Fed Kills the Economy – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Money manager and economist Michael Pento warns to keep your eyes on the Fed.  It will be responsible for the next market crash coming this year or next.  Just look what happened after the most recent Fed meeting last week.  Pento says, “After the June FOMC meeting, the Fed talking about tapering sent stock prices skidding. . . . When they actually announce they are tapering, and when they actually announce a date for tapering that, I believe, will be in August at Jackson Hole, the market will sell off absolutely.”

The Fed has been propping up the markets with massive amounts of printed money since the financial meltdown of 2008.  Something has changed, and Pento points out, “Now, the inflation has become such a problem that even the Fed can no longer ignore it.  Now, the calculation goes like this:  Either the economy will slow significantly on its own to slow the rate of inflation, which will cause the earnings per share to collapse and the stock market will collapse, or the Fed is going to kill it for you. . . . There has been an epiphany, a watershed moment at the Fed . . .  they are all starting to notice the inflation.  Even the core rate of inflation has gotten out of hand, and they have to address it.  They can’t ignore it, and this is the big watershed change.  I cannot stress this enough.  The big change is the success of creating 2% inflation, which is now well over double what the Fed wants it to be.”  They wanted 2%, and it’s now over 5%.  The Fed is going to kill the economy or the economy is going to roll over on its own.  I think it’s going to be both.”

What’s coming next?  Pento warns, “I think the Fed is going to taper asset purchases just as the monetary cliff kicks in.  In that case, watch out. . . .They are losing control of the monetary system.  They are losing control of inflation.  They are losing control of asset prices.  They are losing control of the fiat currency system.  They are losing control of everything.”

In closing, Pento says, “We are going to go through iterations of inflation and then rapid and devastating deflation. . . . And with each iteration, the bubble gets bigger and the amount of debt grows exponentially.  Do we have one more left or two more left?  I don’t know, but I am calling for a rapid and violent deflationary bust of asset prices probably early in 2022. . . . At some point, bond market yields spike out of control.  That is not happening yet. . . . After that, you are going to see a problem with helicopter money like we have never seen before and inflation like we have never seen before.”

Pento also says he’s long term bullish on gold and short term bullish on the dollar, too.  He explains in detail in the 55 minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with economist and money manager Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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After the Interview:

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  1. james iler

    Spending $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t run out of $1 trillion for 114 years. http://www.pagetutor.com/trillion/index.html

    • Paul ...

      You mean if a trillionaire (like Stan) … lived 114 years … he could spend $1 million dollars an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, selling gold short?? … looks like we gold-bugs are doomed!!

      • Paul ...

        As there will be be about 8 billion people in the world by 2023 … and assuming one-hundredth of one percent of all the people in the world (0.0001) are gold-bugs … that means 0.8 million gold bugs need to spend $1.25 every hour (or $210 fiat dollars per week) buying gold … “just to neutralize Stan” … but … Stan has buddies … amd there are probably a million bankers like Stan “selling gold short” … this means approximately … the million gold-bugs in the world … need to invest at least $200 million fiat dollars per week into gold … just to keep the gold price steady!!! … we will only defeat the bankers “if we all do our part and act in unison to invest about $200 fiat dollars per week into gold” … by doing that … we can we keep the gold price steady and prevent it from going down … to defeat the bankers and push the gold price higher … each of us gold-bugs needs to buy about a quarter of an ounce of physical gold “each week” … this is going to be tough … but in this war for sound money … we all must sacrifice a few Earthly pleasures and just keep accumulating God’s gold!!

        • Stan

          Paul: You should start a Gold Bug newsletter. There are plenty of suckers out there who would fall for the fairy tales you would publish.

          • Paul ...

            Don’t have the time Stan … all I can do is try the best I can to warn the suckers who buy fiat paper “IOU’s” and crypto “prime numbers” to get into something “real” (like the Tier 1 asset called Gold)!!

  2. Donald Reed

    Of all other News Sites I always look for your News Site First and miss watching it on Weekends due to you need some rest with Family and Friends.
    I’m 68 and remember when most of MSM News was worth something.
    I do wish Reporters like you were back on MSM News.
    When CENSORSHIP of Truthful News of important Events has caused actual Deaths this year and others in the past to promote Wars and America’s Situation now for Big Pharma
    Covering Dr. Frauci’s Past,
    Thank You for Your Serve. Hang in there like Wild Mountain Grapes.
    GOD Protect You and Yours

    • barsoom43

      You’re right.. People have no concept about the size of 1 Trillion.. One trillion seconds ago, Neanderthals were painting bison in the caves of France. Only 63 billion seconds ago, Christ walked the earth.

      • bill

        The other day, I asked my 55 year old friend and his wife “how many Billions were in a Trillion?”
        They were flustered. My friend didn’t really care about the question. His wife was slightly agitated. She started to do a search on her phone, then she asked me “how many Billions did you say.” I said 1,000 Billion in a Trillion. She kept on searching on her phone, to see if I was telling the truth! After 3-4 minutes, she finally agreed.
        This might be a good party question.

  3. Tim

    Can’t wait to watch, Always good to hear the Truth!!

    • ConcAmDad

      moving out the goalposts once again to just off in the future- can’t even get through the whole interview………….and once again GOLD is being slammed down another $30. Those in control still appear to be in complete control-look around you-all the nonsense over what has amounted to a bad flu at most.

  4. Jeff

    I have held off from making this comment but now I will. What Pento says will happen.
    At least in the physical realm. I believe God has a plan that supersedes all others. It’s quite opposite the doom and glummer “get ready for the tribulation” belief.
    God is going to turn this world upside down. He is going to deal with evil in every aspect of our lives. And I mean worldwide. He is going to show who’s in charge.
    Bringing Trump back as our rightful leader is just a small part of what He is going to do.
    We are at an historic turn in world history that only God can be credited for.
    Watch. It is coming.

    • Rodney

      No God is not going to turn everything upside down He is going to put everything upright as it should be , and spirituality will reign again.

