economy. That reflects a bubble. The U.S. economy was not healthy in the late 1990’s during the Tech Bubble. It didn’t reflect economic health in 2007 when the financial crisis was right around the corner. It just reflects financial engineering and bubble blowing. U.S. stocks are very expensive. Candidate Trump got it right when he called it a big fat ugly bubble, and it’s bigger, fatter and uglier now. The fact that he’s President doesn’t change it from a bubble to a bull market. It’s still a bubble, and the air is going to come out one way or another. Either the U.S. stock market is going to crash or the dollar is going to crash. Either way, the real value of U.S. stocks is coming way down, and people shouldn’t own them.”

On the dollar, Schiff says, “The Fed is going to try to keep interest rates as low as possible because we have so much debt that these artificially low rates are the only way we can service it. So, the Fed, I think, is willing to sacrifice the dollar to keep propping up the bond market. Even if we launch QE4, it may not have the effect on the bond market that prior round of quantitative easing had. They may lose control of the long end of the bond market. And certainly when it comes to corporate bonds or muni bonds, or any bonds that are not being monetized, rates are going a lot higher. . . . I think the dollar is going to tank.”. . . In order for the Fed to keep the air from coming out of this bubble (in bonds), they will have to sacrifice the dollar.”

Where does that leave hard assets like gold? Schiff contends, “Gold stocks were the best performing stocks in 2016, and they are already the best performing stocks in 2017. I think the bear market in gold and gold stocks ended at the end of 2015. It’s a new bull market. I think the big gains we got last year are just a small down payment on the gains we are going to get in the years ahead. Very few people are positioned properly.”

Schiff goes on to say, “Donald Trump is not the cause of these problems. We’ve got a giant wound that we’ve got a band-aid on. Nobody is really looking at the wound because it is hidden by this band-aid, and it’s getting worse, and worse and worse. Maybe Trump will peel back that band-aid, and we actually get a good look at how bad we are wounded. . . . I think this has gone on so long and the bubble has gotten so big . . . . We did not get to celebrate the Dow 20,000 party, but I think that we are going to have the last laugh and do the most celebrating when the bottom drops out of the dollar and reality sets in.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, founder and CEO of both Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

After the interview:

There is free information, analysis and podcasts on both EuroPacificCapital.com and SchiffGold.com.

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  1. AA 🇦🇺

    This is going to be the most colossal collapse by of an empire of all time. I think they are secretly grinning and almost climaxing at the fact.
    They want to create the ultimate history, quite disturbed really,

    • AA 🇦🇺

      This is going to be the most colossal collapse by an empire of all time. I think they are secretly grinning and almost climaxing at the fact.
      They want to create the ultimate history, quite disturbed really.

      • al Hall

        Trump needs to shut down the FED and return the banking duties of the government to where it belongs- the US treasury!
        Of course this is why the banksters killed JFK- one of the reasons. By the way- Pres. Bush(41- the old man) set this murder into motion and was in Dallas to see it happen. He is also the biggest drug dealer in the world- worth now said- $1.7 trillion. He is corrupt to the hilt, as are all the Bush family. People cheered him at the super bowl?= if they only knew the real truth about this scum!!

        • AA 🇦🇺

          Despicable lowlife persons controlling the masses.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I think many Americans know the ‘real truth’ and have for years. It’s hardly a secret that our banks are solvent with drug $$$ since 1943….The Godfather films are hugely popular. The problem is the cost, personal and civic, of coming clean. The inhumane cost of being filthy rich seems preferable.

        • flattop

          Al Hall: There is proof that the Bush family received over a billon dollars from the Saudis over the period of their presidencys.

        • Frederick

          Evidently Peter Schiff as well as President Trump value their lives enough and those of their families to NOT threaten to end the FED That’s a dangerous thing to propose you know

    • al Hall

      AA- probably you haven’t seen this yet- major happenings coming- As soon a Jeff Sessions becomes Att. general- “drain the swamp” near- see here:
      Breaking: Arrests Imminent In PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!=

      • AA 🇦🇺

        I’ll check it out, thanks. But most content I research and view is via USAWD. 👍

      • Robert G

        Al Hall…….Fake news!!!!!

