0% Interest Rates Coming Back When System Implodes – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday night Post)

Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says the variables are so numerous it is nearly impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen in 2024.  One thing is for sure, the variables are all bad.  There is the exploding federal debt, now at $34 trillion.  The federal government is on track to increase the debt by a whopping $2 trillion in one year!!!  There are growing global war possibilities in the Middle East, Tiawan and Ukraine.  Low unemployment numbers coming out of the BLS are lies hiding a sick economy.  Commercial real estate is a tanking mess.  Unrealized losses are in the hundreds of billions of dollars sitting at the banks.  There is a growing liquidity crisis brewing.  CV19 deaths and injuries are exploding with no end in sight.  The Southern border is wide open to terrorists wanting to harm America, according to the FBI.  This is just the short list of very real potential disasters that could easily strike.  Keep in mind, every single one of these could all happen during 2024.  Hemke says, “It’s not fixable.  It’s just not fixable.  It’s such a joke to hear from the politicians that you are going to get this election year.  They will say, ‘We have to have a balanced budget. . . . We have to get the federal budget deficit back to pre-Covid levels.’  Yeah, right.  Good luck.  That’s not going to happen.”

When does it all crash to the ground?  Hemke says, “I don’t know.  It’s arbitrary.  Remember the Jenga game where you stack those cubes and you start pulling them out?  You don’t know what will be the last cube you pull out that will topple the whole thing.  It’s the same thing.  What will be the last trillion dollars that will topple the whole thing.  There also may be a confluence of things . . . . like nations saying to the US, ‘the heck with you and your dollar.’  Then we have all these dollars that come home, and we have all these dollars swimming around, and the whole thing implodes so quickly. . . . The parallels in the US in the 2020’s compared to Weimar, Germany in the 1920’s are remarkable, and not just monetarily, also societal and political.  The similarities are incredible.”

Hemke has a dark prediction if we get a full-blown war, which is looking like it’s on the way now.  Hemke predicts, “The Fed cuts rates to 0% again.  If we have a full-blown war and we have terror attacks all over the country that is grinding the US economy to a halt, they will have emergency action. . . . Remember when things were going down in Covid and in March 2020, here comes the Fed with . . .all these programs.  They lowered the Fed Funds Rate to 0%.  They started all this new QE, and the markets just shot up.  Gold was up $100 a day for two days in a row.  .. .    That’s exactly what they will do.  The economy will be seizing up, and we will be back to where we were at the beginning of Covid.

There is much more in the 47-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke of the popular website TFMetalsReport.com 1.13.24.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Riccardo Bosi Names Names – The Pissants of Australia (Video)


    • Jack

      Riccardo Bossi looks very like controlled opposition. He is ex-military intelligence and calls people like Senator Malcom Roberts a paedophile with no proof. I have met Senator Roberts on 3 occasions and he still does amazing work on revealing the Covid Vax poisoning. Bossi also tells his followers that the white hats have won and the Deep State will be defeated.This is total BS just like having total faith in Donald Trump or JFK jr. There is another evil Aussie called Brendon O’Connell who uses this tactic calling Max Igan a paedophile and O’Connell admitted that only the money matters.

      • Chris

        I have no idea whether you are correct or not. However, given his psyop background, I would not be surprised in the least. Too articulate to be a crank, but what he says is just inflammatory enough to get a few gullible viewers off balance. Masons running Queensland? Give me a break. Considering who he is attacking in the video it definitely raises red flags. Although the term “controlled opposition” is thrown around like confetti there is such a beast and always has been.

        • Pete

          A few years ago the director of the Cia stated (im paraphrasing) when the masses(as result of deep state psychological warfare) cant distinguish between what is true and what is a lie then will will have accomplished out mission .Clearly you are a victim of the above or you are simply a deep state troll attempting to accomplish the above by creating doubt and confusion amongst the newbie awakened normie demographic.

      • K Voise

        early on in that link (interview posted by Ant Aus) Bossi gives a plug to the hero of Clif High and the LGBTQP — namely, Mauro Bigano a translator who claims Bible words for God reference a space alien. … Was very surprised by this as Bossi also considers himself a Christian; so how does he integrate Bigano with the Bible, and his faith? That is what the video should have been discussing.

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Jack,
        Perhaps you are correct Mate. After I was banished from here to Coventry for a while I decided to do some research and yes I like what Malcom Roberts has to say but have you considered that there some deception at play and he says things to the Senate that we want to hear? Horrible things against children needs to be called out formally and I have only heard Warren Mundine say this during the botched referendum. Action speaks louder than words and only time will tell.

        The Eyes Of The Devil



  2. Daniel 9:27

    One thing is sure, ALL of these actions (War, Inflation, Unreconcilable Debt, Gender Bending, Woke Policies, Etc,) are absolutely intentional. Plan accordingly

    • robert messina

      I agree . . .” all things are coming together (War, Inflation, Unreconcilable Debt, Gender Bending, Woke Policies, Etc,) . . . are absolutely intentional.” . . . it is desired by both . . the will of God . .AND the will of Anti-Christ . . . the covenant will be COMFIRIRMED (it already exists) . . . I predict April 8, 2024 . . . enter Dan9:27 . . . enter last 7 years of time . . and it is true . . I can only be right once . . . will post my video on request

      • regaleagle

        Sorry, but Dan.9 does NOT mention 7 yrs……that’s errant interpretation. What Dan.9 DOES prophesy is 42 mos. for the Beast. This 7-yr. business is not Biblical…..show me where it appears anywhere in the Bible. Therefore…..get off the fence and show yourself worthy to God Almighty before it’s too late for you……the signs of the last days are all around us NOW. Everything that is happening worldwide are signs for all believers…..the Book of Revelation is our letter from God Almighty given to Jesus who gave it to John to inform believers of when this Age would end.

    • Katy Bar

      So true – Bribe’n also “intentionally” called upon the world’s poor “to surge over our borders” so that tens of thousands of migrants could be bused and flown into critical urban areas “to swing the vote in 2024 toward the Demonrats” and additionally the spike protein shots were “intentionally” promoted (containing deadly monkey SV40 DNA and mRNA in specific COVID-19 vials designed to cause cancer) specifically to be distributed in Republican strongholds (to create mesothelioma’s, lymphomas, turbo cancers of the brain and other organs, along with heart attacks) to prevent Republicans from going to vote in 2024 !!

      • George

        All Republicans should put in their Last Will and Testimony that they don’t want to vote for a Demonrat after they are dead and buried!!!

  3. tim mcgraw

    Hyperinflation. Sick economy. Government debt. Dictator arrives and goes to war.
    Will the people follow the dictator?
    The Germans followed Hitler. The Russians followed Lenin and Stalin.
    Who will be the American dictator?

    • Barry Cakes

      Reply to Mr.BigTIM MCGRAW
      Who else, but Michele! With Nikii as VP.

      • tim mcgraw

        Barry Cakes: Hahaha! You’ve got to be kidding. Michele couldn’t pass the physical and Nikki… who follows Nikki?

      • Ann

        Armstrong just put out a post agreeing with you. He said they have it planned behind the scenes. Joe will step aside and they will insert Michelle. The illegal immigrants will provide votes. Incredibly depressing.

        • tim mcgraw

          Ann: I’d rather not see where Michelle/Michael is inserted.

    • Don.W

      The Dictator in this nation is the One World Gov. that is already in control and using biden as their puppet. That is why we need to buy gold and silver and KNOW JESUS. He is coming and coming sooner than we may think.

      • tim mcgraw

        Don.W: Sauron/Satan has to show himself eventually to take power. Biden is a joke.

  4. EasyEnergy

    Another great interview. As Craig was talking about Adam Ferguson’s When Money Dies book, he makes the point how it all happens rather quickly at the end. The same will occur soon. Grant Williams was asked a couple of years ago, “What % of your money would you hold in precious metals?” His answer was it depends on what % do you believe the Fed will completely debase the dollar. If you think there’s a 100% chance of them doing that then you should hold 100% of your money in precious metals. I think it’s a little more nuanced than that as I’m sure Grant would concur but, folks, this is all going to flip soon and just like jenga, it’s over. Where’s your wealth? Dollars? Hope not.

