CV19 Vax Lies – Greatest Trust Destroyer in Human History – Steve Kirsch

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Steve Kirsch was a Big Tech CEO who retired from his job after he was double vaxed for Covid 19.  Not long after, he learned the entire injection and Covid narrative did not match the science or the facts.  The vaccines, for example, were not safe and effective as he was led to believe.  Healthy people he knew were dropping dead after they were vaxed.  So, Kirsch who holds two degrees from MIT, started a quest to learn everything about CV19 and the so-called vaccines used to treat it.  In the process, he became a warrior for truth and posted his cutting-edge journalism and analysis that exposed huge Covid19 lies on his wildly popular site.  Kirsch explains, “I actually look at the science to see if that backs up what the recommendations are, and every time, I am surprised to find out the actual science doesn’t match what we are being told.  This is true for the vaccines, this is true for the masks, and for basically any of the interventions we have been told about.  The ‘six feet rule,’ even something as simple as that, you can’t find a paper that says it’s 6 feet as opposed to 7 feet, or 5 feet or whatever.  It’s much more complicated than that.”

Kirsch says, “Whenever I have an audience, I ask people, ‘How many people in your household died from Covid?’  There will be one hand or two hands.  Then I ask, ‘How many people do you know died from the Covid vaccine?’  The last time I asked that question, it was a 7 to 1 ratio.  7 times more people reported a death from the vaccines.  If they are wrong even by a factor of 10 . . . it is still a disaster beyond proportion. . . . I saw a tweet from a doctor saying how much longer are we going to pretend that these (vax death) incidents are just bad luck?  He is basically saying we know the vaccine is causing this, but we can’t speak out because we will be fired and have our hospital privileges revoked.  We will have our licenses to practice medicine revoked.  This is why you are not seeing doctors who realize this speaking out.  They all have to remain silent.”

Kirsch goes on to say, “This is the biggest catastrophe in American history.  Even a member of the EU parliament recently said this.  She said these vaccines are the biggest disaster ever.”

The massive amount of victims of this vaccine fraud are waking up to the fact they have been poisoned and murdered.   Kirsch says, “They are not going to be happy.  I don’t want to predict what they are going to do, but a lot of people are going to be extremely upset.  I think at minimum, they will not trust anything from the CDC, FDA and NIH ever again.  That’s at a minimum, and they won’t trust the mainstream media either.  They won’t trust representations from Congress because most of the people in Congress are saying get your vaccine.  This will destroy trust in the mainstream media, Congress, in the mainstream medical community, in government agencies and medical science in general.  It will be the greatest trust destroyer in human history, these Covid vaccines.  This is not just in the U.S., this is worldwide.  When people figure out that they were told by their government to take a shot that was way more likely to kill them than to save them, people are going to be livid.  It won’t just be a few people that will be livid, it will be a lot of people.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 10-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter from as he goes One on One with CV19 truth warrior Steve Kirsch.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    The rulers of darkness will not prevail.
    Stay strong and vigilant. This is all propaganda with a Trauma Based Mind Control intention.

    Love your work Greg!

    • Martha Boshart

      Greg. I think you are so on the mark about this Covid thing being willful cooperation to reduce planet population. Doctors and hospitals can make a fortune with their cooperation with this depopulation agenda.

      • Anthony Australia

        Complete obliteration of Humankind.

        MSM complicit in the agenda.
        Read the morning headlines.
        Fossil fuels, Covid, Monkeypox, Climate Change, War, The Royals (LOL)

        Trauma Based Mind Control

        • Valerie

          Wow! He lost his income and 95 % of his friends for telling the truth about the CV jabs! God bless him!!!

          • Valerie

            That was supposed to be a comment, not a reply.

            • Francine

              Ask this question…how many people do you know who were perfectly healthy and within a year of getting vaccine have come down with strange illnesses like autoimmune, blood clots fast moving cancer.

      • Jeff

        Steve wasn’t making sense. Contradictory and couldn’t connect the dots that’vaccine is a weapon. With all his so called facts that the vaccines are dangerous how can he conclude that doctors are not complicit? Greg you were on target. Steve was loopy at times.

        • Claus Agersbæk

          You said exactly what I was about to say. Steve Kirsch smells like controlled opposition, and he even took two Moderna shots 😮

          • holly B decker

            I agree. Millions of doctors dont see this???? He sounds like contollrf upposition.

          • Michael Janket

            There is more than ample supporting evidence that shows the intentions of the Deep Staters and their commanders. When many pieces of evidence all point to the deliberate liquidation of people from all over the world caused by these bad guys, it seals the deal. It begs the question that there are that many blubbering fools uttering verbiage they call “accidental” commission of out and out murders. When smart people differ, it’s often because they are looking at different data bases with obviously differing conclusions. Steve Kirsch is a top gun, but let’s not forget there’s always a faster gun…..

        • Greg

          To much double speak from Steve Kirsch! WHO is controlled or corrupted. Gates is not a good guy and this guy doesn’t have the guts to call him out!

          • Roger...

            Exactly and this is the next pandemic they have planned as well as famine and wars, you could also add executive order for climate change emergency to take away more civil liberties.

            1st step declare global emergency – 2nd step will be declare a pandemic that will be coming shortly.

            In spite of all this:

            “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

            WHO’s Tedros Overrules Own Committee To Declare Monkeypox “Global Emergency”


          • Pete

            Anyone who does not call Gates out is not to be trusted period.At this juncture anyone who cannot see Gates for what is truly is (certified member of The Psychopathic and Satanists Collective of American Society)is either an imbecile or part integral part of The PLan.Burn in Hell Gates!

            • Roger...

              Everyone who has PROMOTED the vaccine, or ADMINISTERED the vaccine are an accessory to murder, gene manipulation etc. Unless they all repent and accept Jesus Christ. They will all burn in hell as you say.

          • Paul

            One thing for sure, he got a lot of people’s attention. On a positive note, the interaction has made the comment section explode in the top ten for a couple years and counting of all your broadcasts.
            And that is assuring.

            Paul from arkansas

            • Paul

              Your Christmas message last year,
              Those comments were in high 600’s By the times this ends it will be ranked 2nd after Christmas. He should of been more
              Prepared for the watchdog crowd.

              Paul from arkansas

        • Ron

          Jeff I really think your accurate, he seemed to double speak at times. At or about mm: 50

          • Jeff

            I agree Ron

        • Judy Heddon

          Totally agree with you!

        • Kosmo

          I think he was trying to stay safe and alive and not attacked by the 3 letter agent size.

          • L Nonamaker

            EXACTLY. We are seeing them go after the POTUS, Steve Bannon and a GOP dude running for office (the one attacked during a campaign speech).

        • Brian Dougan

          Jeff; The twice jabbed Mr. Kirsch admitted to “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Seems to me he must have imbibed a gallon of the stuff. His eyes gradually became half opened; but not fully. Why is he justifying the “see no evil/hear no evil/say no evil” attitude of the MD’s? He said “They were trained that way in medical school.” C’mon. No eugenics behind all of this mess? Really? Despite all of the unparalleled deaths/injuries the “establishment” is STILL pushing the world to get vaxxed, and continue the injections ad infinitum. They have all the (mostly hidden) data. They are aware of the insurance reports: A forty percent; unprecedented increase in all cause mortality. Steve knows the MSM lie through their teeth. It’s a huge coverup.

          “Jabbed” women having stillborn babies–In unheard of numbers. Here’s just one report:
          Sadly; Casket sales for young children are going through the roof. The government(s) order hospitals NOT to use proven; safe-and-effective Ivermectin/HCQ. Nope. If you’re hospitalized w/ “Covid” you had better pray you’ll make it out alive. Compliant hospitals are $trong-armed to use Remde$ivir; proven (mostly) dangerous. It causes edema. Kidneys shut down/lungs fill w/ water. Then? Put them on a forced oxygen repirator; which (predictably) asphyxiates (drowns) the patient. And yet–They continue this life-ending practice. Disobey? Ask questions? You’re fired. MD? You just lost your medical license. SCIENCE!!

          The medical profession KNOWS this. And–They continue to do it. WHY?? And now; infants are Big Phrmas’ next victims. This is intentional genocide. Given all of the mountains of evidence, and repeated coverup, and silencing’mocking/ignoring highly credentialed experts–And dismissing Pfizer’s own damning “adverse effect” documents–The “big picture” has to be genocide. How can one draw any other conclusion? Not to mention the longer term prognosis–Which in itself is frightening.

          Steve Kirsch seems to be in some form of denial; at least partially. He knows what the real experts have concluded. He’s in touch with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi; yet Kirsch rejects the eugenics conclusion of the scientists. Doctor Bhakdi; along with multiple other experts–Are predicting shortened lives; or much worse outcomes for the multi-vaxxed. Most of them–in the face of the evidence–Conclude that the injections are being used as a bioweapon. If it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck….It’s a duck. Occam’s razor: “…explanations of unknown phenomena [should] be sought first in terms of known quantities.”

          “SADS” my eye. How bloody outrageous; how absurdly ludicrous can they get? “The “baffled experts” know perfectly well what’s happening. In the greatest of ironies; the eugenically minded “elite” will get their wish…just not in the manner their blinded minds envision. God’s final judgements (Twenty-one of them) will reduce the earth’s population significantly. “Unless those days were shortened (By God) NO flesh would survive.” (Caps mine.) The final (unexpected) three and one-half years on this earth will be “for then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again” (Matthew 24:21, NIV.)

          Sorry Steve. “No eugenics?” Okay; that’s an opinion. But please–Open your eyes. I hope the rest of the Kool-Aid flushes out of your otherwise sharp intellect. Your (understandable) denial spoils the rest of what you have to say on the subject. Like some others; I (unfortunately) couldn’t finish the interview. It was like enjoying a tasty meal, and suddenly finding a hair in my food. That instantly kills my appetite.

        • foggygoggles

          Couldn’t agree with you more. Steve doesn’t want to hold doctors accountable. How is it a great many doctors could see the science did not back up the claim of “safe and effective”, and stepped up regardless of the cost to themselves? They did take an oath after all, and one would hope that puts doing the right thing above all other considerations. For all of his great work, Steve definitely has some blind spots that defy reason.

      • Linda

        Once the insurance companies stop paying for the vax injuries the hospitals will fall. And they will be sued for using Remdesivir and ventilators also. They need to burn!!

    • Anthony Australia

      X22 Report: Trump Caught Them All! Durham Has It All! No Escape! No Deals! October Prepped & Warmed! – Brian Cates – Must Video

      • Brian Dougan

        Upon further thought….Finding a hair in my food? Sorry; probably not an appropriate analogy. I had originally intended to write “It’s like suddenly finding dross in pure gold.” “Finding a hair in my food” expresses more of a visceral reaction; which wasn’t the case.

      • Brooklyn


        Sorry to be getting in here so late, but there is NO POSSIBLE WAY DJT COMES BACK! NONE!
        “Durham has it all. No escape! No deals!..” mean absolutely nothing. Durham is a federal prosecutor, similar to a district or state attorney, who first have to bring their case (of criminal wrongdoing) in front of grand jury panel, to get an INDICTMENT, and then there must be a federal court/judge who will honor his indictment(s) and bring the case(s) to his court. AND, guess what? That ain’t never goner happen. NEVER!
        Sadly, X22 has been selling hopeium for far too long…

        • Anthony Australia

          I agree about X22 Brooky

    • Wendy R.

      They will not prevail ULTIMATELY, Anthony, but they can and will kill at will until the Supreme Being says “That’s enough! No more!” The blood of the slain still cries out from the ground, “How long, Oh Lord?” and will continue to cry until the bitter end, but then segue into “The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our LORD and of His Christ.” Faithful ones, keep your eyes on the Ultimate.

      • A Day

        …And He tells us He will have to shorten the days for His elect as even they will not be able to stand what is coming unless He does…

    • Earl Thornburg

      Greg, You are correct that doctors are responsible for deaths directly and indirectly. The fact they are unwilling to risk their license and wage to stop this madness, makes them participating in the mass murderer.

      • Linda

        Agree. Don’t forget the military making the soldiers take the vx. And many everyday companies doing the same. In the video she said one to 2 billion will die. Excellent info on that video

    • AC HALL




    • Kathy

      Greg, please don’t have this Steve kirsch on your show anymore.

    • Romerosays

      Greg your way smarter than this guy for the simple fact you didn’t the toxic swill. This guy is a nob. Let’s see him interview Dr David Martin.

    • Romerosays

      The academic mind is vacant in logic and void of reasoning. Perfect for the brainwashed schools of indoctrination.

    • Tim C.

      “They won’t trust representations from Congress because most of the people in Congress are saying get your vaccine.”

      Our Congress pushes us to receive the COVID vaccines while they themselves are not mandated to do so. Our Congress and their staff have the only federal exemption from Biden’s vaccine mandate.

    • John Wollak

      Why hasn’t he contacted our elected representatives? Why didn’t you ask?

    • JS

      Greg, This article is another confirmation of why your guest was a joke.

      • Greg Hunter

        Love Karl!

        • JS

          He’s Controlled Opposition. No one person is this stupid. You can buy into this dribble, but I won’t.

    • Kathleen McKeon

      This guy (Kirsh) is deluded and part of the problem, if he cannot see it then he is blind. He should watch Gates Ted Talk on targeting religious part of the brain then targeting with vaccines, there is so much evidence of Gates bad acts that by the time he gets it we will all be dead.
      Doctors take an oath, it’s their job to protect and help the people not to lie and hide to help and protect themselves while throwing their patients under the bus saying “Not my fault it is the CDC & FDA’s fault for lying and he should google—-Most habitually corrupt pfizer, never mind I will do it for him took 2 seconds and this is from 2010—These Doctors that don’t know the harm and death they are helping cause is because they are lazy fools—– I am just a dumb caretaker and have known for over 2 years, no more excuses and Doctors need to be afraid of the people holding them accountable for injuring and killing them not of losing their pay and kick backs because all the lies and harm could not happen without their help.
      Thank you

  2. Anthony Australia

    Mind Control Used to detract people from the fake 911 plane crashes and the fake vaccines.

    • Provocateur Astrology

      Big Why? These professionals are willing to kill their fellow man.


      • Anthony Australia

        Bought and paid for with the promise of eternal prosperity or they are threatened with being annihilated, perhaps they are sick evil things themselves.

      • Paul in oz

        Isaiah 53:6 – All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

    • Roy madison

      Top self interview greg. I agree with you that this is planned, nefarious, despicable and murderous. I have wondered why the doctors don’t speak out. The Nuremburg defense , I was just following orders, I didn’t want to loose my lively hood , I am a mind numbed robot I believe everything the CDC says, I follow the hospital protocols , I obey , I obey .. Minded numbed robot …I hope they spend time on hell.

    • Cassie

      I second that truth, Samantha! Yes, Greg, you could explode the entire myth wide open. This delusion of germ theory keeps people scared!

    • i: a man; travis moss

      David Adelman explains germ theory and terrain theory as of a bunch of fish in a dirty aquarium; the germ theorists would say those fish need vaccinated; the terrain theorists would say no, you just need to clean the tank.

    • Alan

      Yes, its a hoax, to get control and the killer jabs. If germs and virus etc were, what we re told, humanity would have died out, thousands of years ago. Also in 2013 court case Pathology v Myriad Genetics inc, in the Supreme Court ruled if you change the human genome by mRNA jabs then the genome can be patented.
      So everyone jabbed are technically ‘patented’ and something that is owned and come under the definition ‘trans human’.
      Those jabbed are legally identified as ‘trans human’ do not have access to Human Rights or rights provided by the State. They are classed as 100% organic or human.
      Would they admit this to get away with it, sorry your jabbed but you aint human so go away ?

    • eddiemd

      Sapphire, Mary, and Chazz…all the same writer under different names?

      What about the theory of evolution? What is your opinion on that theory?

    • Kathleen McKeon

      Forgot to include of corrupt Pfizer from 2010 because I was so annoyed by the defense of the paid Dr. damagers with all this guys excuses for doctors being to flakey to know what they are doing….I call bullsh*t pisses me off.

      Sorry Greg but this might be the most irritating gobly gook spin I have heard during this whole 2 1/2 years, maybe he should go work for the CDC or FDA, maybe the FDA since their members that decide shot schedules own over 50 patents on vaccines, make a ton and these are the people he and his lazy peers believe….give me a break. Two more seconds: This one took me a tiny bit longer, had to go to Duckduckgo for it: CDC Members own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccines: It’s all a racket, con and lie, just grab your money.
      Sorry about ranting but I have had it with all this crap.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Now Legally Established (Italy)

  4. Anthony Australia

    Did A Billionaire Buy $50 Million in Gold & Silver?

    Bill Holter is my favourite of all time.

    • PC

      Yes.!! – It was “a test” to see how many American gold and silver coins can be bought in one shot. Supposedly this is just one(1) of six(6) planned orders. Why only American coins? – when foreign coins have lower premiums? – Perhaps because many States are making US precious metal coins “legal tender once again” (as stipulated in the US Constitution) and it will be nice protection to own some usable American money when the US paper fiat dollar is Zimbabwe’d to zero or the Fed’s crypto dollars can be arbitrarily confiscated by the Fed to fight inflation!!

      • PC

        The Banksters say: “Gold is Good for Nothing” – and they Are 100% Correct – so we should be buying it $50 Million dollars worth at a time – Klaus Schwab says: “When There is Nothing You Will be Happy” – but that will only be true if we listened to the Banksters who told us: “Gold is Good for Nothing”!!

        • Johnny Cool


          Gold Is Perfectly Useless.

          • Greg Hunter

            This guy does not know physics or history.

            • Johnny Cool

              Watch from 9:45. He’s saying it’s
              ” useless” in the sense that it is not consumed, and that it is therefore the perfect “money.”

          • Frebreezer

            JC it does not matter what some no name lummox thinks and justifies. 5.4 billion Eurasians want gold … this includes India, Russia, China etc. What do they collective think far outweighs this no name lummox; If you really need reinforement to golds worth, boldly display 5 to 10 oz of gold around your neck and fingers and go to the south side of Chicago and see how fast the neighbors will exchange it for lead.

            • Johnny Cool


              You don’t understand. He is positive on gold, not negative. You need to listen to what he says to understand. He says gold is money and explains why.

    • Ryan

      $50 million or $300 million is a drop in the bucket in these markets. Believe me, the buyer will receive his/her metals.

  5. Self Exiled

    Air Born Aids.

    And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no human life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose [for Himself], He shortened the days. Mark 13:20

    And if those days [of tribulation] had not been cut short, no human life would be saved; but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened. Matthew 24:22

    • Self Exiled

      Be sober [well balanced and self-disciplined], be alert and cautious at all times. That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour. But resist him, be firm in your faith [against his attack—rooted, established, immovable], knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being experienced by your brothers and sisters throughout the world. [You do not suffer alone.] 1 Peter 5 8:9

    • David Bagley

      Trump is evil.. His first wife took it.. he didnt even protect her

      • Mike

        David Bagley…you are OBVIOUSLY suffering with TDS Stage 4 and GUILTY of spreading DemonRat and RINO LIES…Good Grief seek help.

      • Jay A.

        You’re in the wrong place, CNN is where you belong!

      • Pete

        David :
        That comment is too stupid to be stupid.
        Such a comment is the expression of a mindset of an individual with an IQ quotient of 3 above a tree. You need counselling!

      • Russ D

        Liberalism is EVIL………..PURE EVIL!!!

  6. Shirley Thompson

    What happened to Bill Holter interview that was to post today?

    • Greg Hunter

      Bill Holter will be on next Tue 7/26.

      • Shirley Thompson

        Thank you I must have misunderstood. Thanks for your hard work.

        • Laura

          Greg accidentally stated in his previous video that the Saturday night interview would be Bill H., but in the written space, he shared Bill H will be on Tuesday. So many wonderful guests!

      • George

        Cool Saturday guest cool too

      • Tony Treece

        Brother Greg, thank you very much for all your love and everything you do. Concerning Saturday night’s release, how can a man be so smart but yet be so ignorant?

        I love you brother Greg, Tony Treece

      • Tony Treece

        Brother Greg, here is proof Mr. Steve is absolutely wrong about the depopulation agenda of the wicked :

      • FastMark

        Looking forward to Bill.
        Thanks Greg@

  7. Kendra Tilley

    The adulation of this man (Kirsch) is too reminiscent of how people kiss the ring of Bill Gates and Fauci. All he does is use the work and intelligence of other people to push his fame. There are way too many real experts doing real science that should be heard instead of Kirsch. He many times attacks people and issues he knows absolutely nothing about.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree Kendra. Kirsch has done great work and I have following him for months. There is no comparison to him and legacy media propaganda.

      • Endangeredspecies

        Kirsch lost me when he said the release was accidental. Dr. David Martin has already proved they had all the patents in place and all the ducks were in a row to roll out a “vaccine”. Greg cant hit a home run every time, but I sure do appreciate his channel.

        • Scott

          Agree 100% – – I don’t waste my time with listening to people who have already taken the vax. We ALL know this was intended, etc… we need to start discussing what the New World will look like after all these unfortunate souls die….That’s what I want to start preparing for…

      • Stan Wenninger

        I have also observed Steve Kirsch carefully near daily for months now. This was a critical interview link in the chain of bringing power back to the people and helping to destroy the globalist power grab enabled by fearmongering Covid (with genocide) and global warming narratives.
        Here’s an interview Jan. 2019 where Gates brags a 20x ROI with experimental bio-weapons now called VACCINES. (nevermind Ivermectin, HCQ+, Zn, Quercetin, etc for pennies)

      • Damian W. Smith


        You should have reminded Dr. Kirsch of the statement that Dr. Fauci made stating that there would be a pandemic before Trump’s term was done—I wonder if he would still hold to his belief that the ‘vid was accidentally released.

    • Mike Mc

      “ real experts doing real science” is what got us into their mess.

      Real science is grounded in skepticism as a check and balance against the natural inclination of human arrogance. That’s part of what Steve is doing.

      And how do you know what he knows to made a declaratory statement he knows absolutely nothing on the subject.

  8. Jerry

    Now it begins. On the same day Russia and China announced a new reserve currency through the BRICS alliance this happens.

    Nations like Shri Lanka are rising up against their globalist overlords
    and the Chinese population is not far behind. Here in America the red wave is rising and with it the possibility for civil unrest. The last time this happened was in 2019. The globalist response was to unleash the covid19 pandemic on the world population and with it lockdowns. I can only imagine what they have in store this time. Either way, just know our time is short. Very short to cover all your bases for survival.

  9. Deano Wexford

    $20 in free groceries if you get 2 vaccines in the same day. WinnDixie grocery story, Lake Mary, Florida.

    • Rodney

      20 bucks ain’t gonna buy much, and for an injection that could possibly injure or kill your butt….hard pass.

    • HotTub

      Same here at the Winn-Dixie here in Eustis, Florida Deano. Btw, love Lake Mary; worked in that town for 27 years at a high tech company on International Parkway.

    • Shirl

      The grocery chain near me offers something similar as an incentive for their customers but, they don’t include the MUCH bigger piece of the Gov Kickback “BONUS” per Clot-Shot given. Some Drug Stores chains offer similar incentives to distribute the real PANDEMIC found in the CLot-Shots too. Same with the Hospital Kickback RACKET going on at present with bonuses all the way up to and including “COVID” as the reason of the deceased declared on any death cert. Examples: Dx’d Covid = BONUS, Hos. Stay Rx = Bonus, Ventilator Rx = Bonus, Remdesivir Rx = Bonus, Declared Death by “COVID” = Bonus.
      I am sure there are other “bonuses” out there but, these are a just a few that are more widely known, lovely eh?

  10. Diana Mara Henry

    Fauci just repeated the natural origin theory on Bret Baier Fox News yesterday….in a scandalous string of brazen lies.

    • Norm Sky

      I totally agree with you. I also turned off this interview with Steve Kirsch. He is making excuses for all the Doctors and medical personnel who are going along with this mass genocide. These Doctors are participants to murder. They have lost the ability to critically think and worship money and their job over doing what is right. Mammon IS THEIR GOD.
      They can’t see the truth because THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE IT. They will be held accountable for their actions if not by man then by God on judgement day.

      • Rob Lindeman

        Spot on Norm. Kirsch needs to recognize the fact that his world view is flawed. That all of mankind, including himself, are sinners, and that each and every one of us are capable of committing unimaginable atrocities. We need to pray that the Lord would open Mr. Kirsch’s eyes to his need for salvation, and that he would repent and ask the Lord into his heart.

      • Mike Mc

        He is not making excuses. He is explaining the individual and institutional mindset at work in this group.

