Russia Strikes Back, Bridge Disaster, FDA Ivermectin Lies

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 627 3.29.24)

There was a terror attack in Moscow last week that killed at least 130 unarmed people who were out for a night of fun.  Russian security services (known as the FSB) think that the US, UK and Ukraine were behind the attack.  The FSB claims they paid the terrorist gunmen with crypto currency.  Didn’t Sam Bankman Fried, former President of FTX, launder money through Ukraine and then give it to the DNC to use in the 2020 election?  Russia is preparing for a global war against NATO.  Martin Armstrong says the Deep State neocons want global war, and they are going to try to get it started between May and July, well before the 2024 Election.  Money managers at JPMorgan warn Russia could strike back and push oil past $100 a barrel by Election Day.  There is plenty more Russia could do to get even for this murderous attack in Moscow.

There is a lot of talk about the Baltimore bridge disaster.  Many say it is terrorism, and it was possibly caused by hacking from China.  No matter what you think might have caused it, the Frances Scott Key Bridge collapse is an economic disaster.  The bridge carried $28 billion of goods a year, and the port, that is now closed down, imported 750,000 vehicles in 2023 alone.  Maryland Governor Wes Moore said, “The bridge collapse would cause significant economic damage not only to the region but to the entire country.”

The FDA lied to the American public about the effectiveness of Ivermectin on combating Covid19.  They did this so their buddies at Big Pharma could get their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their CV19 bioweapon shots.  To get an EUA, there could be no other viable treatment for CV19, and, thus, the outright lies about one of the most effective and safest drugs ever made.  The FDA was sued and settled the case.  The FDA retracted all the lies they told about this lifesaving drug.  At least 1 million people died because they did not get early treatment with Ivermectin at the beginning of the Covid19 Plandemic.  These people are criminals, and their lies murdered people who trusted them.

There is much more in the 56-minute newscast.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Dr. Pierre Kory was one of the very first doctors back in October 2021 to warn of “Calamitous Suppression of Early CV-19 Treatment” such as Ivermectin and HCQ.  The FDA, CDC, the entire medical community and Big Pharma lied to the public about the safety and effectiveness of these two drugs to get their Emergency Use Authorization for the CV19 bioweapon shots.  At least 1 million people died because they did not get cheap and effective treatment early on in the CV19 Plandemic.  Dr. Kory burns the medical community to the ground for this murderous crime on the Saturday Night Post.

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  1. Sad Sacked

    Empires in decline embrace an almost willful suicide,
    blinded by hubris, in a hope to return to a mythical time..
    Ray McGovern: What Happened in Moscow?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    WOW! Ray, put together from his commentators last Friday, Nuland and head honcho of Ukraine intell Budonov, they’re nasty surprise warning to Put’S! Did they nail themselves in the Moscow teen hangout concert massacre? And if it weren’t SO botched up, you couldn’t make it up! Where do these misfits get they’re hubris from anyways. They better give up smokin they’re pipe dream and start smokin the peace pipe! They cant even pull off a simple black op’s without showing they’re cards beforehand, what gives and why? Because they are so humiliated in being responsible for baiting the Russian bear since 2014? Or in their complicity in feeding the flower of Ukraine youth into a meat grinder? Or bringing the west to near bankruptcy and NATO, into possible oblivion, or in a third world war?
    Is it so worth, being woke, broke, busted and LGBQR+ disgusted! Has American foreign policy gone to pot! It’s bad enough the Anglo-American world power is, must they and their banker families insist the Russki’s do the same and join they’re so culled new world dis-order!
    Hollywood turned our flower of youth to reefer madness, “great film!” and so now we can’t even make safe ways for cargo ships and make safe airplanes anymore! Heck, we cant even shoot off a hyper-sonic missile! For that matter!
    Russia is eating our lunch and Trump will have to grab them all by the scruff of the neck and show they’re puppet master Beijing Biden crime family administration bums to the door! Hopefully, not on a recently built Boeing nightmare of a 777 Dreamliner!

  2. Anthony Australia

    On this day Christ died for our sins and he will return because we sure do need him to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen AA!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Yes Greg and finally Netflix put something decent on, well worth it I hope.
        Testament: The Story of Moses

      • Scott Sehm

        I love your shows. Thank you Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks, Scott, for the kind words!! Happy Resurrection Day!! Jesus is Real!!

    • Robert Holmes

      The Pontious Pilot event was really about how to deal with “Enemies of the State”. Nowadays, similar events, (Novalny), come to mind usually propagated by Dictators from the Right. Does anyone have a list, (Neocons?) of considered such Enemies of the State? Also, do practicing American Christians really accept Donald Trump as a true Disciple of Jesus?

