Financial Black Hole Will Be Filled-Gregory Mannarino

greg-mannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says the bond market and stock market are way out of kilter and look for a big correction. Mannarino explains, “Something has to give here.  Either a lot of cash has to go back into the bond market, and I don’t know where it’s going to come from, or the stock market has to come down to normalize this.  Right now, the market is trying to price in a new President here with his outlook on the economy, lowering corporate taxes and trying to create jobs.”

Mannarino also points out, “Asset prices have been pushed to extremes, and either an extreme to the top or an extreme to the bottom. In the middle is kind of like a black hole, and this black hole has to be filled.  . . . That hole has been created by runaway central banks that have done everything they can to re-inflate bubbles that have burst. For example, the last housing bubble that they re-inflated.  Housing is now more expensive than it has ever been.  It’s the same with the stock market bubble.  They have done this on the back of a debt bubble, which is the most epic bubble the world has ever seen.”

On the continued price crush and manipulation of gold and silver prices, Mannarino says, “For the longest time, we know the price is not real. It’s been faked.  It’s been manipulated.  Why? . . . They can’t have real money, which is gold and silver competing with fake money, which is the fiat currencies around the world.  So, they are determined to suppress this for a lot of reasons.  Countries and rich people are still acquiring this, and this is an amazing opportunity for people.  We know for a fact these prices are being deliberately suppressed.  What does that tell us?  That’s where we should be, it’s that simple.  I don’t think we will see a normalization with the precious metals until there are shortages. . . . I think the environment with a Trump Administration is extremely bullish for precious metals. . . . I like gold, but silver is my favorite.”

In closing, Mannarino contends, “Everything has changed. The trajectory we were on was straight down a rat hole of epic proportions.  We were on a path to wipe out the middle class.  I think the game has changed.  I think, moving forward, we are going to see a stronger dollar.  We are going to see precious metals rise into that stronger dollar.  Trump is extremely bullish for our economy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino warns, even though he sees a Trump Administration as bullish for the economy, he still sees big price corrections in everything, including stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate and precious metals. He adds, this correction will look like a financial calamity to many.  There is free information, analysis and videos on

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  1. This sceptred Isle

    Most stocks are held by banks, brokerage firms etc. in pooled accounts on behalf of their clients. These stocks are registered in the name of the company holding them not in the name of the individual investor.
    Can any of you guests comment on how safe stocks are, held in pooled accounts and registered in the name of the bank of brokerage firm in the event that holding company goes bankrupt of needs a bail-in?

    • al Hall

      Greg- I was told many years ago that no one actually own the stocks they think they own. The stocks people think they own – they are third in line of ownership.
      These transaction go through the DTCC- a wall street set-up system of their making and control. In a crisis they have the ownership of the stock- not the people who bought and paid for it!

      You need to research this my friend- start here-

      Do your home work on this DTCC- you truly own nothing in times of a crash!


      • Winston

        Unless you have the stock certs in your name,all stock is held by Cede and Co.’s name.Cede is part of the FedRes.
        Sorry to spoil your day.and its….gone.

  2. This sceptred Isle

    Gold is treasured and silver is trashed – The fact that silver is literally thrown away is bullish as it is undervalued.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Solar power and battery storage will become more efficient as it is a technology as opposed to oil and coal which are commodities. People underestimated the rise of computers and mobile phones but their capacity seems to double every year. Bullish for silver.

  3. JT

    I’m a noob to the stock market. Can anyone with good knowledge tell me if dropping a few hundred in the etf FAZ would be a good move right about now? Thanks

    • The Seer

      Look at FAZ chart for 2016. Not a money maker. No one can time
      the banking crash. I would invest in mining stocks instead.

    • Paul ...

      Putting any money into stocks is like getting into line at a brokerage house slaughter house holding pen… you can take a chance … but you must be quick and “escape in time” to get your money out of digital “electrons” and into hard assets like gold and silver … this is key as you must keep in mind your stocks “are not money” and neither is a bond or any paper fiat … now even if you are on the ball and you get your stock sold before your brokerage firm claims the cash in their house account … and a check is actually sent to your bank account … it then takes three days to clear … in that time your bank can shut down, deny you access to your money or simply expropriate it … but lets say you are lucky again and get to withdraw your cash in fiat paper (the simple act of withdrawing your IOU’s [US dollars] can be considered a criminal act by the IRS and get you locked up) … so your best bet is to be out of the “system” right from the beginning … you know the Fed is going to raise rates in December and the Chinese are devaluing their currency so a stock market crash of “at least” 10% is on the cards for early next year (gold and silver should do the opposite) … so why not “play” outside the system with physical gold or silver? … instead of getting into the elites slaughter house play pen!!

    • Tin foil hat

      If you were a noob, you shouldn’t mess around with any triple leverage ETF. During the bank crisis in 2011, I traded FAZ two, three times a day. You have to watch it constantly to catch the momentum and it’s not something you want to hold overnight.
      I made a killing from June to October in 2011 only to give it all back and plus some in November – I couldn’t believe Germany would put up with the PIIGS.

    • Charles H

      If you want a million answers – ask a million people. All the answers will differ.

      There aren’t any easy answers.
      This isn’t the place to look for answers.
      The Stock Market is a gambling casino, that now resembles a shark tank.

      You want to be a carpenter: buy the tools and learn the trade.
      You want to play the Stock Market: do your homework; get in and lose your butt.
      (It’s like playing Chess against a computer – good luck. Only the computer owners win.)

  4. Todd

    It amazes me to watch how oil is connected to precious metals. Cheap oil seems to be the only thing holding this economy together. Oil producers are losing their shirts right now. Oil and precious metals must remain low in order for the petrol dollar to exist. The Fed now controls all markets. This has made rational investment impossible! The Fed has destroyed free markets. Free markets are what create true wealth. The middle class has been decimated. We are witnessing the biggest bubble destruction in the history of mankind. Unless we turn back to God and the constitution we will destroy the greatest nation ever created.

  5. This sceptred Isle

    The Coming War on China – documentary by respected war correspondent John Pilger.

    • The Emerald Isle

      Your so right sceptred Isle. Russia’s just the smoke screen in the last chance effort to take down the Trumpster.
      The deep state wants to take out Putin [regime change Russia] Then the Anglo-American lead new world disorder along with Russia can take down the real threat, the Chi-com’s [Communist Red China!].

