Financial System Disappearing into Black Hole – Egon von Greyerz

By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says the signs abound that we are nearing the end of this global fiat money experiment while central bankers are befuddled. EvG explains, “The central banks are panicking.  They don’t know what to do anymore. They are just starting to print money and with the euro on a daily basis. . . . Europe is starting QE again with $20 billion a month, but that’s nothing compared to what is coming. . . . The panic that started with central banks in the summer in late July and August was, to me, the first step towards total chaos in the world that we will be seeing in the months and years to come.  They (central bankers) see it clearly. They know the banking system is absolutely on the verge of collapse.  They know Deutsche Bank (DB) and CommerzBank, too, are down 95%.  If you show this chart to a child and ask where is that likely to go, it is likely to go to zero. DB, with their $50 trillion in derivatives, there is no chance they will survive. Of course, Germany and the ECB is panicking because that will affect the whole banking system worldwide.  This is why they have started to print money now because there is a massive liquidity problem, and that’s Germany, which is the best country in the EU from the point of economics.  Then you take Italy, Spain, France and Greece and they are in a real mess.  This is why the whole system is on the verge of disappearing into a black hole. . . . With the U.S., there is massive liquidity pressure there too.”

The massive amount of money printing to keep the fiat system afloat is just starting.  EvG contends, “This is just a practice round.  This is just more money at this point.  The balance sheet . . . of the Fed is going to go from around $4 trillion to $40 trillion.  It is going to go to $100 trillion before this is over. So, right now, they are just practicing a bit because they are going to put the pedal down to the bottom very soon. . . . There is no other way to save this system, it has gone too far. I am not a pessimist. I don’t want to see the end of the world, but you can see their actions. You can see that now there is absolutely no way out. The only thing they know is to print money. They have already reduced rates to zero or negative, which is a disaster in and of itself.”

EvG predicts, “All of these bubble assets that are based on just credit and credit expansion are going to implode measured in real terms, measured in gold. I expect the stock market and the property market to lose at least 95% or more in real terms. . . . The next up cycle for gold (and silver) has started. The next phase of this market has started, and it is going to go on for a long, long time. It is going to go to levels that will be hard to believe today. . . .The world cannot have solid growth until this debt has imploded . . . the transition will be terrible, but I don’t see any other solution to this. . . .The debt can only be wiped out by also wiping out all the asset values. You can’t just make the debt disappear and have the assets stand there at the values that they are today. . . . When this debt is written off or implodes, or whatever they want to call it, that means all these assets are going to go down. That’s why I am saying it is going to go down 95% against gold. There is absolutely no other way, in my view.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, which can be found on

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  1. paul ...

    We all know the Fed is waiting until November … but as Egon von Greyerz effectively explains: “Europe has already started QE … printing up $20 billion a month … but that’s nothing compared to what is coming … the repo panic is the first step towards total chaos (in a banking system that is currently on the verge of collapse) … both Deutsche Bank (with their $50 trillion in derivatives) and CommerzBank are down 95% … there is no chance they will survive … only massive money printing can keep the fiat system afloat … and when it all finally ends … the debt these banksters have created will be written off … but in a world of paper… what will all this paper debt be written off against? … written off relative to fiat paper?? … no … all the paper debt will be written off relative to gold … more then likely all the paper debt will be written down 95% against gold”!!

  2. paul ...

    A good man went to the United Nations today and told the Nations of the world: “Cherish your culture, honor your histories, treasure your citizens, make your country strong and prosperous and righteous … honor the dignity of your people and nothing will be outside of your reach” … doesn’t this sound almost like the second coming of Jesus Christ!! …

  3. JC

    Thank you Mr. Hunter and Mr. von Greyez. Richard Russell would strongly agree.

    Doomed. Richard Russell (God rest his soul) predicted what is coming many years ago…. see below (I love his reference to fiat money as ” irredeemable junk paper.”)

    The whole system is obviously doomed, but the world’s politicians don’t think in terms of “doom.” Doom is in the future, and politicians are concerned with “now,” and the next election.
    You want to leave your kids or grand-kids something of guaranteed value? Buy them gold coins — don’t leave them dollars in the bank. That’s the true use of gold. When everything else comes into question — only gold will be trusted. Thus it has been since the dawn of civilization.

    At present, in terms of Federal Reserve Notes (dollars), they’re “giving gold away.” It’s a bargain — IF YOU’RE WILLING TO WAIT.

    Big money loves cheap gold. The lower the dollar price of gold, the more gold they can accumulate with their irredeemable junk paper.

  4. paul ...

    You know … too bad Tulsi Gabbard is not a republican … she would have made an excellent choice for VP on a Trump ticket in 2020 … I bet with such a ticket Trump would carry both New York and California!!

    • paul ...

      What a shame that “truth telling” is so frowned upon by immoral men and women running the DNC and the Main Steam Media … that a father must cry out for the life of his son!!

