Biden Unelectable, Arbitrary Prosecution of Trump, Fed Not Cutting Rates

Greg Hunter’s (WNW 625 3.15.24) (Updated)

The news you are about to read you can find nowhere else than  You have heard me talk about the “real” approval rating of Joe Biden.  It’s been stuck at 9% for months.  I have two very good sources for this number:  One is Martin Armstrong with his “Socratees” program.  The other is a confidential source I know personally that I have to protect; otherwise, he could get fired from a very big tech company.  The new news is from my confidential source, and he says that Biden’s real approval number is about 8%.  It’s gets worse.  My confidential source says on a deep data dive on Biden, he cannot win a single demographic.  Let that sink in.  JOE BIDEN CANNOT WIN A SINGLE DEMOGRAPHIC.  This has never happened in presidential polls.  When I asked what this means, my deep data mining source summed it up by saying “Biden is unelectable.” 

The so-called lawfare (like warfare) cases against Donald Trump are falling apart.  The Jack Smith “documents” case is going to get dismissed.  The Trump RICO case in Georgia is also going down in flames, and prosecutor Fani Willis did not get dismissed, but her boyfriend/lover did.  The Alvin Bragg/Stormy Daniels case is going to get postponed, and it, too, will likely be dismissed.  This is a disaster on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling 9-0 that Trump cannot be kept off any state ballot by desperate Democrats.  Are they going to give up or are they going to do something even more desperate and create a global war?  We will see.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is now saying the inflation she called “transitory” in 2021 is anything but transitory.  Looks like the Fed is going to be fighting inflation, and you do not do that by cutting interest rates.  So, the Fed is NOT going to cut interest rates as you have been told by the Lying Legacy Media over and over again.  Credit card delinquencies are on the rise, and this, no doubt, is also a sign goods are getting more expensive for “We the People.”  You can put off your credit card payment, but you cannot put off eating—for long.

There is much more in the 48-minute Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Kingston says experimental vaccines are killing mass numbers of people and need to be stopped.  CV19 bioweapon “vaccines” are being stopped in some states.  Kingston will give you the latest news on the bioweapon they are trying to pass off as a vaccine.

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  1. Shirl

    The DemonRats RINO’s and NEVERTRUMPER Glo-BULLists are desperately wetting their skirts in search of any excuse for their WAR MONGERING HUSK in The O’Briben Crime Family business whose business is TREASON in ALL possible Directions on Every Single Subject to continue in the Destruction America AND the WORLD as we know it.

    • Anthony Australia

      Greg as you would say, these weasel idiots are fessing up!

      BREAKING: Fox News Reports COVID-19 Shots Contain Toxic DNA and Cancer Viruses

      • Arizona


        • Greg Hunter

          This is nutty but I will post it.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, these two posts from Arizona are top-quality fantasy. Please post whatever comes in from this sender! Never a dull moment here at USA Watchdog! Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, dude, lay off the peyote

          • regaleagle

            Must be some kind of Peyote on Steroids they have grown, LOL.

      • Anthony Australia

        Global cancer phenomenon: It’s not just America… the UK, Japan, South Africa and Australia are among dozens of countries suffering mystery spikes of all different kinds of tumors in young people

    • Arizona


      • Marti Baker Girl

        Are you ok?

      • sam

        Arizona…. I have my own submarine?………I will have room for you!…wanna “get Saved”?

      • Galaxy 500

        Greg, thanks for posting this. Haven’t laughed this hard in decades

    • Ken Yu

      Shirl – Bribe’n, likely to increase his poll numbers which is now at 8% and to get at least one(1) demographic (the Satanic Demons) to vote for him – is now loudly proclaiming: “We Must Stand Up To Putin” (which effectively means sending American boys to die on foreign soil)!!! –

      • Shirl

        Ken Yu, the reality is that you could be right…the twisted freaks, frauds and fools numbers may increase for O’Briben 😂😂😂

  2. Shirl

    President Trump was proven right ….AGAIN:

    • No Repentance

      No one is coming to America’s rescue – prepare accordingly!

      Once entitlements stop this year (and they will) ie SS, EBT etc. that’s when war in the USA will start. They will call it civil war.

  3. W Leigh

    Certainly seems that some people on WA coast should repent:


    To become spiritually fit for the perilous times in which we live now:

    Spiritual Warfare: Fr. Ripperger — Demonology Function & Psychology

  4. dlc

    “No one is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten.”

    A tribute to those who gave their lives in the millions to save their country, both military and civilian. This cathedral’s flooring was constructed from melted down German tanks, the cathedral itself built to commemorate the sacrifice made by so many.

    As we face our own financial collapse, cannot help but be impressed by the total turnaround of a country flat on its face just 30 years ago. This is referred to currently as Russia’s golden age. We’ve been so lied to over so much.

    • Chris

      Thanks for the link to that beautiful video. That’s why the soulless, demonic, deranged zombies running the West hate Russia with such venom. Evil is ugliness and it loves ugliness and celebrates ugliness. The West is a place of deep ugliness in our time. The evil ones cannot stand beauty. Beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful honor, beautiful souls. anything of beauty. Evil hates beauty because it reminds it of its own ugliness and lack of godliness. If I were not as old as I am I would leave this godforsaken West and head to Russia.

    • Sue Salisbury

      Thanks, DLC! WOW! Bittersweet.
      Our only hope is, everybody’s and LORD. They may not know it, But….True. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. May then the meek, shall inherit the earth and finally, no more war.
      Come quickly LORD!
      Those caught fighting each other. May have a comeuppance. May Gawd have mercy on their souls and may they be swift from under the soles of his feet. Or that’ll be one big OUCH factor!

    • S.S..

      Not, and Lord.
      But he’s every body’s Landlord!

  5. sam

    Is there ANYONE out there with some Knowledge on How to get in touch with President Trump about Hiring Mr. Greg Hunter for his PRESS SECRETARY?…..any one with two Brain neurons touching knows that Mr. Greg Hunter is totally unscathed by any Corruption, Extremely Knowledgeable in the Journalistic Realm, a Seasoned Reporter with a Great Work Record and Resume, and would be a LOYAL Soldier…not only to President Trump…..BUT…Loyal to the Constitution and the AMERICAN Citizen….makes sense to any body out there?….America has Already “Kicked the Tires” and find him to be a “Great Addition” to Team Trump!…..