      Now China and Russia together hold the cards, the golden rule. THE ONE’s WITH THE MOST GOLD RULE!!! When we got Ukraine, we took their gold and gave them funny money in exchange, [USD]remember. We cant control China without Russia and without Russia’s gold, so Putin must go!

      It’s economic war-fare now, but when all else fails, it’s the real thingy! Armageddon! We cant have that, can we? That’s what this dust up with Exxon’s Rex Tillerson’s all about.The Trumpster wants peace and security NOW! The American people want peace and prosperity NOW! Our elite deep state want to rule NOW and forever! Their dream of a new world disorder is falling apart! Heaven help them! Give them what they deserve, John McCain and Lindsey Graham cracker! Thank you, we don’t want em any mo, send em on ah slow boat to China Beach!

      Can the US Ally with Russia? Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

      Two of the most iconic corporate global level leaders on the planet! Dow Chemical (Andrew Liveris) and Exxon (Rex Tillerson) This is one step beyond! Any second I’ll wake up….just give it a minute…any second….Hillary better not be president if I wake up, or ill be as mad as. . .

    • This sceptred Isle

      The above link no longer works. You can watch the documentary following the link to ITV below. However, it is probably not available outside Britain.

  6. Johnson Tomas

    I am starting to believe that this market will continue to go up and up and up. There will be corrections on the way but gold and silver will go down. Donald trump was supposed to boost the PM but the complete opposite happened. All hope is lost at the moment. Trump will not meet what he said he will do. He has appointed people who are the same people he was against during the elections. Optimism is in the air now with Trump and this will hurt gold and silver for the next year. We always say this is the year for gold and the. We move onto next year and say the same thing. The best way to make money is DO NOT GO AGAINST THE FED. They always win.

    • Charles H

      The FED is flailing in a manipulation game. Don’t fight the FED – but what happens when it FAILS. The Dollar as World Reserve Currency day’s are numbered. Everybody wants to be a ‘winner’ – but in reality that doesn’t always happen. When the FED fails: it already knows where it is going to go: do you? Hint: you aren’t in THAT club.

    • Paul ...

      Craig Hemke gives a good level headed analysis of how Trump, etc. will influence the markets … its a good listen …

    • Alex

      I have no idea where the market is going but I found this video to be very helpful in terms of what happens to gold when the FED raises the rates.
      Apparently, a FED hike is normally positive for gold, although many would say otherwise. Yes, it might take a while, but gold loves FED hikes in the long run – just watch the video!

  7. getting nervous

    Mannarino seems to be drinking the Trump Kool-aid.
    1) Has he forgotten how much debt soverigns, and households have? How much can households keep borrowing when they are already defaulting. has he not been watching Sears? guess whos’s not shopping at Sears – indebteded households.
    2) I was a little dissappointed when he stated that the “market is trying to price everything in since Trumps election” as a means of explaining the equity markets. There have been some good quotes floating around the last couple weeks to explain this which Mannarino should know. something like, “after brexit it took a month to regain markets, after Trumps election it took 12 hours to regain markets, after Italy’s referendum it took minutes”. Sinclair said it clearly. The market is not a market….remember PPT
    3) Markets are not markets – extends to bonds, dollar, precious metals, commodites, equities.
    My question to you and your reader’s is what stops or corners the algorithms or manipulators?

    Personally I am watching the bond yield because derivatives are linked to interest rates/bond yields. Rates go up in response to bond dumping, equities crash, if rates don’t go up, bonds will likely still get dumped and yields will continue to rise and that directly affects the derivatives….I am trying to figure out how long they can keep this all going…there are a lot of levers for them to manage now.

    • Jerry

      Getting nervous. The central banks and the globalist are losing control . They cannot stop what is coming.

    • Paul ...

      The globalist elites (the G20) have set up structures for a one world currency (the IMF) which like a central bank (of no country) can print “money” SDR’s out of thin air but have “no people to answer to” except the governors of the G20 … so the IMF can print 5 trillion SDR’s or 300 trillion SDR’s without having to account to any nation or any people … the great inflation (that will drive the price of gold and silver upward) will arrive when SDR’s are printed in unlimited quantities … remember these SDR’s are also simply electrons (not money) and this is why it is imperative that people own physical gold and silver!! … James Rickards explains it well here … https//

    • Joni

      Correct on every single point made, “getting nervous”! Kool-aid, indeed! More like wishful thinking. I would like to add to your comments: G.M., please don’t turn Trump into some sort of messianic figure when 90+ years of U.S. geopolitical history has proven the real limitations of that office! As a TECHNICAL trader, myself, I understand where Gregory M. is coming from – from the short term (in and out) viewpoint of a trader. But in the longer term, remember what other fundamentals (or non existent fundamentals) are or aren’t at play here, which sages John Williams, Jim Sinclair and many others have astutely ANALYZED.

    • John

      “Mannarino seems to be drinking the Trump Kool-aid.”
      I agree. As Greg Hunter has said many times, we still have all of the financial problems we did before the election of Trump as we do afterword. I think we are still going to get a crash, it just wont be as bad as it would be under Hillary.
      I still think there is no way Trump will get in, the deep state won’t let him. They will do what ever it takes. If Trump is denied the presidency, I think America will have an uprising that will be remembered for the next 1000 years.

  8. Oracle 911

    Just one thing, Mad Max scenario will mean several dozen of Bhopal and Chernobyl incidents at once, so it is a no go. But somebody have to pay for the transitions. It won’t be the middle class because it is non-existent in the West, not the big companies or not the Rothschild banks, because these things will result above mentioned incidents, so who?
    The speculators like Soros or the Bush clan (they own also banks).
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul ...

      Wow!! … According to Alex Jones rouge elements in the CIA who help to kill Kennedy are now out to kill Trump! … remember what Jeb Bush said to Trump “you will never be President” … so even if Trump wraps up the electoral vote on Dec 19 we still have things to worry about!! …

  9. Diane

    Greg M is correct about the world economy changing.
    FRANCE and others next…you bet.
    The failed Socialism/ Marxism / Centralized Globalism is dying.
    This is all very positive in the long run.

  10. jim c.

    Gregory Mannarino, You use to be one of my favorites , But I have to say, I now think you are a fake. You stated months ago that the market has topped and will be falling soon, and now you say that the stock market has been good to you. Answer me this, what trader thinks the stock market has topped yet he still buy`s stocks to go up. This is unbelievable to me.

    • Kevin Price

      Mannarino for 4 years has changed his mind back and forth dozens of times.

