Fed Will Drive Gold to New All-Time Highs in 2021 – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

About this time last year, financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted the Fed would encourage inflation and gold would finish the year at around $1,800 per ounce.  It finished at a little more than $1,900 per ounce.  Hemke was spot on.  So, what is Hemke predicting this year?  Hemke says, “In my annual forecast that I just published last week, one of my themes was ‘don’t fight the Fed.’  If you have been a stock market investor, I am sure you have heard that term used before, and it works for the precious metals this year as well.  The Fed will take some significant actions over the course of this year, and that will drive gold and silver higher.  Gold will go to new all-time highs at some point, and silver is going to participate too.”

Hemke contends the Fed will be obsessed with rising interest rates and printing enormous amounts of money to suppress them.  Hemke explains, “At the end of 2018, the Fed had been on this course for five years and spinning this lie that they were going to normalize their balance sheet.  This meant they were going to go back down to $1 trillion, which is where they were in 2008.  (Currently the Fed balance sheet/debt is more than $7 trillion and rising.) . . . .  It was never going to happen—never.  They also said they were going to normalize interest rates.  So, retirees who wanted to live off of CD’s and interest rates going back to 7%.  That was never going to happen either.  We have so much accumulated debt, not just public, but private, that the economy will absolutely collapse . . . if interest rates go up. . . . The U.S. economy cannot afford higher rates.  Whether it’s line item interest on the national debt because that could exponentially could go out of control or the private debt where people who just barely have a $1,000 in savings can’t have their credit card rates go over 20%, or auto rates go back over 6% or 7%, or mortgage rates go to 4% or 5%.  They just can’t.  When we talk about rates going higher, it’s not that the 10 Year Treasury goes to 1.15%, which is where it is now, what they can’t afford is the 10 Year Treasury going to 2% or 3%. . . . As inflation picks up from all this money printing, the Fed can’t allow the 10 Year Treasury to go to 3% . . . the Fed will, at some point, institute yield curve control.”

Hemke says yield curve control by the Fed will cap interest rates, but the money printing and inflation will have to rise dramatically.  This is why Hemke is predicting, “By the end of 2021, gold will be $2,300 per ounce and silver will be around $45 per ounce.”

In short, printing money to cap interest rates will result in much higher prices for gold and silver, and Hemke predicts this is the trend into the future.  Hemke also warns, “The gold and silver bull market will be a bucking bronco, and it will try to throw investors off.”  In other words, investors will have to hang on tight and expect volatility to be high–especially in silver.

Hemke also says there is “permanent damage from Covid 19 . . . and the economy will not be bouncing back in any sort of “V” shaped recovery.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke, founder of the popular website TFMetalsReport.com.

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After the Interview:  

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  1. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter;
    Another great interview!

    • KK

      I’ve been listening to this conversation for 10 years
      I laughed a lot

  2. mike r

    Remember if it’s Biden, then it’s smelled yellen as fed head. The queen of QE.

    Gold should double at least during the next 4 years, and maybe sooner, if a forced dollar reset is required to keep the system from collapsing. And Stan will surely be lighting his Bentley on fire. I’m buyin the gasoline for the event!

    • Chris

      And I am not sure you and I want to live in that world!

  3. Anthony Australia

    So many businesses suffering here, if there’s no more ‘stimulus’ after March then I’m sure some cities will begin to resemble downtown LA. The amount of homelessness people around the city currently is frightening enough now.
    The disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street cannot be debated.
    Thanks as always Greg.

    Thanks as always Greg.

    • Rodster

      It’s called “controlled demolition”. It’s part of the Great Reset and you can thank Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry, Christine Legarde etc for making life miserable for the Plebs around the world.

      Make NO mistake, this is just the opening act but then we get to “Build Back Better”. Just ask Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum), George Soros, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, John Kerry what that term means. It means the lives of the future Plebs will suck. So now that Trump is out of the way, fast forward to Agenda 2030 !

      Then again as George Carlin used to say, “its a BIG CLUB and you ain’t in it”.

      • JC

        Are there no rebel forces in all this? No resistance?
        Where is Luke Skywalker when we need him?
        Captain America?
        The Man from U.N.C.L.E?
        The Lone Ranger?
        Maxwell Smart?
        Rin Tin Tin?
        Shirley Bassey?

  4. Anthony Australia

    For lease or sale sign a plenty for restaurants and small retailers, there has been no real action or trade in some districts for nearly next month.

    So many businesses suffering here, if there’s no more ‘stimulus’ after March then I’m sure some cities will begin to resemble downtown LA.
    The amount of homeless people around the city currently is frightening enough now.

    The disconnect between Wall Street and

    Main Street cannot be debated.

    Thanks as always Greg!

  5. Paul in Oz

    Craig Hemke is a very clear thinke,r fully analyzing and articulating very clearly what the future holds … so simple to understand … this should be sent anyone a person cares about. Thanks Mr. Hemke, and thanks Greg for having him on!