    • Paul from Indiana

      I would like to hear your rationale for the timing, but I agree totally with your premise. Once all these various interest groups that have been bought off for 50 years are no longer getting paid, the restraints formerly in place will vanish and it’s every man for himself. There is no longer any incentive to toe the line. This is the real reason for the deficits over the years. Best always. PM

    • Paul from Indiana

      Have you checked with Mr. Hunter to confirm that he WANTS that job? Best always. PM

      • sam

        Paul………Did anyone ask Paul Revere if he wanted to be an American Patriot?…No………NOBODY asks Patriots if they “Wanna be a Patriot”….they are “chosen” to be……it is NOT for you to ASK…

        • Greg Hunter

          They also volunteer.

      • sam

        It is NOT up to me to ask……It is President Trump….and ONLY President Trumps place to ask if Mr Hunter wants the job.

      • sam

        That’s like asking a QUARTERBACK…..If he wants to Play FOOTBALL…..with the Winning Team…….I think that’s a Dumb Question..

  6. dlc

    Captured NATO equipment.

  7. Bob Clayton

    Watch Richard Vobes Explosive evidence of
    Massive Government Fraud.From my understanding this cannot be put right or brushed under the carpet or the Government themselves are aiding and abetting further crime.This will effect probably every country in the world and most companies that exist.It is absolutely huge and links a lot of the concerning subjects that Gregg discussed and goes back decades,it is probably to big to be sorted out.Everyone needs to aware of what’s happened and what’s going on as it will change everything forever.View this today.

  8. Michael Knight

    Hi Greg.
    And I’m going to include a link – which I never do – in the sincere hope that you’ll be good enough to check it out.

    The reason is, I’m a 79-yr-old unretired journo (started in New Zealand in 1960, emigrated to the US 1990) and I have often listened to your interviews, all of which have added to my education about current events.

    I’m sure you’re well aware that we’re in an information war, which was brought home to me in spades when Amazon “burnt” two of my pro-Trump books just before the 2020 election – and YouTube “burnt” my channel on which I had posted over 100 videos, had over a million views, and 20,000 subscribers.

    That’s not a unique story under the circumstances, but I must say we are certainly living through very unique times.

    I don’t quit. So I have continued with a newsletter, and videos on two channels I established on Bitchute and Rumble.

    To cut to the chase, no doubt you’ve heard of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, former undersecretary of defence (or assistant thereof) during Trump’s tenure.
    He’s featured in a video that I included in today’s newsletter, which I’d like to bring to your attention, via a link to the web version of my newsletter.

    As a reporter, I have no reason to justify anything – I do my job providing pople with information. Yes, I support Trump, (although he still has some serious questions to answer about promoting the jab) but that’s because, obviously, Biden is a walking talking stumbling falling caricature of a politician. And there’s a reason for that, at least baccording to the information contained in today’s newsletter and its associated 17min video.

    My job is to do my due diligence, which on this matter has been deep and extensive – and as you’ll see, the subject matter is of the blow your mind type.

    But if there’s any truth left in this crazy world, the video that includes Ezra is either as close as it gets – and what I added by way of freeze frames and images is not, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story.” What I discovered, is that there is always “more to the story.”

    Thank you for your independent and always enlightening “old school” approach to journalism.

    Michael Knight.

    The newsletter link….

    my email (your choice as to whether you use it – or not) is

    [email protected] (my website is down for maintenance for a few days).

  9. Sara

    Dear Greg, You have so much care for US, the American people, and it really shows in the way that you have committed, week after week to show the way! I sure hope we are going to see the light of day, and with your faith, you carry many people to the truth. Thank you so much for your love for America.

    • Ken Yu

      The cartoon Greg posted shows the DemonRats hanging their political opposition when exactly the opposite should be taking place with Nuremberg 2.0 Trials (it is the DemonRats that should be hanged)!!!

  10. Jack

    Biden is gone ; perhaps as planned, however Trump is not the answer.
    I think gold and silver are in a bull market but only make up 0.05 % of investments which means many losers. When they surge most will be too afraid to buy.
    Volatility is intentional to frighten the masses because they cannot afford to lose anymore. Just look at Bitcoin
    On the Silver front they may now let it run a bit because these very low prices are causing shortages.
    It is very revealing in that gold and silver are running when the severity of this has yet to be made public. What happens when the panic begins?
    Unobtainium may well be the new metal on the periodic table.
    Thanks Greg for courageously pursuing this Covid Debacle.

    • Galaxy 500

      So Trump isn’t the answer? You want a Demoncrats lite, RINO? Or you want CA Newsone?
      Trump is the ONLY answer.

      • Jack

        None of the major parties are the answer. They are all corrupt to the core. Hopefully from the ashes rise real men and women of courage and integrity.

  11. andyb

    At this juncture, the lawfare is immaterial folks, because the Democrats know that the election can not be won by cheating as they did in the 2020 and 2022. Too much of a hill to climb. Look for any excuse for the election not to be held. I am sure that the DOJ has already planned some major “terrorist” attacks using some white nationalist patsies and groups of military aged invaders (hello some 40000 Chinese such to date). Martial law is coming; millions will die. Train your family on situational awareness. Don’t shop at night; stay away from crowds; eliminate sports arenas.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Andyb, please comment further or give a link to where individuals can go to hear/read your excellent insight. Best always from an appreciative fellow Watchdogger of long standing. PM

    • Christian

      Elections add legitimacy to the fraud. There will be an election. WHO has countries voting to sign over their sovereignty in May. That is what you want to watch. This is the quiet before the storm so to speak. Remember all the hub-bub over AIPAC in San Fran back in December? It was all cover for a WEF meeting, hence even Xi being there. WEF is AIPAC and vice versa.
      Bitcoin has now ETF status which means it has a backdoor for confiscation. Gold confiscated in 1933. 1933 to 2024 is 91 years. It’s in the numerology. Though 2025 appears to be the big financial upset. Even NASA is now preparing for internet outage in 2025.
      There will be no grid down because they need the TVs and radios to work so that the Emergency Broadcast System can pump propaganda to the masses. Rolling blackouts more likely to destroy people’s frozen and refrigerated food, making them dependent on govt handouts… handouts for those turning in their guns and neighbors of course.

