Fed Prints Money or Financial System Implodes – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby can sum up the massive Fed money printing it is doing each and every day. Kirby explains, “We are on a vertical curve where money has to be added to the system. . . . The Federal Reserve knew this would occur at some point 20 years ago. This is why they had to create a slush fund, which has grown into a very large pile of dung heap money. What’s being reported to us on a daily basis in terms of the ‘add’ from the repo activity is just the publicly acknowledged addition of money. The “missing” $21 trillion is in play, also, and it’s being added to the system to keep the system from crapping out and imploding. We are, without a doubt, on a vertical growth curve of money.”

To hide what is going, on the Fed is going to extraordinary measures to suppress the precious metals market to not allow growth in price that would reflect massive money printing globally. Kirby says, “The stench of criminality and collusion wafts over the COMEX now like a veil of evil. What they have turned our capital markets into with price suppression, so they can maintain the air of legitimacy and value to the dollar, is going off the charts.”

If money is being printed, aren’t interest rates going to spike? Kirby contends, “The reality is we should have had an interest rate spike already because there is no demand for increasing amounts of U.S. debt.  With the amount of debt that is now outstanding, if interest rates were to spike, the first dead body would be the U.S. government itself. The U.S. government would not be able to fund itself, and the jig would be up on the dollar. We are told the dollar is strong, but the reality is the dollar is not strong at all.”

President Trump, at some point, is going to have to deal with this debt problem and bankruptcy of America. Kirby says this is why the elite are working so hard to get rid of President Trump. Kirby contends, “They want to get rid of him because they can’t control him. If the system is going to blow up, they want a person in charge that they have control of. They do not have control of Donald Trump. . . . He is still his own man, and he knows the difference between right and wrong. . . . They are afraid that he might point the finger at the true culprits of the breakdown that is coming. That’s why they want him out.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the interview Greg. The Elite are planning for something big.
    All the best people and stick together, because as Gerald Celente says; “ when all else fails, they take you to war”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep!!! Thank you for your comment and support AA!!

      • Jack

        This could continue another 12 mths as our financial masters use time to ebb away our memories of past market collapses. I think the insiders are getting out now as the mug punters get sucked in yet again. FOMO will again rein supreme. Usually the share market collapses first, followed by a recession but this time the share market is going to the moon as the real economy falters. It is all about confidence and how perceptive our market players are.

        • Greg Hunter

          It might but there is one thing I learned about financial frauds in my time as an investigative reporter for 5 TV Stations and 2 networks and that is some frauds can go on for a very long but the ALL end quickly. Get ready and stay ready is my best advice.

        • paul ...

          Greg is right Jack … we can hope the US economy holds together in 2020 … but if there is any sort of major economic crisis (that the Fed’s Repo operation seems to be indicating) … most people in our country are going to be in big trouble almost immediately … as half of all Americans have just $400 dollars in cash at home … people need to build up a substantial “real money” financial cushion “that is immune to the shenanigans of the government and the Fed” … millennials today have too much faith in the Fed’s fiat paper monetary system … they think things will never get bad … thus they see no urgency to put physical precious metals under their mattresses for a rainy day!!

          • Jack

            Greg is also right in his assessments. There are too many people with egg on their faces making predictions that don’t happen. Be like Gerald Celente and look at the trends but this time the markets in shares , bonds , housing and derivatives have never before been so inflated by exponential debt that must keep expanding or collapse. Politicians and bankers may lie, but maths gives us absolute truth.

    • Rob

      Digital money printing has one purpose only and that is to destroy the underlying fiat paper in hyperinflation:


      Japan has been a beta test to see how far a central bank can go with an industrialized countries printing press as they massage the numbers and continue printing while trying to hide the identities of true inflation. Japan’s currency will manifest the behavior of their government in the very near future. But presently the central banks of the globe have all adopted Japan’s stupidity since 2008 which was always the intention so that over the next 13 years they can blow all the bubbles to gargantuan proportions before they prick one that will create a domino affect until it encompasses the globe in a matter of weeks. This will force the G20 to the table to accept the BIS fix of phasing out all fiat as they phase in a global electronic network controlling all buying and selling:


      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name..

      The next crisis will probably commence shortly after Trump is reelected and the crisis will bring the final 8 years:


      • paul jr.

        Unfortunately I went to read that Zacks article and right away they had an error. They say that an inflation rate of more than 20% is considered hyper. No, it is not. That is just high inflation. The widely accepted definition of hyperinflation is when the prices of goods and services rise more than 50% a month. Here is one of many articles that define it as such.


        • Rob

          Maybe they meant to say 20% per month but then again hyperinflation is an exponential curve rather than a fixed percent:


          • paul jr.

            Yes, high inflation leading to hyperinflation is an exponential curve that usually takes years for it to happen. Right now there is no real chance for the U.S. to have hyperinflation in the near future for a number of reasons.

            • paul ...

              And if we get hyper-inflation … you want to own physical gold and silver (that will preserve your buying power) … while fiat paper goes to worthlessness … and electronic crypto money accounts “locked up” just like YouTube locks the accounts of people (they don’t like)!!!

              • paul jr.

                True, if we have hyperinflation you want to own physical gold and silver which we HOPE will hold their purchasing power, as well as having food etc…

      • paul ...

        Rob … the crypto enthusiasts tell us “digital currency is limited” … that the amount that can ever be created is fixed … then they split it in half creating twice as much … and are mow planing to split it again (creating four times as much) … etc., etc., etc. until finally there is just as much electronic crypto as Fed has created with their paper IOU’s ..

  2. Mike R

    This repo thing will be remembered as the pre-cursor that everyone should have interpreted as “get the heck out NOW.”


    What is so bogus about all of this, besides the hedge funds and clearinghouses, is that not one of these banks, not the FED, not anyone even remotely related to the Fed, has indicated why none of the $1.2 TRILLION in reserves all the banks have on hand, has ever been touch during this fiasco. These reserves are WAY less costly to everyone, to access by the banks, and are on hand AT THE FED, and seperate from every single bank’s own reserves which are mandated by law. So either those reserves aren’t really there at all, and someone is really lying, or the banks and the fed and hedge funds are not really telling the public or the markets what the heck is going on here.

    The story at Zero Hedge is somewhat enlightening, but its still not getting to the core of the problem. It’s my contention, that Some super highly leveraged entity has blown up, and a whole lot of these big banks have their proverbial tits in a ringer.

    The system is only on a few seconds before midnight on the derivative nuclear weapon from blowing up.

    The global financial system will not make it through 2020 unscathed. And yet the markets overall could not be more complacent. Many experts are saying there are red flags everywhere, and yet the markets could not care less. “It’s different this time.” The fabled excuse.

    • paul jr.

      May be the reason why the $1.3 trillion in excess reserves that the banks had back in September was not used was because the amount of excess reserves had already fallen to almost half of what they were 2 years ago. The banks may not feel comfortable lending out money that they themselves might need.


      I checked what the largest banks had in cash and in balances that were in the Federal Reserve Bank and the the two largest had dramatic decreases from 2 years ago. I know that if I was a little low on cash and someone wanted to borrow money from me that I might need myself, I would certainly be reluctant to lend it to them.

    • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

      …”Some super highly leveraged entity has blown up”… – Yeah, that would be Duetsche Bank who’s derivatives exposure is second to none!

    • eddiemd

      It is all run by AI. AI could care less.

      Demonic control.

      The coming terror upon the world will be beyond belief. Men’s hearts will fail from the coming wrath.

      Repent. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for your family and friends. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    • Hockey Puck

      Perhaps the best Zero Hedge article I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for posting it, Mike.

      Sadly, both Zero Hedge and Mr. Kirby miss the main point. I hate to harp on this issue again and again and again, but I’m dumbfounded at how few financial experts understand this point: THE MOST SOPHISTICATED FORM OF WARFARE TODAY IS ECONOMIC WARFARE.

      Consequently, the essential delusion, hidden in 99% of all financial analysis, is that the Fed controls the world. This would have been true in 1990, when the Creature from Jeckell Island was written, but with the ascent of China in the last 20 years, it is no longer true. Today, America is at war with China economically, a war to the death, and China, so far, is winning. In the next 5 years only one hegemon will emerge, the USA or China. And that chapter has yet to be written.

      Well, if you think about this for just one minute, what you realize is that economic war means is a WAR OF THE CENTRAL BANKS, in this case the Fed and the PBOC. Stated differently, you can’t think of Fed policy in isolation anymore. To do so is a delusion.

      What China is absolutely determined to do is get rid of Donald Trump any way they can. That’s what the fake news is all about. That’s what the fake impeachment is about. That’s what the Russia Hoax was all about. That’s what this repo mess is all about.

      Incidentally, what Zero Hedge (and the Bloomberg video) point out is that 1) there are 11,000 hedge funds in existence today and 2) most of them are in trouble. With the S&P going up and up, the only logical explanation is that theses funds bet against Trumponomics. In other words, they bet that the trade war would lead to disaster instead of a strengthening American economy. This makes sense because many if not most hedge funds serve an ELITE clientele and in many cases are part of the Elite (the Club of Davos). So what’s happening today is that these hedge funds are eating crow. They bought their own bullshit, shorted the market, and are suffering the consequences. Oops! And what they bet on, ultimately, is China winning the economic war. Hmmm!

      The big problem is: What does Trump do now? How does he respond? Does he have control of the Fed, or is the Fed controlled by the Elite, hence the CCP?. These are the big questions of our time and I don’t have the answer.

      My guess is that Trump does have the Fed’s ear and that both Trump and Powell are fighting, for not only for their own lives, but for the future of the free world at large. Make no mistake. If the Fed goes down, the S&P will plunge, Trump will get kicked out of office, the CCP will install a new puppet, as they did with Obama & Biden, and America will be no longer.

      Is this the “reset” that all conservatives are hoping for?

      • paul ...

        HP … If the Fed prints up just a billion dollars for each of the 11,000 hedge funds in existence … that’s $11 trillion dollars … the current M2 money supply is $15 trillion dollars … throw in a few trillion for the banks … and bingo … the Fed doubles the money supply!!

        • paul ...

          Does all this Fed printing help the economy? … absolutely not … the Fed banksters are simply printing money “to make their buddies rich” … if the Fed really wanted to help the economy (with all its money printing) … they would be giving it to “the common people” (and taking the chains off the CPI) … because it is “consumer spending” that comprises almost 70% of our nations GDP!!!

          • Hockey Puck

            Both good points, Paul. Just for the record, I’ve never been a fan of central banking and a debt based economy. It’s precisely what John Adams (the unsung hero of the Revolution) pointed out: “There are 2 ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt”. So I get it.


