Financial Collapse to Wipe Away All the Lies-Rick Ackerman

Rick hed shotBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst Rick Ackerman says the mother of all market meltdowns is a sure thing. It is just a question of when, and when it starts, it will simply implode at a stunning pace. Ackerman explains, “We’re in a situation now where any day something can happen. I think that the black swan will be something like the stock market starting down for no apparent reason. That in itself would trigger the implosion, and I think the only thing that is propping up the markets now is the mentality of . . . how bad can things be if the stock market is trading within shooting distant of all-time highs? I think the stock market is the main buttress of this enormous hoax that has been going on with easing (QE or money printing).”

Ackerman says when the end game finally crescendos, it will be stunning and quick. Ackerman contends, “It will be literally overnight. There are investors who say I’m smart and I’m nimble, and I’ll be out of this at the first sign of trouble. I think the first sign of trouble will be a little bit too late. You will wake up one morning, and something will have happened in the Asian markets that cause the U.S. markets to open way below their circuit breakers or threaten to break the dam. It could all happen overnight, and I think it will. It’s the nature of the markets.”

Ackerman says everything will shut down or be wiped out when the next crash explodes. Things like banks, brokerages and pensions can and will all go poof in a cloud of smoke. Ackerman goes on to say, “I don’t think anything will be left standing in the smoldering ruins. It’s very hard to imagine, but it is really going to be a complete disaster that is commensurate with the scope and scale of the lies we have been telling ourselves for so long. There are people who say you Chicken Little, doomsday, sky-is-falling guys almost seem to want the system to implode. I think the only way we get back to honest business is for a collapse to wipe away all the lies.”

One of the biggest lies comes from the Fed when it repeatedly keeps threatening to raise interest rates. Ackerman has been calling BS on a Fed rate hike for years and still contends, “I haven’t merely said the Fed wouldn’t raise rates. I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops. The answer to the question when will the Fed raise rates is never, and I am going to stick by that. That forecast has held up for nine years. So, it’s looking pretty good.”

One of the very big problems with a rate rise is not just the increased interest payments on the federal debt, but also with derivatives in the hundreds of trillions of dollars which could destabilize the financial system. Ackerman explains, “It’s a global thing. We would be ratcheting up the interest payments on a quadrillion dollar derivatives market and, as you can imagine, that would unsettle a lot of arrangements. . . . I am going to stick with lower interest rates with the whole world slipping into recession.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman of

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Ackerman recently wrote about the constant threats of a Fed rate hike and the most recent head fake in September 2015. Ackerman said, “This latest little piece of kabuki can only add to the credibility of our own forecast, which is that the Fed will never raise rates. Okay, we were being facetious when we first made that prediction a couple of years ago; never is indeed a long time. But what kind of odds would you take to wager that there will be no rate hike for at least another ten years? You could probably get thirty-to-one from economists, editorialists, pundits and other useful idiots who never seem to tire of telling us that a rate hike is imminent. Realize that you would be within a year of collecting on the bet if you’d made it back in 2006, when the last rate hike was announced.”

Ackerman has some free information on the home page of He also has a subscription service with a two week free trial you can find here.



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  1. Coalburner

    Greg; Very Good intervew.
    I think that is about as good a picture as I have seen painted. I heard, own farmland if you can. I was wondering if Rick promotes all the other usual moves for a scenario like his or if he has any unique or seldom heard thoughts for preparation.
    I saw on Z-hedge that one of the big hedge funds is cashing out. They were talking about tightening liquidity. Guess they decided to cash out while there was some liguid left. Interesting…?

    • Faith

      If you do not own farmland dig up your backyard. Greens are easy to grow. Chickens / pigeons / quail are easy to raise for protein. So are rabbits. With rabbits there is a risk of not enough fat in the meat so you cannot eat rabbit every day without adding some type of fat.

      • dbcooper

        Faith, Thanks for your comment; germane, but we hear a lot of people ask … what about the man on the street?/ What will it look like?/ what do I do??? … Well IMHO … head for the hills Out of the city/suburb … and find community. This means like minded people with skills … and take a skill or two of your own with you. Folks seem to think that they can buy their bucket of non-hybrid seeds and plant a huge garden and survive … this is not going to happen for most people.
        Due to the weather manipulation going on in the west we have a 60% hay harvest this year and are counting how many head go into the locker as we are fast approaching the “one-sow/one-cow” homestead strategy.
        The sobering fact is that when “it” all falls apart … fast or slow … millions of humans are going to die and it will be very ugly. What else does one say… girdle your self in faith and repentance … prepare … Pray.

        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

        PS, you are right about the rabbit/fat issue but #/# the easiest to grow to fruition… on the table!! Also grow Mangle Wertzels which are a beet/like cold/78day grow/ greens/ and you can feed them to almost everything!! including me!!

        • Faith

          Hey DB: I was being serious. Everyone with a yard should decide what they can grow in it. If people have not thrown away the round up / pesticides they should. I am trying to figure out how to make some raised beds in my small yard. I will probably use some type of roofing that is flexible or some type of corrugated piping that I can have cut into 1 foot to 2 foot to 3 foot heights and which can be filled with soil. I have seen some interesting vertical gardens using PVC pipe and also some interesting indoor gardens using LED lighting. had an interesting aricle on growing greens on the ISS and another that linked to a place in Japan that was using LED lights to grow salad greens indoors.

          How ironic that you mentioned the one cow, one sow farmstead. My grandparents lived on rented land in northern Maine and that was all they ever had, along with chickens. Of course they were able to eat vensison. My grandfather tried to hunt during the season but there were times when he poached or my mother and aunt and uncle would have starved. There were no malls. There were no foodstamps. The gamewardens knew my grandfather was not a trophy hunter and had children to feed. There is a very interesting book series, and one of the books was made into a movie and shown on PBS many years ago, “The Beans of Egypt, Maine.” That was my family only 40 years earlier. It was a shock for me to read the book and watch that movie. People will do what they must to survive. I plan on surviving. It’s in my blood.

    • steve

      This must be a big money maker topic all the so called top money people that are on Greg Hunters site been talking dooms day for 10-15 years now. I guess if they live forever one day they might be right. I did notice that everyone of them is selling the gold market. I remember the last doom day was here and all these little whole in the wall shops sprung up buying everyone’s gold dirt cheap. Anything to cheat a lesser person for self gain seems to in play here as everywhere else. greed has no shame here. do read below

      Many of the prophets of doom also said that the dumping of U.S. debt would come as America’s budget deficits continued to rise from the record $1.4 trillion print back in 2009. Instead, deficits have been slashed by more than 50 percent and are now less than three percent of U.S. GDP.

      In other words, the world is not choking on U.S. debt, instead, there is a relative shortage of it.

      As always, it is easy to predict the end of the world, as we saw on the night of the “blood moon,” and again on Sept. 23 (another date with supposed apocalyptic significance). But the end of days never arrived.

      The doomsday clock may still be ticking, but the time bomb is more likely to go off outside the U.S. while bonds remain the world’s safest and most resilient economic bomb shelter.

      • Charles H


        Bonds? Are you kidding?!?? First off – using the pretext of timing is always fallacious. Two seconds to Midnight: but no boom. They are wrong , as they have been wrong before – so I have all the reason in the world to disbelieve everything they say. The point to explosions, or implosions – is to be as far away as possible.
        The other is – the Dollar is about to get kicked to the curb. Bonds are tied to Dollars. Keep your boat-load of Dollars, and those bonds: just don’t expect them to be WORTH much down the road.

    • Frank

      All alternative media gurus have been 100% wrong.

  2. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Last five minutes were especially interesting. Rick Ackerman doesn’t do getting worked up (much like your earlier guest John Williams!). But he waxed eloquent towards the end, especially over the way a global collapse could come literally overnight. Thanks Greg.

  3. red

    A side from State run Ag, there is no farmer not leveraged in to to the market somehow, which is why if there is a deflation like what Rick is talking about ,farmland will be 20cents an acre like the depression , but there was a partial Gold Standard in the 30’s!! Government are tethered to nothing now! which is why the deflation Rick talks about wont happen…more likely is hyper inflation, they are refusing to let notional assetts fail…stocks, bonds…realestate blah which means they are going to pay everyone out! inflation baby .. Government will print they have to let someone FAIL for a deflation and that is not happening! Love your show Greg and your vibe keep em’ coming.

  4. Dave Jewett

    Hi Rick, Thanks so much for imparting your knowledge.

    In the interview, you suggest a substantial collapse (for what it’s worth, I agree with your general assessment), but you also suggest you think that making mortgage payments will be required (if you already have a mortgage).

    I see these two views as being at odds with each other, because a collapse as you describe will wipe out a large segment of the financial sector, and likely cause government to be small and ineffective at their core function. Further, I think there’s a chance that the federal government will actually dissolve.

    My question: how do you reconcile the notion of continuing mortgage payments with a gargantuan collapse?

    Again, my thanks to you, –Dave Jewett

    • jim chudzinski

      Dave i agree with you, there will be a collapse , and peoples money will be taken from them, so if they bail-in everyones money how can the banks say that you still owe them for your debt. I f they take my $100,000 savings, I am not going to give them the money for my $100,000 morgage.

      • Mary Casey

        I have not seen any support documents on the changes made to the banking system, but from what I understand, it is not your money in the bank, it is your “investment” in the bank; and you lost your investment. From my research, this is the case.

        Likewise, since it is an investment and not money, then FDIC does not kick in for you when you lose your investment. There may be some monetary limitations.

        The thought is for banks to get their “bail-in” up front, instead of a “bail-out” after the fact.

        Here one of many, many articles:

  5. Faith

    I wish Rick had talked about China. About the Renminbi, about CIPS and about the goal of China to be the world reserve currency.

    No one except radicals like myself are talking this way. Then again, I am simply an observer and do not make my living from the financial markets. So I am free to speak my mind based upon observations and anaylsis from disparate areas and sources.

    The black swan. That is the big unknown. What will tip the balance? I agree with Rick, people will wake up one morning and realize they were not prepared. Will it be a nuclear bomb let loose? Will it be that the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency? Will it be the revaluation of the gold markets by China?

    I predict that China is going to move. If the US president insists on sending the US Navy to disputed waters I don’t know what to say. China has been very clear that they will not tolerate this type of maneuver. Furthermore China has been very clear about their plan to depose the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

    In the mean time I plan to exchange a number of $100 bills for $5s, $10s, and $20s.

    Still stacking silver too.

    • Jerry

      You are so right. China is the financial sweet spot. We can talk about what ifs all day, but in the end China has taken the steps to protect their economy from the collapse that si coming, while we print money and watch the presidential clown show.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Hello Faith,

      I don’t mean this disrespectfully. You have written about China wanting their currency to be the reserve currency, and there are two points that, I think, are worthy of consideration.

      First, it is common for me, you, or anyone to talk about “the reserve currency.” But it is important to keep in mind that any currency in which any sovereign keeps its assets is a “reserve.” It is not a formal “declaration.” As the world’s sovereigns hold fewer of one currency and more of another, that other currency slowly becomes a new reserve currency.