      • Mark Mintz

        Yes Robert Holmes, practicing American Christians really do accept Donald Trump as a true Disciple of Jesus! Especially the Christians who are awake to the deceit poured out about embracing transgenderism and pedophilia and LGBTQXYZ…. as “loving your neighbor as yourself.” Those who really study God’s Word know that we are to love the sinner (as Yeshua/Jesus did) but NOT the sin. There’s a huge distinction here.
        This distinction applies equally to Donald Trump. Just as God used King Cyrus for the return of the Jews to re-build the Temple and Jerusalem, and as He used King David (in spite of his abomination to Uriel and Bathsheba) to strengthen and unite Israel and Judah, he is using Donald Trump and blessing the work of his hands. You may not like everything about him – his abrupt speech, etc – but God doesn’t make mistakes. He picked Trump to win the 2016 election against all odds “for such a time as this.”

  3. Anthony Australia

    Good Friday Gold Spot Price $3,430.88AUD

    • Rick

      Thanks Brother Anthony – Amen, He sure does neen to come back. And it ain’t even all that crazy right now compared to how bad it’s going to get not far down the road –

  4. Sing A Song

    Happy days are here again . Your cares and troubles are gone
    _____They’ll be no war from now on!
    _Believe it!
    Belgian commemorative band.

  5. Chunk Yogurt

    Putin Says U.S. & CIA Did It!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 200,823 views Mar 26, 2024
    According to fromer GOP House Representative and staunch libertarian Ron Paul, elements within the United States government have for years been plotting how to overthrow the current Russian regime. The recent terror attacks, he says, were likely an outgrowth of those elements feeling that they needed to act before Ukraine capitulates and concedes defeat to Russia.
    Jimmy and Due Dissidence host Keaton Weiss discuss the sociopathetic strain that leads U.S. Deep State officials to believe they have the right to brazenly control other nations.

  6. sam

    Mr. Greg Hunter, This is the only place that I follow and respond. so.. this is the only place that I will ask any American Patriot who might see this post, who has some “pull” who has President Trump’s ear…(like Dr. Betsy Eads who offered You a chance for a “Press Pass”)……I will keep asking until I am asked to stop by you for you to get a Chance to be in the running for President Trump’s …PRESS SECRETARY….
    I know I will get some Stupid response to this “Call to Patriots w/juice”….like that Idiot a few Posts back……but…I will keep it up unless you tell me to stop…or…I run out of steam…
    A FAN who believes in Mr. Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam!!

      • Saved by Grace

        Brother Greg, thank you for all your efforts.

        FYI-Charlie Kirk, Don jr., ask to interview DJT, the Donald. Where God guides.

        We celebrate, because He lives…

        Good Friday Brothers, and Sisters.
        Remember you are Loved

        Join Brave Church Family live, your invited.

    • Ann

      Hello Sam, I wish I had someone’s ear to advance your request. I am so tried of seeing the same people recycled over & over. They have run our country into the ground. There are so many good people out here in the real world that would be honored to serve this country. Good luck.

      • sam

        Thank You . Ann…..the Greatest Accomplishments started with a “single paragraph”….lets see how this works out for our Country by bringing in , Finally…Just Like President Trump…..SOMEONE NOT in the SWAMP!…just like Mr. Greg Hunter!.

    • Stewart

      Re Sam
      WELL SAID🙏


    3 Day Easter Weekend Movie?
    World War II, the spring of 1942, the remaining crew of the U.S. Navy’s 3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron, the last of Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s (Robert Barrat ) escort in the retreat from the Philippine island of Corregidor, wash ashore, stranded on the island of Leyte. The crew discovers that the U.S. has lost Bataan to the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Their commander orders them to pair off and make their way to the nearest airfield on Mindanao for transport to Australia, where they will rejoin the main American forces. U.S. Navy Ensign Chuck Palmer (Tyrone Power) and sailor Jim Mitchell (Tom Ewell) depart together, eventually joining hundreds of Filipinos fleeing the advancing Japanese army.
    Written & produced by Lamar Trotti, based on the 1945 book of the same name by Ira Wolfert, cinematography by Harry Jackson, Also starring Micheline Presle, Robert Patten, Tommy Cook, Juan Torena, Robert Barrat, and Jack Elam. Lang only made the film to pay his bills, he later denied even making it.
    The real star of the film is the U.S.S. Orleck (DD 886) exists to this day, after serving in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and being sold for a while to the Turkish Navy, and is now permanently docked in Lake Charles, LA, where it serves as a museum.
    Fritz Lang’s “American Guerrilla in the Philippines” (1950)
    Donald P. Borchers (released as, I Shall Return in the UK)
    540,439 views eleased Jun 29, 2023 PHILIPPINES
    Lots of praise in the comments for this film. Much respect for our elders. For what they’ve been through, in their lives before our existing generation.
    War will never end till Kingdom come. Till then, keep on keeping on. Stacking, prepping to the very end. Where we’ll all meet again, as a great crowd, the “Great Multitude” of Revelation 7:9. On the other side of rehabilitation and redemption, of whats left of planet earth.. A kinder meeker redeeming, new earth? Yup, good riddance to this old world disaster, of Adam, Eve and their snake puppet fooling, Satan the Devil!