  12. Robert J. Gargasz

    May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless and Keep you.
    May God the Father have Mercy upon us.
    Thank you Greg for all your hard work and honesty in Truth telling. It is refreshing to our minds to hear your thoughts, voice, and perspectives.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Robert!
      Brother Greg

    • Galaxy 500


  13. roy

    the video stops every 3 seconds for about 3-5 seconds, i have tried reloading, but the same problem. anyone else having the same problem..?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  14. G Eddleston

    Greg: Think about it, what we have is the opposite of Glass-Steagall, a FDR law that protected the small non speculative banks, Glass-Steagall protected We the People in the local economy. Today we have protection of the to big to fail speculative investment banks, that are broke beyond recognition, purposed to secure a central bank digital currency. Ending in Schactian austerity, look what that did for Germany in the 1930’s.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, And we have Bill Clinton to THANK for the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act- which SHOULD have been re-enacted YEARS ago. Better late than never- I’m sure it COULD STILL be re-introduced (with some kind of emergency measure?) if the CLODS in DC would just take action on it. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already. I remember discussing the Glass- Steagall Act with the late, great Herman Cain 20 odd years ago on his WSB Radio programs. And THIS really irks me- why wasn’t there ever much of a TRIBUTE to this EXTROARDINARY Black Man’s Life??!!! Was it because he held CONSERVATIVE VALUES?!..He was EVERYTHING that MLK jr. fought for in the civil rights movement. He was an educated, self made man; President and on boards of corporations, Pillsbury and Burger King were two (if memory serves me correctly) he turned around failing business’s about to go bankrupt (Godfather’s Pizza was one, again if memory is right), he had his own radio shows and guest hosted often for the legendary Neal Boortz Show on WSB Radio for YEARS, he was a church going FAMILY MAN with an accomplished Gospel singing voice who loved God and also his wife, children and grandchildren; a FREEDOM defending man who was at many events of the Tea-Party movement, a man who EVEN RAN for President of the united States in 2012; and likely would have also won by a landslide if his candidacy had not been de-railed by the false accusations and rhetoric (and perhaps even threats to himself and his family) of the lying media and the opposition goon squad he faced as he surely would have ‘wiped the floor’ with his Democratic opponent in the White House- had they been allowed to debate one another. And EVEN with all these accomplishments and the successes of a self made millionare- a more HUMBLE, KIND and CARING man you WOULD NEVER MEET! I HAVE to keep asking myself – WHY WASN’T THIS GREAT AMERICAN RECOGNIZED FOR THE EXEMPLARY LIFE HE LIVED??!!… Thank you for putting up with this rant.

  15. Thomas

    America is dying. But the destroyers have different goals than most people. I wonder if they have convinced themselves that the destruction of the economy through massive deficit spending will fool the people much longer. It might not matter to them. As long as the good times roll. It should be clear to thinking Americans that the Primary enemy to their future is their irresponsible government. Now that enemy is rising out of the stench mists. Lawfare is the tool and the identity of the perp is the Democrat Party. This enemy permeates legal and intelligence institutions. The Democrat Party is now a sick Activist organization, supported even today by millions of ignorant naive “voters”. Americans anti-America gang of punks owns the support of America’s fools. But as the identity of the enemy is being realized, even by awakening Democrats. As it seems that the Deep Hate doesn’t care about being found out, we ought to wonder about their derived sense of confidence. What comes out of the progressive evolution cannot be good for you or me.

  16. Steve

    I worry about what the establishment/MIC will be willing to do/sacrifice to keep Trump out.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think they will do anything to keep Trump out of the White House. So, we have to be ready for anything.

    • Galaxy 500

      Me, too. Desperate men do desperate things. Desperate men of power, do really brazen desperate things.

  17. Earth Angel

    ‘Biden is unelectable and cannot win a single demographic’ say the computer models; this is what happens when you have a fraudulently installed ‘leader’ when the TRULY elected president would have won by a landslide! FACTS can not be hidden forever.

  18. Justn Observer

    Greg, you hit some great points…again! The bi0 angle is but one of the flanking attacks at the U.S. and others to get them back in line, and into serfdom. Yes, financ and economic enslavement, weakened military, as well is part of that aim, along with suppression of one’s faith, culture, morals and ethics…= destroy the waypoints that keep a nation social structure aligned and oriented. Evil lives in chaos and confusion. Sometimes I like to just get out and away, far enough high on a ridge, where one can put out one’s arm and cover the whole city with one’s thumb…competely cover all that DRAMA, surrounded by all God’s glory, and womderous perfection and nature. As they say, far enough to see the forest rather than the trees… SO one has to wonder then, what is it ‘they’ do not want the poople to know and see…OTHER than God that is…’theirP sins and ‘their’ plans ? Why would ‘they’ not want DJT back in office again so badly? What might he do…that they fear it so?
    What is behind all these agencies…and nations that elite worldwide are so concerned about, he’s distain for endless wars of profit that the stakeholders, the highest of cadre’, those that want/need to keep the world masses in submission. What have ‘they’ done in the past…other than kill off indigenous leaders, corrupt and overthrow gov’ts and steal natural resources,
    What IF they could NOT now control the weather, the food supply, the energy?
    Then there too, in the U.S., the killing of ourPresidents, whistleblowers, and statesmen that try to represent the People might have been done by who?… And so, why – who, which agencies would NOT files released than could solve those miysteries? The swamp = all those that PROFIT from such ”Conspiracy Theory’, endless wars for the ‘takings’ of earth’s resources and wealth for themselves? All thru the advancement of technology…especially in the ‘electronic age’ and use of ‘electric power’, pushing now away from the fossil fuel wars, to the use of uranium, solar, wind, and hydro-power to advanse the next phase of ‘geo-fenced’ plantations, HAARP weather control, Laser and DEWs , EMP’s, to mimic – and give plausible deniability…as they move also to surveil those that might oppose, their squashing of individual and Constitutional ‘God given’ rights of self sustainabiltiy with their 5 eye I PHONES that listen in , track, collect peoples, musing, thoughts, correspondence, financial purchasing etc…as ‘privacy laws’ are as out the window, and the Consittution itself… as the ‘representations’ of gov’t are more FIDUCARY AND SELF SERVING unto the increasing centralized government of puppets working for the stakeholders and hands that feed them, than the People they were to represent.
    And then comes along a man who wishes to change that, wh9 maybe know more or at least had a relative that did…about FREE energy? about the machinations or the swamp? who might set up a Space force with the tools of awe, both which might right the ship enough to stop the cartels…who conspire to keep all mankind in debt, who can manipulate the weather, and cause chaos and destruction with not only their ability to cover up there evil deeds, but the use of those destructive tools and toys…which might have been gleaned from historical records and archeology? Mythical records, sanskirt, pictographs etched in stones, and monuments designed to give ancient clues from those days and times of near extinction level events… One must choose to either live an illusion or use critical thinking and allow reason and one’s ability to change one’s views and accept truth much like feeling our conscience guiding you towards what is Right regardless of it be ‘legal’. Too, it is NOT just good enough to read, but to study the Bible to KNOW the clock of time and the earth run to perfectly to be JUST coincidence…but even for atheists, whether they ‘believe’ or not…the fact our existance thru the ages, thru the many near extinction events…we are still here…and the ‘biblical social guides, rules, laws have sustained the humans kind…regardless of the psychopaths, and socialopaths and their ideological lunacy that at time have brought great darkness and chaos…and a need for their extermination. Even the Founding Fathers knew it…and wrote so.