      • Barbara

        Jesus overturned the money-changers tables, I think it’s going to get ugly before it gets better…

        • Self Exiled

          Your right, already ugly here. The shut down phase of the extermination policy is beginning as they have started vaccinations and the positive coveds are increasing. Nothing moves, more than half business just don’t open, check points, shortages of general medicines. Numancia, Philippines.

          • JC


            This guy is bad news. Are the Filipinos intimidated by this jerk?

            Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been angered lately for his country’s low vaccination rate and threatened jail for people who refused to get vaxxed up against COVID-19, according to PNA news agency.

            “If you don’t want to get vaccinated, I’ll have you arrested [and] then I’ll inject a vaccine into your buttocks, “Duterte told the nation on a Monday television address after reports of low turnouts at several vaccination sites in the capital Manila.


        • Self Exiled

          The more they multiplied [in numbers and increased in prosperity and power], the more they sinned against Me;
          I will change their glory into shame. Hosea 4:7

        • Paul ...

          And Jesus whipped them … the way we are supposed to be whipping the banksters today “by buying gold” (at least a quarter of an ounce per week) … and thus bringing back a sound monetary system to planet Earth (our worldly temple)!!

  5. Harold Swift

    What’s new here?

  6. Douglas L Marsh

    Wow, I had to listen to this entire interview.
    Douglas Marsh

  7. Cus D'Amato

    The focus should be squarely on reverse repo facility, these banks and all their currency are completely toast. The Fed knew this was coming so they eliminated reserve requirements and allowed them to plug gaping holes in their balance sheets with Treasury Bills, notes and bonds with all those greenbacks. Reverse Repo will print $1 trillion, then quickly $2 trillion and then $10 trillion. There’s at least a quadrillion (1000 trillion) in unpayable debt. Once the Fed started trying to backstop one set of liabilities it was ‘Ballgame Over”. Imagine using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire…soon we’ll see Negative yield on 10 year bonds and the worthless DXY temporarily spike to 140. Buy some Silver and get ready for some serious white knuckle moments.

    • Greg Hunter

      good analysis “Cus”!!

      • Cus D'Amato

        Thanks Greg,
        You’ve inspired me to stop using a pseudonym. My name is Shawn Brown and had the good fortune to have lunch with the brilliant Rick Ackerman yesterday. Rick was kind enough to allow me to contribute at http://www.rickackerman.com and share my thoughts on why the Fed can’t close the barn door. Between Basel 3, The Great Reset, Delta variant and on and on, chaos is brewing but don’t worry He has us! Psalm 32:7 You are my hiding place. You protect me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance.

      • Shawn Brown

        Repo Madness Update: “ONLY” $813 Billion today, how long until we hit a Tril for the 1st time? Watch Thursday FRB release of H.4.1 Foreign Currency Swap usage for another tell. This obviously isn’t limited to US commercial banks and Primary Dealers.

    • Paul in OZ

      Brilliant call!

    • Rodney

      Fiat money fails every so many years on purpose, allows the bankers to scoop up even more assets and resources, then starts again slowly bribing people into bigger and bigger debt so these crooks can crash it all ,take it all and eventually OWN THE WORLD, and we are at that stage of the game now… unless we say NO and kick them out!
      The FED building need demolishing along with CONgress and the bribed puppets inside, we do NOT have any JUSTICE System for the people, we need to go back to COMMON LAW COURTS, and have NUREMBERG TRIALS for ll these parasites pushing this Population Reduction Program called CONvid 19.

      • Rachel

        well said Rodney!

  8. Michael Diogo

    The Achilles Heel of cryto currencies is that they exist only as long as they are consistently fed their life blood…………….electricity!
    No electricity, no crypto.
    Pull the plug, and they are gone.
    How simple is that?

    • Mark J

      If the plug gets pulled there will be no anything. Food, fuel, supplies of any sort, internet, etc. Cryptos not working will be the least of our problems.

    • JC

      Bitcoin and electric cars, what do they have in common?

      With Its Power Grid On The Verge Of Failure, California Begs Residents To Change Their EV Charging Routines


      • Charles H.

        BUT, BUT But, But, but, but… we must get rid of those evil carbon fuel consuming vehicles – like yesterday! Idiots.

        • Paul ...

          Yep! … and Gates and Fauci are working to ge rid of all those evil carbon fuel consuming “vehicles” called humans with their “jab”!!

          • Paul ...

            Isn’t it … a bit odd … that God the Father …would intentionally produce Man as a carbon emitter?? … now if the God of Moses was like Bill Gates … he would have never dropped “manna from heaven” to keep the Israelite’s alive … so we know one thing for sure … the God of Moses was nothing like Bill Gates … in fact … from the manna that was dropped down from heaven (which was like bee propolis and tasted like honey) we can most likely assume that in our God’s heaven there are many flowers and trees … and plants and trees “need carbon emitters” like Man (for their survival) … so … Gates and Fauci (by trying to kill off the human race with their “jab”) are definitely “very evil creatures” in the eyes of the God of Moses … and their punishment will be harsh … most likely they will be consumed in the fires of Hell (to produce something useful … carbon dioxide for God’s flowers and trees)!!

            • Paul ...

              The Bible is clear on what incentive the Annunaki had to modify man’s DNA (to mine gold) … and it is probably the reason why the globalists want to treat us “as their slaves” … it is less clear in the Bible as to what incentive God the Father had to make man (before the Annunaki modified our DNA) … of course the globalists would likely say God needed “a carbon dioxide emitter” to be placed in his Garden of Eden (to feed and fertilize his trees) and tend to the weeds in the garden (so as to make it look like we were created by God the Father “to be slaves”) … but I believe from the way I read the Bible that God the Father had a higher purpose in mind (he did not create us as robots or cyborgs the way the globalists want us to believe) … he wanted us “to be free … and have an independent thinking mind ” … and “be able to make our own decisions” … and when we eventually reached maturity (and began to disobey our Father) … he knew the time was right and said to Adam and Eve … “the time has come for you to use the brains I gave you … and to be fruitful and multiply” … “fill the earth with your progeny and subdue it” … “I give you total dominion over all my creations … from the fish of the sea … to the the birds of the air … dominion over every living thing that I created on the Earth” … and this includes dominion over the “commies” who are now trying to take away the freedom I have given you … and dominion over the eugenicists who want to eradicate my most wonderful of creations “with a jab”!! … “you are not children anymore waiting for Daddy to rescue you from danger” … “use the brains I have given you … you are adults now”!!