    • Anthony Australia


  8. John Maskell

    Happy Easter Greg . Love and best wishes from the UK , John .

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Resurrection weekend to you and yours!! Jesus is Risen!

      • Michael Lee Shirey

        Happy Passover Brother Greg! Jesus is risen!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Brother Michael!!

      • Stacia Amante

        rather, today is a Good Friday. This is a day of sorrow, respect and gratitude for the suffering of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God.

      • Anonymous

        I like that Greg, i caught that! Not Easter, that’s to some old pagan god. But resurrection weekend, Jesus risen.
        Why they would use that name and still use it, is beyond me. But, I do remember reading North Americans look down on South Americans when they to have old pagan customs or names for Christian things too. That we find so strange yet, the early Christians would marvel at just what were doing naming the resurrection celebration Easter.
        Appreciate, your honesty and tact in putting that in there without offending. Yet still sticking to the truth, as his truth keeps marching on, glory, glory, hallelujah!

        • Greg Hunter

          Jesus was Crucified during Passover. Jesus is real, and He’s coming back.

  9. Ken Yu

    The thickheaded Demon-rats and Demon-rino neocons now in control of Washington “are living in a delusional dreamland”. These evil psychotics think they can continue to do terrorist drone attacks and shoot Russian citizens “directly in the heart of Moscow” and that there will “magically be no payback consequences” for them. Well, look at the payback Israel is doing to Gaza for their terrorist attacks. Do you think Russia will not also Payback the Demon-rats and Demon-rinos for their terror attacks upon Russia. The taking down of the Baltimore bridge is probably just the start at the end America will probably look like Gaza. The American News Media needs to ask themselves if they will continue supporting the psychopathic Demon-rat and Demon-rino neocons in their provocative attacks upon Russia (in order to get WWIII started by June so that Marshall Law can be declared by election time keeping them in power). Will the Main Stream Media finally stand up against the Demon Rats and Demon Rinos who have already significantly damaged our economy? Or will they simply take the CIA bribes and continue to support Bribe’n in his call out to the world “to flood our borders with illegals” and continuing supporting Bribe’n “poking the Russian Bear” to get WWIII started???
    Remember – “Payback Can Be A Bitch”!!!

  10. sam

    the Persecution of President Trump reminds me of “one 3 letter word”…and found in the bible………JOB…
    not exactly, but pretty dam close ….Has to be Satan running this Hoax on America…wonder hoe that story ended?

  11. sam

    I have Fantasies of mike and barry along with hillary and FJB Etc, Etc, Etc……..after a speedy trial for TREASON….getting WETWORKED…or…plain old Hanged by the neck until DEAD…AFTER a LEGAL TRIAL, of course….hopefully by..the JAG….but I will settle for the good ole Mussolini Treatment…

    • 9to5

      Stay on Your….

  12. Judge Cooper Montana

    INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern: UN Vote, Moscow Attack, Gaza, Ukraine
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 6,602 views 5 hours

    • Ken Yu

      Now that the “fat lady” (Victoria Nuland) has sung her words that “Russia is in for a surprise attack” (which occurred with her orchestrated massacre in Moscow) it is over for her and her evil neocon rhinos and rats, as Russia now takes decisive action to target and wipe out the entire power grid in Ukraine (so the NATO troops being sent there by France, England and the US will have to operate in the dark as their Command and Control Centers are targeted for destruction and brain dead Bribe’n who is sending F16’s to kill Russians finds out to his complete dismay that its not just London Bridges that are apt to fall down!!!

  13. Steve

    Not sure if your having issues with your email notifications system but I did not receive one for today the 29th on either email I have. Love your program.

    • Greg Hunter

      I forgot top send out the email blast. Thaks for the backstop!!!

  14. James Hall

    The ship was a set up, they don’t always run tugs through the bridge with the ship. Forget about the cyber attack. They can do everything inside the ship. Too much redunancy within the ship. Same company as Suez canal accident.

    They can open canal up within 6 weeks once all the gear is there. They’ll run trucks late at night.

  15. wayne

    Going to ask again Greg that you check out MIKE GILL, he is worth your investigating.

