Fed Not Raising Interest Rates, CNN Big Loser in GOP Debate, GOP and DNC Fear Trump

4 pngBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 208 9.18.15)

The Federal Reserve is not raising interest rates, but now there are hints by Fed Head Janet Yellen that it might consider negative interest rates if the economy gets bad enough. The economy is already bad, and the Fed decision to keep a key rate near 0% says it all. I have been telling you for a couple of years that there is no real recovery on Main Street. The only real recovery is on Wall Street. Data point after data point shows the economy is not good. This is why the Fed is not raising interest rates. I wonder if the stories out this week in the mainstream media were nothing more than a huge psychological operation, or PSYOP. There were stories all over the place saying that a rate hike would “Not Likely Spook the Economy,” or an interest rate hike would be a “good thing.” Obviously, no rate hike is a much better thing, and now the Fed is hinting at negative interest rates if the economy gets bad enough. By the way, Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net brought up the possibility of the Fed going to negative interest rates months ago. Mannarino also says the Fed decision NOT to raise rates shows that all is not well in the economy, and if the economy would be getting better, the Fed “would not need to continue emergency monetary policy of 0% rates.” He also says, “At some point, the dose becomes toxic and turns to poison and kills the patient.” He’s talking about the 80 months and counting of 0% interest rates, and remember, rates could be forced to go negative in the future.

On top of that bad news, people like Nobel Prize winning economist Professor Robert Shiller continue to warn that the stock market looks like it is in a bubble. There are also reports of the biggest double top in stock market history that was recently made, and when that happens, it is downhill for the markets. This includes the global debt market that dwarfs the stock market by orders of magnitude. I just interviewed former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman, and he says the “financial system is booby trapped with debt bombs.” This is not if the bond market will blow up, but only a matter of when the bond market will blow up. According to Mr. Stockman, it could all unwind any time before the 2016 election cycle is over. That is a Nobel winner in economics and a top Washington insider saying basically the same thing for the stock and bond markets.

CNN was the only real loser in the second GOP debate. The debate started out looking like CNN just wanted the candidates to trash Trump. It looked juvenile and petty, and even NJ Governor Chris Christie called BS on the BS when he directed the discussion back to how the GOP was going to help the struggling middle class. Trump won the debate by virtue of the fact CNN centered it on him and tried to get the other candidates to tear him down. Sure, there were candidates that had their moments, and some will move up and down in the polls, but Trump still emerges as the front-runner. Let’s make this perfectly clear, Donald trump could win it all. Yes, the election is a little more than a year away, but I do not think he is going to mess up that bad, and he certainly is not going to run out of money. This is why both the left and the right fear and hate him. He could win, and he might even do something for average Americans instead of pandering to the criminal special interests that want a fraudulent economy where no top banker goes to jail for obvious crime. I don’t care if it is Democrat or Republican. Many of these candidates are bought and paid for and will not go against their elite donors even it is destroying America. Nobody is going to buy Mr. Trump, and that is a good thing.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Michael Harvey

    Press Conference with Chair Of The FOMC, Janet L. Yellen –Thursday 17th September 2015
    I watched with interest the press conference and was extremely disappointed with Janet Yellen’s delivery.
    She was extremely nervous and her take on unemployment/employment was misguided and untrue. How can such an influential body of people dismiss and not consider 94 million people that are not on the official register.
    According to John Williams unemployment is running at 23% not the 5.1% being put out by the government.
    Employment will only improve if there is structural change by bringing the manufacturing base back to America, the same applies to Europe.
    China has had its day and it is clear to see that even China will price itself out of the market in time to come. When will politicians of the world wake up to reality? Reliance on China for our manufacturing is breeding a world of no hopers and leading to serious unrest throughout the world due to lack of employment.
    Of course this is the price you pay when you owe China so much money.
    “A nation in debt is so far a slave”.
    The suggestion by one of the FOMC members that negative interest rates is an option in the future counters all the arguments that America is the strong economy in the world.
    How can this be so when America is a 70% consumer society?
    All indicators that influence the Fed’s decision on interest rates are negative contrary to what we are being led to believe, I would much rather believe the likes of Jim Rickards and John Williams who have ‘no axe to grind’.
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

    • paul

      Michael … The evidence of economic conditions and the Earth itself “getting more agitated” is irrefutable … thus making financial meltdowns and mega earthquake’s more likely … people are being made “aware of the financial danger” but little is being done to make people aware of Earth changes and how to prepare and develop “action plans” that can save their lives!


      China is doing the most to protect its people … building “ghost cities” inland (often in remote desolate places) … the rationale for building these cities (at huge cost) is not explained by Chinese officials … but satellite images show sprawling cities built in many remote “northern parts” of China … up to 20 new “ghost cities” being built “every year” inland from the “south” China region (that scientists warn can be subject to a mega earthquake that will sink the Chinese coastline 20 feet below sea level) which is part of the plate holding Indonesia and stretches from Hangzhou south along the coastline to Vietnam … these “ghost cities” built in the “north” that can hold as many as 64 million people each … are built and then left (completely abandoned) as a future refuge … Hangzhou is on the Eurasian Plate which is being pulled down and under the Indo-Australian Plate as the Himalayas push into China … the southern coastal cities of Guangxi and Guangdong are being drawn down as the Eurasian Plate is being bent … these regions along with Hangzhou are being warned about a Tsunami hitting (as a “suddenly rising” sea level will occur as the plate is bent and pulled downward) … do American industrialists who have re-located to China realize what danger they are in? … they moved their factories out of America taking away our jobs only to expose themselves to Pacific flood waters.

      The Chinese “ghost cities” stretch from the Himalayas east and are being built well inland and away from what will be flooded coastlines to escape “punishing tidal waves” and also as far away from India as possible (which will become the new South Pole after the pole shift) … the “ghost cities” are on high ground safe from even a 675 foot rise in sea level (which some predict could occur after a pole shift) … while India becomes the new South Pole the provinces of China near India will freeze and struggle as northern Canada and Siberia do today … thus the “ghost cities” are being built well in the north of China on land that will eventually “shift into the temperate zone”.

      [Following the money china has spent on these “ghost cities” … I took a globe of the Earth … and placed India at the South Pole and “what I find is” the North Pole moves to the equator … the US and Canada remain safely in the temperate zone … while Hawaii and the South Sea islands become the new North Pole … talk about climate change … this is going to be a real doozie!!]

      At least China is doing something … preparing to relocate its citizens to its “ghost cities” … but what is the US doing … especially for the PNW? … according to FEMA they have “written off” all the people who live west of Interstate 5 … why aren’t our politicians planning to relocate Americans away from the PNW coastline!

      Note: Those currently running to South America “for safety” should be aware that following closely on the heels of the sinking of the Indonesia plate undulations will begin to move the South American plate (the Panama Canal closed on December 6, 2010 for the first time in its 125 year history as the South American plates are beginning to rise below the country collapsing roads in and around Panama) … as the hump of the South American Plate continues to slide over the Caribbean Plate north of Columbia it does more than just push Panama down … it creates mountain building along the North Andes Fault Line … people seem to be discounting the seriousness of the situation in Central America … but both Panama and Costa Rica will have major problems as the South American Plate grinds over it … valleys will fold and mountain ranges will push together squeezing all life out between them … Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras hardly fare better.

      Jakarta Indonesia is already sinking … between 1974-2010 it dropped 4.1 meters and the danger of a tsunami breaching the sea wall will put parts of Jakarta under 6 meters of water! …  the island of Java’s north coast has recently experienced a 20 foot drop! … and recently the southern Philippine town of Jolo (on the island of Sulu near northern Borneo) lost 10 feet in elevation “suddenly in the middle of the night”.

      Strong forces are affecting the Earth around the entire globe … the plate holding Indonesia is collapsing like an accordion … the Burma Plate is rising and the Indo-Australian Plate has tilted (so that Pakistan has lost elevation while Sri Lanka is being flooded along its eastern coastline) … as for the poor continent of India … it is caught in a vice … in Anantpur residents have observed deep cracks in the earth (almost like the scene in the movie Tremors) from which smoke is emanating with lava like material oozing out … as Earth’s rotational axis shifts what will the population of India do when it becomes the new South Pole? … there isn’t much India’s politicians can do for their people so they don’t talk about it … but China is taking action … and by their actions “we now have a handle on gaining some idea” as to where we will eventually be located.

  2. Brandon W

    Great synopsis. Wearing my USA Watchdog shirt loud and proud brother.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brandon W!!

  3. chris

    Dear Greg, thanks for all you do! Always great guests. I wanted to see if you could get Jesse, at Jesse’s Cafe Americain to your show. His latest is a MUST READ. Laid out perfectly logically!


  4. DLC

    Want to point out my thoughts on Alyce’s comment about Trump.

    Obama was a real sweet talker — it got him 2 victories. What did we get? I hope Hillary finally gets hers and gets lost. Fiorina also. I am tired of emotion-driven theme elections. There, I’m saying it. It will take a successful, already made MAN like a Trump to bail this ship.

    It is early but I am paying attention. Give me somebody who can dish it out. I’m tired of PC talk, forever trying to please the unpleaseable — the ones who would never vote for you anyway. I want a bull who will break some china. This is not the time for a female president. I am tired of female guilt drama. Megyn. Now Carly. Enough!

    AZ has had 3-4 female governors, Janet (AKA Mr. Ed) of Homeland Security fame being one. This state is in shambles.

    After 50 years of women’s lib, it amazes me how fragile women are. Men know full well you dare not say anything. I work in a 95% female field. (Newsflash: women fight like cats tied together on a clothesline.) I have worked on 3rd shift for 35 years. They do not pay combat pay for 1st shift, so I refuse to get into the trenches with the “weaker sex.”

