Fed Rattling Emerging Markets to Keep U.S. Propped Up-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Gregory Mannarino: Headed for a Pan Global Financial Cataclysm

Analyst and stock trader Gregory Mannarino says the market meltdown this week was caused by the Fed and weak economy.  Mannarino says, “We understand there is a dynamic that has been changing here in the market with regard to the Fed’s purchasing mortgage-backed securities and bonds.  This has rattled the emerging markets.  They’re having problems with their currencies . . .  The Federal Reserve has created an environment of distortions.  By them pulling back some of this liquidity from the global economy, they’ve caused problems in these emerging markets, and this is being done on purpose.”  What is the Fed trying to accomplish by destabilizing emerging market countries?  Mannarino claims, “So, by rattling the emerging markets here, they are going to force investors into U.S. equities and into the U.S. bond market.  It’s sort of a backdoor stimulus. . . . This just keeps the party going.  That’s all this is.” 

This may work in the short term, but it is not long term bullish for the markets.  Mannarino warns, “We have this issue with the U.S. economy.  They have been force feeding us nonsense . . . that we are in some kind of recovery. . . . This ISM number we got (Institute of Supply Management), we have not seen a pullback like this since 1980.  It rattled the market. . . . We’re also getting mediocre earnings reports.  We got unemployment numbers that are not good.  So, this is spooking the market.”  Looking at the big picture of the global economy, Mannarino goes on to say, “I am still a bull here in regards to the U.S. equity markets, but we all know where this is going.  This is going to end terribly at some point.  A complete financial meltdown is happening.  You can see this already how the Federal Reserve has distorted this beyond the point of ridiculousness.  Now, they are forcing the emerging market investor to look to the U.S. equity markets.  At some point, people are going to see this whole thing is not sustainable.  We are going to have a crisis of currency, a crisis of debt that is going to rock the core of the earth—period.”  

This is a confidence game according to Mannarino.  He says, “This is all about perception, not reality.  If we were really in some type of a recovery, would we be talking about extending unemployment benefits for people?  Would we be talking about more stimulus?  Of course not, because there is no recovery.  This is just smoke and mirrors across the board.”  Don’t expect the market to plunge just yet because Mannarino says, “The Fed is counting on turmoil in the emerging markets to drive money into the U.S. market to keep the system propped up.”  

Mannarino contends what you are seeing now is just a short term trade.  In the longer term, Mannarino predicts, “Without a doubt, this is going to blow up. . . . I’ve been saying this for years now–we are headed for a pan global financial cataclysm.  That’s a fact.”  So, how does Mannarino plan to protect himself from this surefire coming calamity?  Mannarino says, “I pull my gains out of the market, and I turn them into hard assets.  I am the biggest precious metals bull out here.  I can’t imagine a better place to be than in gold or silver, especially silver.”  

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net.

After the Interview:  Gregory Mannarino puts out free trades on his popular website TradersChoice.net.  You can check his track record on the site.  This site requires no membership or fee.

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  1. Justin King

    The selfish EM strategy is showing that the US has been reduced to global MERCANTILISM to save itself for a relatively short period of time .
    This is desperation, with an aura of “exceptionalism”, that will INFURIATE the rest of the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Justin, and in financial war people on the other side shoot back. Be ready to duck. Thank you for the comment.

      • tROT

        Word to emerging markets:”Shoot low she’s ride-in ah Shetland”!
        Greg, this Fed is very transparent, transparently confused! They don’t have a clue, whats going on. They’ve taken away the gauges. They have to look at backward looking data and that’s not the way you manage the entire yield curve. They are flying blind and the worlds their passengers! Their in that cockpit sitting on our assets and our future assets to boot, with half the world set to storm the cockpit!
        What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Yes that would help, but how about some clarity , sweet clarity! When Janet’s yelling next week as she testifies, she better make sure she convinces the sheeple she’s a dove and a half, or this can, wont get further down the road! The market thinks she somehow has become a Nazi or something, or worse yet, Paul Volcker!
        Forward guidance means nothing anyway, anymore. It’s credibility and the markets want action, not just B.S! That’s the reason Janet wants Stan, the white African man, Fisher on the board, because he has so much credibility. So when Charlie Plosser does a Paul Volcker
        and says we just cant print more money any more, Stan can stand up to him and say, no, no, no, Janet has it all right we have to print more toilet paper, that’s the way we did it down in Rhodesia! Then everybody will break out into a square dance singing, that’s the way we do it down in Georgia, er, Rhodesia. Hip hip hooray! Were go-in the other way! Don’t get me wrong, Stan Fisher, IS NOT A FAN OF FORWARD B.S., he has his work cut for him! So Fed policy is going to be very volatile from here on out, which is going to be poison for the emerging markets! Volatility is bad for markets that have little liquidity, so the weaker markets of Brazil, South Africa and Turkey go under the buss first, ouch!
        With these heavy handed choices by policy makers, there’s no going back. This is the new normal. The central pranksters are flying by the seat of their pants, way past the point of no returns! With no gauges, no one knows how much fuel we have left before this bird crashes into the toilet.

        • tROT

          P.S. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, and massive inflation occurred after Rhodesian revolution. There are some excellent video’s on youtube of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe that show the possibility that the rest of world could be in store for the same fate. A real eye opener!

      • Kathy Burns

        http://www.mmacycles.com/, Check it out Greg…even the financial astrologer Raymond Merriman agrees about the coming(on going) crisis.

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview, that “backdoor bailout” will work as long as China/BRICS+other emerging economies say nay to the US dollar and came up with their own reserve currency. After that there may be a convertible US dollar/Amero for international use similar to convertible Cuban peso and “national” US dollar for domestic use similar to Cuban national peso.
    I know, I have pretty wild imagination, but as Mr Mannarino said they will do things, about we can dream of.
    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are in uncharted financial waters. Nothing would surprise me. Times are increasingly desperate. Thank you for the comment.