            What I had never seen until recently is that 1) Central Banking is the key to unlocking exponential economic growth and 2) if you combine that with totalitarianism and a mercantilist economy, what you get is a hegemon that can destroy you. This, in effect, is what China has achieved. Yikes!


            I’ve had to rethink my whole position on central banking from the ground up. If China continues down its hegemonic path and we choose to be “responsible freedom lovers” (no central bank/no hegemonic power), China will replace America as the dominant power on the planet and we will all become slaves anyway. Is that what we want?

            We’re in a pickle, Paul. I can’t see it any other way. And we have to win this war. It’s our spiritual duty. What comes after it, I don’t know. I’ve always believed that a debt-based economic system is unsustainable, hence my long term position in precious metals.

            My ultimate questions are this:
            1) Is it possible to have a planet without a hegemonic power that creates the substratum of international law?
            2) Is it possible to have a central banking system that is responsible to the people without it getting mired in partisan politics (e.g. the Impeachment Hoax)?
            3) Can a hegemonic power rule wisely, or is it, by definition, evil? (I’m not so sure I agree with the dictum: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely). If you look at the history of this planet, you see have been some truly great kings, who ruled wisely. Democracy, on the other hand has always failed, for reasons Plato himself noted and which are playing out today. Is not the “democratic” party not the total corruption of democracy itself? I think it is.

            To be honest, I’m not smart enough to answer these 3 questions. Any insights from the “USA Watchdog Gang” would be most welcome.

            • Steve Bice

              1) Is it possible to have a planet without a hegemonic power that creates the substratum of international law?

              2) Is it possible to have a central banking system that is responsible to the people without it getting mired in partisan politics (e.g. the Impeachment Hoax)?

              3) Can a hegemonic power rule wisely, or is it, by definition, evil?

              Yes, no, no/yes.

              Ha. All thought provoking questions. None of us have the answers, but it makes for an interesting discussion.

              I guess I would turn question one on its head, and ask if it is possible to sustain and protect the current template of international law developed across the centuries from a hegemon.

              The answer appears to be “no”, as the aspiring hegemon inevitably assumes imperial ambitions, and rewrites the rules to its own advantage. Consider how nations have used (abused) the world reserve currency across the centuries. “The Who” said it best, in “Won’t Get Fooled Again”:

              “Meet the new boss
              Same as the old boss…”

              which leads us directly to question “3”. Alexander Tytler said the following about democracy:

              “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury…”

              He was talking about the people…but it applies equally to the elite who governs. Look no further than the current headlines and the apparent widespread corruption and kickback schemes linked to foreign aid. When viewed through such a lens, the seemingly incomprehensible decisions to send billions to other nations when we are drowning in debt, suddenly starts to make sense. Cui bono?

              The fallen nature of man exerts a powerful and destructive influence at every level of life…and government. Benevolence is the exception, not the rule, as history attests.

              Which leaves question “2”: Politics is theater. Central banking as practiced in the United States is subterfuge designed to transfer wealth from the people to the elite. Lenin is said to have stated:

              “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some.”

              No less a luminary than Keynes, commented as follows:

              “Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

              So, where does this leave us? In my view, at the precipice. Greg chronicles every week the risks we are facing and the lateness of the financial hour.

              Closing thought: I don’t believe these are our most serious problems. Chris Martenson writes about collapsing systems (peak everything) from fisheries, insects and birds to soils, water and energy. The oil age has seemingly served as a technological pied piper that has led us to unsustainability on all fronts.

              When the entire world becomes subject to the “Tragedy of the Commons” because of exponential growth (and 7.5 billion people), we are in trouble.

              We are at a convergence: Either you believe that mankind must manage these intractable problems (with all that suggests… including depopulation), or you believe the Biblical accounts that God will intervene.

              The final card is on the table. It is time to bet and declare…

              • Hockey Puck

                Great insights, Steve. Thanks for the awesome contribution. Perhaps we can pick this up next Sunday, as these threads seem to have a shelf life of about 3-4 days. Based on what you said, I will post some additional questions for all of us to look at.

                • Hockey Puck

                  P.S. I have cut and pasted your Lenin quotes. They blew my mind. Thanks.

            • paul ...

              HP … likely the best system is having a Kingdom with someone with morals running the Central Bank (like God the Father) … but traitors (like Satan, the Banksters, etc.) will always arise to try a do a coup d’etat (like what happened to the US on Dec 23, 1913) so they can steal and plunder the wealth of the Kingdom!!

              • paul ...

                A “moral” Central Bank would not put CPI chains on the common people while dropping trillions in the laps of their buddies … to stimulate the economy properly a “moral” Central Bank would simply issue a check for $1000 dollars to each and every American citizen … and not selectively issue the cash to who “they” (an un-elected bunch of criminals) want!!

                • Hockey Puck

                  Great points, Paul. As I see it, the battle between Good and Evil is eternal. We can never become complacent. We must always be on guard.

            • William Stanley

              RE: “Democracy, on the other hand has always failed ….”
              1. All governments eventually fail. Nevertheless, I recognize that the gist of your argument — which is clear enough — is more challenging, subtle and nuanced than what you actually said (which goes without saying — after all you could have written a book on the subject).
              2. As for the present circus exemplifying the “corruption of democracy itself,” I think I disagree with what I think you are implying. “Democracy” in its wider sense has been attacked and undermined, yes. However, I don’t sense that the corruption we see is either a feature or a bug of democracy itself — especially not our republic. Indeed — shake your head in dismay if you must — I’m still hopeful that “we” shall prevail in the end . . . but after suffering enormous pain.
              3. Thanks for the food for thought.

              • Hockey Puck

                Thanks, William. Just so you know, I’ve come to rely on you to point out the foibles in my own argument. Much appreciated.

                Let’s pick this up next Sunday. I will post a few more questions based on yours, Paul’s and Steve’s insights, so we can take this conversation to the next level.

      • William Stanley

        I enjoyed your comment. Thanks!

      • Freebrezer

        HP – good analysis per why the Hedge funds are so underwater … I was trying to think of why they were so far on the wrong side of the trade and sinking fast when stocks, bonds and even gold are going up! They bet against Trump and bet for china … all f#@$ing elitists! and they are bought and paid for by China! What is sooo sick is that the American tax payer is on the hook to bail out these scum who are betting against America (us). And ” If the Fed goes down, the S&P will plunge” … and this is NOT A GOOD THING for the average American … So, so True!

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks William and Freebreezer. I posted 3 questions under Paul’s comment above, which I could have posted here as well. If you have any insights into these questions, I’d love to hear them. Never before did I think I’d be championing central banking as a concept. I must admit that the CCP has rearranged my brain cells. Maybe I’m deluded. Maybe I’m not. That’s why I come to this Forum. May smarter minds prevail.

      • Lore

        I beg to differ or express some points differently.
        Quoting Mike Rivero: All wars are banker wars. Think of hot war as one category of trade and industry, with all ‘sides’ financed by the banking complex. Evidence abounds.
        Trump is just for show, no different from the Obama / Bush / Clinton / Reagan / etc. shows that came before. The latest electoral psy-op was particularly well executed, hooking a large cadre of “Trumpers” who now act puzzled by his (mistakenly) perceived inconsistency and vacillation. He’s another actor playing the role that was given to him. Amerocentrism and preoccupation with ‘trade war’ and similar pageantry are analytical handicaps.
        The current situation of addressing an empire of debt made odious by decline in EROEI is a matter for the banks, and the higher you go, the more the sides become blended. Not-QE is about blowing bubbles and swiping and/or destroying capital selectively. The entire financial system is weaponized. The old systems of checks and balances and “corrections” are obsolete. Think of everything as an AI-enabled dashboard for the Families. That’s the future, and we’re there. If there is to be a crash, it will be a manufactured one. If one or more cryptos rise, it’s because the decision was made to do so. Cryptos were planted like seeds. Nothing is allowed to happen organically. There are no equilibria, no grass roots. This is pathocracy.

        I appreciate Greg’s show for the guests, topics and attention to detail, and the hard work is appreciated, and I will support it, but doggone it, interruptions can be irritating. Discussion goes further and deeper when the leash is loosened.
        Anyway, blessings to you for 2020.

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks, Lore, for posting a contrary opinion. I’m not looking for people to agree with me. I just want to uncover the truth, and there’s a lot of truth in what you say.

          I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying that all wars are Banker Wars. You can certainly argue the case. There are a lot of facts to back it up, and there’s no question that money is power and those who have money want more power. That’s the essential corruption of human nature that is at the heart of all the world’s great scriptures since time began.

          But given that all wars involve weapons, that weapons have to be manufactured and financed, banking will always be a part of the equation. So the whole argument of wars being caused by bankers is circuitous at best. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

          The essential question it seems to me is man’s corruption and what kind of government is needed to control or mitigate such corruption. Let’s pick this up next week. I really value everyone’s point of view.

  3. Rachel

    Hi Greg,
    Really good interview. Rob is a great analyst.
    Just a thought…. Could the Fed who has taken over supplying liquidity to the banks be strategically positioning themselves to replace these banks by literally pushing them aside and becoming the new world banks and by default … the new financial system? All they need to do is continue to replace the functions of these banks one step at a time and brush them away one by one as they collapse.
    Lets face it ; that’s how the large supermarket chains do it.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be correct Rachel! Thanks for weighing in here!

    • Chalzer

      “The current situation of addressing an empire of debt made odious by decline in EROEI is a matter for the banks, and the higher you go, the more the sides become blended.”

      Not everyone knows what ‘EROEI’ means; please plug that in when you write an opinion.

  4. Don Gruse

    A few weeks ago you stated, “if you’re going to buy gold in the hopes of paying off your mortgage with inflate dollars that won’t work.” I’m a bit confused, why won’t it work? If my mortgage is written so that the payments are in dollars why wouldn’t I be able to pay off the outstanding balance when the dollar crashes and I use my gold to buy that same paper dollar? Example, gold goes to $89,000 per a oz of gold. I take the 89,000 dollars I bought with a oz of gold and use it to pay off my home mortgage, Please explain?

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say this Don. I have told people to reduce risk and that means reduce debt. should you have gold as a core asset– you bet. I don’t want people to go all in on gold in some sort of get rich scheme because as we have seen since 2011 timing for the gold and silver market can make people wait a long time with some big ups and some big downs. That said don’t be surprised if the bankers do not reprice the old debt in a new currency.

  5. JC

    I like the “tube of toothpaste” analogy.