  5. Tom


    You gave out an incorrect web site address for Craig Hemke. You said “TS Metals Report dot com”…

    The website is: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/

    • Greg Hunter

      I said Meant to say TFMetalsReport.com and I posted a link to the page which is here: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/

      • Bill

        Greg, Thanks for Craig Hemke, he has his own ways of doing things, and his logic is usually correct!

  6. Colleen

    Craig is such a delightful down to Earth guest.
    The math is the math and the Jenga is the Jenga. Your turn. 🤞🏽
    Well stated. Love it.

  7. Erick

    Investigative journalist Mitch Gerber can you have him back on? My chinese friend near Wuhan sent me videos in 2020 this man was right about everything look at the chinese hong kong students. And the missing 21 million people where the cell phones where turned off what about the natural gas large animal incinerators they used to cremate muslims/christians.

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Hemke.
    A fascinating domestic analysis of the USA money system.

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Hemke for this analysis of the domestic money in the USA.
    We outside the USA are sitting on huge amounts of debt direct and indirect via the EuroDollar mechanism of Dollar debt which we have to pay back in USA Dollars and have to earn those Dollars not print,but a colleague reminded me that we can borrow EuroDollars using “collateral” which we plebs are not allowed to know its source. Many are suggesting that the sourced collateral are the art collections in our national galleries across Europe ,no wonder they are so obsessed about art!
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly awful and we have taken to bombing Houthis in poverty stricken Yemen whilst having a resident population of Yemeni in our country.This will end well! The opposition leader loving his WEF Communism is now out to get any and all who have protested Israel’s self defense ,this figleaf is stirring a pot within the Islamic Community and political canals are being redrawn. The old hatreds are resurfacing. I never thought anti Judaism would be acceptable here in the UK and in particular in England and the political establishment be silent but the silence is deafening .

    • Wayne Swanson

      I grew up with a lot of Jews and could never be anti-Jewish, but Israel is another matter completely. Many prominent Israeli politicians and military leaders have called for the elimination of all Palestinians -because they are “animals”. As of today, the Israelis have killed more than 24,000 people in Gaza since October 7th. This is genocide.

      • Tin foil hat

        Genocide is killing without respect. Hamas conducted genocide against the Jews on Oct 7 the best they could. The Jews killed over 24,000 Palestinians with no disrespect in the ensuing WAR.

      • George

        The Jews need to change their government (just like we Americans need to change ours). Otherwise people like Bebe and Marylin Albright will get away with killing 500,000 children before anyone seriously begins to ask questions.

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m not a Jew. I merely stated the obvious.

  10. Jayna Williams

    Most SHTF situations last from a few hours to a few days. 95% of SHTF situations will last no more than 6 months. When I first started prepping, I looked out over what I would need for three days, and got the basics, the foundation of my preps. Batteries, firearm and ammo, three day food supply, medicine and first aid supplies, a way to purify water and a few cases of bottled water. very simple.

    Some SHTF lasts up to 1-3 months. So I planned for 3 months out. Once I got those preps, and then 3-6 months and began acquiring preps for that. Now, with very little expense, I am good for 6 months; 95% of all SHTF scenarios. Any more than that, I would be looking at life extinction events, even in a community and with bunkers. Why plan for these things? It makes no sense.

    Even if the end of the world, or the collapse of everything COULD happen in a few months, you should NOT plan for it, or even waste time thinking about it. It is a plan that will not be executable under that circumstance. It’s like planning for a trip to another galaxy – fun, but useless.

    During the Weimar Hyperinflation, a waiter in Germany got a tip of two $20.00 gold pieces (about .87 ounces of ogld per coin) from an American tourist. He was able to buy a city block of downtown Berlin, the land, the buildings, the contents of the buildings, and the businesses therien and became the wealthiest man in Germany. And he had NO plans at all.

    So, prepare for the survivable events (95%) and you will have gone above and beyond and you will be just fine.

    • tim mcgraw

      Jayna Williams: No! When the SHTF it can last for years. I went through this in the 1970s and 1981-82. The Great Depression lasted 15 years or more.
      No. The SHTF mode lasts a long time.

  11. Don Ho Howe

    US & Britain unleash typhoons, Tomahawks & nuclear submarine on Houthis in Yemen | World At War
    WION 83,937 5 hours ago

    Gonzalo Lira’s Death Reveals SHOCKING TRUTH About Ukraine and NATO
    Danny Haiphong 13,285 views
    Jan 13, 2024
    On this special segment, we are joined by Sarah from DDGeopolitics to discuss Gonzalo Lira’s untimely death and what it says about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, “free speech,” and NATO’s agenda as US hegemony wanes.

    • corner r

      quite surprised Biden/Obama has not renamed the Tomahawk as the Dildo like they are doing with Army bases around the country so they can attract more LGBTQP

  12. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  13. Richard Westwell

    Craig said it correctly at 25.20. ” When the world loses confidence in the U.S. (dollar)” When U.S. service personnel around the world have their dollars refused as payment it is all over for the U.S.

    • Katy Bar

      Seems Costco and Walmart are selling gold to its customers now in preparation for the day when US fiat dollars will out of necessity have to be refused by them as a payment option for their products – as they can’t continue to give away their products for paper worth basically nothing (as this five year old chart shows – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1) and expect to survive!! The people who intelligently buy gold now (while paper money is still accepted to purchase gold) will have the ability to buy food for their family when the US dollar is finally refused as payment option. As for those US service personnel (in 800 bases around the world collecting their salary in US dollars) they will all have to be brought home when the world finally refuses US dollars in payment (collapsing the American Empire just like the Soviet Union disintegrated in December of 1991) and only the Sovereign US State’s who have made gold legal tender will retain their independence when the current “Globalist captured” Federal Government collapses!! Bottom line – those who buy gold should also think seriously about moving to a State that is now making gold legal currency once again (as Constitutionally required) because people living in a Blue State could have their gold “outlawed for the purchase of food” even if Costco and Walmart say they will accept it!!!

      • Earth Angel

        It just may be that some US service personnel left in other countries may actually be better off staying there-depending on which country they are left in (if it happens to be a country returning to a precious metals/ value based currency) and that country does not look too disdainfully(to put it nicely) upon defenders of American empire. I do acknowledge that most persons joining the American military do so with honorable intentions and/or for educational opportunities offered them therein. The very nature of keeping militaries so extremely compartmentalized makes it almost impossible for most (except those at very top and secret levels-and perhaps not even all of them) to understand the ‘big picture’ of what is actually taking place. We all here know that we are LIED TO on a daily basis (and have been for most of our lives) on a scale that is barely comprehensible to the majority of populations. Hell, it’s barely comprehensible to those of us who ARE AWARE of it!

  14. DK. Chesterton

    “Somewhere in time, the last conflagration will take place in the Middle East,” preached world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham. On this matter, he echoed the views of many of his religious colleagues. Graham also believed that Armageddon could be delayed. “I think that the world is heading right now toward Armageddon,” he once said, “and that unless there is a spiritual awakening and we turn to God, the world may face its Armageddon in this decade.”

    The region of Megiddo could not begin to hold all “the kings of the earth and their armies.” (Revelation 19:19) Therefore, would this not rule out any fundamentalist teaching that Armageddon will be a world war squeezed into the literal plain of Megiddo? The prophet Jeremiah indicates that Armageddon will encompass “the remotest parts of the earth” and that the casualties will be seen “from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth.”​—Jeremiah 25:32, 33.

    And since Armageddon means “the war of the great day of God the Almighty,” no one can prevent it. There is nothing that humans can do that will delay it. God has set an “appointed time” for the battle to start. “It won’t be late.”​—Revelation 16:14; 11:18; Habakkuk 2:3.