      Second, I have read in your comments that you believe that China intends for their currency to become the world’s primary reserve currency. Please consider the Triffin dilemma. I, personally, am firmly convinced that the Chinese do not in any sense want the Renminbi to become the world’s primary reserve currency. There is no way, as I see it, that they could sustain it. They have, primarily, a producing economy.

      It is immediately evident that China is working, with many other nations, to supplant the USD-based system we now have, but, my opinion is, the evidence suggests that the primary reason is to annul the political control that the US can now exercise through the US control of the monetary system.

      The delay by the IMF was to enable the decoupling to be orderly, for all parties involved.

      Kind Regards,

      • Faith

        I don’t know what the Triffen dilemma means. I read enough financial news so for me to not know what that means indicates it is some obscure economic term (just a quick guess).

        China has been fairly plainspoken about wanting the Yaun / Renminbi to be the world reserve currency in the past and, apparently, has had a plan in place. For several thousand years there has always been one primary currency, commonly referred to as the world reserve currency. The length of time that a currency holds that status varies. From Holland and the Guilder to Britain and the Pound / Sterling to the US dollar, this status changes over time. Usually the present holder of this status acts as though they will have this status for all eternity and then something happens and people are shocked to wake up one day and realize that status is no longer extant.

        At least China makes things. Manufacturing is good but not enough. What may be enough to push China over the top are their gold reserves. The day that China comes out and declares how much physical metal they have, along with activating CIPS and standing up to the London metals markets will be the day that things go topsy-turvy in an instant.

        The west wants things to be orderly and neat. But that cannot be said for China. The IMF has already slapped China in the face. China will do what is in China’s own best interests. If those interests align with the west and the IMF, fine. However, China is nearly at a point where they will do as they please. The gold reserves that China has been storing are key. At this point it is speculation as to how much gold China owns. But the same thing can be said about how much gold the US owns. I see this is a game of chicken with dangerous consequences.

  6. Calgirl

    It is incredible just how many great interviews you have been able to book! Extremely well done, sir.

    I’ve been struggling with what to expect a week after the crash, and then two weeks, and a month, etc. Being prepared with food, water, protection will go as far as they go, but what then? How will a “shoebox” of $$$ be any good when there are no stores open? Where mayhem rules? I guess many will “hole-up” at home as long as their food lasts, but what will those who are not prepared do? I’ve been trying to play out all these scenarios in my mind trying to find areas where I am not prepared. It’s very scary. Your interview made me aware that silver/gold/junk silver will be of no use for many months after the crash…..and how will we know what the value of a silver eagle coin when the stock market and banks are closed? If this crash is world-wide, will there be an internet (assuming that we have electricity to power a computer)? I need to find that sand pile where I can hide my head and refuse to think anymore!

  7. frederick

    China reported a drop of over 20% in eports over a year ago That sounds like a depressionary figure to me Shanghai containerized freight index at a all time low Looks awfully like a VERY hard landing to me WW3 here we come Maybe i will take Gregs advice and start praying more often Frederick

  8. karl

    Best interview yet Greg. Really great stuff.
    Just to verify is Rick saying everything collapses, both stocks and bonds. Armstrong says money flows from one to the other but my own view has always been that we face destruction of all paper assets. Ie anything not tangible or real collapses so that would mean stocks and bonds.
    I akways thiught Martin Armstrongs view was a little too simple for this unique situation.
    Is it fair to say that Rick is in line with Mannarino and my own view that only real things survive?
    My only confusion with what Rick says is that rates remain low. I thought if bonds collapse then rates go up?

  9. Tommy

    Everything will collapse. Nothing will be left. Just shoot me now.

  10. paul

    Rick Ackerman speaks of market meltdowns, the implosion of the economic/banking system, deflation, inflation, interest rates, etc. and all the quadrillions in paper “money” out there … very important subjects to be sure because “our wealth” is determined by how much “money” we own … but what exactly is this “money”? … we must know “what money is” first in order to have any idea how wealthy we really are!

    To logically try to figure out what “is or isn’t” money … we must first define “what money is” … this can be done by looking though history to see what function money performs … and looking back in time the “definition of what money is” was “not always” something that had to be “precious” (although being precious helps) … what we find is that money (what ever it is) was always “something widely used” as a “general medium of exchange” by people … this is likely why bankers today say: “gold is not money” … likely because they look at each nation in the world and see “gold is not being used” by the common people as a “general means of exchange”.

    Looking back we find that common people used such things as salt, tally sticks, beads, shells, stones even whiskey and slaves “to enable the exchange of goods” … and therefore “these things” met the definition of “money” … so now that we know what money is … we also see that the money of the past is not the money of today … so what we find is that what meets the definition of money “is not a constant” over time … today money happens to be “paper” … but do you think fiat “paper” will meet the definition of money tomorrow (if we are going to get an implosion of the current economic system)? … do we want to hold paper? … look at all the failed governments who used “paper” as money before WWII … they are no longer around and their paper money “is no longer money” … so the question now becomes … just how do we preserve our wealth if what money is … is not a constant?

    It seems our job is to seek to put our excess wealth into some “thing” that “can be used as money” even after an economic implosion … even if “that thing” may not necessarily be money now … for instance we could store away bags of salt, beads or sand under our beds … but these items are very common … so it goes without saying that their ability to represent wealth is very limited … we could store Jefferson nickels under our beds (nickels have recognition as being money currently and such nickels are “less common” then salt or sand) … but something “more precious” then nickel or copper would likely be “a better bet” to store away ones wealth … like perhaps art work, diamonds or land … but you can’t cut up the Mona Lisa and trade a piece of the canvas for a loaf of bread … and you don’t want to fracture a beautiful multi-faceted diamond into “little pieces” to trade for food … and who would take a handful of dirt for a can of tuna? …

    So what we ultimately find is … to preserve our wealth it should be put into some “thing” that is both uncommon (precious) and can be broken up into little pieces to trade with “as a general medium of exchange” once paper money (just like salt, beads, shells and stones before it) is discarded as “a worthless medium of exchange” in an economic system/government collapse … gold and silver (although not money now) will “become money” … just as down through the ages precious metals were always sought after as “a universally accepted medium of exchange” … unlike paper fiat, bonds and stocks (which only represent claims on assets that someone else has the obligation to make good on) gold and silver “in ones possession” is not anyone else’s debt!

    So even though gold and silver may not be “money now” … “it is real wealth” … that can easily “turn into money” when the issuers of paper fail to make good on their promises! … possessing physical gold and silver wealth (though not currently defined as money) mitigates the danger of losing your wealth (whereas the holders of paper currency money or paper financial assets are all subject to default) … still have doubts? … keep in mind that as recently as World War II nearly half of the world’s paper currencies then in existence … went to “zero” …as these fiat paper IOU’s were simply promises to pay you more fiat paper IOU’s … and even thought they met the definition of money … they simply vanished into the thin air they were printed out of!

    • paul

      Don’t get me wrong … by my saying gold and silver are good places to put your wealth in preparation for an economic crash that will change the “money” system … I don’t mean buying art, diamonds or land should be avoided as places to “store wealth” … it is just that art, diamonds and land won’t become the next “money” … gold and silver can easily become the next “money” as historically they were always considered “a universally accepted medium of exchange” … as for holding $5, $10 and $20 dollar “paper” bills in a money crisis transition (because people recognize it as money) … I would personally be more comfortable holding “change” (like Jefferson nickels) under my bed for buying the essentials as the “transition” takes place … from the paper that is considered money now to what will be considered money in the future (when a re-set occurs) … because a re-set can occur overnight making all the paper under your bed immediately worthless … but not the nickels (which will continue to have a “metal value” in any new system that is created)!

      • paul

        And if gold and silver do not become the next “money” … they will still “retain your wealth” for you … just as art, diamonds and land will retain your wealth … you will just have to find a way to convert it into the “new money” … which may be “carrots” or “potatoes” or “cigarettes” or “bullets” to make normal everyday purchases!

    • Bob Lamb

      I think we should invest in what I call “life sustaining” assets 1st. Things like food, clothing, shelter, medicine, water, fuel, guns, ammo, etc. and the means to produce these things. I can easily see these items as very precious in a collapse and very exchangeable for other like goods. I can also very easily see gold and silver not having value unless you can find a direct life sustaining use for them like making colloidal silver. Get the life sustaining stuff 1st and stuff like gold and silver after.

      • paul

        If you don’t want to be made into “lamb chops” by the Mafia hoods that will likely be going around collecting “humans” for meat and selling to the starving masses … you better “own gold” to buy them off … actually living in a city may be the “best place” to get food … running to the countryside you be lucky to find a squirrel to eat … actually city folks don’t have to worry about truckers not delivering food … as there is plenty of “meat” in the city … you say “gold and silver will not have any value unless you can find a direct life sustaining use for them” … well … not being “made into burgers or chops” by the Mafia meat packing companies that will spring up seems like a “life sustaining use” for the precious metals … unless of course you have plenty of ammo and can fight off the “Mad Max Mafia” gangs that will be roaming the streets looking for meat!

  11. Spanky

    Spanky’s untestable hypothesis:
    Given sufficient time (eons and eons and eons …) a troop of baboons typing on computer keyboards at the Federal Reserve might be able to muck up the global economy as bad as Central Bankers and their Keynesian colleagues.

  12. NC Gal

    A great interview, with someone I was not familiar with. Thanks for having him on! I had to listen twice because there were so many ideas to grasp. The picture of a collapse so total that nothing would be left standing feels accurate. If one accepts that as true, then what one has to ask is what will follow. There was no acknowledgement of the globalist agenda being referred to by other analysts who have appeared on this site.

    The recommendation to buy farmland, for example, totally ignores that Agenda 2030 was formally launched at the UN on September 25, 2015. If one fully understands that agenda, it means that ALL ownership under current structures and laws will be done away with in the next 15 years, along with an intentional elimination of 90-95% of the existing population levels worldwide. If that goal is achieved, the predicted collapse will only be the first step in that globalist takeover of the world. I am not personally expecting to live to see that come about, so it’s somewhat academic for me, but others may very well experience this.

    The present levels of debt are clearly unpayable, but they were the means to support a great transfer of wealth to those who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. For example, Wikileaks published one of the chapters of the TPP, which revealed (among other things) how the plutocrats will take total control of our health and indeed the food we eat. I think a lot more is going to go poof than just financial items. All those billions of bullets and the bail-in provisions that were enacted were put in place to be used toward furthering the globalist goals and eliminating everything and everyone who does not willingly participate in that world.

    I think Ackerman is correct as far as he goes, but my feeling is that he is still dealing with surface phenomena and doesn’t drill down to root causes. I enjoyed listening to him and experiencing his energy very much.

    Bill Holter did an interview with Dave Janda on October 11 ( in which he details just why he says that when the flash point comes, it will circle the globe twice in 48 hours before someone pulls the plug and the markets are shut down completely. The unraveling of credit will begin during that time. He also lists the events of the past week that have increased the tensions between the Western and Eastern systems and weakened the US hegemony considerably. My angels are indicating that the implosion may occur anytime from October 16 onward. Que sera, sera.