      • Ismar Didic


    • Hedgehog

      Paul, Trump is not going to be President much longer, much less a second term. . Corruption, incompetence and sheer stupidity are -thanks to the Constitution-are able to be removed under the law of the land.

      • Greg Hunter

        Our very own fact resistant Marxist/Democrat paid by the globalists. The person with “sheer stupidity” here is you–NOT Paul. Paul you are over the target to get this kind of response, so keep it up man!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    What a way to whack people, force them to borrow and buy assets that will depreciate and even if you do sell in time you’ll hold worthless paper currency.

    • Paul in oz

      they are not forced, just not awake … do what you can to wake people up …I have gotten a couple of people to buy pm’s I will keep trying, but we are voices crying in the wilderness.

      • Anthony Australia

        They have to Paul, where else can they live? Aussie homes used to be semi affordable, now off the planet.
        Inflation, cheap $2 shops and shopping centres that have round the clock ‘sales’.
        I sat at one the other day and too a good hard look through my awakened eyes,. I can tell you it’s terrible! People look like zombies with all hope completely sucked out of their sails.
        The middle class has been decimated.

      • Anthony Australia

        Love your efforts too Pauly

    • Better Chetter

      there was a time when a million was an enormous figure to have/ponder … then it was a billion … now it is a trillion … soon to be a quadrillion or centillion (?)
      Europe has gone past its due date for overprinted currencies & the US shall go far beyond it, as well.

      • Anthony Australia

        Agreed, a million on the 80’s and you could buy the entire neighbourhood , now luckily if you can your own block.

  6. paul ...

    You know … it is very obvious to me that the Deep State MIC Neocons and the Bankster Cabal are working closely together to do everything in their power to create war conditions in the Middle East … that will raise the price of oil to over $100 dollars per barrel … the MIC neocons need a good war to sell all the guns , planes, tanks, rockets, etc. they manufacture … the Bankster Cabal need a good rise in the oil price to make all the tons of precious metal they have been buying and accumulating as a tier one asset rise sufficiently to bail them out of al their debt … a lot of ordinary people realize this … one simply has to look at how silver reacts to a rise in crude oil … … there are a lot of people who are not as stupid as the neocons and banksters make them out to be … as Egon von Greyerz tells us: “my (his) contacts at the Perth Mint, in Europe and at the Swiss refineries are telling me (him) there is massive demand for silver in the physical market (even greater then gold) that is resulting in backlogs and delivery delays”!!!

    • paul ...

      Seeing as how the chocolate bar loving millennials won’t be buying gold or silver to save themselves from total economic annihilation … the banksters have a plan “to keep the pigeons spending money to boost the economy” … they plan to use Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) (better known as the people’s QE) to put money “directly into the hands of the public and private sector spenders … putting “a little money” directly into consumer’s hands “through a guaranteed yearly income” will be chicken feed compared to the “hundreds of trillions that will be doled out to the banksters” (who are an exceedingly jealous bunch) who like to put chains on ordinary folks (even to the point of making them eat maggots rather then hamburger meat) by chaining the CPI each year!!

      • paul ...

        The 2020 Social Security COLA will likely be 1.6% … with all the money printing the Fed “is doing” with repo’s and “will be doing” with the coming QE … American’s will be given the smallest annual Cost of Living Adjustment in the last three years … following a 2.8% increase in 2019 … and a 2.0% hike in 2018 …

        • Da yooper

          Hey Paul

          Regarding “The 2020 Social Security COLA will likely be 1.6%” Just another example of the old saying that

          “Figure dont lie – But liars sure can figure”

          They will bail out the fed & it’s wall street bankers at any cost & screw those on Social Security when ever they can kinda has a racist overtone to it if you ask me.

        • Beverly

          It’s not just the corrupt bankers that are leading the show. Believe it or not, the Catholic Church is very involved in all of this Communism/U.N./One World Order crap. The Pope is clearly a Communist and is trying to get people within the Catholic Church to give up their morals. But, the Catholic Church is involved in drug trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia and this kind of corruption. People need to be aware of this so they are not led away and deceived by somebody they think is some kind of a prophet.

    • Blancojoe

      Great interview as always. Ergon is brilliant.
      Afterwards I watched gold and sliver plummet after overnight highs. The manipulators keep at it. How I would like for us all to “Storm The Bastille”. Then fill the tumbrils with banksters.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    EvG has monumental credibility. Thanks for bringing him on.

  8. Ronnie

    I used to get peace and great comfort from you show. I would take your advice and invest in gold and “little mans “ ..silver. You have always been correct. Your guests are the best of the best.
    But now the fear factor has taken hold. I am getting the “Willies,” as we would say as small children when frightened. The central banks are plunging everyone into the madness of their self created Vertigo.
    Your guest Johnathan Cohan . Just read his book The Harbinger. Now reading his latest.
    What he does is confirm your, “sign off homely,” as truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I fear not for my self but for the wilfully blind and deaf that surround me.
    This video encapsulates the madness of our greed. What a smart and honest man. Such as yourself.