  16. Brianroy

    Baltic Shipping removed the Ukrainian Master who slammed his ship into the bridge in Baltimore. He read like a CIA recruitment file, starting on a Malta flag ship in 2008, and then was heavy Liberia and Panama flag shipped assigned before his last February 19, 2024 sign off. His application for this vessel was only weeks ago:
    03.03.2024 Applied for: Master Alternative: Master Availability: 01.05.2024 Salary: 10200 USD/month Citizenship: Ukraine Nationality: Ukraine English: Intermediate / Upper Intermed US Visa: 14.11.2026 Schengen Visa:
    Nearest Airport: OTP (Bucharest, Romania – Otopeni)

    We just had the CIA on 3/22 with its fingerprints all over the Russian Concert Massacre.
    Abdullah Hakim al-Sishani of the Ukrainian Military factions, a 1990s CIA built up Chechen commander and former leader of Ajnad al-Kavkaz (Soldiers of the Caucasus or AK). who fought also recently in Syria along with what is believed to be an ISIS faction. He was identified in Ukraine as part of the Ukraine military on Jan 10 2023 ff by the Jerusalem Post at the time and others. So in effect, 14 months of military participation with the Ukrainians — along with one of his arrested shooters, Rustam Azhiyev. who served in the Ukrainian Army in 2022 — removes deniability from the Ukrainians for this massacre.
    Meanwhile, the Internet sites continue to be scrubbed, but not before being screen shot preserved against claims of Libel. When the Tik Tok bill passes and is signed, we allare removed from the Internet, and Freedom of Information anywhere becomes a thing of the past, all at once.

    • Ken Yu

      So a Ukrainian was the Captain on the ship that took down the Frances Scott Key Bridge. Now the question the US Government should be asking is did he do it because 1) he felt the US has not provided enough aid to Ukraine and thus we should provide even more aid or 2) because the US has gotten 500,000 young Ukrainian solders killed in a senseless war to do yet another regime change and thus hang this Ukrainian patriot for trying to stop the US neocons efforts to start WWIII before the November election or 3) simply out of greed for the money (likely offered by Russia to pay back the US for the Moscow Massacre)!!!

  17. Russell

    IF new york commercial real estate drops to pennies on the dollar, george soros will buy it up, for basucally free after all this calms down

  18. Harley Spangler

    “Sure It’s The ISIS, Not Kyiv?” Russia Asks US As Bloodied Moscow Attack Suspects Appear In Court CRUX 2311,259 views Mar 25, 2024
    Four men accused of involvement in the Moscow concert hall attack that killed at least 137 people have been charged with terrorism. The four men, all of whom are citizens of Tajikistan as per Russian state media, risk a life sentence in prison, Moscow’s Basmanny district court said. The accused showed signs of severe beatings and one appeared to be barely conscious during the hearing. The President of Tajikistan condemned the Moscow attack in a call with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. The British finance minister said London has “very little confidence” in Russia’s claims on the Moscow attack, accusing it of trying to “defend” it’s assault on Ukraine.

  19. Curt

    Speaking of Mark Crispin Miller, most accounts I’ve read (and heard) say that King Charles has prostate cancer. Last week in Miller’s blog, he indicated that it was pancreatic cancer and that the king had been given 2 years to live. I’ve not seen that in any other source, but Miller seems highly credible. Have you or any of the other commenters heard about this?

    • Ken Yu

      On this Good Friday we are effectively told the King is Dead.
      Long Live the “REAL” King!!!

  20. Agnes

    For the record, Greg, we no longer have a constitution that is the supreme law of the United States. Along with 190+ members of the UN, our government representatives signed away our constitution in 2005 to the WHO dictates when the WHO declares a public health emergency. I don’t know if we are still in a WHO-declared emergency, but I doubt they will give up that power once they have it. Perhaps that’s why the supreme court is refusing to enforce our bill of rights. I have no idea how we get our sovereign powers back.

    Here is the document our representatives signed.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not true, otherwise the WHO would not want a new directive it is frantically wanting this summer.

      • Agnes

        Sorry, Greg, but the document looks valid to me. It is their 3rd update. I assume this summer’s directive will be the fourth. With all due respects, please look at it before deciding. Or don’t. But I put out a lot of time and effort to find it and write this comment for you.

