Fed Scared to Death of Causing Global Financial Crash – Nomi Prins

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Two time, best-selling author Nomi Prins says central bankers have no idea how to stop the easy money policies that they started after the financial meltdown of 2008. Prins explains, “So, when the Fed says they are going to remove assets from their $4.5 trillion book by not reinvesting the interest payment . . . the reality is they haven’t really done that.  They have reduced their book by about $10 billion off of $4.5 trillion since they mentioned they were going to start ‘tapering.”  The media discusses this as a major tightening move.  Somehow all of our economies have finally worked because of central bank activity.  Growth is real.  It’s all positive.  The markets are evidence of that because of the levels they are at; and, therefore, these central banks, starting with the Fed, are going to reverse course of these last 10 years.  The reality is if you look at the actual activity of the central banks, beyond the Fed raising rates by a little bit, there hasn’t been and there isn’t being a reversal of course because they are scared to death that too much of a reversal is going to cause a major crash throughout the financial system. Everything is connected.  All the banks are connected.  Money flows around the world in less than nanoseconds, and all of it has the propensity to collapse if that carpet the central banks have created is dragged from beneath the floor of all this activity.”Prins, who just finished traveling the globe to research her upcoming book, thinks there is one big thing that can take the entire system down. Prins, a former top Wall Street banker, contends, “There hasn’t been any real growth in the real economy.  That is an indication of the misfire of this entire plan.  There has been tremendous growth in stock markets and bond markets.  If you look at localities or states or governments whose debt to GDP levels are well over 100%, in Japan it’s over 200%, in the United States it over 100%, and this is the same throughout the world.  These are levels that they have never been, and they are all at their historic highs.  That’s why debt will ultimately be the destructor of the system.  In order for that to happen, the cheapness of money that allow states, municipalities and corporations to continue to borrow at these cheap levels has to go away. . . . At some point, there will be a mistake.  There might be a tiny smidge of an interest rate hike at some central bank, probably the Fed, which ripples throughout the system as a mistake, not because real growth has happened, and that’s why interest rates have been raised.  That will incur defaults throughout the system.  People will incur personal defaults, and that will cause problems in the mortgage market . . . then it becomes a knock-on credit crisis, and then banks start not to lend . . . . Then we have the makings of a broad crisis.”

Prins doesn’t think we get a crash in 2018, but warns when the markets crash, “they will come down fast.”

So, how is Prins protecting herself? Prins says, “I’m buying gold. . . . I would also be a buyer of silver because silver is a used hard asset, and it’s at really cheap levels right now.  I would be a buyer as a percentage of my portfolio.  I have done exactly what I am telling you is a good idea to do, which is to take money from the stock market and put it into hard assets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Nomi Prins, author of the upcoming book titled “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World.” 

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After the Interview:

You can find free information and analysis from Nomi Prins at NomiPrins.com. Prins is giving USAWatchdog.com viewers a special link to buy her new book at a hefty discount.  Prins says this pre-order link will give USAWatchdog.com buyers of “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World” a 40% discount up until it officially releases on May 1, 2018.



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  1. Tad


    Nothing has changed. The government may as well have a full fleet of buses at border entry points.
    The multi-quadrillion dollar question: When does the great unwind occur?

    It makes too much sense to be in precious metals.

    • Frederick

      Amen to that sentiment Tad

      • Mohammad

        The Democraps need their vote in the crucial 2018 mid term elections.


        • Tad

          The return to government “normalcy” yesterday is meaningless. Illegals are still coming across in unchecked numbers. I don’t see it slowing, even when the financial crisis
          hits with a fury.

          As for black unemployment, I would say for young black men, it probably hove
          rs around 40 percent. The 6.8 percent put
          out by the BLS (BS) is the current politically correct number.
          Boy are we screwed.
          All this recent political theater just to evade
          news of hordes overrunning our border.

    • Jules

      To answer Tad’s question – when does the great unwind occur?
      It won’t unwind until they own ‘everything’ i.e. all assets, which will include property, significant corporate assets related to food, energy production…etc. carry on with the list of essentials for your daily life. Printed/fiat money (the process of debt monetization) in return for tangible assets is a subversive trogan horse that leads to an eventual fascist/oligarchy state (whether obvious or not obvious), that is, if my slippery slope is correct.

      • Paul ...

        Global debt is at $240 trillion … unfunded liabilities amount to $250 trillion and derivatives make up $1.5 quadrillion … thus the total debt we must somehow cover is $2 quadrillion dollars … how can it ever be repaid? … simple … raise the gold price to cover all this debt … do the calculation … there is about 5 billion ounces of gold in the world … divide 5 billion ounces into $2 quadrillion and we get a price of gold of $400,000 dollars per ounce … but lets say there is 4 times more gold in the world then we think ( i.e Grand Canyon, Indonesia, etc., etc.) … in that case the price of gold would have to be $100,000 dollars per ounce … and lets further assume that we will only need to back up the debt on a ten to one basis … and bingo we get the $10,000 dollar gold price Jim Rickards predicts!!

      • Andrew B. Brown

        That is accurate. Their problem is the world is educated enough to see the theft. So, whoever ends up with the most toys is guilty.

    • Ray

      Hi Tad,

      “When will the great unwind occur”?
      The answer is……IT WILL NEVER OCCUR!!!
      Notice that the US debt is NEVER called in…..never called in. EVER.
      It is simply rolled over as new Treasuries.
      Look…..it is as simple as this. When you or I have any debt…..say a car registration or electricity bill to pay, there is a “payment due date”, and we are forced to adhere to that date, or the service will be cancelled and we will be referred to a debt collector for any debt owed on prior service.
      But never so with US debt…….the creditor never demands payment, and so the entire stinking charade, full of war, lies, deceit and human suffering goes on and on.
      ……and it will go on, for-so-long as the creditor never demands payment.
      Or, as long as the creditor accepts payment of old debt with new debt…..IT WILL NEVER STOP.
      We are doomed to live this existence forever…..or until some brave nation fronts up and smacks The Bully (and we all know who that is) fair in the mouth and says enough is enough…..no more endless debt for you to fund your Planetary Subjugation Campaigns.

      Canberra, Australia.

  2. asmith

    My Lord, Nomi is an auditory machine gun. Listening to her and Rickards together would be like listening to a 1950’s boxing match. Did they go to law school together?

    Yes, we’re listeners here because we believe there will be a crash of mammoth proportions. The question, of course, is when???? Can Clif High chime in?