  9. Lea

    Very knowledgeable guest. Thanks!

  10. Bob

    Greg, Pento is absolutely brilliant. Good guy too! Seems to really care about everyday folks. Thanks for having him on again. Been tuning into you for many years now. Thanks again.

  11. Daniel

    Yes Michael pento is absolutely the best and when he said he was friends with David stockman that’s better now what about Paul Craig Roberts…
    I’ve been telling me silver and Gold gurus stop stop buying metals right now Cash Cash deflation all assets all assets crash they will sell their metals to try and save their portfolios and those who are ignorant of all this even though I have stacks and stacks of gold and silver will also sell because they have to save their house they have to save the car blah blah blah the stock market a crash assets go to zero inflation will kick up the FED will go into overdrive just before that’s when you buy your metals they will be at their cheapest part of the curve……… All in….

  12. Mark F

    I like Mr. Pento, not afraid to tackle the tough questions and not afraid to throw out a time line. I think we can all benefit from his wisdom. Great interview Greg!
    Thank you

  13. andyb

    The Arizona election fraud will be evident within the next 2 weeks. What happens next will answer the question of whether or not we stay in the country of our Founders or desolve into Mad Max. I envision the psychos at the FED pulling the plug as a distraction. As Pento opines, we are so close anyway. Get out of securities and any cryptos ASAP

  14. Paul ...

    Bottom Line … Pento says: “The purchasing power of the dollar will be negligible” … so … why go long the fiat paper dollar … or buy long duration bonds denominated in “fake fiat dollars” … or buy utility stocks denominated in dollars “that are in essence IOU nothings” … if the dollar is heading to zero (like the Zimbabwe dollar) … why fool around for paper gains … when you can simply buy and hold precious metal (the only real money) … that will survive the coming crash of the economic system … fiat paper money will not survive nor will the things denominated in it “like bonds” (even though they are paying huge fiat paper dividends)!!

    • Stan

      Paul: I never suggested to buy Bitcoin or any crypto. I urged people to sell Gold to buy certain derivative contracts, certain US government Bonds, and certain negative yielding European sovereign debt. All of these will make far more money than holding Gold. By the way, the only money is the US Dollar, everything else is just an asset.

      • Paul ...

        Stan … Sorry if I did that … but I don’t believe I ever suggested you promoted crypto? … as “I well know you and I are on the same page concerning those type of electronic tokens” (that have no intrinsic value except to mathematics geeks and cryptologists who highly value “prime numbers”)!!

        • Paul ...

          Stan … As for gold “not being money” (just a Tier 1 asset) … I will have to disagree … gold has been money for 5000 years … and just because some crook named Nixon declared the US will not pay out gold money for fiat paper dollars since 1971 … “does not mean” gold is no longer money!!

    • JC


      Maybe it won’t matter. Perhaps there will be a declaration that all wealth belongs to the state!

      They are doing everything possible to defeat our way of life. This reminds me of the emperor Maximinus I (235-238AD) who effectively declared all wealth in the country belonged to the state.


      • Charles H.

        JC – how astute! This is the logical end of concentration.

    • Paul ...

      As they say “no pain … no gain” … so bear the temporary pain … although gold has recently moved down about 100 points probably anticipating a stock market meltdown (which the Demons almost always make occur in October to celebrate their religious holiday “Halloween”) … be aware that people have a tendency to “over panic” during such meltdowns … which could give us a very good buying opportunity … as investors are forced to sell some of their precious gold to cover margin calls … the Bullion Banks (who are currently having a very hard time reducing their precious metal short positions on the COMEX) will obviously welcome any such opportunity to reduce their gold short positions (as Stan is now doing) … and they (just like us gold-bugs) will be buying all the gold being offered by panicked investors … the Fed is helping their Bullion Bank buddies cover their gold short positions to meet BIS guidelines (by discontinuing the $120 Billion a month they have been pumping into the stock market to keep it propped up) … and with the Fed discontinuing its current market support activities … the stock market could fall by 50 to 90 percent as Pento, Nenner, etc. are warning (just like it did in 1929) … if history is any guide … we gold-bugs and the Bullion Banks holding a Tier 1 asset (gold) … should see gold re-valued upward (just like Roosevelt did in the early 1930’s) … as for gold stocks … they will rise to prices beyond our imagination!! … https://kingworldnews.com/kwn-metals-wrap-with-alasdair-macleod-6-18-2021/

  15. Daniel C Goodacre

    Wow! Mr. Pento at his best! I’m still in Charles Nenner Camp, I see this market rolling over for the last 3 months as the Fat Cat insider sellers take their profits… And Puff, Wylie Coyote is hanging in mid-air… Then everyone runs for the exits, but it’s too late.
    In 1929 the Crash really started in March but they propped it up and then came the day of reckoning, October 1929

  16. William Glaser

    Wow ! Seems like I missed out on $48K of my share of fed money. According to Mr. Pento that I should have received. I dod get one $1,400 and a 2nd check for $600. That was it for me.

  17. Proff Chaos

    Great interview, thanks Greg. Whenever I hear anyone or guest etc; talk of Bitcon or crypto like it has value, I always give my opinion and comment. Like Greg has said many times, “They didn’t like it at 3 0r 20k, but love it at 35 and 40+K?” Mr. Pento and Peter Schiff never veered away from their opinion of Bitcon.