      • Alex

        Dear Greg,
        Decades ago, my best friend and I visited the WHO, just outside the city limits of Geneva. Besides being a consultant to airline Swissair, I also ran my own export company. Long story short, Debby and I had an appointment at WHO to see if I could help provide them American made medical supplies. Upon entering the building, we instantly felt an amazing sense of disquiet and unease in the normally brisk and harmonious Swiss winter air. Debby said it first. Her mother and aunt were both Holocaust survivors. Very intuitive, she asked me, “Do you sense something intensely evil here”?. I replied, “Yes, I do, and I think we should leave!” I will never forget that as long as I live, as I never felt that instinctive sensation before or since. It makes sense that the AC may emerge out of CERN, right outside Geneva, perhaps over the next days with the eclipse. The research facility is powering up for its yearly run. Check out the You-Tube videos of CERNs inauguration ceremony and the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel linking Italy to Switzerland. Given that WHO, the UN HQ, CERN and WEF are located in or near Geneva cannot remain a mere coincidence. I know that area very well. It seems the City of Peace (neutrality) has shifted to the potential home of the expected “Evil One”. Prophecy is being fulfilled rapidly, and we need to pray daily not only to seek protection and guidance, but to educate, assist and guide others for their spiritual health and well being. We do have good news however; “The Good Guys ultimately win!” Thank you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for sharing your experience!! WHO, CERN Ect all Evil!!!

          • Alex

            Never forget, Greg, you are helping others to salvation, wisdom and discernment in the macro. The rest of us, using your work, help pursue the micro, one soul at a time.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks rother Alex. All the Glory is to Jehovah and Jesus.
              Brother Greg

  21. Thomas Malthaus

    “Martin Armstrong says the Deep State neocons want global war, and they are going to try to get it started between May and July, well before the 2024 Election.”

    I’m under the impression that Armstrong has stated in past interviews the Neocons want nuclear war.

    If politicians wanted to preserve law and order and save their skins, the moment to provoke nuclear war and accommodate the Deagle Report’s forecast is rapidly approaching.

    While I don’t expect to survive beyond this year, I root for the Russians to annihilate America’s major cities, including Washington, DC.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t think that way. Jesus said in Matt 24:22 “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Be the “Elect” Jesus said he would shorten the days for. Lot’s of good Sisters and Brothers in Christ praying in America.

  22. Scott

    Greg I respect and look forward to your show. You tell it like it is both parties lead us to a communist revolution with bells on. The republicans held meetings as our country burned. My prediction. If we have an election and the ‘rublicons’ get in, good by 1st amendment. They are primed to pass hate speech laws just like Kristy Noem did. The communists/demorats will continue indoctrinating armies in the cites and then, invade to kill rural Americans. Just like Lenin, Stalin and Moa did. Exact same play book. These communists animals are anti-Christ’s. (Plural for they are legion.) Speak up, wake up, The two party system is used to destroy America. Jefferson and Franklin tried to warn us. Ban Dual citizen civil servants and the Selected! Thanks Greg.

    • Shiloh1

      I’d vote for Crazy Horse before Kristy Noem.

    • Ken Yu

      Duel Citizenship automatically “marks such a person as a traitor” – perhaps that is the “Mark of the Beast” we should all be looking for “before electing or appointing such people to represent us”!!

    • Alex

      Remember, freedom is taken, never given! The way trends are progressing, I do not expect the Union to exist much longer. Once the debt cannot be sustained, the social contract that allows Social Security and Medicare to become insolvent, then what is the reason to allow this system to continue? The fact remains without fair and honest elections, plus a return to our traditions, customs and laws, there4 is no hope in keeping the republic together. With millions of unwanted and unneeded migrants invading our borders, America will fall from within! Personally, I think the forced imposition of a digital ID and CBDC will truly bring a tipping point where even the strongest of critics will no longer be able to ignore. Make no mistake, we are currently in a battle between good versus evil. The good news is that good prevails, but not without a great deal of pain and sacrifice in the process.

  23. Jeffrobbins

    The cargo ship in Baltimore looked like it was going way too fast. And that would rule out most control failure scenarios. It may be possible that the crew killed the power. I wonder if we will hear from the pilot and crew?

  24. Lora

    So thankful at this late date in time that I can still refer to your honest news coverage, information without hidden agendas (sadly so rare these days). You are full of light, a shining diamond in the rough. God Bless You

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lora!

  25. Jeffrobbins

    By the way, i always look forward to the news wrap up. I also like to come back a day later to read the comments. Thanks for all of you -others that do the same. Some of the comments are very insightful. Thanks Greg, and community.
    ——- also, i keep several tubes of horse paste on top of the kitchen cabinets. I’ve been shed on and gotten sick several times. I’m trying to keep a years with of certain things on hand.

  26. Richard

    Gen. Mike Flynn worked of Obama and Obama never fired him like he did other patriots.

  27. Keith

    Seems strange no one thought to put a bumper/ dolphin to protect such an important bridge. Probably too busy taking woke training.

  28. Yvonne

    It only took 410 days to build the Empire State Building. It took 4 years to build the Golden Gate Bridge. Seems like they should be able to build a bridge to replace the Francis Scott Key bridge in a couple of years. But those will be disruptive years to the travel patterns and supply chain.