    • Rwmctrofholz

      Totally agree. Made it very simple and makes rationale conclusions.

      Planning to sign up for his membership next week.

  6. JC

    Get ready for the supplement to The Patriot Act, titled The Domestic Terrorist Act.

    Notice how many times the word “white” is mentioned.

    Perhaps the day is coming that anyone known to be in possession of gold and silver, “real money” will be classified as domestic terrorists.

    No… that can’t happen… or could it?


  7. Jerry

    Here’s some food for thought. Today January 13th, congress takes up article 12 for impeachment. Could this be why?

    Yesterday, I like many others, watched the presidents speech at Alamo Texas on YouTube hoping for some big announcement. After 15 minutes of the speech I fell asleep in my chair. It was a real snoozer. It’s not something I expected after what happened last Wednesday. A very familiar feeling is beginning to come over me. The one I used to get when I went to a used car lot to buy a car. You know you’re going to get hustled and sold a snow job, but you hold out hope that maybe the guy might be honest. At the end of the day you drive off the lot with a used piece of crap hoping that the damn thing stays together until you make it home. Here we are 7 days away from the inauguration of the biggest election theft in history and Trump is talking about a wall, and we’re here talking about the price of gold?
    I used to say insanity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, but now I think it’s more like looking down and seeing your shoes on fire and doing the Texas two step to put them out. In short I’m going back to plan B. and controlling the things that I can control in my ten foot circle. The rest of the world may be going crazy, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a part of it. Get your spiritual house in order. Klaus Schwab and the boys over at the WEF are planning phase two of the great reset now that they’ve got their man in the White House.

    • Jerry

      I haven’t heard the fat lady sing yet, but I can hear her clearing her throat in the back room.

      Like I’ve said before. NEVER put your faith in man. You will be disappointed every time. As for me? I’m going into ghost mode. Holy Ghost mode. The unsuspecting public has no idea what the globalist are preparing to unleash on us, now that Donald Trump is out of the way. Let me make this clear. You will not be able to survive what is coming without the protection of the Holy Ghost. If you have something that is keeping you from getting right with Jesus Christ, remove it! If you don’t believe what I’m telling now you will. Agenda 21 is about to go on hyperdrive and your life will never be the same. Freedom of speech. Gone. Second amendment. Next on the chopping block. Freedom of religion. Next in line. Freedom of choice. Gone when it’s time to get the vaccine. It’s all part of assimilating us into the NWO and Lucifers empire.

      The good news is there is a new world coming, and Lucifer won’t be in it. The certificate to enter it is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Read Isaiah Chapter 11. KJV You won’t be disappointed, this is one promise that will be kept.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jerry, don’t give up yet. We’ve made it so far. An astute thinker I was reading the other day suggested that POTUS did give us the message of hope and preparation in so far that he lauded his accomplishments at “the Alamo”. You had to read between the lines to understand that this will be His and our last stand.

    • Brooklyn


      WOW! We have followed and have agreed with many if not all of your comments in the past; but having said that I am blown away at your total lack of good old fashion “critical thinking skills.”

      President Donald Trump is a student of Sun Tuz, where he learned that all warfare is based on description, look week when your are strongest… The reason for his speech at the 450 mile marker of the wall that HE built, (The one that you feel asleep watching) had nothing to do with the wall, but everything to do with the symbolism of the Alamo. A place in American history where brave men , who knew they were outnumber, crossed over a line in the sand to die for the course of Freedom.

      In closing, sometime in the very near future, you are in for the surprise of your life. Try not to fall asleep again…

    • Matt Kaatz

      Jerry, this letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff is probably authentic, but they (the Joint Chiefs) do not represent the people of the United States. They are owned by the military industrial complex in which they were brought up and cont. to serve. Our brothers and sisters of the military are predominantly beholden to the POTUS and the citizens of the United States. Although we might see discord amongst the military because of these competing allegiances, the end result should be unification of common ideals amongst the citizens and the body of the military.

  8. Matt

    Precious metal investing is gut wrenching but if a majority of Americans invested, it would put terrific upside pressures on its value. JP Morgan’s crimes against PM’s continue and the common investor falls victim to price over value.

  9. Susan

    Always enjoy your interviews. Seems like they are coming in rapid order lately, and that is a real treat.

    Craig is great. I like how he states, or restates, points he is making in easy to understand fashion. Here’s to hoping silver pops into the 40+ range this year.

    I must admit, a bit apprehensive now. I never thought I’d be saying that I hope the federal government triggers the Insurrection Act or martial law but here we are today. May God allow the good people of these United States of America four more years of President Trump.

  10. James Dale Reedy

    Donald John Trump the greatest warrior of all time.

  11. Jerry

    Say what you want, but sloppy Joe always has the truth spill out of his partially brain dead mouth.