    One might at least ponder why ‘they’ did not like JFK wanting to open the can on UFO’s…or the Mystic 12 or several other programs…

    Whole can of worms to open going down that road? WHAT might DJT’s uncle know about what the gov’t did with Tesla’s inventions leading to HAARP, or DEW’S ‘directed energy weapons’ , EMP’s? or who headed up the investigations of such.

    • Justn Observer

      OK, so some the questions were a bit of a teaxe…so as Paul Harvey would say…’the rest of the story.’, in this case one has to say ‘speculation and conjecture’ , but sure much seems to be much to be found in relative’s trunks in the basement?
      With the history of Bezo’s father and step-father in the AEC and Manhattan Project and links like Elon Musk = to space x stuff = the Nuclear sharing and technology links with residents of = ‘players’ of Gibson Island’ ancestry, one might not be surprised of those how many are deeply involved with DOD weapons/war production programs like = with the history of all, Bezo’s and his links, Elon Musk = space x stuff = the Nuclear sharing and tech links of ‘players’ of Gibson Island’ residents and ancestry am not surprised when one includes the VANNEVAR = Vannevar Bush, & H.W. BUSH connections, as well as Hillary on the Warren commission that covered up much of the JFK, Dallas event, and her ties to ROSE LAWFIRM = a patents law firm?

      Craft retrieval photos disprove AARO UAP report: Pentagon Papers lawyer | Reality Check = REGAN EO#12333

      NewsNation’s Ross Coulthart questions whether the Pentagon’s newly released report on UAPs reflects the truth, saying it is part of a “cover-up” that unconstitutionally misleads the public and denies the existence of a covert retrieval program alleged by whistleblower David Grusch. Coulthart is joined by former Pentagon Papers attorney …

      Might the aboue link suggest the speculation as to the JFK incident needs a second look?

      Do wonder if DJT uncle was part of VANNAVER BUSH CREW =
      John G. Trump – Wikipedia =
      During 1942, Trump became secretary of the microwave committee, a sub-committee of the NDRC. =
      National Defense Research Committee – Wikipedia

      He directed the MIT High Voltage Research Laboratory from 1946 to 1980.
      “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays… What did he do with it?

      DJT ‘SPACE FORCE’? LASER WEAPONS ? HAARP? DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ‘DEW’s? – Wikipedia & H.W. Bush connections, as well as Hillary on the Warren commission, and her ties to ROSE LAWFIRM = patents firm?

      Craft retrieval photos disprove AARO UAP report: Pentagon Papers lawyer | Reality Check = REGAN EO#12333

      Craft retrieval photos disprove AARO UAP report: Pentagon Papers lawyer | Reality Check
      NewsNation’s Ross Coulthart questions whether the Pentagon’s newly released report on UAPs reflects the truth, saying it is part of a “cover-up” that unconstitutionally misleads the public and denies the existence of a covert retrieval program alleged by whistleblower David Grusch. Coulthart is joined by former Pentagon Papers attorney …
      Might the aboue link suggest the speculation as to the JFK incident needs a second look?

      Still then, do wonder how much of part of ‘the Vannaver Bush team DJTs uncle was? =
      John G. Trump – Wikipedia =
      During 1942, Trump became secretary of the microwave committee, a sub-committee of the NDRC. =
      National Defense Research Committee =

      He directed the MIT High Voltage Research Laboratory from 1946 to 1980.
      “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays… What did who do or NOT do with all the NICKOLAS TESLA RESEARCH papers that seem truer they existed than not?
      And then, why if true would they speculatively have been shipped to Serbia? so close in proximity to current events in Ukraine, Hungary where which ”’mentors’ of Biden took him on his wedding vac cay with Jill?
      Then too. might an X president who might have come across some papers while deciding to release JFK files, might have run across some papers of his family’s involvement in programs that were aligned with some of the ‘NEVER TRUMPERS’ crew and decided to declassify and keep a few for ‘his future Presidential library? Seems some are willing to discuss what papers of Biden’s they found among his corvette… but little is spoken of the ‘content’ of the papers being searched for in the DJT Mara Lago raid?
      All speculative thoughts for sure…but one does have wonder just what everyone goes to Antarctica to see, that Operation High -Jump might have seen there, in the proximity of the rumors of NAZI technology transfers at the end of WWII?
      FLYING BELLS or UFOs? alien space craft or ‘alien’ as in, rat-lined in scientists and science programs ? ARE they either or both compilations of what was found as the NAZI’s and now later hop-scothching around the world and Middle East ransacking museaums for ancient artifacts and clues found in and around archeology?
      Maybe, ‘SPACE FORCE’ is appropiately named after all?
      Nuclear and laser weapons? HAARP? DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ‘DEW’s? archeological sites layed out amazingly like circuit boards? at interesting points along Leylines? For all there is spoken of, there sure is a lot labeled Conspiricy Theory! and we have not even gotten to the chemical and bio of things – right? as in the 1,2,3 drop box and servers of dual use technology, servers in Congress that might have beem moved to Ukraine, or Pelosi strange IMRAN, get in here, NO staff’! or the encrypted phones, missing Uranium, missing centrifuges, and ‘missing’ off book money’ and FASB #56 unexplained expenditures, and Ron Kirby’s ESF funds, Reagan starwars stuff and his EO 12333 , and FDR, Eisenhower and Truman’s era ever changing secret MIC agencys and warnings?
      Like pulling a thread on the back of a tapestry, or using a ice pick on the proverbial Gordian Knot, = ‘Over time, legend grew that the person who solved the knot would rule the world. For 400 years the knot remained a puzzle until Alexander the Great solved it and went on to rule great kingdoms’
      Maybe it is time to stop picking at threads, walk around and get back and look at the other side of the tapestry from a distance…and look at the forest as a whole rather than each tree…and see how large a thing that whole forest is hiding.
      The toys created by man are serious enough … but none are more dangerous than playing with the tree of life. Yet, they have now played with that too, and by playing with the genetics, ‘they’ just might have stepped past…near extinction event to the end of not just man, but all living creatures on earth in ‘their’ quest to be ‘like god’! Let us pray that the honest scientists can find a way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again ! BE, one of the treated! Be one with Jesus! and leave to Ceasar what is his. Short of violence, then, being part of the greater than 1.33 being fruitfull, one can see the gender confused and their madness to be the less than 1,33 replacement crew…they have set themselves on the path of extinction. There is more for sure…but others are still working on those chapters.
      Gaslighting is used to obscure both specifc information and general premises…so that one cannot easily use abduction when climbing the mountain of truth using deduction and induction… Yes, mockingbirds do likely lay eggs as most birds do… but then so do snakes….be wary of the serpent! So too, the symbol of Apple may be more appropriate then we give it credit for?

