Fed Rate Rise Would Smoke Derivatives-Bill Holter

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer Bill Holter says don’t expect the economy to get better anytime soon.  Holter says, “We’re probably in recession again . . . the economy has been quite weak.  It looks to me we could be breaking down in the stock market.  This is going to be a really critical week.”

On the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, Holter contends, “From a credibility standpoint, the Fed has to raise rates.  In a real world, I don’t think they can raise rates.  If they raise rates, my guess within two weeks you will see all the markets close.  A rate rise, even a quarter of a point in Fed Funds, would smoke derivatives.  You would see a chain reaction, and we would probably see a chain reaction even before they raise rates.”

Holter contends the banking system is interconnected and very weak and explains his point by saying, “Look at what happened when the Swiss dropped their peg to the euro.  That basically has tanked the Austrian banking system.  The Austrian banking system is on the verge of collapse because they lent in Swiss Francs.  The strength in the Swiss Franc makes those loans much more difficult to pay back.  That’s thrown the entire (Austrian) banking system out of kilter.  If you do that with the dollar and you raise rates, and the dollar gets strong or spikes up 5% or 10% overnight, what’s that going to do to banks all over the world?  That’s going to create a smoking black hole of derivatives.” 

On the possibility banks bailing themselves out with depositor money, or so-called bank bail-ins, Holter predicts, “I think it’s highly likely.  Once this goes, it’s going to go really quickly.  I’ve said this before, this will go completely around the world within 48 hours.  Would they bail-in the banks within 48 hours?  Probably not, but our banks would not be open, and we would probably have a banking holiday.  That means your credit card, ATM or nothing works.”

Holter says his top picks that will cause the system to crash this year are Greece, Ukraine and Austria.  Holter explains, “Ukraine has a dire financial situation and talking about a big payment due in June that they can’t pay.  They don’t have the money.  We also heard news that 50 Abrams tanks were sent from the U.S. on the way to Ukraine.  That’s terrible news.  That, on its own, can start a war. . . . If that war went hot and a nuke was lit up, within 48 hours the entire system would be shut down.”  Holter goes on to say the third big top in what he calls a three ring circus is Austria.  Holter says, “It’s basically the Austrian system over a very small payment, a $600 million payment is throwing them off kilter.  It’s come about because of the loans made in Swiss Francs.  The Swiss Franc was revalued (30%) higher.  So, now you have a whole bunch of loans in Austria where the loan is valued higher than the property itself. . . . That’s thrown the Austrian banking system into bankruptcy, and Austria is one of the strong European countries.”

In closing, Holter says, “In my opinion, our financial system is so far gone, and our leaders know it is so far gone and it’s going to collapse, that they almost have to have a war to blame the collapse of the markets on. . . . We are trying to start a fight anywhere that we can.  Doesn’t matter where it is.  We need to have a war, let it escalate and let the markets collapse, and blame the collapse of the markets, which will happen whether we have a war of not.  They are trying to hold the markets long enough until they can get a war started.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals and financial expert Bill Holter of MilesFranklin.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Holter is a prolific writer and has commentary and analysis on almost every business day of the week.  If you want to follow his work, please click here.  There are also other writers offering free commentary and analysis on MilesFranklin.com.

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  1. Jerry

    Greg, its time to call a spade a spade. The dollar is going to collapse in September. The Financial Stability Board letter that was sent to the G20, (that I posted last week) implies it if you read between the lines. You know it, and the umpteen countries who just signed a deal with the AIIB this last month know it as well.

    What we are watching is the literal sinking of the dollar like the Titanic. You have the bow (the dollar index) rising up out of the water, while the stern (negative GDP) is going under. You have the rich (the bankers) getting in life boats (smashing metal prices) so they can inflate their assets. Where are we? We’re down in lower levels with the stowage treading water.

    Here’s the rest of the story. The Chinese want to set up exchange platforms here in the United States using the Yuan with our Banks when the reset comes. But the problem is they don’t like the idea that they will encountering armed pissed of American citizens. Our government has signed agreements with the Chinese to do exactly that when they took 6 trillion dollars in loans from them back in 2008. Promises kept. Tarp was a tie over program.
    Thus you have the birth of a disarmament program called Jade Helm 15. (Jade= China) (Helm= moving to the front) (15= is the year it will start) that will be starting in…….. you guessed it 07/15/15. Get it? SEVEN.

    • Jim Gilly

      Jerry, good analogy with the Titanic.

      Jade Helm is the latest US hoax to get the sheeple into thinking it’s nothing more than another drill that will lead to a safer and more secure USA. Instead, when it’s a pre-cursor to martial law and the final takedown of the entire population.

      Once the real event occurs, large numbers will be rounded up, some shipped to FEMA camps/detention centers where they will be interned or terminated. Some won’t even make it to the camps as they put up “resistance” and are dealt with on the spot.

      Based on prior timetables, it may be this year but personally I believe it will be sometimes in 2016 when this all plays out. Still a little time for those that want to get out of Dodge and by Dodge I mean the USA. Trying to find a safe haven anywhere in this country is going to prove futile for the vast majority. What lies ahead is probably something you might not want to survive anyway. Nothing is ever going to return to “normal” no matter what the optimistic survival pundits keep telling you. When you hear end game, believe it.

      • blt

        I live in Houston. There are over 15 million (real numbers not gubmint) people that live in the beltway radius. And ALOT are packing. I can’t wait to see how overwhelmed they are when they realize we have more gun owners than they have in all the armed forces personell put together. Texas was always a target and just like we told santa annas dumbass…..”come and get it boys!!” C you guys when the smoke clears.

    • NC Gal


      The definition of helm is:
      n. Nautical The steering gear of a ship, especially the tiller or wheel.
      n. A position of leadership or control: at the helm of the government.
      v. To take the helm of; steer or direct.

      I agree with your connecting Jade with China. Jade has been historically a precious gem in the Far East and was widely used in ornamental objects and jewelry.

      I read (and posted) about what Jade Helm is going to do and I didn’t see anything about disarmament in there whatsoever. It seems it is more like an exercise that will have the military working closely with local law enforcement in interacting with the local populace. I see it as an exercise preparatory to widespread martial law. “They” know the collapse is coming and have been preparing for it for a long time. Anyone who resists will be disposed of, one way or another.

    • West Tejas

      I wouldn’t be quite so quick to state the dollar is going to collapse this fall. It’s my input we’ll look back in 3 years from now and the dollar will still be the primary world reserve currency even though there will a strong alternative. I still think this will be a slow burn with gold and silver remaining capped.
      I’ve just seen this type of scenario too many times and come to the conclusion these people are expert can-kickers. I don’t think the can-kicking is finished just yet. Aren’t we on about Round 8 for Greece’s default even though they’ve already defaulted a couple of times just they changed the rules on a default at last minute so they could say that Greece didn’t technically default. Wow, that sounds like a nursery school rhyme or something! I wouldn’t expect anything less this time either.
      Even if Greece does enter an agreement with Russia or BRICS it will be a positive note for Euro where they can state they got rid of their weakest link that was dragging everyone else down. The Euro would probably strengthen on this news and stock market would rally. Just sayin’ nothing would surprise me given the recent past events.

      • Art Barnes

        West t, so right on! Look at some of my post, totally agree with you, the dollar bill along with the capitalist west with its FED & financial media are quite resilience; get ready to be amazed at the can kicking ability of these elite banks, government(s), Fed, financial media, U.S. Military Complex & the U.S. Government, among others to name a few. My best guess is it will be a very slow slog to third world status, without firing a shot they will take the system down giving the elite enough time to get on another side and hedge their bets and stay on top. The elite have been destroying the job base in America for 50 years now and probably can continue to do so one loss job at a time, but it will take time and this fall will come and go with the middle class still viable albeit smaller to a small degree.

        • Rich M

          I agree Art. A slow slog to third world status. We have to remember that the USA is a nuclear super power. They will wait to destroy us within or do the slow burn until others have such advanced technology that even our nukes are no more of a world wide threat. Hell, they will probably get our politicians to dis-arm them at some point to allow them to kick the can for just a little longer. At this time though, they will not risk crashing us and risking a possible world destruction scanerio. Fortuneate yet unfortuneate as well as I think the can kicking will happen for years to come and we will see this country and our freedoms continue to be given away. I’d rather die free than live as a slave.

    • Desert Rose

      What can we do?
      This is VERY important information….Thank you, Jerry.
      I’m less afraid of the Chinese than our own cabal, but I somehow don’t think this will go as planned.

      • Jerry

        Desert Rose.
        I would take every opportunity to prepare. If you can get out of the country, I would do it now. I have seen the memo to the G20 by the Basil Committee and they are moving forward regardless of whether the U.S. is ready or not. AIIB systems will be going online by June, and full implementation of the system is expected by September.

        • Desert Rose

          I wish I could leave…but I been ruined by the crashes twice.
          I’ve been reading the book John Adams by David McCullough. In those times, no one really knew how it would go. Much loss of life happened. The revolution happened- as Adams says, It happened first in the minds of the people. The American people have had enough. Much is said about how no one is paying attention. But my experience is that everyone knows the economy is wrecked. They know the Fed is a disaster. So, the Chinese AIIB is not our worst enemy. I read somewhere- don’t have the link- that the Chinese value American intellectual capital. We invent things here, despite our despotic government. We are still the most innovative nation, and all the patents have been suppressed and controlled by Federal Government and Defense Department. When the Federal Govt is dismantled, those patents can be freed up. Since I, at least now, have to stay here, I am a patriot- not to the Federal Government- but to the Constitution as originally written.