    • tROT

      P.S.II: Meant to say Stan has his work cut (out) for him, meaning it wont be easy at all. Wish him the best and success, for our sake as well as the Fed’s.

  3. Colin Maxwell

    I am a beef farmer from New Zealand and watch your site every day. I greatly admire your courage and commitment to speak the truth and address vital issues that the mainstream media ignores. Your high calibre guests are a treat to listen to. I watch with trepidation as I well know that as the old saying goes “if the US sneezes we in NZ will end up with influenza”.
    This sudden drop in the Japanese stock market sounds very scary to me and could well be the precursor to the big reset.
    Rob Kirby’s interview was particularly fascinating for me and I am glad that he emphasised the ludicrous situation in the relationship between paper gold and hard gold around the globe. This I agree will be the”Achilles Heel” of the US$. When the gold price can no longer be kept at the artificial low prices by selling paper gold then the big global monetary reset will begin.
    I also enjoyed Gregory Mannarino’s interview [ it is always good to see the two Gregs together]. There is an awful lot happening at the moment all around the world including a new round of high ranking banker ‘suicides’ so my call is that the crap could hit the fan any day now. To me [ IMHO] it is inconceivable that this global fiat currency debacle could last till the end of 2014. We better all hold on to our hats!

    • Greg Hunter

      Colin Maxwell,
      You have got one of the very best business on the planet! People got to eat. I know farming is not easy, but you really are in a good place. Thank you for adding your perspective and comment here!!

  4. allen ols

    I check in regularly with the mannirino, enjoy his prespective. Here is snipet from

    “economic collapse”.
    Did you see what just happened in Japan? The stock market of the 3rd largest economy on the planet is imploding. On Tuesday, the Nikkei fell by more than 610 points. If that sounds like a lot, that is because it is. The largest one day stock market decline in U.S. history is only 777 points. So far, the Dow is only down about 1000 points during this “correction”, but the Nikkei is down more than 2,300 points. The Nikkei has dropped more than 14 percent since the peak of the market, and many analysts believe that this is only just the beginning. Those that have been waiting for a full-blown stock market collapse may be about to get their wish. Japan is absolutely drowning in debt, their central bank is printing money like crazy and the Japanese population is aging rapidly. As far as economic fundamentals go, there is very little good news as far as Japan is concerned. So will an Asian financial collapse precede the next great financial crisis in the United States? That is what some have been predicting, and it starting to look increasingly likely.

    What happened to the Nikkei early on Tuesday was absolutely breathtaking. The following is how Bloomberg described the carnage…

    At the end of January 2013, Japanese stocks trailed only Portugal for the biggest rally among developed markets. Now the Nikkei 225 Stock Average is leading declines, slumping 8.5 percent last month and today capping a 14 percent drop from its Dec. 30 peak.

    Losses snowballed in Tokyo during a global retreat that has erased $2.9 trillion from equity values worldwide this year amid signs of slower growth in China and stimulus cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

    As Bloomberg noted, much of the blame for the financial problems that we are seeing all over the planet right now is being placed on the Federal Reserve.

    The Fed created this bubble by pumping trillions of fresh dollars into the global financial system, and now they are bursting this bubble by starting to cut off the flow of easy money.

    This is something that I warned would happen when the Fed decided to taper, and now RBS is warning of a “market bloodbath” unless the Federal Reserve immediately stops tapering.

    Most Americans simply do not realize that our financial markets no longer resemble a free market system. Instead, they are highly manipulated and distorted by the central banks, and the trillions of dollars of “hot money” that the Fed has poured into the global financial system has infected virtually every financial market on Earth…

    …..if people cant get the necessities of life, you are going to see pandimoniom… AND THE ONLY THING holding our economy together is we beat down other currencies, forcing Emerging Markets to flee to dollars. HA,

    I agree, CHAOS.


    • Galaxy 500

      My brother in law was in Japan during Fukashima (sp?). The Japanese people took care of him and his coworker and got them out. He told me how the Japanese took care of each other and there weren’t robberies, shootings or roots. Then look at the US and Katrina. The gov’t has fostered a divisional mentality; blacks against whites, rich against poor and everybody against Wall street. When the breads and Circuses end, there will be trouble.

      • allen ols

        Yes I saw the long organized lines after the tsumai, esp a young teenage girl, typ. beautiful, standing in line, she lost her whole family, composed, no cutting line, organized, etc. uncanney, culture, comes from the bowing.

        al ols fopusawd

        • lastmanstanding

          Al…it comes from a DEEP sense of tradition, family, loyalty, honesty.

          That is gone for the most part here in the USA…the irony is that my trite example is the consideration that shoppers show one another on Black Friday for the $2 toaster or mind numbing video game.

    • Galaxy 500

      They have a low birth rate and I read where the youngsters are turned off by sex. I don’t know which is worse, our kids with the ” If it feels good do it” attitude or the naps that hate their sexuality.

      • allen ols

        YUP, I saw videos on the youth are turned off by sex, go figure, it is all about money and business i guess. I would assume the generational worship has something to do with it. They can grow a garden on the end of a pinhead.

        al ols

  5. Jerry

    Greg, Greg Mannarino is one of my favorite guest that you have on your site. Thank you for having him on. I totally agree with most of his economic theories except this one.
    I do not believe that the recent turndown in the Stock Market is Fed Manipulation of foreign markets (rattling) into the U.S. Bond Market. What I see, is the beginning phases of the unraveling of the world Banking System. The debt that has been buried in paper the last several years, is beginning to resurface again, caused by the stampede to buy Gold by the emerging world economies (IE China, India, Russia etc. ) When Rob Kirby, and Jim Willie, both tell you that the world Gold reserves are just about empty, that tells me that investors world wide are buying Gold, not paper. I believe that the Gold manipulation by the Fed is beginning to come to an end, and when that happens all that debt that has been buried in paper assets the last several years has to go somewhere. Its time for the Banks to pay the piper. The game is over.