    • robert messina

      Two Armageddon battles occur after 7th trumpet when TIME IS NO LONGER . . Elect will enjoy 1,000 yrs in our NEW BODY . After1st battle, we will be employed 7 months burying bones of the slain multitudes ; . . a similar battle occurs AFTER the 1,000 yrs . . so we have room in the HUGE Armegedon bowl for blood of TWO such battles . . . furthermore, many die BEFORE we enter last 7 yrs ; . . . and during the last 7 yrs . . half will die after 4th seal and 6th trumpet alone ; the blood in each battle of Armageddon comes up to horses bridles . . . ; . . so one cannot say in confidence . . “The region of Megiddo could not begin to hold all “the kings of the earth and their armies.” . . . furthermore, Jerimiah 25:26 mentions “the king of Sheshach” which leads me to believe this is not describing the 1st battle of the Armageddons, but the judgement of Babylon (which may be part of the 2nd battle of Armegeddon)

  15. Cheri Rodriguez

    Nobody has anticipated Hezbollah guys at the mall? Come on, Greg. Chuck Norris did. See “Invasion U.S.A.” (1985). If you take anything away from that film, beware bad guys impersonating police officers. And it’s not just a movie. Remember real police officers abandoning their posts and turning criminal during Hurricane Katrina (2005).

    • daniel j turner

      In the movie John Wick a price was put on his life the call went out and hit men came from everywhere. I would imagine there are people from all nationalities who would take the call to put a hit on the US for a price.I wonder how many gangs there are in the country that would act

    • I Dig Au

      I remember the local thugs with a badge looting the Cadillac dealerships during Katrina.

    • Carlos Mooris

      Chuck Norris Movies – Invasion U.S.A 1985 – Chuck Norris
      Full Length English HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRB8yV41rws Reply to Cheri Rodriguez:INVASION:USA!

  16. tim mcgraw

    I hated the 1970s. Inflation was 15%. Interest rates went up to 20%. There was a depression in 1980-81. There was NO WORK at Kenmore Air Harbor in Seattle. I had to liberate Presto Logs from Safeway to keep my house warm with a wife and two small children. My wife was a nurse. I was an aircraft mechanic and we were eating stir-fry vegetables every night (Top Ramen).
    The people today have no idea what poverty is like in an inflation environment.

    • Ricky Ricardo Bozman

      “Very soon they will have to choose on the one hand between economic and financial collapse or internal upheaval, and on the other a war which could have no other object,”
      – Winston Churchill, “The Gathering Storm”

      Timbo, this woman didn’t seem like she had much of a choice either! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4V8tzIc2kI

      1 Corinthians 10:13
      This verse points to an endearing quality of God, namely, his faithfulness to us. God’s loyal worshippers can rely on his help, especially when they face trials or even untoward temptations.
      “No temptation has come upon you except what is common to men.” God’s worshippers may be tempted to do something that displeases him. Such tests, although difficult, are not unusual or uncommon in that many people have experienced them. Thus, God’s worshippers can be sure that they too are able to bear such things.
      “God is faithful.” God is trustworthy and dependable. He has always kept his promise that he will not abandon those who love him and remain loyal and obedient to him. (Deuteronomy 7:9; Psalm 9:10; 37:28) Therefore, those who worship him can trust that he will also keep the two encouraging promises that follow in the verse.
      “He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” God shows his faithfulness by not allowing trials to become so severe that it would be impossible for someone to endure them. He knows the limitations of all his worshippers. —Psalm 94:14.
      “Along with the temptation he will also make the way out so that you may be able to endure it.” God can either remove a trial or provide what his worshippers need to endure it. For example, he can provide guidance by means of holy spirit, comfort from the Bible, or practical assistance through fellow believers. —John 14:26; 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4; Colossians 4:11.
      (1 Corinthians 10:11) Paul lists a number of tests and temptations that the Israelites faced, including idolatry and sexual immorality. (1 Corinthians 10:6-10) Some of them gave in to these temptations. Based on their example, Paul reminds Christians that they should not be overconfident, thinking that they would never give in to temptation. (1 Corinthians 10:12) However, he goes on to reassure them with the words of 1 Corinthians 10:13. God’s loyal worshippers are able to overcome any trial.
      So? Hang in there mate! If God is for us, who or what? Can be against us! https://www.gotquestions.org/if-God-is-for-us-who-can-be-against-us.html

  17. tim mcgraw


    Hi Greg, According to the link above, there are 246 million eligible voters in the USA in 2024. IMO if over 80 million eligible voters don’t vote, I win our wager.
    Do you agree to the terms of the bet?

    • Greg Hunter

      There is never 100% turnout. Wen had 81 million for Biden alegedly and and a little over 74 million vote for Trump in 2020 and that was record territory. That is 155 million votes give or take. So, NO I don’t agree.

      • tim mcgraw

        Okay, Greg. What number of eligible voters is a record number of Americans not voting in the 2024 election? What is your number?
        90 million?

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll Think about it.

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg: A majority of Americans now believe that there will not be an election in Nov. 2024. I think they are right.
            By November the USA will be in chaos. War, martial law, economic collapse, riots, and hunger.
            The bet is moot.

            • Katy Bar

              The completely insane perverted dumb-ass Demonrats and their Soros funded globalist lawyers are now boldly and outright proclaiming in their Deep State Controlled Main Stream Media that if Trump is elected by a Majority of the American people they will nullify Trump’s ability “to call out the Military to stop the riots they will produce across America” to protest his victory. Thus with the help of George Soros the Globalist Controlled Demonrats will send hundreds of thousands of their BLM and illegal alien rioters onto the streets of America to riot and burn down our homes, factories and cities in a Deep State “Color Revolution” (the same way these Deep State Neocons did it in the Ukraine to overthrow their legal government) and these Demonrats are having their “legal experts” prepare new laws under the Biden Administration to protect all their Color Revolution Rioters (by now passing laws to take away the Constitutional Right for a President of the United States of America to call out the US Military “to stop any out of control rioting in the streets”) thus allowing the United States of America (now completely without borders) to be totally annihilated and destroyed!!!

        • George

          Are you guys going to count all the dead people and migrants who vote as eligible voters?

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks craig greg

  19. RanLar

    Florida Senate has submitted a legal tender bill for gold and silver and the creation of a bullion depository. Additionally, it will create an electronic gold/silver currency. (Note: Not a Digital currency. A digital currency is programmable, an electronic is not.)
    The presidential candidates may speak about budget control; however, they know what may happen. This follows Florida’s law of May 2023 making Central Bank Digital currency illegal in Florida.

    • George

      Best to live in a Red State that makes gold and silver legal currency when the re-set happens so you don’t have to trade Bourbon and Bullets for food!!

  20. Larry Cobb

    Not to worry, they won’t get hit by a train, you and I will be the one that gets hit!!!!!!

  21. Justn Observer

    Greg, and Mr. Hemke, thanks for the interview…at least it was delivered with a smile, was interesting for sure, and a refreshing discussion despite the topic.
    Wish Hemke would have circled back and got to what he missed…or did I miss it?
    As you have often said, ‘slow at first then all at once’, at which time PM will be ‘unobtanium’ as both Bill Holter, Sinclair, Kirby and Clif High have also said.

    Painting with an optimistic brush will be difficult without Faith and Hope…and those without it….well….it apparently will not be much good times for the ‘buttercups’ and whiners. Perhaps, some of those old depression songs will uplift them? Here, the 8 P’s will reign … Prayer and Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance in a time the word CLUSTERFUCK seems most appropriate.

  22. Wayne Swanson

    Inflation is an expansion of the money supply -like blowing up a balloon, and that has never gone away. When people say< "…inflation is coming back…", what they mean is that the EFFECTS of inflation are going to rear their ugly head again( through cost-push and demand-pull). The expansion of the money supply and debt have been getting steadily worse since the inception of the corrupt organization known as the Federal Reserve in 1913.
    See Fig. 5.2 (scroll down) from the St. Louis Federal Reserve from 1913 until now:

    The Federal Reserve…destroying your currency since 1913.

  23. Da Yooper

    Good interview gentlemen

    I trust Mexican tap water more than I trust my doctor.

    • George

      If you want to help your children keep their moral character never allow them to become doctors (or attorneys)!!

  24. Bob

    Thanks for have Craig on, he always brings a common sense analysis to the interview. He is spot on when he says so many think that things will be ok because they have always managed to buy more time.
    All the madness they have caused will soon reach a spill over.
    Appreciate your continuous passion and remorse for the death toll unleashed on the world!
    Thank you Greg!