    As I mentioned before, women are being used as the Trojan Horse to gag and neuter the this country of males. I like the fact that Trump refuses to be gelded. God bless testosterone. We’ve had 6.5 years of estrogen in the WH.

    Do you have any idea what the average woman’s life will be like in the face of a collapse mixed in with a massive refugee invasion? If you’re reaching for the smelling salts over a few Donald zingers, you will not survive week one.

    • Southern Girl


      Couldn’t help but laugh at your response about women. I totally agree. The women’s lib was all about getting women out of the house, where they were raising their young. They made it about you know, “Burn Your Bras” type of thing. It was so the government could raise the children in the communist way….public schools.

      I am retired public school educator and I know what you are talking about when you say your won’t work the 1st shift. How would you all like to be in a building with about 80 women, maybe 5 guys. You know when women have their monthly the other women they work with do also. Can you imagine 80 women with only one last nerve? Another thing, when men disagree they usually come to fisticuffs and then shake hands and all is well. Women on the other hand will backstab you to infinity and beyond. That is not my style but the majority of women are like that.

      The elites are also going for gender confusion to stop reproduction. They are also trying to feminize the men of this country. I grew up with manly men and hope they never stop coming.

    • Karen

      DCL – Clearly you have issues with women. Your rant makes you sound like a weak and whiny man. Take control of your own life and stop blaming “women” for your disillusionment and frustration. I am a woman, I am not fragile, I am not whiny, I take responsibility for my life and I can take care of myself. And, I am not alone. There are untold numbers of us that are probably tougher than you. I worked in a jail for 29 years and you would not believe the abuse I took from the male guards. I never said a word, just did my job. I don’t blame men for the troubles in the my life or the world. So, your little rant is pathetic. Oh, and guess what, I am definitely considering voting for Trump.

    • Maggie T.

      Yes DLC and the Donald never said Carly was ugly or couldn’t be attractive in her persona or demeanor and all we really have to go on is from the stoners at Rolling Stoned magazine because there is no actual recording of the Trumpster’s comment made in private and yes he also did intimidate her scowl could keep her from attaining the presidency. In fact if you’ve been listening closely there have been many comments made about her stiffness and the lack of any smile. I think we will see her lighten up soon and bloom and maybe the Donald tone down a bit too. If they could do that and meet in the middle it would be a ticket that would beat all comers! Get the [HINT.]. .

      • sk

        ‘intimate’ or ‘infer’ or ‘suggest’

  5. Calgirl

    Trump better wear a bullet proof vest and helmet, hire a trusted food tester, and station guards around his airplane. He also needs to stay clear of high rise buildings with windows and avoid convertible automobiles when in Dallas.

    • Maggie T.

      Such impudence California girl will save him by the skin of his teeth!

      • chris

        Obama has all this too. He has hurt America more than Benedict Arnold ever dared to. He has sold us out to the world.

    • ray antley

      I worry about the politics of assassination with Donald. I think with a Trump Carson victory you have a 25% chance of foul play.

  6. paul

    The Fed thinks “negative interest rates” on your money in the bank will get you to “spend” money and thus “boost” the economy … what it is in fact doing is just making people pull their money out of banks and holding cash instead … but the Fed has “plans” on ways “to do away with cash” … if the Fed did raise rates it would have strengthened the dollar and therefore QE4 would have had to be “officially announced” (to weaken the dollar) as the dollar is already too strong and is hurting exports (weakening the economy) … so the interest rate decision made means the Fed’s QE4 will “remain stealth” just as the money supply chart Greg held up shows it rising exponentially … the Fed “must” continue to print in order to weaken the dollar against other currencies “to improve the economy enough” so that they “can eventually raise rates” to help make other people and institutions buy their Treasuries for the yield provided … the Fed is not in business to be the only one buying Treasuries … since the interest rate cycle has not turned up yet it will tend to suppress the price of gold and silver as the only thing left to boost precious metals is the Fed’s “stealth QE” (that most of the public is unaware of) … as the public withdraws cash from the banks (to avoid negative interest rates) the public will likely just hold the cash rather then invest it in precious metals because they will feel negative rates means the economy is in very bad shape and thus there is “no need” to worry about inflation … and why I was rooting for an interest rate increase to light a fire under gold!

    • paul

      In order to prevent the gathering forces of deflation from wreaking havoc … the Fed must print as Greg’s money supply chart is showing … but some say “deflation is not going to be stopped by more QE even if they print another $10 trillion to throw at the problem” (this is why I think it is likely the Fed will throw $100 trillion at the problem) … the point is made that “the debt mountain dwarfs whatever QE can be generated … and deflation will continue until this debt is purged” … I’m not so sure … IMO … I think the Fed will print to “infinity” if they have to … so as to keep debt from being purged … and as this printing begins to cause a depreciation in the US dollar (like Japan is doing with the Yen) … inflation will make rates rise and with it the price of gold and silver.

    • John

      Meanwhile, as people are pulling money out of their banks in anticipation of negative interests efforts will be increased to 1) make cash transactions for big ticket items non negotiable 2) allow law enforcement to continue confiscating large amounts of cash wherever found, without charging owners of cash with a crime. There are places in Europe like Denmark where cash is seldom used. We will not get negative interest rates in earnest until policies are implemented to make withdrawing our money something we must give a strict accounting of. I can even see huge surcharges for withdrawals over a certain amount.

    • chris

      I think the Federal Government thinks that the best way to get out of debt is to spend your way out. Spending will not. Our Ship of Fools (Federal Government) is about to have a Mutiny and it’s about time.

  7. oneno

    Recommend Catherine Austin Fits on the Secret Space Program for in-depth on corrruption in government with covert appropriations of funds from the economy to the tune of $40 trillion since 911

  8. Peter

    LOL – your comments about the lack of real journalism reminded me of what I used to say to my friends when picking up a free NY Times at a local coffee shop, “let’s see what we’re supposed to think today.”

    Now when someone excitedly asks me “did you watch the debates last night?” I reply, “no, I watched WWF wrestling because it’s more intellectually honest.” Maybe this sounds obnoxious but I find the current news media reporting obnoxiously insulting.

    • Collateral Damage


      Well said, and oh so true!


  9. Tommy

    Watching cnbc on Wednesday the “experts” were talking about the pros of raising interest rates and I believe most were sure that Yellen would raise the rate. I was laughing at them. They need to come to USA Watchdog. Then they would know that there was no way there was going to be an increase in September. Or December for that matter. They ain’t going up. They can’t, well, unless they want to pull out the pin. As for AG Lynch and soccer, it’s like your house is on fire and the firemen show up and do everything but spray water on the fire. Congress seems to have the same affliction of dwelling on the minutiae and ignoring the real problems. Thanks for providing a regular dose of sanity, Greg.

  10. Yum Yum

    Regardless of the “fear of the right/left” over Trumps money, the President is just the President. We have a ballless Congress and Senate. The checks and balances built into the system are corrupt. Our Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches of government are nonfunctioning.
    I don’t care if John F Kennedy rose from the dead and became President, it’s not going to “change” anything. After the next Prez is picked by TPTB, he will get his/her instructions and they will be carried out. Period end of story.

    “Politics is show biz for ugly people”…..forgot who said that.
    I just can’t believe people “think” they can turn this around with just a President. Sad.

  11. Tom Basora

    Enjoy your precious metal promoting show Greg, but do you really think Trump is a man of the people and that he can’t be bought? Come on man! Your audience is fully awake now and the training wheels are off – we are not falling for this B.S. Donald has already stated he will tap Carl ‘Corporate Raider Criminal’ Ichan as Treasury Secretary. Enough said.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is the least of the evils they are putting out there to run the country.

      • Charles H


        My feeling is that Trump won’t make it – one way or another. An evil prince will rule over this nation; or keep ruling, if that is the case. I can’t see things improving politically. I wish it were otherwise.

        • Collateral Damage

          Charles H,

          Foggy Goggles said below, “Trump’s role in this charade is to provide a safety valve for the frustrations people have, all the while causing less well funded candidates to drop out over time. In the end, a well funded Bush will be patiently waiting his turn, and Trump do some kind of Perot exit.”

          I think that FG hit the nail on the head with this one. I fear that Trumps role is to serve as another ‘Red Herring’ to not only bring the focus of the people away from a real potential step forward, with the added benefit of venting the steam from the electorate and thereby neutering the electorates will to fight against the inevitable two establishment candidates that remain when Trump exits Stage Left.

          If we think about it, BO was a stroke of brilliance by the establishment, he made the people believe that they were really buying something different, and then the electorate discovered that he was just as bad, if not worse than the Bush and Clint established royalty.

          I hope that FG’s thesis is not the way it plays out, but I fear he is right.


        • JC Davis

          Charles I have the same feelings. I don’t see any good coming from this election. In a rigged game the winners are already chosen. Trump is nothing more then the open sign at a casino.

      • Galaxy 500

        He’s the most qualified candidate to date

      • Dan

        He’d have us in WWIII within a year of being in office! He has no filter from thought to speaking because he hasn’t had to because (as he always reminds us) he’s a billionaire. Big deal – he’s still brash, obnoxious, sexist & racist. He is the perfect example of the UGLY AMERICAN!!!

        • Maggie T.

          He’s not ugly to the downtrodden but hope!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          Absolutely agreed!

          Trumpet to me is THE ugly American that you would create in some sort of sick comical fiction if you really let loose your melodramatic creativity……. Except this guy actually exists.
          My god…..and some people, even WDer’s, want him in the big old house!