      • aussie jeff

        Greg M is a nice guy but lets not forget,like all traders he has his snout in the trough raking in the bucks,then when its time to come up for air we get vids with dire warnings of the imminent mother of all crashes,when that does not materialise its back to the trough.
        That may seem a cynical view to some,i call it greedy capitalism.

    • terry44

      Hi Jim C, I think Greg has been buying puts and calls on various stocks to make money out of this madness. He trades on a short term basis and takes advantage of moves even when he thinks they contradict fundamentals.

    • Tommy

      jim c. – it seems that all the prognosticators make predictions then when they don’t come true it’s almost like they forgot what they had said and just take the current info and make new predictions. I remember one on here that said the market had a Clinton win factored in so if she won the market wouldn’t move but if Trump won the market would tank 10-15%. The exact opposite happened. The market has been up almost every day since the election. I believe Paul Craig Roberts said some time ago that there is no way to make predictions or analyze the markets anymore because they are rigged. That is probably the most accurate statement made by anyone in the last 8 years.

    • Horsenut

      Jim c. I don’t think you were listening when he said he doesn’t have all his eggs in one basket. As Greg pointed out, Mannarino has only a certain amount in the market then takes off the profit and puts it into other things. Smart man, Only put out what you can afford to loose. You can still play the market while it’s going up and understand that it could (Will) fall.

      It was an interesting interview: Good to see someone with a positive attitude for a change.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I thought the market had topped in May of 2015 and I’m not a fake. These are called predictions not guarantees. Also, Mannarino is an options trader, he can believe that the S&P and Dow have topped and yet still believe a single stock may go up. You know? Disney after they come out with Rogue One. Stuff like that.

  11. al Hall

    Greg: I don’t think Greg M has the outlook that the elite’s will get their way- It’s not all bullish! Remember- I told you the elite’s told us they would rise the markets back up after
    2007-8 crash. They can pull the lever at anytime. But it is looking like they will wait until Trump gets into office and blame it on him and his people.
    As I said- the crash will come from the $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives market. I was told this several years ago. Now many are saying this! This crash will wipe-out most people as most still aren’t prepared. Greg M. is right-BUY gold and SILVER! This is the money of the elite’s, and why JP Morgan Bank has bought something like 60 million ounces of silver! =


  12. Jerry

    Please, please, post this for your readers.

    Here is more proof that China is preparing to decouple from the dollar. Seven currencies may not sound like much, but just remember they have contracted with SWIFT and over 2800 financial institutions to complete EFT transfers within minutes. When this reset occurs, it will be swift and without warning and most importantly the Exchange Stabilization Fund has no way to stop it.

    • Jerry

      For those that have short memories. Here’s the game plan.

    • Jerry

      Here is the IMF’s blueprint for restructuring the global economy.

      Phase #1 has started with over 28 countries who currently have ceased to use the dollar for trade. Phase #2 will begin 01/01/2017 when the United States loses its majority vote with the IMF. The transfer away from the dollar as reserve currency will pick up speed from that point forward.

    • Newman

      Yeah, whatever this means, Jerry. However late the hour… Two years at least before this happens. I know this scenario is your own personal wet dream, but that won’t speed up the process any. Time for you to think outside of the box a wee bit and read up on just how dysfunctional the Chinese economy is. It’s a seriously rigged game all on its own.

      • Jerry

        Newman. We shall see. Quantative easing to infinity is not an economic plan. just remember we owe the Chinese close to three trillion dollars that we will probably default on.

      • Jerry

        You’re right. I am in a “wet dream”. But you’re in it to. You get to play the part of an unsuspecting nave that has been tricked into believing that you actually own something because a greedy banker gave you a piece of paper stating that you do. The joke is on you. The moment you can’t make your payments or pay your taxes, your ass will be parked on the nearest curb along with the rest of the unsuspecting public that lives in the bankers fantasy land of QE make believe.

        As for me. I get to play the part of an idiot that spins a tale of coming woe to the unsuspecting masses in Greg Hunters Economic Big Top.
        The show is about to start.

        • Tin foil hat

          So you have any idea why the S&P 500 trade volumes have consistently been exceeding $2B every single day since last Monday.
          Trade volume has been averaging $500M to $600M for the last couple of years except on option expiration day which usually don’t exceed $2B.
          I wonder if $1.5B have gone into the S&P 500 from the crashing bond market every single day in the last seven days. What is going to happen next if this persists?

  13. Anthony Australia

    Great account of current manipulations and deceit.

    Thanks Greg & Gregory

  14. glen charles

    another great speech from the collection of great speech-makers.

    in the American/European model the miltary is infrastructure,
    all carriageways such as roads have to establish a financial charge for usage, the system is from the 1950’s whilst the human and physical traffic is in the 21st century and beyond,

  15. rahrog

    Trump is obviously an improvement over the current regime. However, The Ruling Class has the global economy rigged to collapse. All they have to do is raise interest rates.

    The Ruling Class would have preferred to drop this bomb while in complete control of the federal government, and the economies of the G20. Russia & China were never going to willingly go along with the globalist plan for a one world bank, and a one world currency run by the banksters out of NYC.

    The Ruling Class will collapse the global economy and blame it on Trump and the Russians/Chinese. In the resulting confusion, they will light off a new world war.

    • Bill

      rahrog; During Trumps campaign speech in Florida, he said , ” They will collapse the economy after I am elected ” You would suppose he knows whats coming down the road and has a plan.

      • Paul ...

        Trump probably has “a plan of his own” if the globalists collapse the economy on him … and I think China and the Saudis know what it is and are selling USTreasurys in a near panic … foreign central banks have liquidated a record $375 billion in USGovt debt in the last 12 months … Trump knows an American disaster lies in the making from debt saturation … debt overload … and debt dumping and his plan is likely to be a US Govt “debt default” … or just declare bankruptcy … and presto … all our debt is gone … let the globalists and the morons who buy US bonds take the hit!!

  16. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    What do you call Greg plus Greg? The Dynamic Duo!!
    Great interview.