    • Paul in oz

      there is still peace to be found in being part of Greg’s community …. we have a mission which is to work to convince people the advice we are blessed with on this platform is disseminated amongst those awakening. Remain as steadfast as Greg in doing so in thanks for his efforts.

  9. Mike

    Jim Willie reports that interest rate derivatives increased by $6.5 trillion per day in April 2019 according to BIS data. That is the US national debt in less than 4 days. That is the missing $21 trillion in less than 4 days. The money supply has gone vertical signaling the end phase of the financial system. No wonder the central banks are in a panic.

    • Anthony Australia

      Very smart Cookie the old Jimbo

  10. Jerry

    This is the only chart you need to understand.

    Anyone with half a brain can see where this is headed. The Fed last week had no choice but to do repos because liquidity in the system was beginning to seize up.

    We do multimillion dollar real estate investments all the time, and I can tell you with 100% clarity that the only time banks are making money is when they are lending it out. But the problem is, they can’t lend it out fast enough, to pay off the debt that is steamrolling behind them. For all intents and purposes, the banks are in a death spiral they can’t escape.

    History truly does repeat itself.When this happened before in 1929,
    the panic caused the markets to crash, and banks called their notes
    due, grabbing every hard asset they could get their hands on. Luckily for my family, we didn’t owe any money so we were able to weather the storm. But today, the idea of cheap money has lured people into the biggest debt bubble in history. Money printing may delay the collapse, but it can’t stop it.

  11. Rob

    The masses are definitely like sheep who are blindly being led down Revelation chapter 13 all within the next decade:

    Revelation 13:14-18 And he deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by reason of the signs which it was given him to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast who hath the stroke of the sword and lived. (15) And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name. (18) Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.

    Know your enemy for he is within:

    • eddiemd

      Next decade?

      How about in the next 12 months. It is already in motion. The deception is here.

      The harvest is ready.

      • Rob

        The harvest will not be brought in until after 7 years of tribulation:

        • eddiemd

          Today is the day of salvation. Not in 7 years.

          The harvest is always ready. All through history there have been revivals and outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

          Now is the time.

          • Rob

            Yes bro I understand the harvest is always ready and salvation of spirit AND soul marks those who will be harvested but the reapers do not bring the harvest into the barn until the end when it is ripe:

            Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather up first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them; but gather the wheat into my barn.

            Revelation 14:15 And another angel came out from the temple, crying with a great voice to him that sat on the cloud, Send forth thy sickle, and reap: for the hour to reap is come; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.


  12. andyb

    Greg: great catch in Egon! He’s a wealth of truly accurate information; more so than many of the financial pundits. It should be noted that under the old, but discontinued FASB accounting standards all major global banks would be technically insolvent. So too most of not all of the G7, most notably the EU, Japan, Germany, Italy and Greece as Egon correctly summarizes. The one saving grace for the US is that it is the cleanest dirty shirt and irrespective of repos or QE 4, the dollar will be strengthened by global inflows looking for yield for at least a year until everything goes poof. Trump, therefore will not see a dramatic US recession until after he is re-elected which, short of massive voter fraud will be a slam dunk.

  13. David


  14. Russ

    Thanks Greg, outstanding interview. EvG is very knowledgeable and you keep his views in perspective relative to us small guys.

    I had not heard the thought that a debt reset must be balanced with an asset value reset, but it makes so much sense. Then he backs up the interviews with Nick Barisheff and Bill Holter — there’s virtually no disagreement between three very smart guys. That’s not confirmation bias — that’s people who see the facts before them and tell it like it is rather than how they’d like it to be.

    At this point the global reset is all about the timing and national leaders vying for position in a post reset world. IMO the trade talks between the USA and China are central to this. Trump and Xi both want what is in the best interest of their respective countries. Putin too, but Russia is sitting on gold and very little sovereign debt that Vlad can sit back with his popcorn and watch the sparring. IMO the EU is already a basket-case.

    That’s why President Trump wants to bring manufacturing back to the USA. So let’s say this reset happens but China is still making everything, including Chevrolets. What can the US do but go right back into debt. Without a manufacturing base, how does the US rebuild? We can’t… Interesting times ahead.

    Sorry for going on. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right Russ. These guys have formed a consensus and do not talk to each other.

      • The Queen's Regent

        When did Bo say the stock market would crash and gold would go vertical? Still waiting…

  15. JC

    Interesting… the latest by Martin Armstrong on gold.

    “I have warned that the immediate rally in the precious metals was NOT a breakout. I warned that there would still be one more decline to retest support. The critical factor is when the GENERAL public loses confidence in the government. That is more likely to take place AFTER the turn in the business cycle in January 2020.”

    • Diane

      I read that too, JC.

    • Tin foil hat

      Martin Armstrong probably doesn’t know the concept of “Free Gold” or he is afraid of what the Deep State may do to him again.

      It’s true that any currency which tried to peg or fixed its value to gold has always failed. They failed because they tried to make their respective currency the anchor instead of making gold the anchor.