      • Dan

        “least of the evils”? PLEASE!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Why don’t you run for President Dan and show us how to bring the country back. These are the choices Dan. I wish there were better ones.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I sat through the entire debate and ended up even more bearish on the future of the US and indeed mankind. After listening carefully and making notes throughout the entire 2 and 3/4 hours my ‘2 cents’ score out of the 11 was;
        War hawks 10
        Sound thinking statesmen with integrity and genuine intellect 1

        The only candidate that I could possibly take seriously had the surname Paul. I am appalled to see that he is running #11 in the rankings and to hear the unbelievably arrogant Trumpet suggest that he shouldn’t even be included in the debate. Once upon a time the US had a chance of being rescued, financially and socially, when another candidate with this very same surname stood for president and of course didn’t make it. What a tragedy that was. Apparently the US is going to miss this golden opportunity as well.

        To me the most rabid war hawk of the whole bunch was Fiorina who suggested that the US shouldn’t even be talking to Putin and that the US military, and in particular their nuclear arsenal, needs to be substantially upgraded. God help mankind if this woman ever held high office in government.

        It seems that the Bush dynasty still has a good shot with the current ‘Prince’ also saying that ‘rebuilding our military’ was a priority. He then went on and applauded the fact that his moronic brother ‘kept us all safe’.

        In the War Hawk rankings I scored Rubio highly as well with his describing Putin as a “gangster” and claiming that the current US military was currently being “eviscerated” and needed to do more!
        Rubio seems to be obsessed with “keeping America safe” but moronically wants to upscale every activity that actually has the opposite effect.

        Carson was critical of the US’s failure to take a leadership position in the world and also thought that the military was far too weak. This too was quite astonishing for me to hear. Then I realized that he has been a close friend for quite some time of certain members of Bush ‘royalty’

        Trumpet too wants to build the military.
        How anyone could think that this arrogant loudmouth could possibly be taken seriously in the big white house to me just beggars belief.
        The suggestion that he “can’t be bought” and therefore needs to be considered a serious contender is laughable. What’s more this man is totally self-indulged and gets off on regularly personally insulting people. To me he has a permanent superior and sneering demeanour in the way he relates to the world. IMHO this man would be a complete blundering diplomatic disaster in the white house and would no doubt be very busy lining his own pockets.


        • Maggie T.

          Colin you got the Trumpster wrong, he and Paul know were all in the dumpster!

        • Dan

          Hi Colin,
          Excellent recap! Couldn’t have done it better myself. Agree completely that Rand Paul (although not as good as his father, Ron) is the best choice, but sadly think that he, like his father or anyone else who would dare oppose the Fed & bankers (not to mention support the U.S. minding it’s own business internationally), has NO chance of actually getting elected. I always look forward to reading your comments!

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Sad and true!
            The Neocons and the banksters will get one of their moronic puppets into the white house again.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I hear your frustration too!

            I am totally shocked at what I am hearing!
            What is clear from this discussion today is that Rand Paul will be largely ignored in the GOP race because like his great father he has compassion, intelligence, diplomacy by the truckload, and challenges TPTB on everything from perpetual violent hegemony to bankism. As such he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever becoming President, so we might as well all just pretend that he doesn’t even exist.

            Instead we will talk about the other runners who have a chance in the race because being varying degrees of warmongers and hot heads [or no heads at all], one of them is bound to be successful because their recklessness will suit the agenda of the neocons.

            This to me is absolutely extraordinary. It is tragic to see this attitude manifest both in WD and main street America. The US is sleepwalking into WW3, financial disaster and social chaos and yet it’s people are readying themselves to elect another warhawk!


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I am trying to think of anything at all that is evenly remotely evil about Rand Paul.
        Could you please enlighten me.

        • Greg Hunter

          I said I like Rand Paul.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            So where on earth did this comment come from in relation to Trumpet?

            “He is the least of the evils they are putting out there to run the country.”

            Most of America apparently hasn’t noticed yet but believe it or not Rand Paul is also a runner!

            • Greg Hunter

              I was commenting on front runners and he is one of them. Unfortunately Rand Paul is not, at least at this point.

  12. Jerry

    The Fed rate hike is a total sham. They do this dog and pony show every two months to make investors think the markets are still functioning. The truth is they’re rigged by the Central Banks.

    I was totally surprised they couldn’t at least do a quarter of a percent increase just to show some type of token confidence in the markets, but they couldn’t even do that. What does that tell you?

    QE has never ended. Its been in stealth mode for months, and right now its the only thing that’s holding up the economy. So how long do we have? Like I’ve said before, it could go anytime before the 15th of November when the G20 meets. Outside of that, it all depends on when the Chinese Gold Price Fix, and the Chinese CIPS go active.

    The recent devaluation of currency by China demonstrates to me, that they are preparing to decouple from the dollar soon along with the rest of the BRIC nations. The dollar has become toxic to these emerging economies, and they really have no other choice. Brazil is a prime example of that. Every time a dollar is printed out of thin air to prop up the dollar it pushes down the value of other currencies, and this simply cannot continue.

    • Charles H


      The US is the whole, complete dog-n-pony show; with Europe and Japan supporting. I’ve said before, without any comments following, that America would behave so badly, that most the world would hand the baseball back – and tell the US to play by itself. UNTIL this happens: the US will keep the sham going, the the American people be as the husband of an unfaithful wife – the last to know. Europe and Japan won’t be able to help the US stay afloat, when the rest of the world turns away and refuses to play ball anymore. Just how the Middle-East will look at that junction and following is terrifying.

    • Jerry

      Greg this article supports my last statement. Its sad we have to piece together articles from foreign newspapers to get real truth isn’t it?
      It makes me appreciate your work even more.

  13. Angelo

    I would like to get a copy of the charts that you held up. I need something to convince my family and friends that what they see on TV is a sideshow. Thanks.

  14. Buck

    CNN is complete government controlled propaganda. If there is any doubt, look up Operation Mockingbird.

  15. james chudzinski

    What does everyone think about my theory, The government and big banks new this collapse was inevitable as far back as 2009. They are not going to take the fall for it so , they created there own collapse that would make people believe that it was out of their control thru the drought in california, ( spraying the air) . I believe there will be a massive amount of people fleeing california by this coming march. 36,000 million leaving their homes and business will cause what we all know was the plan all along.We are very close.

    • JC Davis

      James This is one part of a multiple tight fit puzzle. I agree. I don’t see the dollar disappearing totally. The oligarchy have many options to use for control. More like Russia has a few at the top fully controlling the poor country in many ways.

  16. Buck

    Did anyone notice Ted Cruz saying he’d keep central banker Alexander Hamilton on the $10 dollar bill? Instead, Cruz proposed banishing central bank slayer Andrew Jackson from our currency.

    • Collateral Damage


      If this is true, I think that he either doesn’t know financial history of this country, or he is really a misguided man.


  17. Jerry

    September 28th is when it all starts. The blood moon symbolizes the beginning of the end of the “Banker Controlled Slave System” we’ve been living in for that past several thousand years.
    The web of control that has been used by the Luciferians for centuries will be turned into fishing nets of redemption for humanity, as the old system passes away and the birth of a new Celestial age emerges.

  18. art barnes

    Greg, what, Wall Street didn’t really like the “no hike” as the markets went down after the announcement, here is what the elite is really telling the FED: START QE4! Yea, the pigs of Wall Street want some more fat & sugar, its addicting to their balance sheets. Your annalist of Trump was well said, he scares the dickens out of the elite, both parties and Wall Street. He knows where the bodies are buried with the all those elitists. Frankly, he is a breath of fresh air and the CNN format was a complete joke designed to make the Republicans look childish, petty, and stupid. Frankly, maybe Trump should consider not debating again in such childish debate formats. The elite & both parties are in full coarse press to get Trump out of the race, usually they always succeed, we shall see. But Trump has been harder to destroy than they first thought, but the elite won’t stop until they can get him out. If you look at all major newspapers editorials they are all out to smear him. Frankly, I have never seen a viable candidate where all the powers that be are trying to bring him down & I’ve been around for awhile, and this includes most of Fox News as well; Fear is got to be the motivating force behind the “get Trump” agenda.
    One more thing, in the last debate did you hear one question on the economy, trade deficits, China devaluation, unemployment, loss of jobs to companies going off shore, all Trump power points.

  19. gldslv

    Greg, I would love to have that sheet of the FRED charts. That is a great, concise summary of what we are up against.



  20. Galaxy 500

    Dems and Repubs are against Trump. That’s all I need to know. Trump 2016
    Hillary for Prison 2016

  21. George T. (formerly George)

    74% of the so-called refugees are young men of military service age. Funny in a scary way. These moslems are not refugees, this is an army invading Europe. Crusaders, arm up and prepare. You will be needed again to defeat the invasion of evil attempting to overthrow the western governments of Europe.

    • Steven R

      100% correct. And the majority of the female invaders are of childbearing age or will be, and they will produce young muslim fighters for future conquest… Sad thing is the same thing is happening here in our nation…

      • art barnes

        Yes, yes & yes, they will bring their Great Satan culture, eat the milk and honey of their host county, refuse to assimilate, and little by little disparage the west and make “no go” areas of little areas within cities now known as “Cities of Mohammad” – then of course, with free entitlements their cancer of violence & hate will kill Christians & Jews (as always) & thereby weaken each host country with their genetically predisposed culture of hate. Of course, all the while the West describes them as the “religion of peace”; to stupid to be stupid but the West is that stupid & naive. Hey Christians:

    • Dennis

      George – these refugees are not Muslims – they are Christians.

  22. Scott W

    Excellent work Greg. Thanks.

  23. George T. (formerly George)

    on Bloomberg: JP Morgan’s Dimon says violent moves in Treasuries are possible and says they will be prepared for that possibility .
    Bill Gross says Fed did right thing

  24. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Another great week of guests and commentary as usual. I find it interesting how the Federal Reserve continuously confirms that the economy is terrible, yet all of the talking heads that you hear on the mainstream media want to parrot how great everything is. If we truly were in a recovery, the Federal Reserve would have raised interest rates many years ago. The fact that they did not take rates to 0 during the Great Depression underscores just how terrible things are now. It just amazes me how great you can makes things look when you manipulate the numbers. Figures don’t lie, but liars sure do figure.