  11. William Calvert

    Listened for 15 minutes and turned it off — This guy has no credibility in my opinion if he wants to argue that covid was not purposly released and is not genocide. Swing and a miss on this interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots of other good stuff in it William.

      • Dana

        William, you are right on. This man, as intelligent as he is declared to be, cannot even connect the dots. This interview brought nothing to the audience to contemplate.

    • Jeff

      I agree.

    • Jim1a

      I have heavy agricultural, livestock, biological science background with experience. Better go back and listen to the whole thing….


    Honestly I find it hard to believe this release was accidental considering the economy was in melt down just prior and the plandemic gave the central banks the excuse to print trillions upon trillions. Also allowed mail in ballots and all that nonsense as well as bankrupting the middle class independently owned businesses while Walmart and Home Depot got to remain open. Perhaps Fauci was kept out of the loop initially but there is no way in my mind this wasn’t planned ahead (also event 201 simulation exercise).

    • David Bagley

      This guy is still asleep..

    • eddiemd

      I believe it was released on purpose by the US government agents in China.

      • Chris

        I believe this is correct. Of course, it’s not very palatable to the China haters. I think the CCP knew they’d been attacked and responded in kind by letting it go abroad on flights, while using drastic measures to control the virus at home. It also enabled Xi Jinping to accelerate his draconian dictatorship over the Chinese people. Once abroad, it seems to have coincided with a number of clandestine agendas in a quite “fortuitous” way. Anyhow, it’s been a disaster for ordinary people everywhere. Not as a disease, but as an instrument of control and torture (lockdowns, etc.) by psychopathic governments. Maybe the idea was just to weaken China. Or maybe it was part of a grand scheme by the usual suspects – who knows. One thing is for sure: the political elites of the west, in particular, have gone full Nazi as a result.

      • Greg

        “This guy is still asleep.”

        I would say he’s 80% awake, give him time, all of us have had to learn what’s really going on and sometimes it’s difficult to believe.
        Hated him for excusing the (sheep) who just go along with anything they are told. They are mostly to blame for what’s happening.
        This is a good example of cognitive dissonance which he does not see in himself.
        Thank you, Greg

  13. Roger...

    WHO’s Tedros Overrules Own Committee To Declare Monkeypox “Global Emergency”

  14. cheryl

    I disagree about it not being planning and released purposely because why the hell would they not use fauci as a fall guy????? he has been a wonderful, obedient puppet to this point. and how the hell do u think the left won the election? mostly because of cv19. it made it easier for them to cheat like hell. and believe me fauci will fall and be known as a traitor once all is said an done along with many others.

  15. Dean

    The “virus” does not exist. If you have a sample, we’ll give you $10.

    • Rodney

      If memory serves correct I believe someone at one point offered $1 million for a sample, to date no sample has been offered.

  16. Duane Funke

    My wife’s hospice nurse who is not vac. was saying the same thing about doc. just believing what ever the CDC tells them .

    • Dawn

      I’m surprised the hospice nurse still has her job working in healthcare
      I thought ALL healthcare worriers had to be vaccinated and it was mandatory for them.

  17. ken

    The injection is not a vaccine,,, The virus is fake so there was no accidental release and there cannot be mutants ,,, The PCR is not a test and cannot diagnose any disease (from the inventor).

    By continuing to say there is a virus this crap will never end.

    I do not have any degrees but I sure know a scam when I see one and this fake virus matches perfectly.

    • John

      Finally someone else gets it.

      • Mark Maples

        I am not Vaxxed

        However, my wife and I caught Delta last August

        Weirdest I have ever felt, lasted 12 days

        You are the type of person the sheep reference to dismiss real issues about the intent

        The virus is real

        Anyone who says differently is an uninformed clown

        Stop embarrassing yourself

    • eddiemd

      Virus deniers have no idea what they are talking about.

      • John

        I guess that’s why the flu, cancer, heart attack deaths disappeared during the covidian false flag to get weak minded people to put a needle in their arm.

        • eddiemd

          You missed the point.

          Coronavirus was edited using CRISPR technology and released on purpose by the US .gov. I was surprised that they did not use Hantavirus or Machupo. Maybe they have these in reserve.

          • U

            There never was a Covid 19, there was a campaign to bring killing vaccines. They knew that panicking people by rebranding the flu as Covid 19 will lead them to beg for these killing vaccines.

            • eddiemd

              Sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about. It was a reengineered coronavirus. They did the test runs with SARS and MERS back in 2002 and 2012. They had to tune it up for another release.

      • i: a man; travis moss

        as a man you can have the cure for cancer; but when you diminish yourself to that of a DOCTOR ( token piece on the monopoly board) you are bound by the rules of the ESTABLISHMENT

        • eddiemd

          i: a man; travis moss,

          Area 51 is calling you? Your get out of jail free card has expired.

  18. Vincent johnson

    This Kirsch guy is not a Christian and has not been brought up a Christian it shows so much , defending his doctor friend who has written 2000 vars reports because she may have a mortgage and kids at school is SICK

  19. Anthony

    Trump stabbed good American patriots in the back (or should I say “arm”) by going along with the Plandemic & Great Reset agenda…he was/is the biggest Judas Goat in history…

    • Shirl

      Most see now that POTUS Trump initiated Warp Speed w/the best of intentions to save millions of lives during the beginning of the so called “pandemic” as any sane and responsible person in that position should have done…wouldn’t you have done the same?
      As it turns out, with much more data coming forward, we see too that he was backstabbed like everyone else, from the same people in more ways than most. All throughout his 1st Term he was infamously harassed (by default too the American Public) and Got ShamPeached by the SAME establishment CROOKS LIARS and THIEVES in government and media. SHAMPEACHED twice ALL based on LIES and now we see too that it is still ongoing with ShamPeachment #3 of the Jan. 6th Clown Show under the same M.O.
      I would advise you to Tune-Out Fake News Legacy Media…they are most certainly part of the backstabbing going on while they are attacking from all sides now from supply issues, shortages, run away inflation, WW3 about to break out, all the while gaslighting you to believe it’s all your fault – including the LIES of Glo-BULL Warming, although they blamed Both POTUS initially for everything that they are doing again throughout his entire 1st Term – gaslighting is their game for their own engineered destruction of what looks to be the entirety of mankind = PURE EVIL.

      • U

        No, Trump didn’t initiate Warp Speed. These vaccines had been developed a long time ago. That’s all Trump needed to continue to pretend he is God. As he said many times, only he could do these heroic deeds. When he does something his followers agree with, they say he is a genius. When he does something stupid, he was misadvised. Why did he listen to Dr Fauci but didn’t keep Dr Atlas?

        • Shirl

          Hey U
          U are living in Complete Made-up fantasies and connecting dots that simply don’t exist, except ONLY in those afflicted with the obvious signs of Stage 4 TDS, seek help….or… continue to vote and support DemonRats, RINO’S and other Glo-Bull Warming idiots… the pathway to total destruction of America and perhaps the World especially now that even the blind ought to see that WW3 is about to go Nuclear under their continued misdirection.

  20. Stewart

    Steve Kirsch is a genuine, world class hero. He has risked it all to tell the truth, and has paid a heavy price in terms of losing friends, being ostracized and being smeared. There should be a Nobel Prize for Truthfulness and Humanitarianism, and he should get the first one. He should be joined on the stage in Stockholm by Kory, Marik, Malone, McCullough, Cole, Bhakdi, Tenpenny, Marble, Bartlett, Hunter, Madej, Eads, Hodkins, Alexander, Vanden Bossche, Merritt, Zelenko (in memorium), Fleming, Martin and the other truth heroes who have ridden to humanity’s defense. And while the above might seem like a long list, in a world of 8,000,000,000 people, the number of heroes who have actually stood up and talked truth, as these people have, is so infinitesimally tiny that the cowards who knew what was happening but said nothing to protect their jobs, lifestyles and golf club memberships should be totally disgusted with themselves. Going forward, anyone who trusts any medical cartel whore is a complete idiot. There is clearly zero introspection or remorse at this time within the corrupt, totally discredited medical cartel, which proves that it is a sick, sadistic, money-grubbing disgrace and a cauldron of pure evil. At this point, most “doctors” make serial, amoral Wall Street shysters and thieves look like angels. Personally, I am completely divorcing myself from the medical cartel pigs. I would rather die alone in a field than be medically intubated and murdered by those greedy, psychopathic pukes. Thanks for everything, Mr. Kirsch. You are a true hero and an inspiration.

    • Casey

      What’re you trying to say, friend?

    • Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

      Get outta here!! risked everything?? He doesn’t know the meaning of that!!! Is he down to his last Billion? oh dear, what a shame… eh? I see he is touting for some donations to help towards his legal fights etc.. Some of us don’t even have enough to buy food!!
      Some of us really have lost everything… Family, friends, businesses., Homes, Savings…..EVERYTHING!! I really couldn’t care what this guy says.. I know the medical profession murdered both my parents during the fake pandemic! and I know I personally lost EVERYTHING I ever had in this world…right down to my clothes! because of ALL this BS!! So I am very sorry friend… but I would never ever feel one ounce of sympathy etc for this Steve “only half awake” Kirsch

  21. Jerry

    It’s hard to stay positive when you see what the globalist are planning. Here’s a little primer from our own government.

    It’s all on the table.

  22. James

    Being older & retired with big medical issues that really started in 5th grade.
    Being in the ‘care’ of many doctors over the decades have learned to not trust ‘some’ doctors, to not trust doctor groups and not trust the medical establishment. I trust ‘some’ individual doctors, other doctors are just trained pill pushers.
    During the 1st when the Coof vaccines were available under EUA was a Red Flag. I am one that reads the information sheets and under EUA, they were not available. Very quickly the media & establishment when HARD to stop of any counter discussion was a MAJOR 2nd Red Flag. Last time I received a vaccine of any kind was a kid.
    So did not get any jabs/boosters. In all this time, not been sick at all with any type of cold/flu type of illness. Last year during regular doctor visit, knowing blood would be taken for other issues so asked the doctor for the blood test for the Coof, negative result.

  23. David Bagley

    Trump is cabal…Trump is still defending the jab

    • Mike

      David Bagley, that Stage 4 TDS has really taken hold of you. Please, seek out brainwashing intervention help, your posts are quite telling, Good Grief!

    • U

      Trump is not cabal, he is narcissistic. He will say anything that will get him adulation. The last I remember saying to a crowd that the vaccines were safe, he got booed. I don’t think he has said it again.

      • L Nonamaker

        He tried to fire Fauci multiple times. He initiated a change called part F that would have allowed future presidents to fire people like Fauci. He was not given free reign in most/ many of his hires because they required Senate approval. McConnell, traitor turtle, had him handcuffed in the Senate. People in the bureaucracy repeatedly stymied his release of papers. They also slow walked many of his orders/changes. Pence also was a traitor and was acting on POTUS behalf for the medical group.
        He WAS successful in pulling out of Paris Accord, TPP and reworking NAFTA to support his MAGA agenda. He got NATO to pay more for their own defense. His policies on the home front supported domestic drilling, exploration, refining, etc. and we became energy independent first time in my 68 years.
        Yes, he seriously increased the deficit. He had to to get these policies enacted. The last time to reign in the budget occurred under Obama before he bailed out all the banks for the 2008 crash in home prices. Trump did what he could around the edges by major cuts in regulations. This strengthened all impacted industries and the economy.
        He definitely was pro-Israel. You can fault him for that, but, there is that OT curse that God will punish any nation that hurts Israel (his people). He also leaned too heavily on Ivanka and her spouse. He could not trust many people and I think that was a factor. He needed some support somewhere he could trust implicitly. Her spouse did a good job on the Abraham Accords.

  24. Statistical Engineer

    Depopulation event.
    Any doctor that wants to keep their silence for money sold their soul.

    • Anthony Australia

      Completely agree, taking place before our very eyes.

  25. Mike Selvaggio

    Steve’s “the optical mouse that roared!! And THANKS Greg! You just gave Steve a critical boost!

    I’m thrilled that Steve PRAISED other heroes of this war! So you could make the same “Jeopardy ” I’m posting here.


    Answer: Donald Trump.


    What independently wealthy businessman put himself and most around him at great risk to FIGHT the corrupt DC swamp and effectively, create chaos amongst those who DO NOT have American’s best interest at heart

    Answer: Steve Kirsch


    What independently wealthy tech entrepreneurs put himself and most around him at great risk to FIGHT the corrupt Medical Industrial swamp and effectively, create chaos amongst those who DO NOT have American’s health

    God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families

  26. BubbaFringman

    Consider the vector is chemtrails. When you’re blowing snot and dripping it into your gut, the parasites are released and amplify. It’s microwave frequency that irritates the parasites. Just consider we’re looking in the wrong place.

  27. a joy whipp

    The speaker is absurd in his dedication to stating these doctors and others are completely innocent of knowing how bad these covid 19 vaccines are. Please.

    • Ella B

      Did you hear about her recent accident in a small plane crash?? She sustained bad injuries, but lived. I think the injuries were to her lower spine, and it sounded like her tendons (ankle/foot) were severed. Please find the articles – I’m ad-libbing.

      I agree, Joy. He’s out of his lane. The truth is that doctors were informed that they would lose their licenses if they spoke about it – even the doctors that we visit. No comment further…They change the subject.

      There was an epidemiologist, Dr. Cunningham, at CDC here in Atlanta that was murdered right before all this virus talk started. No one is claiming he was murdered. “Here’s the lie”: He took a “walk” late at night on a cold February night next to the Chattahoochee River. For some reason, he must have felt like “killing himself” by drowning himself in the river…he wasn’t found until Spring. Dr. Cunningham was at work that day and he was going to present information to the “committee” on his findings. It is strongly believed (and some know) that the topic was in line with the vaccines that were about to be administered to the public. CDC said, “oh, he was depressed” (rightly so if he knew this), but he was only 35, was very bright, and has written many papers. So, he left work early that day, wasn’t able to “present”, and went home. He had asked neighbors to delete his name from their personal contact lists (he probably didn’t want them to end up involved); he put on his sneakers, left his keys at home and his dog, and went for a walk that night. Some believe he may have had “company” because where they found his entrance to the river made no sense. He would not have left his dog to die with no food or water for 2 months. And, he left without a coat…..that’s all we know. It sounds like someone invited him for a walk….never to return. Mystery to this day – and not pursued, and no publicity about it or the search for him after the initial “search”. Of course, we all believe (and some of his colleagues knew) he was on to something.

  28. Diana Mara Henry

    With all due respect to Steve Kirsch, he is naive and uninformed about the Gates vaccine initiatives for planned population control in Africa and the planning for this pandemic at the world level in the years prior and is not an accident, not even of Fauci’s prediction in 2017 that Trump would get a Big Surprise in 2020….Poor lamb, Kirsch doesn’t play with the big guys and can’t imagine what they’ve been doing.

  29. Chris Phillips

    Greg, I believe Steve Kirsch just like Dr Robert M. Won’t answer those questions because they want people to come forward without feeling risk of being killed by the mob. Great interview once again my Friend.

  30. Robert Hood

    My daughter visits me in a week. She’s a Md. Phd working on medical research in Boston. My wife took the vaccines because her daughter recommended them. I have followed Alex Jones for many years and knew the vaccines were coming and that they would be deadly. My wife refuses to look at the volumes of evidence I have. My daughter is a genius but hasn’t a clue that the vaccines are dangerous. I don’t believe this is true of most doctors. They are letting people die to protect their income,

  31. Paul

    Your Guest is not fully informed. Had to stop listening. He trusts the WHO lol.

  32. Jimmy

    I have to stop watching the video and I cannot take it anymore of much more the misrepresentation of facts. This is the belief system that you are proffering and the facts are so 2020. If your believe system Bill Gates is a good guy, then fine. Definitely Steve have not looked into the Bill Gates (like Martin Armstrong did) and he has not looked into there are three types of experimental jabs on people, which are marked as 1, 2, 3 (There is a video from Slovenia of that). He probably had the placebos, which is number 3. He has not looked into Albert Burla that proudly declared to Satan Klaus Schwab in the WEF in Davos, Switzerland that his company doing a great job to kill people, but disappointed that his company could not kill all people because of the ‘misinformation’ that people are spreading (and there is another video for it). In addition, one does not need all facts to make a conclusion that this is a complete democide and he refuted that this is mass killing of people and is not a depopulation agenda due to the fact that he does not have the data. What else do you need? Everything is in front of your eyes e.g., Georgia Guidestone.
    I agree with Steve that universities and schools are indoctrination camps and it is not the best interest of the tyrants to have a population who can think critically and clearly. That is why most people are deceived easily. Overall, I commend Steve’s courage to join the fight against these Satanist Globalist Cabal who rules all over the world.

  33. NoSuchAgency

    I have more peace in my life now than I ever have. The plannedmic has caused me to rise out of my slumber. I am alert, calm and unafraid. The Holy Spirit is protecting me until my death……..and into eternity. Thank you Jesus for my trials. Hallelujah

    • Self Exiled

      Interesting how He does that. Trials become blessings.

      And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose. Romans 8:28

      • NoSuchAgency

        Yes indeedy! We will prevail and we shall overcome! I am following my conscience from here on out.

  34. Linda Walling

    What happened to Bill Holter?

    • Greg Hunter

      I got it wrong. Holter is on this coming Tuesday.

      • John

        The doctors are cowards. If they said no from the beginning it wouldn’t have gotten traction. If you get fired so be it, then fight in court and public. The only chains you have are the ones you place on your own wrists. Now they have ruined their profession forever, nobody will trust them again for generations to come.

        • NoSuchAgency

          Yes. And scared and weak…only think of themselves first (at least most of them). All that health insurance just to realize its crap and the docs never really cared to begin with. I don’t buy Kirsch’s argument that they are “trained” to think a certain way and it’s the only way they can see a med problem. Are they “trained” likewise to have affairs with their staff (and even patients). They can exercise their free will in these matters but not when it comes to warning their patients? BS

        • Paul from Indiana

          “As you sow, so shall you reap.” What you summarize so succinctly is sad but not surprising. Best always. PM

  35. Dave Scrimshaw

    They are NOT good people — They are lilly-livered COWARDS!
    (Also very STUPID – and God will repay.)

  36. John Pick

    Another Great Interview Greg and Steve, thank you.

    Dr. Carrie Madej has said that a few years ago she was 8nvited to a Business Round Table Luncheon where she was pitched to join other local Businessmen in a can’t miss planned Takeover of the U..S…
    Besides being easy on the eyes Dr. Madej is another Vax expert and she seems easy to interview.

  37. NoSuchAgency

    She is scared to lose her job if she comes forward? Guess what, I make $116,000 a year and am in the process of being fired for not taking the kill shot. I am standing firm and I don’t care -my health and life won’t be destroyed so that Bourla (and govt bureau rats) can make billions. I may be working at Dollar General making maybe a third of what i make now but I will make it. Thank you Jesus for making me realize that money and stability can come and go, but your peace and joy will never leave me. Hallelujah.

    • CH

      I have a feeling that, in the not so distant future, you will be making a lot more than you were. Unfortunately, many vaxed people will be unable to continue in their positions of employment and employers will be paying premiums for nonvaxed individuals.

  38. John

    The doctors are cowards. If they said no from the beginning it wouldn’t have gotten traction. If you get fired so be it, then fight in court and public. The only chains you have are the ones you place on your own wrists. Now they have ruined their profession forever, nobody will trust them again for generations.

  39. Gary York

    These doctors are paid off along with nurses. Hang them all or go to jail. I don’t understand this man on Saturday night. 7-23-22. These doctors are not stupid. I’ve watched multiple blogs where people swore that doctors are PAID OFF. TELL HIM TO GET OVER IT.

  40. Tabitha Sloan

    I’m sorry to say Steve needs to catch up! More research on his part is needed as I couldn’t believe some of his naive comments.

  41. Glendon G Hamner

    I live in the Republic of Panama. I recently had a medical emergency here. I am not vaccinated. I had a mini stroke. I needed emergency care. The medical system here is set up for those that are vaccinated. The doctors and nurses and everyone you speak to is supported to encourage you to be vaccinated. No one is allowed to mention that there are risks associated with these vaccines. I managed to get thru this experience because I was able to get released from hospital care. Scary experience. I am never sure what information is being passed around is real or false or is just partial truth. Here in Panama all medical professionals are employed by the government. The government cannot be trusted because its corrupt. Not a good situation to be in.

    • eddiemd

      I saw some info on the lockdown in Panama. It mentioned that the CCP/PLA influenced the lockdown.

      Are you up north near David? How are things in this area?

      What is the availability of ivermectin? Can you go to the farmacia and buy it without a prescription?

  42. Tim Kauffman

    Greg…please get Dr Andrew Kauffman and or Dr Cowen on.

    I can’t stand listening to the parroting and promulgating that the “virus” exists…
    There is no “virus”!

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Tim, I concur! There is not a person in the world who has isolated and shown it exists – this made up Covid19 virus. Anyone who keeps using the “V” word is perpetuating this fake pandemic lie of all lies!

    • M. Egan

      I’m with you Tim Kaufmann.

    • U

      Fully agree

  43. Future Boy

    The cost of energy easily go up 10X in order to have the capacity available for electric cars, electric choo-choo trains, electric jet aircraft, electric desalinization plants to get water to the southwest, electric zero turn mowers, and electric semi-trucks. WHERE WILL THAT MONEY COME FROM?

    We have over 75% of the residences and businesses that will have to retrofit their heating systems to electric. WHERE WILL THAT MONEY COME FROM?

    Everything you purchase comes via fuel or electricity, and the costs will go up in multiples of 10. WHERE WILL THAT MONEY COME FROM?

    WHERE WILL THAT MONEY COME FROM? Will they be sending the non-workers, the non productive {able-bodied of working age} people $50,000 per month universal income checks in order to barely make ends meet living in substandard Amerikka, and to hell with the working taxpayers – they will get absolutely no assistance!! Now that’s Biden/AOC’s social justice!

    And what about food and shelter? Naaa, you won’t need that, the government has a 6 by 6 cell for you with all the bugs you can eat for free.

    I’ll keep my dividend paying stocks in the electrical sector. Be debt free baby, you’ll need your full credit to be used later. Player declines a half billion dollar contract to play baseball, fifty years ago ball players stocked store shelves in their off season. The next ten years will be astronomical. Hundred dollars today will be one cent in ten.

  44. Jim Miller

    Thanks Greg,
    Fascinating insight into the mind of an original true believer. How can Kirsch believe he is only giving his enemy the benefit of the doubt!?

    Rising deaths among the vaccinated are just one of the many proofs they don’t want to see.
    Sad Question:
    Will this group eventually be able to face the whole truth?
    Or, will many of them die, still not accepting the truth that has been in plain sight all along?

  45. Coal Burner

    Greetings Greg: Be sure and check out Jerry’s message above. I never trust without verifying. I always check my six twice or more. I spent too long in DOD! That was when it was the best agency in the world too!

  46. Bodych

    I’m with you on this, Greg: There is no way that this isn’t intentional, and I’ll tell you why:

    How many times in the past have physicians, hospitals, nurses, and others been offered financial incentives to diagnose specific ailments, as they were with covid? I’ll wager NONE. Furthermore, these same entities were ordered to stop treating ALL persons except those who had covid…don’t we recall all the operations/surgeries that were canceled?

    I promise you: The physicians who went along with this absolutely KNEW they were jeopardizing the health and sometimes the lives of their patients. Do not tell me that they were too damned stupid to figure out that something harmful (Do no harm?) was happening. I’ll wager they were also financially incentivized to give out shots as well as PCR tests.

    And by now, if *I* know how harmful or deadly the shots are, all of the entities I mentioned above know about it, too. They are either choosing to be stupid or they know what is happening, but the $ is more important.

  47. Self Exiled

    I find it interesting that Mr. Kirsch is a counter barometer of one concerning people of his income status. I’m sure nobody [CIA, pharmaceutical, military] has thought of this or is working on it: air born aids is just a coincidental theory, nobodies that evil. Please kindly look the other way.

    The LORD saw that the wickedness (depravity) of man was great on the earth, and that every imagination or intent of the thoughts of his heart were only evil continually. The LORD regretted that He had made mankind on the earth, and He was [deeply] grieved in His heart. Genesis 6 5:6

    I asked God if he had ever agonized over a decision and before the thought had concluded in my mind the words were there “When I made man”. Our Father has been very gracious to me, mercy and kindness with loving discipline has been my undeserved Companion.

  48. eddiemd

    Doctor Killpatient,

    I was an old man when I entered med school in Boston with 7 enlisted years served in the Army Special Forces. Some close calls with death. Living in darkness, drinking beer/tequila, chasing women, traveling light, and fighting in bars.