      In other words, international settlements should be made in denomiation of ounces instead of dollar, pound or whatever. Debts will still exist in unlimited fiat currencies domestically but will be very limited in terms of ounces.

  16. Mike R


  17. A. E Jones. JR

    There can be no rational market without a stable and rational interest rate.
    I am a retired certified general real estate appraiser. That means I appraised commercial real estate. Let me illustrate my premise with this example: Back in sane times income producing property was appraised based on earnings ratios. The principle method was capitalization of net operating income and the average capitalization rate was around 8%. That means to value a property with an NOI of say $88,000 the property is worth $1,100,000.
    Now to explain what makes up the capitalization rate we used the band of investment theory: Interest rate x mortgage loan ratio plus the equity ratio x the equity return rate. For example: Interest rate of 8% (normal in stable times) x .75(mortgage loan ratio) + 10% (equity return) x .25% (equity rate). So .75% x 8% + .25% x 10%= a cap rate of 8.5%. $88,000 NOI equals property value of $1,035,000.
    Now do the same equation using today’s interest rates of say 4% and you get a cap rate of 5.5% or a property value of 1,600,000 a 64% value increase. Bubble!!!!!!
    Now just imagine what this does to the commercial real estate market if interest rates go back up to normal levels or go below zero. You just reduced the value by 64% assuming you could sell it. Not to mention you would destroy the liquidity of the total market. Who would invest in commercial real estate under these conditions and who could sell under these conditions? The income may still be coming in but what is the property value? Same for the stock market I assume. I think this illustrates the point the guest was making. What is property worth with 0% or less interest rate? I see myself doing an appraisal today and reporting to my bank client the property supporting the loan is worth between $1,000,00 and $2,000,000 depending and the marketability is zero. The lender client would drop dead. Property becomes a liability!

    • Greg Hunter

      A. E Jones. JR,
      Thank you for doing the math for us and illustrating you point so well. The math is terrible and there is really no way to get around that!!

    • Paul in oz

      A.E. what you suggest makes sense, …I am having difficulty with your math …
      you say So .75% x 8% + .25% x 10% =8.5 capitalization rate … I am only wanting to clarify because I think you are really on to something big for people to understand… so please correct this
      .75% x 8% = .6% I think it should just be .75 giving you 6% + .25% gives you 6.25% … multiplying that by 10% is .625% … or .25% x 10% is .025% added to 6.025% (proper mathematical bedmas approach)
      you might need some brackets and a few less percentage signs, but the size of the commercial real estate value using such valuations is more than alarming …it is apocalyptic.

      • William Stanley

        IMO, A.E. got the right result despite the (technically) incorrect use of the “%” signs attached to the .75 and .25. For clarity, he could have written it as (.75 x 8%) + (.25 x 10%) = (6%) + (2.5%) = 8.5%, which is the weighted cost of capital (A.E. wanted to give a 75% weighting to the 8% debt-return portion and a 25% weighting to the 10% equity-return portion). By convention, multiplications are done before additions.

  18. Stan

    There is only one metal I dislike more than Gold – Silver. Silver has a fundamental value of $3.00 per ounce at best. This is based on supply/demand metrics and other factors. Oh, and yes, I am short silver 🙂

    • Robert S

      Jamie Dimon…is that you? You are officially on my Christmas card list. Please keep shorting the paper so we can continue to gobble up the physical on the cheap.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      I have to say you are much better than Gina.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Can’t even imagine what Stan is smoking. The last time silver was $3.00 per ounce (NOT adjusted for inflation) was December 1973. Postage was 8 cents then, and now it’s 55 cents, almost 7 times. The USPS is losing billions every year, and silver is not even at $21.00. Pure manipulation so ordinary folks have no idea how banksters steal from them.

    • A. E Jones. JR

      Paul: Let met explain this a little better. First I should have explained the mortgage load and equity ratio and how they make up the capitalization rate. Banks loan a percentage of the sale price or appraised value whichever is higher. For most lenders in normal times the ratio was loan capital portion around 75% and equity put in by the investor/purchaser was 25% of sale price or appraised value. That is the formula for a capitalization rate. Play with different sets of numbers and see what you get. Divide the Net Operating Income by the cap rate to get the value. This is where leverage comes into play. Play with these numbers using higher risk loans that are typical today like for example 90% loan to value ratio and 10% equity yield and see what you get. Investors get a huge return on equity as the cash put in goes down. That is what drives the market. Same income from the property but the yield to equity goes through the roof. No money down and a zero interest rate = insanity or Socialism! Remember the income is based on existing economic conditions so the Net Operating Income must remain fairly constant so we must assume economic conditions will remain stable.
      These numbers have interesting implications. For example, if interest rates go up it will put all recent loans under water so to raise rates will collapse the banking system and freeze the market. If they lower rates it will result in hyper inflation driven by huge returns to a highly leveraged property.
      So what does this say about the financial systems situation? I see it as freezing the market. Problem is markets don’t stay frozen for long. They thaw and collapse. The only way out is to keep it frozen (if that were possible) at the present level, pray for at least a 3% inflation rate and in 40 or so years the debt problem will go away. Assuming no more debt is created. Bottom line as I see it-the financial World as we know it is screwed. But there is life after financial death in my view. The economy and financial system are related but are two different things. One facilitates the other but there are alternatives. The economy will survive but in a different frame of reference. It is the period of transition that worries me. That is why they want our guns.