    Anyone who goes to the store or works for a living knows just how terrible things truly are. The company I work for bases our yearly increases on the manipulated rate of inflation that is published by the government. That translates to a 0-1% raise each year. You tell me where the cost of everyday items has only gone up 0 to 1 percent. Sure the price of fuel has decreased over the past few months, but that has had a net zero effect on the prices of goods and services that you buy everyday. Fuel is till about $2.85 a gallon here in Northern Nevada, which is better than it was, but still way out of line with the national average of around $2.35.

    Here in Northern Nevada, the big news over the past six months was the fact that Tesla is going to invest over $5 billion dollars in a battery giga-factory. Once that announcement was made, the price of housing began to skyrocket. Now, bear in mind that this factory will not be up and running until the end of 2016 at the earliest and that no one has began working there sans the contractors that are building the factory, so how does that justify a 25% YOY increase in the cost of housing? One of my wife’s girlfriends went to renew the lease on her apartment and was presented with a $300/month (roughly 40% increase) rent increase. When she asked why, the response was, “Because of Tesla.” This is just plain lunacy. But, just remember that there is no inflation….

    I agree with you that a lot of the support that Trump is receiving is due to the fact that he is the anti-establishment candidate. He speaks his mind and says a lot of what the majority of Americans are feeling. Whether or not you agree with his politics and whether or not a lot of his plans would ever come to fruition if he got elected aside, you have to admire someone who will call it like it is. The fact that he is using his own money to do it as well appeals to a lot of people as well.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom for reporting some of the News in the West!

  25. Larry W. Bryant

    == A View from the Bleak House of Cards ==

    it’s called martial law;
    its hallmark is FEMA camps,
    which will control us
    upon the dollar’s demise
    and our loss of liberty

    — Larry W. Bryant (18 Sep 15)

  26. foggygoggles

    The debates–what a pathetic circus, with the moderators clearly intent on fostering a food fight rather than a serious discussion of the very real problems we face. Donald Trump will never be president. The people who actually select the president will never allow anyone to be “elected” who would disrupt the status quo. Trump’s role in this charade is to provide a safety valve for the frustrations people have, all the while causing less well funded candidates to drop out over time. In the end, a well funded Bush will be patiently waiting his turn, and Trump do some kind of Perot exit.

    • Wilfong

      That is actually my greatest fear, that Bush will become the Republican Nomination. He is a very weak candidate, and doesn’t come across as someone who should be leading the USA.

      Bush vs. Clinton is the absolute worst outcome we could have.

      • Collateral Damage


        An evil practice that I heard about once was of mean people who tried to train their puppy by rubbing the dogs nose in the poo on the carpet before they cleaned it up.

        Don’t know if you have ever hear of that, but I would sure feel like that dog if we end up with a B-C candidate run for Pres. again!



    • Collateral Damage


      You said, “Trump’s role in this charade is to provide a safety valve for the frustrations people have, all the while causing less well funded candidates to drop out over time. In the end, a well funded Bush will be patiently waiting his turn, and Trump do some kind of Perot exit.”

      I think that you hit the nail on the head with this one. I think it is all a charade.


  27. woody188

    I’m glad you’ve notice the presence of Full Spectrum Dominance in our “free” media directed at our own citizens. We crossed the Rubicon into tyranny as we are being directly and indirectly lied in order to make us come to their predetermined conclusions while believing we arrived their on our own. Trust no one.

  28. George T. (formerly George)

    Good wrap up and analysis. You were the first I ever saw that predicted Hillary would be President or even the candidate. Keep up the good work, Greg.

    • Galaxy 500

      Think you meant to say was NOT going to be candidate

  29. Rock

    Great week of work my friend. Have a nice weekend.

  30. Russ

    Hey Greg, nice wrap-up. Was anyone really surprised that the Fed did not raise the interest rate off zero? Raising rates would have caused the one good set of numbers (Wall Street) to tank along with all those other not so good metrics. The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet, but it will — 80 months and counting, major wealth destruction/transfer ahead.

    Agree with most of your discussion of the debate; Rubio (he plans to leave the Senate already) would do well as Sec State as would Carly Fiorina: both know the issues and speak well (don’t misspeak). I would prefer to leave Cruz’s sharp tongue in the Senate and have Christie as AG; Trump and Christi have history, they seem to get along well enough and Christie’s former Fed prosecutor background would serve the US well. There will be a target rich environment for the AG after O’ leaves the WH. Trump would do well giving some of his competitors cabinet job experience so that they can add to their resume’s for his succession.

    As for VP, it’s a do nothing, go-to State funerals type job. Unless the VP is put in charge of the details work negotiating with congress on how best to dismantle O’care, Education (transition to 50 states) and the tax code (one sheet of paper). There will be lots of stuff that needs to be fixed. Fiorina might make a good VP, but don’t waste her talent going to funerals.

    Trump is a builder and a chief executive; a good CEO hires highly qualified people so he can delegate, confident the job will be done right. There was a lot of talent on that stage.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Russ.

      • diane s.

        I agree too Greg. I hope we are right and Trump runs and wins.
        We like Carly….but I worry about her being President. She has had a double mastectomy. …..cancer surviver. Stress of the job of President may be too much for her.
        Stress causes reoccurring cancer.
        El Trumpo – Carly ticket

        • RichM

          Also, as much as Fiorina may be able to defend her records as CEO’s, there is no way she could survive that in a general election. Trump is getting bad press and still way up there. If Carson or Fiorina surge ahead, just wait for those smears to start. Also, trump is a BILLIONAIRE… That makes him free and makes the establishment scared to death of him. I would fear for Carson or Fiorina either being smeared into oblivion or bought out because they are not self-funding.

          Think about it. What might any of us do if we were a billionaire and are disgusted with what is happening to our country. Being President is a major down-grade for billionaire Trump. I have to recognize that at (I hope) him being a Patriot and just wanting to fix things. IMHO, no one else will be able to except maybe put in a couple conservative justices.

          The smears are damaging but seem to bounce off of Trump somewhat. I so want to see him in debates against Hillary or whomever. He will win by a landslide I think. If he was getting good press now, that landslide would already be taking place as he would be at like 60%+. We have to remember those Reagan Democrats that no one has since gotten. Some stats say that Trump could win as much as 24% of those less liberal DEMS. If I recall, McCain and Romney at best could win maybe 3-6% of any registered DEM’s. Those are just the true Obama haters who were willing to vote still. If up to 24% is true, I smell a Reagan like land-slide with Trump. I’d love to see Fiorina or Carson in a Trump presidency.

          Also, this is all about jobs and the economy. Get even the most left or right folks gainfully employed, if they want to, and they will be able to go for any of their causes they want to. that is why trump will even win the Latino vote…. because he is promising jobs.

      • ernest rheault

        Obama will have a presidential Pardon list that will release all of his coharts from any prosecution and all will get their Retirements and Medical for life. They take good care of their own.

  31. andyb

    Greg: I would hope that everyone realizes that all of the events that you cite that have led up to our present crisis have been well planned for at least 2 decades. The basis for mortgage and foreclosure fraud can be traced to 1995 when MERS was created by the banks to securitize mortgages by eliminating (or obscuring) the chain of title and the fees owed to local jurisdictions via mortgage and real estate closings.

    Then came NAFTA, Clinton’s gift to the globalists that began the destruction of the American middle class through the offshoring of manufacturing jobs that had formed the base for the American worker.

    In the 1990’s Larry Summers spoke and wrote about the need to keep the gold price in check, and lo and behold, less than a decade later GLD and SLV were formed to siphon off PM demand.

    I could cite numerous other pre-planned items, but you get the point. A CIA affiliated think tank envisions a 2025 America with only 60 million population. I guess most of us have only 10 years left. We need some George Washingtons, Patrick Henrys and Sam Adams’ to emerge and take this country back.

  32. HTC

    Greg, how long do we have to continue through this? I had pretty high expectations for last Sunday only to be utterly disappointed. I know nobody knows when this thing will go into free fall but I’m getting awfully tired of waiting. Maybe we will get a massive earthquake and forego all this financial fake lying market and just have the earth take care of the problem. Asteroid, earthquake, super volcano etc. I’d be happy with any or all of the above.

  33. George T. (formerly George)

    Interesting video about a young Palestinian boy that wants to be an engineer when he grows up. So he can kill Jews. Why anyone thinks that the US or Israel can deal with these wack jobs is beyond me.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why this will never be settled peacefully. Lord help us all for these monsters teaching their children this violent crap.

    • Galaxy 500

      Scary shiite. These creatures can only be dealt with one way and that is violently. But extra ammo, 0bama is bring more of Satan’s minions here for us to contend with. Before Sept 11, my wife would help anyone, especially children. After seeing the children celebrating in the streets of Gaza, she changed. She realized that what I had been saying about moslems was NOT only true but understated.

  34. dave

    Wow Greg
    You of all people buying into the Trump circus is just plain stupid. the reason MSM is putting Trump down so people will stand up for him .This same psychology is used every day and for example the put down of Obama.This is deserved but is also a tactic.The reason they tell you these things is to say ,hey your against the system so you must be on my side.Please question more .Trump is an elite and doesn’t give a shit about you and me .Simply look at his history and you will have your answer.Sincerity is what you should look for and it is not trump

    • Galaxy 500

      I am now supporting Trump because the need media is putting him down. He is by far the best candidate for America.
      The news media putting 0bama down? What channel are you watching? Does it require a special tinfoil hat antenna? Except for Fox, The MSM did nothing but gush on his greatness, something the world is yet to see.