  29. The Ogs

    The bridge in Baltimore appeared to be unprotected from contact with any water traffic! Not even poured concrete, steel apparently extended down almost to the water’s surface and there was not much shielding it.
    I watched a vidclip of Michigan government bridge guys who were dumfounded, and they showed that their own (Chicago) bridges were well defended with enormous concrete ‘bumpers’ in the water on each side, protecting approach to the bridge supports.
    So… how important could this bridge in Baltimore have been? It appears possible that any common drunk in a smallish boat could have taken out this bridge before now.

  30. EH Foundation

    Thanks for Great Interviews to keep US Informed of what is actually going on I’ve fought to get Ivermectin I pay for myself make my own hydroxyquin Thanks for all the good doctors fighting for all of US and themselves to be our caregivers doctors of choice who have knowledge Credibility Integrity

  31. Susan R

    Indignancy is what you do well Greg, and correct. I am lost to say how much this dismays me. I have judged myself by the best morales and used as a yardstick to evolve by. Since I lived in Brooklyn, NY for about seven years as a much younger person surrounded by lawlessness, moral corruption, severe poverty and crime, what passes for lawful conduct today is Babylon on steroids. Our leader is obviously a puppet being used to poison every aspect of what is not a perfect, but still great country. Yes, I too expect to see many more of these events take place as I agree this bridge sabotage was just the beginning. If our citizens continue to be placated by our programed screens much of our population will vanish.

  32. billy ray crippus
    Didn’t seem like they admittrd to lying here.

  33. Galaxy 500

    I normally am dying this time of year. I go outside an immediately start having issues. I come inside into my Weston “purified” area and in 15 to 20 min everything is fine!
    Another thing that may help people is if you have vaxed people over, hook up your Weston Sci 1300 or 2700 before they come over and run it for an hour after they leave. Can’t tell you how I would go from feeling great and having folks over to feeling like crap in 30 mins or less. Yes, shedding is real and this destroys it.
    People know I am a Doubting Thomas. I wasn’t on board with GeoEngineering until there was so much evidence supporting it, it had to be true.
    If it had been for you, I would never have acquired one of these. Think everyone that breaths needs this

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500 for sharing you experience!!

  34. Johnny Nobody

    Dr Chris Shoemaker:
    DARPA knew that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective cures for SARS years in advance on the scamdemic!

  35. Phil Suchor

    Perhaps the families of the FDA Ivermectin ban victims should file a class action lawsuit against the individuals that made the decision, not the FDA.

  36. Popcorn Eater

    I guess there are several navy boats in port that can’t get out because of the bridge collapse…and from a msm news report, the black box was having issues at the same time as the collision.

  37. Les L

    Remember the cyber attack on the US destoryer where it lost power and the cargo ship ramed in to it, why could’nt they do it to this ship.

  38. Clyde

    Trump is like the Pied Piper of New York; drawing out into the open all of these TDS-infected sewer-rats that are out to get him at all costs.

  39. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, the food-related commodities index DBA has been going nuts since the 1st of the year, which is an indicator of additional, dramatic food inflation ahead. Have you talked with John Williams of ShadowStats recently? It might be time to ask him to return to Watchdog USA and his legion of fans here. We are entering critical times. I’d love to hear what he thinks. If he can’t come on, maybe you could talk to him and report on what he says? Many thanks and best always. PM

  40. Shirl

    Thank you Greg for the brilliant wrap-up with excellent advice given too…

    Happy Easter everyone !!!

    Stand up Speak out Take action and most of all Pray up

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Shirl!

  41. Jayna Williams

    If the genetically altering injections change one from a human to a non-human, does this change, or mitigate, the legal and moral standards regarding taking a “human” life since they are no longer genetically human beings. In other words, how does this change the legality of taking the life of injected non-human and what effect does this have on the moral and spiritual consequences of the 2nd Commandment?

    • Ken Yu

      Every day we go to the supermarket to shop we have no moral qualms about purchasing “non-human” meat and vegetables to eat – in the same way the evil Globalists (who think they are a higher specie) have no qualms when they kill humans!! Now if we are going to apply legal and moral standards universally “to stop all the killing that is going on” we are going to have to “stop eating” or genetically transform ourselves into a more spiritual being “like a tree” (that can live simply on sunlight, water and inorganic minerals). If we transform ourselves into an AI Borg’s the way the Globalists want “I think they will still have us eating bugs”!!