    Rob says;
    They are feeding us “happy juice” and it’s beyond sanity.
    We will transition into a hyper inflation scenario at some point.
    The end game could be global nuclear war.


  6. JC

    Greg, since you mentioned Hillary, check out this post by Martin Armstrong. Scary. And check out the scary photo of Hillary and her shadow.

    “The REAL conspiracy is that the Democratic candidates will be so divided that at the convention, they will move to DRAFT Hillary relieving her of ever having to appear in any primary or suffer the arrows from the herd of contenders. Tying up the Impeachment in the Senate will not prevent Trump from campaigning, but it will clear the field of Democrats with an eye on the White House.”


  7. R. Patrick

    Its already game over! Nothing can be done at this point to stop this run away freight train. Its going to tear right thru every community in the USA and globally. Better get out of the way boys and girls and morfidites too.

  8. paul ...

    It’s the collapse of corporate cash flows that has the Fed in a panic … yet they still can’t use the brains God gave them to figure out that they should be giving the helicopter money to the people (instead of the bankers, Wall Street and the hedge funds) which will improve corporate profits and the economy … instead the ordinary people (with CPI chains around their necks) are fleeing from the dollar as they see the elite being enriched with massive money printing that is going exponential … during the panic out of the dollar back in 1980 the Fed’s liabilities had to be backed 135% by gold … if a similar panic develops today it would require gold to trade to over $20,000 dollars per ounce to back the Fed’s liabilities … Bernanke recently telegraphed that the Fed “will print like crazy” when a recession hits … this Repo printing going on now is simply chicken feed compared to what is coming … everyone should be aware that based upon the National Debt Clock the money to push gold to $9,270 dollars per ounce “has already been printed by the Fed” (and they are going to print much much more in the coming year) … so gold, silver and platinum will go markedly higher (Jim Rickards has already raised his gold price projection to $14,000 dollars per ounce) … that’s nine times your money folks … meaning the Fed will effectively be devaluing a $10 dollar bill down to a one $1 dollar bill … or looked at another way … and those in the stock market will need to see their stocks rise about 10 times “just to break even”!!!

    • paul ...

      Why not make your life easy … owning gold will give you ten times your money without all the stress of being in the stock market!!

      • Warren B.

        I’ve just listened to the POTUS s’ speach from DAVOS (at the World Economic Forum) for the 5th time.

        How can anyone not see how wonderful this country is. We are the envy of the world and our wonderful President has reminded every other high ranking global government representative present, along with numerous business leaders, how America is Back – Better, Stronger and Faster than ever. This is only the beginning of what is to come.

        Investing in the Stock market is clearly the key to the wealth sharing as stated by DJT. He makes it very clear that everyone invested is taking advantage of this and the whole Country along with the Economy is growing in tandem. How can anyone not follow this simple principle? Our President wants us all to share in the wealth and is creating the very platform for that to occur. Investing in Stocks is akin to investing in our Country and our President. Why do folks have such an issue with this gift?
        Just get out of the way if you don’t wish to participate.

    • paul ...

      The Fed Captain aboard the US Dollar “Titanic” Ship of State is telling everyone … “everything is fine” … the US Dollar is an “Unsinkable” … but the huge gash in the side of the Ship of State (as measured by the Debt Clock) is 9,270 feet long … and “liquidity” is flooding through the “Wall” to the elites (at an exponential rate) … the elites are up to their waists in liquidity (but keep the music playing) … as they excitedly run to higher and higher levels … their “unsinkable ship” continues to rise “to extreme heights” (proving there is really no crash coming to worry about) … but they purposely keep the poor people locked below deck (in CPI chains) … so “only they will be the beneficiaries” of all the liquidity coming their way!!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JLfqqfNU4o

      • William Stanley

        Paul …,
        If PMs are the lifeboat, what will the elites pay to get a ticket to be on it when the time comes? Maybe that would be everything they own. Calculate that!

        • paul ...

          The elites will eventually have to make a choice William … between holding on tight to Caesars fiat paper funny money … or buying God’s gold to save their life “here on Earth” … however when the time comes to leave Earth … even physical gold “has no value” getting into a lifeboat to go before Almighty God in Heaven … for he requires payment “in spiritual form” … a golden heart and a moral mind!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Do you sell Gold for a living? Why are you always making fantasy-like statement about Gold?

      • paul ...

        No Stan … I do not sell gold for a living (that’s what you do) … because you never have to worry about running out of money … you don’t need to save … you can simply live off the huge amounts of cash your Fed friends print up and dump in your lap … although this level of wealth seems out of reach for most … my goal is to help everyone … so I tell them to invest in physical gold and silver to alleviate them from their bankster imposed economic burdens (like a chained CPI) … they are in a constant scramble to pay the mortgage … send their kids to college … and yet have some money left over for retirement … perpetual wealth is a lifelong dream of most people … they want to be “financially free” … so I try to help them attain this goal by promoting and justifying why they should own physical gold and silver … because “the dream of infinite wealth” isn’t just for the ultra-rich Stan … all Christian’s and those of other faiths should be able to share in the infinite bounty of the one true God the Father who created this world for the benefit of all his children!!

      • William Stanley

        RE: Fantasy
        paul … is from the future — a future where in the year 2020 he had successfully argued AGAINST buying gold . . . and where that moral failure later led to world-wide catastrophe.
        He has returned from the future in a desperate attempt to atone for his sin by now trying to convince all of us to buy gold . . . and, thereby, change the sad the course of history. He is trying to save ALL of us. Unfortunately, he will fail . . . and, ineluctably, the catastrophe will still occur. The world is just built that way . . . or maybe not.
        See, e.g., “The Penitent Man,” a movie.

        • paul ...

          Yes William … Stan is looking at this chart and shorting gold … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/goldhedgers190120.jpg … wanting to tear our future to shreds … to make “infinitely printed paper money” our only viable monetary future … which is fine if you receive free money injections from the Fed … but we “the common people” are kept in chains … however … we can change the dark paper future Stan is hoping for … by simply methodically continuing to buy precious metals … and we can change our future … and put our world’s monetary system back on a more stable foundation … but we need to have the courage to buy into the fear … that the chart above “is meant to create” … that is how wars are won!!

          • paul ...

            Stan … you tell us how you are now shorting gold “at the red circle” in the above chart … but you obviously didn’t buy gold “at the blue circles” in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018 … because buying gold does not fit in with your view of the future … a world of infinite paper!!

      • Jerry

        Does this look like fantasy to you?

        • paul ...

          Excellent input Jerry!!

        • Stan


  9. JC

    Rob makes a good point about the gold price in relation to dollars.

    There is an interesting article (pdf) at http://www.321gold.com

    Jan 19 Gold Past $10,000 Myrmikan

    It explains that the money to push gold over $10,000 has already been printed. And they are going to print more.

    • paul ...

      The Debt Clock proves it JC!!

  10. paul ...

    Remember how 9-11 occurred during a military drill … well the Deep State is now planning a drill over six(6) States from Jan 16th to the 24th … they will have Carrier Strike Group Four (CSG4) jamming GPS signals during that time … so any American Patriots planning on traveling to Virginia on the 20th will not be able to use their GPS to see where they are going!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/whats-going-military-jams-gps-across-east-coast-fbi-seizes-night-vision-devices

    • paul ...

      A more scary interpretation of this CSG4 military exercise … along with the FBI seizing night vision devices … was made earlier this week by Alex Jones … who declared on his broadcast that the Deep State was going to “attempt to assassinate Trump next week” !!

      • paul ...

        In any case … Virginia has transformed into “ground zero” in the fight over gun rights in America … many Constitutional gun rights advocate groups from around the country who plan to send members to Virginia “to protest the illegal laws” the Virginia Demon-rats are proposing “that are just straight out unconstitutional” … will need to use maps and compasses to navigate (as they won’t be able to use their GPS units thanks to the US military being sent by the Deep State to electronically jam their GPS signals!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/were-ready-fight-1000s-expected-massive-gun-rights-rally-virginia-capitol

        • paul ...

          On Monday thousands of gun rights supporters will descend on Richmond Virginia (if they can find the place without GPS) … and so will a host of militia groups, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists … some of who believe “the rally” in Richmond will result in “the first shot fired” in our retaking of our Constitutional Republic and that just like our Founding Fathers will need to fight “foreign troops” (from the UN) sent by globalists to keep the unconstitutional traitors in power!! … https://www.vox.com/2020/1/17/21067627/virginia-lobby-day-gun-laws-extremism

          • paul ...

            Easy to see things are very ripe for a false flag operation … where-by Deep State operatives use sniper scopes to kill Patriots “and start a conflagration” … which will give the demon-rat Virginia Governor an excuse to call in UN troops or the US Military to “take out” the Patriots who have the balls to resist the “commies” … thus making it very easy to herd the rest of the sheep to the gun confiscation centers … will it work? … we should know by Tuesday!!

      • JC

        paul… let’s hope Trump stays safe and out of danger. Danger is the problem… makes me think of the Secret Agent Man theme song. Is Trump a man who leads a life of danger? I believe he is.

        There’s a man who leads a life of danger
        To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
        With every move he makes
        Another chance he takes
        Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow

  11. Mike G

    Don’t worry, be happy

  12. DavidC

    A super interview Greg, I never tire of Rob Kirby, he’s one of the best and good that he’s still here.
    Best regards from England,

  13. Bruce

    Kirby is right on Trump not being under their control. This is what the impeachment is about. The lame crimes that were supposedly committed don’t stand up. Its not about them anyway. I think the deep state wants Trump to be beholding to the Republicans that vote to save his butt. I think Trump knows this and is preparing accordingly. I look at the prosecutors ( all house members). Trumps defense team ( outside lawyers). The deep state expected that Trump would pick Republican house members to make his case. His defense will be based on Constitutional law not hearsay. Trump will win again

  14. David

    Great discussion. Thank you!

  15. Jerry

    To give you an idea how desperate the Fed is, only five days ago they announced that they would run the repo market injections until mid February.

    Now I’m hearing April. What changed? Evidently the injections that have increased in magnitude and duration, are having little or no effect on the market. But yet lending and the stock market are roaring. Did I say roaring, like the roaring twenties ? You know what happened next? History does repeat itself.

  16. Dan Chapman

    As long as they are suppressing the Metals you should be buying with both hands …..
    Does not get much simpler

  17. H. Craig Bradley

    Got to keep blowing air into the balloon.

  18. Da Yooper

    Greg we are in a dead body economy right now ( in my area ) the rest of the country just doesn’t see it & we all know the corrupt MSM would never report it. Be patient it will come to YOUR neighborhood ……….soon. Like I have said for the last 3 years Trumps great economy I am not seeing ……..here. It has passed us by.