  35. Jerry

    Greg, I still don’t know what to make of this??
    There are troop movements all over this country. Since when does Saudi Arabia have a need for military hardware? You could say they were manufactured for purchase here, and then transported for shipment ,but why would they put their unit logo’s on the sides?

    • JC Davis

      Folks don’t look at this. Just look at the trains. Trains are fun. Jerry I wonder how many people could fit inside one of these trucks.

  36. Keith

    Greg, good comments about 1) mortgage fraud, 2) securities fraud, and reporting fraud. Here is more detail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt377DV2BKs

  37. Sayonara

    Passing Observations on the WNW:
    * Spot on that real economy is in the tank and only the special interests are enjoying the faux recovery.
    * The CNN Debate was not a real presidential debate. It was engineered to be a GOP Food Fight Reality Show. Like him or not, Donald Trump continues to demonstrate why he is the front runner because he genuinely loves his country that gave him the opportunity achieve the amazing things that he has accomplished and he is a very serious man. The Establishment (GOP & DNC) detests him and is doing everything possible to derail him. The message is that main street America is fed up with narcissistic establishment politicians and their crony corpratist funders that have destroyed the economy and culture of this once great country.
    * I still believe that their will be no 2016 Presidential election because the economy will finally collapse and there will be widespread economic and social chaos within the next several months. This is being engineered.
    Fear Not!

  38. Katherine Law

    Again, another great WNW episode! You have just confirmed my thoughts about Trump. The establishment of this country fears Trump because they cannot manipulate him. You, Greg Hunter, have been the only one that I have heard bring this up. All other news media will not even go there. Keep up the wonderful work of bringing reality to the forefront. And there is always your comforting phrase at the end “Fear Not.” After listening to all the news of turmoil in this world, it makes me feel a little better to know we are all in this together and there are intelligent people out there that actually see what is going on this country. God bless and keep you and your listeners safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Katherine. Thank you for your comment and support.

    • Linda louin

      Yes you are right about trump. For all the perceived short comings about trump, he is a man of strength who loves america. It is interesting because C. Florida insulted Barbara Boxers looks in her 2010 race with her, and look at how Fiorina is now using the trump face comment to attempt to gain an advantage in the polls. I don’t think it’s going to work for her in the long run.

  39. Marina Orlando

    Hi Greg,
    Just wanted to say I got a lot out of your most recent weeks wrap up. Is there any way you can post on your website those charts from FRED that you referred to on the last youtube wrap up?. Or refer to the FRED link?
    In the future, if this is possible for you to do, or to provide a link that would be very helpful.

    I have to tell you that I always look forward to Sunday night west coast time, and your other posts later mid-week and wrap-up on thurs/friday.
    Your resource is one of the best that I have. Still prepping for the bad situation to come however, it was your link that woke me up to all the madness.
    I can’t thank you enough Sir.
    I have so much respect and appreciation for what you offer.
    I sincerely wish you the best and will continue to be a faithful and trusted viewer.
    Marina Orlando
    Salem, Oregon

  40. Lake M

    RE Donald Trump

    It seems to me that Mr Trump’s popularity reflects the growing angst of the US middle class. The trip to third world status for the US has begun. The elderly have had no interest income for almost 9 years now, their savings running low. 20-35 year olds without significant opportunity and saddled with school debt are unable to be first time homeowners, essential for the full range of the real estate market to function properly. Jobs have been offshored and technology continues to displace workers. New corporate investment, capex/factories deployed in foreign locations Boomers are not equipped for retirement with debt and low savings. Health care is in disarray. US foreign policy is incompetent and dangerous. And with the beginning of the election campaign, we must conclude that America is in a severe political crisis as well.

    Greg, you said God is in control. I’m thinking even he may have a hard time straightening out this mess we find ourselves in.

    Lake M

    • Greg Hunter

      Lake M,
      The God who started it all with “Let there be Light” will remain firmly in charge and will not forsake us. “Fear Not.”

    • Sayonra

      Lake M:
      Great observations! This is being done by greedy narcissistic politicians and corpratists who have no allegiances except for their short sighted wallets. In the end, they will also get their comeuppance as everyone from A to Z including Billionaires will experience the pain. Fear Not!

  41. Tim Higgins


    I hope all is well.

    Might you be able to email me or post a pdf copy of those Fed (FRED) charts? Those were great!

    Thanks for all your info and hard work!

    Fear not ; )

    Tim H.

  42. Benjamin F

    Excellent Wrap up Greg.

    I feel this country has no Vision for long-term stability. I believe in the 3 Pillars of Sound Currency, No Wars, and Justice for 9/11.

    If 9/11 was an inside job, and the types of people who would pull this off are in charge, don’t you think there are negative consequences to this? I am also amazed at how clueless people are to the economic cost of a 15 -30 year war! Wars are expensive yet people act as if they are not suffering economically from it!

    Indefinite 0% interest rates is closer to fascism then capitalism. Capitalism requires capital, ie Gold and Silver. Capitalism is barter. Capitalism is freedom.

    Obamacare is fascism. Government forcing individuals to buy products from corporations.

    Torture is unacceptable. Wars of aggression are unacceptable. Bringing the Gallows back for Public Executions is ok in my book.

    The only other problem is currency crisis created by the federal reserve and the accumulated debt. What is the realistic solution to this problem?

  43. Aurele

    Great wrap up. I also caught you on Coast-To-Coast, you were on fire !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Aurele for your kind words and support. Bill Holter is going to be out this Sunday and his interview will burn the place down. Please do not miss it.

  44. Smaulgld

    In that USA article you showed to the left I caught that it said “might lift spirits” \
    My favorite propaganda words from Reuters, AP Bloomberg and CNBC are
    “solid” “robust” “strengthening”

    BTW here is an article from 2013 re Janet Yellen and negative interest rates:

    “Accommodative policy is appropriate, in my view, because the economy is operating well below its potential and inflation is undesirably low. If it were positive to take interest rates into negative territory I would be voting for that*” – San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Janet Louise Yellen – February 2010

    Upon receiving word that Ms. Yellen would be the nominee we wrote: “…we will have gone from the low interest rate policies of Alan Greenspan, to the no interest rate policies of Ben Bernanke to the negative interest rates of Janet Yellen.”

  45. Matt

    Ok, so next up is NIRP and continued talk of a cashless society. http://www.zerohedge.com

  46. Larry Galearis

    I am a Canadian and perhaps I am more objective about American politics. From my perspective America presidents seem, well, rather too provincial (kindly put) in their outlooks to ever bring the right kind of intellectual focus to policies. We see this presently with the demonizing of Putin mindset. And yet, in all fairness, we have our own Prime Minister, Harper, who has sunk to similar depths of incompetence as a vassal to a Washington that is less and less admirable. Will Trump prevail and bring a little independence of thought (note I said independence, not quality) to the White House? I suspect that whoever is running the President these days will not be tolerant of independent thinking in the presidency. Remember JFK?

    Best regards,

    • Galaxy 500

      Larry, add far as quality of thought goes, you don’t make ten billion dollars being of average intellegence

      • paul

        And lets not forget he declared bankruptcy 4 times which makes him “an expert” at screwing investors … like China!

  47. eddiemd

    You nailed it with the USA articles. “News analysis”.

    I listened to the debate on the AM radio. No visuals. I listened to the first debate on the radio also. I believe that one is more tuned into what is said when only listening. The visual is part of the PSYOP. Everything is manipulated.
    Right from the opening question it was an attack on Trump. You could hear redirection questions and manipulations of the debate much more clearly. It was almost like you could hear the microphone in Jake Tapper’s ear. I prefer to listen only. I though Fiorina won the debate from the listening only standpoint.

    Good job on CoasttoCoastAM. It was interesting to hear two of the premier interviewers banter back and forth. George was trying to redirect on a few occasions but you were able to get your points across.
    The Hungarians (Magyars) recognize history. Remember that the Ottomans were defeated at the battle of Mohacs in the 15th century. It played a large part in stopping the invasion of Europe by the Turks/muslims. The magyars again are leading the resistance against the invasion. The rest of the EU should pay attention. I frankly believe it is too late and one day in the future the muslims will rise up and attack. The communities of the EU don’t have 2nd amendment rights. We will see how that works out.

  48. Tony

    Great wrap up Greg as usual. No rate hike from the FED?? Starting to think that maybe Bix Weir is right. A very big battle in the background between the good guys and the bad guys in terms of bringing this whole sham down. Interstingly, he thinks Janet Yellen is one of the “Good guys” . I think it’s time to bring him back on again.

  49. Agent P

    It has been said that ‘No man has fear until Fear visits him…’ Very few Americans today know what real ‘fear’ is. It is easy to say ‘Fear not’ in the comfort of your home, with little worry of food to eat or transportation to get your sick child/parent/friend to a hospital, or being hauled off in the middle of the night for a ‘crime against the State’, etc…

    Americans have yet to taste real fear. When one is stripped of everything and quite possibly even staring at an undignified death – or someone else close to him, but can still manage to retain his ‘faith’, then one can honestly say that he ‘Fears not’…

    In simple terms, despite popular notion: No one gets outta here without being tested, no one passes the gate free of charge. You’ll find that out in due course.

    • Charles H

      Agent P,

      Certainly everyone who know Jesus Christ as Savior WILL be tested. What value is anything that has no proof? Those who are truly saved and redemption is a finished act of God: will pass the pearly gates whether they die nobly or blubbering (spiritual immaturity, or wrong heart attachment). Faith is mean to be experimental: but many who claim Christianity will find that it is not wearing the title which delivers, or membership, or any measure of good works, sacraments, or ordinances. An unadulterated Biblical Faith, which rejects and voids all else, is the ONLY entrance into Grace – which disallows any good works: and is the only and exclusive place where God Himself meets man, and Heaven can be gained. Only God’s spiritual adoption and the indwelling Holy Spirit seals eternity, and give assurance and comfort to face death. All humanity is about to be tested. The wheat will be separated from the tares as all is threshed. Those ‘born again’ by the Spirit, DO have recourse and refuge from fear. So much is a result of your focus too.
      I think things will really be bad.