      • Michael Knight

        Proof reading before posting would help. There’s too much repetition of paragraphs (or ctrl/v) to make those good points fully readable. Best wishes. MK.

  19. Chris

    Thanks for the link to that beautiful video. That’s why the soulless, demonic, deranged zombies running the West hate Russia with such venom. Evil is ugliness and it loves ugliness and celebrates ugliness. The West is a place of deep ugliness in our time. The evil ones cannot stand beauty. Beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful honor, beautiful souls. anything of beauty. Evil hates beauty because it reminds it of its own ugliness and lack of godliness. If I were not as old as I am I would leave this godforsaken West and head to Russia.

    • John Leigh

      I lived in Russia for 20 years from 1977-97. I am American born but lived there as a student and later an employee of various companies. I speak fluent Russian and other languages of the former Soviet Union. There is a lot of evil in Russia even today. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant, simpleminded and naive.

    • Ray

      Hi Chris,
      It was Edgar Cayce………AKA The Sleeping Prophet, who once declared:
      “The hope of the world springs forth out of Russia”.
      It’s certainly looking that way, as the West falls ever deeper into complete decay and self immolation.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

      • regaleagle

        The sinful human being that lost his dominion over the things of this earth in the Garden of Eden needs Jesus Christ as Savior. Good works are not enough…..only Faith and Belief which comes from hearing(reading included) the Gospel, repenting of all sin, and recognizing Christ as the Destroyer of all evil and Savior of Humanity……will bring to and end this present age of Satanic Rule of the Earth. It is all written in the Holy Bible for all who belong as Sons of God. For those that will not and do not choose Eternal Life in this earthly life, then Eternal Torment awaits. God Almighty is in control. Jesus Christ holds the keys to Eternal Life and to Hades. Maranatha!!

  20. lou

    Nobody talking about the jab and facture problems from this.

  21. Richard

    Obama has given Joe the ultimatum, drop out of the presidential race or go to prison.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Just your idea or do you actually KNOW something? If so, please share with the class. Now, I must say that it is believable. Best always. PM

    • Pete+only

      Richard, Jim Rickards believes that Joe Biden may likely be gone around mid to late June, but he didn’t want to say who would be replacing him, however my guess is it will likely be Michele Obama. Lately she has been seen in public dressed to the 9s, and seems to be in good physical shape. As well, the tabloids have long stopped writing stories about her it seems.
      Greg brings up a good point that Joe cannot even carry one demographic group, but Michele Obama however allows the deep state democrats to keep using the race card in that if you don’t like her, then you will be labelled as racist, and she can distance herself from Joe Biden’s record in that “it wasn’t me” who did these terrible the Ukraine War, the southern border etc.
      It is rumoured that just before leaving, Joe Biden will sign an executive order allowing illegal aliens to vote in the election ( I think Martin Armstrong has discussed this theory a month or two ago). Whether or not this will be challenged or not by the Supreme Court before the election is an interesting question.
      And then you have Chuck Schummer telling Israel’s Netanyahu that he now needs to pull his troops out of Gaza…as it is now increasingly apparent that the dems may lose Michigan and Minnesota if they don’t.
      Here is Jim Rickard’s 30 minute take on Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address the other week. He mentions Biden possibly leaving office at the 4 to 5 minute mark, but his take needs to be watched and listened to.

  22. SJ

    Here’s something that I wrestle with…. WHY are all these Trump lawfare cases falling apart?? Is he actually one of the very very few politicians and businessmen that are not corrupt or have skeletons in their closets? I’m surprised TPTB can’t find a legit case against him is what I mean. Maybe since they keep stumbling over these ridiculous lawfare cases it means it’s all for show and it’s some sort of 4d chess and he’s not the political savior people make him out to be? Just some random questions rattling around in my brain. And, no, I don’t approve of O’Biden but I’m second guessing myself that maybe they actually want Trump to win by making him a martyr and then he gets left holding their hot potato mess.

  23. Lora

    Hi Greg
    Lots happening out there. I think everyone should keep a vigilant eye out on the solar eclipse happening in the US on 4/8/24.
    We know that God gives signs from the sun moon and stars. Did you know that December 14, 2020, which is the EXACT midpoint date between the US solar eclipse December 14, 2020 and the approaching eclipse of 2024 was the date that the electoral College voted for Joe Biden to be President. And the exact X intersection formed by the US eclipse of 2017 and the eclipse coming on 4/8/24 covers portions of the states of Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri, which is where the New Madrid Fault zone is. This location could be a warning from God because Joe Biden is urging a two state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. And if Joe Biden Regime/Globalists are successful, at some point in time the New Madrid Fault line could rip America apart in a huge Earthquake, because we know biblical scriptures tell us that God does NOT want Israel forsaken or divided.

  24. RK

    What a joke and complete embarrassment.

    Fani can remain on “election interference” case… Absolute power continues to corrupt absolutely.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Just more proof that they own and control the system. Best always. PM

    • Earth Angel

      Completely agreed RK. There was a real chance here to correct some of the false narrative and the lies of the Jan. 6th ‘incident’- and the judge didn’t do it. They gave Willis & Co. a pass. The justice system in America is now gone; broken and compromised.. like just about everything else here.

  25. Cookie

    Putin, Islamism and the Case for Monoculturalism | Konstantin Kisin
    John Anderson
    15,334 8 hours ago
    In this interview, John sits down with Konstantin Kisin to discuss a variety of topics, from the war in Ukraine to multiculturalism and the gradual decline of the West, as well as what it’s like to grow up on a farm.
    @afountainpenawakening 2 hours ago (edited)
    loved this so much. KK is such an articulate and knowledgeable person, so happy that he’a visiting us Down Under. We are lucky here in Australia, but frustratingly still we cow-tow too much to what the USA and UK wants of us. Be so great if we could just do Australia, we could be way ahead on so many levels if we did not have to pay homage!

  26. Colleen

    I was listening to an interview yesterday between Megyn Kelly and Alan Dershowitz. He said unless the judge had a strong backbone, he would cave in the Fanny case. Dershowitz expected the judge to cave. Well, after hearing the announcement this morning, one has to say that Dershowitz was right. The judges spinelessness makes me sick to my stomach. What a coward!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Colleen,
      Fani being on the case does not help it and it sets up grounds for appeal, now built in, with the dismissal of one weasel and the pass on the other. Charlie Kirk’s summery of McAfee’s ruling is funny and accurate:

  27. Jim Wade

    Thanks for your continued work and warnings about many important topics. I thought you and your audience would find this 80 year old nun’s discussion on the planned population reduction.
    Keep up your great reporting.