    • Galaxy 500

      Ok, You got me. I went to the UN sight and read until my eyes bled.
      Where did it say that they are going to take all property? Or does it require some special insight? Please advise.

    • Sooze

      You can listen to Rick Ackerman regularly on the Korelin Economics Report at
      I discovered this gem of a site a year ago and have been a daily listener since.
      They talk a lot about pm, but give nearly equal time to the conventionals.
      Think of it as Zero Hedge radio with polite commentators…

  13. Matt Jaymes

    Fascinating discussion! Here is a ping for David Stockman and of course Jim Sinclair.

  14. Ted

    carefully digest every word. probably the most complete and accurate analysis yet on your program in the last two years.

  15. Jerry

    As much as I hate to agree with CLS I don’t think we will make it out of October without a massive economic shift. Zero Hedge is reporting another Yuan devaluation.

    If this is true, this is yet another example that China and the BRIC nations are preparing to decouple completely from the dollar unless the IMF grants them SDR drawing rights in their next meeting. The next G20 meeting is 11/15. The script reads that a new international exchange system will be laid out at that meeting. We’ll see?

      • Jerry

        This is not an East vs. West thing. Its about the globalist moving their forty year agenda to replace the Bretton Woods system and the petrodollar forward.

        Who do you think the house of Saud see’s as the world leader now? Certainly not us, as we leave the middle east with our tail between our legs. Russia is cutting deals with the Saudi’s as you read this.

        • JC Davis

          Jerry. I wonder if the fed understands the domino effect. The dollars days are numbered.

    • Jerry

      For anyone who thinks the IMF has delayed their decision on RMB drawing rights until September 2016 really needs to review the actual document.

      It clearly states that it is a “possible delay” and that the IMF board makes the final decision. What does this mean? The IMF board could still change its mind and move up the timetable at its own discretion after further talks with Chinese leaders. Don’t sleep on this people. The noose is getting tighter by the minute.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Were the IMF to not include the CNY in the SDR, there would be no reason for the delay.

        Decoupling the CNY from the USD is a (soft) prerequisite for its inclusion in the SDR. Were there any hard or soft pegs among the currencies in the SDR, the SDR might lack the flexibility required of it, if it were it ever needed as an instrument to rebalance sovereign liabilities (such as during any sort of “global reset”).

      • Occasnltrlvr

        P.S. (My apologies, I should have included this in my prior response.)

        Here is a direct quote from the cited document:

        “If the RMB were determined to be a freely usable currency, it would play a more central role in the Fund’s financial operations going forward, and it would qualify for inclusion in the SDR basket.”

        One of the IMF’s criteria for a currency to be considered “freely usable” is this:
        “[the currency must be] widely traded in the principal exchange markets”

        • paul

          Notice how a currency must be “widely traded in the principal exchange markets” for it to be considered money by the bankers!

          PS: It is important to note that “gold is widely traded on the foreign exchange markets” and is currently included in the basket of SDR currencies as money … so although gold is not yet used a regular basis by the common people … it is already deemed money … so it is only a matter of time (likely after the re-set) before gold is used on a more wide spread basis by common people for ordinary purchases!

      • Galaxy 500

        And it could also mean that they don’t.

    • Calgirl

      In your script you said: “The script reads that a new international exchange system will be laid out at that meeting. We’ll see?”
      The new “international exchange system” will be the SDR which will be another fiat currency and will have very little gold backing it. Not only that point, but the SDR is the child of the supposed “controllers” at the BIS. So, in essence we have another fiat currency backed by almost nothing and under the control of the NWO folks! I hope that many countries will see this for exactly what it is and sign up with the Chinese CIPS system. Not that CIPS will necessarily be any better than SDR, but at least will provide some competition.

      When the banks close their doors and the ATM’s, it will be evident to all that the dollar is worthless. This fact may take only a week or two to play out and then many (most) will refuse to accept dollars for goods. So I’m thinking that our present fiat money will only be good for a week or two and therefore, stacking hundreds of dollars under the bed will be a waste. The dollar is only as good as the faith we have in it. My guess is that when the food stores finally open, they will have a special “window” where you can exchange your silver coins and junk silver, silver eagles, and gold coins for whatever token the store will accept in payment for goods. This set-up will be necessary due to the different and rapidly changing values assigned to the coins. I have no idea how we will pay our electricity bill (if we have electricity). Probably our government “leaders” have a new fiat currency ready to go but what they will back it with is anyone’s guess. Maybe all that silver JPMorgan “supposedly” has been accumulating. Their vault in NYC is contiguous with the Treasury vault, so it makes sense that JPM will be involved.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        You refer to the vaults of JP Morgan and the Treasury. I have a suspicion that you are referring to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the skyscraper at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, where is housed the world’s largest bank vault.

        That entire property, including the vault, was sold to Fosun International Ltd.

        • paul

          I wouldn’t be surprised if JP Morgan “already went into default” … and 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza including its bank vault and everything in it … was “not sold” … but confiscated by the Chinese company Fosun International Ltd.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        You wrote: “When the banks close their doors and the ATM’s, it will be evident to all that the dollar is worthless.”

        I have a different point of view. Currency would suddenly become scarce, and I believe people would attribute to it even greater value, simply for that reason. I am highly skeptical of any scenario involving a sudden, widespread, change of long-held notions (e.g., the classic “when wakes up and realizes…”).

        • paul

          And what will be scarcer then paper dollars? … nickels!

          • Occasnltrlvr


      • Jerry

        Jim Willie says there will be two currencies. The “Sh**” dollar used for domestic trade in the U.S., and the Petro Yuan used for foreign trade internationally. Unfortunately I’m not buying that theory. I think the banks have set this up to go digital when the time comes so they can eliminate cash altogether. I think the chipped credit cards have provided a launching pad for that system. So in my way of thinking cash, gold, etc. will become worthless as long as the banks still maintain control of the system after the reset. But who knows? In the end I think food, and water may be your best hard asset.

        • Jim

          Jim Willie says the US dollar is toilet paper.

          So he would wipe his butt with a $100 FRN? He could go to a shop and exchange that worthless piece of paper for 100 rolls of worthless pieces of paper and wipe his butt 5000 times instead of once- or using the same FRN 5000 times for the same job. I’m assuming he doesn’t flush $300 a day down the john. Maybe he wipes his but with $1 notes then? That’s still crazy.

          He may call a $100 note toilet paper, but it just isn’t so.

          • paul

            Right now he could buy about 200 rolls for $100 dollars … however … when the dollar slides toward zero … toilet paper will actually be worth more then paper dollars because toilet paper doesn’t contain cancer causing inks!

        • Occasnltrlvr

          I hadn’t ever really thought of water as a “hard asset.”

          But, “I see” what you mean. 🙂

  16. Russ

    Thank you for having Rick Ackerman back on. His perspective seem very plausible although we won’t know until it’s history — if then. Sorta like Colony Collapse Disorder — lots of theories on what happened to the bees but no definitive answer. It may come down to who’s standing and is able to write the history book.

    A few years back I heard it stated by a different analyst that (paraphrased) “you’ll go to sleep at night with gold ay $1600 and wake up with gold trading at $3000” … That’s not inflation or deflation, that’s running for cover, the world will be in a tailspin and the crash is happening. The only way out is to not be there, unfortunately for most of us that’s not an option.

    Another axiom I’ve heard is that deflation always precedes hyper-inflation. We’re in the deflation period now; what comes next? All we can do is set up defenses, hunker down — food, water, roof over your head and reduce exposure. This coming collapse will wipe away all lies and the truth will be very painful.

    Some of us here are fortunate in that we have already reduced/eliminated debt and we have done what we can to prepare. It won’t be enough…

    Thanks again.

    • Galaxy 500

      A few years back I heard it stated by a different analyst that (paraphrased) “you’ll go to sleep at night with gold ay $1600 and wake up with gold trading at $3000” 
      On a regular basis in the Weimar Republic, you could go to bed with enough money to buy a mink coat and in the morning the same amount would not buy a loaf of bread. There is a documented case where a German family had an American as a dinner guest. After dinner he tipped the domestic help a single US dollar. The help went to an attorney and had a trust set up because it was so much money.

      • Russ

        Weimar Germany was a much different situation. We may eventually get to that point, but I don’t think so. Reason being it’s not just the US that will be in trouble, we’ve managed to bring all the major players into the same game and when the stock, bond and derivative markets all crater at the same time… it’s a whole nuther animal.
        Personally I think he was being optimistic, those markets will go no-bid and the few people with “physical” gold will not be selling at any price in fiat.
        The only way out IMO is some form of Debt Jubilee and a monetary reset — uncharted waters. Folks in the derivative market will probably be wiped out but as I understand that market, it’s basically a casino so maybe a wipe out is a good thing.

        • Russ


          That may have been the plan all along. So much debt that a global monetary reset would be required, which may be a precursor to a one-world currency (leading to a one world gov’t).

          So all the major central banks went along –US Fed, ECB, BoJ — doh! Russia and China and India bought gold and while China is carrying a lot of debt they have a lot of gold, Russia also gas a significant portion of their reserves in gold and their debt/GDP ratio is on the order of 10%, so there may be some pushback on this one world currency thing. The AIIB initiative may also play a role in the pushback. What is the AIIB but a direct challenge to the IMF and WB, and therefore a major obstacle to any one world currency.

          So here we are with a $19 Trillion national debt and 8000 tons of paper gold in Ft Knox, while we are already back in a recession with ZIRP still in place. What could possibly go wrong? (Rhetorical)

        • Grafique

          A “debt jubilee” can sound like a pretty good deal for those who are in debt up to their eyeballs.
          But there’s another aspect to it – some of us have very little debt. However, a great deal of money is owed to us by others.
          I own two businesses. At any given time, I have tens of thousands of dollars owed to me. If that slate was wiped clean, I’d be hurtin’ for certain.
          Again, my wife will retire from a state job in about a year. She is owed a full retirement from the state. If that debt gets wiped out, somebody’s gonna be mad.

  17. andyb

    Greg: thanks for having Rick on. The first time one of your guests has mentioned the pension scam that is about to implode. The first indications are the problems with CALPERS, one of the largest if not the largest public employee fund, and certainly with the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. In all cases, the funds have organized payouts after planning on average annual returns in excess of 7-8%, which, in the face of it, is utterly absurd. Wait until government employees, who now receive far more in salary and benefits that the average private sector worker, get totally shafted. That’s when the Revolution will begin.

  18. Michael

    What is the little guy suppose to do. I understand having as much cash as possible at home is good but other than that if the banks don’t open, I dont see a good solution.

    Is buying unencumberred assets the solution. I don’t have access to farm land? Where should i put my savings if not in a bank or the markets.

    • Greg Hunter

      Buy food and water and get new tires. Get ready in the physical world you live in.

      • karl

        Hi Greg, in the Uk . Any chance of getting someone on with a Uk perspective? That may be hard as most prople here are even more brainwashed than in the Us.
        Do you think all the same advixe apllies for the Uk?

  19. matt

    D. Orlov is chronicling the collapse. His post today is excellent.

    Thanks for you work, Greg.