    • Mohammad

      the crash will commence when middle east is figured out as per TPTB plans, not a second nor a minute before or after.
      And Clif cannot figure it out.


    • Michael

      Forget Cliff High……. Greg should get Quinn Michaels instead to talk about AI and Crypto Currencies… Cliff is pushing the Cryptos as if they are decentralized….Qyinn was the 10th person to Fork it and understands the big money behind Crypto’s.

    • Rick Porter

      Asmith, You’ve got that right. She talks non stop EXACTLY like Rickards’ and never takes a breath so that no one else can get a word in so she gets more to say than anybody else and talks and then talks some more and never stops and never takes a breath and loves to hear herself because she loves to talk and then keeps talking a bit more and after she gets a little red in the face she lets Greg say something but not before talking quite a bit more and she continues talking and talking and talking and talking finally after 25 minutes and everybody has quit listening and walked away to take a break but then they come back to see if she’s still is talking and then they find out that she’ still talking and talking and then Greg has to interrupt her after she talks a bit more and then stops while Greg talks for 15 seconds only to let her talk more.

    • Andrew B. Brown

      That’s true, but trading partners have been willing to accept US debt in lieu of dollars. That is changing.

      What can you spend USD on other than land and businesses in the US?

  3. Christian

    Greg, a fantastic interview.

    The big headline though is capitalism died in 2008 and its not coming back.

    • Paul ...

      Just like any Mafia … the banksters led by the Fed are in Collusion against all free markets … so as to game the system and make themselves “the market” where all profits flow to them and any loses are born by the taxpayers … Prins makes the case that the US is headed toward another epic financial crash as a result of the unchecked powers of the Fed and its global bankster buddies who are creating all kinds of asset bubbles in an effort to bail themselves out of the mess they have created by printing a never-ending flow of cheap money … now being deployed to inflate their bank stocks …
      what these banksters are doing is evil and immoral … eventually providing artificial stimulus to stock markets will result in a crash … just as real estate eventually crashed and the bond market is now set to crash … holding the price of gold and silver down will also come to an end … as “collusion by crooks” to do the opposite of what the free markets demand eventually comes apart … and when it does … gold will be worth $50,000 “fake US dollars” and silver over $3,000 “fake US dollars” … and the only reason one would want to take some “fake money” printed out of thin air (US dollars, Euro’s, Yen, etc.) for “real” money (gold and silver) is to pay off debts … but your “real money” should always be kept in physical gold and silver coins … look at Russia and China … they continue to accumulate hundreds of tons of gold and silver and don’t have any desire to convert it into “fake fiat paper”!!

  4. Veritas X-

    Great interview Greg.
    Just tried ordering *Collu$ion* but unfortunately the pre-order discount is only available to those in the USA; “This promotion is only available to customers in the United States.”.
    Can you possibly help your readers/viewers living outside of the USA get a chance at to use this offer?
    Cheers X-

    • Greg Hunter

      Please check back in a few days. I told her (via email) the problems with people outside the U.S. and she said it will be fixed in some way.

      • Veritas X-

        Hi Greg.
        Just received the following reply from the publisher:

        We can ship to Sweden. We ship via UPS. Shipping 1 copy to Stockholm, Sweden will be $71.35. Let us know if you’d like to place an order.
        View your request: https://support.800ceoread.com/helpdesk/tickets/
        Meg Bacik
        544 S 1st St
        Milwaukee, WI 53204
        ph. 414-220-4461

        Thanks for the effort Greg. & Nomi.
        I’ll wait’a bit until I can get it at a reasonable price.

    • Erika Miller

      No problem. The book is already on sale on Amazon with a 31% reduction and it is also available in Canada. Watch whether you are responsible for paying shipping costs on top of price of book.

  5. Robert

    How can she say we have very low inflation? Has she bought groceries in the past two years? Has she seen the huge rise in property values and rents? Has she seen the huge problem of homelessness? Just because energy prices havent risen accordingly doesnt mean eveything else hasnt.

    • Kim

      True points! Glad you brought this up!

  6. God's Speed Donald

    In case some missed the last two comments of the Weekly News Wrap-Up!
    Loren 01/20/2018 •
    I fear that everyone is way too optimistic about this memo. If is really had the bombshell evidence that would send Comey, Muller, the Clinton’s, etc. to jail, it would have already been leaked by those in Congress that have never been able to keep their mouths shut about anything. I am afraid that this won’t in the long run change much in the total war against Trump. After all, Clapper lied directly to Congress and he still is given a microphone on CNN and is still collecting a nice pension on our dime.

    Russ McMeans 01/21/2018 •
    Loren; I hope you’re wrong and everyone goes to jail, but in view of history and the Bible, I suspect you may be right. The wicked thrive, but at least their lives are temporary. Time snuffs them out. All of them. It’s Zero Hedge’s banner. ( Thank you Tyler).. Trump IS upsetting the status quo though. Why? Because the people cried out and God allowed us a kind of savior. He’s far from perfect but he sure kicks ass. Beautiful to watch. He’s a bit like King David mind you.

    Friends of our nation and USAWatchdogger’s , the Tory colonists who opposed our young nations fight for Independence, resorted to ruthless means in their efforts to stamp out the Swamp Fox.
    In this, our second great American revolution. Our Tory deep state will fail in their attempts to stamp out the Swamp Fox of today, Donald J. Trump. We the people sent to drain such, same swamp today!

    TORY VENGEANCE! Has exposed it’s evil machinations once again!
    History is repeating itself in the Swamp of Washington D.of C., today!