  25. Paula

    This is new to me any thoughts: Goldback.com

  26. Slvrwllwn

    Greg, when Craig mentioned the downward trajectory of the stock market overall in December of 2018, I can remember you having Charles Nenner on, maybe a week before the drop? He called that downward action of the market precisely.

  27. Bill

    Watch Lindsay Graham (@ 1:18 minute) below, saids on NEWSMAX that the Southern Border is Suddenly very important. The NEWSMAX Host reminds Lindsay, that he used to say, that funding Ukraine was more important than the Southern Border, that’s when Lindsay’s Eyes go sideways, and he starts defending his previous Policy. Now Lindsay says, the Ukraine border is No. 2 in importance? So, Lindsay is willing to sacrifice some time, before his Defense Stocks to go up!

    • George

      What kind of people keep voting Lindsay Graham into office??

  28. Jack Phillips

    I think Craig is wrong. I think the FED will be forced to end the 40 year party of lowering interest rates to boost asset prices. I think Congress will vote to raise taxes on corporations to fund the government and pay interest on our debt. Congress will balance the budget. We will stop buying the GDP with excessive debt. The stock market will get creamed.

    • Greg Hunter

      They could crash the USD and I think that is a big fear that nobody has really fessed up to. I think this is why Goolsby (Chicago Fed) and Williams (NY Fed) are expressing caution on rate cutting.

  29. Kathy

    Thank you! Great interview!

  30. Susan R

    Everything Craig said rings truth. The numbers are extraordinary, but they do not surprise me and likewise the falsifying. I’ve been following this story for many years and the coverup. Thank you both for what mainstream will not say.

  31. Jeffrobbins

    We will continue with some homestead type projects- i like food the most and while i do like gold, I’m not sure how much i need. I recently had a conversation with my wife, we talked about planting or transplanting some berry bushes of some kind. Not much tending, most of it watering, and it’s fairly easy to put up some jam. A jar of blackberry jam is between 4 and 4.50 for an 18 oz. jar around here. That’s more than chicken and pork- by the pound. Unless you pick up something from a bank, it will be extremely hard to find someone willing to sell a good functioning homestead when the wheels fall off. Very few of those as is- We are building ours. It might be easier to go big when the time comes, like over 100 acres, but smaller than a farm the likes of Black Rock or Bill Gates would want.

  32. Randy

    They will put on sackcloth, and terror will overwhelm them. Shame will cover all their faces, and all their heads will be shaved. 19They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs with wealth, for it became the stumbling block that brought their iniquity. ARE You Rapture Ready?? I see these people are NOT!!

  33. tim

    blow the them up

    • Katy Bar

      Good Idea!! – Useless Eaters of the World Arise and Take Out the Globalist’s Operational Command and Control Center in Davos Switzerland!!! – Those mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna which proved to be super-effective at producing severe auto-immune reactions and turbo-cancers resulting in death and disability “is now to be followed by Disease X” that will be much more effective at killing us our families and our world-class soccer and football players (making them drop dead in mid-kick) by creating massive clots the size of garden snakes (outdoing the Covid massacre where only earthworm sized clots (accidentally discovered by morticians) did the job of killing off healthy human beings)!! We still have our CDC Director (Mandy Cohen) pushing “updated mRNA shots” on our six-month-old babies and the World Economic Forum (WEF) now meeting at Davos, Switzerland are currently laying plans “for their next assault on humanity”. The Davos gang of queer Nazi pricks and predators are now gleefully chattering in the Main Stream Media about the debut of their latest virus bio-weapon called “Disease X” (said to be twenty 20 times deadlier than Covid-19). Now we can just lay down and die by taking this new deadly assault upon us and our loved ones unopposed – or – we can Arise and take out these eugenicist murderers (like Russia is currently taking out the Nazis in Ukraine) and blow up these mass murderers WEF Command and Control Center “before they kill us all” (just like we took out their Georgia Guidestones with some well aimed ordinance)!!!

    • George

      That is exactly what needs to be done to the bug protein manufacturers!! Instead the Globalists are blowing up our meat processing centers!!!

  34. Liber8tor

    Thanks Greg. The USA is living in a Marixst-Communist death grip. This has never ended well.

  35. Felix

    I just want to say when you see any treasonous politician out in society,heckle that turd until he or she crawls back in their slithering whole, no physical violence.But help your fellow Christians that need your help and pray for the Palestinians that are being genocides by the synagogue of Satan. GOD bless patriots

  36. Frank S.

    Thanks for bringing Hemke back Greg. The economy is the new “pandemic”.

    • Greg Hunter

      “The economy is the new pandemic” Love this!! Thanks for p[osting it here!!

  37. Bennet Cecil

    In 1933, FDR stole Americans’ gold by making it illegal. https://www.usgoldbureau.com/gold-confiscation The crooked Supreme Court wrongly ruled that his executive order was legal.

    FDR stole Americans’ silver bullion in 1934 by executive order. https://www.usgoldbureau.com/gold-confiscation

    Fiat currencies have no permanent value. The only utility of the USD is its legal tender status. Eventually, the USD will be a local currency like the Canadian dollar and the Mexican Peso.

    The USD has already lost more than 99% of its purchasing power. Would you buy a penny stock? If you like penny stocks, put your savings in US dollars.

  38. holysmokes

    according to Wikipedia, Clif High’s wrecking ball to attack the Catholic Church and the Bible is a Free Mason. Though Wikipedia can be a dubious source, if true this would explain a lot of things about what Biglino is doing. And it could also be an indication that Clif High’s computer is located somewhere in Langley VA — after all, he says his father worked in Army intel.


    Blessed Mary warned against Free Masonry and Communism decades before either came into being.

  39. Bill

    One difference between Wiemar and now is we don’t need wheelbarrows. We have credit cards, phones and computers.

    • Pete+only

      And we also have Bitcoin, and when the internet is taken down, all these things won’t be worth much either.

  40. Boswell

    I saw a quote from a high ranking Houthi “spokesperson”, that their main beef was No Humanitarian Relief was getting to Gaza! No relief for Gaza? No shipping for anyone! “We” could have allowed some deliveries and they would have stood down… Instead of “humanitarian relief”, we give them bombs. ;-/

  41. Diana

    I’ve missed Craig although his information is dire, his attitude is an A+. I believe 2024 is going to be crazy so hang on and remember it isn’t over till it is over. I’m going to have to agree Greg with you, I have noticed a big problem with people’s inability to focus. It is getting scary. Thanks for all you do and have done.

  42. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    The Left will use an upcoming (already PLANNED) Plandemic (that they already have a vaccine for) to be the excuse for all the people to die in the future. Classic Deepstate…

    • Katy Bar

      With the Globalists soon to release their bio-weapon called “Disease X” – perhaps now is the appropriate time for the Pope to order that Priests immediately begin mixing in some Ivermectine into the flour and water to make the hosts given at Holy Communion – in order to save Christian lives as well as their souls (as without any live Christians there will be no Church)!!

      • George

        The Pope should also order that Vitamin D and zinc be added to the Hosts!!

  43. Ellen and Bob

    “The Math is the math and the Jenga is the Jenga” Start printing the T-shirts baby. Great stuff Mr. Hunter. Thanks.

  44. Gonzo Lazar

    It’s All Lies | Larry C. Johnson
    Dialogue works 38,327 views 9 hours ago Interviews
    Larry C. Johnson, veteran CIA and the State Department
    Office of Counter Terrorism. S.D.O.C.T.

  45. youknowwho

    Never attribute to neglect, ignorance or incompetence, that which can be adequately explained by malice.

  46. John Devereaux


    It would help if you went to the Warroom with Steven Bannon on Rumble – he had Jim Rickards as a guest. Jim informed Steve that Ed Dowd recommended people to watch this interview – that the Biden Administration is working with the so-called Christian Johnson, current Speaker of the House and the US Senate – to take the frozen US Treasuries that Russia cannot access and use them for SWIFT currency exchanges – sell them – then send the 300+ billion to the Ukraine to fight Russia.

    Can you imagine what would happen if this does happen next month in February? The BRICS would dump the dollar; no one would trust US Securities if the USA confiscated and sold them.

    An interview you should watch.

    • Greg Hunter

      You just gave me the summary and I thank you.