  17. jack

    I disagree. TRump has filled his cabinet with 2 Goldman insiders and thus given Goldman and the banksters full rein over the continued looting of the Treasury. Take a look at the backrounds of Munchkin and Cohn and you will see that they make fortunes ripping people off, in a way that make Madoff look like a amateur . Most of the rest of the cabinet are billionaires who don’t give a hoot about the middle class. What is to come is more like a true fascist system , with big government and big corporations partnering up with the banksters to loot what is left of America’s wealth . About the only good thing to come is that WW3 with Russia is now off the table , with the appointment of former CEO of Exxon as Sec of State, so the US and the Russians may normalize relations for now. The ONLY way that the US can get healthy is to break up the big corrupt banks and revoke the FED charter. THe FED and
    the banks are the source of all evil in this country . Handing control of the economy to Goldman and the rest of the crooks, means things just keep getting worse. TRump will be a one term President. BTW, Gold and silver are rigged for sure , but don’t look for them to turn up (on paper) anytime soon as long as Munchkin, Cohn, and Yellen take their orders from Rothschild .. I agree that Hillary would have been worse , and we would soon be living under Marxism , instead we will live under corporate fascism .

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree more, especially your last sentence – well put!

    • lastmanstanding

      Only thing that you forgot to mention was in regard to Exon.

      Their last chance to salvage the floundering giant circling the toilet bowl…was to get someone in place to insure their seat “at the table.”

  18. Mike from the North

    Never in my life did I ever think that the alternative media would put MSM into total chaos.

    Some of the stories on Zero Hedge today clearly show how the propangandists (new word)lol are out of control and looking more and more ridiculous.

    Watched Mr. Trump’s interview today and I have to say I WAS IMPRESSED…

    Fully expect a major effort to undermine Mr. Trump with the Electoral vote coming soon.

    Some of the MSM effort makes me angry some of it is frankly so blatantly obvious and biased it is beyond belief.

  19. CFS

    why does Greg make the assumption that the bond market cannot be manipulated until the dollar is destroyed. He says all markets are manipulated. Seems to me the US Government cannot afford to pay higher interest rates, so there is incentive to print money and monetize as much of the bond market as is necessary to keep interest rates low.
    Such action would slowly erode the value of the dollar.

    • jack

      Well it is simple. The banksters started letting the bond market crash as a gun to Trump’s head . They wanted to force him to appoint a couple of Rothschild / Goldman guys to run the financial system. Now that TRump has sold out, they will likely start to monetize the bond. Look for Mr. YEllen to go up .25 and the issue a very dovish statement. , in 6 months they will be doing massive money printing again. But in the end it is always the banks that run the world, Rothschild said many years ago, that he didn’t care who was the head pupet in charge as long as he ran the money…. same true today. Manniro is clueless just like most the rest of the know nothings on this site. Get Jim Willie back,

      • Charles H

        “Know nothings”, jack?!?? There is no jack. Not anymore. (Some DO follow Dr. Jim Willie)

  20. Fannie Fred

    Gold and silver are going to continue to get a heck of lot cheaper, so if you really want to buy them, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so at far lower prices. $1155 now on Gold as I write this.

    • jack

      Please explain why?

    • andyb

      Don’t disagree, but history will record the latest $200 smackdown as being the last gasp of the banksters prior to the inevitable run up. There are many indications based upon excellent research that Western gold vaults are becoming echo chambers and that soon there may be none left to hypothecate, rehypothecate, lease, or even steal. Then there is the fact that Sharia Law is now allowing 1.5 Billion Arabs the use of gold as an investment vehicle, beginning after the New Year. This fact, plus the never ending demand from Asia will see some major delivery defaults, with cash payments as an unacceptable option. It is my educated opinion that there is no gold left at either F. Knox or the NY Fed, and the “deep storage reserves” claimed by the US Treasury are really proven reserves, yet to be mined, on US Gov’t properties in Nevada, Idaho, et al. 2017 will see $3000+ gold and $100+ silver; bet on it.

    • Paul ...

      Years ago it took 100 cents to make one dollar in purchasing power … today one cent is the purchasing power of the dollar … when the IMF begins to print SDR’s “out of thin air” to bail out the world central banks the US dollar will have the purchasing power of 1/100th of a cent … save the pennies you get in pocket change when you go shopping … soon each cent will have the purchasing power of a one hundred dollar paper Federal Reserve Note (IOU) that you won’t be allowed to own (and won’t want to own) because it represents a liability to the banks … simply hold on to your (zinc and copper) pennies as its metal value is an asset “not a paper liability” … do the same with your (copper and nickel) nickels … these coins are real money and will be useful for barter … for savings (silver and gold) coins should be your money … all fiat paper in money market accounts, in bank savings accounts, in stocks, in bonds, etc. only represent “electrons” on a computer … when you receive electrons in payment … you will be shocked!!!

      • Paul ...

        To the people who buy gold “to make a profit” … listen up …
        when your dollar has the purchasing power of 1/100th of a cent and you go to the Dollar Tree Store to buy a can of food you will effectively need to use a current one hundred dollar bill for your purchase … the current value of one ounce gold coin is $1150 dollars … so effectively it will have the purchasing power value of $115,000 dollars when the dollar is worth 1/100th of a cent … and thus you will be able to buy 1150 cans of food in the Dollar Tree store with your gold coin (the same way you can now buy 1150 cans of food with your gold coin today) … you “don’t make any profit owning gold”… what you are simply doing is … preserving your purchasing power!!!

    • Frederick

      I wouldnt be so sure of that fannie The dollar is faltering alittle as I write and gold is at 1166 up ten dollars Silver up 30 cents at 17.24 Looks to me like a repeat of a year ago with metals vaulting much higher after the expected rate hike of one and done Look for the Donald to weaken the dollar to bring jobs back to the US

    • Tracy Welborn

      The most important thing about the price of gold is that you are holding the gold in your hand.

      • Charles H


      • Tin foil hat

        Tracy Welborn,
        Physical possession is the most important thing indeed. I track the gold price only for the mining stocks which I trade. I stop calculating how much my PMs worth in dollar long ago.

      • Romana

        Gold is great, until it gets confiscated by the government. Isn’t that what they did in the Great Depression?

  21. john duffy

    Lots of Questions?

  22. The Seer

    For “This sceptred Isle”
    You can call your brokerage and immediately have your shares direct registered at Computer Shares. This is safer as your shares are then registered on the mining (or specific firms) companies books. Now, the problem I have found you cannot just make a call to sell immediately. You have to sign a transfer form to have them returned to your brokerage to sell. It can take 3 – 10 business days. So, this can be a problem as the market can run away down from you when waiting for the transfer . . . .

  23. JC Davis

    Any that take that they did not earn is a thief. So are the ways of people that seek gain without work. Stop looking at stocks, and apply your gain to capitalism. Real value moving real value for the good of all. Listen to Good and be done by Good. Smiles to those that understand. The rest will be eaten up by their own greed.