  18. Donna t

    Thank You Greg and Mr Pento….
    I am sending this video to non believers.
    So glad we have our house in order.
    The rest will be up to God and good Patriots!

  19. bob

    Pento is the real deal

  20. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Michael Pento is one of my favorite USA Watchdog Guest. Repo market is the ticking time bomb that is very close to exploding. The Epic Nightmare is upon us and most people have no clue. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot – reason he brings guest like Mike Pento on – to educate us before you can’t protect yourself. Buy Physical Gold and Silver NOW!!! Soon you won’t be able to. Thank you Greg for what you do for your fellow Patriots. This Marine Salutes You

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!!

      • Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

        Always my Friend – got another customer for Melody at Discount Gold & Silver – Gail Hutra bought some gold from her last week. We have to support our Patriots with our pocketbook

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s on sale for a limited time only!!!

  21. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. Good information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick!

  22. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, Pento is amazing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!

  23. JC

    Communism coming soon… a Putin interview has been pulled from YouTube!

    “Putin did an interview where he revealed what he thought about Lenin’s entire Communist movement. He made it very clear that Lenin was NOT a statesman but just a Bolshevik Revolutionary. Putin also revealed his disagreement with the Great Reset, which is following the same mistake of Lenin. This interview has been removed by YouTube.”


    • Paul ...

      YouTube can’t have anyone bashing the two “commies” they love and worship the most (Lenin and Stalin) … even if it is Putin doing the bashing!!

  24. Paul in OZ

    Thanks to both, superb interview … any regular watcher except perhaps Stan, that didn’t already know the general concepts presented are beyond help … the depth of analysis is absolutely superb and should be shared with everyone who has a clue, and those from whom you care.

  25. pbd

    -The reverse-REPO blow-out is a signal that “the jig is up” perhaps – for the Fed pumping up the stock market and herding the buy-the-dippers back-in to the market – apparently there is now a positive-feed-back-loop – an increasing block of investors are simply ignoring the pump and taking their money out anyway. The Fed is printing more and more fiat money to prop the stock market up, and more and more investors are selling and taking that fiat money and putting it in bank accounts.
    -the Fed last Thursday intentionally tweaked the overnight REPO facility – increased the overnight rate to 0.05% – that it will pay the banks for their cash balances – in order to soak-up the bank-account cash – the same fiat-money that the FED injected via QE – the FED does not want that digital currency that is flowing out of the stock and bond market to run into other assets like PMs or otherwise increasing CPI price inflation further – i.e. by buying up physical stuff as an inflation hedge and thereby creating even more inflation – and signaling to the markets/public that “the-jig-is-up”.
    -At some point folks will realize they need to move digital cash in bank accounts and buy stuff that will be useful and a monetary inflation hedge and that will be hard for the Government to tax and/or confiscate in the future. Digital cash in banks can be confiscated, taxed, and taken via bail-ins. Bail-ins also apply to brokerage accounts. Folks will come to realize that they do not actually own anything in their brokerage accounts – in most cases, the stocks are held in “street name” and hypothecated away via the large derivative obligations of the brokerage houses. A promise to pay or deliver will just be a broken promise – and there will be a lot of joe-six-pack bag holders.
    -The similar related thing that is happening right now is that more and more people are buying physical PMs – even though the price is not going up much (yet). The Fed is covertly also printing fiat-money and using special purpose entities and others – to suppress the physical PM markets. The common theme is that the Fed is printing-printing-printing more-and-more-and-more – to keep as many people as possible on the financial thought plantation – but they are losing control (I think) – the only question is when will they lose it completely. When that happens – the U.S. Gov./DS will create chaos and “cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war”.

  26. John Geis

    Traffic here (Upstate NY) has exploded higher than I have ever seen. Used and new cars are not to be found. My son’s best friend was offered $10,000 more than he paid for his pickup 6 months prior. Gas soared to $3.35 after the pipeline and now is $3.59. Last Thursday it hit 34 degrees then on Monday 94 degrees and today the 50’s going to the 40’s. There is a help wanted sign in front of virtually every store and business and $1,000 sign on bonuses for entrance level jobs. More than 50% of the restaurants are gone yet Applebees was less than half full on Father’s day!The local concrete plant is doing 3 times its normal business. Home Depot had all of 1 freezer on their showroom floor and it takes 4 weeks to get one. My best friend owns 4 homes which he rents and had lots of money in the bank a year ago. Today he is going to borrow because his renters refuse to pay. I believe the dominoes are falling and the Fed is frantically putting more up trying to stay ahead but they are falling ever faster.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for all the current info regarding upstate NY.

  27. regaleagle

    Great guest again Greg…….not a home run, but a grand slam!! Wait for the disinflation, the for the Fed to kick it up in gear to counter the problems. That’s when the metals will run up again. They will either level off until that time……or most likely drop down. Back up the truck and load up AFTER the Fed addresses the sharp declines. Until then, try to hoard some cash outside the banking system……only for awhile. They will try to keep the dollar from falling too much……so you are safe for……..a short time.

  28. Bruce

    Pento is spot on. what worries me is if the vaccine does what I ear it will do and lowers the population, there will be no market for housing or food or stocks. if 30% of the people are no longer here bet bet is to own a funeral home

  29. Jerry5

    Check out page #5 of “ the plan”.

    What does blended finance instruments by December 2021 mean?

  30. Gloria Charlier

    I am sorry but the guy on the street did NOT get $50,000. And I don’t know anyone who is buying 2 houses. People can’t pay their rent, food is skyrocketing. The helicopter money did NOT get to the average Joe. Banks took much of the supposed small business loan money and it did not get to the small businesses. The Fed lies so why we we believe their numbers. This might be true for Pentos client but it’s not true for the grocery store clerk or all the small business employees that no longer have jobs.
    And if you make $10 per hour with rent and food skyrocketing how do you survive?
    That’s what I see down here on the street.