    • Tin foil hat

      Can you please be a little bit more specific? Where, when, how, who …. I would love to know since the MSM is useless.

  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview and explanation of the ongoing repo market mess. None of this is occurring in a vacuum, there’s lots of pressure. I liked the toothpaste tube analogy.

    “944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds”

    No vacuum, it’s all connected. From my read, the ZH article below is somewhat germane to Rob Kirby’s view. It even has charts which I think show the vertical part of the curve we are now enjoying or suffering through depending on where you sit. Me? No, don’t want to go there; my personal financial moves are of no consequence. Suffice to say I’ve been debt-free for decades and I’ve invested for the reset.

    All we can do is maneuver ourselves so the elephants don’t step on us. I’ll just kick back with a good cup of coffee and listen to Keiko Matsui, Fourplay, Mindi Abair or some other great musician/group that most folks have never heard. They relax my brain while the markets prepare to crater. (No Top 40 hits here, just good jazz; there’s even a collection of John Coltrane on the shelf).

  20. The Seer

    IMO and from meditation the timing is real estate and other assets will top 3-4 quarter 2023.
    Plan accordingly.

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be a little late according to the Repo Market.

  21. breamrod

    hi Greg! When are you going to have Armstrong on again? the turn in his economic confidence model is Jan. 18th 19th. Would be interesting to hear what he has to say

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon come Breamrod!

      • tim mcgraw

        Armstrong is one of my favorite guests on USA Watchdog. Looking forward to what Martin has to say.
        I remember when MA went to Kazakhstan at the invitation of the rulers there. The autocrats of Kstan wanted to get their economy going. Because even the rulers didn’t have much.
        MA told them to allow a free market.
        “Does this mean people can move anywhere in the country and do what they want to make a living?”
        MA, “Yes. The people would have to have the ability to live where the job opportunities are.”
        Rulers, “Well, we can’t have that! We decide where people live and what they do.”
        So Martin Armstrong flew home and Kstan is still a totalitarian shithole.

  22. Mark

    Excellent interview Greg. Mr. Kirby is my favorite guest. He pulls no punches and always tells it like it is. Thanks.

  23. Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

    Trump’s big mistake is taking credit for a stock market bubble [built on debt not earnings] when he should be distancing himself from it. When it bursts they will hang it around his neck like a millstone.

    • paul ...

      Ya’aqov … Trump is “made out to be a crazy deranged individual” by the Deep State … because “he does not want to” continue to do the failed policies of the last 20 years over and over again with the same unsuccessful results (which by Einstein’s definition means Trump is “not crazy”) … perhaps Trump sees in his mind that his policies will eventually lessen the debt and produce real earnings … hopefully … if he can achieve his goals … “his big mistake” (taking credit for the stock market bubble) may not turn out to be one … but he must turn things around … giving money to “ordinary people” (instead of the Bankers, Wall Streeet and the Hedge Funds) will help a lot … so will removing the chains on the CPI … and bringing our troops home along with closing down some of our 800 military bases around the world and requiring foreign aid money be spent on consumer goods rather then weapons of war!!

      • paul ...

        err (change) … and requiring “our” foreign aid money to be spent “exclusively only on American” consumer goods …

        • paul ...

          You know … the Vietnam War lasted 20 years … now how long are they planning to let the Afghanistan war last? … “there is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare” … so what Trump must do is … remove the Armed Forces of the United States from providing military support for the clandestine operations of the CIA (which is now part of their official function)!!

  24. Jay

    So Russian parliament all resigned this week. Prince Harry and Princes are kicked off the royal payroll in England. An attempt is being made to impeach President Trump. Netanyahu narrowly escaped his ouster. The United States just sent many of its top level troops to the Middle East and the Governor of Virginia is inviting U.N. troops to fight Sheriffs and militia in order to disarm Americans and subvert the Constitution. All at the same time.
    Sure sounds like war is coming to me.

  25. Stan

    If the Dollar is dying then why does it buy far more Gold and Silver than in 2012? Lets see you Gold Bugs try to intelligently answer that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Come on Stan, You knw the markets are rigged. Not knowing that is too stupid to be stupid. Where is that verifiable name so we know you are not a paid troll.

    • Mike R

      so you cherry picked 1 year. You are a moron stan. Just admit it. Gold is up in every single currency by a LOT since the year 2000. Or 1998. Or 1998. Or 1997. Or 2001. Or 2002, and so on. Once the dollar rolls over, this will be the last time, and then you will NEVER see gold anywhere below $2000. again. In forever. Just like you haven’t seen gold anywhere near $300 like it was back around the year 2000. The $ is only ‘strong’ relative to other currencies because all the other major currencies have had central banks relentlessly trying to devalue their currency versus the dollar. the EBC, JCB, and China even, as it works to always stay ‘pegged’ but well below the dollar, so it can keep exporting here competitively. Thing is, every other currency and including the dollar is in a freefall, and multiple central banks have worked together to try to hide that fact, by heavily attacking the price of gold, and using paper derivatives to prevent it from going to its real value, which easily is thousands per ounce above where it is today. The dollar thus is just freefalling slower than the others, but very soon, it’s debasement will HAVE to accelerate in order to keep the debt expansion going exponential, which is the destructive act of hyperinflating away all the created debt so far. At that point, you will see oil blow through the roof priced in dollars, and the industry will time it with the implosion of all the debt laden shale firms. Their output will dry up, and then the US will be desperately trying to buy and massively import from nations who hate its guts. The US is positioning for the day, when they will need to basically ‘own’ both Iraq and Iran to get enough oil, as the Saudi’s will be supplying oil exclusively to China. Thats what WWIII will be about. Finding a way to get the middle east oil, that is not coming from the Saudi’s. And at the same time, finding away to hyperinflate away the debt. It wont work, which is why gold will be going stratospheric. Shale oil is a complete illusion, as the decline rate of wells is so horrid, that the debt accumulation which has been massive simply cannot keep up. After they turn the entire underground – 10,000 feet down, state of Texas into swiss cheese through all the horizontal drilling and fracking, the jig is up. The only nation who will hold its own cards, will be Russia, with oil resources that blow away what the Saudi’s have. The US is ‘ok’, to give up Saudi to China, as theirs is drying up pretty fast too, but its a chip they have to play, in order to have a chance at Iraq and Iran. (oh and there is no horizontal fracking to be done in the middle east AT ALL). Their oil is all near the surface, and essentially based in sand. Once its gone, its gone. there is nothing below it. its very shallow compared to other oil resources around the world. which is why its been so cheap.

      So to think Gold is going to stay down here at these super low prices, and is worth ‘shorting’, and to think the dollar will remain strong in this world geo-political environment, and in a rapidly declining easy access of oil resources globally, is simply moronic and super ignorant. US Fracking merely delayed the inevitable a few years longer than anyone ever realized could happen.

    • paul ...

      Same reason you can buy more Deutsche Bank stock Stan … market forces drove the price of gold down … however … gold is rising nicely now … and those who did not buy it “while it was cheap” … will have to pay a lot more “and get less of it now” … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … the same goes for silver Stan … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

    • William Stanley

      Could it be because the price of gold dropped for awhile then, even though it is rapidly rising now?
      You can’t outrun a bear, Stan. Guess why the rest of us are putting on our sneakers.

  26. Bob

    It seems that trying to analyze the current situation using the principles and economic laws of the past is futile. The rules that the system have been based on for many years are being ignored or manipulated. The math doesn’t work if the rules are changed behind the scene.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right Bob. Who knows what the actual true numbers are, but we all know something is very wrong. Prepare accordingly.

  27. Horsenut

    Watch out, “We the People” are being setup this week in Virginia. This Rally is a setup for a Black Flag event. They are drawing out all the gun advocates so they can start a shooting and blame it on them. This could be the start of a civil war! How do you hide the money with a War?

    • paul jr.

      Another failed prediction as nothing happened.

  28. Auntie Seize

    Let’s bring it on already before I get too old to do anything about it. The following generations are clueless and incapable, for the most part IMHO, and they aren’t going to do anything but bend over and be subservient slaves and lackeys to the money manipulator leeches, not having known any other thing to do.

  29. True Historian

    Trump’s purpose is to create the Israel Peace Treaty that will allow the construction Third Temple. The FED/Central Banks/Globalist are all Satanic. They will do anything {war, etc.} to prevent Trump from achieving this goal.

    Trump, on the other hand, is fulling Biblical prophecy, and, therefore, will be successful in 2020.

  30. Auntie Seize

    The problem with all these crypto currencies (CC) is that there is NOTHING stopping the invention/creation of another superior CC. Consider bitcoin FOR EXAMPLE. Although bitcoin is CURRENTLY the largest by market cap and popularity, there is absolutely nothing stopping or preventing the creation of another CC superior to it, is there? What happens then? People will abandon bitcoin and flock to the new CC on the block. If you’re holding bitcoin, you better dump it fast or get burned. If bitcoin is backed or redeemable in something tangible, then it won’t loose its “luster” as fast. But if it’s not, then it’s just more of the same old claptrap “backed by the good faith and credit” of the issuer, or in bitcoin’s case, by the fact that there are only a finite number of them. Whoopee do! So what? That’d be cold comfort to the holder of a “unique” bitcoin that you can’t get any REAL THING for. And then there’s the problem of the infrastructure needed to support a CC transaction. But that’s another problem with for another day. JMHO. YMMV. Good LUCK with your CC’s.

    Oh BTW, it looks like “expert” John McAfee has rescinded on his promise to “eat his dick” if bitcoin doesn’t get to $1M Feral Reserve IOUs by Dec 31, 2020.

    • paul ...

      Auntie … Peter Schiff who predicted Bitcoin would go to $1000 … just saw all his Bitcoins “go to zero” (as John McAfee just predicted) … word of caution … before other Bitcoin owners get an “ERROR MESSAGE” locking them out of their wallet (the same way YouTube locks people out of their site) it may be wise to take your Bitcoin money and buy physical silver (that once in your possession you can never be locked out of)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/peter-schiff-i-just-lost-all-bitcoin-i-have-ever-owned

      • paul ...

        You know … the gold dealers that accept Bitcoins in payment for gold purchases (the way Peter Schiff did) better wise up … they could be giving their gold away “for nothing”!!!

      • paul jr.

        If Peter Schiff lost his bitcoins it is because he is an idiot who does not know how to properly secure them and forgot his password or he is lying about it. This is according to the experts and to Erik Voorhees who helped Schiff set up his wallet.