  19. Stan

    One good thing about von Greyerz is that when he does an internet interview Gold usually tanks soon thereafter. As of now Gold is in full blown crash mode. Huge sell blocks crossing every minute. On my way to the Bentley dealer to check out the new models 🙂

    • JC

      Stan, we all love your sense of humor, you are the best, keep it going, thanks! Just curious, do you have by chance, a comedy partner named Oliver?

      (Only older folks will comprehend what I’m asking)

      • Jerry

        Watch Stan pull a gold short out of his…….hat.

        If you appreciate Oliver, you’ll love this.

        • JC

          Jerry, good stuff, maybe Greg can do some of his great cartoon work and simulate this for us on the WNR, Greg as Rocky and Stan as Bullwinkle.

          Stan – “Hey Greg, watch me pull a gold short out of my hat.”
          Greg – “Again?”

        • Stan

          Jerry: Are you still working at White Castle?

          • Greg Hunter

            If you got a good financial and trading case then bring it but please leave the sandbox at school.

            • JC

              Greg, is that Bullwinkle in a police uniform in the cartoon for today’s WNW?

      • Auntie Seize

        ROTFLMAO! “Babes in Toyland”, right?

        The strategy is buy low, sell high. So keep pushing that price down. I’ll keep buying more.

        Have you ever been to the beach and tried to submerge a beach ball in the ocean?
        That’s what the price suppression mechanism of precious metals is like. Except this “beach ball” the money manipulators are desperately trying to keep submerged is inflating in size. Eventually they will not be able to keep it down and it will rocket out of the water like one of those sub launched ballistic missiles into low earth orbit.

        Metals price suppression is a GIFT to astute investors who know that it is only a matter of time before it cannot be maintained and they will reap a windfall. Scoop up that gift hand over fist while you can, because it will not last forever. Like previous guest Nick Barisheff said: ALL fiat currencies have ended in a hyperinflation. EVERY ONE!

    • paul ...

      Stan … Have you seen the following article … … you have to think more strategically … if the oil shale industry is falling into a black hole … this means the Deep State must figure a way to get the oil price up a bit higher … to at least $100 dollars per barrel or more … and since the recent attack on the Saudi’s was only good for about $80 dollar oil … more attacks on the oil infrastructure in the Middle East is going to be necessary … otherwise not only will US oil production begin to decrease (as the US shale oil company’s go bankrupt) but it will hurt all the poor (I mean rich) banksters who loaned the shale oil companies trillions of dollars … the Deep State can’t afford to see both its oil production drop and its banksters hurt … it needs to be able to continue selling oil (to help with the trade imbalance) … this will require “more incidents” in the Middle East … but since the Deep State obviously doesn’t want Russia or Iran to benefit from higher oil prices the deep State will have to impose more stringent restrictions and sanctions on both Russian and Iranian oil sales (heightening political tensions) … the “incidents” themselves (which could be more attacks on oil infrastructure in the Middle East or attacks on US troops being sent there) will likely be severe enough to get the oil price up to over $100 dollars per barrel … so investing in both gold and silver (contrary to your advice Stan) will do exceedingly well … for such attacks always create fear and “a rush to safe assets” by investors and rising oil prices will create inflationary price increases!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … if the recent impeachment proceedings against Trump gains any traction the stock market will crash … so why haven’t you shorted the stock market instead of just gold and silver? … you seem to imply by your actions with regard to gold and silver that there won’t by any QE4 … and if there is no QE4 (along with an impeachment) then the stock market will crash … so why are you not taking advantage of overpriced stocks by shorting them???

        • paul ...

          Then Stan … once you short the stock market … you should buy gold and silver “long positions” … just in case the Fed “does QE” and Trump “doesn’t get” impeached … as the stock market will soar higher if that occurs … this way … your gold and silver “longs” will protect you from a rising stock market if Trump is not impeached and the Fed does QE!

  20. Marie Joy

    It is a little known fact that 5 mIllion Americans starved, to death, during the Great Depression, of the 1930s. The American government does everything, it can, to hide that fact.

    My father, born 1916, said the only businesses, that did well, during the Great Depression, were liquor stores.

    My mother’s mother, born 1889, baked bread and had her 6 children, out, selling her bread, for 25 cents, every day. IF a loaf did not turn out well, she gave it to people who were in worse shape than they were. It was a different era.

    Deagel says most Americans will die by 2025. Maybe they’re wrong and maybe they’re right but isn’t it better to be prepared for the worst?

    • JC

      Marie Joy, thank you for sharing this family story.