    • Justn Observer

      Lying to Congress is different than ‘honest people’ holding to ‘their oath of secrecy’ not to divulge Classified information’ . They are going thru the process not wanting to be as the one’s they are reporting about! Yes – saying there are things the people need to read, and telling them what it is , is a world apart. And true… President Trump could change that with a pen… but too…maybe the path forward is not ripe. Patience.. Some believe there are even more fish for this fish fry… And as many have noticed many plane flights have been halted, and planes turned around…CEO’s (SES) resigned, many legislators magically not running for office again, top people in twitter, and google included and more in a panic… more like ARMY vs. NAVY intel at halftime …and if you understand that….’Bannon and the Mooch” vs. Gen. Flynn and the whole logistics thing…like a wild Ollie North ( Iran-Contra) drug/guns- now to maybe Uranium /sex/organs/drug/weapons on steroids? Anyone that can not see the magnitude of what -might-be in play here…from the missing emails -servers- Benghazi – U.S. vechiles ending up in M.E., coup attempt in Turkey, Ukraine oil fields, Astana, pizzagate, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Charlotteville, Charlie hesbo, Liberation theology, santurary cities, Marxist uprising in South America eyeing Panama, and a huge fight by many ‘what’ to keep the borders wide open for ‘undocumented’ illegal what- guests/invaders/agents/drug traders ? Then too look at the ‘vatican’ influence in South America … anyone ever google up MS13 TATTOOS…and compare them to old hard line Italian mafia ones? camorra mafia tattoos? How about the some areas of the ISI…old THUGEE territory? Where are the Awan roots…. Certainly I do not pretend to know ….but there are links and dots… AND no one can or should use a broad brush on any ethic /racial /color or class of people…other than groups within each AND all do have networks and do work together for control and profit…just history ! And….at times whole nations and empires have fallen as a consequence… and lastly ….if you think President Trump …in barely a year can unwind what has been going on for decades… with only a bit over 1/2 of his appointments in place…against all the opposition that has been profiting on this economic/political shift…you just have un-realistic expectations…! Has Donald Trump every ‘worked with’ Mafia -Italian -Russians or Chinese? Anyone that know the gaming/hotel business – Atlantic City/Las Vegas/Macau/ Walker High -S.K./etc… or has had to get anything done in NYC via union work…would know it is likely he has? Have you ever gone to Las Vegas or those places? So – are you apart of it too? But – some things too cross lines…like child trafficking, like selling out one’s own country and strategic natural resource, like causing excessive drug addiction and ‘corporate” slave work prisons or ghettos and ganglands that might have gotten fixed as Catherine Austin-Fitts has reported on… So how about a bit of optimism…and maybe a prayer…a bit of time …and support for things moving in the right direction…. Faith mixed with Hope and Intention and Will and Prayers….will be answered…if your Heart is true and in HIS own good time !

  7. JC Davis

    Some win, and some lose in normal markets. Today everyone wins at the expense of those that don’t play in the rigged game. All players win until the game is over.
    Is this a correct statement ?

    • Mohammad


      There is their rigged games and plans and there is god’s plan, god’s pan prevails and they will lose, it will be when Jesus comes back and sets the record correct when they lose and lose big, COUNT ON IT BRO.


    • Charles H

      That is pretty close. It sounds like Alice in Wonderland, though it’s true.

    • Paul ...

      JC … when I was a kid and played Monopoly with my brother and sisters (and I was the banker) I always rigged the game to made sure everyone had plenty of money to stay in the game and not go bankrupt … I made sure all the players stayed in the game by taking extra money from my old monopoly game and handed it out as needed (under the table) … but eventually everyone grew tied …. and after playing for 4 hours straight we would all agree to just quit … so your statement is correct … “all players are winners until the game is over” when a crooked bankster is in charge!! … but in real life … when the game is over … you just can’t walk away!!

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Thanks for your comment, JC Davis.

      Your conclusion is absolutely correct. It’s a message that I’ve been trying to promote for a very long time but few understand it. And the very rare person that does understand doesn’t care.

      As Plato 2,500 yrs ago wrote: Conscientious men don’t need laws to be conscientious and unconscionable men will always find ways to violate laws. Our markets are not free. They are constrained by laws that gov’ts put on them for political and bureaucratic expedience.

      Using the markets to decide who lives and dies. In exchange for votes and absolute power. The best way to deal with our imaginary and delusional stock market and other gov’t-manipulated institutions is to disengage from them. It’s a hard thing to do when the “stock market” has increased 160% in the past seven yrs.

      If you “invested” $100 seven yrs ago, it’d be worth $260 today – it’s a hard profit to deny no matter how evil and unconscionable it is. But victory goes to those who persevere. I really do believe that the stock market is a trap these days and that those gains made by many unconscionable people at the expense of conscientious people will be very short-lived.

      But I could be wrong. Because rain falls on the just and unjust alike. So it could end up being a disaster for everyone, including those who aren’t responsible and didn’t cause this mess. And possibly worse for those who didn’t cause it. That’s why gov’t is supposed to be limited. It’s also why I’ve written in the past that it’s not the kind of gov’t that matters but the size.

  8. Bruce

    Great interview !
    I think the elephant just entered the room, with the government shutdown . Left can blame right and vise versa. Bottom line is the shutdown will create uncertainty and that usually means main street cuts back on spending. With Retail and restaurants in trouble they will be the first to feel the consumer cutback. By September the economy will be weaker and corporations and pension funds will need cash and be forced to sell stocks. This brings on the market correction that many of your guests have warned about.
    When QE enters the picture will depend on how much exposure to stocks the banks still have. If between now and then they can sell to the money being generated by the new tax program the market will go down big before any stimulus is passed to help a recovery. If the banks still hold stock positions then QE will happen sooner to protect bank loses.
    Mainstream America will hold someone accountable in the 2018 elections. This will reveal the destiny of the United States. If Trump can right the ship he has a chance in 2020, but if he can’t or is stonewalled 2020 will give rise to a social democrat that will make Bernie look like a choir boy.

    • Jeff Flak Flake

      Brucester the rooster,
      Some say if the wall isn’t built Trump is out. Listen to what they think north and south https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EgUSr6sJpA
      From CBC north of the border to Vicente Fox south of the border.

  9. Chuck

    Beautiful and smart, I’m liking it! I’m talking about Nomi, no offense Greg I still love you.

    • Will

      Chuck have you noticed that most conservative women are smart and pretty and most libtard women are dump and ugly? I have.

  10. Michael


    Another great job
    Very intriguing and analytical interview
    Tipping my hat

  11. Rob

    Thank you Naomi & Greg!
    They have had a replacement strategy for 30 years:
    It can not be a coincidence that the whole system is more leveraged than at any other top in 100 years. Hyperinflation is the plan that will indeed cause the burning cash under the phoenix that should begin in earnest this year right on schedule. Naomi is right, this is complete collusion on the part of most central banks coming down from the BIS who is loaded with satanists hanging out between there and CERN.
    The masses already have a physical mark in their retina or hand/finger prints. All that’s required to keep them from buying or selling is to phase out cash and replace it with a crypto currency riding on the back of block chain riding on the back of the internet. Then do away with passwords thus requiring them to burn their retina or hand/finger prints to access their iPhone to access the internet to do any future purchasing. It does not matter how decentralized the crypto currency is if the gate keepers of the internet refuse to allow them to access the internet with their iPhone if they do not comply with the beast:
    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.
    Our Father proved His physical children “Israel” and now He is about to prove His spiritual children “Israel”:
    History(His~Story) always repeats:
    Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. (10) Is there a thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been long ago, in the ages which were before us.
    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  12. Neil

    Hi Greg, another good interview with a very smart woman. I am left still wondering though again, even with all the really crazy stories of this infant part of 2018, how much longer do things stay the same and get extended? No crash in 2018? How about hyperinflation in 2018? Does it manifest in observable form? SDR lives? Lots of negative aspects of finance out there. When do they start to matter Greg?