    • Maggie T.

      Yikes, sounds too true!

  50. dslarsen

    Hi Greg,

    Would you consider having Wolfgang Halbig on your show for an interview? He has some really interesting things to say.



    • Greg Hunter

      Sure, send me a link to his site or email me his contacts. Thank you DS.

  51. Grafique

    Great points about Trump, Greg. I haven’t liked Trump to this point (still not sure I do), but at least he can’t be bought.
    if Trump does get elected, maybe he’ll ask John Bolton to be his Secretary of State.
    I could vote for that ticket.

  52. J.A. DE Vreede DC DACNB

    Europe being the vassal states of the USA (of War) should ship all these refugees created by the US interference in the middle east straight to the USA (of War)
    Let the USA take care of consequences of their own making

  53. Your fan in Japan

    Greg, as always, great work. I don’t suppose your readers are following news in Japan, so I’ll inform. On Sept. 18th, the Japanese govt, led by Abe, passed a new security law. This law allows the Japanese Self Defense Forces to be deployed and activated anywhere in the world in response to an attack on Japan’s allies (the US) or to Japan’s interests (energy). This is monumental! The law overturns article nine of the Japanese constitution which states that Japan, aspiring to peace, shall not maintain military forces. (Note, this was set up by the GHQ of MacArthur after WW2). Now, in the Korean war era, Japan developed forces (with US understanding) but these were Self Defense forces limited to defending Japanese territory. In the Persian Gulf War, Japan, as it could not send forces overseas, sent financial aid. Japan was criticized for not contributing human forces, i.e. while other countries soldiers were dying, Japan was just contributing money not lives. Thus began the overseas deployment of the self-defense forces, limited to peacekeeping operations- supporting US/allied troops but not placing Japanese forces in hot zones. Now, Abe, has forced thru this new law essentially re-activating the Japanese military. He had people demonstrating in the streets outside the parliament building, something not seen here since the Vietnam war era. In spite of this, he pushes the bill thru. I have to wonder why? Why rush? (It is typical of Japanese to spend time gaining consensus and then, when everyone is aboard, to proceed. In this case it did not happen. Why?) Perhaps Abe had to keep the promise he made to the US congress back in the spring that he would get the law passed this summer/fall. But this stinks of something too. How could Abe make that promise? How could he know that he could get his law passed before the people (reps) had even voted? (This throws my mind back to Obama, who made a similar comment to, was it Putin?, that he would have more power to negotiate after his re-election. ) Who is in charge here? Who is calling the shots? Something is up.

    • Grafique

      How big are N Korea’s threats to Japan?

      • Galaxy 500

        They have nukes so I’d say its rather Biblical. And many Koreans remember the atrocities from WWII.

      • Your fan in Japan

        difficult to make any comments about North Korea- I, (most people too, I think) simply don’t have any information about NK. On the Japan side, most are afraid that NK will do something aggressive. They do occasionally test missiles and some of these fall into the Sea of Japan, or fly over Japan and land in the Pacific. When these happen, not often mind you, the news is all over the event. I remember reading somewhere that North Korea, Libya, and Cuba were the only three countries not controlled by the Rockefellers nor the Rothchilds- if true, it makes you wonder.

        • sk

          You forgot Iran.

    • Charles H

      I still wonder if Japan and Germany are not still under the US’s Supreme Commander’s authority by terms of (WWII) Unconditional Surrender? Abe and Merkel have worked against their own people’s interest in favor of US policy. Over-riding Constitutional authority and guidelines defies explanation.

      • Your fan in Japan

        I too have to wonder who is pulling Abe’s strings. This latest move just doesn’t make sense. There are others though. Base relocation in Okinawa is one. The national government rather than listen to the Okinawans seems to side with US interests. This however gets into a bigger ball of wax, which is should Japan rely completely on the US for military support in the event the Chinese or ??? decides to attack Japan. I wonder if there is actually a threat of attack- for IF NOT you don’t need the military either Japanese or US.

  54. OutLookingIn

    Thank you Greg for keeping the light shone into the dark corners.

    Another light –


    Keep spreading the word.

  55. Don

    Brother Greg, just wanted to share my thoughts. The American people perceive that neither party has the qualifications necessary to lead this country, and only a candidate who separates themselves from the norm will do. Thus Trump is running as republican, but, as he has made clear, his allegiance is with neither, and is appealing as a third party within the republican party. Very smart, I would say. The ruling class of the world has decided to make chaos the prerequisite for global government, as fear, and despair in the masses will help the transition. As Hitler gain a stage in human history through this very atmosphere so also will the anti-Christ come to power as the global government continues to be formed. As we have said before, God has there number, and as the four judgments, in Ezek. 14: 12-23 are sent and have already began, because of our nation and the world has turn against the creator, and taken holy things meant for God’s glory, and corrupted them, and exchanged the true of God for the lie. We are destined for the judgments of Ezek. and Rev. 6, which are judgments sent to any nation who does and excepts these wicked chooses, and begins to legislate them. God promises that only the wicked will be touch by these judgments, though they may fall on entire nations. May the Lord bless your efforts and stand guard over your site and person.

  56. Keith

    Stock market down nearly 300 points after the ‘good news’ regarding no interest rate hike. Triple options expiration day today. Last two weeks of September are historically the WORST of the year for the stock market. Anybody want to bet the dow goes down over 3,000 points next week?

  57. Bert from way up north

    Plan A: World is purposely swamped by aliens hoping their immigrant entitlements and the newly created immigrant credit will bolster sales, national debt doubles to $39T by 2019. The immigrants are then all tapped out credit wise, labor participation rate dips below 50%. Monetary and credit system collapses. New system is quickly rushed in “without anyone looking what is in the bill” because billions of people need to be fed.

  58. Coalburner

    Great job Greg;
    Something has gone wrong for FOX News. Last night I caught a couple of minutes of Megan Kelly and a focus group. She bullied them if they supported Trump and they had been obviously screened for low energy people at least 95 % of them. I couldn’t stand to watch. Used to never miss Megan Kelly, now I find myself ditching all of Fox News for Nat Geo or something more interesting. I know some of you regulars will say I should have seen it all along but it is trending almost as crappy as CNN lately. I thought Trump would make a candidate rise from the ashes but it appears they are all numb nuts, like Bushey. Yes Greg it has backfired on Obama and low T Kerry again in the ME. What dorks.

  59. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “Nobody is going to buy Mr. Trump, and that is a good thing.”
    Umm, Trump is simply an agent who knows who butters his break. Just because we don’t know who at the moment doesn’t mean there’s not a financial sociopath behind him.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are going to quote me, please get it right. Your quote is NOT what I said.

    • Galaxy 500

      I’d say with ten billion that he earned Trump know how to butter his own bread, as he can buy bread along with farms, bakeries, creameries etc.

  60. Michele

    Great wrap up Greg. I believe Trump made a deal. I don’t know what kind, but I bet it’s a good deal for Trump. I think he will drop out when there is only a couple candidates still in. Leaving it to Jeb Bush and who ever else is left standing. Trump has admitted to using the red team and the blue team to get what he wants. It’s just a feeling I have.
    Go see the movie “War Room”.
    The answer to everything is in that movie.

    • Calgirl

      My fear is not that he will “drop out” at an inauspicious time, but that he will be threatened to a point that he cannot dismiss.

      Of course he used both red and blue teams to “get what he wants”. That’s called BUSINESS. You cannot advance a project by alienating half the population. It is called “Win-Win” or “Compromise”.

  61. Laura

    No man can save us! Only the One True God can save this nation!

    There’s no way Trump would get my vote… womanizer, self-absorbed tyrant!

    • Dan

      I agree! I LOVE this site, but all of the TRUMP supporters really make me question it. How can any rational person want a person with that kind of personality (fly-off-the-handle, say whatever pops into your head without any filter, etc.) as the nation’s commander-in-chief in charge of nuclear decisions? SCARY!!!

      • Larry

        No Dan, I believe a man with his finger on the button who wants to see this country fall, is a greater threat the someone who loves this country and wants to make it great again.

        • Dan

          I agree – Obama is worse than any of the choices to be his successor!

    • Galaxy 500

      No man can save us. Last time I looked, God works thru human vessels. Carley tanked two companies, giving her the U.S. to tank doesn’t seem prudent

  62. Jim Ludwig

    “Nobody’s gonna take a way his (Trump’s) money.”

    “Trump can’t be bought.”

    Well, Greg, what is about to blow is going to blow away all of Trump’s paper—then what? He has already declared bankruptcy, what, FOUR times?

    All your talk–private email and public–about things blowing up this fall…perhaps you fail to see how “Tianjin” things will get?

    Trump knows his audience has a median IQ of far less than their body temperature, and he is good at playing mass ignorance for profit—but where will he be when his paper goes, POOF!?

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess we are going to find out jim.

    • Mary Casey

      Since you mentioned it, it would appear Trump is in good company. Individuals who have filed bankruptcy: Thomas Jefferson (several times), Abraham Lincoln (twice), Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey, H .J. Heinz, Dave Ramsey, Mark Twain, J.C. Penney and John Conally.