          • wd

            Desert Rose,

            The only hope for the US is for the federal govt to dissolve and we can go back to a state dominated nation. Where the states have preemption over a central govt as planned!

        • Matt

          Drills,Laws passed that encroach on basic Constitutional Rights all have an intended purpose,to eventually be used. They are not drawn up by MERE coincidence or drills carried out on the scale coming up for no reason.

        • Jeff L

          I will ask again Jerry. Did you leave ?

        • Rich M


          May I ask what are your top suggested places to go if comeone wanted to get out?

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      If anyone is ready to issue me a tin foil hat because of my closing statement, I have one question for you. Do you know what UNODA is ?
      United nations office for disarmament affairs.

    • allen ols


      Another Banker Dead: IRAN Executes Rothschild Billionaire …
      May 25, 2014 – NWO Rothschild billionaire at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam, the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, …
      Rothschild Bankers Are Pulled In Russia,… – Anonymous Art …
      Rothschild Bankers Are Pulled In Russia, Iceland, China, Iran, & Hungary! Russian … Hungary: Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.
      Rothschild Too Big To Jail? Russia, Egypt, Iceland, Iran …
      Dec 9, 2013 – Rothschild Bankers Are Pulled In Russia, Iceland, China, Iran, & Hungary! … Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.
      Rothschild wants Iran’s banks – Hang The Bankers
      Feb 26, 2013 – Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western …

      • Jerry

        Allen read this letter very carefully.

        My take on the banker suicides, and deaths, is the central planners planning the reset are restructuring their organizations pre, and post collapse. Either the bankers (in case the Rothschild’s) didn’t want to go along with the plan, or were no longer needed. I think its a safe bet when AIIB ( takes the helm…hint …hint) there will be a lot more if they can’t buy their way to the bargaining table with gold.

        • allen ols


          tks, i read all your links, al

    • Matt

      Jerry, your spot on. My thinking is they(China) will attempt to disarm as a force.

    • Bill Holter

      no one knows the timing but you are correct Jerry, the dollar’s days are numbered.

    • Jerry

      Greg, do you want to see what the face of real economic change looks like?
      Check out the Shanghai Gold Exchange home page.
      This is where the deception and manipulation will end. Along with the dollar.

    • Jerry

      Greg do you want to see what the face of real economic change looks like?
      The buck stops here.

    • susan

      Jerry, should we start learning Chinese? I’m serious. Many people I know are seriously considering this.

  2. JC Davis

    Great interview Greg. 100% in agreement.

    • Al Hall



      • JC Davis

        Thanks Al Hall that was intense to here the British are going threw some of the same things we are with Obama. So much more to say but what talk will change anything ? For that matter what action can a few folks do.

      • Silence is Golden

        This is not new. The UN and the EU already operate in this manner. A new system of Government = NWO. The people who are at the top echelons of these establishments are not elected by democratic process and yet they control the policies of the Governments of the Globe. Why do you think the UN headquarters are in NYC.
        These are the mandates of the UN:
        •Ensuring a greater coherence of views within the United Nations;
        •Facilitating a more effective participation of developing countries in global processes…….
        ….the UN was created in 1952…..what has the populace been doing since….apart from sleeping at the wheel !!!!

        • Al Hall

          SiG- I know that as you do as well. But, I assume many are not up to speed with everything happening- coming at us from all sides-and speeding-up as we go forward. And this is just from the financial side of things- much happening on the physical side- asteroids coming- planet X due next year, very strange solar events taking place- ie one of them:
          a 20 mile in diameter object is hoovering over the south pole- been there for months- no one talks about it. Got this from a CIA scientist friend and one article I read.
          It’s going to get really crazy out there soon??

          • Silence is Golden

            …”a 20 mile in diameter object is hovering over the south pole- been there for months”…..
            “no one talks about it “….Similar to the astronomical Debt levels and the impending Death of the Fiat Monetary System.
            We’re already at the Lunatic level….this is when the fun begins.
            I would like to see that article you read about the “Object” though.

  3. NC Gal

    Thank you for having Bill back. After listening to so many viewpoints, I tend to just nod and wait, but I have to say that there was a lot of new information brought forth here and I wished that there had been time to go into some of it in more depth, such as the significance of Taiwan moving over to the other side financially. I found my mouth hanging open in surprise more than once as I listened. The overall feeling was that the snowfall had increased and that snowflake moment that causes the avalanche could happen at any time.

    The information that Greece is meeting with Russia this weekend was news to me, also. According to James Turk’s interview on KingWorldNews.com (http://kingworldnews.com/ecb-to-steal-greek-bank-deposits-as-greece-to-default-within-two-weeks-sending-shockwaves-around-the-world/):

    ” Athens may not have enough cash to meet its month-end obligations. But even if it somehow manages to squeeze through, it needs to repay €450m to the IMF on April 9. And then Athens faces a really big hurdle that may be insurmountable.

    Two Greek Treasury bills totaling €2.4 billion mature on April 14 and April 17. Most of this debt is sitting in Greek banks, which have been rolling over these bills with emergency funding obtained from the ECB, rather than demanding repayment from the Greek government. But these two upcoming bills are different because at least €500 million is owed to investors outside Greece who are going to ask for their money back.”

    This got my attention because (as I have written about before) I can see some things in the future and saw a small bump on the fabric of time occurring on April 16-17 and my interpretation of what I saw led me to conclude that things could accelerate greatly after that. The last of those dates concerning Greece is April 17, and from what Bill Holter has just said here in this interview, I think things are definitely heating up right now! April 17 is almost two weeks away and I think a lot can and will happen by then.

    • OutLookingIn

      NC Gal, your ‘take’ on the current global financial situation is quite right.

      Now mix in the constantly escalating, global political/military macro events and you have the makings of a ‘perfect’ global social upheaval. People around the world are ever so slowly coming to the full realization that ‘things’ are not normal and are out of whack.


    • Bill Holter

      thanks NC Gal.

  4. Jeff L

    “They are trying to hold the markets long enough until they can get a war started.” Yep, and the Fed only bluffs about raising rates, all supported by their lackey MSM………. Because this is all clear to us it’s easy to understand why our leaders (congress) are doing nothing……. What they are doing is preparing themselves and their families while exclaiming that everything’s fine.

    • Jeff L

      Bill I frankly believe it would be better to collapse right now (Greece?) so these idiots controlling everything will/might be thrown off their plans for Sept/Oct.

      • Silence is Golden

        Something tells me that they will collapse it…they just need to ensure its on their terms…not by accident. Greece I agree is an accident waiting to happen…but this may just be theatre in the same vein as the FED propaganda. All very much a means to an end. They push or stretch it far enough …eventually something will give.

        • allen ols

          SIG; FOUND THIS, sing it–(littlelarrysummers by gerald celente.)

          Time US Leadership Woke Up To New Economic Era, by Larry Summers

          This past month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. True, there have been any number of periods of frustration for the US before, and times when American behaviour was hardly multilateralist, such as the 1971 Nixon shock, ending the convertibility of the dollar into gold. But I can think of no event since Bretton Woods comparable to the combination of China’s effort to establish a major new institution and the failure of the US to persuade dozens of its traditional allies, starting with Britain, to stay out of it.

          This failure of strategy and tactics was a long time coming, and it should lead to a comprehensive review of the US approach to global economics. With China’s economic size rivalling America’s and emerging markets accounting for at least half of world output, the global economic architecture needs substantial adjustment. Political pressures from all sides in the US have rendered it increasingly dysfunctional.


          • Silence is Golden

            I saw that already Allen.
            To me that’s hysterical …especially coming from the man that was single-handedly responsible for Banking DE-REGULATION and importantly… the deregulation of Derivatives Contracts. Thank GOD he didn’t proceed with the Chairmanship of the FED.
            Talk about the devil in disguise.

    • aussie jeff

      totally in agreement JeffL …….get their own little castles in order then flick the switch!!

    • Bill Holter

      war to cover the “dirty”.

    • susan

      They are only preparing for helping their buddies for the next election. It is so sad.

  5. Don

    Greg, hope you and family had a good Easter. I was wondering, though I brought it up the other day. The Rothschild interest in the global banking system includes Russia and other bric nations. When I Google it and reviewed the nations they have banks in. It shows Libya as a recently added. They worked really quick after Kadafi was killed. I did not see Syria, N. Korea, or Iran on the list. You can Google it for verification. I’m sure you see my meaning. But one thing that came to me, is if the new Bric banks that are suppose to rival the IMF and World bank, that everyone is rushing to, are not themselves a Rothschild creation, and are merely an extension or a way of letting the euro Asian crowd have more say than they would in the IMF and World bank, but still under control of old Rothschild control. Another spin on the NWO, so to speak. We know be scripture, global control of the economic system eventually produces the mark of the beast. Just wanted to get your thoughts.

    • Silence is Golden

      A monetary and trade system that has at its core the USD is not something the International Bankers wish to give up easily. Do not think for one moment that the Rothschild Dynasty will not want total ownership /control of any new system that is devised or finds its genesis. If that is not achieved, they will create the circumstances for or simply manifest a WAR. Can you not see the concept of this already occurring with the threat that is China and Russia. Those other states that you mention are sovereign nations which are free of the Rothschild curse. They cannot be controlled through the MO of the agents of the Bankers in the form of IMF and World Bank.

      • Bill Holter

        the world requires honest, fair and true settlement.

        • Silence is Golden

          I agree, but how do we know that is something the BRICS are striving for and will achieve. We wont know until we get to the other side…and then what …..we have no other choice ??

    • susan

      Don, very good thoughts.