  13. Andrew Maggard

    Ms.Prins has very aptly described and explained the seeming conundrum presented by the ever-higher stock markets concurrent with exponentially increasing debt. Cheap money has distorted the average person view of the economy. Without real economic growth, the current debt cannot be maintained or supported, the need to continue to borrow will ultimately create a default scenario that will, in time, bring down the entire house of cards. As Ms. Prins points out, a default will likely commence in the bond market and move into stock, mortgages, and ultimately throughout all the asset classes.
    Ms. Prins emphasizes, “from a historical perspective, markets fall much faster than they rise.”
    This excellent interview makes it clear why it is a mathematical certainty that default will ultimately overtake this economy.

  14. Brien Sullivan

    Greg, great guest! My first exposure to Nomi was an article she wrote back in 2014 on the G20 summit. All G20 participants signed a treaty involving a possible global economic crisis that certain controls would go into effect. Each country had their own Dodd-Frank equivalent to bail in the banks. My thought process has ever changed! Thanks to all your guest’s!

  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Nomi Prins has some great sources, but when she talks about the bankers in Brazil saying there is no exit strategy, that should not have come as a shock. Brazil is the “B” in “BRICS”, they have seen this coming for years and their exit strategy is already underway. IMO things will clear up a lot when the Petro-Yuan is announced.

    As for the Rothchild central banks having no Plan B — Plan A appears to be, take the current system to the breaking point and then push it harder. At that point all Plans B are personal — think food, water, shelter on an island where nobody knows your name and maybe rejoin the world after the dust settles, see if there are any pieces to pick up.

    Perhaps the Plan (no A or B) is to simply crash this system and force a reset. A debt reset on a massive scale? Sounds great for all the debtors, but what about the good folk holding that debt thinking it’s an asset (bonds in your 401K?). Don’t be one of them.

    Meanwhile, the AIIB is moving forward and it would be really interesting to know how many of the bankers in the current system have a Plan B that involves participating in the AIIB. Can they? Will China let them play? Doh! Back to that island or maybe a ranch in Paraguay.

    I wonder what President Trump, Steve Mnuchin, et al, have planned following the reset.

  16. Alanon

    No crash this year……again, stock market at 28,000. Don’t even know what to say anymore, kinda funny in a sad way. Family and friends who thought I was crazy getting out of the market years ago have fun talking about their gains and laughing. I fu#!ed up and my quality of life will suffer for it.

    • Mohammad

      I never entered the market in my whole life and never will.
      do not feel sad, pick up from here some silver at a cheap discount price, core position, and you will make up your losses, get mint coins, they cannot ban what they issue, it is collectable coins, get the proof ones not the cheaper bullions since those will be banned, get steroid coins like for example some low minted issuance like 1995 W point silver eagle, get America the beautiful 5 oz coins, they are dirt cheap, and such mintage cannot be banned, proof silver coins cannot be banned, and you will make the difference.
      After all it is a joy just to look at how beautiful they are.


    • Jodyp

      They all laughed at Noah too. Sure, some of us bailed early. And are we twisted wanting to be proven right?

    • Charles H

      Their last laugh doesn’t come until they get out of the market in time. If they don’t – and most likely they won’t – they won’t laugh when it pops. Irony always contains sadness.

      • Roger

        And if they did get out of stocks just before the crash, where do you think they will put the money? Pay off all debt? I doubt the mentality is there. Same for PMs and even if they did where would the metals come from? My guess is that they will seek ‘safety’ in the bond market and money markets. Then hold and wait to jump back into the stock market and make a killing.

    • Liz

      You’re not alone! I’m kicking myself everyday.

  17. BRValentine

    The Global CB’s CONstituents are the Banks; Policy Makers as well as Corporate Board Rooms; Not Main St. Furthermore, they (Global CB’s) are the ‘Holding Tanks’ of the Toxic Paper created years past, while FASB157 was put into Suspension and where it resides today, a decade later so as to not expose the Insolvency of the Global Financial Structure.. While many are of the belief that Enron’s ‘Playbook’ was incinerated, such was/is hardly the case. In fact, the Enron ‘Playbook’ was Adopted; Expanded and Refined via the entire global financial structure in order for the massive Fraud to continue/persist. In essence, what we are witnessing is, the greatest transfer of wealth in human mankind under the direction of the Global Fascist Business Model at work on a global scale.

    • Douglas

      Except it’s anyones guess when with drop the bottom out of the market

  18. andyb

    Greg: definitely in agreement that the FED cannot raise rates since its balance sheet is largely composed of assets that would be adversely affected by any hike. I plan on buying the book and it will be interesting to see how deep Nomi goes in examining the origins of the greatest criminal conspiracy that has ever existed on the planet, or is she uber PC like most financial analysts who refuse to truly examine the Cabal and its insidious totalitarian agenda.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      You asked….” or is she uber PC like most financial analysts who refuse to truly examine the Cabal and its insidious totalitarian agenda.”

      IMHO…. yes she just is like the 99% of financial analysts who not only refuse to examine the Cabal but flat out won’t even acknowledge or discuss it’s very existence

      Any discussion whatsoever regarding FED policy needs to be prefaced with the statement that it is totally owned by a cartel of thieving Banksters who have absolutely no intention of doing anything constructive whatsoever for America let alone Mainstreet.

      I repeat as I have done a thousand times on WD…. until this private ownership model is dismembered the US will continue to degenerate both financially and socially into complete ruin.

  19. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    A thirty minute interview with Ms. Prins is equal to a 2-hour interview with someone else because she says so much so fast. For my Texas ears it will probably take to or three more times listening to the interview to get all the marrow from the bone, so to speak.
    Great interview.