    You can add this to operation dark winter. I’m taking this at his word.

    • eddiemd

      He is correct about the doomed part given the financial situation and great reset.

      But he is mistaken about who will be running the country when Harris takes over. We will be under CCP control.

      The military leadership must realize the situation with the CCP infiltration at all levels. Not just in the USA but throughout the Americas and Africa and other parts of the world.

      The churches are deceived already. They are part of the Babylon system. They report to the IRS banksters. The worldwide central bankers.

      • Paul from Indiana

        What if the military is compromised? What if they are on the take? Best always. PM

        • eddiemd

          We will wait and see.

          The good info is that SOF reports to the president. That gives him direct control over Army Rangers, SF, TF160, USASOC, USSOCOM, MARSOC, USAF SOF, and Navy SOF. That is a lot of firepower.

          I believe that aviation assets across the ranks will also support the president.

          Drone operations may be questionable.

          Conventional forces, reserve and NG are difficult to determine.

          Leadership at the battalion and company levels will be the deciding factor. The upper echelon ranks are still filled with Obama holdovers and certainly many a civilian staffer still pro Obama and Clinton.

          I posted back a few weeks back on the abilities to take down all the comms.

          The CCP/PLA has been focusing on take down of satellite comms for years. Weapons guidance and command and control.

          A war with the CCP/PLA will begin in space. It has been that way since the early 80’s. Even more so now. Take out comm satellites will aid in cutting communication to the nuclear sub fleet. They will be on their own to decide when to launch if needed.

  12. Stan

    If Gold ever reaches $2300 per ounce this year I’ll park my Bentley in the middle of the intersection at 42nd & 8th Ave and douse it with gasoline and set it on fire. That is how absolutely certain I am that Gold will NEVER reach that level. Mark this post & pin it you your refrigerator.

    • Jerry

      I sure hope you have some good tax shelters, because Beijing Biden is coming after you. If not you might loose that Bentley. The communist manifesto is ……above all else……soak the rich.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jerry, haven’t we been told we’ll “own nothing and like it?” Best always. PM

    • Mike R

      Get ready to burn it to the ground. And everyone knows you won’t do it, even if Gold reached $2500 this year.

      You are now obviously “Grand-Standing Stan” … the biggest bag of hot air to ever post on USA WatchDog.com.

    • JC

      You also once told us you would jump off a New York Bridge if gold hit $1950.00
      When it did, you disappeared for a while, and your friend “Theodore” posted a comment that he was concerned about you, you went missing, and angry clients were looking for you…

  13. JC

    Here is something interesting from Hemke’s free post “2021: A Gold Odyssey”

    I recently came across a saying that gun owners like to use regarding their collection: “I have more guns than I need but not as many as I want.” That should be a mantra for precious metal investors, too. I may have more gold than I need, but it’s not nearly as much as I want.


  14. Wim

    Hi Greg, deler and fine interview. Following the Trump news, I wonder how they can state with dry eyes that Trump incited violence……….. if you state that then that was clear out of his speech and then you call in the troops….. they Didn’t……. so they didn’t see violence coming. The world is one conspiracy. If you say that, they call you mentally ill, or misguided.
    Nothing new under the sun.

  15. Wim

    Clear and fine interview

  16. Dianthus

    Russia and China have the most gold and FED is not going to pump their bags. Very simple people. Forget about gold, silver and Bitcoin. It will become dogshit and everyone thinks I do not know what I am talking about… do you really think IMF coin and/or FED coin will have to compete with gold (Russia and China)? Nope. and even Bitcoin will not survive this bc with al that free money they can do with Bitcoin what they want and they will. This is the reality and not al that mambojambo bs of predictions every time. Also time is short for the trumpers out there bc it is done. So good luck people that believed in fairy tails. There is only one road left and that is people wakes up, takes control and make a real honest system. Forget all the rest and if not..good luck to you.

  17. JC

    January 12, 2021
    Netanyahu Removes Joint Photo With Trump From His Twitter Banner

    G. A. STEWART:
    I know a great many readers here are Trump Fans and Q Fans; however, Netanyahu’s actions are the nail in the coffin for Trump and his supporter’s dreams of some miracle. He has been abandoned. I have been warning about this day since before he was sworn in as President.


    • eddiemd

      “Readers should look at all the medals these Generals and Admirals wear and then laugh at the television when they appear on news channels as subject matter experts.”

      Correct. When I see these senior officers with the cracker jack medals it makes me laugh. Thirty years ago or more you had to earn a medal. You did your job with no expectations. Now these clowns get a medal for showing up and not being on the fat boy program.

      Only medals for valor have value and even then they have been giving out Bronze Stars with valor for being within 20 miles of a bombed out latrine.

      The senior officers should be shamed for the stuff they wear. Their chogie boys probably arranges their uniforms for them. They have no idea what half the medals they wear were for anyways.