        • paul ...

          Lesson learned: People who may have “senior moments” should keep their “precious wealth” in physical metals!!!

        • Auntie Seize

          If Peter Schiff cannot keep track of his passwords, what else can he not keep track of? E.g., his clients accounts? Where he left his car keys?

  31. Allen Starr

    We are close to the end. Putin knows it and is putting his house in order for the future of Russia also. Don’t believe the lies that are being fed to you about the Russian economy. They don’t have a food shortage and they are going crazy building infrastructure for new ventures. They continue to get rid of dollars and buy gold. The Chinese are funding many of these new JV projects as Russia doesn’t have all the up front money they need to finance the bridges and roads that are needed at the start. Oil and gas projects are coming on line everywhere. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be living in Russia instead of the USA.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really?? Lucky??? Try to criticize Putin or mother Russia using a verifiable name while in Russia! You are an idiot if you think you are remotely free.

      • Horsenut

        When is the last time you were in Russia Greg? Calling someone an idiot that lives in a place and deals with the people. You’re still stuck on the “Putin was a KGB agent” crap. Who’s the idiot?

        • Horsenut

          If Allen feels lucky to be living in Russia, Maybe he’s seeing something you’re not. (since you’re NOT there) I think your platform has given a since that what you think is more important than other folks. I could go on with this, but what the point. You won’t change your mind and you won’t go see Russia….. And Not Moscow or St Petes, the heart of Russia.

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s beautiful but I am talking about freedom and the lack of it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Horse nut,
          The idiot might be you for hearing what you want to hear. I don’t care about Putin being KGB. Bush 41 was CIA and much more destructive to America.

      • Allen Starr

        Yes, really lucky. Why would I want to criticize Putin when he’s one of the few leaders in the world that appears to know what he’s doing. I’ve been hearing about the restructuring of the Russian Government for over five years now and what Putin wants to do should be very good for the Russian people if it works. I guess I’m an idiot as well as a Communist which you’ve called me in the past because I don’t have any restrictions on me here. I have a very nice life here.

        • Greg Hunter

          Right Allen,
          No criticism for Mr. Putin. Never does anything wrong–no sire.!!!! May I have another????? That’s the way to stay in line and remain under control. Good job boy, and you now sit up for a treat??? Teaming up with China that has a social credit scoring system, harvests organs from dissidents, runs concentration champs, persecutes and murders Christians and a ling list of other awful crap, you are teaming up with them??? What could go wrong?????
          Yes, you are a “useful idiot” with a very nice life. So stay in line, and don’t complain and don’t blow it man!!!

          • Allen Starr

            pretty pathetic comment from you and why not post my last post as the information in it will stop many people from making stupid mistakes about Russia because of bad information.

            • Greg Hunter

              What you call information I call propaganda. That’s what never criticizing your new country means.

        • Horsenut

          Greg’s never going to listen us IDIOTS Allen. But I would love to talk more, it you want, and so Greg won’t think I’m a troll, here is my name (Will Loudner) you can find me on FB.
          Greg I used to give you a lot of credit for going out on your own and reporting the real news, But you’re still spewing old propaganda.

          • Horsenut

            Oh, and just a thought. 30 years ago you probably would have called someone an Idiot for saying that the US would turn into a Socialist country! And yet here we are talking about that very thing.
            So is it so hard to think that a Socialist country could turn in to a Free Capitalist country. It was the USSR, now it’s Russia. They proved that socialism doesn’t work to themselves. I’d say it’s moving the right direction. Your argument that that they are buddying up China doesn’t hold water,,,,, So are we!
            I’m an American, even have some native blood, Said the pledge of allegiance every day in school, took the oath, and will fight for this country to the end. But if I were forced to leave and Had to pick another country, it would probably be Russia. I’ve been there!

            • Jerry

              What universe are you living in? Of course Russia and the BRICS want to replace the dollar, and embrace socialism. Need proof?

              Globalism accomplishes the goals of socialism. The extinguishment of nationalism and individual rights. Do people in Russia have a right to bare arms? No. God forbid they would allow people to empower themselves. What appears to be capitalism is still government controlled. Don’t fool yourself.

          • Greg Hunter

            Then go some place else. There nobody is making you read and comment on this free site. I do applaud you for proving a verifiable name though.

      • Da Yooper

        Greg this is a private reply just to you NOT for posting. I am not defending Alan Star but he is not entirely wrong in what he says.

        The wife & I gave up watching the regular TV then went to the internet Hulu – NetFlix – Amozon etc . when we cant find anything to watch we watch volgers like this guy very entertaining & educational. Give this a try ( I know you are incredibly busy keeping your site going BTDT & google destroyed it ) I have 2 other Russia ones we watch regularly & Russia is not what you think & not what the corrupt MSM portrays them to be. No I would not move there tomorrow but we are being lied to…. see for yourself. Greg I am not trying to cause trouble just trying to tell someone I consider a friend a friend to check this out.

        bald and bankrupt – an Englishman’s travels about the world
        You would find his Russia travels very interesting & insightful .

    • Jerry

      Allen Starr,
      History speaks for itself. Stalin was no saint. Millions died.
      As far as Putin. The BRICS alliance speaks for itself to. Russia will find out, just like the rest of the world, what is what, when the global reset comes.

      • Allen Starr

        Putin is absolutely convinced that the US is very close to a financial catastrophe and is doing everything to avoid a nuclear war. Restructuring the Russian Government is all part of Russia preparing for this. I’ve been hearing about this for over five years. The term limits and dual citizenship issues are a direct response to what has happened in the US. Russia has given up on the US and is going their own way. When I first came to Russia, I was lucky enough to talk with ex-KGB agents every evening for about two months and they were some of the smartest people I have ever met. We never had any problems with each other and they weren’t brainwashed. You don’t hear much about the new FSB agents they hired 4-5 years ago. They must be working!!

        • Jerry

          Allen Starr,
          I agree with you. Putin and the BRICS have been preparing for a global currency reset for some time, because the United States is walking off a financial cliff thanks to the globalist embedded in our government. I really believe the major reason Trump wanted to be president was to buy us more time to prepare for the reset. Judy Shelton was selected because she believes in the gold
          standard. How this all shakes out is yet to be determined, but judging by the recent development with increasing repos it won’t be long.

  32. Sylvia

    Thanks for your intelligent explanation of what is going in the financial world, Rob.
    Using everyday examples to illustrate your points (like toothpaste) are clever and fun to read. When Christ did it, they called them parables.

    Thanks again.

  33. al

    The stock marked chart is starting to look like a chart only Countries in hyperinflation have. Everything is pointing to hyperinflation except gold.

  34. Agent P

    The last paragraph above by Mr. Kirby is somewhat conflicting…

    It is President Trump who has hammered Powell for lower interest rates and more easy money. Granted, the President was spot on during the campaign trail, but we all know where that rhetoric went – i.e., ‘if it were up to me, you’d already be in jail…’

    I would suggest the ‘elites’ want the President to wear the economic comeuppance like a millstone around his neck. He is the perfect scapegoat for an economic catastrophe, along with his support base.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      I don’t think everybody is going to buy that.

    • Justn Observer

      So….your saying POTUS Trump KNEW about the missing $21 Trillion and the $1 Trillion backdoored to NATO…KNEW about all the ‘insiders’ and ‘career’ employees infliltrating his campaign and administration before he was elected and ran anyway? LOL

      • Greg Hunter

        My sources say trump did not know about the $21 trillion until after the election.

        • Justin Observer

          I agree. My response was to Agent P. Clearly what he thought he knew and might plan to fix, and what he was handed to fix were not the same. And also, as you have pointed up…turning it around takes time, which is part of the appearance he bought in, as he started the transition with de-regs, tax cuts, pressing for multinationals to bring money home and reinvest here etc. Clearly he has to tact against the headwinds of corruption. He might have mis-judged the ‘resistance’ and depth of the ‘career’ corruption and how deeply entrenched it was. Many- with the great incestigations – are just as surprised! The amount of ‘rat-line’ and Gibson Island collaboration – who knew ! Quite amazing…

          • Justn Observer


          • paul ...

            Trump not only has to “bring the boys home” … he has to bring “the money home” to balance our budget by closing some of the 800 Military bases we have around the world and thus make America Great Again … but what I don’t understand is that when Trump had the chance to close “one base” in Iraq … and bring the number of US Military bases around the world down to 799 … he resisted?? … and threatened sanctions??? … what is going on????

  35. Robert

    Can’t they just keep printing money? Isn’t that what MMT is? Print it and fund all those programs that are short of their long term needs, i.e. state, federal, police, fire, school, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, USPS, then reset the economy and monetary system and make the new values 5 or 10% of their current value. So what if a loaf of bread is only 5 slices then.

    • paul ...

      That’s the plan Robert … but eventually when all you have the money for … is two(2) loaves of bread … and you have 2000 mouths to feed … you will have to give each of them “a crumb” (the way Jesus did) … that’s not the kind of MMT miracles we want playing out in our time!!

      • paul ...

        And we don’t want “watered down” grape juice as our next “MMT miracle”!!

        • Robert

          Paul, then is guess the Jesus story is just myth? Who’d have thought? Don’t tell Greg, he’ll be disappointed.

          • Greg Hunter

            No Robert Not disappointed. Jesus is real and the story is totally true.

          • paul ...

            Robert … The Fed should learn to share as Jesus did … and not give all the money to their buddies!!

            • paul ...

              And it’s not even “their money” they are giving away … it belongs to “all the citizens of the United States” … and if it is “our debt” … it should not be distributed by people who are not our representatives (the Fed is a private corporation) … a criminal organization … for the fed has taken our 100 cent dollar and turned it into 2 cents … these criminal banksters should be locked up along with Hillary and the Fed disbanded!!