  20. Mitchell Bupp

    God Bless you and everyone Greg this Sunday, The falling value of the US Dollar does not just ripple through the economies of the world. I believe that it creates an exponential devaluing in all other currencies that are not the world reserve currency for as the US dollar is used as a base pool of value that all other currencies are valued against…. Naomi is correct about the expanding balance sheets at the FED MUST continue …Why? Because FED money is a “depreciating asset ponzi”… the first rule of all ponzis is they must keep expanding or they implode….

  21. A. HALL

    Greg: As I was told 2 years ago- DOW will go to 31,000. People should take money off the table now and as it goes higher- just like she says in the interview. Great interview again!! As I told you – elite’s have told one of my contacts- they will now crash the markets/economy while Trump is in office? Time will tell, and they do change their minds sometimes.
    Oh, the missile thing in Hawaii– there really was one as you guest said. He said it was a rouge China sub. My contact wouldn’t say who shot it? Another source said it was shot by an Israeli cabal – intended to start a war with No. K. Our Navy shot it down.
    Fake news to include Fox news is keeping the truth hidden from the people.

  22. Mohammad

    What is she saying that Karen Hudes had not said on your site when she was called crack head and was not invited again?
    I do not get it Greg,
    Why every expert you interview paints the feds as dumb and they have no plan B?
    Plan B is Digital currency, and plan A is to burn cash.
    Does it take a science rocket to see it?


    • Mohammad

      Rocket Scientist .

  23. Paul Moroz

    Why is it that Naomi Prins, a former banker doesn’t fall off a sky scraper or get nail gunned for writing about what US Fed has been doing. Or does this not worry the deep state at all?

  24. BRValentine

    No Truer words spoken than in the :20-:30 second clip and the 1:00-to-1:20 mark.


  25. Kim

    Great interview! Especially the comment watch what the Fed does, not what they say!

    Starting Monday, my son who is a Marine, will be working without pay. My husband who works for the FAA is out of work. There are many many families and businesses who are effected. Hopefully things will turn around.

    I have no doubt God is in control and trust HIS timing. Keeping my mind on the things of God and letting the light of love shine!

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell you son we appreciate his service. Schumer is a weasel along with the rest of the America hating commie Marxist dems.

  26. Justn Observer


  27. Julia

    Interesting interview. I listened to Pastor Williams last night. He said the crash wouldn’t happen till after President Trump was out of office and the Elites adjusted their plan. Like Ms. Prins said it will be hard and total collapse. The good times are going to roll and I think Ms. Prins gave great advice, make your money and remove your profits. Watch for the oil coming out of Alaska.

  28. dee

    She is smart, pretty and a vegetarian. In sum, she’s got it all.

    • Rolof


    • Mohammad

      And dangerous.


    • Paul ...

      You know … it took only 4 years for the government to build the atomic bomb … yet they won’t put any effort to get “the gluten” out of the flour our bread and pasta is made from … and that eats away our intestine walls allowing bacteria and viruses to enter our blood and create inflammatory reactions in our veins and arteries leading to heart attacks and arthritis, dementia and prostate cancer … the constant irritation and swelling that the inflammation the body must cause to fight the bacteria and viruses can be simply stopped by taking the gluten out of our flour and other food products but the pharmaceutical and medical lobby will not allow it (as their livelihood depends on all the diseases gluten creates) … and lets not forget the health insurance lobby that is making a fortune on people remaining sick … if gluten is removed just from the flour used to make bread and pasta our health care costs will likely drop to $5 dollars per year for every person in America … the American people need the government to start a “New Manhattan Project” with the goal of saving lives instead of killing lives … but people living longer then 65 is not in the governments interest so the pharmaceutical, medical and health insurance lobbyists will have an easy time preventing the government from doing the right thing … just as the warmongering neocons prevent the government from doing the right thing regarding “peaceful resolution” of our political differences!!

  29. Jerry

    Though the goal post have been moved several times, I think we can all agree that the Chinese have set a goal to unseat the petrodollar in the long term by introducing the petroyuan…..in “March”.

    Though some will argue that the impact will be insignificant, I’m not so sure. When you consider the razor thin edge that our current debt bubble is resting on, any disruption will no doubt have some kind of impact. U.S. dollars not used to trade oil in no doubt will come home to roost. And when you consider that China is the worlds largest consumer of oil, what you really have is a stealth sell off.

    • Jerry

      Is there any doubt that the wealth transfer is under way?

      Question: What do you think the central bankers will do, once they’re done transferring their wealth into Chinese banks?
      A. Buy more overvalued U.S. stocks.
      B. Buy more undervalued Treasury bonds.
      c. Buy more Gold.
      d. Begin buying Chinese Panda bonds.
      e. Collapse the system.
      f. Hide more of their wealth in the Cayman Islands.

      • Rolof

        Chinese banks are in no better shape. Imagine all currencies, ALL OF THE, are nothing more than pieces of papers dumped out of a jet, all falling, together. Nothing will stop this world-currency fall until the #1 resource of the planet becomes nearly extinct, oil. Get used to adding an additional zero to every thing every ten years.

      • DBCooper

        Jerry, I read your posts w/ interest … Stay the course and Hold Fast !! In the face of Trolls and attackers the truth will win out … this IMO is what Jesus taught us. Be strong and resilient in the face of adversity and attack because in these days of over the top PC if you have a view /opinion / perspective you will be attacked … eg: the ‘Turkish Troll’. Thank you for your insight and perspective. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg, Would like to also add this to previous ‘dots’ and coloring outside the box comments last interview…so relevant…to # release the documents…

  31. Abby

    A good interview however Naomi puts great reliance on what the central banks do. The whole world is rebelling against these criminal organizations. It will be there break up, failure or war they start that will be the end of the dollar denominated world. She doesn’t address that. Why not?

  32. Michael214

    I am not sure about her comment, the FED said they would start in October with 10 Billion a month, see CNBC summary.

    CNBC Link:

    Checking the FED Website, see the inactive chart in the link, that is what they have done, the data reflects over 30 Billion removed, what am I missing?


    • Justn Observer

      The part where Ms. Prins said watch what they do not what they say …and $30 billion is about how much of the problem? compared to the combine total of the world deriviatives of the World Banks? $30 billion does not even get to the ‘chump change’ category… as far as missing? Start at $40 trillion or so and keep adding 000,000,000,000 . At this point many wonder if anyone actually knows… But what I know …is as long as ‘someone’ can print money out of thin air…and people are willing to take it for real assets or labor …pretty darn likely they will continue until they can’t…
      let’s call it the P.T. Barnum theory of economics…

  33. Michael214

    Another thought:
    Nomi’s comment of going to cash does not resonate with me, she said “very low inflation” maybe she needs to subscribe to Shadowstats?
    Have some Cash on hand is good but putting a large amount at this time, not good IMHO.