  18. Malinda Midzenski

    Regarding the impeachment: At 12:39 am EST, on Jan 13, 2021 I checked Wikipedia to understand the impeachment process. To my dismay, the site already listed Donald J Trump as having been impeached for incitement of insurrection. Now, Pelosi and congress had not yet even met. How can this be?

    • JC

      George Ure:
      It’s not something that most people are aware of, but it goes a long-ways toward explaining why the Dems are so anxious to bring the Trump Impeachment II to conclusion.

      The Former President’s Act, better known around law schools as 3 U.S.C. § 102 has been around since 1958.


  19. Eugene Grayson

    Why our so-called rep’s, bought and Chi-Com paid for rep’s, must get rid of Trump. As soon as possible!
    Because of course, Nancy’s son is involved in that little Ukraine scandal of our tax-payer money leveraged. To get the Ukraine prosecutor fired, to save Barisma’s owner from incarceration. Who’s Hunter Bidens BOSS!! Say it isn’t so aunt Nancy?

    Amazing Coincidence, Nancy Pelosi’s Son Also Has Business Connections With Ukraine. Mmmmm?
    By streiff | Oct 04, 2019 2:45 PM ET

    Like a mama bear, TrumpMustGo for Paul’s sake!

    Pelosi’s Son Now Involved In Ukraine Scandal- Democrat Party In Shambles;
    Posted By: Dino Porrazzo May 23, 2020

    Not just Bidens! Kerry, Romney, Clintons, Pelosi, Soros are ALL tied to Ukraine
    Following the money leads to top Democrats
    By WND Staff February 10, 2020
    Hunter Biden is known for receiving more than $3 million from the corrupt Ukrainian firm Burisma, beginning two months after his father became Obama’s point man for Ukraine policy. Joe Biden is on record boasting that he pressured Ukraine, with the threat of withholding aid, to fire the country’s general prosecutor while he was investigating Burisma.
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who is pressing for investigation of the Bidens, scolded “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, saying establishment media is “so in the tank” on the Biden scandal.
    John Kerry
    Visited Ukraine and offered $1 billion in aid shortly after protesters took over the government, then Kerry and crew tapped into our taxpayer monies; MORE. . . . ..
    Mitt Romney. . …
    Meanwhile, the Huffington Post reported that shortly after President Trump was inaugurated, a former top CIA official reported to be a top Romney aide joined the board of Burisma; MUCH MUCH MORE. . …
    Then there’s the Clintons, who received millions from Ukrainians over the years in donations to their family foundation; SEE. . . …
    Nancy Pelosi
    Son Paul Pelosi Jr., who went into Ukraine in 2017, was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab; VIDEO TOO. . …
    George Soros
    Gateway Pundit reported Obama’s State and Justice Departments were assisting Soros in an attempt to gain control of Ukraine; Video. . . …
    So, corruption in the Ukraine doesn’t stop with the Bidens,
    see below. The corruption, without interruption.

    BREAKING: Sidney Powell Addresses The Nation: ‘BIG CHANGES ARE COMING! Do Not Give Up!’
    1,111,146 views•Jan 11, 2021

    • Alexander Skanderbeg

      Nunes: Biden admitted he did the very thing Trump was accused of doing
      836,596 views•Sep 23, 2019

      This isn’t going away, no way. 18% of Dem’s say they wouldn’t have voted for Joe if they knew the truth, or as they say nowadays, the facts. Could you imagine how upset people will be when they learn the half of it, oh the shenanigans! We all know there is so much more corruption involved, why Nancy and Chuck shuddered, when signing in Trump as president. The ultimate insider, rich and yet clean. They had nothing on the guy and nothing they threw at him would stick. They’re still freaked off by the scoundrel, they been freaked ever since Trump said Hill should be, “behind bars”. Unforgivable! Like Trump said they’re really after us. We know too much too!
      You think covid’s been bad, you ain’t seen nutin honey and if Joe ain’t gone soon, the deftest leftist Dem’s will demand removal of hair smellin Joe. He’ll be the next impeachment, if he don’t get sick soon enough as he promised and make way for the Kama. The leftist’s haven’t forgot how Pelosi and company twice bullied, bought and bribed Bernie. They know they’re next in this purge and they’re as mad as the Trumpsters. They know Pelosi used them! Will Kamala be allowed to be president? The 64.000 dollar question. Wonder what Chunk Yogurt thunks?
      So my fellow Amerikanski’s, these criminals are coming after us all, left and right. The rising of the people has to be stopped, we know to much and they don’t give a Shiite what the good book say’s, or your constipated contestation or constitution and bill of rights. They got they’re cake and eating it and we are not gonna get ours much longer! Bill Gates useless eaters.
      These criminals are experts at civil war and voter fraud. Like Khrushchev said. They hate us useless eaters. They hate free speech. Will they bury us. No, they’ll give us the shovel. So Nikita was wrong after all? Welcome to the future, every minute counts, except you and me.
      Warning: “What goes around comes around!”
      If someone treats other people badly he or she will eventually be treated badly by someone else. You should not mistreat them. What goes around comes around.