    • Faith

      Oh I have bought one of Mr. Orlov’s books, maybe two. They are excellent. It is, however, difficult to compare the collapse of the (former) USSR to the US, today. There are too many variables. I still enjoy Mr. Orlov’s point of view. He seems to be doing very well with his blog, and selling books, and has been able to use social media to help fund the repair of his boat. I would call Mr. Orlov a 100% success at living in the US and exploiting the capitalistic system to his advantage. Good for Mr. Orlov! He is an inspiration.

  20. David Clumpner

    Thanks Greg! Great interview per usual!!!
    I was hoping one of you would bring up Harry Dent’s scenario but I sort of read between the lines. Hopefully you can get Harry back on soon for an update.

  21. art barnes

    Greg, Mr. Ackerman is a realist and so informative. I believe we are about to experience a downturn in securities (wall street) now for no apparent reason, his observation of that scenario as a possible catalyst to the end game is astute. We may be seeing that happen shortly at 17,000 on the DOW, its trading in a very narrow range since it came up from the May, June, July & August doldrums. Low interest rates, possible QE on the horizon, decent but not outstanding corporation profits, no dark clouds that can be seen on the horizon, kind of business as usual, inflation moderate, employment not good but not that bad either, new election cycle underway, etc., etc. No real reason for the DOW to start to slide but its starting to look like its going to FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Who knows, maybe we are entering the end game as we speak, the market is always 6 months ahead of the realities on the ground, even if manipulated. Thanks for having him on!

  22. gregd

    Another great interview , and a great week with John Williams earlier. Although I would have to admit that I’m a gold and silver bug I still read and watch everything I can find on the subject and I agree with everything he said and I believe Rick is one of the smartest guys out there so I take every word he says very serious, but I would add this caveat, taxes. If they want your farmland they will just raise your taxes to get it. Or my favorite, for national security reasons, just seize it.
    As I said before I fear we may have a crumble not a collapse but I’ll take his word for it. Since farmland is out of my range anyways my answer to both scenarios is the same, gold and silver , food and water, cash, a generator and a lot of lead.
    I hope to see all of you on the other side of this.

    • San Diego MD

      Don’t get me wrong, I own precious metals and do believe we are heading for a collapse. At times though, I wonder why the gold/silver bugs keep promoting them rather than just buying and keeping it to themselves. Pure altruism I guess?

  23. paul

    As for Russia moving it’s forces into Syria … it is establishing its own “Red Line” … to put a stop to Netanyahu’s “crazy foreign policy” of bombing Syria for the last two and one-half years … … “hopefully” with Russia on the scene now … we can put a stop to “all the loony tunes” in the Middle East “on both sides” … and begin to move toward “peaceful accommodation” in the region … which will ultimately be “more beneficial to Israel” as a Nation … then constant war it’s people have had to endure for years now! … God’s desire for the Holy Land was for it to be a Paradise (untouched by war for a thousand years) … not the living hell on Earth it has turned into!

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you read the article?
      If Israel respects other players’ red lines, it will only retain a small area near Damascus and near the Lebanese border if it plans to block weapons smuggling to Hezbollah.

      iF…IF…IF… Your source is the liberal anti
      Isreal Newspaper haaretz.
      First you read a ZeroHedge article saying debt is 60 trillion and the money in reasonably liquid assets are 12 Trillion. Owing five times what you have doesn’t make your money worth five times is face value. Other wise, my ex wife would be a billionaire.
      What isn’t mentioned in Zero Hedge is that there is only 1.39 Trillion dollars in circulation. If there is a bank holiday, most people on average have less than $400 cash on hand. IF AND ONLY IF, the banks stop electronic transactions, you know credit cards, debit cards, etc Any
      one that had $10K or more out side the banks are going to be in the cat bird seat. Stores

      • paul

        G-500 … All I’m trying to point out is that Netanyahu better not make “an enemy” of Russia … because … as the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said … “Russia is airlifting weapons to Syria and that Russian servicemen are training Syria’s military how to use them” … although Lavrov would not provide numbers or any other specifics … if Netanyahu wants to “control” the arms shipments to its enemies … I think it would be better to “negotiate” with Russia rather then “fight them militarily”!

        • paul

          G-500 … regarding the Zero Hedge article you say … “What isn’t mentioned in Zero Hedge is that there is only 1.39 Trillion dollars in circulation. If there is a bank holiday, most people on average have less than $400 cash on hand.” … so are you trying to imply that your “paper dollar bills” because there isn’t that many in circulation will be “in such short supply” that they will have value perhaps five times its face value in purchasing power … but that “my nickel cash” which is in even “shorter supply” then your paper cash won’t be worth five times is face value??

      • susan

        G500 I pray you are right!

    • Galaxy 500

      Your nickels may actually buy something during this period if credit cards are stopped. And having worked in that industry, I can tell you that if there is a bank holiday, Capital One, American Express and the other credit cards company will not approve charges ouh they can’t get paid.
      But not because of the melt value. When you give a twenty dollar federal reserve note for a $19.95 bill, what do they give you back? Paul they give you a nickel.
      If there is a bank holiday, there will be both a credit crunch driving deflation (which means you can probably get more for that nickel during this phase) and inflation of real assets and necessities. People with cash on hand will be able to stock up on food unless the supermarkets are looted first. Out here in rural North Carolina, looters will be found to have lead poisoning likely delivered at high speed.
      So yes, I am saying your buying power will likely be good for awhile but anything held when we move to the high inflation phase.
      I have been wrong before but when inflation gets here, we will still be using the USD. The Govt will use that to steal from it’s citizens and the holders of US debt. I know some think that change will be worth more even as Fed Reserve notes are worthless. If industrial demand goes, copper and nickel prices plummet. If all large scale mining stops, then maybe but who and why would they want it at that point? To make an arrowhead?

    • Galaxy 500

      The point that makes your nickels worth something is that there is only 1.39 Trillion dollars available as cash. There will be a run for cash and there won’t be any but your nickels. That odds when you need to spend them.
      Base Metal Coin Melt Value Calculation
      Generated on October 14, 2015.

                      Values Used:

      Total Face Value:$20Coin Type:1946-2014 Jefferson NickelCopper Price:  $2.4061 / poundNickel Price:  $4.7459 / pound


      Total melt value is $13.19. 

      (Exact value is $13.188272975102. $5.231459246129 worth of nickel, $7.956813728973 of copper.)


      » There are 3.3069 pounds of copper and 1.1023pounds of nickel in $20 face value of nickel(s).

      » A roll of nickel(s) has 40 coins and is valued at $1.32when copper is at $2.4061 / lb and nickel at $4.7459 / lb (exact value is $1.31883).

      This is the current melt value of $20 in nickels. Industrial production falls, Industrial metals prices fall.

      • paul

        G-500 … You can hold paper “money” if you want … all I’m saying is “I prefer” to hold nickel “money” … btw if you do hold paper are you just going to hold “one pound stacks” of $1 dollar bills? … because if you are holding “a one pound stack” of $20 dollar bills … given the price for “paper” … both stacks will be worth the same irrespective of what is printed on it in ink … therefore a one pound stack of $1 dollar bills should be worth as much as a one pound stack of $20 bills … just like when people used tulip bulbs for money years ago … a “white tulip” was not considered as valuable as a “blue tulip” … but when the tulip mania crashed … “all tulip bulbs” had the same value … so if I were you I’d be stacking “singles” rather then “twenty” dollar bills.

  24. Darren

    Greg, Great interview. Here is one forRick: How long will the collapse last? 3 weeks, 3 months or longer? Just want to get enough stocked up. Also, how bad do you think riots and civil unrest will become? Thanks 🙂

    • art barnes

      A lot of civil unrest as the entitled social society will be demanding everything free at that point, the losers will get with the entitled just for a fight & to light chaos , somewhat like Ferguson, MO & Baltimore, MD. It won’t ever really end until many are dead, probably about a year or so, then we enter into a overt military & police state. There will be two types of people in the county, the police, military and the elite they protect & the peons living on beans and rice. Barter will be the way things are gotten on the street, caviler for the 1 percent and steak for their protectors. Gas, tires, food, water, ammo, extra clothes, and anything to barter with; buy it all now because in a short while its going to be beyond the average income to get it. Don’t trust you neighbors or the local police they will take what they want from you at gunpoint, you think the system is corrupt now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The court’s will be kangaroo tribunals which will help implement the handling of the hungry American, a.k.a. agitators. You will be taken to make shift courts, held without bail or counsel and never scene again, check out the County of Chile in the 1970 & 1980’s for what happens when they come to your door. Martial law will give the police and military the authority to be judge, jury & executioners. The average agitator will have a life span of about 120 days, women and children will be left to fend for themselves, that is if they pass the attitude test and do what ever is required of them to do by the authorities. You ask what will the unrest look like, thousands of homeowners will shoot people who come to the door for help, calling 911 will only get you on an agitator list & your property confiscated tor the police state. Local war lords will command the “no go” areas that the police are afraid to go to as they will pick on only the low hanging fruit, the unarmed milquetoast neighborhoods who are unwilling to fight. There will be sporadic black outs, schools will be shut down, shortages of everything, gangs will emerge for protection of parts of a neighborhood, gang fights will be normal daily occurrences to control the street and its street goods; there will be black market tax to be paid, the cops will allow it to happen for a percentage of the take. That is only a small portrait of what the “reset”will look like for Mr. & Mrs. Joe Blow. If you think that everybody will just hug each other and pray for peace you don’t understand lock down. Once again check out Chile for how the people survived during its upheaval; tens of thousands were killed by the police state while the elite struggled for power to own it all. If you all think this can’t happen here think again. The system is corrupt, hungry stomachs make for angry people, wicked people love a disturbance, and police authority would love to be judges and juries. That my friend is the reset about to take place in the near future.

  25. Tony

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, as usual.
    I noticed you didn’t ask him how the average person can prepare. Which is something you typically do. I’ve been reading your site for 3 or so years now, and have learned much. Your the best on the web, as well as your readers, very sold comments.
    That being said, I’m still a bit fuzzy on what to expect. I know, get food, get water, buy silver. I agree with all of this, but is there anyone out there that can really let us know, their best guess, on how bad it will be.
    Not the worst case scenario, but the most likely!
    I find it hard to accept there will be zero authority.
    It seems unlikely that some bad guy tries to get in my house, and I shoot him, that he would lay in my yard for months with no repercussions.
    I just don’t believe that we will have mad max!
    Bad yes, 100 million dead seems unlikely. Some people claim we will have foreign troops on our soil. I’m doubtful.
    If the system completely crashes, even though the powers that be are scum, probably have some type of plan to make the landing somewhat softer than we may expect.
    Not that I trust them, but their not stupid, just very unethical.
    I don’t think they want total chaos, for that would mean they are targeted and would likely lose all control, and they want to stay in power.

    Any thoughts out there?


    • Calgirl

      Worse case scenario:
      My guess is that the government has no plan for us. Heck, remember their effort to help those in New Orleans after the tornado or Atlantic City? There will be millions upon millions upon millions of hungry people all over the country/world. Fires will burn from irresponsible people trying to heat their homes or cook diner. Hungry people will roam about looking for food. Stores broken into, chaos in the streets. There are not enough Fema camps, or Homeland Security foodstuffs, medical, military, etc…… There will be no help from other countries as they will have their own problems. My guess is that they will hole up and let us fend for ourselves pretty much. Remember, not only will we be broke, so will the government. This will be the new “population control”.