    • Christian

      So the countries that buy the securities are then going to walk away from the securities they just bought because they don’t trust the securities they just bought? That doesn’t make sense. That’s like buying a TV at a store and then leaving it in the parking lot to go buy another TV somewhere else.

      • Katy Bar

        No – It’s like returning the TV you just bought for a refund and then going out and buying a new one!!

  47. Praise Jah Hallelujah

    The issue surrounding the battle of Armageddon​—world rulership—​is the great issue of today. But although two opposing superblocks are now grappling for world domination, Armageddon will not be a world war. Pitting these blocks against the other. True, the world is now in the most expensive and frenzied world war in recent history, prompting this comment from India Today: “All this is pushing the planet grimly to the edge of Armageddon​—the ultimate war among nations.” But Revelation 16:14 indicates that “the kings of the entire inhabited earth,” mobilize a united front. At “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.”
    Therefore, Armageddon is not man’s war. It is God’s war. Armageddon will find all earthly nations united in battling ‘the armies of heaven’ under the military command of the “King of kings and Lord of lords,” Christ Jesus. He is the rightful ruler of the world, because his father God, also “subjected all things under his [Christ’s] feet.”​—Revelation 19:14, 16; Ephesians 1:22.
    Yet, for so many people, nuclear war is too chilling to think about. A joint study by 40 scientists estimated that. in an all-out nuclear war, one third to one half of the total world population would suffer immediate vaporized death. Their report, published in a popular science magazine, predicted a grim future for the survivors. It warned: “In any large-scale nuclear exchange between the superpowers, global environmental changes sufficient to cause the extinction of a major fraction of the plant and animal species on the Earth are likely. In that event, the possibility of the extinction of Homo sapiens cannot be excluded.”
    They didn’t even get into nuclear winter, ranging from 10 to twenty years’ time! BERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Thats COLD!
    Would Almighty God Jehovah/Yahweh or the highway, allow such a horror? No! He did not create the earth “simply for nothing,” but reassures us, “he formed it to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18) At Armageddon God will, “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” Not letting us mere mortals scorch it all, in a nuclear holocaust.​—Revelation 11:18. But scorching, the wannabe scorchers. “The sea”​—wicked mankind opposed to God.​—Isaiah 57:20; Revelation 13:1; 21:1.

  48. Rod Brumley Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Craig is one of my favorite guests of yours. He is common sense and
    Usually is a good guy to listen to
    In God I Trust

  49. Hiro Shima Nagasaki

    BOMBSHELL Vaccine Data – This Could Change EVERYTHING!
    Russell Brand 1,567,387 views Jan 10, 2024
    As Bret Weinstein informs Tucker of the alarming number of deaths resulting from the Covid vaccine, Pfizer makes a $43 Billion bet that ‘turbo cancers’ are going to explode around the world. But why, and could the two possibly be connected?
    Money Talks! Natural Immunity walks! The plank!

    Russia Unveils First Robot Army That CONFRONT the US
    Carros Show 31,939 views Jan 13, 2024
    Russian military robots are advanced technological complexes capable of performing diverse tasks on the battlefield. These armored automated systems can engage in combat without human involvement, providing reconnaissance, fire support, and other crucial functions. Russian engineers are actively developing and enhancing military robots, improving their mobility, weaponry, and capabilities for effective deployment in various combat scenarios.

  50. sam

    As Usual…Mr. Greg Hunter and Guest……..”HE SHOOTS….HE SCORES”!

  51. Poochiwoo

    They’ll simply keep lying, cancelling their own debts, printing themselves trillions, loot, place most into debt slavery, and steal. It has worked this far.

    • Greg Hunter

      This works until it doesn’t. Forrest Gump and the line in the movie comes to mind that says, “Then one day it was over, just like that.” Be ready because one day it will be over for this debt game.

  52. Jeffrobbins

    Thank you Mr. Hunter, for all you do. I gave up trying to figure out the markets. None of the fundamentals seem to matter, often it seems that the opposite happens, ‘sell the news’ is usually the rule. I do know that there are supposed to be a lot refinance in the first half of the year. I would venture that Mr. Hemke is correct in his forecast of lower rates. When we see the marriage of the ‘state’ and cooperations, we should expect the state to support the cooperations in a variety of ways, foremost of that being financially. It wasn’t coincidence mom and pops had to close, but Walmart and co. were essential. I would also guess that the FED will need some political cover story to justify the lowering of rates, and/ or some new program. War some place in the world will do nicely. I see it all now as some clown show, and that’s what really bothers me. As one of the public, i should be blissfully happy, or at least ignorant of these things. It’s pretty much out in the open for all to see, and i think that’s how the dollar dies.

  53. David Gordon Dunne

    Amazing comments and thanks so much Greg and Craig. Learned so much.

  54. Slim Shady Ln.

    The US China War Has Begun and What Happens Next is SHOCKING Danny Haiphong 41,873 views Jan 14, 2024
    US. -China Tensions over Taiwan have reached a breaking point as the latest presidential elections on the island provoke an announcement from the Biden administration that could plunge the two countries into war. This video breaks down what you need to know about this incredibly dangerous development.

    • Katy Bar

      To avoid a war over Taiwan why not have China bribe the US (Biden can have Hunter make the deal) and we Americans won’t have to lose our sons and daughters in another wasteful 20 year war (like we fought in Vietnam, Afghanistan. etc.) and then with the money Biden collects for the US from China we can pay the Mexican President the $20 Billion he demands for his help with our border problem (additionally Mexico wants us to allow at least 10 million Hispanic illegal immigrants the ability to stay in the US and work legally, end the sanctions against Venezuela and end the US blockade of Cuba)!! Hopefully we may even have enough China bribe money left over to solve the Gaza War by paying $20 Billion to Iran!!!

      • Jim

        Better do the bribes to save our country before our US funny money becomes completely worthless – as we don’t want to give away the tungsten filled gold bars we now have at Fort Knox backing up all our fiat paper dollars!!

      • Bruce

        Problem is the Bribe’n Administration upon making such a deal with China to hand over Taiwan “may simply keep all the money for themselves” instead of just taking 10% for the Big Guy!!

      • George

        Why not have Bribe’n send Hunter to make a deal with Russia where they pay the US to get out of NATO (instead of us just walking away) – we can sure use that money toward paying down our National Debt!!!

  55. Marie Joy

    Dr (PhD in Nursing) Campbell says he would like a new clause inserted in the Neuremberg Code for financial gain.
    There will always be horrific evil because good men do nothing.

  56. J Harper

    Lord Hemke from TFMR (Turd Ferguson Metal Report) is always good as usual.

    0% means cheap $ = worthless bonds
    +% means expensive $ = valuable bonds

    So which poison to take on this debt see-saw? As you see, there is no Win-Win, it is either Win-Loose, or Loose-Win; the end result is Loose-Loose.

  57. Anna

    Greg can u please please please do a report on ALL of the different mRNA vaccines and the ones they are working on? I don’t think average people know that the same toxic deadly mRNA tech is in their yearly “flu shot”. Even the old school shots were formulated by the flu strains that were breaking out in China and that they were reporting. Did they formulate this year’s “flu shots” on the current deadly flu that’s been going on in China right now? The one that is targeting children? Is that deadly “non pandemic worthy flu” going to be another cv-19 vaccine disguised as a seasonal flu shot? Is big pharma going to charge American tax payers to vaccine all of the people crossing the boarder? Is that the new $ stream for big pharma? Thx❤️

    • George

      And also provide the many delivery systems the Globalists plan on using when people simply refuse to take the jab (like for instance putting their bio-weapon into mosquitoes, or simply injecting their deadly toxic mRNA and HIV spike proteins into the fruits and vegetables we eat)!!

  58. Lelia L

    the entire medical system is wicked and corrupt beyond belief.

    Their new anti-obesity drug–one of many which rallied the stock market last year before the AI hype took over that job–causes DIARRHEA for life!!!

    Nino Rodriguez reports

  59. Marie Joy

    nevernikki.net and tell Nikki what you think
    45office and tell Trump what you think
    survivalblog.com for an interesting survival read
    ki4u.com for radiological info and products.