      I wanted much; I began much; but the gale of the world carried away me and my work.
      -1946: Draza Mihailovic, Chetnik commander
      Last statement to the court
      A reference to Hosea 8:7: “they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” Proverb . sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Every decision has consequences; a person’s actions will come back to them; if one starts trouble or takes actions in spite of the discontent they cause, one will incur negative consequences.
      CHETNIKS! 1943 Original Trailer
      Original trailer to seldom-seen 1943 drama CHETNKS! starring Philip Dorn, Anna Sten, Shepperd Strudwick (as John Shepperd) …
      /////////NATIONAL SOCIALISM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
      ”Четници – борбена герила” – Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas
      16,964 views•Jul 18, 2018

      Tucker investigates the threats and violence Twitter refuses police
      13,264 views•Jan 13, 2021

  20. Mike R

    Well Piglosi’s new shame-peachment, will fail just like the original shampeachment.

    Her vindictiveness has driven her stark raving mad, as in totally insane, and she’s dragged along her entire party down into the toilet bowl of shameless politicians who have unfortunately littered the American landscape since the late 1700’s.

    Without even a tiny shred of evidence, of ANY impeachable offense, or any provable ‘crime’, she has set a new and very very low bar … that is, if you simply don’t like someone, the President, for example, you get fired. This is no different than Twitter’s censureship of all conservatives, or whoever they don’t like, since Twitter does allow incitement of violence, as messages such as “Hang Mike Pence” are allowed to stand, and even embraced. Facebook is the same. As was Hitler, when he decided he simply didn’t like Jews.

    That’s where Pelosi has taken American in all of her shameless hypocracy to the nth degree. Next you will not just be ‘purged’ from social media platforms, or not just merely fired like the CEO from Chicago was who merely attended the Democrat paid for Antifa violence that erupted at the Capitol on Jan 6th, but then it eventually escalates to ‘purging you’ from ‘their’ society. Take that however you want to, but its obvious to me, these people have zero morals, and will find many ways to destroy whoever they don’t like. Look at how Twitter was able to crush and bankrupt Parlor. Good luck starting any new conservative platform that is like a Twitter. They are demoncratic sponsored home grown terrorists. They (Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google) are significantly more dangerous to your livelihood than any Middle East terrorist group.

    If they can get away with besmirching, defacing, tarnishing, and ultimately disparaging into oblivion, the arguably most Powerful position in the world, and whoever occupies, like Donald Trump has, they can surely squash anyone of their choosing into little tiny pieces.

    With this accomplished, they will have no bounds or no limit on their brazen and evil power, and they (the demoncrats) will take away your guns, your ability to speak freely, the remaining few liberties you still have, and if you don’t comply they will purge you from THEIR society. That’s how it is with these power lusting cretins. If Trump does not truly sign and activate the Insurrection Act, and activate our military to protect our country from this gawd awful treason, then our republic is DOA. There will be no recovery. And they will work even harder to try to destroy the next person who decides to be like “Trump”, and start that onslaught at the earliest level. This folks is not a ‘free’ America, and this is not a country that is something any of us would choose to live in.
    Somehow, each of us individually need to act against this evil, and outright immoral destruction of opinions, speech, and ultimately people who are US citizens. I believe Trump was persecuted in the same harsh way that Jesus was, and painted with such false allegations, by people who are plain evil, and themselves committed the very crimes that they are accusing Trump of doing. Its so very wrong, and everyone no matter their political affiliation can see it. (If they want to see it.) If individually any person chooses to bury their own head, shut their own eyes, cover their ears, and ignore all of this against President Trump, it will be at their very own peril.

  21. H.Craig Bradley

    Huge Monetary and Financial Changes Coming in This Decade


  22. Mike R

    We need more TRUE American Patriots like Gab’s CEO…

    Gab CEO Andrew Torba completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated the president’s account on Gab.

    100% Fed Up reported:

    Gab CEO completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated him on Gab.

    What’s even more impressive is, he did this while traffic was up 700% and under attack from leftists. Gab is currently having servers upgraded to handle the large influx in traffic but we’re told it should stabilize soon.

  23. Mohammad

    This new E.O. by Mr. Trump on Jan 13th 2021 indicates he is after the communist china’s financial interests and beachheads in wall street here in US:


    “Executive Order on Amending Executive Order 13959–Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies
    Issued on: January 13, 2021”

    If you read into the E.O. you will reach the conclusion this president is NOT going to hand USA to CHINA, in no shape or form, it is clear to me that striking the financial interests of communist China in US under the EMERGENCY ACT that he invoked on Nov 2020 ( Financial emergency) is a continuation of the “movement” he talked about in his last video urging US citizens to remain calm, which did not look like it was videoed in the W.H.

    here is a Quote:
    “(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a)(i) of this section, any transaction entered into on or before 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time on November 11, 2021, solely to divest, in whole or in part, from securities that any United States person held as of 9:30 a.m. eastern standard time on January 11, 2021, in a Communist Chinese military company as defined in section 4(a)(i) of this order, is permitted. Effective at 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time on November 11, 2021, possession of any such securities by a United States person is prohibited.