    • Liquid Motion

      The theory goes that Capital is being withdrawn from EM’s. A flight to US would imply therefore a stronger USD / Stock market/ Bond Market.
      BUT the money masters aren’t playing to the FED’s rule book.
      This is backfiring on the FED…BIG TIME.
      They thought they could engineer a flight to “safety” in light of the $20BLN taper.
      The Dow/ S&P are correcting ?
      Capital is taking flight into ?? on the expectation of some calamity or just pure fundamentals that Stocks are /were overvalued (which they are by all metrics).
      Is it clear that the PPT is not working as hard as it did last year to prop up the stock market (or that forces are too great for them on the sell side). Does tapering make us any wiser as to the volatility which is now becoming par for the course.
      Debt has indeed found a home in Stocks/ Bonds (paper assets) but also REAL ESTATE.
      Are interest rates the fuse that ignites that ticking time bomb.
      Interesting don’t you think that JPM now has a very healthy NET LONG position in GOLD !!! When they position themselves this way, you better be ready…they want the price to go up.
      If stocks don’t penetrate 15150-15200 then you can expect to see the DOW above 16500 within 2-3 months.

      • Jerry

        Liquid Motion.
        That was a really good point you made. For some unknown reason I can’t seem to get Rob Kirby’s interview out of my head. I think on a global scale the Chinese are going to be the X-factor like he predicted. They seem to hold all the cards, including the Gold. And you know what they say about the Golden Rule? He who has the Gold makes the rule.

  6. Steven

    I strongly believe Gregory Mannarino is telling the truth, in my personal words government is mafia: so called democrative gorvenment will make lies and distort every market to benefit themselves; so call dictatorship of the government will rob you without making any excuse.

  7. Jerry

    Money for nothing, and your chicks are free (Dire Straits). What a good name for where we are. Dire Straights.


  8. farmboy71

    Would you take possesion of IRA physical gold/silver that is being held in a depository. I am over 59 1/2 and it would just add to my regular income.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many here would tell you to never allow anyone to hold your gold. Mr. Sinclair (JSMineset.com) is going around the globe and telling people top get out of the system (GOTS). That means putting as many of your assets as you can under your direct control. This is a choice is for you and you alone to make.

      • David Saucier

        I agree with you Greg but on the other side, IRA physical gold/silver can be hold the same way NON-IRA is, meaning in a private vault outside the banking system.

    • Galaxy 500

      Take it out while it is cheap

    • Bob H

      farmboy71: I had the same dilemma earlier this year and am of the school that believes “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it” and cashed the entire thing in. It’s in gold/silver now. I’ve got another IRA which is mostly in cash and a few ETF’s, but I’m really giving serious consideration to doing the same thing with it as well. Was actually thinking about it when I saw your question to Greg. Unless it’s a Roth, you’ll still owe taxes on the withdrawal. Good luck!

  9. Andy

    Thanks Greg, I always enjoy listening to Greg Mannarino. He was reluctant to put a date on the coming collapse, which I think is the only sensible way to go, as he said, who knows what ideas they will come up with to keep the party going. I also wonder if gold is creating a false rise to suck in all the ‘bottom is in’ people before it is manipulated for a final smack down to around $1000.

    • Greg Hunter

      We really have been in collapse since 2008 at some point it will speed up to a crescendo. Thank you for your support of Mannarino and this site.

    • Liquid Motion

      I wouldn’t be waiting for any final smack down. When the time comes and people want GOLD in volume…it simply will not be there. IN the words of James Sinclair…’the price movements will literally set your hair on fire”.
      Those who miss the BIG moves are the ones who are watching the market too closely. Patience is essential as is understanding and knowledge.

  10. Anne Elliott

    Thanks for having Greggory on, Greg; he’s scary to listen to, but always gives good advice. We have a wood stove to heat with in the winter, and when Greggory was talking about the future global collapse, and how goods and materials would not be available, the first thing I thought of was that I needed to buy a new chainsaw , an extra chain, and some bar oil to go with it. Had forgotten about that area of our lives!

    • allen ols


      I bought 4 extra chain saws with 4 extra chains and two harbour freight chain sharpeners, remember a chain sharpener lengthens the life of your chain as opposed to a file, set it for 33 degrees. bar oil, i use old engine oil, and buy quart 2 cycle mix at autozone, cheaper, as well as extra spark plugs.

      al ols

    • Jerry

      Buy it now. Its on sale compared to what it will be.

    • lastmanstanding

      Anne, don’t for get high octane fuel (gas), 50:1 mix and some Stabil. 5 gallons of fuel will cut a lot of firewood. I always have at least 10 gallons around. Gas will last longer than folks say, but better to have all bases covered. In emergency any oil will suffice for bar oil. Chain files for sharpening are also a necessity as is a quality splitting maul or 2.

      The high here today was -2…our Kuma stove keeps us nice and toasty. The pets and I are far warmer than dozen or so elk that are feeding out my back door 60′ away. Really!

      I love the people here and the earth we live on. Never give up.

      • allen ols

        google pri-g stabil, a quart renews old gas, one quart stabilizes 500 gal or so. I keep alot of gas on hand in many locations, as the jackass says, choke points, grocery stores, atm s , gas stations. My locations require, several cord of wood, I use a 22 ton splitter, and have a small earthsquake ; elect hyd for kiniling. jealous of the elk, Montana?

        al ols fopusawd

        • lastmanstanding

          Al…Thanks for the tip. I have a small electric splitter that works awesome. (As long as we have power!) I have a huge stash of cut firewood for years and actually like to split with a maul. Especially when my ex-army son comes…he’ll split a couple cords in a few hours “for the workout.” I just stack! About 3-4 cords max for us in a year.