  42. joyce Derske

    You Be the Judge!
    ____GODS WINTER?
    _______Nuclear Winter
    The Bible informs us that the end will involve destruction: “
    21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.
    22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. ” (Matthew 24:21, 22) But God promises us that many humans will survive: The old world is passing away before our very eye’s figuratively now. . . , “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”​—1 John 2:17.
    If you want to survive the passing of this world and ‘remain forever,’ what should you do? Should you start stockpiling supplies or making other physical preparations? The Bible strongly urges us to set different priorities. We read: “Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way, consider what sort of people you ought to be in holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion, as you await and keep close in mind the presence of the day of God.” (2 Peter 3:10-12) The context shows that “all these things” that are to be dissolved include the ruling elements of this corrupt world and all those who choose such rulership rather than God’s. Clearly, if we were to stockpile material goods, that would not save us from such a destruction.
    Really, our survival involves being devoted to God and learning about the kind of conduct and deeds that please him. (Zephaniah 2:3) Rather than following the majority today and ignoring the clear signals that we are living in such important times, we need to “keep close in mind the presence of the day of God.” You can learn from the Bible how you can be a survivor of this upcoming day.

  43. Erick

    Cliff High back on? Cant find his bitchute channel anymore .

    Parallel Construction how the US govt goes around the 4th amendment. Keep in mind that the English govt bombed their own cities and blamed Germany in ww2.
    Thank you William Binney NSA whistle blower.

    I wish Greg you had him on so much is going on here i have been TRACKING homeland sec data collecting over our state cities CELL SITE SIMULATORS. I am about to file a fed lawsuit against them i wrote every District reps and nothing back why have a Legislature if govt will not abide by state and federal laws?
    US govt is pushing this is the start of digital currency. I support what a democrat in California is pushing for make govt officials accountable.
    :Proposed legislation H.R.6194 – Cell-Site Simulator Warrant Act of 2023:

    • Jones Fan, Greg Too!

      Cliff called into infowars, spoke with Alex Jones for 15 minutes, Alex asked him to come on the show. So keep an eye out!

  44. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. Another thoughtful perspective. I appreciate it.

  45. Burk Ward

    Tucker Carlson: Be Prepared. The Grid Is Going to Go Down
    1,800,857 views Jan 13, 2024 EMP Sun, or EMP nuclear. Which will it be?
    Tucker Carlson and Dennis Quaid discuss the power grid, politics, and Hollywood.
    To fix it 200 $billion! Heck, If we can find 200 $billion for NATO
    to be on the Russian/Ukraine border, why can’t. . ? NYTE!
    All’s fare in love and war, but not the GRID!

  46. Burk Ward

    Tucker Carlson: Be Prepared. The Grid Is Going to Go Down
    1,800,857 views Jan 13, 2024 EMP Sun, or EMP nuclear. Which will it be?
    Tucker Carlson and Dennis Quaid discuss the power grid, politics, and Hollywood.

  47. Stoney Burk Ward

    ‘Russia-NATO War Will Begin In…’: Explosive Claim Amid Buzz About Ukraine’s Possible Defeat
    Hindustan Times 15,966 views 2 hours ago
    A Russian military expert has warned of a conflict between Russia and NATO. Alexander Stepanov said that a Russia-NATO conflict in the Arctic may erupt in the next 2-3 years. Stepanov cited high intensity and escalation of tensions between Russia and NATO in recent times. Several Western nations have also warned of possible Russian attack on NATO nations recently.
    Despite the propaganda, most Americans don’t fear Russia, but the media arm of the military industrial complex and Big Pharma, goading Russia to attack. Starting WW3 with nuclear attack, Emp’s, Bio-Weaponizing virus’s, initiating false flag terrorism at home and abroad, endless war. Most Americans grew up with what they feel was a false flag, cold war bugaboo of nuclear war with Russia. That never happened! Like Reagan said, fear your government. He just wasn’t talking to Americans. The people of the whole world are getting ready to overthrow they’re governments, legally not illegally like Biden’s puppet masters did. Because all these governing illegals want, are to keep their banking families gravy train of war and corruption going, whilst the people get sheared! Well the writings on the wall! So everybody act accordingly and throw the bum’s out! Pronto! Right on they’re big fat Fannie Willis’s asset’s!

  48. yolanda burl

    ‘Evacuate Now…’: West Nations Ask Citizens To Leave Kharkiv, Odessa Fearing Russia’s Victory Hindustan Times Mar 30, 2024
    Russia is reportedly set to establish total control over Kharkiv & Odessa amid a mega blitzkrieg. Russian diplomat made a big claim about panic among western nations over Moscow’s win. “Embassies In Kyiv Are Asking Citizens To Leave Kharkiv, Odesa,” said Konstantin Gavrilov, head of Russian Delegation to the Vienna negotiations on military security and arms control. He said that Russia’s victory will be achieved in an obvious way, as this can happen any time.

  49. Pistol Pete

    ‘You Trust ISIS Sources?’: Russian Politician Yevgeny Popov On Moscow Terror Attack/ Al Arabiya
    Straight From the Russki Bear’s Mouth!