    He is correct. Most of my younger colleagues had no life experience. They thought they were educated but knew nothing about life outside of a classroom. That was 92-96.

    My med school Boston University is woketard. I get the alumni news with them begging for money all the time. I would not give them a single dollar to finance their ignorance.

    It will get worse.

    My nephew graduated in 2017. He is a smart kid but brainwashed through to the core. He took the injections. He did not want to lose his future.

    I am glad to be away from the hospital/clinics. Back in school learning about the antichrist cloud computer systems that are here now.

    Amazon, google, Azure/microsoft, facebook are all working together to control the world using virtual systems run by AI. They are consolidating everything. It is the antichrist systems. The Terminator.

    • eddiemd

      I would say that most medical professionals bought into the “vaccine”. They trusted woketard journals like New England and JAMA, and the rest.

      They failed to recognize that coronavirus was weaponized and released on purpose by our own people. There are evil people in the .gov and MIC/Big Pharma/Big Education. Probably some throwbacks to the nazis, Baal, witch of Endor, Molech, Ashtaroth, etc. These freaks have been around since the beginning of time on planet earth.

      The WHO is corrupted by the CCP. Gates is a quack genocidal satan worshipper.

      Most mid-career doctors recognize what has happened. There is no excuse for them. They have innocent blood on their hands. Woe to them. They worship mammon.

      Endure to the end. Even if they threaten to chop your head off.

      • PC

        There is some Hope for Humanity – but – “Only If Bounties” are placed on the posters now starting to appear in Switzerland – the “Wanted Posters simply demand the arrest of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci and other globalists for crimes against humanity” – – the posters need to offer “a million dollar reward if brought to justice dead or alive” – there are 7 billion of us – so it will only cost each of us “less then a penny” to get rid of each of the Demonic Globalist Eugenicists – people will gladly give a penny “for a thought” – so why not a penny “to actually get rid of an evil Demon” who right out in the open say: “they intend to kill us and our children”???

      • eddiemd

        No integrity in the medical profession.

      • Ray

        Hi Ed,
        Here is my take on Gates (I’ll keep this VERY short)
        He began his career long ago as a gifted programmer of computers, and rose to become, for that time, the richest person alive.
        Early in his partnership, he told Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) – “We can work together on our business, but I MUST BE IN CONTROL”
        So we know that he is a control freak.
        But then he left (not completely) the world of machine programming for something else…..
        That something else is what he realised earlier than most…….and set out to once again COMPLETELY CONTROL.
        When the Human Genome was being mapped in the 90’s, Gates realised that Humans, just like his computers, ran on codes…….literal DNA codes, that worked in a similar fashion to computer software, and that those who could gain control of the codes, gained control over EVERYTHING.
        To this day……via his filth foundation, Gates looks to re-install DNA codes of Humans across the world.
        He won’t be stopped……it is way too late for that.
        We are as his cattle, and the only way any of this can be ceased is with Jesus’ return.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • eddiemd

          Hello Ray,

          You are correct.
          Way back in the beginning of his career he was probably a reasonable man.
          With all the success and power he went down the rat hole of thinking he was god. Like most of us he realizes that time earth is a vapor. He had a choice at one point in time. Serve idols and himself or serve the Creator. He made the wrong choice so far.
          He has a very logical way of thinking being a prgrammer. He may be developing cognitive decline and even a form of dementia or madness. He may be given over, his conscience seared forever. We don’t know the details. We can observe his behavoirs and they suggest a darkened mind.
          There is much for us to do now. We have to get the Gospel out as fast as possible before the day of the Lord.


  49. Robert Coleman

    BREAKING NEWS HERE IN CHINA 7.23.22 – – Originally from St. Louis Missouri and have lived in Guangzhou China area for the past 18+ Years – – BUY GOLD & SILVER BEFORE THEY STOP THE SALE IN THE USA – – WATCH CLIFF HIGH WHOO WARNS ABOUT THE DEATH of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – – – –

    Another big bank “brakes” personal precious metal business.

    China CITIC Bank announced on July 21 that from 3:30 p.m. on August 12, all channels of the bank will suspend the new position opening function (including position opening entrustment) of personal precious metal spot and deferred business of Shanghai gold exchange, and the spot and deferred position closing transactions of existing customers will not be affected. The bank’s deposit and physical fund businesses are not affected by this adjustment. China CITIC Bank will settle and terminate the contract in batches after the closing of the market on the same day for the trading account of the personal customer agency gold exchange with no transaction, no position, no inventory, no arrears and zero margin balance in the past year.

    The reporter of times weekly noted that China Construction Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China will also suspend the new position trading of individual precious metal trading business of Shanghai Gold Exchange in August. Prior to this, industrial bank had closed the functions of individual customers’ extended contract opening and spot contract purchase in mid July.

    Zhoumaohua, a macro researcher in the financial market department of Everbright Bank, believes that the tightening of personal precious metal trading business by financial institutions is a signal to the market that the current relevant market risks are too high.

    Obvious shutdown signal

    Acting as an agent for the personal precious metal business of Shanghai gold exchange, including the trading of precious metal spot and precious metal spot extension (i.e. “precious metal t+d”), which is a leveraged margin trading variety.

    At the end of 2021, many banks have announced that they will suspend the new position opening function of acting as agents for personal precious metal spot and deferred business of Shanghai gold exchange. In November 2020, China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank and other banks suspended the precious metal business and opened new accounts. At that time, some insiders analyzed that the suspension was due to the large-scale explosion of “crude oil treasure”, which exposed the potential risks of the bank’s personal derivatives trading business.

    However, this round of suspension is different from the previous round of banks’ wait-and-see single financial risk events. Since last year, a number of commercial banks have continued to increase the proportion of contract deposits for precious metal transactions on behalf of individual customers, raising the level of business risk and investment threshold, and a number of large state-owned banks and joint-stock banks have withdrawn from related businesses.

    On July 4, industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) released the notice on the adjustment of our agency’s personal precious metal trading business in Shanghai Gold Exchange on its official website, saying that due to the recent increase in uncertainty in the international financial market, in order to comply with the changes in the market situation, since the closing and liquidation on July 8, the proportion of ICBC’s standard trading margin for Au (t+d), Mau (t+d), Au (t+n1), Au (t+n2), nyautn06 and nyautn12 contracts will be increased from 34% to 42%, The proportion of standard trading margin of ICBC for Ag (t+d) contracts was increased from 38% to 46%, and the differentiated margin was adjusted synchronously.

    ICBC has repeatedly adjusted the proportion of trading margin. Au (t+d), Mau (t+d), Au (t+n1), Au (t+n2), nyautn06 and Ag (t+d) trading margins increased by more than 20%. Within two weeks, industrial and Commercial Bank of China announced that from August 15, the open position transactions of account gold and account silver businesses will be suspended, and the open position pending orders set by customers and not concluded will automatically become invalid, and the closing transactions of customers with positions will not be affected.

    Previously, on May 5, Huaxia Bank also announced that it would suspend the delayed opening of precious metal spot positions and the real spot buying transactions of precious metals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange as an agent for individual customers, and increase the margin ratio of Au (t+d) and other contracts.
    From this point of view, the adjustment and shutdown of personal precious metal business of commercial banks acting as agents of Shanghai gold exchange include raising the trading starting point, increasing the margin ratio, raising the risk level, position limit, centralized termination, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the stock scale.

    In December 2021, the central bank, together with the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of foreign exchange, jointly issued the guidance on promoting the standardized development of derivatives business (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the “guidance”) to restrict the OTC derivatives business engaged by domestic licensed legal person financial institutions. Among them, bancassurance institutions shall not directly carry out derivatives transactions with individual customers through counters. In addition, bookkeeping precious metals, bulk commodities, foreign exchange and other account products that do not involve the actual delivery of the subject matter are also under supervision.
    The guidance is the first time that the four departments jointly solicit opinions on financial derivatives business, which also means that financial derivatives transactions have further become the focus of supervision.

    Increased volatility

    The fluctuation of precious metal market and the decline of gold and silver prices are related to the tightening of personal precious metal trading business by banks.
    Since the second quarter of this year, the price of precious metals has fluctuated downward. Take the spot price of gold in London as an example. After the price rose to 2070.21 US dollars / ounce on March 8, it fell violently. As of July 21, the spot price of gold in London was $1683.47 / ounce, with a cumulative decline of more than 18% during the period.

    On July 6, the Shanghai Gold Exchange issued the notice on doing a good job in recent market risk control, which pointed out that recently, affected by international factors, global commodity prices have fluctuated significantly, and market risks have increased significantly.

    Precious metal prices may remain wide-ranging fluctuations. According to Wan Jing, an analyst at Galaxy futures, the Federal Reserve temporarily raised interest rates by 75 basis points in June due to the record high inflation data. After the interest conference, the expectation of interest rate hikes in July and September increased, putting some pressure on the price of precious metals. However, the problem of inflation has not been solved, and the support below is also strong, with a high probability of wide fluctuations.

    The research report released by Hongye Futures Research Institute on July 21 pointed out that although inflation has continued to strengthen recently, the market has shown strong concerns about the future economy in the process of liquidity tightening, and precious metals and other bulk commodities have downside risks. From the holdings of futures and cash, investors are also pessimistic about the future of precious metals. Short term precious metals remain weak.

    Recently, industrial and Commercial Bank of China announced that in view of the great uncertainty in the international bulk commodity market, investors are advised to carefully control the size of their positions and pay attention to the prevention and control of their own risks for customers with positions.

    Guoshuqing, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said publicly at the Lujiazui forum in 2021 that the price of financial derivatives fluctuates greatly and has a wide range of influencing factors, which has high requirements for investors’ professional level and risk tolerance. “The participation of ordinary individual investors is tantamount to gambling in disguised form, and the result of loss is already doomed.”

  50. Michael Favell

    I agree with you, Greg. The doctors can’t claim ignorance. They just decide not to question all this, and think that’s OK? They have a professional responsibility and a Hippocratic Oath that dictates “Do no harm” to their patients. To merely absolve them out of hand by saying that they’re: “educated to be like sheep” doesn’t even begin to cut it. They have been, and are, accountable for murdering their patients! Much too stupid to be stupid! Dr. Michael Yeadon is right on this. He knows! He IS the smoking gun! Steve seems pretty naive about a lot of what’s going on. Looking forward to your interview with Bill Holter.

    • Shirl

      Hello Michael Favell,
      The crazy phenomenon involving medical doctors during this Genocide push is that many rolled up their sleeves and took the Clot-Shots themselves. Many reports of this nonsensical bizarre robotic like behavioral Of sheep doctors albiet brilliant who have died suddenly after submitting themselves for experimentation. Very troubling.

  51. tim mcgraw

    Good interview. I’m enjoying it. At 35:00 Greg gives the female doctor (who sent in 2,000 VAERS reports) a tough critique because she won’t blow the whistle on the dangerous vaccines. The doctor’s first responsibility is to her family. Period. Society is made up of self-motivated individuals who look after themselves first. There is no “greater good” or “good for society.” That is communist doggerel. Family always comes first.
    However, if an individual or group does harm to others, they are the ones who should be punished. If a vaccine kills someone in a family; does the family have the right to retribution? There is no legal recourse as the Big Pharma companies have immunity. It’s no wonder Fauci has bodyguards. No doubt Birx (scarf lady) has bodyguards as well.

    • PC

      Big Pharma companies may have immunity – but – the Doctors “jabbing us and our children” Can Be Sued (because they hired the nurse to administer the “Kill Shot”)!!

      • Johnny Cool

        You have mutated again?

        First Paul…

        Then IIG, and now PC?

        How come?

        • Greg Hunter

          I want to know too. How come?

  52. Matty Australia

    I’m sorry but this man is pure counter intelligence ! 2 comments he made “The WHO is honest” and “I’ve seen no evidence that Bill Gates isn’t honest”. REALLY ??? When people give the truth mixed in with this sort of easy articulation, you KNOW he’s not what he seems. He needs to watch James Corbett’s “Who is Bill Gates” documentary. James Corbett makes no mistakes and has detailed show notes and sources. Counter intelligence – keep your eyes open for it in the future, because here is a great example ! And to save him the detailed research in finding that documentary I’ve included the link. Maybe EVERYONE should have a look… What’s the old saying ??? FOLLOW THE MONEY

    There is no need to suck up to these people…

  53. Ella B

    Justin Bieber could well have developed Bell’s Palsy from Shingles. It’s a rare form of Shingles (I speak about it because I had it!!). It’s called Oticus Shingles and it attacks the inner ear and trigeminal nerves in the face on the side that the Shingles are on. The rare syndrome is Ramsey Hunt Syndrome – some of the effects include Bell’s Palsy (which could be temporary or permanent paralysis), facial tremors, can sometimes cause blindness if the lesions are near the eye.

    Justin looks just like the RH Syndrome. I was spared the RH Syndrome (no Bell’s Palsy, etc) but have had residual neuropathy inside my inner ear for 4 years. This syndrome is only found in about 2% of cases with Oticus shingles being rare. (So, don’t worry too much).

  54. Robert Dziok

    As Clif High has said in interview with Greg with regard to Jabs “It all makes sense when you factor in their intent is to kill us”. The Military has Fauci’s emails and they were used at his Military tribunal to convict him and sentence him to death by hanging for mass medical fraud, conspiracy to commit murder and Treason. RNN ( has reported on this.

  55. Garfield

    This is the problem with the jabbed folks. They can’t accept the fact that there are sinister people out there trying to murder them. Steve can’t accept that Bill Gates is into depopulation, the rona was deliberately released from the lab, or the doctors are in on it.

    Stop protecting the abuser.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      You should stop protecting the abuser by admitting to a Covid19 virus. There is no Covid19 virus! If there is in your mind – show me the proof of its isolation in a lab from someone’s blood sample! You’ll be looking for a long time for that proof.

      • Garfield

        Are you jabbed? Since when did I say the rona is a virus? The rona is all about the spike, I thought everybody knows that by now.

  56. Mary

    It’s not about credibility, it’s about complicity. Members of Congress, including the Senate, are complicit in this huge lie and defrauding of the American people.

  57. Igby MacDavitt

    C’mon, Steve, most f these doctors haven’t bothered looking. They lie to themselves, clearly.

  58. Rodster

    Three dead doctors in 1 week, after hospital administered the 4 shot? Coincidence?

    • PC

      These “dead doctors” have spoken out “By Dying” – now we need the “living doctors” to speak out (why not do it before they die??)!!

  59. Really Awake

    Mr. Kirsch makes a good point when he admits he got duped into getting the Vaxx. He’s obviously an intelligent man, yet he got totally suckered by the establishment. We can extrapolate that a lot of really sincere intellectuals are in total denial. They don’t have a clue. One part of their brain is brilliant and another part is dimwitted; and in some cases part of their brain is dead. Medical school can actually kill independent thinking in some individuals. They just go by the book.

    I and others like me are wired differently and tuned in differently and clued in differently. Our brains have a talent to see right through the duplicitous sociopaths and psychopaths who set up the democide. We can detect evil. And what’s behind the vaxx is evil. Willfully evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      You heard Dr. Kory almost took the vax and would have but he was tied up getting up and running. That gave him time to hear the awful things happening and he hard enough not to get it. Many doctors got hoodwinked into taking at least one jab. Dr. Malone did.
      Tha shots are “willfully evil” I totally agree. To stupid to be stupid.

    • Rodster

      I also think part of the problem is that people tend to put their trust in government, the media and health officials. For some it never crosses their mind that they are being hoodwinked by those organizations. So they do what they say.

  60. Surrounded by Beagles

    OMG ALERT We’re All Gonna Die!
    Redfin has real estate listings that also have a “Climate Risk” section.
    For ‘its and giggles I looked up the Gila Bend, Arizona area, my old stomping grounds.
    Here is what Redfin says:
    Heat risk very high. Historical Impact:
    *** 114° is considered hot in this area. Historically experiences 8 hot days a year. ***
    Projected Impact:
    This property’s risk from extreme heat is increasing.
    *** In 2050, 43 hot days (above 114°) are projected to occur.*** 43 days!?!$#@
    Ouch! Lake Superior waterfront here I come, the new Riviera!
    No one in their right mind will want to live in the desert S.W. for more than 4 months a year, not many will be able to afford it in 2050.

  61. Jeffrobbins

    I’d like to point out that when one person kills another unintentionally that’s called manslaughter and it is a felony. The doctors and employers are in for lots of litigation and they’d better pray that is the worst thing to worry about. The arm twisting to get the vax for employment issue has huge litigation potential. I’m near Hanford, wa. And can tell you the threats of being fired were very strong for all the employees under these government D.O.E. contracts and in the end they allowed all the religious exemptions that were applied for, but lots of people got the shots and a few quit and a few hung in there.-as heard through the grape vine— It could be that the goal isn’t to depopulate, but to break down the western world. It’s all based on confidence. Just imagine the military not getting recruits, massive tax evasion, assassinations, protests in every major city with burning cars and buildings, business investment drying up because of lack of trust. The only bright spot would be a nation ready for a Revival.

  62. Derek Sinclair

    Steve is so wrong about the medical so called profession by just claiming they are naive rather than culpable. A mistake (the “vaccine”) is one thing but a mistake that is shown (or even suspected) to be mistake (which it now is even to a child) but then is not corrected, ceases to be a mistake and becomes a policy. This is a death policy that the medical so called profession is fully on board with because all they care about (all they have ever cared about) is the size of their wallets. Medics are not taught in medical school to be sheep, they are taught that they are God. They think they can get away with anything because up till now they have done.

  63. Nancy York

    My brother is dbl vaxxed. I finally convinced him through evidence via USAWD vids and the awesome folks who post comments and links to other evidence that these COVID shots are very dangerous. He said he’s not taking any more shots and will obtain Ivermectin. Now my 89 YO mother is still not convinced and stated that she has had no adverse consequences from her J&J shot in February 2021. I did not tell her that SHE DID indeed have a consequential reaction — she ended up in hospital 6 months later with fluid retention and inability to breathe! I’m 1500 miles away and explaining this to an elder woman so entrenched in the mainstream media proganda should be explained to her by me in person. She asked me from her landline phone if I had taken the vax. I told her NO, in fact, I am THE ONLY ONE in our family who has not taken the shot! She asked if I had gotten sick since the COVID-thing began. NO, I have NOT. Not a cold, no flu, nothing. She responds with a hmmm. I said the ones you will hear about “getting the COVID-thing” are THE VAXXED. Again, my brother is dbl vaxxed, and got sick with COVID as I write this. He, like so many others lined up for a shot in the early phase of the COVID-thing, thinking they would be protected from a deadly pandemic killer virus. Myself on the other hand had some beautiful souls that were on the same page as me, for instance, “what part of EXPERIMENTAL do you not understand?” And lastly, my only go to website for more definitive information combined with professional investigative reporting is Greg Hunter’s USAWD website. I have been part of his audience since the first market equities meltdown around the Obama regime. And since then never turned back from checking in for The Real News. And I am sooo grateful that I DID NOT take the dreaded COVID SHOTS. And The COVID-thing we are experiencing sounds like a title for a B- rated horror film!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, Nancy. It helps us all to hear it.

    • MacGuy

      Ditto! Thank you Greg for saving my life.

      • PC

        Praise the Lord – We have all been praying to Jesus to save us – so he gave us Greg Hunter (and many other good people) to save us – all we need do is listen!!!

  64. David

    Hey Greg, not that we need any more confirmation of the corruption, fraud, & lies that are destroying our country & our freedoms – however, you might be interested in this video about the mental health industry & how they have worked with Big Pharma for many years. I had to check to make sure that Dr. Davies is still alive after seeing this:

    • Self Exiled

      “Medicalized” is the key term concerning the purchase of the psychiatric and medical community through doctors and clinics. Such was an investment and therefore suppression of truthful medical data of pharmaceutical products. The prophets out wayed the eventual fines. Thank You for this link.

      • David

        You’re welcome. I couldn’t believe the insane corruption that Dr. Davies exposed in two one-hour lectures. He detailed how the DSM is updated in conjunction with Big Pharma, creating many new “mental illnesses” every time the DSM is “updated” & Big Pharma always has a “new” drug ready to sell!! Then he exposed how Pharma pays off the researchers & the members of the DSM update commissions!!

  65. Peter Crofton

    Hey Greg,

    Thank you for having this guy on your show, BUT, he is Totally blind. I’m not a doctor, just a regular guy and I can figure this vaccine kill shot out.

    Peter Crofton

  66. Robert J. Gargasz

    Facebook is a tool of infiltration of communists to prevent the Truth from being told. Mention Covid 19 and it’s gene therapy poison shots that damage and injure human DNA and you will be put in Facebook jail. Censored for telling the truth and warning people of its dangers? Facebook and Zuckerman has blood on their hands! They need to be punished. Treasonous traitors engaged in covering the bio-weapon released upon America!

  67. David

    I am now convinced that the CCP bio-weapon ScamDEMic (including the dangerous, even deadly, Big Pharma shots) was part of the Radical Left’s no holds barred campaign to get rid of President Trump “by any means” necessary! The Radical Left will tell ANY lie, run ANY Treasonous Coup/ScamDEMic/Election theft & engage in ANY evil to achieve their Cloward-Piven, Rules for Radicals goals, which include an atheistic Marxist takeover of the United States. Would the Radical Left willingly kill all those people? Yes, they really are THAT evil & they want depopulation!!

  68. TaxDonkey

    One thing I admire about Steve Kirsch is that he’s an absolute pit bull. He’s absolutely hounding many of the people in charge of this nightmare. Although I disagree with him that this is simply an accident and a coverup, he’s still doing great work. He’s got a good point that many rank and file doctors/scientist probably believe the nonsense. They aren’t necessarily part the primordial head of the serpent that premeditated this genocide.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Kirsch is a good man who did not need to take this on. Did you hear him say he lost 95% of his friends? Awful and he came out against this crap anyway. Hero to me.

      • Eric Thorp

        My post was sent somehow before I edited it. Here’s the edits. “The jab has nothing to do with covid-19,” “It’s an in silico virus.” Cheers

  69. Igby MacDavitt

    It seems to me that Mr. Kirsch is somewhat naive, and is his red-pill has not been fully released into his world. The naivety is certainly why he took two shots in the first place.

    Nobody gets up to speed on the depth of planned depravity in a year or two…. Look at Dr Malone, or Dr McCullough, or Joe Rogan, or any number of the ‘new to reality’ people who are seeing a lot of the problems, but in Mr. Kirsch’s case, he still doesn’t accept the Elephant in the Room.

    Bill Gates has a long history connected to Planned Parenthood (Eugenics), Vaccines, the Federal Reserve, IBM, GMOs, not to mention land monopolization and tax avoidance. Lest we forget he tried to financially cut out his original Windows’ partner while he was dying of cancer, and the anti-trust suit against Gates in the 1990s. And this lead to him rebranding himself through fake philanthropy a la Rockefeller. Gates is not an honest or honourable guy. Sorry to break it to you, Steve Kirsch, but this evidence doesn’t remotely suggest he is trying to improve world health. He also has three kids, hardly a man troubled with his hypocrisy.


  70. TaxDonkey

    Hey Greg, you’ve been having amazing guests on lately. I’ve enjoyed your show for a few years now. I think Lee Merritt would be a great additional to your repertoire. Keep it up.

  71. Wanda

    Greg awesome interview/guest! These people behind all this pushing a fake thing that is about population reduction, make me very nervous. I mean, if they are willing and able to do this? You and your guest both agreed, that when the dust settles and the truth is known, no one, will trust the cdc or a Doctor again. So, with that in mind, what if that is their ultimate goal? Terrify us to that point, and we gat past this, only to have them announce another REAL horrifying communicable disease, (Which they already have in vials some where) people wont believe them of trust any one in that regards, and we get some thing released that will be fast and fatal. Sorry, I just do not trust the health care industry, the Pharma’s making all this money and ppl like fa u ci, not to have this already planned.

    • PC

      Years ago when you went to the doctor with a virus – all they did was tell you to go home take an aspirin and drink some orange juice – but when Big Pharma began offering $50,000 dollars for every patient they could kill on a ventilator “things changed”!!

  72. Eric Thorp

    They did have a cover story prepared. It was leaked from the Wuhan lab. Both narratives advance the globalist agenda to get the injection into every man woman and child. The job has nothing to do with converting covid-19 it’s primary ingredient is graphene hydroxide. If people would snap out of their programming and were willing to look further, they would see that SARS-COV-2 doesn’t exist in nature. It’s in silico virus. A hoax.