    Not according to John Williams…

    • Mohammad


      cash is different from the digital dollar numbers in the computers of banks, the actual cash in circulation is scarce despite the huge number of the central banks balance sheets, Feds included.
      The number of the 100 dollar bills is equal to the number of 1 dollar bills in circulation roughly, the number of other denominated bills is much much less. if big guys in the decision making position decide to BAN 100 dollar bill, it will swallow the 50/20/10/5/1/ bills from the market in a blink of an eye, what she says about cash makes sense if you see it from this angle.
      Here is a link to an estimation of the different denominated dollar bills in circulation and you will get the picture:
      look at the second image and IMAGINE what banning 100 dollar bill will do to the rest.
      Same applies to other currencies.


      • JMiller

        If they withdrawal the $100 bill from circulation then the government would just increase the other denominations to help compensate if they needed to. And most of the $100 bills are overseas any way and most of them do not even get circulated that much. The vast majority of Americans do not even use a $100 bill much less have one. So withdrawing the $100 bill from circulation would not have any affect on most Americans.

    • Commie weasel

      Thanks for the Williams study. Great!

  34. SamAdamsGhost

    Excellent interview. Ms Prins is one of my favorite guests on your show. She delivers information shot out like a chain gun. Solid fact after fact after fact.
    The banksters have been parasites on Humanity for centuries. When this bubble they inflated inevitably blows up they will claim ‘no one could see it coming’ and then blame the public for their irrational exuberance. During the 1930s the bankers sponsored ‘cycle theory ‘ conferences to divert attention from the real cause of Great Depression 1.0 – – – them. (Better to blame some faceless ‘cycle’.) And of course, they like to re-set the game board with nice big wars & lots of flag waving as a final strategy. They win, everybody else loses.

    (Are there any ‘winners’ in the age of thermonuclear weapons ? These people are insane.)

  35. Rolof

    Those that hold 90% of the assets on the planet are afraid? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The endless money printing and debt must continue, and will, until oil becomes extinct. Greg, you’ve never had a single good guests. All you peddle is fear. Sit back and relax as the dow exceeds 100k and the SP 20k, all by 2050… BECAUSE IT MUST!!

    • rwmctrofholz

      Dow 100k? Maybe. Hope you like paying $35 for a gallon of gas if that’s the case.

      Never had a single good guest? You Lefties (Commies) sure like to speak in platitudes.

  36. Mohammad


    the skies in MI is laced with crossed lines of chem tails, so sad. no one is able to stop it.


  37. Mike R

    The only thing I would disagree on is the sentiment that the FED is ‘scared.’ Not only are they not scared of anything, frankly I don’t think they care about a damn thing beyond their own images. These are very arrogant and egotistical elitists, who’s only ‘care’ is whether the sheeple bow down before them so to speak, and pay homage to their ‘wisdom.’
    The collapse is merely a function of allowing the banksters enough time to make trillions of dollars on this latest re-bubble since 2009, and to have plenty of warning to get out in time. Many of these banksters on WS, have sold off their stupendous gains to weaker hands as these markets have re-inflated.

    That is a long process to maximize gains, because naturally they can’t all get out ‘at the top’, so they keep running the market higher over time, using Algo’s, and high frequency trading to keep the indexes propped, along with QE injections along the way from the FED, the ECB, Japan JCB, and so on. Neither Japan nor Europe have really tapered, and neither are going to begin any serious tightening.

    What they have learned unfortunately, is that this experiment of QE, has allowed them to keep the jig going far longer than any of them ever imagined. Everyone else felt this would have ended badly much sooner. The key to this entire jig though has been very low oil prices, and very low NG prices, due to the unexpected gift of massive US shale fracking. If we were tracking along at $100 or $150 a barrel, the economy would have cratered back in 2015 or 2016, but instead the unexpected gift of shale, ironically accelerated by zero fed Funds rates, keep everything going, and gave the perception that there was either deflation or very low inflation.

    That in turn has allowed the dollar to stay up higher for longer versus other currencies. Which in turn, has kept our import prices relatively suppressed. I suspect once the dollar breaks $90 in earnest, and then $85, then all bets will be off in terms of manipulation of markets. it could nose dive pretty fast after that, and dive below $70 which would indeed crater stocks, bonds, and pop pretty much every bubble on the planet.

  38. Mohammad

    Please take the time to watch this:


  39. Chris

    Interesting talk once again, but I’m wondering if the Fed is truly inept or is there someone (a group, organization, indiviudal(s)?) pulling the strings behind the scenes with a sinister agenda? Didn’t Danielle Di Martino-Booth say that big banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have large influence over the Fed? Also, who owns the Federal Reserve? On the website it says that “no one owns the Fed”. Does anyone have any reason why I shouldn’t believe this statement? Any proof? I’ve heard the Rothschilds have the largest stake in the Fed, but what proof is there…?

  40. The Canuck

    All we need to now is, the debt structure is unsustainable. When it blows they will shut the system down and take you money because each unit of currency is a claim on the debt. It’s happened in Argentina, Greece and Venezuela. The bankers will take the assets and leave us with the liabilities. What we need to know is what the re-set will look like. Big taxes on precious metals ?

  41. Paul ...

    As Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these” … such an unhindered 15 year old child living in his Mother’s basement decided to “do something about the Shadow Government” (as for all the other children … the Deep State is hard at work adding “extra fluorine” to their bottled water and are now working on more then 80 different vaccines to inject into them to destroy their thinking ability) … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-21/15-year-old-hacker-impersonated-cia-director-and-other-high-ranking-officials

  42. Silence is Golden

    Collusion: Why Central Bankers rigged the World.
    That is the more pertinent question.
    The Gatekeepers of the Global Financial and Monetary system fell asleep at the wheel or refused to act when required….(Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act – President Clinton circa 1999… is instrumental in the developments that ensued subsequent). They let the Banksters get too BIG. They let them diversify outside of vanilla banking. They trusted the Banksters to regulate their own industry. They didnt regulate improper conduct or the scale /use of the derivatives /OTC markets. They didnt let the Banksters go bankrupt when they should have. Instead they replenished them with Taxpayer Bailouts.
    Decades of manipulation layered with improper / insufficient regulation and control of the Banksters…… and of the side effects of their ill-considered mandates…. creating bubbles through the Keynesian policy madness all played a significant part of where we find oursleves now. Painting themselves into a corner leaves them no where to go. I find it amusing that the financial / economic / banking gurus (experts) always point out the obvious about the Central Bankers lack of a PLan B.
    How about something refreshing like putting forward a suggested solution / course of action ???
    Too frightening to even consider….I know…..
    1) Implode the system
    2) Reset of Debt/Currency
    3) Start WWIII.
    All have dire consequences.
    Its too obvious the CB’s have no option but to keep flooding the markets with “Free Money”….hoping and trusting that nothing happens unexpectedly. Their hands will be forced in good time through a hyperinflationary depression.