  36. Jimm (Green Lantern)

    I was encouraged to hear Rob Kirby mention cryptos. Having been a long time advocate of gold and silver, I was once a skeptic of the crypto world, until I understood what they were all about. It’s like anything in life, once you come to an understanding of something, then you can make an informed decision on either embracing it or negating it.
    What made me finally get into cryptos was that, in the case of Bitcoin, there is a finite supply to be mined. Upon a halving, which Bitcoin is going to have another this Spring, the mining gets more difficult. It takes twice the energy to mine, then prior to the halving, thus slowing the process to get to the finite number that is determined from the start. Sound complicated, but it’s easy to understand, and there are others who can do a better job of explaining this. In short, once I understood the fundamentals, I was ready to test those waters. It’s an area that, if you are a person willing to make investments in these, you’ll have to do a lot of personal research.
    Not all cryptos are equal or have a defined amount to be mined. To stay on the safe side, I have understood to start with the more household names and then expand as your need and tastes see fit. Aside from my research, I prayed about it, prior to getting into these.
    So, I’m one of those who are straddling the “Biblical currencies” (gold and silver), yet also understand having a stake in the crypto world. What might be an interesting conversation would be to split time between Rob Kirby and Bo Polny as to see why both have mentioned gold, silver, and cryptos all in the same light.
    For a really solid future guest, who could go further into this, I’d recommend bringing on Kevin (has the Crypto Zombie channel on YouTube) or even try to get Bix Weir, who’s a silver and Litecoin advocate. Both would be very engaging, informative, and entertaining guests.
    Meanwhile, I have been shown visions of what is potentially coming and will side with those who say that if “she who should not be named” had beaten Trump, we would’ve seen everything we thought was going to happen.

    • Auntie Seize

      Sucker trap. Read my 2nd post from the top.
      Do you understand “Greater Fool theory”?
      I’m going to “invest” in XYZ and when it goes up I will sell to a fool greater than me!
      Just another variant of a Ponzi scheme.

  37. Sofie Rizzo

    To ponder: Suppose one of those 911 planes that hit the Twin Towers inadvertently struck the Goldman Saks building…where would we be today?

    • paul ...

      In paradise … not because we got rid of an evil corporation … but because the evil corporations buddies would have nuked the entire planet and killed everyone on it!!

  38. Wayne Todd

    As a Canadian I enjoy Greg Hunter’s site very much, hard to get news about our neighbour that is not badly adjusted. Canada has the 9th largest economy so if the US sneezes we get a cold…as I see it the world economy should have blown up long ago it hasn’t because we have all gone along with the fraud . All governments and all financial systems depend on one thing, and only one thing “belief”… no belief, no trust, no system period. So when people keep asking when will it all blow up, answer that one question – when does the collective belief in this fraud end and you will have your answer.

  39. D

    I was trying to explain the situation to a friend and she kept telling me the fed must know what they are doing because they get paid the big bucks and who am I to second guess the fed. This person is very intelligent but somehow she just can’t understand the points I try to make. Unfortunately there are probably many people like her.

    • Greg Hunter

      Be prepared to help her, she is going to need it.

  40. Jerry

    I got sick when I saw this.

    The globalist plan B. Collapse the economy and blame President Trump. That his been my suspicion the whole time. The impeachment scam started about the same time that the Fed pumping started. It’s a three pronged attack. The third prong is waiting in the wings with the United Nations. Brace yourself.

    • Stan

      Jerry: That is rubbish – pure rubbish!

      • Jerry

        I would like to say I’m still in your head, but I now realize you don’t have one. The only rubbish here is you. You’re better than fake news, with your Deutsche bank stock buying, and gold slamming. Stan. I take it back. You’re not rubbish. You’re a douche.

      • Jerry

        Here’s your rubbish Stan.

        Global socialism plans by the United Nations.

  41. Addison Libby

    The original QE, as I understand, was about saving those entities which were TBTF….the converse is , “Too Small to Give a $..t about”…..and unfortunately I’m in that camp. Is it too late to get out one’s money out of your local bank?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good sharp analysis Addison!!!

  42. Jerry

    Deep state and Antifa laying the foundation for a false flag in Virginia.

    Look at how this rag, shapes and molds the propaganda in this story. They make the militia look like armed terrorist. Meanwhile they pump up masked thugs like Antifa. Sad.

  43. R.j.

    Greg ken star who represented Jeff Epstein and got him a sweetheart deal is now representing trump at the impeachment hearings. Help me. What is going on here

    • Greg Hunter

      I have no idea. Things are going to get dicey and if the market crashes you can blame it all on the Dems and RINOs.

    • Justn Observer

      Yes, and would not put to much stock in Chief Justice Roberts after is ‘sellout’ for ACA
      One does wonder with all the new posts of what is in the ‘real’ court documents and GW learnings…how / why those are NOT making it into MSM or FOX or those witnesses are not front and center of the ‘corruption’ investigations?

  44. Beverly

    Thank you for a great interview, Rob and Greg!! I’ve always felt that Rob knows his stuff and tells it like it is.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Beverly and thank YOU!!

  45. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report. You guys are right on the money. You will know the fiat dollar is dead when Walmart Incorporated will no longer accept US Dollars for payment, that will be the first signal to the people that the gig is up. Substance is King when the fiat dollar crashes.

  46. paul ...

    We know why the neocons hate Iran … Iran is keeping the price of oil cheap … hurting the US shale oil industry (and hence the banks) … but what I can’t figure out is why the Iranian leadership would raise gas prices on their own people? … to help the US neocons create a regime change??? … https://theintercept.com/2020/01/16/david-wurmser-iran-suleimani-iraq-war/

  47. JC

    Is there no end to the madness?

    According to CNBC….
    In stock market, it’s become APPLE, MICROSOFT and ALPHABET vs everyone else…
    Wealthy investors see nothing that will stop relentless bull market…

    • Justn Observer

      As the cooling cycle takes place…might add T T C AND M T D ?
      Cooling and dryer tineline charts align nicely with pullbacks, and fiat currency collapses and extreme shifts from wants to needs…

    • paul ...

      And one day JC … all investors will wake up from “the illusion of wealth” … they will find themselves “millionaires” (just like people in Zimbabwe) … and yet even the trillionaires will be unable to afford to buy a pot to piss in (if it is made of gold)!!

  48. Montana Guy

    Greg, why do you fear truth? No one including you has ever proved my points wrong. Fear Not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Montana Guy,
      Why do fear using a verifiable real name?

  49. Anthony D

    The Fed has a printing press and the governments approval, so can stay irrational much longer than anyone here can. Be prepared for this continue for another decade or so.

  50. Andy

    Gold will equal the Dow and overshoot for a time. That’s it’s job. So it may be at 10,000, or 50,000. Throughout much of history, upper middle class made 1 ounce of silver a week. Upper middle class now makes $125,000 annually. Things are out of whack now but will go back to norms. So lets do some math shall we. 125,000/52 = 2403. So $2400 per ounce of silver and it will over shoot that because its been suppressed so long it will blow through 2,400 to who the hell knows. We could have a weimar scenario and see no bid for silver meaning its worth infinity dollars per ounce. The US debt clock has silver at $1125 per ounce silver now. What I’m saying is Mr. Kirby should have said an ounce of SILVER will buy you a killer suit when this all shakes out. An ounce of gold will buy a nice car or even a modest house.

    • paul jr.


      You said, “We could have a weimar scenario and see no bid for silver meaning its worth infinity dollars per ounce”

      Well during the hyperinflation period in the Weimar Republic silver did go up a lot in Marks but unfortunately many things went up much more. So much so that silver lost most of it’s purchasing power.

      In January of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was 250 Marks. One ounce of silver was at 23,277 Marks. So one ounce of silver could buy 93 loaves of bread.

      By September of 1923 the price of a loaf of bread was now 1,523,000 Marks. One ounce of silver was 16,839,937 Marks. So one ounce of silver could now only buy just 11 loaves of bread. Silver had lost about 88% of it’s purchasing power since January 1923.

      However at the peak of hyperinflation, in November 1923, a loaf of bread costs a whopping 201,000,000,000 Marks. One ounce of silver was 543,750,000,000 Marks. So one ounce of silver could now only buy you less than 3 loaves of bread.

      So in January of 1923 with one ounce of silver you could buy 93 loaves of bread but by November that one ounce could only buy less than 3 loaves. That is a loss of almost 97% in purchasing power.

      The same was true other food items and for other things that were in very short supply. So if we had a Weimar senerio we could not buy much with an ounce of silver. So let us hope it a Venezuela or Zimbabwe senerio instead where gold and silver seemed to at least kept pace with inflation.

      • paul ...

        Still can’t lose buying silver Jr. … because an ounce of silver today buys me three(3) six dollar loaves of unbleached non-gmo bread from the health store … and it will “hold its value” (unlike paper fiat) according to your calculations and buy me three(3) loaves of bread “even at the peak of hyper-inflation” … so that is exactly where I want to put my money … into something that will keep me from losing purchasing power!!!

        • paul ...

          Remember … we “are not” buying silver to get rich … we are buying silver “to survive” (the debasement of our currency by criminals at the Fed)!!

          • paul ...

            However Jr. … we could try to make a profit by selling “some of our silver” when it becomes worth 93 loves of bread (and buy things we can then “barter with” when hyper-inflation eventually hits its peak) … 93 loves of $5.95 per loaf bread is $553 dollars per ounce (all of course assuming history will be a valid guide to the future … if things vary by 2 to 3 sigma we may be able to get what the Debt Clock says silver is worth ($1124/oz) or perhaps 3 times $553 ($1659/oz)!!!

        • paul jr.

          Sorry, you can still lose purchasing power even if you buy silver. I gave you one example with what happened in the Weimar Republic where silver almost became worthless in a course of just one year. Now precious metals bulls all agree that over short and intermediate term periods silver and gold can lose it’s purchasing power. But they say that gold and silver does keep pace with inflation over the long-term. Well that is not always true. Even over some long-term time frames gold and silver has lost purchasing power. For example, from 1980 to 2020 (40 years) gold lost 41% of it’s purchasing power. Gold would need to get to $2637 an ounce today just to be able to buy the same goods and services that you could have bought in 1980. And silver was much worse. It lost 88% of it’s purchasing power over that same 40 years. It would need to get to $155 an ounce. So as I have clearly shown, silver and gold are not guaranteed to keep it’s purchasing power in the future. You can only hope it does. So while that one ounce of silver today may buy you three loaves of bread, it might buy you more or less loaves in the future.

          • paul ...

            Well Paul Jr. … As William says … only a time traveler from the future will know for sure what is coming!!

          • Steve Bice

            Another view: Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But I do not believe the Weimar period and the last 35 years are remotely comparable.

            Paul Volcker is on record implicitly supporting suppression of the gold price. The actual quote: “It was probably a mistake to allow gold to rise so high.”

            I believe gold and silver will experience a snapback phenomenon when manipulation breaks down and price equilibrium is based on actual supply and demand…unfettered by derivatives.

            Here is a summary…and theory lending support to those expecting silver and gold to protect their wealth and more. It was written to address another writer’s view that gold would protect…but not increase wealth. The same principles apply to our discussion.

            Respectfully, I would like to offer another perspective. I fully expect you will “get rich” in real terms when gold and silver reset. This “reset” will not be confined to the collapse of the dollar and the subsequent adjustment of the dollar price. Market distortions have set up a “wealth” play in gold and silver.