    • Eric Thorp

      My post was sent somehow before I edited it. Here’s the edited version. Cheers

      They did have a cover story prepared. It was leaked from the Wuhan lab. Both narratives advance the globalist agenda to get the injection into every man woman and child. The jab has nothing to do with covid-19, it’s primary ingredient is graphene hydroxide. If people would snap out of their programming and were willing to look further, they would see that SARS-COV-2 doesn’t exist in nature. It’s an in silico virus. A hoax.

  73. J in Europe

    Dear Greg,
    I know the title of your website is, and you focus on American interests. I have followed you for a long time and I admire your work. Having just finished the book “The tattooist of Auschwitz”, the lessons are poignant. Can you please consider for one moment that Pfizer is an American company, the CDC is American, Dr Fauci is American and Bill Gates is American.
    The USA will be treated in the same way that Germany was treated after the Nuremberg trials. America will be isolated and American citizens will be treated as pariahs – the backlash will be severe. All foreign investment in America will dry up and individual American citizens will be targeted in the same way that German citizens were targeted after the Second World War. I hope and pray this doesn’t happen, but human instinct is basic. It is impossible for people to speak out now without severe retribution. Many like me have lost friends and colleagues because of our inability to speak the truth or ask painful questions. The personal loss has been huge.
    I wish you and all of your followers the very best and believe people will see this for what it was-an extremely dangerous moneymaking venture that cost the lives of millions of people. It will dawn upon people in middle management positions in the military and in the intelligence service that their loved ones were sacrificed on the altar of big Pharma and big profits. When this happens the entire system will crack and I fear for the retribution that will follow, hoping that forgiveness will somehow prevail.
    Finally, can I please recommend Robert Kennedy Jr’s book – the real Anthony Fauci. It shows one of the leading lights of American fortitude compassion and empathy. Robert Kennedy Jr is the type of American that we all have come to know and love. J

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right “J” but at the moment I am trying to wake people up and stop this vax madness now. Maybe we can get people on Ivermectin and other things that will lessen the vax damage. Your points are well made and well taken.

    • Andrew

      Talking about backlash: the same IS done right now against humans just because they are Russian.
      NB: While the book The Tattooist was billed as historical fiction, it generated controversy because of a perception that its marketing and content suggested historical accuracy despite major departures from the truth and presenting a hagiographic rendition of a complicated biography. [wiki]

  74. Chevy Preps

    I have not seen Steve before tonight. I hope you can have him back again. I would of liked to hear some facts about his involvement in the creation of the optical mouse.
    Thanks Greg for all your doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chevy. He made some very good points in this interview.

  75. Neville

    Lies,lies and damned lies is all the world gets out of AAcrime ,they are like those bugs that stick to your window, using the windscreen wiper makes them worse …….
    Steve & Greg the Book of Proverbs sums all of what you had to discuss on this very emotive issue and that is ….A LIE HAS A SHORT LIFE BUT THE TRUTH LIVES ON!!!
    fauci and the rest of that evil mob the CDC,FDA,WHO etc who choose to believe their infernal lies are digging their own graves don’t try and stop them.
    The so-science behind vaccination is completely and utterly flawed, this scam was only geared to kill/maim as many people as they can and gates’s role in all this was to fund the WHO,CDC ,FDA and be a major part of the vaccine manufacture.
    gate’s motives are all crearly dishonourable in the extreme.

  76. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Sorry, but I simply had to STOP listening at the 51 minute mark. Your guest may be “brilliant” but – even giving him the benefit of the doubt – he is IMHO, woefully naive. He gives all the doctors administering this poison a pass – even the doctor who admits to having 2,000 VAERS reports to file and continues to administer the shots!!! Your analogy with the death camp prison guards ‘merely following orders’ was spot on.

    I have noticed among my vaxxed colleagues, that they speak to one another about their health issues in hushed tones. I have no hard evidence but I imagine this is because they are realising that they are complicit in their demise. Discussing the consequences is like discussing a shared ‘guilty secret’. No one is ‘loud and proud’ to be sick as a result of taking part (volunteering) in a medical experiment. Listening to your guest gives me somewhat the same impression. There are aspects of this evil saga that people who have been vaxxed cannot bring themselves to acknowledge.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Kirsch is changing his position and posted this a day after the interview was recorded:
      I think Kirsch is a good man who is stickling his neck out and being punished for it. You can’t agree on everything. Your point is well made and well taken though.

      • CJ

        Greg, this information makes me extremely sad. I have a niece that became a licensed doctor in the middle of 2020. She had a fit first when I refused to wear a mask and second called me selfish when I refused to take the jab. I was an uneducated hillbilly for even questioning those in charge. I should just worship the god of education and not question his disciples the PHD’s. Her mother told me she had a panic attack because people at the store weren’t wearing mask and wouldn’t stay 6ft away from her. I haven’t spoken to her in almost 18 months. That once close bond is broken, mostly because I refused to be called selfish for questioning and refusing to submit to the PHD’s. She took it personally. She also convinced several family members to take the jab because she was a doctor. I know she and her husband will line up for any boosters without question, though most of the other family members are declining to do so. I just pray she cares enough for her daughter, or at least wakes up enough to question all of this so that she does not give her the jab now that it is “approved” for toddlers.

        One of the family members has started developing blood clots since taking the jab. He never had that problem before, but no one will link it to the jab.

        I think it’s going to be a long winter.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Greg for posting this. Remember I asked in an earlier interview about doctors; the numbers of them who are dieing. I can see how the humiliation of the vaccination of their entire families including grandchildren coupled with their occupational label; including the pride factor, silences their desire to be authentic after parading themselves as virtuous guardians of humanity. This of course is not a ligament excuse but a situation that divides the righteous from the unrighteous. God’s presence has the ability to do this without revealing His Presence. Hence again He is firmly in control.

    • Keith Wilson

      Well last year when I decided not to get vaccinated I was called a coward and a moron. Neighbours ignored me and friends no longer wanted anything to do with me. Twelve months later my neighbours are sick and many will not last until christmas. My friends have family who have died suddenly and have no answer to why they passed at a young age. My local store owner who was jabbed 4 times died the other week with 3 blood clots in his brain . The waiting time for cremations is 7 weeks. 7 weeks and it is only july.What will it be in January 2023 during the winter with the population jabbed for the fifth time ?

  77. Gunny HiWay

    The Gardasil vaccine for “HPV” killed my daughter in less than 3 years with cervical cancer. She had cancer cells her first pap smear after the shot.
    She died of Christmas Eve 2013.
    She was NEVER in any danger of contacting “HPV”.

    I avoid “doctors” like the plague they are.
    The days of Marcus Welby MD are long gone.

    Carry On,
    RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • Greg Hunter

      I remember having a disagreement in a news meeting at CNN circa 2007. I said it was human testing on young girls and we did not know what the outcome would be vaxing so many for a perceived risk that was not nailed down. I also cautioned that we (CNN) should not be so gung ho to push this without questing it. I was snickered at by two female producers. So sorry that happened to your little girl.

      • eddiemd

        I was working at the Phoenix Indian medical center in 2007 when Gardisil was being pushed out. The Indian Health Services (IHS) wanted to start giving out the shots to the young women in IHS. It was still untested. I was against it. I was on the hospital pharmacy committee. It was being sold to the .gov and a lot of money was to be made by Big Pharma.
        Like the hepatitis B injections at birth. It was all about money. “Vaccines” are big business. Sometime back in the 60s/70s the Big Pharma leaders realized the money to be made by making shots mandatory in humans. Chicken pox, measles, mumps…these were normal facts of life when I was a kid. There was never a need for “vaccines”.
        Now you have newborns, infants, toddlers, children getting mass injections. This is a part of the medical student indoctrination. Don’t ask any questions.
        They wonder why there is an increase in the phenomena known as “autism spectrum”. It is multifactorial but has roots in the mass injections received at a young age with chemicals and antigen that are not intended for parenteral consumption. There are some rare autism causes related to genetic factors like deletions, but the majority relate to the poisons given to young children between ages birth to 6yo.

        I saved all my shot records from the military back to 1982. I am surprised I am still alive with all the shots I had. I missed flu and anthrax shots.

      • Gunny HiWay

        Thank you sir.
        Jessica was amazing and is missed by many.
        I begged her mother NOT to have Jessica take that shot.

        “HPV” is another big pharma concocted fairy tale, just like Covid.
        You would have to be a sex-worker to have the necessary numbers of anonymous partners to even come close to contacting it.
        The “Doctors” and Merck Pharma murdered my daughter with zero remorse.
        Jessica is not alone, THOUSANDS have been killed and injured.
        Someday, the Doctors and Pharma execs will be hunted down like the rabid dogs they truly are.

        Be well,

  78. Reinder Wassenaar

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for bringing Steve Kirsch on. You are right that he is a great and good person: in spite of his wealth and his two shots, he is trying to find out the truth and trying to warn the world about all the “mistakes”, fraud and crimes and trying to wake people up. It is people like Steve, who like the truth and justice above anything else, that we need in our governments, after we HANG all the criminals and murdering liars that are in the governments all over the world now for their crimes and genocidal behaviors.
    Thanks for your wonderful interviews and fighting the real fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Reinder! I agree.

  79. stanley skrzypek

    Rand Paul…..In my Opinion……is as CORRUPT as…… Lindsey Graham…… blood BOILS when I see people like them……..

  80. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes Kirsch is a hero to me too Greg. But like you this pandemic has to be too stupid/evil to be stupid, meaning that wilful ignorance cannot be excused. Hell, there’s no way that ‘I was only following instructions’ can excuse doctors for simply being sheep-like, while their Hippocratic oath overrides everything

    • Julia B.

      I could not agree more. These folks aren’t struggling financially, and we know how society loves to donate money to those who don’t need it, like the whistleblowers from big tech. They were already earning a ton. I work in a slave industry–publishing–and one of my clients, a large publishing house, has written me off after 30 years. I enjoyed working on a book extolling the benefits of fossil fuels and why they’ve lifted up humanity and how they’re here to stay. Cardinal sin. No one’s running in to help me or give me editorial projects. DOCTORS take the Hippocratic Oath, which we know in short is “Do no harm.” The medical personnel who knew this was bad news could have banded together to start an honest practice. Or the docs could have done so on their own. I know it’s up to God to judge, but as a mortal and fallible creature (who is a Libra, the “Judge” who judges herself most harshly of all and exempts none but the dev disabled), I’m having a hard time not despising these accessories to harm and murder. Please pray for me. I need it. Thank you. (PS I might be 66, but I am thisclose to applying for a job in the Amazon warehouse in my Florida town. It’s either that or out on the street.)

    • eddiemd

      Hippocratic oath is a myth. Nobody in my class took any oath other than to themselves.

  81. 8Ball

    Have him explain this…

  82. Julia B.

    Ugh–People on Rumble are stealing your content, Greg. I searched both Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog and USA Watchdog News, and tons of “conservatives” (with no morals) have poached YOUR content. Makes me livid! This is YOUR hard work, not theirs. And they dare call themselves “conservatives”! This is why I don’t belong to a political party anymore (why go from one chit party to another?) or to any organized religion. Even though my dad was genuinely devout, he told us kids that we could talk and confess our sins directly to God. We didn’t need the priest as an intermediary. Injustice makes me ill!

  83. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    You should have Dr Paul Marik, from the FLCCC, on to discuss Autophagy. It is something that can help many regarding Covid-19 and other medical problems.

  84. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirsch. So medical doctors refuse to speak out however what about those that signed the Bafour Declaration and lost their living and pensions no ones interviewing those sadly!
    Here in the UK those doctors and academics who joined the totalitarian apologists are being congratulated and are enjoying increased salaries higher positions,so many have received honorary doctorates and professorships.

  85. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, A lot of my real rich and intelligent friends and family got the jabs, got more jabs, and booster too. They all are in denial and it shocks us other friends who talk about it all.
    I do differ with Steve and he does contradict himself by saying Doctors will lose their jobs if they speak up and then said they are brainwashed and have no cognitive abilities to discern the truth. He said he lost his job and livelihood but has a net worth of over $230,000,000. ON that one, please after I got run out of the country back to Thailand by the Govt. forcing us to pay and pay more we left back to Thailand. I live on peanuts. I have God and am happy for that. One point that should have been brought up is Trump and his bragging about his Warp Speed kill jabs as he still says take them. WTF is wrong with him? He first came into power and surrounded himself with Liberals and worshipers of the NWO. I simply can not vote for him unless he comes out and disavows and kill jabs.

  86. Derek THE RED

    First published at 09:48 UTC on July 24th, 2022.
    Fake Jake Sullivan declaring ZELENSKY future as a Martyr and hero?
    Lets hope his call is as fake as his resume.

  87. Roger Stamper

    tks steve greg

  88. John

    There is something disturbingly incongruous about Steve’s perspective. It is a form of cognitive dissonance that I believe is associated with the remnants of indoctrination and naivety that led him to take the vaccines in the first place.
    While Steve makes an important point about doctors simply being repeaters and order followers, he shows incredible ignorance with his denial of the clear intention to control and murder that is at the root of this highly orchestrated social engineering. I am blown away by people’s ability to deny the existence of evil intent. Steve acknowledges incompetence and corrupt self interest, he understands the tragic phenomena of blind obedience to authority, and yet he is incapable of identifying the authors and intent underlying the authority. Stunning. Awakening is compartmentalized for many.

    • Hubbs

      As a disgruntled and washed up doctor who was served up by the KY Board of Medical Licensure in 1994, Case 467, ruining my career with suspension as a result of an operating nurse’s premeditated act of misconduct- that of ordering and allowing an untrained tech to select and draw up a medication in a syringe, and the nurse not even checking to see if what this tech had drawn up what was the drug I had ordered- resulting in the nurse handing me a lethal drug which killed the 21 yr old man on the operating table, for which I had to take took full blame, even though my act had properly relied on an authorized operating room nurse to hand me the correct drug on my acknowledged verbal order which she had written in her scrubs and read back to me verbatim and in accordance with the prevailing standard of care for surgeons(nothing happened to the nurse or tech, and the Board’s own panel expert had exonerated me) , I can tell you that it is a mixture of factors. A lot of doctors are liars, just like lawyers. A lot of doctors are insecure and went into medicine to bolster their self esteem. Others go into it for the money. Others have no real life practical skills, like lawyers and have lived in a bubble. Some will do whatever they have to in order to avoid losing their livelihoods and will go along like sheep. Some are just plain incompetent like most lawyers and judges I have dealt with. In my memoirs, (My Medical-Legal Back Pages) I mentioned that “there are no men in medicine” well, except for a few. I can tell you that State Medical Boards are comprised of righteous physicians looking for self importance. These physicians get on medical boards through political appointment, usually by the state governor. Thus, the State Medical Boards, like the State Bar Associations, Judicial Review Committees, and the usual proclamations that “thorough investigations” will be performed make you THINK you have protections against incompetent or unscrupulous doctors, lawyers, corporations, or government officials. You don’t. It’s all a sham.

      • eddiemd

        I agree.

        State medical board members are political appointees who are better at the game than other. Same with the sham state bar.
        I am running a battle with the state bar in a matter not related to medicine. They are cover up artists. They protect their own. Same with the judges. Judges and lawyers with obvious mental decline and outright evidence of dementia. The state bar is not able to decide whether a judge or lawyer has mental/cognitive decline or dementia. They are lawyers, not doctors.

  89. Patrick Alaggio

    This virus WASN’T accidentally released. Greg, bring George Webb on and investigate his work. It appears to me that the military games there in China was the point where this bio-weapon was released and distributed around the world so quickly.

    PS: It wasn’t that THEY DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW the answers but that they KNEW THE ANSWERS and didn’t want us to know it was a planned democide with over 20 years of patents PROVING this point. Bring George Webb and Dr. David Martin back on and let’s get this obfuscation straightened out. Thank you.

  90. Julia B.

    I had to stop mid-poop to address this moron’s mishigas claim about why he hasn’t (yet!) suffered from his 2 Moderna doses: As we know from Naomi Wolf and Bannon’s War Room posse of medical people from his listenership who are making her work possible (anti-Trumper that she is), REACTION IS DEPENDENT ON THE PARTICULAR MIXTURE DESIGNATED BY LOT NUMBER. If you have the BATCH number, you can search it on to see if you’ve gotten a placebo or a more or less pernicious dose. (I was flagging today and needed energy. God works in strange ways. I now feel filled with strength and energy fueled by my intense dislike of the guest.)

  91. Marie Joy

    It amazes me that the masses have not acted up, yet, especially after their mothers, fathers, children and spouses have been murdered. Fluoride works.

  92. PointOfKnowReturn
    When 33 people are vaxxed, and that same number is now dead, this is not a coincidence. Perhaps Wayne Allyn Root would be an excellent guest for a future episode, so we could hear him being interviewed by you, which I know would be a must see, butter the popcorn, interview.

    • PointOfKnowReturn

      Actually, amend my post to include vax injured, not simply “just dead”. 33 for 33 is still stunning.
      Thank you!

  93. Gavin

    Unbelievable that your guest can sit there and say Dr’s aren’t evil to keep pushing and administering these kill shots because basically they’re both too stupid to do the research and too corrupt to speak out and then tries to argue this doesn’t make them evil because they’re just paying their mortgage and don’t want to get cancelled by their colleagues; incredible levels of ignorance and corruption. Thank you Greg for not letting him off the hook. When people who are exposing the lies are still defending the liars, we have a major issue in this world.

  94. Melinda Henson

    Respect and Trust are the easiest things to lose, and the hardest things to get back!

    Jesus said:
    Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in heaven! Matt. 10:32, 33

    There will be NO “plausible deniability” when you stand before the God of all creation! Meaning: I did NOT know…nobody told me!

    Therefore, I confess today that JESUS IS LORD of all!

  95. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    Loved the interview. Mr. Kirsch surely is a very good man, a Hero. We seem to agree that he gives a lot to the benefit of the doubt, as there is no evidence Bill Gates is a Devilhead.
    I, I always took for granted there are a load of Devilheads in the world, and without evidence I feel a Devilhead in Bill Gates. Devilheads who kill People like flies. They love the additive manipulation game.

    I am unvaxxed, made up my mind when I heard MRNA stuff…… never done before.
    Then all this stuff…….. as dr. Korie said… stuff……. at times you get trouble believing it.

    Maybe as Steve Kirsch leaves out the movie stuff, he gets to more People to not get vaxxed, as the movie stuff is too far fetched for too many People.
    Once they focus on the danger of the vax. . ….the movie stuff follows gradually.

    It’s thinkable that the implosion of the financial system will overshadow the vax effects.
    The Devilheads are active on many fronts……

    May the heavens be preparing an intervention to end all evil in the world. I think to know Jesus is back, and is preparing for it… . after that intervention day you only survive if you act lovely.
    The time was never more ripe. How long will this world hold out on this path? Not so many centuries I guess…….

    In 2011 I was waiting for the financial implosion. Then a few years later I figured they could prolong it beyond our imagination. Recently I am awaiting it full blown again. Looking forward to the interview with Bill Holter.
    Greetings from Holland where the Devilheads are finishing off the farmers. Common sense seems to be in coma as the majority is still asleep. What devlish lollaby are we missing?

  96. David

    From the UK. Has there ever been a campaign for a constitutional amendment to forbid compulsory medication? I wonder if on the back of this tragedy you might be able to galvanise enough support to get it done.

  97. Brian susi

    Steve, you if you now take your research and move into the macroeconomics, 4th turning, world economic forum and war cycle research it will help understand the timing of this and what “they” have to gain.

  98. Gloria Charlier

    Hi Greg, I agree with you about the MDs. They are in a big club and we aint in that one either! I was an RN for 47 years (now retired). The AMA is just another cartel, Rockerfeller Medicine! Doctors stick together and protect each other, not speaking out against bad docs who they know are bad docs. MDs read research all the time, many promote medications and site research. If they would all stick together and speak out it would be a different ball game.
    I watched “healthcare” go from not for profit to for profit, thanks again to Richard Nixon and THAT is when things really started to shift. The focus changed from patient care to money. Bill Gates is a criminal!

  99. wayne hardin

    Clue .
    If you have a problem with people knowing what you have done don’t do it .

    Choices have Consequences make the right one .

    Don’t play both sides and the middle you will lose in the end .

    Wayne Hardin

  100. Martin Coombs

    While we all disagree to agree or agree to disagree the job has been done, now snatas minions sit back a wait for the v to do what is is suppose to do ( kill, mame spread all kinds of ills, no vrs the v is the snake bite as with the Israelites moaning when they should of been worshiping & thanking God, nothing new under the son, he not a respect or of persons, but those who look upon him will live. Agree with the brothers who wrote above, peace beyond understanding provided by the one . God alone through Jesus , stop wasting time seeking justice, who is wrong or right ( confusion by the father of lies ) he did this he isn’t good, he is corrupt , he is coming back & will sort it all etc etc etc . The one written about is on his deceiving way, repent, get THE only truth ticket , everything else is babel babel babel – tick tick tick ( to late) now show your faith 🕊 worthless, or worth 🙏 God bless in Jesus mighty name

  101. Michele

    I agree with you completely. Initially the doctors may not have known the damage and unusual circumstances surrounding the CV-19 vax. HOWEVER, Doctors are expected to be the intermediary for their patients. Does this guy have a relative who is a doctor?
    After 6 months from the onset of the vax there is absolutely no excuse to remain silent, continue to give the vax etc. etc.etc.
    To remain silent is to be complicit in the commission of murder.
    this man is disingenuous.
    I am a retired nurse everyone in medicine takes an oath, “Above all Do No Harm”.
    Mr. Kirsch appears to be very pale as in not well. Is he aware of treatments to help folks? Is he developing a treatment?
    I am gobsmacked at his excuses for the continuation of the lies and cover up.

    • Bob

      Ironically it’s the idea that doctors can’t do experiments that is the problem. Doctors used to be able to do experiments on their patients, otherwise known as “trying something”. It was a private decision, based on judgement.

      Now the prevailing attitude is that if you “go against The Science” then it’s on you. If a doctor fails to follow the herd and their patient dies, they are suddenly looking like a murderer. It’s now safer to kill your patients with the vax or remdesivir and blame Covid – much, much safer than trying to help them. In the early days of Covid doctors in NYC were putting people on ventilators and “trying anything, since they are going to die anyway”. They killed patients by the dozen because they thought they had no chance with Covid so what the hell, just do some experiments to see what works. Then it snowballed into a crazy death-fest. The CDC loved it because it raised death numbers and looked like a pandemic. The 94% false-positive PCR tests “confirmed” that the doctors “tried their best”.

      A system where the treatment is decided between the patient and doctor, and not The Science is what we had, and what we need again. You might be unlucky and get a bad doctor, but at least you have the chance to have a good doctor. The centralized diagnosis and treatment we have seen with Covid risks doing the wrong thing on a catastrophic scale.

      Diversity of treatment and diversity of outcome allows us to survive as a species, because we don’t risk killing everyone at once.

      Lots of Doctors were in on it but they were manipulated into that position, and could not escape without putting themselves in the firing line. Other are just plain corrupt and belong in jail.

  102. Paul

    Normally, Everyone’s interpretation of life is usually based on their experience and careers they pursue. Is a banker going to tell you their honest balance sheet. Is a comex or stock trader giving you the truth of the markets.
    It a rare breed to break from the table that feeds you. Steve is one of those who who broke from the table, fortunately he could afford to. Like rand Paul he goes to the edge and stops at seeing the bear.
    In some regards, his journey like others who speak on The national stage is no guarantee of acceptance or survival.
    One thing for sure he is offering his fortune and life as he knew it.
    He is a great man in my book.

  103. Robert H Burt

    If a doctor knows a vaccine is deadly, and they don’t do anything to stop it because they don’t want to lose their license, that does not excuse them, it does not forgive them, they are knowingly complicit in committing murder. You are absolutely correct, Greg.

  104. Robert H Burt

    If the medical profession makes it clear that doctors will lose their license if they speak out about a bad vaccine, that is blackmail. This fact does not forgive the physicians. It makes them victims, but it does not excuse immoral behavior on their part.

    • PC

      Why couldn’t these doctors who were concerned about “losing their license to practice” simply injected water into their patients and flushed the poison jab down the drain – no one would have known – and many peoples lives could have been saved?? (Hopefully Perhaps We Will Find Out Someday That “Some Good Doctors” Actually Did This)!!

    • Bob

      In New Zealand doctors didn’t just lose their license for speaking out against the vax – they lost it for telling patients to be careful and make an informed decision.

      Actually, they would lose their license if they didn’t actively promote it to every single patient.

