Theft Legal in NY, Black Swan Coming, Fed Rate Cut Tease

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 626 3.22.24)

It is looking like the Democrats are making theft legal in New York.  Donald Trump is on the verge of losing nearly a half billion dollars of property in Westchester County because he lost a fraud case where nobody actually was a victim of fraud.  The case is a classic study in abuse of power by the New York State Attorney General and a judge willing to suspend reality to bankrupt the GOP nominee for President.  Theft appears legal in New York if it is orchestrated by Dems against the GOP.  The Appellate Court should step in and put a stop to the theft for the good of everyone.

General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the Pentagon, is warning of a coming “Black Swan” before the 2024 Election.  Is this coming because the Deep State realizes it just cannot beat Donald Trump, and they will do anything to keep Trump from a second term?  Who knows what General Flynn knows, but he knows something big and bad is coming.  You should take this warning seriously and prepare for rough riding by the fall.

The Fed is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t when it comes to interest rates.  If it raises them, it could cause a financial meltdown.  If it lowers interest rates, it could cause a melt up and big inflation, which will cause the poor to suffer even more.  With a barrel of oil now trading above $80, the Fed is in a pretty tight box.  The Fed is teasing, and it just might do nothing.

There is more in the 52-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of for these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.22.24.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Dr. Betsy Eads (who has been on the cutting edge of everything Covid 19 from the beginning) is back with new information as to why everybody needs treatment whether you are CV19 vaxed or unvaxed.  This is groundbreaking information you need to hear.



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  1. Johnny Nobody

    Short movie (9 mins) illustrates everything that is wrong with Neo-Liberalism. Great ending!

  2. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg not thanked enough always appreciated Great Guests Great Topics

  3. Keith

    I highly doubt any democrat will go to Jail if Trump wins.
    When was the last time any of them were held accountable? They should go to jail, but they won’t.
    What is to keep them from just printing up 100,000,000 votes? If they do the republicans won’t do a thing. Just like last time.
    Maybe they have dirt on all of the republicans. Or I think they are just the same, all slurping up the free money at the expense of the average citizen.

    • VicL

      I feel the same way

    • Ken Yu

      Perhaps the stealing of Trumps money in New York by the Demon-rats will “this time around” give Trump the incentive “to lock up the criminals” (from Hillary on down). BUT Trump “being so thick-headed about the m-RNA vaccines” makes me think he will probably wimp out again and do nothing to bring the Demon-rats who took his money to justice or ever do anything to Pfizer or Moderna for the killing of millions!!

  4. Justn Observer

    Greg, just released =The Movie – The Cold Truth
    Again, DJT was right to get out of the climate hoax =IPCC green BS!
    This should make it clear, in part who all are against DJT and WHO’z ox are expecting to get gored if he is re-elected ! All those faux global warming, solar, carbon tax, enviromentalist pushed programs, jobs and boondoggles likely will go POOF! as well as the UN, WEF, WHO projects being funded by hedge funds and ESG bankers and multi-national corporations pushing the BS for profits…as well as the gov’ts both state, national clippping the working class for taxes and pushing them to buy new products and appliances for compliance by ‘green policy’ etc.
    The whole thing is a globalist, UN, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, WEFer agenda power and control grab for power and stripping the wealth from the erode middle-class to push a two-tier class system…= the rode back to serfdom?

  5. Galaxy 500

    Great WNW. Even in Chicago people are waking up.
    At these spending rates, Monopoly money will be worth more that a dollar.

  6. Galaxy 500

    Will the Fed cut rates if Trump wins to destroy America?

    • Paul D Anders

      The Fed WILL cut rates before the election, probably June (which oddly enough is when Bo Says Bitcoin will take off). Why? Because they know it is over. The BRICS is the end of the Fed Reserve system.
      What do people that are bankrupt do? They go out with a bang and the Fed is no different.

    • Paul from Indiana

      They’re going to cut them before that. Inflate or die. They figure they only need 8 months, and then after they win, it doesn’t matter what happens. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        Fed cuts 3 times and gasoline prices jump up $1 dollar per gallon by Election Day. By the way the economic rule of thumb is you need 9 months lead time to do any good for the economy. The should have cut already if they intended to help Biden/Obama Admin.