  6. Don

    Correction, I found anther site that included Iran so don’t know about that one. I did find it rather amazing that the nations that were added from 2000, according to list and article were the ones we fought in though.

    • Silence is Golden

      Not coincidence.

  7. Doug

    Greg, I be loving me some Bill Holter! Always love his analysis. I think he’s spot on with everything he says except for the timing, because I believe people underestimate how many tricks and sleight of hand gestures can and will be used to prop up the system. It made it this far, didn’t it???

    On a related, I would recommend to anyone the book “The 5000 Year Leap”. Read the 15th principle titled Free-Market Economics. It opened my eyes. The four laws of economic freedom are: 1) the freedom to try; 2) the freedom to buy; 3) the freedom to sell; and 4) the freedom to fail. Think of the numerous examples of how the govt interferes with these (e.g., saving banks (#4)). The original role of govt was to prevent four areas from occurring: 1) Illegal force (compelling the purchase or sale of products); 2) Fraud (misrepresenting the quality, location or ownership of the item being sold or bought); 3) Monopoly (eliminate competition and restrain trade); and 4) Debauchery (of moral standards by commercial exploitation of vice like commercial gambling, porno, drugs, etc.). Looking at it now, can you see how it is actively involved in the very things it was meant to prohibit? Tough times are coming and most don’t have the faintest idea…As was said in the movie, “Iceberg dead ahead!”

    Keep up the great work Greg and happy Easter to you.

    • OutLookingIn

      Doug, Ludwig von Mises said it for us years ago;

      “Capitalism means free enterprise, sovereignty of the consumers in economic matters, and sovereignty of the voters in political matters. Socialism means full government control of every sphere of the individuals life and the unrestricted supremacy of the government in it’s capacity as central board of production management”.


    • Bill Holter

      thank you Doug.

  8. alols

    this interview is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Reggie Middleton’s pov.

    ..also, jerry, sig, pfi, Colin al h others, pls weigh in on what is arbitrage in common terms, we wikopedia’d it, but we don’t get it

    I am using Jc Davis computer mine is broke.

    • Silence is Golden

      Its the process of attempting to remove all risk….. OR ……to gain / profit from some transaction or trade by the simultaneous buying and selling of the same product.
      Markets are clearing mechanisms however they are not always perfect or efficient at price determination. Therefore there are many opportunities in many products, commodities or financial instruments…in multiple markets across the globe. There are those that seek to protect whatever margin they have in a sale (arbitrage in this case is risk-free kind) AND there are those wishing to make a financial gain through the concurrent process of buying and selling ( the profit kind). In reality though some might argue that risk cannot be removed entirely.
      An example of these might be :
      – A stock trader has an unrealised gain in a particular stock that he wants to protect …he might want to take out a put option in the event of a stock market adjustment. So he is removing risk of loss.
      – An investor …might have some wisdom with regard to a particular piece of Art. He knows its worth more than what he can purchase it for and finds a willing buyer prepared to pay a higher price. if he acquires it. He can see there is an immediate financial gain because the seller does not have full market knowledge and the Investor is taking advantage of this through a concurrent buy/sell.

    • Jerry

      Its simultaneously buying low, and selling high at the same time. Another way to do high frequency trading manipulation. Forget the markets. They’re rigged by the central banks. They’re going to pump the system dry, and then ride the tidal wave of dollars coming home with gold.
      The central banks already have a timetable for reset (sometime before 11/15). They spilled the beans in their letter that was sent to the G20 by the Financial Stability Board. Allen research the Financial Stability Board and you will see that this company was set up to monitor the transitional process. Its a waste of time to look at markets, or forecast.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Allen–arbitrage is basically asset cross-training. Let’s say the market for an asset or commodity is slow in the US, but you think it will get hot in Europe. You buy it here and sell it in Europe to make a better return. As Elvis sang in the 1964 hit film (where he worked with Ann Margret) “Viva Las Vegas!” all it takes is a stone heart and nerves of steel… Best always. PM

      • JC Davis

        PFI That was a simple, and practical explanation of something that must be much more complex.
        Thanks jc

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Allen for the kind words!

    • Bill Holter

      Allen, my use of arbitrage is this. Were cash prices to rise in Asia, traders will buy paper in New York and London, have the metal delivered and then sell it for a profit in Asia. This would effectively drain the inventories of New York and London.

      • allen ols


        got it , tks

    • allen ols


  9. Thomas justin Harmon

    wow Greg that was a massive interview if bill is only 25% right we are in dire straits . So what’s going to happen with gold and silver , how can we sell it if the dollar crushes or Where can we sell , some people are even seen the government will confiscate all precious metals.

    • John A. Seed

      These two movies have an interesting take on arbitrage and crime. Trailer’s;

      The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

      A Glimpse Into Arbitrage

    • Bill Holter

      sadly, I think my batting average will be better than 25% but it would be nice(r).

      • Thomas j harmon

        Thank you very much bill I watch out for you every time you come on Greg’s channel I looked at this interview three times thank you very much for your help

      • susan

        Bill, since I became acquainted with you via Greg’s website I have been following you on Miles Franklin, too.

  10. JC Davis

    I thought it was a great interview. Holter has a finger on the pulse of the dollar. No one has a working crystal ball. His math dont lie. We are in deflation by manipulation, and in inflation by lack of production. Printing money is destroying the worlds economy/production. The AIIB will correct a lot of these problems. The rest can be fixed with fair honest banking practices enter CIPS. If we make it to September. Bill Holters statement about the Shanghai gold exchange in April… We will see.

    • Bill Holter

      math and common sense logic.

  11. armand casarez

    Mr: Hunter , , , , ,thank you very much for your program , , , ,
    regarding Mr: Holter’s interview , , , , what would happen to real estate under this gloom and doom? , , , , ,and also this new 100 dollar bill , , , ,is this a clue that we might be going back to a gold backed currency ? and if so would that help the dollar from dropping so much ???

    Thank you so much for your insights ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      If rates go up real estate will take a hit. The higher they go up the Bigger the hit.

    • Bill Holter

      In Germany’s hyperinflation, real estate dropped 30% when the currency was replaced …THEN it started going down.

  12. Robert White

    Bill Holter is spot on in terms of overall assessment IMO.

  13. john duffy

    Greg you say how stupid can the powers that be to sell their gold at give away prices! Actually it is a cunningly brilliant scheme. By keeping the gold price artificially low, they keep the dollar artificially high. So for every dollar they lose on the price of gold they make dozen of dollars on the artificial price through the printing press. When they run out of gold, they will reset the system. With a rising gold price, owners of gold will be willing sellers and the powers that be will be willing buyers with their new currency through the printing press. After a period of time they will own most of the gold again and can start a new scheme . This has in one form or another been going on since the time of Christ and the money lenders.

  14. don

    Greg, are you a truther? Really? I come here to hear alternate economic views and I get 9/11 conspiracy theories? Come on. Building 7 nonsense and you guys are quoting Pravda and Putin…the Third Reich put out more truth than Pravda…very disappointed…

    • Greg Hunter

      If you can explain how building 7 fell straight down in free-fall after NOT being hit–please do. More than a thousand engineers say it could not have happened. Here are some facts and video for you to try to refute as well. http://rememberbuilding7.org/

  15. Allen Starr

    I woke up this morning in Siberia, got on the computer, and went to your website and there was your interview with Bill Holter. I came to most of his conclusions months ago as I follow the gas and oil industry here very closely to watch Putin do his magic. Putin is brilliant and the work he has done over the last five years has set up Russia to make huge gains once the recession is over. Russia has survived the US attack on the Ruble and the Russian economy and it is the US and the $ that is going to die. I also follow Ukraine very closely and have Ukrainian and Russian friends that get me information that you’ll never see in the West. What the US, NATO, and the EU is doing in the Ukraine is disgusting. The US government has turned into a bunch of thieves and murderers and the sooner the US dies, the better off the rest of the world will be. What Bill says about 50 US tanks being shipped to Ukraine will start a War but the War will probably start in April/May/June before the tanks even arrive. The reason Russia has been so tolerant is because they are waiting for NATO and the EU to implode first and that is happening now. That may be the reason for sending the tanks now to get the war started. Ukraine is like Cuba was to the US back in 1962 and Putin can’t back down even if he wanted to. Russia must win the War in Ukraine or Russia will be finished. I have a question which I’d appreciate any help to answer. Belarus is a Russian ally, has a very large Army, and borders Ukraine. Does anyone have any information on what Belarus is going to do when War breaks out in Ukraine. I haven’t seen anything on Belarus. I can’t believe that Belarus is just going to sit there surrounded by NATO and wait to be attacked.

    • Bill Holter

      “economic” time is on Russia’s side.

  16. Michael Haller

    Hi Greg,

    Excellent interview! The Chinese International Payment System may be up and running in the Fall of 2015.


    If the Chinese were to have some sort of Yuan/Gold convertability available, the Yuan would quickly (overnight?) replace the dollar as the currency of international trade. Who knows what’s going on behind closed doors?

    • Bill Holter

      maybe sooner if need be.

  17. DiscoProJoe

    Great interview, Greg, but I wanted to provide a ***counter viewpoint*** to the very last part about the crazy “9/11 Truth” stuff, and to this tabloid nonsense about Building 7.

    I’ve compiled a list of links below, refuting some of the main conspiracy claims about 9/11. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that 10 years ago for a while (from 2003 to 2006), I temporarily fell for this “inside job” conspiracy stuff until discovering the “counter” sites and videos, and seeing the light.