  2. Charles H


    Will the FED do the right thing, when it never has? Maybe the question is: can President Trump get around, or substitute an official organ of the Treasury to relegate the FED to insignificance?

  3. Paul ...

    Peter Schiff always gives us economic straight talk … but look at this!! … is this the beginning of a “new main stream media”??? … Lou Dobbs talking straight about Shumer, Graham, McCain and Rubio!!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEwKuvvTcPY

    • Da Yooper

      Charles H

      I seriously doubt that the Fed has the integrity to do the “right ” thing

      The fed is about fraud & deception with a lot of obfuscation thrown in. They look after no one but their clan of bankers & their bottom line . Money is their God pure & simple .

    • Eric

      No, it’s not the beginning of an honest MSM. Lou Dobbs has always spoken out against these traitors. But you won’t see in the nightly news.

      • Paul ...

        The evil Satanic “deep state” even now is still trying to use NATO (a defensive organization) in an “offensive mode” to start a nuclear WWIII … Trump’s “pedophile attack” on the deep state will weaken them … but the more effective weapon in Trump’s arsenal was unwittingly supplied by Obama (his sniper drone program to take out terrorists) … Trump can now use the same justification to take out “deep state terrorists” inside and outside the US … by not only using drones and military snipers … but “directed energy beams” from space (as a sniper weapon) to take out all those designated as being “terrorists” like Soros, the Rothchilds, the fake news outlets, etc. … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfkwJ47B-yg

        • Paul ...

          Trump to the “deep state” (who have been killing “our” children in their pedophilic Satanistic sex rituals) … do you know where “your” children are?? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrGUcG-RBoQ

          • Paul ...

            And according to the post below Martha Raddatz of the fake news media cabal has been warned that she faces “death for treason” for betraying and getting killed US special forces Trump sent to Yemen to retrieve the Swiss bank account numbers being used by the terrorists fighting there … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSzodrWNvjU

        • Frederick

          It’s outrageous Paul yet nothing is done to stop lunatics like Johnny “Wetstart” MCCain and his fellow neocons from spewing their warmongering nonsense Do these morons not understand what thermonuclear war would entail?

  4. ross

    Let’s get it right. Inflation is not caused by increases in wages and prices. Inflation is initiated by the banking system creating more money than real production and population increases warrant. Nearly all your inflation gets created as debt and the debt like interest, compounds over many decades such that it is now 3 times the GDP of the planet and cannot be repaid.
    If they have a debt jubilee this means that the Bonds which are a promise to repay debt, cannot be honoured. Our pension funds hold a lot of bonds. The bankers have very cleverly sold our debt back to us under the guise of being an asset in the form of bonds. In other words, they sold us the noose that will hang us.

    • FC

      You have to admire their intelligence and our stupidity to let it continue on.

      • Paul ...

        Is part of their “intelligence” the reduction of the human population so that there are less people in the world to pay for all the unfunded liabilities? … or more logically is it to make the unfunded liabilities to all these people go away?? … and what do we have from these “intelligent” (but highly immoral and evil) people??? … death panels at our friendly hospitals … vaccines … radiation … fluoride … chem-trails … etc. … etc.!!!

    • rahrog


    • This sceptred Isle

      securitized assets are a bit like sausage meat: all the nasty leftover bits of the animal (after the prime cuts have been sold) mashed up so you can’t tell what it is then turned into a nice tempting sausage. securitization means nobody knows what their pension funds invested in until it goes broke and defaults.

    • zak

      It’s real simple – Inflation is “inflating the money supply” – that’s where the expression comes from.

      The more units in the system – the more your cup of coffee will have to cost.

      So QE/money printing can only push prices up – inflate prices – and surprise, surprise – our wages are not “inflated” by our employers to keep match.

      Thus the grounds why government MUST lie about the “real rate of inflation”.

    • TheOsmodius

      In other words, they sold us the noose that will hang us.

      Ah yes ross, but never fear Robin Hood is here. He’s in our hearts and minds and evil will never prevail upon us, never, ever!