  7. William Mitchell

    Donald Trump has willingly claimed bankruptcy several times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Corporate bankruptcy and personal bankruptcy are two different things. Trump has filed 6 corporate bankruptcies.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Much is being made of the fact that this is a concerted, determined, deliberate effort on the part of the Democrats to thwart his return to the White House. It goes beyond this sad arrangement. This is the government ganging up on a private citizen to ruin him personally and publicly. It is a grim situation that we have come to this point in the formerly United States of America. Best always. PM

  8. Lord Richard

    The reason the dems and rinos are pushing for war is they know their bad economic polices are killing the dollar. And if they have a war. They can say our policies were working till the war broke the dollar. It was the wars fault not ours.

  9. James Hall

    Greg great report, but forget about run flats, they are hard on the suspension. DEKA are probably the best batterys and usually last 5 years or more.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ve had run flats (Firestone Drive Guard) on my cars for years and no problems with my suspension. A few years ago, at the peak of Covid, I hit a curd in the middle of the night and flattened TWO tires. I was 25 miles from home. I drove home with my run flat tires. The next day, I drove the car with Two flat tires to my local Firestone dealer. to get the tires replaced. I bought the insurance package with the tires and got the tires replaced for about $150 for both tires!!!

  10. Wayne Evans

    Hi Greg,
    A big thank you for everything you do.
    Am I right in thinking,that the central banks create currency from nothing, then use it to buy Gold??

    When the dust settles, they will still be very rich.
    The masses need to be educated, into what’s going on,across the world!!

    America is clearly being invaded, illegal aliens .
    When they get the signal, they will start eternally cleansing the country.

    It’s obviously happening in 🇬🇧 UK.

    We need to name the people that are responsible for this madness!!
    They need to be executed!

    What would happen if somebody nuked Yellowstone super volcano???

    Only time will tell, keep praying 🙏.

    Best wishes



    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, and they have been the biggest buyers of Au for at least 2 years.

  11. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    The criminals at the Fed are not going to cut rates as long as they can screw over the American public who have outstanding credit card balances. 1.2 TRILLION last I read.

    At a minimum 20% rate that is 240 BILLION in interest paid to the corrupt criminal bankers by the American public every year. What kind of damage does a usurious credit card rate do to the economy?

    Wake up people the corrupt criminal bankers are at war with YOU.

  12. Agnes

    Why use nukes, which will destroy valuable infrastructure, if you can just kill all the people?

    From a South African report:

    Add this to Dane Wigington’s reports.

    I would like to see comments on this. Is this valid?

  13. Steve UK

    Greg, thanks for your work and content

    On your “locked and loaded” comment:
    Take a look at this link –
    Use their callsign search facility to lookup live flights like RRR, NATO, RCH, QID, TARTN, JAKE, MMF, SVF – a few common ones for starters. You can navigate to see the live flight locations.
    Check these at various hours to build up a general picture of what is going on – it’s all quite disturbing.
    Typically air-tankers circling servicing unseen fighters, transport aircraft ferrying tax dollars everywhere, early warning NATO aircraft, reconnaissance, etc…
    You can also find sub-hunters regularly flying off UK coastline Hull or Plymouth areas – down to 50feet sometimes – then usually fighters patrolling in the area later once they have tracked a sub.

  14. Susan R

    The numbers of migrant illegals being held in check so far, for the most part, let loose at a certain time would produce your “black swan event”. There will not be enough law to hold them back from taking over this country and in my opinion is, at this moment, the greatest threat we face.