  31. al

    Pento is my favorite when it comes to interpreting Fed speak, but he forgot one thing, the Fed’s mandate goes beyond what he mentioned, the Fed is now saying that they are more afraid of people not vaccinating than inflation.
    Since when is the Fed so vocal about Political issues to this extent? We all know the experimental gene therapy drug they are trying inject in to the populace is not only experimental, but according to VARS web site
    Doing a simple search under Covid19 and Died shows the following >>

    I took this quote from the results of the web site…

    “Found 5,993 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died”

    I have a Friend who had two strokes and is now in the Hospital weeks after the “jab”.
    WTF is the Fed doing pushing this poison? Look no further than Canada and see how crazy they are getting over this poison.

    Great interview,
    $8 TRILLION in their balance sheet? Holy Sheet!!!!

    • Charles H.


      All this is a ‘Good against Evil’ conflict – which has a confusing, multi-pronged attack vectors. Political/government; financial/monetary; societal/cultural values; religious/ideological – kinda like a MMA fight: a jab here, feint here, a kick, then a hook. It all leads to complete submission. The end justifies the means – lie, cheat, steal, fraud: just win in the end is all that matters. The problem is: in a real fight – there are no rules.

  32. Sue Patterson

    I’m getting too old for all this. I’m tired of surviving in a world system that is overly complicated and intentionally mismanaged to benefit some and destroy others. Thank God for metal assets during these uncertain times.

    • Paul ...

      Sue … Although gold is stable (it can influence space and time) as it’s relativistic electrons spin around the nucleus at close the speed of light … which imparts to them extra mass and slowing down of time … thus just contemplating God’s gold … can bring us “a higher awareness” … that “time” is in some way “equivalent to mass” … so by Einstein’s Equation E = MC^2 … we can thus say Time = Energy divided by Light squared … so to make a time machine … go back in time … seems all we need to do is envelope ourselves in negative energy (like a cloud of electrons) … and to make our time machine go forward into the future … simply envelop ourselves with positive energy (like a proton cloud) … where “the present” is where the proton and electron energy are equal and together in one system (like a hydrogen atom) which makes up our present visible universe … so … let’s now say that “our body is a time machine” and we want to see into the future … seems all we would need to do is surround ourselves with positive energy … hard to do … when the Demons in this world have us constantly thinking negative thoughts … if the Demons can completely eliminate our positive thoughts … we will have no future … and if they can fill us completely with negative thoughts … we will fall deeper and deeper into the past … until we arrive at the negative black hole of nothingness!!

  33. Jerry5

    This is for the Trump pumpers.

    Now you know who runs the world. Forget the numbers. Forget the balance sheets. Forget the Economic cycles. Forget everything you thought you knew about fiat debt driven markets. This is the new world order we now live in, where everything is rigged, regulated and monitored. An guess what? The T – man knows it to. Why else would he suck up to this globalist? Get your spiritual house in order. The real landlord of this planet is coming to collect the rent and run these global squatters off soon. Make sure you’re paid up in full.

    • Charles H.

      The “god of this world”?

    • AndrewB

      Wow Jerry, that’s some link! DJT cozying up to Dr Evil. A revelation!

    • Bible Reader


      Pence (Judas) receives a coin after giving the ol’ M*sonic handshake
      17,850 viewsJan 8, 2021


      Matthew 12:25-27
      New King James Version

      25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

      26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

      27 And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges.

      • Bible Reader


        Amazing 0ccult ritu@l. In plain sight.

        Jan 8
        Acceptance of the ch@llenge c0in. In plain sight.

        You see the hand sign@l from yesterday? Lunacy.
        6:21 PM · Jan 8, 2021·Twitter for iPad

        So what, 98% of the population is clueless about this and who 0wns them I figure? Or is it 99%?

    • Jerry5

      It’s bone chilling to see the numbers of deaths from the global jab.

      I’m sorry to say, but anyone ( and that includes the T-man ) who promotes the vaccine has blood on their hands. The chickens will eventually come home to roost.

      • Bible Reader

        Trump is ignorant of medicine.


        President Trump Suggests ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant as Coronavirus Cure | NBC New York
        1,131,516 viewsApr 23, 2020

        NBC New York
        During a press conference on Thursday, President Donald Trump asked that the White House coronavirus task force investigate whether a disinfectant could be injected as a treatment for coronavirus victims. His remarks, which did not specify the type of disinfectant, came after a DHS presentation on early research suggesting that the coronavirus may be decontaminated in sunlight.

  34. Jim Hebert

    Deflation is a transitory and short term cliff in an Everest size mountain of inflation that has been growing since 1914.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jim, great analogy. Can I use that?

  35. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with Michael Pento.

    While not wishing to argue with Michael’s analysis / predictions for inflation and/or deflation, is it possible that the majority of financial pundits are overlooking the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’? Perhaps they choose not to see it because it is too horrible to behold. The ‘elephant’ I refer to is the massive global eugenics / population reduction programme currently underway at ‘warp’ speed. If the globalists realise their plan, even in part, the demand for goods and services, houses, apartments, hotels, commercial property, cars, clothing, food, consumer goods, etc, etc, etc, will totally collapse. Despite the hyper-inflationary currency printing, this huge reduction in demand for virtually everything, is hyper-deflationary.

    Unless people have been following UN ‘Agenda 21’, ‘Agenda 2025’ and ‘Agenda 35’, they are resistant to the insane notion that TPTB have decided to cull the majority of the human population. There is lots of evidence – and here is just one ‘eye-opener’. A 2012 interview with Stanley Johnson, father of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, candidly stating that Britain’s population of 70 million should be reduced to 10 or 15 million. Interviewer: “Do you have a sense of what the carrying capacity of Britain or of the world as a whole . . . ? Johnson’s reply: “Well, Britain, I put it at ten or fifteen million – ha, ha, ha, – I think that would be absolutely fine, I mean that would do us really splendidly . . .” Stanley Johnson talks of political means to achieve such a reduction in population; however, evidence points to others adopting lethal methodologies.