      If they said “It’s your choice” or “You should research before deciding” that was against the new rules and they risked getting fired and not being a doctor anymore. If they said nothing about the vax at all they risked losing their license to practice.

      They HAD TO tell all their patients to get the vax. They HAD TO tell all their patients it was PROVEN safe and effective. They COULD NOT issue exemptions; only the Director General of Health (Ashley Bloomfield) could issue vax exemptions and one doctor told us he knew of people that nearly died 10 minutes after their first shot yet were deemed to be “not suitable for an exemption”. Bloomfield is a criminal. Ardern is a criminal. Baker is a terrorist.

      Our government is full of communist criminals and terrorists. The police will not investigate any of them. They’ve said it’s too complicated.

      • Greg Hunter

        So Bob the NZ doctors were in on it and made money doing it. They did not have to do jack crap!!

        • Bob

          Greg, I know some were sympathetic and tried to work around the rules as best they could without being busted. Remember many patients were spies sent to trap them, so they had to be careful.

          Most are bad though, I’ll agree with that. Most of the general public were the same though. I talked to someone who did PCR tests all day in a lab, and when I told her I didn’t get the jab she said “what’s wrong with you?”.
          I know of many small business owners who threatened their employees with firing if they didn’t get the jab. There was zero legal requirement or government pressure to do this, but they just “followed the hype” as Peter Daszak would say.

          Subway wouldn’t even let people get takeout without a vax pass. A major computer store chain said no vax pass, no shopping. There was no government mandate for it at all but they still did it. A herd driven mad.

          Many doctors would have been screamed at by their patients if they didn’t provide the jab. Sometimes doctors just do what they’re told too.

          I any case, the medical establishment cannot be trusted anymore, but most will still trust it more than ever even if it kills them.

          • Andrew

            If lay people can turn on critical thinking and educate themselves so can doctors.
            Good to see that evolution still works: either through litigation or by exitus.

  105. Dave

    All I can say is WOW!
    This man comes on your program and explains a DELIBERATE genocide
    Then tells you that it’s not a DELIBERATE genocide!

    This is why and how they will get away with it too!

    The bible says that God will send a deluding influence in the last days. People like this, which sadly is most, definitely seem to be under divine judgement!

    Thanks for continually calling him out on it Greg and thanks for the interview it’s just a Glaring example of what we are up against!

  106. Michele

    Mr. Kirsch is allowing his Engineers logic to dictate his conclusions.
    None of this is logical, it is incomprehensible evil.

  107. MacGuy

    All due respect Mr. Kirsch however you are incorrect stating there is no evidence that Anthony Fauci is guilty of any criminal acts. Please watch this entire video:

  108. Robert H Burt

    When you said, “That’s willfully ignorant,” and he replied, “It is in a sense,” and you said, “It is, period,” you were absolutely correct. If he doesn’t know that, he is not very smart. Also, he is corrupted. He is defending a corrupt, professional medical establishment, justifying in his own mind the criminal behavior of his peers. That makes him as guilty as they are.

    • A Day

      You are absolutely correct. In fact The Creator told us how much He disliked the “lukewarm”. They are just as bad as the evil.

    • Farmer Johnny

      I think Kirsch is thinking academically and not just plain ol’ logically like must of us do.. His pragmatic analysis has led him to share our logical based conclusions. Give him a few months and he’ll be teach us something.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks, johnny. I agree, and I really like Steve Kirsch. He admitted he is a recovering Democrat. So, let’s give him a break. He is doing good work.

  109. Glassgavin

    This guy and his family took the vaccine? What? Incredible.

  110. Bob

    I thought Bill Holter was supposed to be on today. Not taking away anything from Mr. Kirsch, but I was really looking forward to Bill Holter’s discussion today. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I made a mistake. Holter is on Tuesday.

      • Jeffrobbins

        Thanks Greg, Bill H. Reminds me of an uncle or something- i wondered about that too.

  111. John

    Greg this was planned out long ago. That is why governments around the world for past 2 or more decades had been consolidating health care into big corporations or making everything government controlled. Once they had control over the health care system they can push whatever they wanted to do onto people.

  112. donnas

    One of the comments I read was how America will be like Germany in the day where they were the ones blamed but I believe that most people realize that this covid response was a world wide thing where leaders from most countries were in on this and willingly participated in world wide genocide. Not just America. The WHO and WEF are criminal organizations that are run by Klaus Swabb and his ilk . Swabb has bragged about the leaders he controls like Trudeau. This is a world wide problem where the countries have got to take back their governments and return it to the people. The evil cabal are losing control as the number of deaths and injuries from these shots cannot be covered up for much longer. Birx already out saying how they lied about it. And just in time the monkeypox comes front stage to distract us further.
    On another note. I work in the medical field and trust me from a personnel experience , NOT all doctors realize this is a depopulation agenda. There are some who have been triple vaccinated ( I use the term loosely) and still are all for it. They got there kids vaccinated and grandkids vaccinated. Maybe it is to painful for them to admit that they screwed up taking the shot and getting their whole family to do it. I will say I find it odd that the ones that are all on board with it are hard core liberals. That is just a fact. I work in Pathology and have cut surgical specimens for over 25 years. I have never seen the amount of damage to the placentas that I am seeing now. NEVER… micro blood clots throughout the tissue, Infarctions. The number of fetal demise and spontaneous abortions has increased dramatically. YET one of our pathologist still refuses to admit this is vaccine injury and looks at the tissue under the microscope daily!!!!! he calls it covid related ????? WTH??? at this point it is impossible to change the minds of those who refuse to open there eyes weather that is because they can’t admit they were wrong, guilt or the inability to admit that pure evil exist and that this was intentional murder. This is something I may never know but everyday I go to work I am sickened by what I am seeing not just the increased disease since the shot started but the inability or flat refusal to acknowledge something evil is at work. Greg Thank you for all you do! God is using you to get out his word and warn the people of what is happening. You are a good man. I look forward to hearing what Bill Holter has to say on tue. He has always been one of my absolute favorites and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about The BRICS situation. Scary times we live in but am so grateful God and His Son Jesus are firmly in control.

    • Felix

      amen donnas thank you for your up front info,yes evil is at the door.I know a mortission and he said he cannot drain the bodies out ,they are so clotted up.Our Heavenly Father put us on this earth for a reason at this time in history.GODbless

    • Jeffrobbins

      There’s a process people have to go through do deal with their world view or reality changing. I’m sure there’s a name for it, but when a loved one dies or some fact changes their understanding- it takes time. More for some less for others. As far as liberals getting the shots- that should scare everyone- who is protesting at the supremes houses- who rioted in the cities after George Floyd- who are the people justifying violence to farther their causes/agenda?

  113. William T

    Steve keeps saying 1/2 million dead but I researched the excess deaths last year and they are 1.4 million above normal. Also, I don’t have friends who justify killing others just to be able to keep their job. These doctors need to be tried in Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

  114. Robert H Burt

    The Nuremberg trials confirmed that human individuals are responsible for the actions they themselves commit, regardless of whether they were commanded to commit the actions or not. Thus, if the medical profession demands that a physician commit an action which is harmful to patients, the physician is guilty. If this is not the standard to which people are held, then the law would be that individuals are not responsible for actions which they are commanded to commit, but instead whoever commanded that the actions be committed is guilty of them. Commanders do not want this, and persons in positions of power are in charge of laws and courts of law, and these are the people who determine what the law is and how it is interpreted. They exclude themselves from the possibility of being deemed guilty. Thus the law is rendered fluid, capable of being adapted to serve the interests of some and appearing to thrust the charge of responsibility onto others who have no means of protecting themselves from those who write or interpret the law. In this way all governments are already corrupt in effect even at the moment when they are first being established.

  115. Michael Barr

    He may be very intelligent but he’s not very discerning. They are doing exactly what they wanted to do.

    • eddiemd

      Discernment. Most people lack in this area.

      Solomon asked for discernment to know good and evil. Nothing else.

      • Garfield

        Even Solomon succumbed to paganism at the end despite being granted wisdom from God.

        1 Corinthians 15:58 – Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

        • eddiemd

          Most “believers” do not know the Scripture. You know the story of Solomon.
          I went to a megachurch here in Phoenix three weeks ago to see what the pastor was preaching. He was way off on the Atonement. The churchgoers sat there and absorbed it.
          They are perishing because they do not know the Scriptures. Most don’t even have a hard copy of the Bible at the services. All using their iPhones.
          It will be easy to shut down access to the Bible by the internet, cloud, apps, wifi, etc. Then what?
          Having a hard copy you can hilite the specific messages that the Holy Spirit communicates. You can take notes. Every believer should have a personal Bible in hand other than an iPhone. And a notebook to record what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. I have Scriptures that I wrote down 30+ years ago. I saved them because I knew that they were directed to me at that time.
          Some churches have the lights off during services with stage lights only. Believers cannot read their Bibles in the dark. They can read their iPhones. I don’t use an iPhone. I have an old Tracfone without internet access.

          I see toddlers with iPhones all the time. This is a dangerous trend.

          Outside the USA you can have a cell phone jammer. I believe we should be able to use them here in the USA. I believe every car should have a cell phone jammer in it that works when the car is in gear. 25 meter radius. It is simple to build.

          • Rebecca

            agree so much! you have to READ THE WORD OF GOD!!!

    • Steve Bice


  116. Louise

    While he is making a contribution that should not be ignored, I think Steve Kirsch needs to wake up a little more. I found several of his views contradictory.
    The medical establishment is a for profit growth industry. As a result, we have the worst health in the industrialized world. Check the science, Steve.
    Excusing medical doctors who have been and are participating in the questionable Covid 19 shot program and/or the deadly hospital treatment protocols while denying the success of early treatment is appalling.
    He might have lost 95% of his friends, but now he has Dr. Robert Malone’s phone number and bragging rights to many others. Nice trade-off.

  117. George Milligan

    We should go easy on Mr. Kirsch. He is a recovering Democrat, and many realizations are slow to bloom. I appreciate his information and perspective and wish him gods speed on his recovery.

  118. CJ

    This interview caused me to think outside of my box. I don’t believe anything the liberal media has to say, never watch the news and that causes me to be in a echo chamber. Kirsch started out just believing what he was told, but was open minded enough to investigate what is going on. That is something we normally don’t see. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but was thankful that he was willing to make the stand. My conclusion? Like every issue we have in our country this is a moral issue. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but will allow and do harm to keep their paycheck. Their oath means nothing and they are liars if they know things aren’t right and continue on. That is not acceptable. Lying is a sin. The love of money is the root of all evil. When a country that has known God turns from him, judgement will come. Is this a judgement, the people being deceived into, or forced to take the jab to retain employment? Is it judgement when murder for money is not only allowed, but promoted by those in charge? Maybe in addition to looking out at the world to find people to punish, though I believe that should happen, I/we should also look inside ourselves to see if there is any reason I/we/our country should fall under judgement. (2 Chronicles 7:14) Everyone has something in our hearts that is wrong, disobedient to the Creator’s Word. But, that is something each person must do by themselves. It’s a heart thing.

    • eddiemd

      Doctors don’t take oaths to anything but themselves and mammon. The Hippocratic oath is a myth.

  119. Brian Kelly (DustyDude)

    Great interview Greg, Steve Kirsch has done his homework and that’s good to see but he still hasn’t put all the pieces together yet. This is a plan genocide there’s a lot of innocent people getting pulled along but like you said this is too stupid to be stupid.

    • Georgeanne Marx

      Spot on!
      We were told by John Cullen that when the US shut down there were no more than 5 people affected by this BIOWEAPON in China. And FRAUDci knew it all because he is a part of this genocidal plan. A lot of people who took this jab and don’t experience immediate reaction, are the ones that over time will present with all kinds of issues.
      They have been putting this virus in flu shots because I had this “Frankenstein” virus in 2015 after I had my annual flu shot. They have been experimenting on ius for decades!!!!!! NO MORE SHOTS PEOPLE! NO MORE TESTS. AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE NO MORE MASKS(self suffocation)!

  120. Mark pendleton

    Grassy knolls, concentration camp in Korea, WUHAUN stay away from the red herrings. I can’t believe people can’t figure this out. ALL THE CLUES ARE THERE.

  121. Nicky

    Great interview! Steve Krisch looks to be a Freemason, a shill, controlled-opposition. It’s said that orange is a Freemason color. Greg, you were excellent pushing Kirsch to answer the question about the doctors, how the doctors are liable for not speaking out as they injure and kill people. Maybe this is because Western medicine has been doing this for decades, and if people realize this, then the Western medicine injuring-and-killing-machine would have to be destroyed at its root. Western medicine is the secret killing and poisoning apparatus of the eugenicists. When those that have perpetrated this century-long assault on the human race are recognised for what they have done, they will be brought down and their evil lineages destroyed. Steve Kirsch, being a part of this cabal, wants the “order out of chaos” model to come to fruition where the population doesn’t go after those that are truly perpetrating evil, instead they go after institutions that were designed to protect. therefore leading to chaos and a need for order (which they will impose) out of this manufactured chaos. Steve Kirsch is amongst the shills that are trying to distract from the real perpetrators and trying to prevent the real perpetrators from being punished.

  122. NWR

    Steve is sanctioned opposition.
    Tells SOME TRUTH, but not THE TRUTH!
    Reminds one of “Q”.
    One rich elite protecting other rich elites!
    If it weren’t the case, he’d no longer be rich or have visibility.
    William (aka Bill) Cooper
    Ex Naval Intelligence
    “Behold a Pale Horse”
    Published 1991
    Can be downloaded as .pdf for free on web.
    See chapter 9, page 167 for specifics on a planned pandemic to depopulate the world.
    Sound familiar?
    All you need to know.
    BTW, other chapters are excellent as well. Not an easy read.
    Put Steve in your circular file, and forget where you stored him!

  123. Dan Knight

    Most ‘doctors’ do not understand what’s going on. … I’m impressed by the number of comments by those who think the doctors are complicit and that Steve is making excuses for them.

    But if the doctors had the courage we expcet of them … we would not be here.

    This is not the first rodeo for Team Satan. They have taken over the healthcare system. Why do you think they demand ‘diversity’ and quota quacks? Why do you think they sued and sued and sued and any and all doctors are wicked, evil money lovers who murder their patients for money? Don’t you remember that back in the 60s and 70s and 80s?

    The goal was to destroy doctors and healthcare. They want to control healthcare to have power. And they destroyed real doctors because those doctors were threats.

    I literally have not spoken to a competent doctor in more than 20 years. They cannot answer basic questions on chemistry, scientific method, efficacy testing, or anything.

    All they know is ‘protocol’ – which they follow to the letter to avoid being sued or fired. Notice that they’re all contract or employees today.

    So the comments against Steve and his take on the ‘doctors’ presumes that these ‘doctors’ are competent doctors. And that’s just not true.

  124. Dan Knight

    Asbestos … I actually know enough about asbestos to write a book on it. It’s the go-to poster child for the evil capitalist pig narrative … because it’s truly an awful story of a wicked company deliberately making a dangerous product that harmed its employees and customers. I would argue too … that anyone who does not go to asbestos as a poster child for corporate wickedness does not really understand the landscape of industrial disasters. Not even tetraethyl-lead contamination, which is similar, is as significant since the effect on customers and the environment was far less than asbestos.

    So comparing the jab to asbestos is an excellent observation. … Because the situation is actually worse. The companies know the product is dangerous and, on top of that, the jabs don’t work. (At least asbestos worked.) And the jab has already claimed far more lives than asbestos.

    We will have to wait to find out what the outcome will be, but it’s safe to say that ‘the jab’ will be far, far, far, far more destructive than asbestos. Millions will die prematurely. Tens of millions will be permanently sick. More than that will suffer from the lockdowns, mandates, and other totalitarian nonsense imposed to force everyone to take the jab.

    God bless.

  125. Pat McGee

    FANTASTIC! Riveting interview from start to finish. Thanks for having this man on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pat. I think Kirsch is doing good work and paying the price for it.

  126. Felix

    Good interview greg this is complete fraud and all these doctors sold their souls to big pharma,like you said these doctors went to rockefeller medical school so they are not dumb.I remember about ten years ago reading a article ,people that had severe back pain,that the medical mafia was shooting a protein into the veterbrae near the spinal cord.Come to find out the protein never stopped growing and the people were having even worse pain.I have read naturopathic medicine for twenty years and I never trusted the sick care system and I sure don’t truct the luciferian government.Most government workers are average joes and janes but the top managers are the evil psychopaths.

  127. Steve Jacobson

    I think you need to interview Drs. Bryan Ardis and Rashid Buttar to get real scientific facts about what this is.

    • U

      and Dr Ady Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan

  128. Nancy McDaniel

    It’s too bad Steve continues to be deceived as he admitted he was early on and took two injections. Obidenbama has POST STROKE DEMENTIA and word salads from stokes he had BEFORE the pandemic. Obidenbama and ALL OF CONGRESS HAVE NOT TAKRN ANY INJECTIONS–they are exempt remember. All of the usurping criminals have NOT taken the death shots because they know what they are (poison), what they are for (genocide) and are getting bribed or threatened to shut up and not pursue ANYTHING RELATED TO INJECTIONS WITH FRAUDULENT DATA, J6 PRISONERS ILLEGALLY DETAINED OR ELECTION INTEGRITY. This has been more than EVIDENT SINCE NOVEMBER 3rd, 2020 to anyone with discernment or even an IQ of 50. Thanks for all you do brother and you are right about what’s really been going on–FRAUD.

  129. A Day

    An exercise in butt cover. Or ‘don’t stick your nose out too far’. I dislike those who are always “lukewarm” and never use their common sense. Does the butt cover come in different colors?

  130. michael w

    not all can discern, and Steve Kirsch cant discern. Evil is everywhere, and in his face, and he doesnt see it. The vax is intentional murder on a scale greater than the Nazis, and there are Doctors that are good people that are administering this? Sorry, I dont buy his position on this.

  131. Steve

    I don’t buy it. There’s no way this was.accidental in my opinion. Not with evidence showing the vaccine was already in the works, and all the other coincidences associated with it. Also, let’s take a look at what’s in these vaccines. No way this is accidental, no way.

  132. JaunV.

    July 24th, 2022. /Free Speech Warrior
    CEOs need to stop saving the world with the globalists, narcissists, and eternal builders of the tower of Babel, and stand up for what they are and what they do. If they deliver what they’re paid to deliver, there is nothing to…

    July 24th, 2022. DEATHSHOT News
    Looks like all the cons stand together, all with the same lying lie!
    Were they even vaxed? That is the question!

    One Million Democrats registered as Republicans in the last year, now we just need to kick out the fake RINO’S.

    All right a Canadian flag!
    NL: STATING THE OBVIOUS/July 24th, 2022.

    The Canadian Rebel /////////////////////////////🗽
    an hour ago parkey107
    Stay strong Canada! When this nonsense is over, it will be pay back time and then these f-*kers will pay, very heavily! From the UK and still standing, 80yrs old and of pure blood!
    an hour ago 2021truthbombs
    5 hours ago veRb~~~~
    90% of Canada was injected. (5% of Israel. By this account, 30 Million Canadians should be dead. Its just bull shit. I am an anti vaxer and i wouldn’t take any vax. I haven’t since I was 10. I know mRna is toxic but not fully deadly. Be truthfull. Idiots who took it are suffering or will suffer but not ALL.
    5 hours ago rowdycacti
    Well glad that has been your mileage, I’ve so far have at least one very close person die from heart problems because of these shots, a couple of miscarriages and one of my closest family members had a heart ablation (they burnt heart tissue) so the clots wouldn’t kill her.
    Also everyone who took those shots seems to be aging much quicker than those who didn’t. Count yourself fortunate if you don’t also share first hand experience; true it could have been even deadlier, but watching athletes drop like flies is not a minor inconvenience and those countries with 90%+ are most likely offered a higher grade of placebos to keep the optics. This is part of the reason for the boosters, because sooner or later you will be killed instead of just injured [show less]
    2 hours ago LovefromTexas
    I know 19 people who have died from the covid death jab. Another 2 lost their eye site, another lost her leg from blood clots, another 3 strokes and blood clots in the brain. Yeah it’s F**KING SAFE…GO GET YOURS…I tried to warn everyone….Now they are dropping like flies
    5 hours ago Directive19
    The whole idea is to destroy the medical services, thus giving an excuse for the World Health Organization to bring in supposed medical aid from Red China and other totalitarian states like Canada, and then their military.

    Alex Jones Interviewed By Steve Bannon… 10 hours ago

    Letter To the Un-Vaxed
    First published at 09:15 UTC on July 24th, 2022.
    With Ukraine’s total defeat now inevitable, Jake Sullivan is making cryptic statements that appear to indicate that America has plans to assassinate Zelensky and his top commanders with a missile strike in order to blame Russia and plunge Ukrai…
    13 minutes ago BEO WULF

    Worldwide Revolution Rages Like Wildfire As Russia Makes Plans To Demilitarize NATO/ 3 days, 4 hours ago

  133. Cheryl

    It’s nearly impossible to wrap your mind around the notion that population reduction may be a coordinated policy of The Death Program when you first hear it. It’s even more impossible for ordinary Citizens to realize their governments –and medical “science” generally–are betraying them. But does it really matter whether it’s intentional or not? The more devastating fact is the fraud, incompetence, lack of accountability and so on in control of strategic decisions about public policy. I have witnessed first hand that our systems are chocked full of inept, untrained, incompetent “experts.” As noted, physicians controlled by licensing boards are successful at being sheeple. Otherwise they would have been ejected from the system at some earlier point along the way. For a close up example of mind control, take these women who have put themselves in charge of running my building coop. All Karen members of the NPR cadre of highly informed soldiers for the ministry of truth. It’s a badge of honor for them to claim NPR as their sterling information source b/c it’s intellectually superior to any of the legacy networks. OMG! One of them one time told me that WAPO is a reliable source of information for intellectuals. No lie. It’s frightening.

  134. Robert

    Greg… Thanks for the excellent interview with Steve. He is absolutely correct re: physicians. They are trained to be cogs in the corporatist Medical Industrial Complex – unquestioning, compliant, “sheep” like. After near 50 years in the field and having taught med students and residents in 3 different medical schools, I can affirm how the very educational system has been captured by the corporatists (Big Pharma, mainstream medicine, etc.).

  135. Bill Bradshaw

    It would seem ivermectin as disappeared in the discussion. Is it still considered a valid source of protection?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes it is. and good got on going treatment for the vaxed and unvaxed.

  136. eddiemd

    I have been talking about this here at USAWD since the beginning of covid.

    Coronavirus was engineered in the lab using CRISPR technology. It binds to ACE2 with help from TMPRSS2. TMPRSS2 is a genetic marker.

    The goal is to attack the MHC system. The HLA systems are all genetic.

    I went over this in detail over the past two years here at USAWD. The bioweapons labs in Ukraine were gathering Slavic DNA to target Russia.,RVR1960,OJB

  137. mark branham

    I’m with you Greg, the doctors are more interested in protecting their income than protecting their patients. They are willing to kill. I don’t ever believe doctors can’t think, I do believe they choose not to. The result is they are killing people. The real question is, who, or what group, is controlling the FDA, CDC, the hospitals, the government, the media… you are observing the power of the deep state… If we the people win this war, heads will roll.

  138. Ernest Wetzel

    The medical system knows that these shots harm people and yet they keep on promoting them because they don’t want to lose their jobs or medical practice so they just keep on killing and hurting people. What ever happened to the oath doctors make to first do no harm. May they rot in hell.

  139. Catherine Cronin

    You are a dog hearted journalist. Pulitzer Prize!
    You must have asked Kirsch a million different ways if he thought it was a planned genocide. Every single time he hedged his answer even giving dr Mengale Fauci a pass as well as Bill Gates giving him the benefit of the doubt !!!
    You just kept going on. Bravo.

    Yes he is a definite liberal who “woke up”. But the fact the he can’t understand that a planned BIOWEAPON and enforced kill shots is possible due to man’s innate evil serving the gods of money power and fame makes him sound like an innocent child who can’t believe bad people exist and they sometimes they are your colleagues, friends or relatives.
    Innocent doctors? Claiming they were “forced” to give the shots defense can join the Nazis justification that they only shot Jewish or gypsy children or shove people into ovens because they were forced to.
    However I must also say that having some oppositional opinion was good because it only proves that facts out weighs opinions.
    His facts were spot on but his opinions were in opposition to the facts. Wow!
    This problem is currently going on with people who innocently believed the “expert” doctors and now are becoming aware another reality is possible.