      New Living Translation
      They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right. ◄ Romans 2:15 ►


      Fukushima may very well be an extinction level event. There is no way to stop the reactors and millions of gallons of radioactive waste will continue to pour into the Pacific. Cesium-137 has a half- life of 30 years, it’s not going away anytime soon, and it will only continue to accumulate. People like to argue that the radiation will just be diluted by the enormous amount of water in the ocean, but the radiation isn’t being dumped out evenly around the ocean. It is being dumped into a single focused area and traveling in a large cloud of death through the ocean, currents. Sorry, nay sayers. But there is no counter argument to how dangerous this really is. Even our government just raised the so-called “acceptable radiation levels” of our food tenfold. What does that tell you?

  5. Corleone

    Many central banks have been running quantitative easing in the last eight years, but people can tolerate it. The quantitative easing by Federal Reserve had not been tolerated only because US dollar is still the international reserve currency. So my suggestion: stop using US dollar as international reserve currency and let Federal Reserve make another quantitative easing.

  6. Brian

    You said at the end of the interview that you said disagreed with Schiff, were you just being facetious or what of his theories/thoughts do you disagree with?

    • Curt

      Brian that’s what I thought he said also but I listened to that again and I think he said “I rarely disagree”.

  7. Andy

    Fake Alien Invasion!!!
    Peter has obviously not been listening to your interviews with Clif High about Antarctica! LOL

    Great interviews as always Greg, many thanks.

  8. Jerry

    I’m convinced more now than ever that the World Bank and the IMF are going to establish a new global currency system soon, when you consider that all of the QE programs throughout the world are failing.

    To the best of my knowledge China is the only major economy in the world that is not heavily involved with QE. (which is just a backseat limo word for money laundering). In fact I believe the central banks have smashed gold prices on purpose just so they could help the Chinese build a replacement system for the one that they have collapsed under the mountain of derivative debt they’ve created. Like any default, the slate gets wiped clean, and the whole process starts over. For the sake of argument, is a Quadrillion dollars even a number?

  9. Jerry

    The first banking cyber attack of the year. And…… its a BIG ONE!

    For those of you who don’t know, Lloyds is probably one of the oldest financial institutions in the world. So why Lloyd’s? Lloyds is indirectly connected to the City of London Corporation, who just happens to have connections to the Federal Reserve Bank via the Rothschild’s. Are you getting it yet? The Federal Reserve Bank is preparing to cyber attack itself. Brilliant strategy…..right? They get to wipe out their own debt with a mouse stroke. So what. No skin off your nose right? Well consider this, every bank in this country has either directly or indirectly borrowed money from the Federal Reserve Bank. What happens if your bank can no longer get a line of credit to cover its loans? Do you really think the FDIC can cover all those defaults and protect your money? What are your odds. Your odds would be better at a crap table in Las Vegas.

    • Jerry

      Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse?

      Since when is reporting $5000. withdrawals considered cyber security? This is clearly a setup to download information into the governments database on who has cash. Trust me. Criminals don’t use banks for their transactions, unless you want to count Jamie Diamond as a criminal. That should be proof positive that when you deposit money in a bank, its no longer your money. Be aware, that should there be a cyber attack the first order of business is a government lockdown under the governments ICE NINE program. That will be the first step in separating you from you money.

      Be warned, those that blow this off as conspiracy theory won’t be around to admit they’re wrong. Even if they were, they can’t help you replace what you won’t have. Being prepared is not being fearful. Its being responsible. And in the long run its better to have something you may not need, than to need something and not have it.

      • Charles H

        “That should be proof positive that when you deposit money in a bank, its no longer your money. ” By thunder, Jerry – you nailed it! Thanks for keeping us up on things.

        • Frederick

          Silver over 18 dollars today Friday on meeting with Abe

      • This sceptred Isle

        “Criminals don’t use banks for their transactions”

        On the contrary, HSBC got fined for allowing Mexican drugs cartels to do exactly that.

        “HSBC is being held accountable for stunning failures of oversight – and worse,” said Breuer, “that led the bank to permit narcotics traffickers and others to launder hundreds of millions of dollars through HSBC subsidiaries and to facilitate hundreds of millions more in transactions with sanctioned countries.”