    • Joni


  24. Bert

    Trump tax cuts: Corporations are NOT going to hire more and invest within. Why expand when your customers are not going to buy more. Everyone is tapped out. Many corporations are borrowing to make their dividends. You cut jobs, move operations overseas and make your workers even more productive. Trump must double the national debt and the remainder of the world must also continue money creation at the same rate or else negative world gdp will result. You won’t see a real market ever again as the world debt exceeds the total value of the world markets, and again, they will have to double down in debt creation – this time in less than 8 years – or else negative world gdp. The value of goods produced is a teeny fraction of the debt required to purchase. IMHO Trump and the world will fail to double the world debt in eight years, money will be escaping out of the markets in a massive drop, perhaps a 15% down in a single day with no rebound.

  25. Anna

    Greg, you are all gung-ho for Donald Trump. Now Gregory Mannarino has changed his tune and is on the Trump bandwagon (I’m shocked at his turnaround).

    Trump could well be a Trojan horse. One thing is certain – things will not get better, they will continue in the downward direction continued by Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama, it’s what they do and they do it well. Short-term Trump might bring jobs back; but then people will complain about higher prices because of course Americans will not work for the low wages that offshore workers got and so you will all be paying more.

    If/when Trump The Hero does bring oodles of jobs back, how will they make it look like a fantastic recovery? Kind of hard to show a recovery with the current fake “4.9”%, which is actually a good rate. If they were honest and currently said ±20%, people would see a recovery when jobs return. But they’ve screwed themselves due to their fake statistics/reporting/news over the past few years. Would love to watch them try to wiggle out of that. Liars, all of them.

    Put not your trust in any man; we as Christians should know this and behave accordingly. We are in the days of great deceptions. Trump, the inexperienced politician at the head of a massive government, will do what his predecessors have done (only worse, after a short period of euphoria à la Obamamania 8 years ago).

    Look how disappointed people became in Obama. Trump hasn’t even been certified yet and it’s the same “mania” thing all over again. In the end, they all work together and are all globalists. It’s unthinkable that they’ve deliberately made things as bad as they are and then would allow “voters” to put an outsider in to change direction.

    • Joni

      I remember but most people have short memories.

  26. Dan


    Greg, we need more female guests! Have you ever considered Mrs. Karen Hudes – former top World Bank employee and whistleblower? She’s one hell of a smart and articulate cookie.

    Here is a recent video of her on RT (EX – Elite World Bank Member Exposes The COMING Economic Collapse (12/06/2016) – youtube):

    I think it would be great to have her or someone like her (or someone formerly from the BIS – Bank for International Settlements) as to get a global perspective of what may be in the works with regards to the replacement of the US dollar as a new system. There are so many conflicting and totally speculative thoughts on what is in the works. So a highly knowledgeable and connected guest from the world central banking cabal could give us real good “inside” insight about what may really happen next.

  27. Ron


    When you use the word “reset”, what exactly does it mean? Am I correct in assuming it means the sudden devaluation of the US dollar to zero as some claim will happen over a weekend?

    Historically, hyperinflation to zero takes at least a few months as in Weimar, Zimbabwe and now Venezuela. It seems as though we should have at least a few weeks if not months warning of hyperinflation. Why would it happen suddenly over a weekend here in the USA rather than exponentially as it has elsewhere?

  28. Beligarant

    Even Mannarino finally agrees the price may not adjust until a physical deficit occurs. The problem remains the CRIMEX has 100:1 paper-to-physical leverage and can set the silver price by computer algo’s at $2 or $100. Within a few weeks or months it will adjust to that price even if something significant happens in the market like a Brexit or Bond Market Spike. All of these events are insignificant compared to where the banks set their computer algo’s since they are the ones with 100:1 leverage. I still contend the banks are the big sellers and buyers of the precious metals market at the same time. As an example, lets say silver is at $20 and they want the price at $16 they just create and sell an incredible amount of paper bullion well beyond what the market can absorb. It creates a flash crash and my guess is they have already put in bids at $16 before they sell otherwise there’s no reason the price would not immediately fall to $5 and would end their game overnight. It’s a completely false market and price. Sure it ends at some point somewhere in the next 1 to 20 years.

    • Tin foil hat

      It’s more like north of 300:1. It hasn’t been 100:1 for a long long time.

    • Pinocchio

      Banks are the big sellers and buyers of the precious metals market ? Do you mean paper or physical ?

  29. Anthony Australia

    It’s coming

    India now this;

  30. Anthony Australia

    A little help here please.
    What does the Dollar to Gold & Silver ratio mean in this chart?

  31. Jim G

    Other than having a bromance is there any other reason you keep having this guy back on? It’s obvious he doesn’t know what he is talking about, has no credentials and the only thing he has is an opinion that is not worth listening to.

    Really, this does not help your credibility and you have and can do better with the people you get to interview. I’m sure others think the same but will not speak up in fear of being called out as you often do to people who don’t agree with you.

    In any case, Mannarino is as clueless as they come so again, why interview him?

  32. Concerned american dad

    Sorry Greg- couldn’t make it through this one. He has been saying the same thing over and over for years now- but it’s all fixed now so nevermind. First of all, Sinclair just layed out how we have NO MARKETS- it’s all rigged. Manarino pulls out his chart and tries to explain how the market is trying to price in the new president/ then flips back to how they’re all fake. If trump was going to be such a savior for economic growth how come none of these industry leaders saw it during the campaign. Everyone on cnbs has flipped a switch all of a sudden. It’s bizarro world…

    • Bill Howland

      The thing about these guests CAD, is I wish they would explain to the best of their knowledge why they were WRONG in the past. They present their CURRENT predictions with absolute certainty. Another thing, I don’t care about a guy’s bedroom preferences but what is with the Lipstick in the profile pic?

  33. Russ

    Thanks Greg and Greg.
    A little confirmation available courtesy of ZeroHedge — Global Bond Rout Returns With A Vengeance, Sending 10Y Yields To Highest In Over Two Years

  34. David John Williams

    I would love to hear a point by point discussion of stocks going much higher vs much lower. Larry Edelson, who is very experienced and has a good track record, is calling for 30 000 to 40 000 DOW and while he is very bullish on the the US dollar for a couple more years, he is also bullish on precious metals. It never ceases to amaze me how various intelligent and successful pundits can vary so widely in their market expectations. On that note, I was glad to hear Gregory mention the absurdity of predicting rigged markets…after all what is real? What price discovery mechanism is accurate with such distortions in the markets? The only thing people seem to agree on is that the ballast of our economy has been shifted around without concern for stability and inevitably the ship’s going to flip over. The consensus seems to be ‘buy bullion’ and having done so, if you’re one of the lucky few who manage to swim ashore when the ship goes down, you’ll have an asset with which to build anew. Blessings and fair winds.