    “World Trade Center Not a Demolition”

    (This is Greg Hunter and I am not going to take hours to vet all of the allegations here and there isn’t much on building 7 in this dump. I have cut the rest of the information you dumped. You want to dump some “truth” on us, start with a verifiable name.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Really Joe? With all the links you posted not a mention of building “7”. How did it fall straight down (in free-fall) after NOT being hit hours after the twin towers fell. Are we just going to leave a 47 story building going down out of the narrative? It looks like the demolition video you provided in your links. You must be a government troll or someone who has sent us incomplete material and biased videos. Not a ting on building 7. http://rememberbuilding7.org/

      • DiscoProJoe

        You just posted 6 errors of fact in your reply. Did you even watch that first video, which includes lots of stuff about Building 7? The second site link has a lot of stuff on it, too.

        Sheesh, your reaction to my post really makes this so-called 9/11 Truth Movement look like the bad religion that it is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Joe, I got an idea. Don’t dump so much info on the site. I don’t have hours to vet the stuff you post, especially from an anonymous source. What’s your stake in all of this? You will need a Real verifiable name to post and dump more stuff. Here’s another idea: You want to be in the truth movement, then let’s start with a verifiable name. Don’t post again without one.

          • JC Davis

            Dis GO JO . Greg he is lost to truth.

      • Jerry

        Of all the banquet of information Bill laid out, this is the one he picked. Hey Joe, how do feel about NSA spying? Until Snowden came out, everyone said it was fear mongering. How about you? Or do you believe in transparency like our president?

      • Arthur

        Shocking stuff Greg; thanks for sharing! How does this go unexplained for so long?

        • Greg Hunter

          Let’s blame most of it on the MSM. They could easily be doing what I am doing and scoring ratings while doing it.

    • Silence is Golden

      DI SCO JO,
      Do you believe in the molten aluminium and water theory ?
      If so then kindly explain the lack of physical debris at the site of each building.


    • frederick

      Disco joe what is it with you and the conspiracy nonsense I have studied structural design and can say without any doubts that the explaination that TPTB have given us regarding bldg. 7 on 911 is total nonsense

      • Jeff L

        Even the 911 commission admit the report they gave is bogus………. Like I said, not only are the sheeple unable to except the truth, they can’t even LOOK at the facts.

  18. Pete

    Greg… I was in Athens 2 years ago and I walked right outside of the US embassy. A construction crew was replacing a section of the perimeter fence with a new deeply dug concrete and iron fortification that looked like it could stop just about anything. My impression at that moment was that they were really getting ready for some serious rioting.

  19. paul

    How can the US fight back and keep the dollar strong against a coordinated China/Russia assault? … They can make a “nuclear deal” with Iran (that is really a deal where Iran sells their oil in US dollars for the removal of sanctions)? … or they can start a war in Ukraine? … or raise interest rates while at the same time Iran buys treasuries (where Iran takes the place of Saudi Arabia to keep the petrodollar in place)? … etc., etc.
    I don’t think the US is going to roll over without a fight … and why can’t the US simply print up 3 to 6 trillion more dollars to cover the derivative problem while raising interest rates (and the inflation produced by the printing of an extra 3 to 6 trillion dollars) keeps real estate prices propped up … due to “inflation” of the fiat currency?

    • Art Barnes

      Paul, well stated, all of your theories could be in play, expect money printing announcement (QE4 or so) if next months job report is in the toilet like the last report of last week. Your arguments are good, sound, and in all probably will come to tuition before a war in used, remember money talks and b…sh.t walks. This government & the Fed with the financial media leading the charge will kick the can and amaze most of us as to their resilience.

      • Art Barnes

        That is fruition not tuition, sorry for the typo, ab

  20. Silence is Golden

    Bill (& Greg),
    Just one thought on the Interest rate saga….assuming there is some merit in the thesis.
    Will an increase in rates be counterbalanced with increased QE ??
    Perceived advantages of nominal higher rates ( yet real negative rates) will almost instantly be offset with the greater risk associated with MORE DEBT.
    Concurrently the trend has been set by the FED in terms of monetary policy globally. Whatever occurs in the US will be followed by other CB’s ….stimulatory vs. restrictive.
    As for the potential effects on markets….if the FED et all CB’s have the same narrative and provide sufficient guidance (TELL THE INSIDERS) …then we could assume that the majors will attempt to get out of harms way before the clock strikes midnight…..limiting their exposures or creating enough artificial market manipulation to allow winding down and closing out positions beforehand. I know its difficult to believe the BS coming out of the FED’s mouth…..but the day of reckoning will come. We are not privileged to have that knowledge of the exact timing.

    • Bill Holter

      QE4 is just around the corner in my opinion, have an article out this coming Wed.. I do not believe any rate hike is possible as derivatives will be thrown more off sides than the Swiss surprise.

      • Silence is Golden

        YES….QE is a DONE DEAL.
        So too is an interest rate hike ….either concurrently or within short time frames of each other. That process needs to be followed sooner rather than later otherwise this Elephant, that is the Stock Market, will become a Mammoth. As I said…..derivatives are not of a fixed duration instrument…and can be dealt with (reduced, unwound or eliminated to some degree) beforehand, with inside knowledge. The FED can do the Swiss trick…..and create mayhem….with which the FED can then turn around and say….at least we gave you sufficient warnings….remember that old saying….”Who would’ve thought” ?? They have after all been spewing out the BS for longer than I can remember. Sooner or later ….it will happen. They need to take a lot of steam out of the Stock Market , and also put some more pressure on PM’s.
        Any strength in USD will be countered with the increased (BY NECESSITY) QE program #4.
        Happy days Bill…..we hope they are not a thing of the past.

      • allen ols

        bill h
        I have been telling friends this for awhile, qe 4 will kick the can till elect.

  21. mac

    Can you guys accept that the Fed and ECB know all this? And may have counter protection against a Greek default!

    I dunno, I think after 5 or 6 years of this Greek issue that the major players are covered. Stalled for time and succeeded. And have made pile when they bought the PIGS Bonds years ago with their very high yields at the time?

    It is the break up of Europe, that is the issue, when and if Greece goes to Russian side.

    • Bill Holter

      Greece leaving the Eurozone is a pretty big “contingency” to plan for, don’t you think?

    • Silence is Golden

      What do you mean 5 or 6 years of these Greek issues ?
      Greece joined the Eurozone some 34 years ago and adopted the EURO 14 years ago.
      The Troika knew about Greece and its debt/deficit issues and profligate ways long before the GFC. This should tell you exactly what their MO is and what their intentions are.

  22. Mike from the North

    Bill is a friend of the people.

    His no nonsense approach to reporting things as he sees them is always well thought out and even better explained.

    We may not know the exact date this escalates to a crisis situation but we do know that the next two weeks are crucial for Greece.

    2015 will be a year that goes down in history.

    It saddens me for those that refuse or are unable to prepare.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you so much Mike. I have been accused of talking my book or being a gold shill. Well, it is my “book” because I believe gold and silver to be THE only insurance capable of actually paying off.

  23. RadarNJ

    Thank you Greg! I hope your Easter was blessed with family and friends.
    ” A truth Bomb” … I sure do like the sound of that. Credibility to you and others would be confirmed. New leaders to the forefront. Might be the way we start to turn this country back around. End a lot of division and come together as countrymen?

  24. Robert Johnsson

    Wow……Houti´s are “BACKED” by IRAN!!!! ?

    Do YOU have any source on this, Cos NO-ONE-ELSE DOES!

    • Greg Hunter

      U.S. Senator Richard Burr.

      • Robert Johnsson

        LOL 😉 Thanks Greg!
        – Keep Up Thy Great Work !

        Regards R_J

        • Greg Hunter

          What is so funny? “LOL”

    • Jerry

      Here you go.
      Does the word proxy army mean anything to you?

      • allen ols


        large list if seized weapons.

        • Robert Johnsson

          Thx JERRY…
          That was ALL the”evidence” i needed!
          Imagine REUTERS telling the truth ….AGAIN 🙂 .. LOL!!!!

          Please continue with thy funny “Evidence” 😉

          Solly Solly, its not catching my + 50 years of studying this crap!

    • Bill Holter

      Are the Houthi’s Shiite? Is Iran?

  25. Donna

    One way or the other, we will soon know what our leaders have known for some time. It seems they keep trying to agitate the public, whether its through black-on-white race baiting, gay wedding cakes, etc. I’m still disturbed over the site of homeowners in Boston being routed out of their homes with hands in the air (the ONLY true hands in the air). Thank their lucky stars no one was in the tub just then.

    We’ve had a stick jabbed in our faces same as Russia, just different ways. The Jade Helm event will likely serve to further rattle and show the rest of the country what happens to the resistant among us. Was my guy, McCain, instrumental in at least keeping AZ off the hostile list? Traitorous b@st@rd.

    Spent 2 hours trying to make sense out of my “shared responsibility” payment for having no insurance, a task that took me 15 minutes until now. Called IRS — they were more confused than me, of no help whatsoever. Waited 45 minutes for that little piece of non-help. A total of nearly 3 wasted hours. I’ve decided to pull a number out of the air and just let them nail me for the shortfall. “Shared responsibility.” It used to be enough to just call a doctor, work out a discount deal and be done with it. The doctors, labs, and hospitals all gave generous discounts (50-60%). You just had to pay up front.

    It will not be pleasant to face a belly up of this country. Many simply will not make it. You would not believe how many 40 year olds need 15-20 medications a day. I have transcribed up to 30 meds a day for one patient. You know that has to be government paid. There are armies of 40 year olds in hospice programs, totally preventable in almost all cases. It’s called hard living. Those getting gov’t checks or bennies of one sort or another will be most up a creek. I personally would wave retirement benefits and work until I drop if things could get turned around.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s just it, isn’t it, Donna–that turnaround part, I mean. The only way out is through. Thank you for your example. Like the monkey that got his tail caught in the lawn mower, it won’t be long now! Best always. PM

    • OutLookingIn

      Donna, here is a link to a short 4 minute video that everyone should see.