      • Faith

        Every year hundreds of peopl die because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Many times it is because people are using grills or barbecues to cook inside or because they are using improper devices for heating their home and they do not have an active CO2 monitor. I grew up with a woodstove and we always had a window open an inch. Just in case.

        I think you are wrong. I think FEMA and other parts of the government are ready. There are certainly people that cannot provide for themselves or their children if the grid is off for three days. Let that be off for a week and they will be frantic. Those folks will be running to the nearest FEMA camp for the food, the water, and shelter.

        When that even happens there will be a small group of people, like myself, headed the other direction as fast as we can go. We are prepared. We can survive without government assistance.

        Americans have grown weak. At times there needs to be a culling of the herd. I expect such a culling to happen in the near future. I plan on surviving that culling of the herd. It is a mindset, I suppose.

    • art barnes

      You will be eaten alive by the reset, you few small arms won’t get you very far, you can only shoot so many of your neighbors. Mad Max yes, at least for many cities, smaller rural towns will be better off unless the military starts to shell them into submission out of rifle range, then the drowns will hunt down the “agitators”. Look up Chile 1970 – 1980 for what America will look like during the reset and political upheaval or look at my post above you. Don’t think for a minute it couldn’t happen here, its coming, the winds of change smell of violence.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Tony,
      My thoughts,

      I guess it depends on what portal one might be viewing world events through,which would then determine as to how bad things will get or what might be the end game.
      For instance, if an individual does not have a belief in God,then I guess it would not be improbable for that person to contemplate the world heading towards a “clash of civilisations” of sorts.
      The ingredients seem to all be their for this to happen, any number of fuses sit primed ready to be lit which would then cause a chain reaction of events engulfing the world into a multi fronted fire storm that would have far reaching affects being felt over the entire globe.
      I personally happen to believe that what we are witnessing is fufillment of bible prophecy,things are going to get a lot worse before they get better,sadly that is what it is going to take in order for God to get the attention of mankind, the only solution is in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
      Matthew chapter 24 will only take 5 minutes to read, but it will give you a run down on how bad things will get before our Saviour arrives.
      God Bless.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I’ve always got thoughts (whether welcome or not), thanks for asking!

      We’ve been warned by an esteemed Chaplain repeatedly: “The name of the game is CONTROL.”

      Joe “Ridin’ With” Biden, and other globalists, have warned us about “a new set of rules,” and “a level playing field.”

      Seemingly the whole world (except for us actual people) just kicked off “Agenda 2030.”

      The United States has, collectively, renounced the very God Who has protected and supported us as we became the world’s richest and strongest nation.

      Considering all of these points together, I am beginning to think that Joel Skousen’s (and others’, including Gerald Celente) hypothesis may be correct: there may be a world war to mask the financial collapse, and institute new government.

      Frankly, there are a lot of seemingly intelligent people who don’t know from “come, sic’ ’em.” I imagine a typical response in our future may be something like: “Well, duh, it’s no big deal that we have different money and some changes to government, just thank your lucky stars you survived the war started by those evil (Russians or Chinese or North Koreans or Iranians or Terrorists or Venezuelans or Cubans or …)”.

  26. trident888

    Hello Greg: A truly excellent interview, as usual. Rick creates a compelling case for a market wipe out that takes down everything from stocks to banks to public pensions. If one accepts this, and there is a massive and building wave of evidence that we are getting very close to such a meltdown, then it is extremely important for people to think about things that go way beyond the financial system, and that relate to their personal lives. It is difficult enough for most people to accept the financial implosion scenario, because it is so frightening. But what is far more frightening is this: what will it mean for everyday life? If the credit card system goes down (and how could it not?), if the banks are closed, if the value a person’s bank and/or brokerage account has been slashed or gone to zero, if employees cannot be paid because their employer’s checking account is frozen, and so on, then how can anything work in the economy? How do grocery store shelves get re-stocked when no company can trust any other company to pay its bills? How do consumers shop for goods if they have no money, and if their credit and debit cards do not function? And on and on. The Normalcy Bias (” ”
    ‘X’ can never happen, because it hasn’t happened in my memory”) makes it virtually impossible for most people to really get into the guts of what a financial implosion actually means. They simply have no framework whatsoever for envisioning the ramifications of such an event. They defer thinking about consequences because when they peel the consequences onion, they start to see a situation that is absolutely terrifying, particularly because it becomes virtually impossible to see what would stop such an implosion and end the nightmare. This is where the “thought rubber” really meets the road: When the coming meltdown happens, what will stop it??? How do we get out of it, as individuals and a society??? How many months or years will it take??? What are we supposed to do in the interim??? Greg Mannarino has been excellent in pointing out that this becomes a supply chain, and then a humanitarian crisis, which seems 100% accurate to me. What people need to understand is that what is coming to this country is going to be unprecedented in anyone’s lifetime. Yes, individuals have suffered sudden financial disaster on a regular basis over the years. But there has always been SOMEONE to whom they could go for assistance: grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, neighbors, a church community, a government welfare agency or the like. But in the kind of implosion that Rick outlines, virtually everyone will be in the same situation, so to whom will people go? It’s really important for people to deeply consider what will happen if the financial system melts down, not in the abstract (e.g., what would the Fed do? What would the government do? (they can’t do anything other than make it worse); How much would my XYZ mutual fund decline? Etc.), but in the very particular (e.g., how would I buy groceries? How would I get gas? What would I do if my employer had to shut down, because no one could pay their bills or buy anything? How would I deal with an explosive crime wave? And so on.) This kind of thinking is grueling and terrifying, and it is 180 degrees different from how we typically think, and from basic, innate human optimism. But if a person accepts Rick’s financial implosion scenario, then they must also accept that it will be absolutely nothing compared to the tidal wave of practical, everyday human consequences that will wash over every single aspect of their lives. In recent years alone, we have been inundated with examples of how people’s lives can be turned upside down out of nowhere: Katrina, Fukushima, Ferguson, Sandy, Venezuela, Syrian and so many other Refugees, and on and on. We say to ourselves, “That’s a shame. I am sorry for them. But that is them, not me. That kind of thing never happens here. Yes, we create chaos and crisis all over the world, but crisis never comes to us, because we are the exceptional people who are forever insulated from generalized harm.” Refugees’R’Them, Not Us. Well, people are about to learn that being a Financial Refugee is almost identical to being a War Refugee: your world has been destroyed. The impact of what is coming will be magnified 100 times because 99% of the people are living in a fantasy. Not only are they completely unprepared for it, they cannot even envision it. They have been educated and endlessly bathed in ignorance and thoughtlessness, and are going to be in shock as what is coming unfolds. Thanks for your superb reporting. Those who have been following you and your guests are better prepared than the vast, vast majority of people. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Best Regards.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 888!

      • Grafique

        Trident888, you ask how the economy will function in a meltdown, if no one trusts anyone else to pay their bills?
        Well, there is one way –

        Implant in the right hand or in the forehead of each person, a “mark” which allows them to participate in the NWO economy. By this method, all your financial transactions would be traceable and you could not avoid paying your debts.
        The economy could therefore keep functioning.

        I can guarantee with 100% certainty that this is the system which will be used.

    • Jerry

      This one will make the Depression look like a Sunday School Picnic. Even the most prepared will die without survival skills and spiritual fortitude. The word Tribulation fits the scenario perfectly. I have pretty much come to the conclusion, that there is a good chance none of us will survive unless you’re on a remote island somewhere in the pacific. It would not be out of the question for the maniacs who run this planet to go nuclear if they fear for their lives. When you understand that casualties will run 2o million at a minimum, and the possibility for nuclear exchange is high, then you can understand why “V” said he was hightailing it out of here. Everybody jumped his case about doing it, but that’s what a sane person does, unless you love death. I can’t even imagine what a hell hole New York City (where he lives) will be.

      • matt

        I can’t blame V for bailing NYC. Leaving country and expecting to come back to something better is not going to happen. I’m here and will fight for loved ones survival.

    • Md4

      Finally, someone is beginning to get it.

      I’ve listened to many of these analysts, and I believe everyone is seriously misunderstanding the import of a dollar meltdown.

      For example, Ackerman suggests you’ll have a quadrillion dollars in your wallet during hyperinflation…

      Where’s that going to come from?

      If your still employed, you’ll be making what you always made, whether bread is $3 a loaf, or $3 billion. You are not paid in purchasing power (dollar’s market value), but in NOMINAL dollars.

      Same thing with assets; most will be completely worthless without viable markets for them. That includes PM, and all the rest. What will the be good for, especially if you have only a relative few? When they’re gone…they’re gone.

      What you will see is Mad Max until martial law, and you will welcome the martial law by the time it shows up.

      Think 7+ billion people concerned about food, water, and shelter…all at once.

      What does any commodity mean under those circumstances?


    • Tony

      Well, that’s pretty grim, but you might just be right.
      I’ve heard people say, if we lose the electrical grid, 90% of the population
      would be dead in 6 months.
      I’ve thought about that, and disagree. It seems to me it would be more like, 98 to 99%.
      Without running water, which is what most people would have a problem with, they will die within days. Most people will not have water. For the ones that find it and end up boiling it, they will draw attention, and then the shooting begins. If you don’t die from lack of water, you will be killed getting it or defending it.
      A total free for all, normal human behavior goes out the window for people without water.
      What husband would not kill to save the life of his wife or kids! You just can’t stand there and watch them die, and you won’t.
      It’s not because we would be immoral, but without water, we would be almost insane from thirst and watching your family die.


      • Charles H

        Tony, Md4,

        Gentlemen – let us hope history rhymes, with a variation favorable from what a repeat might be. Slaughtering fellow human beings for self-preservation and protecting loved ones: now, that’s a plate to step up to.

        Japan’s 2011 tsunami did not produce widespread mayhem or theft. Katrina was a different story.

    • Bob Lamb

      I find it hard to balance this type of thinking with also planning for an extended future where it doesnt happen for awhile. Sucks to live in fear mode only and putting all efforts into preparation only. Need some balance too but also not procrastinate.

  27. foggygoggles

    Thanks for getting Rick Ackerman’s point of view. While he points out that gold will be something that will hold its value come what may, he is also realistic in suggesting that those who hold gold may still not be the last ones standing. I’ve been dollar cost averaging on the ride down, as all the precious metals proponents advise. But, I have yet to find one of those guys, who will tell me exactly how to use that to my advantage once things implode. As a subscriber, I put that question to David Morgan. He said he would address that question in a newsletter, but he never has. I think Rick is spot on in recommending that one hold a LOT of cash, especially in smaller denominations, as NOBODY can know how long it will be for people to recognize the value of metal in a trade/barter situation, or for the financial sector to put itself back together. Going forward, I would like to suggest that when you have all these metals guys on talking their book, that you ask them exactly how it’s all supposed to work once you need to draw down on your metals stash. We’re only getting one half of the equation from these people.