    • Galaxy 500

      So someone that smart enough to make ten billion doesn’t have a plan for capital preservation? Not buying it. Trump had the best money can buy

  63. Sayonra

    With regards to Donald Trump, Brian Sussman on KSFO 560 interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad the morning after the debate who has written books and held seminars with Donald Trump and stated that when Donald Trump negotiates with you, he wants you to come away as a winner too. Because, if you come away as a winner, you will be motivated to ensure the deal is a success for both parties. That makes complete sense and that is one of the messages that is conveyed in the Art of The Deal which I just reread. So for those who thinks he is a “loose cannon” when it comes to serious matters are wrong. I think he is very serious man who loves his country and I would trust him to make American great again. I also have a greater trust of him having his “fingers” on the nuclear button than most. He is smart, demonstrably capable and brash. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me. If you are offended by his verbal brashness, you need to go home.
    That is what will make America great again and that is why he is leading in polls.

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Brian Sussman. He’s my friend and he gave me my first job in the business. I still say when I talk to him, “Sustrojack he’s a natural cat.”

      • Sayonra

        Brian is a smart and great talk show host and not to mention meteorologist. Rated number 7 I recently read. I actually heard him interview you a few years ago on KSFO and that is how I got turned on to your extraordinary website. You guys are just a couple of cool cats! Be well!

    • Dan

      It’s not “verbal brashness”, it’s “sophomoric” as Rand Paul noted – commenting repeatedly on others’ appearances – come on, United States President, REALLY???

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Sir

  64. Da Yooper

    the reason the economy does not take off “like a rocket ” is because

    NOTHING filters down to “MAINSTREET”

    the bankers steel it all

    thank you Mr Yellen.

  65. Galaxy 500

    Just a question. Who are the Trump haters here going to support or are they going to sit home on election day?

    • Dan

      Rand Paul – MUCH better choice!

  66. Billy

    Greg you really starting to get the recognition you deserve. As the word says to to whom is given much is required!!

    Pls get Rickards back on- i think he is the best- his understanding of Gold, IMF,SDR,Geo political, Rates, China, Fed, Financial Warfare, Inflation v deflation is phenomenal.

  67. Calgirl

    Examining Who Runs the United States

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

    A former C.I.A. officer with experience in Turkey wrote a provocative essay this summer about the “deep state.” The phrase refers to a parallel “secret government” embedded in the military and intelligence services, whose purpose is to provide a check on electoral democracy.
    But Turkey wasn’t the target of the essay, written by Philip Giraldi. He was aiming, as his headline declared, at “Deep State America.”
    Mr. Giraldi, executive director of the Council for the National Interest, a foreign-policy advocacy group in Washington, called the American deep state of today an “unelected, unappointed, and unaccountable presence within the system that actually manages what is taking place behind the scenes.”
    In contrast to Turkey, where Mr. Giraldi said a covert “deep state” had taken root in the security realm, the American deep state of his description consists of visible people like the Clintons and the former C.I.A. director David H. Petraeus, concentrated around New York and Washington, who live at the fertile nexus of government and corporate power: Capitol Hill aides and legislators who cash in as lobbyists; former politicians who earn millions speaking to banks, or landing sinecures with them; technocrats who ricochet between Goldman Sachs and the Treasury Department; billionaire kingmakers dangling political donations; thinkers whose tanks are financed by corporations with a financial stake in their research.
    Now if this sounds like the rant of a lefty conspiracy theorist, consider the article’s home: a magazine called The American Conservative, a contrarian thorn in the side of the establishment right.
    The “deep state” metaphor seems to be ascendant as a way to explain present American realities. The writer Peter Dale Scott, professor emeritus of English at the University of California, Berkeley, last year published a similarly minded book called“The American Deep State,” which emphasized the role of security contractors, oil companies and financial firms. Meanwhile, Mike Lofgren, a Republican who spent 28 years as a congressional aide before quitting in 2011, has used “deep state” to describe a subterranean cross-party consensus on issues like “financialization, outsourcing, privatization” — a consensus, Mr. Lofgren has written, from which the public is distracted by above-ground debates over “diversionary social issues such as abortion or gay marriage.”

    It is possible, and perhaps wise, to dismiss the “deep state” idea as misguided. Theories about shadowy forces are always to be taken with much salt.
    Yet, as America witnesses the dual political phenomena of Donald Trump on the right and Senator Bernie Sanders on the left, and now the very public efforts by the establishment to step in and hinder either from going too far, the deep-state idea has renewed currency.

    “Talk in G.O.P. Turns to a Stop Donald Trump Campaign,” read the headline in this newspaper this month. It described Republican donors uneasy with the billionaire businessman’s unorthodox, even antibusiness views on issues like trade and the taxation of financial elites. Operatives apparently felt no embarrassment in publicly declaring a consensus among party elites that “something must be done to stop” Mr. Trump, in what is supposed to be a democratic primary process.
    Then came the Democratic Party companion piece, a report that its leaders, fearing the insurgency of Mr. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, are developing “Plan Bs” to draft into the race should Hillary Rodham Clinton falter. All the Plan Bs mentioned are white, male, graybeard Democrats who have run for president before and are far safer to corporate donors than Mr. Sanders.
    Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have tapped into swelling populist sentiment in American life today — the former because he is a billionaire who boasts of independence from the corrupting sway of billionaires, the latter because he seeks to sharply reduce inequality.
    That both men have surged in tandem this election season, against the predictions of most, is telling. What will be more telling still is how far — or “deep” — supposedly open and democratic political parties are willing to go to provide a check on democracy.

  68. Calgirl

    I thought it interesting that Lindsey Graham needed 35 TRIPS to Iraq to understand what is going on there. THIRTY FIVE TRIPS. He kept repeating that he flew 35 times to the ME during the debate.

    How much TAXPAYER MONEY does it cost to fly to the Middle East THIRTY FIVE times? With all the government agencies which focus on the ME available to the Senator, why does it take THIRTY FIVE TAXPAYER TRIPS. His comprehension rate must be mighty low or the “lay-overs” at fancy golf resorts too enticing!

  69. Galaxy 500

    The evil moslems (yes, I know that’s redundant) are attempting a hoax with the help of 0bama’s media.
    The 14 year old moslem arrested for inventing a clock…first off, He didn’t make a clock, he took apart a 70’s digital clock
    Second, the way he staged, etc was designed to be threatening. They want people to be quite when they see something like this in the future because IT WILL BE A BOMB IN THE FUTURE.

  70. Calgirl

    Good point Greg! on Qualifications to be President.
    BO was a community organizer and had 2 years in Senate vs Trump’s 10 million dollars minus $400,000 inherited and global deal making and managing experience.

    On delaying the economic crash until October 2016.
    Is it possible that TPTB can use an economic crash as reason to maintain the presidency of the puppet “Oba” , or to “postpone” the presidential election because they dislike whomever is a shoe-in to win?
    With an economic crash comes capital controls and the DHS, our militarized local police, and the National Guard troops in the streets trying to manage the uprisings caused by starving (both figuratively and literally) people …. obviously voting would be impossible. That would give the current presidential puppet another term or two in order to solidify the NWO.

    So rediculous…..
    Jeb Bush Explains Why He Stood On Tiptoes For GOP Group Photo
    His excuse…”wanted to catch the eye of his wife”. YEAH, RIGHT!


    On the continuing positive ratings of Donald Trump,,,
    I fear TPTB will try to indoctrinate Trump into the “Flying Bankers Association”

  71. Galaxy 500

    Young Ahmed, bomb builder in training. Now little innocent Ahmed has started a 100K fundme so he can make more bombs and fund Dads new run for President od Sudan. And he has a lawyer and a CAIR handler. This was a setup and these moslems should be dealt with quickly and harshly.

  72. Susan

    Just wanted everyone to know my husband and I are celebrating our 45th anniversary today. We’re very happy. Fear not!

  73. DLC

    COALBURNER: Trump did manage to flush Hillary out of her bunker for a few moments. She did her Betty Davis best to portray Trump as a monster, her of Bengazi fame.

    I do not get the fascination with Megyn Kelly. If she looked like Rosa DeLaura (Dem from Connecticut) or Janet Napolitano, would her opinions weigh so heavy? Is it a guy thing? Savage calls all the women on FOX, “the leg crossers.” It looks like the way both camps have decided to take Trump down is the standard PC route — offended women, offended Muslims, offended whatever — 1000 cuts, bearing down day in and day out.

    Edward Woodson was playing segments of “The Five” with Dana Perino almost having a convulsion about The Donald. I never heard her rage like that. She laid a dozen Easter eggs. I laughed, and then I laughed.

    Remember how they took Herman Cain down? None of that 9-9-9 business was ever gonna see the light of day.

    If there is an election, I think it is still possible to see a Hillary-Jeb match. Those are the 2 designates of the money/power people. I think they are ruthless enough to blow the country to kingdom come in lieu of a win by either of these family lines. Maybe a 5-10 million swarm of new “citizens” will clinch it.

    I was only 13, but I do remember JFK well. I simply do not see Trump being allowed to stand. It took a bullet to get Reagan’s attention.

  74. Allen

    tRump is a false prophet, not THE false propet. If elected, [which I doubt, but is certinally possible] he will lie/disappoint both Republican & Democrat, liberal & conservative. tRump is not as he appears, he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do from one minute to the next. He is [poltically] where he is today, because he’s probably the best candidate to fix our dangerous, broken, southern border, & it doesn’t hurt, he’s not a career politician, or establishment type politician. The [R] nomination will come down to tRump, Cruz & ___? I think tRump will shoot of his la boca grande once too often, late in the game/primary, his supporters, voters, delegates will naturally go to Sen. Cruz, & Cruz will win an extreemly close race against Biden. Cruz will be a 2 term president, & the last Republican & conservative president in American history.


    Concerned Citizen

  75. André A.

    This is the beauty of alternative media what is only allowed via internet. Thank you Greg Hunter, Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair and all independent analysts who have the courage to tell the truth to the ones who want to listen.