  21. john duffy

    Pope Bergolio is a tool of the globalists:

  22. Bill B

    After listening to Egon Von Greyerz, it is all the more important to depend on the Lord. Only he knows the future. Trusting in him removes my anxiety.

    • Marie Joy

      The Lord told me to tell you to Trust The lord but STOCK UP, best you can.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Or she… Sexist! Actually, God probably indentifies as non binary like Sam Smith.

  23. iwitness02

    Bankers have gotten away with so much for so long, that it may be worth going through hell on earth, if it means an end to their hideous stewardship. Their endless criminality. Their endless plundering of the masses. An end to their perversions. An end to their insatiable greed and lust for power. An end to them, and their political puppets. An end to their deep, deep evil.
    We can only hope.
    It is extremely frustrating to have some understanding of the evil that is perpetrated upon us as individuals, and at the same time, be so powerless to combat the evil. We have our Goliath, but no David. Unless David turns out to be Trump. We’ll see.
    Or maybe David is us. All of us. Worldwide. But alas, we are not united.

    • Marie Joy

      I don’t think God is influenced by democrats.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “But alas, we are not united.”
      Your comment reminds me of two very long conversations that I had with friends today. Is it possible that we are more “united” than we know . . . or at least more likely to become united? (I pose that as a true question, not a rhetorical statement).

      • iwitness02

        After writing that comment, I sat and wondered if we might become united through a global understanding of who our common enemies are. That led me to consider unity through mutual adversity.
        In my mind, there is the possibility of a global consciousness being aroused by supernatural forces, that is to say, Spiritual forces that we can not see.
        Unity among the people of the earth is a fascinating topic. I would be interested in hearing a few of the points that were brought up in your earlier conversations with your friends. Is there anything that you would be willing to share?
        Can you imagine unity among all people? That would be kind of like heaven on earth, in my view. We would all be enriched in all the best ways.

        • William Stanley

          Although you have engaged my question, my response here doesn’t adequately answer your question. My apologies. Perhaps we need to further discuss this.
          My friends are too complex, contradictory(?), and subtle to fairly and accurately describe their views. The one friend whom I mentioned is an unapologetic Zionist Orthodox Jew — who is deeply troubled by the number of Jewish names involved in the Globalist cabal. (I chide him for lumping all Jews together . . . and, moreover he seems not to notice as much the non-Jewish names). The other is a strong Christian who is skeptical about Israel — but chides me when I criticize Israel’s policies from time to time. We all highly value freedom, liberty AND justice. We are all deeply troubled by the Globalist cabal and its allies in the Democrat (and) Republican political parties. We all think that the word “evil” accurately describes the Globalists, yet we probably differ slightly about the definition of the word. Moreover, we differ somewhat about the structure of the Globalist cabal, although we tend to agree that it is useful to visualize it as an association of criminal Mafia-type gangs, some of which have centuries-0ld roots, and some (such as the various factions of the intelligence agencies) have morphed out of the others and now have some independent identity.
          As for supernatural or Spiritual forces providing the unifying glue for the peoples of the world, I think it is I (the nominal “unbeliever,” LOL) who is, I think, most drawn to that hypothesis — not that the others reject it. IMO, humanity is not a blank slate, and there is something about the inherent nature (of many of us) that cannot abide evil. Finally, I think it IS conceptually useful to reify the evil we now face . . . it does seem to have a cohesive nature.

  24. Bill B

    All of the sudden, everyone in the deep state has started screaming, impeachment. Must be that Trump and. Barr are over the target

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are right Bill B. I smell desperation.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, I believe your right = Panic = the MSM including Fox is passing over the most important part = asking about Crowdstrike and where the servers are…and who is really behind Crowdstrike? =(DNC/MI6/AWAN SPY RING BLACKBERRY PHONES)…maybe panic is who all go to jail if that serve or tie to DNC hack is confirmed was a DNC run operation for drugs/guns/oil/nuke material and tech.?
        Short version to catch up =

        • susan

          Read “Obstruction of Justice” by Luke Rosiak. Unbelievable.

  25. Ed Milligan

    Thanks Greg. Always like hearing from Mr. von Greyerz.

  26. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interview certainly timely! Repo’s fail after 10/10/19 might have to go to Congress for a $20T bailout?

  27. James Brown

    Greg, I love you Man!!! (I love Egon as well)
    Great interview!!!
    There will not be “One Thing”(you asked, ‘what’s the thing that will blow this all up?’).
    ZIRP/reckless debt/reckless spending, etc., etc, all of this/everything is slowly coming undone. Martin Armstrong says, “We all know something is wrong”, but nobody is changing direction toward making things better. He further talks about a “Phase Transition” – you know, when you put a pot of water on the stove to boil pasta for your macaroni n’ cheese and you know that macn’cheese is gonna be soooo good and you look at the water and nothing is happening and you’re getting hungrier and still nothing and your mouth is watering and still, even more, nothing and then you look again and you see those little, tiny, minute, one or two or three little, itty bitty bubbles?!?! That is where we are in the Phase Transition, the water is hot, but it’s still calm. In a little while (2021/2022) the water will be boiling. What will make it boil? Everything.