  140. Da Yooper

    a……….hummmm a interesting interview Greg thanks

    A repost from Cliff High’s Telegram account at SciFi World. A short ( 54 sec ) video at the link

    600 Million Doses Later, Dr. Birx Admits She “Knew” COVID-19 Vaccines “Were Not Going to Protect Against Infection”

    🇺🇸💉@COVID19Up: Dr. Deborah Birx admitted on Friday (July 22) that she “knew” the COVID-19 vaccines “were not going to protect against infection”—an astonishing claim that comes 18 months and 600 million doses after the experimental injections were first rolled out.

    Last year Biden claimed that “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” while CDC Director Walensky falsely asserted “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick, and that it’s not just in the clinical trials but it’s also in real world data.”

    However, thousands of doctors and scientists were censored or banned for calling out in real-time what Dr. Birx apparently also knew was true.

    Since then, “breakthrough cases” have become common, with triple-vaccinated Americans regularly catching SARS-CoV-2 and staying sick for much longer than the unvaccinated.

    Join the chat:

  141. Farmer Johnny

    Doctors are not sheep. They each have their own authority to prescribe medicine for off label use. They practice medicine, not follow medical theory. Otherwise, they’ll never be any advancement.
    Man-uo, doctors! Grow some balls and stop the harm.

    • Bob

      That’s not entirely true. Many are sheep, but for the ones that aren’t…

      They were banned from prescribing Ivermectin in many places.
      Lots of doctors in other places did prescribe it only to find their prescription blocked by do-gooders at the pharmacy.
      There was massive media campaign against horse paste (even the human pill form of horse paste).
      Many were threatened with murder charges if they treated a patient “the wrong way”. It was a scary time for doctors, as it was for all of us. Mass insanity is a tricky thing to navigate if you are caught in the tide.

      The media never said Ivermectin was developed for human use before it was adapted to animal use. They pretended it was 100% for animal use. Most media heads belong in prison.

      And yes, many doctors are actually complete idiots.

      • Farmer Johnny

        They are sheep trapped in their own fence. They can each and all break out when they’re ready. Could you imagine a hospital or hospital system who’s doctors take a stand. They have an oath to do no harm. They can stand for that. Also, nearly every drug has an animal use. Nearly every one of them.
        Vent over.

  142. Ginny

    Hi Greg,
    While I appreciate the work Steve K has done, the one thing that really rings true in this interview is that he is not a medical expert. If you listen to Judy Mikovits, Sucharit Bhakti, and many others, it is CLEAR that the shot has continued effects for an unknown amount of time, and the spike protein itself contains a prion-like structure that causes fast-moving CJD in some patients. People who took the shots and did not have any bad effects, have just not had the effects YET. Sherri Tenpenny says we will be seeing the effects for the next 4-6 years. While I don’t blame Steve for not wanting to say that all the fraud in the Pfizer documents, the Gates Event 201 planning, and the big push to murder elderly in hospitals is not intentionally aiming at genocide, it is impossible to escape that conclusion if you just use logic. How much evidence do we need?

  143. jon

    The interview was a good lesson in Greg pulling no punches and clearly Red-pilling. The interviewee overall is a positive force. However he attempted to walk a tightrope that tried to negate the evil intent of those administering the evil pandemic, vax etc. A good lesson is to watch the Movie Nuremburg Trials with Burt Lancaster. Watch until the end and then draw the parallels to the globalists today.

  144. john adams md mdh
    Dearest Greg Hunter
    I have been a reader of your great channel for many years, this is my first post in your
    comments section. You will find me in the second website noted, the round table Q&A with the producers of the “Strecker Memorandum”. This was from 1986 or so. Same problem we now face, and Dr. Strecker was one of a handful of professionals that were marginalized. See web site #3( or interview Dr. Horowitz DDS MPH author of”Emerging Viruses” Book. Special Cancer Research Program whistleblower where HIV was given to chimpanzees )
    I am licensed in two states to practice medicine since the late 19 70’s. I became a friend of Dr. Strecker in 1985 and studied his hypothesis regarding the lab origin of HIV/AIDS. Unfortuneately, Dr. Strecker was killed in 2018 in a motor vehicle accident.
    Please watch the Strecker Memorandum ( web site #1 above) to get an understanding of HIV origin, also confirmed now by Judy Mikovits Ph.D.( she would be a great guest for your interviewing….she validates Dr. Streckers work.)
    I request an audition with you Greg re man made or “lab accident” debate.
    Having survived the abusive educational medical system, I can easily
    discuss the reality of hazing , and the moral consequences of a medical education in the modern world (why you fired your medical doctor who refused to answer your basic questions etc)
    Not to mention the Jew vs Christian war that rages, that no one talks about.
    (Kirsch interview comments). Murderers of Christ. Israel honoring Dr. Bourla last week. Dr. Strecker ‘s(MD, Ph.D.) work needs to be known and that is my first consideration in having an interview with you. The second consideration is to expose the facts that
    C19 is as natural as a Hydrogen Bomb.

  145. Deborah ILyia

    Greg Hunter and Steve Kirsch are the two most courageous people I have heard. Greg asked the questions and he may not agree but Steve gives another side that gives me pause. I am 69 years old have not been vaxxed nor have taken a PCR test. I am totally on the side of Greg and his views because I knew from the beginning something didn’t make sense.

  146. ronald L howell

    These doctors out of fear are letting their patients die and this idiot is saying that they aren’t guilty. Dr’s take an oath which doesn’t mean crap if what this guy is saying is true, that they are sheep!! What about all the Dr’s who are standing in the truth. His thinking polluted buy the poor dr doesn’t have a choice. I tried to get my dr’s to write a prescription for Ivermectin and they refused said no! My sisterinlaw died because of these criminal negligent Dr.s. They are murder’s by choice driven buy fear. Tell this to your 2 Mit degree idiot He full of bull roar.

  147. Georgeanne Marx

    Sounds like someone has been bought off! No virus should be going INTO THE CELL! The glycol is poison and no body should be ok with that!!! What about the lot numbers of the shots that are more dangerous? Maybe the shots you received came from an “unaffected” batch. This shot will slowly eat away your organs so let’s interview him in a year…..if he is still alive!

  148. i: a man; travis moss 1 vitamin can save your life…. strengthen respiratory and immune health dr.allen mandell, dc; he has all kinds of short videos
    i thought i would share this with (wo)mankind

  149. Becky

    Remember when Trump said the CV shot should be called “The Trumpcine”?

    TraitorTrump will likely end up having killed more Americans than all wars in American history combined.

    And yet SO MANY of you reading this still see him as a hero…talk about being brainwashed!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      As I said many times Trump was lied to about everything and Dr. Birx has said everything her and Fauci did was a lie. My analysis is not officially source and it’s in writing in Birx’s new book.

      • U

        Ah, when it goes south, he was lied to. Why did he let Dr Atlas go and why didn’t he follow up on getting Robert Kennedy jr in as he had said? i suppose he said he was going to release everything on JFK assassination but he didn’t

      • Becky


        RE: “Trump got fooled EVERY time about EVERYTHING”

        As you’ve said numerous times:

        It’s too stupid to be stupid.

        Trump is STILL bragging about and pushing the KillShots.

        What’s your excuse for him doing this?

        • Greg Hunter

          I said that Trump was lied to but had no proof and now with the Dr. Birx revelations it is confirmed and sourced. I think Trump is getting very bad advice and he was not “fooled every time by Everything.” If he was, they would not have cheated so massively to remove him from office. I will admit Trump did make some mistakes, but he had many more wins.

          • Becky


            Shouldn’t we also give Biden a pass for every terrible decision he makes because he also has “bad advisers”?

            • Greg Hunter

              No Becky, Biden was cheated in and is an incompetent puppet.

    • Bob

      Funny, the media was against everything Trump ever said. They criticized him for taking an extra scoop of icecream, but they totally agreed with him about the vax.

      That alone was enough to ring alarm bells.

    • Kosmo

      Some say Trumps current predicament is a massive head wound. If he recovers from it, the Lord is coming back shortly their after. Let’s see if he comes back and claims peace on earth. Then the massive scorching of the earth happens. Interesting times we live in. Almost like a computer simulation where the end has already been decided.

  150. Pamela Hankins

    The ‘smoking gun’ that says it’s a depopulation weapon is buried in the verbiage of the more than 4000+ patents surrounding the admitted ‘bioweapon’. That they were creating a bioweapon certainly implies intent all by itself. On top of that they are all admitted eugenicists. He’s staying within certain parameters as he was taught to do, still giving all the “good” doctors the benefit of the doubt, but it goes beyond the level of the physicians all the way to the top of the CDC, and the WHO.

  151. Georgeanne Marx

    Biden had skin cancer! YISH! Also he HAD DEMENTIA before his shots!!!!
    Why are you making excuses for this satanic, pedophile?
    The entire government needs GITMO

  152. D

    With a survival rate of +90%, it is odd that he does not think that this is a deliberate culling of the herd. With everything else out there going on (Geoengineering / Weather Wars, Nutrition / Obesity, Opioids / Fentanyl, etc.) – this one glaring example is the exception. Bizarre.

    Requesting updates from Karen Kingston & Clif High. Thank you.

  153. DUGTRUX

    Just another scam. After they couldn’t justify any more money for afganistan (and new weapons systems coming online) they pulled out and left 8 billion in equipment. That way they could justify new weapons for the military. Hell even the Army is transitioning to a new rifle to replace the time tested M-4 . The aircraft they left, tanks , humvees,they cant maintain. Com gear , there is newer and better.
    So now we have no reason to print money. BUT WAIT! Oh a new pandemic. Covid and big pharma and hospitals got filthy rich with bullshit vaccines. after a couple years and the people said F.U. They had to back off. Then we get a bullshit war that NATO started. And now, again they are losing popular support. So now we have “MONKEY POX” which will justify the printing of new money…. Now keep in mind , the fact the southern border is wide open . Illegals pour in and drugs are fleeing big time. Just Remember south of I 10 Is pretty much Mexico. YEAR LOOK HERE AND DONT LOOK THERE. .. I would have to say they are trying to change the voting demographic of America which will lead to the destruction of our country . My god THE RUSSIANS AND THE CHINESE MUST BE LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OF AT HOW STUPID WE ARE. ELECTED OFFICIALS INCLUDED..

  154. ronald L howell

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s taking about! all My doctor’s tried to shove this vaccine down my throat every time I went to an appointment, to the point that I Had to get irate about it to shut him down. I was a registered nurse for 30 years and I can tell you from personal experience that these Dr’s are corrupt especially when it comes to money and their God like mentality that arrogates them to be right all the time. Dr’s are not saints that have become victims. Ask MIT 2 degree if he’s ever worked in a hospital under multiple Doctors. They can be as evil as the devil himself. God will hold everybody accountable for all our deeds we have done while we are in these finite bodies.
    I had to do the same with my heart doctor who was trying to shove statin drugs after I had stopped taking them down my throat. The research show they don’t prevent Heart attack. Big Pharma says they do. Now I know of 4 law suits happening because of the permanent damage they have caused. Finally people are waking up the the Lies our Dr’s are telling us. When I refused to take statins they got upset and said My heartache chance would increase 50% if I didn’t take the stupid drug. I took statins for 10 years still had to have by-pass surgery.

    We had a saying in the nursing world that you were always a student ever learning after you graduated your profession. These Dr’s are to busy making money and Killing patients because of the arrogant stupidity. and they talk down to me like I’m stupid and can’t think for myself. when they find out I know as much as they do they don’t know how to react to me. These Dr’s better wake up and smell the Coffee. And I don’t have time to measure your head so if the hat fits wear it.

    • Bob

      A friend of mine went to his doctor. Well not really, he had to do it over the phone.

      He complained of bad heart pain after the jab.

      The doctor said “Don’t worry, we will bring you in and get a big team of specialists, cardiac surgeons, ICU nurses, top heart experts all around you to monitor you and check you out completely so you are totally safe….”

      …wait for it….

      “…. when you get your second shot.”

      The idea that he didn’t want another shot didn’t even cross his mind.

    • The Seer

      Substitute for statins is Vitamin C.

  155. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. A most valuable, enlightening guest. Of course, this is intentional. You’re right; your guest is doing a Galileo. He must know. This makes the Salem Witch Trials and the Inquisition seem like acts of reason, charity and benevolence. This is on its way to becoming the greatest disaster in human history and maybe beyond. At a minimum, it will destroy the US federal government, plus a whole bunch of other governments. And though you may not believe it, this is all about stopping Bitcoin. He’ll receive more donations if he accepts crypto.

  156. Betsy Cargidan

    Overall, a very good interview. Kirsch is right to a degree when he says that each and every person that participated in the injecting of a 1/3 or more of mankind had malicious intentions. But in the same breathe implying that potentially losing one’s job justified any action is a very shallow look at life. Kirsch must not be a Christian because he exhibited no sense of eternity.

    Being wealthy and having significant business success doesn’t place a person in a position of intellectual superiority and kirsch exhibited a few chinks in that proverbial armor. I know and have met tons of wealthy people and I’m not really that impressed. It’s like that line “meet the losers in the best bars / meet the winners in the dives”.

    First, as a double vaxxed former democrat it is simply impossible for him to say that the shots are depopulation bioweapons. They are and the evidence is in and has been in for quite some time. And as far as repeatedly talking about wanting to bet a million dollars, again, not effective. What is kirsch worth? 100 million? I don’t know. To me, if he is so sure, well, put it all one the table, every penny. It’s all relative, sort of like someone that has 100 dollars and is willing to bet $1.

    I did like it he admitted he was lucky in terms of getting the shot. Probably half will die sooner than they should have if not injected. He is indeed lucky … so far. I hope he remains healthy.

  157. Tony Lauria

    Kirsch was a huge disappointment. Before this I had not examined him in depth to hear what he had to say. Now I know what he says is even though it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a turkey.
    No nefarious intent behind the experimental jab?
    Really? Then why does Schwab love it so?

    But then toward the end Kirsch reveals he’s a Democrat!
    So it all makes sense.

    No reflection on Greg. The best journalists need a spectrum of opinion.

  158. Pam

    Steve Kirsch is either very naive, or he’s one of them.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s a good man, Pam. He’s a recovering Democrat.

  159. jim

    both you, greg, and steve kirsch are modern day heroes…

  160. Southern Girl

    Just texted my youngest sister, who is a nurse. She and hubby (Air Force) were all vaxxed and boosted. Now she says they have covid again for what the 5th or 6th time. Hubby has been out for a week from work. She slept 36 hours straight. I asked what meds were prescribed? Antibiotics! She laughed at me one time when I said I was going to be around a lot of vaxxed people because of a birthday. I took Ivermectin and one of the side effects is diarrhea. Okay, but I made it through and have not been sick. When I told her she responded, “Horse Paste”? She is supposed to be a nurse? I was hoping since she is 15 years my junior she would help look after me. Don’t think that is going to happen. Gads I can’t say anything because she just her panties in a wad.

  161. Southern Girl

    Sadness has crept into my heart this week. A neighbor’s daughter who does not live in town called and said her Dad was going to commit suicide could I please call 911. Okay, I do and about three cops show up and the wife takes a gun out of the house and puts it into a bush. His is retired policeman but still working at night protecting a surgical hospital.
    They call the ambulance and all I can hear is he sounds like he has been drinking. The wife says he took over 50 pills of antidepression meds. We cannot locate the bottle we were out of electric had been for 4 hours. The husband walks to the ambulance, with the police in tow. The police tell the wife to get the pets and leave and she does. The police were not sure if he was to be let go what would happen. She calls and says her husband is having seizures, so she heads back to home.
    Next morning, I get a very calm text that my neighbor died at the hospital that night from seizures. He was mid-fifties. He had to be fully vaxxed and boosted to work at a hospital. Does this sound normal to anyone?? My heart and head cannot wrap itself around this sadness. Is this normal??

    • marti baker girl

      Southern Girl,
      I am so sorry for the anguish that both this family and you are going through right now. Personally, as a non vaxed COVID survivor I don’t think any of us know all the answers to the long term effects of both the shots and the disease itself. You are in my prayers.

  162. Richard

    Doctors are culpable! Denial isn’t just a river in Africa.

  163. Johnny Cool

    Birx Admits She Knew COVID-19 Vaccines Were Never “Going To Protect Against Infection”

  164. Moray

    I know lots of people who took the vax (multiple) and none have died. Some did get sick after the vax and sick months after the vax.

    • Greg Hunter

      The key word is — YET. None have died YET.

    • L Nonamaker

      Some of the lots for the jab were placebo. Have to look up the lots on every jab to find out. They were trying to determine dosing for their grand experiment in transhumanism.

  165. marti baker girl

    Saw the interview with Kirsch in the wee morning hours but just getting around to commenting. First, Greg thank you for holding to your convictions while being extremely generous and cordial to your guest. You were the epitome of professionalism. As for my view on Kirsch’s comments, I take issue with quite a few of his positions.
    1. His support of Bill Gate’s premise that vaccines help reduce population because families who get vaccines will have fewer kids and that leads to lower population. Both that statement and it’s conclusion make no sense. What is he saying here other than defending the mad “scientist” Gates?
    2. I truly did not understand what he was saying about his not being negatively impacted by the vaccine. Does this hold up scientifically and if so, how does he show that? Also, how has it impacted the rest of his immediate family who were vaxed?
    3. Doctors Indoctrinated – he supports doctors who push the vax with this pass. I know about indoctrination since I spent most of my adult life in the military and was a part of the medical support community. From the military aspect, we are indoctrinated in basic trainings but once that is completed, we know how to separate our “indoctrinated” self from reality. In other words, our minds don’t remain on cruise control. Over a 30 year period I worked closely with a multitude of doctors from all over the world and only about 5% of them actually bought the company line (whatever it was at the time), but rather practiced sound medicine and used common sense. Because of this I find it hard to believe he would be so naive as to think doctors are robots. In my own experience as a patient over the past 2 years, I have had VA doctors insult my intelligence by demeaning me for not getting the “vaccine” and have had to file a formal complaint against one. So again, if doctors are so innocently blind, why are they so venemous when it comes to the COVID Vax? And I have not encountered one doctor yet who gives me the line that he claims his doctor friends say to patients.
    4. Biden Dementia – He seems to draw a causal relation to the Commander in Thief having dementia due to COVID. If memory serves me correctly, Biden couldn’t string two sentences together early on in the campaign and that was way BEFORE COVID. I feel his critical observation skills are flawed on this point.
    5. Fence Straddling – He claims on the one hand that doctors are innocent and just indoctrinated, yet at the same time believes the doctors who stand for truth will be found to be on the right side of history. You can’t have it both ways. Nazis who ran death camps and believed that other human beings should be exterminated because they were Jews, were still guilty of genocide. We are each responsible for what we choose to believe.
    Kirsch may be book smart but based on some of his positions/conclusions, I am not very trusting of this man.

    • eddiemd

      VA physicians are in denial. They had to take the shots or lose their incomes.

      The medical mentality now is denial. They know that a mistake was made forcing people to mask up and be injected. Their mentality is: I took the shots, now you have too also. It is an angry vindictive mindset. Instead of repenting and admitting they were wrong, they double down and continue the mantra. It is a delusional mental illness. They have been given over to madness. It is a spiritual problem. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Just like the rest of the establishment. The military has gone down the same path.

      They don’t care what you think.

      Scientific knowledge means nothing. Earthly knowledge is not worth much. You will never be the smartest corpse in the graveyard. The wisdom of the Word of God is forever.,OJB,RVR1960,OJB,RVR1960

    • Shiloh1

      Took the words right out of my mouth!

  166. Adam

    For all the people being overly critical of Steve Kirsch:

    Geesh, cut the dude some friggin’ slack for not agreeing w/you 100%.

    Realize that doctors are severely indoctrinated (as intended) by the long & demanding process of becoming doctors. They are as (and probably even more) brainwashed than the typical person who blindly trusted the ‘authorities’ & took the ClotShot.

    Understand the difference between leadership VS rank-and-file members of any particular agency/group–I think this is what S Kirsch is talking about when he gives many doctors a pass. For example, most members of the armed forces are good, decent people being led by terrible people for the purposes of visiting death and destruction on innocent non-combatants all over the damned globe–these soldiers are “just following orders” and I bet you give them a pass for all of the nasty, vile, evil things they’ve been a part of.

  167. 'a' simple horseman

    Steve Kirsch, Welcome to the rabbit hole. It only gets deeper the more you learn.
    I too have lost friends on the path of truth. I have also made some good friends.
    I offer a free lunch to anyone who will bring me “tin foil”.
    Thank you for your courage, Steve. You are not alone.

  168. Allen Garst

    So why all the unexplained secrecy about covid and fund such research. Think about this:Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The CIA (others) have bungled most everything they touch (say Iraq) and this is no exception. Why else would everyone be tight lipped about this?

  169. Nina Cox

    Thanks for the interview with Steve Kirsch. I follow his Substack. He is an informative guy. I understand his point of view about doctors. My brother is a family practice doctor and I am only an RN. I didn’t buy a vaccine for a corona virus because they have never gotten one to work before. My brother asked me if my husband and I wanted one and I said,”NO, we’ll wait.” I am so glad we did. I’ve debated with him on things like why did they code the mRNA for the most damaging part of the virus ( the spike protein). It’s like trying to tell someone that their spouse is trying to kill them. Doctors trust their institutions so much. It’s like a marriage. They will never believe you until they have a gun in their face. I ,on the other hand, worked in federal law enforcement for the BOP as a prison nurse for 20 years and do NOT trust anything that federal authorities say. In fact, I was an OSC whistleblower. People have different trust levels. I also had the same thought about the lipid nano particles and aspiration of the syringe before injection to avoid injecting into a vein because I watched a YouTube video from a university, in 2017, about delivery systems for lipid nano particles and to avoid them getting into the vascular system, they were recommending a patch with sugar micro needles that dissolved. So they knew there would be problems. Thanks for ALL you do Greg. Keep being a voice in the wilderness.

  170. Glenn Adger Whittington

    Greg, Mr. Kirsch is 100% correct in that MDs ARE indoctrinated! It has been that way for 100 plus years, beginning with when the Rockefellers created the AMA and took over the curriculum at medical colleges not only in the US, but around the globe. Please watch this documentary by James Corbett, a man you should invite on your program. Mr. Corbett sources EVERYTHING he publishes, so you can do your own validation of his presentations. Greg, James Corbett would be a fantastic interview for you ! ! !

  171. Rodster

    Tucker Carlson got banned from YouTube for speaking the truth. There is nothing wrong in what he said, except that Big Tech just wants to control the narrative just like the MSM.

  172. Jennifer Updegraff
    This is for Greg to watch. I do not know how to send anything directly to you.
    This proves that the entire human genome has now almost certainly been altered.
    I know that your guest is in the early stages of being red pilled. So many doctors on so many levels are still ‘true believers’ and do not know what they are part of. No one wants to believe in evil who has not come into direct contact with it. It is not the doctors people are getting this from- it is several layers back in folk who are directly connected to Satan and have been planning this for many many years. Satan hates humans. If he can make humans no longer human he hopes they cannot be saved. He is doomed. He wants all humans to be also. This is evil on a level that most people cannot afford to accept. It would destroy them.

  173. Claude

    Greg, I am a practicing physician and I clearly disagree with Steve. At this point in time, any physician that is still clinging to the narrative that this vaccine is safe and effective is willfully blind and in denial. This was obvious to me over a year ago, but at this point in time, there can be no further doubt that these vaccines are not only not effective in any way and definitely not safe. Like, Steve, at the beginning, I also took two Moderna shots. My consequence was massive clotting and now I will be on daily anticoagulants the rest of my life. Physicians who have not woken up at this point have no defense and can only be called co conspirators.

    • Bob

      I knew it was bad before they even announced it.
      By late March 2020 I knew 100% this was a scam, and was waiting for the next logical step – a vaccine announcement.

      When I heard about the vaccine I was thinking about all sorts of scenarios; how to escape, will it be forced? I’m amazed that so many are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and treat the vax like it’s the fountain of youth.

      So why are so many doctors so stupid? Last week of March it was. The NZ govt locked us down on March 26 2020 and I just sat there for a week watching videos about the virus. It took two days to prove 1000% it was a hoax. If I told people they just glazed over with the fluoride stare and walked off.

      Remember, the NUMBER ONE reason why people got the vax (according to surveys): “because I haven’t done it yet”.

      That is absolute sheep-like behavior. We are in denial about how stupid, brainless, easily led, craven, and herd-like humanity really is. Why expect doctors to be any better? All sorts of people in power bought into this. The police did. Business owners did. Teachers did. Everyone did. Why single out doctors? Yes they should know better, but they aren’t all as clever as people imagine. Even illiterate people get MDs from Harvard now because of affirmative action. It’s been building for decades. What did people expect?