  15. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, I have a retired Dentist friend who mocked me for begging people not to get the Frankenshots. Now, Tom went and got 2 shots and a booster and wouldn’t you know it, he has something called Shaky Jaw and it started right after the booster. 24/7 his jaw
    shakes and he has to chew gum to slow it down. Now, our mutual friend and Frat Bro said to me, “Dave, I have two other friends that have this Shaky Jaw that never stops and yes, they boostered all up. On a related subject, one of my best friends daughter at age 38 died of a massive stroke. The Doctor told him, she forgot to take her high BP meds and Billy said ok with that. i am sure she also was all boostered up but Billy did not take any kill jabs. I conveyed autopsy is needed. No word back but I doubt one will be done. Sick world and getting much sicker.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting in your world. It’s the best kind to warn and inform the public!! Keep doing it even though the news is not good. It helps dramatically to know what is really going on at the ground level from real people totally unfiltered.

  16. Dean

    Thanks Greg. I am here in Upstate NY, as we watch unabashed criminality and insanity. AOC, who was elected by the residents of her district, thought that references to illegal ‘RICO’ was a reference to an illegal Puerto “Rico”… I fear for the soul of this state. We’ve never been perfect, but now I fear there is not enough collective wisdom or knowledge of God to sustain a working society. I feel that the abundant and covering blessing of our Father is being removed. Just an observation.
    May the Spirit of Praise and Thanksgiving rest on you and your home.

  17. Dave

    They are going to give those illegal invaders guns and they are going to start rioting when Trump gets elected……..Look up the CLOWARD-PIVEN plan……

    • Ken Yu

      And Bribe’n will make many of the illegals Police Officers so they can give the “Gringo’s” tickets for being White (seems the skin color White and not being Queer has become “illegal” in America according to the Big Guy accepting Bribes)!!

  18. John

    I think a cyber attack against the power grid will happen and it’ll be blamed on Russia so the communist controlled District of Columbia will rally the American people to declare war against Russia. No electricity, all banking, water, food, fuel and society comes to a dead stop.

  19. Lars Christiansen

    The migration wave is the Kalergi plan in full swing.
    There is more to it than the election

  20. frank reps

    Stop flapping your gums Greg. Since all National and State Legal Authorities ; as well as Congress are mute about this miscarriage of justice on Trump ; your verbal Outrage is a Joke. It is time for a call to arms. Trump’s friends have the Constitutional Right to defend Trump’s property. Why do you think the FOUNDERS added Gun Possession and “the Use”of deadly force so close to the First Amendment ?. All of your Commentary and Outrage is simply show business. Get Trump’s Local Sheriff to deputize his neighbors and start using Deadly force on Felonious Thieves.

  21. Dink Collister

    EXCLUSIVE: Humanity Must Develop A Plan B to Counter The Globalists’ Anti-Human Agenda! \ Sean Miller Infowars March 22nd 2024
    The plan for the human future is here – if humanity chooses to accept .
    Alex Jones describes how the global population must create a pro-human future in response to the New World Order’s anti-human depopulation agenda.
    “He believes in a pro-human expansionist vision, a space faring vision just like Elon Musk purports to believe in, and Jones knows and thinks he does believe in that too,” Jones said on his Thursday show.
    He went on to explain how it’s a pipe-dream to believe that the globalists who claim to want to kill 90 percent of people will ever leave 500 million alive, as some promise to do.

  22. John


    Get all your IRA and 401K retirement assets out of blue states , especially NY — NOW! DJT and Russians are just the dying canaries in the government asset forfeiture coal mine. It’s just the beginning. Watch (Showtime) or, better, read “A Gentleman in Moscow” to understand where communism really works — slow at first, then fast. We’ve entered the fast part. Socialism seeks to control you and your assets (ESG/DEI), Communism uses force to acquire, own and control you and what used to be your assets, including pants, shirt and shoes. “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY”.

  23. Lord Richard

    Greg, did you enthusiastically vote for & support GW Bush & his “War On Terror”?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not I did not. I said live on CNN he was lying about the damage subprime was doing in 2007.