  50. [email protected]

    Jon Stewart Committed SAME FRAUD He Accused Trump Of!
    The Jimmy Dore Show Mar 30, 2024
    Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show with a humorous critique of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But his Biden-supporting sh*tlib viewers and friends couldn’t tolerate that, so Jon has had to backtrack, the latest example coming in his segment ripping into Donald Trump for overvaluing his properties when seeking bank loans while undervaluing those same properties for tax purposes. Except as some internet sleuths discovered, Stewart himself vastly undervalued his own NYC home for tax purposes and then sold it for many millions more. Whoops!

  51. May Busby

    Enemy At The Gates!! Russian Girl First Time Watching!!!
    Kerry Tries It 56,058 views Mar 25, 2024
    Black people don’t get along in the inner city-they say.
    White people can’t get along to make world peace-I SEE!
    When will the meeksters inherit the earth?

  52. H. Strangways

    John Mearsheimer: Ukraine Warned Of The Risk Of Having To Withdraw Troops & Cede Territory To Russia AEK Media 29K views 8 hours ago

  53. Twice Shy Guy!

    Russia Sends WARSHIPS To The Red Sea!
    Jimmy Dore Show

  54. May B.

    Russia Drops New Moscow Bombshell; Putin Aide’s Sensational ‘Reward For Attackers’ Claim/Hindustan Times 286,868 views Mar 30, 2024
    Russia has claimed Moscow attack suspects were due to collect a reward from Ukrainian government after carrying out concert massacre in the capital outskirts on Friday last week. Moscow said that it will probe Ukrainian security services alleged role into the attack that killed around 140 people and shook Russia and rest of the world.

    Russian MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s interview to Jackson Hinkle, March 26, 2024 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
    WOW! This punk, excuse my french. He’s a neophyte, just a kid and he nails an interview with the mouth of Putin. Probably knows more than Putin. Why isn’t Erin Burnett conducting this interview. It’s just goes to show you were all doomed, were on the verge of destruction and nobody’s going to do a dam thing about it!
    Where are the men? Or a woman of womanly instinct, not suppressed?
    It’s Judgment Day – Where Are the Men?

  55. Carol Egan

    Biden’s $25 Million Fundraiser DISRUPTED By Pro-Palestinian Protesters!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.33M subscribers Mar 30, 2024
    Joe Biden was recently joined on stage in New York City by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert and others to raise $25 million for his presidential campaign. Also joining, however, were protesters who interrupted the proceedings to shout, “Shame on you, Joe Biden” and “There’s blood on your hands!” Attendees were also greeted outside the event with jibes and insults for supporting “Genocide Joe.”

  56. Machinate Man

    BREAKING: Been To Florida During Winter? Greet the New Neighbors!
    🚨illegal immigrant TikToker ARRESTED 🔥 ‘invade’ American homes & invoke squatter’s rights US Immigration Mar 30, 2024
    TikToker WHO tells illegal immigrants how to ‘invade’ American homes and invoke squatter’s rights has been Arrested by ICE and will be Deported.
    Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Signs New law to stop squatters.
    Georgia Squatters bill hit governors desk.

  57. WLon Bellanova

    Scott Ritter: Russia has DESTROYED Ukraine’s Military and NATO is Collapsing
    Danny Haiphong 3 hours ago


    A Proud Policeman now Gone. . . .
    WATCH: Thousands attend NYPD officer Jonathan Diller’s funeral
    Fox News 24 minutes ago
    – Joe Biden
    If there is no police, the security of the people will be lost, so the police must be respected and supported in every society so that the society reaches security
    Take away the security of those politicians that make the decisions such as James, Bragg etc.

  59. Bragging Not

  60. Vince

    IF you’ve seen Leave the World Behind, a giant cargo ship crashes into the beach. A little bit of Preforecasting from the Obama “weasels”.

  61. Vince

    Oops. Posted about the movie before I watched your entire segment.

  62. Skip Havely

    Happy Easter to you and your family Greg. This week’s update was outstanding.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Skip!
      Brother Greg

  63. Phil


    GOD BLESS you for all that you do to keep us informed, but I have ONE gripe that YOU can be the SOLUTION for !! You described “The 5th Circuit Court ” ruled against Texas in its efforts to enforce border security. “The Court” is a BUILDING, the DECISION was made by one or more INDIVIDUAL JUDGES, and THEY DESERVE RESPOSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to the PUBLIC, NOT a cl0ak of ANONYMITY that the Propaganda Press HAPPILY provides them with ! If left wing MOBS can intimidate Supreme Court JUSTICES at their FRONT LAWN, WHY can’t conservatives even KNOW WHO IS MAKING radical rulings ? Sure I can research it myself, but then only I know – YOU reach probably 1oo’s of thousands who are probably curious as well, BUT KEPT IN THE DARK ! – Just a suggestion – Thanks!

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