          Being old school, I am setting us up “that way”. Building a wood fired sauna, and in the process of drawing/designing an outdoor wood fired bath for my wife. One that will look like a natural hot spring in the mountains from the outside. Inside will be a cast iron tub insert for ease in cleaning, heat conduction and longetivity. I hope she lets me use it!

          Being able to get clean physically and the mental boost is important to survival.

          Yes Montana…it is about -18 below this morn but the sun is going to shine…only 8 tonight, in the 40’s by next week.

          Time to start thinking about the garden.

          Take care and God bless you.

  11. art barnes

    Your guest said (or at least suggested) it, the FED cannot pull back from Taper because it would be perceived to mean the so-called recovery is not working & the economy is losing steam. Your guest charts are telling & he is right that if the technical numbers go below their support levels then all hell could break loose, another term to put it is to go into “CAPITULATION” . Frankly, I don’t see that happening YET, not until all the emergency markets go flat (including China) and its clear we are in a global recession. The recognition (awareness) of a Global Recession instead of a Global Recovery is what will trigger the Capitulation of the equities market. With the FED doing what it was mandated to do, lie, cheat, steal, & render false and misleading information to manipulate the markets, it will take some time for the reality to be perceived by the investing elite. The loss of the equity markets to “Capitulation” can be used by the Government to support and or enact many more loss of freedoms statutes such as semi-martial law to stop runs on the banks or riots for food or just to quell angry people waiting in long lines for commodities or demanding jobs. That “awareness” is coming you can bet on that, the timing is the only consideration not the reality.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for weighing in Art!!

  12. Mike Gunther

    Greg, You guys are so spot on! I was trying shore up my rock salt supply so I had extra for family members in this ice storm the Northeast is getting and its almost non-existent right now. I went to wal-mart and got some solar salt like you use in water softners to use on the ice and I almost caused a major riot when people saw a few bags of salt in my cart. That said, whats it going to be like when there are shortages of food OR the food is ten times the regular price? What will people be willing to do to get the “resources”? As I quickly ran away to the checkout counter I could only think of you and your guests and what they have been saying. Start making the hard choices NOW while you can people. The Satellite TV, cell phones, eating out etc., do we really need that or should we get out of debt and be prepared at even a minimal level? Thanks for what you do Greg and I love the watching the Comments roll in, very thought provoking. Take Care

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike! I have to say this market manipulation is very unpredictable because we do not know how desperate these folks will become. It will get worse and what the heck will they do next to prop things up?

    • Jerry

      Forgo that next trip, and sink $2000, in food storage instead. Its all about priorities at this point.

  13. AndyB

    Greg: it’s quite appropriate to have GM on for his common man’s approach for us non stock market wizards, nonwithstanding the fact that almost anyone with a IQ above 50 can see disaster ahead. On many posts to this forum, I have mentioned that “something wicked this way comes”; totally apart from the financial meltdown and totally dependent upon the reaction of the psychopaths in charge of this country. My concern is not with a totally probable USD devaluation, or even bank bail-ins or asset confiscation. Rather I fear another staged 9/11, or worse. Keep up with your outstanding parade of extremely informative commentators.

  14. smaulgld

    Clearly Greg is right- the Fed creates distortions in the economy and calls them “recovery”
    Check out these two charts and you’ll see that the much touted housing “recovery” is a farce- just rising prices but low home ownership rates, low affordability, low inventory, low household formation, low labor participation rate, low first time homebuyer sales, low demand, BUT higher prices!

  15. Opetator47

    Everyone needs to get out of paper. Especially get out of the banks. They are going to steal 401’s, pensions, etc.. Hard physical assets is the only safe play. Don’t forget lead and brass bullion to go with any other home protection needs.

  16. 02144pomroy

    Another great interview Greg. I’ve been trying to warn people but they think I am nuts, so I’ve just been looking after myself and my immediate family. If anyone has some time, I found a site named “Philosophyofmetrics by JC Collins. Spend a few minutes on it. This guy has it down I believe. Greg, I consider you my “canary in the coal mine”! Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not nuts, just early. You will be one of the lucky ones.

  17. Craig

    Hey Greg,

    Thank you for the timely update, very much appreciate Gregory Mannarino’s perspective. I also ran into this commentary from David McAlvany similar view as Gregory Mannaarino , with a detailed emerging market analysis and overview.

    A very interesting explanation of how the emerging markets the US Stockmarket and American Companies are so inter-connected. Some US Companies earn up to a Third or Half of their revenue from emerging markets.

    My take away from the analysis is , if you sabotage the emerging Markets (50 % of world market) it comes right back to US and Euro Stockmarkets and Transnational Bank loans ! Especially as the low interest rates do not reflect risk !

    There is a lot more in the conversation below.

    All the best



  18. Rodster

    “Without a doubt, this is going to blow up. . . . I’ve been saying this for years now–we are headed for a pan global financial cataclysm. That’s a fact.”

    When Mannarino uses those terms I 100% believe that as well. I do feel however that the Elite like the BIS/IMF/ECB are collaborating behind the scenes and waiting like vultures for the kill to implement a currency that will give them ultimate control and power when the meltdown ends.

  19. allen ols


    Karen Hudes RED ALERT For Collapse of Fiat Currency

    from KarenHudes:

    Professor Antal Fekete discusses the “red alert” for collapse of fiat currency – gold backwardation as measured on spot and futures markets, an end of bullion leasing in July 2013, disappearing gold from the Comex market. A power transition model, with 95% accuracy, predicts that gold in the global collateral account, “cloaked in secrecy” is coming out of hiding for its legal beneficiaries–humanity.