    Another suggestion, is to interview people who can actually think outside of the box, and offer possible solutions to our problems. I just listened to a great interview with John Butler, Chief Financial Officer at Amphora Capital. He sees a central role for gold in moving the world off a dollar centric model. I’m sick of handwringing and waiting for doomsday. I want to hear from people who have ideas. Those who predict, have become quite predictable.

    Thanks again for a great interview.

    • Calgirl

      Dollars may become completely worthless after a few weeks. When banks, ATM’s close, who will have enough faith in the dollar to accept it for goods? Our government is broke and our money is near worthless now. Foreign nations will refuse the dollar in payment because it is not backed by anything. Maybe the Feds will sell more of our land as payment! I don’t think I will have a stack of dollars hidden under the bed.

      • Galaxy 500

        When the banks closed in the Great Depression, did the USD become worthless? When the banks closed in Cyprus, did the currency become worthless?
        I think that cash will work really good for a period of time. What that period is I can’t tell you.
        What I can tell you will near 100% certainty is that IF there odds s bank holiday, your credit cards will cease to work. Banks and credit cards will not be loaning money when there is uncertainty of repayment. I doubt that you will be able to use your debt card either. If we have a bank holiday, it will be a cash grab for the deposits and for 401Ks. Just my opinion but it is based on facts

  28. foggygoggles

    I forgot to mention that the biggest thing that happened last week, involved the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We have to do everything in our power to stop this odious corporate giveaway that will guarantee our country’s loss of sovereignty. The US Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121. Call TODAY!

    • Laura

      Thanks for bringing our attention back to the TPP. Here’s a website trying to keep the American people informed:

      Let’s unite our voices and say “NO” to the TPP!

  29. The Rabid Pitbull

    I noticed Mr. Ackerman didn’t staunchly defend/promote his “King Dollar” like he did in his last interview on USA Watchdog on 4/22/2015. In the comment section, he got torn to pieces by the commenters. I think he must have lost a lot of sleep over the comments in that last interview, realizing that WD readers are not morons.

    • WD


      RA is a trader, pure and simple, and the dollar did rise as much of the world was jumping into it.

      If you read some of his recommended books, he is right on deflation dead on. I am sure he has lost no sleep on the people on this site. None at all…in fact I think he tore a lot of people to pieces himself. He is one of the best on this site!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Well said

      • jim chudzinski

        WD, rick is most definitely not the best on this site. I would not believe in his views as much as i do in a few other guests.

        • WD

          I beg to differ for a lot of reasons….also I said one of the best. Top 5 easily.

        • WD

          RA mentioning farmland is the same as Jim Willie… a truly needed but “overlooked asset”

          Both have said they will be the next millionaires!!

    • Silence is Golden

      I recall he WAS very bullish the USD.
      How did that work out RICK ? I smell burnt rubber 😉
      Clearly the cycle has changed and so has his mindset.

  30. The Rabid Pitbull

    Oh, and something I forgot to add – if the financial collapse is going to “wipe away all lies,” I would guess that would mean every single Federal Reserve Note out there – notes that masquerade as money, but are nothing but counterfeit lies printed by a gang of thieves. Is that what you meant Mr. RA?

    • paul

      I think what Rick implies by saying “hold some paper cash” under your bed is that the devaluation “won’t be immediate” … but since we “can’t be that certain” that the re-set “won’t be immediate” … I think the “better cash to hold” is nickels … that at least will have a “metal value” in the new currency to come … if paper money “is re-set overnight” to zero then what good are all those paper money bills under your bed going to do for you? … nickels can’t be re-set to zero … because of the copper and nickel metal it contains … which will be worth “something” after the re-set in whatever “the new money is” they eventually come up with!

  31. don


    Technically, don’t we have negative rates now? If we have 0% rates, or close to 0% and inflation overall is still running 1-3%, don’t we have negative rates?

    Do you have any plans to interview Martin Armstrong in the future?


  32. Don

    Brother Greg, I have to believe, that John was right about the fed. loosing control. Something broke in Sept. with liquidity seizing up and Germany’s largest bank may be the snow flake that starts the avalanche. I since, we are at the point, that the markets will not be able to sustain and will start a major decline in near future. We may have weeks now before things really start to tumble. Retail is faltering, manufacturing is breaking down, Baltic dry is dried up. and now without major injections of liquidity into the system, defaults will begin to escalate. Mr. Maloney, out of gold/silver says, the fed. injected over 1/2 trillion dollars into the treasury market to prop it up, through repot purchases. We are beginning the death neel. I believe Mr. Ackerman has a right understanding. A swift break down, with prolonged deflation, unless the fed. steps in with major injections, in many different markets. Its not just one or two markets that will need help, but many. And for this reason, the system as we know it will have to be changed. The king dollar, will be know more. I don’t have the wisdom that your guest have, but I can see it coming.

  33. Kiran

    Hi Greg,

    Are you planning to get Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul?

    We would love to see them on USAWATCHDOG.COM


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes to all but Paul is very hard to get as he does not like Skype interviews.

      • WD


        Mike Maloney’s website clearly educates those about money vs currency!


        • Greg Hunter

          I am going to try to book him soon.

          • WD


            MM clearly educated me as the difference between the two and the failure of a fiat currency…

            Take care

    • asmith

      Frankly, I never care if I hear Peter Schiff again. Ask the people who have accounts w/him how much they’ve lost investing in foreign stocks. Mike Maloney’s ok, but it’s the same old stuff. How much PM am I supposed to have? I’ve gotten killed by holding CEF and SLW; I’m still up because, like physical, I bought very early but the opportunity loss sure hurts. I still hold them because they will come back, but really a guy like Jim Puplava or Eric Janszen or even Kyle Bass, if they’re willing to come on would make a good interview as long as they’re not peppered with when is the crash coming questions. These guys have toes in both the red and blue pools (re: The Matrix, not political). Puplava might actually do an interview if you ask him, Greg.

      As far as when is the crash coming, that’s for Zero Hedge. If a guy as connected and smart as Paul Roberts scratches his head, what makes one think anyone else has a clue? And if they do, they’re not going to tell us. Face it, us honest folks thought 2008 was the year, but the criminals fooled us.

      Two other potential interviewees I’d like to hear are James Corbett and Chris Martenson.

      • jim chudzinski

        Keep holding that paper junk, let us know how that works out for

  34. Galaxy 500
    Good news. Someone is rising up against the evil Pope

  35. FC

    Buy Farmland…………..the Chinese have well and truly listened to Rick’s advise, with the sale of the world’s largest cattle station, located in Australia and Australia’s largest Dairy Farm will now be under Chinese ownership.

    At this stage of the game, I’m not sure whether to learn Mandarin or Arabic, because English, will eventually become a ‘dead language’ as Latin, is regarded today.

  36. Cryptic Little Sister

    Yesterday, I left a little comment clarifying that my warning on Monday was about watching the market for a drop in stocks and a rise in gold.

    You need to observe gold yesterday and today.

    I am trying to help you. The reason I give these little warnings is to gain credibility, which I cannot gain any other way. I cannot help you if you don’t give me credit.

    • Greg Hunter

      So why is gold going up now? (I am not a trader.)

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        All of this is orchestrated.

        A very important cycle ended on Monday. Resistance was allowed to weaken. The dollar began to slide. That allowed silver and gold to break through their daily moving averages. Prices will rise quickly now.

        • Grafique

          Cryptic Little Sister –
          The bottom on gold and silver was already called months ago by one of Greg’s guests (I think it was Mannarino). He’s been right, at least to this point.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            I did not “call” a bottom. I just warned you about a specific rise.

            • Greg Hunter

              Keep posting CLS. Don’t be discouraged. Thank you. Charles Nenner will be on Sunday. It will be interesting to get your take on what he says. Hope you comment.

      • paul

        Simple reflex action Greg!
        Dollar going down …

        pushes Gold up …

    • Beligerant

      CLS : I read your posts but don’t understand any big warning. The metals are hovering near 3 to 4 year lows and trying to break the 200 MDA. Sure we all know about the debts and derivatives but don’t see where the metals will or can make any big break outs. Many bought metals when they were much higher so even if it popped up $50 or $100 this week it would be nice to watch but doubt it would stick as they derivatives will just sell into the paper market again to weaken the price. Silver would need to double or triple for many to even break even.

      • Silence is Golden

        Momentum ….that is the word you need to put front and centre when dicussing metals. What are ripples currently washing through the financial markets will soon turn into tsunamis. It will be unstoppable. Here I am referring to the switching (of pension/mutual/sovereign funds) into every thing Precious metals related….including and especially those that are leveraged to the PM’s.
        Dont look over your shoulder…look straight ahead…that is what is in front of you.This is the hardest thing to do (second only to being able to hold on for the entire journey).
        What will become apparent when the clock strikes at 5 mins to midnight…is that Gold MUST enter the monetary system. When it does, all those who particpate in its development and extraction will become the NEW KINGS of the monetary system…they will have legitimate licences to PRINT MONEY…REAL MONEY.
        This is not the first time I have said this …and it certainly will not be the last. This is a once in a generation move that will create untold wealth. The door is slightly ajar….do not waste the opportunity that stands in front of you.

    • susan

      cls, please continue to give us your information as you are able.

  37. Linda louin

    Hi GREG:
    I keep hearing concerns about what will happen to people who have mortgages, but if the whole system is down (utter chaos), won’t the folks who own their property be at risk too? Isn’t one of the agendas of the NEW WORLD ORDER to eliminate the ownership of all private property? I’d think that if one is lucky enough to be occupying a building that is still standing when the dust clears that EVERYONE may be leasing property from the existing government (whoever this may be). What is your take?

  38. San Diego MD

    He didn’t say it was 20% down for all mortgages, there are always exceptions. As long as it is true for most mortgages, that’s what really matters.

    • Joanne

      You might consider replaying what Rick actually said. He began addressing the subject topic as”refi-mania” , not new money loans. Almost all lenders with few exceptions will require an 80/20 LTV on a home re-if loan. Unless you are in a real estate market place where there has been a phenomenal rise in home values you will not enjoy a 20% equity position in your home if you recently purchased and put a minimum down payment. If home mortgage interest rates drop like a rock and you do want to re-fi to get an interest rate down, you will have to pull money from somewhere to satisfy the lender LTV requirement to get underwriting. I am a Realtor of 35 years.

  39. Brian Lauzon

    This is not related to your guest you interviewed above however I wanted to comment on the debate from yesterday. You’re convinced that Hillary Clinton will not be president in 2016 and as an outsider living in Canada I have changed my mind that she will indeed be president. I have been watching the endless coverage by CNN that hosted the debate and all I hear and see is nothing but glazed over eyes and the phoney forced smiles that never end when Hillary is the topic. Listen to the voices change the instant they begin to talk about her. It seems like a drug induced sickness and you have to watch how their entire demeanour changes from deadpan indifference to glowing praise like she was some sort of God creature who can do no wrong. This crooning has been on since last night non stop. The only one not able to change his robot presentation is Wolf Blitzer. I understand that CNN is propaganda to the extreme , which is why I watch to see what the lies are for the day , but this Hillary blitz swooning over her is propaganda. This tells me that no matter what Clinton has done she is going to be put in office no matter the controversy. Bernie Sanders made sure off that with his ‘enough of the emails’ statement. You may see scandals she can’t hide from but I see cover ups right in front of everyone’s noses and that normalcy biased attitude towards her very similar to Obama when he burst on the scene – birth certificate and all. He got in.t So will Hillary.