  26. Smaulgld

    While there is only 2600 tons of gold mined annually, there is also 1,100 tons of secondary scrap supply annually. Not included in the global gold production are stockpiles.
    Also according to the World Gold Council 177,000 tons above ground.


    • Bill Holter

      yes, and just between China and India alone there is 3,600 tons of gold spoken for each year. A supply deficit for at least 20 years, the last three have seen this deficit produce lower prices, nonsensical in a real market.

    • JC Davis

      SMAULGLD This is my favorite video on gold recycling computers.
      I often wonder why don’t computers last longer. Maybe its by design for a reason.

      • JC Davis

        Also I never found out how much gold was recovered from the building 7 or the twin towers. I know they shipped the material to CHINA.

        • Smaulgld

          Thanks JC
          Building 7 appears
          To be the one with all the important documents/computer data too

    • OutLookingIn

      The WGC, GFMS, the CPM Group and the Silver Institute are all in bed with TPTB and anything they publish should be read for entertainment purposes only!

      • Smaulgld

        Yes they seem to be insiders
        The amounts of gold available are more shrouded as central banks and EtFs have a lot of it and there are stockpiles
        Silver is more transparent as few govts have silver stockpiles and about half the global mining production is used in inventory

  27. Tommy

    If the collapse would spread around the globe in 48 hours how is any country going to start or continue a war? If everything one owns is wiped out how to we keep the troops in line? Wouldn’t they just go home to try and protect their families. I mean if there’s is total chaos in the streets of America I can’t see anyone going over to Irag or Russia to fight. No money, no food, no electricity, no running water; at that point who cares about anything but their own survival? You would have to assume there would be tens of millions of Americans willing to work for nothing instead of protecting their families.

    • Bill Holter

      there will be social unrest everywhere.

    • Calgirl

      Maybe that is what the FEMA camps are for…….a place to guarantee safety for the families of the police, government and military personnel during a public uprising. Look at it as a bribe for the “brown shirts”, to keep them doing the dirty work for the bankers and government. As for the rest of us, we can just be “eliminated”.

      And Greg……….thanks for the fantastic interview with Bill Holter!

  28. frederick

    Bill is correct about 911 which I feel must be revealed if we are to ever move forward as a nation. Actually all 3 buildings are very suspect in my mind as a builder/Architect I think a good place to start would be “real investigation” beginning with the owner Larry Silverstein who was on television stating that he had to “pull” building 7 that day

    • Paul from Indiana

      Friend Fred, “Move forward as a nation” WHEN did we last do that? WWII? Boy, did you ever say a mouthful! The truth about 9/11 will be revealed when the truth about the Kennedy assassination is released (that’s called “never”). Best always. PM

    • Calgirl

      Not to mention that the BBC broadcast the fall of WTC 7 BEFORE it happened!

      • Bill Holter

        …with the building standing behind the reporter while reporting.

  29. vincent_g

    Sad state we are in if we have people wishing that someone would tell the truth in order to shut our country down to prevent war.

    My gut tells me although that this will not be needed.
    I don’t think anyone in this country wants any more wars.
    I also don’t think Germany or France will go along with any new adventures they dream up in Washington.

    Just about all have reached their fill.

    And thank god we have a president that has managed to piss off everyone.
    I really don’t think too many people in Europe like Obama anymore.
    So war under this administration is really far fetched.

    There are those that want to remove him for office.
    I say don’t do that.
    The longer he’s there the better.
    He has still a few that like him.

    But I will say playing chicken with Nukes is a really bad idea.

    • Bill Holter

      maybe the population does not, but Washington has been pushing quite hard for over a year to something started, somewhere.

    • Jeff L

      So you see no problem with Nobama placing military equipment on Russia’s border ? Threatening their existence ? So you would have no problem with Russia/China maybe North Korea placing some lethal weapons on the Mexican or Canadian border ? Maybe some missiles pointed your way in Cuba ? Really ? For that matter, what logical purpose are we choosing to destroy Ukraine and threaten Russia’s border ? I guess blowing the shit out of every country we choose is the NEW Constitution………. Well it isn’t my Constitution.

      • vincent_g

        Money crisis in Crimea

        Lets look at this for a bit.
        They decided to turn off your credit card.
        Do you still pay the monthly payment?

        How much has this cost the banks I wonder.
        When Russia has it’s own system why would any Russian pay the US Card Companies a dime?

        You see this adventure is getting painful.
        I don’t know anyone that likes pain or looks forward to more pain.

        Watch what happens when the weapons start to arrive.
        Russia doesn’t have to do a thing as the pain of lost business is at a point where Europe is becoming sick of it.

        All are also finding out that Obama can not be trusted.
        The Russians found that out. Remember the open mike during the election?
        The British got a message in his first year by his returning that bust of Churchill.
        McCain got it too when Obama threw it in his face that he had won the election.
        Or that official from another country that asked Obama if he had a computer. Again Obama threw it in the poor fellow’s face that this was the USA and of course he has a computer.
        Obama likes to let people know he’s the king.
        Every President from every country now knows Obama can not be trusted and that the US is on a different path than theirs.

        Europe has also lent a hand in pulling us into this mess.
        Now they see that this could get very ugly.
        It’s bad enough they lost a lot of business but to have a major battle going on in their backyard I think is just too much for them put up with.

        You see Generals only know how to fight wars and if you wave a war in front of them it’s a dream come true.
        It’s what they trained their whole life for!

        So once you start pushing the envelope it’s very hard to reverse it as once you prime that huge military complex for war putting the breaks on may not be possible.

        Obama is very green and he is not ready to be a leader of a major power such as the US.
        Obama does not yet know that this game can not be restarted.

        I don’t think you have to worry about a war with Russia.
        The major powers in Europe will kick us out long before it get close to such a problem.
        Unlike Obama they know this is not a game.

        • Jeff L

          You give Nobama way too much credit.

    • Dale

      Obama is the worst President ever!!!! There are very few I like, but he will go down in history as the worst. He is destroying America and he will take the rest of the world with him. God help us All!!!!

  30. Jallen

    Wow, what an interview.! What is your opinion of our ally Israel joining the AIIB
    and how will it affect its relationship with the USA. You can include Britain too.
    This is a real wake up call to Americans; How long before toilet paper is more valuable than the dollar? Greg, perhaps you can invite guests advising how to survive a possible dollar collapse. It seems to me, the hour is very late for the survival of the dollar!

    • Greg Hunter

      One can only speculate that this is being done as a way to continue global trade if the SWIFT system or USD gets impaired.

  31. dchayden

    The more I hear Bill Holter, the more I like him. Thanks Greg !

  32. Sylvia

    Bill Holter is correct and I agree that a ‘truth bomb’ needs to be dropped in this country.

    • Silence is Golden

      True …but cut to the chase….who’s going to do it ?
      MSM are owned by the same group of ZIONISTS that control the banking and monetary systems…the same ones that own the Government, Justice and Law Enforcement, Corporate America and myriad of secret agencies and bureaus.
      Anyone who wants to have a voice and make attempts to expose the criminality …will be cut down….(Edward Snowden, William Binney, Brooksley Born).

      • Silence is Golden

        Rubin, Summers & Goldman Sachs …what a cosy relationship they have.
        They should all be removed from the face of the Earth permanently.

  33. Mike from the North

    Soon to a place near you.

    Total Government control over ALL financial transactions.

    banks and governments seek total control of money, and this can only be achieved if they possess a monopoly on the flow of money.(from The International Man)

    Possibly just another reason while gold and silver will again become popular forms of money used in everyday life.

    Capital controls are being put into place all over the world.

    • Bill Holter


  34. Art Barnes

    Greg, a quarter point interest rate hike won’t smoke derivatives, it would though create a Wall Street correction of about 5 or 10 percent maybe, even at 18 trillion in debt its not great big money and can be handled, but that won’t happen either since the job report and GDP is in the toilet; the Fed needs good job report to justify a rate increase, which it doesn’t have and may not have this year. In fact, if the jobs go further down, expect QE 4 to be announced above the table especially if core products continue to deflate. As stated, I would expect a formal announcement of money printing before a interest rate hike under the present GDP & monthly jobs report of last week. The FED is playing the financial media including your guest like a fiddle at a county fair dance. As to the need to have a war in order to blame a collapse on, if that was so Iran could have been that war, instead the Government is making a bad deal in order to avoid a conflict at any cost; I don’t buy your guests theory on that point either. Think about it, Iran would be the perfect war for Mr. Holter’s statement, a wider Middle-eastern would have created a perfect storm but it was or will be avoided. In my mind the Ukraine is too dangerous with Russia & Putin hammering nuke threats around for a timed collapsing war, so I just don’t don’t buy his war theory and he shouldn’t be selling it. My take on all of this is that the FED & the U.S. Government will continue to can kick just as long as they can get away with it and slowly put this country into third world status without firing a shot. That would allow a Presidential totalitarianism government with the elite having even more power and Congress as a puppet bought & paid for government employees. Remember the FED & its members are also part of the elite. It will be a slow slog to third world status, they are making progress one decent job loss at a time.

    • Bill Holter

      problem is, the “margin” is now so thin everywhere, a 10% correction is enough to wipe out many and start a chain reaction because of the interconnected nature of global markets. Sorry you believe me to be a “fiddle”, I assure you I am not.