  35. Chip

    Greg, see this video from Bill Still on live interactive television. This is a development you should watch closely as I believe it has the potential to revolutionize what you are doing now. I think you have the skill set to be very successful with this technology… Chip

  36. The Emerald Isle

    Reince Priebus Destroys Hysterical Chuck Todd Over Russian Conspiracy Theories; FULL Priebus interview On NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd (12/11/2016)

    Wow, the left is really losing it. Notice how they’re trying to somehow attach all this to the Republicans? The narrative is always one where the Republicans are to blame and are the bad guys. Frankly I’m not fan of the GOP, but they’re clearly the left wing media’s go to scapegoat. Notice who has the scape goatee! LOL!

  37. francis m reps

    When you are in your forties….you must be optimistic. Mr. Mannarino is correct ; but for the fact that he talks about us being in a good boat, with a good captain in charge { Trump } which is all very true. I think he does not understand the severity of the ” Perfect Storm ” that is just over the horizon. Sinclair and Holter are a bit more seasoned. Forget Rikards; who has a personal agenda which is manifested by his equivocation and double talk. Thanks for having Mr. Mannarino on….He makes us feel good with his optimism .

  38. Frederick

    Sorry but Mannarino said that Trump is bullish for the dollar and precious metals which seems absurd They trade in the inverse to the dollar ordinarily

    • Ron

      Yes, “ordinarily”, but as Jim Sinclair and Greg Mannarino have both said, “Their is no market” meaning these are NOT ordinary times.

  39. flattop

    GREG: Watched our Pres Elect interview on Fox News Sunday, and after the interview I felt good. DLT has given most Americans so hope, which is something we have not had for a few years. I am impressed by his swift action and his dogged determination to succeed. Daily I ask GOD to give him wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and most of all to show him favor

  40. Alanon

    So after CAF 25% correction in the market according to her thinking we jump back into the market in our 401ks? I wonder what percentage of you have nothing in the stockmarket?

  41. In Deep

    Former Acting Director of CIA Mike Morell Sought to “Covertly” Kill Russians in Syria

    The Man Who Wants To Scare The Bogie Men

    Former CIA Deputy Director Apologizes for Flawed Iraq War Intel

    Mike Morell; Somebody should interview him and find out, what is going on?
    Trailer for one of the finest cold war thrillers ever made! Richard Widmark is absolutely mesmerizing!

    • In Deep

      If you believe there is an disinformation operation going on to discredit the Donald you’ll enjoy this movie on YouTube

      The Bedford Incident
      Nerve-racking suspense surrounds THE BEDFORD INCIDENT, the tale of a U.S. Naval vessel on a routine NATO patrol that ends up in a freakish showdown with a Russian submarine. Richard Widmark is Capt. Eric Finlander, the maniacal commander who drives his tense crew to the brink of nervous exhaustion.Sidney Poitier is Ben Munceford, a photojournalist aboard The Bedford, assigned to record a “typical” mission. His moral indignation is put to the test by the captain’s obsession with forcing the subto the surface. Several crew members are at their breaking points as Finlander continues his prowl.Especially affected is a former German U-boat commander, now aboard the Bedford as a NATO observer,portrayed by Eric Portman.

      Why watch this film. Because this can occur at any moment, before all else fails.
      Flawed men on both sides deciding our fate! Why we need leaders to talk to our enemies and not just for book deals and play for pay speeches or selling our uranium mines to Russia.

  42. Peter

    Hey Greg,

    They are talking about FAKE NEWS in the USA. But Greg your whole economy is FAKE. So please tell me what to do!!

    Ask the FED!



  43. Peter

    Sorry Greg,

    but your friend Mannarino (wow difficult name) is also FAKE. He said: DOW will go to…..6000 and now….wow… 20.000
    Sorry: the USA is FAKE.

    Is this correct????

  44. helot

    When he mentioned, ‘expanding p/e/ multipliers’ I pictured the chart Greg Hunter put up on the last Friday Wrap-Up show and I didn’t recall any p/e multipliers on that chart,… or any other chart I’ve seen, in the private sector, anyway.
    When he said that a supply shortage is what it will take to increase the price of PMs, I got the impression he is in the economic, ‘Supply Sider’ camp. Which is far and away from, Austrian Economics.
    I did get a bit confused when he said, ‘the reason we haven’t seen inflation’… as if the double digit price increases of stocks and real estate is not an indication of inflation? And, how bout them 60,000 Dollar pickup trucks, or until recently, the price rockets of commodities such as corn, walnuts and almonds? I’m guessing his wife does all the grocery shopping.

    It was pretty ugly when he said inflation can be a good thing in the ‘right’ environment. Ack. The only people who benefit from inflation are those who get the money first as it rolls off the printing presses.

    When he mentioned businesses hiring more people due to tax decreases, I suspect those businesses might buy robots and software to try to increase productivity, rather than hire more people, especially in light of increasing costs of doing business due to inflation and minimum wage dictates, etc… eating up profits.

    When he says everything except the bond market is bullish, I’m pretty sure he does not read TheHousingBubbleBlog where there are many indications that the auto, farm and real estate bubbles are popping. Talk about, ‘bag-holders’. That said, there are people who say a popping bubble is bullish for the economy, but only because the result is lower prices, not inflation.

    Instead of using a, ‘Sleeping Giant’ metaphor to learn from, a better one might be, ‘Yurtle the Turtle’.

    I imagine that CAD blew a gasket while watching this one.

  45. Larry Galearis

    The chart shown also covered up data. Bonds are being dumped, but that title box placed on the chart covered up the other important bit of data….The HUGE jump in volume. Investors are apparently coming back – and I suspect that is rotation out of the bond market…Mr. M. should have mentioned that…… That last spike to new highs is the result.
    Consequences for traders: no rationale for buying in the equities EXCEPT to try to figure out what the rig is trying to do and follow that lead…. The same goes for trading the paper gold and silver markets.

  46. Mike from the North

    If you think it is….. it is you understand.