  24. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the update Greg. I’ve been very busy and can’t keep up with all the none sense. I’d like to bring attention to everyone about the RV industry. I have been watching models and prices- they are coming down. I have some family that looks like they are coming to stay for a while and so i have made some preparations with water, power, and septic. Sure it’s not a house, but there are no property taxes either.- and if I’m NOT taking it on the public road, i don’t need to pay the vehicle tax (buy the tabs- your state may tax it as personal property, but not here) If you have the room and a low cost way to install the mentioned utilities—— a larger RV is a viable option. In fact RV parks are full around here and those lot rents are 700 to 800 per month- used to be 400 to 500. I would not advise living in an RV park. The interesting part is that there were a lot of units sold with the stimulus money that are just sitting in drive ways not being used -and most of the manufacturers ramped up production to meet demand. Inflation is biting everyone, so expect lots of units just a few years old for sale. It looks like a good time to get the family wagons circled- even if Trump gets in, we are dealing with things on a societal level and moral decay. This is a multi year period. Hard times make hard men, soft times, soft men…………..

  25. Tom C.

    Great presentation/analysis, Greg.

    Many Trump supporters are afraid to contribute to him. They are afraid the evil ones will do what Trudeau did to people donating to the truckers.
    The same people will vote for Trump in greater numbers than ever.

    I also think it’s very possible there will b no election. They know POSBiden is unelectable and will do whatever is necessary to prevent DJT from winning. I think they will unleash the Sleeper Cells who have come up in the southern invasion.

    God bless America!

  26. Josh Hightower

    Leticia James BUSTED in Her Own Inflated Fraud Scandal while Trump APPEALS Ruling
    Robert Gouveia Esq. 362,883 views March 21, 2024
    Letitia James has been caught in the middle of her own fraud scandal, with new allegations emerging that she is using her office to avoid paying a $3 million loan while protecting a group that overly-inflated their property values. Meanwhile, Trump appealed Engoron’s $450m order, arguing the ruling is unconstitutional and in violation of prior findings from the New York Court of Appeals.

    Leticia’s Star Witness LIED in Court; Cohen Perjured Himself AGAIN; Ex-Military Support Trump
    Robert Gouveia Esq. Streamed live 13 hours ago
    Watching the Watchers Live with Robert Gouveia

    Phil Giraldi: Nuland and US Failure in Ukraine
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    58,560 views Streamed live on Mar 20, 2024
    Phil Giraldi: Nuland and US Failure in Ukraine

    • Christian

      This is all Jerry Springer stuff man. I mean really take an honest look at it all. It’s all BS. We are cowards because none of these people are swinging from lampposts. It’s never too late to add a “yet” to the end of that sentence. But we are all failures for allowing this to continue. The most asleep people are those on the “right” screaming that others need to wake up. Most people live in some sick and twisted episode of Daria’s World and don’t even realize it, with the blue team, red team nonsense; that when the colors mixed make purple, the aristocracy, the true uni-party who rules over the madness of men who are too afraid to admit what needs to be done. The proof is in the pudding about the absolute depravity of the mind these degenerates exhibit, their only fight being to “vote” at a ballot box more corrupted than the cells of a fourth stage tumor; even going so far as to fall for the Taylor Swift/Chiefs psyop and start watching football again. These people are stupid beyond belief. This is why the country is gone. There is nothing left but despotism from “representatives” and alacrity from “the people” to continue the charade.
      Buy body armor and bullets……..this only ends one way.
      God please awaken the right, I implore you on their behalf…….for they know not what they do.

  27. To_Hell In a Handbasket!_Case

    Friday LIVE: Third World Invaders Storm Border Under Biden’s Orders as Deep State Provides & Protects Replacement Population! MUST-WATCH
    The Alex Jones Show March 22nd 2024
    America on Brink of total chaos amid border invasion, illegal crime, collapsing dollar as citizens scramble to combat the soft-kill of 5G, toxic jabs & chemtrails!

  28. Gerald Rowell

    Greg, thanks for getting the truth out there! There are two kinds of politicians, cheaters and losers!

  29. Prospector

    House passes pork filled $ 1.2 TRILLION spending bill. No border security. Rep. MTG calls to vacate speakers chair.

    Nothing short of complete regulatory capture. We have no representation.