    Note that a British population of 10 million would mean a population reduction of 85% – a ‘kill’ rate of eight and a half people out of every ten people alive today! Can anyone say, mass genocide?!

    One may argue that the human population has expanded to the limit at which the Earth can sustain it, BUT that does not give anyone justification to commit mass murder.
    Sensible population controls could be implemented over time. That TPTB have collectively decided to cull more than half of humanity is criminally insane!


  36. JC


    I think Steve Quayle intended to put this Pento interview on his site, but he put the one from last year by mistake.

    Stocks Most Expensive Ever – Greater Depression Coming – Michael Pento
    By Greg Hunter On July 22, 2020 In Market Analysis 109 Comments


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC for catching that! Steve is working to fix it.

  37. Michael

    Great interview, Greg. Love Michael Pento! Thanks for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for all your support!

  38. James Harbison

    In reference to the FED and the Repo Market …
    Why isn’t the headline in all US Newspapers the following “Nationwide Bank Robbery in Progress”? When we hear $120Billion it fails to register on most folks. Given 50 states and assuming 50 counties per state, that would be 48 banks per county with a $1 Million robbery. And that’s every single month for quite a while now. That’s insane. Why would anybody put money in a bank with the odds of a robbery that high? And now the FED is trying to slide through a $Trillion a night. I could do the math, but I’m pretty sure it would equate to every single bank (and then some) getting robbed in the nation.

  39. Brent

    Hi Greg,

    I agree with most of what MP had to say but, he is like a walking advertisement for his company. He constantly would bring up on how “his company” is there to make you money in inflation and in deflation—-too much. I realize everyone that comes on your show has an agenda to some degree, but he went too far. I had to turn it off.

    Thanks for what you do.


  40. andrea van de Kleut

    thank you for this early “warning” from Mr Pento. i have to commend you Greg for letting your guests speak, and I know you have to bite your tongue sometimes. LOL but it is appreciated!

  41. Bill Bissell

    Thanks Again Greg, Michael Pento is a great source of Info, as Charles Nenner and John Williams are. Thank you for these Highly informed people. We are all in your Debt. Could you try and Get Dr. Jim Willie and Rob Kirby on again. They seems to have disappeared into the Mist. At your Service.

  42. Jerry Thrash

    Does anyone have a clear view on the future of mining stocks after the collapse? While denominated for sale in fiat currency, their real value is in the precious metals they produce. For those of us who hold physical metal as well as stocks, how will miners be bought and sold in the future?

    • Greg Hunter

      You MUST also consider who is holding your shares. If your brokerage goes full MF Global you have zero!

      • Jerry Thrash

        Thanks Greg. If Schwab goes belly up, I’m fried. Hopefully that won’t happen because I don’t know how to defend against it. Any suggestions?

        • Greg Hunter

          I have heard Schwab has some financial troubles. It’s a rumor but from a good source. It may be nothing.

  43. wyatt

    Michael says 2022. I imagine he is referring to January 2022 but the government new year, 2022, begins in October. I wonder if he would clarify. I do know the Bible shows chaos from May 2 to October 2 and then it gets very dark. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Pento also said it could be earlier.

      • wyatt

        Heard that but the clarity of such emphasis on 2022 as he said would be helpful. The new biblical year begins in September also. I guess one way or the other time is getting short. Thanks.

    • Bill

      I would like to read those “chaos” and “dark” passages in the Bible, please cite the Books and paragraphs!

      • wyatt

        The understanding of such comes from the lessons of the Torah and 25 years of study, teaching, and revelations via the Holy Spirit. Simply put it is the understanding of the 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel 8:12-14, and going back to the beginning. Sorry to not be more specific on chapter and verse but would take too much space here for all to be included in this prophecy. But I would not have posted if not that I could prove it with the scriptures and not theological assumption and theory.

      • Karen

        I am interested in what you said about understanding the 2300 evenings and mornings. Our Bible study was discussing the day = year understanding of time. A few of us have found it very interesting and wanted to study it more as that time frame coincides with some interesting events. However, it is not some we are familiar with and are having difficult finding anything to substantiate the day = year theory.
        With your 25 years of study and understanding of the Torah, could you possibly direct us in a direction to study this with some authority? I certainly understand if it is too extensive a study. Thank you for your time. God’s blessings.

    • Michael Honebrink

      Where does the Bible say that?

  44. Bill

    Fox News reports: Loudun, County, Virginia parents raise hell with Loudun County, Virginia School Board. The School Board decided they could no longer longer listen to the Patriotic comments of the Parents, so the school board shut down any further comments from a roomful of Loudun County Parents. The Patriotic Parents continued to voice their complaints against the Loudun County School Board, as the Board suddenly decided to ajourn the meeting. Watch!

  45. Paul Anthony

    We’re going to have to fight fight harder and harder for freedom the worse the economy gets. We are going to win this> look at the community level and the outrage of teh parents FINALLY in the school system. Look at the MSM media flounder. Look at my circle of liberal friends whom are also tired of the mask mandates. Are you all praying daily? I know my wife and I do. God will get me through or take me home. All of us are going to win this. Stay strong. I am praying for all of you every day believes and non alike – everyone gets prayers from my wife and I daily. One way or another we win in Glory with our Lord if your a believer. the is much evil but .. FEAR NOT. Pray!

    God Bless you All! I love all of you!


    Paul Anthony

  46. Robert K


    I thought I would share the narrative being spun on the news which is going to lay the ground work for the next “pandemic” and the “reason(s)” they will use when massive amounts of death take place due to the poison EUA jabs being administered under the guise of a “vaccine”. Additionally, I received a text message this afternoon from Kroger stating, “You or someone 12+ in your house is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine!” Evil knows no bounds…

    This afternoon, “Dr.” Mengele Fauci said that the new Delta variant is here and is caused by the unvaccinated, and it could lead to another “outbreak” which could lead to another “shutdown”. (YAWN, FAKE NEWS). People know Mengele’s credibility is on the same level as that of the MSM, which is less than zero. (Sadly, the lemmings that believe the MSM, will fall for this hook, line, & sinker). We’re not going to be fooled by some B.S. propaganda to scare us, although it isn’t for lack of effort.