    This phrase I learned many years ago and it still can enhance people’s lives when used properly.

    This morning after making my rounds of the alternative media sites I attend as a routine, I was left with a bad feeling in my SOUL.

    A bad feeling of things about to go very very badly.

    The proliferation of FAKE STORIES, PROPAGANDA, MISINFORMATION, and just outright LIES have reached a level that causes me to conclude the following.

    Life as we know it is about to take a VERY BAD turn in the wrong direction.

    The ELITES are loosing control and now they are taking what can only be described as IN YOUR FACE desperation moves.

    Can you imagine the chaos that we will see in the USA if President elect Mr. Trump is not given the nod in the Electoral College Vote?

    Folks if that happens we will likely see a downward spin that will break the back of American Society that will lead to some very bad things that will spread around the world. ALL IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

    If this scenario does not frighten you then you likely are not seeing the seriousness of the situation the World is facing in the coming weeks.

    If you are not right with GOD the Father then you may want to do so soon.

    • Red Jambalaya

      Mike from the North 12/12/2016 •
      If you think it is….. it is you understand.

      This phrase I learned many years ago and it still can enhance people’s lives when used properly.

      Mike, Does it help in understanding adding a comma and question mark?
      If you think it is….. it is you, understand?

      Mike, ever wonder who is the instigator of all this confusion going on? The Bible identifies Satan the Devil as “the god of this system.” 2 Cor. 4:4 It warns us that “Now am I implying that a false god really exists, or that sacrifices made to any god have some value? Not at all! I say emphatically that Gentile sacrifices are made to evil powers and not to God at all. I don’t want you to have any fellowship with such powers. You cannot drink both the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils. You cannot be a guest at the Lord’s table and at the table of devils. Are we trying to arouse the wrath of God? Have we forgotten how completely we are in his hands?” 1 Cor. 10:20 [ PHILLIPS] Mark, how vitally important, then, to make sure that we really are worshiping the true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and that our worship is pleasing to him!

      • Dan

        Or is it if you think it is, you understand? Didn’t make much sense to me!

    • Chip

      I said the EXACT same thing to my wife this morning. “Something VERY bad is going to happen and soon”. She agreed… Chip

  47. MATT

    Hi Greg here your metals update

    1270-1220 gold USD

    Short small rise, high risk down

    please ask any questions!!
    I can read all markets not just gold.
    thanks Matty Rich Nelson

  48. mike

    I’m confused Greg M,
    A month ago the world was going to end, the stock market was going to collapse to 6,000 and we were going to have one of the largest debt jubilee’s in human history, with massive loss of human life. But now you are Ultra bullish because Trump is going to spend a trillion dollars (we don’t have) on infrastructure. This makes no sense to me because if you lower taxes and increase spending that increases our national debt and produces inflation from money reentering the economy. I personally don’t see how anything has changed. You have had a complete 180 and I want to know what you’re basing it on because in your interview you didn’t tell me anything of substance that would convince me that we are on this rosemary path that you are depicting.
    ( maybe Greg Hunter you can provide some clarification from your conversation with him outside of the interview). THANKS

    Best Regards

    • Ron

      My interpretation is that Mannarino is ultra bullish in the *short term* but after Trump gooses the velocity of money, inflation accelerates into hyperinflation and the massive crash of fiat currencies we all know is coming.

  49. Bill

    GREG; Would it not be prudent for Trump to collapse the stock market/bond/economy, and begin rebuilding the right way. It enevitable that the collapse will come sometime, so why not do it sooner than later.

    • Paul ...

      And Trump should sell the market short for the American people … so when the crash occurs … we Americans will make enough money to fund not only Social Security but also pay off the National Debt!!

  50. James Hastings

    I enjoy Mr. Mannarino. But, most of your commenters are clueless. It will end. As Rome burns, your worried about your portfolio. As I take my last breath…I will smile.

    • Charles H

      I’m afraid that the same idiots that crash this current system – are the ones who will make the next one. “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss…”

  51. Anthony Australia

    Bill Holter please, i would interested to hear in detail his recent trip to Germany

  52. Tad

    Mannarino’s opinion for our future has changed, and I don’t think the election changed his thinking. He was talking at times of how millions of lives would be lost during the ensuing economic carnage. You could probably make that case, since 2008, but that info is probably hidden in Census Bureau stats.

    I don’t see that anything has materially changed for the 99 percent. In theory, this infrastructure spending could reduce unemployment by a few points, yet the average Joe wouldn’t be able to invest in gold and silver, particularly if he isn’t inclined to do so now, or can’t afford too.

    I wonder if the Google left wingers told him to tone it down via his two YouTube channels?

  53. John

    I really enjoyed how you referred to certain Politicians as “Wiesel’s”. I hope you can bring this back into your show now that McConnell and Ryan are showing their true colors by not backing Trump anymore. It would be purely for entertainment value of course, but a good laugh is necessary every now and then. You have a very distinctive way that you say “Yeah, ya weasel”. LOL Keep up the good work. God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John.

  54. Sayonara

    I abandoned the stock market at DOW 18,300. I am astonished that that is 19,796. This is exceeding historical P/E ratios unlike anything I have ever seen. The economic condition has changed (temporarily – “this time it is different”) and a lot of people are being led to slaughter. Remember the only people that are buying stocks and selling bonds are those banks that have exclusive access to artificially low interest rate money. The reason why there is no inflation is that only the extreme wealthy have access to cheap money and that is why real asset prices with exception of gold/silver has exploded. The reason the price of gold and silver has been manipulated down is so the financial elite can acquire it at bargain basement prices knowing that when they have to release money into the general economy it will cause hyper inflation. It is not a matter of if -but when. “This time is it is different” – NOT!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

  55. ED1

    For some of you folks out there that are second-guessing Gregory M. or calling him a fake, I would like to take a couple minutes to remind you of just a few things he has stated in the past. One of which he contends the system is rigged and the powers to be have basically flipped the system upside down……..that nothing is real. He maintains that the system will correct to fair market value in due time. I strongly suspect that will happen. In the exact capacity this may happen I have no idea, but the general consensus is this may be very bad for all of us.

    Gregory M. also called the high earlier in the year, but he was wrong on that account and it has obviously went up. Going off of what he saw at the time, he was correct for a while and it did hold for longer than some had thought. But we must remember we are navigating in uncharted waters here and the system is rigged. Call it what you like. It could be that Obama wants to keep the economic situation looking rosy until he leaves office, call it greed by the banksters, maybe the elites are bleeding this economy for every last drop of blood they can get from it, or call it the Russians are in on it. However, it would be to our benefit to remember that the entire system is false and manipulated.