    “The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, the Bilderberger Group, and the Trilateral Commission – founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens.” Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, PhD, former German defense ministry official and advisor to former NATO Secretary-General Manfred Werner, November 6, 2001

    ” Maurice strong ( U.N. environmental leader ) was quoted as saying, ” Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

  30. Led Skeletor

    No one carries the “KICK ME” sign on their back more than the white straight working taxpayer with assets. You’re guilty of being born white and must pay.

    And when the government gets finished “death by confiscation” of all assets, civil and human rights from all white straight working taxpayer with assets, the government will come for all of the other classes of people that have assets and who think they are now ‘protected’ classes for being ‘special’.

    Even 20 years ago no one would believe this shit that is going on by everyone that is to the left of TRUE CONSERVATIONISM. Look at the Republican party and tell me they ain’t a headless chicken. We got perhaps five people in the Republican party that are true conservatives.

    This endless crap will continue until the people say NO MORE. I can only hope I live that long so I can finally have a true conservative person to vote for. I’m not holding my breath, more than half of my fellow citizens deserve to be locked away out of society, entitlement fraud, drugs, crime, theft, killings, sexual confusion, and outright wrongness of their TRULY wrong think – insisting 2+2=22 and men with breasts can give birth.

    • Christian

      Wow! Hoping to live long enough to vote. You can do that now. Wake up dude.

  31. Pig Latin, Ginger speaks!

    Jen Psaki Admits ‘Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorist’ RFK Jr. A ‘Huge Problem’ For Biden 2024 /By Kelen McBreen March 21st 2024
    Ex-White House press secretary says RFK Jr. ‘one of the biggest threats to Joe Biden being reelected’
    Which beg’s the question Jen, which is worse? The anti vax conspiracy or the conspiracist RFK Jr. and who do you fear the most? The American people or your and $3.8Billion Beijing Bribed Biden’s puppet master bosses?
    Do you still believe in free speech?
    $64,000 dollar questions! If you choose to answer?
    Rag’s to riches or back again? The in crowd, or out to the curb?
    TAKE YER PICK! Or wait till the Trump cop’s show up and bust up the gravy train!🤔

  32. Moose Abraham

    Blockbuster Interview: Gaddafi Spokesman Reveals TRUTH About NATO Assault On Libya! 5,785 views 53 minutes ago Mar 22, 2024 THE PRICE of FREEDOM
    Watch this, the full interview between Jimmy and former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim. The two discuss the NATO overthrow and assassination of the Libyan leader, what soured the West on Gaddafi, the devastation wrought on Libya by NATO and prospects for the rising of a united Africa that Gaddafi dreamed of, and much more!

  33. Don Doerr Sr.

    One has only to remember Newt Gingrich and his “CONTRACT WITH AMERICA” to realize that too many Republicans “speak loudly and carry a very small stick.” Why would Russia or China want war when we are busy committing suicide? We started on this quest on November 22, 1963, and we entered the final phase with the 2020 Election, all with the Blessings of Pope Francis.

    • Christian

      It’s all Jerry Springer. Enjoy the show until the retarded cowards fulfill the 2A mandate.

  34. Jen "Sock Em!"

    “We’re In the Money!”… Jack Hylton & His Orchestra (1933)
    Be careful what goes round comes back and kicks you in the backsides!

  35. Jim Wade

    Another very informative and timely weekly report. Keep on keeping on!

    This $355,000,000 Trump penalty + interest at 9% is a sickening and disturbing situation for America. Not only has it destroyed the investment climate in NY City & NY State, but raises the question “is ANY investment ANYWHERE in the USA safe anymore?” Why can’t this happen in Nevada or Ohio or California or any other state or city? The precedent has been established. Now others can follow. Is Newsome’s California next?

  36. Nanoparticle Joe

    Morning Joe Tells Viewers To “F*ck Off” If They Don’t Like Biden
    (Live Show from Zephyr Theater) Jimmy Dore Show 176K views 1 day ago

  37. Vernon Locke

    Prof. John J Mearsheimer: How the West Provoked Russia
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 4,635 views 51 minutes ago
    He’s gonna, he’s gonna. Who’s gonna? It’s not Biden! He’s not there, who is it, Blinky?
    1st. comment of 32 @ohsweetmystery 34 seconds ago
    The Biden administration is full of totally incompetent people, from top to bottom.