    • JC Davis

      Art Barnes on this one I disagree. Banks around the world are hanging on by a thread. More money printing, or a .5 interest rise would send huge shock waves threw banks around the world. We are at a braking point I think. Also Obama may be waiting for congress to go for war making him look good. Seems I remember the constitution says in time of war the president remains in office. Not in those words. Obama is for the Muslims second only to himself.

      • Art Barnes

        JC, your point about maybe Obama is waiting for Congress to stop the deal or whatever and go to war has indeed crossed my mind, but after much careful consideration & knowing Obama’s propensity to protect Muslims over Americans & Jews at all cost I ruled that theory out. Thank you for all your post, always appreciate rational thought. ab

        • JC Davis

          Art I think this is the first time I disagree with you. Love you brother.

          • Art Barnes

            Back at you patriot, God Bless you!

    • Silence is Golden

      You make some valid points here which I agree with. You have a BIG Picture mentality…which many people lack.
      Keep in mind though that the WAR mongering is promulgated by the Elites as a means to an end. If they want it …they will do whatever is necessary to achieve it…making sure that the ultimate aim is achieved. Do not discount it because it is something you believe will be avoided. Understand full well the USA’s involvement in World War I & II and the real purpose behind it.

  35. NC Gal

    I found myself generallyt agreeing with David Hodges’ analysis of Jade Helm 15 (http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/03/18/the-jade-helm-15-drill-is-a-martial-law-civil-war-and-red-list-extraction-drill/) . I was particularly interested in his identification of the “extraction” aspects of the drill. It brought up associations with the Nazi “extractions” in rounding up the Jews on such occasions as Kristallnacht (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristallnacht).

    The only place I would differ with Hodges is that I don’t think this drill is TARGETING certain states. As the DOD has stated in its official description of the drill, large areas of open space are needed, and these 8 states have them in abundance and they are also recipients of military contracts that contribute a lot to the local economies. It could not be done in the northeast because of the population density there. I personally believe this is a DRILL that anticipates and prepares for similar actions throughout this country, in ALL of the states, and that dissidents (including watchdoggers) will be targeted for extraction and disposal, wherever they may be. There may be a false flag event associated with it, also, but that is not necessarily so.

    It also suggests to me that when things have progressed beyond it being a “drill” to being an active program carried out on a national basis, urban areas will be the first to be controlled (because of population density and the ratio of available enforcement personnel with respect to the amount of ground to be covered). Rural areas will be more difficult to control and would be dealt with later, but you can be sure that population control and removal of all opposition will be the goal when the SHTF. This fall could be very messy and bloody.

    • Bill Holter

      “drills” have had a habit of becoming “live”.

  36. ConcernedAmericanDad

    kudos to you for having Mr. Holter on again. A truly sobering interview all the way through….. I found he best part was the very end. I too would wish there is some sort of truth bomb to wake up all the sheep to the fraud and deception-rather than be scapegoated into another war based on lies.
    I read Jerry’s comment before starting the interview and that all seems to make sense with Jade Helm, etc….
    It is amazing how they are able to fool so many. On Friday after the awful jobs report, Dow futures were down 160. It took less than a half hour this morning to pump them into positive territory.
    And on a side-note that ties in with the wool over their eyes based on fraud…..all of the local coverage for baseball’s Opening Day starts off with the airport-style walk-through metal detectors installed at all the gates at Citizen’s Bank park to keep us all safe!

    • Bill Holter

      not safe and broke, a very bad combination.

    • OutLookingIn

      ConUSDad;- Here is a video that is an eye opener.


      • allen ols


        great video!!!!!1

      • JC Davis

        Great video.

  37. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Best Holter interview yet.
    Keep ’em coming my brother.

    • Diane Ryan

      Amen. Bill Holter is a straight shooter in my book.

      Thank you Greg for the courage to get the truth out and help us protect our love ones.

  38. Larry Galearis

    It is always a wonderful listen when Bill Holter is on your show. I consider your guests and yourself as real patriots who stand up to establishment lies in the United States.
    Please forgive me for using this slot to suggest yet another great American patriot for a guest on your show. His name is Stephen F. Cohen.
    There are perhaps 3 or 4 public people in the United States (yes, that few) who will stand up and tell the American people what is really going on – from an expert/informed point of view. Stephen F. Cohen is one of them. And if you have any idea of how difficult the establishment/media can make it for a person who disagrees with the politics of Washington, you have never seen a smear campaign. This man is both a patriot and a hero and perhaps the centre of reason against a United States that has lost its way and has turned its back on its own ideals. You can feel the pain that he is going through as he watches and tries to explain the actions of his own country with Russia. And he tries at HIS cost to DO something!
    This piece is slightly dated – to the Minsk 2 agreement – but as I have come to expect from Cohen, there are nuances and additional tidbits of fact and logic that illuminate this dreadful new cold war for what it is.
    In my humble opinion this is one great American! Each one of these interviews will be archived for the importance of insights that it represents. If he accomplishes what he thinks he needs to, we will avoid war; if not, there will be war. I think this man is that important. Please try to make him a guest on your show.

    For those who want to follow the course of the most important events of our times,…

  39. wd


    I see where the Greek debt is about 304 billion Euros…in the world of finance that is not a grossly unmanageable amount…. ( I know its a lot). Why would it cause a daisy chain collapse?

    Consider spreading it across all the financial world it not a lot right?>.. Juts wondering

    • Bill Holter

      total is closer to 350 billion euros, …then you must consider the derivatives which are multiples of this number.

    • Silence is Golden

      Its the leverage that is built upon that debt….CDS !!! to the tune of 10 -20-30 times that amount…that’s the impact on the HF’s and Banks across the globe….EURO 3 TLN – 9 TLN just related to Greece….don’t be too concerned about that …because the daisy chain hasn’t even spread to Italy. Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Germany, UK and then USA.
      Go back to the interview where Bill talks about the “Interconnectedness” .

      • wd

        I sent it out before I watched video….I think I get it now

    • Jeff L

      Funny how we throw large #’s around and are so numb to it these days. I don’t have my calculator but 300Bil Euros is @ $400Bil………. That was our TOTAL budget not that long ago in this US of A……… So for Greece it would be considered significant, to say the least…… None of that matters when it can be “created” instantly

  40. John


    I know you ask but seldom receive a coherent, involved or direct response. What does this all mean for the day to day survival of the average Joe in the U. S.? And after we know that answer the next question is, how long do we prepare for? Once it all falls apart will it take 3, 6, 9 months or 1, 2, or more years before individuals will be able to survive without stockpiles of survival goods ?

    I agree with Mr. Holter in that if the floodgates of truth were released we would likely not have a world conflict (that is not to say that there would not be a total clean-up of despots and their cronies in the U.S. which might entail conflict) and we would be forced to reset our political system to align (hopefully) with the founding father’s original intent. In course, that reset would require a total redo of our financial system, too.

    Who, my age, would have ever thought that we would live to see the day that we would pray for the leader of Russia to stand strong, bring the U.S. to it’s knees and save the world? Where in God’s name did we go so wrong?


    • Greg Hunter

      The whole mess is in part because we let private banks (FED) control the money and monetary policy.

      • Thomas j harmon

        A truth bomb right there Greg

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother John, Greg had a good answer, but he left out the part about government corruption which led to public bribery (social spending) and the vote-buying that accompanied it, and the takeover of all media, education, and entertainment by the Left. There you have it, the trifecta, and it won’t get fixed until the Millenial Reign. Best always. PM

      • Thomas j harmon

        Paul truth bomb boom right there

    • Bill Holter

      it means you need to prepare to become self sufficient. And AMEN, I still cannot believe it.

      • JC Davis

        Bill Holter. When someone asked me what can a person do now, if they have no money, food, or gold, and no way to get any. I say learn what wild foods can be eaten. There are a world of medicinal and editable weeds, and mushrooms. It takes some effort to learn, but well worth the knowledge.

        • Greg Hunter

          They can also cancel their data pkg’s, cancel their cable TV, stop eating out and divert any and all money to storing food and water, but most will not do this. This is not going to be easy for anybody, especially for the poor and unprepared.

    • Silence is Golden

      you have it upside down when you say….
      “would have ever thought that we would live to see the day that we would pray for the leader of Russia to stand strong, bring the U.S. to it’s knees and save the world.
      Do you know what that really implies ?

    • wd


      I am both amazed and surprised at the level of respect and admiration people have for Putin. Those that are knowledgeable about this situation will tell me, I hope Putin takes him down, or we need Putin to win this one.

      Its scary to think that much of our survival depends on Putin being victorious-whether economically or what ever. It is obvious he is the cat toying with the mouse.

      Look at all those countries that joined the AIIB? I bet there was secret back talks about it with Russia, China etc.

      John also remember that Putin has consistently hoodwinked, and made of fool of Obama, Kerry and the rest of their “staff”. This enrages Obama, and he has a hard time being made a fool of consistently and so easily. Hopefully collapse will bring back a destroyed Federal govt and we can go back to a country where the states dominated the Fed Govt. Onward Putin Onward!!

      • Jeff L

        ” Putin has consistently made a of fool of Obama, Kerry and the rest of their “staff”………………. that wouldn’t be difficult.

    • Jerry

      How we got here would take more space than what I could put on a blog. But know this, the banks are engineering an economic collapse to reset the whole system and wipe the debt clean before November 15, 2015. I have posted the correspondence from the Financial Stability Board to the G20 to verify it. The countries that left the EU for the AIIB signed their agreements months ago. They know what’s coming and are trying to get out of the way. Forget about Putin and Obama. They’re both puppets of the NWO.