        • This sceptred Isle

          ICE NINE programme – so you have read The Road to Ruin by James Rickards as well?

  10. Frederick

    Meanwhile I just read that Trump has approved arms sales to the lovely Saudis and Bahrainis Can’t think of a worse bunch of lunatics other than ISIS to sell weapons to or in the latter case to give them to

  11. al Hall

    Greg: when Peter says at approx. 21 minutes in – “we need a fake alien invasion” he doesn’t realize this is in the works!! see this short video by Dr. Carol Rosin-
    Dr. Carol Rosin: Staged Artificial ‘Alien Invasion’ and asteroide/comet threat. NWO final card

    Greg: my insiders are saying this maybe soon. People need to be aware – this is fake!

    • Charles H

      al Hall,

      FYI – they also, in some circles, put the idea forth that when the Church (true Christians) is Raptured out of the world: it will be laid at the feet of aliens for their disappearance. Probably some pseudo-spiritual nefarious issue will be attached – to give the idea that Christianity was a psycho-disease, or something.

      • Paul ...

        Lets make sure that as we go down (or up) as the case may be … we fight the evil Satanists back with our “directed energy weapons” … as they be-head us Christians … lets aim our laser beam weapons at their brains and turn them into “spirit soup”!!!

  12. Agent P

    Looks as though the Bernank has become Peter’s ‘beard’…


  13. FC

    At this stage of the addiction, the world economy is beyond cocaine and heroin and it’s looking for a new high.
    The next round of QE will be an injection of Crystal Meth (ice) a hideous drug that will make the economy feel fantastic but will actually destroy us all financially.

  14. Scott Miller

    That was a helluva interview! What a tremendous amount of information on economic history and current events. Summarized and prioritized real news, not the fake stuff I’ve grown accustomed to hearing.

    There is a big difference in this kind of guest compared to other guests. Sometimes I think hearing about Antarctica or topics too illogical to list makes me appreciate it more when a heavy dose of reality gets dumped on me in 30 minutes or so. It’s the kind of interview I listen to more than once because I pick up things I missed or realized I thought I understood all the connections, but I didn’t.

    It also needs to be mentioned that Schiff doesn’t appear set on a timeline. I agree we are long overdue, and the time since has accumulated a lot more destructive power, but I think I heard a rough year coming but not the reset talked about here so often. Does economics just continue with Trump and build more as we wait? The same ole status quo, which means a slow deterioration, instead of dramatic slide or collapse, for 3 more years? Basically, no reset for the rest of the decade?

    Listening to the media, I hear them selling we are dangerously close to a nightmare, because of Trump. However, my instincts lead me to believe we are actually more stable with Trump than Obama, because I never believed he did anything good about the economy. Quantitative easing is Obama’s real legacy, and all those other monetary policies that pumped huge sums of fake currency. Hell, all of the global central banking institutions did the same thing during this time. That’s what Schiff referred to when he said because while we have waited, it accumulated and made it worse.

    Furthermore, Greg said he likes bankruptcy. Great insight into what seems to be missing. I remember when banks were going out of business and being absorbed. We have fewer banks now. In addition, the malls lost businesses even while online sales increased. That’s where there were bankruptcies. Stores I grew up with are gone. When the numbers in the unemployment report are hovering in the 200,000s, and that’s where they always seem to be around, and those jobs are obamajobs because of Obamacare, and the rules about the numbers of hours in a workweek. Think about all those Foriegn jobs making stuff sold in America being actually made in America. American jobs. Trump effect. Two things gotta change, real jobs and where they are.

    Great interview!


    • Rodster

      During Obama’s term as POTUS, Schiff had a timeline that Obama would not see out his second term before everything went into meltdown mode. That did not occur.

  15. Bill

    GREG; If or when we have this collapse of the dollar/Bonds/economy, will it be a soft or hard landing for the US??

    • Greg Hunter

      Bard if you are not positioned well–very hard as in Biblical.

      • Diane D.

        Amen. Think Joseph (Genesis 41:46-57). Your family can’t eat gold.

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane D.,
          You certainly cannot eat paper dollars or bonds either. Let’s not be that stupid here.