    Nun Shares Stark End Time Scenario: ONLY ONE BILLION WILL REMAIN!
    Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update Paperback – Illustrated, June 1, 2004

  28. Karm

    If Biden is unelectable, and I have no problem believing that, I think we can look for not having an election in November. The communists will be planning a total takedown of this country in every way that they can think of. May God help us.

  29. Dennis

    Trudeau’s Canada: Canadian Police Advise Leaving Car Keys at Front Door to Deter Break-Ins and Minimize Conflict with Thieves

    • Ken Yu

      Next Canada will be telling their citizens “that to be really safe” they should now (in addition to the keys to their car) “put their new born babies and children on the front doorstep at night” for the child traffickers!!

  30. Dean

    Citizens who want to vote should be required to be registered, show up in person and have corroborating, valid ID. The exception should be for overseas citizens.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s the way it is in Indiana and has been for the 34 years I’ve lived here. No one has ever felt disenfranchised on account of these requirements. Of course, it makes it a helluva lot harder to cheat that way, now, don’t it? Best always. PM

  31. aaron s.

    you are the best ! i love you greg ! you have always been there for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Aaron!

  32. SJ

    I will verify my experience w voter fraud in Michigan. We lived there during the 2020 election. My 17 year old son was sent a ballot to vote by mail and he didn’t turn 18 until after Election Day. I brought his ballot to the polls when I voted in person that day and raised my concern to the workers. They shrugged and said it’s common to send the ballots out early to kids under 18 that will turn 18 by Election Day. To clarify my son didn’t fall in that category. We have since moved to a better state but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that I “somehow”vote in MI in 2024

  33. Suzette Lawrence

    Greg! Wouldn’t it be great if Lara Trump really cleaned up the voter roles mess? Thanks for another excellent broadcast 🇺🇸✌️💪📢

  34. Susan R

    I remember seeing you Greg on CNN which I do not watch now nor any other news outlet, you are my premier source. I do not have a smart phone which I feel is a luxury to be freed from. It is obvious we are being herded and many feel comfortable being so, belonging. As you say, the consequences are fatal, and I have you to be thankful for once again for not going there. Another point that is central to you, and me as well, is knowing where we go after this life without one reservation. That point is central to the core of every day I am alive. God Bless all here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan!

  35. christine reeves

    Greg, I just read this title on the daily mail. Mystery tumor spikes in young people……..globally. Our young people are now called the cancer generation.

  36. James Sellars

    Greg, if it isn’t war it is likely to be Mrs Obama. They sneek her in and she says she was reluctant but someone has to step up to save the country. She doesn’t catch any of the dirt and could beat Trump. Barack in the background gets a third term. Watch out.

  37. Anita

    thanks, good reporting.

  38. Angie

    They will stop at nothing …. I am just putting this out there and want to bring this to your attention. Pray, pray, pray – God is our only hope!

  39. James Hall

    You spoke to soon
    Breaking! Judge Rules Corrupt Georgia DA Fani Willis To Remain On Trump Case

  40. Dave Scrimshaw

    The days ARE being cut short: Winter began on Dec. 16th 5 yrs ago; Spring (this year) starts on Mar. 19th. 60 yrs ago they were both on the 21st.

  41. Felix Lietner

    Douglas Murray: Why conservatives will win Tom, the war on the West
    The Telegraph 1,829,101 views May 13, 2022 Off Script | Telegraph | Podcast
    There is a war on the West. It is being fought by Western revolutionaries aimed at destroying our civilisation, and our past. It is a war we can and will win. To discuss his book, The War on The West, Douglas Murray joins Steven Edginton in the latest Off Script podcast. The mom & pops will win because love never fails!

    Douglas Murray: Tom, why conservatives will win the war on the West
    The Telegraph 1,829,101 views May 13, 2022 Off Script | Telegraph | Podcast
    There is a war on the West. It is being fought by Western revolutionaries aimed at destroying our civilisation, and our past. It is a war we can and will win. To discuss his book, The War on The West, Douglas Murray joins Steven Edginton in the latest Off Script podcast. “Love never fails.”—1 Cor. 13:8.

    LOVE is like a priceless gem, a diamond with many facets. It is beautiful any way you look at it. In fact, it has been said in verse: “Youth’s for an hour, Beauty’s a flower, But love is the jewel that wins the world.” Like a diamond with numerous reflecting surfaces, love has ever so many aspects, all good, all desirable, all touching and heartwarming. But, at first, love may be compared to an unpolished though precious stone. The latent ability to draw others, to bless them, to warm them, is there, in an unpolished state. How may we polish it to increase its luster? As Christians, how may we take this diamond in the rough, as it were, and make it glisten with resplendent beauty? Well, first we must shine the light of God’s Word upon the gem of love.
    For thousands of years and despite the waywardness of mankind, faithfully, unfailingly, the Creator has demonstrated this superlative attribute—all this, though it has been undeserved. God, “makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous.” The Most High has been “kind toward the unthankful and wicked.” To all this Jesus Christ could attest in his sermon on the mount. (Matt. 5:45; Luke 6:35) Actually, both Jehovah and Christ have displayed great love in connection with the ransom. “God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) And Jesus told his followers: “No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his soul on behalf of his friends.” (John 15:13) Jesus Christ did just that for sheeplike ones, in keeping with his own words: “I am the fine shepherd . . . I surrender my soul on behalf of the sheep.” (John 10:11, 15) What marvelous examples of love we have in God the father, Jah or/ Yah for short and His Son!

    ‘We Are at War’ – Former UK Spy Chief Neo-Con DEF-CON WW3
    by RT March 15th, 2024
    Britain needs to make “tough choices” to be able to counter the “threats” posed by Russia and China, a former head of MI6 has said.

  42. Joseph

    On fire! Best ever. Thank you.

  43. Thomas Malthaus

    Does your friend have Joe Biden’s unpopular numbers the day before Election Day, 2020?

  44. Led Skeletor

    It is time to tell NATO that the USA will leave it if Europe send troops to Ukraine.
    Russia vs. NATO, there isn’t any good outcomes.
    NATO starts loosing 500,000 troops and all their weapons, then what?
    I usge Biden to look up the Sunk Costy Fallicy.

    I never liked this “mice (NATO/EU/Israel) that have control of the American lion.
    The American soldier and the American taxpayer aren’t pawns so that the sick WEF can do as they please plundering lesser nations.

    Who were the world leaders that thought Ukraine/Russia was a good plan?