  174. eddiemd

    More disinformation. Monkey pox confusion.

    Compromised immune systems from the coronavirus gene therapy is causing previous herpes zoster to come out of hiding. They are trying to cover up the gene therapy immune suppression with monkey pox.

    You could do a Tzank smear on a skin scraping. I remember having to these as a third year med student in Boston City hospital in the middle of the night. Just for practice. The interns and residents were always having us do hands on lab stuff, Gram stains, Acid fast stains, microscopy on gyn stuff to include a sniff test, etc. As an intern and resident did the same things on different rotations especially infectious diseases. When I was down in Honduras for 6 weeks as a third year med student during what was supposed to be my vacation, I loved going to the parasitology/bacteriology lab in the hospital and look at stool samples for parasites. Weird, I know. But very intriguing seeing amoebas, worms, eggs, etc. In tropical medicine school in Costa Rica I loved going to the lab to look at specimens. I was a microbiology undergrad and SF medic so parasites were always around. They called me “Doctor Mata Bicho” in Bolivia when I was there in the Army. Every Boli had worms. It was crazy. We had to be dewormed before returning to the USA. Just like a dog.

    When I was a medical student in Boston City hospital, I saw a man from Guatemala cough up a roundworm. It was different. Nothing new. Just a surprise.

    • eddiemd

      Tzank smear.

      A good MD/DO should know how to do one. Most clinics don’t have a microscope. They should. Many a diagnosis can be made doing simple microscopy in house.

      Dr. Mata Bichos

    • eddiemd

      The confusion about monkey pox. If you are not promiscuous heterosexual or a practicing homosexual then you should not have to worry about monkey pox.

      The differential includes syphilis, lymphogranuloma venereum, herpes simplex, and other rarer STDs. The article above states that the lesions are genital and or perirectal. Good luck with that. Shock the monkey pox will be spread through the hook up culture. They better start educating the young people with PSA on the television or social networks now. The .gov has reengineered the shock the monkey pox and released a new strain. It was fairly harmless in the past. More money for Big Pharma injections.

      Ten years ago syphilis was out of control on the Navajo Rez. HIV was in tagging along. If someone shows with shock the monkey pox they better beware of HIV.

      Can you mask your genitals? Please.

    • Coal Burner

      LOL! Saw a kid do that in school 70 years ago. That shows how far behind they are in much of Central America.

    • Warren B.

      I alerted people several months back and again warned back on May 23 (Lizzy Eads interview) …about how they had already planned this Monkey Pox virus (Biosecurity simulation conducted May 2021 – predicting outbreak of Monkey Pox would occur).
      Stockpiling of a Vaccine (Monkey Pox) by Joe Biden was evidence enough that this was /is going to be a problem – that they manufactured.

  175. Lau

    Mr Kirsch needs to watch that famous Ted Talk from 2/2010 (29′) in which Bill Gates comments on CO2 reduction with his formula (P for people, S, E C)

  176. Joe Wong

    Its called CORRUPTION by BIG PHARMA – BIG TIME – Plain & Simple, and then y’all wonder why America is really and rapidly going down the “terlet.”

  177. Registeered

    I’m about 1/2 way through but this guy doesn’t want to blame anyone. But someone has to be blamed. He admits fraud but doesn’t want to say who is perpetuating the fraud. The CEOs of big pharm know the real data, or if they refused to know the data, like told their scientists don’t tell me the results, then they are negligent in their duties.

    Who is committing the fraud? They are the ones who know the truth, yet repress the truth and therefore are guilty of manslaughter.

  178. Tod Mills

    At some point, the buck stops and doctors will need to accept responsibility for not being diligent in ensuring that their care for their patients was, in fact, care rather than harm.

  179. Bloglogician

    Hi Greg. Great show. Has anyone tested that jabbed-people are actually making spike proteins? Is this a measurable protein or is it like the magic”viruses” where it is too small and can’t be purified or seen or weighed? Do I have to trust the science that jabbed people make spike proteins ?? We know for certain there is GrapheneOxide in the jabs and in our food and air, and PEG etc which do damage. So are we taking it for granted the myocarditis is done by spike proteins.. but could it all be done by graphene oxide in the blood. Was a mRNA lipid-nanoparticle in the jab a lie? (to trick us into believing it actually works, and keep our attention away from the graphene) and instead all the damage is from the Graphene and the other adjuvants (and maybe there is no mRNA at all)? I hear the odd story about liver cells in a lab getting altered DNA from the vaxXx that might be inheritable.. but that is just one story. Is there solid proof of DNA alteration? I want someone to measure spike proteins in a person’s blood. Bet they can’t, but I don’t have $1m 🙂 Interview John Lukach perhaps?

    • The Seer

      Yes there is a recent study of dna alteration. The spike proteins show up as red blood cells with 360 degree spikes protruding from outer wall that cut the vessels forcing clotting. The venom poisons are toxic. Then there are biostructures not of blood that clog the veins. Transfer also occurs in exhale breathe and skin shedding. It is a very very extreme weapon.
      Karen Kingston has studied the patents and followed the money.

  180. rich r

    Great interview Greg and Steve. Steve said something ” I don’t want to predict what they are going to do, but a lot of people are going to be extremely upset. ”
    I will predict what is going to happen, NOTHING . The lazy sheep will do nothing. Only the 3% that are on this site will try and continue to try to do something. However the majority are lazy, complain about everything, want everything for nothing and just sit around watch TV and do nothing. Sorry but this is based on fact and history.

    • Bloglogician

      (Dr Young sees same spikes when subjecting red blood cells to stressors like poisons, GO and wifi) Doesn’t exactly prove we are spike factories because of dna alteration. I don’t believe all the patents are implemented and would like to see proof still…

  181. Bob

    One piece of evidence that the vax is deliberate:

    1. They said the vax would stay in the arm, at the injection location.

    2. They used PEG nanolipid particles to transport the mRNA packages. These were developed to allow deep drug penetration, in particular to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. This is why it can cross the placenta too.

    These two concepts are mutually exclusive. They LIED. Most doctors might be dupes, but they folded like a cheap tent.

    The mass media is gone.
    The medical establishment is being destroyed.

    What’s next? Will there be anything left at the end of this process?

  182. Stinking Bull

    Ive been a Targeted Individual for about ten years so I know what its like when we stand against the evil..
    If you people talking smack about the guest had any part of what we get from the government, you wouldn’t be so quick to accuse him.
    I sure could use that million though….. ask me anything you like for a few hours no problem.

  183. Catherine Cronin

    Sometimes I ponder the overall dismal state of the world since 2020. But I have felt for quite a while before that year that alarmingly everything in my world was crumbling. Slowly in the past decade or more I was watching the snowball effect grow.
    As we accelerate down the path of dissolution and destruction I realize not a single aspect of our world is standing tall in truth and Godliness. Nothing nowhere. Every profession, religion and industry is untrustworthy or gone. It’s astounding
    Then I think since God is in charge and all is for the good, so maybe the silver lining is the glaring picture of the TRUTH shining in the world. We are seeing for the first time in our lives that everything we considered trustworthy is not that at all. It’s all corrupt and we cannot trust anything. We must only trust and have faith that God and only God is trustworthy and only He is showing us this clear clear picture of how evil the world has become for a good reason.
    It’s comforting to me personally because we are seeing the destruction of evil itself. Only in the light of truth can we can illuminate and destroy darkness forever. And we are individually standing in the light of truth.
    So maybe education is a perfect example. We need to pass down through education the basics. Reading writing and arithmetic and then just teach the kids to be responsible adults who fear God and have enough character to value a Good Name and respect those who earn it.
    After all what good is a college education if it erodes the concept of common sense and the impermanence of life that tells us how small we really are. Humility is very important.
    It’s a crazy world right now if all you see is darkness. Remember God is with those that see the truth, and those that can’t see it will never see it.
    Read the book of Daniel.
    The truth tellers who have faith in Gods judgement and benevolence, will build the world after the flood washes away the evil from the earth.
    God have mercy on us and bless us all. We all are imperfect and sinners. Acknowledgement of that is the path to our souls salvation. Pray for those innocent souls who get hurt by those who cannot see the evil standing in front of their noses and save them from those who are hell bent on promoting suffering.
    Read psalm 91 every day.
    Have courage and remember God is always with those who know His name.

    • Self Exiled

      Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon those who fear Him [and worship Him with awe-inspired reverence and obedience],
      On those who hope [confidently] in His compassion and lovingkindness,
      To rescue their lives from death
      And keep them alive in famine.
      We wait [expectantly] for the LORD;
      He is our help and our shield. Psalm 33:18-20

  184. Coal Burner

    Greg: This man is a stand up guy. Quite a man for the little guy. Would probably make a good President. Nothing like an intelligent convert from Communism. Converted by mass murdering criminals scattered throughout the Power structure. So many that Antifa will not know who to go after first. They cannot keep the farce going for too much longer. Most people know already. They are just slackjawed in disbelief. They are the ones that are gullible and vulnerable to every con artist that comes along. And Fachi was the best I ever saw but too many of these jokers have tried to take my money.

  185. wxtwxtr

    Greg – Naomi has reached my conclusion: WW6
    About 3 dozen paras down

  186. Coal Burner

    Guys, don’t be too hard on Steve for bumping into himself circling around. I doubt he is corrupted. Think about how many people cannot let any question or doubt about this enter their minds. He is still having trouble facing every detail. He still has a hard time believing they would intentionally mass murder. If you were open minded from the beginning enough to say I think I will wait and watch what happens before I take that Jab, then your mind works differently. Maybe it is natural affinities to your personality or maybe you were taught something when you were a kid. I haven’t decided that myself! But I am trying to teach my young Grandkids without coming out and telling them what is actually happening. You have to teach them not only to question everything scientifically from a young age but to use Ronald Reagan’s rule, “Trust but Verify”! I know it actually means don’t trust until you see the proof.
    When I was young I was gullible but I seemed easy so I was tested plenty. That taught me to never just take a persons word for anything. Remember some of very nasty tricks that the ornery ones tried in High School. Now all the crybabys claim it is about skin color, ethnicity or other stupid crap, oh yeah 40,000 names of mentally ill descriptions for perversion and sexual deviancy, but it is all really about Predators and Gullibility and a lot of people never learn how low the predators will go. If you look at this mess honestly you will know but most would never admit they were the sheep, ensnared and eaten by little liars.
    Learn a little about Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, it never stops. The Davos bunch, WEF, NWO, WHO, UN, Gates, Klause Schwabe Rothchild. You heard; “You will own nothing and be happy. ” Meaning: They will be happy and most of the slave sheep with horns will be dead.

  187. Jeff

    Please have Dr. Tom Cowan or Dr. Andrew Kaufman on your show. The SARS-COV2 virus has never been isolated, let alone the cause of a so-called disease called “COVID-19”. So, any mediations down stream of that (social distancing, masks, vaccines, etc.) are irrelevant. If we don’t call out the isolation fraud, the elite will continue to run pandemic scams until it’s too late.

  188. Scott

    I have to second Mr. Kircher’s explanation of the state of physicians and their entrapment within the medical system. Over the last 30 years the funding for healthcare training institutions have been increasingly overtaken by pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers. This extra funding has been welcomed by the universities which have been experiencing difficulties obtaining state support. The downside of this private sector funding should not be surprising. Much of the education is focused on the next pill, the next test, the next expensive piece of equipment with damn little time spent on developing the critical thinking skills necessary to being a physician. The result of this is most physicians take as chapter and verse whatever their drug rep tells them. Few will waste the time to look at medical journals instead relying on short snippets culled from the professional literature by health media groups with connections to the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry. Add to this the fact that most of them practice as employees, sacrificing their independence to the dictates of their employer and you have a situation of “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” if you want to maintain the lifestyle.

    That is not to say physicians shouldn’t know better. They should, and I think you are seeing more of them come around as they see colleagues and family members develop Health issues that are difficult to explain. Physicians are just people, much of good judgment must come from bad experience. Unfortunately the bad experience will be people becoming ill and possibly dying. We can only hope the Epiphany for many comes very soon.

    • Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

      My lass has a natural skincare business, She uses only natural healing products and it very well versed in it, to the point that some of her clients are siblings of MD’s. These MD’s have never heard of Colloidal Silver, which my lass produces and uses for alot of skin complaints! I found it hard to believe that these Docs have never even heard of it!! I also have 2 dentist friends who have never heard of it either!! and I tell them I have cured many tooth/gum/mouth problems with Colloidal Silver. All they seem to believe in is Big Pharma drugs! and it is very much down to big business for them all… It can be nothing else… maybe a good bit of ignorance too!!!

    • eddiemd

      They are not entrapped by anything. They could have organized and fought this nonsense.

      I remember 22 years ago when I was working at Jackson Memorial in Miami and residents organized a union against the hospital. They banded together and fought the system and were successful.

      When I worked at the VA, I could join the union. The federal employees union at the VA should have put the VA on notice when they forced them to take injections. They should have went on strike. The doctors, nurses, and every healthcare worker are complicit in this genocide. They could have stopped it months if not years ago. They went along to get along.

      A bunch of sheep.,residents%20face%20no%20small%20task.

      • eddiemd

        The healthcare training is covered by the federal .gov. Every large VA hospital in the country is a training hospital. I did several rotations at the VA in Boston and a couple in Miami and Phoenix. GME is funded by the federal government. They do what the .gov tells them. Granted the VA is infiltrated by people coming from the private sector but the majority are .gov bureaucrats. Medicare also funds a majority of graduate medical education.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Eddie for adding your professional perspective.

        • eddiemd

          No problem. I try to give reasonable information for people to read for themselves.

          People may not like the idea of medical professionals unionizing but, in this instance, it should have been done. The union at the VA was a branch of SEI if I remember correctly. They were a part of the new personnel briefing for all employees of the VA to include doctors. Doctors were eligible to join.

          I believe that there is an anti-trust or racketeering law somewhere that prohibits or certainly discourages medical professionals from organizing and going on strike. Just the threat gets people angry. The VA is the largest healthcare business in the USA. The revolution against the injections should have started there. It would have spread.

          The medical staff and employees of the VA system held all the cards. They folded and went along. My VA doctor refuses to accept the facts that natural immunity is the best immunity. My derm PA at the VA was against the injections but eventually succumbed to the pressure to take it. She regrets it. I was at the VA last week. You still have to mask upon entrance. It is nonsense. They know it but still play the game.

          I was a resident in Miami when we residents organized against Jackson. They had no choice but to listen to us. We staffed the hospitals to include the Miami VA which was adjacent to Jackson Memorial. They fell under the umbrella of the University of Miami school of medicine.

          Miami-Dade is one of the most corrupt counties in the country.

  189. Bob

    Here’s an example.

    New Zealand’s CCCPM said schools “don’t have to punish students who won’t wear masks” but she knows they will.

    So she’s off the hook, but creates psychological tension and stress in society, as well as ambiguity and a sense of either “we’re all in this together” or “how come they don’t need a mask but I do”.

    Jacinda Ardern is terrorizing NZ’s school children, but doing it in an ambiguous and deniable way.

    Imagine leaving a public health decision like this to schools. What a sick joke. They will all toe the line even though the line is fake. Why? Because if they don’t the media will single them out.

    When Chan-Green said the rules were “quite confusing”, Ardern hit back saying “she doesn’t believe it is”.

    A traumatized population is easily confused, and it’s easily deniable by their abusers. Ardern is gaslighting us. She is abusing the power of her office to abuse the New Zealand population, and deflecting the blame onto the schools. The WEF has taught her well.

  190. M

    I don’t buy the idea that doctors made a “mistake” in supporting the injections, as a preponderance of evidence shows the opposite. We know the government agencies like the CDC and FDA have major percentages of their budget coming from pharma companies, so these organization are captured by the pharmas, and thus, are compromised. The evidence suggests that many doctors were afraid of losing their jobs. If I, a person with no medical training can and did look at the VAERS data (that I have no reason to do professionally), listened to top doctors in various videos teaching about the injections, learned of the various health authorities being compromised as stated above, then what is the doctors excuse? There is none.

  191. Mike M.

    “Accidently released”. Yeah right. You’ve got to have a screw or two loose if you believe this BS. Just track the spread of this virus – where, when, number of cases/deaths – and you can see this has all been pre-planned with certain areas and countries targeted, ie US and Europe vs Asia, which for nearly two years had almost no cases. Check the facts.

    Now f you want to know the actual source of covid-19 look no further than Fort Dietrick in Maryland. I have compelling evidence they released it in the US back in the summer of 2019 in two US locations as a test run. It was then likely brought into China by the US military during the 2019 Military World Games that were held in Wuhan. Blaming China for releasing covid-19 is like blaming Lee Harvey Oswald for killing JFK.

    Anyway, this is all very complex and will continue to get more complex going forward until the day comes they (PTB) decide it’s time to lower the boom and end it all. More than likely you can expect the power grids to go down as this is the quickest and most efficient away to eliminate you. Within months, most will be dead and then the clean up takes place. Good bye USA – hello China.

    BTW, this Kirsch guy is a total idiot. Not just for saying the virus was accidently released but also the dumbass got two Moderna shots and even admits it. Either he is just plain stupid or he’s a plant being told what to say. In any case, his credibility went out the window two minutes after he started talking.

  192. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report Greg. U.S. politicians are indifferent in relation to American People, politicians are in on the fraud, they support all the fraud like it is their main job, their other job is fundraising from lobbyists to keep the one party system going in perpetuity. I think you are right that the actors pretending to be government or pretending to be authorities had intended to murder people with their biological weapons grade SARS / Covid scam. The doctors that either knew or figured it out do not want to say anything and lose their standing, but I think their standing will be dismissed for not speaking up against the vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths. It is unknown just how many biological weapons labs the United States operates, but you can be sure Anthony Fauci is funding bioweapons research for the purpose of murdering people. It is the only reason that Anthony Fauci would fund such operations and the only reason that U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate would fund the projects. Government is always looking for more ways to reduce health, reduce wealth of the people and reduce lives. Bioweapons is an easy one to spread. I have seen some information in the last six months that says the Russians discovered and seized around forty (40) bioweapons labs in Ukraine during their military operations in Ukraine. My current view is that since the United States has invaded many sovereign nations in the last 60 years more or less and that usually made them fortunes from murdering and robbing those sovereign nations around the globe and recently they do not seem to be as good at murdering people as they use to be, that since their foreign murdering and robbing has been less successful they made the the decision to murder Americans with their bioweapons. If you notice the story is the Wuhan Institute of Virology had the SARS / Bioweapons and since that lab is in China they do not have to abide by the Nuremberg agreements or Nuremberg Judgments. Same with Ukraine, they follow no law and appear to be a Pro Nazi State that NATO/HATO supports their Nazi Soldiers and Nazi Military. I recently read that Vladimir Zelenskii outlawed every political party in Ukraine except the Nazi Party and that Ukraines National hero is Stephen Bandera. It’s interesting that the United States and its NATO lackeys openly support Nazi’s with U.S. Funds, U.S. Soldiers and U.S. Officers in Ukraine, Arms, Unlimited Weapons from United States politicians when the story in US Government schools was that the Nazi’s were the bad guys. Now all of NATO/HATO supports Nazi’s. With all the taxpayer funds and weapons that U.S. Congress voted to send into Ukraine must be how Congress declared its war on Russia, because I can not seem to locate the congressional vote for the war on Russia.

  193. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    I live on the little island of Mallorca. Right now, in midst of a very hot summer, there is a “flu” like bug going around like wildfire!! 90% of people here are fully vax’d as 40% are locals and 60% are tourists (and most tourists are fully vax’d!) I am a cycling guide here and all my cycle buddies are locals to this island, all believers… all fully vax’d. They have all been getting this “flu” and can’t shake it… They all go and get antibiotics etc etc.. and still they cannot shake it… I got it from them (I am pure blood!) and I fully recovered within 6 days! Me and my lass are the only 2 people we know on this island that are not vax’d!!
    This Steve is only half awake to how this world works!! He needs to go and read up on who rules this world.. the 13 families… It’s all there if you look… I personally think EVERY single Politician worldwide… every health worker who has been pushing this BS on the general public…I could sit with this “smart” guy Steve.. and I know for a fact he would not believe the REAL story of what is going on… and who is behind it and what forces are behind it!!! So to me, he’s just another idiot…WAKE UP Steve!! Your only half awake!

  194. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    “The WHO are totally above board! They cannot be compromised”
    C’mon Greg… who is this guy? that statement alone tells me this is NOT a smart guy!! I know tons of very rich “smart guys” and all are STUPID!!
    This guy is infuriating… infact, I’d say he has to be compromised himself…. something just doesn’t sit right with him….but then again, if he’s had 2 of them shots.. I’ve noticed (and Clif High has said this too) that it seems to have affected their reasonable chain of thought! I’m gonna cry out that he’s a plant!! or he’s just another one of the STOOPID DUMB MASSES!!

  195. Tommy

    If covid vaccine would be peanut butter it would have been recalled long ago. Look how much peanut butter was recalled a few months ago. How many deaths? -0-; how many people sickened? -16-; how many hospitalized? -2-.

  196. Chris Chambers

    Hey Greg,
    This Air Force gal must be watching your possts. She using the same terminilogy, has the same arguments, and they are good ones. But is still getting fired from her instructor job. Check it out!

  197. Arlean

    I liked Steve, but I admire you so much for still speaking the truth, even with a friend that apparently can’t see it. Or maybe just doesn’t want to say it. He’s in so much hot water already. God bless you, Greg! Thank you so much!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Arlean. Kirsch is a good man doing good work.

  198. WayneBGood

    “The massive amount of victims of this vaccine fraud are waking up to the fact they have been poisoned and murdered. Kirsch says, “They are not going to be happy.”

    This is what I have been saying about the military since they were jab-mandated. I guess the jab pushers expect the military and police forces of the world to be so sick they won’t react to the news.

  199. Marie Joy

    Steve Poplar from Poplar preparedness on Youtube says it will be this fall. When you think about it, communists have to go all out this fall to stop the election. Communists never give up power without one helluva fight. Ammo up and get in better shape.
    “Keep stocking and stacking.” Steve Poplar

  200. Robert K


    This may have been more appropriate for your gun confiscation video, but have you heard about this? Warrantless check to see if this man has his weapons? WTF?!?

    This is our government at work and how are tax dollars are spent…. What a joke!

  201. Larry ClayFaced Klament

    They beat the rap why can’t Banyan tree Bannon?

    IRS Targeting Scandal: Citizens United, Lois Lerner And The $20M Tax Saga That Won’t Go Away
    Kelly Phillips Erb Former Contributor Jun 24, 2016
    Lois never lerner’d,
    It was the question heard round the tax world. But it was the answer that made waves. In 2013, then Acting Director of Exempt Organizations at IRS, Lois Lerner, apologized to a room of tax lawyers for the IRS’s inappropriate targeting of conservative political groups. Her comments set off a chain of events that would slash IRS funds, fire officials and consider impeachment proceedings for IRS Commissioner Koskinen’s actions. But the scandal didn’t begin or end there.

    Eric Holder, never held over;
    How do un Democratic and Liberals’ with we the peoples money, beat the Rap and RAPE our country?
    WIMPY RINO’s and not so wimpy NAZI un-democratic showmen and RINO WOMAN Liz ‘Chintzy’ Cheney; __Chintzy?
    A person or act that has the intent to screw somebody over. Usually a “chintz” will think that the entire thing is funny, but note that they are usually the only one laughing.
    Characteristic of being a habitual, pathological liar. URBAN DICTIONARY
    Not as good, lower quality, fashion clashing. Chintz was originally a cheap copy of silk.. hence today’s meaning of republican in name only, RINO Liz Chintzy!
    Dude, your blacklights and clothes from winners are so chintzy.. get a life!

    Why Does Liz Chintzy Always Looks Like She’s Ready to Burst into TEAR’S?
    Liz Cheney facing huge deficit in U.S. House Race according to latest poll
    By: Casey Conlon Posted at 1:00 PM, Jul 24, 2022 and last updated 3:00 PM, Jul 24, 2022
    With Just Two Weeks and Counting!
    Until Wyoming’s Primary Election Day on August 16, challenger Harriet Hageman has a huge lead on three-term incumbent Liz Cheney in the race for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat, according to a recent poll in the Casper Star-Tribune.
    “I can’t remember the last time I saw an incumbent down 22 points in a House Race, unless it was somebody who had been indicted or convicted of a crime,” said Brad Coker, managing director of Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, the firm that conducted the poll;
    Ready to BURST?

    Steve Bannon talks to Tucker Carlson on ‘guilty’ verdict
    1,052,326 views Jul 22, 2022Fox News
    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ for his first interview since being found guilty of contempt of Congress for ignoring Jan. 6 hearing subpoena.