    • Greg Hunter

      No way. Obama hates her and will not allow her to control the FBI and Justice Department while he is in his post presidential bliss. I’ll talk more about this in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

      • Calgirl

        Agreed……..Obama hates the Clintons. But, WHO controls Obama. Why do you feel that the FBI has autonomy, any more than the CIA, etc. The Clintons have survived after committing the filthiest of tricks, and it appears that the world is afraid of them. They have survived, in tact, from Arkansas thru D.C. We have to take into consideration the way voting is rigged too.
        I surely hope you are right, but am afraid that you may be wrong on this one, although it does appear as if God is smiling on Ben Carson.

      • art barnes

        Greg, never count a Clinton out, they know where the bodies are buried in Washington, if Hillary is denied the nominee & presidency, Obama & many others will be outed as a Muslim and other anti-american statements you know he & his company such as Susan Rice has made in private.

  40. Mary Casey

    To Mr. Ackerman’s point on pension plans: “Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes: “For All Intents And Purposes, We Are Out Of Money Now”

  41. Donna S. from Arkansas

    I listen to each podcast and read every reply left…..BUT I find it hard to believe that all of the world has no clue. My town is about 75,000 in population with about 100,000 including the surrounding towns that come in to shop. There is building going on everywhere here too. Are the banks blind to the financial world??? I do not see that. If we collaspe then the banks owns these new properties, but what does that leave them really??? No one will have the money to buy them from the bank. So, they are left with a worthless piece of property. I just do not get it…….I am stocking up on food, water, toiletries, medicines, etc…..but my mind just cannot wrap around the idea of so many SMART bussiness men/woman are this ignorant to what you have said is going to happen. PLEASE

    • Calgirl

      I see the same thing…..when I go to the nearby large shopping mall filled with big conglomerates, the mall is packed! However, when I drive down smaller main thoroughfares, all I see are empty small business shops. The interstate highways are full but maybe not so many trucks as last year. I stand in line behind a woman buying candy and soda with her EBT card at the local quick-stop. Do none of these people get it? Are so many out of the loop? I think the “normalcy bias” is definitely at work here! Most of the unemployed are at home, worrying. The big banks are chock full of repossessed homes. The mid-level management at my small bank are clueless! The 1%’ers are furiously trying to protect their positions, telling us the economy is recovering. Surely they are just trying to incite us to help keep the ball in the air! There’s a low level fever in the masses though. I think the big banks are operating knowing that their toxic packages will be bought by the next guy up the chain. I bought my first home many years ago in California thru Countrywide which was one of the very first to fail. I remember that every three months or so, I was instructed via a mailing to make my next payment to some new entity. I think I made my payments through about six different loan outfits before things settled down!

  42. Donna S. from Arkansas

    give me the reason as to why so much building and job opportunities are in my area of the US. I read where other states are not doing as well. I am just overwhelmed.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Hi Donna S.
      I would like to offer two ideas for consideration.

      First, everybody wants to make money! Very simple. Regardless of what the future holds, or “how much time we have left,” or any particular person’s awareness of a bleak future, they want to make money today, while the sun is still shining. So, regardless of the degree of any person’s “normalcy bias,” they will continue on with the activity that really is the heart of the economy.

      Second, about the debts on properties, and why banks would want to own properties that will, or may, drop in value. Always remember that mortgage debt is almost always sold, and quickly. The debts are packaged together and sold. The last time there was a big problem, who stepped in and bought a huge raft of debts (to the tune of trillions of dollars), and at full value? Why, none other than the Fed, of course, upon whose balance sheet the debt instruments now sit as assets, juxtaposed against the fiat currency as liabilities. And I believe it is likely that they will do the same thing again.

      The Fed will own the properties. And this is exactly what we were warned of by Thomas Jefferson.

      And, tying this in with previous comments about Agenda 2030 and property lines, the Fed, if I understand correctly, could eventually erase a very great many of them, within our current legal framework.

    • Mary Casey

      Hello Donna S. from Arkansas,

      I also have observed the same increase in building growth, as well as, hiring signs in my city. After a decade of “no growth” (waiting for a Supreme Court decision on Obamacare; waiting for the recovery of the economy, waiting on the 2012 presidential election, etc), perhaps businesses have decided they must move forward or simply wilt on the vine.

      And now would be the time to expand with zero interest rates. Sometimes, I think the Feds just threaten to raise interest rates to panic businesses into borrowing. And again, with zero interest rates, businesses with a lot of cash may have decided their most productive investment was business expansion.

      So is a crash really coming?

      In December 2000, Corning announced a plant with 800 jobs in Oklahoma City. Wow! Tech stocks were going to be the never ending party! Six (6) months later, Corning announced the plans were cancelled.

      What remained was a multilevel steel-framed skeleton on 191 acres of land at the corner of Reno Avenue and Sara Road. A 15 year testament to the “” bubble that no one saw coming.

      And now, 15 years later, the site has been bought and a beautiful new development is being completed for an office complex with lovely grounds.

      I drive pass this almost every day and I have a running bet with myself whether, this time, it will be finished before the next collapse occurs. And wonder if all the new building I see in the area will end the same way.

    • Jeff L

      Do you remember ’07 ?

  43. Linda louin

    Just saw that Cuba has sent military forces to Syria to support Putin, along with an array of Iranian ground forces, and China/iraq too. On the other side, CIA backed Syrian forces and the Israeli air force are going head on, accomplishing nothing, but challenging Putin’s military, where there have been some nasty, scary confrontations. Thanks to POTUS and his controllers, it’s conceivable that we could end up in a nuclear confrontation very soon now, or in the very least, an invasion on our shores (AMERICA is leaderless, with a weak, ineffective government, depleted military and we have utterly lost the world’s respect). Am I going over board here or are we all lookin like sitting ducks?

  44. NC Gal

    Here is a great 8-minute video by Mike Maloney, posted on October 7: It’s titled, “Banking Crisis: Bernanke Bust is Here.” In just 8 minutes you will see exactly what is going on behind the curtain. In addition to the numbers, the SHAPE of the graphs depict the current volatility and increasing desperation in ways that the numbers themselves just can’t.

    Once again, it all reminds me of how a cancer cell behaves just before it self-destructs, and I do think we are very close to the flash point, although ultimately it’s the elites who will make the decision to pull the plug when they are ready to take things to the next step forward in their plans.

    • paul

      NC Gal … good catch … it directly shows that just as in 2008 when there was a derivative counter-party default meltdown (AIG/Goldman) … there is now currently an even bigger derivative default meltdown going on (that is being kept hush hush by the Fed) … but the chart clearly shows how massive the problem is … if the Fed needed about a trillion dollars in 2008 to keep a lid on things … just imagine how many tens or hundreds of trillions the Fed has and is printing up now … to keep things from exploding!

  45. Calgirl

    A great interview would be someone who could help those who are not prepared for what is surely to come. I have no suggestion, but someone on this thread should have a recommendation.

    Maybe all of us can come up with some ideas to help the folks who have not prepared for whatever reason. Such as:
    If you live in an apartment in a heavily populated area and you have no money to buy extra food, etc……what to do?
    As one thought, I would inventory my capabilities and see if I could not come up with some ability (teacher, daycare, first aid, cook, laborer) that would be useful to a small group of like individuals. Maybe thru a local prepper club, establish a group that can work toward creating a survival plan. An acre or two on Aunt Mimi’s farm, some seeds and tools, etc……….
    We need to help those who for whatever reason, are not prepared.

    • paul

      Most likely the “unprepared” in big cities “do have an unspoken plan” … they probably figure they can simply cook up and eat all the dead bodies laying around and drink rain water!

  46. southernpatriot

    At this moment my pension includes health insurance. So do I give up my health insurance and take out what is left in my state pension before it’s no more? Any advice? Perhaps my greatest asset next to my family and friends,Greg Hunter, is my relationship with God almighty. With him running things who needs a pension! Right! Right? Blessing to you Greg and to “ALL” your readers. It’s been a nice run and I thank you for helping this John Doe understand the complex issues of our time and that even in America a “Lie is still a lie” and Treason is still Treason. To those who have ruined or are in the process of fundamentally destroying America, a day of Reckoning will be before you for your deeds against the Republic and mankind. So help us god. SP

    • jim chudzinski

      Hay there patriot, I can say this , a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, If you can see what we all see, why would you not get what you can and turn it into food, gold and silver.

  47. Rufus

    Mr. Ackerman isn’t responding to any of the comments like he did last time. He must have been called to an emergency meeting by the Fed on how to save the drowning dollar. Maybe they even discussed which country should be bombed next in order to preserve the dollar.

  48. Collateral Damage

    Memories of our Childhood:

    The following clip contains a visual timeline of the early 21st century.

    Several Important Moments are captured in film:

    1) Note, the height of the Dot Com Bubble begins 15 seconds into the film.
    2) Secondly, the excitement of the ‘2008 Moment’ can be relived at the 25 second mark…
    3) The next moment of note, June-Sept. of 2015 arrives around the 42 second mark,
    4) Culminating in a rousing finale at round about one minute.


    • Mary Casey


  49. Grafique

    You’re all looking for some kind of sign that the end of civilization – TEOTWAWKI – is upon us. What you’re really trying to describe is the End of the Age.
    What “Age”?
    The Age of Grace.
    The Church Age.
    The Age before the Antichrist’s NWO takes control.

    The End of the Age was described long ago by Jesus Christ Himself.
    Greg always asks his guests, “What will this look like to the man on the street?”
    Well, that too was described long ago by Jesus.

    If you want to read an accurate description of the End of the Age, here is where to look:
    Matthew ch. 24
    Mark ch. 13
    Luke ch. 21
    Revelation ch. 6
    Ezekiel chs, 38, 39

    There are many other scripture references which describe the End of the Age (Jesus called this period “The Beginning of Sorrows”). But the references I listed are the most detailed.

    USAWatchdog does a good job of chronicling the events leading up to the End of the Age. The Bible says that, while no man knows the day or the hour, we will be able to see the end coming.
    “…exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” – Hebrews 10:25

    I hope you don’t skim over this post because it’s a “religious” post.
    The Bible has a 100% accuracy record in prophecy fulfillment.

    • Greg Hunter

      My wife told me today that it was prophesied that in the end of days people would be in love with themselves. Then she said, “What’s a selfie and what is Facebook? The Bible is incredible isn’t it??

    • aussie jeff

      Thanks for your post Grafique,read it all!!
      It was appreciated brother.

  50. paul

    A “Death Cross” for the US dollar has just occurred … (the 50 DMA broke below the 200 DMA)

    The Fed seems to now be fully implementing its “counter balancing strategy” … that is … as it devalues the currency … it at the same time is does a massive “stealth” QE … thus counter balancing the forces of devaluation “with inflation” … and if they weigh in a bit more heavily on the inflation side … they can even “raise interest rates” to 3.5%!