  60. ShadyLady ON ShadyLane

    ‘We are near that inflection point’: Billionaire Ray Dalio warns America is now ‘borrowing money to pay debt service’ — predicts debt will accelerate just to maintain spending
    Story by Jing Pan • 1d
    America’s national debt recently reached a staggering $34 trillion. And according to Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, that number may continue to rise — quite rapidly.
    “We are at a point in which we are borrowing money to pay debt service,” he said in a recent interview with CNBC.
    The hedge fund legend explained that if a country’s debt were to grow faster than its income, its debt service would be “encroaching” on its spending. And if the country wanted to maintain its current level of spending, it would need to “get more and more into debt.”
    “The way that works, it accelerates,” he said.
    He added that the problem is exacerbated by America’s domestic strife: “The internal social-conflict issue is something that is affecting foreign demand for bonds — about 40% of our debt is sold to foreigners.”

  61. V.Lock "Cooki"

    BREAKING: Deep State to Remove Joe Biden at DNC In July
    Infowars.com January 15th, 2024

  62. AK. Kalashnikov

    W O W S E R ! You Cannot Make This Stuff UP! A Psyop’s?
    EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Democrat Senators Announce Plan to Stage Military Coup Against Trump If Reelected — Plus, Ukraine Calls for Peace Deal with Russia! Posted 2 hours ago
    https://www.infowars.com/?cp=1 Clear & Present Dangerous…?

  63. Grewsome Nuisance

    Watch: Texas Police Guarding Illegal Migrant Facility TRIGGERED by Journalist by Jamie White 1/15/2024,
    San Antonio police accused of taking money from NGOs to facilitate human smuggling operations.
    Comes despite Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) last month signing a measure allowing law enforcement to arrest migrants who enter the U.S. illegally. https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-texas-police-guarding-illegal-migrant-facility-triggered-by-journalist/
    This is the problem folks. The leftist Soros deep state, that backstabbed China, after taking all their money. Are in control of the helicopter money since 2014, remember 5 billion to Ukraine, via Tory Nuland. 5 billion to Joe to get his son from prosecution there, now being spread out beyond our borders to non-governmental organism’s. Backstabbing Americans willing to betray the American taxpayer out of his vote and funds, to do the lefts dirty work of destroying the mom & pop’s, the middle class, with third world willing migrant slaves, future voters for Aunt Nancy and nephew, little Gavinski.
    These cops are selling their souls to the Sacramento iliac company store!

  64. Bill Holder

    Put your thinking caps on.

    Iran is on the US side; they are playing the “Bad Guys” role. If they are not working for the US, why they were sent palets of USDs? The best place to hide is on plain sight. Who runs BP, what was Operation Ajax who placed the Sha?

    Come on guys… we are getting played big time. I bet that Iran is a nest of the In-tel con-munity. Follow the money, remove the feelings and sentiments; you will see the true world.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Obama sent the Iranians pallets of Euros as well. It doesn’t get any more sold-out than that, either Obama or the Iranians!. The Iranians are on the side of the Iranians, and they play both sides. Best always. PM

    • Randy Best

      Pallets of worthless Government/FED fiat.

      • Katy Bar

        We really screwed up big time by not paying the Iranians even more of our worthless fiat to get them to completely control Hamas and Hezbollah – now with the US dollar worth almost zero we have basically lost a great opportunity to control the enemies of Israel – hence we may be forced to make Israel the 51st State instead of Taiwan!!!

        • George

          Is that why China is so worried about getting control of Taiwan?? Was the US considering making Taiwan the 51st State of the Union???

          • Katy Bar

            China must have gotten the word “whether true or not” and is taking no chances that the US will do to Taiwan what it did to Hawaii to secure its dominance in the Pacific and so they have recently purged its military to put in hard line Generals “who will immediately take action” to secure Taiwan “as a part of China”!!

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, this is interesting if this xCIA analyst is correct = Biden took Hooties off the ‘terrorist list’ and so Biden did not get Congressional authority to bomb them which is now involation of the AUMF , so will/can the IMPEACH Biden possibly prosecute him after he leaves office if courts rule Presidents do NOT have immunity? @24:20

  66. inflow FreePress outflow

    Biden Regime Ignores U.S. Journalist Killed in Ukraine Prison — Sunday Night Live January 14th 2024
    We’ll also break down the upcoming WEF Davos Summit and how its main topic includes the risks of “Disease X” as an impending pandemic ahead of the 2024 election — tune in!

  67. Quinn Hobart

    Top Trends Forecaster Warns WWIII Has Already Begun, Learn How to Stop it 340,426 views Alex Jones Show
    Gerald Celente lays out how every region and every major nation has already entered into a world war.

  68. Shiloh1

    Dovetailing well with your Craig Hemke interview about when the system implodes is Paul Craig Roberts essay – the collapse of evil:


  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, would be interesting if Dana Wiggington could get some reading on whether there are HAAP emissions warming the Arctic and pushing the cool blob BOM…down over the U.S.?
    Either way, this cold front should be a wakeup for elections next year…and how if such could occur again…could be a way to suppress voter turnout…MAYBE time for GOP and Independents to consider early voting and NOT wait for election day. Will be interesting to see the turn out in IOWA and how it will affect its turnout?

  70. April T. Showers

    FBI Stonewalls Over Seth Rich Laptop Production
    Tyler Durden by ZeroHedge JAN 13
    The FBI has asked a federal court for a second delay after being ordered to produce information from Seth Rich’s computer to a Texas resident, Brian Huddleston who has sued the bureau.
    Huddleston says that the court should force the agency to produce the information before the 2024 presidential election, as it may show that Rich, not Russians, was Wikileaks’ source of leaked emails which were damaging to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/fbi-stonewalls-over-seth-rich-laptop-production

    • Christian

      There was a bomb threat at the National Archives in July of 2016. All the 3 letter agencies were there. From College Park to DC they were out in force. This is how and when the files were obtained. Then a month later Clinton emails drop. Seth Rich is just a cover story, a Patsy if you will. And no…this is not some White Hat nonsense. This actually happened. Remember Stuxnet Virus, the CIA/NSA can make anything appear to come from any computer anywhere in the world. This is why the truth will/can not ever be known.

  71. Disorder InDa Court

    Ukrainian Commander’s Big Revelation Amid Russia War; ‘Most Soldiers Much Older…’
    Hindustan Times 61,832 views Jan 15, 2024
    A Ukrainian Commander said that the army is need of young soldiers. He mentioned that the average age of a soldier is above 40-years-old. The commander emphasised on the need for another mobilisation. This comes as Ukraine seeks to conscript more people amid the war with Russia. Watch the full video to know more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDWTysOXOZc

  72. George Burwash

    Russia’s Newest Drone ‘GERANIUM-3’ Turned Remnants of The Ukrainian Air Defense into Scrap Metal
    BORZZIKMAN 8,689 4 hours ago

  73. Marie Joy

    Stop & Shop delivery and outside pickup were cancelled for today, Monday. I don’t know why.

  74. F.Cooper

    Col Douglas Macgregor: Important observation
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 24,077 views 1/15/2024
    The fuse is lit on a powder keg in the Middle East, and Colonel Macgregor is here to decode the imminent dangers for global security. His expertise unveils Iran’s alarming progression towards weapons-grade uranium enrichment and the whispers of nuclear aid from Pakistan to Turkey—developments that could trigger a catastrophic regional war.
    Macgregor’s analysis doesn’t just skim the surface; it plunges into the strategic depths of regional power dynamics, exposing the potential fallout on tens of thousands of American servicemen and the stark absence of discourse from the White House.
    Omg.. this should be all over the media and internet!

  75. Helpless Saxon

    This is Why the Left is So Afraid of Rascal! TRUMP!
    Is This Not Insane? You BETCHA! It’s Irrational Exuberance!
    Another Bold Rascal! Such Impudence!

    What they are NOT telling you about RUSSIA!!
    Siberian Freedom 157,348 views Jan 13, 2024
    2 years after Russia became the most sanctioned country ever. We went to the massive Avia park shopping mall. Moscow and Europe’s biggest shopping center to see if the shelves were bare.
    Hawiian Food Too! See Barry, you would feel right at home!