    (c) Notwithstanding subsection (a)(ii) of this section, for a person determined to be a Communist Chinese military company pursuant to section 4(a)(ii) or (iii) of this order, any transaction entered into on or before 365 days from the date of such determination, solely to divest, in whole or in part, from securities that any United States person held in such person, as of the date 60 days from the date of such determination, is permitted. Effective at 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time on the date 365 days after the date of such determination, possession of any such securities by a United States person is prohibited.”

    That language on Jan 13th is not for someone leaving the office on 20th, because a pen stroke can reverse it, it is for someone staying in for another 4 years.

    And here something historic comes to my mind,

    Charles de Gaulle…!! and his provisional Gov…!!!


  24. Ranlar

    Greg, as always, your interviews are top-notch. I listened to your interview yesterday but decided to post a comment or potential observation today. We are witnessing flagrant violations of our freedom of speech. When the big three tech companies, such as Amazon, Apple, and Google have conspired to shut down conservative communication. What is to stop the radically left from branding you and your guests as economic terrorists? Think about it.

    • Gary C

      Ron Paul is now blocked by Face Book, this is getting
      real serious.

  25. Jerry

    Do you still need proof that the pandemic was planned? This was from 2018.

    Here’s Jerry’s $54,000. Question for today. If you take the vaccine and it makes you immune to COVID-19, then why do I need to take the vaccine if I can’t infect you ? If it doesn’t make us immune to COVID-19 , and it merely lessens the effects, then why are we taking

    I think you know the answer. Deagal has forecast the United States
    population for 2025 to be 100 million people. That’s less than four years away. So how do we get there? The globalist are following the same playbook they used for Russia in 1918 when they unleashed the Spanish flu into the population, and then followed it up with a series of vaccinations that caused even more death, with infections, and decreased immune systems. That’s not conspiracy theory. That’s a fact. And guess what? Once the population was sick enough they launched the communist revolution under Lenin and Marx, in the dead of winter. Operation dark winter? We’re about to find out.

  26. Percy Sledgehammer

    Lou Dobbs Tonight 1/13/21 Full | Lou Dobbs January 13, 2021

    NEW: Sidney Powell on MARTIAL LAW!
    683,658 views•Jan 13, 2021

    China’s Silent Takeover While America’s Elite Slept
    2,735,291 views•Nov 29, 2019

    Pence issues DEVASTATING news to Pelosi over ‘ousting Trump’: ‘Stop dreaming’ 82,341 views•Jan 14, 2021

    The truth is ‘an innocent victim’ of ‘political power’
    13,530 views•Jan 14, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Cory Bernardi says people are being fed a “diet of media mush and political spin” as Trump’s historic second impeachment is “just an exercise in political power”.
    “There was no principle attached the actions of the US Congress, it was simply a matter of numbers and an exercise in political power and punishment,” he said.
    “Fabricated outrage is seemingly everywhere, truth doesn’t seem to matter, it’s the innocent victim of the car crash that is modern politics.”
    “Truly significant issues need to be addressed but there seems to be neither the will nor the interest in sorting them out, it’s far easier to kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with.” Video;
    First Six Comments
    “Mr.President they impeached you again”
    Trump: “Did I break the record?”
    “Yes Mr.President”
    Trump: “sweet”
    “I never had a bad day” quote, President Trump!
    Deep State desperate to take down The Greatest American President.
    Trump stands up to the ccp, which is good for the world. God bless you Australia, from the UK.
    Unfortunately we no longer elect “representatives”. “We the people” have lost our voices, and if you attempt to make a point you’ll be labeled and hunted
    I’m embarrassed of our government. They lost all respect from all. You can absolutely see the witch hunt.
    The more they hate, more the light will shine, just a little longer and the whole house of cards will fall

    Huawei: A global force — high tech giant and suspected spy | DW Documentary
    975,014 views•Jan 3, 2021 DW Documentary
    Telecommunications giant Huawei is said to be one of the most powerful companies in China. But Huawei has been accused of systematic espionage, and some Western governments doubt whether the company is truly independent of the Chinese government.
    This documentary investigates concerns about Huawei and internet security. The company is a major player in the manufacture of smartphones, and enjoys a technological lead in the development of the super-fast 5G broadband network worldwide.
    But the US and some other Western countries suspect that Huawei works closely with the Chinese government on espionage and sabotage operations. Has Huawei become a pawn in the trade war between the US and China?
    The arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Canada in 2018 — at the request of US authorities — marked the climax of the conflict between Huawei and Washington. Some European countries also have concerns about the company. Does Huawei really have close ties to the Chinese government? And what are the benefits and risks for those foreign clients who choose to work with this 5G giant? Video;