          • zak

            It always amazes me these people who say – “you cannot eat gold” – and as you said – “yeah baby – and you cannot eat paper, bonds, promises or horse-cac lies neither”.

            Schess already…

  16. Macray

    Nancy 02/05/2017 •
    If we know hyperinflation is coming Why are all the Gold dealers and predictors selling GOLD right now advertising as never before. Wouldn’t they want to keep it to protect themselves? I asked Jim Sinclair but he never answered me. Will you?

    Nancy, the responses to your question from fellow watchdoggers was spot on, in my opinion. I thought I would add ….. Not every dealer gets an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. There are actually many that like to scam their clients, knowing physical gold investing is a new subject for many. As such, these Gold dealers could care less about hyperinflation until it appears. They are much more concerned with making as much money as possible in the shortest time period. And they hire only salesman that are of the same mineset. Everyone should do their own due diligence here before they choose where to purchase their physical precious metals.
    As far as some of the gold predictors out there, I would wager a nice sum that the ones with poor forecasting skills have very little in funds to actually own very much gold. The ones that are actually quite good at forecasting the gold market know when they should have gold in their portfolio for themselves and their clients and when they should not. Example
    Druckenmiller Reverses: Is Buying Gold Again
    One other item to be aware of….. not all gold dealers or gold forecasters see hyperinflation coming soon. Some actually see deflation coming big time.

  17. john duffy

    FBI Analyst Says, High Level Pedophile Arrests Coming Soon, 1487

  18. Ron

    Greg, if I heard you correctly, at the end of the interview you said that you disagree with Peter. I’m very curious what you disagree with him about?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think I did but if I did then I made a slip of the tongue.

  19. BetterChetter

    4-1/2 yrs ago, Schiff called for a financial crisis to come relatively soon: https://usawatchdog.com/peter-schiff-dollar-vulnerable-to-a-massive-collapse-buy-gold-and-silver/

    Wouldn’t the only way to tell when a correction was to come, have to do when options to short the market hit a high point – as then that is when the folks ‘in the know’ would be investing ?

    Until then, the Plunge Protection Team will be pulling out all the stops to keep the bubble inflated ~

    • Greg Hunter

      Better Chetter,
      That scares the heck out of me. That is criminal and lawless.

      • Doug Krause

        ” that scares the hell out of me”…. really? Fear not brother fear not… our words are containers of faith released in to the atmosphere. Cheers Doug

        • Greg Hunter

          I said “heck.”

        • Tracy Welborn

          Not all believers embrace the Word of Faith doctrine. I do not. Jesus is the only container of faith released into the atmosphere. That’s been my experience.

    • al hall

      John: you are correct- Jeff Sessions had to be in place first. Let see if the “swamp get drained” a little now. 70 warrants are being talked about – just to start- 30 in Congress!!!

  20. the genocidal politician

    someone as knowledgeable financially talented and successful as PS (and all the guests on here for that matter) can’t be far off the mark,
    I’m in!

    I love this stuff, this is America!

  21. sam

    How about getting Robert Steele on

    • Frederick

      Robert Steele is great Watched him on Alex Jones recently

    • Paul ...

      Our money must be real physical silver or gold (in our hands) … not electronic blips on a computer (that can be suspended, manipulated and made essentially worthless by a third party or EMP weapon) … QED!!!

  22. Gadfly


    There certainly are many different views expressed these days about the FED’s Monetary Policy and the likely consequences. The consequences already are becoming evident and they are many, to be sure. For example, High debt levels and anemic economic growth (GDP) are permanent parts of the so-called “new normal”.

    Hyperinflation is probably not one of them, but the prospect of bouts of high(er) inflation (20%) most certainly is IF the consumer becomes comfortable with their “savings”, financial condition, and job prospects. Then come the so-called “animal spirits”.

    Once we all “feel good”, they will all go out and spend more all at once and zoom, monetary velocity will start to trend up again. Its why consumer and business confidence is so critical here. This shift might just be the first indicator of a new trend in rising inflation. However, the thaw has not really become evident at this time. Until that happens, we will not have high(er) inflation because investors and consumers alike are still hoarding their money.