    Found on sgtreport w/video of Hudes and Antal Fekete

    al ols fopusawd

  20. Jarheadusmc

    Some thoughts and reflections:

    During the hostilities in former Yugoslavia, one town of 30,000 was cut off from all electricity and contact with the outside for over a year. Gold and silver meant nothing, bullets, guns, “bic lighters”, powdered gravy and food were worth more than gold and precious metals, with ammo first and guns second on the list said the inhabitants.

    Catholic mystics of unquestioned reputation have warned that a total world economic collapse is coming and will be immediately followed by civil war and revolution in all Western countries including America. No electricity, food, gas, stores, transportation, etc for over a year, they warn, among the mobs, gangs, starvation on a level never before imagined in America, this followed by an invasion (with help from within our own government) by Russia, China and their allies (Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, etc who have already agreed to this alliance). The question is, what good would gold and silver do in this case – none. I need food, ammo, clothes, something necessary to survive and you have it – I offer a gold bar worth $12oo – how do you get the change? Or rather, gold was once $300 oz, now $1200 or more – who says it will be worth what I payed for it as once it was only worth $300 vs I payed $1200. In my estimation, in researching past catastrophes, it is my considered opinion that guns and ammo, especially ammo, will be worth more than gold or any precious metals, period, then add food, “bic lighters”, clothes, all sorts of necessary items for survival – get rid of your gold, silver, and precious metals, get your money out of any investments period, and buy ammo, ammo, ammo, gun, food, and survival items. What is coming is beyond any ones imagination or most feared nightmare.

  21. Jacques

    I once had the rare opportunity to be on a property, or remnant of a Company that had gone belly up. The offices were ransacked and checks all over the place in the executive suite. A friend and I who had purchased auctioned-up equipment walked through the suite and found on the large desk the company check book. The last two checks were for two corporate officers for very large amounts. Those officers found a way to hold back as long as they could then jumped ship at the last minute and ran with the left over money in the account. Many of the employees, I’m told got stiffed with no money for the last month or so trying to keep the company working.

    That moment in my mind has left an unforgettable memory/image.

    I’m afraid that a repeat of this will occur nation wide and the people will have to pick up the pieces and liquidate this nation for the highest bidder. It won’t be a pretty site.

    Thanks Greg for all your efforts and guess.

    We will be seeing things that will be carved in our minds that we may never hope could ever happen. Many people will get hurt beyond anyone’s imagination. We can only hope that the other side will be the millennium.

  22. Praxis


    The nail biting is pitching up isn’t it. But why now? There are a lot of signs, all. over. the. place. that something heavy this way comes. Would be nice to read the script.

    Is it possible, the dog and pony show this year is up for cancellation in a state of emergency? Can it be because the establishment knows time is running out for them, bleeding legitimacy too quickly for the facade to remain erect? Are Americans actually that pissed off? Most people I know and call good friends are still hesitant to hear ANY information which disrupts their hopes and dreams of reality and would do ANYTHING to preserve them, even though they know what comes out of my pen is probably true. Thankfully, they’re big enough not to hate me for it. They just seem to put it on the shelf and continue hoping I’m wrong.

    The Alito article out of the Washington Examiner is another huge red flag with his latin reference to “time of war makes the laws fall silent” and his tip of the hat to WW2 Japanese internment being a-ok by him. And of course, bankster assassinations and journalist disappearances, neither of which surprise me in the least.

    The last decade really has mirrored something I read about 10 – 15 years ago about a fictional time traveler who chastised Americans over an internet forum for what happened. It’s going a lot slower than he said it should, but the exact situations are happening. The snowball is growing and picking up speed, and soon, lives if it hasn’t already but on a grand scale.

    In the end of his story it is as if god played a role in mankind nearly eradicating itself and doing massive damage in the meantime. Bush craft became an important skill. We haven’t practiced it in earnest, like our lives depended on it, for over two thousand years! Just considering it blows my mind to pieces.

    • tROT

      The Abo’s will survive and a jolly swag-man!

  23. Jerry

    This ones for you Greg. There are a lot of people paying attention.


  24. Galaxy 500

    Why did this not make the news until now?

    If you add Greg M’s to Kirby’s info you get a clearer picture…and you should be afraid, very , very afraid. And if you haven’t already started to prepare, wells there’s no time like the present.
    Keep the facts coming

    • Jerry

      Interesting article Galaxy.
      With that, I might add the value of a solar battery charger. People forget how valuable light is, until you don’t have it. I have olive oil lamps for backup myself just in case the batteries go bad.. The problem is olive oil doesn’t store long term I’m told.

      • rich

        Check into these lights. Run on thermodynamics – heat from candles makes the electricity.

        CAFRAMO Joi Light.

        They are awesome and they work.

      • lastmanstanding

        Jerry, check out http://www.lamplight.com or http://www.lanternnet.com

        Lamplight paraffin oil is the best for inside…100 oz. bottle for $18 at Ace Hardware…it is odorless and no spoilage to worry about. I also have the Lamplight Medallion oil. Not so good for inside unless it is warmer and you can ventilate as the fumes can be nauseating. (64 oz. is $9 at Ace.) The Ace store in our town has an entire setup…Lamps, oil, wicks, extra glass/globes, etc. Their site has a list of suppliers, lots of chain stores.

        Lanternnet is W.T Kirkman Co…I purchased several cases of #2 cold-blast lanterns from them a few years ago…case price was about $25 ea. including shipping. They are outstanding gifts, well received by everyone and you can watch the “light” go on in their mind.

        Lanternnet/Kirkman is the A to Z of oil lamps.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Jerry

          Thank you Rich and lastmanstanding for the info.
          I have one I’ll share with you. Biolite Stoves. It runs off of scrap wood and generates its own electricity. You can charge ham radios , or anything that has a USB port hookup.