    On the issue of markets….NP….”No Crash in 2018”. Normally that implies to stay invested. Why? Markets dont work off fundamentals any more…they are purely Trend driven. The old adage “The Trend is your Friend” rings very true. In this case your Friend just so happens to be the FED. They also say …”dont bet againt the Fed”….for very good reason. Cash out …but dont leave it idle-siiting in a savings account (where Bail-ins would wipe you out or Inflation will ensure you lose your wealth faster than watching a 10% correction in stocks. Hard assets …..they are all in a Bubble ….except maybe PM’s.

  43. B Wilds

    With the markets sporting a glow from all-time record highs that are being made week after week it might be a good time to revisit the concept of irrational exuberance. We must consider the possibility we may be nearing the end of a 37-year run that will completely upend everything most people have come to believe about the economy. Since 2008 all growth has been built on a mountain of debt.

    Those of us who have doubted and repeatedly predicted the collapse of this so-called recovery remain wrong because we have underestimated both the breadth and size of the global intervention of central banks and governments. Nobody in their right mind would have ever anticipated the sheer magnitude and scope of what has become a worldwide phenomenon. The article below questions when the burden of global debt will cause Atlas to shrug.

    http://When Will Atlas Shrug? .html

  44. Matt Jaymes

    I just sent this email to my representative: Charles Schumer:

    Too much chicanery in the hallowed halls of our REPUBLIC! I want it exposed, and I want justice. NOW! Release the memo regarding: The 4 pages of a memorandum prepared by the Intelligence Committee.

    No excuses, no hiding behind national security, no Washington 2 step…….get it done.

    A very angry constituent,


  45. DavidC

    What with Danielle DiMartino Booth’s New Year interview, Greg M’s recent piece with you and then Nomi Prins’s interview, what a fantastic start to the year! Funnily enough I’d written a short mail to Nomi recently saying that with the upcoming release of Collusion it would be great to see her on USA Watchdog soon!

    By the way, to various commenters, it’s NOMI, not Naomi.


  46. Justn Observer


  47. Steve Twitchell

    Excellent Interview. Boy, she talks fast. Ordered the book. So many different opinions about what is to happen. Obviously, printing and devaluing the dollar cannot go on without some reaction. The people really being taken to the cleaners are the savers and countries like China who have actually sold real things to us. Interesting example: My parent first home that they bought in St. Louis,MO cost $14000. That same brick house is up for sale now for $112,000. 47 years of inflation!!!! I tend to agree with Mannarino that we are looking at inflation in our near term future. Question is if that is the case are you/we better off buying and going into a small amount of debt so that the debt can be paid off with inflated dollars. This is what the government is planning on doing with Social Security and the rest of the debt. Why not individuals too?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve. Hope your Christian T-Shit business is doing well: http://crosseyedts.com/

      • mike

        forgot an ‘r’ ?

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Might want to proofread again…

      • Tad

        Or T-shirt.

    • Paul ...

      Steve … you can do to the banksters exactly what the government plans to do to its creditor China … say you have a credit card with a $8,650 debt balance and a credit limit of $10,000 … and say you buy a one ounce gold coin on your credit card … you will now own one ounce of gold and have a credit card debt balance of $10,000 dollars … then a re-set occurs as Jim Richards predicts where your gold coin is then worth $10,000 dollars … you sell it … and pay off your entire credit card debt … now if taking on more debt is not for you … simply take the money you were going to use to pay down your debt now (from $8650 to $7300) and buy a gold coin with it … for if you do not own any of “God’s money” (gold) … you will simply not take part in the coming debt Jubilee !!

      • Paul ...

        In fact … everyone in the world with a debt balance of $10,000 dollars should own one ounce of gold … those who have a debt balance of $20,000 dollars should own two ounces of gold … etc., etc. … if you owe $200,000 dollars on your home mortgage you need to own 20 one ounce gold coins if you want to participate in the coming “Debt Jubilee”!!!

        • Paul ...

          The Chinese who lent out $2 Trillion dollars to the US and don’t want to take a loss … must also buy gold to cover their losses in case of a default … in order to get their $2 Trillion dollars back (on a US default) … they need to buy 6,250 tons of gold … some reports say they already own about three times this much gold … so on any re-set the Chinese will make out fine and will actually make three times the money they lent out to us!! … the only “losers” in the coming re-set will be those people who don’t own any gold at all!!!

  48. Book m. Dano

    I think it rather strange, that the missing texts go back 5 months, from December 14, the day before Rachel shadow Maddow brought out on her shocking December 15th show, were she accused president elect Donald J. Trump, before anyone else mind you, of colluding with Vladimir Putin, along with Rex Tillerson, of stealing, ripping off, the Russian people of billions of dollars in the Russian oil and mineral trade and basically saying Trump will be removed and she didn’t mean impeachment. I took it as a life threatening threat.
    Talk about a shadow Maddow Comcast MS[NBC]government deep state. The Mockingbird brain dead media is in a system wide failure and should not be allowed to take down the United States along with it. The George Soros Clinton crime family foundation corruption run’s deep and is all pervasive. But we must start with Rachel Maddows handlers, the self-righteous little prigs that they are should all be arrested and tried for treason against the American people.

    I dare the cigar smoking Comcast fat cats to reveal and post the correct and full show of Rachel Maddow of December 15th 2016 and not some pasted Joy Reid phony substitute!

  49. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Hey, Greg, did you know you were on Zerohedge yesterday? They did provide a link to your site, but it looks like your whole page could be read on their site.


    • Greg Hunter

      They do provide links to the site and the video on You Tube.