    Canadian Author’s UNHINGED Rant at Palestinian Woman CAUGHT ON VIDEO!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 63,647 views Jan 15, 2024

  76. tim mcgraw

    Well, Americans need to lose weight anyway. Enjoy the Top Ramen and tea.

    • Randy Best

      Yes, indeed. Americans have becomes Blimps, per Gerald Celente.

      • tim mcgraw

        Randy Best: I lived on Top Ramen and Tea for a year 40 years ago. I’d just been divorced and had child payments to pay.
        I lost weight. Cleared my head. I was living in a cabin on Port Gamble Bay north of Seattle. No electricity, gas, or hot water. Shit in the woods. I did have a wood stove for heat.
        It was like living as a monk. Good for the soul.

  77. H.Saxon

    Ramaswamy drops out: ‘The more Republicans saw him, the less they liked him’ MSNBC 126,360 2 hours ago
    An MSNBC panel discusses the unlikely candidacy of Vivek Ramaswamy, who responded to his distant loss in the Iowa Caucuses by dropping out of the Republican primary race and endorsing Donald Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H95S5ER83-M

    Glenn Greenwald DESTROYS Bill Maher On His Own Show
    More Door, The Jimmy Dore Show 174,845 views 11 hours ago

  78. Bret Donnely

    Reports Claimed China’s Missiles Tech Could Wipe Out US Bases in Minutes
    Race To Space 13,083 views Premiered 6 hours ago
    In today’s world of global power-hungry giants, China emerges as a formidable force with an arsenal of thousands of missiles, capable of reshaping the dynamics of conflict. The alarming prospect of China having the ability to swiftly incapacitate U.S. bases in a war sparks intense discussions about the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific and settles one discussion of the whole debate, China has lurked in the shadows long enough and now it’s time is here.
    Today’s episode will cover how China has tons of missiles in its arsenal and can easily wipe out the US bases in case of a conflict.
    00:00 – Intro
    00:57 – China’s Power | Miles Ahead?
    03:24 – Is China Planning Ahead?
    05:55 – Is US Really The One To Point Fingers?

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump Delivers Victory Speech After Blow-Out Win in Republican Iowa Caucus
    Forbes Breaking News 153,673 3 hours ago

  79. Jasa

    Hi Greg got a possible interviewee for you:

    Please check out


    Very interesting guy and might prove useful!

  80. Nat Baumgarner

    Elites gathering in Davos consider keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office their top priority, the commentator claimed.
    Globalists lack supporters, but they have nukes – Alex Jones to RT©
    Globalist elites hate Donald Trump because his economy-focused nationalist policies run against their pursuit of global control, US political commentator Alex Jones told RT, commenting on the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.
    Jones is a vocal proponent of the former American president and a strong critic of the WEF, which he perceives as a manifestation of the globalist agenda. Transnational business elites seek power at the expense of the liberties which are at the core of the US
    national project, he believes.
    “I’m peacefully trying to get Trump elected. I’m trying to get [removed from power] the crazy people … who’ve hijacked the government,” Jones said in the interview, referring to Trump’s bid for another term in the White House, which he personally supports.
    The current generation of powers that be is less competent now than the previous ones, and so they are both weaker and more dangerous, Jones claimed. Thanks to the spread of social media, there is a growing public pushback about their narratives, he added.
    The elites “don’t have the people’s brains, but they have the nuclear weapons, and they are psychotic,” he warned.

    • Greg Hunter

      It the evil elites want trump stopped then this is why I like him.

  81. jarod simpson

    Evangelical bloviator still on earth; has not been raptured as she said all last year was imminent

    that means Mark Taylor is still available to guest on USA Watchdog so he can he can discuss Trump’s prophesied 2nd term in 2024

  82. TD Jaeks

    McAfee rebuking Bitcoin cult leader Clif High

    • Katy Bar

      Bitcoin has “no intrinsic value” (just like the US fiat dollar has “no intrinsic value”) – the only value it has is its “use to facilitate trades” (until confidence is lost in holding on to these “facilitators” for fear they may lose their “facilitating ability “and then have little or no residual valve of their own left” (considering they are just abundant electrons or paper) whereas holding on to something like gold and silver as facilitators of trade is considered safer as such elements in nature are rare (providing a basis upon which value can be ascribed to these elements directly (as they are not as abundant as electrons, paper or sand on the beach)!!

  83. Phil

    How does silver and gold retain value when the dollar collapses???? Anybody ? If gold reaches $15,000 an oz. then the dollar is worth basically nothing? So who would want $15,000 useless dollars? I am confused as to why investors in these metals would want them to be worth that much? They would be worth no more than their industrial applications! I have yet to find an answer to this query……

    • Jeffrobbins

      Industrial value is the floor/ base value for metals. There are other drivers for value/ price that could far exceed the base value- psychological. The answer to your thoughts are best thought of in two parts. The first is that holding gold is a store of value, instead of dollars, or some other hard asset. For dollars, inflation is the main problem. Any investment has to beat inflation first and risk second. Another real issue is that anything that has a deed or title is subject to some kind of taxation, foreclosure, forfeiture, etc. There is a lot of chatter about some kind of wealth tax- you didn’t expect the larger governments to spend and tax less did you? Gold has no title or deed registration.
      The second issue is that with rampant inflation, if you even bother to trade back into dollars, you can trade the gold for some other asset- the dollars are an accounting and taxation method, nothing else. IMHO we all need to really think about how we trade thing for thing. Even when i go to work, i am trading my time, knowledge, and efforts for dollars. It’s criminal that my time is taxed- but the tax is because that(my time) is monitized into dollars. If i instead were to barter and trade equal thing for thing, it could be argued that is not a taxable event. For now a used truck might trade for 10 ounces of gold, but in a scenario of gold scarcity it could be 1 ounce for the same truck. What is a ton of wheat worth? Depends on how much bread is in the stores. The more unstable the money the more we are going to need to try to barter for things. The early colonies struggled with all these issues and barter was essential.
      I would say an improved question would be- “How much gold should a person have as part of a savings/ asset portfolio?” Followed by “Then what?”. Lots of answers out there. I have really thought about that one and have settled in on one years worth of wages. I would say that productive land is the ultimate asset to own. There’s a few versions of ‘productive’ and most people that talk about gold will say that they want to buy some big real estate later on when gold is a bazillion dollars. I’m looking for both- on sale, if i can find them. So, I’ll keep going to work getting ripped off in the mean time. Genesis 24:35 is worth thinking on.

    • Katy Bar

      Phil – Gold is like your son or daughter (and like your children gold has an “intrinsic value”) – now imagine if your child was kidnapped and held for ransom – how many worthless fiat dollars would you pay to get hold of them in your hands? Same with holding gold and silver in your hands “they retain value” whereas the dollar is simply a worthless piece of paper. Hopefully the kidnappers of your child will be dumb enough to accept only $15,000 useless dollars in ransom when you know in your heart you will pay “any price” $50,000, $100,000 even a Million dollars to get your child back in your hands because your child has intrinsic value to you that the paper money does not have!!

      • Paul

        My 30 year old son has outperformed my “precious”metals 10 fold over the last ten years in conservative stocks compared to my 24 years in metals

        • Katy Bar

          But Paul – When your son’s “millions in fiat paper” go to “zero” (in the coming global reset) he will likely be knocking on his Dad’s door to borrow some gold!!

          • Paul

            Understand redeeming, buying and timing is what in your wallet.

    • Pete+only

      Phil, Gold and Silver will always hold value in purchasing power, (it has for 5000 years) and that’s all you need to know, so when the dollar disappears, or becomes devalued, you will still hold something that you can barter with when you hold Gold or Silver.
      Gold and Silver is still relatively cheap only because markets are corrupt and fixed.
      You don’t need the internet to transact with it either. Gold and Silver also has no counterparty risk, meaning it is not related in any way to all the debt out there.
      The internet will be taken down, likely sometime this year, so when Central Bank Digital Currencies are forced upon many people, there will be a premium on any assets that big brother doesn’t know about, such as Gold and Silver. Silver has many industrial applications as well as being a precious metal, so it also has that going for it, and irronically, the industrial applications helps make it much scarcer, as it gets consumed whereas practically every ounce of gold ever produced is still with us.
      At present, it takes about 85 ounces of silver to purchase just 1 ounce of gold, but historically, silver has only taken 16 ounces of silver to purchase an ounce of gold, so it has up to a 5x upside just for that factor alone.