    The only reasonable thing to have done was not to do the Ukraine coup in 2013 in the first place. Our Holy “can do no wrong” USA removed a democratically elected government. And then the Western Fiat world sunk trillions into it.

    I’m surprised the Russians haven’t already counter attacked the nations that sent the weapons over the Ukraine, that the Ukrainians are blowing up targets in Russia. A man can take only so much shit from mice and their controlled lion -before he strikes back.

    • Ken Yu

      By Russia “Turning the Other Cheek” they are succeeding in winning the world to their side by being “Unjustly Crucified” – the DemonRat Neocon Warmongers don’t understand this principle (just like the Demons who crucified Christ)!!

  45. Bob Piper

    Were Currently in a Production War DEF-CON 2! 3 is NUCLEAR!
    Driven to the Precipice
    Jeffrey Sachs: WARNING Over year ago U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China

    ________who Will Save the World from These Worldwide neo Con- flicks?

    NATO Panic!! Russian Weapons Factory Mass Production of New Tanks Shocks US
    Military Update 538,400 views Premiered Mar 14, 2024
    Terrifiying !! Russian Weapons Factory Mass Production of New Tanks Shocks US.

    This report reveals, 1,500 tanks, and 22,000 drones were provided to the Russian army. The report also noted that 22,000 armored fighting vehicles and 1,400 missile and artillery systems were delivered.

    Sergey Chemiezov, the director of Russia’s state-owned company Rostec, has declared a substantial increase in the nation’s tank production in 2023, escalating by a striking seven-fold, as stated in various Russian media outlets. Simultaneously, Russian military pundit, Viktor Murakhovsky, ascertains that his assessments show a delivery to the armed forces of approximately 2,100 tanks of diverse varieties in 2023 by the Russian military-industrial complex. Notably, this total encompasses the T-54/55 and T-62 series tanks, along with their subsequent modifications, and concludes with the advanced T-90M Proryv.

  46. Kathryn H

    On Tuesday, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX-21) introduced the Let Injured Americans Be Legally Empowered (LIABLE) Act, a bill that would empower Americans to hold COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers liable for any losses their vaccines caused.,any%20losses%20their%20vaccines%20caused.

    I posted this information on my Facebook account and asked people to contact their representative and tell them to support it. None of my friends or family commented. So then I posted in on Next Door and many people responded. The majority of comments were positive, but a few were negative responses. A lot of people are waking up.

    • Ken Yu

      It is time to take away the profits Pfizer made by murdering people and continue to bring their stock down (which has already been cut in half)!!!

    • Diana

      Most of DC takes money from Big Pharma that bill will never pass. I think everyone should make the call and check who votes against it then you will know who Not to vote for.

  47. Rod Strute

    WW3 ALERT: France’s Macron Threatens Full Invasion of Ukraine, Orders Loading of Hydrogen Bombs on Private Jets — Friday LIVE Posted an hour ago

    Judge Scott McAfee ruled on Friday that Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will be able to remain working on her election interference case against presidential frontrunner Donald Trump! Tune in to get the latest!
    Watch & share to hear the hard truths of the publicly announced global takeover! The Great Awakening is NOW LIVE!
    Why can’t we all just get alung_Rodney King
    We should learn to get along and not stir up all these tensions.

    • Ken Yu

      A Macron “Defeat in Ukraine is Vital to the Security of Europe”!! So Russia in order to “Save Europe From Itself” will now likely “specifically target and destroy all French Troops and their Weapon Systems” while leaving German Troops and their Weapon Systems untouched to show stark contrast (which will likely sew decent and begin to split NATO apart)!!

  48. Charles Bronson

    Internet search “FreeSpoke”.
    Then do your search.
    You will get, all of the internet results.
    No censorship on your searches.
    Do NOT use it for going into bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. Access will likely be denied.
    A foreigner told me about FreeSpoke. I think it is located in a foreign country.
    I use DuckDuckGo to go into financial accounts. DuckDuckGo censors my searches now. That is why, I switch to FreeSpoke.

  49. Will Leadbottum

    ‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo
    From the last truth seeker, gone, but not forgotten.

  50. Tom Burns, USN, retired

    Trump only has to do ONE thing to get my vote: Stop lying about & promoting the by-far deadliest ‘vaccine’ in history!

    Should be the EASIEST thing in the world for him to do, right?

    If he can’t do this ONE SIMPLE THING, I’ll vote Democrat.

    Sound fair, Trump supporters?

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you a moron? The Dems are the people who mandated this crap. Trump would not have done that.

      • Point Of Know Return

        Didn’t Trump recently brag about doing something in nine months, which would typically take ten years? That “something” was Operation Warp Speed. Tom, your vote concerns aligns more with RFK Jr than any Dem out there. Consider the better option.
        My other Trump concern was allowing BLM to run rampant in the US, never once calling it out as a terrorist organization. That group’s destruction of public and private property has been well noted, yet I have never seen anything close to a “J6 style” inquisition about them. The disturbing part is that former BLM leaders are now endorsing Trump. Something is not connecting there, yet would I’d like to get the take of others on this.
        As always Greg, thank you for keeping journalism what it should be!

      • Wand Don Chon

        I thought this LGBQRS+CIA plant, gave up on us, un -neo_con’seratives and left crying and whimpering, with his tail between his legs, like a little puppy.
        What happened? Did the puppet masters give him a talking to?
        Maybe Sachs can give us all a good talking too, before we all lose the plot!

        Jeffrey Sachs: “You can’t run a world on hate in the nuclear age without risking destroying humanity, TOMSTER!
        Reinvent Money 22,884 views Mar 14, 2024
        Paul Buitink talks to Jeffrey Sachs, renowned economist and Professor at Columbia University.
        They discuss the eurozone and challenges for Europe in general. Sachs in particular laments Europe’s weak and dishonest leadership and the lack of a coherent strategy. He also criticizes the obnoxious foreign policy of the US and why NATO expansion led to the war in the Ukraine. Furthermore, Sachs outlines his proposal for peace in the Ukraine and Gaza.
        He fears for nuclear escalation and calls on leaders to start negotiations.

    • Jerry

      Why would you vote Dem, are you kidding??? If that were the case I would not vote at all!

    • Galaxy 500

      So you would rather destroy your future and our country if you don’t get your way? How utterly pathetic, ridiculous and childish.
      Based on this you must be a member of the Demoncrats

      • Point Of Know Return

        Voting, based on party, is simply dangerous and uninformed. The Republican Party gave us Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, “W”, and his father touting the importance of a NWO. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Both sides are equally controlled and not by people who care about us. Party politics is destroying our republic. Yes, Biden is an obvious lying, pedophile, China puppet, yet Trump allowed Fauci and BLM to take over the nation in 2020. If I’m seeing only Biden and Trump, I’m deciding between poop and vomit. Good luck with that.