      • Galaxy 500

        It goes rancid

  25. Al hall

    Greg: I have been told this now for years as I have told you!! My inside sources
    confirm everything Greg M. just said in this interview! Sad as this is- Congress has known this for many years- closed door section in 2007. People- your Congressman if he was there in 2007 or before knows this is about to happen. THEY LIE ABOUT THIS! They will go to the underground cities to be protected when mass riots happen upon the financial collapse. DO AS GREG M. SAYS–” PREPARE NOW!!!”Buy silver now at any
    price. My sources say it will be at least $3500 by mid-2016- $20 today.
    The sky is the limit when this happens. That’s a return!!!

  26. Hugo

    Hi there Greg,

    Nice interview, thanks a lot. Two things I like to mention. First of all, you call it the ”debtceiling”. I suggest you call it the debt target (smile).

    I am not sure if you know about this but sure is very little talked about. There are two types of central banks on the planet now. The ones who mark their gold to market and the others, who use the USA treasury bond as the basis of their currency (like Japan).
    The ones who mark their gold to market have all the incentive to, once they are ready, let the paper gold implode. That way physical gold gets repriced huge as Greg (M) states they have the oppertunity to replace the lost value from the collapsed dollars and reliquify the banking sector. A bonus is that they have the option to guide hyperinflate into gold! Since central banks do not have silver I doubt silver is going to get that kind of traction.

    Yes that means that our definition of money gets changed to the core. No more means of saving, calculation and payment. Currency is then for payment and calculation. Money, gold, is for saving. The world needs it. If this does not happen. Greg M will be right and billions will die.

    There is a reason in the USA the treasury holds the gold and not the FED. Unlike all the green marked countries on this map (hat tip JSmineset) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/70/Freegold_Distribution.svg/500px-Freegold_Distribution.svg.png

    I really suggest u look into freegold. Boy, it took me years of study but I cannot see another solution besides indeed much death and no solutions to the mess we are in.

  27. Mr.Lee

    Hello Greg:

    Let us be clear, if everything comes to pass as Greg thinks it will. As Gereld Celente says’ “they take you to war.” . This reality is the only way the Status Quo, has to divert attention and dare I say, be able to steal the physiical assets of the popluace under the rubric of National Security.

    Take a look at the comments of Justice Scalia recently. This man said that another interment situation as was the case with the Japanese in WW2, can and will happen again. What a spectacular statement……..therefor knowing this, is it a stretch to believe the war will be the way out. I think it may be.


  28. andrew

    Thanks Greg for all that you do. Your comment section is increasing in knowledgeability, similar to other sites. This shows people catching on. You manage your threads well, and give helpful, supporting feedback. People appreciate that. You’ve created a loyal, thankful community, even beef farmers in New Zealand. How ’bout that!

  29. mohammad


    So far among all those expert (and I have been following most of them for a while) the only one who has gotten it right is JIM RICKARDS!
    He said it a while back that US is stealing the GDP from emerging markets and he wrote the Currency War book in which he described then exactly what is going on now.
    Please have him on … last interview was great but the sound was not clear I would love to hear from him his take on recent events including currency wars and geopolitics.

    Also I cannot wait until you have Karen Hudes and please press her on the gold quantity and if she is darn sure about it, if what she says is true the only explanation is ALCHEMY and the chinese with the Russians are taken for a trip. If it is not true then the theme of what the rest are saying stands.

    • mohammad

      Here is this interview in the beginning she says that the central banks are running out of gold around the mark 3:13, and on the mark 14:30 she says there is plenty of gold in Hawaii.
      So either she is lying or am not getting what she is saying straight and she needs to come clean on the issue to be credible, especially when she is leading a campaign of “fighting the corruption”!


      • Galaxy 500

        The more I hear from her the less I can take seriously

      • J C Davis

        Mohammad. I thing Karen was at one time a cooperative one with oligarchs. Now I see her as one grasping at straws to stay in the spotlight.

        • JC Davis

          Karen did not seem to wan to answer if she was or was not involved in bitcoin. Going to a conference is not full involvement, yet I was left with the impression she was involved more then she told. That may explain the fictional gold in Hawaii. Yet she holds gold.LOL

    • Liquid Motion

      When those questions are answered perhaps you can seek/provide answers to the following:
      – Why did the House of Rothchild remove themselves from the LBMA Gold price fixing in the early 2000’s when the price of gold was ~ $275/oz ?
      – Why did JPM sell its premises (including the single largest GOLD VAULT) in the world (empty at time of sale) at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza ?
      – Why has JPM gone LONG Gold ?
      – Why did Deutsche Bank remove itself from the LBMA Gold price fixing ?

      So called elite money masters haven’t got to their position through luck.

      What about if Karen Hudes doesnt clarify her statement. Does she lose credibility ?

      • Liquid Motion


      • Galaxy 500

        IMHO, anyone talking about fictional 170,000 tons of gold in HI doesn’t have credibility. Any idea about the security needed? And a secret with that many people guarding it isn’t a secret.
        Just my 2 cents.

        • mohammad

          Do anyone knows a swat about area 51?
          Call it area AU in Hawaii if true!

    • tROT

      If There being taken for a trip on gold, the poor mans gold,”silver”, to the moon!

  30. Galaxy 500

    It’s time for McRino to go
    McRINO Has A Temper Tantrum During Meeting With Syrian Christian Leaders After They Detail Atrocities Carried Out By His Rebel Allies…


  31. Digby G

    Why does every columnist say the world is in a mess, the US is in a mess, Buy Gold or Silver ?

    Is it the commissions they will make ?