  202. Joseph Thee Stalinist

    Future district of Democrat headquarters?
    Out side European Russia, land of the Mongol Tatars

    Stalinist District of Ufa, Russia – CHERNIKOVKA. Walking LIVE
    3,606 views Streamed live 22 hours ago Live stream from Chernikovka, the district of Ufa, Russia developed in 1950’s with participation of Leningrad architects headed by Margarita Kupriyanova. 1950’s Stalinist architecture, 1960’s Khrushev 5-storied buildings, palaces of culture, parks of leisure.
    Walking live under unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia. Already 10,000+ sanctions.
    Chernikovka is the district where Zemfira, the most popular Russian rock singer was born and raised.

  203. pap

    Steve Kirsch knows the shots are not as advertised. But then backs off on holding the people responsible for the fraud. Then speaks on all doctor’s behalf with a per review excuse. We all know from the opinko’s time, the gov can get what ever per reviewed report they want… The doctor’s were paid off. The media were paid off, the politicians were paid off, and the states were paid off. (In the end, the so called per review reports were retracted).

    Kirsh is cover up artist very much like Sean Hannity. He say’s things that are true but then flips like a top when the rubber meets the road.

    There is way too much known history with this bio weapon.
    Thanks for addressing the doctor’s accountability pushing the shot.

  204. Lon Chaney

    UK media ‘desperate’ to portray heatwave as ‘end of the world’
    112,567 views Jul 24, 2022 The media in Britain has been desperate to portray the heatwave over there this week as the end of the world, Sky News contributor Caleb Bond says.…Keeping YOU, Under the Thumb!

    • littlewing

      Propaganda is 90% truth to lure you in then the 10% lie.
      He is protecting big pharma, this is obvious but they won’t walk free on this
      no way.

  205. Marie Joy

    Fraud vitiates immunity. That means anyone who is harmed by the fraud of these kill shots can sue Big Pharma into oblivion. I suggest you all get a lawyer and be among the first to sue. They have made their documents public enough to slit their own throats.

  206. ron martin

    Greg, like you I think Steve Kirsch has done many good things. But, like you I think he is naïve in saying doctors get a pass for not seeing that they and hospitals are murdering million of Americans. I left my brilliant doctor/friend/neighbor of 32 years because he is a vaxx advocate. I suspect money and fear of bucking the profession has morphed their Hippocratic oath into a death cult.

  207. Anti-Atomist

    Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them on the day of the wrath of the Lord. Zephania 1:18

    Remdesivir is your best argument for mass murder because it contains trimethylsylil cyanide. “According to [Doctor “Jaws”] Fauci, the overall mortality rate among patients receiving ZMapp was approximately 49%. It was 53% for remdesivir….”

    A 53% overall mortality rate and “Dr. Anthony Fauci says Gilead’s remdesivir will set a new ‘standard of care’ for coronavirus treatment,” per CNBC, owned by Bill Gates, on April 29, 2020:

    Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)

  208. Matt

    What if the reason this was allowed to go thru is due to the fact this vaxx targets those who have more so called lizard DNA, or off planet DNA that we want to have with us in our new realm we are ascending to?

  209. Bob Stack

    I’ve studied nuclear war for 35 years — you should be worried. | Brian Toon | TEDxMileHigh 8,067,779 views Feb 1, 2018 TEDx Talks
    For the first time in decades, it’s hard to ignore the threat of nuclear war. But as long as you’re far from the blast, you’re safe, right? Wrong. In this sobering talk, atmospheric scientist Brian Toon explains how even a small nuclear war could destroy all life on earth — and what we can do to prevent it. A professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Brian Toon investigates the causes of the ozone hole, how volcanic eruptions alter the climate, how ancient Mars had flowing rivers, and the environmental impacts of nuclear war. He contributed to the U.N.’s Nobel Peace Prize for climate change and holds numerous scientific awards, including two NASA medals for Exceptional Scientific Achievement.
    With the US. trying desperately try to catch up with Russia and even Chinese hypersonic multiple tipped directional nuclear missiles. How long will Russia hold off from their use, in this present war with NATO?
    Is there more than just the hope of our being dead by then, by that possibility?

    Despite the fact that the communist’s, capitalist’s and religionists East and West, north and south, stand opposed to each other. They are joined together in an organization ironically labeled the United Nations. Many hail this organization as the best hope for peace. Because, in spite of what actually does take place, its purpose is not to pit one side against the other, but to bring them both together as one. Early in its history Pope Pius XII called the United Nations “the fond and holy hope of all men of good will.” A Presbyterian clergyman once said “the United Nations is our last best hope for building a peaceful world and avoiding an atomic holocaust.”
    The vast majority of mankind place their hopes for the future in their kingdoms and worldly organizations. However, not to be discounted is the hope that God offers. Long ago he promised to establish over mankind a kingdom, a real government, that would provide survival through this time of trouble, and grand blessings in a new world of plenty. His Word promises that “the God of heaven will set up a kingdom” and “it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite.”—Dan. 2:44.
    The vital question that must be resolved is, Where is one going to place his hope for survival? There is only one hope that will prove successful; all others will lead to disappointment and eventual death. Why? Because God, who is Almighty, declared through his only begotten son, that his kingdom will crush out of existence the governments of both the East and the West, including the United Nations, and it alone “will stand to times indefinite.” There will be no coexistence with selfish human governments. So what choice will you make? To whom will you lend support? In what will you hope?
    A Catastrophic Blackout is Coming – Here’s How We Can Stop It | Samuel Feinburg | 2,327,675 TEDxBaylorSchool in September 2017.
    We are terrible at listening to warnings about disaster.” In this powerful and prescient talk, Helena’s Sam Feinburg speaks to the threat of a catastrophic blackout, what each of us can do to protect our grid, and the quirk in the human mind that makes problems of this ilk – like pandemics or nuclear proliferation – so desperately hard to solve.
    Not Even God can, SINK IT!

    • Greg Hunter

      You certainly convinced me. If this goes nuclear maybe we will understand why Jesus said, ““And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matt 24:22

      • Bob Stack

        Thanks Greg! is another best hope of mankind, because it champions the truth and the truth will set us free! We have his word on it!🗽

      • The Central Scrutinizer


        As it was in the days of Noe, so shall it also be at the return of the Son of Man.

        In the days of Noah, the human genome was all but extinct. It’s why God flooded the Earth. Same story, different day. We’ve resurrected an ancient evil in the world and called ourselves “wise”. As before, Judgment will be certain if not swift. This time it will be permanent.

      • Lada Aston Holden

        Hey Greg, he’s talking about us, the elect. Not the select of mere mortals, the globalists with their dream of a new world disorder. World government of fallen men.
        I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
        and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation
        under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
        I pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of God,
        to Jesus Christ for which it stands, the world of mother earth, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

        • eddiemd

          Are you a witch? Do you associate with the spirit of divination?

          “the world of mother earth”

    • eddiemd

      Is that “kingdom” you refer to the JW kingdom?

      • B.S.

        Dear eddiemd,
        We are the canary in the coalmine, sir! With much do respect, NO. Human efforts have failed and failing at increasing speed. Like as Merle Haggard spoke about, a snowball heading for Hell!
        But by means of [God’s Kingdom🗽], a heavenly government ruled by OUR, Christ Jesus. WHERE EVEN SQUARES CAN HAVE A BALL!
        God will make “wars to cease to the extremity of the earth,” fulfilling his promise to bring “peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased!”—Psalm 46:9; Luke 2:14, Good News Translation.
        God’s Kingdom will rule from heaven over the entire earth. (Daniel 7:14) As a world government, it will eliminate nationalism, which is at the root of many conflicts.
        Jesus, the Ruler of God’s Kingdom, is called the “Prince of Peace,” and he will ensure that “to peace there will be no end.”—Isaiah 9:6, 7.
        People determined to keep fighting will not be allowed to live under the Kingdom, since “anyone loving violence [God’s] soul certainly hates.”—Psalm 11:5; Proverbs 2:22.
        God teaches his subjects how to live in peace. Describing the results of this instruction, the Bible says: “4 And He shall judge between the nations and shall decide [disputes] for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore…”—Isaiah 2:3, 4.

        Already, millions around the world are learning from God how to be peaceable. (Matthew 5:9) Although we belong to many different ethnic groups and live in over 230 different lands, across the globe. We the sheeple are refusing to believe the lie’s and take up arms against our fellow men, woman and children, for the sake of dirty rotten politics!
        ” A Free Press Means
        ________A Free People”


        • eddiemd

          Like I said, you are a JW.

          There is still time for you to repent and get out of this cult.

          You never give up even after Greg told you to stop posting your religious disinformation. Woe to you who lead people astray by false doctrine.

    • Rodster

      You don’t want a Nuclear Winter. Paul Craig Roberts discussed that and you would be looking at around 1,000 years before anything starts to grow. Like Martin Armstrong has repeatedly said, we have possibly the dumbest, the most stupid and incompetent crop of world leaders in all of human history. Those leaders need war to distract the masses from the collapsing global economy.

  210. Matt

    Steve is just a little to trusting for me! Some things are just too stupid to be stupid, says it all….We have been lied to about everything in are lives! So why not this? Research Tartaria!! That is the nail in every coffin!

  211. Justn Observer

    Greg, Since this vid mentions possible motives of Steve Kirsch thought people should get a shot at seeing it along with how the globalist are about to lose the vaccine push as a fraud in a court in British Columbia? One does wonder if, when, or who will ever believe the truth if it comes out….UNLESS…Jesus himself returns to confirm it!

  212. Michael Harris

    Doctor’s don’t “practice” medicine. They look at a computer screen and “prescribe” whatever the database directs. Drug companies cannot make profits through preventing illness only in “managing” the symptoms of disease.
    Ask yourself this question: If a cure for cancer was discovered what would happen to all the cancer “treatment” centers and the American Cancer Society. They only make money through treatment and “searching” for a cure.
    Pick a disease and its associated society/association and you will see the identical pattern. Treatment equals profits while cures mean the reason for existence is gone. All organizations have the same purposes: to continue to exist and grow.

  213. Connecting the dots

    US abandons Afghanistan leaving the Taliban billions in military hardware and weapons.
    Taliban coups Pakistan, Pakistan has nukes, has threatened India in the past.
    Russia and China to form a “NATO like” alliance, along with India. These three will apply pressure against the west, the dollar, the Swift system, the petrol dollar. Other nations will demand also to join the big three, for protection against the USA/Europe colonization.

    Ukraine and the Nazis sell much of the military aid that Jerk Biden gave away.
    American donated to Ukraine weapons, much purchased by Taliban, all materials going to Pakistan for the coming war.

    NYC runs PSA ads on what to do when NYC gets nuked.

    Biden is the puppet for the world government that will begin WWIII, eliminate half the population in order to save the planet.

    All while the American population focuses on racism and the freak show.

  214. Youknow

    I Hope Steve reads the comments that are posted about what he had to say. It would be great if it could be a wake up call. But sad to say it seems whoever was vaccinated has a chip in them to not go against the establishment. Even my own family members. Or maybe they just can’t justify within themselves to think they were wrong for taking the poison.

  215. ken

    Yesiree,,, the virus is real and the Md’s, PhD’s all love us and would never do anything to harm us, especially for money! I am so happy to hear that!

  216. Greg Nichols

    Hey Greg,
    You are right, Steve has done some great investigative work. In fact, I am a subscriber of his sub stack but was disappointed when he defended the doctor who chose $$$ over patients.
    He has lost some stature with me.
    Thanks for all you do.

  217. eddiemd

    Here’s to your hippocratic oath…

    “At issue was the keynote speaker: Dr. Kristin Collier, a Michigan faculty member and primary care physician who has spoken publicly about her Christian beliefs and anti-abortion views.”

    These young, brainwashed “future doctors” are the result of endless msm propaganda. They probably took the injections. That was a prerequisite to enter medical school now.

    Future Dr. Mengele’s dressed in white coats. They should have a swastika on their front pockets below the name badge.

    If they will kill the unborn in the womb, they will not hesitate to kill you. On demand.

  218. Becky

    Hi, Greg,
    Hope all is well. Just heard the news about the ancestry company 23 And Me using Chinese labs for customers’ DNA analyses. The report also said that the Chinese are using the DNA data to develop bioweapons that will target certain DNA profiles. Could you do a show about this topic? I watch your channel regularly and appreciate your excellent reports and guests!

  219. James Hall

    Good guest, but wrong on it being an accident, this has been planned for years. Bill Gates means the vaccines will reduce the population. This is not good, Kirsch is late to the game
    and has a lot of catching up to do. If this was an accident where is the COVID on a microscope. There have been guests on this show reporting no proof of COVID. Kirsch has no idea what agenda 21 is, there have been reports about this happening over 10 years ago. Greg the people are dying from the ventilator and the shots. Kirsch is trying to say the WHO and the others are above board, why did they let the vaccine program continue with all the instant deaths. Biden was sick before COVID. Kirsch needs to spend some time with Alex Jones and he’ll be enlightened. At least he admits he took the jab, will be interesting to hear what he says in a year or two.

  220. Bible Reader

    Funeral Director John O’Looney reports that the top Australian fertility specialist doctor got fired because he has data that shows that vaccinated women have a miscarriage rate of 74% compared to the normal 5%-16%. How is the Covid Quackcine not a global depopulation program?


    First published at 17:46 UTC on July 25th, 2022.

    ⫸Freedom From Tyranny ⫷:
    Via: OMG on BNT:

  221. Ron

    Greg, this could be a great subject to bring up?
    “How the HR Monster Destroyed the Workplace: The Woke Mission Creep of Human Resources Departments”

  222. The Central Scrutinizer

    Keep up the good work, Greg! Good job challenging your guest. I think he’s still on the naive side. He talks about cognitive dissonance as if he’s removed from it himself, all the while denying the existence of “the dark side”.

    To him, I would say, “You’d best start believin’ in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You’re IN one!” – Capt. Barbosa, Curse of the Black Pearl

    Soldier on, Greg.

  223. Akoben Adinkrahene

    If it came from a lab why can’t anyone produce a complete genome of the virus? I think it’s deeper than a lab story.

  224. littlewing

    How many of us were put out of business when they locked everything down.
    We lost everything.
    The Vaxx is depopulation which they have said they wanted for decades!

  225. Keith Williams

    Remember the Chinese shut down all domestic air travel while allowing international flights to go out as scheduled. In addition, the patents on the vax seem to indicate pre-planning well in advance of the plandemic. We’re also very recently (today) seeing MSM acknowledgement of a potential link between “23 and Me”, along with others that may be linked to genetic targeting of bioweapon research. Keep in mind that the MRNA is reprogramming DNA in the liver and possibly other areas as well. I’m sorry, I like this guy but this whole thing was planned.

  226. Paul Simmons

    Before Globalists will let hold of power to hide their crimes by say losing their control of the government, they will by mob violence etc. start a civil war so they may use weapons of mass destruction in order to claim a cover story to do it. Like those that killed the Jews, they will do any kind of evil to get their way. We must assume this reality of the Globalist mind for worldwide protection of humankind. How many examples there are in history of mass murder by selfish ones without sufficient conscience because they have obtained too much power to destroy others. We must avoid civil war by applying the law of the land. A stitch in time saves nine must apply here and now.

  227. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,

    I think you better listen to this podcast from Clif High substack. I know you keep mentioning data he has supplied in the past concening the jab, however, I believe this podcast will be eye opening.

  228. Nika

    Miranda Devine, writer for the New York Post: believes, due to all the Corruption in the FBI and DOJ, that Hunter Biden will get off with a Slap on the Wrist!

  229. Self Exiled

    The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to naught;
    He makes the thoughts and plans of the people ineffective. Psalm 33:10

  230. Darren

    Greg………..Not to change the subject but I was hoping you could get Bill Holter back on ASAP!!!…Just heard that a $50 million dollar silver transaction just took place with Miles Franklin and there is more on the way….Would love to hear from Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon come!

  231. zPlus
    Professor Dolores Cahill: The jab is a kill shot

  232. zplusplus

    Missing Texas mom Christina Powell found dead inside car at mall
    A missing Texas mother who was last seen rushing to work nearly three weeks ago has been found dead inside her car in a shopping mall parking lot, police said Monday.

    Christina Lee Powell’s body was discovered Saturday night after a security guard noticed a “foul odor” coming from the vehicle parked outside the Huebner Oaks Center in San Antonio.

    The security guard approached the 39-year-old’s black 2020 Nissan Rogue after realizing the car had been parked in the same spot outside the mall for about a week, police said.

    “He looked inside the vehicle and observed a body in the front passenger side seat and called 911,” police said.

    Police said there was no apparent trauma to Powell’s body, but a medical examiner was carrying out an autopsy to determine her official cause of death.

    vax death lady at mall dead for a week ? didnt cliff high mention this they would find people months later dead of vax.

  233. President Tutti-Frutti Isagoner

    70% of the population of England were Fully-Vaccinated at the time the
    90% of COVID-19 Deaths in England Fully-Vaccinated report was released.

    Quack Doctor Falsies are warning the death data is misleading, yet the fact of the matter is…. 90% of COVID-19 Deaths in England Fully-Vaccinated!

  234. Paul Barbara

    Regarding Steve’s belief that the ‘virus’ accidentally escaped and wasn’t a planned release,, major countries were trading ‘Covid 19’ test kits in 2017 and 2018.
    Re the jab not being a depopulation bioweapon, check this out:
    ‘Globalist Banker Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide of The Useless’:
    (Change ‘DOT’ to .) That was from 1981 – the depopulation plans go way back.
    Here is a completely separate confirmation:
    (Again, change ‘DOT’ for .)

  235. Eli

    Another excellent interview and I liked many things Steve had to say but, no smoking gun on Bill Gates? Didn’t he get kicked out of Africa and India for doing more harm than good with his vaccines? Also, watch Bill’s Ted Talk on depopulation and sustainability, he plainly says we need to decrease the world population by a certain percentage point, I believe it was 30% but I could be off on that number as it’s been a long time since I watched that speech. These people are megalomaniacal autocrats who actually think they’re philanthropic!

    Could be Steve just doesn’t want to be sued and I understand, but, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to make me wary of this whole jab agenda.

    Lord, help us all☦️

  236. James Barrett

    this man seems to be trying to cover for the what is to me an obvious attempt to commit genocide.

  237. Peter Piper

    I don’t agree that smart people take the vax. Smart people STUDY the mainstream news AND real information. People who do that WILL NOT take the vax. If you took the vax, you are NOT smart.

  238. Cj Scerps

    Steve is another one who is very well-intentioned, but his analysis falls short because he doesn’t want to face that this is all part of a plan; a “reset” event. There are many fighting the good fight that can’t bring themselves to behold the evil behind this agenda, and so their conclusion is always the ignorance & incompetence of the government. Yes, government can be incompetent, but this the the designs of those that rule the governments: the money changers. Governments serve their owners, and if the owners say they want to reduce population/cull the herd, then the government officials carry out that will.

    We will not be making any headway on these issues until we recognize evil for what it is. We can’t keep pretending its not there.

  239. Len

    There is no amount of money they can pau you to give up your life or long-term health. You are still the same person with the same skills and abilities as the day before you get fired. Inform them it is an experimental and your medical reasons for not taking the jab, after visiting a lawyer for advice. Join a class action or individual lawsuit after your firing.

  240. James

    Hi, i’m a fellow electrical engineer, i too have been trying to get a debate. The cause is 5g, i have data to prove it, i just don’t have the computer skills to illustrate it. We are fighting it here in the UK thousands of us now know. A silly example is that where i live the virus did not cross a particular road until a new tower was placed near by. The reason engineers have not worked this out, is that we (as did I) as a rule believe you can catch a virus. You really cant, it’s complete and utter bollox. When i learned this i went off trying to catch it on purpose to prove it to people. I drank tea of covid sick, even ate a covid positive swab of a sick person. Not once i got sick, now my friends are awake, even tried it themselves. To put it simply, the RF is triggering an out of season detox. Please read the book “good bye germ theory” and go down the rabbit hole, we need more engineers to wake up to this fact quickly. Once you learn this it all starts to fit together, we have never been able to catch a virus, its a complete fraud. Its a lie of 150 years old that has got us into this mess and thats why the virus has not been isolated!

  241. Kurt

    I’m with you Greg. Maybe someday he’ll see the world is run by a bunch of child blood drinking pedophiles. But at least he has one nugget of truth that he won’t compromise on and for that he should be commended.

    • Kurt

      So to clarify, the SYMPTOMS they call “COVID infection” are really symptoms of microwave radiation poisoning, especially the ultra high frequency spectrum used in 5G. Very plausible. Many people agree. 5G radiation is NOT healthy according to many studies.

    • Greg Hunter

      What Kirsch said about his rich friends in Big Tech world was very revealing. They have all been vaxed and boosted. I was stunned.

      • Colin

        Just because they claim to be vaxxed and boosted doesn’t make it so. Most of these elites are serial liars. Also they may have gotten the placebo, or as Kirsch said, a lesser dose, as all vials are not the same.

  242. Russ D

    1. Calling it a vax is a lie.
    2. Calling it a pandemic is a lie.
    3. Calling it a protection is a lie (the vax).
    4. Saying the vaccinated are protected is a lie.
    5. Saying the unvaccinated are unprotected is a lie.
    6. Portraying “free-choice on medicine” – as “antivax” is a lie.

    1. Demanding injections of synthetic mRNA is Domestic Terrorism.
    2. Using threats of harm – on those who do-not obey is Domestic Terrorism.
    3. Injections of synthetic mRNA harms ones natural Immunity System.
    4. The harm being caused by the injections is being suppressed (fraud).
    5. Government officials can lie to the people while legally shielded from personal liability.
    6. The manufacturers of mRNA have been shielded from liability from the great harm it causes.
    7. Government is running a “protection racket”. [a legally recognized crime]
    8. Government officials are harming the people under the guises of “protecting them”.
    9. A harmful gene therapy (synthetic mRNA) has been fraudulently re-named a “vaccine” to shield Big Pharma of any liability from the harm it causes. This is a crime.
    10. The failure of the legal system (its prosecutors) to charge these officials with Fraud and Domestic Terrorism reveals that the prosecutors are complicit in executing these crimes.

  243. Colin

    This interview with Dr. Russel Blaylock is eye-opening, and I learned much about autism caused by aluminum and not so much mercury, nano Curcumin and nano Quercetin, and his disdain towards doctors who were compliant to the big Pharma Covid scam (as opposed to Steve Kirsch).

    I have read hundreds of Covid articles and watched hundreds of videos–and can say that this one is one of the best!

  244. Steve Matthews

    Interesting discussion, Greg.

    It seems to me that both these things could be true: 1) the jab is a bioweapon, and 2) doctors are not intentionally killing their patients. You could have an inner circle, the WEF big shots for example, who are well aware of what they are doing and another group of people, doctors in this case, who are following their medical school training and trying not to ask too many questions.

  245. Dave

    For everyone criticizing Kirsch:

    If you’re still a Trump fan you need to sit down and shut up.

  246. wfj

    Hi Greg,

    The numbers from life insurance payouts from deaths in 2020 and 2021 are up 40%.
    Anyone can lie but these numbers seem to indicate a cause of death during that time.

    God bless and fight the good fight till the end.

  247. Sally

    Greg, You are a way better reporter than he is! Sorry but he is blinded too. Those doctors have got to know whats going on, give us a break…. I dont trust any Doctor anymore and I do not think you can escape the damage the shot will do to you, it will catch up to you later. I am sure Fauci wife who is head of NIH right-has deleted those emails. How do you redact a sent email anyway? Thank God I have Jesus to let me see the heads up.
    When is Clif High coming on again and can you set up a interview with Dane Wiggington and Diamond from Openhiemer ranch project? Thanks and God bless you


  248. Stephen Romey

    I hate to ask the obvious question – why didn’t a guy with two degrees from MIT research the vaxx BEFORE being injected.
    I mean, I knew it was dangerous just because I know the government lies and I saw the depopulation agenda very early on!

    • Robert F

      because he is a shill

      Go read about Steve Kirsch and comments he has made towards others in the anti clot shot community

      he is a clown

      I have no respect for Steve.

      Go read his comments towards Dr. Bailey and Dr. Christine Massey

      absolutely disgusting

      this man Steve is a pig-headed fool

      Seriously, he is divisive attacks others in the anti jab community, acts like he knows it all when he cleary doesnt not.

      I don’t like this dude at all. He makes way too many excuses for big pharma and the doctors.

      He is a shill ImO controlled opposition, especially the way he lashed out at others in the community.

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