            Goods typically have a downward sloping demand curve whereby price increases as quantity declines…and vice versa. Think about what has happened in our corrupted metals markets: Paper derivatives on the COMEX purportedly increase the “supply” of gold by ratio of over 200 to 1. Now, imagine that 99.5% of gold supply is suddenly eviscerated by the collapse of the paper gold markets. (Just do a search on downward sloping demand curves to visualize the forces in play.)

            According to basic economic theory, price will soar beyond your wildest expectations…assuming society doesn’t blow completely apart. Simply, the paper markets have spoofed the physical market by creating a fraudulent supply number…with concomitant suppression of price.

            Further, many believe gold (and silver) have characteristics of Giffen goods…meaning as price goes up, demand also goes up. Ever heard of gold fever? That means more demand…and higher “prices”.

            The entire demand curve will shift outward as gold (silver) becomes the go-to investment…meaning further upward pressure on prices.

            Finally, there are many who believe we have reached “peak gold”. If population continues to grow, necessarily, the per capita amount of gold will decline…there is less to go around, so to speak.

            So, take heart, if society holds together in a world-wide reset, you will likely not be worrying about “money” ever again. That said, there will be plenty of other things to worry about.

            Finally, these price (value) moves are entirely independent of inflationary impacts on the dollar. They are “real” gains as “price” adjusts to market forces governed by actual supply and demand fundamentals (and artificial supply is eviscerated). Simply put, you bought at prices far below true market value. Lucky you…

            Further Response to online comment:

            The gains I am describing are entirely independent of inflation…even massive inflation. With regard to inflation, I completely agree with you. I am describing a snap-back phenomenon where gold and silver are suddenly exceedingly scarce (relatively) when 95%+ of the supply (in terms of current price discovery) disappears. You will have the same or greater demand and 5% of the supply…with “price” racing to a new (real) equilibrium point. Inflation will be on top of the value gain…so the final price is irrelevant. But the value (and purchasing power) of the gold you hold should skyrocket.

            We differ…and that’s okay.

          • Steve Bice

            P.S. Another key difference from the Weimar period: The currency of the Weimar Republic was not the world reserve currency. Presumably, as the German Papiermark was failing, Germans had the option of fleeing to the pound sterling…an alternative to gold and silver. Today, there are arguably no sound fiat currencies which would serve as competitors to gold and silver should the dollar fail. Crypto? Who knows…

    • Anthony D

      And when would that be happening? As long as the Fed/Government controls the printing press I truly do not see how or why they will allow this to occur.

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, With KellyAnne Conway’s first choice as a ‘witness’ for the list…then how can Peter Strzrok NOT BE the second…with now so many ties to the whole story…for Hillary email cover-up to push to take down POTUS Trump, infiltrate his campaign and later his Admin, the dossier- the crossfire hurricane and now apparently others of ‘impeachment’ hearing crew…with ties and IP’s going back to the same places of origins? Consider =

  52. Gina M Mancarella

    No more $20 silver of $1600 gold. Were gonna sandbag them around $18 and $1550-1575 respectively.

    If you want to make money, buy the S&P ! Or the DOW ! OR TRIPPLE Q’s !!!!!!!!!

    Otherwise be prepared to take it in the shorts !

    • Greg Hunter

      Who is “We”?

      • Justn Observer

        Are they Me, Myself and I?
        Odd that this am in Davos on CNBC, Dalio’s encouragement was , BUY GOLD?

        • Greg Hunter

          J O,
          I think Dalio has said it all and it signaling where we are going now. People should take notice.

        • paul ...

          JO … he was more into saying “Cash is Trash” (and that’s what you are going to be given when you sell your stock and bonds) … Dalio is using his God given brains and saying you need to have an alternative to Cash … which means you need to own physical gold and silver … https://marketsanity.com/cash-is-trash-ray-dalio-explains-why-you-must-own-gold-in-2020/ … look upon silver’s recent weakness as help from God (as it actually increases its bullish potential) … we should use all the banksters (and Stan’s) attempts to drive sliver lower as opportunities to buy!!

    • Jerry

      I’ve never seen anyone get their spurs as tangled up as you do. LOL. Go ahead and buy those pumped up stocks. Are you sure you’re not married to Stan?

      • paul ...

        What we should fear the most Jerry is … that Stan and Gina’s child is now old enough to begin commenting too??

        • Jerry

          My ribs are sore from laughing. That’s priceless!

        • Montana Guy

          Greg, you post this frivolous crap and yet censor me when I post facts and truth. No one including you has yet to prove me wrong? How does your mission statement read now?

          • Greg Hunter

            Montana guy,
            your “facts and truth.” Verifiable name was asked for I think you are the Marxist farmer from New Zealand.

    • Hamiltonian Boozer

      IN LIKE FLYNN Eat yer heart out “GINER”
      Barbara Flynn-Redgate: The Latest Developments on the General Flynn Legal Front
      14,418 views•Jan 19, 2020
      Wow, Giner.
      We’ve come a long way baby! From the day’s even before Trump! With the Russkie hoax, we lured your band of cut-throats in AND LOOK WHAT WE GOT! The three stooges, in the noose and the whole Clintanista corruption interrupted and on the run.
      Where you scoundrels gonna hide? It’s a terrible thing to fool the American sheeple! You will soon find out, their son of God, wont be Mr. nice guy, again when he returns and they will string you all up. Guaranteed before he gets here. I’ll pray for your resurrection! LOL!
      Un-Civil War in Your Future
      The Global Economy Is Breaking Down, Trump Signed The Phase 1 Trade Deal With China

  53. Mike R

    More “Not QE”, QE from the Fed….

    The FEd is such a joke. DeMartino says there is a Fed Repo run rate of $100 billion a month. Unfortunately, the FED has actually spilt more than $1 Trillion since Sept, but who’s counting ? Seriously, there are so many lies these days coming out of the FED, and so many ‘leaks’ through venues like these talking heads, the FED is obviously trying to baffle everyone with BS, to hide their utter panic of holes so big in the banks and hedgefunds, that there simply is not enough QE on the planet to plug them. QE4 has been in action for months, and make no mistake, it will dwarf what happened in 2008. The repos already have by a factor of 20. Banks are simply preparing for armageddon. Hedge funds are already in Armageddon, so no ‘preparing’ by them – just massive bail outs, that Im sure Trump has orders out to everyone in every agency (except clueless Dems) not mention this in public. Someone will leak the emergency soon, and it’ll likely get out the Fed had to pony up $5 trillion in the past 6 months, not unlike the ‘missing’ $21 trillion. The money needed now, just like Kirby says, is really an exponential function in terms of the rate of increase needed to be pumped into the dying system. Karl Denninger laid this out some years ago, in his book called “Leverage.” Its happening now in real time for anyone willing to admit it and pay attention. There really is nothing left for the FED to do. It has no choice. It cannot stop the QE. This is like the Tsunami that islands find out is coming, and since there is no higher ground, and no way to escape because the width of the Tsunami is too wide to outrun by boat, and so everyone just waits until it hits and hopes they survive. The signs of massive QE, is the stock market barreling higher upward after years of already exceeding nosebleed valuations. I expect nearly everyone to get into stocks right now, bc they will keep heading higher, until its just too late. Everyone will ‘capitulate’ due to hyperinflation, and will see stocks as their ‘savior’ bc those keep going higher, despite massive nosebleeds. What will you do, when the Dow is at 40,000 by year end ? kick yourself for not getting in it, or being in it ? thats what we are facing with the amount of QE that will be unloaded by the FED. Heck Trump wont mind that. The illusion of wealth will make voters very happy to vote for Trump. He’ll say its because of all the ‘great trade’ deals.

    • Mike R

      Well Kudlow just let the cat out of the bag. He says the Fed’s (recent) T-Bill purchases (rep0’s) are ‘basically QE.’ So they can no longer say “NOT QE.” But we knew it was QE.


      This confirms way way more is coming, now that the robe has been lifted.

      The great thing about Trump getting Kudlow into a position like this, is for moments like these (where the Fed has been lying) that you know Kudlow just can’t keep his mouth shut.

    • paul ...

      Mike …the stock market will give the illusion of wealth but an ever more worthless dollar (that created the illusion) is all you will have left to show for it … concentrate your fire on taking gold and silver and “holding the high ground” as we push it up to $1800 and above … give the globalists no quarter … we have all suffered losses in this battle for our children’s future … but we fight on because we know it is “the right thing to do” to defeat an insidious enemy who will make “slaves of our children” and our children’s children … this is a battle of good over evil … and it has been raging since Satan and his Demon-rats “tried to do a coup d’etat” against God the Father!!

    • paul ...

      Mike … not only is the Fed a joke … but so are our politicians who brought us to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and soon Iran … by believing in the Fed and believing in our politicians “to bring us different results” (like a secure gold backed dollar and a world at peace) “Makes Us All Crazy” (according to Einstein)!!!

  54. J.P. Morgunstun

    POLITICS | JANUARY 13, 2020
    10 Horrific Ways Iran Is Slaughtering Its Own People

  55. Matt

    Velocity of currency, debasement, M1, M2, and easing. All of these catch phrases to describe the state of currency. In my studies, it seems to me to boil down to confidence. I don’t see how the public will lose confidence in the currency similar to historical perspective such as Weimar. The main difference today is digital as it hides the physical abundance of cash. Can this caveat keep it going infinitum?

  56. john doenuter

    Two Down
    ______One Big Fish to Go!©

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, So tolerant these ‘liberal leftists – eh?
    According to journalist Andy Ngo, Weissgerber is an aspiring Soundcloud rapper who hates police officers, Israel, women and of course – Trump supporters. =
    Weissgerber, the communist Sanders campaign staffer who calls for left-wing violence, is placing his social media on lockdown and has already deleted his Twitter account, which I was able to see. On it, he praises Marxism, expresses hatred of Israel, law enforcement, & more. pic.twitter.com/R5RMn8fjHr
    — Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) January 21, 2020

    South Carolina @BernieSanders Field Organizer @martinthemanic: “I’ll straight up get armed…I’m ready for the “f**king revolution”; “Guillotine the rich”; ‘send Republicans to re-education camps’
    FULL RELEASE 12:00PM#Expose2020 pic.twitter.com/tUCeKEY6aM
    — James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 21, 2020

    * LOL = Friend of Gina’s? Doubt any are shake’n in their boots…! 2.6 million Vets were cycled thru Vietnam alone… apparently they don’t know how to count…add those to the just straight up MAGA crew and 2nd Amendment believers – though some certainly overlap…do believe those few Bernie lov’n Marxist who can not even fill a decent size banquet room let alone a stadium…will have their hands full ! Throw in the Bidenites…OK add a few dozen more…

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, A cruise into the mindful mindfield of the perplexing paradox they may be trying to impose upon us?
    is congressional deep state behind industrial tech theft and espionage?

