Financial System Disappearing into Black Hole – Egon von Greyerz

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Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says the signs abound that we are nearing the end of this global fiat money experiment while central bankers are befuddled. EvG explains, “The central banks are panicking.  They don’t know what to do anymore. They are just starting to print money and with the euro on a daily basis. . . . Europe is starting QE again with $20 billion a month, but that’s nothing compared to what is coming. . . . The panic that started with central banks in the summer in late July and August was, to me, the first step towards total chaos in the world that we will be seeing in the months and years to come.  They (central bankers) see it clearly. They know the banking system is absolutely on the verge of collapse.  They know Deutsche Bank (DB) and CommerzBank, too, are down 95%.  If you show this chart to a child and ask where is that likely to go, it is likely to go to zero. DB, with their $50 trillion in derivatives, there is no chance they will survive. Of course, Germany and the ECB is panicking because that will affect the whole banking system worldwide.  This is why they have started to print money now because there is a massive liquidity problem, and that’s Germany, which is the best country in the EU from the point of economics.  Then you take Italy, Spain, France and Greece and they are in a real mess.  This is why the whole system is on the verge of disappearing into a black hole. . . . With the U.S., there is massive liquidity pressure there too.”

The massive amount of money printing to keep the fiat system afloat is just starting.  EvG contends, “This is just a practice round.  This is just more money at this point.  The balance sheet . . . of the Fed is going to go from around $4 trillion to $40 trillion.  It is going to go to $100 trillion before this is over. So, right now, they are just practicing a bit because they are going to put the pedal down to the bottom very soon. . . . There is no other way to save this system, it has gone too far. I am not a pessimist. I don’t want to see the end of the world, but you can see their actions. You can see that now there is absolutely no way out. The only thing they know is to print money. They have already reduced rates to zero or negative, which is a disaster in and of itself.”

EvG predicts, “All of these bubble assets that are based on just credit and credit expansion are going to implode measured in real terms, measured in gold. I expect the stock market and the property market to lose at least 95% or more in real terms. . . . The next up cycle for gold (and silver) has started. The next phase of this market has started, and it is going to go on for a long, long time. It is going to go to levels that will be hard to believe today. . . .The world cannot have solid growth until this debt has imploded . . . the transition will be terrible, but I don’t see any other solution to this. . . .The debt can only be wiped out by also wiping out all the asset values. You can’t just make the debt disappear and have the assets stand there at the values that they are today. . . . When this debt is written off or implodes, or whatever they want to call it, that means all these assets are going to go down. That’s why I am saying it is going to go down 95% against gold. There is absolutely no other way, in my view.”

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  1. paul ...

    We all know the Fed is waiting until November … but as Egon von Greyerz effectively explains: “Europe has already started QE … printing up $20 billion a month … but that’s nothing compared to what is coming … the repo panic is the first step towards total chaos (in a banking system that is currently on the verge of collapse) … both Deutsche Bank (with their $50 trillion in derivatives) and CommerzBank are down 95% … there is no chance they will survive … only massive money printing can keep the fiat system afloat … and when it all finally ends … the debt these banksters have created will be written off … but in a world of paper… what will all this paper debt be written off against? … written off relative to fiat paper?? … no … all the paper debt will be written off relative to gold … more then likely all the paper debt will be written down 95% against gold”!!

  2. paul ...

    A good man went to the United Nations today and told the Nations of the world: “Cherish your culture, honor your histories, treasure your citizens, make your country strong and prosperous and righteous … honor the dignity of your people and nothing will be outside of your reach” … doesn’t this sound almost like the second coming of Jesus Christ!! …

  3. JC

    Thank you Mr. Hunter and Mr. von Greyez. Richard Russell would strongly agree.

    Doomed. Richard Russell (God rest his soul) predicted what is coming many years ago…. see below (I love his reference to fiat money as ” irredeemable junk paper.”)

    The whole system is obviously doomed, but the world’s politicians don’t think in terms of “doom.” Doom is in the future, and politicians are concerned with “now,” and the next election.
    You want to leave your kids or grand-kids something of guaranteed value? Buy them gold coins — don’t leave them dollars in the bank. That’s the true use of gold. When everything else comes into question — only gold will be trusted. Thus it has been since the dawn of civilization.

    At present, in terms of Federal Reserve Notes (dollars), they’re “giving gold away.” It’s a bargain — IF YOU’RE WILLING TO WAIT.

    Big money loves cheap gold. The lower the dollar price of gold, the more gold they can accumulate with their irredeemable junk paper.

  4. paul ...

    You know … too bad Tulsi Gabbard is not a republican … she would have made an excellent choice for VP on a Trump ticket in 2020 … I bet with such a ticket Trump would carry both New York and California!!

    • paul ...

      What a shame that “truth telling” is so frowned upon by immoral men and women running the DNC and the Main Steam Media … that a father must cry out for the life of his son!!

      • Ismar Didic


    • Hedgehog

      Paul, Trump is not going to be President much longer, much less a second term. . Corruption, incompetence and sheer stupidity are -thanks to the Constitution-are able to be removed under the law of the land.

      • Greg Hunter

        Our very own fact resistant Marxist/Democrat paid by the globalists. The person with “sheer stupidity” here is you–NOT Paul. Paul you are over the target to get this kind of response, so keep it up man!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    What a way to whack people, force them to borrow and buy assets that will depreciate and even if you do sell in time you’ll hold worthless paper currency.

    • Paul in oz

      they are not forced, just not awake … do wh