    • Galaxy 500

      Not sure how you could monetize that unless you were directing people to a specific vendor/company. Neither of the Gregs sell PMs to the best of my knowledge

    • J C Davis

      DIGBY G. I have often wondered this also. Motives of other people are always in question when it comes to my livelihood. I buy constitutional silver not for greed but need. See when prices inflate, so will property taxes. I believe silver and copper will increase also, so I keep enough to pay taxes for a couple of years. I have always question why people who have all they need keep wanting more, and more. If I owned a lot of gold , and believed it would double in one year I surely would not be seeking buyers.

  32. Harry, Not Larry, Not Gerry

    Greg, I always love to listen to the Greg & Greg interviews. Greg Mannarino is a smart and caring man, and an honest man. Thank You!

    Just a suggestion – There is a writer on the internet whose articles I have read numerous times, and he is brilliant and also seems to truly understand what is happening in the world today. You have not had this guy on, but I truly think you should try to have him on as a guest. His name is Brandon Smith. He’s young and smart. Please check him out Greg, and consider having him on as a guest.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea. Thank you. I know Brandon.

      • lastmanstanding

        Steve St. Angelo of the “SRSROCCOREPORT” would be interesting as well…he comes at it with a very different perspective than the “market guys”.

  33. ronnie

    war could be another form of distraction and wiping out your biggest deptholder could be very bennificial. i hope they dont get too desperate.

  34. Agent P

    Unfortunately, Mr. Mannarino was not quite able to finish his point regarding the strategy of the U.S. currently pulling a ‘deflation-scare’ in the global markets, other than to say he expects the market to return and climb – even with another upcoming $10B reduction in asset purchases by the Fed. That’s a powerful statement… I would have liked to see him expand more on the mechanics of that rise and what it leads to in the coming weeks/months – i.e., what upcoming data series (consumer sentiment, employment, etc.), would we be looking at that would support the rise, other than the piling into our markets by global investors, and how he sees that playing out over the next 6 months.

  35. dave

    Hi ya Greg
    Here’s a new interview with Edward Snowden.Very well done
    Thanks Greg …great reporting


    • JC Davis

      Thank you Sir Dave. It is clear there has been much disinformation about E Snowden. This interview will never be seen on CBS, or any other MSM networks. Esp. the last statement His trial in the USA would be a show trial.
      I would vote Snowden for president. First we would have to have a real election process that removes doubt of vote fraud. Thanks again.
      Every voter in America Should want the world to be able to see who they voted for in at least one election every 32 years. Open voting with names and a special number for voters to check.

  36. John M.

    Greg Mannarino has a great site which I try to visit daily too!
    We should not care what the Fed says. To taper or not to taper, that is not the question. The Fed lies and spews disinformation anyway, as they know full well that they are destroying the dollar and bringing us hyperinflation. Their knowledge of the timing of that future orchestrated event does give them some advantage.
    Why are they purposively destroying the dollar?
    Because they have plans for a new world currency that will not have any gold-backing at all, which is central to a new world order. They don’t want China to be in complete control of this currency or basket of currencies, but they also know that they can’t completely exclude China from being at the table.
    I don’t think China (and Russia, BRICS, etc.)will fully cooperate with the Western bankers. I also don’t think the Chinese want the fiscal restraints or the responsibilities of floating the new world reserve currency all by themselves, as that is not really necessary for them to overtake America. They are acquiring the physical gold and all the choke-holds of scarce natural resources in order to continue to out-produce the U.S. and to hold real purchasing power as the hyperinflation begins. (They are probably not opposed to using bullets and nukes either.)
    I think the Western bankers/governments have greatly miscalculated by funding the economic machine of China. Just like American bankers had financed Hitler and Nazi Germany, they have done the same with the manufacturing capabilities of China. Only the outcome may turn out a lot differently, with China actually winning by using its capital and labor much more wisely. America has instead relied on lies, funny money and derivatives.

    • Galaxy 500

      John M.,
      I agree on China. We created our worst enemy in making China a global power

    • Charles H.

      John M,

      Great deduction. America is destroying and will consume itself: why would China or Russia intervene, when we are doing such a good job all by ourselves?? Also the other great eastern nations realize that positioning in areas of real strength, and acting in honest dealings will keep them afloat when much of the world begins to sink.

  37. David H


    I agree with your perspective on where things are headed. I do have a question. I am perplexed why an honest and knowledgable Christian financial advice giver on the radio continues to express fear of the precious metals. I am talking about a Christian talk show host that managed 800 million dollars at on time. Not a stupid guy. Yet he thinks for protection in these difficult times you need a large cash position and stocks in solid companies. How is it that someone like this that has much more real world experience in investments than I do not fully get it? Am I missing something? PS- thanks for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      David H,
      I have no idea what this host is thinking. I do know the derivative exposure is “officially” north of $600 trillion. Unofficially it is more than twice that amount. I believe the unofficial number. If we use only the official number then if these only 10 percent of these debt bets go sour (and that is extremely gracious) that would wipe out the equivalent of the global GDP. Holding paper seems to me like a bad idea to me, but what do I know.

      • David H

        I am of your frame of mind on this matter. Not because I am a financial genius but because what you and your guests say make more common sense to me. I wish I was as financially savvy
        as some of your listeners. I love reading the interaction as it is very thoughtful. I will keep on listening and learning. Thanks for the response.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, if the derivatives exposure is as you cite, and I have read similar figures (I am hesitant to use the term “amounts”, as 600 trillion is actually unfathomable), then derivatives, by definition, being “downline” or a product of MSB”s (the now infamous and demonstrated-to-be fraudulent mortgage-backed securities), were all done on margin, since, as you correctly point out, 10% of these exceed world GDP. If (this is starting to sound like Kafka) the foregoing is true and accepted, what is the point of the so-called QE program and/or so-called taper of same? At best, it’s just a delaying tactic. 17 trill or 600 trill–what’s the difference, as both levels are lethal.