  51. Lynn

    Rick has it all right. On mortgages, 20 percent down is the only way to get the home to be affordable, with 3 percent, very few lenders will consider you unless you have good credit. That is the tip of where things fall apart. Greg always does a great job of trying to point all of us in the right direction. No one can see this even with such excellent descriptions from those in the know. We can’t handle the truth, or if we can, we won’t do anything until it is too late. Wisdom cannot overcome comfort. I have 2 pieces of land, wells, food storage, and partner with the Amish, who when asked what they will do differently when the system collapses, very simply reply……….Nothing. God Bless you Greg.

  52. Snicker

    Greg, thank you for your good work and for having Mr. Ackerman as your guest. This is perhaps the most informative, enlightening interview ever for your show. His perspectives at level-headed and pertinent. I just became one of his regular supporters

    I have been a subscriber and daily reader of for several years and through you and other blogs such as Manarino’s, I have followed the deteriorating financial condition in this country. As a result of the developing situation, I have taken several steps to prepare for “something” that no one seems to be able to very clearly identify, and that is understandable! Several months ago I converted all my mutual funds and equities to cash, the holder of which is National Financial Services (NFS). It’s clear that NFS has their own bank that could go down with the rest of them and that even though I am all in “cash” I could lose most or all of my savings and my precautions will have been useless. While I am far from the level of preparedness as some, I do think one should pay off as much debt as possible; have assets in PM’s, food, and water, and cash; and have a comprehensive plan for survival. It’s a journey, not a destination. Is this the time to, as you/Ackerman say, convert most or all of my account balance(s) into hard assets such as farm land and other survival items? After all, what is the value of financial diversification when part of that diversification involves entities that will go under and become worthless? I, and many of your readers/subscribers, would greatly benefit from your responses as well as from your guests and readers.

    Thank you for stepping up to the plate with you excellent blog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Snicker for your comment, support and sharing your strategy.

    • Lynn

      In this corrupt evil system, I agree that paying off debt is the way to go ….but if you do, and I did, it ruins your credit score. Pay off your house or sell it and have no mortgage. I did and my score dropped 70 points. Nothing else changed. No matter which way you turn, no matter how hard you try, they have surrounded the wagons and we are going to have to come out fighting as hard as we can to win. And what does winning look like?? We are destroyed in the process of winning too. We can only look to the heavenly father and ask for guidance, support and a renewal of grace and humility in this country and in each other.

      • Greg Hunter

        A credit score is a slave score.

        • Lynn

          Yes it is Greg, and what are you able to do without a good score if you are like most Americans and have less than 1000 in the bank and now you are receiving your new Obamacare premiums that are going up 70 to 85 percent and property taxes which are up 20 percent? I won’t even include food? Now you can see how 25 million or more will disappear from here with no access to life support. Pray hard, help many, fight with your soul and know we need each other to make it through this.

          • Greg Hunter

            Not giving you a hard time just trying to give a different perspective. “Fear Not” knowledge is the most powerful weapon anyone can posses.

            • Lynn

              Greg…I can take a hard time, I know you aren’t giving me one,but I fear my Lord to the depths of my being, and that fear has kept me humble in this mad society. Fear not…you must explain and on your video where you end with it, p,ease explain what it means,,..,,many ways to interpret the saying.

              • Greg Hunter

                It basically means God the Father and his Son are in charge. You are welcome to add to this.

        • Linda louin

          YES! a good credit score is the means of assuring that one can secure DEBT, and debt is smothering the planet! We need to move away from SLAVE DEBT and teach our children to purchase only what they can afford to pay in FULL. This is one of the great lessons worth learning in life. Amazingly so, few people still don’t get it, but they may soon.

      • Faith

        @Lynn: I agree. I only buy things if I can pay cash. My FICO is in the dumpster. It is really shameful as to how people that save money are being punished. It is cruel. Oh and this year folks on SS will get no COLA. It is an absolute lie that there is no inflation. Anyone that cooks food at home knows how much quality food costs. Those costs are insane.

  53. Jerry

    I present this Rothschild creation for your readers viewing and prognosticating pleasure.
    What doe the symbolism mean? Before you discount this just remember symbolism is everywhere in our culture. On our money. In our Churches. Everywhere.

    I personally am intrigued with the arrows in the dirt that have November dates on them. Remember 11/15 is an important G20 meeting. The arrows could represent an important “target date” for some impending event prior to that meeting. Then again it could represent nothing.

    Some have suggested that the reflection in the water represents October 31. A predicted collapse date. Then again it could mean nothing. Either way you have to admit the plink-o panic board is a little creepy.

    • paul

      Jerry … as I read the tea leaves … the arrows as you say may be pointing to specific dates … but what you may have overlooked is … look who is at “center stage” heading up the merry band of paid off politicians … [a turtle] … turtles are one of the oldest “cold-blooded” reptile groups … even more ancient than the “snake” that was around at the time of Adam and Eve … with such “reptilians in charge” … you can easily understand why there is so much “cold-blooded evil” in the world!

      • Jerry

        Paul .
        You’re right. I didn’t think about that. I also noticed Spider man throwing an empty piggy bank at the president of China.

  54. PW

    Hello Mike,
    Mr. Ackerman was talking about refinancing, not buying. The rules are different for refinancing.

    Regarding your statement, “If you are thinking about purchasing a home, right now is as good a time as ever and there are plenty of avenues to get a loan without breaking the bank to do it.” This is terrible advice, in my opinion. Why in the world would you encourage others who are either awake or trying to learn and become awake on the looming economic disaster heading our way to buy a home now? The housing market is overpriced and at or near another peak like 2006. Houses will likely drop in value like a rock in the near future, harming worst those who buy at the height.

    My suggestion is to not encourage our fellow citizens to buy into over-inflated markets like the stock market and housing. Rather, keep your powder dry, be patient, stay alert, then buy assets and/or a home at much lower prices in the coming daus.

  55. Davis in Charlotte

    Kabuki theater in LasVegas while the economy falls apart.

  56. aps

    Want to give some information on canned goods. Canned goods can last YEARS after the “Best Buy Date”. In some cases decades, not years.

    One of the hardest items to find is “Canned Meats”. Most people are aware of Spam, Corn Beef and Can Hams (not too appealing). But I was able to find a variety of good canned meats (Keystone Meats at Kroger & Walmart). They have Beef, Ground Beef, Pork, Chicken and Turkey.

    I would be leery of Fish from the Pacific Ocean, Fukushima (Radiation).
    If you stock canned food, remember to rotate. With canned goods, you should be good for months. Good luck.

  57. Sayonara

    I agree with Rick’s assessments and that eminent market implosion will wipe away all of the lies. The only problem is that when all of the lies that created the implosion are wiped, new lies will be created to construct a tyrannical economic system much worse than what we are currently experiencing. A cashless society will be imposed and true free markets will be not even be in the new history books. Why? Just listen to the current political ruling elite who will still be in charge when SHTF. These elites are not going to give up their power and there is no real opposition to them. Enjoy what you can now, because it is all down a wickedly steep hill from here.

  58. karl

    An observation from where I live in the Uk Greg. They are building hiusing EVERYWHERE.
    Ckuntryside is being lost hand over fist. If they are exoectinh a collapse why are they building si nuch? The economy here is lieteally booming.
    Thats why its a hard sell to convince people here if a collapse

  59. Rannvijay

    Thanks Greg for the work which you really do.Appreciate your work.Thank you Jerry & CLS for the heads up.I have one request for you Greg, if possible kindly interview Karen Hudes The World Bank Whistleblower.

  60. Grafique

    Jim Sinclair mentioned you in the latest post on jsmineset.

  61. WD

    Hi Rick,

    I read and re-read “The Coming Deflation”… it reads like a primer for whats happening today. Great recommendation. 2nd I really like the fact that you dont think these people are any smarter than us or anyone else and that they really have no idea of what to do.

    And I really hate calling them “elites”… Thanks again

  62. Galaxy 500

    If 0bama was serious about destroying ISIS, the mobile distillation units would be destroyed.

    • paul

      Obama should be “capturing” and shipping those mobile distillation units to California … instead of destroying them!

  63. Ron

    I have been reading your site for a few years and appreciate your efforts.
    I have taken the last two years to prepare for the inevitable collapse of society as we know it.
    Money will equate to what is valuable to the person you “need” something from. So in my opinion, plan on not needing anything from anyone. Meaning plan ahead and prepare as much as you can afford. This means if you live in a heavily populated area plan on an escape to a rural area. Possibly forming alliances with family or friends to help in the burden of expenses for the plan.
    Debt = Get rid of it all. Even if that means downsizing or sharing living space with others. Sell the high payment car and buy what you can afford with cash.
    Power = self generating such as solar or wind. Generator backup with as much fuel as you can store. Spare parts
    Water = Well with storage, lake or stream. Water purification tablets are inexpensive.
    Medications = stock up for as long as you can afford to do so.
    Food = Dehydrated foods and/or sealed barrels of rice etc.
    Extended periods for food = Ability to raise a variety of small animals for sustenance and seeds, and necessary equipment for a garden.
    Transportation = Whatever you can find high in MPG and spare parts.
    Books = Anything you can think of that you would need to know for survival. Internet ?

    What else am I missing?

    • paul

      Some nickel’s in spare change might help you buy the things you may have forgotten!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Oil for your lamp.

      • Faith

        We finally agree on one thing, at least. I have two large oil lamps on my mantle. Smokeless oil used to be cheap. I was shocked to see it at over $22 a quart at the local mega mart. Don’t forget wicks and extra chimneys, too, as the glass can be thin and breakable. Add in a hand-carry oil lantern to use outside as well. Very useful items.

  64. jim chudzinski

    Hi greg , If gold and silver are being manipulated, ( and I think they are), why do you think they are letting it go up this last week?

  65. Mary Casey

    imho: Walmart’s wage hike for workers is cover.

  66. Linda Louin

    This information does not relate to your guest, but it’s enlightening. “US using every excuse to refuse to share intel on ISIS locations with Russia-military”. Its clear that
    POTUS/handlers have been protecting ISIS/don’t want to destroy their creation:

    • paul

      As seen in the movies … the “creator” of Frankenstein monsters … always try to protect their creation!

  67. Steve L.

    Wow! That was a great interview with Rick. Thanks Greg.

  68. Steve L.

    That’s a lame reason for not listening to the Ackerman interview. It shows what you know.

  69. Robert

    Hi Greg…..Your wife could have been referring to 2 Timothy 3:1-5
    2 Timothy 3:1-5 New International Version (NIV)

    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct! Thank you for adding the actual verse.

  70. Christopher

    A truly excellent interview, as usual. Scary stuff – putting my head back in the sand on this one.

  71. derek keogh

    Hi Greg, Thanks for all your precise and helpful interviews over the last few months, I happened upon you by chance on U tube, and you have made me very much more aware of what I always suspected , keep up the great work, Derek

  72. Dennis Richardson



    Usually I ddo not read article on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me too take
    a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me.

    Thank you, quitre nice article.

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