    “The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others”
    Definition of Altruism.

    Sincerely, André.

  76. Allen

    The second Biden enters the race, Hillary is toast. Biden draws voters, donors, supporters, delagates & his base from Hillary, not Bernie. The DNC fears Sanders will be the [D] nominee, even worse than the RNC fears tRump will be the Republican nominee, & rightfully so. When the Republican candidate/Cruz, eventually wins the 2016 general election, there will be hell to pay by many high ranking Obama administration/cabinet officials post 1/15/2017, for the Benghazi terrorist attack lies/crimes, cover-up, and many illegal, private, unauthorized serverS & email accountS they had while in office. Hillary wasn’t/isn’t the only Obama administration cabinet official to have illegal, private serverS [& that’s part of why she’s free today], while in office. Hillary is now blackmailing Obama over his Benghazi lies/crimes, & subsequent cover-up. She will continue to do so for the rest of her life, prison & otherwise. No pardons for Hillary, not by Cruz anyway.

    Concerned Citizen

  77. Allen

    Benghazi Lies Matter!

  78. Allen

    Bengazi may very well bring high ranking Washington politicians down, from both parties.

    Benghazi Lies Matter!

    Concerned Citizen

  79. DLC

    While driving around a few days back, I had Hugh Hewitt on my car radio and he was raving about Carly Fiorina. Apparently Michael Medved saw her as the debate winner also. Comparisons are being made between her and Maggie Thatcher. Really?!

    I just see a cynical maneuver in play. Bring out the chick card. Fiorina, after a series of business and political failures, apparently has learned how to sell a better package of BS. I saw a very calculated woman who studied the other oafs’ weak spots and sold herself as the antidote.

    For starters, the emotional pull. Her daughter did not die from the scourge of illegal drugs. Her daughter was an alcoholic/prescription drug addict — both legal drugs. It raises my hackles when somebody trots this sort of thing out at a podium to milk sympathy and feign concern and conviction, especially when it is based on a lie.

    Joe Biden is about to launch another bid for office using the same tactic. He will have had by that time 50 years of living off the taxpayer. I’ve watched Joe over the decades and remember well how absolutely ruthless and insulting he can be. A vote for him is an extension of O’s term of office, make no mistake.

    We are being sold image, and why not? People show time and again that they make their choices base on emotion.

    Trump has had 3 or 4 marriages, so has Rush Limbaugh. Not okay on the face of it. We currently have a joker for prez who promotes alternative kink at every turn. Bill Clinton taught us technique. Cigars, anyone? Oral sex is not cheating.

    Far as I can tell, Trump will not push lifestyle down my throat. His kids appear successful and well adjusted. Ivana seems supportive.

    I just see us going down the same old road, voting for people based on phony imagery. Do you really think Fiorina would have ascended to the main debates if Jeb was selling? She will be canned in a heartbeat once the RINOs regroup — promoted if they cannot.

    Just want a path out of this morass.

    • Tommy

      I believe Fiorina is the flavor of the week. Trump scares the dickens out of the Republicans (establishment), the Democrats and the press. He cannot be controlled, cajoled or intimidated by them. Fiorina got a little gas and so they will go with her, building her up in hopes of dumping Trump. If she fades they will wait till someone else has a good night and latch onto them. The thing to remember is that in ’08 the press and the Dems loved McCain. They told us that he was the one who had the best chance of winning. In ’12 they did the same with Romney. Then when they got the nomination, the trashing began. Why the Republicans continue to take advice from the enemy is beyond me.

  80. RichM

    To Greg, Russ, Art and others above…and everyone…. We can only hope and dream. So what of a dream team????? My dream team may be something like this… Trump with Carson as his VP. Fiorina as Sec of State. Maybe Cruz or Christie in there. Our 2024 President will be Rubio after Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat and fixes this mess. Let Fiorina show how an honest woman can do the job of Sec of State the right way. Give Carson more to do than most VPs ever do. Let him be the go to guy to repeal and fix ObamaCare, calm down the racial diversity, fix the VA, help all the vets running around with PTSD’s, deal with the Planned Parenthood problem, help women and children’s medical issues… Breast cancer and stuff. President Trump…. just work on creating jobs…. Bring back manufacturing, do the trade deals, kill ISIS, take their oil, earn respect from Putin and deal with him accordingly, build his wall and do major fed cuts no more Dept of Energy or Dept of Edu), make the military strong but as a deterrent not a bully, and fix the economy. It’s a pipe dream but no one else IMHO will get anything done. Send all those Governors and junior Senators back with a pat on the back as they will be needed to help to be able to have a chance at any of this. Huckabe can go back to Fox News and do great things. Maybe Kusick as Sec of Defense? Maybe Christie as Attorney General. Cruz and Rubio, go back to the Senate and if America can survive and become great again…. Rubio for President on 2024.

  81. David

    Greg, I have had both criticisms and praise in the past. And I know that reporting does depend on the news that is available. However, this was just an Excellent Report on the National and Global Situations and Conditions. Thank You, Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for the comment and support.

  82. malou

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for this wrap up. Although I’m not American (I’m French), I regularly watch your videos. I don’t always agree with your wrap ups, but I respect your work and thank you for inviting good quality guests to give us the real news.
    I was very surprised here by your last phrase “Nobody is going to buy Mr. Trump, and that is a good thing.” Trump is not a good guy ! Very surprised that you think he can do something for the average joe. Trump just want to be elected and that’s it. He can not and will not do anything for Americans and if elected you will see it yourself.
    Please, remember how everybody thought Tsipas will save Greece and the poor people in he’s country. Look what happened…they are ALL SOLD!!
    Please, read the article below, you will see by yourself that Trump is not an angel…

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are waiting for the perfect person for any job you will be waiting for a long time. Thankl you for your comment and support from France. Viva la France. (Hope I said that correctly. I like France.)

  83. Harry

    why spend any time talking USA politics…a big waste cuz it is all pre-planned….

  84. Harry

    Trumps daughter’s have the connections who count in the usa….

  85. Galaxy 500

    I think Europe will burn in the next year. They have allowed an enemy army to invade without opposing. Here is a moslem mob beating a defenseless woman and child after pulling them out of their car. You notice the smart German that blew thru them at speed. I will not allow any of this moslem scum to harm my love ones. Things to remember. The first and last car in a queue have mobility. Those caught in between are not without options though. Remember that you can crush those outside into the cars around you. Slam them and file an insurance claim with your police report. You are allowed to protect yourselves and family. You can get another car. You can not replace your loved ones.
    No moslem is trust worthy. Their book of Satan, the koran, says that they are to infiltrate, lie about their beliefs and then
    kill you. God’s true word, the Torah and Bible, say love thy neighbor, not kill thy neighbor. But then the Bible says you can protect yourself and kill all the moslem scum that threatens you.

  86. Derrick Michael Reid

    The system is corrupt. Socialism, per se is corrupt, and corrupts all it touches. The singing sirens of pandered socialism kills all it touches. Centralize it in DC and you have totalitarian socialism. Have the system configured so that the banksters suck wealth from the 99% to the 1% and you have totalitarian socialism fascism. Socialism, by definition, eventually implodes upon its own absurdity, of rewarding the unproductive and penalizing the productive. The heart of the problem is the pandering and cementing of socialism. The US economy, constitution, republic, currency and markets are collectively views as a terminal cancer patient with the DEM running in to help, choking the patient with pandered socialism, with the REP running in to help, with pretty ineffectual band aids. Trump seems to not pander either, socialism or band aids. Trump can be respected for being his own man, and calling it like it is. He is courageous by risking political fallout to speak his mind openly. When sizing up a man, character is first, and in this, Trump appears honest and courageous. However, the solutions so far considered by Trump will be less than effectual, even if his heart is in the right place. Trump reminds me of a story in our US History.

    In Mid 1864 as general Johnston was back peddling the CSA Army of Tennessee on defense to the gates of Atlanta, pressed by General Sherman’s 3 USA armies, CSA President Davis wanted fight, and Johnston kept retreating. So, Davis was going to replace General Johnston. In Virginia, Davis asked RE Lee what he thought of Hood.

    “Hood is a bold fighter. Other qualities are doubtful.”

    Hood did show fight, with 3 sorties out of Atlanta, but gave it up, and went on to wreck the CSA Army of Tennessee in the disastrous Tennessee invasion.

    If you want the system fixed, here is the only known path.

  87. DLC (formerly Donna)

    SOUTHERN GAL: Nice to hear from you. Thought you fell off the radar.

    KAREN: Thank you so much for the free psychoanalysis. Golly, the money I just saved. Carly couldn’t do it better. I am properly chastised and supine.

    Wow, best example possible of how women put the men “in their place.” Played the chick card superbly. Someone who doesn’t know me but could get right into my personal psyche. I AM impressed.

    You would probably rage at Laura Ingraham too. She talks just like me and worse. Now there is a truly tough woman. I appreciated her take on Carly. She expounded on Carly’s background without the usual female type of put down.

    You worked in corrections? That should say it all and I should grab my bug out bag. I will not engage in tit for tat. That is what too many women do.

    Your voting for Trump? So what? I will speak my mind. If you are offended, sounds like your issue. We already have a he/she bully in the WH who attempts to analyze anyone who may dare speak out loud. Thus, Trump’s appeal.

    Oh Lordy, Southern Gal, a fellow defective. What to do? Not to worry, them reeducation camps got open slots, I’m sure.

  88. Robert

    Hi Greg. Respectively….Why were my 28 charts put down as fed baloney when your 9 charts were also fed charts.

    • Greg Hunter

      You honestly believe the unemployment rate is 5.1%? Really? I put up the in formation I think is credible.

  89. Robert

    Thanks Greg…

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