  50. coalburner

    MAtt JAymes, that is what it takes especially when you said it here to Gregs massive numbers of readers. The bad advertisement is what makes them move. They don’t care about us but they care if we tell the world because they lose votes. All it takes is a small percentage giving them the rasberrys in public to get them to move. Great job! Name your worthless US Sentors on every site that you comment on and tell a little ugly true story on them. That is where the hammer is!

  51. Anthony Australia

    Debt, you can’t live with it or without it.

    Thanks Greg

  52. Jerry

    This is sick. If this FISA memo leak is true, we’re ALL in a lot of trouble come March when Congress will supposedly release it to the public. The criminal bankers will no doubt collapse the system before they allow a Trump led Congressional investigation to drill down into their activities with various corrupt government agencies.


    SUBJECT: Illegal use of FISA Warrants to Unmask and Surveil American Citizens for Political Purposes
    Investigation 1 of 22 at DOJ Re: FISA
    Investigation 001: Breach of the Democratic National Committee/Breach Dossier

    During the course of the investigation, we have determined that the Democratic National Committee was breached by an individual named Seth Rich. At the time of the breach, Mr. Rich was employed by the Democratic National Committee…During said period of employment, Mr. Rich broke into the IT server room and transferred the files from the server to an external hard drive. This investigation concludes that the rate of transfer of files was consistent with a local breach, and does not ally with assertions that the breach occurred through a transfer over the internet.

    Once the information was downloaded off the server, it was emailed to the Wikileaks secure file drop site. As noted on previous President Daily Briefings, President Obama was aware of ongoing operations that had continuous monitoring of the Wikileaks secure drop site. Individuals of aware of this file transfer of Mr. Rich to Wikileaks included Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper and Central Intelligence Agency Director John O. Brennan. (Mssrs.) Clapper and Brennan met with [REDACTED]. These twelve individuals continue to be monitored, and are the subjects of latter investigations.

    Using the information provided, Mr. Brennan reached out to his department at Google, requesting that they fund an organization called CROWDSTRIKE. Funding for the organization was to be used to produce documentation indicating that the files seized from the DNC were a hack perpetrated by agents linked to the Kremlin. Any documentation indicating that the hack occurred locally was to be destroyed. The narrative was to be pushed that the emails from John Podesta’s account were the result of an elaborate internet phishing scheme.

    Concurrent with the production of the documentation to be used to allege Russian hackers were the source of the leaks provided to Wikileaks, Mr. Brennan notified both the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton that Seth Rich was the source of their leaks. The investigation has uncovered documentation indicating that Mr. Rich was to be make an example out of. Internal sources in the gang MS-13 indicate that they were used to perform the hit (on Seth Rich) that occurred in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington DC (on July 10, 2016).

    • Bill

      Maybe you should look into why the Michigan Doctor was arrested.

  53. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    Sorry to say but: the USA is worse than the Mafia. Killing everywhere in the world innocent people because they want to be the ‘marshal’ of the world.
    Wauw when will this stop.


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      Really??? Do you see what your leaders are doing to Europe with the “migrants”???

    • Flattop

      Peter ( from Europe )
      Don’t see the Netherlands doing much to bring peace to the world

  54. Justn Observer



    1/22, #STAYATHOME: Q WARNS Deep State Intelligence– We See/Know Everything


    Today Q dropped insider warning to team player to “stay at home” and that there is a clear satellite view of “letter” players. I give my opinions on today’s …
    #Fireworks Blows Up The #WhiteRabbit Hole
    The Deep State is being dismantled and we are witnessing the take down of the Cabal as #Fireworks plays out over the holidays. Thank you to all my patreons a…
    3) #QAnon primary source material: November 22-26, 2017. #4Chan archives
    Blogs by Bronny NZ. Co-creating an amazing future for all people, animals, plant life, oceans waterways, skies and airwaves. We take it all back.
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at …
    George Van Etten, a property manager at Cibolo Creek Ranch, shows reporters the Ranch house the day following the death Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at the …
    International Order of St. Hubertus – Wikipedia
    The International Order of Saint Hubertus is a worldwide organization and knightly order of hunters and wildlife conservationists that promotes traditional hunting …
    Cibolo Creek Ranch – Wikipedia
    Cibolo Creek Ranch is a historic place in Presidio County, Texas, United States. Established as a cattle ranch prior to the Civil War, it has been used in modern …

    • Justn Observer

      Also…would like to post Florida Marquis warning for U.S. citizens in South America about War has started to break out there- so heads up to your family/friends if in harms way there:

  55. marcus

    The funny thing about this interview is that no one has any idea how this will unfold, the false flag events building up with all theses missiles being launched is just to turn your attention away from the real fight going on. North Korea is a drug producing operation of Heroin, taking serious money from Bush family crime squad,
    China is not interested in war it is all about building new worlds

  56. Paul ...

    This is interesting … Bibi asks for legislation to be passed to exempt him from prosecution for corruption … something one would expect from someone like Hillary … one has to wonder what personal deals Netanyahu has made with the US Shadow Government and Trump in trying to thwart the Iran deal … because Israel is the countries that stands to benefit most from the Iran agreement? … the Iran Deal has blocked the emergence of a “new nuclear state” in the Middle East and has prevented a nuclear armaments race where other countries in the region would be scrambling to go nuclear … with the Iran nuclear deal being a positive contribution to Israel’s national security why would someone (not benefiting from trashing the deal and exempt from prosecution) be against it??

  57. flattop

    S Korea outlawing bitcoin? What do they know that we don’t???

  58. Mohammad


    Have you seen the dollar index action today….Yikes


    • Greg Hunter

      It fell below 90 on the DXY today and it did it again in the over seas markets. It’s 89.95 as I write this. It was 103 at the beginning of 2017.

  59. Deborah

    I agree with Michael’s comment above. Hope to see Quinn Michael on your show. He is a computer programming genius. I rate him at the top along with Greg M. and Lynnette Z.

  60. Andrew B. Brown

    We can safely retire debt one bond at a time, while negotiating terms and financing new infrastructure with Federal Credit Receipts.

    Treasury issues a Federal Credit Receipt to represent the obligation during negotiation. We repay that obligation from alternative revenue sources such as new power and new water systems.

    This will increase the value of bonds, and bolster confidence in the dollar.

  61. Margaret Elford

    Can we see Martin Armstrong back again? Remember he was predicting Dow 40,000.
    Does he still see a market top ahead of us, or do we accept the message from the other analysts who say we have seen the top already and it’s all downhill from here.
    People are posting old interviews on youtube and calling them new. I’d love to hear what Socrates is predicting now.

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