  84. PB Shelly


    Seattle man Clif High mocks Jesus, now the PNW volcanoes are activating.

    Volcanic steam bubbles oozing out of pavement in Portland, Oregon.


    “Does Portland, Oregon have a volcano within its metropolitan area? . . . all existing Volcanic centers are extinct and the probability of an eruption in the Portland/Vancouver metro area is very low.”


  85. Boomba Doomer Gloomra Retort

    Zelensky Fundraises at WEF + The Death of Gonzalo Lira w/ Mark Sleboda
    Rachel Blevins 11,659 views Jan 16, 2024
    Zelensky is back on the fundraising trail at the World Economic Forum, as he tries to convince the U.S. and the EU to make progress on passing tens of billions of Dollars in new aid packages for Ukraine. But while the Biden Admin assures Zelensky that he has Washington’s support, they ignore the American citizen who just died in Kiev’s custody.
    International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda noted that the detainment, torture and ultimately the death of Gonzalo Lira was not only something the Biden Admin allowed to happen by refusing to intervene—it was a warning to anyone in the region who openly criticizes Zelensky, no matter their nationality.

    End of the Big Black Mean Urban Woerman Trump Haters

    Judge Jeanine: It’s a ‘scam’ and Fani Willis should be disbarred
    Fox News 424K views 1 day ago
    ‘The Five’ react to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis accusing critics of racism after allegedly having an ‘improper’ relationship with a top prosecutor on the Trump election interference case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHe4u1gtQSM

  86. Martin

    well, it cannot come quick enough for me! The SHTF for me back in late 2019, just as the C-word was making it’s entry! I already lost my mum/dad/ now ex wife/ 3 kids/ my dog / my only Brother (I have no other family) / My business / ALL my money and investments I spent a lifetime achieving! I now live a very basic life hiding from all and any authorities 2,000 miles away from my homeland (that I miss so much!! – Scotland!) I now live day to day, I get my wifi from a local bar/restaurant (I sit outside on the street!) There are some nice people though, as these people make sure I never go hungry!! I remember the days when all my family would gather at my home on special occasions and they would all say the same thing about me, “what can we get the guy that has everything already?” – If only they could see me now!! a nice pair of shoes would be a start! and maybe some fitted clothes! as I’ve lost so much weight in the past 4 years! (18KGS to be exact! and I wasn’t fat!) So… Bring on this crash worldwide! and make it SNAPPY!!

  87. Highway orYahweh

    North or South, which way do you go? To the day of God, the Almighty @ Armageddon!
    How the United States Forced Italy to Attack China
    Cyrus Janssen 9,000 views 47 mins Jan 17, 2024
    Italy was the only major Western country in the China Belt and Road Initiative, until the US gave pressure to Italy and forced them to leave. In today’s video we examine the evidence of why Italy was forced to leave China and what it means for the future of the world.

  88. Thanks Very Much

    Were Woke, Broke, Busted & Disgusted!
    EXPOSED! The Truth Behind the Ukraine Conflict w/ US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor
    Reporterfy Media & Travel 5,894 1 hour ago UKRAINE

  89. Chris Ten

    Trump’s new BFF (after Trump won Iowa this month) was linked with Soros?

    OTOH there’s this: ” Vivek Ramaswamy has settled his lawsuit against the “globalist” World Economic Forum (WEF) for “creating a false perception” he was affiliated with the organization, ”

    at any rate, be careful with Trump, the self-described father of the vaccine and leader of Operation Warpspeed and introducer of 5G death towers. …. And recipient of the endorsement of false prophet Mark Taylor, who has since gone into hiding.

  90. Steve Mcquin

    Vivak the snake says our real-world US. government, is without our representation, in the house of representatives and the house is hiding behind the plausible deniability scam. Allowing those shadow government deep creep unintelligent agent provocateurs J0hn Brennan, Mike Morell, Jack Soros Smith gonna get you too, to give out they’re new world dis orders to Obomber Barry, owned by Alex Soros, his master classless 4 eyed dear in the headlights clueless wanna be loved by you!

    Trump Is FED UP With Vivek Ramaswamy’s BS!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 63,340 views Jan 16, 2024
    Vivek Ramaswamy has been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, but that wasn’t good enough for Trump, who recently unloaded on Vivek as a duplicitous, sneaky character. Guest host Russell Dobular is joined by Due Dissidence’s Keaton Weiss and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger to discuss Vivek’s last-minute pitch for voters to choose him as the best way to help Trump.
    The cavalry is on its way again Jack,
    Guess who you are? Yup, not Robin!

    POWDER KEG? Iran Warns Biden to BUTT OUT While Launching MISSILES into Pakistan: Lt Col Davis

  91. Pop Duggan

    Escalating Tensions: Russia Unleashes New Su-57 with Radar-Stealth Engines
    Defense TV 382,165 views Jan 11, 2024
    The skies above the battlefield are about to witness a new predator. For years, the Sukhoi Su-57, nicknamed the “Felon” by NATO, has been Russia’s answer to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, vying for dominance in the fifth-generation fighter jet arena. Now, with the integration of the Izdeliye-30 engine, the Su-57 is poised for a significant evolution, potentially challenging the current pecking order in aerial warfare.

    According to reports from TASS, a state news agency in Russia, the Russian Aerospace Forces received a fleet of ten Su-57 fighters equipped with stage one engines in 2023. However, the more significant disclosure lies in the upcoming deployment of Su-57s equipped with stage two engines, codenamed “Izdeliye 30,” and the integration of flat nozzle technology, set to begin in 2024.

    This evolution promises a significant leap in the Su-57’s capabilities. The Izdeliye 30 engine boasts enhanced thrust and fuel efficiency, while the flat nozzle technology further reduces radar signature. The result? A stealthier, deadlier predator, capable of outpowering opponents in the blink of an eye.

  92. Shiloh1

    Saw the Bill O’Reilly interview on Judge Nap show. Warmonger O’Reilly did not disappoint, as he did as many tours in ‘Nam as Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton. Judge Nap did well to hold his own and get the better of the debate.

  93. Lars

    It’s Jenganomics. It can tople over any second.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love “Jenganomics”!!!

  94. Slim Whiskers

    Obama has a cure for this, it’s called Big Mike.

    deep-state King Charlie of UK has a swollen prostate:

  95. Justn Observer

    Greg, your viewers need to know this to understand the now of what is occuring with the WEF and inside the U.S. now….’one has to know the past to understand the now and future ‘they’ have been planning? =

  96. Gary Glen

    fantastic …. now all we need is for him to rebuke the vax and stop dancing to the YMCA


    • Katy Bar

      And besides vowing to never allow Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC’s) Trump also vowed to stop Banks and government regulators from de-banking and freezing our bank accounts because of our political, medical or religious beliefs (like Trudeau did to the truckers in Canada who refused the VAX)!!! Trump’s landslide win in Iowa is a stunning show of strength that “we the people” (if we stick together) have the strength to defeat the evil Globalists and their plans to exterminate us with cancerous meat and vaccines!!

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, this about says it all…= so insightful = where are the lies in what he says = sometimes you know the truth when you hear it?

  98. Bill

    Libertarian Leader of Argentina, Javier Milei, travels to Davos and tells the Demons there, the best form of Government is Capitalism, because it promotes the Life , Liberty and Property of the World’s Populations.

  99. Janice

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Democracy for which it stands with Universal Equality for All…. No more Republic, No more Liberty and Justice, and No longer One Nation under God!!! In fact, we are losing our Republic in favor of a Democracy; and they are not the same at all. So sad!

  100. CCW

    The first time I listened to Craig Hemke, I liked him. I liked what he had to say. More than that, Craig approaches every subject like a scientist with a native curiosity and a sense of humor.

    THINK: it’s Christmas morning, and Craig has all these great mystery boxes to open, each containing parts to one fine, gold watch. Fascinating. We have the honor of watching This craftsman.

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