    • paul ...

      The “perplexing paradox” is that our Constitutional Government has somehow morphed into “a giant oil company with an army” … that is currently putting sanctions on every other oil producer in the world (Russia, Iran, etc.) just so we can sell our oil and gas to Europe … now if it is to balance the budget and make America Great Again … does that make it legal?? … however one thing it shows is the power of owning a gun … and why we patriots should never give up our 2nd Amendment rights if we don’t want to be bully-ed and sanctioned!!

  59. James Brown

    If the Fed wasn’t supporting the repo market we would be having a crash like 2008/2009 right now. We have reached the bottom of interest rates. The free market is in the process of killing socialism. So guess what??? Interest rates are going to 8%. What are all the ZIRP and NIRP bonds worth when the world will only accept an 8% yield???
    If you have a 30 year treasury worth $100,000.00 at 2% interest, When interest rates go to 8% that treasury will be worth $25,000.00 on the open market. When interest rates go up, bond values go down. Good luck Gentlemen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!!

    • john

      deflation of assets – it will not be limited to just bonds when rates correct – it will hit housing and stocks as well – massive deflation of core assets imho.

  60. JC

    OMG, this is a “must read” by Martin Armstrong about Hillary Clinton… OMG.


    • paul ...

      It’s not just Hillary … the whole country is “not straight” … the Fed’s balance sheet has been expanding at the fastest pace since the Financial Crisis in 2009 … federal spending is growing at the second fastest pace since 1985 … this is the sort of monetary and fiscal stimulus one would expect to be implemented during depths of a major recession … and yet it is happening with full-employment … the stock market at record highs … and broad money growing at the fastest rate in seven years … perhaps things would make more sense if we just recognize the Fed as “some kind of deviate” (as their current policy stance only makes sense if one’s brain is twisted like some bisexual trying to become “Madam President”)!!

  61. Michael

    Greg, the Rob Kirby interview is gone. It’s not on your YouTube channel either.


  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, Impeachment hearings a hoot ! Schiff and Nader stupidly bring up LEONID…!
    The whole network going on long before POTUS TRUMP ever took office…they just sunk their ‘hanging it on Trump’ ? lol GW advise is LEONID and his brother should be the first to be called….then PETER STRZOK… Too funny ! THE DNC UNCOVERING THEMSELVES WITH ALL THE GREAT METADATA? Guess we will find out if they call witnesses at all? after above ,..call Cofer Black, Bidens, Pelosi – get the ‘real’ timelines right…and they convict themselves ! Pakistani ISIS ARMS FACTORY and all = massive NATO drug for weapons and tech transfer end around congressional approval by gang of eight ops…? Pelosi,” IMRAN , GET IN HERE !’?
    They don’t need Bolton…they just hung ‘themselves’ ! lol check the dates of articles?









    • Justn Observer

      IP SHOW HUNTER BIDEN IS A MATERIAL WITNESS ? and shouldn ‘t there be a subpoena for his encrypted blackberry phone? (would that not help POTUS to show Biden’s true work – the tie to the servers – and what was ‘really’ going on in Ukraine?
      May be no one wants the ‘public’ to really know what was going on within the deep state…between the ‘gang of eight – deep state players’ behind the President and general Congress back? Illegal drugs for weapons and tech transfers for the NO DEAL DEALS?

      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 53m53 minutes ago
      Going live in five – Schiff is suppressing key Hunter Biden evidence. Hunter Biden used illegal encrypted communication. I have IP addresses and server locations. Biden blackberries must be subpoenaed for a fair trial for Trump.

      • Justn Observer

        By golly …I think once it sinks in and the people and vets, the families of dead vets and those that lost limbs realize that the weapons used against them have been supplied by the ‘gang of eight’ and their fellow encrypted pay to play crew…we will see a HOT civil war! One could see many of the politicians, elite , and MSM now targeted for their dealings and help in the cover ups !
        From Benghazi to now missiles falling on U.S. troop barricks in IRAQ…IS IT NOT TIME the ‘criminally insane’ be encouraged to leave office and that ‘asset forfeiture’ ensues? Where is the DOJ, did AG Barr also change his first name to WHERE’S?
        Time TERM LIMITS be strongly enforced…as mandatory retirements of ‘many’ of the career employees BEFORE they collapse the economy further and push this nation into a wider war to cover up THEIR crimes! With that, a toast to all’s enslavement and as CAF says, entrainment…! I contemplate all those millions staring at the BOOB tube, the contrived school play called ‘the IMPEACHMENT trial of someone, POTUS , who is trying to clean it all up !
        Can anyone take Congress serious or claim those people as ‘their’ ””leaders”’ of the free world ?
        Schumer and Shifty Schiff and crew nominated for ‘ co-best actors’ in political fiction, AS THE NATION CHURNS AND BURNS AND ITS ECONOMY GOES SOUTH….
        They get my vote!

      • paul ...

        He not only touches women but he lies … https://twitter.com/davidsirota/status/1216381872982200320

  63. Theta Lion

    Greg….this is a big deal….. WeAreTheEvidence.org partnering with Robert Kennedy and the IRREGULATOR’s to take on the FCC. Please consider having Dafna and John on your show.

    Robert Kennedy, Dafna, & IRREGULATORS Attorney to Sue FCC – Please help us
    Dafna Tachover
    Hi All
    I’m so excited to announce the Children’s Health Defense will be suing the FCC and we have the ideal legal team to lead this effort including Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who won the Attorney of the Year for leading the cases against Monsanto, the IRREGULATOR’s attorney, Scott McCollough, and myself. Please see the Children’s Health Defense announcement and our request to help us fund this case:

    Robert Kennedy, Jr. Assembles Legal Team to Sue FCC over Wireless Health Guidelines

    Announcing this is quite emotional for me. Ten years ago I got severely sick from this radiation because of the FCC’s lies. Ever since being injured, I’ve been waiting for this day and the opportunity to sue the FCC on behalf of all of us who have been injured, especially on behalf of the numerous children I’ve been working with for the past seven years. The immense suffering of these children was caused by the FCC’s actions and inaction via adopting obsolete exposure guidelines, claiming there is no evidence of harm. Well, we are the evidence.

    In my 2012 case against the Israeli government we gave a voice to the children in Israel, and I am grateful to be in a place in which we can now give a voice to the children in the US, and to all others whose voice has been suppressed.

    We are continuing to collect testimonials of children who have become injured. If your child has been injured by wireless technology radiation, please contact me at [email protected]

    I hope you will support our efforts to finally get the truth out. Here is how to donate:

    Go to Children’s Health Defense ‘Donate’ page, and under ‘Funding Options’ choose ‘Stop 5G’ (see below).
    Thank you!


    Dafna Tachover, Managing Director
    Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA
    Phone: (845) 377 0211

  64. Theta Lion

    “Please consider having Dafna and John on your show”…..John should read Robert….thinking about his uncle :<)

  65. Montana Guy

    Off topic but it might help dealing with the daily urges to strangle Commie Leftists. The satire is priceless.

  66. paul ...

    You know … as the Debt Clock shows gold and silver rising in value encouraging our hopes and dreams of living the good life … the Doomsday Clock tells us we only get 100 seconds to enjoy that good life (it’s just like all of humanity working all their collective lives to attain their dreams … and then “everyone get knocked off” in 100 years)!! … instead of humanity putting our best scientists working on Manhattan Projects to build a big bomb “that can kill millions” … why not have our scientists work on Projects that can “extent our lives” to what we know “is possible” (we “know” conclusively that Noah lived for 900 years … let’s work on finding the secret … instead of putting our scientists to insanely work on building weapons of war … that we use over and over again … with the same unsuccessful results (failure to achieve peace)!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/doomsday-clock-hits-100-seconds-midnight-viral-pandemic-sweeps-globe

  67. Craig

    I love your podcasts always learn new information. I hear from most Gold bugs the same argument one ounce of gold in the 1920s could buy a well made suite and shoes and shirt. Maybe am cheap but I bought a great suite from the men’s wearhouse for 170 bucks, shirt for 21 bucks from Edie Bower, shoes at Payless for 29 bucks!,,,, for a total of $220.00
    Does that mean Gold is over priced? By a factor of 7? Just an observation

    • paul ...

      Craig … In 1875 the cost of a good suit was $10 (about 1/2 ounce of gold) … in the 1920’s a good suit cost about $25 (almost 1 ounce of gold) … in the 1930’s gangsters like Al Capone paid between $85 to $135 dollars for a good suit (about 2.4 to 3.8 ounces of gold) … so the price of a good mans suit “has progressively gotten more expensive in terms of gold” it is not constant … today a well built hand crafted custom tailored suit can cost $6,500 to $10,000 dollars ( about 4.1 to 6.4 ounces of gold) … the plastic or nylon fiber suits you buy today for about $200 dollars are “machine made and un-tailored”!!! … by Rob Kirby saying one ounce of gold should be the cost of “a good tailor made suit” (like in the 1920’s) he is effectively saying gold “should be” $6,000 to $10,000 dollars per ounce!!

      • paul ...

        Back in the 1930’s a basic Model T Ford cost about $600 dollars or 20 ounces of gold … today a basic car similarly costs about 20 ounces of gold $30,000 … so as you can see gold “preserves your buying power” … if you are looking to buy gold “to make a profit” you need to “time the market fluctuations and trade it” … for instance at the gold peak in 1980 gold sold for 800 dollars per ounce and the cost of a new car was $7,000 dollars (or only 8.75 ounces of gold) … if in a few years a car costs $60,000 dollars and gold is selling for $6850 you may want to lighten up on your gold holdings … if however if the Fed prints like crazy … and a new car costs $100,000 dollars in a few years you wouldn’t lighten up until gold reached $11,400 dollars per ounce!!

  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, Now we might know where SHIFTY Schiff gets his supply of hot air…for one of his largest donors? May be there is another reason Schiff was so supportive of Biden getting the investigation tossed? And more to why he shares so much concern that investigation gets re-started?

  69. paul ...

    It is about time someone created a “Fake News” outlet to satirize and counter the Deep State’s Fake News outlets … which will get people to “think for themselves” instead of simply believing everything they read or hear! … https://genesiustimes.com/bernie-promises-to-transfer-all-student-debt-to-people-who-already-paid-off-their-student-debt/

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