    Trump’s second impeachment is ‘brass knuckles politics’
    4,140 views•Jan 14, 2021
    Sky News Australia
    Recastled Managing Director Kosha Gada says the decision to impeach Donald for a second time was “old fashioned brass knuckles politics” as Trump will be out of office in less than a week.
    We’ve been talking about this fracture in the Republican Party that’s been building for a long time and really just got amplified and accelerated under President Trump,” she told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.
    “In this moment especially after the very atrocious events of last week it’s really provided cover for people Republican Party to pick a side.”
    Ms Gada said the impeachment is likely not to be completed as impeachment “does not and cannot apply to a private citizen”.
    “It’s a political calculation rather than a legal standard.” Video;

    Democrats always wanted to ‘delegitimise’ Trump’s presidency
    5,637 views•Jan 14, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host James Morrow says Democrats never regarded Donald Trump as a “legitimate” president and therefore the entire time they’ve been trying to get him out.
    “They never wanted him to finish a term and leave as per the constitution because once he does that, that makes him legitimate,” Mr Morrow told Sky News host Chris Smith.
    “They wanted to delegitimise him”.
    It comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump after Democrats and 10 Republicans voted that he “incited an insurrection” in the Capitol last week.
    The impeachment trial will next go to the senate where a two-thirds majority is required to convict President Trump.
    Mr Morrow said the level of hatred directed at Donald Trump has been “unlike anything I’ve ever seen to any other president”. Video;

    First 8 Comments;
    Did anyone ever think it actually was germ warfare meant for America to hurt Trump and help china and their demacrat minions…..they just didn’t know they would let it loose in their own country…..as if they cared about their people anyway
    Trump is my President 🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Of course they are afraid, they know they stole this and the Presidency does not belong to them.
    Listen to these people, while knowing that they are the ones who orchestrated the violence at the capital. Every single democrat knows they cheated in the election.
    💗🇺🇸President Trump🇺🇸💗
    I swear.to God, no one should pay a dime of taxes this year.
    The Democratic leadership is such a poor reflection on their constituents. They not only alienate the conservatives, they alienate their own people who aren’t radical. Socialists are calling themselves liberal, but they really are just socialists. I wish the dems would see it. It really isn’t a secret anymore. If I know it, the dems who voted for Biden should know it now. Time for everyone to wake up.
    There is a lot of jealousy for Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is way too long. Cut the length dramatically in the future. I’ll post this time. Thanks for supporting USAW!!

      • Charles+H


        This person is the same person who swamps your site under various anonymous names. Only two things need to be noted with this poser:

        An Anonymous name

        The structure of the writing with paragraphs and links; and if you want – the tone and content

        TontoJsilverheels is his; Alexander Scanderberg; Eugene Grayson; Percy Sledgehammer: there is no end to this. I only read those who have had presence on the site and been known a good while. Whoever this is – he consistently floods the comments with various aliases. Like I said – I skip it entirely. I’m not giving a second to some propagator that might push little things the wrong way.

        • Greg Hunter

          I just blocked his comment from another name.

        • JC

          Charles H,
          I remember eddiemd also noted the same pattern about a month ago.
          Very strange.

  27. claude tanguay

    Above all, I am a fan of Gold and Silver. However, it is evident that Gold and Silver are the most manipulated asset in the world. So why invest in a financial asset controlled by banksters. There are hundreds of stocks that are a much better option than Gold and Silver. The Blockchain and Cryptology sectors, closely linked to Bitcoin, have been giving extraordinary returns for two months. The electric vehicle sector is also producing excellent returns. So why waste his time in gold? Considering CPI, Gold which was at $ 800 in 1980 should be at $ 2400 today. I will invest in gold again when there are gains of at least $ 50 per day which will guarantee a new trend. Otherwise, I prefer to invest in stocks. Considering the inflation rate provided by governments, Gold which was at $ 800 in 1980 should be at $ 2400 today. Let’s talk about this rate of inflation. Since the start of the pandemic, the inflation rate has been at least 10% per year, but … all the governments on the planet tell us that the inflation rate remains at 2%. This is a lie. The consumer has suffered a big loss of purchasing power.

    • Pete+M

      Claude, too bad you’re forgetting that stocks are all priced in dollars that will soon be worthless, and if the power goes out, no bit coin either. Keep the pantry full, and get your spiritual health in order.