      • wd

        Ok Jerry,

        I hear this but if that’s the case and they are all on “one team” then just end it now. Just shut down reset etc etc. Then let the US join BRICS and AIIB. I think it may have been at one time….but this is to me a them vs them king of fight. Not everybody wants to play by our rules…. I agree with you 90-95% of the time, but i think you got this one wrong.

        • Jeff L

          I feel the same wd.

  41. Hank

    Thanks Greg,

    I always appreciate hearing Bill H and his running mate, Andrew Hoffman, speak. I believe that heeding their advice will help prepare us all for the coming collapse that the World now seems to be heading for.

    Our “G” (Administration) has run terribly amok and is now about to drive us, economically, militarily and socially, over a cliff.

    Taxing, regulating and mandatory compulsion of their whims are their SOPs.

    I don’t think Bill mentioned it but when the sanctions are inevitably (stupidly?) lifted on Iran, look for the price of oil (WTI) to further plummet and many US frackers to risk insolvency by year’s end.

    But, as you always say “fear not and prepare yourselves”.

    Let’s pray also for the Peace of Israel and for the salvation of those (Haman?) who would oppose her!

  42. Guy Out West

    Bill repeated the misinfo that 50 Abrams were sent to Ukraine.
    The photos online are Bradleys – a type of armored personnel carrier of infantry troops. This is bad enough, but not nearly as bad as 50 Abrams main battle tanks – which are offensive weapons whose main mission is to destroy enemy tanks. Such a move of Abrams would be an extreme indication of anticipation of direct conflict with Russia IMO.

    • Bill Holter

      sorry I could be mistaken. I believe I read this on ZH, they are normally pretty accurate. If I am incorrect, my apology.

    • Jeff L

      But we did send tanks to bordering states such a Poland. Again threatening their right to exist.

  43. kathleen robb

    Holter demeanor was different in this most recent interview. Time is getting very close. Compare his pauses and thoughtfulness in this piece versus prior interviews–we all hear the message, just the delivery this time was very, very different–it is getting serious.

    • Bill Holter

      you are a good reader of body language. Bluntly, I am very scared for my country and family and friends! I do not see a way out any longer and nowhere to hide.

    • Silence is Golden

      You can see the clock ticking in his face ( no disrespect Bill). Its as if he is continually searching for the “MOST” appropriate response. I would say that there are more than a handful of matters that are crossing his mind as he speaks.

    • JC Davis

      For me the pivotal point reaction was around 24:40 When Greg asked this is about survival. Bill changed his movements and his whole heart was in the answer. I showed this to Allen Ols when he was over watching with me. That reaction spoke volumes to me.
      Made me take a little fear on. Then I was reminded the Jesus said fear not.

  44. Ross

    Harry Dent has been good at making predictions based on cycles that assume the realities of today were the same in the past. Nothing is the past is like the looming disaster we are facing. Just about every asset class is over valued and the derivative and debt bomb has never been so big and global. There will be no where to escape when the US $ goes down.

    Harry Dent says there will be deflation with falling prices and unemployment rising but where do all the derivatives, over valued shares and debt go when this all falls apart ? Harry says get cashed up and not buy gold. The real rate of inflation since 1970 is 7% and will be much higher since 2008 with all this money printing currently being quarantined in shares and derivatives. Bill Holter and many others disagree with Harry on gold because Harry thinks history will repeat itself in regards to gold. Harry also ignores the fact that the price of gold has always been controlled by derivatives which are about to implode.

    I think we will have deflation followed by hyper-inflation as the banks try to print their way out of this mess. If the banks resort to” bail ins” instead of money printing, this also will send people scurrying for gold.

    • Bill Holter

      Harry Dent is wrong. Please Google “Mr. Deflation is delusional” for my reasons I believe why.

      • Ross

        I’m impressed Bill that you have answered so many comments personally. Karen Hudes self acclaimed World Bank whistle blower is another I’ve issues with. She said there was 170,000 tons of Gold in the Bank of Hawaii in addition to known reserves. When pressed on the evidence said it was in strategic positions around the planet. No evidence forth coming. At one stage Karen said their was an extra million tons of gold but quickly retracted that because it looked too ridiculous. This is the type of deception we have to expose.

        • Bill Holter

          delusional in my opinion.

    • Jeff L

      Ross ………You can side with Harry or side with just about every central bank in the world buying gold at a record pace. btw …… they’re also dumping their dollars (cash)

  45. RT Rider

    In my opinion, China will reprice gold to collateralize their national banking liabilities when the next down leg of the GFC resumes. Because they have the gold to do this, they will be the predominate global financial power.

  46. allen ols


    on another subject, the DROUGHT IN CALIF.

    i am wondering why usa doesn’t tap pipelines of water from the great lakes, or divert canals from upper Mississippi, across Kansas, to the west.

    just saying.

    • Art Barnes

      Too expensive, would have to be a massive amount of pipe as water is used 1,000,000 times the amount of oil (or more), would take to long, not practicable, have to go over the Rockies then down or around, among many many others very problematic issues. The best thing to hope for is abundant rain, but since that is not going to happen in long term droughts, conservation is next, then after that, you can visit the Western Sahara without going to Africa. From the Western front, ab

    • Bill Holter


    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Allen, you KNOW that pipelines are BAD, right? HAHAHA. Desal and reverse osmosis are the way out of this, but if the government ALLOWS a solution, then they lose control, so it will never happen. This will cause a reverse migration when all the OKIES from the ’30’s make the grand trek back home! Best always. PM

      To all California Watchdogs: Your moonbeam government will NOT solve this problem; Government will only make it WORSE. This is no joke. When the water taxes come, and there is ever-less water in CA, people will LEAVE in droves. Real estate values will DROP. Businesses will leave, and California will be broker than it is. Don’t be a loser! Leave now! Come to the center of the country, where we have plenty of water, all the grass you want, affordable homes, plenty of space, AND YOUR VOTE CAN COUNT AGAIN!

      • Jeff L

        Prices of homes will go to “no bid”, meaning zero……. But still the sheeple will look to the gov for help.

      • John A. Seed

        Then place to be is Michigan, it’s surrounded by water, a winter, water, wonderland!

        Michigan is from the native American “Michigana” which means “great or large lake”.Detroit is cheap, for a pair of shoes. . . Bring some heat.

      • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

        I’ve been to Indiana, Paul, and there is no way I’m moving to Indiana. Even LA had some rain today.

    • Jeff L

      Allen That would be too logical for today’s politicians. Instead they approved a $33Mil water park in Dublin.

      • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

        The Irish could benefit from a decent waterpark…

    • JC Davis

      Bring the troops home and save the trillion a year on defense to use on building California water supply.

  47. Clare Doll

    I always try to learn something from listening to people talk and I am floored! The absolute BEST interview yet!! Thank you.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Clare.

  48. andyb

    The global corporate, banking and MIC cabal does not want a strong USD; thus this recent surge will not last. In fact I still see a USD devaluation of at least 30% before long. Hold onto your gold, for it will jump at least this much. And silver will explode. Maybe that’s why JPM is now long silver and according to Ted Butler, the Silver Guru, may have more than 300 million ounces of silver in its proprietary accounts. This ties in to Bill’s thesis about the death of the COMEX and the LBMA. Imagine!!! Perhaps real price discovery per the Law of Supply and Demand.

    • Jeff L

      Along with oil jumping significantly. 30% just for starters on a dollar drop. Another 30% to follow………BTW Indian jewelers are talking about buying MINERS now to guarantee future supplies. This is the next logical step……..I always thought when gold is no longer easily available the miners will go ballistic………. We are close.

  49. frederick

    @Don why do you deny facts sir Building 7 was not hit by a plane and yet a steel skyscaper collapsed into its own footprint as well as the owner larry Silverstein being on live TV saying they had to “pull it” wake up sir

    • JC Davis

      Don these firefighters saw and described what they saw. It only takes 17 seconds to change your mind if it is open to change.

    • Jeff L

      And the owner double checking that his insurance covered “terrorists” beforehand. Just a long list (1000s) of coincidences…………. The inability of our citizenry to grasp basic natural laws is the crux of the problem. More troubling is they don’t WANT to know truth.

      • frederick

        yes Larry Silverstein the little weasel actually said that they had to ‘PULL IT” refering to bldg 7 and yet no arrests what is going on in this lawless country I care about the victims and their families and DEMAND justice

  50. wd

    My question is for Bill- I hope he sees this:

    1) When this dollar collapse comes, and all these people who were getting their benefits are suddenly off…how can the possibly anticpiate that and police it. How could they be so organized as to manage anything like this ( FEMA Camps, UN troops, foreign troops etc etc)

    2) Would the part of the world that is aligning with BRICS/AIIB receive a softer blow.

    3) I was in the military for 9 years, I went from enlisted to a 1st Lt, my observation of these type of individuals was that 1) 60% were just biding time until they could be civilians again ( after receiving some govt benefit) and were emotionally detached from the love of the military. 2) the other 20-25% are 20 year or lifers- they are riding the military for a job, a place to live, get fed, slowly rise up in rank and get a pension. 3) the rest may be gung -ho but they are blinded by this, other personnel are offended and afraid of them. They drive out the best officers and ruin the overall military.

    I have done all kinds of training, including crowd control, and I can tell you that our military is woefully under-trained and inadequate for civil uprisings. We were always taught in these seminars that a decent organized street gang could easily takeout a platoon.

    My question to Bill is, how could they evenbegin to try to respond to this type of disaster?