  28. Clare Doll

    When you add up all the amounts the Federal Reserve is putting in til October 10! This could end up being more than the 700-800 billion that Paulsen had Congress vote on more than once to bail the BANKS out in 2008! Do you remember a vote this time around? I don’t.

  29. Andrew Larsen


    A question about the repo injections: I don’t think it’s clear whether this nominal $75 billion per day is new money that’s being created as in QE, or if this is other money that already exists. I have heard both that this is (mainly by the mainstream media), and that it is very much QE–but it’s hard to tell where the money for the repo stuff is coming from. Hopefully, this is a question that many others have. Thanks for all you do,


  30. Andrew Larsen

    Sorry, but this part, “not QE” got deleted somehow. It should read, “I have heard both that this is not QE (mainly by the mainstream media),…”

    Not sure how that happened, sorry for the edit.


    • William Stanley

      My take is that this is money that is created each night, and then destroyed the following morning. It’s an accounting fiction that serves to continue for one more day the pretense that the banks are solvent.

      • andrew larsen

        Thanks William. I’m just comparing the $85 billion per month that was created during QE, and thinking that if roughly the same amount is being created on a daily basis, then this is epic. Of course, like you say, if it’s being destroyed again each night then it’s technically not QE I suppose, so maybe that’s why it’s not causing more of a commotion. Perhaps it gets into short-term solvency issues for the banks which might be the hornets nest that is the derivatives market, not sure. Thanks for your comment.

  31. Jim

    Very interesting information. It all makes sense to me.
    My question is this: What is the timeline for all of this to play out?

  32. Da yooper

    A question for your Friday wrap up after the latest communist nothing burger.
    Dont you think after all that has gone on the last 2 & 1/2 years that some how some way the communists get held responsible for shouting fire in a movie theater – when there is no fire. This crap has gone on too long & many communists need to do some jail time for their treasonous actions. Barr appears to be another jeffie sessions & is dragging his feet & he needs to go.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sessions was bad that’s why he was fired but Bar is a huge question mark for me. I think the Dems are doing desperate things (impeachment with no case) because something big is brewing behind the scenes. Time will tell. The DOJ just cleared Tony Podesta, but has he now flipped and will testify for a no prosecution deal? Time will tell. This is a huge undertaking prosecuting this seditious attempt of overthrowing a sitting, duly elected, President.

  33. Stan

    CRASH!…………..Did I not warn you?

    • Greg Hunter

      So what Stan. Au is still above $1,500. Now DB is $7.58. 12 years ago DB was around $120 per share. Now that’s a crash. Greg

    • Jerry

      The central banks have bought 375 tons of gold in the last six months, while they have been doing repos and financing stock buy backs?

      I would love to hear your explanation as to why, since you say gold is such a worthless investment? Please don’t tell me you have better inside information than Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, and Eric Sprott.

    • Anthony Australia

      Gold will never ‘crash’ you imbecile. Thousands of years of data to back this up.

    • Frank D2

      Please define “crash”, Stan (Gina in drag). I see gold today at $1514. You claim to have been shorting gold since it was in the high $1200’s. You were wrong then and continue to be wrong (just like Gina always is/was). How are you going to buy a Bentley when you have lost your shirt (and everything else you owned) when your short of gold has gone terribly wrong and your claim to have heavily invested in DB stock has also gone terribly wrong. LMAO. Thanks for the laughs.

  34. Elllen Baumgartner

    Greg, do you think that the U.S. government will ever try to confiscate gold for their own benefit again???

    • Greg Hunter

      If the do, they go after mine production first, nationalize foreign holdings, make the possession of foreign coins illegal but I find it will be hard to take back what they have been selling to the public since 1986 and that is Gold and Silver Eagles (and Buffalos).

      • Diane

        I think you’re right Greg

    • john

      May not confiscate gold but if it were ever to see the values discussed on this forum don’t be surprised to see huge taxes on the capital gains if it were to be sold.

    • anonymous

      Whenever the gov outlaws something you better have stockpiled plenty of it well before the fact.

      To the best of my knowledge, last time they outlawed gold, no ones gold was confiscated and no one was fined or imprisoned for not turning in their gold. Intelligent people simply hid their alleged “contraband” for a rainy day.

      I think the law/edict, or whatever it was, did not even apply to individuals if you read it correctly. There are always loopholes because the elites write the laws in such a way as they can escape them.

      BTW and FWIW, “executive orders” are not law. The executive branch does not make laws. The legislative branch does. Executive orders only apply to the executive branch of the gov. If you are not a member of the executive branch, executive orders do not apply to you.

      Anybody knowing any better, please elucidate.