  38. James

    NYC is or was considered the Financial Capital of the World.
    Is that political judgement the final nail in that coffin of NYC being the Financial Capital of the World?
    How many business have already left NYC and how many other businesses planning & spending money to leave NYC? What business would really want to NOW open a new business in NYC and EXPOSE their employees to the insanity of NYC crime and political corruption.?

  39. Marie Joy

    We are subjectng ourselves to communism and slow death and do nothing.
    Western “leaders” want Genocide/Democide. Killing Americans is very profitable.
    What can YOU contribute to the war effort?
    My father started to teach us to shoot when we were 5 yo.
    What are you teaching your children?
    We ALL need to be in better shape for what’s coming.
    Teach your children, well. Ditch woke Disney. Ditch woke TV. Ditch TV.
    TV and electronic games teach you to be WEAK.
    Teach your children to be strong.

  40. JPMadoff

    GOP Rep. Greene files motion to remove Johnson as speaker after House passed $1.2T spending bill
    By Charlotte Hazard Published: March 22, 2024 12:09pm
    Updated: March 22, 2024 12:13pm
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is attempting to remove fellow Republican Speaker Mike Johnson after the GOP-led House on Friday morning passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill with more Democrat than GOP votes.
    The bill was to avert a government shutdown before midnight, and the measure now heads to the Democrat-led Senate.
    Greene, the conservative firebrand, filed what is known as a motion to vacate, which will set up a vote on whether Johnson, just several months on the job, should be removed.
    As of now it isn’t clear if or when when a vote will occur.

  41. Dale Buss

    Candace Owens SCHOOLS Chris Cuomo About Vladimir Putin’s Leadership!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 316K views 9 days ago

    “That’s a LIE” – Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo Heated Debate Over Voter Fraud & Voter ID / Valuetainment’s 5990 1,493,324 views Mar 8, 2024
    Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE debate if requiring photo I.D. to vote in U.S. elections is racist.

    Candace Owens Goes on Bizarre Screed About ‘Ring’ of ‘Quite Sinister’ Jews in Hollywood /Story by Alex Griffing • 1w •

  42. Tom Grier

    RFK is talking to Dane Wigington and is a vax skeptic.

  43. Southern Patriot

    Hello Greg. Your a great person and I eagerly await your weekly news reports.
    There are several things I’d like to ask you. While, I do not have $450 million to give President Trump, I’d like to send something while I can. Does someone have an address for President Trump? This is so out of control. Indeed he is between us and the devil! Someone, like “WE the People”, had better do something!
    Secondly, I have been locked out from posting any thing on U-tub. No explanation , no nothing! I guess they didn’t like it when I said things like, I loved my country and President Trump. I also told them I liked your show!
    The very best to you and your family. SP

  44. Nina

    Have you seen this? Dominion voting machines had the decryption keys in plain text behind only a Windows 10 login. So anyone could hack it.

  45. Vince

    Honestly Greg, I don’t care anymore. After today’s complete bag of spending sh*&, to the tune of 1.2 trillion, America has collapsed. There is no return from this. I had hoped that the people would turn and not fund every evil thing on the face of the earth. But now I’m convinced that only judgment awaits us. The prophet lamented that God would use a nation more evil than Israel to bring about it’s ruin. I believe we are on the doorstep of this. It doesn’t matter whether or not Trump get’s in. Washington DC, New York City, California and a number of other demon infested cities will soon bear the soon coming judgment. We should pray that God will lead us out like he helped Lot, but it still was costly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up Vince. That’s what evil wants.

  46. Steve

    Greg this is kind of funny.

    The Election Committee stated: “How dare you question our election fraud.”

  47. 'a' simple horseman

    Greg, Thank you for including the news from Tennessee regarding Geo engineering. It won’t put a dent in what’s happening due to cross border ramifications, BUT IT SURE IS GREAT TO HAVE IT IN THE NEWS!! Woohoo!(lol). We all need to keep chipping away at raising awareness to what is happening right in front of everyone’s eyes. You always say, “frauds end quickly”. I sure wish that would apply to stopping Geo engineering.
    Love and strength to you and ALL.