    Ultra Low interest rates have not discouraged the common practice of hoarding cash one little bit either. Incidentally, its one primary reason for the push to outlaw all banknotes ( or cash ) is the driving need of U.S. Banks for even more transaction fees and the Federal govt. needs ever more tax revenue to make interest payments to central bankers and collect additional fees wherever possible ( under every rock ). So, you have a team effort here and they are not going to stop on account of President Trump. He may, hopefully, slow them down a bit.

    Just to mention Greg, the proposed “Big Border Tax” on imports is a good selling point on a new added cost to every (imported) good retailed in the U.S., from Dell Computers to GM Cars. My interpretation is ” A Big Border Tax” is really just a hidden sales tax, not visible on the invoice as is a outright state sales tax. This smacks of a Value Added Tax (VAT), albeit a back-door version. Clever !!

    Very smart approach to achieve revenue neutral tax reforms too. Slight of Hand- shift of some tax burden from individuals and businesses to consumers. Consumers will feel it everywhere too. Every retailer of anything will feel free to raise prices at will under the cover of “Trump’s Big Border Tax” and pass it all on to the consumer, while incurring higher profits.

    Amazing, possibly the eighth wonder of the world. Wala- higher inflation, but well short of hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is probably not possible absent WWIII and a loss or wipe-out of the U.S. Military. As long as we have the big(est) stick on the block, we still have a Big(gest) Say no matter what. So, its all or nothing for U.S. High Stakes gambling in today’s changing and increasingly dangerous world.

  23. Diane

    Would the USA be better off with a consumption tax?
    Do away with Federal income tax and IRS?

    • zak

      FED must be ABOLISHED.
      It is not:
      A. Federal – it is a Private banking cartel that does not even reveal who the owners are – Hello!!
      B. a Reserve – no gold left, if there is “show us the money!” TODAY.
      C. a System – it pretends that the nation is important – in reality it is only NYShitty and Washington – the rest can whistle

      It is a sham, it’s a scam, it is unconstitutional, and they are laughing at you ….

    • Paul ...

      Is not inflation in the prices of our everyday goods and services enough of a consumption tax? … let just get rid of the income tax and not replace it with anything!!!

    • Charles H

      I thought “sales tax” WAS a consumption tax! (Buyers = Consumers?)

    • JC Davis

      Diane at this debt level we should just print the taxes we want, and let the chips fall to other countries willing to use our dead currency.
      Stock pile gold, and oil, ect.. with printed currency. When the world uses a different currency we have a restart platform.

    • Frederick

      Better off no doubt about it Diane Get the parasites out

    • Gadfly

      Become like Calif. and have both taxes?

  24. DRS

    I wonder or maybe I fear; are we capable of all the “truths” that may come out? Probably my greatest fear is for Trumps safety. God help us all.

  25. Dwain Decell

    A possible recession? The U.S. has been in depression since 08 when calculating GDP, CPI and real job numbers the way they were done in the 90s.

  26. Don

    I love Pete Schiff great interview Greg. Thank You!!

  27. Alex

    What about the following scenario ?
    Tax reduce(like “QE4”) -> gives real economy recovery for few years. Good and real reports starting from this summer – manipulation is not even necessery. It’s even possible to increase rate for ~2%.
    Help EU to collapse – a lot of geopolitical issues are resolved. At the end of the year oil is about $15 for barrel, European countries do not need it anymore :). Russian economy is collapsed.
    No concerns from China after that – agrees any Trump’s point.
    Debt ??? Who thinks about it ? US is haven !!!

  28. john doe

    The new 100 dollar bill is proof that at some point in the future the US is going to go on the gold standard. The constitution provides the ability to “abandon or abolish” at any time and that means dumping the Fed and going back to the US Treasury with a new currency.
    Trump at some point will be forced to take US through a financial “Reset and Bankruptcy”. Notice that the new bill which states “This bill is legal tender for all debts” no longer resides on the left side with the Feb but has moved to the right side with the US Treasury Seal. When you see the Trump order an accounting of all US held gold then watch out because that’s your last warning and change to pick the only real money.

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