    Another aspect to consider is that not long ago Gregory M. posted a video where he stated that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. So it could be that some of his forecasts was derived from that as well. And actually, it is not completely out of the scope of reality that Clinton may still be considered the winner due to all the silly attempts by Obama, the DNC and elites to push the Russian hacking rubbish down our throats, or to do whatever is necessary to stop the Donald from being inaugurated. Lord help us if that ever happens. The liberal democrats simply refuse to give up. Their evil deeds know no bounds.

    Lastly, I do not believe that Gregory M. is doing any wrong by still playing his hand in the stock market. Considered he is a skilled stock market individual with high credentials he certainly knows the ins and outs of the game. Even when things are looking bad for the most part, some astute folks (that are not part of the rigged system) can still gain here and there. I certainly will not fault anyone for doing such. And who is to say how many times he may have lost his shirt in the process as well?

    Indeed, even the best of the best economists are unable to accurately call just when this propped up, rigged, corrupt system will implode. There’s just way too many irons in the fire and Lord only knows how many other factors are at play behind the scenes. I do not know Gregory M. but just as the new president elect Donald Trump, I will give them time to prove themselves correct. I know history will certainly judge them one way or the other.

  56. Mike from the North

    Greg, I want to take this moment to say GOODBYE..

    It is my belief that sites like yours will soon be shut down by the ELITES and soon after we will see CHAOS in the World.

    There is little doubt in my mind that there is plenty of evidence to cause us concern that they want to silence the TRUTH.

    The stage is being set for the justification for shutting down access to the INTERNET to the TRUTH TELLERS.

    I believe we have less than weeks…..

    • Greg Hunter


      “Fear Not.”

      • Mike from the North

        Greg, thank you.
        For myself I fear not at some levels and fear less at others.

        It is hard for me to not fear for some close to me as they are ill prepared to deal with what is coming at many levels.

        Yes, I need to put more faith and FEAR NOT..Thank you for assisting me in renewing my relationship with God the Father.

    • Charles H

      Thanks, Mike. You might as well stick around for the Giggles – while they last.

  57. Chip

    OMG Greg, talk about fake news, you have to see this story on Marketwatch claiming Trump to be a Russian agent…

    Please do something on your WNW on this. This stuff is getting SCARY… Chip

  58. Bobd

    Hillary color purple ,a tool. What generation of youth remember the loving Barney the Dinosaur. The Pied Piper color purple ,that brainwashed a generation of kids lock in a house ,after school,

  59. Paul ...

    Wow … look at all the ammo Soros has supplied to the Hillary loving “moderate rebels” in Chicago alone to bring about a “color revolution” here in America … the same way he has created color revolutions in many other countries …

  60. J Anderson

    Greg: Your frequent guest, Greg Mannarino comes across as a “slick” Wall Street huckster. Do us all a favor and remove him from your guest list.

    • Charles H

      That ‘slick, Wall St. huckster’ was a Physician’s Assistant, and able to prescribe drugs. WHY he left that secure and lucrative practice, perhaps under O-bammy-care – to crusade for Silver (which is STILL a monetary metal and technological necessity) is something not important. Substituting Day-Trading for Medicine; and bringing all who wanted to follow his money-making at TradersChoicedotNet places him well beyond the pale of a “huckster”.

      As for speaking for me – “do us all a favor” – you can take a long type across a short keyboard. This site is not to directly attack people. It IS for debating or deriving viewpoints on the ISSUES or MATERIAL presented. Your Fail-Fail here just removes you from my reading list.

  61. Robert Lykens

    So I was commenting on “Mediaite” tonight and I was telling one guy that he needed Jesus Christ in his life. A Mediaite moderator came on and deleted my posts.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

      • Anthony Australia

        Only you are right Greg?

        • Greg Hunter

          What are you talking about?

  62. Justn Observer

    Will join in with ED1…about Greg Mannarino…. On Hillary call…that was before the wiki-leaks played out and FBI Comey doing the Kerry ‘for it before he was against it maneuver … ADD how poorly she ‘had no message’ as the campaign ended…How was Greg M. to know? And his call was ‘based’ from what I gathered,,, from his market perception and contacts in the market pricing in a Hillary win…which if you see the market reaction…seems that was correct! As for his market play…he is totally and generously up front in his offerings! Time people put their ‘big boy’ pants on and take responsibility to manage their own…if you to not follow along… and stop blaming others….I have followed his plays which percentage wise are rather darn nice calls…not perfect but no one is…but with his trend and day trade charts of expansion and compression …if you actually bothered to participate takes a lot of ‘quess work’ out of just throwing darts!… As he states small ‘positions’ and add to them or sell with small losses if they don’t hunt… and of course it’s your call WHEN to get in and out ..which determines the win or loss! Logical enough…and notice he is in options more that stock outright…and takes ‘profits’ off the table and puts into ‘hard’ assets rather than stay totally invested… also wise in the current volatility… Yes there is opportunity to make money as he suggests…that you either do not understand it…or suffer jealousy… and have bothered not to look at or employ the evolution system…that is on you…not him! So would be wise to stop the ‘hate’ and names…it does yours no good!
    Greg H and Greg M…nice interview….and thanks for sharing your insight and time – Again!

  63. wondrouscat

    There are junctions where the road splits and one way leads to a dark place. Gregory Mannarino stood there and looked down the dark road that Hillary would take us and he honestly and plainly described what he saw, and it was dang scary. I do not hold it against him that he discovered, as we all did late in that glorious morning, that we could at least start to head the other direction. The stock market is also seeing that new dawn, for now anyway, so his prior predictions are also forgiven. I don’t expect any of the guests to be 100% right, but just to tell us, from their own perspective and level of expertise, at the time, what they see coming. Seems to me the Trump win was a black swan event, made possible by each and every brave soul who voted for him, and defying the idea that TPTB hold all the cards and would “put” Hillary in as Greg M. was sure of. Again, he is forgiven for that prediction, because many of us thought the same. We all dodged a bullet, and may Hillary get the prosecution she deserves – and may Greg Hunter get the praise he deserves for always saying, clear to the end, with courageous conviction, flat in the face of all the MSM spin, that “Hillary will not be elected President”. He was so, so right.

  64. john duffy

    This video is a bombshell on 911

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