  28. Dave

    The market as well as the Fed like deficit spending which is why the markets are doing well at this point. Schumer and Pelosi plan as their first legislative act another Covid relief bill. 2 trillion plus. The Democrat leaders plan to doo this through reconciliation so no GOP votes needed. A second priority for the first 100 days is an infrastructure bill which could be 1/2 trillion to a trillion dollars. And those two items are just for starters – a partial forgiveness of student debt could also come this year. A massive, massive increase in the deficit is imminent so any gold/silver moves could come relatively soon. .

  29. Mario

    Hello Everyone…

    It seems as though everyone has given up hope and that ya’ll think Biden is going to be the next president and that President Trump failed us!

    I am here to tell you otherwise!
    Trump will remain in office.
    The insurrection act was signed.
    They voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump but he’s not impeached yet. Thats just the start of the process that will fail.

    Jeffery Epstein is alive.
    A lot of people are going to jail for treason and child sex trafficking.

    Hold on to your hats. Better yet hold on to your Bible.
    Pray. And Pray some more.

    Things are going to get a little wild in the next few day!

    God speed,


  30. Jerry

    Please get this out to your readers.

    This is a classic false flag narrative to bait Trump supporters into a dragnet. I have seen this tactic before in law enforcement. Where I live, the highway patrol will routinely put a sign on the interstate closest to the nearest exit which says “ drug checkpoint 3.5 miles ahead”. The unsuspecting travelers holding drugs take the exit to avoid the checkpoint only to fall into a trap consisting of unmarked police cars and drug sniffing dogs. There is no escape. Likewise should patriots take this bait being put out by the deep state FBI they will find themselves in the same situation. Stay at home, and dig in for the coming attacks. A Russian style purge lies ahead once Biden takes the controls.

  31. TontoJ.Silverheels

    Trump Ups Ban on Backing Chinese Military Co.’s; Twitter, Facebook ↓ $51B Market Cap Since Trump Ban
    NTD 14K watching

    A small Idaho based ISP company decides to ban Twitter and FB after they banned Donald Trump
    38,661 views•Jan 14, 2021

    Joint Chiefs Of Staff
    6 hours ago

    Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor Stephen Conroy says Australians are going to have to get used to “China behaving badly”.

  32. Jerry

    Here’s the art of war, by “ Sun Screw “

    You wear a MAGA hat -you’re screwed.
    You go to a patriotic rally – you’re screwed.
    Your a member of the NRA – you’re screwed
    You go to conservative website – you’re screwed
    You have a CCW license – you’re screwed.
    You go to the capital on the 20th – you’re super screwed.

    Ghost mode tactics.
    – put a Black Lives Matter sign in your yard.
    – put a screw Trump sticker on your car window.
    – wear rainbow colored clothing.
    – learn to talk with a lisp
    – if a cyber tracker shows up at your door claiming that you’ve been to Greg’s site, blame your son, and say you didn’t know he was on your computer.

  33. JC

    I never really believed in coincidence. Sheldon Adelson’s money is what got Donald J. Trump elected President, so I am not surprised by his death.

    January 12, 2021
    Casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson dies at 87

    The Trump Mess is being cleaned up and sealed. I imagine Ghislaine Maxwell is next on the list.

    As I wrote five-years ago, Trump would be deposed from the throne and The Progressive Left would come to power. Biden’s appointment with the throne will be short-lived, and I suspect that we will see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama return to the world stage very soon. The corrupt American Generals and Admirals will get their wars and then get to learn a very hard lesson about honor and duty.


  34. Robert K

    Y.T. has already begun censoring Greg here on USAWD and removing his videos for “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

    We knew this would happen sooner than later.

    Patriots, please help Greg find an alternate, free speech friendly platform to post videos moving forward. We need to stay informed of current events and news, and most everything is being blacklisted, shadow banned and completely censored on the internet.

    Greg, please, please, please use a different platform to post videos moving forward. The malicious and communist media continues to censor and we patriots and God fearing citizens need you more than ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it as I type.

    • Pete+M

      Robert, you are on the right track. We need to all vote with our dollars, and boycott as much big tech as possible. We need to offer each other advice on how to dump Big Tech and live without it sooner, than later. This involves giving people computer tips as not all of us are computer saavy.

      People forget that these Big Tech platforms are all heavily priced in for growth, as the P/E ratios of Big Tech are terribly obscene, and if their growth turns negative, their hefty stock prices will soon drop dramatically.

      As well, we need to keep telling people that main stream news are a bunch of lies.

      Greg, my advice to you is to start a section on your web site with advice on how to ditch Big Tech from viewers to your web site.

      Best Wishes Greg

  35. Doug

    No Greg, I don’t know why J.P Morgan wants silver low, please me me the secret why J.P Morgan wants silver low? Also,I keep hearing about this” GREAT RESET”, I heard a thousand ideas on what this “GREAT RESET” is…. Can you ask your future guest what their thought is on what the “GREAT RESET” is. Thank you

  36. Mary

    Hi Mr. Hunter, thanks for the great interview!

    Mary Northglenn Brakes

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mary!

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