  48. Linda

    Thank you for reporting the truth Greg. I’m just wondering why TX would follow orders from a lower court if SCOTUS already gave them the green light to enforce their laws? Man, that sounds crazy.

  49. sam

    “analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.” …as per…….That kind of Experience is what America Needs…..because the ones in charge of informing America now are SICK + CORRUPT….so…..the Pool for President Trumps candidates for Press Secretary is , as logic tells us that Mr. Greg Hunter, on the job since the 1970’s should be on the “Short List” for the post……the VERY SHORT LIST…

  50. BDS

    The Black Swan Just happened in Russia as you called it!

  51. Brian Dougan

    Senator Elizabeth Warren; aka “Fauxcahontas.” Haven’t heard her name in a while.

  52. Clyde

    The security of this nation is nonexistent and this massive invasion can only be stopped by a strong, determined military.

    However, the US military is now just another socialist-welfare-society that’s primarily concerned about big-government-empowerment of blacks, females and queers.

    The problem is; these left-wing-lunatics in all levels of government will never smarten up until they get smacked right between the eyes by their own idiotic policies.

    This country is in deep trouble – the Marxist-globalists and the Chinese CCP are behind all this mayhem and chaos and loving it.

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, the right to grow food needs legislation as in a Constitutional Amendment…to guarantee it?
    *’ Republican Representative Thomas Massie is presenting an amendment to the US Constitution that would ensure Americans have the legal right to grow and distribute their own food. The elites want complete control over our food supply. They have already implemented numerous regulations to prevent people from hunting and fishing. Now, they demand that we peasants cease gardening at home and use studies they are funding as examples.’

    Who knew people do not have that right to subsist?

  54. Nan Tucket

    a promise from 2 Chronicles 7:14 — if Trump would repent of the death vax and also his on-going promotion of sodomy by dancing to the YMCA (the international homosexual anthem), then God would turn the tables on all those who are now giving him grief.

    • Marie Joy

      Trump is playing party songs. He wants everyone at his rallies to be happy. He is NOT promoting anything bad.

  55. Stacia Amante

    of the 18-29 age demographic, during recent 5yrs, a whopping 1/3 have abandoned religion. At the same time 63% of this demographic believe demonic possession is possible. Demonic obsession (mental attack, compulsiveness), oppression (attack upon one’s health, family, wealth, job and property) and possession cases have been skyrocketing. It is a global pandemic.

    the following podcast sheds light on this phenomenon, an aspect of Spiritual Warfare that is taking place in your towns and cities today.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell. Be the “Elect” Jesus said He would “Cut the days short” for.

      • Stacia Amante

        Why do you assume someone is not part of the Elect. Who made you the judge of souls?

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you misread my comment. Read it again.


    How The World Narrowly Avoided Nuclear War | The Cuban Colonel
    Timeline – World History Documentaries 77,947 views Apr 18, 2021
    Colonel Osvaldo Fernandez was one of the few Cubans who actually knew what was going on at the time. As a young liaison officer, his job was to follow the Soviet troops to the various sites where their deadly nuclear missiles would be installed, to save Cuba from a US invasion. 45 years on Colonel Fernandez meets with Russian general Victor Yesin, who pays a last visit to Cuba, to see the place where he served as a young lieutenant in charge of putting the warheads on the missiles.

    How The Cold War Brought the World to the Brink of Atomic Apocalypse | Cold War Tech Race
    Timeline – World History Documentaries 3,284,768 views Sep 24, 2023
    Cold War: The Tech Race tells the story of the war’s most influential front: the race for scientific supremacy. It was a war that brought the world to the brink of destruction. But from under the looming threat of mass annihilation came some of our most incredible scientific and engineering achievements.