        • Greg Hunter

          Paul from Indiana,
          This is why so many are simply coming to the conclusion you must hold hard assets. I am not just talking about gold and silver. The list is long but a few things on the list include but not limited to, a car title, new tires, food water, a clear title home, motor oil, bleach and anything you could use or consume. It is all on sale now!!!

  38. silverstacker

    Perhaps this will help put into perspective how cheap silver is historically. According to the Hebrew currency exchange. Some 2000 years ago, a talent of silver or about 654 ounces was equivalent to 19 years income. If you do the math silver should be priced by today’s standards at several hundred USD an ounce .
    Greg Mannarino and I see eye to eye when it comes to silver being the most undervalued asset in history.
    Thank you for the service you provide to educate the masses.

  39. Jerry

    So what stage of the collapse are we in ? I love metaphors. If my intuition is right, (which it is 80% of the time) we are in the “launch stage”.


    We have slowly been sinking a little at a time, and now the pace is beginning to pick up. Bankers committing suicide (supposedly)? Bankers taking their money out of Banks (weird)? No Gold in the COMEX (unexplainable) ? The real clincher. President Obama telling us that the deficit is declining, just as Congress is getting ready to raise the Debt ceiling. (insanity) ?

    • Greg Hunter

      From my perspective the collapse happened in 2008. We have been in a fighting retreat ever since and we are about to be overrun. Not arguing with your points they are well made–just adding my 2 (zinc) cents.

  40. Roderick

    You guys are a great team. Greg Hunter steers the ship laying out the course and Greg Mannnarino stokes the fire in the engine room. Excellent interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your description of the interview. very nice of you!

  41. WD Deni

    Greg, Any chance of getting Dimtri Orlov on your show for an intrview?

    He has a very technical but precise definition of collapse and key things to look for.

    Brilliant individiual…does not mince words and lives on a boat. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Help me out and find an email for me please. Good idea!!

  42. WD Deni

    Greg, For the first time Dimitri Orlov has given some type of true table for the beginning of collapse. These 2 tell tale signs………

    1. Find out when the collapse clock starts running by looking for a significant drop in energy consumption

    2. Calculate how long the clock is going to run by dividing the total wealth of the citizenry by the economic shortfall of the shrinking economy

  43. Jerry

    Paul Craig Roberts, in why the Fed is Tapering (if it really is).

    We offer two explanations for the tapering. One is technical, and one is strategic.

    First the technical explanation. The Fed’s bond purchases and the banks’ interest rate swap derivatives have made a dent in the supply of Treasuries. With income tax payments starting to flow in, fewer Treasuries are being issued to put pressure on interest rates. This permits the Fed to make a show of doing the right thing and reduce bond purchases. As a weakening economy becomes apparent as the year progresses, calls for the Fed to support the economy will permit the Fed to broaden the array of instruments that it purchases.

    A strategic explanation for tapering is that the growth of US debt and money creation is causing the world to turn a jaundiced eye toward the US dollar and toward its role as world reserve currency.

    Currently the Russian Duma is discussing legislation that would eliminate the dollar’s use and presence in Russia. Other countries are moving away from the dollar. Recently the Nigerian central bank reduced its dollar reserves and increased its holdings of Chinese yuan. Zimbabwe, which was using the US dollar as its own currency, switched to Chinese yuan. The former chief economist of the World Bank recently called for terminating the use of the dollar as world reserve currency. He said that “the dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises.” Moreover, the Federal Reserve is very much aware of the flight away from the dollar into gold, because it is this flight that causes the Fed to manipulate the gold price in order to hold it down and in order to be able to free up gold for delivery.

    The Fed knows that the ability of the US to pay its bills in its own currency is the reason it can stand its large trade imbalance and is the basis for US power. If the dollar loses the reserve currency role, the US becomes just another country with balance of payments and currency problems and an inability to sell its bonds in order to finance its budget deficits.

    In other words, perhaps the Fed understands that a dollar crisis is a bigger crisis than a bank crisis and that its bailout of the banks is undermining the dollar. The question is: will the Fed let the banks go in order to save the dollar?

  44. John S

    Greg Mannarino is good for stock market buffs and he does have a clue to the overall picture, but as he has his own You Tube channel there is little point bringing him on here Greg, as he will only repeat what we can hear from him on his own channel. So although good more new guests needed for an overall picture of society and banking needed, plus any new things we don’t get to hear about. Stock brokers do not always bring the best news as their world view normally stays within this limited area.

  45. David Saucier

    Wow Great !! It’s the best interview ever !
    Can you imagine guys, history in the making, we are living a fiat currency collapse GLOBALLY !!
    One thing Robert Kiyosaki said in an interview that really struck me: “they don’t even have to print this stuff anymore, it’s electronic… that’s how fast it’s gonna hit people”

    A lot of people want to know WHEN, WHEN ? Nobody knows but remember what Jim Willie said: “Check the time between events” It used to be every year, then every month and today there is something EVERY WEEK, sometime more than once a week !

    But don’t be fool, in 20-30 years, live will good again, it’s just that we are going through a very rough spot…

  46. Cascade Consortium

    Unreal World we are living in at this moment in time….it is ALL being set up in perfect order http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-06/farce-complete-blythe-masters-joining-cftc

    Be sure to catch the tone of the last sentance in report

    • Greg Hunter

      This is simply outrageous. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house.

  47. Jonathan

    Galaxy 500: I am with you on your suspicions of Huldes. I’m not saying she’s an outright fraud but the 170,000 tons of gold claim just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Greg: Steve St. Angelo would be an excellent guest. I’ve been following his work at srsroccoreport.com for a while now and he does some of the best energy/precious metals analysis out there.

  48. PJ

    If there is a Banker hit list well another Prominent banker Dead in NH just days before retirement. Its crazy that all these big bankers dying like this it’s like Goodfellas.
    Its something to watch who knows maybe coincidence may not.

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