  51. Brian Dougan

    “Biden’s true polling number at eight percent.” Greg’s Canadian viewers wonder….What is the wretched Trudeau’s real polling number? It should be close to Biden’s. However; there are blind voters in this (ruined) country that still worship Klaus Schwab’s boy. So….Who knows. One percent should be the number; in a politically astute Canada.

  52. Jeffrobbins

    There is something fishy about the Tik Tok story. I don’t trust the foreigners, but its fair to say that most of the content viewed here is home grown and on the eve of a major election this smells to high heaven. First, Tik Tok isn’ t shut down, its us thats banned from it. This is a restriction of all of our rights to free speach. A good question to ask is- When Trump was kicked off of Twitter, what would have happened if Twitter had been owned by foriegners like Tik Tok is? I have listened to a number of YouTubers that have reported on/responded to Tik Tok reported news. I know it doesn’t fit the normal news format, but consider grass root videos of rallies and protests. It would be fair to guess there won’t be any Tik Tok videos of election fraud. I see this as primarily about control and second about profit for the other big tec cos. There is a marriage between tech and the intelligentsia. One more road sign towards a banana republic.

  53. Jayna Williams

    He will win one demographic 100%…the dead vote.

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hail the size of baseballs in O Fallon? got helmet and shoulderpads? Was thinking of ya…Hope all well there!
    1, thankfully CME off SUN was NOT earth facing 2 baseball size Hail 3 mo volcano eruptions 4 mo atmospheric rain = grand solar minimum much?
    Yum = 3 inch blueberries the size of crab apples?
    Is U.S. grid ready for an earth facing CME or even a military grade EMP? = NO !
    The earth just dodged an CME that would have taken the side of earth facing the SUN back to the 1700 . Got faraday bags for your electronics, including cars, trucks, and tractors with modern computer chips?

    As trucking companies go bankrupt…and supply chains slow….GOT water, GOT emergency genarator for well? GOT greenhouse? GOT firewood? Got supply of fuel or adequate stock of solar panels? (do wonder how ‘hail hardened’ solar panels are).

    • Greg Hunter

      Insurance companies are already offering half the cost to fix things. More hail events and much higher winds are coming over the next few years.

  55. Pete+only

    The plan is for Joe Biden to be replaced in mid to late June, (per Jim Rickards) and my take is that Michele OBama will be the Dems choice.
    The Dems can then play the race card using Michele OBama as anyone against her will be deemed Racist and or Sexist.
    Just before leaving, Biden will sign a presidential decree allowing illegal aliens to vote in the coming election, (per Martin Armstrong a few months back), and Michele OBama will just distance herself from the Biden record and actions.
    Jim Rickards discusses his take on Biden’s state of the union address, and at the 4 to 5 minute mark discusses the timing for Bidens’s departure. I recommend watching this podcast as it is quite informative.

  56. Jimmy McDuffee

    Greg, as Catherine has told you Trump is either dumb or he knew. Now as of March 8 2024 he is still bragging about warp speed. I voted for him twice never again. Watch the first 8 mins. Red pills are hard to get down some times. James Corbett

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are voting for the Democrats? I don’t know what to say.

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, another Tucker Carlson ‘reveal’ =Tucker Carlson Tonight ****3/15/24 **** but not so sure it’s really Breaking News , = interviewing Steve Kirsch
    Nice the info is finally getting out…but is Tucker using your years old guest interview list ! lol

    You were so ahead of the MSM/LLC media… and now that Tucker Carlson is free…he can help you get the message out and spread to a wider audience…that does not view alt-media and you know….the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and dis-mis-information crews ! LOL

    Kudos Greg! Is there a journalism award for getting it not only first – but right?
    CV19 Vax Lies – Steve Kirsch on:****** 07/23/2022 *****by Greg Hunter =

    • Greg Hunter

      They all watch what I do on USAW. Remember I was one of them in the Lying Legacy Media. I told too much truth and did not last m as long as them. They are reporting what is now obvious and did not put it on the line when it counted.

  58. Mary

    Dear Gregg
    My husband and I are elderly. We don’t understand some things about how gold works. Everyone keeps telling that the dollar is going to be worth nothing. That we are going to wake up one morning and the banks are going to closed. We don’t have any investments anywhere and I don’t keep my cash in the bank. What I don’t understand is how will we get our social security? No one has ever said. So if everything collapsed and there no securiity, my cash isn’t worth anything how do I pay my house payment if I can’t use my savings????? I know these sound like dum questions but we are afraid. I don’t have anyone to ask. All I hear is buy gold, put your money in gold. How does that work? You go somewhere, say a farmers market, how do you know how much gold to give them for what you are buying. I wish you would have a complete show and explain to people like us, what people do in different circumsgtances. I’m sure I’m not the only ignorant old person out here.

    • Greg Hunter


      There may be a time you cannot get you Social Security or the Buying power will be obliterated. Study what happened in Venezuela a few years ago. Also, silver is another metal. By the way, you want to stock up on goods such as food and water you can store. Getting some important medicine in stockpiles is also important. Invest in a water filter. Get new tires on your vehicle. (I like Firestone Drive Guard . . . Run flat tech). Get a new battery in your vehicle if you are past 3 or 4 years of use. Rough times are coming, and poor people will have to work very hard to prepare. There is no magic bullet. You will need many things. Get to work. Time is short.


  59. Mario

    Why has Trump endorsed terrible RINO’s against some of the most liberty-minded members of congress like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie?

    In the case of Amash, Trump even endorsed a never-Trumper for an important Senate seat.

    Why is Trump targeting members of the Liberty Caucus?

    How can Trumpers continue to excuse this behavior?

    How much longer can “bad advisors” be blamed?

    It appears that Trump hasn’t learned a damned thing since his first term and can be expected to surround himself with nothing but “bad advisors” if he gets a second term.

  60. john beasley

    Another great broadcast Greg Hunter. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John. I know it does not look like it, but I work many hours on this all week long.

  61. chris manculich

    this episode clearly shows your jealousy of Tucker Carlson if you believed what you preached you would be in support of him 100 %. You have discredited all that you claimed that you stand for.

  62. Jerry

    There is no MORE excuses for his “bad advisors” crap!

  63. Linda

    I wouldn’t donate to the RNC until/unless they prove themselves first.
    Blind trust in any organization is long gone….

  64. Robert Dziok

    So does this mean with the CROOKED Dominion voting machines Fake Buyden still wins and with 51% to 49% popular vote? As Bill Holter says “We’re a Banana Republic without the bananas now”.

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