    The Communist Disease Center, a.k.a. the CDC, is now claiming the Delta variant is expected to make up 90% of all coronavirus cases in European Union by the end of August. (MORE FAKE NEWS). The Delta variant is what the MSM is peddling to encourage those who have not yet received the poison jab, to go out and receive the toxin. What this is, is the same thing last year was, influenza. Which has been around as long as mankind. Once again, nice try CDC and your man-made concoction of 5 viruses rolled into one.

    The CDC director stated, “Almost ALL new C19 deaths are unvaccinated individuals. If you are unvaccinated, this information should be strong motivation to get the vaccine.” (FAKE NEWS), but thanks for playing. More garage to control the population by fear and propaganda and send everyone back to wearing multiple diapers on their face and killing more of American than they already have for their quest of population control.
    They, (Deep State, Satanists, NWO, etc.), are already setting the stage and have the reasons in place as to why so many people will be killed off in the coming months and years that took the poisonous and DNA altering shots. They will claim millions of people didn’t die because of the poisonous EUA jabs they received, they died because of the “Delta variant” and the “unvaccinated people” are the cause for their deaths and the spread of the Delta variant string. MARK…MY….WORDS…

    This will carry over into the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election. Dems and the Chicoms will push for more aggressive lockdowns and to vote by mail because of the “Delta Variant is killing people” B.S. rhetoric the MSM/tech/social media will hype up. This will ensure these corrupt bastards stay in office because of more blatant fraud. Queue the overwhelming Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines and more mass voter fraud ala 2020. Only this time, they won’t have to work nearly as hard, because they will have killed off millions of voters.

    Praying for Divine intervention.

  47. Frank & Stein

    Greg I don’t expect you to read this but I think some of this rising crime and mass murders have something to do with this Vaccine making people CRAZY..

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High found similar thins in his data with the interview we just did.

  48. Country Codger

    Michael is absolutely fantastic. Greg, keep it up.

  49. Paul from Indiana

    I’m getting the feeling President Trump is yesterday’s news. I think he did a great job buying us all more time, and I think he will enjoy a hero’s status in the broader scheme of history of the USA, but to borrow a line from Stephen King, the world has moved on. Best always. PM

  50. Bible Reader

    Str*ng *llegations here. T*p D*mocrats. C*nfucius Inst*tutes spie*. B*den on Airf*rce 2 to Be*jing.


    EXCLUSIVE! Dems Profiting From Genocide, Organ Harvesting, Murder While ‘Media’ Ignores ALL OF IT!

    Stew Peters Show Published June 21, 2021 36,580 Views

    Rumble — Hundreds of thousands are being dissected while living, harvested for their organs at the hands of the CCP, while American politicians and Hollywood pedophiles profit from mass murder!

    Mitchell Gerber is an investigative journalist working just miles away from the Chinese border, risking it all to expose the truth. Gerber has been the subject of assassination attempts and kidnapping, has met with top dignitaries, and has been begging the so-called ‘media’ in America to DO THEIR JOBS, with no success….

  51. Mike R

    The Fed Kills the world. ABOLISH the Fed NOW !

  52. regaleagle

    It’s beginning to become very apparent……as least to some of us that are in the know……that the vast majority of Americans are confused, full of fear, and not sure who or what to believe. Some may be coming off the ether and are beginning to realize that the jab they took was a big mistake. Many are going into self-seclusion while others are keeping a tight lip to see how things evolve. Of course it’s totally natural for many that did take the jab to be in self-denial that they may have made a poor decision without doing their due diligence first…….so you can imagine the burdens and guilt that may begin to manifest in our social order. My hope is that there will be a great reckoning by the silent righteous to finally stand up and be counted for righteousness against these evils that have been foisted upon all peoples of the world, but esp. the United States of America. Those that are responsible and those that aided in this mass depopulation agenda are guilty…….and only God Almighty can pass judgement.
    Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father……..All of the righteous and the innocent in this world pray for your Mercy, Forgiveness, and Sovereignty over all things to help us to gain the wisdom, strength, and unity of purpose to thwart and destroy the agendas of those that would do evil for gain……and to bring them to your Holy Justice. Amen.

  53. Malcolm Naylor

    Excellent interview. God bless, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Malcolm for all your blessings & support.

  54. Paul ...

    Trump is a real idiot promoting the “jab” … I bet he still thinks Hillary is a “nice lady” even after an award winning journalist (only 45 years old) was suicided for telling the truth about the Clinton’s … no second chance in 2024 for Trump in my book … he is an unthinking “mamby pamby” who is easily manipulated and can be blown in various directions like a hot air balloon in a crosswind!!

    • Paul ...

      Trump had a once in a lifetime chance “to save our Republic” and fill the Supreme Court with “true conservatives” … instead he really fumbled the ball for our team … instead he appointed two rat “commies” to the Supreme Court “who wouldn’t even consider his case of election fraud” … Fraud Overrides All Things … and yet … his two choices for the Supreme Court “were Demons” … we don’t want someone “without judgement” to be our President … just as we don’t want to be screwed with “a dementia patient” or one with heels on high!!

  55. Jerry5

    Well friends,
    This is where it’s all leading to.

  56. Jerry5

    Do you remember a few days ago I asked the question “ got water “?
    Well if you live in the southwest you might want to make plans.

    Water rationing is likely coming in August. Unless you have a well, things are about to get interesting.

  57. Mike R

    Seems like the US dollar should have collapsed and dropped to zero value years ago, with all these trillions printed out of thin air ! Amazing it still is being used as a currency. Even more amazing is that gold isn’t at least $20,000 per ounce.