    • Rambo's_Monster

      I’m a retired personnel warrant officer and also served as a drill sgt before appointment. As a drill I trained quartermaster pre-Fort Lee at APG. As a Chief, I managed all assignments in 2d ID under my boss, then-MG Tommy Franks and worked in the Pentagon as an Inspector General and I can’t argue with you about your premise…maybe I could nit-pic your %’s a bit. Some seem to think the whole of the military is not dissimilar to the Navy Seals, Rangers, et al. But I am still around the cook, ordnance and quartermaster schools at Fort Lee. Good folks but I’m a quasi-survivalist and working aggressively on that part of my life and can say I wouldn’t be too worried about the military aspect. I do think most do not anticipate what some of us give consideration too and the majority don’t believe in Obama, his ilk and they should be written off. The Kyle’s in the military wouldn’t support his subterfuge IMO.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is good news and what we needed to hear!! Thank you and please feel free to give us your real world updates when you see fit. We appreciate your service to the country!!!

  51. Donna

    There is a Russian proverb that goes something like: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” That is the US today.

    I just came off a “mandatory” 7-day-a-week schedule in order to clean out the backlog on patient’s charts. In my field they have tried offshoring, they have tried voice recognition, they finally tried just starving us out. Personal pay went from 14 cents a typed line to 4 cents a typed line. This big a gap forced people to make life arrangements they would have never otherwise considered. People quit, people retired, people moved in with their adult children. We are not only not creating jobs, the jobs in existence do not make for a thriving middle class.

    We now have continuous backlogs, patient data not on their charts in a timely manner unless management resorts to mandatory dictates. People would rather have a personal life than to work for sub wages. I cut back to 24 hours a week, just enough to pay bills, taxes, insurance. Just waiting for the final shoe to drop in the economy. In the meantime, I will only give 24 hours towards what has become charity work.

    • wd


      Great post…this truth to what I call the US’s secret economy ( The real economy) no doubt artificially created. The elephant in the room no one dares to talk about.

  52. Coalburner

    Great interview Greg and Bill;

    Bill if you are still reaidng, What is our next best move out here in “flyover coutnry?”

  53. Scott Mitchell

    Dollar may adjust down a bit now, but it cannot help but stay strong with the rest of the western world currencies in the toilet. Capital flow will continue into the US, mainly the stock market, and it will be coming in from all over the world. It is the only market big enough to absorb the amount of money that is out there looking for a parking place in an otherwise unstable world. I think the stock market is due for an adjustment, but not an all out crash. I agree that we are heading into a deflationary cycle though… thats obvious. The entire commodity complex is in a deflationary cycle now. Corn, wheat, oil, gas, soybeans, sugar, coffee, precious and base metals etc… are all deflating. Once that is complete, you will see the dollar, the stock market and the precious metals all rising together. if you look past the initial stages of the depression and analyze what happened in the mid depression, then history will tell you this has happened before.

    We will ultimately lose the reserve currency status, but not likely for five years or more. It has to happen though because the world no longer wants to tolerate the US bully economic policies and politics. the movement is gradual but picking up pace now. International trade is moving away from the dollar everyday with agreements all over the world to exchange in currencies other than the dollar. The Asian Industrial Bank is just another step toward this process because people are fed up with US led international banks. Short term, the stock market and commodities all have room to adjust down but keep an eye for the turn back up because it will be one for the record books.

    You can thank the war mongering NeoCons and a run away FED with its distorting manipulative policies for the destruction of what was once a great nation with good intentions to help people all over the world. Greed has taken hold in this country.

    Enough for now…

    • frederick

      Greed certainly has taken over our country Scott

  54. paul

    ??? Who handed over to Greece the $500 million to pay the IMF??? Greece didn’t have the money a few days ago … now all of a sudden Greece has the money after meeting with US Treasury officials? … looks like someone in the US doesn’t want to see Russia get a foothold in Greece!

    • Jeff L

      As I said in my previous post…….. the 300Bil euro is nothing if you can instantly print it by pushing a button……. And the ongoing farce continues……

    • John A. Seed

      Economic warfare!

  55. mac

    I said: “Can you guys accept that the Fed and ECB know all this? And may have counter protection against a Greek default!”
    Bill said: “Greece leaving the Eurozone is a pretty big “contingency” to plan for, don’t you think?” after I said that Greece leaving the EU was the biggest issue.
    Contingency plan is exactly what the ECB is working at the last 5 or 6 years! Not me.

  56. aussie jeff

    We can pull apart political ideoligy all day long and be no further down the road of enlightenment than a 9 year old!
    Until we put aside what is nominal in God’s eyes, and start looking from above, instead of ahead, we will continue to be blind as to what is about to happen.
    Their is no end to the so called “wisdom of man” that is being mouthed by so many guests on this website but in all honesty does the track record of man justify the importance we all seem to be placing upon those who say they know what is about to happen?
    Let us for a moment contemplate God’s word on the matter…………………..

    Jeremiah 10:23 (ASV) | In Context | Whole Chapter

    23 O Jehovah, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.
    Yes my friends, without God we are like a ship without a rudder that flounders across oceans not knowing where we are going.
    While I respect this website and what it is trying to do,putting too much emphasis on man’s insights into what could or will happen rather than God’s plan for humanity may leave many scratching their heads as to where to turn next.
    God Bless.

    • Jeff L

      So, you don’t believe God talks to us (and directs us) today as in those yesteryears ? I personally know the Word is in me (not just those written scriptures you choose to quote) and He is directing me even now. He said he would give us the power today. My God is not the distant Old Testatment God you adhere to, but a God that speaks to me daily and directs my path…….. I am NOT without God (as you judge) and my ship is NOT rudderless……. If you care I can share Gods promises to me thru the living scriptures……… In the mean time I will share what’s coming to man (not unlike what you might read in Revelations).

  57. Cryptic Little Sister

    You cannot have hyperinflation with a two hundred trillion dollar base. That is far too broad and deep. Remember also that we lack automatic indexing, except in social secutiry payments. Germany during its hyperinflation had a small base and auto indexing.

    Several tens of trillions might sound like a vast amount of money (and in a sense it is) but it is not large in relation to the base.

    • paul

      Not true “little sister” … Once the Fed begins to raise rates it will have to flood the economy with almost a Quadrillion in cash (new loans) to create enough inflation to “prevent” the real estate market from collapsing … and also enough digital cash to cover all the interest rate derivatives that will explode … we could be talking many many multiples of the two hundred trillion dollar base … and hyperinflation “will take place” … as for the lack of automatic indexing you speak of … once hyperinflation takes root “everyone” will qualify for an EBT card … and this “free cash” will be indexed to inflation and given to the people so they can make ends meet!

      • paul

        And I should add … as interest rates rise (along with massive money creation to prevent a real estate and derivatives meltdown) gold and silver will have to be priced higher along with everything else!

        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Do you not understand velocity?

  58. paul

    If this starts happening to other animals on this farm I would start looking for some sexually deviant farm worker … http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/lamb-with-face-like-an-angry-old-man-avoids-the-chop-following-offer-from-circus/story-fnjwkt0b-1227285792239 or perhaps Monsanto is playing around again with their genetic engeneering experiments.

  59. olde reb

    It is not a matter of IF the economic system will crash; it is WHEN the Ponzi scheme set up by the 1913 legislation will crash.

    The Federal Reserve scheme is the SCAM OF THE CENTURY

    Congress can pay for federal expenses with funds collected from taxes, but Congress is never satisfied with this pittance. The desire to buy votes and solicit campaign contributions from special interest groups induces congress-critters to spend more. This is identified as deficit spending. To create this book entry money requires the assistance of the Federal Reserve.

    Congress will give the Fed a Treasury security (bill, bond, or note) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) will accept the document as an asset. The Fed will then establish a line of credit for the government (a book entry) in the same amount and list the liability as Federal Reserve Notes. Voila !! Fiat money has just been created for Congress to spend.

    The public sees the government spend the money and watches the National Debt increase. Nobody watches the one trillion dollars in T-securities that are currently received by the FRBNY annually for deficit spending.

    The Fed and the government (cameo appearance) jointly auction about $7 trillion in T-securities to roll over previously issued securities. The deficit spending securities are added as a percentage to the roll-over securities for a total of approximately $8 trillion.

    The FRBNY receives the bulk of receipts and has exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.   These accounts have never been publicly audited nor are they reported to Congress as required by law.

    Money from the roll-over sales are credited to the government. The money is disbursed to the Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting the called or maturing T-securities. The New York City Primary Dealers collect the bulk of redeemed securities. Since the money from the auction for roll-over is credited to the government, there is no increase in the National Debt nor is there any increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation).

    Money from the deficit spending sales cannot be credited to the government. If it were otherwise, there would be no increase in the National Debt nor would there be any increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation).

    Where does the money go ??   We have never been told.   We can only assume it is merged with the payments to the Primary Dealers for their expenses in collecting roll-over securities.

    Is that profit for the Primary Dealers ?   Well, we are told deficit spending money is received as a “loan” from the Fed. But if any consideration had been received for the loan, there would not be an increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation) nor would there be any increase in the National Debt. It cannot be repaying a loan from the Fed. Besides, there is no documentation that any value (i.e., consideration) has been received from any entity. It appears to be clear profit.

    Does profit of the Fed belong to the government ??   Yes, it does. The 1913 charter legislation specifically stated the profit of the Fed belongs to the government.

    Is concealing money that belongs to the government called embezzlement ??
    Well, it sure looks like it to me—but only if they get exposed. If not exposed, they are called Too Big to Fail.

    Ref: https://www.scribd.com/doc/153024003/Amended-Complaint-Federal-Reserve-whistleblower and links therein ;  http://farmwars.info/?p=12078

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