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, a step towards truth and winning for many Doctors chastised for their treat of patients? Will be interesting to hear Dr. Eads and Dr, Kory’s take on this =

  58. Shiloh1

    Kirby gave the heads-up on the CIA Moscow op a couple of weeks ago –

  59. Ira Elliott

    The fed will cut the rate by 25 basis points in September to help the economy if Trump is elected. If Trump wins in November they will cut another 25 basis points. If Biden wins they will raise the rate by 50 basis points. Watch Tom Luongo or get Tom Luongo on if you want a good explanation on it.

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those thinking or speaking of coming shortages…
    in Bandwidth, Food, and ‘gold backed digital currency transfer payment systems…one might tie these together?

    Soaring Food Prices, Global Aid Crisis and European Bee Die-Off =

    Another crisis looming? (OR public being played by the bankers?) =

    Also considering in a world running short on bandwidth, is she speaking about THETA?
    THETA is a software not a ‘currency’ using blockchain…
    THETA TV =
    THETA app to download for your P2P use on Iphones=
    So, will Theta camera technology soon be used for making video’s and uploading them to THETA TV, to share worldwide? Could/Will this lead to teh demise of YOU TUBE and cable and network TV?

    INTERNET, what’s that? Emails, what are those? Theta, the next internet 2.0?

  61. Marti Baker Girl

    Speaking of the Pentagon, I think “Pantygon” would be more accurate at this point.

  62. Ed from Memphis

    Greg, you are all over the bullseye, the Fed will not reduce interest rates if the rigged inflation is as sticky as it is now! Real inflation is running much higher than reported.

    The Fed rate may go down by a small number before the election for obvious political reasons.

    Also Wall Street may be at historic highs, , but the stock market is Not the Real Economy.
    Don’t get sucked into the stock market vortex at inflated prices!!!

    On no account should you even consider buying the new SPAC listing, Trump’s Truth Social, it will go down like GameStop and other meme stocks have done in recent years.

    Trump is no angel when it comes to money!. He also greenlighted the ClotShot that has killed over a million Americans and still counting!

    • Greg Hunter

      The shot came out in December of 2020 and Trump left office in January. Bidem mandated the shots and spent billions of dollars on pushing it and bribing the medical community. How do you miss something that big?

  63. Justn Observer

    Greg, all the ‘conspiricy’ concerns seem to be becoming a reality everywhere but in the U.S.?

  64. Ubo Schipperke

    Nearly all of the western-world MSM played the ISIS card immediately as the story first aired the first news of the terrorist attack against Russia. One outlet even dared to claim Russia did this to itself! Reminds me of the 2008 Joe the Plumber reports where the MSM had the entire life story of Joe just seconds after Joe questioned the faux President Obama regarding taxes. How dare a working citizen critic the Obama.

    If ISIS did this they wouldn’t of been captured alive. Just sayin’

    These terrorists were caught and detained while on their way to Ukraine some 700Kms away! ISIS wouldn’t go to Ukraine, they would eliminated themselves. Check the weapons [are they US made weapons that Biden left behind at Afghanistan?].

    CIA is or has been training Ukrainians since 2014 on how to run terrorist/covert ops, including the killing of Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens.

  65. Jack Phillips

    2024 Election

  66. Orlando

    Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) exwife of one of the Princes was also recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma. I don’t know if she was vaccinated or not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Princess Kate was reportedly a proponent of the CV19 bioweapons.

  67. Nicolas

    I would love to see Jim Rickards and Withney Webb interviewed altogether in one of your shows. It might be a quite interesting confrontation to listen to. Or Rickards + CAF.

  68. Anne

    God bless you. I am so grateful for getting the truth in news. I get tons of texts and emails from win-red. Is that the RNC? Where can send my money directly to Trumps cause?

  69. David

    Trump must declare his Chief of Staff.
    If it’s his daughter, Kutchner, or any Israel citizen

    I will not vote for him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both have already said they will not be a part of Trump 2 admin.

  70. Fritz Kraut

    Dear Greg,
    the Fed does not exist to do anything good for the state, USA or its people. Its prime function and goal is to make as much money as possible for its owners only!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Fritz!! We do NOT need the Fed.

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