    The end game, once it starts, and hyperinflation really kicks in, will show gold going up by $100’s per hour. People won’t be able to get out of the US dollar fast enough. Personally I think we are getting very very very close to that day, since prices of everything are really shooting up a lot higher rather quickly, and shortages exist in everything.

    Lumber, metals, durable goods, food, housing, taxes, you name it. Its all going up very fast. Used car prices at the wholesale auction level increased 43% in a matter of months. NEVER before seen in HISTORY !

    Many companies are raising prices on everything and those prices are STICKING. In otherwords, nothing is ‘transitory’ about any of this. What Americans need to be TRANSITORY, is the Fed.

    • Paul ...

      Your right Mike … as inflation ramps up … and the short end of the yield curve begins rising … Gold has done well (recall the Fed Funds rate and the price of Gold increasing together through the late 70’s … and also the three-year period from 2004 to 2006) … even if the Fed tightens (creating the look of deflation) and bond prices rise … look at this chart and tell me holding bonds is the place to be … https://wolfstreet.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/US-CPI-2021-06-10-dollar-purchasing-power.png … you don’t want to be holding bonds when the trend of the purchasing power of the dollar is so obviously collapsing and any dividends you collect are essentially worthless … you want to be holding gold (or silver) to protect your wealth!!

  58. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers, Sorry to be a bit of a ‘Doom & Gloomer’ but I just came upon this video exposing UK governmental invitations to tender for ‘temporary body storage – in the event of an excess deaths situation’. The availability of these ‘temporary’ facilities is to run to 2025. Makes you think . . .


    • JC

      Andrew B,

      Klaus Schwab Confirmed Deagel And The Georgia Guidestones In His Own Book


    • Paul ...

      AB … The SS (Surveillance State) Nazi’s had the Holocaust Against Humanity (HAH) planned for a long time … as they have been building FEMA Camps for the last decade ordering in Guillotines (to save bullets needed to protect their government offices) … and ordering in stacks and stacks of plastic black coffins … and the Demons laughed about it … HAH HAH … until it finally dawned on them … it would be much cheaper and easier logistically to just “jab” the people and keep them locked up in their own homes until they died … and then put them into much cheaper body bags … sadly the Demon rats were able to implement their evil plan … had are having a really good laugh about how well their Covid-19 plandemic and the jabbing worked out … now according to Nobel Prize winning scientists “almost half the population will be dead in two years” … I hear these evil Demons laughing and patting themselves on the back as to how well everything worked out for them … HAH HAH HAH HAH … HAH HAH HAH HAH … funnier still and even more HAH-larious is the fact that the Georgia Guidestones are still standing … as Washington and Jefferson’s statues have been taken down!!!

  59. Raymond Jensen

    You might see massive deflation if large numbers of people die from the covid jabs. Greg, you should try to get Harry Dent on and ask him about that.

  60. johnnyjellybean

    Hi Greg. Thanks…. When Mr. Pento talks, I listen. On another n note. Here is a video of testimony that occurred in the house of commons in parliament here in Canada on the dangers of the covid vaccines. I thought you would find it most interesting.


  61. Judy

    Ugh!!!! I love you Greg….am I the only one experiencing static and crackling? I’m sorry…I cannot listen any more. Sad, sad, 😢😢😢

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and let it reset.

  62. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Pento. Very disturbing indeed, particularly for those of us outside the USA with an emphasis on Europe. Their pretend money,the Euro, has been butchered on the altar of Bolshevik elitism. Our British Pound is not far behind.

  63. Marie+Joy

    Having a hard time posting. Will try piecemeal.
    Prepper Dawg, on YouTube, reports Biden gave Putin a list of 16 infrastructure points, he, Putin, was not allowed to mess with.

  64. Marie+Joy

    Also, Prepper Dawg, on YouTube, reports the US Military announced it had a simulation of a total American grid-down situation

  65. Marie+Joy

    Hawaii Electric disclosed it had 30 – 50 cyberattacks, per day, for the last two years,
    Get ready.

  66. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    Just sharing an important development.

    The title of this link is, “Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-1000 lawyers have evidence that pandemic is crime against humanity”.

    There is light at the end of this tunnel as you will see. They have conclusive evidence “on about 3000 people,..the uber wealth,..the self-appointed political and self-appointed corporate elite…the Davos clique,…The WEF…” and others, including financial institutions.

    Dr Peter McCullough just reported, recently, that vaccination centers all over the country are empty as a his and these heroic and Frontline and leading doctors are having an impact on informing the public of the truth and dangers of these vaccines..and as the awake amongst us are spreading the word. The tide is starting to shift.


  67. Carla hayes

    Always enjoy pento!

  68. Randy Best

    Stock markets having another good week. Gold and silver still being depressed. Lets see what happens next month.

  69. Ray

    Thanks for the interview……..some interesting issues discussed.
    As much as I like Pento, the most troubling part of this interview, for me, came early on when he said, “Look……Greg…..all I care about is making money for my customers. Nothing else matters”.
    It is that very sentence……that very attitude which has placed the world in the dire position that it today finds itself in today, with no foreseeable resolution whatsoever.
    Pento is a good enough person……but his comment is a sad reflection on his priorities in his life.
    Perhaps I am wrong.
    Ray, Canberra, Lapdoglia.

  70. tim mcgraw

    The Fed Bankers are like that image of the snake eating its own tail. The Fed has destroyed the real economy. They destroyed the real society of the USA. The Fed is a snake eating its own tail.

  71. Randy Best

    Stock markets again hit all time highs today. Gold and Silver still not doing much. Things should change drastically if the dollar jubilee happens in August. Michael Pento is one of the best!

  72. Joe

    Even though it sounds absurd or not in the general order of things, but after all this tyranny from a so called Pandemic to now hearing seeing breathing unnaturally because of face covering masks that is also the ultimate shove us against the wall bullying from those that oversee us when we can’t seem to see ourselves trying to figure up and count and minus calculating our lives..whatever I’m trying to see, they’ve shown us their bare hands having taken off the gloves and it’s us or them folks!

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