  35. John M.

    Egon is probably my favorite analyst I enjoy listening to, he’s so easy to understand and absolutely resolute in what he believes. I agree 100% with Egon.
    The inflation has only just begun, and it will go to hyperinflation and war. I don’t ever believe what the government and those expert talking heads have to say about anything. I don’t ever trust what they tell us about QE and money printing, as there is so much that is happening behind the curtain that they never tell us about. They live only to lie, cheat, and steal, period.

  36. steve

    My view on these low interest rates are that they need to lower them because they cannot afford to pay the interest on their country loans if they are any higher. If so we are in even worst trouble than I first thought. Would be interested in your views on this Gregg.

    • brvalentine

      You are exactly correct in your views/thoughts Steve. Sovereigns (Nations) are Insolvent and are unable to Finance their deficits at higher rates. Not to mention, this is a global hunt on the masses for their money as well. The Globe is going Negative and will end in catastrophe, unfortunately.

      • William Stanley

        Agreed. And well said.
        However, I’ll presume to explicitly state what I take as some of your implicit assumptions: i.e., that national debts and fiscal deficits are now so high, and the political will to control them is so low, that zero or, even, negative interest rates cannot (and, hence, will not) be continued or attempted without the further enabling of runaway fiscal deficits that will “require” an exponential increase in money creation over time to finance them — which will, in turn, lead to hyperinflation . . . and catastrophe.

    • Russ F

      100% correct Steve!

      So the Fed is selling all these bonds to fund the new budget. The banks (world) do not have enough US$ to buy them. (Maybe this is why the dollar is strengthening- supply and demand?). So the Fed is printing money for them so that they are able to buy the bonds. At the same time they are buying existing bonds (QE) especially those with interest rates higher than those rates currently existing.

      Besides the banks, who else is buying the newly issued bonds? The Fed itself? Other countries such as Belgium who I believe in the past has done so to help the Fed sell bonds?

      The US $ strength must be hurting our economy, but MSM conveniently does not mention this.

      Given all this, Trump wants much lower rates, as this would likely weaken the US$, and reduce funding costs as you mentioned.

      One big Ponzi scheme!!!!

  37. MCasey

    What is the problem? President Trump only asked Ukraine to verify what Joe Biden bragged about….

    How Biden, using billions of our taxpayer dollars, blackmailed Ukraine into firing its prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s son, Hunter, and the natural gas firm that paid Hunter $50,000 per MONTH, despite his total lack of experience.

    Biden admits it, brags about it, but the Democrats don’t have a problem with it because it’s just how they do everyday business.

  38. brvalentine

    Another Great Show. EVG is spot on. Unfortunately, the entire global financial structure is mathematically now irrepairable at this point. Had the issues been addressed 20 yrs ago (’98-’00), there was a viable chance. However, when Rubin/Greenspan/Summers forced Brooksley Born (CFTC) out in ’99 over her concerns regarding Derivatives, it was game Over, of which, OTC Notional Derivatives exploded from $80T to over $1Quad (although presently reported in the $500-600T range).

    Thank you for another Great Show & Guest Greg. Hopefully, these touch as many people as possible and the awakening continues to grow.

  39. Donald Canaday

    Hello the Federal Reserve Bank is not central bank. It is not part of Federal Government. The Federal Reserve Bank has private shareholders. Read the book called the creature from Jekyll island by author Griffin.1913 Federal Reserve act establishing Federal Reserve 100 year charter that must be renewed by Americans Congress in 2013 and American are still waiting by Congress.

  40. H. Craig Bradley

    He is talking his book, but I am not buying it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let me know where you tent will be in the future and we will try to help you with a little food and water.

  41. JC

    Attention everyone, Martin Armstrong’s Risk Assessment Meter is now on ORANGE ALERT!

    It seems we are getting close to CONDITION RED.

    Stan and paul… please advise.


  42. Jerry

    Another dead banker, and another Deutsche bank headed for the skids.

    Greg, the bodies are piling up faster than the debt.

  43. Nick in UK

    The Central Bank Gold Agreement ends today. (CBGA).
    This agreement supposedly limited the amount of gold that central banks could sell.
    I have no idea of the implications or impact of this agreement ending I am just sharing the information.

    Great guests as always.

  44. Thomas Craven

    Greg you are being blocked on the Tor browser – see below

    403 Forbidden
    WHAT? Why am I seeing this?

    Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity.

    If you believe Wordfence should be allowing you access to this site, please let them know using the steps below so they can investigate why this is happening.
    Reporting a Problem

    • Greg Hunter

      Please follow the steps and get back to me.

  45. Major Payne

    Wake up Greta I think I’ve got something to say to you.
    It’s late September and you really should be back at school.
    I know you keep us amused
    Don’t you see you’re being used.
    Oh Greta I wish I’d never seen your face.

    • iwitness02

      Major Payne,
      Rod Stewart?

  46. Marie Joy

    When it goes south, keep your meds with you and remember Murphy’s Law. If things can go wrong, they will.

    Remember the movie, “Signs”? When it went south, they had forgotten the boy’s inhaler.

    Remember your meds.

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